How safe is it to trade with Zerodha? Recap

April 24, 2020

Hindi: इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें।


  • Despite being in business for ten years, there is a ridiculous misconception that Zerodha does not have a revenue model. This is ridiculous because it is transparently displayed on our website and the legal documents that clients sign when onboarding that we offer equity investing for free and charge Rs 20/trade or 0.03% (whichever is lower) for intraday and F&O trades.
  • We are probably the largest retail broker in the world by the number of trades. While Charles Schwab (the largest broker in the US with $4 trillion in AUM) reported a record 2+ million trades recently, we have been processing over 7 million trades a day. While most of these trades do not generate revenue for us, the ones that do, make us one of the most profitable brokerage firms in India.
  • At a group level, our own capital in the business is over Rs 800 crores, all generated organically. We are among the most well-capitalised brokerage firms in the country, only next to the ones operated by large banks.
  • We have zero debt and zero external borrowings.
  • As less than 5% of our own capital is lent to customers in any form, there is no credit risk.


  • We have been building technology in-house for seven years and have been reducing the external vendor dependencies that are extremely common in the industry. We must be the only broker that now remains with a single external dependency (Refinitiv for the Order Management System like most other brokers). Here also, we are doing considerable amounts of work to further reduce the last remaining areas of external reliance.
  • We have complete control of our technology and data that we house and are able to rapidly make changes to comply with increasingly stringent business, data, and security regulations. Our technology stack is updated continuously to modern standards.
  • We have been working on building a whole new security/authentication architecture for all our apps to shield our clients from the rising cases of phishing scams. We will make an announcement on this soon. Our platforms have had cryptographic TOTP 2FA support for a while, and we are the only broker to offer this.
  • The trading platforms that we have developed incorporating good design, simplicity, and usability, are a major reason for the growth in our client base via word-of-mouth. The products speak for themselves.
  • The scale of our systems is not comparable to that of any other broker in India. During peak market activity, we broadcast over 16 million price ticks every second to clients who are logged in. In the last financial year, we processed close to one billion retail trades.
  • The top five (or more) other brokers have been facing prolonged downtimes and glitches every day for more than two months. This is evident from the consistent and persistent user complaints on social media. Some of those brokers have faced multi-day downtimes lasting hours.
  • We have had three incidents in the recent past. 1) Severe degradation of services on our platforms for ~20 mins in early March during market close. 2) 20 min intermittent degradation of 20% of the traffic to our platforms two weeks ago. 3) 7 min intermittent degradation of just about 10% of the traffic to our platforms earlier this week.
  • These unfortunate glitches, however, pale in comparison to the issues faced by other brokers, but the reaction is exponentially more in our case as the amount of activity is exponentially more on our platforms. Over 1 million users concurrently trade on our platforms and our systems handle more than a billion requests every day. The next biggest broker probably has only a fraction of this traffic. The “100% uptime” claim that many brokers make about their platforms is disingenuous, and the reality is that any complex system can develop issues for an infinite number of reasons.
  • That our infrastructure needs revamping and that we need to “add more servers” is a misunderstanding of how complex systems work. The above-mentioned numbers already show at the scale at which we operate. Glitches can happen to any system (Google has had multiple global outages in the last few months and RobinHood, one of the largest brokers in the US, was down for several hours over multiple days). We have one of the most modern, robust technology stacks in the industry. We recently started a tech blog where we will talk about how we achieve this.
  • It is not just our user-facing platforms that are robust, internally, dozens of back-office and backend systems that we use for managing our business (account opening, process, compliance and legal, sales, support etc.) are also built like that. Highly modular, extensible, with fine-grained access controls and a large amount of automation. This is what enabled us to switch all 1200 of our employees to remote work overnight on March 12th.


  • 2.3+ million clients, all acquired by word-of-mouth via happy clients. We have never advertised anywhere, even online, when that is the industry norm.
  • With 1.2+ million monthly active clients, we are the largest retail broker in India in terms of active clients and trading volume.
  • The ratio of ‘complaints to active clients’ on us on the exchanges is the lowest in the industry.

Risk management

  • We are among the most conservative brokerage firms in the country in terms of leverage. This ensures a lower operational risk for the business.
  • We have a single risk management policy for all our clients. No special deals for anyone. Thus, the risk management system is lean and the probability of something going wrong is extremely low compared to the industry standard practice where certain high networth clients get special risk rules.
  • We cater to the largest number of retail traders in India. There are no institutional or ultra HNI clients holding large risky positions with us.
    Because of our sheer size, every aspect of our business is audited frequently by multiple regulators throughout the year. All three exchanges, depositories, and SEBI.
  • We do not have relationship managers and not a single person on our 1200 member team has revenue targets. This ensures that no one is under pressure to generate brokerage by inducing clients to trade.
  • We recently launched a new system, Nudge, to block out scammy penny stocks and illiquid option contracts that can potentially be mis-sold to by unregulated advisors/tipsters. Nudge also notifies customers of the safe trading practises that they should be following while trading. We are probably the first broker to dissuade clients from trading if there are any others at all.


  • Zerodha has become a widely popular and trusted brand over the last ten years with zero advertising, purely based on the quality of our services and products.
  • We’ve won the “best broker” award multiple times from multiple exchanges.
  • ranks the 31st biggest website in India and 377th in the world (data from Alexa). ranks number 31 in India on Alexa

  • We are among the top 15 investing related websites in the world.
  • The Google trend graph below shows how our brand has grown over the last decade over our competition, again, with zero advertising.

    Google Trends for top Indian brokers for the past 10 years

I hope all the above factors will relieve any doubts you have about how safe your funds and investments are with Zerodha. We are a solid business with consistent profits. You have nothing to worry about.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the world and we are doing our bit to help the community. We have also set up a fundraiser on Ketto to help daily-wage earners get essentials they can no longer afford due to the lockdown. Click here or on the banner below to donate whatever you can to help us achieve this goal. We will match 100% of your donation, so you’ll be making 2x the impact.

Stay safe!

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Prakash Bontra says:

    Zerodha is cheating. Not genuine. Application is not upgraded for the present AI condition. Very slow application..

  2. Bibin says:

    I have been using zerodha since 2016 and was the only broker. I have been an option trader whole way through and in-fact i am 14 times 60 day challenge winner. But today i have created a new account with different broker all because of pathetic policies of zerodha during last few months. Not allowing people to do buy during last few days, not allowing people to buy or sell far out of the money. In fact zerodha is acting like a big daddy. Zerodha makes market unfair. The natural balance of free market is disrupted by them. In the forefront of making people believe they are doing customers protection they are playing it safe. With this strategy zerodha is allowing competition to grow. Let them and may zerodha gets what it deserves .For now I am taking all my accounts to a different broker. Happy trading 😀

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Bibin, we’re sorry to hear this. There is no strike price restriction on selling options, you can do it at any strike price. The restriction for long options is due to the member-level OI limit. Also, we allow buying options of any strike price for hedging if you hold a short option position to the extent of quantity shorted. You can learn more on this here.

      Btw, if you wish to trade without any restrictions, you can migrate your account to Orbis custodial account. More on this here.

  3. Sandip pandya says:


  4. Kunal kumar says:

    Zerodha is a very poor broker as they not allowed for any OTM strike option to place the order

  5. Mohd faiz siddiqui says:

    I have a account in zerodha. I want adviser for short term trading (swing trading),, please give me mobile no…

  6. Venkateshsk says:

    I purchased 30 shares of IOC on 7-12-2020 and 10 shares of Thomas Cook during November So far it is not reflected in the list of holdings. When I contacted Zerodha call centre after 15 minutes they picked up and they say they can’t do anything. What to do?

  7. Chiranjeev says:

    I am unable to add funds by paytm upi.please help.

  8. Deepak Jaiswal says:

    While going through Market Watch, BSE &NSE data should be visible with a click of a button.
    Profit/Loss amount of each trade should be displayed. Value of traded qty may also be made visible.

  9. Ashok Kumar says:

    I am very upset with the zerodha because I am making profit but my total balance showing less

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ashok. I suggest you check out your account statement to know what funds were credited or debited from your account. Explained here.

  10. Neyaz says:

    Currently I am quite frustrated with Zerodha support and looks like it’s not SAFE trading with you.
    I think till the time you don’t face any issue, everything is good and rosy. However once you are in trouble then you actually come to know how efficient the other person is.
    I have been very happy with Zerodha, but for last one week I think you not better than others.
    My only problem is that my Console Portfolio is not showing right quantity I purchased (AUBANK). Many Tickets raised and call but no solution and I feel that I am dealing with MONSTERS.
    I am very much WORRIED.

  11. Aniket says:

    I would like to know how safe is my investment and how safe is my money with Zerodha.
    I m being frank in asking as it’s my hard earned savings which I m gng to invest. Wen I was gng to open Zerodha I hav frnds who said not to saying it’s a new company and all shit. But I also know ppl who are happy but have invested very small amount and keeping Zerodha as 2nd account.

    How are my shares safe?
    What if Zerodha goes bankrupt (no chances) and obv I would Not want tht. So wt if Zerodha or any other (Motilal )(angel)brokerage firm fr tht matter goes bankrupt. Are the shares which are already bought by clients safe is not safe.
    Also what abt the balance available in the account are there any laws ?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Aniket, the shares you hold are sitting with CDSL/NSDL, nothing to worry about. Your cash is safeguarded by the Investor Protection Fund.

      • Santharam says:

        But the pay out will occur through the brokers terminal only & if require they may utilize the fund ?
        Being the day trader my money is lying in the brokers account only at the overnight, how safe in case of any bankrupt or fraudulent activity.
        SEBI is monitoring the trading activity & without the knowledge of the investor the broker can’t carry out the trading activity & is there any system to safeguard the funds lying with the brokers?

        • Matti says:

          Yes, there are regular audits on the broker’s fund utilisation to ensure client funds are not used by anyone else.

  12. Mothi Babu says:

    I am not able to do trading from mobile app and whereas I am able to do money transfer. But desk top this problem is not there. Recently I have switched from SHAREKHAN but there is no use of ZERODHA. We are fully depend on mobile app. Please resolve and advise us kindly note that the other 24 apps are nicely functioning in Android VIVO phone.

  13. Krish says:

    Will you ever go for an IPO???????????????????

  14. Rakesh says:

    Dear Team Zerodha,
    I have been using Kite App since last 3+ years. But recently you have updated your app but due to this I am not able to draw trendlines using fingures as I am putting cursor at bottom or top of the candle and when I press the button the trendlines are getting started from some other place. We don’t have laptop so we are using mobile app kite. Could you pls sort it out please. Thanks in Advance🙏.

    • Rakesh says:

      Is there any Zerodha Team available? I am fully frustrated with Zerodha please close account. As I trader it have become very difficult paying high brokerage daily and after that getting worst service!
      Please respond my query or you can close my all accounts!

  15. Ratul Nath says:

    I am facing login problem. I have uploaded IPV once again. Still asking me ticket number when trying forgot password.

    Please do the needful. I need to continue trading. I have been trading since 24 th April 2020

  16. Amit Rameshwar Yadav says:

    On 14th May i opened Zerodha Account through a link given by my sir… And when my sir went to check whether my account is created under his given link it didn’t showed that my account is under him…… So i want to enquire whether my account is under him or not….

  17. Capt Shrikant Gondane says:

    2 days back,I opened trading account thru online.
    I fulfilled all the necessary requirements.
    Not a simple acknowledgement email!!
    Wondering, if i have made a mistake of opening the account.
    Capt Shrikant Gondane.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Shrikant, you will have received an email from one of our sales agents who tried to reach you over phone but was unable to. Your account opening application is incomplete. You still need to e-sign your documents on to complete it.

  18. Abhishek Gupta says:

    जब से LockDown हुआ है zerodha के worker घर से काम कर रहै है तब से zerodha me ब्रोकरेज चार्ज का कोई हिसाब ही नहीं है मन माफिक काट लेते है है और sl order लगाने पर जा order execute हो जाना चाइये तब उसकी टाइमिंग chenge हो जाती है.. Plz चेक

    • Matti says:

      Abhishek, our brokerage structure is quite simple and transparent. In fact, you can see what brokerage will be charged before you enter a trade on our brokerage calculator. These figures are calculated by a machine, not manually calculated for each trade. There’s no way this can go wrong!

      As for your SL orders, they are placed at the exchange as soon as you place them, there is no way we can interfere with this.

  19. Shreyas says:

    I opened account in zerodha 300 was when I continue to fill application online to open trading ac .. it shows again I have to pay. ..I have the proof. Please contact me

  20. Izazul haque ansari says:

    My account in mcx in zerodha is already active for more than one year . I want to open account in equity segment and my forms has been received by your. When will my account open? My id vk 1231

  21. tarak says:

    www. chittorgarh. com / article/ prop-trading-by-stock-brokers-india-risk-clients/186/

    Please confirm Zerodha does not use Clients money for prop trading and also does not give money from 1 user to another user as margin money.


  22. APS Bhalla says:

    I signed in . But not able to login now..The experience is not good right in the beginning..please help me login and use your services.. i

  23. Yogeeta ganjare says:

    Hey, I have applied for 2days back so when can i expect my user ID and password for my account.

  24. arasambika br says:

    When I tried to exit at market, system took 10 secs; by the time Market moved by more than 10 points of nifty. Horrible delays when responding to urgent needs.

    Please do some thing about it.

  25. Sujoy sutradhar says:

    I want to brokar in Bengoli vasha… I have been loss big amount money…Plz help

  26. Saroj says:

    It is mentioned in the financial section that charge for intraday and F&O trades is Rs 20/trade or 0.03% (whichever is lower)
    What will be the charges for following two scenarios:
    1. 100 orders executed in an intraday trading of only one instrument with a total trade value say 2 lacs.
    2. 20 orders executed in an intraday trading of five different instruments with a total trade value say 2 lacs.


    Zerodha option selling Margin need to reduses. because aliance blue is give option selling bank nifty on RS 2500.
    But zerodha margin very high for option selling.

    Youtube Chanel : BANK NIFTY TRADER TECH

    • Matti says:

      There is such a thing as over-leveraging, and it isn’t good for you. As the post above says, we are quite conservative with our leverage policies. Read more about leverage and payoffs here.

  28. Sudheer says:

    All shares bought from Zerodha got disappeared. I am currently not in city to visit zerodha office. Now i don’t know what happened with my shares.

  29. Ankush says:

    Give more watchlist and not 5 only. Also give homepage in app showing indices like nifty50,nifty100,bse-midcap, bse- small cap, foreign market indices
    Also give direct category view like niftybank, nifty pharma, nifty reality . In detail mode with share list. Other broker app providing this all feature.

  30. Bhargav dhimmar says:

    My account is inactive from a month
    I hv made so many calls n create ticket but my account is still inactive
    Very bad response from your response team
    It’s heart breaking

  31. D Boopalan says:

    Would appreciate if all stock price are shown in bottom of the screen like in CNN TV(scrolling) in addition to watch list, to enable the customer to see running stock prices and include some of the active stock in watchlist or to get in to trade.

  32. mahesh inani says:

    Hey nitin i am ur big fan , i trade with kite , i am slowly moving to risk calculated trading and started trading spreads ( Debit and Credit Spreads ) in index options , i am facing huge problem in execution of spreads and also i can not place specific stop loss on my spread cost or have a take profit , request you to please introduce this feature and u do it ???



  34. Manish Kumar Kurrey says:

    Hello Nithin Sir…..
    Sir I have little request to you to improve chart window facilities if it is possible please improve it..

    1. Please make flexible watchlist means…It can be hide/show according to need. Due to this we can see full screen chart in main window.
    2. Please provide countdown for time at every frame in chart and profit/loss in chart at the same time for intraday.
    3. Please provide predefined watchlist for different parameters like…Sector wise, index wise, market cap wise etc.
    Sir please please please it is possible…Please provide this facilities.
    Thankyou sir

  35. Preeti s says:

    Indeed safe. Safest when https:// is used instead of http:// . Buying valid certificate wont harm anyone and it will also ensure that we dont loose anything due to lack of essential security.

  36. Avani says:

    Why the webcam is not capturing the picture with the code I’ve been trying so hard for 1 month. Gave all the permission it required. Does it only work on laptops?

  37. Aditya Mishra says:

    Hey, I have applied for past 3 week but I don’t got my user ID and password for my account.


    Very safe and secure….
    India No 1 stock market service provider easy issue resolve
    Thanks Zarodha

  39. Ragav says:

    I am a trader in Zerodha. I found that most of the time, I am not able to place sell orders on far OTM stock options for the next month. Unfortunately, I have observed this in RBLBank, IndusIndBank and for a short period of time in TataMotors as well. Example, I am not able to sell RBLBank May 160 CE, May 170 CE and May 180 CE from last one week even though there are buyers and sellers with a considerable spread.

    When there are buyers and sellers with a large gap, I can understand concerns of illiquidity but there should be a way for option sellers to take advantage of longer time frame. Request you to come up with an option to allow trading in next month CE and PE for stock options.


  40. Vishesh says:

    Inspite of repeated request and reminders Zerodha has failed to respond to my tickets raised regarding commodity account opening.However they charged for equity and commodity both but just opened equity account.
    Worst trading plateform.
    Customer care is pathetic and taking advantage of COVID-19 pandemic.

  41. Arun kumar says:

    I can’t receive my zerodha account id . Please give my id for doing investment

  42. shridhar says:

    when there will be a feature for trading directly from chart like “fyers” trading platform

  43. Chet an jadhav says:

    Yes it’s safe and user-friendly.

  44. Sunil Kumar says:


    You say in your post that you do not have Ultra HNI Clients Risky Positions. However, can you clarify if “True Beacon” & clients of the PMS Trade on this Platform or not ?

    Also your Brother Nikhil is know to be a Trader & Investor in Zerodha. How do you make sure that there won’t be any conflict of interest in Trading positions he takes and also the safety of the platform if his trades were to considerably go wrong.


    • Matti says:

      TrueBeacon is a separate entity altogether. Nothing to do with Zerodha. Also, Nikhil doesn’t actively trade for Zerodha or using Zerodha funds, so no conflict of interest.

  45. Hailyang says:

    I have trust in you and your group/company. Keep up your hard work and do better service.


  46. Vishal says:

    Very nice sir,
    I want to know my four digit password which is required for toll free no .pl send it in my mail so that I can solve my query.

  47. Kanji N. Boricha says:

    Hello, Sir I holding trading account of Zerodha securities.But still not started trading. Thanks. Regards..Kanjibhai 🙏

  48. Rahul says:

    However, skeptical and negative i may sound but there is a always a slight chance that tomorrow zerodha may run with my money.. It may sell of my shares in demat account without my permission as zerodha has a power of attorney given by me in its favor.. Then what remedy will i have in such a case.. Also, it would be possible tomorrow any private broker can run away with hard earned money and settle in an foreign country similar to some of scams in private banks.. How safe is my money.. What is the guarantee that my money will not be misappropriated.. Zerodha may claim that it has the best security standards and what not, but for person who has decided to do an illegal act everything and anything is possible..

    PS. Please don’t take it otherwise, it is only concern about the safety of my Investments.. I have no intention of casting any aspersions on zerodha or any other private broker..

    • Matti says:

      Rahul, this post is to explain exactly why you needn’t worry about such things. Why would we want to run away with your money when we’re already profitable as a business? If you look at most scams that you’re referring to, they were committed by businesses or individuals who didn’t have profits.

  49. Shivaram says:

    In open order sheet- previous close, day’s high, day’s low,change(absolute),change % (- or +), trade volume required.
    When a sale order is placed, the figure in the ‘holding’ should decrease. it is happening only after completion of train. it is creating confusion.

  50. swapnil says:

    nice sr, but I have some queries about your brokerage firm. whenever I want to enter in profitable business, most of the time it rejects my order. apart from, sometimes I am facing some problem regarding trading and I was trying to call broker but she didn’t reply. Apart from I am still using your Zerodha platform. but please help those who face while they are trading.

  51. D.V>Swamy says:

    No doubt Zerodha is excellent genuine brokerage firm. I find your demo videos are not good and font clours are very light and very difficult to read. This you can see in above google trend graph also. You have to upload good videos on using your platforms will help clients. Many times i tried to persue your videos but are not good standard.

    Good day

  52. Subhra Dutta says:


    I have some recommendation in chart like some feature can be added in chart so that trader can do technical analysis.
    Feature like,
    Demand zone marking
    Supply zone marking
    Order from chart

  53. Younis wani says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    I’m today an investor because of you. Other brokers had made the market for elites and rich only, you have opened doors for ordinary investors like me.
    Keep going.. best of luck
    Thank you

  54. Haridas S. HAMT 1224 says:

    I am your client for more than a year and is very much satisfied with your service.
    You have a paid up capital /networth of Rs.800.00 cr. Where have you spent this and in what business? As a brokerage firm you dont need this much capital. Which are the other group companies?Hope you are nit extend ing any credits to your clients for trading martgin.

    • Ramdeosharma says:

      I m working with u, from 5yrs,
      I bought 11 HDFCBANK shares in mis which were not squared by you &converted in cnc on 18/3/2020,and after three days shown in console but not on my dashboard,
      I m working with little capital, which is blocked this way,
      And after several massages over more than one month gone nothing is done,I m unable to sell it , plz,plz ,plz, look into the matter and either show them in my dashboard or sell them market rate,and credit the amount in my account, ty

  55. Rajkumar Joseph says:

    I have been using Zerodha for the past 3 years and I have noticed that I do get a lot of calls from people who want to provide stock trading tips ( I never shared my phone number to anyone. … Most of these calls are from Indore or Lucknow (or so they claim) and every … Is it possible to trade online without giving running account authorization to any of such so called research company.. This will be of great help as I do not want to be duped or fooled by these agencies…Is it possible for Zerodha to block these agencies from getting my Phone number ?

  56. Y V Ganesh says:

    Charts sometimes are not correctly shown.

  57. Sourav Ghosh says:

    Is there any risks of physical delivery with ITM options or zerodha will automatically square it off in case of unavailability of adequate margin?

    • Faisal says:

      Yes, we will square off if there aren’t adequate margins. However, we recommend you to do it yourself keeping in mind the impact cost can be high closer to expiry.
      You can read our physical delivery policy here.

      • Sourav Ghosh says:

        I would like to know if I have time till expiry to do that. I’m asking this because I had couple of call options for Apr expiry, suddenly I received an e-mail to add funds and fund balance was showing in negative. I got afraid and sold my options immediately in loss.Hence, want some clarity.

  58. Umesh shetty says:

    Plz add zeroda calculator option at kite App

  59. RAVI RAJ says:

    Zerodha provides the best facility on trading both on the mobile app and web version.. very smooth and easy to use with almost all the relevant information. Thanks for the service.

  60. Snehal Purohit says:

    Regarding collateral: At present only 50% margin provided on collateral for overnight positional trading, 50% cash margin need to be maintained. This need to be revised with 90% margin should be provided for positional trading to those traders who hedged their positions.

  61. Arrav says:

    Sir please add a application which tell perform positive or negative. It’s helps so much for amature.

  62. Sandeep Kumar Gupta says:

    great experience

  63. mirza ibrahim says:


  64. Sanjib Mall says:

    I have been using Zerodha for many years and am very happy with its technology platform. Please continue the good work.
    As an options trader, I look forward to the day when I can place order for spreads as a single order at a desired price and hold them without margin.

  65. syed says:

    Hi Team,

    I am very new to zerodha, i joined this family just watching a video of Nithin Kamath… I believe i took the right decision. In short time my all family members registered with zerodha 🙂 , and more & more to join this family..

    Few suggestions
    1. Like how you have given dark mode, black mode on mobile app, request you to provide the same for web.
    2. Whenever clicking on the company name from the watch list, display the full details of company on the right side like how chart option is working.
    3. I tried testing the GTT, if the price is set below lower/upper circuit it accepts & creates the GTT and when on trigger the order gets cancelled as the set price is below or above the lower/upper circuit.


  66. Rajendra Dhamale says:


  67. Anirban says:

    It seemed form the comment in the dashboard – “We are still being asked”…And why is that a problem ? Customers has the right to ask and they will keep asking. Its my hard earned money. And i don’t care who else has given you multiple awards.

    • arasambika br says:

      It appears Zerodha has become too big and arrogant to accept they have faults !! Many criticizing comments are just removed during moderation.

  68. Yogesh says:


    Since 8th April I am not receiv Contract Note by email

    Please send it ASAP


  69. Ronak says:

    Nithin and Zerodha, I have been a fan of yours ever since i transitioned from another broker. Every user here coming from a technology background would very well know what it takes to build a system like the one you have built. Right from on-boarding to usage of the platform, everything is so seamless. Kudos to your UI/UX and Tech team on coming up with something so easy yet so feature rich.

    Don’t get bogged down by criticism. You’ve given us common people means to be financially independent (through your state of art platform and being a discount broker) while other brokers solely focused on minting money by charging high joining and commission fees, though their platform sucked. You’ve raised the bar and when there are expectations, there is criticism. I can only remember a dialogue from Guru at this point – Jab log tumhare khilaaf bolne lage…samajh lo tarakki kar rahe ho.

  70. GSR says:

    Nice app interface



  72. sarnifty says:

    Is this comment moderated?

    It appears like Zerodha does not like critical feed back .

    Good luck!

  73. Lijeesh says:

    I have been started my trading journey with zerodha from last year onwards… With in these time I have not feel any uncomfort.. And tax statement is absolutely brilliant… Thanks Nithin sir and your companions…

  74. benson john says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Zerodha has been reliable web platform intraday trade.

    Just provide us with more margin, unblock BO orders and you are best.


    Benson John

  75. Sunil Nikam says:

    Please Watchlist मे एक कॉलम एड करो कितने पॉइंट से बदलाव हुआ है
    Script /Rate /change point/ change% ऐसे चार कॉलम चाहिए।

  76. ZERODHA TRADER says:

    You are the FIST BROKER, In INDIA to give the power of the Charts to the People. The trading interface and the current value added products ( Sensibull and Streak ) et all. Thanks a Billion. The people of India could not have had better than this.

  77. srinivas says:


  78. Sandeep Aggarwal says:

    When needed BO and CO are not available.. This is horrible experience.. You can cut leverage to zero but order type must not be disabled.. very bad experience..

  79. Sushant says:

    the ending note of the article could be better where you guys sound thankful to your customers and more numbers of line reassuring your customers that safety of their fund and trades comes first at Zerodha.


  80. Rahul rk nair says:

    we really need to improve on chart
    if possible to make it in the same way what TRADING VIEW does, that will be very helpful.

    Thank you

  81. Rajesh says:

    Zerodha is simple and easy to use. Thanks for providing a great Platform.
    Transaction Lock future required if there is no activity for some time on the site ,
    Then the software should ask user to enter PIn again.

  82. Nagendra says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Firstly glad to say Zerodha platform is good and appealing to use, but the margins are very high and not competitive with the market. however discount brokers are giving more leverage.

    It would fbe better if you we can use funds for trading in both equity and MCX. Maintaining separate balances for both the segments is bit hard for new entry traders.

    countdown timer for charts and few basic things are omitted in the platform which needs to be incorporated

  83. Ravi says:

    Hi Team,

    Last year too I made request if it would be possible to do trade directly from the charts, as Trading Views has this facility and same has been provided by Fyers Platform too.

    As it becomes easy to take trade and book profit and losses Immediately, instead of going back to order book and keep eye what is happening and by the time we want to be out from trade sometimes it’s get late and losses goes north. Hope you will understand what I trying to say.

    It is very easy to drag – take trade, book profit/losses on our trade as per our convenience instead of wasting our time to switch between chart and order book. As your terminal don’t gives facility to see the charts and order book/portfolio same time.

    Please look into this and think it would be helpful to many who are quick Intraday traders and It will save time to too.


  84. Prabhakar says:

    Best trading platform in India. All the best and wishing much more success for Zerodha

  85. Kiran says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    Firstly, thank you so much for this exceptional service that you’re providing. I have been a client since 2013 and have not faced issues that I would not have faced elsewhere. At a time when brokers were looting the investors with hefty and hidden charges you guys built a transperent platform with an honest intent.
    However, I am getting more and more worried seeing things like ILFS, Yes Bank, etc and now the Oil thing. I hope you are aware or have heard how big a loss Interactive Brokers have provisioned due to margin shortages from clients who had long Oil positions and price gapped down when exchange in the US allowed negative prices. I hope that you understand and I know you would better than me that as the business grows it becomes more like precision engineering wherein margin of error is very very very low. Desire for growth should give way to robust plans for survival in extreme business environment. I wish you the very best. Thanks.

  86. Rajesh Choudhary says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I am zerodha client and We are happy with zerodha but lacking in some features like predefined market watch for nifty 50 , near future scripts etc ,,, in mis order trigger price option is not enabled. Suppose if any underlying is trading at 100 rupee and in intraday i want to post buy order for this script if it triggers 105.5 rupee then i have to manually check again and again. So please try to resolve such small issues.

  87. Firoz says:

    What if some wrong trades scam done in our platform I think for this issue you have to come out as per your last message we lots of scared and removed money from platform because your customer support took 3days and till that money went to scammer…

  88. Gaurav Agrawal says:

    Dp charges are not related to your delivery charges at the time of buy.
    It is levied when you sell your delivered shares from demat account

  89. Deepak Kumar says:

    Lovely user interface & service,
    I appreciate your team

  90. Hari kumar says:

    Excellent service. Thanks Zerodha

  91. ram niwas says:


  92. Hossain says:

    Which platform is better kite or pi. I know one is browser based and other is software. But performance wise which is better.

  93. Uday Konkankar says:

    Zerodha has always provided excellent service, but with the kind of situation we are in currently and all kinds of negative news floating around, doubters always wonder how viable you are. So instead of giving assurances as above, Zerodha might well provide periodic financial statement, although you are not obligated to. Such transparency would alleviate any apprehensions customers have and they will sleep comfortably at night knowing there brokers are safe, and so are they. This would take Zerodha’s excellent service to an even higher level.

  94. Gurumurthy says:

    Nitin Ji, On interface front, Please try to add these 3 things, which helps ease navigating and avoids dependency on other sites.
    1. Make the browser full screen like “in.tradingview” or approve the plugin available for Zerodha full screen.
    2. Please allow users to download / export stock list to the Wish list.
    3. Please add basic important filters like Volume/RSI/MACD etc., to the sorting order in the Wish list.
    Hope you would consider.

    Best Regards

  95. Prem says:

    1. If I buy today and sell tomorrow, the kite app does not show how much is my profit/loss. Please improve this.

    2. If I buy 100 stock, buy another 50, sell 30, kite positions is mixing all these four translations into one. It is very confusing. I prefer to see 3 buy orders in 3 separate entries. Please improve this.

  96. Bhawni Shankar soni says:

    When I push order more than 30000 shares to buy your platform reject this but why.please solve this problem immediately

  97. Suneel says:

    The competitors will always be blowing every silly thing out of proportion, there’s nothing one can do. Customers will understand such things. While the media (Times of India publications particularly) are annoyed you are not advertising with them or giving them valuable stake in your company, it’s a blackmail. I think, what you are doing now by constantly communicating with the clients is a great way to shut them up. Keep it up.

  98. ARVIND says:

    Sir please provide sectoral indices tab in the market watch . aiso provide 52 week high / low values for stocks,
    live market breadth for nifty, banknifty, sensex (advance / decline )
    Also provide that if my terminal is idle for sometime it should be locked after some default time or as per users choice so that if the user is away for sometime and other person arrives on that terminal he might type some wrong orders unknowingly.
    Ventura’s POINTER gives terminal locking facility
    Number of times it is suggested on phone calls
    So pl do the needful

  99. Sreenivasan says:

    Hi Nithin, Being a fan of you and Zerodha, all the support and best wishes….!!!

  100. G manjunath says:

    Nice trading site.

  101. Sujit Kumar Mishra says:

    I have a single account with Zerodha since Apr 2016 but at the time account opening was asked to execute a POA? May I ask you the reason for asking POA? Do you still need POA?

    • Sujit Kumar Mishra says:


      Do you still need POA? Please clarify with a copy of latest order / circular / notice / guideline issued by SEBI


      Sujit Kumar Mishra

  102. Partha S Bandyopadhyay says:

    Price band info whether fair , expensive , attractive or so if attached to shares will be very beneficial for retail traders…

  103. Sharmila says:

    All the Nse 50 index stocks should display in one of the watchlist.

  104. Praveen says:

    so when you are going to launch IPO 😉 Zero debt and zero borrowings.. i want to buy your shares 😉

  105. Sivasamy says:

    Everything fine. Nowdays CPR indicator getting popular and traders started to use cpr indicator in tradingview platform. Here i request you to provide CPR indicator in our Zerodha platform. it is best among all other indicators. So kindly do the needful.

    Thanks & regards

  106. BHARAT CHOTALIA says:

    It is great working with Zerodha Broking, I m a small trader working with 25K margin and it is very good experience working with such team.
    Thanks Zerodha.

  107. Nithin says:

    Please add pre-installed Calculator for lot in future-option Stocks (As per available account amount)
    I don’t want to waste my milliseconds time by typing those numbers!

  108. Avinash Jawalkar says:

    Yes glitches will be there we have to bear. Mr. Kamath, i have noticed different values when i load 2/4 charts when compared to a single chart, which is critical, especially for intraday traders. Also the indicators give different signals in Tradingview when compared to Zerodha IQ charts,the indicators work better in Trading view.Kindly upgrade the charting which can be comparable to the best in the world.

  109. Suman says:

    Thanks you zerodha India no 1broker

  110. ilias hussain says:

    Dear sir,
    I am having account with you past 5 years,perviously you wont charge brokerage for intraday in CNC,but now you are charging for CNC client also.If brokerage not charge for atleast CNC intraday clients.


  111. Rony says:

    Hi ,Team
    I am trading in zerodha for the last one year. Candles are not showing
    Live timing. Like how many minutes left to finish 5 min candle . This is a very useful feature for intraday traders

  112. Lalit Kumar Sontake says:

    Sir zerodha is best platform for trading . I want to request u that one fecility u can give your customer . Its all position profit loss defiene in one click. Like i place hedge order or 5 order. So i want 1000 profit are 500 loss i set in terminal and than total profit is 1000 my all order is auto squireoff same 500 loss my all order squre off auto please think

  113. ARUN says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    Today is the 1st day that I am using Zerodha. Till last Friday i was using bank brokerage. The platform they provided where too laggy and also it’s not a user interface. When I changed to Zerodha the user interface is really good ( actually it’s really simple to u derstand). I hope you will continue the same simplicity. Thank you.

  114. Akshay says:

    Please add Dow Future or Open All International Stocks & instruments for trading!

  115. Avinash says:

    Other than trading, how safe is zerodha, for long term investments?

  116. Naveen says:

    Easy to tread and got profit easyly..tanks to ‘o’ dha…

  117. Kumar mukesh says:

    Ircon inte share after split not credit into demat account till now

  118. sph says:

    Sir, can we have automated trading option in Streak? This way I will be able to trade 3 mins chart.

  119. Joy says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I would appreciate if you tell this group, very honestly, if you sell your customers contact details to third party stock advisors (a source of revenue for Zerodha). It is next to impossible for a stock advisor to know my name and phone numbers while I am in NE India and the advisor calls me from Indore.

    Your kind attention to this unauthorized publication of customers data is much appreciated.

  120. PRASHANT says:

    There is one issue which i felt zerodha is cheating its customers. Margin required for option selling keeps changing every minutes. One day i sold index options at 12:30 pm. Even after selling options, margin available in my account was 9 lakhs. When i crossed check at 5 pm same day i saw that margin available was in negative. Means i was supposed to add more money to my account, that too about 5 lakhs. It was not possible for me to arrange so much money shortly. Next day i saw that zerodha has fined me for not maintaining sufficient fund balance. This is not fair. Keep fixed amount was margin required for option selling. Dont keep it changing. We cannot keep on tracking margin required every minute.

  121. shibam saha says:

    this is one of the best trading platform i ever seen.

  122. Saurabh Kaushal says:

    That’s a very worst experience about zerodha, I have been trying to contact your costumer care from last two days but there is no response yet.

  123. KAUSHLESH says:

    apne saving account se ek bar mai kitna paisa trading a/c mai dal sakte hai.

  124. prashant tambekar says:

    1) trailing stop loss is must for retail investors. please add this in ‘Bracket Order’
    2) forcefully quarterly fund transfer of customers to their bank accounts should be stopped.

  125. ramiz sherasiya says:

    CNC trade exiting is difficult it ask pin will exiting

  126. Swaroop Singh says:

    Ohh.. really


    easy to place order and book profit.
    watchlist and portfolio updates are quick and understandable.

  128. adit chavda says:

    Safe but Still scope for lots of improvement.

  129. santosh says:

    Is zerodha planning to come up with an IPO?

  130. Yogesh Gautam says:

    Nitin ,

    You have started well. But I do not see Zerodha willingness to improve further improve one ease of trading and reliability of trade. I have many suggestion but direct way to pass it them to you.

    Regards ,

  131. Bhaveshkumar Rathod says:

    Dear Nitin,

    We can understand that you are growing your technical capabilities and you are far superior than other in business. I am personally huge fan of Zerodha, but can you make your platform bit more stable.


  132. Jinesh says:

    It is good but when it comes to placing a order and exiting from it so for that nowadays it is taking little time to get it done

  133. hemant shah says:

    i told you previously first you change candle price because that is not match with price and 2nd thing your candle price never ever match with NSE stock price as well as closing stock percentage never match with NSE stock percentage to showing that your broking house is good instead first change this thing and dont try to fool investors as well as traders

    • Vikas says:

      I wondered about that quite a lot and here is the reason why it happens. Tick by tick data is available to High Frequency Traders(HFT), the data we or any other retail trader get are average of one minute (because that is what our charts are set to do). So, there is no solution for that, unless you get software of big institutions who are HFT.

      I could be wrong, but this is what i found out.

  134. Rahul says:

    Safe but Still scope for lots of improvement.

  135. Juber Zakirhusen Shikalgar says:

    I am Buying Shares For Long Time Which Options Should Be Selected To Buy Shares With Zeroda.

  136. Jeetendra says:

    Fundamental of a stock is not working , not showing overview of a stock and not forward to tickertap since yesterday
    Please rectify my problm

  137. Randhir kumar says:

    Why does Zerodha platform hangs every now and then? Are you placing counter bets againstyour own customers?

  138. Sajan jain says:

    I request you to please solve the followings errors/problems
    1. Zerodha kite can not be login in multiple system like a gmail id. So please enable this option as it will increase trading speed, escape from loss, remove many irritation.

    2. Improve charting software both trading IQ and trading view.
    (A) in trading view, we can not save our drawings like trend line etc. on the chart it self. I know that I can save drawings only for 10 stocks but it is too much irritating to open first chart then our drawing and if switch to chart for another stock then repeat whole process again. And if we switch chart for another stock and by mistake if we click on save botton while opening our saved drawing for this stock, whole study gets ruined.
    So please enable saving our study on the chart itself for as many stocks as we want like in trading
    In trading

    (B) in trading Iq, we can save our study (trend line, indicators etc.), But there is much less customisation (settings) then trading view available on zerodha kite. And also there are less drawing tools than trading view.

    (3) There is no facility to export data to excel.

    (4) there is no facility to watch stocks details of nifty various indices simultaneously at a time like fifty stocks of nifty 50

    I know that problem no. Third and fourth has solution in zerodha pi app but it useless as we can not access two trading platform simultaneously. If login one, the another will logout.

    If possible please provide news headline (live), it will be very helpful

    Please solve the above problems as soon as possible thank you

  139. Mahesh Telvekar says:

    Only request as a Associate partner is that please make one help desk or call Service where we can get direct answer for our clients quarry.
    Because large number of clients do call us first for any quarry and at these time we are like help less.
    So Nithin sir if you are reading please add this service for associate partner where we can call and ask for query. From the client.
    Rest zerodha always rocks. This comment as a trader.

  140. Lakshmi Kanth Ghanapaati says:

    Great app, can you provide total under orders.

  141. Prem Chand Sharma says:

    Dear Sir, I am a 60 years old person. On 22/04/2020, I have opened DP and Trade accounts with you online. But till today, it has not been activated. I Ihave not been provided log In ID and password yet. Please help me. Thanks. —- PREM CHAND SHARMA, DP Account No.1281600-30226751 and Trade Account Client ID MY7412.

    • Lindo says:

      Hi Prem,

      The account is opened on the 25th and you should have received the link to login on your registered email. Our salesperson will reach out to you in sometime today to assist as well.

  142. Milind wagle says:

    Zerodha is good for small traders except some failures in system. I would like to request zerodha to put exact margin amount for Nifty Fut/ Banknifty Fut/ Crude Fut (MCX) for a Lot in total amount in Rs on Kite/ or Margin calculator on daily basis so adorable to understand easily how much margin needed for trading in one lot. AliceBlue/Fyers are doing it why not zerodha?

  143. Shrikrishna Ramchandra Kulkarni says:

    Every word written by Zerodha is practically true as experienced during trading.

  144. Ashok M Bhagat says:

    I am enjoying trading on zerodha. But recently I am facing lot of problems to activate new account for my son .All formalities are over but login ID and password are not available. Contacted many times but failed.. CMR available but login ID and password still not made available. Do something PL.

  145. Arjun Yadav says:

    @nithinkamath @zerodha Would Like to see Oderflow Chart System in kite. You can Charge for That .

    • Piyush says:

      yes. order flow and Market profile. these are the things which will demolish your competitors. these indicators can be paid (something like tradingview which allows only 3 indicators).


    I understand that in April expiry Oil futures ended in negative and customers with long position lost money. Please explain effect on long call option, it ended in zero as usual or in negative? Thereby causing extra loss to long call option holder

  147. P S Kesavan Namboothiri says:

    I would like Pi to get more attention and upgradation

    • Prabhu R says:

      i think that might cut-down cash-cow i.e.streak,api,sentinel subscription etc…. update will likely there but more robust pi is doubtful.

      • Matti says:

        Pi isn’t a platform that we built or maintain. The team that built the platform is no longer interested in making improvements to the platform.

    • Sanjiv says:

      Agree, while the rest of the Zerodha eco system is good, Pi lacks the edge expected of it.. it pales in front of even Powerbulls (of Indiabulls) application in terms of UI, Stability, Consistency of settings (e.g. market watch jumbles up every time), Features etc.
      For regular traders, client based robust application is must have – and Pi improvement is overdue.
      Hope its looked into and addressed. I would be happy to share more details as needed.

  148. Prasad Kochikar Pai says:

    I am absolutely for you Nithin. Huge respect to you for building Zerodha organically, your cool, and your “cut the clutter approach” to this ridiculously complicated industry. Being a fan, I opened an account recently. I am amazed with the user experience, being an experienced software professional myself. Regarding net traffic and load, that’s a challenge to all companies, including in the developed world. I am sure you have and will do what it takes to fix issues if any. All my support and wishes to you.

    • Dr. Prabhuswami Hiremath says:

      Why zerodha trading system is so easy to hack?
      Is this not challenging for you to secure your own customer?
      It’s been more than 6 months no one has taken any action for UNAUTHORIZED transactions
      Why this happens only in zerodha why not in others trading account?

  149. Saurav Mandal says:

    The sentinel product doesn’t produce alert sometimes, and I’m missing trades. I have opened tickets about this issue and there it has not been solved yet. Please look into this matter. There must be some glitches in sentinel alert system.

    • Vamsi Krishna Chendika says:

      Even I have faced this issue, sentinel is not generating the alerts for configured scrips

    • Kaumil says:

      I’m facing a similar issue with Sentinel. I had to rely on other applications for lively updates related to the stocks I had marked for trade. The notifications are not being sent from Sentinel and it seems pretty useless to put triggers as of now.

      • Matti says:

        Can you email [email protected] with details? Will have this checked.

        • Sampat Kumar Godavarthy says:

          Holding reports while trading doesnt give full info. – CRITICAL

          Holding reports while trading doesnt give full info. It creates lot of confusion and time consuming. Manual work needs to be done. If i place an order for a partial qty. of a scrip holding, the holding qty. columns doesnt show the balance qty. for which the order can be placed. Because of which i have calculate manually in the orders and then from holdings to know the difference and then place the order. This consumes lot of time. I hope an additional column under holdings which represents the ‘balance stock for trade’ should be displayed i.e. holding stock qty. – order placed qty. Please treat this as critical

          Thanks and regards,
          Sampat Kumar

          • Matti says:

            Hey Sampath, that isn’t the case. As soon as you place a sell order for any stocks in your holdings on Kite, that amount of the stock is immediately reduced from your holdings quantity.

  150. Chandra Shekar says:

    Hi Nithin Kamath,
    I really enjoyed trading on Zerodha systems as you have built world class trading system. It might have taken lot of efforts from you to built this system. I traded on most of world trade platforms like TDAmeritrade , Etrade and Robinhood but nothing come close to this.
    But due to recent Apr Crudeoil settling issue, I completely lost faith in brokers and Exchange. I know it’s exchange fault but ultimately retail investors will be penalized for this issue. There are so many people with negative balances of > 50 lacs. It’s hard earned money of retail investors similar to the hard work that you might put to built this system. So people might suicide if court ruling goes in favor of MCX. I am still hoping our legal system works correctly and MCX will be penalized.
    My humble request to you , please don’t allow trading on faulty MCX system.
    What happens if crude goes to -$100 or -$200? Who will pay the amount?
    Please fight for the cause of all retail investors.

    – Zerodha Trader

    • Manu Manjunath K R says:

      It’s was told by exchange that the crude will be settled at rs1…they can’t take their world and as the times was till 5pm than 11pmz

    • Chandra says:

      I am a very passionate trader on Zerodha platform.I have always taken the technical glitches,login problems with big heart even though I lost many trading opportunities. Since unimaginable negative price about which MCX or Zerodha didn’t caution their traders, the Crudeoil settlement is allowed without any opposition by my favorite broker Zerodha.Just imagine what if Technical glitch was there which might not have allowed you to place orders in the last few minutes before 5PM closure.I wonder how Nithin might react to the situation. After that negative settlement beware guys something beyond your imagination can take away all your money and also push you into unbearable and unreasonable debt which you have not asked for. THANK YOU NITHIN SIR ZERODHA HAS TAUGHT ME HARD LESSON.Its like my BESTFRIEND turned into a ZOMBIE in a blink of an eye.

    • pradeep kini says:

      @ chandra shekar
      The issue with Crude pricing is more of an issue with MCX. I believe their platform and their risk management team never saw this issue happening and have not factored in Negative pricing for comoditties. Of course as you say the brunt is borne by the Trader and to some extent the broker providing the leverage. There are several legal litigations against MCX for losses due to them not factoring negative prices. But as you are not new to our country and well know .. they will get away with it and the investor/ trader will or has already lost. unfortunately there is no other comoditty exchange so traders will have to use MCX for trading and hedging purpose. I am sure MCX will have CTA (covered their asses) with some small clause or the other. Though I empathize with your situation I dont believe that there will be any ruling in favor of the broker/ investor/ trader.

    • Manjunatha says:

      Unlike stocks, crude oil can go in negative prices, is something i learnt first time with the recent event. I notice it was not me alone, even MCX and many ( especially those trading in MCX crude ) are not aware. If you were aware, you would stay off of trading on such choppy prices.

      If i am not wrong, MCX crude prices are borrowed and contracts executed for crude stays with in the country, i mean we are not involved in price discovery, our trades don’t get executed at a much bigger crude exchange outside of India. So i think MCX can take a decision to cancel out all the trades profits/losses on those days when market went negative. My 2 cents.

  151. Vivek Nayak says:

    Would like to see the trade amount for each trade both at the time of placing the order and after it is executed. As of now it is very irritating to calculate and update it in a spreadsheet.

    • Prashant Thakur says:

      Yes , it is really required.

    • Kanhaiya Lal says:

      Respected sir, I am not able to transfer money through net banking of bank of baroda. Please resolve this issue. I want to work with Zerodha. Thanks

      • Amod Gujarathi says:

        I too have the same request. Though I am transferring directly from Bank of Baroda, direct adding or withdraw funds from Zerodha platform is desired . Can someone please answer??

    • George says:

      Yes it is irritating. It will be good if fixed ASAP in the upgrade. It is important fix that helps us


      Yes , it is really needed

    • Chenna Reddy says:

      Yes, it is.
      Lot of time is getting wasted in Margin calculator and excel sheets.

      • Ganesh Naik says:

        Require margin calculator if we enter amt. In buy/sell order,it will save time.present it is difficult at the time of trade.

    • Dua says:

      Considering the good going of zerodha, can u take the hit of 10 cr loss in crude apr 20 contract loss or planning to ask the client for recovery

      • Prabhuswami says:

        Why zerodha trading system is so easy to hack?
        Is this not challenging for you to secure your own customer?
        It’s been more than 6 months no one has taken any action for UNAUTHORIZED transactions
        Why this happens only in zerodha why not in others trading account?

    • Prabhuswami says:

      Why zerodha trading system is so easy to hack?
      Is this not challenging for you to secure your own customer?
      It’s been more than 6 months no one has taken any action for UNAUTHORIZED transactions
      Why this happens only in zerodha why not in others trading account?