Introducing ATMA

January 28, 2015


Over the years, we have constantly through our various initiatives like ZConnect, Trading Q&A, and Varsity, tried to share knowledge, and help grow the Indian Trading and Investing community.  A similar organization is ATMA (Association of Technical Market Analysts), a non-profit organization for financial technical analysts. The main objective of ATMA is to promote and educate the Indian retail about the use of Technical analysis in making sound investment decisions.

You can read more about ATMA on their website.

The association holds regular meetings at least once every month. As part of our drive to educate, we have sponsored the ATMA meetings for the next 3 months in various cities around the country. Visit their event calendar if you wish to attend.

We are also creating a group of consultants within Zerodha called the “Illuminati” comprising of people who are proficient at coding and backtesting trading strategies. A group that can share their knowledge, give us ideas on improving our offerings – “Pi” and “Pi-Bridge“, and help build new tools. The consultants will have an option to bill us for any effort put. Do send us an email to [email protected] and [email protected], if you wish to be a part of this initiative.


Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Raj Rai says:

    Dear Nithin Kamath ,

    i am very happy with the kind of zerodha family has given me service from the opening of account to day in day out trouble faced by me

    i hope all customers are been taken same care as i have been, best of luck and keep the good work up



  2. Anandkumar says:

    Hi All,

    I am new to Zerodha Family, I like to know how to activate Zerodha PI Trading Software. PLZ HELP me in this regards.


  3. fadil says:

    u r right but I think placing BO is not possible in PIE beta
    finally can mention the relase date?

  4. fadil says:

    HI Nithin
    when will be the release of Zerodha PI alpha vesrsion ? previously u replied planning to launch PI alpha on feb first week ? how long i need to wait to get into hand final version ? its around 3 months late !
    you please concern patience of Zerodh clients

  5. Dev says:

    Dear Zerodha/Nitin,

    I have been trying to get associated by Zerodha since more than a month or two but no fruitful response from your team. Could you please refund my application amount. Nothing personal here, I am just disappointed by the level of service provided and of course the attitude of your sales team.

    You could get millions of customers and I could get hundreds of brokerage firms for the required business/services. But the difference lies in the way one treats his customers.

    Ticket #794030 created by your support staff.

    Thank you

  6. Ishan Shastri says:

    However today nifty is 30 points high but still market is in downward move. The index will loose its strength by the remaining part of the day.

  7. Ishan Shastri says:

    Hi Nitin jee ,

    I have always been best for accuracy on nifty . Its a result of my more then two decades research work and it is given before market opens. If you believe in challenges pl. see it.

  8. Sandeep razdan says:

    Guys dont forget Apni capital city Delhi also 🙂

  9. pravin says:

    i guess the networking platform would be more useful than the education sessions. Cant zerodha arrange some networking sessions for all mumbai traders , blore traders and so on…

  10. Karthi K DK0229 says:


    It showing Rs.750 per session. How much discount for Zerodha clients?

  11. sachin03 says:

    Is it free for Zerodha customers ?