Module 1     01:10:32

Introduction to Stock Market (video series)

  • 1. Why should you Invest? 00:08:25

    1.1 – Why invest? Investing is essential; it helps you fight inflation and create wealth, enabling you to be independent and not rely on anyone during Financial hardships. The video below will t ..

  • 2. Market Intermediaries 00:08:58

    2.1 – Market participants and Intermediaries In this video, you will learn about the different financial intermediaries and how they interact to ensure your transactions go through seamlessly. T ..

  • 3. All about the Initial Public Offer (IPO) 00:08:07

    3.1 – The IPO Markets Companies list on the stock exchange to raise funds. Once listed on the stocks exchanges, market participants can trade and invest in the company’s shares. This video ..

  • 4. Why do stock prices fluctuate? 00:03:51

    4.1 – What moves the stock? The stock markets in India open at 9:15 AM and close at 3:30 PM. The stock price of the company fluctuates every minute during these hours. Ever wondered why? LetR ..

  • 5. How does a trading platform work? 00:07:07

    5.1 – The Trading Terminal Now that we know what influences the stock prices, it’s time we learn how to trade, and to be able to do that, we must understand how trading platforms work. Let ..

  • 6. Stock Market Index 00:07:09

    6.1 – The Index Have you heard of people saying NIFTY and SENSEX casually in a conversation and wondered what that could be? Well, they are known as indices collectively. Indices play a signific ..

  • 7. Clearing and Settlement Process 00:04:57

    7.1 – Clearing and Settlement While clearing and settlement are pretty theoretical, it is essential to understand the mechanics behind them. As a trader or an investor, you need not worry about ..

  • 8. Corporate actions (Dividends, bonuses, and buybacks) 00:07:30

    8.1 – Corporate Actions and Their Impact Corporate actions are initiatives taken up by a corporate entity that brings in a change to its stock. An entity can choose to initiate many types of cor ..

  • 9. Order Types 00:12:16

    9.1 – The order types While buying and selling a stock sounds simple, there are various other order types to explore to understand what type fits better in your trading strategy. This video will ..

  • 10. Getting started 00:02:12

    10.1 – Overview on getting started As a trader, it is essential to develop our point of view. This video will learn the techniques and necessary things to know before getting started. Kudos! You ..