Referrals just got more rewarding!

When you refer a client to Zerodha, we credit you with 300 reward points for each referral. These reward points can be used to subscribe to our premium products and partner services (more here). We’ve also been following up with the exchanges to allow a percentage sharing of brokerage like we offered for referring until April 2018, which we had to stop since there was no regulation that explicitly allowed sharing of brokerage revenue with clients. The exchange recently published this circular that allows brokers to now offer such incentives. So, along with the current rewards programme, you will now earn 10% of the brokerage paid by anyone you referred from Jan 1st, 2020.

How does it work?

Refer your friends on Console, or share a referral link from our website, and earn 10% of the brokerage they pay if they open an account using your referral link. That’s it! It’s that simple!

Note: The minimum payout under this programme has to be Rs.1000, and you should have at least 5 referrals, for you to be able to withdraw your referral earnings. We will start processing withdrawal requests for this referral bonus from April 1, 2020. Here are the terms & conditions to participate in the referral programme.

Donate to a cause you believe in

We at Zerodha have always believed in doing our bit to help the less fortunate sections of society. With this same aim, we have partnered with HelpYourNGO to allow you to redeem your referral reward points to donate to a cause. HelpYourNGO helps you pick NGOs that are making a real difference in people’s lives. Just select HelpYourNGO in the options available to redeem reward points on Console and donate to a cause in a couple of clicks.

We have always taken the approach of building the best products for you and let word-of-mouth marketing work for us. 🙂 Do spread the word!




Nithin Kamath

CEO @ Zerodha and partnering startups through Rainmatter to help grow and improve the capital market ecosystem in India. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter.


  1. P salamath says:

    My user I’d & how to activate

  2. latesh says:

    what about my old referals which i suggested but never got any advantages

    • Matti says:

      Hey Latesh, we were asked to stop the referral benefit we offered earlier in an exchange inspection because there was no clarity on whether or not it is allowed. We have been following up with the exchanges ever since to get clarity on this. Since NSE published the circular on December 26th allowing this, we are starting the referral programme anew.


    I’m already a Partner.

    What about my existing earnings from the members I already referred ? will it be transferred to new system ?

  4. Suraj nagise says:


  5. D says:

    No… You guys just change the rules when you feel like it… Initially used to have the same… After getting a few people on-board… you suddenly decided to scrap the referral program and give 1 month of your other products for free…

    What happened to the people I referred to you and used to get commission on the same?

    • Matti says:

      We were asked to stop the referral benefit we offered earlier in an exchange inspection because there was no clarity on whether or not it is allowed. We have been following up with the exchanges ever since to get clarity on this. Since NSE published the circular on December 26th allowing this, we are starting the referral programme anew.

  6. Ganapati Bhat says:

    Where is the Referrals section in Console.
    In old version it was there and now in new version of kit, i don’t see it.

  7. ROHIT says:


    • Matti says:

      Hey Rohit, we were asked to stop the referral benefit we offered earlier in an exchange inspection because there was no clarity on whether or not it is allowed. We have been following up with the exchanges ever since to get clarity on this. Since NSE published the circular on December 26th allowing this (link in the post above), we are starting the referral programme anew.

  8. Sanjay says:

    If not already considered; it should be applicable to referrals during April 2018 and December 2019. This will avoid requesting our friends to close existing account and then open new account with fresh referral.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Sanjay, if someone whose PAN is already in our system, closing that account and re-opening with the same PAN will not entitle you to referral benefits. We were asked to stop the referral benefit we offered earlier in an exchange inspection because there was no clarity on whether or not it is allowed. We have been following up with the exchanges ever since to get clarity on this. Since NSE published the circular on December 26th (link in post above) allowing this, we are starting the referral programme anew. Since the referrals before now and after April 2018 were made when this programme wasn’t in place, sharing brokerage for all those accounts isn’t something we’d consider.

      • Karan says:

        Why old referral are not benefited, when new account can benefit you can update your system to allow all the referral which were done previously. Are making this scheme just to enroll new customers and stop it.

  9. Balachandar says:

    This is not fair before 2 years i referred few people then you said there is no referal as per sebi norms now you are doing the same

    • Matti says:

      We were asked to stop the referral benefit we offered earlier in an exchange inspection because there was no clarity on whether or not it is allowed. We have been following up with the exchanges ever since to get clarity on this. Since NSE published the circular on December 26th (link in post above) allowing this, we are starting the referral programme anew. Since this is a fresh start to the referral programme, the older referrals will not be considered as part of this programme.

  10. Prasanth Panicker says:

    What about old referrals?? was there some money untill u guys stopped it. will we be able to get from those referrals too

  11. Ravi kumar says:

    please let me know how I generate brokerage by reffering , and now I am a client .and in contact with some people to make them as account holder in zerodha,so please contact me.

  12. Darpan Agrawal says:

    I generally do options trading usually 20-25 transactions on a day to day basis. Can you please personalize some plan for me so that I can save some of the brokerage.

  13. Sachin says:

    I had made many of my friend to choose Zerodha and also I helped them to get account created. Is there anyway I could tag them under referral (atleast the one who signed up recently within one month)

  14. sidharth deyroy says:

    what about the margins?? is zerodha going to give mis margins on nifty futures for intraday or is it going to change.
    for example we use to pay 35k and trade one lot of nifty futures in MIS intraday. please update as i need to change my strategy if i have to pay 1 lakh or more for one lot in nifty.

  15. Vishal says:

    Thanks, but you should not have stopped it…

  16. Chita says:

    My friends want to open account

    • Akshay says:


      login to and under Rewards and Referals tab, you can enter your friends Name, number and Email id and it will be mapped under you.

  17. Sudesh says:

    Good news, it will be a motivating factor for us to acquire more clients.

  18. pt says:

    this also eligible with our previous referrals?

    • pt says:

      and also what if we give referral and person pay the opening fee but due to some updating in documents he/she took more than 60 days to complete the process. will that person counts under my referral?

      • Akshay M says:

        Hi Sir, 60 days is the time limit. From the day you add the client via console, if the account is not opened within 60 days, it would not be counted under your referral.

    • Akshay M says:

      No Sir, as said in the post, the client referred by you from 1st January 2020 will only be counted.

  19. Chitra Wankhede says:

    Join zerodha

  20. Praveenkumar says:

    Now a days zerodha is becoming redundant broker in terms of phone lines connectivity ..I am not able to connect to you people over the phone If I call from any number other than the registered number ..Not able to connect to the Customer care executives for any support queries ..grow up

  21. Netra Patki says:

    How can referr to my daughter

  22. Ganesh says:

    You have changed the rules of referral. Now people which I have referred are generating a lot of income for you.

    Where does this benefit me ?

    A platform like Zerodha has to consider people who were with you when you were not the largest platform.

    You want to have new customers but what about people who brought more customers on your platform before this referral program.

  23. Kanishk gupta says:

    Please reflect back the credit amount in console that was credited before April 2018.

  24. Bhaskar Nair says:

    I have refered a lot of people from my family to open an account, but there was no referal option there then. Can they do it now?

  25. Oliver Pereira says:

    Last time I referred a couple of friends.. then there was comission accumulated.. but i never got it paid.. now why should we refer more friends. If your company does not honor their commitments.


    • Akshay M says:

      Hey Oliver, we had this referral program running for almost 6 years before we were asked to stop the referral benefit we offered earlier in an exchange inspection because there was no clarity on whether or not it is allowed. We have been following up with the exchanges ever since to get clarity on this. Since NSE published the circular on December 26th allowing this, we are starting the referral programme anew.

  26. Pawan Arora says:

    What about my old Bonus amount approx 20k, which I was not able to withdraw just because this scheme was stopped.

  27. Pintu says:

    Hi, i just refer one of my frnd, he is opening his account but is not completed,now in the middle of account opening process, how can I use my referral ID now? Is it even possible now…

  28. Yash Pethe says:

    I admire you Mr. Nitin Kamath. Appreciate your efforts delivering quality products. Some people will hate you for discontinuation of referal earning program earlier but i still value quality yiu guys deliver over money. There are very less company’s which are producing something valuable to its clients. I am also an professional and know it very well. Most of the startup are running after clients and revenue generation and not focusing on products. I really love zerodha don’t belong to this shitty race. Thanks!

  29. vinay says:

    I earned rs. 800 in privies referral program , and suddenaly they remove it so I cant trust them .
    Trading is very good with you zerodha .

    • Akshay M says:

      Hey Vinay, we had this referral program running for almost 6 years before we were asked to stop the referral benefit we offered earlier in an exchange inspection because there was no clarity on whether or not it is allowed. We have been following up with the exchanges ever since to get clarity on this. Since NSE published the circular on December 26th allowing this, we are starting the referral program anew.
      And moreover, the minimum withdrawal limit has been brought down from Rs.2020 in the previous program to Rs.1000 in this new program, so that withdrawal can be easier than before

  30. PS says:

    Zerodha’s sales executive defraud you by saying they’ll add the referral but it never happens..

  31. Shubham vaishnav says:

    One could have gone to consumer court. Are you testing our patience?

  32. G S Rao says:

    What happened to the balance of old referrals? Nothing but stealing all the effort.. If you are genuine, please credit the previous bonus which is due or give brokerage credit to that extent.
    Trust lost once can not be rebuilt..

    • Akshay M says:

      Hi Sir, we had this referral program running for almost 6 years before we were asked to stop the referral benefit we offered earlier in an exchange inspection because there was no clarity on whether or not it is allowed. We have been following up with the exchanges ever since to get clarity on this. Since NSE published the circular on December 26th allowing this, we are starting the referral programme anew.

  33. niraj says:

    can you please elaborate “you should have at least 5 referrals”
    what if i refer 2 and both get account open, am i eligible for any commision on trades they execute

    thank your for your time and efforts

  34. Santu Karmakar says:

    I get brokerage from my friends. My friends get brokerage from their friends. Although the brokerage they are earning will not be passed on to me and only charges for brokerage from them will be coming to me. But it still looks like a pyramid scheme.
    Please explain, how is this different from a pyramid scheme?

  35. Mahesh says:

    Please send me link for PI installation setup

  36. sagar says:

    Hi I have Demat account with Zerdha

    I reffrend my one of friend through reffred link but my referral details are still not showing

    My CC is RA7603

    • Akshay M says:

      Hi Sagar, could you please visit this link - and create a ticket for the issue you are facing. We will get back to you at the earliest.

  37. rajkumar says:


    i opened my zerodha account by the link of sunil minglani last year that time it was promise to call a call if anyone open account by my link…said sunil minglani bt till date 23.01.2020 i have not received any call….???? was it fake promise???

  38. Prady says:

    Where can I see my new referral earnings (after 1st Jan 2020)? All I see are points accumulated.

  39. shankar says:



  40. Mayur Pardeshi says:

    When I opened the account on Zerodha around 2 years back I referred 2 of my friends Bhalachandra Bhusse and Khushmindar Singh they have opened a account and they are active but I am not able to see their names in my refer section why is it so?

    • Gaurav says:

      Mayur, the current program will be applicable for all the referred clients who have opened the account from 1st January 2020. Old referrals will not show up.

  41. Nadeem Mohammed says:

    I have referred my friend last year. But in history it’s showing empty. Won’t I get 10% of brokerage in which he executes trade???

  42. Vikas Jain says:

    Where is my coffee day shares. It’s not visible

  43. Manu says:

    Will it be possible to run trades simultaneously under the accounts referred as a sub-broker? I manage PMS accounts of my friends and family, owned by them individually. If I bring them all into zerodha, will this ease of operation and 10% brokerage be passed on to me?

  44. Ankit Kumar says:

    What will be benefits of Joining Partner program (Authorized person) ? Please Explain in detail.

  45. Ranga says:

    HI, I have referred a person who has opened it. Please let me know when will i get credit? Regards Ranga

  46. Ashish Khattry says:

    What happens to the referrals that I had done before. It is not right that these are not being shown anymore and i am not getting any benefit

  47. Tapan says:

    “you should have at least 5 referrals”

    To get 10% brokerage advantage, atleast 5 account should be opened with my referral, correct?

    Please narrate in detail

  48. Ranjana Choudhury says:

    I referred one trader named “Swapan Choudhury” on 24.12.2019, he opened on line account on 1st Feb/20, till date no welcome mail has been received from Zerodha.

  49. Ajay Vitthal More says:

    Now can I reffer to my friend . After that can I get 10% of my friend brokerage???
    Where this amount will get to me?? On bank account or my trading account…

  50. Ranjana Choudhury says:

    Surprisingly, I posted a query on February 18th but I did not get an answer from Zerodha. It is really unexpected. I again request the Zerodha team to answer my query.

  51. Alok Prasad says:

    I have referred zerodha to few of my friends before April 2018 and was getting commission from there brokerage but before reaching threshold for withdrawal suddenly you withdraw back that program and my all hard work of convinceing them to join zerodha gone in vain , this time too you will do the same . it is a biggest SCAM, kindly don’t cheat common people like this.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Alok, we had to stop the earlier referral programme because we were asked to stop it in the course of an exchange inspection. Now that exchanges have published a circular allowing such programmes, it has been revived.

  52. MITHUN ROY says:

    I Refer 3/4 friends to open account 2/3 years back, they opened account but in my reference list their name is missing…….plz. check

    currently i refer again new 4 of my frndz to open ac and they opened & now it is ok. and showing in my reference list

    Plz. add my earlier referral people to my referral list…

    • Matti says:

      Hey Mithun, this referral programme is only live since this January. Older referrals aren’t eligible to be considered in this programme.

  53. harsha says:

    how claim my rewards

  54. Ganesh says:

    Are you give us refrel points in cash. Where I can use this points

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ganesh, when you refer someone, you get 300 reward points. You can use these reward points to subscribe to our partner products like Streak, Sensibull, etc.,. You also receive 10% of teh brokerage your referral pays. This can be withdrawn to your bank account.

  55. Anagha says:

    Hi sir,
    I want to open demat account of my daughter of age 13. What is eligibility criteria for demat?

    • Matti says:

      You can open a demat account for a minor. You’ll have to sign as the guardian on the account opening forms. You can download the demat account application form here, fill it, sign as the guardian, and send it to us via courier.

  56. Deepak P says:

    I personally made 2 accounts opened in Zerodha, and asked Zerodha team to add them under my referral.
    But they did not add it to my account. How to get them them added now.

  57. Surendra Singh says:

    Hi my commodity account not activated since account opening in zerodha , I have face challenge to add money in commodity account as well as can’t purchase any commodity…I have connect with you but didn’t get any solution kindly have a look N revert The same with solution

    • Matti says:

      Hey Surendra, this would be because you haven’t opened a commodity trading account with us. I see that our agent has already responded with the process to open a commodity account on your ticket.

  58. Naveen Yadav says:

    i Have refereed one of my friend he has opened account on zerodha but i have not received reward point.
    Kindly help in this.

  59. Kanchan Chatterjee says:

    I already referred 9 clients to Zerodha. My earning showing on my Dashboard ( ).
    But my problem is, I can’t find any way to withdraw my earned commission.

  60. yogesh says:

    If I open account with my frnd referral then is there any changes in my trading brokerage. I mean will I pay more brokerage or as same as others.

  61. Neelam Chhabra says:

    I have registered for account opening on your website portal, uploaded all the required documents, esigned the documents, completed all the formalities on 17th March itself but my account is yet not activated. Kindly inform me when will it be activated?

    Trying to connect on various numbers of Zerodha but there is no response from the team. Kindly help me to resolve the issue.

    Neelam Chhabra

  62. Prasath K says:

    I have started Zerodha account. But I couldn’t get my Id. And guide me how can I add my referral link in account opening Form

  63. Jamil Ahmed says:

    Sir, i had applied for an account. So all the necessary fee, documents all formalities done on 16th march. No update yet?? How do I know that my account is activated and where is my login id and password for kite???

    • Matti says:

      Hey Jamil, this should be done by this weekend. Sorry for the delay. We’re currently working under our COVID-19 contingency plan meaning most of our team is working from home. That, combined with an unprecedented increase in inflow of fresh account opening applications, the time taken to open an account is currently more than our standard 24 hours.

  64. Atul says:

    I have referred to one of my friend and he has opened an account using the same link but till now i have not received my referral points in my rewards and referrals account.

  65. Syed Riyas says: says:

    Hi opened account this week. When it will be get activate? and when i gey my login credentials.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Syed, we normally try to open the account within 48 hours, but we are currently operating under our COVID-19 contingency plan for business continuity and the safety of our team. Over 1200 members of our team are working from their homes. While the account opening process is completely digital for you, there are a lot of manual steps on our end, including manual verification of your documents, that are required to be compliant with regulations. Due to this and an increased inflow of account opening forms, the account opening can take up to an additional 72 hours. We will email you login credentials as soon as your account is open.

  66. Tarun kumar says:


    I am trying to redeem my Rewards and referrals bonus points and subscribing TICKERTAPE for 6 months, but it says – Failed to redeem: Error while creating referral. Please advise.

  67. Ravikiran Suryawanshi says:

    Hello I have refereed to my two friends and also they had opened account using my link when I will get my referrals Rewards points???

  68. Sachin says:

    How much time it takes to open the New account…? Is it possible to open account in one day..? Kindly let me know.?

    • Matti says:

      Account opening normally takes 24 working hours. However, we are currently working under our COVID-19 contingency plan for business continuity, meaning all our employees are working from home. As such, account opening may be delayed by a few days.

  69. srinivas goud says:

    hi narender goud this is serodha company it is a hero of trading bussiness

  70. JAYANT says:


  71. Padmanaban Thiyagarajan says:

    Hi team,

    I have more 10 members referred through my refferal link and they are trading actively, but I dont get any of the 10% brokerage from none..

    Can i know when i can see my credits in console.??

  72. YOGINI says:


  73. Gyanendra patra says:

    I have refer and one account open my frnd


    I registered for zerodha account today. Payment was done, however during linking of digilocker it shows error. Tried several times but was not successful in KYC process.
    Please help

  75. Birbal says:

    mera mcx a/c This segment is not enabled for your account. bata raha hai kya karna kyc upto data kar diye hai saturday ko.

  76. Shashikant A Mirji says:

    Dear Sir ,

    I already have a trading account with you. Can my account be mapped/tagged to another person from whom I shall be availing some services

  77. Ram Ratan Singhal says:

    Zerodha is purely going on Fraudulent practice, I had referred my relative and they are doing huge transactions still they have not even credited a single penny. Even I have observed they started charging for the facilities which while at the time of opening account they were suppose to be NIL. I believe they are not a Long Term Relation Building Corporate.

    Ram Ratan Singhal


    I have reffered my friend and doing more. I came to know my friend opened with the link but now it’s is not appearing in list of reffered.

    What could be the reason.

  79. Arun says:

    I opened account on zerodha app. But there is some problem with Bank account. Other details of my account same except place of bank. It is showing my sbi account on damn div which is incorrect. I tried many times to call them but they are not receiving my call.

  80. Neelakantan Iyer says:

    I am based out of USA and am investing currently in the share market in India (Stocks).
    Can I have the NRI Based account opened with Zerodha? Please let me know.

  81. Arun kumar says:

    What can i refer a friend through invite friend via whatapp? I can find 10% of brokrage

  82. S.R.Gangawane says:

    I have refered more than five account but i am not able to see any brokrage sharing or statement of such brokrage, can zerodha will answer to this

  83. Rashida says:

    I referred my sis few months back, but didn’t received the referral points. when approached the zerodha helpline then it was told that referral was from zerodha exec only ( can share the name who was helping during trouble signup). only issue that was faced was during signup due to which was asked to re-sign due to some reset of the forms (as informed by the executive), also the executive confirmed that during signup time the referral was shwon but later after final account opened then no referrral. I think this is techincal issue of referral when someone re-register. If the executive is the proof and if referral has the email as proof and also sign it using the link then why we should suffer the referral point coz of techincal fault of zerodha.
    Can share the evidence of the email referral and also other dertails if needed.also the executive ( supriya) who had called and helped and knwo this thing.

    Hope team zerodha would do the needful.

    Ticket reference : -20200227884019

  84. PINKI SAINI says:

    Already completed 10 referrals. Want to withdraw the 10% brokerage of my referrals.
    Guide me on this how to process.

    Client Code:- XU3628

  85. Monika says:

    I referred my friend, but didn’t get any rewards as stated by you. Kindly look into the matter.

  86. Pushaplata says:

    Not clear if 10% of brokerage is for each activated referral or you get anything only after you refer at least 5 contacts & post all of them complete their account opening ? Kindly clarify.

  87. Dharmesh kumar mishra says:

    I have more 7 members refererd throgh my refferal link and they are trading full actively,but I dont get any of the 10% brokerage.
    I cane know when I cane see my credits in console. So please action activate my 10% brokerage.

  88. Vaibhav Kadam says:

    Hi team,
    i was refer my family member and open account with zerodha.. but its not show in my refer view refers..
    kindly check details and provide me some contact number where i show this issue ..

    thank you..

  89. Salim Shaikh says:

    Hello team,
    From where I can check the referral balance? There is no such option in the console. let me know about it, because the only thing I am seeing here is my reward points, not the 10% of the commission amount

    • Salim Shaikh says:

      Hi team
      Please tell me where I see my 10% of commission amount,there is nothing about this in console. Kindly reply

  90. Abhijit Kesh says:

    Hi Team,
    I have 900 rewards points point but unable to subscribe 6 month tickertape pro. Showing Failed to redeem: Unexpected Error!. Please let me know what is the issue.

  91. Rohan k says:

    four days ago i fill the account opening from of my friend with my reffer link ,today his account will open but 300 point are not creadit in my acc

  92. செல்வன் says:

    How to use rewards points my points 1000 how to utilise it

    • aabhilash says:

      go to console>>rewards & Referrals below you have options to reddem points through strek,sensibull,smallcase etc n other zerodha partner

  93. Shanti Manna says:

    Where to see 10% of brokerage ?

  94. Ronak Jain says:

    I referred one of my contact, but did not get reward points for the referral. Request you to please see the same.

  95. Ashpk Kumar says:

    Don’t believe sir, 1. every month creates problems of hangup, 2. bank nifty range, you decide it, you told this issue from NSE but all the brokers have not this type of issue. 3 Referral after 1 or 2 year you will say that you can take free regeneration of our new app. but we can not give your brokerage money.
    that time was my 4 referral. ……… So due to above issues i joined another broker there is my 27 refferal. in last 2 year there was only a single hangup lust for 25 minutes, there is no issue of option range in bank nifty and regularly i m getting my referral reward, there was alert option on the screen and also have 3 major screener like top gainer or loser

    today you add a option trade from chart , chart was working like a worst scooter it is stuck ( atak atak ke chalna) i thought it is my computer problem so i formatted that . but now i catch problem, this is due to your new option.

  96. Avinash Kumar says:

    Brokerage sharing scheme not yet implemented..Can we have a target date for implementation?

  97. aabhilash says:

    what happen if i share my client id to unknown person by mistake?

  98. GUrashish Singh says:

    I have more than 7 referrals and yet don’t see any option on console to withdraw or tack brokerage commission earned. Kindly assist.

  99. pankaj says:

    hello Zerodha I have referred almost 20 customers but I didn’t get reward now I am a partner of Zerodha I want to move my clients into my partner account please hep me out

  100. pratik says:

    I had my previous referral ,even i got payout for them,bu with the latest program i can not see them in the list.

  101. Kuldeep M Kale says:

    5 Referrals r u kidding with us it is better that i can open an account in international market they have much more better plan than you

  102. Chetan says:

    How can I transfer reward points from one account to other?

  103. hemlata says:

    sir I want to open account done all the process,

    now i receive email, for some docuements error ,tried to call the given number but its not reachabel ,

    how to communicate on this

  104. Mr Sunil Kumar Anirudh Rai says:

    I have ref to Mr devart and Omprakash and mr Davandar parde to open the Account in zerodha

  105. Ajit says:

    My refrel point was gon I don’t know how is it pleas ans me what I can do for revived my refral point

  106. Megha says:

    Hi There,

    My friend tried to open the account with my referral and it is showing error message- “Unable to register lead”. Please resolve the issue.


  107. Chaitanya says:

    When the referral link is used I see message – “unable to generate Lead” ERROR MESSAGE

  108. Manju Agrawal says:


    I has suggested 2 persons for Zerodha. Their account has got activated long time back but its not reflecting in my account.

    Kindly do the needful.


  109. Sumit says:

    how to view the brokeage paid by my referrals and what is the 10% i have earned.

  110. Rahul says:

    Understand min 5 referral & min Rs. 1000 to be accumulated to withdrawn brokerage , I have currently 3 referrals , but cant even track how much brokerage deposited /map to my account? how I can check the same. Kindly assist.

    Best Regards,

  111. Ajay Singh Chauhan says:

    Dear sir

    I successfully referred 5 of my friend and they also open the zerodha demat account with my referral. Now how I can check my 10% brokerage reward.

  112. tirupatirao gogula says:

    Is 10% of brokerage recurring or one time reward

  113. N.V.SAI KUMAR says:



  114. Sachin Jangale says:

    Till date 8 referral account open when I will get 10% of brokerage

  115. Indra bhushan narayan says:

    Reward didn’t come When I referred,also showing account is not opened , while he started buying selling on Zerodha app , also he used my link to open account with in 1 month

  116. Nav says:

    Please tell me what is the maximum number of referrals I can made?

  117. Rashmi Dubey says:

    My two referrals have been activated in last month’s, reward points are credited in my account but 10% brokerage not showing.
    Please clarify the same.

  118. Preet Modi says:

    I would like to purchase a Sensibull Lite subscription using Zerodha Referral Points.
    The Sensibull Lite subscription price is 480/pm for 6 months but the console portal is showing 800 / pm from where we can redeem such points. Why so much discrimination ??
    This kind of practice of yours disappoints us in referring of zerodha.
    Take a kind look and revert back as soon as possible

    • Matti says:

      Hey Preet, the Lite plan is actually Rs. 800. It’s just the Sensibull is offering a discount for people signing up right now.

  119. Kartik Arya says:

    I want to share my link with other to open with my referral but my link also has my client ID which I don’t want to share, how can I remove my client ID from referral link and still earn 10% brokerage.

  120. Vishal Tajpuria says:


    I have 3 referral accounts but I am not receiving 10% referral of their brokerage. Please check.

  121. Manjunath K V says:

    Dear Sir’s,/ Friends

    I referred 6 account under this scheme, any one please explain me how to know, how much brokerage generated and how to withdrawal…..

  122. Fattesing Patil says:


    I have more than 15 referral accounts but till date I am not receiving 10% referral of their brokerage. Please revert asap.

  123. Tejas Barve says:

    Have referred more than 5 members and as mentioned, i would be rewarded 10% of brokerage they pay. But couldn’t see any! Please revert. Thanks.

  124. Pooja Mall says:

    How do i put the refral received from my friend as at the time of opening the account it does not show any column to put the refral

  125. Animesh Khila says:

    I want my referral earning received my equty account

  126. kamal says:

    i have reffered many where can i check how much brokrage generated
    i referred 20 people till i didnt receive 10%

  127. Vasant jadhav says:

    Tickertap not activate in redeem point

  128. Jay says:


    Can I see my friend’s trading history , and can my friend see my trading history?

  129. Ajay Singh Chauhan says:

    My five referrals have been activated in last month’s, reward points are credited in my account but 10% brokerage not showing.
    Please clarify the same.

  130. Guddappa Kunchur says:

    I have referred 1 friend without referral link…
    how can i get benefits..?

  131. Naveen singh says:

    i am abel to put right issue every time i am puting my dp id its show its not exist. Please help me out what is my right dp id. Need your support in this.
    My mob no is 9886944406

  132. Arshdeep says:

    Sir wanted to ask that you said you are working on console so that the referral earnings are reflected in it but what about the income that we already earned in time in which do notrefelct in console will it will be accumulated and what about the payout if want to exit

  133. Arun kumar says:

    I have 6 referal but i can not withdraw 10 percent of brokrage please help me

  134. Riddhi Shah says:

    I had used a referal code of a friend, but it’s showing as i have not been referred by anyone. It is also not reflecting in his account that I have joined via his code. This is utter nonsense, coz I have used his link. Kindly sort this out, or close my account and give me a refund

  135. Prashant Fulambarkar says:

    Hi i hve made almost 10 refferal who is doing daily trading but didnt get any 10 % on brokarage

  136. Siddheshwar says:

    Respected Sir/Madam
    i have completed five referrals from jan 2020, but nothing display any reward amount on console, so plz update and guide about that..

  137. shailesh Singh says:

    i referred a friend and his account is opened through my link but not showing in my “view referrals” this disappoints me zerodha.

  138. Arshdeep says:

    hi i have seen that a lot of people are suffering similar problem as i am suffering that even after referring more than 5 people we are unable to get 10% brokerage promised but i have some doubts hope the zerodha team will clear that out
    1. will we get the brokerage for the time gap from the day our referee start trading to time the brokerage earned will be shown on console
    2.when will the brokerage be shown on console any specific date and until then where we can check our earnings.
    3.why zerodha team dont answer on the customer care after waiting for hours

  139. Nirmalya Barik says:

    Hello Zerodha Team,
    There is no panel to show my referral earnings in zerodha, your team told that it should be available in April 2020 but still till it is not showing fix that.

  140. Rohan says:

    Hi, I have refered a friend and he has opened an account I don’t see him in my federal list. Anuj Arora is the name of person I refered.

  141. Amir Bhat says:

    i referred a friend and his account is opened through my link but not showing in my “view referrals” Could you please take action on it. I hope my concern will be resolved.

  142. Chetan says:

    I have referred 14 of my friends.
    As per your minimum requirement to get the 10℅ brokerage.. Kindly confirm when I’ll get the benefit or not?
    And most important where can i check the brokerage received if any from referrals?

  143. ANANT JOSHI says:

    I have ref 2 accounts , there is no response till today.

  144. VARGHEES PRABHU S says:

    I have referred 2 friends. Referal points not credited to my account. Hw to raise a ticket

  145. Neeraj A says:

    Hello Sir,

    My mother referred me and I opened the account 2 years ago.
    The email and the mobile registered is the same for convenience purpose.
    I had spoken to officer last year why the 10% of the brokerage is not earned in my mother’s account but till date I am clueless how it can be regularized.

    Request guidance and support:
    1. How the link can be made if the registered mobile and email are same for both the accounts.
    2. Will the referral amount and 10% of brokerage be retrospectively credited.

    I will be thankful if you can consider my request and advise me at earliest.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Neeraj, the 10% brokerage credit is only for accounts opened from 2020. Older accounts wouldn’t be eligible for this. If you or your mother refer someone from this point on, you would receive 10% of the brokerage generated.

  146. Manjunath K V says:


    Brokerage still not showing in console… how to find out…

  147. Manjunath K V says:


    i have one doubt,, i referred one person in august’19 but he open account in Feb’20, then this account eligible for the 10% brokerage scheme… kindly advice…

  148. Siddheshwar says:

    Respected Sir/Madam
    i have completed five referrals from jan 2020, but nothing display any reward amount on console, so plz update and guide about it..

  149. Bharath Kumar Burka says:

    If I refer to My friend and open ac then I will receive 10% of the brokerage paid by My friend. Will this be one time (At the time of account open) or I will get every time my friend takes a trade.

  150. prashant vaikunthe says:


    I have referred more than 15-20 clients to zerodha so far.I have received only reward points.
    My clients whom i have referred have done a brokerage of more than minimum 2.5-3 lakhs so far in last 8 months.
    Every time i have been creating ticket for withdrawal but nothing has come.
    Kindly help me to get my referral bonus brokerage of 10%.

  151. Nitin Singhal says:

    Hi Team, I referred multiple friends and I was seeing more than 5k as referral amount but when I checked today, it is 0. Where my referral gone? I didn’t withdrew any amount till now and now no referral amount being shown. Please check and update?

    • karan says:

      Hi Nitin, I am adding one more query with your question.

      How much money a referral account activation generates? its not clearly mentioned in the post. is it something that activated accounts has to trade and then only we will receive benefit, means we have to wait for a long? No proper machanism has been explained here. I also saw many of the genuine queries are not answered.

      Surprising program.

      • Matti says:

        Hey Karan, it’s quite straightforward. As explained in the post above, 10% of the brokerage generated by the people you refer will be shared with you.

  152. Ankit says:


    Referral to an NRI will be considered under this program?


  153. Nagaraja says:

    In the past, I referred Zerodha to a minimum of 3 people. After that, I guess the referral scheme stopped I believe and I was not getting any rewards. But, now if I see there are some rewards, however, I could not find the pals I referred. Any issues?

  154. Gaja says:

    How we know we getting 10%

  155. ANSHUMAN PATEL says:

    I have reffers 5 friends but I got the reward form 3 only.
    Why is this any problem or miss understanding something??

  156. Tejaswini says:

    I referred but in my point balance shows only Rs. 100/-. But you say that the rewards will be Rs. 300/- and brokerage will be 10% of his transaction. Please clarify and check.

  157. Tejaswini says:

    In continuation with the above, I referred him on 5th Feb 2020. According to your statement this new referral program is only valid for the referrals after Jan 2020. hope to get positive response from your team. Thanks

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