What’s new at Zerodha: June 2024

June 25, 2024

It was an interesting quarter, both for us and the markets. We saw some sharp moves in the markets on election results after a long time. It was one of the craziest days we’ve seen at Zerodha in a long time as well. While the markets seemed gloomy after the results, we are back to all-time highs.

There were some important regulatory changes as well:

1. SEBI introduced new price band rules for stocks in the F&O segment. We explained what it means here.

2. Today, if you buy securities, the clearing corporation credits them to the broker, who in turn credits them to your demat account. This will no longer be the case. Securities will be directly credited to your demat.

3. Nomination became easier. You just have to fill in three details now. In case you didn’t know, adding a nominee to your demat is fully online.

You can check out other regulatory changes here.

It was also a busy quarter for us in terms of features. We launched several cool features that solve problems for investors and traders. Here are the key feature updates in case you missed them.

Free account opening for those under 25

To encourage young people to start investing journeys early, we made account opening free for everybody under the age of 25. Read more.

Notes on Kite marketwatch

If you are tracking multiple stocks and F&O contracts on your marketwatch, it can be hard to remember all the reasons why. We introduced a new Notes feature to help you add a quick note right in your marketwatch. Read more.

New Fundamentals widget on Kite

The fundamentals widget on Kite just got a whole lot better. The new widget is powered by Tijori Finance and gives you a quick fundamental snapshot for stocks, ETFs, and indices across metrics such as valuations, revenue breakdowns, financials, shareholding patterns, and more. Check out more here.

Single ledger facility

You can now trade in both equity and commodity (MCX and NSE Commodity) segments with the same funds, without having to transfer funds separately. Read more.

Day’s high-low bar on the Kite web

The High-Low bar gives you a visual representation of where the stock is trading compared to the day’s high and low prices.

Increased instant withdrawal limit

When we first launched instant withdrawals, the maximum amount that could be withdrawn was ₹25,000. We’ve now increased this limit to ₹100,000. You can also withdraw funds on the weekends! 😀

Increase in the number of items that can be added to marketwatch

We’ve increased the number of items you can add to the marketwatch from 50 to 100.

Economic calendar to track all economic events

One feature request we received from traders and investors was for a calendar to track events that could affect the markets. We recently launched an economic calendar, powered by IndiaDataHub, that helps you easily track all domestic and global economic events in one place. Check the calendar here.

New page to track approved list of securities

To make it easier for you to track the approved list of securities that you can pledge for collateral margin, we created a new page. Check it out here.

Enhanced pledging experience

Earlier, pledging multiple securities was cumbersome because you had to pledge each security separately. Depending on the time you placed the request, you had to wait for its processing at 2 PM or 5 PM after pledging, and then verify it on the CDSL website. We simplified this process. You can now easily pledge multiple securities at once and authorize the pledge request immediately. Learn more.

Portfolio and scripwise XIRR on Console

If you have made one-off investments, then you can look at absolute returns. But if you have made periodic investments similar to an SIP, for example, then you have to look at XIRR rather than absolute returns. You can now check the XIRR for both individual investments and the entire portfolio on Console. Read more.


Portfolio XIRR on Coin

On Coin, we already showed XIRR for individual investments. We’ve now added portfolio level XIRR as well, so you can see how your mutual fund portfolio is performing. Learn more.

In-app UPI experience for mutual fund investments on the Coin app

In the Coin app, we’ve introduced a new payment flow for UPI transactions, which makes payments much easier. The in-app UPI feature in the Coin app enables investors to make payments for mutual fund investments without switching to external apps. Learn more.

Track mutual fund investments on the fund NAV graph

You can now see a visual representation of your mutual fund investments on the NAV graph of mutual fund schemes. This shows you when you invested in a particular fund. Learn more.

Minor and NRE account holders can now invest in mutual funds on Coin

If you have a minor account in your child’s name, you can now directly invest in mutual funds from their account. Read more.

We have now also made it possible for Non-Resident External (NRE) account holders to invest in mutual funds on Coin.

Other Coin enhancements

  • A new sorting mechanism has been added that allows you to filter and sort holdings, SIPs, and SWPs on both the Coin web and the Coin app.
  • A new learning section with Varsity videos helps you learn everything you need to know about personal finance.
  • New P&L, scheme-wise breakdown, portfolio XIRR, and more for NPS.
  • NPS scheme pages that show historical scheme performance.

Online submission of DDPI

SEBI introduced Demat Debit Pledge Instruction (DDPI) as a replacement for Power of Attorney (POA). You can now submit DDPI online. Submitting DDPI also eliminates the need for CDSL’s TPIN and OTP authorization during the sale of securities. This is useful if you have GTT orders, because they won’t trigger without the CDSL authorization. Read more.

Varsity Live

While we’ve solved the problem of providing high-quality and free content for everyone, the one problem that remained was an interactive learning experience. Maybe this is partly why people pay for scammy seminars. So, we figured we might as well do something about it.

Varsity Live makes your learning experience about financial markets interactive. Instead of just listening to experts, you can learn by doing with them. For instance, you can apply indicators while learning about technical analysis, or analyze a balance sheet while learning about fundamental analysis. Check out Varsity Live.

Varsity series on Warren Buffett’s shareholder letters

Warren Buffett’s letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders are a goldmine for lessons about business, investing, and life in general. We have started a new series on the Varsity YouTube channel. The 10-part series goes through all the shareholder letters from 1977. You can watch the first three videos here.


We continue to publish a lot of insightful videos for young Indians on investing, personal finance, careers, and more. You can check them out here

Updates on Zerodha fund house

After the launch of liquid and gold ETFs earlier this year, we launched two more ETFs based on the Nifty 100 and Nifty Midcap 150 indices. These ETFs give you low-cost exposure to the top 100 large cap companies and the top 150 mid cap companies. You can now build a diversified portfolio with just Zerodha ETFs 😀

Account block

We have introduced a facility for our clients to voluntarily freeze/block their online trading account access. In case they want to block access to Kite, they can reach out to us via a dedicated email address, phone number, or support portal. The dedicated email address is [email protected] and the phone number is +91-8046801166.

Loan against securities (LAS) by Zerodha Capital

We have updated our approved list of securities for LAS, and we now have over 800 stocks and mutual funds for you to choose from to avail a loan against securities. Check the approved list of securities here.

We are now on WhatsApp channels. If you wish to stay up to date with everything happening at Zerodha, follow us on WhatsApp here.

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  1. Vishwa says:

    Thank you Shubham for the reply on July 11th. May be an option to select Market order especially for SL order will be much useful (I.e., Option to force SL-M instead of SL). Otherwise, after thinking over a bit more, the existing feature looks fine. Will be looking forward for the enhancement.


  2. Vishwa says:

    Thanks for the TFC feature, quite an useful tool. However at present form, it might create unexpected orders. Taking a simple case of MIS buy, intention was to buy a certain number of shares at some price. But just at the time of order entry, price drops, then this order will become SL order instead of Buy! This will happen on the sell side as well. Also, it will be impossible to execute buy when prices are increasing or sell when prices are falling with only limit orders.

    It should be clear how the order goes through beforehand rather than interpreting it with live market data. May be providing all important options in the sliding window is the right approach. If it becomes too much of clutter, may be an option in the main order window to pick values for price and trigger from the chart will be helpful.


    • Shubham says:

      Hi Vishwa, we are continuously working on adding more features to make your experience better. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Shamaprasad says:

    Hi Shubam

    Saw your reply (given on 29th June 24).

    Trade book – gives the list if trades – including what you have bought as a part of long term. It can be taken for only 365 days.

    For the people – who do daily trading as well as buying for investments – it is difficult to separate both.

    What I am requesting is a detailed (day wise buying ) of only holdings at any point in time.

    Hope you understand the issue.


  4. suresh says:

    we want tijori finance free for every zerodha customer

  5. Ashu says:

    Zerodha when will you get the feature of direct buy and sell on the tradingview chart this is very useful for scalping we can move our stoploss immediately.
    The chart is in IQ but multiple charts do not open in the same window. All brokers are offering it but you people are not offering it. I have been using it for the last 5 years But now I am having problem with scalping so please get it quickly so that I can continue my journey with full dedication

  6. Chander mohan Bajaj says:

    I surely appreciate your efforts of posting the valuable contents

  7. Arindam says:

    I don’t understand why I can’t update my nominees online if it is allowed to add nominees online? There is no rationale to it as offline updating nominees is really tedious and cumbersome.

  8. MD irfan says:

    Sir, what is happening, the fund is not getting added. It has been 15 days since I opened the account, but it is still not getting added. What are you guys not getting done?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi, we’re sorry to hear this. Could you please create a ticket at support.zerodha.com so we can get this checked?

  9. Please forward me the CMR copy to dp NGA336 says:

    Please forward cmr copy



  11. TEKESHWAR KUMAR Tandan says:

    Free account opening

  12. sanjay Koppikar says:

    Congratulations to you for improving your portal, however a request from my side… If I gift my shares to another account then some shares are shown as gifts and some are shown as sales in my P and L accounts for tax purposes. This will lead to a lot of inconvenience for the person gifting the shares. Please rectify/improve the gift related software.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Sanjay, tax rules for gifting shares are based on the relationship between the parties. Since we cannot determine that, we’ve chosen to most conservative method. While filing income tax, you can change the acquisition price as per your view. We’ve explained this here,

  13. Adesh Vijh says:

    Possible to add Weighted Days feature for stocks as well as portfolio?

  14. Dinesh Jangid says:

    Pls add an option to exit all trade when overall profit or loss poistion from multiple trades reached a certain level of % of capital / amount as decides. You can be available this feature as paid options.

  15. Sravan says:

    Please add option for Stock holdings(delivery) trailing stop loss feature.

  16. Surendar says:

    Please add option to add basket from kite web/app also.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Surendar, you can already add baskets on both Kite web and app. If you are referring to something else, please share more details.

  17. Shamaprasad says:

    Great facilities provided. Thank you.

    Please see the below
    I have been asking this since last couple years – possibly this is a requirement of many

    When you show holdings – you are showing total holding and average cost. Fine.
    But that holding possibly bought on multiple days for different prices. To know this – I need to click each one and the chk the details in that window.

    Why dont you give a listing of holding – date wise buy listing with price at which it was bought… All data is with you and it is Just a reporting that We are asking.

    This feature is given by other brokerages like Finavasia etc.

    Request you to implement this.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Shamprasad, the tradebook report on Console shows you details of all the buy and sell transactions in one place. You can check the tradebook by following the steps given here.

  18. Naveen Kumar Ch. says:

    Regarding bulk authorization to execute sell transactions: At present it can be done only to 100 instruments and is taking a long time to repeat the process to select the remaining instruments (more than 100) manually. Please simplify the same for a one time bulk selection to save the time.

  19. Santanu says:

    Good app. Portfolio is great view in the app. Equivalent unified view on my book of accounts will add edge to the app.

  20. Rajesh Ranjan says:

    Good app

  21. Sonal Jain says:

    I want to open a huf account.
    Pls tell me how to do it as it’s not available online.

  22. Shokat ali says:

    Please provide buy sell facility directly from options chart and show pnl on the chart.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Shikat, trade from charts feature is available in the ChartIQ charts on Kite web. If you are referring to Trading View charts, this is on our list of things to do. Thanks for your feedback.

  23. Reghunathan Pillai.G says:

    Thanks a lot for the new services like ,saving notes

  24. Surinder kumar says:

    Would be grateful if u kindle include BSE small cap index in kite market watchlist

  25. Mahesh k Bobade says:


  26. hiDhaval says:

    Tijori layer does not show ‘Close’ / Back button, while using Mobile browsers Edge and Chrome.
    Please fix.

  27. Anil Nemade says:

    Good App…

  28. subin subramanian says:

    yes…again good job from zerodha kudos .one more thing i should remind you that i am using 24 inch imac but aspect ratio seems to be not correct pls do needful thx and keep walking.

  29. Anil says:

    Kite and coin should be in one app

  30. Subham says:

    Currently – when stocks are pledged under LAS – they disappear from kite holdings. This makes tracking of total value of holdings difficult.

    It will be good if those stocks are retained in kite – with a lock symbol and are locked for buy / sell – instead of removing those stocks entirely from kite

  31. Subham says:

    A nice feature for investors will be to add facility under holdings to create separate baskets / group of stocks – based on the strategy under which stock was purchased. E.g. if I have bought 10 qty of hdfcbank for long term.. And 2 for a short term swing – then it will be good if I can see them seggregated in two different views under holding – and in addition there could be a total view as well to see the totals.

    Currently I have to rely on excel – or use separate demat accounts – but this feature is not provided by any of the brokers – I feel this could be a major new feature that can be introduced.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Shubham, this is on our list of things to do. Currently, you can use the tagging feature on Console to segregate your investments as per your preferences, here’s how.

  32. Subham says:

    When viewing charts in watchlist – please allow toggling experience similar to tradingview – where in mobile app one can just press on the name of the scrip in bottom left of screen and drag up or down to change scrip.

  33. Vinod gupta says:

    I think, in kite portal, u need to provide the facility to hide the required equities, which u r keeping it for long term. This allow to avoid unnecessary temptation to sell ur long term planned buying.

    Another feature to be added and explore for MTF for cash equity. This feature is good and not sure why Zerotha is not providing to its customer when all other big brokers provide like iccidirect, Angleton

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Vinod, will bounce this off our team. Thanks for the feedback.
      Also, we’re working on providing MTF. Will keep you posted. However, cannot provide a timeline at this moment.

  34. Ravi Nandan Thakur says:

    The Risk Assessment Team has a bias against Mutual Fund schemes which are Direct (subscriptions without involving mutual fund agent). It should be removed. Generally, schemes which are direct or regular do not have major changes in investment. In any case, assessment of risk of direct fund should be done on stand-alone basis. There are many mutual fund schemes where pledge against regular schemes is permitted but not against direct schemes. Example is SBI Mutual fund’s Technology opportunity fund.

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Ravi, securities that are allowd for pledging are decided by the Clearing Corporation based on their criteria. Any securities that are not currently available, will be allowd for pledging once allowed by the Clearing Corporation.

  35. saga says:

    everything good but please make a chart loading clearly it’s most of time buffering in market live time some time it’s make worst day the app glitch didn’t shown the market movement and even open the chart it’s error error most of time better fix it first chart problem

    one more thing if I used the web version left hand pan size need to be modify like(Tools) auto hide or else size need to be reduce it’s wiered

  36. Varun says:

    I want to just have NSE price for the stocks reflecting in my holdings. Please atleast provide users to select a choice to watch NSE prices.

    BSE prices don’t show correct price a lot of times and hence creates a lot of confusion.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Varun, you can refer to the BSE circular that outlines SEBI’s requirement to eliminate constant exchange preferences from trading platforms.

      The preferred exchange can be selected directly from the order window; however, you cannot set a default exchange.

  37. Vijay says:

    Bring Time to close feature that will also be helpful

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Vijay, countdown to bar close feature is available in Trading View charts, you can enable it from chart settings.

  38. Vijaya says:

    Please bring back Tickertape, as Tijori does not have Analyst rating, Intrinsic value etc

  39. Rajashekar says:

    Usefully information necessary for new investors. Thank you


    Required feature of Highest Open interest, Highest Change in Open interest and Highest Volume Like AOC (Advanced Options chain) for trading options

  41. Sravan Kumar says:

    Is it possible to open dmat cum trading in
    Zerodha.If possible pl.let me know

    Sravan Kumar


    add indicator (PREVIOUS DAY OHLC)

  43. Omvir singh Tomar says:

    Kindly continue trading view 1 as trading view beta on mobile not running smoothly and takes lot of time to load. And one more request, if you can add cpr indicator in it.

  44. Farukh says:

    If you can reduce the brokerage charges would be great for others to use zerodha platform.

    If you can add 52 week high /low & Upper circuit and lower circuit to be display of particular stock.

    There is lots of time we face chart loading issues.

    Appreciate you comes with new features.

    Kindly look into this.

  45. subodh says:

    In console, stocks weightage in holding does not show for all the stocks .. it shows only few higher weightage stocks in console overview.

  46. subodh says:

    Analyst rating is missing, Intrinsic value is missing in tijori.

  47. Prashant S says:

    Still not able to download Holdings data from Analytics & Console functions in App (only able to do so on webportal). Please check. Also no app alert from AMC charges, no sms alerts, no email alerts, why?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Prashant, you can download the holdings statement from your mobile web browser. Also, we do send email reminders before charging AMC, requesting that you maintain sufficient balance to cover the maintenance charge.

  48. Vishal Sangpal says:

    Do you working on frequent glitches. very bad experience your platform’s.

  49. Raj Kumar Das says:

    My trading & investment Experience is 5 years

    no any other help

    thanks for Zerodha

  50. Saheb Baliramji Bhosle says:

    Sir please provide Bracket Order for holding stocks and also provide pri market order placement

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Saheb, the Bracket Order feature has been discontinued for some time now. Here’s an article that explains why. Also, you can can place limit orders or market orders during the order collection window in the pre-market session.

  51. Vipin Kaithakottil says:

    I appreciate the GTT (Good Till Triggered) orders feature. It would be great if we could add advanced formulas to check conditions based on the Last Traded Price (LTP) when placing GTT orders. This enhancement would allow for more precise and automated trading strategies.

    Thank you for considering this suggestion.

  52. Kulvir Singh says:


    I am writing to propose the implementation of an automatic trailing target in our trading strategy. This feature can significantly enhance our trading efficiency and risk management. Please provide or help

  53. Avez Saiyed says:

    New listed stock not showing in listing day and stock showing after day

  54. CQF says:

    chart IQ is the best for me….

  55. suvendu chatterjee says:

    how can i flow above 1 day or 1 week or 1-month candle. supposed i want to flow 3-week candle body formation chart what to do ?

  56. Hemraj Jakhar says:

    Moved to Dhan because of MTF. I am part of a community group and many left Zerodha because of MTF facility. Mostly went to Dhan.
    Sometimes we discuss that the best broker is still Zerodha but if they start MTF, we all may come back.

  57. Pradeep a says:

    Is there any plan to introduce trailing stop loss similar to others

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Pradeep, trailing stop loss is not available as it comes under algo trading. This feature was previously available as part of Bracket Order. We’ve explained why BO has been stopped here

  58. Madhuben Mehta says:

    If employer provides form 16 to their employee ( a certificate of what they earn with digital signature on it , that can be used as source of fund), what Zerodha provides to their client?

    we need FY level, 1 page Gain / Loss certificate with digital signature on it , like how you providing CMR.
    no need to mention trade level details.

    please think, let Zerodha set a trend in market and others follow. thanks

  59. vishal says:

    please do introduce the scalper mode in chart for spot trading in options like DHAN broker app.

  60. Mriganka says:

    Plz try to introduce alert with notification sound with vibration

  61. Vishal says:

    Looking for MTF

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Vishal, we’re working on providing MTF. Will keep you posted. However, cannot provide a timeline at this moment.

  62. SRS says:

    Exclusive propaganda for equity investment for both intraday and CNC dealings welcome
    No direct entry in f&o stipulation
    Step by step entry eligibility promotions from equity stages only after achieving gain in each stage with proportionate monitorial slabs
    Explicit display of direct investments and recycled or reinvestments should be projected in P&L
    Participation should be blocked for a minimum period of fortnight according to investment amt and or loss and (or) or gain as that of insurance companies where login attempts failed for min number of times 24 hrs block period is imposed
    These all in consideration of min loss and less mental agony in case of excessive loss for want of through knowledge of trading

  63. Dr Rashmi Sharma says:

    Appreciate the efforts but I would like to point out the earlier fundamentals data was much easy to follow .Pl revert to it

  64. Santosh kumar says:

    This app is not good futures is not there

  65. P.Parthi says:

    Someone tell me please!!!!SEBI F&O trading tax apply for 30% increase???????

  66. Binu says:

    But when will you introduce the feature to limit the no of trades in Kill Switch?

  67. Soumitra das says:

    The old one was easier to me to follow, and there was recomendetion/suggesation which help me lot.

  68. Sunanda wadhwa says:

    Commendable app really. Can you please create a facility for posting queries on phone please? Thanks

  69. Ankita says:

    Please bring back Tickertape. Tijori is not giving news. Till now its “Coming soon”.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Ankita, we’re working on adding a dedicated news section that aggregates news headlines related to a stock, this will be live in a few weeks.


    Yes the new fundamental is superb and is complete solution to all like
    Mkt cap
    Comparing companies
    PE compare to see if cheap or costly
    ROCE to see cap expenditure ditails
    Pledge fii dii holding ,yoy profit details
    But only chart wise expectations is not given as given in ticker tape or MC.

    Anyways much better than the recent past with much details.

  71. Kalpesh lalani says:

    Pls add the feature of adding new script to the top rather the current bottom specially when you have increased to 100 scripts for each watchlist

  72. Minarjul says:

    Kindly merge coin and kite app..for tracking and buying in single app.

    Secondly provide mutual funds rating.

  73. Jawvad says:

    You people are making fool my stoploss are not getting hit

  74. Anthri Vedi Nekkanti says:

    The earlier version was simple and straight forward. Tejori is highly technical and full of stastics and figures and only a seasoned market watcher and analyst only can understand. The recommendation is also missing. Give us an option and reintroduce the older version and whoever wants to use it let them opt for it.

  75. Adv Ajay Bhakt says:

    ZERODHA is doing best for his client service. Thanks

  76. Sagar says:

    When will ChartIQ’s Drawing will sync with desktop and mobile?

  77. Pandiarajan says:

    Tjori is worst…I can’t understand fundamental page..old fundamental page(kite) is best.

  78. Arnab Tewary says:

    Please give details on one platform stocks & mutual funds.

  79. Ramakrishnan says:

    Tijori Application is not user friendly. Kindly replace the ticket tape.

  80. Zaki says:

    I’m loosing the money while your stoploos not working and around 2 months I m loosing 50k.

    I’m planning to left Zerodha and you people making money and fool us.


  81. Venkatesan says:

    Provide us live Fii and Dii data … 🖐️😅

  82. Kumar says:

    Please do day to day data search like profit and loss. Market cap. Volume all etc which is customer holding stocks

  83. Prashant says:

    Thanks for sharing the information

  84. Nirav says:

    Tickrtape was the best camper to this one.

  85. Basant kumar kacholia says:

    In emergency, how can I talk with zerodha? Provide contact no.? Simply I hav to ring or what to do?

  86. Himanshu jain says:

    Tijori is not user friendly, The previous feature ( tickertape ) was good, I am having trouble understanding this one


    Tickertape Apps is more handy to us. Please replce this Tijore Apps.

  88. rk says:

    Add option to add stocks in market watch list by selecting Nse index wise stocks like if we want our watch list lis to be like Nifty50 stocks, NSE 500 should be added to watchlist once at a time. its difficult to add whole list of stocks one after the other manually. kindly work out seriously.

  89. Abdur Rahaman says:

    Excellent …. please add the day percentage in the chart

  90. Abhay Zore says:

    It is great that you have added NPS in zerodha.
    Could you please work on the feature to migrate NPS to zerodha from some other broker?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Abhay, we’re working on enabling existing NPS subscribers to transfer their accounts to Zerodha. Will keep you posted.

  91. Navin paliwal says:

    Hi Good afternoon sir I have 60 motilal oswal finance buy shares . I am not received motilal oswal finance bonus share till date . Please update
    Navin paliwal

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Navin, the bonus shares of MOTILALOFS​ have been credited. The buy average will be shown as the price of existing holdings on Kite today. The bonus shares will be added at a “0” price.

      The P&L on Kite might be displayed incorrectly. The buy average for the existing holdings can be checked on the Console. The buy average will be updated in the next few days on Kite, and you can track the update status in our Corporate Action sheet.

  92. Yuvraj says:

    Nice zerodha simple app

  93. Lala Ram says:

    Tijori is not a user friendly and not provided the required info clearly as previously tickertape was the best, it’s your wrong decision it may be cheaper product for cost cutting then your idea is ok.

  94. Leena says:

    Pls add weekly highs and lows. With Tijori it’s monthly chart and not price. Kindly add price feature as fell.Weekly along with monthly highs is easy way for us to understand.

  95. Jitendra Jauhar says:

    Your TIJORI ridiculously comes as a barren land considering your NEWS update section where an upsetting silence always reigns supreme, as if nothing is happening in & around a particular stock. Why so, Dear?!! Plz try to keep it updated with recent news items & come up at the quality level of TICKERTAPE, if U replaced with something like your poor TIJORI. Why did you replace TICKERTAPE by so called TIJORI so randomly? TICKERTAPE provides us with much better & insightful fundamental analysis than your TIJORI which has its empty NEWS box under Event section.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Jitendra, we’re working on adding a dedicated news section that aggregates news headlines related to a stock, this will be live in a few weeks.

  96. Kuldip Raj Raina says:

    Very nice app

  97. T M Garud says:

    Hi Good afternoon sir I have 50 ISMT shares . I am getting dividend. I have misplaced share certificate and/or demat details. Pl. Advice to bring those 50 shares in ZERODHA demand account. Pl sir.
    T M Garud

  98. Dr.Bireswar saha says:

    Pls introduced a AI base stock recommendations for intraday, swing trading n positional trading. Also request zerodhar to start smallcase for small retailers like as within minimum fees.
    Thank you
    Dr.bireswar saha

  99. Praveen says:

    In coin Nav value of Mutual Finds seems to differ to price offer by Mutual funds through distributors ? Can you pl answer

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Praveen, this is because you are comparing NAV across different plans. On Coin, we only offer direct mutual funds, which charge no commisions, the NAV for these will be higher compared to regular plans. We’ve explained this in detail here.

  100. Sahil says:

    All good features in zerodha

  101. T M Garud says:

    Kindly provide requisite statement separately for accts purpose
    a) Intraday transaction in a Financial year
    B) swing /short term trade transaction in a FY
    C) long term trade in FY ,
    Which will help for Stock accounting inome tax return filing also

  102. Pardeep says:

    Kitna badhiya ho agar zerodha bhi is kabil ho Jaye ki tradingview ki tarah hum khud ka indicator bana saken । Umeed hai kisi din zerodha apne investors ka bhi bhala sochega।

  103. nsr kumar says:

    pl make watch list download-able.
    this is to plan ENTRY strategies,when the price is right.
    this is my humble request

  104. Jagdish badve says:

    I have physical shares I want to arrange same with d mat account
    Iam not getting dividends pl help

  105. Ashvin says:

    Khub saras zerodha

  106. Vinayak Kalkutki says:

    Please provide Trading view chart
    Rest is fine
    Thanks zerodha

  107. Samir Shastri says:

    Add option to add stocks in market watch list by selecting Nse index wise stocks like if we want our watch list lis to be like Nifty50 stocks, NiftyNext, Nifty Midcap, NiftySmallcap ….

  108. Nishant Misra says:

    Please add option to choose Tickertape… It was better

  109. Akshay Naik says:

    Not able to see upi option on coin, using Iphone 13

  110. Anmol Agarwal says:

    Before updating of kite app we could able to read the latest news regarding the company performance or any investment made by the company but now no such information we could manage to track about the latest fundamental news of the company.
    Please do work on the same

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Anmol, we’re working on adding a dedicated news section that aggregates news headlines related to a stock, this will be live in a few weeks.

  111. Sanju agrawal says:

    Zerodha should introduce chart based trading
    With upper and lower target in one order

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Sanju, trading from charts feature is currently available for ChartIQ charts on Kite web. If you are referring to Trading View charts, we’ve noted your feedback. Thanks.

  112. Raju dutta says:

    1. **Low Cost**: Zerodha offers very competitive brokerage rates. It has a flat fee of ₹20 per trade for intraday and F&O trades, which is among the lowest in the industry.

    2. **Technology and Platform**: Zerodha’s trading platform, Kite, is highly regarded for its user-friendly interface, advanced charting tools, and seamless performance. It also offers a robust mobile app for trading on the go.

    3. **Innovative Products**: Zerodha has introduced several innovative products like Coin for direct mutual fund investments, Smallcase for thematic investing, and Streak for algorithmic trading.

    4. **Educational Resources**: Zerodha provides extensive educational content through its Varsity platform, helping investors and traders improve their knowledge and skills.

    5. **Transparency**: The broker is known for its transparency in terms of fees and charges, which builds trust among its users.

    6. **Customer Support**: Zerodha offers decent customer support through various channels, including email, chat, and phone.

    Overall, these factors contribute to Zerodha’s reputation as one of the best stock brokers in India.

  113. Ashok Makariye says:

    All the developments at Zerodha are welcomed. However I would like to suggest that, an e-margin platform if started for traders for positional trades would be beneficial for all the traders.

  114. Manikandan says:

    Please update iceberg order.20 legs. This is very useful to huge amount traders please.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Manikandan, will bounce this off our team. Thanks for the feedback.

    • Shubham says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Manikandan. We’ll check on the possibilities. Currently, you can use Strick order window feature along with Iceberg orders to place multiple orders quickly without having to enter order details again. You can learn more about Stick order window feature here.

  115. Ritesh says:

    News section kahan gaya

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Ritesh, we’re working on adding a dedicated news section that aggregates news headlines related to a stock, this will be live in a few weeks.

  116. Rahul P says:

    Sir.. in new chart, there is a candle details (points & percents) are missing. This shows in old chart. Please add this feature. This is very helpful for us in option trading. I miss this feature. Candles shows only OHLC details. Please add points and percent in candle details. Thank you.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Rahul, this is already implemented on the app. Could you please clear the app cache for android and reinstall the app for iOS and check?

  117. MAYANK NOTANI says:

    index main fundamental nahi dikha raha h

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Mayank, the widget is currently available for stocks and ETFs and will soon be available for indices. 

  118. LN Nagaraj says:

    Zerodha is the best trading platform in India. Whatever I write will be short, as you have provided facilities that no other trading platform offers. I highly appreciate your innovative features and seamless user experience. I do have one suggestion for further enhancement: a floating search window to search for companies, similar to the one provided by Screener.in in the top bar. This would allow us to view a company’s chart without having to save it in the watchlist. Thank you for your exceptional service!

  119. Jay Trivedi says:

    Can you please work on your application glitch resolution, because of your application glitch I have lost almost 1.50 lakhs rupees and this ammount matters a lot to me.

    In last 3 months there were 2 to 3 times your application and servers were not working properly.

    Please tell me that who will be responsible for such huge losses.

    Will zerodha make repayment of those lost funds??

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Jay, we’re sorry to hear this. Could you please create a ticket at support.zerodha.com so we can look into this?

  120. Rajendra says:

    Please add more number of watchlist, as current it is only 7.

  121. Prashant says:

    Nice to have these features.
    Can we have feature like GTT with trailing stop loss with fixed value or %

  122. IMRAN ALI MIR says:

    Add CPR & session volume profile indicator. Also add journal system. Zerodha offers very less indicator available in kite web. Console also shows many glitches. Add something that help traders. Other brokers already upgraded that.

  123. Vibha Rani says:

    Please provide trailing SL in GTT order of zerodha.

  124. R T Shukla says:

    Good afternoon
    It shall be highly appreciated if one can run more than 1(one) strategies and if we could view PnL of all strategies seperately on same page so that we end up in booking PnL at right time while running the same .Its like you provided basket and we can make entry at atime like that upon entry into any strategy we should be able to book by looking at desired profit on screen or Loss .
    kindly provide this feature of atleast 4 strategies of 6-8 legs .

  125. Jyoti says:

    Please provide news and analyst rating for d stocks for easy investment…kind request..

  126. Bhagavan Y S. says:

    Sir Iam trading on my own ideas. Want to study from basic. Pl suggest good book.

  127. Sanjeevkumar says:

    One more feature to add

    By clicking the total P&l on positions page if we get a trend then it will be very helpful in deciding the Trend of our current positions.
    It will be very useful for taking new positions and profit booking based on the Trend of P&l on positions page.

  128. Ankit Kumar says:

    How to do F&O trade on zerodha

  129. Anjali says:

    Zerodha team,
    Actully problem ye hai ki mene withdrawal dala tha 6 june ko or mere trading account se withdrawal amount deduct hokar bhi 1 week ho gya h mtlb around 1 month ho chuka h lekin withdrawal amount account me nh aa rh h
    Kya problem h

  130. MD irfan says:

    My fund is not getting added sir.. I had opened a demat account forcefully just 10 days ago so please open my account.

  131. Jayasankar P K says:

    🙏Excellent 🌹

  132. Avinash J R says:

    Please add Market profile & Order flow features & also reduce the brokerage to Rs.10.Have a charting facility where one doesn’t have to navigate different portals for open interest etc atleast for web version.Also make API charges free like other brokerages. There is so much happening with other brokerages with respect to charts which have to be improved to compete.

  133. Sweety says:

    Why are you replace tickertape by tijori without notice .
    Kindly add tickertape for analysis .it is best for us.

  134. Deepak kumar says:

    you have improved a lot in features but more to be done ..like face value ,more buyed stock , finacial detail etc in one view not to switch to other site etc….
    mainly modify in such a way user need not to depend on other site like money control etc

  135. Kamal Lahoti says:

    At the end of financial year, make it mandatory to post following statements for IT purposes
    1,Holding statements
    2, Ledger stmt
    3, Annual global statements
    4, profit loss statements
    5,, P/L for tax purposes

  136. Uma Likhar says:

    Zeeodha must provide MTF facility to its clients also.

  137. Navarathan says:

    Tikertape was good n perfect to understand
    Tijori is complicated only the graphics are good
    Pls do something n bring back tickertape

  138. Chetan says:

    In the new version of charts… change in percentage not available.. that’ frustrating

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Chetan, change in percentage is already available. Could you please clear the cache if you are using Android or reinstall the app if you are using iOS and check?

  139. Zahiruddin ahmad says:

    Please update stocks new which are in my portfolio

  140. SRAVAN says:

    Bar change values on mobile application is not available. You care to introduce it?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sravan, the bar change value is already implemented on the app. Could you please clear the app data and check?

  141. Manav Roy says:


  142. Subhankar says:

    Your fundamental analysis was best by TICKERTAPE.why did you replace it by TIJORI without notice.take customer response….

  143. Mahesh s says:


  144. Suraj gupt says:

    Sir pahle to aap log apna zerodha me candel features ko thik kijiye, jb market open hota hai tb candle show hi nhi karta hai , kisi bhi time frame me , kuch time baad show karta hai , bahut jyada glitche aa rahi hai chart me aapKe, aapke chart thik se work nhi karne pr mera 3 deen se continuous loss ho raha hai😡

  145. Harish chander says:


  146. Patil R N says:

    The Volume profile bars represent total candles available on screen. I expect the volume profile bars should represent volume per day. Please do needful to get break up of volume profile

  147. Bhawana says:

    Good time to buy stock . This tab is not showing after some updation on zerodha. Where to see this tab.

  148. Aravind says:

    Please bring STP in coin app

  149. Srinivas T says:

    Please get More features of Premium TradingView charts like Scanners on charting lib, options charts etc. also the templates saved does not work most of the time. even with older version of charting there are issues pls fix them. I like the integration of Trading view, also ther

  150. AVINASH KOSHAL says:

    The old format had a place to view recent news though it diddnt have breaking news or todays news. Now there is No news and is VERY badly missing.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Avinash, we’re working on adding a dedicated news section that aggregates news headlines related to a stock, this will be live in a few weeks.

  151. Hitesh says:


    Please add some meaningful feature for options trader.

    Give us option to define our own custom section in positions tab where we can define section name and drag and drop position to specific section.

    For now when we have multiple positions it’s quite difficult for us to identify which option lag is of which strategy.

    If you can do the same for holding it will be very very helpful for swing and long term trading.


  152. Ameya Vaidya says:

    Good work team Zerodha!

    What about placing orders and setting targets and SL on the charts itself?!


  153. samir says:

    why you guys are not adding a report only for my trades like when i took trade when i close i don’t what if i have took 5 entries in one skrip you show them on combine plzz add that feature so every one can see there trade expectancy and do nassasary changes

  154. Deepak Maganlal Patel says:

    In GTT – you can add [Regular order feature] of Stoploss and Target in one Order like you have given in Regular Order.

  155. Shakil kumar manocha says:

    I need to talk to a zerodha representative urgently, please.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Shakil, you contact us on 080 4718 1888 or 080 4718 1999. Alternatively, please create a ticket here: support.zerodha.com so our team can reach out and assist you.

  156. Shanthi says:

    I’m having Demat account both in Coimbatore capital & ,Zerodha. I want to transfer all my CCM to Zerodha account. What is the earliest way.