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February 23, 2016
Mutual Funds

Traders and Investors, our mutual fund platform is now live. Continuing with our tradition of innovation, there are many firsts.

Easy execution

  • Search any fund.
  • Analyze historical performance.
  • Click on Buy for lump sum or one time investment, and SIP (systematic investment plan) if you intend to invest small amounts of money at fixed interval automatically.

Search and click on Buy or SIP to start investing

You are just one click away from buying any mutual fund after logging into the platform. To login use your trading (Kite) login ID and password. Currently  mutual fund purchases are enabled for only those clients who have Zerodha demat account (Not IL&FS or any third party demat account) mapped to the trading account. If you don’t have a demat account opened yet, print the pre-filled form available here, sign, and courier to have the account opened within 24 hours.

For everyone investing in mutual funds for first time, it is important to note that unlike stocks where price changes every second, the NAV (Net asset value) price of mutual funds change only once at end of every trading day. Orders placed to buy or redeem a fund are typically executed based on the NAV price of the next trading day.

Mutual funds in Demat

  • Among the first few platforms in India to offer convenience of holding mutual funds in your demat account along with all your stock holdings. A single portfolio view for all your investments.
  • Investments using a demat account also ensure that your dependents get easy access in case something unforeseen were to happen in the future.
  • Similar to how you can pledge stocks, exchange approved mutual funds (list will be shared soon) can be pledged to receive margin for trading F&O. Essentially investing in mutual funds at Zerodha will be very similar to investing in stocks.

Zero fees

Mutual fund investments similar to investing in stocks at Zerodha will be absolutely brokerage free.

Order placing

  • All orders to purchase or redeem mutual funds placed before 1.30 pm are placed on the MF execution platform (BSE Star MF) on the same day (T day), and will be executed on the end of day NAV price.
  • Orders placed after 1.30 pm are placed the next trading day (T+1), and will be executed on the T+1 NAV price.
  • Buying mutual fund requires you to enter the value or amount in rupees whereas redeeming requires you to enter the number of units. This is different from stocks where you enter quantity of stock and price at which you want to buy or sell.
  • Out of the 40 AMC’s in India, we are currently empanelled with most of them. If you are not able to search for a particular fund house, it means we are in the process of getting empanelled with them.

NAV tracking conditional orders

For the first time in India you can now set conditional orders which  track the NAV price. Whenever your preset NAV trigger price is reached, an order with value  to buy or redeem mutual fund units is placed.  NAV’s are declared by mutual funds before 11pm everyday, and such NAV tracking conditional orders are placed before 1.30 pm next trading day if your set NAV trigger is met, to ensure you get to buy or redeem immediately.

These orders are good or valid until cancelled. An email alert is sent as soon as any conditional order is placed. This will ensure that you don’t have to keep checking NAV prices, and can run your investments in MF on an auto mode.



MF buy order window with option to set conditional order

You can place similar orders like above to redeem mutual fund units by visiting your portfolio and clicking on redeem. You can also cancel all pending conditional orders and view your order history as shown below.


Accessing portfolio, SIP’s, and Order history

Easy SIP

SIP or systematic investing plan is when you invest small periodical amounts instead of lump sums. This is a very popular way of investing and rupee cost averaging over long period of time ensures that investor gets maximum value even with volatility in the markets.

Traditional mutual fund platforms require you to sign up ECS or NACH mandate so that these small periodical amounts can be debited from your bank accounts. This is quite a tedious on-boarding process, and requires one mandate for every fund house.

On the Zerodha MF platform, you can start as many SIP’s as you want with a click of a button without having to sign any mandate forms. As long as you have funds available in your Zerodha trading account on the buying date set by you based on your SIP interval, the SIP order will be placed. We will also send an email alert before the SIP date.


SIP order placing


All SIP orders can be paused and restarted anytime by visiting the SIP menu as shown below.


SIP order – pausing and restarting


Don’t know where to start?

We have selected three funds for you to get started investing in mutual funds. A diversified fund for long term wealth creation with no lock-in period, a tax saving fund to create long term wealth but with a lock-in period, and a debt fund for fixed income with no equity exposure.



Visit to start investing in mutual funds now.


Happy Investing,


Nithin Kamath

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha. Partnering startups through Rainmatter. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter. | Personal website:


  1. Hiccup says:

    Finally, it’s here. Looks amazing and slick. Well done.

    • Haroon says:

      I want to begin Tata mutual fund through zero Sha. I have kyc complied federal bank nri current account.

      Please explain how to begin Tata mutual fund SIP via zerodha.


  2. Utkarsh says:

    How do we transfer our existing mutual funds or SIP’s into zerodha’s demat?

    • Venu says:

      Are you holding the Mutual Fund units in de materialism form? If yes, you’ve to initiate a transfer through DIS Slip. Else you’ve to send us your MF statment along with a copy of the demat form: Form

      SIP’s can’t be transferred. You can start a fresh one with Zerodha.

  3. Punna Reddy Kakumani says:

    what type of mutual fund are offered in Zerodha
    Regular Plan & Direct Plan?

  4. Ronak Haria says:

    Will there be option to buy in direct plan of mutual fund

    • Distributors are not allowed direct plan, you will have to buy it directly on the AMC website. This is the regular plan.

      • Sachin says:

        Hi Nithin, you should consider keeping mutual fund direct plans like Orowealth and charge a fix transaction fee , similar to what you are charging in stocks. In your current model , investors are paying probably 1% or more which is far more then what you are charging for stock trading…. it would be good to enroll if both stocks and MF are competitive at competitive transaction cost .

  5. Sudesh says:

    Congrats, very well done. Hats off to you guys….

  6. Mihirsinh Parmar says:

    Great nitin. Waiting for more from zerodha

  7. Raghuram says:

    1) What will be difference, if I open direct from fund house & from zerodha. Will it be there difference like can we get direct fund also along with growth & dividend.

    2) I am holding only trading account with zerodha, whether I have to open new trading account for MF along with demat account.

    3) money if I credited to f&o trading account will it be linked to mf trading account.

    4) generally I prefer to use all accounts separately like equity, f&o & mf. Such that I will not have confusion in allocated funds. So, if I opt for zerodha mf. I expect not to trade in f&o based on mf exposure such that margin problem will not arise. Is it possible atleast I will have dashboard containing details like funds in mf account, trading account separately to track portfolio.

    • 1. Whatever you can buy directly from fund house, you can also buy on our platform.
      2. You can use the same trading account, you will need to open a demat account with us.
      3. yes
      4. Absolutely, you can login to and see your F&O and mf positions and capital utilized separately.

  8. Vijay says:

    Well done sir

  9. Majidkhan Pathan says:

    Can AP reffer MF ? Is there any referral fee for the same ?

  10. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    Once I give a redemption request, when do the funds become available to me for F&O ?

  11. ramcharan says:

    Any platform for distributors?

  12. Sriram says:

    Right now I am able to see only three AMCs funds, HDFC, AXIS and Reliance, How to buy franlkin/DBC/Birla etc…?

  13. Rajesh says:

    This is awesome, the easiest platform I have ever used.

  14. Ramdev says:

    What will be role and responsibilty of AP in this…

  15. Chitradevi says:

    for me it is logging using Q- backoffice, is there any separate login details

  16. Chitradevi says:

    sorry , it is not logging using Q-backoffice

  17. Ganesh says:

    I have existing demat account at some other place.what I should do to open demat account at zerodha and colse the existing one? also what to do with shares in existing demat account?is this process completed or how much days it will take?

    • Firstly you need to open a Zerodha demat account if you don’t already have one. If you login to Q > Profile, you can see a pre-filled form. Print it, sign it, and send it to us. The account will be opened in 24 hours. Once our demat is opened, you can mention the zerodha demat account number on the DIS slip of the other broker and submit it to their office. All shares should be transferred within 24 hours.

      • Sridhar says:

        Will there be any charges if i transfer shares from another Demat account say ICICIDirect to Zerodha?

        • Venu says:

          Yes, ICICI will charge you a transaction fee for initiating the transfer. But if its a closure cum transfer, i.e if you’re closing your ICICI account and moving shares to your Zerodha demat, there are no charges.

          • Sri says:


            Can you please share the process to initiate transfer and closure of demat a/c with ICICIdirect and moving it to Zerodha

            • Sri, we can’t do this, you will have to approach icicidirect for this. Take their account closure letter, and mention your Zerodha DP ID on it. Check this link.

            • Ram says:

              HI ,
              I am an NRI and have resident demat account with ICICI Direct and it has shares and MF with regular growth plans.
              And now I got NRE from other bank (not ICICI) and applying PIS account also.

              1.Can i open NRE/NRO demat account with you with PIS form ?
              2. Can I transfer shares from Resident ICICI Demat acct to Zerodha Demat Acct ?
              3. Can I transfer MF(not direct plans ) from resident ICICI demat to Zerodha demat ?
              4. How long it will take for NRI like me ?
              5. where can i find MF AMC you support for direct plans ?

              Thanks for your time .

              • Zerodha Social says:

                1. Yes, you can open an account linking a PIS account. We do not support ICICI Bank, we could help you open an account with either Axis/Yes Bank
                2. Yes, you can transfer shares from a resident account to only an NRO demat account.
                3. Yes.
                4. I didn’t get your question fully? To open the account?
                5. You can check them on our Coin. We aren’t, however, offering MFs for NRIs, this could take us some time.

      • Uday says:

        Could you please let me know whether the DIS slip for ILFS, is same as the account closure slip which has been shared on this forum?

  18. sat says:

    it looks great,,….
    and would you pls add supertrend in pi as soon as possible OR atleast can you allow me to open kite n pi at a time(on request on same laptop/desktop) which is presently not possible..

    thank you..

  19. Satish says:

    If the purchase has to be made through regular plan what will be NAV difference between regular vs direct plans in terms of %?

  20. Deepak gagrani says:

    I have my demat account in ILFS. but I am not able to understand u r giving priority to ur Zerodha base client why not us (ifls)
    We are also want to invest in mutual fund.
    Can u tell me process if I am not having demat of Zerodha.

    • Deepak, we are trying to incorporate ILFS demats as well. But you can open Zerodha demat for free within 1 day. Login to and go to profile. There is a pre-filled demat account, sign it, print it, and send it to us.

      • Sreen says:

        Hi Nithin,

        When I opened Trading Account during last year my Demat was opened with ILFS. Why this was done at that time?

        What are the AMC fees on Zerodha Demat AC?

        Pl clarifiy

        • Our demat services started late last year. Until then all demats were opened through ILFS itself. AMC with Zerodha is Rs 300 vs Rs 400 with ILFS.
          Login to, go to profile, print the pre-filled demat form there, sign it and send it to us. While sending, also send the ILFS close out letter.

      • Uday says:

        Do we have to fill any details in the pre-filled form, other than the details which have been printed, for opening the Demat account with Zerodha?
        Moreover, there is a change in my residential address. The pre-filled form has an older address. Do I have to fill any other form to get the address changed? Or can I get the address changed online?

  21. Jay says:

    Great. When do we see SIP for Equity on Zerodha?

  22. Sumit says:


    Can we pledge mutual funds now?


  23. Alok Gupta says:

    Will there be any DP changes deducted post selling mutual funds.

  24. Ravi says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I have following queries about MF.

    1) What is the difference purchasing the MF and redeeming the MF?
    2) What is the difference Regular plan and Direct plan?
    3) What’s total number MF’s available at Zerodha?
    4) Do i get chart for selected MF plan in Pi as like any other asset class for analysis?
    5) I have IL&FS demat a/c with Zerodha, Can i access the MF platfrom?
    6) As a Zerodha business partner,do u provide any other tool to manage MF investments of my leads?
    7) As a Zerodha business partner , does it required to get MF NISM certification?

    • 1. Purchasing is buying, redemption is like selling.
      2. Regular is when you buy it form a distributor like us, Direct is if you buy it with the fund house directly.
      3. Currently around 20 AMC’s are empanelled, the rest will be soon.
      4. Charts are available on the MF platform.
      5. No, you will have to open a demat account first.
      6. yes, we will soon.
      7. No

  25. Devesh says:

    Can we pledge mutual funds from today or this service will be started at a later date? And will liquid funds be treated like liquidbees? i.e can we take overnight position as we can with liquidbees pledging?

    • Not yet, but very soon. We will share all details soon.

      • Vivek Mathur says:

        Hi Nithin,

        Just wanted to check in and see when mutual funds will be available for pledging…. Also, I’m confused with some of the responses in earlier posts – can you please clarify if Liquid Mutual Funds (when available for pledging) will be treated the same way as Liquid Bees when pledged? (as Cash with a haircut)?


        • Mutual funds for pledging won’t probably happen in the near future. Too many operational issues with it. But yeah, you could buy liquid bees and pledge them, very similar to liquid mutual funds.

          • Vivek Mathur says:

            Thanks for your response, Nithin. Yes, LIQUID Bees is a good option and I am using it already, but as you know, the dividend returns from the Bees take a major hit because of the high dividend distribution tax (almost 28%) taken up front. The Bees annualized actual return is only about 4.8%. Liquid Mutual funds (growth option) would yield anywhere between 7.5-8.5% annualized and hence are a significantly more desirable pledge 🙂 I am sure there are many folks out there waiting for mutual funds to come into the “pledge fold” so that they can use this capital for FNO. I truly hope you and your team will be able to work thru the operational issues and make the mutual fund pledge a reality for us users.
            I would also like to point out that over the last 2 years, your team has done a remarkable job with stabilizing your systems and providing great trading products for the user community. I hope you will take into consideration demand for being able to pledge mutual funds as well.

            Thanks for your time,

          • Vivek Mathur says:

            Hi Nithin,

            Are there any plans for letting us users pledge Liquid (or other kinds of) Mutual funds as collateral for FNO trading in the future?

            Just wondering if there was any change from your last response.


  26. sameer chandra jha says:

    sir i have zerodha trading account of ilfs depository participant , will mutual fund will be traded through that any time sooner , so that old clients of zerodha will also be benefitted .

    Thank you.

    • We are working on making it happen, will take some time. But it will be best if you can open a Zerodha demat account, lesser AMC charges also.

      • Uday says:

        Thank you for introducing MF into zerodha and congratulations on this milestone.
        I have a couple of questions, sorry if these have already been answered.

        1. I have my mutual fund holdings with icici direct. Is it possible to transfer these to zerodha and what charges are applicable for doing this?

        2. I currently have my zerodha demat account linked to ILFS. Once I open a zerodha demat account, can I transfer my equity holdings from ILFS to zerodha? Again what charges are applicable for this?


        • Venu says:

          1. Yes, you can transfer but will not be able to redeem it through Zerodha. Transfer charges are applied by ICICI not Zerodha. You’ve to get in touch with ICICI to know how to transfer.
          2. Yes, you can transfer. If you’re initiating transfer cum closure, no charges will be applied by ILFS. You’ve to fill the DIS slip provided by ILFS and submit it to them and mention your Zerodha demat account number in the DIS.

  27. Amit says:

    I cannot see option for purchasing franklin india MFs. WHen it will be supported ?

  28. Prateek Sharma says:

    Congratulations Nithin !! Another good initiative by Zerodha Team.

    Could you please tell me when the kite app is coming in market?

  29. Priyank says:

    Hi can we see performance of the fund it’s actual returns from inception and holdings of that fund.Crisil ratings and risk meter to add on.

    • Priyank, our focus was to have an easy execution platform. All the details you are asking for is available on many other platforms already, from ET to moneycontrol to everyone else.

  30. Abhay says:

    1.) I have a IL&Fs demat account with zerodha, will the opening of new demat account affect the current associated demat account?

    2.) Also, I would like to transfer my holding to a single account for ease and comfort, will it be possible ?

    3.) How, the two demat accounts will behave once I open new demat account with zerodha

  31. Vijaykumar says:


    Is there any NAV difference between regular v/s direct plan?
    If yes, than only fees we would be paying is the difference of the respective NAV’s?
    If no, than what is the fees we need to bear for the service bein offered?

    Link please, to know which all AMC’s are currently empanelled.

    • Yes there would be difference in NAV of regular and direct. This is not a fixed fees, varies based on the fund. There is no link as such of empanelled AMC, if you can search for it, it means we are empanelled.

  32. Arun Kiran Patro says:

    Though I have a zerodha demat account, I am unable to login.

  33. Arun Kiran Patro says:

    H Nithin

    I don’t see products from famous amcs like icici pru,franklin etc. they have very good performing mf products like icici pru value discovery,ft ultra short term fund,ft prima plus fund

  34. Mohamed says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Congratulations to you for introducing what online users need! Currently I have demat account with ILFS only and no demat account with Zerodha. As you mentioned in your previous posts, I will open a new demat account with Zerodha, particularly to invest in mutual funds. So, after opening the new Zerodha demat account, I will have two demat accounts in my Zerodha trading account. Isn’t it? If I buy shares, to which demat account will them go? Is there any possibility to close that ILFS demat account and retain only Zerodha demat account? What do you suggest? I am tired of keeping too many accounts and remembering too many user id’s and passwords. Thanks.

    • Karthik Makam says:

      Have the same question. Curious to know whats the best solution in this case.

      • Karthik Makam says:

        He has answered it previously. Copy pasting:
        When you are opening the zerodha demat account, you can also transfer all your holdings from ILFS to Zerodha demat same time while opening the account. You can send us the IL&FS closure letter along with the new account opening form, so we will open the new account and have all your holdings transferred.

        • Vikash Kumar says:

          Hi , my account too was opened with IILFC, my question is can I send the pre-filled form and ILFC closure letter through email. 2nd question is after sending this my ILFC account will be closed and all share will be transferred n? I need to do anything else apart from sending these 2 form, to close and transfer ILFC. Looking forward to it reply

          • Venu says:

            Yes, first send the pre filled form and get your Demat account opened at Zerodha. Then submit a closure cum transfer form to ILFS, your account will be closed and your shares will be transferred to your newly opened Demat account.

    • Venu says:

      If you open a demat account with Zerodha, it’ll be mapped as your primary demat account and all future purchases will be credited to your Zerodha demat account. Once your demat account is opened, you can transfer your holdings to your Zerodha demat account and close the ILFS demat.

  35. Prashant Kamath says:

    Can I invest in “Direct” funds ? And are there any charges for every transaction ?

  36. Karthik Makam says:

    I have been desperately waiting for Zerodha to start this. I am very excited to use!!

    However, I don’t understand about the CDSL thing. I have my DMAT in IL&FS. Does this mean, I need to have Zerodha create another CDSL DMAT? Also, if I do go ahead for the CDSL account, would Zerodha transfer all my existing holdings from IL&FS to new CDSL?

    If not wouldn’t it be confusing to have 2 DMAT accounts which also would be unnecessary. Suggest me the right and optimal solution and I will proceed with that.

    • Karthik Makam says:

      I see that you have already answered that Nitin.

      Will print the prefilled form and also send letter of closure of IL&FS asking to be transferred to new CDSL account. Thanks!

      Again, excited about this new addition 🙂

    • Venu says:

      Yes, you’ll have to open a demat account with Zerodha. Once your new CDSL demat account is opened with Zerodha, you can transfer shares from ILFS to Zerodha and close your ILFS demat account.

    • krishna says:

      Hi Nithin ,let me take a moment to congrats you for this milestone.Zerodha understands customer it possible to move to zerodha demat from existing ILFS demat for both stock and mutual fund.

      • Absolutely, login to, go to profile, there is a pre-filled demat form. Sign it and send it to us. Along with it, send IL&FS closure letter, we will move all stocks once demat is opened.

  37. Manish says:

    Hi, Can we transfer existing Mutual Fund holdings brought from another Broker to Zerodha?

  38. Chanchal Ghosh says:

    I have demat account with ilfs. Want to in zerodha. What to do??
    My client I’d Dc0453.

  39. pearleye says:

    I’m thinking of migrating my current ILFS demat account to Zerodha, but I would like to know the difference in the transaction charges. I read above that the AMC charge is less in case of Zerodha.

    1) Apart from AMC is there any difference in charges?

    2) I also read that Zerodha demat account has the Delivery Instructions book (10 leaves) followed! Was it the same in case of ILFS as well ?

  40. Arun Kiran Patro says:

    Why cut off time is 8 am to get current day’s NAV when equity mf cut off time in other platforms in 2 pm

  41. Sreen says:

    Hi Nithin,

    When I opened Trading Account during last year my Demat was opened with ILFS. Why this was done at that time?

    What are the AMC fees on Zerodha Demat AC?

    Pl clarifiy

  42. Sreen says:

    Also, as you aware there are more than few brokerage firms offering Lifetime Free Demat!

    It would wonderful gesture if Zerodha customers too can avail Lifetime free Demat from Zerodha!

  43. Lokesh says:

    1. For the Demat account, what is the AMC charges?
    2. Will this MF transaction show up in NSDL CAS statement?

  44. Mukesh Singh says:

    Really happy with the launch of investing in mf..
    Thanx Nithin Sir..
    Zerodha always surprise us..Happy to be a part of ZERODHA

  45. vijayalakshmi says:

    All persons invest this way or only our client .Can i refer individuals without demat .

  46. Vj says:

    Hi nithin,

    Good to have Mutal Fund.

    I have two Question

    1) I Never received call for Partner program .Why ?
    2) Is it not so easy to have one platform than too many logins ? We have to login again on Q after clicking the MF link. Would you please link it with Kite platform so we dont have to remember too many passwords.


    • 1. Ah, checking.
      2. Yes, the plan is during the year everything will be integrated within Kite.

      • Vj says:

        Thankyou… The referral had a Claus that if the referral is not signed up within 60 days and the referee can not refer him again . Does this applies to Partner program as well ?

      • ShreyaDR says:

        Even me too never got a call from Zerodha for Partner program.

        Another thing i want to ask is, why we need a demat for MF?
        Coz i have acct with Indiainfo n had purchased some SIPs thru them, for redemption everytime i had to call them as the units were in my demat. I was not allowed to redeem my units on my own. What will be the case with Zerodha?

  47. Vinay says:

    Am I the only person facing web-page(z-connect only) alignment problems ? It looks scattered,not sure why… Tried in both Mozilla Firefox (44.0.2 v latest) and Microsoft Edge.

  48. Manoj G E says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I a client of zerodha for more than 3 years. Had won the 60 day challenge. Had opted for refund on 26th Jan and your support team are even now saying it might take ANOTHER WEEK (but it was supposed to be WITHIN 10 DAYS as per the CLAIM).

    I SERIOUSLY DON’T CARE about the refund anymore its nothing compared to the brokerage i have paid zerodha. But somehow just make that MESSAGE go off from my Q.Zerodha page please (its the most annoying thing that i have seen so far). And when i requested for the same, your support team changed the message to “Refund is Credited”. They were just Joking i guess. So please do the needful.

  49. Amar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am bit confused. What’s difference between direct plan and regular plan??

    what are the pros and cons of both ??

    Thank you in advance!!

    • Direct plans are when you buy directly from the AMC house, regular is when you buy from the distributor. Directly is cheaper, but buying it through someone like us is a lot more convenient. You could just google for more details.

  50. Deepak P says:

    Hi Nitin,

    This is an interesting feature. I have my investments with ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, SBI Mutual Fund, Franklin India Fund, BNP Paribas Fund, IDFC Mutual Fund.

    Out of these fund houses, only IDFC is visible in list of mutual funds.

    Need your help to understand the timeline with other funds houses. It will be good if you enable these fund houses at earliest.

    Looking forward for a positive response.

  51. Nataraj says:

    Thank you sooooo much Nithin and zerodha entire team for the greatest platform, excellent experience with zerodha, thank u sooooo much guys

    Happy trading and investing…

  52. Rajiv Jamwal says:

    I have zerodha trading ac and ILFs demat a/c.Do i need to open another demat with zerodha and may opt to close the existing one with ILFS
    If yes..How do I close the ilfs demat a/c.
    I know i May have to open new demat ac with zerodha before the ILFs one is cancelled so that I may continue using NSE scips on my watch list.
    Am i correct?

  53. R Muthukumaran says:

    Mutual fund through online,that too with Zero charges.Great !!

  54. Avishek says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I wanted to know the debit transaction charges in Zerodha Demat Account.
    Is it any flat amount or % of transaction value ?


  55. Tejas Ganger says:

    Dear Nitin,

    This is Amazing. I am super Happy to witness Zerodha growing from one scale to another. I feel really proud to be associated with Zerodha. You are an ideal broker and DP. Waiting to see Zerodha scale new heights.

    You need to promote more aggressively, the market is not aware of the diamond in you. Please promote big time – both online as well as offline. People would want to fall in love with a company like Zerodha!


  56. Mukeshkumar Patel says:

    Dear Nithin,

    A). I wish to opt for Zerodha Demat account as MF scheme been launched. I have pledged shares, does that need to unplugged first and then go for closure of account with ILFS before applying for Zerodha demat account?

    B). I have received the SMS that Zerodha will call up in a week relates to Partner program. Till date no call and no Information about status on partner Program? Can I have status for the same?

    Best Regards,


    • A. Yes you will have to unpledge, closeout the ILFS demat along with opening a demat at Zerodha.
      B. Checking, and will get someone to call you back.

      • Mukeshkumar Patel says:

        Dear Mr. Nithin,

        Thanks for your prompt reply. In response to your confirmation Mr. Nelson of Zerodha did contact me on next day about the Partner Program and told me that he will be sending me the confirmatory email about the program however till today I haven’t received any e mail from Mr. Nelson.
        I have experienced very dull response from Zerodha team in relates to Partner Program.


        Mukeshkumar Patel

  57. Tapan says:

    1. Why were we not informed when zerodha opened its Depository service ?
    2. I read that there is no need for ECS. SIP amount would be deducted if there is balance in your account. Right ?.. Ok., Transfer of balance to our account is charged at 10 odd rupees. What about the charge here ? Will it be the same ?

  58. S.Dinesh says:

    Do you have an app for Android / IOS phone? That would be really useful apart from being cool. Please advise.



  60. Satish says:

    If I invest in SIP through zerodha, will there be any brokerage or transaction cost for recurring investments?

  61. Chand says:

    Hi , Conditional order is very good , This option valid for SIP ?
    Conditional order i valid for life time ? or in 3 or 4 month order will expired ?

  62. Rohan Bandekar says:

    Hi Nithin!
    Can we have a feature to segregate Mf purchased under separate portfolios?
    eg. I create a foli for “retirement” under this i have 2 SIP
    2nd, i create a separate foli for “children education” and have 4SIP under it etc.

    This will help track investment and more importantly investment goals.
    Along with SIP in equity.
    This feature will help us to make Zerodha our one stop investment solution

  63. Rohan Bandekar says:

    Bo fund transfer works only through Internet explorer. Can you please have this upgraded so that we can transfer through other browsers like chrome, mozilla or provide a separate APP so that everything can be managed through a Mobile Manager APP.

    Secondly, Fund transfer does not work on the newer version of Internet explorer
    shipped with Windows 10.

  64. vrushal salunke says:

    i am trying to look for fanklin and sbi mutual funds but its not able to search the same.

    can you let me know how should i do that.

  65. Arun says:

    I have already SIP and one time purchase directly from various mutual fund houses. I was wondering if there is any way I can transfer those to Zerodha. If yes, what is the procedure for doing the same.

    • Venu says:

      SIP’s can’t be transferred. You can start a new SIP using our platform. One time purchase can be transferred to your Zerodha demat account if its in dematerialized form using a DIS slip.

  66. hARI says:


  67. ankur gupta says:

    When VTC(valid till canceled) orders features start in equity trading platform?

  68. samba purohit says:

    sir we have il&fs demat what would be for us or this is for all zerodha client

  69. Pranshu says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    I was surprised to find you guys going the regular plan route considering there are sites (not naming them for obvious reasons) that give you the opportunity to invest using the direct method. And I’m not talking about investing directly with AMCs. These sites charge 20rs transaction fee but let us invest directly with various funds using the same account. I was actually waiting for you guys to fully launch mutual funds before I use other sites expecting you guys to adopt the same model. Your announcement was surprising since you have followed a business model of charging low transaction fees while not having any advisors, which I love. I’m a bit disappointed. Now I must go ahead with the other site.

  70. raju shinde says:

    Dear Sir,
    What benefit I will get if provide referral for mutual fund?

  71. arjun says:

    I want to include API in website

    Please help[ me..

  72. Tapan says:

    Thank you Nitin for bringing out so much innovation behind the idea of brokering. Zerodha support, the team, executive, everybody is more than happy to help. That really pleases me as a customer. Very much happy and proud to have Zerodha as my broker. Highly Recommended. Thank you to each and every person involved in making Zerodha what it is!. 🙂

  73. SUNIL says:

    What all are the SIP intervals available in this platform?

  74. Manish says:

    I am already Investing directly with in few Mutual Funds, can i move them to DEMAT at Zerodha ?
    If yes, how to do that ?

    Additionally, Example Kotak is charging me 1.9% of total investment on Direct Investment
    will this change if i invest via Zerodha ?

  75. Rakesh Gan says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I have axis mf elss holdings (not sip) in icicisecurities demat a/c which is linked with Zerodha. Can I transfer my holdings in zerodha demat. If so kindly let me know the detailed procedure.

  76. Babu K says:


    ZERODHA clients (not Partners) if refer anyone to MF will they get any referral commission (like 10% in brokerage Rs 20)? If yes how much?

    Also do you have affiliate links for MF, KITE & Varsity pages

  77. Sumit says:


    Once MF pledging available, Can we replace 50% cash with pledged liquid fund?


    • For cash component bit, it is best if you use liquidbees which are ETF’s that can be bought on the exchange. Also make sure that there is always some free cash, to make good of any MTM losses.

      • Sumit says:

        Thanks for reply,
        Still i am little bit unclear about this.

        lets keep MTM losses aside for a moment.
        Historically liquid bees gives 4 to 4.5 % return and liquid funds gives 8% returns.
        And i have pledged mutual funds of 1 lakh rs (50,000 Equity MF + 50,000 Liquid funds).
        So can I use these pledged amount for future trading or option selling without cash component?

        We know Liquid bees = Cash.

        My question is :-
        Pledge Liquid Fund == Cash ???
        Is this correct?


  78. Sourajit Aiyer says:

    Excellent initiative for creating convenient MF access with Indian savers.
    All the very best.
    Have you stopped empanelling new AMCs now after the 20-odd that you mentioned? or are you open to empanel even more? Our MFs are performed well in recent times, and hence, this query about empanelling on your platform.

  79. Vj says:

    Hi Nitin,

    When Q back office will be upgraded from Beta version ? I see this every day and it remains the same .

    Another observation is do we really need to have the outdated Bulletin on the page ?the last updated is 30th July. Or is it showing only to mine ?


  80. nano says:

    Can Distributor use this MF platform??

  81. Shivamma says:

    Hi Nithin,

    If i redeem MF will i be able to use the redemption money immediately in trading account to buy shares?
    Currently this is possible when the shares are sold even though settlement happens T+2 days.

  82. lohit says:

    Great work by zerodha. Completely satisfied with the services offered, But when I am trying to log in to Q account for mutual fund it is showing invalid user ID/ Passsword. I have already got the mail today that the account is activated for mutual funds. Hoping issue will be resolved soon.

  83. sunny kapoor says:

    Hi, Why can’t i find KOTAK ETFs?
    Could you suggest how to find funds by category?


    • ETF’s are exchange traded funds, so you will not be able to find it on the MF platform, you can find it directly on the trading platform (similar to stocks). We will soon have funds by category as well.

  84. Rupin says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I wanted to transfer my units present in my hdfc securitites demat account to zerodha demat account.
    The 3 mf are :-

    When i went through the list of mf present, I only saw HDFC MF. So basically i have 2 questions:-
    1) Can i transfer my hdfc mf units now and rest two after they are listed on your website
    2) When can i can expect sbi and canara to be listed.

    Thanks in advance,

  85. sohel akhtar says:

    1. What documents do i need to attach alongwith the prefilled form for the opening of zerodha deemat account??
    2. how many days will it take to open the account?

  86. Raghu says:

    Hi Nithin…this is Raghu here. I want to close my demat account with ilfs opened by Zerodha and want to open demat account with Zerodha itself. I had downloaded closing form and account opening form. I am unable to fill it. Please help me fill out the forms. Please mail me step by step instructions for both process. My client id is DR3873 and my mail id is [email protected]


    • Venu says:

      Just login to Q and click on Profile to download your pre-filled demat application form. Just sign it and send it to get your Zerodha demat account opened.

  87. BHUVANESWARI says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have despatched the trading and demat account opening forms on 23rd Feb and received by you on 25th Feb. To my surprise, the trading account opened today(29th) and intimation received by me(RB1790). it is remarble that the account opened within 3 working days. My best wishes to you and your team mates.

    With regards,

    S Bhuaneswari

  88. Sumit says:

    I have some mutual funds. Few of them that I have directly purchased from AMC (direct plans) and few of them purchased through broker(regular) in same folio.
    Can I transfer all these funds to zerodha?


  89. pravin says:

    sir u are trying to incorporate ILFS demats as well, what will approximate time will require to bring ilfs demat for mutual fund

    • Venu says:

      Its best to get your demat account opened at Zerodha and transact in Mutual funds. The pre filled forms are available in your Q login under the Profile page.

  90. sanjoy says:

    I have some MF in Mirae asset AMC and SBI Bluechip fund. I have zerodha demat a/c but my MFs are in non-demat. Also my MFs are in direct plan with AMC.
    1. How can I transfer these MFs to Zerodha a/c?
    2, After transfer Can I pledge them and use margin for trading?
    3. After transfer do these plans shall be changed into Regular plan?
    4. Please provide me the procedure to doing these transfer procedure.

    • Venu says:

      1. Currently you can transfer only if its in demat.
      2. Pledge for MF’s will take sometime.
      3. No, they’ll remain to be Direct plans. You will not be able to redeem them through us.
      4. If it’s in Demat mode, you’ll have to use the DIS slip to initiate the transfer.

  91. sumit says:

    i have invested last year in axis long term equity -direct plan, can i attach that to ur dp to get benifit of pledging and margin funding

  92. Sindhu R. Hebbar says:


    The MF home page shows a FATCA declaration on first login. But there is no link provided on the FATCA details. Will be helpful to include the link on it.

    Please clarify if the data on the expense ratios listed against the MF schemes is correct. For e.g. ‘HDFC Liquid Fund – Growth option’ shows an expense ration of 0.08% on Zerodha. The Fact sheet on the HDFC MF website shows it as 0.45%.

    Sindhu R.H.

  93. **RON** says:

    I have made some MF purchase from your new MF platform. I am quite concerned after I spoke to HDFC MF today. You need to sought out things about Joint account holder and Nominee ASAP. You are behaving like icicidirect use to around 5 years back.

    I am told (by HDFC MF) that my Folio , which is created after I made a purchase with you, does not have any joint account holder or Nominee. HDFC doesn’t recognise my wife (Joint holder) or my dad (Nominee).

    Can you please answer my following questions, if possible in the same numeric order:

    1. Why no Joint holder is added in the Folio? The Demat account is in Joint name.
    2. Why no Nominee is added to the Folio? I have faced a lot of difficulties and lost around 2 lacs rupees because my grandfather did not have Nominee in his post office saving scheme. You are again going to put my family member through the same grief if you do not add Nominee to my MF investments.
    3. If something happens to me, the folio will be in my name and the demat account will be in my Wife’s name (As the first holder is dead). How can this situation be tackled? Technically someone else’s units are in someone else’s account after my death. What are the documents that will be required by my wife to claim these MF units. Please note that ideally no documents should be required because she is the equal owner of the Demat account in which the units are held. HDFC has confirmed that they do not recognise the joint holder or the Nominee of my demat account.
    4. For my future investments that I make through your MF platform, how can I add a Joint account holder and a Nominee?
    5. Please note that icicidirect clearly provides an option to add a joint account holder and a Nominee in a folio (event though the units are held only in a folio and not the demat account). Do you have any plans to introduce this? If not its quite concerning.

    • Venu says:

      Hi Ron,

      1. The MF accounts have been created as per the details available in the trading records.

      2. The nominee & the second holder have been updated for your account. All your future purchases will reflect these details.

      3. We spoke to the R&T of the AMC. The R&T insists that the client write a letter giving details of the second holder along with a copy of the CMR of the DP and the folio number and the second holder can be updated for the existing folio that you’ve purchased. Here’s the link to find the closest R&T agent (CAMS) for the fund you are holding where the letter has to be sent: Do let us know once you send this out, so we could get in touch with the R&T and get this done.

      4. They have already been added.

      5. You can update a Joint account holder & nominee in the way mentioned above.

  94. Tapan says:

    What will happen to the transaction if i do not have sufficient balance in my trading account ?

    • It will not be placed for that particular day. It will wait until you have sufficient balance for order to be placed.

      • Tapan says:

        So once the balance is available, it will be done the same day or T+1 ? Or Will it skip that SIP for the month ? It happened to me. But, next day when balance was available the status was still : Insufficient Balance.

        • Venu says:

          Orders are placed at 2pm everyday. So if there are funds before such time, your order will go through else will remain pending till you cancel it. Same thing with SIP, order will remain pending if there are no funds and will get placed once there are funds in the account.

  95. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    When do you plan to make the cut-off time 2pm ? A cut-off of 8 am is quite an issue if I want to make optimum use of my trading funds

  96. Rathnakara Hande says:

    I am unable to apply for mutual fund through Q back office account. Is the pass word for Q back office different from my trading account (PR0589) password? Please let me know how I can apply for mutual funds through my trading account. Can I use the free cash available in my trading account / commodity account for purchase of mutual funds?

  97. Sunil Tyagi says:

    There are only a few select Mutual funds that one can invest through Zerodha. Big names like SBI, Birla, HDFC etc. are not available.
    I hope that you are going to expand the scope ?

  98. ShreyaDR says:

    your MF tagline says, start investing in over 2000 mutuals funds. but there is no way where we can filter the funds By AMC or by category like Equity, ELSS, Debt, Liquid etc. and compare in between them. 🙁

  99. Guna says:

    Is pledging allowed against mutual funds holdings if so when will you start appx date.( I read in one of the answers given above that it will take some time)

  100. Sujeet Kumar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    You have made world of investment simple. The moment I came to know that you have started Demat Ac service I sent form same day to close IL & FS and move existing holdings accordingly in Zerodha Demat. Trust me your co. is simply outstanding in service delivery. I have couple of questions/suggestion.
    1) What are the charges for Purchasing MFs?
    2) What are the charges of holding MF units in demat ac? Is it similar like Shares?
    3) I suggest you to integrate MF account into Kite itself, so that switching won’t be a problem.


    • 1. No charges
      2. None. Similar to Shares
      3. Currently it is integrated with Q. Eventually Kite and Q will have same login/pwd.

      • Sujeet Kumar says:

        For Shares delivery/sell it is charged around 14 Rs per script. So all SIPs of MF will be charged separately around 14 Rs? Pls clarify. Thank You

        • When you redeem, all SIP’s would be redeemed at one time. So only one charge would apply. Btw, for mutual funds the DP charge is just Rs 5.5

          • Sujeet Kumar says:

            Sorry I think I din’t make my question clear to you. You said ‘”When you redeem, all SIP’s would be redeemed at one time. So only one charge would apply'”
            What about SIP purchase? All single SIPs will be charged at 5.5 RS per transaction as per it’s frequency (weekly/monthly)?

  101. Sudheendra Kamath says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Will I have to keep funds for SIP with Zerodha or the SIP amount will be directly debited from SB account linked with Zerodha?

  102. Arun Kiran Patro says:

    I hold zerodha demat account.
    Since zerodha didn’t had mf platform year ago.
    i bought mf schemes using fundsindia.
    These schemes are not in demat form.
    Can i transfer these mf folios to zerodha demat a/c.
    I posted same query to zerodha support, they replied they can’t do.

    Till now fundsindia used to handle online transactions now you will take care of transactions.

  103. Amit says:

    Hi Can you please provide tentative timeline for MF pledging. ( One month, 2 month , 6month )


  104. Varun says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I saw zerodha has added SBI mutual funds but some of the funds are still missing. I checked on moneycontrol SBI Small & Midcap Fund -Direct (G) had a return of 44% over the last 2 years. Is there any chance that this can be added?

    When are you going to add DSP-blackrock ?

    Thanks for opentrade by the way.

  105. Gopinathan says:

    Hi Nithin
    I placed an sip order though mf.zeRodha login. I got an allotment mail. Subsequently after Few days It got rejected stating insufficient fund in my trading account. Whereas I had sufficient funds on my zerodha trading account.
    How do I make the payment for SIP?

  106. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi Nithin

    I have demat account in zerodha. My id DO0042 Omprakash. plan to start sip. I have some doubts.I saw the screen shots mutual fund conditional order window which says select your sip dates weekly,15 days ,monthly. Here my doubt is if i plan to invest Rs.1000 in a month i can split that amount as 500+500 in two different dates in the same month eg: January 15 Rs.500 and January 23rd Rs.500 since your have given option as mutual fund conditional order window and minimum investment 5000 is the initial amount and sip for month starts from Rs.500 right? and if i want to increase the sip is that possible?Kindly reply me

    Phone: 9566068331.

  107. Arnab says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Many many thanks for introducing the MF platform .After getting the news I was planning switch my MF investment with Zerodha from some other broker house.But many big and popular fund houses are missing there 🙁 .As example ICICI,TATA,UTI,Birla,CanaraRobeco,DSP Black Rock etc.
    Hope I will see those soon and will able to switch myself into zerodha for MF related requirements.

    give me one more suggestion as well i have invested in several fund houses with Aditya Birla My universe , and if i want to continue those fund will zerodha able to port those folio into zerodha account?

  108. sumit says:

    Can u pls update mutual fund dashboard on daily basis?
    Last time I logged request to update nav and ur representative updated nav and revert back to me that they are seeing updated nav.

    Currently I am seeing hdfc short term opportunities nav as 16.47 which is not latest.

  109. sameer chandra jha says:

    sir if we redeem any open ended mf scheme(equity type) after one year then also there will be exit load or it will be there after any sort of time .
    secondly , sir in balanced fund short term capital gain tax will be exempted after one year or three years .
    anxiously waiting for you answer
    thank you.

    • 1. It depends on the mf scheme. Some have it after 1 year, some don’t.
      2. Depends on what type of balanced funds you are investing in. If equity oriented (>65% in equity) then treatment is similar to equity funds, if not it is treated as debt fund.

  110. sameer chandra jha says:

    sir , i have sent order for axis elss plan , my order has been sent to amc and money is debited today, in how many days will it be alloted .
    secondly sir , if it will be alloted tommrow then i will have to show invested money for deduction under 80c for next year or it will be counted for this year only .

  111. Amolik says:

    Can mutual funds bought in Zerodha’s MF platform be pledged at one click? If yes, is there a list of Mutual funds which can be pledged to create margin for F&O?

  112. Naitik Nakrani says:

    Hello Team Zerodha,

    I want information about SIP. Typically when we purchase any SIP it should ask Fund, Frequency , Amount and Purchase Date.

    I guess Purchase date is mission while ordering any SIP.
    Plz add it so it can be convenient for clients to have flexible date (i.e. 5,10,15,18,21 of any month etc).

    Also i want to have Auto debit ECS from bank account also. if there is not provision from direct bank transfer, there should be link between zerodha and bank established for Auto debit.

    • Naitik, the SIP we are running is not like your traditional SIP. So for now auto debit ECS from bank is not possible (also it is quite cumbersome registering ECS/NACH). Also stopping/starting traditional SIP’s are quite tough. About your date requests, I am putting it up with our tech team.

      • Hardik Shah says:

        For, DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Growth
        Exit load on is 1%, where on DSP site

        Exit Load
        Holding period from the date of allotment:
        Less than 12 months: 1%
        Greater than or equal to 12 months: Nil

        I think, the same information should be provided on zerodha platform as well. Most of the case, for period greater than 1 year is NIL, which I didn’t see on zerodha page.
        And thanks for zerodha platform. it is great!

      • Sreenivas Doosa says:

        HI Nithin,

        Thanks a lot for providing such a wonderful platform Zerodha. I have added 5 MF SIPs in my zerodha account, but surprised to see no option for setting up a particular SIP date. Currently the SIP date is taken with the reference from initial investment date. Could you please make the option to choose SIP date enabled as soon as possible.


  113. Ramcharan says:

    Zerodha is offering any financial planning advisory or robo advisory services?

  114. Kashyap Bhat says:

    Nithin, I would like to invest in MF through Zerodha. To open a demat account with Zerodha, I need to send the Pre-filled form and the ILFS closure letter [filled-in? Please confirm] to Zerodha.

    Please confirm if my understanding is right. Also confirm the address it needs to be sent to. Are there any other documents to be sent? Thanks.

  115. Karthikeyan says:

    Can you please explain little bit more about tag line which you mentioned in the top “Just 200 everyday is 1.5 crore in 25 years”.. I am trying to understand how is it possible but couldn’t 🙁

    Thanks in advance !

  116. narsimha says:

    we refered but we r not receiving any referals ur team is v.irreasponsible they r not available in this competion age if u do like god save u

  117. Pavan says:

    Hi Team,
    I want to transfer my demat account from ICICI Direct to Zerodha — I have already invested with in ICICI Direct in Equity and Mutual funds (DSP, Mirae, Reliance) (I’m not the day trader).
    Please explain the process, time taken for change and any charges.
    Is it possible to maintain two demat accounts till Zerodha having full access on above mentioned mutual funds.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Venu says:

      You’ll have to get your trading and demat account opened at Zerodha. Once the account is opened, you’ll have to transfer all your holdings including Mutual funds to your newly opened Zerodha demat account by filling the Delivery Instruction Slip from ICICI and submitting it to them. If its a transfer cum closure, then ICICI wouldn’t charge you anything for the transfer, if you’re only transferring, they would charge you a transaction fee for transferring.

      Your Zerodha Account would get opened within 48 hours subject to all documents being right. Transfer of shares shouldn’t take more than a day from the time you’ve given them the request.

  118. BASKAR says:


    i am trading in f&o,holding shares &mf . After ending financial year i have take all short term &long term capital gain statement in your back office sir.any demo pls

  119. Manpreet Singh says:


    I was wondering why is the cut-off time given as 1:30pm. Shouldn’t that be 3:00 pm? When we buy from Camsonline or directly from Fund’s website, cut-off time is 3:00 pm.

    • Venu says:

      If you want the funds to be allotted at same day’s NAV, the orders have to be punched into the system before 2.00 pm and hence the cut-off is 1.30 pm.

  120. Yasaswy says:


    There are a bunch of firms like Invezta, orowealth etc. which are offering direct mutual fund plans and leaving brokerage in the hands of investors, hope you would take that route albeit with a 20 brokerage 🙂 to keep it afloat. Happy to pay Zerodha than mutual funds.

  121. Amrut says:

    Hi ,

    i want to invest in the HDFC liquid fund i am not able to find the same in the Search tab.

    Can you please help me in investing in the same ??

    Amrut Vishnu Katwa

  122. Sreenivas Doosa says:

    Hi Nithin Kamanth,

    I would like to know how much Zerodha charges for each SIP transaction in Mutual Fund like ICICI direct charges Rs. 34/- for a 5000/- SIP transaction. And also please let me know the charges for lump sum buy of mutual fund.

    • We have no execution charges at all, it is absolutely free SIP or Lumpsum.

      • Sreenivas Doosa says:

        That’s awesome. You guys are amazing. Respect.. _/\_

      • Mathew says:

        Then what are the charges which a customer would have to bear while trading with mutual funds through zerodha?
        Will the NAV be same as the real NAV in market?
        Where does zerodha get profit from mutual funds?
        Is there any additional change in AMC of a demat account if i trade in mutual fund too?

        • There are no additional charges for trading MF through Zerodha. NAV is the real NAV in market.
          AMC shares commission for selling mutual funds for them.
          No additional change in AMC of demat

  123. sanjay says:


    I want to know regarding Mf with monthly dividend option is this possible with it that if i sell them i get fund directly in zerodha account and not my bank account.?

    Same Way for dividend which i will get every month will go to my zerodha account or bank account ?

    • Venu says:

      Yes, whenver you sell any Mutual funds, the credit will come to your Trading account.

      In case there’s a dividend payout, the funds will go to the bank account mapped to your demat account.

  124. Dr.K.Chockalingam says:

    First of all, my compliments to Team Zerodha for all the support you provide to your clients. i have a few questions
    1) How and where can I see all the 19 or 20 MF you have?
    2) If a client of Zerodha wants to buy a MF you don’t provide right now, direct from the particular fund house, what is the procedure?
    3) At that time, should we have to give the demat account number of Zerodha and whether the MF purchased direct will get reflected in the demat account of your client ?

  125. Bhuvaneswari S says:

    Can I invest in Liquidbees Hoq I can invest. Shall it be used at any time for trading purpose? What is the rate of interest. Is the funds available immediately for trading account, whenever we require?

    Thank you, Sir

    • Liquidbees are ETF. So you can buy them very similar to how you buy stocks. Yes once bought they can be pledged and you can use it or margin. How much interest is not really fixed, it depends on the interest rate environment in the country. But usually more than savings bank rate and lesser than fixed deposit rates.

  126. Bhuvaneswari says:

    In my query about Liquidbees, I forget to mention that I am having trading& demat accounts with you.
    If it possible to load sufficient sum , we can convert whenever required. Hence, I am asking about the details.

  127. Bhuvaneswari says:

    Thank you, Sir, for your prompt reply.

  128. Arun Kiran Patro says:

    Can I transfer my invested mutual fund schemes from fundsindia (in non-demat form) to zerodha mf platform.

  129. Bhuvaneswari says:

    I am having drmat in my name. Shall Invest in SIP in MF in my granddaughter’s name ( she is minor) as a guartian. If so, what are the requirements.

    • The best way to do it will be to have your granddaughther as nominee on your demat account. Opening trading and demat in the name of a minor will not be possible.

  130. Bhuvaneswari says:

    Ok, Nithin, Thank you. I have one more to ask.
    If I invest in Liquidbees, how to pledge with you to have funds requirement
    If any charges for pledge & release.
    How many days it will take to pledge onpurchae date itself or T+2 days.
    Thank you, Sir.

  131. Prabhakar Singh says:

    sir how to start sip

  132. Prabhakar Singh says:

    How do we transfer our existing mutual funds or SIP’s into zerodha’s demat?

  133. Tanmay Garg says:

    What will be the difference in the NAV in your plan and direct plan.
    1. I need a rough estimate in percentage terms, or say I invest 1 lakh in Reliance Money Manager Growth fund.
    2. How are these difference in NAVs decided.
    3. What is the maximum and minimum changes in NAV that I can expect.

  134. Bhuvaneswari S says:

    I started an SIP with you on this day. It is so simple to start SIP. My kudos to you.
    I have a doubt, whether nomination for the SIP is to be made separately or the demat account nomination will be taken into account?
    I request you kindly clarify.

  135. Bhuvaneswari says:

    Thank you, Sir, for the clarification.

  136. chanad says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I hold MF in HDFC investment services account i.e statement form.I wish to transfer to zerodha demat.
    How can i do this?
    I have ELSS MF which is lock in for 3 years,can i transfer these to zerodha.

    • Chanad, it is best not to transfer these. There could be issues around redemption. We are still working with the exchange MF platform on bringing in clarity on redeeming such funds. Will keep you posted.

  137. Vinayak says:

    I have started using mf.zerodha…from the user experience perspective / ease of doing business / 🙂 , fantastic job.
    however I think one thing is missing or may be I am not able to find is, to track performace of mutualfunds portfolio.
    Say I have multiple funds in my portfolio, I would really like to see how my portfolio is earning money for me, what returns its giving, which mf is laggard, which one is performing….

    I think you guys know, what I am trying to say here….
    thanks, and appreciate all your fantastic initiatives.

  138. Bimal says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I had sent signed application for opening of new Dmat account. The same has already been delivered to you since 20th May. I have already made 3 email communications in this regard. Unfortunately, neither I have got any response on the emails nor the account has been opened.

    Does this not mock your claim that that new Dmat accounts are opened within 24 hrs ?


    Bimal (DB0668)

  139. Vj says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am not enrolled as a AP . But i have a question .

    1)What is it different for referral and AP .
    2) Do I get commission if my referred client open MF with you .


  140. Arun Singh says:

    Hi I want to invest in SIPS & Info on MF & Equity stocks.

  141. Arun Singh says:

    plz let me know how to start

  142. Amit says:

    Hi When we will get facility to pledge MFs ?

  143. Praveen Chauhan says:

    For opening Zerodha demat (for already existing one with IL&FS) below forms are there under –>Profile option–>Pre-filled forms
    (1)Equity trading
    (3)Commodity trading
    (5)Financial proofs

    I only interested to do trading in Equity & Mutual Funds. So do i need to send all the forms or just Equity trading & Demat only ?

  144. Praveen Chauhan says:

    For already existing with IL&FS below forms are there under –>Profile option–>Pre-filled forms
    (1)Equity trading
    (3)Commodity trading
    (5)Financial proofs

    I only interested to do trading in Equity & Mutual Funds. So for opening Zerodha demat, do i need to send all the above forms or just Equity trading(1) & Demat(2) only ?

  145. Raju says:

    I would like to know what happens when on the day of SIP execution, there’s not enough balance in Zerodha Account ? Does the SIP gets paused automatically, or is it executed on the next day or during the the next SIP instalment ? Do I get any notification(SMS or email) regarding this ? Kindly clarify…

  146. Muthukumar says:


    The exit load for Bira SL Short term fund is NIL as per the scheme document but Zerodha shows a 0.25% exit load. I see this on many short term mutual funds. Does zerodha charge exit load separately?

    • We can’t charge any exit load. What AMC charges is the actual exit load. The exit loads shown are what we receive from DION (our data vendor), will check if there is any mistakes with their data.

  147. Shridhar says:

    Having just initial look on your mutualfund dashboard.

    I was expecting something like i will be able to search which are the top performing fund but no, it is just select fund and then get the history of fund performance. There should be option to provide top 10 or top n funds for different parameters. Even better if we can search in detail for eg. which funds are having PAGE IN in their portfolio, XYZ fund manager hare managing which funds etc.

  148. Sandeep says:

    Will I be able to invest in the Mahanagar IPO through the OFS link on Q ? I have an ILFS demat account

  149. Sushant says:


    Searching mutual fund just by fund name and investing on it is v difficult. Must to be added is evaluation for mutual fund’s performance by using various factors like type of fund, market cap, returns, risk level, etc. Without this choosing a mutual fund by simple search is impossible. Refer the one given by


  150. Kapil says:

    What r the minimum and maximum difference in load in direct and regular plan

  151. Digvijaysinh says:

    Hello sir in Android kite. app not see mutual fund can I see in future. It’s a possible sir

  152. Umesh Ramaj says:

    Its good.
    But When I opened my demat account through Zerodha, it will got from IL & FS.
    So how can I avail the facility of MF from my zerodha account?
    Plz suggest.

  153. Anrus says:


    If I’m investing in tax saving mutual fund with a certain locking period, will I be getting any investment proof that can be used for declaring my investments.

  154. Bibin says:

    is there any annual maintenance charge for mutural fund demat?

  155. sudarsana reddy says:

    some areas zerodha services are very good and less cost but some areas it is very bad, example pledging existing shares, in icicidirect we can pledge and simultaneously sell pledge shares whereas in zerodha if u pledge then u want to sell means u need to unpledge and it takes 1-2 days and within that time stock may come down. in icicidirect spot u can sell even pledged shares. while falling shares in each day it will fall very fast.
    if this feature available in zerodha then it is very useful.

  156. Ashique Abrar says:

    I have a few queries
    1. Will you offer robo advisory alongwith the simple buying and selling of mutual funds
    2. In portals like MFU, which offers free investing in mutual funds (direct schemes) there is no charge, do you have any charges like per sip costs, etc


    Hi Nithin,
    Congrats to you & your team for great work being doing.

    1. What will be the difference between buying mf through Zerodha & direct AMC.
    2. Is there any extra charge we have to pay to zerodha???

  158. omprakash says:

    Hi My id: Do0042. Omprakash. Today 10/07/16 I opened a mutual fund name mirae asset emerging blue ship-growth with sip of 2000 per month. My account balance is rs. 5850 Initial investment was 5000 I confirmed the request and registered successfully.My question is that it says next sip due date is 08/08/16 amount Rs. 2000. It means this month current (10/07/16) debits only rs. 5000 or both initial amount Rs.5000+ sip amt Rs2000? Please resolve this query. Another one is there any option say after couple months or years decided to increase or decrease my sip amount? Please answer both questions or ask one of your rep. to call regards this.
    ph: 9566068331.


    Hi Nitin,

    I have started investing Mutual funds from Zerodha Platform. I would like to know If there is possibility of getting Collateral Margin from the Mutual funds like we do get from stocks ? If there isn’t. Can I ask you, if zerodha is planning to do so in coming future ?

    Chandra sekhar

  160. Arun says:

    I would like to open Demat specially for investing in Mutual Fund SIP & lumsum.

    But it will be tedious task to transfer money in every month. It may be difficult to keep cash for 2-3 SIP at time.
    Initially I am planning to start SIP of Rs 4000 / month

    Is there any solution ? If yes. then I am very much interested to open demat with yoy

    • Arun, you can IMPS money into your account anytime. Also unlike traditional SIP’s you have complete flexibility to start/stop/edit your SIP online with a click of a button.

      • Arun says:

        Nitin Sir
        Thanx for prompt reply
        But I am looking for option by which the require SIP amount will automatically debited from my bank account; may be 2 days before due date.
        B coz I guess otherwise I will have to do IMPS every month manually.

        Plz suggest solution

  161. Rish says:

    Are MF SIPs on Zerodha Regular or Direct?

  162. Ashwin Dahale says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    How i will place SIP order at NAV Tracking prices??

  163. Tanmay Prakash says:

    Any plans to offer SIP in stocks?
    I don’t think it should be very difficult to implement, now that you have the framework in place.


  164. Venkatesh says:

    May I know how to make additional funds ?

  165. Anil says:

    Hi Nithin, Congrats for all your efforts for making the Kite a super user friendly on browsers and Mobile Apps.

    I just want to know what are the special or different advantages we get for buying MF’s from Zerodha compared to others i.e. ICICIdirect, HDFC, etc…?

    • Anil, the conditional orders that you can place on MF is unique to use. Also SIP with us can be customized unlike with others. Other than this, everything else is almost the same.

  166. omprakash says:

    Hi Nithin
    My id DO0042 Omprakash.I have opted for mutual fund name Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Growth. My first sip on 10-08-2016 rs. 5000 that was the initial one. Second sip on 10-07-2016(Yesterday wednesday). Here my question is my next sip instalment shows date as 09-09-2016 actually i have opted for every 10th of the month but my next sip shows 09-09-2016. This is how the sip date will go Descending to ascending order. Please clarify and also tell me the correct ph :no and contact person to call for any enquiry for mutual fund because no body aware the exact info about mutual fund in your customer care. contact : 9566068331.

  167. ShreyaDR says:

    Is it possible in Zerodha MF to Switch the invested funds between funds within the AMC?

    e.g. XYZ AMC have abc 1, abc 2…& so on funds. Once invested in abc2 fund, can i switch over to abc1 thru Zerodha?

    if not, redemption amount will get credited my bank account or Zerodha trading account?

  168. Aniket Nikumb says:

    Hey Zerodha team,

    I bought some Daily dividend funds a couple of days back and wanted to check where can I see the dividends credited and the accounting? I haven’t got any credits yet in my bank account


  169. Azhar says:

    Could you be able to convert my existing mutual funds brought through fundsindia to my demat account. If I send you the MF Demat Request Form + CAMS Consolidated Account Statement? Or do you need the statement of account separately?

    • Venu says:

      Yes, you can convert in case it’s a lumpsum investment you’ve made. Yes, you’ve to send us the Demat request form and the physical statement of accounts.

  170. ch padma says:

    Dear Mr.Nitin

    i am very happy to invest in mutual funds through zerodha .. started investment.. i have few suggestions regarding
    SMALL CASE . which you recommended recently … its very good platform . but there is small changes to be done..
    i have purchased some shares directly through KITE .. And i am alos invested through Samall case .. where as Small case have bunch of Shares ..which is also showing in my same portfolio of Kite .. now its quite confusing what i bought through kite and what i bought through small case .. this is really creating confuse … if i wanna sell …
    so i suggest please show it in seperate portfolio the shares which belongs to small case .. like how mutual funds and equities shows seperate .. in Back office portfolio … pleaseeeee this will really help … regards

  171. Prashant says:


    I want to start a monthly SIP of Rs 2000 for next 15 years in SBI Bluechip fund(Growth). However while purchasing, it says that initial Investment required is Rs 5000. However is there any other way I can start SIP directly without paying initial Rs 5000?


  172. Arvind says:

    Very Important request.

    At outset I would like to share my sincere experience of thrill by looking at Zerodha. I work in a big product MNC and am immensely proud that Zerodha is matching my company’s own standards wrt design, quality and elegance. Ways to go guys!! I am also happy that you have opened up Mutual funds investment via Zerodha. Now the way Zerodha is I dont want you guys to just ordinary stock broker and MF agent. So here is what I think your tech team should do:

    1. You have data for each and every trade, like buy, sell etc.
    2. Use these numbers to on top of any of the 5-10 top Mutual funds.
    3. Now show that what if instead of buying directly if one had bought in these MFs.
    4. Compare the returns

    This way people would get really motivated to check that whether they can beat MFs and if not than there is no need for extra burden and simply invest in MFs. Since you have buy and sell data it would be the correct information.

    Hope to see this feature soon and check my own performance!


  173. Somnath says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Is Zerodha coming up with an Advisory service to help clients invest in proper MFs as per their financial goals…. and also to suggest if we need to switch funds based on the performance of the MFs.
    The way it currently is…we can see the historic returns from the Zerodha MF Platform and directly go to the AMC Websites to invest directly instead of paying 0.5-0.7% for Regular Plan.
    For novice investors like me….some guidance would have been really helpful.

  174. Rahul Lamkhade says:

    Is there any account maintenance charges in mutual fund of zerodha?

  175. Abhijit says:

    As you might be knowing that Mf Utility is offering online investments in Direct Mutual Funds schemes now. I can invest there and increase my returns by 0.5% – 1.2% without going through any extra pain. I can invest in mutual funds from a single portal there as offered by Zerodha but save that extra expense. There are many others platform also like ORO, Invezta etc.

    I like 0 charges for equity delivery of Zerodha and other features but when it comes to mutual funds, I am losing easy money for no reason if platforms like Mf utility is there for it. So will Zerodha be providing Direct plans in future?

  176. Venkat says:

    Hi Nithin,
    When Zerodha supports only regular plans and receive commissions from fund houses, how is this different from other DMAT providers, who also don’t charge for buying MFs from their platform? Ex: I can open a DMAT account with SBI with onetime fee and buy/redeem MFs ?
    Any plans for supporting direct plans in future?

    Also, if we buy MF on your platform, can we see them on CAMS site?

    • With the mutual fund platform, there is nothing different that we offer. Couple of things, all funds are available, conditional orders, you can start/stop our simulated SIP with one click. Direct plans not possible to be offered by a distributor like us. We sell mutual funds in demat mode, so CAMS will not show this. You can see it on your NSDL/CDSL consolidated statements.

  177. Manvender Dagar says:

    Hello Zerodha,

    Can you please fasten the integration of mutual funds in to your kite app ?
    Because I want to invest in mutual funds without the hassle of starting laptop, connecting to internet, opening browser, searching for zerodha, going to mutual funds section, login and then transact.
    Please integrate in your kite app and I would be the most happiest person when it comes to mutual fund investing.
    And also, allow adding funds to Zerodha account from a debit card or ewallets. I haven’t used netbanking for the last 2 years. Sorry, not good at remembering strong passwords and a login id and hardest part, remembering transaction password. Oh, OTP also.

  178. sanjib debnath says:

    I have total investment of 8.7 lakh in uti MF… now I want to transfer it to Zerodha. what should I supposed to do now?

  179. Deviprakash shetty says:

    Dear sir,
    1. Can i sell my mutual fund holdings and get instant margin for a intraday trade like we do in stocks ? After closing that intraday trade can i buyback mutual fund holdings ? If possible how much brokerage charged ?

  180. Anurag says:

    how can we invest in overnight mutal fund by zerodha.

  181. saurabhmehta18 says:


    I wanted to know, why is IDFC Premier equity – Growth fund now available on Zerodha platform.


    • saurabhmehta18 says:

      Can anyone revert on my query!! If IDFC Premier equity is available for investment via Zerodha or not?


      • saurabhmehta18 says:

        It also seems that not all the funds are available from all AMCs on Zerodha platform. I am currently investing in MFs via and they have got all the AMCs and all funds under 1 roof. Any idea by when All AMCs and all funds be available on zerodha? Appreciate your response soon. Thanks.

  182. Deepali says:

    I want to invest in MFs through DEMAT. I want to know if it is as good as investing through an AMC.
    What are the charges if I use zerodha to buy MFs

  183. Vj says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Please guide me how do i transfer a mutual fund which is with ICICI Direct to Zerodha . It is in Demat form and had opened directly with ICICI Direct .


  184. SAMIR says:

    I would like to know other than getting all other AMC mutual funds under one roof/demat account,what are all other advantages of changing to Zerodha plarform.
    please inform if this procedure of having funds in Zerodha demat , is good for retired persons with regards to 1. cap gain analysis / documentation . 2 . income generation.

    • Samir, we give you the convenience of tracking NAV prices in your orders and also simulated SIP’s that can be started and stopped at will with a click of a button. You get all the statements as well.

  185. Mallikarjuna Reddy says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Want to know , when can i see the MF option in mobile platform ( Kite ). Eagerly waiting for it.


  186. Jasmin J says:

    I am using your mutual fund platform. Its really help me to have all my stock market related investments into one, earlier I was using fundsindia for the mutual fund. One of my concern is that you are not providing all the mutual funds in your platform, especially Parag Parikh mutual funds. When can we expect all the mutual funds?

    Also another item I would prefer is to deduct my trading account(Equity Margin) balance, instead of doing it in the evening. I mean you can add the amount to Margin Used at-least.

  187. BKB says:


    I wish to buy MutualFund as a bulk and also wish to do sip every month.
    If I buy bulk then Do I need to transfer the amount to my equity account and from there it is debited?
    Please let me know if you support SIP. If yes is this debited every month from my bank or from my equity account?
    Also share any other process if you have.

  188. Mayur says:

    My mutual fund sip order was cancelled this month due to insufficient funds..Now I have transferred funds into my account..Will the order get placed automatically this time??


    • Venu says:

      If you’ve transferred funds after the due date, the order doesn’t go through. Funds have to be available as on the date when the order is due. You can however place a lumpsum order for the same fund to ensure you don’t miss an installment.

  189. Vj says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Can we expect to have a Filtering option in mutual fund..I Am exploring some of the mutual fund in scanners but every time end up with different figure .You have put 3 as recommended funds but i would want to explore more based on my criteria . Could you please include this in next release or suggest me a site if their is one .

  190. Ramesh dhanawade says:

    What are the benefits and drawback in buying Mutual Funds in Lumpsum and SIP? E.g. If I want to invest 5000 per month then is it good to do SIP or Buy Lumpsum every month?

    • Venu says:

      Making investments through SIP gives you an opportunity to average out your investments. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, you can look it up on Google.

  191. Mayank says:

    Why should you guys claim zero brokerage? You are selling regular plans where commissions are being paid by the mutual fund companies to Zerodha? The brokerage cost is being charged by the mutual fund company, it is deducted from the investor’s money and shared with Zerodha. So a brokerage is being charged!
    It will be zero brokerage if investment is into Direct plans, which do not deduct brokerage portion from the investor’s money.
    This is pretty much misleading the general public with such claims

    • Venu says:

      1. We’ve only said it’s 0 brokerage for all Equity investments.
      2. We’ve never said we offer direct plans.
      If you wish to invest into a Direct plan, you’ll have to approach the AMC directly. As Mutual fund distributors, we don’t have an online option to offer direct plans.

  192. Ritesh Visaria says:


    I have just opened an account with zerodha for Mutual Fund, i had a big problem starting SIP. There are few funds whose SIP could be as minimum as Rs. 500 Per month and initial Amount itself could be RS. 500. but here on zerodha It shows minimum Initial amount at Rs. 5000 as default, whereas on other platform it is not the case or there is a bug on the site. In case of lumpsum investment it should be Rs. 5000 and not the SIP. Kindly Fix this.

    • Ritesh, currently the way we are doing SIP on our MF platform is that we are simulating it using lumpsum/reinvestments. Yes it has that issue of Rs 5000 to start off, but it also gives a lot of flexibility. We will add the normal SIP mode also soon.

  193. Vipin says:

    Hi Team Zerodha,

    I want to know the timeline when the Pvt Ltd company can invest in MF through the Zerodha Demat account. Last month I was told that it was not still functional. Any tentative ETA of enabling MF purchases through demat?


  194. Parag says:


    I heard if I want to exit the mutual fund then there will be some exit load. What is the same for Axis bank long term equity fund.
    Also what is the lock in period for same fund? it is on Initial investment or on both initial invvestment + SIP?

  195. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi Nithin
    My name Omprakash. Id: DO0042. ph: 9566068331Investing in mutual fund name Mirae Asset Mutual Fund monthly sip Rs.2000. Today(10/24/2016) recd email from mirae asset i am not able to figure what the mail means exactly. What i understood is bulk purchase temperorily suspension or something else. Will it affect my sip’s. Kindly clarify me or arrange a callback for this.
    Here is the mail…………

    NOTICE is hereby given that Mirae Asset Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd., Trustee to Mirae Asset Mutual Fund
    (MAMF) has approved the following:
    Fresh lumpsum subscription/switch-in to all the Plans & Options of Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund
    (MAEBF) through any mode including Stock Exchange platform has been temporarily suspended with
    effect from October 25, 2016 after the cut-off time of 15:00 hours.
    Investors are advised to take note of the following details in respect of the aforementioned suspension:
    i) Fresh Registration through the Systematic Route i.e. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)/Systematic
    Transfer Plan (STP)**/ Mirae Asset Variable Transfer Plan (VTP)/Mirae Asset Trigger Investment Plan
    (TRIP)/Mirae Asset Group Investment Plan (GRIP) shall be allowed for a maximum of upto Rs.25,000/-
    (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand) per each installment/execution per trade date before the cut off time
    of 15:00 hours. Further, the said limit of Rs.25, 000/- through all or any of the Systematic Route shall
    be applicable at PAN level for each Investor.
    **Investors may please note that the Daily STP from any scheme “IN” to MAEBF will not be available
    during the said suspension period and that the Investors will be able to transact using the other frequency
    options available under the STP facility of MAEBF with the specified limitation.
    ii) Existing registrations/application received till the cut-off time of 15:00 hours on October 25, 2016 through
    all or any of the Systematic Route, shall continue without any change (as is) as per the terms of the
    Scheme Information Document of MAEBF at the time of such registrations.
    iii) Any Redemptions including Switch-out or Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) would continue without
    any change (as is) as per the terms of the Scheme Information Document of MAEBF.
    iv) The scheme will continue to issue units to the investors registered under the Dividend Reinvestment
    Option in case MAEBF declares any dividend.
    The AMC reserves the right to reject and refund without any notice to the investor at applicable NAV, in
    case if the subscription through all or any of the Systematic Route is received or inadvertently processed
    for an installment amount of more than Rs.25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand) per transaction at
    PAN level for any trade date.
    All the aforesaid conditions shall be applicable to MAEBF till further notice.
    This notice-cum-addendum forms an integral part of the SID, KIM and SAI of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund. All
    other contents of the SID, SAI and KIM remain unchanged.
    Kindly clarify this.

  196. manoj says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Actually I have Zerodha Demat account now i want to start SIP. My question are
    1.SIP installment is debited from equity balance or my bank account
    2. After the lock in period(when Sell Fund) amount will be credited to my bank account or equity balance
    3. Charges for stating SIP
    4. any docs required.

  197. D.omprakash says:

    Hi nithin
    I have posted several times please reply my above posted

  198. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Phanden says:

    Hi Nitin
    May I know how to trasfer the SIP from Zerodha to others.?

    • If SIP is in demat form, you can just transfer it to your zerodha demat account using DIS slips provided by your other broker. Once transferred, you can start a fresh SIP at Zerodha.

  199. 27pin says:

    Can I do a SIP on equity in zerodha ?

  200. Faizan Quraishi says:

    Two questions :
    1. Is buying mutual funds has any charge (entry load) on it? Earlier ICICI direct doesn’t used to charge anything. But now it started charging Rs100.
    2. I want to buy ELSS fund. Will I get Tax reciept mentioning that the fund has 80C benefits on my Email?

  201. Dhaivat says:

    Hi Team,

    In Mutual funds, I was not able to find any holding info of the mutual funds. Like what is sector wise holding, company wise holding and also CRISIL rating. If this are provided it would be great.

  202. Ameya says:

    I started monthly SIP of 2000 , which will get debited 2mrw from my zerodha account, but can i increase the amount of same SIP to 3000 or 5000 in future and vice versa ?
    thank you

  203. Vinayak says:

    Hi, I have been investing in MF via zerodha. Do you have any plans to add mutual fund app on playstore.

  204. Somnath Sadhukhan says:

    Is there any chance to get MF feature with ILFS demat account?

  205. Milind says:

    Nithin Kamath, first of all I would like to congratulate you and thank you for easing our life. I was a sharekhan user earlier, but once I came to know about Zerodha and I started using it, I knew that the time has come to move to Zerodha completely.

    Coming to my query, I want to invest in MF. I do not want to go for SIP, but I have to invest in multiple phases. Lets say I have 15k and want to invest in HDFC High Interest Dynamic-G, with the initial investment of 5k and the remnant amount anytime when the NAV is down. So lets say I end up investing 15K in 3 phases, would it result in purchasing the MF, 3 times or the Nav would be averaged out like in stock?

    Please help.

  206. sohail inamdar says:

    can i pledge mutual funds for F&O Trading?

  207. Mark says:

    I have zerodha account both equity & MF enabled , can I buy ELSS tax saver funds via ?

    if yen then how do I get a statement of it to produce it in my company for 80C tax exception

  208. Mohit jhanjee says:

    What is partner sharing ? yet to find out could u please share details so that can be promoted along with clients.

  209. Speedy says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I have mt demat with ILFS When can we start buying MF from zerodha..
    I dont want to shift my demat account.

  210. Rajiv Ranjan says:

    I used fund transfer in Kite interface. For every transfer from Bank A/C to Zerodha account, there are two charges:
    1. NEFT/RTGS/IMPS charge Which Bank charges (Let say 5 rs)
    2. Being Payment Gateway Charges in Zerodha (10rs approx)

    So, even you transfer 100 rs from your Bank to Zerodha trading account overall charge in 15 rs.
    This is really huge if you do transfer frequently.

    I closed my HDFC trading A/c and opened Zerodha for better brokerage charge. However, this transfer charge is really making it worst.

    I have two questions:
    A. Is there any way to transfer money in trading account without so heavy charge. Especially 2nd charge which I mentioned earlier ?
    B. Is there any charge for withdraw back from zerodha to bank account back as well ?

    • Rajiv, the charges are either or. If you use NEFT/IMPS/RTGS (your bank might charge you, we dont charge anything), payment gateway charges is not applicable. Vice versa as well.
      If you are transferring from your HDFC Bank to our NSE client HDFC bank via bank transfer, there is no charges applicable.

      A. Transfer from your HDFC to our HDFC, no charges applicable.
      B. No charges to withdraw.

      • Rajiv Ranjan says:

        Nithin, thanks for your response.

        My bank does not charge for NEFT transaction. However, payment gateway charge is deducted every time when I transfer to Zerodha.

        Can you please elaborate about following:
        “Transfer from your HDFC to our HDFC, no charges applicable. ”

        Do you mean, if I transfer directly transfer to HDFC account of Zerodha then there will not be any payment gateway charge ? If yes then, how can I transfer to Zerodha HDFC bank(please mail me Bank details) and further how will it be deposited in my equity/commodity balance ?

        • Rajiv, if you use the payment gateway, there is going to be that charge. This is not charged by us, this is charged by the our payment gateway vendor atom tech.
          If you register Zerodha as a payee on your bank and do a direct NEFT/IMPS/RTGS or bank to bank transfer, we dont’ charge anything. But in this case, there might be a delay in funds being updated on your trading account (15 mins). This link has all the details:

  211. Raghu says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I need to transfer some shares from my friend’s zerodha account into my zerodha account.

    Is it possible in first place and what is the procedure to be followed to initiate the same??

    Thanks in advance!!!

    • Raghu, you need to request for a DIS booklet for your friends account (similar to cheque book) from us. Once your friend receives it, he will have to fill up your demat account number and shares that he intends to transfer and submit it to us. The transfer can then happen.

  212. Mark says:

    I have a demat account with Zerodha

    Myself and father have a material share and he is the primary holder , My father is no more and I have the Share certificate with me , can you tell me what should I do to transfer it to my demat account.


    • Akshay A says:

      Mark, Since you and your father are the holders of the share certificate:

      Submit a notarized copy of the death certificate along with the Share certificate, dematerialization request form and transmission form.

      Hope this clarifies

  213. Muthu Kishor says:

    Could you confirm the working of conditional order in Zerodha MF…

    Case 1: Current NAV is 25, I place conditional order at 27, at what price it will purchase ?
    Case 2: Current NAV is 25, I place conditional order at 23, whether my order will be cancelled or open till that NAV price comes in the consecutive days?

    Thanks in advance for your clarification.

  214. Praveen Chauhan says:

    I have ELSS mutual fund with icicidirect and want to transfer in to Zerodha.
    Please tell me the procedure.

  215. Vinod says:

    Is mutual fund pledging services started in zerodha? if no then when can i expect the same?

  216. Aniket Gavandar says:

    Is smart SIP’s are available in Zerodha? we can change installment amount according to NAV price in smart SIP’s.

  217. Rahul says:

    I have been part of Zerodha for quite some time, and had ILFS Dmat Account. I had sent the Zerodha Dmat account opening forms along with ILFS closure forms to transfer my holding and to close ILFS account. Zerodha Dmat account was closed on 19th December but still the ILFS account is not closed and holdings not transferred. I have raised a support ticket #907869 already
    Please have a look at my case and let me know when I can expect the ILFS Dmat account to be closed.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Venu says:

      ILFS doesn’t process closure requests on the go, they do it only during the last 10 days of the month. Some internal policy that way. Our team is following up to get your account closed on priority.

  218. Subhash says:

    Can I use Zerodha Demat account, when I buy mutual funds on other platforms like for eg. MFU?

  219. Rajendra says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    Zerodha charges for fund transfer from Bank to Zerodha . why?
    Other brokers do not charge anything like this. I had transfered 25k from my bank to Zerodha and i just got Rs 24989 only.

  220. Manju says:

    Hi Nitin/Venu,

    You guys wonderful. Thanks for providing such a simple kite app. Could you please let me know the charges for buy/sell of mutual funds? Where can I get this information please?


  221. Swapnil says:

    I’ve invested in ELSS thru zerodha mf and I need receipts to be submitted in our company for verification.
    I just have a mail confirmation of allotment thru mail, as per our company that won’t be sufficient.

    How do I obtain these receipts

    • Venu says:

      If you go to the Portfolio options, there’s an option for you to generate the ELSS statements which will suffice as proof of investment.

  222. Shivaprasad Patil says:


    I have zerodha demat account. I have equity mutual funds & ELSS funds SIP running in HDFC, Axis, ICICI, Reliance.
    So, I have following questions:
    1. Can I transfer my mututal fund to zerodha demat?
    2. In zerodha is there brokerage involved while we start or buy SIP?
    3. Currently, as I’m investing in different AMCs have different folios. How it is managed in zerodha if I transfer my holdings to zerodha demat?
    4. What are the differences between buying or starting SIP in Zerodha and between howI’m currently investing(i.e. Investing through websites of AMCs i invest in)


    • Shivaprasad Patil says:

      Currently, I haven’t mutual funds through Zerodha. I have individual login and folios from each AMC

    • Faisal says:


      1) Yes you can transfer your existing mutual funds from another broker or distributor to your Zerodha account. We deal with mutual units that are only in demat form, hence, if your units are not in demat form then you can write an email to [email protected] and our team will assist you with the procedure for dematerialization of the units.

      2) We do not levy any extra charges for any investments through our mutual funds platform.

      3) As you have mentioned that you have been investing directly from the AMC websites thus your investments will be in a direct plan of the mutual fund schemes and not a regular plan. If you have transferred the units to your zerodha demat account then the units will not reflect on the mutual funds platform or in your Q back office. You can verify the units by generating your demat account statement. Your investments through our platform will be in regular plan and will contain a different folio number.

      4) We are providing you the convenience of investing in various schemes via one account rather than opening an account with each AMC. At Zerodha, your investments are consolidated under one portfolio and you can track your investments with ease. Also, you can edit/pause your SIP at any point of time, a feature which no other distributor provides on their platform.

  223. Vinay says:


    I want to invest in upcoming CPSE ETF FFO. This is my first time investing in such instruments. Can I invest in them through Zerodha MF or do I need to apply directly?
    Also, in the application form, it asks for broker code or ARN; can you provide me zerodha’s broker code or ARN.

    Thank you.

  224. Thirunavukkarasu says:

    I am also waiting for the CPSE ETF subscription, when we can expect the link, i have the IL&FS account opened in zerodha. as well trading account. I am new to MF investment. i have loaded money into my account i don’t know how it will work and what should be done to subscribe for this ETF. can some one help from zerodha on this. or just direct me through email, i am also watching this board for any update too.. wouldbe nice if i get an email from zerodha on how to register or subscribe through our platform.

  225. Kalyan says:

    Hi Guys,

    I tried to buy a mutual fund of ‘Reliance Tax saver fund’ , but the portal showed a message ‘Order placing failed, Purchase not allowed for today’, why is this a problem? I already bought 4 other MFs and their status is ‘Order sent to AMC’, but I am not able to place a new order, can you help?


  226. navjot says:

    What happens when we redeem our existing mutual funds? I mean where is the amount credited that one had invested earlier…
    How to get them back to my bank account and is there any fee charged for the same and how much?

    • Once you redeem, money comes to your trading, from where you can withdraw to your bank account by logging into

      • Jyoti says:

        What happens to devidends in mutual fund ? Dividends will come to linked bank account associated with Demat account OR to trading account ?

        Does P&L (short term / Long term) in Mutual Funds will shown in Tax P&L in Q dashboard for Taxation purpose ?


  227. vipin says:

    SIp Amount direct deduct from bank is it possible???

  228. Vikas Kumar says:

    Suppose we started a weekly SIP and after paying 2 installments can we stop that SIP?

  229. drsuhask says:

    Dear Sir,
    I wanted to ask about Reliance Money Manager fund which is just like saving account with high interest , they can provide ATM card also for redemption. If I invest excess amount (parked in Zerodha trading account for getting margins) into this fund through Zerodha platform and I wanted to redeem it in emergency as like for buying equity or opting margins for derivatives ( option strategy) , is it possible to redeem as it happens with ATM card?

  230. Benu says:

    I have got a doubt. If I’ve SIP due and my Equity balance amount is not enough to pay for SIP. What will happen in that scenario?
    What if I’ve holdings? Will SIP amount get deducted from my holding?

    Is there someway I can download all the transactions that is happening in my dmat account? Will this include SIP amount as well?

    • If there is no cash balance, the SIP installment will get rejected. Holdings wont’ be affected. You can login to or directly on the CDSL website to see all transactions in your demat.

  231. Ramarao says:

    Hi, recently I applied for CPSE ETF through zerodha demat..I got confirmation about the allotment also via email and SMS. But I can’t see my units anywhere in my demat…today listing also done. Can u help me pls

  232. Sanjay says:

    Sir, I need recommendations/advises to sell old not good performing MF and reinvest in new good performing MF regularly as offered by scripbox and goalwise. Are you supporting this type of service? They are also not charging any fee. Goalwise is automatically doing it for me. Please explain.

  233. John says:

    I would like to know there is any brockerage or charge for selling MFs from ZERODHA Demat.
    Thanking You

    • No brokerage charge. But since you have MF in demat, when you redeem, there is a DP charge applicable. Flat Rs 13/debit irrespective of how many units you redeem.

      • Mitesh says:

        Dear Nithin,

        First of all thank you for providing such a beautiful platform to trade in markets. Hope our journey continues for long. Wish you good luck for upcoming years.
        Actually my concern was is Rs50 will be through out same from here or else there will be any changes in recent years?

        Thank You

  234. Ramendra Singh says:

    I am in process of opening demat account with Zerodha, and finding an online platform to transact in mutual fund really gives me more reason to open it.
    I want to understand few queries regarding mutual fund if you may address them:
    1. Do you provide only the regular plans or direct plans as well? For e.g. some platforms like invezta and oro transact only in Direct plans which are cheaper than regular plans.
    2. Most of the MF transaction platform do claim that they don’t take any charges but they adjust NAV and credit less units after deducting the charges in customer folio. Hope you are not involved in this malpractice.

  235. Ratan Jha says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Have you started offering margin against mutual funds held in Zerodha?


  236. gothilla says:
    login form selection is coming out of border

  237. Pawan Patel says:


    I want to Know Charges for Redeeming Mutual Funds on Zerodha MF Platform.

  238. Prem Shankar says:

    Although I registered for a weekly SIP in DSPBR Micro Cap fund through zerodha mf, it is sent to DSPBR as a lumpsum instead of SIP by zerodha. The dspbr website shows that as lumpsum. I also lost out of continuing the sip as DSPBR has stopped taking fresh deposits (lump sum) although they are accepting existing SIPs.

    • Prem, like I have mentioned earlier, we run a simulated SIP. Essentially lumpsum invested end of every month. This gives extreme amounts of flexibility to our clients. Btw, you can look at DSP small and midcap fund, it follows the same objectives of investment.

  239. Rahul says:

    Suppose I have a sip of rs:1000.Every month rs:1000 has been deducted from my account.What will happen if I unable to give money after continuation of few months?

    • Nothing happens, that months SIP misses. You can come back and start anytime in the future, or redeem the SIP that you have paid for, or continue holding to what is bought. You have absolute freedom.

  240. spr says:

    Hi..recently, I received an email from Zerodha that all investments including SIPs into the “DSP BlackRock Micro-Cap Fund” have been suspended and hence all our standing instructions i.e. SIPs will be deleted. But, I read on their website and also valueresearchonline that existing SIPs registered on or before Feb 20 will be allowed to continue .

    Here’s the exact text on quote “However, the fund-house said the scheme will continue to allot units for subscription transactions pursuant to SIP, STP, Dividend Transfer Plan, Super SIP facilities registered prior to Feb. 20. and pursuant to declaration of dividend under the dividend reinvestment option offered under the Scheme”. Here’s the link : .

    Since my SIPs were started last year (May 2016), I assume that I should be allowed to purchase units even now. Can someone please clarify what’s happening here ? Am I missing something ? thanks !


    • Hi SPR, the SIP we run is a simulated one, which is essentially a lumpsum that gets invested systematically based on your requirement. This gives flexibility to the user to do what he wishes, start/stop whenever, start SIP without any bank mandate forms.

  241. sanjay says:

    I want to bu DSP BlackRock Micro-Cap Fund – Growth mutual fund.But it is not showing when I click on “Explore funds” in But if i search “DSP BlackRock Micro-Cap Fund – Growth in zerodha” Then I can see the mutual fund and can also buy.Why it is not showing in explore funds section.

  242. Saikat says:

    I placed an SIP order today morning at 8.30. Till 9.15 pm the status is showing Order placed – Pending verification. Why is this taking so long? at which day’s nav shall i get the units?? If i’m placing the order in the morning of 27th, shouldn’t i get the units at the nav declared end of day 26th??

    • Faisal says:

      Once you place the order on T day before the cut-off time of 1:30 pm, then you would receive the allotment of the units at the NAV of T day (AMC publishes the NAV in the night after 9 pm). You will then receive the units in your demat on T+1 day (most probably by afternoon) and the same would reflect in your portfolio on the mutual funds platform.

      So, when you had placed the order today before the cut-off time, the status would have displayed ‘ Pending Verification ‘. After the cut-off time, it is now showing ‘Order placed – pending verification ‘. Tomorrow morning it will reflect as ‘ Order sent to AMC ‘ and then by afternoon as ‘ Allotted ‘.

      You can click on the FAQ link below to understand the order settlement process.

      • AbsoluteBeginner1 says:

        Does not work like that it seems as far as status goes. Its not 1:30 PM and it shows sent to AMC. So if i want to cancel order placed before 1:30 PM – it will not be possible as order shows right now at 12:52 as sent to AMC

  243. Sudip says:

    I bought 2 DSP SIP’s from zerodha.But when I called the DSP support they say I never bought any SIP plan instead I bought lupsum.Is this a form of cheat.Because my DSP blackrock Micro cap fund got closed as I don’t have existing SIP plann.

    • Sudip, Check this answer. Selling SIP is more lucrative as fund houses pay more commission compared to selling lumpsum. The reason we simulate a lumpsum as SIP is because of all the convenience that it gives, mentioned in the link above. They have a midcap/smallcap fund which essentially has same investment philosophy that you can shift to.

  244. Prabhakant says:


    I wanted to know if i can apply for CPSE ETF FFO which is about to open for retail investor from 15th to 17th March 2017,

    I already have zerodha trading and demat account, please confirm if i can go for CPSE ETF FFO or do i need to go via Directly to AMC(RMF) or any other brokerage firms.

    A quick reply will be highly appreciated.



  245. drsuhask says:

    Dear Sir,
    Suppose I redeem Reliance Money Manager fund unit present in Zerodha demat , where the redeemed amount goes ? In my bank account or in my trading account with Zerodha.
    Thank you.
    Suhas Kothavale

    • Faisal says:

      If you have placed any redemption orders through our mutual funds platform then it will be credited to your trading account.

  246. Rakesh Jain says:

    I have invested in a mutual fund with SIP on a monthly basis, the allotment has been done on 17th Feb but I have purchased it on 16th Feb. When the funds will be deducted from my account for the 2nd month as the No. of days displayed as 31.