10.1 – Market structure

The topic of clearing and settlement is super important to understand as it gives you a sense of the movement of money and funds between your account and, let’s just say, the stock market. For instance, when you buy a stock, say 100 shares of Marico, you need to clearly understand how long it takes for the broker to remit these 100 Marico shares to your Demat account. We can extend this to stock selling as well.

The lack of understanding of the clearing and settlement process could leave a void and leave you with many unanswered questions related to the market structure. Hence, for this reason, we will explore what happens behind the scenes from when you buy a stock to when it hits your DEMAT account.

Ch10titleWe will keep this discussion practical with a clear emphasis on what you need to know about clearing and settlement.

10.2 – What happens when you buy a stock?

Day 1 – The trade (T Day), Monday

Assume on a Monday, you buy 100 shares of Reliance Industries at Rs.1,000/- per share. The total buy value is Rs.1,00,000/- (100 * 1000). The day you make the transaction is the trade date; brokers refer to this as the ‘T Day.’  The assumption is that you intend to hold Reliance Industries in your Demat account for a few days or maybe years, and it is not an intraday trade.

When you place an order to buy, the broker quickly validates if you have the necessary funds. In this example, the order will go through only if you have Rs.1,00,000/- in your trading account; it will be rejected otherwise. Assuming the trade is executed through Zerodha, the applicable charges are –

Sl No Chargeable Item Applicable Charges Amount
01 Brokerage Zero for Equity Delivery. For intraday, charges are 0.03% or Rs.20/- whichever is lower, per executed order Zero
02 Security Transaction Charges(STT) 0.1% of the turnover 100/-
03 Exchange transaction Charges 0.00345% of the turnover 3.45/-
04 GST 18% of Brokerage + Transaction charges + SEBI charges 0.62/-
07 SEBI Charges Rs.10 per crore of transaction 0.12/-
Total 104.19/-

Additionally, Rs.15/- towards stamp duty is applicable. Stamp duty is charged at 0.015% on the buy side. Hence the total applicable charges are Rs.119.19. Note that these rates are subject to change; you can visit Zerodha’s Brokerage calculator to figure out the exact applicable rate when you wish to carry out a transaction.

So an amount of Rs.1,00,000 plus 119.19 totaling Rs.1,00,119.19/- is required to carry out this particular transaction. Remember, the money is blocked in your account when you place a trade, but the stock is yet to hit your DEMAT account.

Also, on the T day, the broker generates a ‘contract note’ and emails you the copy to your registered email id.  A contract note is like a bill detailing all your daily transactions. You can save the contract note for future reference. A contract note gives you a break up of all daily transactions and the trade reference number. It also shows the breakup of charges charged by the broker.

Day 2 – Trade Day + 1 (T+1 day, Tuesday)

Starting January 2023, India became the first country to implement a T+1 settlement for all the scrips listed on the stock exchanges. Earlier when you used to buy the shares, these would be delivered to your demat account on T+2 day. For example, if you bought shares on Monday, these will be credited to your demat account only on Wednesday. With T+1 settlement, if you buy shares on Monday, they will be credited to your demat account on Tuesday, the next day itself.

So on Day 2, also called T+1, the settlement is due to the exchange. Assuming the purchaser and seller are trading via two different brokers, the funds are debited from the buyer’s broker’s pool account by the clearing corporation and credited to the selling broker’s pool account. Also, on T+1 day, the shares will reflect in the purchaser’s DEMAT account, indicating that you own 100 shares of Reliance.

10.3 – What happens when you sell a stock?

The day you sell the stocks is again referred to as the ‘T Day’. The stock gets blocked when you sell the stock from your DEMAT account, and by the end of the day, the stocks are ‘earmarked’ for settlement. Please refer to the next section to learn more about earmarking.

Before the T+1 day, the earmarked shares are delivered to the depository. On settlement day, the blocked shares are debited from your demat account and moved to the clearing corporation for payin. Against the debit of such shares, you’d have received a credit for the sale after deducting all charges. You may be interested to note that you will receive 80% of the funds on T-Day and the remaining 20% on T+1. In other words, the seller will be settled fully on a T+1 basis, just like how the buyer is settled.

What transpires between T day and T+1 is a complex settlement process involving the stockbroker, clearing corporation, depository, and the stock exchange. Each entity uploads and receives multiple files to ensure the transaction goes smoothly. As far as you are concerned, you need to remember that equity transactions are settled on a T+1 basis, meaning, if you are a buyer, you will get the shares on T+1, and if you are a seller, the funds are credited on a T+1 basis.

10.4 – What is earmarking?

Earlier, for the settlement of a sell trade, the broker would be required to debit shares from a selling client, hold the securities in the broker’s pool account, and transfer the securities to the clearing corporation (CC) on T+2. Upon transfer, the client would receive a credit of funds against the sale, and the transaction would have been said to be settled. It was usual practice for brokers to debit shares on T day or T+1 day and transfer it to CC on T+2 (since the settlement was on T+2).

From the time the shares were debited until they were settled, the client shares lie in the broker’s pool account, possibly allowing a broker to misuse these securities. SEBI identified this as a potential risk and introduced “earmarking” for settlement. In this new earmarking system, shares are no longer debited from the client’s account; they are only earmarked for settlement. Think of earmarking as a temporary hold on the securities towards an upcoming settlement for the sale transaction initiated by the client.

On settlement day, the shares are debited from the investor’s account and credited to the clearing corporation. This new process eliminates the need for brokers to hold client shares in their pool account, thereby eliminating the risk that comes along. The new earmarking process has been made mandatory from November 2022.



Key takeaways from this chapter

  1. The day you make a transaction, the trade date is referred to as the ‘T Day.’
  2. The broker must issue you a contract note for all transactions by the end of T day.
  3. When you buy a share, the same will be reflected in your DEMAT account by the end of T+1 day.
  4. All equity/stock settlements in India happen on a T+1 basis.
  5. When you sell shares, the shares are blocked immediately, and the sale proceeds are credited again on T+1 day.
  6. Earmarking of shares was introduced to ensure the securities don’t move out of the client’s demat account to the broker’s pool account.


  1. Praveen says:

    In case of there is a bank/DP holiday on T+2 day, will the shares still shown under T1 holdings?

    • Suchetha says:

      Yes. If there is a bank/DP holiday on T+2 day, the shares will still show up in the T1 holdings in day 1 and 2.
      For example : If shares are bought on 8th November and 10th November is a settlement holiday, the shares will reflect in the T1 holdings on 9th and 10th November and the client can sell after the 13th November.

      • Vijay says:

        I have question if I sell one share after it got credited in Demat account. What are the charges I need to pay for it. Thanks.

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          Hi Vijay, there is no brokerage for the sell transaction. However you will have to have to pay DP charges of Rs.13.5/- irrespective of the quantity sold. I’d suggest you take a look at this – https://zerodha.com/charges.

          • Diptiranjan Parida says:

            When the DP charges are debited from the trading account?

          • Karthik Rangappa says:

            When you sell shares from DP.

          • Sumit Kumar Pandit says:

            Hi Karthik,
            I am confused about selling an instrument and settlement. Following is my understanding:
            1. If we buy an equity today we can sell on the same day and it will be called intraday trade. In this trade the equity never actually hits the demat account but we only trade the price difference.
            2. If we sell an equity on T+1 day, since buy orders are already sent to the exchange on T day-end, it is out of broker’s control and cannot be treated as intraday. Also, equities don’t hit demat on T+1 day and we sell equity that we don’t yet own resulting in shorting.
            3. This will lead to two different trades in portfolio viz., T day long trade and T+1 day short trade.
            4. If we sell equity on T+2 or beyond, we essentially sell the equity that we own in our demat.
            5. Regarding our profits, all profits are available only on the next day of settlement except for intraday which is made available on the same day end. And our T+1 trade was not a settlement at all.
            Kindly correct if I am wrong in above understanding. Now following are my questions:
            A. Are these same rules applicable on futures/options also?
            B. Are futures/options being just contracts can be bought and sold anytime i.e., intraday, T+1 and T+2 and beyond?
            C. If they have different rules, please explain.
            Sumit Kumar Pandit

          • Karthik Rangappa says:

            1) Yes, this is correct
            2) Yes, this is correct as well
            3) This will be a BTST trade, suggest you read this – https://zerodha.com/z-connect/queries/stock-and-fo-queries/btstatst-buyacquire-today-sell-tomorrow
            4) Yes, sell would be from DEMAT
            5) Yes

            A) The settlement is slightly different. I’d suggest you read the Futures module – https://zerodha.com/varsity/module/futures-trading/
            B) Yes, these can be bought and sold anytime. Your holding period can be as small as 30 Seconds.
            C) Please go through the module on derivatives.

          • Prateek Lal says:

            Hi Karthik, thanks for curating such great and educative content @varsity. Could you please refer me to the Derivatives section where I could read all about CO and BO. I couldn’t find the derivatives module.

          • Karthik Rangappa says:

            Glad you liked it, Prateek. We have divided the derivative across 3 modules –

            1) Futures – https://zerodha.com/varsity/module/futures-trading/
            2) Options Theory – https://zerodha.com/varsity/module/option-theory/
            3) Option Stratergies – https://zerodha.com/varsity/module/option-strategies/

            BO/CO is a part of the Futures module.

    • karan agrawal says:

      hello sir i am karan . i am not able to sell my stocks…i am trying to sell my stocks from over 1month but some other user ADMINSQF1 is buying it …whats that …..what should i do????

    • Dharmveer Choudhary says:

      If i sell my shares on Thursday when i will able to transfer money in my bank account from Trading account?

    • Avinash says:

      I want to ask one question I am using Zerodha So what happen in the case where I sold X company shares and amount is reflected immediately as free cash with same figure as -minus in margins and if I used this same amount shown in -margins for purchasing Y company shares do it deduct some charges for it apart from normal brokerage charges…???

      • Karthik Rangappa says:

        All applicable charges will be deducted, Avinash. You should buffer for this before buying Y to avoid any -ve balance in your trading account. Check this to know about all the charges – https://zerodha.com/charges

        • Kunal Kothari says:

          I have the same question.
          1) If I sell “Stock/Bond/InvIT/FMP X” for Rs 1000 today, and want to buy “Company Y” shares the same day for Rs 950, is it possible, or do I have to wait for T+2 after the sale before I can buy with the Rs 1000?
          2) What if I have units worth Rs 1000 of Liquid Bees/ETF of Reliance/DSP? Do I have to sell the units before or after I buy “Company Y” stock? (I assume at least in this case I don’t need to wait for T+2 before buying)
          Thanks in advance!

          • Karthik Rangappa says:

            1) We provide you credit to the extent of the shares sold on the same day. So you can buy Y shares the same day. But do account for the applicable charges
            2) Its the same, you get credit to the extent of sale. So you can buy shares of Y the same day.

    • Sandeep says:

      I sold shares at 5000/- profit still my free cash and margin used are same
      When will it get changed

      • Karthik Rangappa says:

        The settlement is on a T+2 basis, but you will have the margins available on your dashboard. I’d suggest you call the support desk to check this once. Thanks.

    • Arvind kumar singh says:

      Sir main 20/12/2018(Thursday) ko intraday me 185/- profit earned kiya but abhi tk profit hmare Demat account me nhi credit kiya gya hai.

    • Ankit Chandra says:

      If i am buying one share on MIS option and after buying rate is going down and wish to take delivery then how to retain that share and stop selling on market rate at the end of the day?

      • Karthik Rangappa says:

        Ankit, you can do a simple position conversion here. Doing so the MIS position will be converted to a CNC buy and you can carry forward the position overnight.

  2. Surya says:

    How does the intraday buy and sell work in this case? Does it mean in case of intraday trading we are essentially selling the shares that are not with us?

  3. udit says:

    if i buy share om friday ,what will be t+1 day and t+2 day??

  4. udit says:

    if i by share in CNC and sell on same day ,which brokerage i have to pay intraday or delivery ?

  5. Harish says:

    How to transfer money from bank to trading account and vice versa?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You can do this by clicking on the ‘Fund Transfer’ option. Through this you can bring money into your trading account or take money out of your trading account (back to your bank account).

  6. vamsi says:

    Sir, if i buy reliance for 10000/- at 10 am as MIS and sell at 10:30 AM when my money credit to my trading a/c. Immediately or on t+2 day.
    BeCause i want to invest 10k immediately on other stock.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You will get the credit by EOD.

      • garvit goel says:

        Hello, I wen thru several comments on this page and am really confused about this question. Yours answer on this question here seems to contradict with several other questions on this page.
        This is what i understand. Let me know if I am correct for intraday trading.
        If i buy some 10 shares for price 100 each, then 10*100 is debited in my trading account. Then after 2 hours, I sell the 5 shares for price 110.
        1. How much money be credited to my acc instantly?
        2. How much money be credited to my acc EOD?

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          If you have done this trade using MIS as the product code then even the other 5 shares that you didn’t sell will be squared off. If you have bought the 10 share as CNC, then 5 shares will goto delivery and the other 5 will be squared off when you sold them @ 105.

          1) You get a credit of 525 against the sale of 5 shares @ 105
          2) You will be debited 5*100 from the purchase so 500

          EOD you will have 505 minus all the applicable charges.

  7. sudip ray says:

    thanks for elaborating trading process. please clarify whether one can sale a stock today in the market and purchase the same in other day? if yes, what will be the process?

  8. suresh says:

    What if i sell & stock reached its upper limit where square off didn’t take place ?

  9. devesh2408 says:

    what will happen if i buy the stock as MIS at 10:AM and after that i can not sell this stock because there is no buyer for that in market . how will this trade will be squared off?.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      In such a situation MIS square off cant happen, hence the stock will come to your DEMAT account.

    • Ramesh says:

      What if i hold 100 shares of xyz co @ 100 rs. from over a month. Then i sell it all one day at 110 and buy the same quantity again at 105 the same day.
      1) Will i get profit of 5 rs. here?
      2) what will be my price of purchase. 100 or 105?

  10. Vicky says:

    Can you explain BTST in more detail?

  11. Harish Prajapati says:

    I want sell shares which I bought as CNC but I want to sell then before delivery i.e. T1 or T2 day then while selling should I select MIS? And when will the money will be available for further trading by such selling?

  12. Ankush Agrawal says:

    If i have 10k and i am trading intrday, so is it like i can execute only one trade? because the proceeds from my first transaction will be credited only by the end of the day.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You can choose to split your 10K across few trades…and based on the net P&L the money will either be debited or credited to your trading account by EOD.

      • DIVYANK JAIN says:

        So the brokerage and taxes are to be subtracted from net p&l or the net p&l is given after subtracting the charges.. Also how does realised profit differ from net p&l

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          No, brokerage and taxes are deducted first, what is left after that makes up your P&L. Advantage of trading with Zerodha is that our brokerage is the lowest in the industry – 0 for equity, 20 for intraday. So your P&L tends to be higher while trading with us.

          • Amey says:

            hi Karthik,

            I am beginner to trading and for past 2 days I have been doing intra day trading. I had funds of 5k in my account.
            1. on day 1. I had profit of 218. so under ‘position’ tab, I could see P&L as 218. and on dashboard I could see used margin as “-218”
            next day when I logged in to check my balance I could see my balance reduced to 4939 (margin available) instead of (5k + 218 profit).

            can you please explain me how can I check where my money profit went? which are all the factors I should check?

            2. Also I received a contract by mail in which I could see (Amount receivable by client/payable by client : 49.64).
            What does this mean ? It will be paid to me or it will be deducted from my account and why?

          • Amey, Login to Q-Backoffice and check your P&L statement under Reports. This should help you understand the brokerage and taxes that would have been charged for your trades.
            You can go through the List of Charges.
            Contact the support team for more account specific information

  13. Ankush Agrawal says:

    Also i have read somewhere that ZERODHA provides same day settlement on NSE. Can you put some light on the same day settlement process and Its Funds Debit and Credit Timings?

  14. Ankush Agrawal says:

    This Means Whenever i buy intraday the funds will not be debited Instantly Right?
    Also, If i choose to buy CNC will the same happen? if yes then can i buy shares worth more than the amount in my trading A/c?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      The funds will be blocked against your trade…in fact without sufficient amount the order will not go through at all. This also means you can never buy shares for more amount than what is there on CNC…however this is possible with intraday margins.

  15. nihaal says:

    1.does brokerage charges vary for cnc,mis,NRML?
    2.is it mandatory to sell next day in BTST?
    3.what’s EOD which you’ve been mentioning?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) I can speak on behalf of other brokers, but at least with Zerodha the brokerage is flat across all product types.

      2) It is not mandatory to sell it next day as the trade will result in a regular delivery trade.

      3) EOD is End of Day.

  16. Arun Kumar says:

    Trader: Intraday Trader
    Selected type : MIS / BO / CO
    Stock Price :XYZ @ 70
    Amount in Trading ac: Rs. 50,000

    If I want to buy the 100 share of xyz @70 at 11 am, then amount debited from my trading ac will be Rs.7000 instantly (Bal on trading ac will show Rs.43000).
    At 11.30 am on the same day, if I sell 100 shares of xyz @ 71, then the amount Rs 7100 will be credited to my trading ac on EOD?. If so, would I be left with balance Rs. 43000 to commence my next trade?.

    I hope this will not be the case. Please clarify.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      The moment you place a trade the applicable amount will be blocked by RMS and the balance amount will be free. You can choose what to do with it. Also once you square off the order, the amount will be credited to you account end of day.

      • Arun Kumar says:

        Yes I understand the profit I make will be credited to my trading account end of day to make pay out to my bank account. But I want to know whether the amount blocked by RMS ( I’m not sure what is RMS, glad if you explain this!!) will be released instantly once I got out of that intraday position within few minutes, so that I can trade with full amount again??

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          No, the profit you make will be released to you moment you close the trade completely…and not end of day. However the amount blocked by RMS will be released almost instantly and you are free to take the next trade.

          RMS = Risk Management Software which takes care of margins and other risk management activities. You may read this for better clarity – http://zerodha.com/varsity/chapter/margin-m2m/…however if you are new to markets I would suggest you go finish the basic module first and move sequentially.

          • Arun Kumar says:

            Thank you Karthik.

            I really appreciate your effort to make it easy for everyone to understand about capital market. Its not easier for anyone to create such an education module and your way of interacting through comments section is where we could see your dedication on this 🙂
            Hope Zerodha will bring many initiatives like this in future as well…

          • Karthik Rangappa says:

            Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, means a lot to us at Zerodha 🙂

          • garvit goel says:

            However. this contradicts with your reply made to Vamsi on 7th march. 15. Over there you said the the amt is credited EOD.

          • Karthik Rangappa says:

            Please check the response.

  17. Chetan says:

    Hi, I am new to stock market, I have following doubts
    If I want to short sell on intraday basis,
    1. do share borrowing fees apply? (My understading is we dont borrow shares for intraday trading)
    2. What are the leverages applicable? Are they same as when we buy?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      For shorting intraday there is no borrowing fees applicable. For long and short trades the leverage is similar.

  18. pavan says:

    Appears to be a case of missing brackets – In the table in section 10.2, across Sl.No:04 , the applicable charges should read as: 12% of (brokerage + transaction charges).

  19. Nitesh says:

    Security Transaction charges are they applicable to intra-day transactions ??

  20. Sriram says:

    I am a new client of Zerodha and totally new to Intra Day Trading. Using your Zerodha Varsitiy materials, I am trying to learn Intra Day trading. How will I know whether I have understood the concept and traded correctly, at the end of the day.

  21. Permendra Kumar says:

    Hi All,

    If i have done the Buy and Sell of a Stock on Equity Segment, then can i withdraw the funds on same day of evening irrespective of “CNC” or “MIS” ?

  22. Bhavani Kidambi says:

    I think this has been answered but I’m not sure if I understood it right, so my question is:

    If I had 10k, would I be able to simultaneously place a buy and sell intra day limit order having only 10k?
    I.e, as long as I have the net amount in my account at the end of the day, is that enough?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You can buy for 10K and once you bought this you can certainly sell whatever you own. To place the order simultaneously you need to choose a BO order.

  23. sidharth says:

    if I buy a stock of ₹20 for intra day, how much brokerage I have to pay?
    does I have to pay 1p?

  24. Sreechand says:

    It is given as 100126.32 for buying shares worth 100000 ,ie Rs 126.32 additional.What about the extra charges when you sell that?Is it same as on buying?

  25. Vishnu says:

    Hi Kartik,

    Suppose I am starting intraday trading with 10k.
    1) I bought shares for 100k using margin and sold the same after half an hour for 105k (I got very lucky :P)
    Now, I have already used up the 10x leverage on my capital. Will I be able to do more trades on the same day? Or do I need to wait for the settlement EOD and can only trade next day?


    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Once you square off your trade your margins are unblocked and you can do another trade!

      • Vishnu says:

        Great! I started trading with Zerodha today 🙂

        I executed 2 short trades on 2 different scripts. Both the orders were executed. But, later when I tried to square off my order got rejected with a message that I don’t have enough margin. Both the orders got squared off automatically at 3.20 and I made losses 🙁
        Why was my order got rejected then? I have been trading with another full time broker and never faced such an issue.

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          You should not have got this message especially since you are squaring off the trade. I would suggest you speak to someone from support – +91 80 40402020.

          • Mukesh says:

            This scenario can arise when unequal margins are used for shorting and buyback. For example shorting with cover order and buyback with limit order may cause this problem since the leverage for both case is different.

          • Karthik Rangappa says:

            Since BO/CO are intraday orders, margins are different.

        • Bhaskar says:

          Just for the knowledge and information of other people. Sometimes this may happen due to machine error. It so happens that order may seem stuck and trader places another trade which shows confirmed. In this case opposite trade gets placed.

          For example a short trade is placed and when trader tries to square off, two orders gets placed. First one is square off and second is a buy order and thus margins gets blocked and it may effect the whole trading process.

          Although above may not be exact thing that happened above but if an order seems stuck one should check with admin position window for open positions and order window for confirmation of placed and executed orders. one should also place square-off orders from admin-position window and confirm with order window before trying to square off again. As this will create a fresh buy position as discussed above.

          Hope it helps.

          Also, check your contract notes and you will see what exactly happened.

  26. beena says:

    what is meant by settlement value for 2015216 or 1516154, how could we know for which share settlement is this no represents ? here we could not make out the exact meaning of pending or holding shares , please make us easier to know this

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Settlement Value = This is the Rupee value. For example if the settlement value is 2015216, it is Rs.2,015,216.0
      Pending shares = If you have placed an order to buy 100 shares out of which you have both 30, the 70 will be pending shares
      Holding shares = These are the shares present in you DEMAT account.

  27. Manoj says:

    Shares bought on T day will not be reflected in T1 holdings or in DP holdings on T+2 day. And these shares will not be available for sale on that day…….. hope you will be able to fix that sometime.. 😀

  28. Nitin says:


    I am equity trader.
    Suppose 1-1-2015 monday i bought one share at 100 rupee, after buying in few minute shares goes up 200 now what amount i have to pay ??

    whether it is 100 rs or 200 rs if i am playing equity

  29. amit bhowmick says:

    hi if i buy 100 shares from xyz company@100 rs on delivery basis. my shares increase then sell my shares 12:00 clock. will i get whole money in my account same day?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      If its on delivery basis then you will not get it. However if its on a intraday basis then you do get the profits on the same day.

  30. mahalaxmi says:

    If I own a demat account, should I must do intraday? is it cumpolsary to sell the shares I bought on the very same day before 3pm, if it is intraday?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      No, there is no compulsion for you to sell the shares the same day. You can choose to hold it for as long as you wish in your DEMAT account.

  31. Sathik says:

    When is the 14 rs for DP charges incurred for Equity delivery (only during the sell trade?) .
    Does this go from the trading account or from the profit ? If sold at a loss what happens then ?
    Why is it not reflected in Brokerage calculator as it should be standard charge (or does it vary time to time ?)

    • Hanan Delvi says:

      Yes, you’re right about this. Rs. 14 is charged only when you sell from your DP. The Rs. 14 is broken down as (Rs. 8 Zerodha, Rs. 5.5 CDSL and the rest as tax). All charges are debited directly from your trading account after T+2 settlement.

      The reason it’s not included in the brokerage calculator is because it is charged per scrip, not per trade. We have this information displayed on our detailed charge list available here: http://www.zerodha.com/charge-list

      • Sathik says:

        Thanks HANAN
        But since I m new to trading , i would like to clarify the charges incurred for the following
        I buy 100 shares of X company (CNC) at ten different transactions/days(i.e each day i buy 10 shares for 10 days)
        Later say after 6 months, I sell 100 shares in single transaction .
        How much would i pay as DP charges?

      • AJITH THOMAS says:

        I put 5000 in zerodha to trade.used 3177.25 for trading (profit,loss, holding, brokerages everything included)but remaining account value and margin available shows only 1741.34.where is the remaining 81.41 RS.can anybody give an explanation for this? Do Zerodha charge for providing leverage.even then I have done small trades only,not used leverage.the only other thing I have done is converted position from intraday to CNC. And I think DP charges is applicable only when a I sell from demat account.explain please..

  32. Hanan Delvi says:

    You’d pay only Rs. 14 as your DP charges because you’re selling them on one day. If you sold these on two different days, you’d be paying DP charges for two different days.
    If you sold two different scrips on the same day, you’d pay Rs. 14 x 2 (scrips) as your DP charges.

  33. harshit117 says:

    Why does it take two days to complete the whole transaction?
    The transaction is completely electronical and hence it can happen in a few seconds. So, there must be a reason why our exchanges follow the T+2 format. What are the benefits of the system that we follow?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      All trades are cleared at a broker level by end of day, and the broker assigns this to the end client. Besides there is another process of debiting/crediting the DP account at CDSL or NSDL..also its not just the exchanges involved – exchanges, DP, clearing houses, brokers etc. Hence some delay!

  34. harshit117 says:

    I think it would be a very useful feature if we like and dislike comments. This would help good questions to be visible at the top and would also give people good questions to think about. This would also prevent users to ask the same questions. An option to sort the comments would also be great.

    • Ashwin says:

      Correct. people now a days hate reading , at least the same repetitive as its boring so make something new or categorize the importance at star/top and the rest at bottom so people wont waste their time reading the same thing again and again and you can also direct them to correct page or give the answer in one shot to the all repetitive questions.

  35. Vaibhav says:

    What is I sell share on T+1 and T+2 day, does DP Charges (Rs. 15 per script) is applicable?

  36. Aniket Bange says:

    if suppose i buy one xyz company share in intraday can i cell it on nest day?

  37. Aniket Bange says:

    Is there any message support from Zerodha, for intraday traders while market is open? And another question is I am an engineer working at one company so in day I will not able to trade in intraday with fully concentration , so is there any market is open in night so I can trade in that ?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      If you are referring to intraday tips etc, no we do not have one. Although this is something that you maybe interested in – http://opentrade.in/

      For trading during the nights, you should check out the Commodities market.


    Hi Karthik,
    1. How to do I execute the order of short deliver trading (“CNC”?!!!) based on SLBS (Securities Lending and Borrowing Scheme) and what is the charges levies for this?
    2. I know that, we can convert the product type “MIS” to CNC. Then, could I convert to “CNC” to “MIS” also?
    3. If the opportunity arise after my execution of the stock in “CNC” product type. Then, I keen to sell and book the profit. In this case, I put sell order as “CNC” otherwise convert my buy order to “MIS” and then put sell order as “MIS”.
    4. If I’ve Rs.22,560 in my trading account balance. I’ve buy the xyz stock @Rs.96 quantity of 120
    (96*120 = (Margin Used) Rs.11,520 [Free Cash Balance = Rs.11,040]) in “CNC” product type at Monday (29/02/2016 10:50 AM). Then, I’ve sell the xyz stock @120 quantity of 120 (120*120 = (Margin Used) Rs.14,400 [Free Cash Balance = Rs.11,040]) at Thursday after deliver (03/03/2016 12:25 PM). Then, Could I use the actual capital of buying stock amount Rs.11,520 (except profit Rs.2,880) for another trade on the same day after sell the stock in few minutes/seconds.

    [I think, the profit amount Rs.2,880 use only after credit my trade account (T+2 Days). Am i right?]

    And Because, I read on z-connect in margin policy article. The below statement is shown on there.

    “This credit is available for you to trade intraday, but there might be a short margin penalty applicable if you carry forward positions using this non-realized profit.”
    Short margin penalty applicable on carry forward positions means. I use the Rs.11,520 for intraday only or another “CNC” trade also I use the amount on before the amount credit to my trading account.
    5. I understand below thing. When, I notice the point on the Q-Back office. The first one is Available Balance & Withdrawal Balance.
    (i) Available Balance is shown as instantly if I sell or square off the Stock/F&O contract.
    (ii) Withdrawal Balance is only updated based on T+1 (MIS/NRML) or T+2 (CNC). it’s depend upon the product type.
    The above statement is correct. Please clarify my doubts.

    Thanks in advance karthik.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) All about SLBS – http://www.nseindia.com/products/content/equities/slbs/slbs.htm
      2) Yes you can
      3) If you have bought as CNC, sell it as CNC – as long as its done intraday, no need to worry about it
      4) Yes, as soon as you sell, the entire sell value (including your profits) can be used to trading immediately. You will get this margin benefit right away. However I would suggest you cross check with our support executives once.
      5) For queries related to Q – you need to contact ours support executive.


    Hi karthick,

    I’ve one query about the highlighted red box on the pi chart in below shown image. What is the means of the followings?
    (i) Normal Market Close End
    (ii) Spot Market Close
    (iii) Call Auction 1 Market Close
    (iv) Auction Market Close
    (v) Call Auction 2 Market Close
    (vi) OddLot Market Close
    And in MCX also the followings:
    (i) Normal Market Close
    (ii) Special Market Close
    (iii) Auction Buy In Market Close
    (iv) Acution Sell Out Market Close
    (v) Trading Buy In Market Close
    (vi) Trading Sell Out Market Close
    Then, CDS,NFO, BFO, BSE also contain the slightly different names.

    What’s the actual use and means? Please clarify my doubts.


    Hi Karthik,

    One more small doubt. The dividend amount is credited at which account? Trading account or Bank Account?

    Thanks in advance.

  41. Aniket Bange says:

    If suppose xyz companies share price gets down and I purchased it and want to sell it T-2 day, but on T-1 day it’s rates are gets high can I sell it ?

  42. Saurabh says:

    I purchased 100 share on Monday, on Wednesday(T+2) morning i saw shares in my T1 holding. i sold them. But zerodha charged me DP charges. I need clarification on this, why they charges me.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Thats because the shares will hit your Demat on T+2 and further it gets debited from your DEMAT account. Hence DP charges are applicable.

  43. D.J. James says:

    Why is the brokerage not rs.0 shown in the figure when you buy a lot or iis the intraday brokerage?

  44. Ankita says:

    What is retention of funds and securities statement. Assume I subscribe to an OFS while having no funds in my trading account, the shares are allotted to me, however I haven’t brought the funds yet in my account? What will happen in this scenario?

  45. Swapnil says:

    I am purchasing X shares of a company today morning say for short term but thought of selling all X today only before market closes. How will be the money transaction. If i am earning a profit of say Y, will it be credited to my account on same day or it will require T +2 Days. Like this can i do multiple trades in a day? While purchasing share i am not choosing intraday option for which i have to square of before market closure.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Yes, you can do this as long as the stock is allowed for intraday trading. Yes you can do as many trades as you wish. I’d suggest you keep ‘MIS’ as your default option while trading intraday.

  46. Anvesh Y says:

    I have bought a share on 24/05 after 3 days I see its sold out. But I didn’t sell it. Why is this happened?

  47. Tanmay says:

    I don’t understand why there is T+2 time for settlement. It’s just a electronic transfer no real work is required.
    What’s the risk in case of BTST, I would like to carry out these trades, previously I thought it’s not possible.

  48. Nikhil Iyer says:

    Just one small doubt, since shares are added to my account on T + 2 day, why have you mentioned that I can sell only on T + 3 day?
    What if I wish to square off on T + 2 day?

  49. praveen says:

    you didnt mention how settlement is cleared in intraday. while trading i earned Rs.75. But EOD, Rs. 133 is deducted from my account. please explain

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Intra day settlement is quite straightforward. Suppose you buy 200 shares at 50 and sell the same at 52, then you make 2*200 = 400. Out of this you deduct brokerage and other charges and the balance is what you take home. You can use Zerodha’s brokerage calculator to get the exact breakdown of charges – https://zerodha.com/brokerage-calculator

      By the way, Which broker are you trading with ?

  50. krishna says:

    I buy 100 shares on CNC at one transactions, the same day sell 100 shares (square off) executed different transactions , how much brokerage charge will come?

  51. Naresh Yadav says:

    what if i have 10000 rupees and have purchased 110 shares of reliance using the leverage option and have not sold the shares though i was in profit at EOD

  52. lalit says:

    sir I am beggginer I had transferred 1500 in my account it showed 1500 total and cash value….after that I purchased and sold shares i didn’t sell any share in loss….now it showing margin value 1400 free cash 1473 , total value 42 and margin used – 1435 sir i want to know why did it happen and why fund didn’t transfer in my total value…..plz help

  53. Varun Trivedi says:

    My question is , If I buy share as CNC, my ideal point to sell it is –
    – On same day (then it will be considered intraday? MIS?)
    -or, if didnt sell on same day, then only after T+2. i.e T+3 ??
    Am i right ? Ideally, a share holded till end of day should be carried forward for two more days until u can sell.?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Yes, you are. Its best you use CNC when you intend to buy shares and hold the same for delivery. For inraday you should be looking at MIS.

  54. Raj says:

    You said it usually takes T+3 days to get stocks reflected into the demat account. Do we get any notification or email when we get stocks into the demat account. Or is there any way to check stocks in the demat account?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You get a notification on the day of the trade, but not when the shares hit your demat account. Best way is to check your account on T+3.

  55. NareshS says:

    Hi Karthik
    I had transferred Rs 10,000 from my bank to Trading account. However the funds in pi show Rs 9989/-. What is Rs 11 charged for?
    I havent placed any trade yet.

  56. stetme says:

    Hi Kartik
    I’m confused about the EOD payment
    Suppose I have 5000rs in my account. I buy shares worth 1000rs (MIS) at 10.00, and sell them at 1100rs at 10.30
    so after selling, for the remaining of the day, will I have 4000rs remaining to trade with, or 5100?

  57. Pravin Kashyap says:

    I made intraday profits. But that profit amount is excluded from withdrawable balance. Why is it so?

  58. Gautam says:

    In the case suppose i short the stocks in intra day and no one buy in the end of the day . ,what would be happen then??

  59. Gautam says:

    is it rule that u will only get share after t+2 day suppose if shares are available (like in intra day ) cant i get share in trading day ? or t+1 day??

  60. abhilash says:

    hi sir,
    i bought 15 share of comapny x in CNC at 100rs and sold at 106rs after 1 hour.Again the price of x came to 98 after 1hour and again i bought 15 shares at 98 on the same day in CNC .But in my holdings it shown as i bought them at 100rs.can you please explain sir?

  61. Ajay says:

    If I am holding 10 stocks of Infy on T+1 day and if I decide to buy and sell the stocks 3-4 times on that day(due to lack of margin to buy a fresh lot to trade) to profit from price volatility(ensuring that I buy back all 10 shares before end of day), do I run a risk of BTST auction?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      No, cause you would have bought the 10 stocks the previous day on CNC basis and on T+1 you would most probably doing MIS/BO/CO.

  62. Rajesh says:

    I bought Mandhana industries shares.After that demerge hsppened.I got message from zerodha that shares are credit.where can i see those shares?

  63. Prasanna says:

    Hi Karthik,
    I have a clarification, which i require from your end. I recently sold some shares of a company which had announced a bonus issue on the ex-date. Does zerodha debit my DP account on the same day, and transfer to a pool account, before giving settlement. If so this would deprive me from credit of bonus shares shares.

    I have come to this conclusion after a detailed discussion with the Registrar and Company Secretary at the said company. And the CS has suggested that some brokers do follow this procedure.

    Below is an excerpt of my conversation
    “Some brokers have the tendency to debit the account on same day (Ex -date) and kept the share in their poll account and transfer later on to the buyer.”

    Your inputs in this regard would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards

  64. gaurav jain says:

    sir, taking this situation i had a holding of 100 shares of x which i feel will be going down so i short it at let price 50 and again brought on same day at 45, so in this case brokerage will be based on intraday or delivery ? and at eod will the shares again comes in my holding or it will show T:100?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Really depends on which product type you have traded in. If you doing intraday, its best you stick to MIS, especially in cases where you have the same share in DEMAT.

  65. Shalini says:

    Sir, I have 50 shares of unitech ltd.. I try to sell the shares.. But still it not reduced from my holdings.. Its been more than 20 days…. My holdings still have 50 shares and my fund is also not credited.. I m new to share market.. I don’t know what to do.. Pls help me..

  66. Nishanth says:

    Where can i see the db charges in statement? i’m using kite and q.zerodha.com

  67. praveshbajaj says:

    can i sell share on t+2 day?

  68. Arun Kumar Singh says:

    Hi Sir,

    If I have purchased share on ex -bonus date like 30th Dec 2016 and record date is 02nd January 2017. Then, am I eligible for get bonus share??

    Please explain….

  69. kamal bhatt says:

    If I buy shares under CNC mode & sell on the same day then for calculating profit which brokerage calculator applies

  70. Arvind says:

    What happens when no body is willing to sell shares and company has already issued max. shares….Then how can we get shares

  71. Santosh says:

    I want to know the details of day bill

  72. Ashish says:

    If we make an intraday trade how long will it take for the money to hit our trading account. Or does it have the same procedure as T+2 or does the money gets credited on the same day as the intraday trade

  73. Karthick says:

    Hi, is there any limits on how many trades i can do per day for both intraday & delivery.

  74. priti singhania says:

    HII please explain about stt charges..i had a delivery trade in city united bank for buy 14500 and sell 14800 total turnover is 29300 and they charged stt 60 it was a btst trade.the charges should be 29.3 bbut it got charged rupees 660..i am new to the trade and this much charge please explain

  75. krishna says:

    I have just one doubt,if I buy shares on CNC and on the same day I sell them,will I have to pay for the DP charges?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      No, DP charges are applicable when the shares are debited from your DEMAT account. Since its an intraday order, the shares will never hit your demat, hence no DP charges.

  76. Bhaskar Sandbhor says:

    If I sell equity stocks today, when can I transfer the funds to my bank?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      The very next day…i.e T+2 ….sometime during noon on T+2, it will show up as clear balance and you can place a withdrawal request.We will process the request the same day and the funds will hit your account the next day..i.e on T+3 morning.

  77. pravin k says:

    HI, I’m new to Zerodha. I did few intraday trades(MIS) today. Now end of the day profit earned is shown in ‘margin used’ as negative value. My total account value is not reflected with my profit. Why??

  78. i am having some cnc shares in my account if i dicided to sell them how many days it will take to reflect the money in my account inorder to execute further trades says:

    please answer my query

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Naveen, I think you are placing your query in the wrong field. Anyway, if you sell the shares today, you can use the funds the same day for further purchases.

  79. Kaveri says:

    I was having 53 shares in my Zerodha account for around 20 days,
    I sold all 53 shares & then bought same 57 shares on same day
    Yesterday it was showing 57 shares holdings but today m able to see only 4 shares in my Zerodha account.
    Why this is so??

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      can you please refresh your browser and check again? If you notice less shares, please get in touch with our support executives for clarification.

  80. RUPAM MANDAL says:

    Suppose I bought shares today. You have already charged as shown in table. If sell the shares a month after will there be any charge then?

  81. SANJEEV says:

    dear sir

    1. what will happen if i did not do square off on the same .
    2. Does i have to pay more money to get re diff from this situation
    3. Does zerodha have auto square off option .
    4. Does next day stock comes into my demat account , if i did not square off the stock same day .

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) Depends on the context – if you are talking about F&O, then it will be sq off by exchange on expiry day
      2) No
      3) Intraday MIS orders are squared off by us
      4) It will proceed to hit your DEMAT account

  82. vaibhavwiz says:

    what about the day traders who buy and sell the shares in a single day, according to u they wont be able to sell shares before T+2 day.

  83. siddarth k says:

    What is the advantage of demat account over trading account.

    Also let me know if I hold shares without demat account , is there any additional charges.

    Please explain DP Charges

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      A DEMAT account is like a bank account. Just like how a bank account holds your cash, the DEMAT account holds your shares (in digital format). In order to buy the shares in your DEMAT account, you will need a trading account.

      DP charges are similar to bank charges. The rates are as below –

      Rs 8 (Zerodha) plus Rs. 5.5 (CDSL) (applicable only when you are selling your Delivery position after having held for more than two days). (Market rates are usually between Rs 12 to Rs 25) STT, Service Tax, NSE Turnover and Transaction Charges, SEBI charges are all as applicable market-wide.

  84. kiran3991 says:

    demat account balance =10k
    can i buy the shares worth 10k , sell them for 11k and again buy other shares worth 11k on the same day ? is it possible ? it should not be possible as it takes t+2 for delivery .so we will be needing an account balance of 21k for doing the total mentioned trade…..please correct me if i am wrong

  85. Ayush says:

    Does stock settle in our demat account in intraday trade?

  86. Akshay says:

    What will happen if i do BTSL Trade?

  87. tushar mody says:


    I do only CASH buy and SELL….for the time being
    NOW…assuming that I have no money in by BALANCE….

    I sell shares worth Rs 1,00,000 ( Rs one lakh ) from my holdings.( after T3 )

    I can see that INSTANTLY on completion of SALE….Rs one lakh.. starts showing in my ACCOUNT BALANCE.
    My question is.. .if I Immediately buy SOME OTHER SHARES….worth about Rs one lakh including statutary charges.

    Then…is there any CHARGES.. which will be applicable by zerodha ..to use this Rs one lakh
    Sinxe I understand that. YOU as a broker will get this SALE PROCEEDS.. ..only after T2 days.
    please explain the charges if applicable.
    Also, please share any link where this point is discussed
    I do not have ANY PLEDGED SHARES.
    thanking you

    tushar mody

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Ideally if you have 1lakh in your account, you should buy shares for an amount slightly lesser than for 1L. For example for say 99,875 and buffer some money for other STT and other charges. These charges wont be more than 110 if you are trading with us. Remember, Zerodha does not charge you a brokerage for EQ deliver trades. You can use our brokerage calculator to know the exact charges- https://zerodha.com/brokerage-calculator

  88. tushar mody says:


    BUT….MY QUESTION still remains unanswered


    I was asking that on SALE OF Rs ONE LAKH WORTH SHARES from my HOLDINGS ( T 3 ).
    THEN………”” BESIDES YOUR BROKERAGE “”………is there……”” ANY OTHER CHARGES “” to use these FUNDS instantly.


    please clarify …so that I can go ahead FULL STEAM doing the TRADING

    thanking you,

  89. tushar mody says:



    So…….besides all these charges…..Is there ….ANY OTHER CHARGES to USE THAT Rs ONE LAKH for…..till T 2 days


    These brokerage details are clear to us as explained very clearly.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      The charges are as mentioned on the brokerage calculator, I’ve shared the link for the same in my previous comment.

  90. Ajay Diwakar says:

    Sir what happens if i fail to sell the intraday shares on the same day

  91. mohit_1607 says:

    Hi Karthik,
    It will be great if you can provide some detailed explanation on the back office related activities that undergoes during a trade. Will be glad if you could share your mail ID so that I can directly let you know what I am seeking.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Mohit, the backoffice operation should not really matter much to a regular trader. For this reason, we stayed away from discussing this. If you have any specific question, please do feel free to post it here.

      • mohit_1607 says:

        Karthik, reason i am asking is because I work in an area wherein we build custody solutions for banks. If you don’t mind, I would like to understand the complete trade cycle better. It will be great if it could be explained through a practical example. Will be able to relate the scenario better.

  92. Nitesh Sharma says:

    If I purchased the stock using CNC, can I sold the stock on same day?

  93. Mukesh singh says:

    Qty is showing in minus(-), what that mean for intraday trading

  94. ANKUR says:

    I purchased some shares valued 11770 Rs on 6th April..So that shares should be reflect in my account by 10 April…But today is 11th April and that share not display in my positions…What I have to do???

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      I’m assuming you are trading with Zerodha. Please do check your holdings once, otherwise please do contact our customer service.

  95. Hitesh says:

    How do I sell a share in BSE which is bought in NSE (for price gain)?

  96. arjun says:

    “If traders are looking to convert intraday positions to delivery, you need to keep in mind that STT (Securities Transaction Tax) will go up almost 10 times if you decide to keep your intraday positions overnight.”

    can u explain this. Is this the same charge as buying cnc on monday and selling the same on tuesday. If i convert intraday position to cnc will there be any hidden charge. or is it the same as a normal cnc trade done after that day.

  97. Sagar Shah says:

    When do we need to make payment for the equity that is bought? Is it T+1 / T+2 or any other date?
    Or is it that we need to maintain balances and we can purchase the stock only to the extent of balances available?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You need cash at the time of purchase, which means to say your trading account should have the money.

  98. KumaR says:

    When i sold shares which i am already having in my DEMAT account the same will show with negative number in positions. I know that there is provision for exit this order if i wish.
    My question is that, after exit of above said position, am I subjected to possible Loss or Profit ??

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      I’m not able to understand your question completely. However, your P&L really depends on your entry and exit price.

  99. Kaushalendra Mishra says:

    Recently my HINDZINC dividend was credites to trading account instead of my bank account.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      All dividends are credited to the bank account linked to your DEMAT.

      • Kaushalendra Mishra says:

        But mine was credited to trading account.
        When i mailed to support team they said if shares are sold on ex-dividend date dividend will be credited to trading account only.

        When i asked for document supporting their claim no reply yet.

  100. Prasanna says:

    I bought spicejet share around 74/share on March.i am trying sell this at 104/sh on 20 Apr 17.when I choose exit in holdings rab.then stock moved to position tab.by mistake again i click sell then again click buy in positions tab.sell(holdings)-sell(positions)-buy(osition).i wants to know whether spicejet shares are credited/debited from my account?all transactions are made through cnc

  101. sarang says:

    I bought sahres on the day divident was declared , but i have not recived the divident in my back account. can you help me

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You will need to wait till the dividend is paid out, which can be few days after the announcement.

  102. Sambit says:

    If I have bought share via cnc, and selling on same day….Will that sell oder execute.? I mean I don’t have any share in my demat account. Will there be any problem.? You have said one should avoid to sell on T +1 day.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Yes, you can. Not a problem. However, make sure you are not doing this on stocks in ‘BE/BZ’segment (NSE) ‘T, XT, Z’on BSE…also referred to as ‘Trade to Trade’ segment. Stocks which fall under this category has to be taken in for delivery. You cannot do intraday trade on them.

  103. Shriram Mandale says:

    Hi Karthik,

    If the price of a share is rs 100 on T day (when I place the buy order) and rs 102 on t+2 day (when stock comes into my DEMAT account),
    what is the buying price for this transaction.

  104. leslin says:

    I applied for some shares. but failed to transfer funds on the same day. i added funds on T+2 day. Will my purchase go through?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You will need to check with your broker for this. At Zerodha, you will need the full amount before you can punch a delivery order.

  105. anil bhasein says:

    Dear mr kartik
    pl help me resolve this
    P/l for individual stocks vary according to the trade ie intraday , short term etc
    now that i was able to calculate with the help of the balance sheet of that year
    till a few days back office was giving us this years balance sheet also , but it has stopped now ,
    pl let me know now without that balance sheet how do i calculate the exact profits
    anil bhasein

  106. anil bhasein says:

    dear mr kartik ,
    on daily basis its easy to calculate your profits using the zerodha calculator , but overa period of time its not possible
    is there a way to calculate

  107. Uday H. says:

    Sir today I bought shares of Sintex Ind. will I be eligible for getting Sintex plast shares?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      No, I dont think so Uday. I need to check this myself. The demerger scheme is already through I guess.

  108. gopeswar says:

    you are saying if i buy a stock today i can sell it on T+2 day or T+n day where n>3 , but then what is intra day trading , this really confuses everything

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You can basically do 3 types of trade –

      1) Intraday – where you buy and sell during the day and do not take any positions overnight. For such trades, T+2 is not applicable.
      2) Delivery trades – You buy positions with an expectation of holding the position for few days. In such a situation, you need to wait for T+2 for the stocks to hit your DEMAT
      3) F&O – These are in futures and options, no need to worry about T+2

  109. trivendra says:

    dear sir !

  110. Kapil Madan says:

    The shares which I purchased 4 days back are still not reflecting into my account… What could be the reason???

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Was it 4 working days? There were no settlement holiday in the recent past. I’m guessing, there was some issue with short delivery or something. Suggest you give a call and confirm the same.

  111. Gagandeep says:

    Hi, I have a doubt regarding intraday trading. You said the stocks comes in the demat account on T+3 day. But if I do a NRML or MIS trade will there still be risk bcz of not having the stocks in demat. I read the previous comments and you said MIS and NRML trades are settled same day is it mean that there is no T+1 and T+2 day involved in NRML and MIS orders and hence the risk is associated only when my buy order is CNC and still I sell the stocks before they have reached to my account?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      If you buy stocks today, then the stocks will hit your DEMAT on T+2 basis, not T+3. If I’ve stated T+3, then please do ignore that. MIS orders are intraday trades and will be squared off by EOD. However, the risk of shorting in MIS is getting a bad delivery. Please do read more about it here – https://zerodha.com/z-connect/queries/stock-and-fo-queries/consequences-of-short-delivery-nse-bse

      • Gagandeep says:

        Thank you for replying, but i was not asking about shorting the stocks. Actually I was talking about this,
        “The day after you made the transaction is called the T+1 day. On T+1 day you can sell the stock that you purchased the previous day. If you do so, you are basically doing a quick trade called “Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow” (BTST) or “Acquire Today, Sell Tomorrow” (ATST). Remember the stock is not in your DEMAT account yet. Hence, there is a risk involved, and you could be in trouble for selling a stock that you don’t really own. This doesn’t mean, every time you do a BTST trade you end up in trouble, but it does once in a way especially when you trade B group and illiquid stocks. The reason why this happens is a little convoluted, and we deliberately will not touch this topic now.”
        Is this thing applicable to Intraday. What does squaring off position really means, is it like when we do MIS order the whole process of transferring the shares from another persons demat account to my demat does not because at last the position is going to be squared off by EOD?
        If I am still not clear I can elaborate.

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          Squaring off a position means that you are closing or netting off an existent position. For example I have bought 100 shares of Infosys, squaring off this position means I sell the existing 100 shares of Infy. So, when you do intraday (by means of MIS orders), you are squaring off all your positions and getting out of market, so there is no risk as such.

  112. HI karthik,
    I am facing a problem regarding selling a share, last week i bought two shares of NMDC in CNC format and today I tried to square off my position by selling it. but, after selling the share I see that in my ‘position’ tab NMDC is in short position(it was showing that, I have short sell NMDC).
    After that I buy the shares again to stop my losses but they again appears in my holding.
    I called in your support center for this problem and they assured me that there are no problem happening, my stock has been sold successfully. Even I was told that share would be automatically transferred from my demat account.
    but till now I have those stocks in my holding.
    please help me.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      When you sell shares from your DEMAT, the positions tab will reflect this as a short position. This is because the position tab is meant to show your positions for the day. So ideally, you should have left it at that and the shares would have been flushed out. However, since you bought it back, original sell and the eventual buy back resulted in an intraday trade, and your original shares in DEMAT stayed intact, hence you see the same in your holdings.

      Do you recollect whom you spoke to?

  113. Guruprasad Kn says:

    Hi , I have a question. What happens in the scenario below. I bought a stock X @ 50, sold @55 and again bought @56 . All in intraday, and holding the last buy. In this case what will be the charges.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      In this case you will be charged 20 + 20 for the buy at 50 and sell at 55. I’m assuming you would be doing these trades under CNC. For the buy @ 56, which I’m assuming would be under CNC, there would be no brokerage.

  114. Mahendra says:

    If I have 20k in mya trading account. While doing intraday, I use all the money (leverage i.e 20k * 20) in buy only then while exiting from that trade do I need to have balance in my trading account? Or I can exit directly ?
    Please consider long or short both scenarios.

  115. sri ram says:

    i have done a equity withdrawl on friday morning and it was processed on the same day evening.
    but money was not credited to my bank account and it was debited from my zerodha account.
    could you please explain me in how much time it will take to credit.i haveaccount in ICICI bank.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Guess yesterday was 2nd Saturday and banks were off. Request you to check your account Monday morning.

  116. manju k says:

    dear sir, basically iam a blind person, iam new to stock markete. so i want to learn tradings in kannada if there is any articals or books available online? or i have many of questions, can i ask here?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Sir, unfortunately I do not know of any trading books in Kannada. Please do post your questions here, and I’ll be more than happy to respond.

  117. manju k says:

    sir iam weak in english. so can’t understand some words and short forms. so i asking this, if i buy 10 shares from tata motars. and the share valu is rs 450per share. then next day when i want to sell those 10 shares in that time the share value is 455 per share. so how much will i get with diducting the all charges from zeroda?

  118. p s ganeswara rao says:

    mr.k i like this very much thanks for that. i opened z acc with you. before openinig enquired for how friendly you guys at zerodha after that i entered. need little bit help for beginners like us. can i expect from you??
    my next question can i get hard copy for modules i need as paid how much it cost

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You can ask us any questions related to markets and trading, we will always answer provided we know the answer. In fact, we dont even ask you if you are client of ours :)…so yes, you can expect full support from us!

      Unfortunately, we do not have a hard copy of this.

  119. chiranjib Podder says:

    I made a trading on 12.06.2017(monday) .I was new at this and till then did not send my POA. I could not see my holdings and my profit or loss. I sent a mail and they told me that I cannot see because I havenot sent my POA.I sent it 2 days later on Thursday by speed post.But till now I cannot see anything. can you tell me where can I see my tradings.? When can I see my holdings on my trading account?Plz instruct me .I am new at this.

  120. Ankit saxena says:

    Sir i have added 1000 to my zerodha account and bought Idea shares as CNC AMO yesterday. But today when market started it is showing rejected with error “RMS:Margin Exceeds,Required:930.00, Available:0.00 for entity account-RP1485across exchange across segment across product” also showing 0 balance in kite and 989 balance in q.zerodha.com. Why 11 rps got deducted and what did just happened?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Ankit, guess you bought shares for all 1000. I’d suggest you speak our support to get clarity on this. Thanks.

  121. Sandeepan das says:

    Hello, I had bought godrej industries at 632rs and sold it at 651 after 5 days, the qty displayed was 1, ie the shares were delivered to me, when i sold it, the positions tab in portfolio shows the qty of godrej ind to be -1, is this how it usually is or did i make any mistake?

  122. paresh dudhat says:

    hi there, i want to know if my sell order does not execute , will i have to pay any charges for that order?

  123. uday says:

    from the tutorial, I understood that if I buy a share on Monday using CNC, I shouldnt sell on Thursday to avoid penalty.

    How to check in this site https://kite.zerodha.com if I had any such BTST penalities.

    From now on, I assume that I should sell shares once this (T1: word goes out from quantity of shares list.

    2nd question:
    If I had 1 lakh and I bought 1 lakh rupee shares on mondy and sold it on thursday. can I buy other shares on thursday itself with deposited money?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Uday, shares bought on Monday will be credited to your DEMAT on Wednesday evening. So you are good to sell them on Thursday morning….all this provided there are no settlement holidays between Monday and Thursday. Yes, you can sell on Thursday and buy shares for the same amount on Thursday itself.

  124. Bala says:

    It might be a simple question. Is it possible that a market can send a match status update post trade settlement?

    If so, whether the match status will be successfully applied on a settled trade or the message will be thrown to exceptional queue in the system?

  125. Jigar patel says:

    how much minimum balance and how much minimum equity delivery in dement account to buy equity

  126. Ashish says:

    If I place BO/CO of 1000 quantity and it get executed in 5 orders for each 200 quantity..so brokerage will be charged on separate trade(200 quantity) or on whole order(1000 quantity)?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      The first leg will be charged 20, but the next 5 legs will be charges 20 each – so 120 in all.

  127. datra says:

    What are the other charges for buying in CNC, let say I am doing a trading in a CNC mode like Buying shares and selling on T+2 days.
    as the charges will be like mentioned in https://zerodha.com/brokerage-calculator and 13 rupees for each script every time selling.
    1) will their be any other outstanding charges? and where can I SEE outstanding charges?
    2. are there any other hidden/govt charges which we need to pay for selling the stocks at end of year/closing the account.
    3. lets say If I buy and sell on T+2 for particular stock throughout the year, will there be any other charges BECAUSE I am buying an selling from only ONE particular stock vendor?
    4. In short, what I think for not to worry about charges is, if I invest 40,000 rupees and if I continue to sell entire stocks at 2% profit after T+2 day then I will be in profits only.

    Please answer this 4 questions

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) No outstanding charges as such.
      2) No hidden charges as such
      3) N0 – each time you buy and sell, you pay charges as applicable. List of charges are here – https://zerodha.com/charges
      4) Yes, you will be profitable. However, please check the charge list exact charges.

  128. Shivani Tiwari says:

    Where i can see the current value of my CNC holdings ,in z-conect it is showing more value but in kite it is showing lesser.So if i liquidate now what is the current value i can seek.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You can refer to the values in either Kite or our back office – Q. By the way, Z-Connect is our blog and not really a place to check the value of CNC holdings.

  129. Sohel says:

    In intraday are charges similar for both short selling and first buy then sell

  130. Abhijeet Gurjar says:

    when does the profits that I make by selling my holdings get credited to my trading account ? immidiately or at T+2 day ?

  131. Inderjeet Patwal says:


    If we do not get the shares till 2 days after buying them how andpeople do intra day trading. Buying and selling the shares on a same day?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Intrday shares are settled cash wise within the day, they are not taken in for delivery at all.

  132. Inderjeet Patwal says:

    Hello Sir,

    If I buy a share in intraday but forgot to sell it on a same day then what will happen. Will it be sold automatically on the closing price of the particular day or do I need to pay any penalty or what.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Yes, if you have opted MIS as your order type, then yes, the position will be squared off.

  133. Sourav says:

    I bought some shares on Wednesday. Technically it should show t+2 in my holdings sections but it is still showing t1 is it normal or is it something to worry about?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Can you please check your holdings on Monday once please? The shares should reflect in your holdings.

  134. soumith says:

    how the dp charges will be charged is it constant or varies based on share price and number of shares
    what if i sell some shares of value 10rs will i be charged be charged 14rs dp charges for each share or only 14rs for all shares

  135. SHAMPRASAD G T says:

    Hi Sir,
    How to put Bracket order in equity marke.

  136. YOGESH LASSI says:


  137. tushar mody says:

    please explain…the definition of turnover in case of BTST.
    what happens if we buy shares on monday and sell on tuesday.

    if we sell on wednesday…
    selling on thursday is obviously…the FULL SALE…value of sold shares.
    thanking you

  138. Lino says:

    My friend bought some BPCL shares through Zerodha on 12 July and the next day bonus share was issued The ex bonus date is 13 and record date is 15, will he get the bonus shares?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Yes, because of he bought on 12th he would be considered as share holder on 14th, which is a day before the record date…so he will get the bonus shares.

  139. Kiran T says:

    I have had 30 shares of CDSL @403.32/share , now shares have been blocked, brokers said it will take 2 days to reflect in your account.
    the price is going down and down, i wanted to sell those share today, what will be the result. Will i have to sell at current rate(which results loss)

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      It takes 2 days from the day of purchase for the shares to reflect in your demat account. You will have to just wait, no other way around.

      • Kiran T says:

        ok, but what will be the result, will i do get minimum investment or as per current rate (as share is going down)??

      • Kiran T says:

        N i had bought it on Tuesday, i had kept it for delivery (hold price Rs.403/share) but unfortunately it is not showing in my account since it hit lower circuit.
        now the question is, can i get minimum investment once it is visible in my account b’coz share is going down continuously ?

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          It should show up in under holdings, stock hitting circuit has nothing to do with this. Can you please recheck again under holdings?

  140. uday says:

    Hi, If I buy a share of particular company using CNC mode today i.e. on 17th July 2017 and Sell it on same day i.e today i.e. on 17th July 2017, then it will become Intraday. then again if I buy shares of tht same company today i.e. on 17th July 2017 using CNC option and if I dont sell it today.
    will my second-time purchase of same company today considered as Intraday or CNC?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      It will be considered CNC and you will get delivery of the shares. The same will reflect in your DEMAT on a T+2 basis.

  141. Aayush says:

    Hello Karthik, If I have TECHM in my demat account from last one month and I sold the share on Monday.Again,I bought TECHM (same quantity) on tuesday.My question is still I have to pay DP charges???

  142. Akash BV says:

    I’ve a doubt in buy back, I’ll explain my scenario. I’ve 50 shares of xyz company in my holding which was bought long ago. Now I see that they are in profit and sold out 20 shares among them. so in my holding there are 30 shares and in my positions it will display as -20.
    Now, I want to buy back those 20 shares again from my POSITION, so my holding should reflect 50 shares isn’t it?
    but, it is reflecting 20 in my HOLDING. Could you please help me on understanding whether I’m wrong or there could be a discrepancy in the no. of shares it’s displaying.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      When you sell the shares from holdings, the shares are marked out from your demat account and hence it will show as -20 in your positions page. If you buy these shares again, then 20 will show as T1 quantity the next day and will eventually show up in your holdings on T+2 day basis.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Correction to what Karthik’s said: When you’ve sold 20 of the 50 shares, your position would show -20. If you buy it back during the day, it would become an Intraday trade and your holding of 50 would remain intact.

  143. Hitesh says:

    suppose i buy illiquid shares say visesh infotechs @0.15 paisa in bulk qty..what charges are applicable if i hold it in my demat account permanently..am i FORCED to sell such a shares by exchange or i can hold it number of years as per my wish..do i am suppose to pay mothly or yearly charges for holding such a stock in demat..? please solve my doubts and give additional suggestion as per your experience..

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      If you are buying this via Zerodha – then brokerage is 0. If you buy it via other brokers, then it really depends on the brokerage they are charging. You can hold the shares for as long as you wish.

  144. Sarfaraz says:

    If I buy reliance shares 100 quantity at 1000 rs, ie total 100* 1000 RS deducted for can transaction. Now on the very next day the share is trading at 980 RS so I sell 100 quantity at 980 and on the same day I again buy at 960 all transactions in can. So basically here I have made a profit of 20 * 100, but this profit is not added to my funds not the average purchase price of my reliance share which was 1000 is corrected to new average, so where this profit goes. I have done such transaction and my scrip shows old purchase price in back-office and the profit was not even added to my funds on the same day.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Your transaction on the 2nd day is considered intraday. This will not have any impact on your purchase of the previous day.

  145. Rakesh says:

    I bought some shares as CNC on monday but i sold the shares on the same day. So, is there any risk involved like you mentioned in BTST above?

  146. Lino says:

    When will the bonus issued by BPCL be shown in my account?

  147. Rushi says:

    I am the new in trading pls help me for one question.
    If I Bought one Script in delivery trade but after few hour the price is high and i want to book my profit so i can do it…..
    And after some hour the price of that script also lower and hence i want to buy that scripts in delivery base so i can do….
    For Example:-
    On 9:30 XYZ Ltd Share Price 200/-INR I Bought It In Delivery But On 10:30 the Price Of This Share is 204/-INR So I Want To Sell It I Can Do…..
    And After 12:00 The Price Also Down Around 200/- And I Buy it in Delivery so i can do it……

  148. Prabhat says:

    I would like to know if I have bought some shares of xyz some time ago (lets say 10000 rs) and now I m selling those shares and I am supposed to get 11000 rs. So my query is , can I buy shares of abc with the money I am supposed to get, on same day I sold the shares.

  149. kishore says:


    I bought few shares on 10 Aug 2017(Thursday) and i got the contract notes by the end of the day i.e 10 Aug 2017 .

    Can I sell the shares on 14 th Aug (Tuesday) , in the UI Dashboard it is still showing T:1 , where as it should T:2

    Thanks in advance

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      It should be in holdings on Aug 14th. The settlement, as you know, is on T+2 basis. Please do check tomorrow again before selling.

  150. Amit Nigam says:

    Suppose I have a realised profit of around 1 lakh in F&O trades in Intraday on August 16, 2017. Can I transfer my profit to my bank account on the same day i.e by 7:00 pm of August 16, 2017?

  151. Suresh Gudimetla says:

    Hi karthik
    still i confused about intraday.if i buy the shares at 10:00 am and sell it after one hour. is that my whole amount is credict to my trading account?.can i use that amount for buying another share in same day. please explain. and i want to trade like buy and sell,buy and sell,buy and sell in same day with same amount. is it possible?.

  152. ABHAY K N says:

    i have brought CNC AND NOW they are T1 holdings on zerodha.how can i sell???every time when i sell it got rejected…i can sell it as MIS OR CNC……???????HELP ME

  153. Zack says:

    I bought some stocks in BSE and NSE using CNC on 22nd August. I wanted to check the price of the stocks (buy price) on 23rd August. I do not see anywhere.

    Can you please tell me where can I find the price at which I bought the stocks?

    I read that I can’t sell the stock on T1 and its advisable to sell it at the end of T2. Do I get the intimation that I can sell the stocks irrespective of the short delivery and other issues?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      I’d suggest you load the stock in your market watch again. Further, check the holdings, you will find the stock under T1 quantity. No intimation is provided, you need to be aware of the position.

  154. Manender says:

    I bought shares on 16 Aug 2017 and then 17 the was settlement holiday,, what date should I expect to sell my shares?
    Also I was able to see my shares on zerodha back office till 21 Aug but not shares are not visible… Is this normal
    Kindly reply

  155. Hardik Upadhyay says:

    For Module 5 and Module 9 download PDF option not available .Please do that also .Thanks

  156. vinoth says:

    Dear sir,

    I would like to know, i bought a share of 500 in CNC which is costing around 45rupees. Later i saw the price moved up and decided to sell it after 2weeks. I gave a sell order for 500 quantity for 49rupees. But what it did is only 1 share was sold. Same happened next day.

    So is zerodha going to get dp charges for every day?

    From the above situation i got a profit of say 4 rupees. So first day 4 rupees second day 4 rupees.

    DP charges will be 15+15 30 rupees. So i lost around 26 rupees.

    May i know how to stop this above issue. Which really happened to me in BSE stock company name is prithvi and stock price was 34. please suggest me what to do?

  157. Prudhvi says:

    Can I buy penny stocks in zerodha on delivery basis for example lanco (0.75 p), SPYL (0.25p)

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Yes, you can.

      • Prudhvi says:

        Thank you for responding.
        I need to ask you one more thing,

        Plz tell me how far my strategy works in real time trading.

        If I buy shares of KSS Limited whose current price is 10paise on delivery basis for 10,000/- INR (i.e 1,00,000 shares). Knowing the stock price varies continually at 0.05 ps for every 10 to 15 minutes throughout the day and every day.
        Now is it possible to sell my shares at 0.15 p and make a profit of 5000/-.

  158. nataraj says:

    what is the charges of auto intraday square off ? and on what basis it is charged ?
    is auto square off charge and ‘Call and Trade Charges ‘ same on the ledger ?
    if it flat 20 the why it is showing ₹23.60 on the legder ? please help

  159. nataraj says:

    what are the hidden charges of zerodha ?

  160. Mihir says:

    How will zerodha settle the bonus share.
    If for eg I am holding a x Company share and the comapny declare the bonus, will the bonus share be credited on the ex date or not.

  161. muniraj says:

    ज़ेरोधा का CONTRCT नोट्स चोर हाय का्य ? प्रॉफिट लोस पहिले डे का बालंस नहीं बताता हाय ओंर प्रॉफिट लोस रोंग करता हाय

  162. Arjun Singh says:

    I have a confusion regarding Intraday. As i know if i want to buy shares on Intraday we only have to pay 10% of the total amount.
    So if I buy 1000 shares (per share costing 100rs) which equals to Rs 100000, so then I have to only pay 10000rs at the begining.
    So I want to know do I need to have Rs 100000 in my account for this trading to process?

  163. Harsh says:

    What if Stock buy under CNC and sell same day. What will be the charges/penalty
    what if stock buy under CNC and want to sell very next day/T+1 day. What is the procedure. (stock not shown in holdings) how to sell. what will be the charges

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      It will be considered as an intraday trade. If you sell it the next day, it will be considered a BTST trade….for this simply select the stock and sell the same number of qty under CNC. Charges would be 20 per executed order.

  164. Shivappa Kantoli says:

    I am a zerodha client & i have purchased(CNC) 2 different companies shares on 29.8.17 and same was reflecting in positions (T day) and next day in holdings as T1 after third day onwards my holdings got disappeared, issue raised to support@zerodha ,ticket still open, no response, call to customer care daily basis, nobody is telling what is the issue, as I’m a new bee, lost mental Peace, zerodha sucks!

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Apologies for the inconvenience caused, Shivappa. I guess this has been escalated and your ticket will be closed with a proper explanation today.

  165. Ankit Garg says:


    I have a query regarding multiple trades in a day that include both delivery and intraday trading.

    Example: Day 1 – I already have 500 units of Stock A in my demat account. Lets give it a name Trade1.
    Day 2 – First I sold 500 units and then I bought 500 units of Stock A. Lets give them name as Trade2 (S) and Trade3 (B) respectively.

    Question: How trade will get settled. I got two answers upon calling zerodha support number.
    Ans1 – Trade2 abd Trade3 will get settled (part of Intraday trades, P&L will be calculated), and nothing will happen to Trade1 (means 500 units will remain in account at same price as it was).
    Ans2 – Trade1 and Trade2 get settled (according to FIFO). Means existing 500 units gets sold (P&L is calculated). Trade 3 (B) will get credited in demat account (as part of delivery). After that 500 units of Trade3 will reflect in account with new Avg price on which they were bought.

    I am confused. Please help.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1 is correct. Trades made on day 2 – trade2 & trade3 will get knocked off and trade1 will result in delivery.

  166. Ajay desai says:

    I have 3100 rs in my account . Can i do thi shares of Bs limited
    Buy 1.50 rs * 2000= 3000
    Sell. 1.60 rs* 2000=3200
    SUPPOSE I DO THE SAME FOR 5 TIMES from 9:30 to 12:30
    WHEN I GET MY INVESTED 3000 RS AND NET PROFIT ‘X’ for trading after 12:30 in same day
    Or is it possible to trade with the
    ( 3000+ ‘X’) money after 12:30 on same day

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Yes, you can do multiples trades (although I would not advise you to do that considering your capital size). You can trade with the profits generated.

  167. Ajay desai says:

    Above query is only for CASH N CARRY trade. Same 3000 rs can i use for multiple trading in different stock on the same day.
    Thank you

  168. Arjun says:

    Hi, I have some gaps in my understanding , when i short the same stock multiple times in a single day why is there a discrepancy in profit/loss calculation . for example i sold and brought the same stock three times in a day and P&L in Kite seems to have taken the average price . Regards,Arjun

  169. Ajay desai says:

    Thank you very much sir.

  170. Ajay Kumar says:

    I have 3 shares of reliance industries in my dmat account.9.9 2017 was the record date for bonus share.i have dmat a/c in icici direct.But the share not included yet in my dmat a/c .where to complain.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      The bonus shares will be credited to your trading account the moment RIL issues them. I’d suggest you speak to your broker about this.

      By they, did you know we do not charge brokerage for delivery based trades? Maybe you should consider opening an account with us 🙂 – Follow this link to open your account https://zerodha.com/?ref=varsity

  171. venkat says:

    Can I do BTST in NSE EQ segment shares and where can I get the list of BTST stocks to do BTST trades.

  172. arun says:

    hi i have just opened an account on zerodha. i am a lehman to trading and its terms, so i am putting my question in simple terms.
    suppose i have 1,00,000 in zerodha trading account.
    1) how can i buy shares worth 5,00,000 using zerodha online trading?
    2) until when can i hold those shares?

  173. neetesh says:

    Divis lab’s gives dividend of rs 10/share so how i check in my zerodha account about dividend amount.

  174. Ramesh says:

    What if i hold 100 shares of xyz co @ 100 rs. from over a month. Then i sell it all one day at 110 and buy the same quantity again at 105 the same day.
    1) Will i get profit of 5 rs. here?
    2) what will be my price of purchase. 100 or 105?

  175. Prudhvi says:

    What happens to my shares if the company is delisted from NSE.

  176. P.s.perumal says:

    I want to learn about stocks complete about angel investment private equity portfolio management venture capitalists IPO ofs fpo dilution of share unallocated share dematerialised shares and total shares etc please guide me what the book should I read to learn completely about this

  177. Prudhvi says:

    What is face value. Is it necessary to consider it. If so what should be the minimum face value of the share to invest in long-term and intraday trading.

  178. Karan says:

    If I’ve 10 shares of HDFC in my DEMAT and I sell them at 12:30 pm. If I sell them for 1700 at 12:30 pm. Can I buy other stocks worth Rs. 17000 (1700*10) on the same day before 3:30 pm.

  179. somesuvra says:

    how do you calculate the fund ? it is quite confusing to understand the fund i used, margin i used & available fund to trade . i usually buy CNC stocks(equity delivery) , i tried to calculate on my own using brokerage calculator but the total stocks value + brokerage are coming different as per my calculation from my trading account.
    can you please provide a link or videos or anything i can understand the details.

    thank you

  180. pawan says:

    i sell IPO and my settlement date is 20.09.17, then which date my fund received

  181. Ramani says:

    Suppose I want to buy 5-10stocks on a monthly basis of a company..like an investment of 5000 monthly for a term of 1year..and I can use dips to buy more in a month..something like an SIP but I wanna manage on my own and wanna buy only a few companies..how much brokerage and other charges will I have to pay in the end of 1year?? And also if I hold for long after like 5years, will the charges eat away majority of my profits?

  182. Salman says:


    I have free cash of 9006 and total value of 8597 at the end of the market closure so will the funds which are reflecting in the free cash segment be credited in my account tomorrow (within 1 day) as stated in most of the comments above and will it be 9006 or will there be any deductions in it .

    Thank You

  183. Mihir says:

    Karthik sir,

    When can we expect the Reliance bonus share to be credited in our demand ac in kite.

  184. Siva Prasad says:

    Please let me know clearly about Complete brokerage charges in below 2 situations in Zerodha
    1. I bought shares today and i sell tommorow ?
    How much they charge Brokerage!!

    2. I bought shares today and sell after creditng the shares in my account ?

  185. mahesh says:

    Yesterday i purchased some x shares. Today i again purchased the same company shares using CNC. On the same day i sold some shares using CNC option. Which shares will be sold first , the shares which i brought yesterday or today.

  186. RAJITH says:

    Hi Sir,

    I purchased x company share for 5 lakhs on last week friday and unfortunately i am not able to take delivery till this friday.How much i have to pay penalty for my debit?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      No there won’t be any penalty for you. I get a feeling that the seller has defaulted. Can you call our support once? Thanks.

  187. Vijay Tandon says:

    I sold some shares last week. It was debited to my DEMAT account on 20.09.2017. By when should I ideally receive the money in my a/c.
    What am I suppose to do if the payment is not received / received late.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      If your intention is to use that money towards buying another stock, then you can do that the moment you sell the stock. You can also place a withdrawal request for the funds the same day. You will get the cash in your bank account the next working day.

  188. Saurav says:

    I doesn’t trade for 10 days but my funds are decreasing how can this happen

  189. Prudhvi says:

    1) Can I have trading account with zerodha and demat account with my bank.
    2) what will be the charges if I only make delivery trades in zerodha

  190. Prudhvi says:

    How to choose best penny stocks for long-term investiment.

  191. dilip says:

    Dear sir iam a blind person and I want to open demat and trading account with you it is possible or not.

  192. Kumar says:

    1. How much DP charges should I pay for selling 100 shares of same stock?
    2. How much DP charges for selling 100 shares of two different stocks (50 + 50)?
    3. Is DP charges applicable for Intraday trading?
    4. If I buy a share in CNC on T day and sell it on T+1 or T+2 day before crediting to my Demat account, will DP charges be applicable?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) DP charges are Rs.13.5 per script, irrespective of the quantity
      2) 13.5 + 13.5
      3) No
      4) On T+1, the shares are still not in your DP, hence no DP charges. The charges are applicable only if the shares are debited from your Demat account.

  193. Prudhvi says:

    Hi, can please explain the following

    Quantity Traded 29,97,790
    Deliverable Quantity (gross across client level) 6,12,046
    % of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity 20.42 %

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Quantity traded indicates the total number of shares traded. Del quantity represents the number of shares taken in for delivery.

  194. shivaraj says:

    After selling the stocks on T day they get blocked and enter into positions, i have doubt in positions if i sell a stock for Rs100 in p&l sections sometimes it will be showing -2 and +10 what are these,if we exit in positions stocks will come to holdings but @what price they will enter into holdings??

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      I’m assuming that you’ve sold the shares from the holdings. Positions just reflect the intraday position. So when you sell the stock from holdings, the system understands this as an intraday position and therefore starts tracking the P&L (this is -2 and +10 you are talking about). However, end of the day this gets cleared and your stocks are flushed out of the the DP to meet the exchange obligation.

  195. savin says:

    I bought ashiana shares on 09/10 and received the contract for the same. However, yesterday night I received a notification from zerodha confirming that my shares have been short delivered. the holdings from portfolio have suddenly vanished and I cannot see either the funds being credited which should happen in short delivered status as per the email.

    Kindly help.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      This is the case where the seller has defaulted on his obligation. The email sent will have necessary details. You will either get the delivery of stocks or the funds will be credited. Cut off date will be mentioned in the email. In most cases, you will get the credit of stocks. In case stock credit does not happen, then you will get cash + 20% (at the most) credited to your account.

  196. Neel says:

    Suppose I sell shares worth Rs 50,000 (Delivery Trade already there in Demat) on 16th October.

    Can I place request for fund withdrawal Rs 49,850 ( Approx after all charges) on same day i.e 16th October and expect the funds to be credited early morning i.e 17th October.

    Is it possible?

    Or I have to wait till 18th October(T+2) and expect the funds to be credited by 19th October.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You can use the funds to purchase another stock the same day as you’d be given margins, however, you can place the fund request on 18th i.e T+2. For F&O, it would be T+1.

  197. gourav says:

    sir i am a beginer. suppose if i am buying 100 shares of cdsl in CNC, it shows three options CDSL, CDSL BL, CDSL EQ. what is the difference.

  198. Nancy says:


    I am extremely thankful to you for clarifying my queries within no time.

    I got a surprising knowledge today.

    I never read it anywhere in your manual or saw in your youtube videos. Got this from this youtube video (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VazR-zifYEE Time 5.40)

    It is said that after buying a stock in CNC it can be sold on the same day in CNC. I read in your manual that delivery based purchase can be sold only once the stock gets credited to your account. Otherwise, it will be treated as BTST with its own risks.

    Could you please throw some light on buying and selling on the same day in CNC segment? Also please tell me what would be the charges for doing so?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Nancy, if you buy and sell the stock on the same day (although bought under CNC), it will be considered as an intraday trade and charged accordingly. However, to do BTST, you need to buy under CNC.

      • Nancy says:

        Please clarify whether my understanding is right.

        CASE 1:
        I buy a stock in CNC with the intent of taking delivery. Suddenly I see a tremendous upward movement in the stock on the same day and would like to take advantage of it. So I sell it in the CNC segment. Then this will be considered as an intraday transaction. Intra day brokerage charges would apply.

        1. What would be the STT percentage? 0.1% on buy & sell (CNC charges) or 0.025% on the sell side only (Intraday charges)

        CASE 2:
        I buy a stock in CNC with the intent of taking delivery. I see a sudden increase in the stock price on the next day. So I need to sell it in BTST right. BTST has certain risks.

        CASE 3:
        I buy a stock in CNC with the intent of taking delivery. I see a sudden increase in the stock price on the second day. If I want to sell the shares what should I do?

  199. Gaurav says:

    If a contract note has several buy/sell trades in a scrip, resulting in both square-off and delivery, then how can I determine which trade has incurred delivery brokerage and which has incurred intraday brokerage? Zerodha’s contract note does not separately mention brokerage per trade nor does it identify a trade as delivery or jobbing.

    • We are soon introducing a new contract note format which contains the break-up of the brokerage charged for each trade.
      Previously, you had to manually calculate the same.
      In all cases, the brokerage is charged only if there is a net buy and sell in a day. Otherwise it is treated as Delivery(Zero brokerage).
      For taxation purposes, the Tax P&L statement makes the differentiation of your trades under Speculation, Short term and Long term

      • Gaurav says:

        I noticed, as with other brokerages, in Zerodha it is FIFO employed for distinguishing jobbing and delivery trades. My confusion was because trades downloaded in Excel format consolidate as per Trade No.. However, contract note divides a Trade No. as necessary for square-off and delivery.
        It will be helpful if there is option to get contract note in HTML or spreadsheet format. As such, a client can easily copy-paste data in Excel and do calculations, instead of first downloading trades in xls and then calculating and checking with figures in pdf contract note.

  200. hardik shah says:

    Hi Team,
    I bought shares in XT category – Jagdamba Polymers (http://www.bseindia.com/stock-share-price/shri-jagdamba-polymers-ltd/shrjagp/512453/). Can you please tell me when I can sell these shares? I bought it from Zerodha.

  201. M S GIRI BABU says:

    Dear sir,
    I have Demat Account with Zerodha since 16 Oct 2017. When i started intraday trading on 16 Oct 2017 with Rs.5000/- investment and I got Rs.395.60 as Realised profit. When i checked my account in next day… it showed only Rs.5,212.56/-. Why? In one of your answers to clients you said the profit will be credited to your account after deducting everything. In my case i dont understand what happened…? In a day i.e. from 9.15AM to 3.15PM during the period how many times i can do intraday trading… is there any restrictions for that….for each trading you will charge your Rs.20 brokerage charges…? please explain as I am new to this field. Thanks and Regards. M S Giri Babu

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You will have to check the ledger and see the applicable charges. I’d suggest you call the support to understand this better.

      No, there is no restriction on the number of times you can do intraday trading. However, overtrading is not a great thing for the longevity of a trader. The brokerage will be Rs.20 for each executed order.

  202. Nadeem Mohammed says:


    I went to my ledger to check my account. I found that my settlement cost is more than my stock buying cost. I understood that brokerage is not calculated in my stock buying cost. So, went to zerodha brokerage calculator and checked brokerage and added to my stock buying cost. Its not equal. I got more money deducted. Can I know why my settlement cost is more????

    Appreciate help.

    Thanks in advance

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Nadeem…I’d suggest you call our support desk, they will run you through your ledger and help you understand charges.

  203. Bharathi says:

    I have brought Munjal Auto shares 1 week back, these are not showing in holdings. If I place sell order it is rejecting saying that no holdings. In Q portfolio holdings are showing in T1 category. Pls suggest how to sell

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      There were few settlement holidays last week Bharathi. Settlement holidays impacts the delivery of shares. I’d suggest you give a call to our support desk for this.

  204. Shashi says:


    I am new to Zerodha and trading and would like to understand why the following is happening in Kite :

    1) I bought Bhushan Steel on Monday and when i try to sell it on Tuesday , it is going as a sell order (short) and also my quantity in holdings is being shown as zero. Why is this happening.

    2) Quite a few Sell orders (short orders) are getting rejected.

    Please advise.

    • Shashi, whenever you sell from the holdings, a short position will be shown in positions which will get reconciled at the end of the day. You don’t have to worry about it.
      Short sell orders are available for stocks in this list and are required to be placed under MIS type. Please contact Support for any other rejection issues

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) The short in positions just reflects your intraday position. When you sell it the next day, your T1 quantity will reduce to 0
      2) You must be trying to sell from CNC – please double check.

  205. Prasenjit says:

    If I Buy a stock in MIS in bracket order at 10 am and it executed at 10.10 am …what will be my account position..
    Shall I take another position with the same amount at 10.12 am ..
    Actually…I want to do scalping….can I trade multiple time in intraday for very small profit for the same amount..what will be account position…????plz clarify…

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Yes, you can trade multiple times during the day. No restriction on that. However, if you intend to scalp, I’d suggest you stick to liquid stocks and market orders.

      • Prasenjit says:

        What do you meant by liquid stocks and market order??…as I am new in this field I don’t know the meaning of liquid stock??

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          Liquidity is a measure of how easily you can buy or see a stock. Basically the availability of the stock in the market.

  206. Janardhan says:

    I have purchased PNB shared today ( 25th October 2017) , End of the day on NSE PNB’s price was 205. But in my zerodha account the current price of PNB stock is showing 202.05.
    Can you please confirm on this.

    Thanks in advance.

  207. Raghav Singh says:

    Can i buy and sell a stock on same day in which i placed the order as CNC?

  208. Avi says:

    I need information on the settlement on futures and options.

    Suppose i Buy Maruti 8200 ce @ 208 rs NRML on 27thOct with value 31200 at the end of the day ltp price was at 159 rs showing loss of approx -8000.
    how this settlement process works for NRML orders.
    Please explain in brief or share link with explanation on the same.

    • Avi, Futures(long and short) and Options(shorting) have a Mark to Market Settlement wherein Day’s change margin is added/removed from your trading balance. You can read about the same in this chapter.
      However, for Option buying, the amount is debited once you buy the Option contract(Rs 31,200 in this case) and the funds will be released only if you choose to sell them. There is no Daily MtoM settlement when you buy Option contracts.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      This is the case of buying a call option, which requires you to pay 100% premium upfront. Just like how you’d buy a stock. So end of the day, the value of the option that you are holding goes down. Apart from this, there is no settlement here…unless you decide to sell the option.

  209. Bhushankumar Pawar says:

    On 25th Oct I had 5095 Share of MBL infra(MBL-BSE). On 26th Oct, I sold and buy 2492 shares in (MBL-BSE). Amount not gets credited to my account nor shares credited to my account. IT’s showing me only 2603 in the account. But In contract notes, I had both the details of sold and buy. Until what date remaining quantity will be credited to my account.

  210. Rahul says:

    I am Rahul I sold 50 shares of Mcd on Friday.. I forgot to cover it now I go to buy in my account means it shows its in have moved to action now what price will they buy it Monday opening rate or… Please guide me… 9043035196

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Rahul, was this in MIS? If yes, then the order would be squared off by our team. If not, the position would be auctioned. I’d suggest you speak to our customer care unit for this. Thanks.

  211. Haridayal says:

    sir in my holding when i sell on next day the new shares of same qty(sell) will show in my account also show,holding zero and no pending show in my account but on next morning the holding share bought at different prize why this because all pending order cancell tell me sir

  212. Haridayal says:

    sir one more question i can’t sell my holding next day also when talking to executive person say’s zip no what is this

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      ZPIN is a security feature required when placing orders via call and trade. If you’ve forgotten then the same will be sent to your registered mobile number.

  213. srinivas chintalapalli says:

    Today i buy 700 shares @ Rs. 112/- and sell them at @117.65, i get profit of Rs.3955/- but that amount when to margin used. Is this amount will be credited to my account or not ?

  214. Saransh says:

    Can we place any order on Saturdays or Sundays, or for that matter, any holidays? If yes, when would the shares be credited? (In case of CNC orders)

  215. deepak d says:

    I purchased 20 shares of xyz company @ 280 on Thursday ,again next day I did intraday trading (cnc type) of same company and took delivery of more 10 shares ,now how come it’s showing avg price of 30 shares

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      The trade done on Thursday should not alter the average of your holdings, considering they were intraday.

  216. deepak d says:

    Question continue s now it’s showing avg price of of 30 shares is 309 ,so it’s not showing profit total profit of 20 shares which I had purchased yesterday..

  217. Sanoj says:

    What is meant by Face Value mentioned when we buy a stock and it gets credited to our Account? How does it affect if we keep that stock for an year? Can you give by example if a stock is having FV of Rs 2?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      The face value of a stock is just a notional value assigned to the stock. Usually, its kept to 10,5,2 or 1. It does not matter in the day to day trading of the stock.

  218. Gautham says:

    How does the P&L gets calculated for MIS. Even i make profit it’s still showing loss I.e

    I bought 10 shares of [email protected] and sold them @61.10 do the basic math here i’m getting 1r loss, but P&L shows 4rs loss.
    I don’t have any idea how does this even comes near to 4rs.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Its your loss plus the applicable charges. However, the P&L should reflect only the P&L and not really charges. I’d suggest you call the support.

  219. ABrag says:

    Question – If i have 10 shares bought at INR 100 each and a week later, i first sell these shares at 80 each, and buy the same co. shares (larger qty, say 12) at roughly same price i sold, INR 82, will the sale and purchase be treated as intraday even though I’ve asked for delivery in each case?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Depends on the product code you used for selling the 10 shares. The 10 sell gets offset by 10 buy, the balance 2 will get to your demat if you have placed the order on CNC.

  220. mahesh says:

    Dear sir Thanks for such a lucid explanation
    Can you please clarify my understanding on intraday trading?
    Right now I am not sure which one of these is happening for intraday trading
    1) Whenever X is buying a share in intraday trade, there should be always someone who is Y shorting in intraday trade for the transaction or trade to complete. If that is the case, Y need to buy the share by end of day 03:20pm which means some Z has to short it which seems never ending process.
    2) It works like zero-sum game like in future trading with underlying asset as equity. So when X is buying a share in intraday trade it is like buying contract/agreement which should be sold by end of the day and at same time someone Y is selling contract which should be bought by end of the day. So by end of the day they will be squared – off or they can transfer risk during day with another person.

    How does intraday trading works?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) Y can be a regular seller – selling shares from him DEMAT
      2) Not really – like I said the seller or buyer could be operating in delivery mode as well.

      • mahesh says:

        Thanks for reply. kindly bear with me.

        1) Can you please elaborate on intraday trading settlement process from both buyer and seller sides.

        From your answer it is still not clear what happens during intraday trading. please give insights.

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          The settlement is very straightforward, Mahesh. Lets say I buy 10 shares @ 200 and sell 10 shares @ 205, my profit is Rs.5 per share or Rs.50. Out of the Rs.50 profits, I will have to pay my charges, and after which, whatever is left will be my profit for the day.

  221. subha says:

    i had sell SBI (intraday) during square off time but when want to buy there is no buyer available i have not so much amount to convert into delivery . What will i do ?

  222. Minaz says:

    What if i buy and sell different stocks on the same day .. which is multiple trading .. how will you deduct the money from my bank account .

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Minaz, you are free to trade as many times as you want during the say. The money is utilized from your trading account, which means before you place your trade, you need to ensure that the money is transferred from your bank account to trading account.

      Good luck.

  223. Atif Ishtiaq says:


  224. Ravi says:

    How to check long term holding or short term

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      If the stock is held for more than 365 days, then that would be considered long-term, everything else is short term.

  225. Shamprasad says:

    What is value area high and value area low

  226. SAGAR KUMAR says:

    Hello Kartik,
    You said that the stock will be credited to my Account on T+2 day. But, if I sell it on T+1 day, I’ll be able to sell it. Right?

    Then how am I eligible to sell a Stock which I am not owning.

  227. Suraj says:

    I sell some shares on T day. The same day Zerodha shows margin utilized as the value of sell proceeds. On T+1 day, Funds screen shows Free cash which includes the above-mentioned sell proceeds.
    I am supposed to get the sell proceeds only by the evening of T+2 day, right? So can I use the sell proceeds value shown on my funds screen on T day or T+1 day to buy shares? Is there any cost involved?

  228. somvir says:

    lets say i have shares for a month in my demat…..and next day i sell them (lets say total value 100)…now if selling is complete then kite will show all the money means 100 as free cash within few minutes same day…now lets say i then do a mis trade and lose 50 …then what will happen ..see i sold share but it will take 2 days for money to come…but i still have to pay for intraday on the same day….how exchange or zerodha will handle this…i can pay my loses but only when i have the money (which i will have after a day) ..but i have to pay now…what is the procedure in this case

  229. Jitendra Vyas says:

    I had purchased x number of shares yesterday utilizing the entire amount available in my account and sold all the shares the next morning. Now I want to take another position but unable to place order reason being RMS Margin exceeds, required margin 7072.50, available margin 1377.71, however I have sold all the shares and have Rs. 9800 as free cash in my account after the sale transaction.

  230. manu kr says:

    when will we get contract note.

  231. Samaresh says:

    Can I sell CNC share on the same day or next day of buying.

  232. NARESH P DANDEKAR says:

    Dear Sir
    My client id zy6837 I traded in crudeoil future with 1 Lot on friday 17th nov , earned profit of Rs 190/- squaring off my trade on the same day but next day when I checked my balance, is now showing 0(zero) in my commodity fund section , why….?????
    please give your feeback

  233. Ajay desai says:

    Hi sir
    My watchlist in kite app shows not a single value ( number) only shows script name
    What i do?

  234. Ajay desai says:

    No previous day ohlc data .
    Please suggest me what to do?

  235. Nishant says:

    Hi- DP charges are now @INR16 /scrip during sell time. Is this fixed for any number of trades OR does it have a range- For Eg 1-10 sells -16rs ; 11-30 -some x amount; 31-100 – y amount ; > 100 – z amount etc. Does DP charge vary in relation to no of sells performed?

  236. Dipesh says:

    I am a new to share market, just opened Demat and trading account a week ago with SBI and i am trading since last 3 days.
    I just want to share one situation that has happened with me today 23.11.2017. Please answer the following points.
    1) I wanted to buy ARROW Greentech on intraday basis but RMS did not allow me.

    2) The brokerage on Delivery in SBICAP is 0.5% and the Brokerage on ZERODHA is 0.1% or Rs 20 whichever is lower on delivery then my question is if i would have bought the 8K Miles @ Rs 810 and sold it on the same day as delivery basis share @Rs 865 what would be my profit using ZERODHA Vs SBICAP.

    3) If the delivery brokerage is at such a low level in ZERODHA then instead of doing Intrday why is it not advisable to use delivery trade to book maximum profit?

  237. Nikunj Agarwal says:

    I have buy 400 shares of grauweil of BSE @ 70.75 and sell out at 71.8 in intraday on 24 Novemeber 2017. According to calculator total deductions including brokerage charges are Rs 18 approx but in real zerodha have deducted around Rs 83 for brokerage. Trade is done in 3 parts in buying and 1 part in selling so exchange transaction charges would be Rs 6 instead of Rs 3 which is shown in calculator. Stamp duty is Rs 1.14 which is not shown in calculator. This problem is only facing by me in BSE scrips. Nothing wrong with NSE brokerage from calculator. Kindly tell me the reason that why Zerodha is deducting more charges for BSE scrips than shown in your calculator for Intraday. This is the second time in this week when i have face this problem. Kindly give me the reason. It might be possibility that there might be some additional charge for BSE scrips which i do not know. In this case, kindly tell me about additional charge if any and tell me how the deduction for this order can become 83

    • Nikunj, Grauer & Weil Ltd stock is trading in XC(T2 category, read more here) group of stocks and the exchange transaction charge is charged at Rs 10,000 per Crore. For your trades, this adds up to ~ Rs 57. This is also mentioned in the list of charges.
      You can add stamp duty in the brokerage calculator by selecting your State(as per address proof)

  238. Apurva A Kunkulol says:

    What is meant by “Taxable value of Supply(brokerage)”? Is it like the brokerage can only be partially taxed, if yes, why?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Not sure, Apurva. Can you share the context, please?

      • Apurva A Kunkulol says:

        So in my contract note, there is a head under which the charge is deducted from my account.
        This is called “Taxable value of supply(brokerage)” and there is an amount listed against it, which is 0.01 or so sometimes.
        What is this amount? Is it brokerage or is it the tax, as is mentioned?
        If it is a tax on the brokerage, is the brokerage taxable?

        • Taxable value of supply(brokerage) is basically the brokerage charged for the trades done. For Equity Delivery trades, we charge zero brokerage, hence, a token 1 paise charge is billed in the Contract Note.
          Securities Transaction Tax is charged by the government when transacting on the exchanges. Please refer to List of Charges for more information on STT and other charges.

  239. MSrivastava says:

    im new to zerodha hence can you explain this thing=
    i thought stock is debited from demat-account on T2-day and then demat-charge is taken from client.
    i have cnc 15 shares of xyz in my account [7days old purchase],
    now i sold cnc 5 on28nov [T], on 29nov i buy cnc 5shares [T1-so no debit from demat-account should be done?
    but on 29nov evening sms from cdsl says= ” 5qty of xyx debited from you account”
    why this is so,why debit done on T1day? and does it means demat-chrge of 15rs will also be levied?
    thx for you time

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      The shares are debited the same day. Yes, whenever you sell shares, DP charges are applicable. This is on a per scrip basis, irrespective of the quantity you sell.

      • MSrivastava says:

        yeh but confusion is read somewhere in zerodha forum =that if you buy back same stock before share-debit [beforeT2day] ,then share-debit is not applicable, can you through light on that

        • MSrivastava says:

          in this thread=
          Mr Nitin said “Yes if you already have shares in the demat, you can sell today and buy back by T+1 evening without effecting your shares in the demat”
          then can you explain reason of debit,thx

          • Karthik Rangappa says:

            Right, you can sell today, and buy it back tomorrow and the share in your DEMAT will stay intact.

          • Venu Madhav says:

            That I’m afraid, can’t happen. When you sell stock that you’re holding, shares get debited from your demat. They don’t get adjusted against the T+1 day purchase transaction. Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll make the update there.

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          Can you please provide the link to this? Thanks.

          • MSrivastava says:

            thx for reply, but i found selling on TDAY and buying back on T1day ,dedudcted shares from demat and charge of 16/- is also levied
            hence it seems ,what Mr. Nitin said is not implement
            your view on it

  240. Ravindra says:

    today i buy 550 shares in bhel, it is not intraday trade, but in my purchase list it is showing as sell… i checked the trade details it is showing the seller user is ADMINSQF1.. why this is happened?

  241. Rajesh Reddy says:

    What happens in case of intraday?

  242. Samarth says:

    If i buy shares by CNC and Sell it same day. Is DP charges cut for my trading ??

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      No, DP charges will not be charges. DP charge is applicable only if you manage to sell shares from DEMAT.

      • Samarth says:

        Thank you , please tell mi what happened if i buy stocks today and sell tomorrow (T+1) as stocks not added to demat account before T+2 day is that trade is free from DP charges ??
        And if i buy today and sell day after tomorrow i.e. (T+2) day is DP charges applicable to this trade ??

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          Yes, if you buy today and sell tomorrow, then there is no DP charges. If you sell after T+2, then DP charges are applicable at Rs.15.3/- per scrip, including GST. This is not depended on the quantity you are trying to sell.

  243. Honey says:


    Before opening my account with zerodha, I purchased a P group share through my previous broker. After i transferred these shares to zerodha, i was surprised to know from your support team that i cant trade in these shares!! If other broker can, why cant zerodha? Please help me in finding a solution.

  244. Honey says:


    Also, my previous broker allowed me to use my holding as margin to trade in shares but zerodha doesnt ( i am not talking about pledge!.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      We allow pledging of shares, which all release additional margins for you to trade. You can opt for this. This is essentially what your previous broker does.

  245. Amit says:


    I have found multiple discrepancies in my account PA2411 in the past two months (October 2017 and November 2017). I have previously informed the zerodha support team about this but to no avail. Please look into the matter and take corrective action.

  246. Umang Raj says:

    Hello sir,
    I downloaded my Profit & Loss Statement from Q Zerodha which shows that I have gained profit but in actual my initial funds are less than what i transferred. Is it due to DP charges as your P&L does not show any DP charges.
    Please provide me details – how much DP charges are charged on how much quantity and amount of transaction.
    Is there any tip for DP charges while doing intra day that you would like to suggest me.

  247. Rituraj says:

    I have purchased some share from nse under CNC around 10 days back . Now I want to sell the shares in BSE. How Can I do it through Kite. I don’t see option to select exchange while selling the share. Please advise.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      When loading the stock on the MarketWatch, select the stock from BSE.

    • When you choose to sell from your Holdings, it will sell in NSE.
      To sell in BSE, add the BSE scrip into your marketwatch(Eg. “Infy BSE”). Place a CNC sell order from the Marketwatch(not from holdings). The order will route through BSE

  248. Bhushan says:

    Can I use for-loop in my trade-script?
    Is there any function to get Open position of scrips?

  249. Aniruddha says:

    I need to transfer shares from my mother’s demat account to my demat account (both accounts with zerodha). How could I do that?


  250. Harsh vardhan says:

    My absolute profit is Rs 507 till now but when i add holdings+positions+free cash in zerodha kite it shows a profit of Rs327. Why??

  251. Anirban says:

    if I buy stocks in Cash and Carry basis but sale it in same day , should I have to pay any fine ? and what charges will apply in this transaction.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      No, not really. This will be considered as as intraday trade and brokerage will be applicable accordingly.

  252. Lohith Hariahr says:

    Hi Team,

    I have one case hope you will answer me , on 7.12.2017 I have brought Dixon 29 shares , and yesterday 11.12.2017 I have sold my 29 stock in delivery and cleared my position later I have got a message that there is a payout shortage for 20 shares and auction will be made when I received the contract copy I see that my shares are sold two times once when I sold and once the auction for 20 shares .
    I see that my account has been credited and in P & L account there it is showing one open sell position for 20 shares can you please explain me why this has happened and what will be the next steps ? do I need to really worry I see the share is going down now .

  253. Vikas mittal says:

    I opened a new account on Friday I.e 8 December and on the same day I sent the POA form .today is 12 December and still iam unable to sell the shares and speed post tracking shows delivered to zerodha on 11 December.

  254. Shuvdeep says:

    I did a buy and sale of share on the same day both in CNC mode.Lets say the net profit(all brokerage+levies etc. deducted) here as P1.
    Later in the day I bought the same share again on CNC and is holding the stock.
    1. When will profit P1 will be shown as realized profit?means when will I have that profit added to the account value?
    2.The paper profit for the second CNC is being shown based on average price of both the buy trades on the “position page” on Kite.Should it not be showing the paper profit based on the buying price of the second trade only as I have already sold the first stock brought earlier?

    These are all today’s trades.
    Kindly calrify.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) Yes, you will get the credit for P1, you can withdraw this on the 2nd day
      2) Kite cannot differentiate this as both the trades are on CNC.

  255. Vijay Amrutbhai Patel says:


    I purchased laxmi vilas share on 05.12.2017 and record date for right issue entitlement is 06.12.2017. whether i am eligible ot not for right issue.

  256. santosh says:

    Sir I bought 4500 shares of niftydec10000pe at cost of 34.21 rs at time of 3:20 .what will be brokerage for me. ..plz reply

  257. Sagar says:

    This chapter needs to be updated to include GST

  258. Venkat says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    I buy 100 shares by using CNC option. Per share value is 320 rupees and after one hour it moved to 330 rupees so I decided to sell it on same day will is there any risk involved? to do Intraday we need to use always MIS option.

  259. Varun says:

    Can I buy first and sell later shares on the same day? What is the process in this case? How the realization and money flow will be?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Yes, this is a straightforward intraday trade. Your P&L will the difference between the buy and sell price, multiplied by the number of shares. The money will be credited to your trading account by end of the day.

  260. Venkat says:

    If I hold 100 shares in my demat account and one day I sold same quantity and again purchased on same day. My initial buy price 100. My sell Price 150. My second buy price on same day 160. So here should I have to pay capital gain tax 15% for my profit of 100 * 50 ? As i sold and purchase on same day my avg price is still will be shown as 100. I am aware that settlement will be happen between my sell and purchase of same and I will incur a loss of 100 * (160-150) which will be debited from my account (I think so). So I am not very clear on tax part. Can you please explain ? All transactions are within a year.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      When you buy & sell stocks the same day, they have no bearing on the stocks held in your demat account. The trade is considered an intraday trade and as per section 43(5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, profits earned by trading equity or stocks for intraday or non-delivery is categorized under speculative business income.

      There is no fixed rate like capital gains tax rate when you have a business income. If you have a business income, it has to be added to the rest of your other income and tax has to be paid as per the tax slab you fall in.

      • Venkat says:

        Hi Venu Madhav, Thanks for your quick response.

        I do not have any business income so can you please tell me from above example fro my profit of Rs.5000/- how much tax I supposed to pay apart from normal transaction charges which I can see in my contract notes anyway. I was doing this buy and sell of same day since few days by maintaining my initial buy price as same but getting advantage of price variations. But now I am worried that my every time when I sell I may end up with paying taxes on profits (which is more than 50K in my case).

  261. tapoj says:

    I do intraday and CNC same day trading for TV18BRDCST, but i am not able to clear or exit from CNC holdings stocks. pls suggest

  262. Yaman says:

    Hello sir,
    I sell a share today which I bought yesterday using CNC. free cash came into my account so I used that to buy other company share .

    I want to know that can we buy share and sell and again buy on same day using CNC if free cash come into our account after selling shares .Is there any penalty involved in it ?

    Can we buy other company shares just using free cash that is showing just after selling some shares of a company on same day using CNC ?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      When you sell shares from CNC, you get credit towards the sale. You can use these credits towards other market activity.

  263. Amey says:

    Few more queries.
    I have gone through the charges list for zerodha, still there are few queries
    1. What are the order cancellation charges (if any).
    2. Are there any charges on modifying the orders ?
    3. Can transaction charges + other charges be more than profit earned ? (everyday I am having profit of around Rs 200 but amount is getting debited from my trading account at the end of every day. Why ?)

    • Amey says:

      In addition to this,
      Everyday I can see stamp duty of Rs 50 in my every contract note. Why it is so high?
      So overall everyday even earning Rs 200 profit I have a loss of 250+ (only deductions happens. No credit)
      even I have observed that for this amount of profit brokerage charges are also ~80 Rs. !!!! which is quite high.
      Are there any internal clauses which are not disclosed to us ? because of which we are facing so much losses day by day ?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      1) No charges for this
      2) No
      3) Yes, in fact, this should be your trading objective – to make money over and above all the applicable charges. I’d suggest you use this calculator here to understand how many points per trade you need to be profitable. https://zerodha.com/brokerage-calculator

      • Amey says:

        Thank you karthik for the response,
        1. And yes I am using the brokerage calculator. Till now I haven’t been in loss in any of the orders placed. But still the next day I login to see my balance, it is always reduced by approximately 50-60 Rs. At the end of every day I have seen in the positions that I am in profit
        Is anything going wrong ?

        2. in the contract notes I can see that “Amount receivable by client/(payable by client) to be positive.
        does this field indicates amount to be credited/ debited In my account? It should be positive or negative ?

        • Karthik Rangappa says:

          No, Amey, you are not factoring in the charges properly. Check the contract notes for clarity and please contact the support for a detailed explanation. Thanks.

  264. Amey says:

    I am beginner to trading and for past 2 days I have been doing intra day trading. I had funds of 5k in my account.
    1. on day 1. I had profit of 218. so under ‘position’ tab, I could see P&L as 218. and on dashboard I could see used margin as “-218”
    next day when I logged in to check my balance I could see my balance reduced to 4939 (margin available) instead of (5k + 218 profit).
    can you please explain me how can I check where my money profit went? which are all the factors I should check?
    2. Also I received a contract by mail in which I could see (Amount receivable by client/payable by client : 49.64).
    What does this mean ? It will be paid to me or it will be deducted from my account and why?

  265. Santosh says:

    I have shares in my account.
    I sold them with CNC order, and purchased again on the same day as CNC,
    I understand this is considered intraday order.
    However, I see that I am being charged 15.8 as DP charge for this trade.

  266. wasim khan says:

    In intraday trading i want to buy and sell the shares the same day multiple times. So when i click on buy option how much time will it take to complete the process the request. And when i click on sell option how much time will it take to sell the shares and upload the amount in my zerodha account ?

  267. Saravanan says:

    Is the dp charges applied when my selling stocks still in pending and not executed for that whole working day (at the end of the day it got cancelled). Whether the DP charges applied in this case.

    • DP Charges are only charged if the sale has happened and the shares need to be debited from your demat account and delivered to the buyer.
      No, in this case, it won’t be charged as your order did not go through

  268. C C George says:

    I sold a share on 28 dec 2017 when the P&L was around 13000 /- . but when i check in backoffice it says Realised profit as zero.
    why is it so. ?

    C.C George

  269. Sachin says:

    Can government employee do trading?

  270. Ajay desai says:

    Is there any charges for Cancellation of order after 3:30 by the system ( CNC type order)

  271. NEERAJ PAL says:

    Hello sir,
    please tell me about. what is settlement value for 2017244. because I bought 3 shares BHSL on 22/12/2017 but next day I checked account than I show account balance deduct.than checked account details. show me my amount has debit rs.278.45. I did not understand wherein this amount?

  272. Nishant says:

    If i have bought 1 share of xyz company at 100 Rs expecting a target price of 105 in CNC order
    I have also put a stop loss order for Rs 95 if the trade goes bad.

    What happens when
    1) Stop Loss triggered on T Day ? ( Will it be sold as intraday?)
    2) Stop Loss triggered on T+1 Day? ( will it go in btst scenario or something else?)
    3) Stop Loss triggered on T+2 Day?

    Basically anyday before i have delivery of my stock


  273. Hitesh says:

    If I buy 10 shares in CNC and hold it for 5 days, now while selling I have options to choose CNC and MIS. Can somebody please explain why I have MIS option in selling 10 shares which I am already holding. Request someone to please clarify what is the difference.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You can sell the same share on an intraday basis as well, hence you have the MIS option.

      • Hitesh says:

        Thanks for replying. But, do I have any advantage in selling CNC shares on intraday basis. What is the difference here i.e selling CNC share holdings(e.g. after 5 days) on Intraday basis.

  274. Deepak Sonawane says:

    I am a new investor and today i did my first buy trades on NSE using CNC however i have not yet received contract not for same, could you please advice when i will be able to get the contract not for same as i am not sure what the procedure zerodha follows regarding contract note.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Congrats on your first trade on the first day of 2018!

      You will receive the contract note later today.

  275. SPP says:

    Hi, i purchased 500 Shares of URJAGLOBA (BSE) on 1 jan 2018 @ 6.70 but today in my holding it shows stock with NSE with price of 6.60 which too low than BSE rate of 7.78. why this transfer from BSE to happened.

    • In Kite, NSE price is shown. However, you can choose to sell it in BSE.
      For this, you need to add the BSE script into the Marketwatch(You can do this by typing out “URJAGLOBA BSE”) and place a sell order.
      However, the holding tab will show the LTP on NSE only

  276. Dhanajaya Rao says:

    I did intraday trading and got little bit profits but it’s already been 2 days it is not credited to my account..kindly elaborate how it works…

  277. VIJISH says:

    Hi sir..
    I have bought 1500 shares of Reliance Naval on Friday.. If I wish to sell that on Monday and want to do intraday trade… Will the fund available(for the shares I sell) on Monday itself?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You don’t need funds to sell shares that you’ve already bought. However, you need to make sure the stock is eligible for doing a BTST trade. Please do check with the support once. Thanks.

  278. rohit says:

    i m not able to sell my holding and so many time tried to connect with help centre but no response from there

  279. soumyo says:

    i purchased shares on 4jan 2018 thu, but still today (Monday) its showing t1and qty-0 so when its going to transfer .

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      It should be reflecting today, can you kinldy check? Shares are debited on T+2 basis, so you bought it on Thursday, hence you will get the credit in your DEMAT on Monday.

  280. Manish Mehta says:


    Zerodha has a requirement of 50% of stock margin used for F&O to be kept in cash. Is this a requirement of SEBI or the exchanges ?

    It does not look like that because other brokerages like ICICIDirect do not have this requirement. I can utilize 100% of my stock margin for F&O without having to keep any cash.


  281. Anup says:

    yesterdy i have done 1 transaction in interday
    actually i was press sell button instated of of buy
    in very soon i was reserve the same

    i feel that my fund could be deducted
    pl helm me

  282. Kulwanti says:

    If I sell shares after t2 day,my profit should be more than dp charges of zerodha , in a particular request.isn’t it.???

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      DP charges are Rs.15.93/- including GST, so you need to make sure you are making at least 15.93 on your trade!

  283. Aman says:

    I had 10667 cash balance . Today I bought 10700 nifty pe at 49.8 premium and sold it at 51.8, thereby making a profit of Rs 150, which is showing green coloured 150 correctly. But my funds show (Free Cash 10665.5), (Margin Used -150) and (Total Value 10515.5). I believe the total value should be 10665.5 + 150 instead of 10665.5 – 150.
    So it should be 10665.5 + 150 = 10815.5 But it is showing as if I made a loss of Rs 150.

  284. Rohini says:

    I purchase Fiberweb India on 16th Jan-18, Company has issued bonus 1:1, Record Date for Bonus was 18th Jan-18. Bonus shares still not credited to my account. Please advise. Thanks

  285. Prabhakar Kumar says:

    can i short sell more stock than i buy as i am sure that remaining stock is aleady in my demat?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      No, for shorting you need to use MIS as product type and from selling from DEMAT you need to select CNC.

  286. Akash Yadav says:


    How Is Intraday trade possible when you have mentioned that we can sell only on T+1 day?

  287. Kranthi says:


    I sold some of my shares today, but the same amount I am not able to withdraw . What might be the reason. (Note: called customer care, they told, it will be updated by 7:30PM of same day, but it is not)

  288. chinmay says:

    sir what charges are deducted when any pending order in cash or f&o segment is cancelled?

  289. Shyam says:


    I have purchased two shares on 25th JAN 2018 as CNC and 26th JAN was public holiday and then subsequent saturday and sunday was holiday. Today it is T+2 DAY as per my understanding and i can see below in holding . Can i sell the share today or i have wait till tomorrow morning .


    Instrument QTY
    BIOCON (T1:2)

  290. Mayur says:

    Hi, I’m new to stocks and yesterday I’ve placed order under MIS and didn’t sell them. What will happen now? Kite Zerodha dashboard is not showing any stock under my profile?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      MIS orders should be squared off by you, if not the team here will be squared off the position for you – if the team squares off, you will be paying Rs.40/- towards brokerage and call n trade charges.

  291. Harjinder Singh Khokher says:


    I got one IPO subscription , i am holding that share now , i want to sell that share but i am not able to sell , please explain me the procedure so that i can sell that share.
    Hope to get reply soon from your side

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Make sure the product type is CNC when you sell the shares.

      • Harjinder Singh Khokher says:

        The type is CNC, the placed a scale order yesterday it was open but automatically it got cancelled please help me i am in great loss. The share is of apollo micro system

  292. chinmay says:

    if i have purchased 10 shares of 100 rs. and after some days again purchased 10 at rs 80. then the average holding price will be rs.90 per share. now if i wish to sell 5 shares what will be the cost ? will it be as per FIFO ,LIFO or the average price itself?

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      Your average price is 90, and when you sell, FIFO is applicable. So the first 10 shares will be considered sold.

      • chinmay says:

        is the case same in case of SIP in mutual funds? if i wish to partially reedem the units my average price is less but as per FIFO the value of first units is higher than current NAV.then what will be the effect ? will i be in loss or profit? and how the same will be calculated?
        thank u!!!

  293. Saumya says:

    I bought shares on CNC yesterday. T+1 is displayed right besides my stock name.
    BUT, Average price of share and P/L made is 0. I know that shares will be credited in my demat a/c tomorrow, but is it normal that avg price is 0?

  294. ADITYA JAIN says:

    If I buy Shares onan Ex-dividend date than will i be eligible for dividend. If Not than when should i buy it. How will i know about the the actual date of buying shares.

    • Karthik Rangappa says:

      You need to ensure you are the shareholder on the record date – hence you need to buy it 2 days prior.