Introducing Coin – our Direct Mutual Fund Platform

March 27, 2017


Mutual funds today can be purchased in two ways – either through a distributor or directly from the AMC.

Through a distributor

When purchased this way, the distributor earns an upfront commission of upto 1.5% on your investment and a trail commission of up to 1.5% every year for as long as you are invested in the fund. Yes, that much! These commissions earned are the reason everyone from your bank to brokerage would be pushing you mutual fund ideas to invest in.

I am guessing a lot of you would have known that if someone is selling you a product, he is earning something upfront out of it. But what most people don’t know about is the concept of trail commissions that is earned by distributor. Every year for as long as you are invested, the distributor keeps earning  upto 1.5% of your investment as commission. Since most people who invest into mutual funds do it for longer term, the commission paid as trail can take a big bite of your investment . For example Rs 5000 SIP  invested monthly for 25 years, you could end up paying almost Rs 30 lks as commissions, almost 20% of your corpus. (assuming you make 15% p.a compounded returns, paying a modest 1% as upfront and 1% as trail)


Purchasing mutual funds direct would mean investing with the fund house directly without using distributor as intermediary. This would mean a saving of both upfront and trail commission on your investment. To invest directly, you can visit the fund house’s website or office, fill up the form and invest into the fund.

The flipside to this is that you have to track investments in different funds separately, sign multiple NACH forms for SIP, extremely inconvenient to stop the SIP, make your own capital gain statements and etc. All investments done today by institutions are in direct mode. But almost 90% of all investments by retail investors are still through distributors because of lack of awareness or access to a convenient platform to invest with the “Direct” option.

A recent circular from SEBI allowed exchange platforms to offer direct mutual funds in demat form, and …

Introducing Coin – our direct mutual fund platform

  • No commissions whatsoever on your investment – either upfront or trail.
  • Direct mutual funds in DEMAT form, with convenience of one portfolio across equity, MF, currency, etc.
  • Single capital gain statement, P&L visualizations, and more.
  • Easy SIP – start, stop, modify anytime you want.
  • NAV tracking orders. Similar to stocks, place orders to purchase or redeem funds based on NAV.
  • Coin has been absolutely free since August 24, 2018.

Our previous platform was in distributor mode and will start redirecting to from today. We have been able to go live with  coin thanks to SEBI’s recent move to allow exchange platforms to offer direct mutual fund investments.
All new mutual fund investments by default will be direct. Your existing mutual fund holdings and SIPs bought on will remain in distributor mode (and there will be no subscription fees for them). If you want to switch your current funds or SIPs from distributor to direct, you may exit them and invest afresh.

To continue purchasing of mutual funds through our earlier distributor model, you can visit this link which can also be seen on the footer as non-direct regular funds on coin website.

Do check this link on tradingqna, for all FAQ on coin.

We are able to work at such razor thin margins as a business by keeping our operational costs low and not spending on advertising. Do help spread the word. You would not only help us sustain the extremely low pricing model but also maybe help your friends and family save lakhs of rupees as commissions on mutual fund investments that they might be paying unknowingly.

Go direct,

Happy Investing,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Tejas says:

    I have a very novice question. If I top up some funds in a MF in which i already have a AMC SIP ongoing, does it show separately in my portfolio or does the top up get added to the same fund which the SIP is going on?

  2. Vinay goel says:

    Any limit on size or number of schemes

    Is there any way to invest for 2-3 family accounts in one go under direct category

    My number

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Vinay, there is no limit on the number of schemes you can invest in. You cannot place a bulk order for multiple accounts at once. You will have to place them individually.

  3. munish says:

    6) why is cutoff time 1.30 pm it should be 3.00 pm

  4. munish says:

    5) if i purchase mf from branch they give me folio number, same process is in coin. How will i know my folio number

    Suppose i buy mf in coin say icici large cap, after few days i again buy same fund ie icici large cap them my folio number will be same or different

    • Matti says:

      You can see the folio number on Coin. However, since your mutual funds are held in demat form, this folio number doesn’t mean much. All you need is your demat account number. All your mutual fund investments are mapped to this.

  5. munish says:

    3) If i want to redeem fund the amount will be send to bank account or in zerodha account

    4)if units are in my coin account, can i do any transaction ie switch or redemption from mutual fund branch or cams

  6. munish says:

    2) If i have some units of mf in coin, can i switch from one scheme to another, eg suppose i have debt fund of say axis MF, can i switch to axis large cap fund or any other fund of axis mutual fund.
    If yes then will i get NAV of same day ie i switch on Monday and my buy nav of new scheme will be of Monday (if my amount is less than 2 lakh) or same T+2 applies in switch

    • Matti says:

      You will need to redeem and invest in the other fund. We’re currently working on the switch functionality, but this will take some time.

  7. munish says:

    i want to invest in mf through coin, but i have some problems

    1) suppose i sell stocks of 10,000 in kite before 1.30 pm on Monday and my previous balance was say 1,000 total 11k, but as cash settlement is t+2 in stock mrkt, can i buy MF through coin before 1.30pm worth 10,000 on same day

    if yes then my NAV will be of same day ie Monday or it will be of T+2 day Wednesday.

    • Esha says:

      Munish, you’re right. You won’t be able to sell the shares and use the amount to purchase mutual fund on the same day. Once the ledger entry has been made, we consider the balance for your Mutual Fund purchase orders. The ledger entry is made by the end of the day. Therefore, you can place the purchase order the next day.

  8. Mohammed Ayaz Shaikh says:

    When I try to login to coin, I am getting below error.
    “Mutual Funds is not enabled on your account. The exchanges may take 24-48 hours from your account opening to activate your Mutual funds account.
    Please contact Zerodha support for further queries.”

    Please help me to resolve it.

  9. santana says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Am I missing something, Kindly explain……………
    Direct Plans ……………………………. Regular Plans
    Investing in ICICI Prudential All Seasons Bond Fund…growth (sayRs 100000)
    A) purchase units on 16/04/2017 ………………………………………..
    100000/NAV(20.7871)= 4810.67 units ………….. 100000/NAV(20.41)=4899.56 units

    B) Redeem units on 24/07/2019 ……………………………………………
    Value= 4810.67X NAV(24.8490) ………… value=4899.56 XNAV(24.07)
    =Rs 1,19,540 =Rs 1,17,932
    C) Expenses ………………………………………………………………………………
    26monthsX 50= Rs 1300
    4) Net profit …………………………………………………………………………………….
    B—(A+C)= 119540-(100000+1300) ……. …………. B – (A+C)=117932—100000
    =Rs18240 =Rs17932
    1) How much to add for redemption charges and any other charges ?
    2) Difference between Direct and Regular PLANS is hardly Rs (18240—17932)= Rs308
    3) The above fund is already their in Zerodha demat account.( But only Rs5000 )
    4) I was thinking of purchasing 20 lakhs balance funds for long term. Kindly coment ?

    Santana S. Pereira

  10. Ashok Saravanan says:

    i raised a redeem request for 2 funds(Kotak Bluechip Fund & Axis Liquid Fund ) on the same day and for Axis Liquid Fund its credit in T+2 days but Kotak Bluechip Fund status is still “Awaiting payment from AMC”. it’s been T+3 days now, still, my account is not credited. what should I do now and how long should I wait?

  11. Murugaperumal B says:

    i already got direct mutual funds in different AMCs, Can I link those folios here in coin.

  12. Anish Gupta says:

    I am currently using coin since last 2 Years. I feel the much needed feature required in coin is option to create different portfolios for meeting different goals. I remember zerodha launched one similar product in past for meeting goal based investment needs but that didn’t work quite well. I think having an option to create multiple portfolios can help to meet the different saving goals. Much needed feature available in different apps but missing in coin.

    • Matti says:

      On our list of things to do. 🙂

      • Anish Gupta says:

        Any timeline at which this could be implemented ? I have spent my entire day today to know which apps are the best, reliable and provides top advisory services for Portfolio Rebalancing on Goal Based Saving theme. Some app names came very handy. So even thought to switch from coin to those apps( starting making SIP’s on those ) because in this era where we are struggling with rapid transformations of user needs and requirements, it becomes very essential to upgrade our products to strive the changing simple and smarter market trends and requirements. I think I opted for coin in the initial phase because at that time, it was one of the very few platforms that started offering direct mutual funds ( even gave some suggestions to Nithin for adding some missing features from user experience perspective) but now things have changed for me as a user. There is a strict need to revamp the coin platform with something unique, smarter and AI powered decisions making capabilities that other platforms are not offering.

  13. Bhuvanesh says:

    Hey Vishal, we display the NAV and the expense ratio on the fund page itself. As for the underlying holdings of a fund, we are exploring ways to show them in the upcoming update to Coin.

    We have always stayed away from advisory, but we are always exploring ways to make fund discovery and slection easier.

  14. Vishal Tripathi says:

    Please improve the mutual fund details like there is very less info about mutual funds like there is no info about NAV, expense ratio and in which holding they are investing and if you tell pros and cons about the mutual funds that would be better

  15. Anup Vartak says:

    Refer to my ticket#20190312441542.
    I have reported that Upfront commission ind MF investments has been stopped since April 2018 by SEBI, but Zerodha is still miss leading customer that distributor earns an upfront commission of up to 1.5% on your investment.
    Please verify and do the needful.

  16. Ankur says:


    Can NRI’s invest in direct mutual funds?
    If yes, can they use their own banks (not just HDFC or AXIS)?
    At least can you have SBI Bank enabled for NRIs to invest?

    Thanks for your reply.

  17. RSK says:

    Whats status of SWP ?

  18. Arun says:

    just want to ask is there any updates on coin for NRI’s.
    are you now supporting investments from NRI in coin

  19. vikas says:

    Any reply from Zerodha team ?

  20. Vikas says:

    Hi Nitin/Zerodha Team,
    Do you have any plans to have a feature where we can invest in USA Index funds using Coin ? This would give a very unique ability to your platform.

  21. Vikas says:

    Why is “mirae asset emerging bluechip fund” not in your coin list ? Are there other funds also missing ?

    • Faisal says:

      Vikas, this fund is available on the Coin Mobile App. Since the fund is not accepting fresh lumpsum investments, we have AMC SIP available in the mobile app. More info here

      • Vikas says:

        Thank you Faisal. The link is very informative.
        So, as I understand, as the fund accepts only on 10th of every month. So I have set up SIP for 10th.

  22. Prem Kumar M says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Since its been almost a year and half, is the option to create Multiple Goal based portfolios (DIY) and creation of different folios of the same MF scheme to align and monitor performance of them individually would be highly appreciated and be a great incentive to shift from other direct MF platforms to Coin. When can we expect this?

  23. Srinivas says:

    I am about start using Coin. Is there a possible to import existing MF transactions details into Coin ??

    • Faisal says:

      You can move your existing mutual fund holdings to Zerodha if they are in demat mode. However, you cannot import the transaction details

  24. Praveen says:

    I want to start multiple SIP on my name, mywife’s name and mymothers name. Amount would be paid by through their bank accounts however I would like to view all these at a consolidate level. so questions
    a. Do you provide such facility where from single account I can start all these SIP and manage
    b. or if answer to above is no than do I need to create separate account for each member (myself, wife and mother) and pay monthly fee of Rs. 50 for each member

  25. Atul says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    My query is what will happen to my MF if I close my coin account but still want to keep my mutual funds.

    • Matti says:

      You can still maintain your demat account and continue to hold the units. Alternatively, you can move them to another demat account or even rematerialise them to paper form.

  26. Vishnudas S says:

    I do hold a trading account with Zerodha and I am happy with it. But when Coin was introduced, I was a bit worried due to the monthly charge. There were a couple of other service providers who offered direct plans free of cost. Now there are many – Groww, Piggy, Clearfunds, Paytm Money etc. to name a few.

    My question:

    (a) Is Coin completely free now like Groww or Piggy that offers direct plans completely free life long irrespective of the number of funds or net asset?

    (b) If not, can you please provide the customers with the justification for charging the monthly fee of Rs.50 without offering no additional feature.

  27. Bhojraj Sonawane says:

    my AMC sip instalment is failed given reason is insufficient fund but in my amount there is enough amount for SIP

    • Matti says:

      This email seems to have been sent out in error. Your order will be processed at 1:30 PM and you should receive an email confirmation for the same.

  28. Sunil says:


    I have few Mutual funds and equities in ICICI direct account. If I open an account here, can all those MFs and equities be transferred to it?
    Please clarify.

  29. Paramesh says:

    Hi Team,

    I am a regular investor in Mutual Funds through the SIP route. I am planning to make some lumpsum investment in tax saving Mutual funds under 80C investments.
    I wanted to know the total monthly / annual charges of Zerodha if I invest Rs 75K in 3 mutual funds (Rs 25K in each)? And what will be the charges if i increase the investment in these mutual funds in the next year?


  30. Bhargav Shah says:

    Coin is absolutely free ?
    I mean 50 RS is not being charged ?

    If yes, till what time ?

  31. Bipin says:

    I am a new investor to MF, even with INR 50 per month as a charge for investing into direct MF, I decided to go ahead with Zerodha. Seeing news about absolute FREE of charge for direct MF, enhance my tempo… I was already impressed with simplicity of MF platform but with this news….. my happiness is double folded now !
    Thanks a lot to team Zerodha…. keep it up ! We all are with you to take Zerodha at number 1 very soon -:)

  32. HITESH YADAV says:

    Today i see Free, unlimited investmentson your website, when i open my coin.zerodha. What this mean??
    Will Rs 59 fee not be charge from today onwards??
    Please confirm

    • DEEPAK T says:

      Same confusion here …..because on a website it still showing 50/Month

      “Flat fees of just Rs 50/month for subscribing to Coin irrespective of number/value of MF transactions across all fund houses. Moreover, your first Rs 25,000 worth of investments is absolutely free.”

  33. Maharaj Singh says:

    I have an account with zerodha & i have invested money in stock market and also in mutual fund . I want to increase the no of mutual fund to 5 with different portfolio ( currently 1 mutual fund) .
    the issue is that i have become NRI , so want to ask , can i continue with my same account ( opened when i was in india) or open an account in the name of my wife ( She is in India) and transfer all my share and mutual fund to her account or do i open a NRI account in zerodha…. Please let me know in detail..

    • Matti says:

      Hi Maharaj, if your move outside of India is temporary, you can use your resident account. However, if it’s a long-term thing, I suggest you invest via someone in India, as we are yet to start offering Coin to NRI (ironing out some issues with the banks as they too offer mutual funds).

  34. Raghav Khandelwal says:

    I want to open an a/c to trade in equity mf etc.
    Can you please help with all the charges that i will have to pay ?
    If I am thinking to invest 5000 pm in mf and trade in shares as well ?
    Are there any depository charges that will have to be paid monthly in case of holding equity shares, hdfc securities is charging me some 800 as depository charges for holding some 800-900 shares ?

  35. Muthu T says:

    Hi Nitin, This blog is helpful but how this 50 will be collected. Do we have to maintain sufficient balance in Zerodha account?

  36. Hariharan G says:

    I moved from Fundsindia to Zerodha for the direct funds but feeling lost and stuck due to the lack of reporting. Please have a look at Fundsindia, they are providing simple dashboards with distribution of our funds in different categories. 🙁

  37. Hariharan G says:

    Need better reporting for for the subscription we pay.
    No way to find out whats my equity to debt distribution of my funds.
    I couldn’t even export my portfolio into excel.
    Makes me re-think the subscription amount I am paying.

  38. Raj says:

    Hi Nitin Ji,

    I invested MF through distributor before, can i now move to my Zerodha coin account so that i will have my Demat & MF together…..

    Please suggest.

  39. Harisha MG says:

    In Coin dashboard, could you please include NAV daily change percentage? (it was present in the earlier UI).

    • Faisal says:

      Harisha, daily change is available in the Coin mobile app. It was removed from the web version due to UI constraints. We are considering adding it back soon

  40. Rohit says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Thank you for making investing easy! Nice app, keep up good work.

    Please explain below SMS received :

    “Saving taxes and commissions just got better! All investements in tax saving direct mutual funds (ELSS) on Coin are now completely free.”
    Currently I have portfolio which is exceeding 25k. Some are ELSS & some are non ELSS, how will I be charged?

    Look forward to your prompt.
    Thanks & Best Regards.

    • NEHAL says:

      i have also both type of fund ELSS and non ELSS
      now what to do for that?
      if i sell my NON ELSS fund than will i charge 50 rs per month after that?
      explain this

      • Matti says:

        Hey Nehal, if you have non-ELSS investments below 25k, you wouldn’t even need to redeem these investments to unsubscribe from Coin.

        • nehal says:

          i have more than 25k invest in non ELSS fund,
          what should i do??
          should i sold that and invest that money in ELSS fund???

          • Faisal says:

            You will be charged ₹50 per month as platform fee, if you have non ELSS funds more than 25K. You can choose to invest in ELSS funds but they carry a 3 year lock-in period

  41. ambar says:


    I want to invest Rs 1 Lakh in ELSS (tax saving) scheme on your coin platform. Do I need to pay rs 50/month for buying this.?

    Please explain all the terms, condition and scenario here.

  42. Ashish says:

    Is the given statement true? It showed up in my profile.

    ‘Direct mutual fund investments in non ELSS schemes up to ₹25,000 are free! Investments in ELSS schemes are not charged.’

    Please confirm. Thanks!

  43. Vidyasagar says:

    I read somewhere on Coin site that ELSS Direct funds are Free and you do not charge 50/- per month irrespective of 25K Limit. Can you confirm ? Thanks.

    Teh text reads as
    “Direct mutual funds subscription:
    Direct mutual fund investments in non ELSS schemes up to ₹25,000 are free! Investments in ELSS schemes are not charged.”

    Pls confirm. Thanks.

  44. Vinay says:

    Hi nitin,
    As mentioned if total MF held in coin account is less than 25K, no monthly fee will be charged.
    Now I started investing in March and held my investment of 1.5 lakhs till May. However I was still charged Rs. 50 + GST for the month of June, despite my investment being zero.

  45. Prasanna says:

    Respected Nitin sir
    i am very happy with our coin for direct fund while i appreciate our need to charge something i have a small query
    as a small investor i invest in small quatities in tax saver fund
    since you are charging fixed 50 per month my request is to pls reduce this for tax saving fund which has lock in for 3 years so if i dont invest after say year i still keep paying 600 per year on investment of lets say 25000
    pls take care of small investors like us i have shifted many of my investments to coin but my only issue is i wont be able to exit coin due to lock in in tax saver fund
    regards and best wishes

  46. Vikky says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have 4 SIPs running monthly all from different fund houses & from there official website in direct which means at 0 cost.
    What’s the difference & features of going through Zerodha if opted (600rs a year is fine with me). I can see the pain of going on 4 different sites gets reduced plus I am not sure whether fund house sites provides feature of pause, increase or decrease in SIP amount, any more ?
    Can I switch the platform for my existing running SIPs ?
    Also can I add my Lumpsum investment already done on fund house websites to Zerodha just for tracking at one place ?
    I think all the fund houses should stop accepting funds & send to Zerodha officially because you guys are brilliant. This will reduce there operating expenses & since you would get lots of transactions you can decrease the amount to below 600Rs a year so that it doesn’t get heavy on the small investors.

    It’s been 2 weeks I am actively using Zerodha for Equity investments, got to know lots of unique websites specially opentrade dude – that concept of copy trading I tried on Etoro (Israeli startup) around 2011. Glad to know you guys tried & sadly it’s closing.

    Smart Innovative Company, Proud User 🙂

  47. HARI HARA PRASAD says:


  48. Jayaprakash says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I do have an account with Zerodha in my name and my wife is the Nominee to the Demat Account.

    I also have a Trading & Demat Account in my name with ICICI Direct. My wife is the nominee to the un-invested balance lying inTrading Account and also to the Demat Account for the investments in Shares. Further, I have investments in MF with several AMCs and my wife is the joint holder in each of these investments.

    My queries are as follows:-
    (a) Firstly, can I have a similar arrangement with Zerodha including investment in MF with wife as joint holder?
    (b) Like in ICICI Direct, is it possible to see all investments in one place in case of Zerodha?
    (c) If the demat holdings (mostly MFs) are about 50 lks – what would be the annual servicing cost to Zerodha? &
    (d) What would be Zerodha’s brokerage for say 1 lakh of buy/sell of MF?

    Look forward to your prompt reply as always.
    Thanks & Best Regards.

  49. Vijay says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    I have a portfolio of around 10L which i am investing on SIP basis from 2010 from an another demat. I believe they are all regular funds. Can i redeem those & freshly invest in direct funds in Zerodha demat. How do you want me to play around with these? And can you just give me a sense how would i get benifitted going forward by investing lumpsum of 10L & SIP continuation & what i had lost every year in terms of upfront & trial fees all these while investing in regular funds.

  50. malaya says:

    SIP in SBI Small cap fund is allowed by other paltforms. Are you going to allow it for SIP or it will be accessible in Zerodha only when lumpsum is allowed.

  51. Jatin says:

    I invest through Direct plans only with other Financial Institutions.. How Direct plan on COIN differs from Direct plan of others?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Jatin, with Coin, you have the added advantage of having all your investments trackable from one portal (Equity, Debt, MF). More here.

  52. Ratnesh Jain says:


    I invest Rs. 10 lakhs lumpsum in 2 direct plans of MF through Coin. I will be charged Rs. 600 flat as convenience fees. 1. Right?
    2. If i start Rs. 10,000 SIPs into each fund from beginning, will i be charge more than Rs. 600 annually?
    3. Can these mutual fund demat holdings be collateral against which i can take trades? Which type of funds allowed as collateral?
    4. How much exposure will allowed in intraday?
    5. Will they be treated equivalent to Cash in account? Or any other method of valuation?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ratnesh,
      1. You’d be charged Rs. 50 per month and not Rs. 600 at once.
      2. If you start a 10k SIP, for the first month, there would be no charge as the investment value would be less than 25k. The subscription would kick in once you transact over 25k (buy only) on the platform. So, in this case, for the first year, you’d be charged Rs. 550 in all.
      3., 4., and 5. Mutual fund pledging isn’t available right now, will be available in the futures and details on how the margin amount will be treated will be listed out then.

  53. Rishabh says:

    I am an NRI and would like to invest in Direct MF. How can I go about it via your platform?

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Rishabh, currently it’s not possible for NRIs to invest on Coin but we are working on making it possible.

  54. Rajesh says:


    I would like to know the charges on buying and selling on mutual funds on coin website .All Charges .

    Thank you .

    • Matti says:

      Hey Rajesh, there is no charge for buying funds on Coin. If your total investments are above 25k, you’d be charged Rs. 50 per month for the platform. When you sell a MF holding, DP charges of Rs. 5.5+GST would be applicable.

  55. Chintan says:

    Currently i have mutual funds running and is their any option to transfer to coin.zerodha wihtout distrubing current setup.

  56. Raman Ahuja says:

    Currently SEBI has imposed a Cap of Rs50,000 per AMC Per Annam, does investing in mutual funds through Coin one still have to limit its investment value below 50,000 per AMC p.a??

    • Matti says:

      Hey Raman, this limitation is only if you’re no submitting your KYC details. With Zerodha, once you open an account, a full KYC is done and this limit does not apply.

  57. Santosh says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    Last march hadbeen added 50K fund in my zerodha account for furture usage
    but after approx 10 days returned back to bank account with approx 40rs deduction,Why?
    Is it because didn’t use any amount of money for purchase??

  58. Jyoti says:

    AM Looking for some other Mutual fund which didn’t having at Zerodha Coin platform E.G
    Motilal oswal Most focused Multicap fund
    Kotak select focus fund
    SBI Small cap Fund etc…………….

    Can explalin why and other alternative to buy it here………………………

    • Matti says:

      Hi Jyoti, two of these 3 funds names have been changed.
      1. Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund is now Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund
      2. Kotak Select Focus is now Kotak Standard Multicap Fund

      As for the SBI smallcap fund, fresh inflows into this fund have been stopped by the AMC.

  59. Sasi says:


    What is the advantage of buying Direct MFs via Coin rather than buying on the MF website directly?

    Thank you.

    • Matti says:

      On Coin, you get the added advantage of having a single portfolio across AMCs and your equity holdings. Tracking all your investments is a breeze. Also, since the MF units are in demat form, they are easy to pledge/unpledge.

  60. Sharad says:


    Is there any way to see XIRR, CAGR of my MF SIPs based on their investment dates


  61. Aakash says:

    On redemption, is the margin immediately given? Or do we have to wait till the actual redemption happens for investing the money elsewhere?

  62. Ujjwal Khare says:


    I was exploring some Franklin funds and came across following information related to NAV for FRANKLIN INDIA TAXSHIELD – ELSS FUND as per 15th May 2018
    Growth 448.88
    Dividend 39.91
    Direct-Growth 469.56
    Direct-Dividend. 42.34

    Would like to understand why NAV of Direct fund is more than Non Direct fund.
    If this is the case then for on a given date Direct growth fund is appoximately 4.4 % is expensive then regular growth fund per unit.
    Than how direct fund are better ??

  63. srikumar says:

    sbi small cap has re started accepting for short window. Can you please make it available.

  64. Jagan says:

    Hi Nithin/Vishnu/Zerodha Team,

    I am not able to find the below in direct list :
    Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund
    Reliance Small Cap Fund

    Can someone help me out here ?

    Are these still not there with Zerodha ? It will be a big backfoot if the above are absent as both are top rated fund


    • Matti says:

      Hey Jagan, these funds have stopped accepting fresh investments.

      • Jagan says:

        Is it ?

        But, I am able to purchase them directly from Reliance Mutual fund website (for the reliance small cap one)

        Is there a difference ?

        • Matti says:

          Coin uses the lumpsum mode of investment and they’ve stopped accepting fresh lumpsum orders.

          • prasad n says:

            Most MFs have exit load, typically, 1% for exit with in one year. Since at COIN-ZERODHA, you buy units of every SIP installment as if it was a lumpsum purchase, isn’t it going to attract Exit Load on last 12 installments even though SIP was active for more than a year.

            • Faisal Rahman says:

              The exit load is charged on each date of investment irrespective of whether the amount is invested via lumpsum or SIP across platforms.

  65. Aditya Modi says:

    Why so ?

    • Matti says:

      This amount is variable and decided by the AMC. The Birla Frontline Equity fund, for example, has 1000 as a minimum.

  66. Aditya Modi says:

    Under the direct plans, all the equity schemes are having a minimum investment requirement of 5,000 ???

  67. Gireesh Bhat says:

    Why all the MFs are still not available? I was searching for Reliance Small Cap Fund (G) and it is not available.
    Any ETA on bringing this MF on board?

  68. uk says:


    I opened my account with Zerodha for investment in MF via Coin. I have been told in order to invest via coin I need to have Demat account in Kite which makes sense.
    Now as per your pricing model we need to pay 300 from AMC of Kite platform and 50 per month for Coin which come to 600 per year ie total 900 INR per year just to invest in MFs.


  69. Omkar Shet says:


    I am not able to find “Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Direct” fund on Coin.
    I saw comments from people on the same blog on march 2017, still this issue is not resolved.
    Could you plz Tell me when I can see that fund on Coin??

  70. Vishaya says:

    I started SIP last month and first investment amount got debited from my account on 30-03-2018.
    For some reason i deleted the SIP, Now i want to restart/continue the SIP.
    How to restart?

  71. R says:

    Hi Zerodha team and Nithin,

    I am investing through Kuvera in MFs. Kuvera is offering absolutely free direct MF platform along with financial advisory. They have financial goal setting and MF suggestion for free. Since I am using it, I will say, there are no hidden charges whatsoever.

    Most importantly, Kuvera is a startup and was started in 2017. It’s just 1 year old and still is offering free platform and financial advice for direct MF. Why is Zerodha, which is fairly big now, isn’t offering free service for direct MF?

    You charge for Demat A/C for equity investment, that’s ok. No issues with that. But why are you charging for Direct MF investments. While will I ever pay 600/year charges to Zerodha when I can get it done for free at Kuvera along with, most importantly, free financial planning as well!

    • R says:

      To add to that, Kuvera has a good Dashboard display to track all the Direct MF investments in one place with their website as well as a very good Mobile app. It’s of no burden to me to use one app to track my Direct MF investments and other app of let’s say Zerodha, to track my equity, F&o etc.. investments. It’s not at all a burden to use two apps to track their Equity and MF investments.

      So please DONT come up with a reason stating that – “You get the facility to see MF as well as Equity investments in one place”. This reason is not enough to choose Zerodha’s Coin over a service like Kuvera which not to forget also advices on financial planning goals and suggest apt. Mutual funds as well.

      • Matti says:

        Yes, a business could offer all those services for free, but then, how does the business make money? Is it sustainable to keep providing a free service with no revenue vertical? Wouldn’t this be an incentive for the service provider to add hidden charges or to raise charges after customer acquisition?

  72. TAPAN DOSHI says:


    • Matti says:

      P&L statements aren’t available for Coin at the moment, however, if you’ve invested in ELSS funds, you can download the ELSS statement from the Coin Dashboard. This dashboard also shows you your current total P&L.

  73. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    can we create a SIP through Zerodha for ELSS

  74. Soumen says:

    I have some investments in direct funds from other platform. If I invest again in those funds from coin, will it be in same folio or new folio will be allocated?

  75. GR Mishra says:

    Can I invest in tax saving mutual funds through coin? If so, what are the options available (e.g. ICICI, Axis, etc.)? Thanks.

    • Matti says:

      Yes, you can invest in tax saving mutual funds on Coin. Just search for “ELSS” and find a list of all the tax saving funds available from across AMCs.

  76. Priyanshu Nishad says:

    At least give the facility to filter down the list of mutual funds based on different criteria. I don’t think it would take a lot of time for your developers enable this facility.

  77. MSD says:

    I read following comments about Coin on a BIG site, is this true ??

    ” In zerodha coin platform the SIP option is not like an AMC SIP but more like a purchase executed by Zerodha every 15 or 30 days. This can be a disadvantage where your SIP can get suspended by Mutual Fund House when they stop accepting new subscription but allow the SIP’s registered directly at AMC. So you can be at loss if you loose subscription to a good MF if you were investing through Zerodha! ”

    Need clarification from your end.

    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Yes, we do not follow the conventional SIP as mentioned in this post on our support portal. It has its advantages as well as described in the post and most of our clients are able to modify/edit their SIPs in an easy manner. Also, the suspension that happened recently was in Reliance Small Cap Fund, till date only 4 schemes have been temporarily suspended from further investments in past 3 years and all are belonging to the small-cap category. The AMCs decide to suspend such schemes via lumpsum mode because the AUM accumulated would have become more than the optimum AUM and more inflow of money would lead to overvaluation of the shares. But, we are having a discussion with the AMC to revoke the suspension and limit the transaction amount. There are other alternate funds in the small-cap category which are performing in a similar manner to Reliance Small Cap Fund.

      • Ankush Jain says:

        When we have already selected a fund then why we go to other fund simply bcoz you guys launched half prepared services? Same thing can happen to any fund and we will be switching between funds just bcoz you guys launched half prepared service?

  78. SP says:


    I have a question regarding MF Initial Investment when starting a SIP : Say, I have started a SIP for MF X a year ago on Coin and after a few months decided to stop the SIP. So, I delete the SIP orders for X (NOT pause) but do not redeem the units of X i.e. units are still shown in Coin dashboard.

    My question is : What if I start SIP again for the same MF X now, will there be an initial investment required again (generally it’s INR 5000 for most MFs) ?? Could someone please explain in what cases there are mandatory initial investment for SIPs.

    • Faisal Rahman says:


      No, there is no minimum investment required in this case since you have already invested in this fund.

  79. akshaykumar says:

    50 rs. every month for one year?
    or every month every years?


  80. abhishek garg says:

    Hi team ,

    I would like to know if in a current SIP , suppose I do not pay installment at a particular time then what will happen to that mutual fund . Is the total current value of the mutual fund is redeemed automatically or it will be stayed as it is ?


    • Matti says:

      Hey Abhishek, if you don’t have sufficient funds on the SIP date, the system will retry placing the order for the next 5 days. If you still don’t transfer funds, the order placement will fail. The same will happen on the next SIP date and so on. Your investments until that time will remain intact.

  81. Gurumurthy says:

    Currently I have invested in 3 ELSS and 3 Diversified MFs, amounting to around 12000 PM that is 144000 P.A.
    This is Regular fund and not direct.
    So I should be paying around 1% upfront P.A, Demat charges, the standard taxes as compared to Rs.900 P.A (600 + 300) + the standard taxes in Direct Mutual funds in Zerodha Coin. Am I right?
    So now I am planning to shift the same investment to ZerodhaCoin, and Direct Mutual funds.

    I went through most of the forum above, but still not clear how beneficiary is shifting from my Regular Mutual funds to Coin from my existing ICICIDirect account.

    If you could please elaborate on all the above charges and all the taxes, everything, may be in comparison with other platforms?
    This will make it transparent and clear for me as an investor.

    Your response on this is highly appreciated.


    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Hi Gurumurthy,

      If you have invested in regular mutual funds,then there are always 2 types of commissions that the distributor will receive from the AMC. Once is called upfront commission and the other is trailing commission. Depending upon the understanding between the AMC and the distributor, the upront and trail commission is fixed (it could be anywhere between 1% – 3% for upfront and 0.5 – 1.5% for trail). Every scheme has an expense ratio (the expenses involved in running the particular scheme) which is reduced from the NAV on a daily basis. If the expense ration is higher for a scheme, then the NAV will be proportionately lesser. When you compare the expense ratio of a direct plan with that of a regular plan, you will observe that the ER(Regular) > ER(Direct), hence the NAVs are more in direct plans which affects your returns over the long run.

      When a regular plan distributor receives trail commission on your investments from the AMC, he is basically receiving this amount on a monthly basis depending on the current value of your investments. So, if the current value has increased then his commissions will increase. All this is included in the expense ratio of a regular plan and deducted from the NAV. In a direct plan, the expenses charged to the schemes is only with respect to the AMC and there are no commissions paid out to the distributor. The AMC calculates the upfront and trail commission for each and every instalment in the case of a regular plan, thus the commissions are compounded once your investment has grown.

      The amount that we charge that is Rs 59 (inclusive of GST) that too once your overall invested value has crossed Rs 25000 and irrespective of the number of mutual funds in your portfolio. This amount is way too low than what we would have earned if we sold regular plans. We do not charge any upfront commission apart from the coin subscription charges.

      Also, maybe you could ask your distributor to share with you the information regarding the commissions that he would have earned through your investments and you would surely understand the stark difference 🙂

  82. Nitesh says:

    Ohh his name is Nitin right I thought Siddharth, so Nitin please give a justification for the above mentioned cheating you have done to your loyal customers

  83. Nitesh says:

    Hi Siddharth,
    I was delighted when i started using Coin, a platform where we can invest in mutual funds. I started investing in Reliance Small Cap fund via monthly SIP of 5,000/- . But today I got a mail saying my SIP will be terminated as Reliance Small Cap fund has stopped new subscriptions

    Now my question is why didn’t you guys mention that you pool money from all the investors via SIP or lumpsum and then invest in different AMC’s as lumpsum amount??? Never this was mentioned. Now I’m left with no option coz my exisiting SIP will be stopped and the final date for new subscriptions was 26th March, 2018. And you guys didn’t even intimate us before.

    What is the use of me investing in MF’s via so called coin. If any AMC stops new subscriptions you’ll stop my subscription as well saying you invest in AMC’s as lumpsum amount. I’m sad and angry on myself that I trusted you. I’ll stop all my existing SIP’s and invest directly in the AMC itslef. I have referred my relatives and friends also about it.

    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Hi Nitesh,

      We understand your grievance and your agitation but we have mentioned details of our SIP model in this post on our help desk as well. AMCs may temporarily suspend investments via lumpsum mode if the corpus accumulated in the scheme is more than the optimum AUM which was decided by the fund manager. This happens mostly in small cap funds and it becomes difficult for the fund manager to scout for some good stocks to generate consistent and high returns. Till date only 4 open ended funds have announced temporary suspension in their schemes. Some schemes like SBI Bluechip Fund and DSP Blackrock Micro Cap fund have even stopped accepting investments via SIP mode as well since the time they have announced their suspensions. There is no difference in the returns generated if the money gets invested via lumpsum mode. SIP and lumpsum are just modes or mechanisms through which the AMC accepts the amount. It’s just that our SIP model gives you the flexibility in managing your SIP in a better manner. Your current investments in the scheme will not be affected and it will grow as per the change in the NAV of the scheme.

  84. Sharat says:

    Direct funds under Franklin India AMC not available on Coin. Will it be available soon? Should I wait?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Sharat, we’re in talks with Franklin AMC to make their direct funds available on Coin. Should be done soon.

  85. Kiran says:


    I just want to know regarding expense ratio. As you already said, there are no upfront charges,trailing charges but all other STT and other chargers(except brokerage) are charged at par with equity CNC purchases. Kindly confirm that we need to pay STT and other charges(one time at purchase) along with expense ratio yearly levied by AMC or just 50 rupees?

  86. kanishk says:


    I’ve been investing in mutual funds for quite some time through DIRECT MODE only and now I wish to start doing the same through COIN.How can I transfer my existing portfolio which is already in DIRECT MODE to COIN so that i don’t need to visit individual fund houses for any transaction.


  87. Vipul Limaje says:

    Hello Sir,
    How to show MF ELSS Fund from COIN as Income Tax Saving Investment ??

  88. Ashutosh says:

    What is Aditya Birla My Universe? Is it a broker or simply a platform to purchase MF/SIP etc.? Do they charge commission on every investment?

    • Matti says:

      My Universe is their mutual fund distribution platform. The funds offered are direct funds where a distributor commission is paid.

  89. Srinivas says:


    I have started couple of SIP’s on COIN. I checked in, but it currently only shows reports like p&l, etc for equity. When will it show for mutual funds? I want to know things like how much I can redeem in a particular year so as to avoid long term capital gain tax. Will these be available in future?

  90. Karunakar Raju says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to know about investing in COIN, If I started by SIP, do I need to do SIP fix income as started in the first month or can increase accordingly.
    Is there any lock-in period, if started in coin. If I am unable to pay, can I stop SIP and take money or can able to keep for long-term?
    Please clarify.


  91. Vijay says:

    Can we pledge mutual funds and use that for F & O margin?

  92. Dhammchandra says:

    Dear Nitin,
    You said that .
    After your first 25000 worth of investments on Coin, you will be charged Rs 50/month after that irrespective of if you make any further invest or not until you unsubscribe.
    its not clear, say, i am Investing 25 k per month for 60 months, so you will be charging Rs 50 for 59 months ?
    or its commission free only for the 1st month for the investment of 25000.
    please clarify

  93. Dipak says:

    I have SIP in Myuniverse. They claim that they don’t charge any commission. I am not sure how can I verify that. If myuniverse is charging commission is it possible to transfer my existing SIP to Zerodha account?

    • Matti says:

      If it’s a direct fund, you’ll see -Direct at the end of the fund name. You are currently investing in regular funds though. You’d have to stop your existing SIPs and start afresh on Coin.

  94. PRADIP KUMAR says:

    Hi hi have a recently opened demat account in Zerodha in the search of investing in Mutual Fund through SIP, But now i think i have done mistake as suppose i start investing 5000/- in sip, then also i have to pay Rs. 50/- month. Those who invest 25-50k in SIP then its Okay as in that case also they have to pay Rs. 50/- only. Where as even ICICI Direct is also charging Rs. 30/- per month. So i am planning to search for another platform.

  95. Shailesh Humbre says:

    Hi Nitin,

    There is no option in coin to download/export the Mutual Fund holding in .pdf format. It would be great if you could introduce the same in the Coin portal.

    Shailesh H

  96. Shailesh Humbre says:


    There is no option in coin to download/export the Mutual Fund holding in .pdf format. It would be great if you could introduce the same in the Coin portal.

    Shailesh H

  97. Subhash says:

    I have 6 direct funds – How can “transfer” them to COIN and make future investments from the coin platform?


    Dear Nitin,

    will there be any transaction charges collected by ZERODHA?

    Thank you.

  99. rohan says:

    trying to get intouch with support not being able to get through. Have queries about COIN. can you please arrange for a callback .
    Thank You

  100. Sharan says:

    any good mf , for new investor mod risk short term

  101. ALAY says:

    Is it correct that through MF utility (MF online) we can invest in direct plans of the AMC? OR MF utility (MF online) are only offering regular plans?


  102. Sachin Dakhare says:

    hello nithin ji.
    thanks for this platform. your team doing great job. i read online book in your site. i saw your videos on you tube i like it. i appriciate your startup business.. first time i saw any marathi boy doing this business…

    i am new customer..
    sir can you tell me which are the best mutual funds for SIP or Lumsome…. equity for 5 year investment plan…can you tell us portfolio for investment..

  103. Aditya says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I was searching for Franklin India Bluechip Fund – Dividend option but cannot find it in coin.zerodha search.
    How can i purchase this ?


  104. Manan says:

    Hi Team,

    I am having demat account with NJ but the and having 4 SIP along with some SIP and lumpsum investment not in demat form. Will Zerodha be able to help me to transfer MF units in demat as well as in Physical format if I open Demat Accout with Zerodha?


  105. pratik gupta says:

    Nowadayas many company like paisa bazar is providing free direct mutual fund investemnt in almost all fund house along with free investemnt assistance, comparing which the charges of zerodha after 25k investemnt i. e. Rs 59 ( including GST) seems to be way too high.

    Please reduce the charges otherwise you may loose many valuable customers to this company.

    PN: now even i am planning to shift all my direct mutual fund from zerodha to paisa bazar, please let me know the reason why i should stay with zerodha.

    • pratik says:

      Dear Sir,

      Please give me one reason not to go with below broker which also provide free direct mutual funds and stay with zerodha , if i have invested lump sum amount of say 50k only ( Zerodha will charge 59 rs / month till i redeem the funds)

      Respective AMCs

      • Matti says:

        Pratik, if a business is offering a service for no cost, it begs the question, how are they making money? Also, if they aren’t, for how long can they offer the service without making any money off you? The primary thing here to take note of is that though a free service is a nice thing to have, will it last?
        If that isn’t enough, Coin also allows you to have all your investments in one place, making management a lot easier. That is something that you would lose out on if your investments are spread across different AMCs and you invest directly from the AMC website. If you look at the big picture, you’ll see that the 50 rupee charge on Coin is actually not very significant for you.

  106. mukesh says:

    please explain Rs.25000/- investment free
    after that your charges

    • Matti says:

      It’s quite straightforward Mukesh. As long as your total investments on Coin are below 25k, the platform is absolutely free for use. Once your total investments cross 25k, you’ll be charged Rs. 50 per month.

  107. vivek says:

    Hi Zerodha Team
    I plan to invest in DirectMF & Equity( Long term and not for daily trading ). The

    Pl answer the following :
    1)Which Zerodhaproduct to be used for Direct MF + equity long term ?
    2) Charges for the above on an annualized basis ?
    3) Are charges subject to change in future or will remain fixed ?

  108. Saurabh says:

    Why the NAV of same mutual fund is more in direct than regular plan.
    That ways, we get lesser unit for the same invested amount in the direct plan, that too every month in SIP + 50/- per month for Coin (considering more than 25k investment), will it still be beneficial than regular plan?

  109. kirti says:

    I have opened Zerodha demat account on 9th Jan 2018. My coin ( mutual fund) is still not activated , I do not know why ?

    When I click on coin Icon under my user ID in my demat account …it opens in new browser & shows ” Mutual Funds is not enabled on your account. The exchanges may take 24-48 hours from your account opening to activate your Mutual funds account. Please contact Zerodha support for further queries.”

    I contacted support team but did not get any feedback they said they will get back to me. I also tried to reach sales team but did not succeed. Can some one from Zerodha resolve this issue ?

    My userID is YM1862

    Thanks !

  110. Sharad says:

    Hello Zerodha, Any update on
    1) including franklin Direct Funds to coin.
    2) sometimes back i read about new backOffice Q app… when that is going to be available
    3) when Kite3 login will be integrated with your other Apps (coin/smallcase/Q). with old KIt app, i was not been asked to re-enter my credentials again for other apps.. it was well SSO managed. Thsi is not the case with after login thru KITE3 URL.

    • Sharad says:

      Its disappointing.. there is NO update from zerodha team after many days 🙁

      • Matti says:

        Hey Sharad, happened to miss out responding to a few comments over the weekend. To answer your questions,
        1. We’re in talks with Franklin. Since they are their own RTA, the direct funds aren’t available on BSE StAR MF. The backend engine we use for Coin.
        2. We’re hoping to launch by the end of this quarter at the latest.
        3. Kite 3 right now is a separate app. Once we move it to, which we will do soon, this should be fixed.

  111. Nataraj says:


  112. Prabhakar Kumar says:

    If i am not investing like as SIP but invest one or two time in a year than can i subscribe coin when i have to invest and unsubscribe when not needed.

    • Matti says:

      The subscription is charged if your total investment is above 25k. So, even if you don’t have an SIP open, if you’re invested, then the subscription is charged.

  113. Sanjeev Gupta says:

    I had invested in mutual funds in the past through my bank through regular route . Is it possible to transfer those MFs to direct account ( at Zerodha) without actually exiting . I suppose if I exit from bank I will get lower NAV ?

    • Matti says:

      I’m afraid not. The switching mechanism is essentially exiting your investments and investing in direct again.

  114. Rohit Dwivedi says:

    can we also start SIP of Rs.1000/- through Zerodha coin? and from where will the SIP amount got deducted, from bank a/c or trading a/c?

  115. Harshal says:

    Dear Nitin,
    Firstly thank you for providing this great platform for MF. I have read through these queries and understood a lot of details. Since I am new to MF, I need your inputs to clarify the below with regards to the coin platform:
    Is the Rs 50 fee charged based on the MF holding for the given month? Let me clarify with 2 scenarios :
    Case 1: I start investing Rs 2000 per month. Upto 1 year, 24k are invested.
    a) During this course, if my MF NAV increases such that though the investment is 24K but the total value is about 25K, will you start charging Rs 50 as soon as the value exceeds 25K?
    b) Or will you charge from the 13th month onwards when I actually invest above 25K?

    Case 2: Say I invest about 20K and later exit from this MF. After this I start investing again in a new one. Will this reset the 25K counter and start from 0? Or is the Rs 50 charge started as soon as the investment through coin exceeds 25K irrespective of the value?

    Your clarification will really help

    • Matti says:

      Hey Harshal.
      For case 1, whenever your investment value goes beyond Rs. 25k, the charges kick in. This includes the returns you may make.
      For case 2, the cumulative current investment is taken into consideration, so if the total investment was 20k, then goes back to 0, you are only charged once you hit the 25k mark, not after you invest 5k.

  116. Rohit Parate says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Just provide an option of segregating funds under different (editable) headings.
    For eg. Wealth Building, Child Education, Retirement Planning, etc.

    That way we will be able to manage funds in a better way & according to our goals.
    As of now it all appears in a list & it does get confusing if you have a long one, forcing us to refer to our notes just to check which fund is meant for what.


    • Matti says:

      Hmmm… We’ll try to make this happen soon Rohit. 🙂

      • Rohit Parate says:

        Hi Matti,

        I have referred my entire family (haven’t got any call back yet)…
        & I will be managing all these accounts.. so just imagine my plight once the goal planning kicks in.

        Please do give it a serious thought. Awaiting a positive reply 😛


  117. manoj_john says:

    Hi Nithin ,

    Thanks for all explanation . Can you let me know why there is price difference per unit .
    For Ex , Take ” L&T Emerging Businesses Fund” MoneyControl , ET money shows as 29.897 per units NAV price .
    But on coin its as 30.67 . So with other i get 167 units but with coin its 163 .

  118. Anushka MEhta says:

    Dear Nithin,
    I have stated with Zerodha and must compliment you for your business model and the easy to sue software…Trading as been a pleasant experience so far.
    I opened new accounts on Zerodha under NRE and NRO but after opening accounts your teams are saying NRIs cannot buy MF on Zerodha. Could you pls clarify why s it so as any NRI cans till buy stocks and Funds thru local NRO accounts


  119. Pawan Kawade says:

    Hi I have invested in DSP Blackrock tax saver (ELSS) as lumpsum and Just wanted to know what is the use of Direct savings calculator which is in below (Buy direct Direct SIP) on my portfolio is it just the calculator or any impact on my MF ?
    As when i Purchased the MF it didnt ask for duration.

    • Matti says:

      Pawan, this calculator only shows how much you save by investing in the direct fund instead of the regular counterpart.

  120. Anup Sharma says:

    Hi Nitin,
    If we invest in Mutual Fund through non direct fund, will be any charge for that. Kindly confirm.

    • Matti says:

      We don’t charge anything for the regular investments, but you do stand to lose due to the distributor comissions.

  121. Bhushan K says:

    Dear Nithin Sir / Siva Tati Sir,
    Please find the attached screenshot.
    I have placed an order for buying mutual funds on 29.12.2017.
    Till date the status is shown as sent to AMC
    Doesn’t i speaks nice that for a great techno savy broker this delay is totally unjustifiable.
    Even I have not recieved any email confirmation nor any contract note which I can show my employer for tax benefits which i can avail.
    I request you to personally look into the matter that whatever the confirmation is should be recieved it has to be updated on the same day or atleast next day before the market opens and immediately the contract note is sent to the clients.
    I hope this simple timely confirmation wont be much a big issue and it will be implemented on priority in COIN.
    else managing SIP / investment on direct websites of AMC is not such a big herculus task as you have projected.

    Bhushan K

    • Matti says:

      Bhushan, depending on the fund, the settlement can take up to 5 days. This is just how the settlement cycle works.

      • Bhushan K says:

        But isn’t allotment through regular route happens in less than 2 days. Then there should be atleast one confirmation from coin platform for getting allotment.
        Why not built a contract note type of sort for proof submission to the employer for claiming 80C benefits. Hope this is not difficult for you to implement.

        Bhushan K

        • Matti says:

          The settlement cycle is different for Equity/Debt/Liquid funds. Remains the same across direct and regular funds.

  122. Amandeep Singh says:

    Can I link my already existing mutual fund accounts with Zerodha coin?

    • Matti says:

      I’m afraid that’s not possible. You’ll have to convert the MF units to demat and transfer to your Zerodha demat account.

  123. Vishal says:

    Hi Nithin,
    1. If I have a equity trading account as well as demat account with Zerodha, will there be any extra charge for buying MF from different AMC’s?
    2. Does Zerodha provide facility to by Direct MF’s or Regular MF’s?

    • Matti says:

      1. If you’re buying from Coin, we don’t charge anything for the first 25k invested. Beyond this, you are charged Rs. 50 per month.
      2. Coin is for direct MFs.

  124. Niraj Batra says:

    What is the difference between a MF being held with AMC vs Demat and also if it’s in Demat I can see my holding on the AMC website , this will help me decide to go ahead quickly and open my account with you guys please

    • Matti says:

      Niraj, there’s no difference at all. If you use the demat mode, you’ll see the units in the demat account with us.

  125. kAUSHIK says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Thanks for the wonderful platform .

    Just wanted to know As you are charging very low compared to others in market and no hidden charges as you said. What if one fine day Zerodha shut (Hope it does not happen) its business whom AND how are we supposed to track our investment. Wanted to know as we are investing our hard earned money into it .

    • Matti says:

      Your investments will still remain in your demat account held with CDSL Kaushik. Also, no plans of shutting down. 😉

  126. Varun says:

    If I want to make a lumpsum investment of Rs 1 lac in ELSS in the month of December will I still be charged Rs 50/month for the 3 year period?

  127. Sukhamrit Singh says:

    I have been a long term customer of Funds India and about two months old with Zerodha Coin. I switched to Zerodha primarily because of direct MFs and an easy UI. However, I have to admit that transferring money to my trading account every month for SIPs and transferring it back from trading account to my bank is a bit of a trouble. I see that enough has been said about holdings MFs in demat form, it’s advantages and disadvantages.

    Anyway, I recently came across Kuvera and they claim that they are 100% free and allows us to invest only in direct MFs. I know it is too good to be true but that’s how they are, completely free. So my question is why should I stay with Zerodha and not move to Kuvera? I will get statements from AMCs with my folio number so I presume my money is safe with them as with any other MF platform.


    after clicking DIRECT SIP interface shows “INITIAL INVESTMENT” what is the meaning of initial investment? if my sip initial investment is 5000 & my sip is 1000 so the first time which amount is debited in my account?

    • neeraj says:

      Mr Karmakar i have opened my account with zerodha and it has surprisingly mapped uder your partner login you are requested to send your no objection to switch my account to under my own partner account i will be verymuch thankful to you.

      actually i have opened a partner account also and i have to map my demat under my own partner account but it requires your permission. otherwise i have to close my account.



  129. Sanjay B says:

    Hi Team,

    This week, I opened account with Zerodha.

    I have old account with ICICIdirect and Sharekhan. I have invested in Mutual Fund using these 2 accounts (mostly sharekhan). Apart from 1-2 funds, all of them are one time investment.

    Can you please let me know if it is good idea to get them moved to Zerodha? and what all will be benefits? I don’t have plan to get them redeemed as of now. I will keep them adding as per my convience.

    I have same question for equity shares as well.


  130. Srikanth says:

    I want to invest 20,000 in MF for Tax Saving under 80C, Can I invest it through Coin and present proof to IT dept. for Tax savings ? If Coin – Direct mutual funds is eligible for Tax savings under 80C then what is the minimum lock-in period ?

  131. Nimit M Shah says:

    Hii ! Wanted to Know about the redemption process n time take at Coin??

  132. Srikanth says:

    If Coin – Direct mutual funds is eligible for Tax savings under 80C then what is the minimum lock-in period ?

  133. Srikanth says:

    I want to invest 20,000 in MF for Tax Saving under 80C, Can I invest it through Coin and present proof to IT dept. for Tax savings ?

  134. Shine Karumathil says:

    Some fund houses like Reliance and DSP offers funds which can be instantly redeemed. If i invest in such funds through coin, can i redeem the units instantly ?

  135. Jignesh Raval says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I have been trading with Zerodha since last two months and I am happy with it. I am also buying Direct Mutual Funds using Coin platform and this is really very amazing. My many of the friends have joined after me and they are also happy with it.

    If you consider then i have few suggestions regarding Coin platform:

    1. Could you please provide bookmark/Favorite or wishlist kind of feature where I can create my own list of Mutual funds which I want to buy in near future.

    Here is a good website for reference :

    2. Instead of just listing all funds on one page could you please provide sorting and filtering options with various criterias like by AMC, by Fund type etc.. . That will be really very great full to find best mutual funds from thousands of funds.

    3. Could you please add NFO ( New fund options ) section as well as include those newly listed funds on page so user can also buy any of them.

    If you will consider and implement above suggestions then it will be great help from you for MF buyers.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Jignesh Raval
    [email protected]

  136. Srinivas says:

    Why Franklin Templeton mutual funds are not available in COIN direct?
    As you are aware there are multiple top performing schemes in this fund house. Please add the same.

  137. Sridevi says:

    Dear Nithin,

    I am zerodha client since inception with client ID ” RS3429″. At the time of opening my name was misspelled in pan card as Samineni Sreedevi” instead of Sriramaneni Sridevi (ii) As no Zerodha Demat have been continuing IL&FS .
    Now I have been corrected my surname and name in both pan as well as Aadhar card .

    I would request your team to suggest how to corrected my name in your records as well what documents required to open fresh zerodha account .
    For the same query I have visited zerodha begumpet branch in Hyderabad . I have been asked to signature on the trading and demat account forms . I have signed on the same .

    There is no change in DOB & PAN number.

    Your immediate action in this regards highly appreciated .

    Warm regards,

    Client ID : RS3429

  138. Anuj Garg says:

    After unsubscribing. What if I have to invest again after 1 year? Will I have to pay the charge for that 1 year?

  139. Eva sharma says:

    Isn’t it fraud if you guys smartly increase NAV of each MFs and show on face 0% brokerage value. Your NAVs are manipulated to the core. pls stop all earning by fooling people.

    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Hi Eva,

      You can verify the NAVs of all the schemes which reflect on our platform with the ones that are released by the AMCs or on AMFI website.

  140. Vibek Prasad says:

    I have added equity amount of Rs. 40100 to my account and the next day it was 40089.38.
    Where my Rs. 10.62 got deducted?

    • Matti says:

      That would be the payment gateway charge. You’ll see the charge on the payment page on Kite/Pi before making a payment. It’s Rs. 9 + GST per transfer.

  141. Pankaj says:

    I am not able to find DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund.
    Please let me know in future it will be available or not?

  142. Pankaj says:

    I am not able to find “DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund”. Please let me know in future it will be available or not?

  143. Eshwar K says:

    I want to track how my funds are doing in coin
    Is it possible, if not where can I track that.

  144. Santhakumar says:

    I am planning to invest in Mutual fund through Zerodha coin. Can i a make separate portfolio for my family members so that it will be easy for me to manage. Please reply.

  145. Santhakumar says:

    I am having 2 mutual funds in SIP mode at Funds India broker. Now i want to transfer both mutual funds (SIP) to Zerodha coin. Please explain the process for transferring. My kite ID is SS1544.

    When asking to Funds India customer care they asking me to contact Zerodha to make request to the respective fund. But when myself asking Zerodha customer care they asking me to get the delivery slip from Funds India. What should i do now? Please reply.

  146. Prasad Dhanala says:

    I have a question regarding the exit load of SBI Nifty Index Fund – Direct Plan – Growth. In the sbi mutual fund website, it says that there is no exit load for this fund where as in the coin.zerodha it says 0.20% is the exit load. Why the difference. Is it not correctly updated or am i missing something here to understand.

    Thanks in advance for clarifying

    • Matti says:

      SBI Mutual Fund has changed the exit load for this fund w.e.f. November 30, 2017. It is now 0.20% will be charged if redeemed within 15 days from the date of allotment. There was no load for this fund earlier. If you’ve invested before 30th November, no exit load is applicable.

  147. Arvind Rajhans says:

    Hello Mr. Nitin,
    I am new to Zerodha. Needed a few clarity about the platform.
    1. When are we coming up with the STP( Systematic Transfer Plan) and SWP ( Withdrawal Plan) facility in Coin.
    2.Do we get the T+2 margin for trading in delivery based CNC in case we dont have enough cash available in the account at the time of placing the order.

    Pl. do revert.

  148. Sharad says:

    Hello, what is the problem with Zerodha fund transfer nowadays?
    very often payment get stuck.

    Also, you Customer care number is connecting easily…
    response on support ticket created has increased.. mostly nowadays it usually took 1 day..
    ticket # 979051

    is it all due to the increase in your user base. earlier users were less.. and things were more smooth.. 🙁

    Today morning i made a transfer from my SBI Saving account via Add funds from your kite page. Amount got successfully debited from my bank but while returning to zerodha i got “Internal server error” please make the funds available in my zerodha kite ASAP. I need to buy some shares.

    • Matti says:

      Going through your ticket, I see there was a network error when getting back to the Zerodha page form your bank page. Transfers are naturally delayed in such cases as we don’t get instant confirmation from the bank.

  149. Sharad says:

    Sir, Any update on franklin smaller direct fund.

  150. Ritesh says:

    What are the charges of Lumpsum investment of more than 100000.

  151. swapnil says:

    does coin platform offers STP?

  152. harish kumar k g says:

    how about investing in mutual funds through coin in lumsum but not by sip is it possible? if possible can somebody explain about the charges and other things?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Harish. Yes, you can make lumpsum investments as well using Coin. Just log on to the platform and place the order. The charges remain the same, i.e., 0 for investments below Rs. 25k and a flat 50 Rs per month if your total investment value is above 25k.

  153. Raghavendra says:

    1. will Coin platform also show CAGR ( Xirr) returns ?
    2. Is it possible to port the existing portfolios to Coin platform ?

  154. Shaad says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Posting here as I have not received a valid response from Zerodha support on the issue I’m facing regarding COIN.

    I had purchased 2 ELSS funds through COIN on 16th of November. This worked fine and I was allotted the units. However after a few days I was surprised to find that COIN had again brought the 2 ELSS funds (duplicated) despite that fact that I had not ordered or made additional purchases on COIN.

    When I contacted Zerodha support they told me that there was a technical issue and that I have to transfer the money to cover the duplicated order. Since the order was not raised by me, I should not be unfairly penalized for an order I have even not given.

    I have raised 2 Zerodha support ticket on the matter but the issue has not yet been resolved.

    I request your urgent attention on the matter and looking forward to a revert at the earliest.


  155. Amit Tripathi says:

    Is there a space on zerodha where you have mutual fund recommendations?

  156. Sanjay says:

    I’m Investing Rs.2000/- through SIP & paying Rs.50/- month is not a good idea to invest with zerodha. I feel one should directly purchase the Dir MF from respective fund house and add these funds in your moneycontrol app where you can see performance of the fund. I’m totaly disagree for paying rs. 50 every month charges. You can charge Rs. 20 or 50 for one fund once only & charing everymonth is not a good idea to invest through zerodha.

  157. Ramakrishna says:

    The concept of monthly charges itself is absurd. It is like maintenance fees for holding the account. If a person invests Rs.26000/- only once and stops he will be paying Rs.50/- every month and in 5 years he has paid 3000/-. The charges should be based on each transaction and not on flat rate. As someone has pointed out persons investing huge sums get benefited and small retail investors actually lose more. The principle should be : charge low per transaction fees and it will be proportionate with the volume of investment. Or take one upfront fees, say Rs.1000/- for the currency of the account.

  158. Nimit M Shah says:

    would a SIP be bank debit like when done through AMC or would have tranfer money to ZErodha regularly to keep the investment going !

  159. PRATIK RAUT says:

    Dear Nithin Sir and Team,
    1st of all I want to congratulate and thank you for giving this platform for trading & investment with lowest brokerage. Even your support team is also very helpful in clearing all the doubts & issues whether it is small or big.
    Now you guys have introduce this coin, regarding which I have confusion, can you please explain this,
    Lets say, I have 3k SIP per month, so for 12 months it would be 12*3000 = 36000 Total Investment.
    1% of 36000 is 360 Rs.
    If I go by coin, it is 50 Rs per month, i.e., 50*12 = 600.
    so how it is affordable in this ???


    • Matti says:

      Hy Pratik, the subscription fee is levied only once your total investments exceed 25k. So, in your case, that would be only for the last 4 months of the year, i.e., 200 rupees. Also, this fee is fixed and doesn’t go up as your invested amount and returns increase.

      • Sanjay says:

        Dear Matti, consider 2nd year onwards or after 25k, your charges are more than 1%. Please dont misguide. if every month or year 25k is free then you can say likewise.

  160. Tejas says:

    Hello Team Zerodha,

    I got the explanation of the benefits of the Direct plans in MF through COIN.

    Just 1 Ques – will the fees charged by zerodha can change over the period from Rs. 50/- to Rs. XX/-
    Currently its Rs. 50/- what is the assurance that it will not increase and you will not charge for commission in future.
    since we will transferring the existing MF to your portal-Coin customer will be again in the same position(like Regular plans holdings) if the fees are increased due to certain reasons or company policy of Zerodha.

    Please provide the comments…


    • Matti says:

      Our track record should tell you that is unlikely. 🙂 We started with 20 rupees per trade back in 2010 and have still left that price there. In fact, we’ve also waived off the brokerage on delivery trades. So yeah, no plans of increasing the Coin charges. That said, even if we do, we’ll make sure that the cost is never as much as the commissions for regular plans (a very unlikely scenario though).

  161. Anjan says:

    Is there any exit load charges from FUND HOUSE or ZERODHA if I exit within a year

  162. Prasad Dhoot says:

    I would like to activate COIN Platform for my ZERODHA Account. Can you please tell me procedure for it?

    • Matti says:

      Access to Coin is afforded to all Zerodha demat account holders by default. I see that you, however, have an IL&FS demat account. To get access to Coin, you’ll have to open a Zerodha demat account and map it to your trading account.

  163. Swatantra Soni says:

    Where will I see the exact exit load amount while redeeming the MFs?
    I think it should be available before finally confirming the redemption.


  164. Purna says:

    Does expense ratio part of 50Rs Subscription Charges or AMC, please

  165. Ujjal Mondal says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I’m very happy to join Zerodha. Thanks for giving this nice trading & investment platform in the hands of common Indians. Sometimes I really get surprised by your support team, how they assist on a minor query which even I don’t remember.
    Nitin, I have one request to you.
    I want to invest in some mutual funds which are not enlisted in Coin. The funds are

    1. IDFC Imperial Equity – Direct/Regular- Growth

    2. SBI Small & Midcap Fund – Direct/Regular – Growth

    3. Sundaram PSU Opportunity – Direct/Regular – Growth

    4. Principal Growth Fund – Direct/Regular – GROWTH

    Please make them incorporated with our Coin platform ASAP.

  166. mahesh says:

    what are the charges for buying mutual funds of 50000 thousand in one go.

  167. Potential Customer says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am writing to you here as I don’t have a convincing answer from your Call Centre. My Mail to your team too has gone unanswered.


    1. I am currently evaluating Direct MF Service providers (OroWealth, MoneyFront, Coin).
    2. I am keen to opt for Coin as I see Zerodha as better/known brand than others.

    Help needed is as follows:
    1. I wish to open a COIN account and not Trading A/C. Can I do that?
    2. Your CC mandates sending of PoA for opening a COIN a/c. Other service providers (sated above) do not. I personally too don’t see a reason for a PoA need to purchase a MF.
    3. I have sizeable existing MF spread across my Family members (Wife, Self and Children). Can Coin help me with a Family a/c where I can view my consolidated portfolio, see ST/LT Capital Gain and switch from Regular to Direct?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Potential Customer

  168. Indranil says:

    When are you planning to introduce Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Direct Plan (G) ? I wanted to invest.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Indranil, this fund isn’t enabled on BSE StAR MF yet. We are in touch with the AMC and BSE StAR team to have this enabled ASAP.

  169. Madhur Gupta says:

    Hey Nithin,
    Thanks for such a good UI and platform to work upon.

  170. Sagar says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I m very new to the zerodha n I m very exciting to invest in Mutual funds thru coin.but I need some more clarity about Mutual funds for that I was called zerodha customer care,but there are unable to provide sufficient information..

    Can u provide required information about Mutual funds n coin..

  171. sahil says:


    Normally the cutoff time for subscribing to mutual funds is 3 pm. On coin , even if we do that it is not happening. that can cause and be a point of dispute. How are you addressing that?

    best Regards,


  172. YASHWANT says:

    whats the use of this coin platform when its not activated on my account inspite of 1000s of support tickets?

    zerodha support team dosent exists.

    email marked to higher people like ceo nithin kamath dosent even get answered!



  173. Koushik says:

    Hi Nitin ,

    I am an existing customer of zerodha . Can I switch fund in zerodha coin ?
    For instance – Currently I am investing in HDFC for 2 years . after 1.5 years of investment in HDFC I want to switch to SBI .
    If yes- how ?

    Thanks ,

    • Matti says:

      An HDFC fund and SBI are fund are totally different, managed by two different AMCs. To switch between the two, you simply need to redeem one and purchase the other.

  174. Rajat Basal says:

    In the direct funds, the Exit load of 1% will be charged only if I withdraw my fund within 365 days, or it will be charged after that also?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Rajat, that depends on the scheme. You can find this out in the scheme document which can be found on the AMC site.

  175. Anish Gupta says:

    To improve the user experience I have one suggestion from my current usage of interface. Is it possible to show gain(percentage and figures) per instalment of SIP. Actually I was trying to make a lumsump investment in mutual funds on my parent’s behalf in my demat account but the problem I am facing is how to track that specific amount over period as there is only one portfolio option is there in coin interface. That particular instalment will get mix with other instalments made earlier and I will see the consolidated amount and not the gain particular to this amount. It is very beneficial feature as it will allow user to see the gain percentages over time(considering only single portfolio option is offered by coin)

  176. deepak says:

    I have a Demat with NSDL & Mutual fund is enabled only for the clients having a Zerodha CDSL demat account.
    In this case, what we have to do, can we convert NSDL to CDSL or we have to open new demat with CDSL

  177. Tejas says:

    why some debt mutual funds NAV goes down and my investments go in loss when debt mutual funds invest in fix deposits and bonds?

    How can fix deposit give you negative returns?

    I have some debt mutual funds in losses.

    someone please explain.

  178. Ashish Oswal says:

    first of all thanks very much for servises u are providing to all clients hats off. but there r some issues with mutual funds u have not servises of franklin mutual fund so pls do look after it as ..

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Ashish, Franklin is not yet ready to offer direct MFs in demat form, we are pushing them to do so. All their funds should be available on Coin soon.

  179. Kamlesh Kumar says:

    WHAT ABOUT MY TICKET #679989 ?

  180. Duttau says:

    Hi sir,
    I had taken mutual fund quite long ago and now i want to bring that mutual fund to zerodha demat account. How to do that? Kindly guide.

    Second in all discussion topic in zerodha kindly add top and bottom icon as scrolling down from top to bottom is quite irritating. Please do that as earliest possible. Thanks

  181. Sundar says:

    Dear All,

    All of you had invested in mutual funds, you know the buy price NAV, the sell price NAV, the returns, etc….In order to know how much commission is paid to your broker, upfront commission and trail commission, you would need to login to NSDL and get your consolidated e-CAS statement. All details are mentioned there clearly and it is for each month. I just happened to look at it, and My God, I am dumbstruck. I have an account with icicidirect, these f***ers never give you any good advice or recommendations as such, they also charge ridiculously very high charges. Although my Mutual Fund investment is not heavy, I used to invest few thousands in ELSS funds and man, this icicidirect sh*t has been getting upfront and trail commissions for all these years, which I feel is not worthy of it at all. What an idiot I have been to have chosen icicidirect….

  182. Pankaj Thakar says:

    I have D’mat account with Zerodha.I want to invest my partial fund in MF.Being a retired person,I want to know as below.
    (1) Can I invest lump sum amount of say 4/5 lakhs at a time and opt for reverse SIP of say 5000/- per month in my bank account directly for my penny expenditure ?
    (2) Can I add lump sum amount at any time from a MF where my reverse SIP is operative ?
    Kindly inform me so as I can divert FD’s amount in MFs.

    • Faisal Rahman says:


      1) There is no such reverse SIP. If you redeem any units, the amount will always be credited to your trading account.

      2) Can you please elaborate this query ?

  183. Sachin says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I am in process of opening NRI account with zerodha and currently trading through ICICIBANK. can you share a tentative time frame of when ICICI will be supported by zerodha. I am happy to wait 2-3 months instead of starting a fresh process with a new bank, it is a bit difficult specially when you are not physically present in India.
    Other option that I could consider is Kotak where I have NRE account. appreciate your feedback. thank you.

  184. ud says:

    how do we pay for the shares that we buy through zerodha demat account ??

    do we pay everytime from our bank account or there is a facility to transfer any amount initially and use it thereon ??

    how do I take back my profit to my bank account ?? are there any charges involved in transfer of funds from bank to zerodha or zerodha to bank ??

    @nithin kamath pls reply

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Your trading account will be linked to your bank account. So if you wish to buy/sell securities you will have to transfer funds from your bank account to your trading account. You can withdraw funds to your bank account anytime you choose to.

      If have an account in any of these banks, you can transfer funds to your trading account instantly and you will be charged Rs 9+taxes per transfer. Alternatively, you can transfer funds using IMPS, NEFT/RTGS.

  185. Venkatesh Pai says:

    Dear Mr Nitin,
    I have just started investing through Coin and I find the below issues are not helping us to invest with comfort
    1) Monthly Charges for Coin is being debited without any advance intimation by SMS / Email. This is a small amt of Rs 59/ mth inclusive of GST, but at times when we are trading in equity/ intraday on the rock bottom edge of our funds it creates a problem. Advance intimation for COIN monthly debit charges will help us prepare better.
    2) Mutual funds cannot be adjusted in the sequence that we like in the Portfolio.
    For example large caps MF together , diversified together or any other suitable sequence.
    Since there are large number of MF and names are also alike , we find it hard to know at a glance, the type of fund
    3) Similar issue in SIP & Conditional , we are not able to adjust MF`s sequentially to our liking,
    4) No option for creating watch list for MF that we would like to invest in the future
    5) Options of investing through android app which is merged with KITE – I am sure you must be working on it
    6) In android KITE app , for investing in MF, we have to login again via chrome or any browser, Can`t we have a similar scheme like desktop , where in, if you login with KITE, you can straight away open COIN with chrome in android
    Awaiting , for suitable solutions from you

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Venkatesh, 1) Since you already are aware of the subscription fee being debited it would be prudent to plan your margin requirements accordingly. But having said that will see if we can set up an alert.
      2) We are exploring on providing users with more flexibility.
      3) On our list of things to do.
      4) Will have our team look into this.
      5) We are exploring this.
      6) Will have our team check this.

  186. manish says:

    In coin – portfolio is simple. we can’t compare funds in our portfolio, lacking charts and diagrams etc. Please update.

  187. manish says:

    I want to buy mirae assets emerging bluechip fund direct but is not listed in direct mutual fund in coin website?

  188. Dutta says:

    Why mirae assets emerging bluechip fund direct is not listed in direct mutual fund in coin website?

    • Matti says:

      The fund you’re referring to isn’t empanelled on the BSE StaR MF platform for the direct plan yet. That said, we are in talks with the AMCs and BSE StaR to have these funds added.

  189. afroz says:

    1.i want to open coin.zerodha for MF…do i need to open kite or other trading account too?
    or coin is opened only after kite account is opened?? do i SWP in coin?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Afroz, once you open an equity account, you will be able to invest in direct mutual funds as well.
      2) SWP isn’t currently available on Coin it but we are working on it.

  190. S Gupta says:

    Why does other apps like Coin, SmallCase ask for permission like –

    ◦ Access holdings and positions portfolio
    ◦ View your account balance and margins
    ◦ Place, modify, and cancel orders

    If I were to invest on MF via Coin, why on the earth I should grant these privileges. So about SmallCase. I am a tech guy and find this stupid. At most you could check the cash balance, but that too is not needed.

    I sent an email to my Zerodha executive last week. But no response.

  191. Thomas says:

    Hi Nithin,

    If i take a mutual fund with a SIP for 5000/month. Then can i invest more (Apart from 5000) in the same mutual fund whenever i have money. Also is there any option option of partial withdrawal option.


    • Zerodha Social says:

      Thomas, you can make fresh lumpsum investments any time you wish to by clicking on “Buy Direct” on the fund page.
      You can redeem the number of units you want.

  192. manish says:

    1)I am holding cash in the account for margin requirements for trading in equity and currency. can i move cash to a liquid MF DIRECT OR REGULAR and use that as margin cash? If not please let me know where I can park the cash which also can be used for satisfying margin req. ( confused with liquid bees)

    2)what are liquid BEES. how do we get interest on it. how can we sell fractions of units,
    I have seen that value of Liquid bees remains the same all the time, so how does one earn a return?
    if i sell before 30 days then WHAT. ………very confusing
    MF liquid funds are better they say get instant redemption.
    so why cant we get margin……..

    • Rahul says:

      Hi Nithin,
      i think munish is write, we should have margin for liquid funds. SEBI has approved 95% instant redemption in liquid funds in april 17. we should have option of redemption in one click.
      MUNISH SAY NO to liquid BEES. it BITES 30% dividend distribution tax is deducted .
      hope we will get liquid fund margin as Diwali gift

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Manish, yes you can park your funds in Liquidbees and use it for margin requirements since Liquidbees are considered cash equivalent.
      2) To know more about Liquidbees check this post.
      3) You cannot pledge mutual funds yet. Liquidebess is an ETF and if you redeem it you will get the dividends for the number of days held in form of units.

  193. Shivam Gupta says:

    If we talk about Regular plan vs Direct plan of L&T Emerging business fund the NVAs are 23.18 and 23.78 respectively.
    The difference between them is 0.6 which is almost 2.6% of Nav (0.6/23.18*100). ie for the Direct plan you have to pay 2.6% more than Regular plan all the time then How the Direct plan by Zerodha Coin is better than Regular plan??
    Plz clear my doubt?

  194. Nishith Gupta says:

    Hi Nithin,

    On “” the exit load is written as 1% but AMC says that exit load of 1% applies only on redemption/switch out within 1 year from the date of allotment of the units. Which one is correct?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Nishith, on the Coin fund page we just mention the percentage. To check out the qualification of the exit load, you can check out the scheme factsheet.

  195. himanshu says:


    I wanted to invest in a New Fund Offer(NFO) by DSP Blackrock. Kindly tell me how can I do it?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Himanshu, not possible to apply for NFOs through Coin currently. You can invest in the fund once the offer closes and an ISIN has been allotted.

  196. Govil says:


    I have been investing in Coin zerodha for last 4-5 months. I asked the same question that time as well about the introduction of ” mirae asset emerging bluechip fund” in Coin. Is it possible in coming days?

    Thanks and cheers to the team

    • Matti says:

      Hey Govil. A few funds, like the one you’ve mentioned, aren’t enabled on the BSE StaR MF platform (the back-end Coin uses for sending the orders to the AMC) yet. Yes, these funds should be available in coming days on Coin though.

  197. Rakesh Sharma says:

    Hi Nithin,

    coin is very good platform for Direct MF, please keep it up.

    i have two question:
    1. why not you enable Bio metric figure scan for password in your trading mobile APP like banks like ICICI has for it mobile banking APP.
    2. i have one direct MF running with ICICI pru and want to bring in coin to consolidate all MF plans at one place. Is it possible.

    Rakesh Sharma

    • Matti says:

      Hey Rakesh.

      1. Bio-metric 2FA is something we’ve considered, but the regulation around this isn’t clear. Still awaiting clarity on the matter from the exchanges.
      2. Yes. You can transfer your investments to Coin. Check this post.

  198. Mukund Phadnavis says:

    I am happy to use/switch to Coin for investing in Mutual Funds. But what i found, All Mutual Funds/Houses are not yet empaneled to Zerodha. What i suggest, At-least offer all regular plans apart from direct plans. User will at least have regular option for investing, while remaining funds/houses move to direct options on coin.

  199. sudheer says:

    Please clarify my query –

    I have started investing via COIN in direct mutual funds. After 25k investment if zerodha charges 50 rs per month which will be 600 rs in a year.
    If i invest 5000 per month which comes around 60,000 in a year and the charges will be 1% up on my investment(which will be 600rs).
    if regular expenses ratio is 2.52% and direct expense ratio is 1.27% + my charges by zerodha(1%) which would come around 2.27%. Am really surprised to know where am getting benefited via direct MF’s

  200. Pankaj Jadhav says:

    I am a current customer of coin and have successfully invested in direct plans but still there is no sign of Mirae emerging asset bluechip fund, I am eagerly waiting for this fund to come up. Is there any approx timeframe?

  201. Hitesh Parashar says:

    This is really a good move Nithin. I did not know about this loophole, I appreciate your efforts.

  202. Rohit says:

    How bank account can be linked with coin, so as SIP amount would be auto debited from bank accounts.
    When( monthly/yearly) and how ( auto debited from account or some other way) this Rs50 of direct plan will get deducted.

  203. RATHEESH says:

    Hi Nithin,

    If i buy direct plan from AMC itself instead of coin Platform I can save the 50/month charge right? Can you clear this?

  204. satwinder says:

    Understood 25 k concept.
    If i start sip and after few years stop them for some reasons, and lets say the invested amount overall is 1 lakh and the market value be whatever. Lets say i stop sip in Jul 2019 till Jul 2020. Will i be charged 50 per month in the duration from jul 19 to jul 20?(for the duration when i am investing over 25k is understood)
    Regards satwinder

  205. debanjan chatterjee says:

    I have started 2 SIPs.
    I want to change the date of the next SIP installment.
    Is there a way to do this ?


    • Faisal Rahman says:

      You can only change the dates if its a monthly SIP. But, there are only 5 options from which you can select a date. If its a weekly you cannot modify yhe date.

  206. Ankit says:

    Hi, I purchased the MFs and received some dividend amount. As per email communication from MF house, i should either get it deposited in my account or i should receive a check for same whatever was selected during purchase. Since i purchased it using Coin platform, can you please let me know how and when will i receive my Dividend ?


  207. Nachiket says:

    1. Please consider the following issues for Kite mobile application.
    (a) Option chain for equity derivatives. It is extremely cumbersome to load different strike price CE and PE to
    identify which to buy / sell.
    (b) Having different columns in the market watch like volume , 52 week high low etc without having to look at the charts.

  208. Nigamanth S says:

    A small feedback.
    Can you also display whether the mutual fund is debt/ equity?
    It would be good if you could display it in the fund page and also in our dashboard.

    This would help us know the classification of the MF (hence, tax related costs upfront). We currently google whether the MF is Debt or Equity.

    Hope it makes sense.

  209. debanjan chatterjee says:

    I have set up a weekly SIP on Coin.
    Could you please let me know which day of the week OR dates of the month the SIP will be executed ?


    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Hi Debanjan,

      As per the SIP instruction that you have created, the installments will be placed on every Tuesday. You can also check the NEXT INSTALLMENT column in the SIP/Conditional window in your dashboard to verify the next installment date.

  210. Rakesh says:

    I have more than 50k in coin. But when i go to account from the top-right corner, it shows Rs.0.00 worth transactions in direct mutual funds. Why is it so?

    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Hi Rakesh,

      Your investments have been done via the balance app. Balance invests your money in regular mutual funds.

      • Rakesh says:

        OMG!!! I really didn’t know this…..So, does this mean i am paying an upfront commission and a trial commission as well on my ICICI prudential money market fund? I never knew this.

  211. Gagan Kumar says:

    Hi ,

    Can we earn by reffer to coin Zerodha as well ? Like we use to earn by referring to Trading Zerodha.


  212. Dhruv says:


    In case of SIPs, how is this advantageous over Directly purchasing MFs online and linking them with an existing Demat account (ICICI offers Demat accounts for free with Salary accounts) ?
    The only thing I see is that you have to send multiple forms to MFs for opening SIPs.

  213. Atul says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am using zerotha from last 3 months for trading shares and now i also started investing MF Direct plans. I just wanted to know that mf units are allotted in 3 decimal digits and stored in my demat a/c but i heard about demat a/c from which you can sell the mf units in whole numbers only thats mean if i have 100.567 mf units then i can only sale 100 units from my demat a/c and left .567 mf units not able to sale?

    Can you please clarify on this point.

  214. Sharad says:

    I have sold my all MF holdings on 30th Aug and on 5th Sep Zerodha had deducted Rs 59/- charges again.

    When I raised ticked I received response
    “We request you to kindly click on Dashboard >> Account >> Unsubscribe.
    After this the coin subscription charges will not be levied.”

    This means what charges you have deducted for this month unnecessary won’t be reversed.

    I am not able to find the link. Where your support guy is expecting me to click.. on your KITE.. Coin or backoffice… he/she must be precise.

    This sounds very stupid and ridiculous that even though Person does not have any holdings of MF, you are expecting to unsubscribe.
    You have an intelligent system which deducts coins charges as soon as limit crossed 50k… But you didn’t have smart system in place which also understood that Person is no more having a single rupee of MF holding/Investment and it should discontinue the deductions.

    • Sharad, when a person exits his holdings, there is no way for us to know if he will buy back or stop using Coin. Hence we let the client decide. I will get someone to share you a screenshot on how to unsubscribe on tradingqna.

      • Sharad says:

        every month before deducting,
        if MF holding balance < 25k, dont charge
        else charge.

        incase person rebought and make his invested more than 25k u have all rights to charge 50rs again…

        its as simple as this algorithm

        • Sharad, Coin is free only for the first 25k, not after that. So the logic of saying <25k doesn't work.

          • Sharad says:

            Ohh.. does that mean… once invested crossed 25k.. charges apply..
            doesnt matter even if later current holding value is becomes less than 25k..

            it seems more like *Terms & Conditions apply 🙂

  215. J Dias says:


    When can we except SWP in coin?

    Jerom Dias

  216. Suraj Sharma says:

    Also let me know if today i am having say 1000 units of XYZ mutual fund and it current NAV is 100 and i decide to redeem all. Will i get 100000 – 5.5(DP Charges) in complete or will there be some other charges as well??

    considering the exit load as nil.

    • Only 1lk-5.5, No other charges.

      • Suraj Sharma says:

        Thanks Nitin for your prompt reply.

        I have some suggestions for your web based kite platform which are troubling me a lot when it comes to access it from both desktop and from my cell( most of the time I access it through chrome on my one plus 3 T android cell as i am a purchase engineer doing full time job). these are very obvious and useful suggestion(i guess) and will help others too.And I don’t think it should be a problem implementing these.

        1-Buy sell and market depth in web based chart pop out. (Detailed suggestion mentioned in the picture in the link )

        2-Buy sell and market depth in web based – Android (Detailed suggestion mentioned in the picture in the link )

        3-Movable and resizable buy or sell window.(Detailed suggestion mentioned in the picture in the link )

        Copy paste link in address bar of browser to see the picture.

        I dont think I have invested this much of time and effort to address any issue even in my engineering studies 😛

        So I think I will get some appreciation in the form of implementing these feature which will help traders like us to trade on the go more effectively.

        waiting to hear from you with time frame…..


  217. Suraj Sharma says:

    hiii Team Zerodha,

    Great work….keep it on!!

    Just wanted to know if we are planning to come up with COIN app just like kite!! it would be awesome…..

  218. Anirban says:


    Can I use COIN to track my existing folio which is under different distributor?

  219. Anish says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is there a plan to create mobile app for coin? If yes, by when?


  220. Prateek says:

    For mutual fund account every where you are promoting it as 50/month but after coming here i can see that 300Rs needs to be paid every year apart from per month charges…
    So overall i will end up paying 900Rs… 300Rs are for trading which i won’t ever use only….

    #Paid300RsConsideringOneTimeCharge #ShouldHaveGoneForScripBox
    #SayNoToZerodhaMutualFund #Wasted300Rs

  221. Sourav says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I’m a customer of zerodha.Basically invested in individual stock.Want to shift my 15-20 k sip to zerodha.
    And 8lakh lumpsum(all r in regular including equity,debt).So if I all shift here how much I benefited..?
    another point is security, after invested for this platform for a very long term (25 to 30y), what r the prove i additionally have except zerodha’s statement..?Do i regularly receive mail or letter via cdsl and from the fund house.
    Thanks in Advance

  222. Kaushik says:

    Hi all,
    I think the fees is not justified. Not that this is the only platform to invest in direct scheme of funds. You can do it through the website of different fund houses. The only advantage you get is everything is under one umbrella. But this facility – being able to invest in different fund houses under one umbrella – is also available on MFU website and Unovest. There are other sites as well like Bharosaclub but the charges are higher than what Zerodha is asking for.

  223. Nagesh D says:

    How can I set up an SWP on a mutual fund which I have in my portfolio at Coin Zerodha?


  224. Manthan says:

    Can we invest in direct mutual fund through Zerodha without opening demat account with Zerodha?

  225. Paul, D says:

    Any idea for cryptocurrency investment through zerodha?

  226. Hari says:

    Dear Nithin

    Today , one can see all the direct plans purchased from various amc at cams. this is barring few funds like franklin , bnp , sundaram etc .

    Also , all action in terms of adding , stopping & switching can be done through Cams

  227. Narain says:

    Hi Nitin,

    While the MF units will be credited to the demat account, what will be the process to redeem, Do one need to sign a DIS and send it to Zerodha or we need to sign a POA with Zerodha. Secondly there will also be transaction charges for debiting the demat account, so if we add up all the demat transaction charges / AMC, NEFT charges, and subscription fees, i don’t think there would be much benefit for small investor for e.g. having an SIP of 3-5K per month.

  228. Vijay Ganapathy says:


    Is there a place where I can get latest updates on Coin? Like if a new fund gets listed or a new feature gets introduced.


  229. Rina Pandya says:

    How to get detailed P& L ledger(with selling price) for coin transactions.

    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Hi Rina,

      Our team is working on providing a P&L feature for mutual funds similar to the one for equity and F&O which is available in the Q backoffice. In the meanwhile, you can click on this option ‘ Export to CSV ‘ in the Order History tab and download your order history from COIN and check the P&L manually for each scheme.

  230. Mayur says:

    Let me ask a direct but a very pertinent question : Why should one use Coin, when MF Utitlities offers direct plan investments for free?

  231. Mukesh Singhal says:

    Dear Nitin, I already have Zerodha acount for equity investment in my name.
    Very happy to see single platform for MF investment in direct mode.
    But for Mutual Fund currently I invest in my minor daughter name in non demat mode.
    Is there any facility in Zerodha where i can invest in Minor name me as a guardian. She has bank acount in her name. I am interested in non demt mode as demat is bit more complicated and costly (maybe).

    Thanks & Regards
    Mukesh Singhal

  232. Kumar says:


    I am not able to search and buy the daily dividend Liquid Mutual Funds in Coin. Any update when this will be available?


    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Hi Kumar, the daily dividend schemes are available only for the dividend reinvestment option. We only have dividend payout option on the platform.

  233. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    Can we pledhe the mutual fund and use the margin for trading in equity F&O

  234. Prem says:

    Is it possible to create multiple portfolios (say for each goal) in Coin?

  235. Bhushan K says:

    Dear Nithin Sir,
    At present in Coin how much is the time taken for the units to be credited or shown in the demat of the user.
    I have sent a purchase order through SIP on 17.08.2017. I understand being a holiday for settlement the transaction would be effective on 18.08.2017. However till this moment on 19.08.2017 the status of the order is shown as “Order sent to AMC”. Actually by end of the day generally the units should show up in the demat of the user.
    Please clarify.

    secondly can we have something on Coin like the sorted funds direct – growth / dividend by way of returns on past 1 or 3 year. or else on % return since inception.
    At present there is no such mechanism and we do not have the option to compare performances of more than 2 MF on coin. Please consider.

    Bhushan K

  236. Sharad says:

    A suggestion for for Fund list page.

    1. Pls add the capability like filter or Tagging. This will help user to narrow down the list based on interest. This will surely increase the user experience.


    2. Also, validate the request – if you can display the MF list in GRID/Table with few more column additions which display its 1/3/6 month + 1/3/5/10 years XIRR returns.

  237. Vijay Ganapathy says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    Sorry for posting multiples. Just got this in my mind. I read a post about setting up NEFT standing instruction from my bank to Zerodha. My bank unfortunately doesn’t have that feature. However, my question is — Can I still transfer manually to Zerodha’s account using NEFT instead of using the Fund transfer payment gateway?

    The reason being, the cost of NEFT transaction at my bank is cheaper than Zerodha’s payment gateway charges.


  238. Vijay Ganapathy says:

    Hey Nithin,

    I understand that you guys have been working hard to gets things up asap. However, we have been hearing this for quite some time. Any idea on the timeline on these direct funds like Franklin to be on boarded?


  239. Rahul says:

    I already have a Demat account with ICICI & BOB .

    Can i use the Same Demat account here & use your coin Platform for Direct MF investments , or i need to mandatorily open another demat with you as well ?

    Awaiting a quick response.

  240. G Venkatesh says:

    Dear Nithin,
    If I start a SIP @ Rs.5000 and continued it for 10 years. Then what will be the charges..?? (10 years=120 months. So 5000*5months=25,000. Now free threshold limit is surpassed. so remaining months are 120-5=115 months. so coin charges will be 115*50=5750/- right..!!) what may be the charges if I take this SIP through distributor..?

    • Rahul says:

      Right , plus the Demat AMC @ 300/- year , plus GST applicable on it .

      No charges if taken through a distributor but hidden Brokerage & Commissions paid out by the co. to the distributor which may amount from 0.5% to 2% or even more for some of the plans .


    • Venu says:

      It would depend on a lot of factors, but considering the MF to make a 12% annual return, your savings would be Rs.1,09,540

  241. KAJAL says:


    • Venu says:

      Each fund will have a minimum investment flag, so if there’s a fund where the minimum investment is Rs.2,00,000, you can’t invest less than that. The minimum investment in each fund is shown on the coin platform, I’ve highlighted here for you:

      • KAJAL says:


  242. vikas sinha says:

    Great job Nitin and team! Sorry I was an NRI when I faced some issues about 2 yrs ago. But good response still. Thanks!

  243. debanjan says:

    Is it possible to strat an SIP on ETFs ?

    Debanjan Chatterjee

  244. Aakash Sharma says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Thanks to make such a wonderful platform. I have huge respect for you and the efforts that you have put forward to make the Indian investor educated.

    For everyone who is thinking of 50/- as commission, let me tell few simple thing:

    1. It is the most modest and competitive fee on MFs.

    2. Team Zerodha has made such an awesome platform for investors to invest quickly. No phone calls, No conveyance and No headaches.

    The platform is technically sound and you get to see MF details, whereas most Indian distributors hide many things to get their commissions sky-rocketed, which new investors realise after 1 year.

    3. Cumulative 25000, so if you do SIP of 500, you get 50 months free charge.

    4. People tend to invest more into MF based on risk-meter and keeping tax-benefits on the long term. Assuming you invest 1,50,000 in an year.

    You will be paying more than 2250 to your distributor plus trail commission because MF’s are meant to carry for atleast more than 1 year. Though you can exit early.

    So instead you pay 50*12=600 to Zerodha AND no trail commissions and you get the peace of mind to check everything at a click. So you saved paying near 3.5 times less.

    I am a proud investor using Zerodha and I am deligthed to see the super Ninja work it is doing.

    Best Regards,
    Aakash Sharma

  245. Prem says:


    Will Franklin Templeton AMC’s Direct plans be onbaoarded on Coin any time soon?


  246. Sandeep says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Though I understand the advantages with direct MF, the charge of 50 Rs per month makes me a little uncomfortable. In regular MF investing, all charges are debited from the invested amount itself, and when I sell, my profit is the difference between selling and buying prices. If I understand correctly, the 50 Rs flat amount is debited from the amount kept in zerodha for trading purpose, which is in addition to the amount invested in direct MF. So while selling the direct MF after a period of time, it is difficult to calculate the profit/loss directly. Also it makes the calculation of profit/loss from share trade difficult, as amount is getting debited monthly from the amount meant for share trading. Is there any solution to this?

    • yeah, in direct you will know the exact charge you would have paid commissions to buy MF. IN regular, you will never get to know. Adding this charge for calculating overall P&L is a very simple math. So if you have Rs 1lk in capital gains after 3 years, you will have Rs 1800 as coin charges.

  247. Sri says:

    I am unable to find “Birla Sun Life MIP II – Wealth 25 Plan – Growth” under direct mutual fund, where as it is listed under Regular category. Could you please take a look and let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

  248. drsuhask says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please let me know which liquid mutual funds can be redeemed during market time so that we can buy stocks against its proceeds.
    Suppose I am holding Reliance money manager fund worth Rs.3,00,000/- and I want to buy a small case which is costing Rs.2,50,000/- . Can I do this by redeeming Reliance money manager fund & investing immediately in small case?
    In simple words , whether we receive money immediately into our trading account if we redeem liquid fund.

  249. Ganesan says:

    Two queries:

    1. Mirae Emerging BlueChip is available for SIP only investments but is not in the list of funds available for SIP.
    2. Please enable STP/SWP options for mutual funds.

  250. arun says:

    Hi Nithin
    When will NRI be able to use COIN .
    do you have any time frame to get it done?

  251. Akshat Nagpal says:

    Dear Representative,

    I am an NRI living in Bahrain and have a demat and trading A/C with ICICI Direct. I also have some MFs with ICICI Bank under regular plans which are not in demat form but under folio numbers.

    What I wanted answer was for the following:-
    1. Can I have another trading & demat account with Zeroadha? If not is there a way of shifting my present portfolio to Zeroadha?
    2. With regard to my NRI status, am I allowed to use Zeroadha, Coil etc etc?
    3. Can I ask the AMCs to shift MF units to a new A/C that I open with Coin-Zeroadha. I have almost 10lacs worth of MFs between direct plans with AMCs and regular plan with ICICI Wealth Account?
    4. As I have 2 different types of A/C called PINS and Non-PINS for IPOs and Equity as per RBI guidelines, can all these requirements be met by Zeroadha & Coin related Accounts?

    Look forward to your quick reply. As I have provided my email address, you can revert back with the process also if possible.
    Kind Regards,

    • Akshay.A says:

      Please confirm if the trading & demat account with ICICI is an NRI account?

      1. Yes, you can open one NRE/NRO trading and demat account. If you already have an NRE account, you cannot open multiple NRE demat accounts with different brokers.
      2. Currently No. We haven’t yet offered Mutual Fund for NRIs. We’ll be going live in sometime.
      3. Will check on that and get back to you.
      4. Yes, The PIS account is linked to Zerodha trading account where you place trades in equities.
      Can you email me on [email protected]; Will also have someone from our team send you the account opening process.

      • Akshat Nagpal says:

        Thanks Akshay, but I guess if I need to close ICICI Direct Account it maybe a 2-3week switch process and maybe I loose out on share value which I may have to sell and but again with the new account. I have emailed you and look forward for your thoughts and solution. But I think if you can get the MFs onlie for NRIs it would be very helpful and I think it is a big market with lots of interest.

  252. New User says:

    If the Depository is the same for an existing demat account, i dont see a way to put my existing demat account in the form. Please advice

    • Can you be more specific.

      • New User says:

        I have a demat opened through hdfc. SO when i open an account with you, you will force me to open another through you ?
        ALso, if its same CSDL is the provider, how do i give my demat account details when i sign up for Zerodha ?
        I dont see the option online other than take print of form and send through courier

  253. Sajil T K says:

    Ok, i have an existing Demat account, what will be charges for operating the mutual funds?
    50 per month is ok, but does the demat AMC charges also apply ?

    • If you already have an existing demat with us, there is no additional AMC. But otherwise yes, Rs 50/month and Rs 300/year as AMC for demat. But that can be used for equity/ETF and etc also.

  254. Sharad says:

    when “Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund” will be started on your coin platform.
    One of my friend started his SIP in this MF via ICICI direct.

  255. Manishing says:

    Similar to other people, I also have a lot of questions & suggestions. I am copying those questions/concerns verbatim here. Please look into these as this will help me make a decision whether to go with Coin or other competitors.

    Dear Nithin Sir,
    1. folio Number and its relevant details are not available in Coin login and the mutual funds in Kite holdings.
    Please look into the possibility so that the same can be incorporated.
    2.Secondly the account statement of mutual funds should be available for download with zerodha name. this is not available.
    3.thirdly the email sent by the Zerodha for SIP debit and successful allotment of the mutual funds is not coming.
    4. the statement should be downloaded like the name of account holder alongwith pan and other relevant details this will help is somebody has taken ELSS MFs.
    Please look into the matter

    I think, if you could implement the following things in Coin it will be great.
    1. Watch List
    2. Selection of SIP order execution date instead of the same day or next day. (So that we can plan & schedule new SIPs)
    3. AWP (So that we can park our funds in Liquid Funds and schedule for automatic withdrawal before SIP date)
    4. Separate fund allocations for each products similar to ICICI Direct.

    Are any reports available to subscribers who invest via this platform ?
    What sorts of reports are available to investors ? Account statements ? Fund Performance ? Gain & Loss Reports ?
    If yes, what format are these in ? Pdfs or Excel Sheets ?

    • 1. All MF is in demat form, there is no need of folio number anymore.
      2. We will have this soon. Until then you can ask for your holding statement. It will show this.
      3. Can you email [email protected] with more details.
      4. Yes.

      About other suggestions, there are portfolio reports. We will soon have capital gain statements.

  256. Vivek says:

    Dear Nithin
    Are any reports available to subscribers who invest via this platform ?
    What sorts of reports are available to investors ? Account statements ? Fund Performance ? Gain & Loss Reports ?
    If yes, what format are these in ? Pdfs or Excel Sheets ?

    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Hi Vivek,

      1) If you want to download your holdings statement then you can download your demat account statement. The procedure is mentioned in this link.

      2) P&L will be available in sometime in the new version of Q. In the meanwhile, you want o check the P&L manually the you can download your Order Book from the Order History in csv format

      3) There are no reports that we provide from our end with respect to the performance of each fund.

  257. Saravanakumar says:

    Today I activated Coin. I think, if you could implement the following things in Coin it will be great.
    1. Watch List
    2. Selection of SIP order execution date instead of the same day or next day. (So that we can plan & schedule new SIPs)
    3. AWP (So that we can park our funds in Liquid Funds and schedule for automatic withdrawal before SIP date)
    4. Separate fund allocations for each products similar to ICICI Direct.

    Thanks in advance.

  258. Bhushan Kela says:

    Dear Nithin Sir,
    1. folio Number and its relevant details are not available in Coin login and the mutual funds in Kite holdings.
    Please look into the possibility so that the same can be incorporated.
    2.Secondly the account statement of mutual funds should be available for download with zerodha name. this is not available.
    3.thirdly the email sent by the Zerodha for SIP debit and successful allotment of the mutual funds is not coming.
    4. the statement should be downloaded like the name of account holder alongwith pan and other relevant details this will help is somebody has taken ELSS MFs.
    Please look into the matter

    Bhushan K

  259. Piyush says:

    I know coin charges Rs 50 per month for subscription charges. I would like to know:

    1) What are other charges per transaction apart from subscription charges? Are there any service charge, transaction charge or GST per transaction?
    2) How do I stop the subscription? If I stop the subscription then what happens to my Mutual Fund units? Do I need to redeem them in order to stop the subscription?

    • 1. No charge
      2. To stop subscription on coin, you have to either redeem the direct MF or transfer it out to another demat

      • Sagar says:

        Hi Nithin,

        i have read lot of comment regarding MF and subscription charges of 50/month post 25K,
        still i have some confusion, requesting your help on the same.

        My investment upto 25K is free so consider i am buying MF of 2K per month which will 24K in year it will be free for first year..
        so my assumption is if i continue investing under 25K every year it will be free as long as i subscribe under 25K right?
        or will be just first year? cause from next year my investment value will be double say 50K..
        Also i read somewhere if investment more than 25K it is 50/month but that will be only for that year correct?as in when my amount exceeded 25K in that perticular year i have to 50rs if im not wrong.
        please clear my confusion.

      • KBN says:

        Hello Nithin,

        There is indeed a GST on that Rs.50/-. You end-up paying Rs.59/month.

        Once you break that 25k barrier, and if you have Standing instruction setup to move funds to Zerodha a/c.

        Total fee for using Coin would look like this:
        AMC Rs.300/-
        Subscription fee Rs.59/- (after GST)
        Total: (59*12) + 300 = 1008

        Also if you check the ledger, there are multiple transactions which are labelled “Being Payment Gateway Charges Debited – “. Not really sure when exactly is it debited.
        Rs.1008/year, i.e. Rs.84/month.

  260. Laxmikant says:

    Zerodha coin is really good platform. Thanks to introduce it.
    I have few concerns about the representations. The coin website is not such helpful to find good and performing MF. It just shows flat list of MF. Also the link of scheme related documents points to MF company website instead of actual documents. Its very difficult to find correct document from that website.

    Thanks again for such good platform.

    Happy investing 🙂

  261. A Biswas says:


    Is there any facility to switch one mutual fund to another mutual? If answer is yes, please elaborate the process.

  262. Tanmoy Roy says:

    Team Zerodha,

    can i transfer my direct mf which i have opened up in online(mf website) to zerodha coin?

    thanks in advance.

  263. Vijay Ganapathy says:

    Hello Zerodha,

    Regarding equity mutual funds in coin, I have a question on short term capital gain tax during redemption.

    Let’s say I am investing INR 1000 every month in SIP starting January 2017. I am planning to redeem INR 10,000 on March 2018. At this point it would have been more than one year for my first 10 SIPs. So there should be no short term capital gain. My questions are;
    1. When I redeem, will zerodha automatically sell the oldest SIPs first so that I can avoid short term capital tax?
    2. Since this is demat holding, how will each SIP be tracked since everything is consolidated into a single holding?
    3. Before selling will zerodha intimate me that I will be levied short term capital tax if applicable?


    • 1. Yes, when shares/MF are debited from demat, always First in First out logic is applied.
      2. Similar to stocks, trades have resulted in holdings.
      3. Taxes has to be paid separately by the investor at the end of the year while filing ITR.

  264. Tejas Lalit says:

    Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath will never answer client query when confronted with tough questions .

    Zerodha team is unable to answer me when will i get my 20k rs refund of a failed mutual fund purchase.

    Nithin should answer how can a 20k purchase order of mutual fund fail with remarks: Amount to be greater than or equal to minimum transaction amount. when minimum amount is 5k.

    When will zerodha refund me 20k ?


    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Tejas, this is an issue from BSE STAR MF which is our backend order routing system and we have reported the same to them keeping you in the loop. If there is an issue with your order then your amount will be refunded to your account once they provide a confirmation. We are a service provider and have to rely on STAR MF and the AMC to provide a resolution if such an error occurs. So, we request your patience and cooperation in this matter.

    • Hey Tejas, I can answer generic queries. It is not possible for me to answer individual client account specific queries and complaints here, there are 3.5lk clients and one me. This forum is not for that. If there is any account issue, email [email protected] with your client ID, someone will get back. If you don’t get a proper reply, email me. Your 20k if not invested in the MF will be in your account itself, will go nowhere. Sometimes BSE star mf which is the underlying platform on which we place orders sends wrong rejection reasons. I am guessing this is the issue. Anyways, make sure to send that email to [email protected]

      • Sudip says:

        Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath will never answer client query when confronted with tough questions .

        Zerodha team is unable to answer me when will i get my 100k rs refund of a failed mutual fund purchase.

        Nithin should answer how can a 100k purchase order of mutual fund fail with remarks: Amount to be greater than or equal to minimum transaction amount. when minimum amount is 5k.

        When will zerodha refund me 100k ?


      • Sudip Bhattacharya says:

        order failed for Kotak Select Focus Fund – Direct Plan
        ₹ 100000

        Buy Failed
        Retry order
        eKYC investor – not meeting the eligibility criteria.

        Till now I do not get the refund 100k.

    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Hi Tejas, we received the amount from BSE and have credited the same to your trading account. You can login and verify the same in Q. But, they are yet to give a reason for the rejection of the order (hope you must be aware of it as you are marked in the same mail thread)

    • Sudip says:

      Myself also the same problem
      Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath will never answer client query when confronted with tough questions .

      Zerodha team is unable to answer me when will i get my 100k rs refund of a failed mutual fund purchase.

      Nithin should answer how can a 100k purchase order of mutual fund fail with remarks: Amount to be greater than or equal to minimum transaction amount. when minimum amount is 5k.

      When will zerodha refund me 100k ?


      • Matti says:

        Sudip, this forum isn’t for account specific queries. As the support team has responded to your ticket, it takes up to 6 working days for the refund to be processed.

  265. Tejas Lalit says:

    some problem with zerodha coin platform. my mutual fund purchase order was rejected with remarks: Amount to be greater than or equal to minimum transaction amount. i tried to invest with 20k amount where as minimum amount is 5k for that mutual fund. PLEASE DONT INVEST WITH ZERODHA COIN PLATFORM UNTILL ZERODHA RESOLVES MY ISSUE GIVING EXPLANATION!

  266. Joseph says:

    Hi Team,

    I am confused about this whole no commission clause. I use goalwise for MFs and I am not charged any additional fees upfront or recurring. But they do get a commission from the banks as a one time and recurring payments. Are you saying that you will give me back that commission? i.e. if I give you 100Rs and the NAV of a MF is 100Rs, you will purchase more than 1 units? if not, how are you different?

  267. Ganesh says:

    Hi, I have been zerodha customer since long, have small doubt about your new COIN facility.

    How is this different from FUNDINDA.COM and why should I you choose over them? Since they operate on absolute free. Its just a question on how do you make it even better?

  268. arun says:

    is it possible for NRI to invest in direct mutual fund through COIN

  269. Monal says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    I am using Zerodha from last 3 years. I have started moving all my family accounts ro Zerodha. I have recently open my HUF account. I have few queries on the same. Kindly reply

    1. Equity delivery was always free with Zerodha. I observed you are charging for HUF account which should not be the case as it is still a form of retail individual Client. No company or Corporate involved. For HUF account also it should be free ?
    2. I now want to use COIN platform for all my MF investments. Being a HUF account, i will be only charged Rs 50 per month correct correct ? No brokerage just like equity investments correct ?
    3. I have lot of holdings of MF in demat mode with RKSV. Can i filled DIS slip and get it trasnferred to zerodha , just like I fill DIS slip for equity. Once it is transferred, i will be able to see in my Consolidated holdings in COIN ??


    • 1. hmm.. let me talk to our team.
      2. Yes, no brokerage.
      3. Yes, you can fill DIS and transfer. But the MF won’t automatically convert to direct, they will still be the distributors.

  270. sanjay says:

    Dear Sir
    How can i get Mutual Fund Daily Score Card excel sheet ? I am regular customer of zarodha.


  271. Vijay Ganapathy says:

    Hey Nithin,

    First of all, great job in replying to all the questions in here.

    I have a couple of questions;
    1.) Franklin India Smaller Companies Regular fund is available but not direct one, why?
    2.) Is it possible to invest in New Fund Offers(NFO) through coin/zerodha?
    3.) If I invest in a direct mutual fund directly through the AMC website and the fund is available to invest through zerodha as well, is it possible to import that into coin database somehow?
    4.) If I invest in a direct mutual fund directly through the AMC website and the fund is NOT available to invest through zerodha as well, is it possible to import that into coin database?


    • 1. Franklin hasn’t yet listed direct funds in demat mode on exchange plaform.
      2. Yes
      3. Yes, you can ask the AMC to credit those direct funds of yours in demat form to your demat with us.
      4. Yes, you still can into your demat.

  272. Akhil Sakhardande says:

    Hi Zerodha

    This is a great platform for investing in MF. While doing my investment in direct funds, I could not find one MF called “DSP BR Micro Fund”. Neither in direct, nor in regular. Any specific reason?

  273. Bhuvaneswari S says:

    Please refer my. Mail dated 17tyh. It seems you have skipped from nsweing.
    I migrated to NOW. Without Kite. Password, I can’t do anything regarding my existing SIPs, though in near future no idea any new SIP, but after sometime, I shall
    require for SIP purpose.
    Hense, I request you kindly , please create separate password to access Coin, which will be useful for us.

    I hope you understand my problem and please have a word of reply.
    Thank you Sir.

    • hmm.. that will be tricky to offer. All our products use Kite logins now. Will be not possible to create another login/pwd.

      • Bhuvaneswari S says:

        Ok, Mr. Nithin, for funds Transfer Klite password is essential, as it is the payment gateway. For accessing Coin , create SIP only I am asking..
        Please have in mind and put up a word to your technical team for the possibility.
        Thanks for your kind reply. Regards.

  274. Vibhor says:


    I have just started investing in mutual funds couple of months ago and have 4-5 direct funds bought through AMCs. Is there a way to port and continue all of these mutual funds to Coin without redeeming or closing my accounts?


  275. Varun says:

    Couple of questions:
    1. Is the Charge 50 Rs per month inclusive of GST ( i guess it is 18 % )…or will it be charged extra ?
    2. Once, I cross 25K limit…will it be charged every month even if I dont invest any furthur ? ( say bought 50K ELSS and holding for 5 years…so 50 rs each month till I redeem ?)


  276. Roshan says:

    I have just last week applied for Zerodah Trading and Demat account last week and waiting for the login ID. I am keen on Coin. However I have significant investments in Invezta (Direct Funds). Is there a facility to port them over to Zerodah? Not keen to use multiple brokers. Also when is Franklin coming on board? I have significant investments in that fund house.

    • Roshan, you can ask the AMC to payout all the direct you hold to your demat account with us. Franklin we are following up with them to start offering direct in demat on exchange platform.

  277. Ramesh N says:

    I have an existing Zerodha trading a/c with an ILFS demat a/c. Two questions.
    1) Do I need to undergo another KYC with you or any AMC to invest in MFs through Coin?
    2) Seems I have to open yet another (!!) demat a/c to invest through Coin. Why so? If it to to enable you to charge a fee (which is legitimate in my opinion) why not let those of us willing to pay Rs 600 as a recurring yearly subscription fee to use the platform and be done with it.

    • 1. Not required. Login to, go to profile, you have a prefilled demat form there. Sign and send it to us.
      2. In the current setup we are not able to support those demats opened through ILFS.

      • Ramesh N says:

        Seems like we are slowly getting locked-in the Zerodha walled garden!!! So what comes next? A bank, surely.
        (just kidding)

  278. Bhuvaneswari S says:

    I am a customer of Zerodha for the last 1 and Half years. I am doing mnaximum intraday stock trading. Due to some glitches faced by me in. Pi for last months, I have switched over to NOW platform from now onwards., knowing that my password will be locked in Pi. And Kite. Ok, as my trading terminal be NOW, I shall do trading in NOW.
    The major problem is I am having mutual fund SIPs in Coin., and I cant operate the same through Kite password. Your support team contacted and informed the same. I accepted as I am not selling or stopping the SIP. But I may open new sip after sometime.
    My humble request to you is to arrange for a system of operating Coin, without Kite password and a new password for operating Coin only may be provided to us.
    Please don’t abruptly deny this. Please understand the difficulty and do the best to us.
    I hope you shall do this, as you are an innovative stock broking firm.
    Thanks and regards.

  279. ShivamGupta says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I’ve have few basic queries, plz reply.
    1) If I invest 30,000 and after two months I redeem 10,000 (balance is 20,000<25000) , Do I still need to pay 50rs/mo throughout my subscription period?
    2) If my investment goes below the 25000 for few months (lets assume for 3 months) Do I still have to pay 50rs/mo for those 3 months ?
    3) If I invested 24000 and after 6 months it shows current value 26400 (10% growth) so Ive to pay 50rs/mo later on or not ?
    4) what if I invest 30,000 and after 6 months I sell out all the funds, Do I still have to 50rs/mo? If yes then how to block this subscription after 6 months?

    • 1. Yes
      2. Yeah. You can assume this to be like a yearly Rs 600/year fees to do as much of direct MF.
      3. No
      4. You can sell out and unusbscribe from coin, you won’t be charged.

  280. Anshuman Shrivastava says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Congrats for doing a fabulous job on low cost brokerage. I had one question, I may be wrong on this but I feel all the best performing mutual funds are not offering direct purchase option. Is it that a share of the distributor commission is passed to the fund manager 🙂


    • 🙂 hey no, all funds have to be compulsorily be listed in direct as well. It is just that on coin, we list only direct which are in demat. Some of the funds still don’t have all funds enabled for direct in demat on exchange platform.

      • Sachchidanand says:

        When can I expect “Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Direct Plan (G)” in Coin. You have many others from Mirae but not this particular one. One time investment is not allowed however SIP is active in this.

  281. Deepak says:

    Worst ever search system… Merie, dsp microcap, even frinklin india all funds unable to search any ….. Why you making fool of us



  283. Sandeep P says:

    How do I download my MF holdings statement for investments done thru Coin? I cant find it on Q (unless I’m missing something). I need either a holding statement on the MF letterhead or a demat account statement with the MF units listed.

    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Hi Sandeep, you can click on this link to understand the procedure to download the demat account statement which will reflect the schemes that you have purchased through COIN.

  284. Sachin says:

    Question please:
    What time in day you run your jobs to update the Portfolio pricing in Coin ?
    What rate will I get depending on what time in day I make the redemption ? Can you give some clarity please ?
    How long will it take for me to get my money Once I redeem ?

    • Sachin says:

      Any response ?

      • Faisal Rahman says:


        1) The NAVs are updated on our platform everyday after 10 am.

        2) If you place the redemption request on T – day before 1:30 pm then you will receive the redemption amount at the NAV of T -day.

        3) It depends upon the redemption settlement time of a fund which can vary from T+1 to T+3 days. When you are placing the redemption order, you can view the settlement time for that particular fund.

  285. Charan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    The Franklin Mutual funds are not listed in your mutual funds list, Is there any particular reason?


  286. vikas says:

    Hi nithin

    Could you please explain more about:
    “Flat fees of just Rs 50/month for subscribing to Coin. Moreover, your first Rs 25,000 worth of investments is absolutely free.”
    if i purchase 50000 worth of mutual funds in one time purchase then what will be the charges/year
    if i purchase 5000 worth of mutual funds in sip mode for 1 year what will be the charges/year

    • if you buy 50000, Rs 50 applicable from first month, so Rs 600/year. If you buy 5000 SIP, it will be applicable after 5 months, so you will pay 7 x 50 = 350. Rs 600 per year from second year.

  287. Sarita Yadav says:

    I have started some SIPs with Zerodha. I am facing following deficulties with Coin:-
    (a) The amount would not deducts from my saving account, whereas I have to remember the date of SIP and need to transfer the amount or else do the Standard Instruction to the bank. The facility to deduct the SIP amount directly from the account would make the life much more easy.
    (b) STP/SSP/SWP/Trigger facilities are not available on Coin.

    Sarita Yadav

    • There is a workaround for this. Check this.

      • Sarita Yadav says:

        Sir, That is ok. But is there any possibility that Coin platform would be upgraded for direct deduction from account itself. Also what about facilities like STP/SSP/SWP/Trigger which are not available on Coin. Is there any plan to include them on Coin Platform.

        • Yeah, we are waiting for the enach to be released by bank, once done we can have direct debits working from banks itself. Yes, all those features are also planned for.

          • Sarita Yadav says:

            Thanks Sir and I am delighted with your prompt replies. Keep the good and innovative work going.

  288. M Ramesh says:

    Dear Nitin, i’m a salaried person and i have subscribed for SIP in 6 AMCs with SIP amt of 10000/- each (all direct plan by going to their respective AMC site). I agree to the fact that it is cumbersome. Now if i have to do similar SIP using coin, do i have to transfer that much money to ZERODHA from my bank a/c at the starting of the month itself (then i lose interest). And then every time i transfer money i end up paying Rs 9/-. So is there a way by which money can be directly deducted from my bank A/C for the SIPs subscribed through coin and money getting back into my banking A/c on redemption of units held in coin. an early reply would be well appreciated. Otherwise i do have account in zerodha and you guys are doing wonderful yeomen service. Regards, Ramesh.

  289. gunwalsarita says:

    Hi Sir,

    I want to start SIPs through Zerodha Coin Platform, however, some of the funds by certain Fund Houses are not in the list of the available funds. In particular I wanted to invest in Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund. I also called customer care, but they were having no information regarding the issue. Please update me the time frames in which all the Funds House would be available on Coin platform.

  290. Sambit says:


    Where can I get my mutual fund account statement which I have bought through coin. I only received an allotment email. There was no documents like contract note we get during equity trading which has a signature on it?

  291. Rohit Chopra says:

    Rs 50/month would be charged on my 25000 investment in Direct funds or if my total balance (invested amount + interest) exceeds 25000 for Direct funds i need to pay 50/month.

  292. Amit says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Upfront costs and trail commissions are part of expense ratio of mutual funds. So, when users are buying MF through Coin platform, then they need not think anything about expense ratio as they are not going to pay them as they are already paying a subscription fee of 50 rs/month. Am I right? Instead of paying expense fees of mutual funds, users are paying subscription fees. Right?

  293. Amit says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Where can we see lock in period of mutual funds on coin platform before buying?

    • If you go to individual fund page on Coin, at the bottom you will see a link to scheme related documents on AMC website. If you click on it, you can search for this.

  294. Ramesh says:


    Good job as always. We traders are expecting something for us. Every product goes investor friendly. Please don’t get the traders groups 🙂

    One more point do you think F&O lot value will be increased again to 10 Lakh ?

    I read @

  295. Abhinay says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    I’m planning to open account and invest in MF’s using the coin zerodha, but one thing kept me waiting to open account i.e., since the mutual funds will be held in demat format I would like to know what are the charges investor has to incur during investing, withdrawal and also for transactions? I heard holding in demat format will incur more transactional changes and also other DP charges.

    • During investing no charge other than the Rs 50 per month for using Coin once you exceed 25k worth investments. When you redeem, there is a DP charge of Rs 5.5 since it is in demat. No other transaction fees.

  296. Bhushan K says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,
    When I am starting a new SIP on Coin, then it is saying that the first minimum investment has to be mandatory Rs. 5000/-. When I have done the same SIP through a broker then there was no such condition. Is the minimum investment amount of Rs. 5000/- is fund regulated or zerodha has made it minimum amount. Rather if one wants to start SIP of Rs. 1000 each in 5 schemes then he has to pay Rs. 25000/- ( 5000* 5 ) which may not be possible.

    secondly Please provide the ISIN and symbol of Schemes alongwith names. because there are 100 of schemes in market and if we filter / search on the basis of ISIN in coin then the required one only will be selected.

    Please look into the matter favorably.

    Bhushan K

    • Bhushan, currently on COIN it is not the traditional SIP. We are essentially simulating SIP by doing lumpsum investments at regular intervals. This gives us flexibility in many ways. But yes, for lumpsum, many funds have 5k as starting. We are speaking to AMC’s on it. About ISIN, bouncing it off our team.

      • Saurabh Rode says:

        I want to 2000/per month sip by zerotha coin. Can i start 2000/per month sip without minimum amount rs 5000. I have demate account of zerodha

      • Yadnesh says:

        Hello Nithin,
        Its been 3 years, but the issue still persists with Zerodha. While it’s possible to start with investing a minimum amount of which I want to do SIP on other platforms.
        Can you please let us know, why we have to pay 5000 as the initial investment amount?

  297. Bharath says:


    If i have 3 different Mutual Fund SIP… Per month have to pay 150 … Zerodha acts like distributor but with less commission. Yearly 1800 needs to pay… Its a just one day work have to go directly Mutual fund house.

    Coin its not good retail investor…

    Small case is pretty good.. For retail investor hard to find good companies..

  298. Siddhesh Karapurkar says:

    Hi Nithin, Presently I am investing in 5 funds 3K/month from a distributor. But I found coin is offering minimum 5K/month in each fund. Can I invest 3K/Month thru coin.

    Please let me know. If Yes, I can think of moving to coin.

    S Karapurkar

  299. Phani says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please comment on below regarding MF investments via Coin platform:

    1) On the coin platform, the DP charges are applicable only for SELL / Redeem transaction?
    Applicable on both buy / sell?

    2) If we start building our MF portfolio (@Rs 25k / month SIPs) on Coin platform by paying Rs 50/month, say 1-3 years down the line – Zerodha decides to change this amount to something higher (like between Rs 100-500), will there be an option to transfer my MF portfolio to other vendors or would I be forced to redeem them all?

    3) Understand the advantages of Demat which you have mentioned in above posts, but to avoid the DP charges, is there any other way on holding these MFs on any other accounts other than Demat?

    4) Understand the long term benefit over other vendors like FundsIndia (direct vs regular) even after paying monthly fees on Coin (assuming its going to be Rs 50 for next 10 years) but how different is Coin from Unovest?

    On Unovest website, we are allowed to purchase direct funds with no monthly fees (need to have CAN setup via MF Util and SIPs via EZ Pay) and in non demat format (no DP charges). We do have subscription packages for managing multiple CANs and financial advisory / planner guidance.

    5) Will there be an option to switch from fund A to fund B within the same AMC
    Should we redeem Fund A and invest into Fund B within same AMC?

    • 1. Only when you redeem DP charge applicable.
      2. Since MF is in demat form, you can transfer anytime you want.
      3. currently no. Holding in demat brings a lot of convenience. Tomorrow when we start lending, you will be able to pledge it for a loan click of a button.
      4. We are the only platform that allows you to combine all your equity investments along with direct MF.
      5. Redeem fund A and then invest into B.

  300. arun says:

    Hi Nithin
    I am searching for franklin funds in direct mutual funds in last few weeks and still not you have any time frame when it will be avaialble in coin as Direct.

    2) I already invested more than rs 25,000. where can i see rs 50 is deducted from my account.


  301. Yogesh K says:

    I’m currently investing in Mutual funds using another portal. Now i wish to shift to zerodha portal. Can u tel me if it is a possibility?
    If yes, kindly let me know the procedure to be followed. It would be great if you would mail me the procedure (if any)

    Thanks in advance.

    • Yogesh, all new investments can be done through us directly. All the old investments, you can shift it to your zerodha demat account. You can request the AMC to convert the MF in demat and credit it to your zerodha demat with us. Your zerodha demat number or DP ID is available if you login to Q and click profile.

  302. niix says:


    I want to subscribe ELSS using this platform. Is this possible?

    Kindly write few articles about investing who are new to funds and markets.
    Also, fundsindia do not charge any commission on sip’s, so why are you charging Rs.50 per month. You can follow their model to keep costs lower and customer can get gain from it.

  303. KK says:


    Can I withdraw only half unit, FIFO for saving taxes in Coin (If making investment through SIP) without stopping SIP ?

  304. sumit says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I a residing in UAE. Can i invest in direct mutual funds using COIN platform. Currently i an investing through FUNDS INDIA but they only offer regualr plan not direct plan.


  305. Ashish Mohite says:

    so i will be getting benefit of direct MF plans if i have invested more then 90000/- ( total fee per year = 900 (50*12+300) = 1% of 90000) ?

    If a person only wants to invest in MF, then in order to truly motivate people to invest with Coin.. Zerodha should charge only after 90000. isn’t it ?
    any views guys ?
    if zerodha moves maximum limit from 25K to 90K, i guess, it will motivate more people to invest with Coin 🙂

  306. Janes says:


    I have mutual funds in various fund houses in different portfolios. How can I transfer them to Zerodha?

  307. Sangam Patra says:


    I have a few questions regarding various charges being charged for coin subscription. Could you please clarify my doubts?
    What is the redemption charge per transaction in coin?
    If I want to transfer my current holdings to a different broker, can I do so without selling them?
    My investment amount is not above 50K per annum. Is it ok to pay Rs.600+ for coin subscription?

    Thank you so much for your assistance!

    • There is nothing like a redemption charge, there is a DP charge by the depository when you exit a fund. Rs 5.5 irrespective of value. Since they are in demat form, you can transfer it to a different broker. If you buy regular fund, upfront commission itself can be as much as Rs 500 to Rs 1000 over which there is a trail commission for as long as you hold. So yeah, Rs 600 is quite a good deal even at 50k.

  308. NAYAN KUMAR DUTTA says:

    If I trade in Equity & Commodity Then I need to pay (300+200)=500 per year? Plus in coin if MF investment more than 25000 then 600 per year. then total (600+500)=1100 pr year?

  309. avinash sapkal says:

    Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund (G)

    this fund is missing in the list of MF. in zerodha coin.. when it will be available for purchasing?

  310. Ravish says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Thanks for introducing single platform for multiple funds . I just started investing in Zerodha MF & I have 3 questions.
    1) Any plans to introduce App fr Coin ( Android based)- Easy fr mobile users
    2) What happens if I keep my investment’s within 25k by buying n selling funds regularly ( by holding fr short duration)
    3) Can I roll between Direct n Regular based on availability of funds? If so how charges will applicable?

  311. Sachin says:

    Is there a definite refresh time in a day for Q and Coin ?
    Please suggest….

  312. Kuldeep Tyagi says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I have already started investing through Coin in my personal account, but I am not able to do so in my Corporate account. Please allow the corporate account holder to buy mutual funds or please share the timeline so that I can plan accordingly.

  313. Suresh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    This is regarding Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund. I don’t see this one in Coin platform while other funds from this same fund house are available. I am using Coin already. Could you please let me know by when Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund could be listed under Coin platform?


  314. nonai says:

    A tagging feature is really required for people like me who wants goal based investments. It really makes life easy if you know the goal of any investment.

    This is my request, and I am sure many will appreciate this feature.


  315. Utkarsh says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I have two questions:
    1) say I invest 1alkh lumpsum in some debt mutua fund. Do I keep paying rs 50 per month until I sell those shares or what?
    2) Suppose at the end of few years I have a around 5 lakh in any debt mutual fund, does the coin platform allow me to transfer some of its amount to any other equity based mutual fund?

  316. Sambit says:

    How is zerodha sustaining this low brokerage? I mean how do zerodha earn money to make sense of this zero commission MF? 50/month seems too less.

    • Hmmm.. 🙂 ask me about it. This would make sense only if we can get a few lakh subscribers on Coin. We have just realized that most people don’t understand direct plans, so yeah it is going to be an uphill task. But since this is not our primary business, it is okay.

  317. anurag says:

    hi, when franklin mf will be available in coin zerodha?

  318. Punci says:


    I have made investment in soverign gold bonds via zerodha from primary market. Now SEBI dont allow trading between CDSL & NSDL for these funds in secondary market. So zerodha only allws sell of these funds which r purchased from primary market…they dont allow buy ’cause they dont hv NSDL pool account. I wonders how other brokers are allowing the same?..Is it not possible to buy these in secondary market from CDSL only?..On asking support they say we are working… but not providing specific time..I dont want to open other demat account as they are too costly?

    • Punci, even other brokers will have same issue. It is not just about pool account, it can’t move between NSDL to CDSL anywhere. RBI should have some clarification on this soon.

      • Punci says:

        Thnx 4 prompt reply..So how sell is allowed? Some one is buying… how? Is it not possible to buy these in secondary market from CDSL only?


        • If you were having both NSDL and CDSL account with same broker, it was possible. That is why the liquidity is so less.

          • Punci says:

            Can I open my NSDL account with Zerodha?

            • No, our DP is with CDSL.

              • Punci says:

                NSE CM, F&O, CDS: INB/INF/INE 231390627 | BSE CM, F&O: INF/INB 011390623 | MCX: 46025 | CDSL: IN-DP-CDSL-00278209 | NSDL: IN-DP-NSDL-11496000. Commodity Trading through Zerodha Commodities Pvt. Ltd. NCDEX | SEBI

                Above is at bottom of kite web page, here NSDL is also there..Is it like you have demat at both the places, however for trading you allow only for CSDL?..If possible allow operation in NSDL & CDSL only for RBI gold bonds, ’cause it is really available at lower price, Interest yield is 3%, instead of 2.75%.

  319. Sachin says:

    Nithin – I really appreciate and convinced with your spirit in market. I became member of Zerodha and Coin after watching your videos.
    Here are my suggestion / pain points:
    – Why can’t I sell MF with a order limit. This optional feature is available for buying but not in selling. This can be a trouble when you take T+3 days in time of deep market correction. Can this be available ?
    – I need more machine learning / intelligence to provide suggestion on buying MFs. I understand you dont claim to be advisory service however is there any investment in such technology is in the cards ?
    – What is overall backlog of features that I can expect in coming few weeks / months both in Coin and Kite ?
    – When are you planning to support Pi on Mac ?
    – When can I expect balance app in iOS ?


    • – on our list to give redemption at limit.
      – we are working on partnering with new age startups for this. Nothing has materialized yet.
      – Phew, quite a bit of backlog of features. We are currently working on replacing entire kite backend, launch new Q and Kite native ios app.
      – Pi on mac wont’ be possible, pi uses microsoft dotnet.
      – Some more time.

      • Sachin says:

        Thank you Nithin for your response…some more pls…
        – How do you react to competition which offers 9/10 rs / lot in derivative like RK global or 5 paisa… Do you think your pricing model should be revised for small option traders like me who buy 1/2 lot at a time that too Cash ?
        – When can I expect “Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Direct Plan (G)” in Coin. You have many others from Mirae but not this particular one. One time investment is not allowed however SIP is active in this.
        – Also, Is there any science behind spending 10 Rs for every fund transfer. Are you using third party wallet or something ?


        • Sachin says:

          ahhh, another imp one, I should receive an email when you or anyone respond to my query in blog. Guess that can be implemented easily if you have some email service….. Email is mandatory field to post comment….

        • – hmm.. no plans to change the pricing plan as of now.
          – They are yet to list demat in direct form.
          – We use 3rd party PG, so this is their cost. You can do a NEFT/IMPS/RTGS and we won’t charge.

      • amar says:

        I am sure parent commenter meant that your app on Mac, whether it uses dotnet or anything else. At the end of the day you just use the API.

        By the way, maybe ask your dev team to explore Mono which is used for .NET on non windows platforms or can try something like Electron or ReactNative for multi platform desktop app development. The dev time isn’t high either. Better than using virtual box.

        But if everything that can be done in Pi can be done in web and mobile app too then at least I am fine with that.

  320. Venkatp says:

    Let me congratulate you on making a wonderful trading platform for mutual funds. It is a hassle trying to invest in mutual funds through the normal route.

    I have a few doubts on sale of mutual funds from COIN platform. Request you to kindly clarify every point
    1) Do we have to make sale of mutual funds during trading hours only ie 9.15 AM to 3.30 PM Monday to Friday or
    can we sell mutual funds on COIN platform after office hours say from 6 PM to11 PM for sale on the next day
    2) Since there is no app for COIN, taking access of COIN on chrome, is very tedious due to the small font size / complete webpage not being visible when enlarged on mobile . When can we expect an app for mutual funds or it can be linked in KITE app itself.
    4) When stock is sold on KITE, we get money in our trading account within a minute, Will the same happen in sale of mutual funds, ie getting money in trading account within a minute.
    5) Will the money from sale of mutual funds be credited to bank account or Zerodha trading account

    • 1. You can do it anytime you want. Since AMC’s have a cut-off, what you do after 1.30 pm, goes to the next day processing.
      2. We are currently working on Kite ios app, we will have the coin app right after.
      3. No, money from redeeming mutual funds will depend on the settlement cycle of the funds.
      4. Trading account.

  321. Raj says:


    I used to invest on another platform where I bought a mutual fund once by purchasing with min. amount required & then kept making additional investments of smaller amounts as & when I could save some money (without creating an SIP)
    Eg- I bought a mutual fund by making initial min. investment of 10k, then every month whenever I could save 1-2k, I’d make additional investments.
    Is this possible in coin (making additional investments in small amounts & not as the min. required 5k or 10k everytime?

  322. Ashu says:

    I am a little bit confused about this coin platform. Before coin I invested in some MFs (investment amount say Rs. 10,000) which are “Non-Direct regular funds”. Now from coin, how much money can I invest in Direct MFs so that I don’t have to pay Rs. 50 per month? Is it Rs. 15,000 or Rs. 25,000?

  323. Vinod says:

    Usually Zerodha’s charges are lower than competitors. But this time, Zerodha is on the higher side. For small scale investors who just invest small amounts on a few number of mutual funds, charging per transaction is the better option. For them, due to this monthly charge, there is hardly any extra benefit from direct plans. Services like MFUtility ( are completely free of cost. Charges of other direct MF services are as follows: – Free upto Rs.1 Lac investment – Rs.50 per purchase – Rs.149 per purchase – Free upto Rs.75k investment – Rs.149 per purchase – Free??

    Expecting more cheaper rates from Zerodha Coin.

  324. Johnson says:

    NAV is not matching with AMC,s site, it is less than mentioned in your site. So it is not same as you states.

    • John, the NAV on coin is for direct funds, you might be looking at the regular plans. Since no commissions get paid out from direct, their NAV’s are always more than regular.

  325. rahul says:

    Hi Nitin Kamath,
    last week i purchased mutual fund units of reliance in coin MF.
    i purchase more units of MF of reliance after few days.
    The problem is that every time i purchase i got different folio number.
    It means every time i purchase units i will get different folio number.
    It will be very difficult to maintain record of hundreds of folios.
    In physical mode we can have same folio number of different purchases.
    kindly solve this problem

    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Hi Rahul,

      The folio number is assigned by the AMC (in this case Reliance) as soon as you make you first purchase. But, if you make any additional purchase in the same scheme then folio will remain the same. However, if you have invested in any other scheme/schemes of Reliance, then the AMC would either assign the same folio number (assigned for the first scheme) or they might assign a different folio number for the investments in the new scheme/schemes.

      In any case, for investments in demat mode your DP ID number is more relevant than the folio number as all the investments reflect in a consolidated manner in your demat account statement.

  326. Ravindra says:

    Hi Nitin Kamath,

    I understand that the NAV of the Regular Fund will always be lower than the NAV of the Direct Fund, as the expense ratio of the Regular Fund would be higher than the Direct fund. But as growth rate will be same (say 3 years return is 25%) for both won’t my return will also be same for bot funds.

    Plan Type Amount to invest (Rs) NAV Today Units Today NAV (+25%) Redemption Amount (+ 25%)
    Regular 15000 52 288.46 65 Rs 18750 (288.46 *65)
    Direct 15000 54 277.78 67.5 Rs 18750 (277.78 * 67.5)

    Let me know if I am doing anything wrong/ missing anything in the above calculations. Also, please note that I get Units as per the NAV and redeem units as per the NAV shown. There are no charges of any kind while buying or redeeming the units.

    My questions are

    1) How do an upfront commission of upto 1.5% on your investment and a trail commission of upto 1% would affect my return in case of Regular Fund?
    2) How does it matter if I bu the Regular Fund or Direct Fund as far as there is no extra charges while buying or redeeming the units?

    • Hi Ravindra, check this video. In mutual funds everyday an expense ratio is applied to the AUM. So assume for regular it is 2.5% and for Direct it is 1.5%. End of everyday before NAV is declared for the day, 2.5%/365 x AUM (1 day expense) is applied and that value reduced from AUM and then NAV declared. Similarly 1.5%/365 x AUM is applied for direct. 1% lesser everyday, which can be substantial over time. Yes growth rate for stocks is same, but the cost is higher for regular.

      • Ravindra says:

        Hi Nithin Kamath,

        I saw the video (would see it again to see if I get my answer), but still, I am not able to understand the difference in RoI. As far as I am buying on NAV and selling on NAV, and growth is same for Regular & Direct NAV how does it matter in which fund I invest as RoI would be same.

        For example, in the calculation/illustration, which I shared earlier, with Rs 15,000 invest I make the same amount Rs 18750, (after 3 years, 25% growth). Is there anything wrong in the calculation? Can you explain with an illustration?

        Also, I understand that cost is higher for regular but what about RoI, Isn’t it the same?

  327. rahul says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I read all the material avialble at . Please provide the some material for mutual fund to understand this product. i am new to MF.

  328. rahul says:

    Dear nitin,

    I want to invest around lumpsum 75k in MF. My question is that whether zerodha provding lumpsum MF investment or only we can SIP on montly basis.

  329. Kamal says:

    A very basic question , let say If a purchase an MF having NAV of 100 ,then in direct case I’ll get it at 100 and in indirect case I’ll get it at 101.5 (1.5% ).
    Does it mean something like this ? Please describe in detail.

    • Not really. Direct and Regular are two different plans which will be at two different NAV’s. You can’t really coorelate each other. After buying direct, everyday the expense ratio will upto 1% lesser than regular.

  330. Krish Seshadri says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I’ve been a investor for over 15 years in MFs (I am global digital exec, investor and follower of fintech platforms across the globe). I invest a reasonable chunk of money into MF and have being doing Direct Plan on AMC websites. Questions:

    1. Lets say I invest Rs 50 lacs / year into MFs through SIP, if I hold all that money in Zerodha account, I lose out of valuable interest. What do you suggest?

    2. On AMC websites, I do STP (from Liquid Fund to Equity MF). Zerodha does not have this STP option. What do you suggest?

    3. Whats the best way to transfer from AMC to Zerodha. Do I go to my 5 AMCs and STOP all STPs…and then ask them to move the Units to Zerodha Coin? (however some Liquid funds are not there in Zerodha, so I will have to do redemption on their website…this is a sizeable amount…and I will pay STCG)

    4. SIP Frequency: do you plan to offer Daily frequency or twice a week at least?

    Krish Seshadri

    • 1.You can buy liquidbees on the exchange (fixed income instrument). Whenever you decide to buy MF, you can sell this and buy. We charge nothing on delivery trades, so the liquid bees trade won’t cost you anything.
      2. You can use the same thing I have mentioned above. Exit liquid bees whenever you wish and buy Equity MF.
      3. Best way would be to ask AMC to credit these MF in demat form. The ones which arent’ available on coin, will be an issue. Maybe you can hold off on that.
      4. Currently not possible. But adding it to our list.

  331. Adithya says:

    Dear Nithin & team,
    wonderful work doing by Zerodha team.

  332. Balamurugan says:

    Hi All,

    1. I have invested in regular plan (ELSS) for a period of just 8 months now, can i redeem that and reinvest in direct plan.
    2. After investing 25000 its said 50 per month, is it 50 per month compulsory even if i don’t invest in a month. i.e. if i’m investing 10k for 3 months and then i plan to invest in a gap of 4 months later, So will i be charged for that 4 months too.

  333. Kamal says:


    As per this thread ,if my investment in direct MF reaches to 25k in any manner you’ll start charging 50 INR per month.So does it mean that If I sell MFs and in a way my investment reached below 25k ,you will stop charging subscription fee ?

    Many Thanks,

    • Once you have crossed investments of 25k, Rs 50 is charged until you exit all direct MF and unsubscribe from Coin.

      • Kamal says:

        Very quick response (For no other service we receive such quick response).Thank you so much for clarification .But that is very unfair that you keep charging even if at particular time investment is less than 25k.

  334. Radhakant says:

    i have a trading/demat account with HDFCSEC. HDFCSEC also has the provision for buying direct plan mutul funds. what’ s the additional benefit zerodha is providing?

  335. Murugappan says:


    Me & my spouse has an Trading account with Zerodha and Demat Account can be opened jointly (currently we have with IL&FS). Whether with one Demat Account we can have our Mutual funds schemes in Demat form with our individual names ?


    • Faisal Rahman says:


      For investments in mutual funds through our COIN platform, you are required to have our Zerodha’s demat account (CDSL) and not IL&FS(NSDL). You can open a joint demat account for the investments to reflect under both the names.

      • Murugappan says:

        Hi Faisal,

        Yes I am in the phase of opening the Deamt Account with Zerodha. My question here is once I open one Demat A/c with our joint names can we invest in MF with same demat account with our individual names ? Also I am planning to invest in minor child with my spouse as the guardian whether even that can be handled with the same Demat A/c


        • Faisal Rahman says:

          1) If you are opening a joint account then the investments will also be mapped under both the names, but the 1st holder will be given preference in the scenario where you have invested in ELSS funds and need to claim tax benefits.
          2) Minor accounts not as of now.

  336. Yashi says:

    Hey – When would you guys start an automated investment (robo-advisory) platform? Missing the re-balancing feature made available by conventional advisers. Not aware of a Mutual Fund platform in India that provides re-balancing. Its long overdue.

  337. Rohit Netravalkar says:


    I recently started investing in direct mutual funds in early 2017 and have 5 funds with lump-sum investment now worth around 2.7lac. I want to invest more through SIP and lump-sum in next few weeks. So basically my question is can i transfer my old investments in MF to Coin platform without selling them and repurchasing them here? Since it will be more convenient for me. If i have to track those 5 funds separately, it wont make a huge difference signing up for Coin.

    Also if i want to add a second account holder to the fund, do i have to get that person to sign up with Zerodha and will both of us pay the monthly 50rs charges even though it is the same fund and I am the first holder?

    Rohit T S Netravalkar

    • Yes you can take a payout of your old direct MF in demat form. If your account has a joint holder, you will continue having only one trading account with us, so only one Rs 50.

  338. Davidson says:


    I am a long time investor of Funds India and investing 25000 Per month in SIP in various Mutual Funds under my Spouse and two childrens name. So I do have three portfolios one under my spouse name and other two portfolios under my children’s name and my spouse is the guardian for those two portfolios. So kindly let me know whether I could able to operate in the same way through Demat ? Also confirm all can be under one Account or I should create three accounts and pay 600 per year for each account ?

  339. satyajitpwd says:

    Hi Mr Nithin and the Coin Team

    Requesting you to introduce new Menu in the COIN website, so that one can isolate ELSS and other type/s of MF invested through COIN.

    Thanks in advance.

  340. Jayasri says:

    Hi Mr Nithin and the Coin Team

    Kindly clarify:

    1. Purchase of ETF – Will it be on Coin Platform or treated like any other equity purchase through Kite ?

    2. Sale / Redemption of ETF units: In one of the posts (7th April 17) Mr Faisal has referred to some restrictions. What are they ? Please elaborate.


  341. babita sharma says:

    hello, team zerodha.coin

    I just want to know that, suppose I invest rs 1lakh in MF as a lump sum and then I leave it for 5 years. so I need to pay rs only for the month I did the transaction or, I need to pay 50x12x5= rs3000.

  342. Sanjay Singh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am a new customer of Zerodha, coin etc. . Recently I took interest in buying Mutual Funds and bought some with ICICI direct online but after my friends suggestion, I stopped these all regular Mutual funds and planned to purchase the same from your platform.

    I appreciate that your this post is making transparency with customers, but after reviewing your this post I have few doubts and if you can clear my doubts considering I am a novice about your monthly and yearly charges then I would appreciate the same and can invest more and more.

    Qus 1- Suppose I purchased an SIP “ABC” of 1000 Rs. per month which will became 12000 Rs after the end of 1 year. And 24000 after end of 2nd year. So will you start costing/charging me 50Rs. per month after 2 years onwards?

    Qus 2- Suppose I purchased few SIP XYZ1, XYZ2, XYZ3 by investing 2000Rs., 1000Rs., 2000Rs.. Hence total investment in 1 month will be 5000Rs.. Hence after 4 months total investment will be 20,000Rs. and after 5 months total investment will be 25000Rs.. So do you start costing/charging me 50Rs. per month after 5th months onwards untill I stop/cancel the SIP?

    Please answer as I need to purchase the MF SIP asap.

  343. Ashok says:

    Hi, When is DSP BR Micro Cap Fund coming in direct, it is there in regular.

  344. Sarad Damodaran says:

    Hi Venu,

    50 Rupees per month for NRI too..?


  345. Manjul Krishna Gupta says:

    This is great product and initiative. I believe, 50 INR per month (after 25K) is fair charge. If you open MF investment account with leading private banks they usually charge 150-200 per quarter and you don’t have access to direct MF plans.

    This will click with investors gradually as they appreciate the benefits

    • veer says:

      If you Open a account in CAMSonline or MFUTILITY or Related AMCs… don’t need any paisa for fees or charges….and DIRECT Funds also available… why anyone pay fees 50rs Per month for ZERODHA COIN..

      I believe COIN Platform is not useful as better as MFUTILITY or CAMS Platform

  346. Prashant says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Could you please me understand the benefits I may have if I go with Zerodha as compared to MFUtilties or CAMSonline.?
    and also the disadvantages of CAMSOnline or MFUtilities as compared to Zerodha?

    Thanks to provide a good insight.

  347. Jaspreet Arora says:


    I want to invest in Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Growth.
    How can I start a SIP in this fund. It is not listed in the list but when I search on google I get this link:

    And the same goes for SBI BlueChip Fund

    Please Help.

    • Akshay.A says:

      The one that you’re looking at is the Non-direct (regular) Fund. If you check under Scheme type it shows as Non-direct plan. The AMC themselves haven’t listed certain funds, this hopefully will happen soon.

  348. Bhargav Bhadiyadra says:

    Hi, I have started SIP of Kotak Select Focus Fund – Direct Plan with 3000. I had transferred 10,000 initially in equity fund. But 20.70 rs cut from fund, what is the charge of it?

  349. Naveen Bachwani says:

    NItin, thanks for a much-needed, much-awaited service for long term investors.

    However, the platform approach seems to be be entirely Equity / Trading oriented which causes confusions for MF customers. Here are a few examples…

    1. The balance available in the a/c does not reflect live in Coin, only eod
    2. The label in Coin reads Equity balance, not MF (or Opening) balance
    3. The margin used in Kite also does not reflect orders already placed on Coin which can lead to orders (on Kite/Coin) falling short of the funds needed

    I’ve also suggested these through your call center. Hope to see it live soon…

  350. A Biswas says:

    Dear Nitin,
    Thanks for such type of platform for common man like us. However, it is not clear for me why “Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip fund” has not been considered in the list of direct mutual funds though most of the funds of that AMC are allowed to buy for direct option.

    Further, you are requested to empanelled fund houses like Sundaram, Franklin etc.

    • Akshay.A says:

      The AMC themselves haven’t listed certain funds, nothing much we can do. We are following up with the AMC’s to list them. Franklin will hopefully happen soon.

  351. nitin k says:

    in case, there is no investment made in a particular month still 50 Rs will b deducted? If overall invsmt is more than 25000?

    • Akshay.A says:

      Yes, it’ll still be charged even if you haven’t made any investment that particular month.
      It’s charged at Rs.50/month once you cross the 25,000 investment limit.

  352. Vaman says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for such a wonderful efforts.
    I just opened one SIP and i understood that the amount would be deducted from the trading account to fulfill the SIP’s.
    I would be happy if you have an option like fund transfer to MF account instead to Equity – trading account so in that way my sip amount is blocked only for MF and equity trading.

    Thank you.

  353. Ajay says:

    When i tried to login to coin it says below message..

    Permissions required by this app

    Access holdings and positions portfolio – Why this is required?
    View your account balance and margins – It’s fine
    Place, modify, and cancel orders – Why we allow this? to modify cancel etc for my existing order/Portfolio?

    • Ajay, these are standard set of confirmations we take for all apps using Kite connect API’s (Smallcase and Balance). Balance uses it only for login/authentication, and for firing mutual fund orders everytime you save.

  354. Ajay says:

    When we will expect SIP amount will deducted directly from bank account? Because currently Zerodha is charging around RS 11 rupees per transaction..So it’s not possible we pay RS11 extra every month..

  355. Anu says:

    Is the 25000 limit counted on transactions or holding?
    Like if i cross 25000 and then reduce the investment to below 25000, will I be still charged? Just trying to understand the concept

  356. Umesh says:

    I see the cutoff time is 1:30PM. However the actual cutoff time in AMCs is 3PM. Why 1.5 Hr difference. Will it be reduced going forward?

    • Faisal Rahman says:

      Since, we are using BSE STAR MF as our backend system we have kept the cut-off time as 1:30 on COIN just to rectify any operational issues which could occur while routing the orders through their system. Also, there are other orders for 2 Lakhs and above for which the balance needs to be checked before 2 pm in the client’s trading account. So, for all such reasons the cut – off time on COIN is 1:30 pm.

  357. Umesh says:

    I can see Franklin templaton funds (direct) in BSE Star but these are not available in the coin. Could you please through some light on this.

  358. Ajay says:

    I have few queries before go ahead.
    1. RS 50/Month will be charged after total investment greater than 25K right?
    2.After read above conversation it seems there is AMC charges as well i.e RS 300/Year. If i have already dmat account with zerodha and i am already paying this charges.. so do we need pay this additional charges?
    3. Is there any other charges while redeem?

    • 1. Yes
      2. That is for demat, you can use it for buying stocks as well. If you already have demat, no other charge.
      3. DP charge is Rs 5.5 charged by CDSL for every debit/redeem instruction.

  359. ZR7530 says:

    Hi..Newly joined zerodha in April…. good initiatives… couple of quick questions…
    1) I am right now holding free cash in the account to satisfy margin requirements for intraday trading. If i move this to a liquid MMfund via COIN, can I use that as margin cash? If not
    2) please let me know where I can park the cash which also can be used for satisfying margin req
    3) When will the QUANT be replaced? all i see is a message that it has been deprecated. I need to see and analyse atleast basic view of where my profits or losses are coming from

  360. Hima Pallela says:


    I’m looking for the below funds in Direct mode.
    1. SBI Bluechip-G
    2. Franklin India Prima Plus-G

    Last month i called customer care & i was told that the above funds will be available in Direct mode from next month on wards. Still didn&