2018 – Year in review

December 31, 2018

Investors & Traders,

2018 has been a flat year for our markets, but quite big for us at Zerodha – thanks to all of you! Here are some of the highlights.

Kite, smallcase, Streak, and Coin have all gotten a brand new update.  Sensibull, Coin, Sentinel, Stockreports+, LearnApp, and G-Sec investing have been the new launches. Make sure to check out zerodha.com/investments.

Following were the top 5 stocks held in value as on Dec 31st 2018. Maruti and Tata motors make it to the list, while HDFC Bank and ITC move out.

Top 5 stocks held

We are now not only the largest retail brokerage by trading turnover in India, but also second by active clients. Here is how we have grown in terms of active clients compared to the other top 5 brokerage firms in 2018.

As of November 30, 2018, we were the 2nd largest broker in India.
[Source: NSE India]

Among our various products, we have been most excited with the response for Coin in 2018. Over 1.5lk investors who have invested over Rs 3400 crores in direct mutual funds on Coin, and have already saved over Rs 30 crores in commissions they would have otherwise paid through regular mutual funds. Coin is now one of the largest online mutual fund platforms in India (across regular and direct). Find below some interesting statistics on Coin.

Coin is now one of the largest online mutual fund platforms in India

75% of investors on Coin are below the age of 35 while 51% are below the age of 30! The older generations seem to be more resistant to change, even though direct mutual funds mean quite a bit of saving in the long run for those investing on their own.

Age distribution

While over 50% of AUM is held in debt mutual funds, on Coin it’s equity – mirroring the retail behavior of lesser exposure to debt mutual funds.

More than 50% on the investments on Coin are in Equity oriented mutual funds

We have many updates and new products planned for 2019. Hopefully all of you like them as much as we are enjoying building them for you. Please do continue to help us grow by spreading the word.

Hoping that 2019 brings in a lot of health, wealth, and happiness.

Happy new year!

India's largest broker trusted by 1.5+ crore investors.

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  1. AMITABH says:

    TAT 500% TESTED

  2. shaik ibrahim says:

    I am unable to trade in BSE and NSE shares my user id and password also lost tell me the procedure for invest in shares kindly send my account details if possible for future transactions

  3. Naziya says:

    Dear sir /madam
    Please develope coin app that they will send amc mutual funds e statements for better clarification and awareness to investor
    Thanks a lot for chance to write over here

    • Matti says:

      Hey Naziya, when your investments are held in demat form, AMC statements aren’t generated. May I ask what you’re looking for in the statements that’s not already available on Coin?

  4. SWARna Lakshmi p says:

    Dear sir
    I am using coin app but I am unable to get amc’s e statement.
    Even I contacted directly to amc with folio no they responded that for dp account they will not send any amc printed e statement. I am really wonder about that ?
    Thank you sir.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Swarna, that’s right. When your investments are held in demat form, AMC statements aren’t generated. May I ask what you’re looking for in the statements that’s not already available on Coin?

  5. Omesh says:

    Hey whenever I mark the trendlines and use the channels, those get disappeared either in a day or 2 despite saving the preferences. Can the team please look into it?

  6. Raghu says:

    What are expected line of products available to be launched in 2019

  7. Sitaramaraju says:

    When is kite 3 app coming almost 1 year passed

  8. Pramod kurkure says:

    If i start sip of 5000 per month regular fund brokars charge around 1% more than direct fund so it will be 50 rs per month while for direct fund zerodha also charging 50 rs per month
    Pl explain how it is beneficial for small investors

  9. S Bhattacharjee says:

    Please bring a new Flat Fees Brokerage for Option Traders.For regular option trader 20/lot still costs too much if you accounts for a year.

  10. Vinit Kothari says:

    I recommended Zerodha to my brother and he switched from earlier platform to Zerodha. He is facing issues with Mutual Funds dividend and he has opened tickets to get result, but neither does you calling system work nor any assuring response from your end. Please let me know if I should recommend it to others? As I get taunts in public that what I suggested is worthless and cheap product.

    Thank you in advance if you resolve the issue. If you want, I will pass on his contact details.
    (Email Id I gave is not reegistered with Zerodha, it is an alternate one.)

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Vinit,
      We’re sorry to hear that, please share his registered email address or the ticket no. We will have this looked at.

      • Himani says:

        I migrated my shares from ICICI securities to Zerodha but am not sure if dividends n share/ mutual fund transfer has been completed

  11. phanil kumar says:

    Happy New Year to Zerodha Team

  12. ARUNPANDEKN says:

    Thanks to ZERODHA team for services to Nation

  13. Adharsh Vijayan says:

    Expecting a new pi desktop version in 2019 🤩
    Happy new year to zerodha

  14. Chintan says:

    Happy new year to zerodha and its team for its extellent products

  15. Lalit says:


  16. Kiran Kumar says:

    Thanks Zerodha, Happy new year to everyone. God bless

  17. Sankalp says:

    I’m excited to see the new products planned! Happy New year!

  18. KV Kanakeswara Rao says:

    Thank you very much, Nithin & team for your untiring efforts.