We recommend reading this chapter on Varsity to learn more and understand the concepts in-depth.

Key takeaways from this chapter

  1. Options are traded in the Indian markets for over 15 years, but the real liquidity was available only since 2006
  2. An Option is a tool for protecting your position and reducing risk
  3. A buyer of the call option has the right, and the seller must make delivery
  4. The Optionhttps://zerodha.com/varsity/chapter/call-option-basics/ is only given to one party in the transaction (the buyer of a vote)
  5. The option seller is also called the option writer
  6. At the time of the agreement, the option buyer pays a certain amount to the option seller; this is called the ‘Premium’ amount
  7. The deal happens at a pre-specified price, often called the ‘Strike Price.’
  8. The option buyer benefits only if the asset’s cost increases higher than the strike price.
  9. If the asset price stays at or below the strike, the buyer does not benefit; for this reason, it always makes sense to buy options when you expect the price to increase.
  10. Statistically, the option seller has a higher odds of winning in a typical option contract.
  11. The directional view must pan out before the expiry date; otherwise, the Option will expire worthlessly.


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    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) Technically its ITM, but sometimes these ITM options that are close to strikes (also called CTM) are not worth exercising as the cost involved does not make sense. So if its CTM, the brokers wont exercise the option.

      2) Exercise will happen at the intrinsic value. In this case it is 5, hence the same price is considered for exercising the option.

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    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Technically yes, this is exercisable since it’s 5 Rupee in the money. Your P&L will be 5*lot size * the number of lots you hold.

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    But in option if i buy a call @ a stike price of 100 and pay 2 rupees as preminum, 2 ruppes is added to 100 and it is not considered as 98 is the price that i need to pay to seller at the expiry.
    what is the difference between the advance and premium. what is the raional of paying premium.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Harsha, I’ve explained various scenarios under which the price of land changes and therefore its impact on the overall pricing. Also, if the land price is still 50L, then it does not make sense to buy, given that you will have to spend 55L (remember 5L is a non-refundable amount).

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