Trading Q&A

March 31, 2014


Today, we announce the launch of Trading Q&, a new initiative in our quest to empower retail traders & investors with knowledge.

In 2012, we started Z-Connect as a way to converse and connect with you and to provide you with up-to-date information on all aspects of trading with us. Soon, Z-Connect grew into something bigger, a very active educational portal covering a wide variety of topics on trading and markets. We were immensely happy that the trading community, you, embraced Z-Connect and sparked countless insightful discussions. However, we also realised that it is not an easy endeavour to produce, classify, and disseminate quality information, and definitely not by one or two people in the form of a blog. We realised that it was the need of the hour to have a better platform, much better than anything that is currently available to the Indian trading and investment community, given the pitiful state of the popular trading forums out there that severely lack quality, spread misinformation, and are painful to use.

Enter Trading Q&A—a community maintained, self-curated, question and answer site for all things related to trading and stock markets. It is absolutely free to use, open, and community powered. Unlike a forum, where discussions often turn long winded and useful information gets lost in the countless pages spawned by threads, Trading Q&A enables you to ask a question and get direct, to the point answers from the community. Members of the community vote up or down questions and answers posted based on the quality and merit of the content, and as a result, good questions and good answers naturally rise to the top. An open and democratic way of learning and sharing knowledge.


Trading Q&A

How does it work?

  • Ask a question pertaining to trading and markets
  • Wait for the community to answer
    (Remember, you are the community, so when someone asks a question that you are knowledgeable about, it’s your turn to answer)
  • Look out for answers that have been upvoted the most, and select the best answer based on merit

To get a gist of how it works, see this example question: To trade in MCX why do we only need SPAN margin, where as for Equity F&O we need SPAN & EXPOSURE margin?


Beside quality content, the best part about Trading Q&A is the points system. When you post a good question or a good answer, the community will show their appreciation by up-voting your submissions. Each up-vote earns you points. These points depict your “reputation” in the community. The higher the number of points you have, the better your contribution to the community. The points can also earn you privileges in the community, such as gaining content moderation abilities, or becoming an “Expert”. You can read more about points here.

Zerodha’s role

As administrators of the platform, we consider it our responsibility is to keep it entirely neutral, clean, and free of spam. We will strive to make the platform a high quality repository of curated knowledge that is up-to-date, relevant, and continually growing, backed by a strong and dedicated community. One of the things we’ve done to ensure openness and to really give ownership to the community, is to license all user generated content in the public domain (cc by-sa 3.0 with attribution required), similar to what Wikipedia does.

In addition, though the community will be self curated, we as Zerodha will keep finding market experts to join and participate, and moderators to keep everything neat and tidy.

Stock tips – a big No

As you already know, we’ve never promoted, nor will we give stock tips and recommendations. Trading Q&A follows the same principle. The community will neither encourage, nor tolerate solicitation and publishing of stock tips and recommendations. For it to grow as quality repository of information, it is important to keep the questions and answers generated by the community as objective as possible.


We are very excited to see how the Trading Q&A community grows.  Together, we can make it the best community and the highest quality store of trading and market knowledge in India.

As always, looking for your continued support.

Team Zerodha


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  1. rav.prasad says:

    how to change stoploss prise

      • Ayush says:

        sir can we have option for setting up target in cover order position in mcx.If sl is already placed why cannot we also put target and if it get achieved sl order would be automatically cancelled.

      • Varun says:

        How to register ourselves as star trader ?

      • Sudip Singh (Zerodha client since the beginning) says:

        1) rather than trading multiple lots of the same script I prefer trading single lots of multiple scripts. It is equivalent to paying huge brokerage that I would have paid on any other broker platform.
        Suggestion: if Zerodha could start monthly plan for unlimited trading say 999 Rs per month etc. It could be even 2000 Rs per month but plz do think in this direction.
        2) pi link to excel doesn’t seem to work. Can we have a fix on that.

        Thanks.. And yes u r doing a great job Nithin!

        • 1. hmm.. no plans on unlimited plans. The business has to earn for it to be sustainable.
          2. Can u send an email to [email protected], seems to be working for me.


          • Suhas Lomate says:

            Current world moves digital so is there any plan to perform account opening online just using adhar card and no other paper work needed

            • Matti says:

              We do have an online account opening process available, however, some amount of physical paperwork is unavoidable since the PoA for demat account and ECN declaration for commodity account cannot be e-signed as per regulations.

          • JINAY SHAH says:

            There seems to be something wrong with referral program.

            All email ids % phone nos entered are shown as registered
            Tp be doubly sure i did these 2

            1) Made a fresh email id
            2) Entered grandmother’s & servants mobile no. Still is shows registered.

            I want to get my parents accounts opened through my referals
            Please support

        • Bhushan shinde says:

          Can you please answer this
          I have 100 stocks of pc jewellers since 10 days, which i bought at 56.25 rs. When it start going down from 98, I sell those stock at 92 rs. It goes into position tab where profit and loss is fluctuating with almost 1200rs profit because share went down more. So if i buy this share back will i get the profit of 1200 rs. What price it buyback the stocks again old price or current
          Or for getting this profit i need to convert it into MIS. and what if i convert cnc position into mis. Thus it will get square of automatically.
          I get confused because same thing i did in tata motor stock where i buyback the stocks at higher price and i face loss of 264.

          Please explain with example if possible

      • Richi Kumar Sandil says:

        How to run a scanner for Two candle making higher high in 15 min charts


        lower low in 15 min charts

      • Ajit suryawanshi says:

        Thank you for nice improvement in kite web platform
        There are some issue while charting through candle
        price update in candle stick is lagging which affect other indicator specially when trend is rapidally changing being such late price update either I miss the trade or not getting more point from trading
        Thank you

      • Ajit suryawanshi says:

        Thank you for nice improvement in kite web platform
        There are some issue while charting through candle
        price update in candle stick is lagging which affect other indicator specially when trend is rapidally changing ,being such late price update not getting best entry and exit position.
        Thank you

      • Amit Sharma says:

        Mr. Kamath,

        I had horrible experience since beginning with your company and will be cancelling my account soon. I had a plan to get more business for you but considering the experience I had, I have decided I will not refer anyone. I understand my investment amount was less but I work for American Express and we have a lot of employees and I also have few who had a plan to open account and start investing but you missed big fish. Nobody bother to help in your company. Nobody. Goodbyes

      • Praveen says:

        why don’t you offer cover oder with the option to fix target price? design your app in such way that either the stop loss will be triggered or it will hit the target price by auto cancelling contrary orders.

      • Suhas Lomate says:

        Dear sir,
        your kite android application is awesome but we want something more
        that whenever any order get executed , we must get notification
        in our mobile notification bar but currently it just notify us when we open kite application

      • Sarvesh Lahoti says:

        Hi Nithin,

        I had referred 3 of my known ones to open account with Zerodha. However, none of them have received any call from Zerodha representative. On writing this concern to Zsupport, I was told to provide the contact numbers of referrals so that your team can contact them. Is this the way Zerodha Works? Do we need to follow up with Zerodha members to call our referrals to open account?

        Please take some strict action against.

      • Pramod says:

        Hello nithin sir,
        I bought 25 shares of Heg at avg price 2923.45
        It was showing correctly till 25th Jan 2018
        Today on 29th jan ,it’s showing avg price as 1186.12
        Why this ???

      • Amar singh says:

        Hi Nitin,
        I hope you will read this comment.
        I have a query.
        Let’s say i have 5k in my account.I did trading and got a profit of 1k.So now my total account value is 6k.
        Now i did another trade on the same day and i got a loss of -1k but i didn’t clear the trade.I carry forwarded it for the next day.So it means next day i will have 6k in my account and one open trade with -1k.
        But why at zerodha for next day i still have 5k in my account for next day and the same trade with -1k.
        Where is my profit of 1k went?
        If i didn’t sell the losing trade then why are you making my profit for the day zero and again next day i am taking the trade in loss.
        You can only make the P/L zero if both trades has been cleared on the same day.
        Let’s say if i carry forward the trade and don’t have any profit next day and still have the same -1k loss then my account value will become 4k but if i had cleared it on the previous day my account value would have been 5k.
        Why i am getting loss of -2k instead of -1k.
        Why that profit is not being added for that day.
        I will only have that loss of -1k on the day i will clear that trade not on the day i bought.
        Can you please clarify this?

        • Nakul says:

          Hey Amar,

          This is an account specific query and we would need more context about your account and the instruments you have traded. Could you please raise a ticket on our support portal explaining where have you identified this discrepancy trading what instrument? Also, note that you can verify the debits and credits in your account using the contract notes you would have received at the end of each trading day. We request you to verify this before raising the ticket.

      • Amardeep says:

        Hi Nitin,
        I just want to say can you please stop this mock trading on saturday.It’s not useful at all.People come here and buy and sell blindly .There is no learning here.If you want mock trading or paper trading you can make another website where people can learn everyday but not on kite.
        New traders like me wants to sit and check previous days price actions to learn but here we see mock trading is going on which is no help at all.
        In hope you will consider this request and stop this.


      • subhash singh says:

        i want to ask you one thing.,,,, your chart stuck at trading,
        when will this problem fixed (MCX) please reply,
        this big problem for traders.

      • Dennis says:

        1) I downloaded the latest Pi but the time in the chart show different time. I have removed the cookies also but still getting same differences.

        2) I am unable to add Nifty Bank in the Market Indices watch. Please guide me.


      • Vikas nayak says:

        Sir mera order rejected ho raha h insafficent holdings, or you are placing a short sell order using cnc. Trying place mis co bo show ho raha h isska kya mtlb h

        • Matti says:

          This hयह एरर तब आता है जब आपके पास होल्डिंग नहीं होता है और आप उस स्टॉक के लिए CNC सेल्ल आर्डर डाल रहे होते हो।

    • Ajit suryawanshi says:

      Hi Nithin
      appreciating you and your team for providing the best trading platform
      Can u do some changes in kite charting window,while placing order there should be quick buy or sell button with closest bid/offer price update just like your pi interface, also when order executed that price (blue for buy and red for sell) should be flashed on chart (like sticky notes),also can you change kite popup order window for future contract asking for number of lots rather than quantity, hope that will make kite more handy in my opinion
      may be I am wrong
      Thank you for your reply

      • Venu says:

        Thank you for your words of appreciation 🙂 Currently the tech team is currently focusing on few other areas of improvements for Kite. I’ll update them about your feature request.

    • vijay says:

      Hi Sir, I want to install Pi software in my Mac machine. Please let me know the procedure


    • Ranjit says:


      @RANJIT’S FNO TELEGRAM :-Ranjit Bora:



      WHTSAPP– 6900393714
      CALL– 8638361241


      WHTSAPP– 6900393714
      CALL– 8638361241

    • Sahil says:

      Hi, can i open zerodha trading account with paytm bank? Pls.. ans..

    • Fazil kh says:

      Tell me how to Analizy campanys
      Inpotant Ratiu

  2. jayshil says:

    How to initiate pair trading? what parameters should one use? What is mean error & standard error? How to calculate?

    • Jayshil,

      Can you ask the question on


      • Digvijaya Kumar says:

        Hi Nithin Sir,

        I use Kite for trading. It’s a wonderful app I ever used. Very user friendly application. Sir please reply my query. Can I place one buy cover order and another sell cover order in the same script. I just wanted to protect my capital when things go against me. E.g. I executed Cover Order sell in crude at 3652, after that can I place Cover order buy in crude at 3635? Both the orders must be active. Please advice.

        • Yes you can place both the orders. But there is no point doing this as one order will negate the other order in terms of your net position. Instead of placing an opposite order, you rather just exit the position. Cover orders anyways give you the protection of having a SL. Check this for cover orders.

  3. D33PAK says:

    Happy Ugadi to all the Zeordha traders!,

    May this year bring you lot of Profit either in the Bull/Bear Run, Have very minimum Stop Loss hits, and let there be consistency in your trades. Control your fear and greed to be sustainable in the market.

    To answer the questions above :
    Please visit an awesome article about Stop Losses below:

  4. George says:

    Hello- I am a new Trader in Nifty Index. I was going through all the helpful tips & query answers you have provided. I just want to know is there any link i can follow to see the historical OI trends on any Nifty Call/PUT options ? Thanks Again.

  5. saravanan says:

    hi this is saravanan..when are you going to upgrade latest mobile app in zerodha..for placing order its take some time (buy and sell) in that cause i am missing my target value(as for share concerned timing is more important) even though when i am using 3g or wifi and also seems to be like entering folder after folder in mobile app and this takes some time for modifying or cancel..Thanking you..

  6. prasad kotte says:

    My phone is windows phone Nokia 520 I want to trade from my phone with NEST Trade setup for windows application Does zerodha has windows mobile application for NEST so that I can trade directly from mobile phone?

    Prasad kotte

  7. sp says:

    Is there any support for windows mobile platform?

  8. krishna says:

    what is margin required for cover order ??

  9. Faisal says:

    Is it possible to see OI data on Zerodha Intraday Chart same like we see volume data?. If not is there any way to put OI data on the chart ?

  10. DM0969 says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have one question based on the below scenario for intraday trading

    Lets say in a live market, Yes Bank is trading @ 448 now, But I want to buy only above 451. How Can I place a buy order in my Nest terminal when the price is at 448 but it will get triggered only at or above 451?

    Yesterday I accidently stumbled while trading in MCX, but not checked in cash market. I am not sure it its the correct way?

    I.e. To achieve the above scenario what if I place the below order

    Buy Order
    Order Type = SL-M
    Prod Type = MIS
    Trigger price = 451

    Later in the day I can sell as

    Sell Order
    Order Type = Limit
    Prod Type = MIS
    Price = 454


  11. jason says:

    Suppose lets say for trading intraday 1 lot of nifty futures zerodha is wanting rs 11500 Margin . And lets say I deposit rs 12,000 and lot size of nifty future is 50 and i open a market buy position and at 7000. so if the market falls below 6990 which will make my capital go below the required margin will my trade get automatically squared off ?

    • Hanan says:

      Jason, your trades get squared off if you have higher losses on your account, not if you lose 10 points on an intraday trade. The way margins work is if you’re required to have 12000 to enter a position, you can enter only if you have that amount. Once in the position, you can ride it until you start losing much more of your capital, maybe 20-30% – at this level, our RMS desk will intervene and square off your position if it is risky. So for example, if you entered this position because you had the exact amount of Rs. 12000, then you book a loss of Rs. 1000 on the trade… after this, you can’t re-enter the trade because you don’t have sufficient margin. Please read our Policies and Procedures page to get more info.

  12. Sreedhara Murthy says:

    On 17th June 2014 I had placed a bracket order for 500 Nifty 7550 June Call option which was executed at 78.70 (Order No.2014061701727271). I had placed Target for 10 points and Stop Loss 5 points. The trailing stop was placed at 20 ticks (1 point). The nifty went from 78.70 to 80 and beyond, came down and hit my stop loss trigger. My question is when trailing stop loss is there which is 20 ticks (1 point), my order should have triggered at 79.70 or higher as it moved higher from the entry and the trailing SL was 20 ticks (1 point).

    Please clarify and if I am wrong, kindly let me know where I am wrong.

    • Let me get this correct, Bought at 78.7 SL 5 points, so initial SL placed at 73.7 and target 10 points so target at 79.7. Trailing SL : 1 point

      When price moved from 78.7 to 79.7 (1 point, which is your trail), new SL will be 5 points below 79.7 which is 74.7. Now if the price comes down, the SL will get executed at 74.7 instead of the earlier 73.7.

      Remember that it is trailing SL, it will always be x number of points/ticks behind the market price. Hopefully clarifies.

  13. Sreedhara Murthy says:

    I have some difficulty in placing 2L orders as spread order.

    When I place a Bull spread order like buying 7650 call option and selling 7700 call option of June expiry at market rate as a spread order duly selecting “2L” order from the drop down option the the spread order window, the order is not accepted stating that I have to change the expiry date to the different one than the first entry.

    Then I had to order it under Basket Order entry. Please let me know why the spread order entry is not being accepted and also how to square up this position.

    • Will check the spread order, to square off the position you can use the basket order itself with opposite orders or else just square off individually using the order/admin position window.

  14. Venkatesh says:

    Dear Sir, The nifty fut is need the margin of Rs.30000+ as of now like trading at nifty fut 7700.
    any possibility is there to trade nifty fut to less margin of Rs.10000-Rs15000 so that i can buy some more lots.

  15. Shubham Tamrakar says:

    Why Zerodha mobile app is not available on playstore where others are….?

  16. annapurnasubramanyam says:

    how much time taken to show the f&o details in g,mail,com and also for pay out

  17. anish424 says:

    Hi Nitin, I have a question regarding intraday short.
    Suppose I have 100 shares of a company xxx (as CNC)which I bought on monday.

    Then on tuesday I sold the 100 shares of company xxx (as CNC)
    so if again buy 100 shares(as CNC) of company xxx will it be considered sell/buy intraday ?

    another question is if on tuesday I sold the 100 shares of company xxx (as MIS)
    and if again buy 100 shares(CNC) of company xxx will it be considered sell/buy intraday ?

    another question is if on tuesday I sold the 100 shares of company xxx (as MIS)
    can I convert this short to CNC ,as I am already having 100 shares of company xxx bought a day before.

    • 1. Yes will be considered intraday

      2. No, 100 MIS will get squared off at 3.20pm and the remaining 100 shares will get added to your earlier 100

      3. Yes you can.

      • anish424 says:

        Hi Nitin,

        But when I called customer care today, the executive told me that if I bought on moday sold on tuesday and again bought on tuesday only then what I sold will be settled against monday bought shares and tuesday bought will be carry forwarded as delivery.

  18. Tousif says:

    Hai, I just want to know that if I have stock A in my portfolio and i sell that stock. Can I buy back the same stock on the same day without waiting for T2 settlement having considering that I have limited funds.

    • If you have stock A in your portfolio and sell it today and then buy back before the end of the day, it is considered as an intraday trade. So yes you can do this, and any profit or loss from that intraday trade is credited/debited to you. You will continue holding Stock A in your demat after this.

  19. Jaspal says:

    Hi Nithin,

    How to close a account?

  20. Pratap says:

    After selling shares how much time it takes to get back money to my associated Bank Account.

  21. Vikas says:

    I am new to Zerodha.
    I as testing my account with ZT and mobile APp.
    and somehow my account is blocked.
    how to unblock it ?

  22. naveen says:

    sir ur service become worst. we can’t able to open mobile trading account during trading hours. on 8/12/2014 mobile trading account not opened. I ve opened 20 account in ur brokerage. ur service become worst, bad. Atleast provide basic. Trading platform s basic. please, please, please provide it.

  23. Elam says:


    I would like to know where can i fund the cost price of share traded ( cost buy price = (Buy price + Brokerage + other fee)/ qty) through Zerodha?

    I used to trade in hdfc sec and one can generate report (Say for 15 days interval) of trade details from their online trading platform. An excel sheet will be generated with all details of individual share (qty, buy/sell price, brokerage and total amount deducted/ credited). So it would be easy for me to calculate a single share cost price.

    I have a habit of entering all my trade details in and monitor from that. So i would be needing an easy solution to calculate the cost price of shares traded through zerodha?

    It is practically impossible to read individual trade details and calculate using contract note. Also i do not see any option available in back office to retrieve this. Back office only gives you qty + actual price. It doesn’t give brokerage, other fee or cost price.

    Can someone help where can i find the cost price in zerodha? Or if anyone has any kind of excel sheet which would give Zerodha pricing details if I enter qty n buy price.

    I believe I may not be the only one who would need to know the cost price in order to better calculate the returns.

  24. manish says:

    is it possibl to put SL and Target Price together in one order ,so that if SL triggered, target price gets cancelled too.

  25. Ram says:

    1] Can we have two open trades(one short and one long) of same stock at a time?
    2] how can i get margin in intraday? Is there any separate account for margin trading?
    3] how much margin we can get and can we get more than one margin at same time? 4] is there extra charges for margin trades?

  26. Ganesh says:

    In mobile app It shows only f and o, (NSEFO)and CDS wheres equity and commodity ,

  27. princy joseph says:

    i am a cadet in merchant navy.but for the last 1 year i haven’t sailed but i have CDC.for getting NRI status,i had to sail
    for 180 days in a financial year.can i open trading and demat account in resident status.
    i am maintaning a normal saving account and havent recieved any salary
    for last 1 year.

    • Yes you can open a normal savings account.

      • princy joseph says:

        so,what will happen if i again join ship.then my NRI status will change every year.if i sail for 180 days in a financial year,i am NRI and i dont have to pay tax.otherwise i am not NRI.if i open a trading and demat account with zerodha,what will happen when my residential status changes.
        please provide a seperate article for those who works in merchant navy,since its really confusing.a lot of my friends are also interested in investing but we are unable to understand the rules and regulations,since alternate years,we may be resident indian or NRI.
        thank you

        • Venu Madhav says:

          Your residential status may keep changing depending on your length of stay at India. The Income Tax Act has a special provision for people in the merchant navy. Accordingly

          Under Section 6(1), an individual is said to be resident in India in any previous year if he satisfies any one of the following basic conditions:

          He is in India in the previous year for a period of at least 182 days or,
          He is in India for a period of at least 60 days during the relevant previous year and at least 365 days during the four years preceding that previous year.

          In case an Indian citizen leaves India for employment abroad in any year for the purpose of employment (or where an individual, who is a citizen of India, leaves India as a member of the crew of an Indian ship), or where an Indian citizen or a person of Indian Origin, who has settled abroad, comes on a visit to India in the previous year, shall not attract clause (b) of the basic conditions Therefore, such individuals may stay in India upto 181 days in a given previous year without becoming resident in India for that previous year. An individual who does not satisfy either of the above basic conditions is non-resident for that previous year.

          The onus of declaring the residential status vests on you. However for convenience, I may suggest getting an account opened in the name of spouse/parents and trading.

  28. Mayur says:

    I have opened my trading account recently with zerodha and want to add hdfc as a secondary bank account what should i do???..PLZ GUIDE

  29. Kushal Basu says:

    I really need to do one thing while trading, that I can not set up by myself, please give me some suggestion:
    Can you plz help with a script that will be able to scan the securities of NFO based on Bollinger Band and MACD like
    if the condition is like (Candle closes above Upper Bollinger Band and MACD is above zero line and MACD directing upwards), then
    we get an alert for the list of securities meeting this condition for upside entry
    if the condition is like (Candle closes below Lower Bollinger Band and MACD is below zero line and MACD directing downwards), then
    we get an alert for the list of securities meeting this condition for downside entry

    The alert need not repeat every candle for a particular security.
    If the third clause within bracket i.e. MACD direction is too difficult to implement, you may plz skip that.

    Parameters of Bollinger and MACD need not be hard-coded. As an user, I should be able to insert the values.

    So, I’d expect a list of Futures (current month only), every new candle. I accept that every candle will not generate a list either upside or downside.
    Can anybody help me to fix the matter?

  30. Kushal Basu says:

    Thank you Mr. Nitin

  31. Vishnu Sankaran says:

    Dear Mr. Nitin,

    Can you explain why you guys are playing with the software during the market hours? are you not aware that fiddling around a live system is dangerous? today, none of your systems are working and we, customers are loosing heavily. Who will be responsible for this?


    Vishnu Sankaran

  32. manus says:

    Mr. Nitin,

    While surfing I came across this site. There are hundreds of people complaining about your company, people, working style, software failure etc. Link

    I was thinking of opening an account with your company. Because one of my friends has opened with your company.

    What is your say on this? You prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

    [email protected]

    • Manus, there are bound to be some people who will not be happy. Places like mouthshut etc, are places where even competitors jump in to bring the brand name down. Best would be to talk to someone who is actively trading with us, maybe your friend.

  33. Bikramjit Banikya says:

    I want to open an account with zerodha. I requested to call back in zerodha website but till now no calls are coming from zerodha.

  34. R MUTHUKUMARAN says:

    I would like to know when the Zerodha demat account holders will have the margin facility by pledging their shares.

  35. Abhi says:

    I have just received the form form 4 opening. I fear due to all discussion going on frequently over POA.

    IN UR POA form there are no of points mentioned (around 21).it is difficult to understand in better way( A lawyer can explain it better).From those all points I COULD NOT FIND that POWER OF ATTORNEY HAS BEEN KEPT LIMITED(What
    Ur team is telling this is’ SPECIFIC’ POWER.
    My simple question is whether He can debit/credit from my a/c after my instruction (by any means) only. Or he can do it without my instructions also.
    Waiting for Ur reply

  36. Richard says:

    Sir, I have lost money in yesterday’s trade because of your system fault. I have bought Asian paint @ 897.5 with a stoploss of 895.5 and tgt of 899. But because of your system fault it triggered both side. As it is a bracket order it should cancel immediately when it touches tgt or SL, .Its been informed to support team to close all my holdings before the end of the day as it was not working from my side. Now they are saying that I had a open position in Asian paint sell side n they cleared it today morning with Rs 5000 loss. Tell me who is responsible for this. Do you our money is safe with you guys? Will you compensate my lost money? Who is responsible for my loss. Whole day your phone did not work (busy) whenever called all day. Tellvme how will I get my money back. Need a investigation on this issue.

  37. Richard says:

    Mr. Nithin Kamath, instead of solving the problem, why r u deleting my post. Let the world know your mistakes too.

    • Venu says:

      Richard, there’s no reason to delete a post. We had issues with Exchange lines on which we have no control. Please write an email to [email protected] giving details of your client ID and the concerned people will get back to you.

  38. Mayur says:

    Dear Team,
    Just wanted to know why the pi/kite/q Cash limits doesnt get updated time to time.Earlier it used to get done by 7pm or so.Please look into this as it creates confusion during fund withdrawals.


    • Venu says:

      We try and complete the process ASAP. We’re dependent on the Exchange sending us files and hence sometimes there’s a delay. We’ll see what best we can do to address this.

  39. Mohammed Nawaz says:

    I have Doubt Regarding This ..Can Anyone Pls Clarify It ..
    So in CNC Order Its Clear That No Need to Put Any Stop Loss , or No fear of Getting Negative Balance ….I can Hold Shares as Long as i want in DMAT Account …….
    I have Doubts Regarding EQUITY MIS Order NOT BRACKET or COVER ORDER
    Say i have Purchased 1000 Shares of PNB At a Price of 77 using MIS Order in Equity.
    My questions Are
    1.when I place Trade At 77 . Market Goes down to 75 , So Is there is Any Possibility of Getting Negative Balance In my account ? Or I have time Till 3:20 To close The Trade ?

    2.Is there any Possibility of Trade closed Automatically when Price Goes down from 77 to 75 ?

    • 1. When you buy 1000 shares at 77 for intraday, u r buying Rs 77000 worth of shares and a margin is blocked. Assume this margin is 10% or Rs 7700. If your account has only Rs 77000 and if market falls Rs 7.7, then you would have lost the entire Rs 7700 in your account. If markets any further below 69.3 (77-7.7), your account will go in negative. Once you take a position you can hold till 3.20pm, provided you are maintaining the balance of Rs 7700.
      2. Not at 75, but typically if the margin required in your account drops by more than 40%, it is possible. So if you had only Rs 7700 and you lost Rs 4000, your account balance is now at 3700, our RMS system might auto square this off.

      • Mohammed Nawaz says:

        Is This same procedure applied to CNC Oerders Also ? Concept of Negative Balance ? So If I bought 1000 Shares By paying 77000 in CNC , How many Days I can Hold Them ?

  40. girinath reddy says:

    pls let me know, after opening trading a/c and d-mat with u, can i start trading with minimum amount like rs.1000 transfered to trading a/c? or is there any such minimum amount is required?
    pls reply asap.

  41. girinath reddy says:

    hi, if we gain any short term profit by selling stocks whether we need to pay any tax like short term capital gain tax?
    if so how much? and where it is going to be deducted?

  42. girinath reddy says:

    hi, at the end of market hours what is auto square off?

    at what price shares will get squared off either it is a buy or sell?

  43. Kashi says:

    I am looking for Option Greeks. Where can I find them in Pi or Kite?

  44. Sannidhya Agrawal says:

    There is no horizontal line in the technical tools of Pi. This tool is basic. Please get this included. In case already there then do let us know.

  45. Ankit says:

    there is only trendline in pi no horrizontal line this will creates a lot of problem in analysis
    as problems are
    1. trendline can’t have properties that i can fix it on exact price as i want
    2. i plotted it horizontaly manually but many times it is not horizontal perfectly
    3. it does not extend automatically with price new candles it will stuck

    please provide us horrizontal line also in pi for better trading …


  46. Ruben says:

    Zpin 1605, Just wanted to know meaning of retention statement that I was sent yesterday.. and it’s implications pertaining to Alchem shares I had purchased 3 days back.


  47. sarvesh verma says:

    hello sir,
    suppose in bracket order I buy nifty @8000 with 50 points stop loss and 50 points target now if nifty is at 7000 and it goes from 7000 to 8050 now my question is
    1-will I get profit or not
    2-if not then what is wrong in this trade

  48. Guru kiran says:

    Dear nithin, will it b possible to have super trend indicator in pi software? M more comfy using pi software & it would b superb to have super trend in pi wherein I can place orders directly from the chart unlike kite, where I need to pop out the chart window for better clarity.

  49. Arun says:

    Dear Nithin sir
    I’m a intraday trader. I would like to know that how “securities transaction tax” calculated. Because of its higher than brokerage charges how i minimize this

  50. Sumit Mhatre says:

    Banknifty weekly options still not available on kite.when same will be available.

  51. Vijay Krishnan says:


    Not sure whether this is the right forum to raise this point. I am an intraday trader. I see that the Point & Figure Chart and Renko Chart are very useful to someone like me. While the charts appear to be constructed correctly for price actions that have already completed, however, in the live chart, they do not function properly. Here is an example:

    Live Point & Figure Chart:
    Security: Nifty Futures (let’s say, Nifty Jun Fut)
    Box Size: 4
    Let’s say that Nifty is at 8100.
    Let’s say that the previous move was the completion of the “O” column.
    Nifty now moves to 8104.
    A New “X” column should be formed, with the position of the “X” adjacent to the 2nd “O” (or adjacent to the “O” that is above the bottom most “O” of the previous column)

    So, this is what should happen. Unfortunately, in live chart, it removes the bottom most “O”, which means that I still cannot see a reversal in price. This point would be an exit point for me if I am short on Nifty Fut.

    A similar issue happens with live Renko Charts. In the above example, instead of creating a new Green box, it erases the lowest Red box.

    If this issue is resolved, it’ll be pretty simple for someone like me to make amazing returns. But, Since I am not able to see the changes in live charts for these 2 chart types, I am missing exit points.

    Kindly do the needful and fix this issue so that a retail trader like me can profit enormously and put the money made to good use of the society

    Best Regards

    Vijay Krishnan

    • Are you using Kite or Pi?

      • Vijay Krishnan says:


        This happens in both Kite and Pi.

        • Vijay Krishnan says:


          I noticed one more thing. When I change the chart duration,i.e., 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 5 min etc, the Renko and Point & Figure charts change. These 2 charts are time independent, but, on both Kite and Pi, these 2 charts seem to change for different time periods. This could probably be one of the reasons why they are not behaving as they should. They should purely be drawn on price action alone. Just thought this might help in adding more insight while your developers are looking at the issue

          • Vijay, currently on Kite, they box size changes with change of timeframe. So it is not really the time frame changing, it is the box size changing.

            • Vijay Krishnan says:

              Hi Nithin,

              Thanks for the info. Can you please tell me what are the box sizes that Kite defaults to for different time frames? That’ll be nice to know and interpret.

              But, the other behavior that I had highlighted in my 1st post, i.e., the bottom most box or top most box being taken out instead of a new box being formed the other way, please do look into it. It is very important that they work accurately in live charts.

              • When you change the time frame, you can see on the chart itself what the new box size is.

                The new box seems to be forming correctly. Anyways having this checked.

                • Vijay Krishnan says:

                  Hmmm. So,should I wait for the time period to complete to see the box that are correctly formed? I have not done that. If this is the case, I will use a 1 min chart for Renko and P&F. I will try this out and keep you posted, in order to avoid unnecessary work for your Dev team.

                  • You don’t have to wait for the time period to complete, you have to wait for the box to complete and give you a tick about the box size. So if box size is 1, stock is at 100, only if the price goes above 101 will the new box be formed.

                    • Vijay Krishnan says:

                      In that case Nithin, I do see existing boxes being erased instead of new boxes being formed.

                    • Seems to be working fine for me. You are looking at Kite right?

                      Open a Nifty future chart, set the range as 2 when u open the renko chart. So the box size is 2. If current box is 8278-8280, a new green box will form only when the price is over 8282 (if it goes 8282 and comes down, the box will plot and dissapear) or if price goes below 8276. Just checked now, works fine.

                    • Vijay Krishnan says:

                      Ok Nithin. Thanks

                    • Vijay Krishnan says:

                      Thanks Nithin. It works as you have explained. By the way, I would still like the box to stay rather than taking it off. My point of view is, once Renko draws a box, it shouldn’t be removed. These boxes can act as strong future support / resistance levels as well. Just my 2 cents.

  52. Bharath says:

    Hi Nithin,

    How to adjust Fibonacci setting in pi and can we expect Fibonacci extension in the pi or kite?


    • Kite has it, when you choose fib in drawing tools, under setting you see the various ratios. Some are in -ve which mean retracements, some are +ve which mean extension.

  53. Sumit says:

    Sir when your team built Coustm indicator in kite

  54. dharanish says:

    Hello Mr Nithin,

    I would like to know if we can impliment Kite or PI into excel sheet and trade from Excel.
    If yes, pls let me know the procedure.

  55. Arun says:

    Sir, today i can’t trade. Because of every order are rejected. My id- PA0074

    • Vijay Krishnan says:

      Boss. Due to volatility, intraday is blocked. so, you cannot trade intraday today. only positional

  56. Vijay Krishnan says:

    I am not able to transfer funds from my bank to trading account. Has this also been blocked for the day?

    I am an intraday trader. Since today only normal buys and sells can be done, am trying to add funds but the submit button seems to be disabled. Please do let me know. If funds transfer from bank to trading account is also blocked for the day, I would rather spend my time playing in my XBox rather than staring at the screen 🙂

    • Venu says:

      There’s no reason to stop fund transfer. It’s a little difficult to ascertain why it happened, more so because there were no payment gateway related issues.

  57. Ajay says:


    I like to know what should a investor do with Sterlite Tech’s offer of demerger. If one choose to receive the shares of unlisted
    company how can one track stock prices ?
    I also have another query regarding NSE’s different series like EQ, BE etc. Where can I find info related to it.


  58. ASHOK KUMAR says:

    how can nifty / sensex live values be see on the trading watch list ?

  59. Venkatesan J says:

    Dear Team,

    Do you have stocks price alert option for Kite Trading Platform?

    If you don’t have one, please provide the facilities which is more useful and essential for day traders?

    Rest of the features in Kite platform, all are amazing!!


    Venkatesan J

  60. dharanish says:

    Hello Mr Nithin,

    There is an option of putting on buy and sell order directly on PI screen, buy giving a right click.
    However its a wonderfull option, I have a suggestion from my end if it can updated, by giving a flixiblity of moving that buy, sell or Stop loss order manually which is given on PI chart directly .
    I hope you understood my explaination.

    • Venu says:

      You can place SL orders from the Pi chart. If you’re trying to buy higher than LTP or trying to sell lower than LTP, the order type automatically is a SL-M order.

  61. dharanish says:

    Hello Mr Nithin,

    Super trend is not part of PI platform.
    could you pls adopt that indicator to PI as well.

  62. dharanish says:


    Can we automate the Buy and Sell and vice versa, using Pi in live market.
    Since I am from software background i would like to automate my Trade in PI.
    Eg: Using technical indicators cross overs, can the buy sell and sell buy, be automated on to live market in PI.

  63. KAMAL kumar says:


  64. KAMAL kumar says:

    In same day..pls give query

  65. Sumit says:


    Plz add squeeze momentum indicator in kite…

  66. Murali says:

    Hello Mr Nitin,

    I need help participating in a RBB process for one stock in my portfolio. Am using Kite and not sure if this can be done using any of your platforms. Kindly let me know how i can go about it. As you are aware, i can place a bid only through the broker for the RBB.

    Requesting your support in addressing this.

  67. ajitshukla says:

    Dear Mr. Kamath,

    I have a feedback for you which is in favor of Zerodha.

    I have shifted my portfolio to Zerodha on 11/07 and This needs a manual input of price and dates of each trade. We need so called backoffice support. Now after 23 emails , 10s of so called ticket and more than 10 calls , My portfolio is still not correct. Satyajit, Sura, Akshay etc I am done with many such names for such a small issue. And below is last email I have puting after getting frustrating to limits. You really need to look in to it.

    Hi Akhsay,

    I am still waiting for your email to confirm the callback by EOD with Mr. Anand (Satyajit’s manager) . I hope you didnt lie saying you already sent an email.


    • Ajit, I think we are probably the only brokers who allow this to happen. Give an option to enter prices on transferred stocks to DP with breakdown. This feature is a little buggy and we are currently working on building an all new Q with this feature fixed. Hence this is taking time. I will still speak to the guys on this and see if we can do something asap.

  68. Murali says:

    Mr kamat….

    i had asked a question regarding participating participating in RBB ( reverse book building) above on ul 19th. But, there is no response on it so far.

    Kindly respond

  69. Abhishek Chouhan says:

    Dear Nitin Kamath

    You still not understand the problem of your terminal.
    “Time” understand that….people don’t want reset their chart again and again…its too irritated !!
    millions of people have millions of time mismatches….not all have same IST time… i do my trade with 2 pc.. but not same time… 1st pc started at 9:13 am and other 9:17 am……. and during whole day it has depend on that, all charts show wrong, 2 charts of same script but different. OK!! i will reset time of my pc as IST but how you convince million of people for reset and you know that no one have correct pc time as IST. its HUGE mistake….we r technical analyst we need correct chart…. tick value is second prefer, we inter and exit with chart .not YOUR TICK VALUE !! YOU UNDERSTAND ??????????????? …pls correct it…. and if you don’t understand…. take help with
    its 5 min chart we open and during whole day its same chat however our time is not set according to iST..
    your terminal is good ..but why we still depend on investing chart ?? ..sir we only trade zerodha cos your brokerage is low, your chart is great, awesome only one problem that is TIME !! ..
    and one more thing …….this is my 2nd post. and still you not understated.
    and be alert !! your competitor arrive soon… broker :- trade smart online…. brokerage 15 rs /order .and its terminal have nice idea… buy line and sell line.. just move your horizontal by line in chart and it buy and place sell horizontal line on target and it auto put sell order , and move line up down for change order… nice concept
    25 people(my group) of zerodha waiting for trade smart online for there awesome concept and brokerage.
    so i request you pls win before they entry and stop to cut your client…watch YouTube there terminal and concept for feedback..
    resolve million people problem TIME

    love Zerodha 🙂

    • Siva says:

      This July release we have implemented local caching in Pi.Very soon we will have auto refill/sync of chart data with the server,then this time issue will be resolved.

  70. atulsemwal says:

    Does it require to open a demat account as well to trade in equities INTRADAY. My EQ segment not yet enabled.
    Only CDS and FNO are available there on PI. Underlying asset also needed for data purpose even if I only trade derivatives .

    Thanks and Regards

  71. Anivesh says:

    Sir, have submitted a/c opening form, hope a/c will open soon. Got a qstn, what if I buy as delivery and sell all same day before close? Or a part before close? Will it b considered intraday?

  72. Vijendra says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am using PI platform…..
    In chart candle bars value will differ from screen(Default MW) value, why it is? and which is the correct value Default MW screen value or Chart candle bar value?

    For instance nifty hit the low at 9.44 am
    8817.85 in screen and in 8819.75 in chart(1 min candle) both are at 9.44 am

    I saw it happens stocks also

    Waiting for your reply

  73. Anivesh says:

    Is fund transfer necessary from the registered saving account or neft transfer can b done from any other account also???

  74. Sharat says:

    Dear Nitin,
    It is quite regrettable that, standard of Customer service of Zerodha has gone down considerably. It is only last month I had you contacted through this blog reporting my disappointment with your staff concerning error in P/L report generation in q.zerodha for the month of July. It took more than 2 weeks for them to resolve that issue. You had checked with me if it was Ok, which I had replied in affirmative after checking. However, I had not checked if the P/L report generation was alright for all months in this FY. Subsequently, when I checked I found that, P/L re[port generation for the previous month that is June 16 is now not happening. So while sorting out July month’s P/L report generation problem, technical staff have CREATED a new problem.
    I reported customer service immediately with reminders. However, even after 3 weeks it still remains unresolved.
    I request you to kindly look into this matter earnestly to resolve ASAP. Kindly let me know after it’s been done with reason for cropping up of such issues.
    Client ID: RS0497
    Complain #299443.
    First email: 27th August 16
    Last Reminder email: 14th September

    Thank you

  75. Anivesh says:

    Bought 250 McDowell holdings at 39.4 ,cnc, price is now fixed at 49.65 , 52wk high, no sellers, what to do, pls suggest fast, sell by converting to mis or hold for tomorrow for more profit??????

  76. Rohit says:

    I have account with zerodha from last 1 years . Since last 2 months I am starting to get calls from equity research firm to subscribe to there stocks tips. Why zerodha sharing there client info to such form? ow they did get client details and disturb unnecessary even client is not interested.
    Also Zerodha is sharing client portfolio who is earning good profit to other client by charging some amount.Its unethical and client portfolio should not be shared at any circumstances.
    Request you to look into this.

    • Rohit, we would never share your number with anyone. This is generally an industry problem where people are getting database of people who trade/invest and keep calling them to sell tips. The next time you get a call, you need to report it to TRAI by sending SMS to 1909.

      We never share any client portfolio. We run an initiative called, where clients can opt to share their portfolio for a fees. Do check out:

  77. Atul says:

    Which engine/framework does tradingqna site use?

  78. MAYANK says:

    sir,please tell me
    I want to transfer fund from my bank a/c to trading a/c. Zerodha is charging 9 rupees for instant transfer but i want to use NEFT for transferring money. o Please tell me.
    Should i send any screenshot to Zerodha ?
    how much time Neft transfer takes?
    Can i transfer after 7 pm?
    Will i have to give any information to Zerodha or automatically funds will appear in my trading a/c after NEFT?

    • Venu says:

      NEFT takes 3-4 hours to get updated. There’s no need to send any screenshots if you’re doing NEFT transfers. It’s better to transfer using the payment gateway since the update is instant.

  79. Manas Chattaraj says:

    Hello sir, My Zerodha Clint ID is RM3141,Everyday morning i am facing a problem while i try to open my ZerodhaQ-Backoffice. Its taking so much time to get open. Several time its not opening and showing an Error,Even on that whole day its not getting open at all. Apart from that I have another complain regarding Zerodha accounts department, When a client transferring money from his/her Individual bank account to Zerodha trading account along with a snap-shot,Then that amount should be updated automatically within a certain time limit,But its not happening, From my personal experience I am saying this, after transferring the amount in market hours I waited for 1 hour approx but Zerodha accounts department had not update my balance, So i called up to Zeroda customer care and then after half an hour approx they have update my balance to my trading account.I think it should not belike this, after transferring the amount within market hours why should client will make call to customer support for updating, It suppose to be update automatically, So I would like to request you to Mr Kamath for taking care of these kind of issues please. Zerodha is a brand,and i appriciate Zerodha services excluding those two issues. So will hope for good result on this in future.Thanks

    • Venu says:

      Thanks for your feedback Manas. Apologise for the inconvenience caused. We’ll look into the Funds issue, typically NEFT takes 2-3 hours, IMPS, if screenshots have been uploaded takes 10-15 mins. I suggest you use the payment gateway to make transfers where updates are instant. There’s a small convenience fee of Rs.9+ST for it. About Q, we’re done some changes on the backend to ensure you don’t face any downtimes.

  80. khalid says:

    Hello Sir,

    2 questions i have.

    1. Is there any options to have short term loan on trading account?(demat?) if margin get reduce and position about to close/square off automatically?

    2. If i have four options ( 2 ITM and 2 OTM)position opened on expiry date(Nifty last Thursday of the month).
    I close one ITM and OTM just before market closing and let balance one ITM and another OTM expire.

    which is better close before or let expire in terms of taxes, STT, service charges etc..

    thanks and regards

  81. Vishnu says:

    Stability of Q is a major issue (90% of the time, we get the error “502 Bad Gateway”) and for most part of the day, it is not available. When raised with support, we get a standard response that the issue has been fixed and one has to re-login. Even after re-login, the same story continues and it is becoming tough to trade without data from Q. When the issue was escalated to the technical team in August 2016, it was told that enhancements to Q were happening and would be completed within a month after which the issue won’t recur. Even after 2 months, there is no improvement. Do you have any plans to make Q stable or is it just a fancy tool which cannot be used.

    • Manas Chattaraj says:

      Respected venu sir, thanks for your quick reply, And for your kind information I always made payment through IMPS and also send the snap-shot through back office…then also why should i call your support for updating and as I am having account in United Bank Of India,So i am not getting the payment options via “Payment Get-way” in NEST,Those are disable. So please rectify this issue with strict-hand action for future.Thanks.

  82. Chirag says:

    Sir how much investment is required to trade in only in silvermic. Because I have only 10k can I trade on that for future basis. Sir please let me know. Waiting for your reply…

  83. Chirag says:

    Thank you for your reply sir. sir one more question can I earn 5k to 10k if I trade only in one lot of silvermic..please suggest me because I am only interested in silvermic…waiting for your reply sir

  84. Chirag says:

    Thank you for your reply sir. sir one more question can I earn 5k to 10k if I trade only in one lot of silvermic..please suggest me because I am only interested in silvermic…

  85. Nitish says:

    Why Stock Sybyl on bse is shown as zero price .

  86. mayank says:

    Sir my friend live in Egypt and he is permanent resident of Egypt and he wants to open trading & demat account with Zerodha so can he open account?
    If yes.
    then ,tell me what are important documents required for opening account if person belong to outside India.

  87. mayank says:

    I am new in stock market.Please tell me I bought some share on 18/10/ is CNC product type but today share price has been moved very high but due to t+2 means 19/10/2016 .it is second day and share is not showing in my holdings but i want to sell.
    Please tell me
    can i sold share before showing my holdings or i should i wait?

  88. kittu says:

    Hello sir. i m beginner today i saw “Stock widget” icon in kite.Earlier i never seen this icon on kite.Stock widget is powered by small cases.
    please tell me.Should i pay amount or Zerodha just updated this icon on kite.

  89. shubham bajpai says:

    Why its showing T1 holding, i am a bit confuse as i am a new in the market..

  90. Mayank says:

    Hello sir,
    Today i was using kite. I ordered some shares and trying to sold my holdings also, during market hours but in my Order book (open orders) message was showing “Nothing here” but after 2 or 3 minutes shares was appear in my order book. it was happen twice during the market hours.Earlier i never see this problem.Please resolve this problem.

  91. Mayank says:

    I ordered some share but they rejected and message is showing “””rms:blocked for nse_cm prozonintu-eq mis block type: all”””
    and so on
    as i ordered every time rejected msg. is showing.Please tell me.
    what’s the meaning of this message ?

  92. Jakeer says:

    why is that Jan on nifty futures are showing as NIFTY17JAN has expiry date changed from last Thursday of the month.

  93. jakeer says:

    If invested in mutual funds of ELSS category, can I get margin to trade in f&o, if yes how much pl

  94. Yash says:

    during the extreme volatile session yesterday, (morning first one hour) I faced a lot of failures to book/place trade orders.
    I was using Kite web mode ( I tried kite in mobile too, but it failed to login).
    Is there any other website/mode which you suggest is more reliable and faster during these kind of extreme volatile sessions ?

    I had this problem during BREXIT as well !


  95. chirag says:

    sir my question is can i have a buy position and short sell postion in one script both the postions are in NRML not in intraday.

    for example i bought silvermic in future contract assumeing that the price of silver will go up and suddenly it goes down. now i want to place other order of silvermic in future like short selling as the price is falling down. now my question is that i dont want to square off my buy position becasue i still believe that the price of silvermic will increase in future as it is in future contract.. so can we do short sell and my buy position should not be get squared off…. please waiting for your reply…

  96. Ajay says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am an account holder with zerodha, i have some query, I know this is not the correct platform to put up this question, but i will be really great-full to you to please reply on my queries.

    I want to know some thing about binary option trading, i have been doing virtual binary option trading with virtual money for the past some weeks and i found it profitable. Can you please let me know that weather it is legal in India? and if it is then which broker will be good to open an account with?


    • Ajay, it is not legal to trade them in India.

      • Ajay says:

        Thanks for your quick reply Nithin,

        What if, i get an account with some foreign broker registered to deal in binary option trading, and then start trading in binary options, further if i will pay all my taxes in this relation also, in that case also it is not legal?

        • Venu says:

          It’s a grey area, there are no regulation that explicitly allows/disallows it. Since you wouldn’t know the regulatory structure of the entity you’re opening an account with, it’s best avoided.

  97. siva says:

    Today(Mon) I tried Intraday on galada telecom BSE
    Prev close Rs10.4 open 10.0 L/U price band 8.32 to 10.48Rs
    cur mar price 10.4 steadily no ups no downs
    in MIS I tried SL with price 9.70,9.50, trigger 9.60,9.50,9.30,8.40 all orders rejected
    it always says stop price is not reasonable default values for price and trigger are cur mar prices
    so what is the use of SL if we have to buy at mar price
    in MIS I tried SL-M with price 9.60 order rejected it says check last trade price(10.40) vs trigger price(9.60)
    if we set trigger price as 10.40 then we have to buy at LTP (10.40) then what is the use of SL-M
    Only MIS Limit order with price 9.00 was placed
    even when they have to explain about SL orders they don’t say directly with simple examples they confuse us by saying that place SL order for the stocks we already possess. they don’t say how to buy on SL SL-M orders
    I think they profit upon our orders by using some software as our orders are processed by their servers

    we have to understood that information is eqal to money they don’t give information clearly

  98. Alap says:

    i just opened new ac with zerodha, i got pi today
    but very bad exp, noone to tell how to use tht software , very poor support u have. very disappointed
    wht is api , how to use tht .? wht is EA, ? how we can knw tht ? very bad support system
    why there is noone who can explain this all?
    why renko chart is always hang ?
    there is noone who can listen or solve ,
    whn i ask to my sales person , they sent me mail with links of z connet and zerodha q and a,
    it means we have to take full course like reading all ques and ans abt everone then try to solve our query by ourselves.
    i hope someone here wil solve my issues.

    i am in markets more then 10+ years , used many charting and trading software and have ac with many broker also , but not faced this kind of disappointing from anyone, yeah they may be take more time to resolve and yeah ofcourse charges higher in terms of brokerage and other charges but my trade wil nt stop , and i think its first priority,
    if trade wil nt placed then no use of lower charges or free.
    every time i got very bad feelings when try to talk or mail to sales person .

    “There is always no charge for dreams , it only costs when u try to manifest them”

  99. Sudheer Kumar says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Thank you for this convenient trading platform, and the extensive educational section. Occasionally I’ve some issues with Kite, still trading has been a pleasant experience here. Please consider adding these two indicators to Kite: Laguerre and Stochastic histogram. Laguerre seems to be an oscillator for finding cycles.

  100. siva says:

    in the contract notes no DP charges are shown but recently DP charges are showing in ledger. what are these?
    these occurred thrice recently.

    • Venu says:

      DP or Depository participant charge is levied on stock movement out of demat account which managed by depositories (NSDL or CDSL). This has no relation to contract note which captures all trades and related charges executed on the stock exchanges (NSE or BSE). Hence DP charges and also demat account maintenance charges are levied separately on the ledger and not on contract note.

  101. preetam says:


    I have a an account in zerodha which has been referred by someone, but now I want to get my account mapped under somebody else. Why is this is not possible as I have opened account through him because I wanted to use his services, but now I do not require them and want to use somebody else’s service.

    • Venu says:

      Tagging an account to a partner is a one time activity, you can choose to avail services from any 3rd party of your choice. This has no bearing on the account you hold with us.

  102. mukul mehra says:

    How can I add SENSEX or NIFTY in my market watch to do some technical analysis?

  103. M Srinu says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am trading using kite. When I put a limit order, the order is executing at market price. Please advice me

    • Venu says:

      Are you sure you’re placing the order the right way? You would use a limit order:
      a) If you wish to buy at a price lower than current market price
      b) If you wish to sell at a price higher than the current market price

  104. M Srinu says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can I place a buy order at a price higher than the market price as After Market Order?

    It it possible with Kite?

  105. Manish says:

    I’M F&O trader and also invest for long term.If I mention income from F&O as business income and if I sold shares after 12 monthes then will I eligible for capital gain benefit ? Can I be the trader and investor at the same time?

    • Venu says:

      Yes, you can claim the LTCG benefit while being a trader trading the F&O segment. But to do that, you’ll have to have a clear distinction between your F&O and Equity trades and you’ll have to maintain proper books of accounts. As long as you’re able to convince the assessing officer (if needed), you could claim the benefit of all LTCG’s.

  106. Akshay says:

    dear nitin,
    i am a graduate and have a certificate of NCCMP..i am trying to read and learn as many books i can to improve myself in this field and giving my 100 percent towards it and want to be an individual trader(long term) and an investor.. i have a decent financial going on a right track? it is very important me to know..please as a mentor what will you suggest..what mistakes am i making? i am very confused. Getting me a job in any brokerage firm or in NSE/BSE will help me towards my goal or i should sit at home and practice more to trade and invest? i am ready to give it all in. Please reply.

    • Akshay says:

      please do reply sir.

    • Venu says:

      If you are serious about a career in investment, then you need to look at getting yourself a CFA certificate from CFA Institute, USA. Post this, you need to aim at getting yourself a job with asset management companies. This will be a great start to developing a career in investment management.

  107. Mohammed Saif says:

    how do i add sensex in Kite ? Even in Pi im not able to open sensex chart , it notify in pi that only live data can be fetched not an old one and then chart comes empty with black screen.. Why is it happening ?

  108. sandesh choudhari says:

    hello sir,
    Is there any kind of hidden cost in BO and CO
    how exactly the margin feature works.suppose for example i traded 100 quantity of BOB
    @129.20 and sell @130 rs so the total margin required is 621(SL 128.20), in this trade i make profit of rs 62 so in this trade do i have to pay any extra cost other than brokerage and other taxation, is there any cost required to for the bracket order placement (my total trade was 12,920 )

  109. Anubhab says:

    I trade only in MCX market.My questions:

    1) Can we cancel two orders at a single time?
    Ex:Suppose I trade in Crude Oil.As per rules in a single order I can buy 100 lots or 2.5% of OI.Now I have free cash still left.So I put first order of 100 lots and again I placed 2nd order of 100 lots more.Another 3rd order of 100 lots.So now I have 3 orders;100 lots each order..Now can I exit the the 3 orders at the same price or I need to exit manually one by one by clicking on EXIT.(Assume I am using Cover Order). ???

  110. Balachandra Kumar says:

    Does Zerodha allows buying of penny stocks?

  111. karan says:

    sir, can someone become master in trading without having a job in stock market? for living?

  112. Mohammed Saif says:

    Why my position got converted in Intraday when i sold my holding position ???? Unnecessary i’m buying and selling from Position to holding!!! Brokerage expense is also gng . And there is none of customer support number available whr to call man, which service are you providing??

    • When you sell from holding, for that day it shows in position. It shows there because many people like to sell stocks and then buy back before end of day. If you don’t want to buy back, ignore that position, end of day it will automatically disappear. Check this video. You can always call our call center, 080-40402020, it is on our website.

  113. vikash says:

    If I earn 50 in one order in intraday. Then what is the brokerage charges on this. ?????

  114. abhradip says:

    Hello Nithin, i just want to ask that currently the forex trading in India is allowed only in inr pairs and in future contracts but is anytime the spot trading or trading on the current forex market will be open for us?

  115. vikash says:

    Yesterday I have 5000 Rs in my demat account. Then in trading , I lost 250 Rs. Now in my account there are 4055 Rs. Now what is going with this.I am fearing from this…
    Please help me

  116. yash says:

    sir, how to calculate average price. EX if i buy 2000 shares at 5 rs and 1000 share at 6 rs. then what will be average price?? and in selling case if i sell 2000 share at 5 rs and 1000 share at 4rs what will be average selling price?
    I have lil bit confusion. Thanks

  117. vikash says:

    Your trading platform is great. And zerodha support is great. I appreciate it.
    I have few questions about trading …
    1) In pre market (9am to 9:08 am ), if x company share are trading at 100. Can I put an order and buy on that price.
    2) after 9:15 am , if I want to sell share of company z at 9:17am. And want to close my position later i.e buy it at about 9:40am. Now, can I put sell order at 9:17am.
    Today I put sell order and it got cancelled many times…..

  118. SUMAN says:

    how much will be the auction penalty in case i bought a cnc product type but sold it before delivery into demat account i.e. before T+2 day

  119. yash says:

    sir, I bought 1000 share of orient bank at 125.30 and sell 1312 share at 125.25, i make profit of 121.6 Rs. and i didn’t need to buy that extra 312 share . How was it calculated can you explain? Thanks

  120. Anand says:

    Dear Nithin Kamath

    your kite web application is excellent and very user friendly..but it is lagging one important feature itseems.
    As a client of you I desired that. If it is possible to include kite web next versions please develop it.
    Feature details.
    for example I want buy nifty feature like below..
    Buy above 8858 Tgts: 8873 / 8888 SL: 8838
    So your app should buy the nifty feature when it hits 8858 ..once done it has to place orders for target for 8873 and stop at 8838. So if my target 8858 hits it should automatically cancel my stop loss order and vice versa…
    Including such a feature in your web application or mobile android application may draw you millions and it is very useful for us also. One thing is for sure it will become very attractive feature..Please include this in your next version


  121. kiran says:

    sir, is there any margin changes in mcx by allowing institutional investor,banks and mutual funds in commodity future market. it means smaller margin to higher margin.

  122. Sirimalla Kranthi says:

    I am not a full time trader, I want to invest in delivery trading and want to sell some weeks after I bought, can it possible? and also If I buy a share of Rs.100 as CNC and I want to sell it at when the price hits Rs.110 no matter how long it takes, can I give instruction and set leave? (will it execute my instruction without being in online?)

    • Yes, you can buy and sell anytime you want. Yes you can place a limit selling order and close your system, you don’t have to be online. But this order has to be placed everyday as all pending orders get cancelled end of day.

  123. Abhilash says:

    I have finished Petition of huge STT trap on Expiry day mail send by your team … I have a doubt ,

    Nifty trading @ 8500 … I took OTM call of 8600 CE @ 50 before 1 week of expiry.
    I am tied up with some busy works and even I forget the position too.

    Now Nifty is on Bull run, on expiry day Nifty closed above 8600 ( say 8630). My strike price is 8600.

    Will my position become ITM because it closed above 8600 ?
    So do I have to pay the huge STT ?

  124. ashish says:

    When I switch in between internet from Bsnl to Tata Photon or the other way Zerodha Pi Software hangs and only solution is to close and restart.
    I stay in region where there is electricity/network problem .. Hence I have to use two internet , but The new Pi is
    creating problem when I switch internet in between , this has effected my intraday trading few times , please give solution


    • siva says:

      Yes, this may happen in some cases when the re-connection is happening between two different networks. If the re-connection is with same network it would be normal. Will try to address it in coming days as there are few limitations for now.

  125. saurabh says:

    The graphs are being wrongly displayed on the pi terminal for the 2nd march,’17. Candles for the day appears twice.
    And there are other places in kite as well where graphs of particular months repeat themselves. Its really shocking to see these anomalies as graphs are the most fundamental thing to be kept reliable at their best.

  126. M Srinu says:

    While I try to open chart for BANKNIFTY 9th MAR 21000 CE I am getting message “Error fetching quote:400” and the chart is not getting displayed. Suggest me and I require this for placing orders using KITE Platform.

  127. ansh arora says:

    i want to ask u zerodha want 6 month bank statement to open account in F&O segment u required any minimum balance in bank account for 6 month bank statement

  128. Sudhir says:

    Hello sir
    I have filled form on 16feb for opening a trading account but my old account was reactivated and demat account was also activated which I don’t required, and I closed it. But my bank account has not been changed yet, please see to the problem, I want to do trading on 14 March. My ID is PS0666

  129. Anurag Garg says:

    Please solve my doubt about bracket order. Example SBI CMP is 272, day high 276, day low is 268. I want to buy above 274 or shortsell below 270, but why is that it gets executed immediately at CMP?

    • Anurag, in bracket order currently there is no option to buy with a trigger order as entry. So you can either buy at current or lower price or at market price by placing a limit order at a higher price. Check the video on bracket orders here.

      • Anurag Garg says:

        Thanks Sir,
        But I believe without the above desired facility the entire idea of bracket order is null and void. Then in this case it is just a bracket order by name without the facility of bracket order. Can we expect Zerodha to come out with real bracket order with the all the benefits of bracket order? Sharekhan in this regard is real helpful which allows you to buy or short as per your comfort only.

  130. rajblr says:


    Could you add “Open Interest” as an indicator in Futures and Options?

  131. Krishnakumar says:

    when I trying to open the chart a window indicates -unable to fetch historical chart data
    what can I do

  132. Anuj says:

    How options value calculated?
    Why it changes even if the value is same. For example:
    Nifty is currently at 9000 and I take a call option for 9100 @ 100(expiry after 1 month) but it weakens and at the end of the day call has value to 95 as nifty dips by 20 points. Now, next day even Nifty opens at 20 points plus it it has still value 95. Again if nifty gains 50 points and then fall 50 points i.e. reach to 9000 again and now it shows value 105. Why this happened?? Why at same value of nifty it has 3 different call values ? How these values calculated??

  133. kotte says:

    sir kite holding postion column days chg what is that sir

  134. Yash says:

    Hello Sir,

    Wanted to know if there is any alternative to check my P&L on financial year basis. ( Short-term and long-term gains)
    I might have tried 10-15 times on but with no luck, it always says “Bad Gateway”.

    Also, I am wondering why you guys are not posting this question here!


  135. Nisha Maloo says:

    I m curious to know abt the allotment process in IPO…why don’t HNI or NII get allotted more then one lot in an oversubscribed IPO !??!???…and if it is usually a case ,that in case of oversubscription each account is eligible only for a single lot only,no matters how many lots they have applied for,then why ppl borrow huge chunk of money for subscribing in the NII or HNI segment???????i myself has applied for DMart from 3 different accounts.Each amounting to 2 lac but was allotted only single lot in each …:so is it bttr to invest only 45k instead of 6 lacs????

    • On issues like Dmart, it is very tough to get allotment when over subscription is as much. Maybe you could have gotten same allotment by applying for with 45k. In the HNI category, a client would have put up 1% and borrowed the rest. I think in dmart, if the HNI put up Rs 1 crore, he could apply for Rs 100 crores. I think the allotment would have been for around Rs 35lks, he would have made 35 lks gain out of which financing cost would have been 25 lks for 99 crores. But overall net, he would have still made upwards of Rs 10lks for 1 crore investment. But this was possible only because there was such a big pop on listing.

  136. Nisha Maloo says:

    My issues is regarding taxes.I m an intraday derivative trader.From past 2-3 months I have noticed that though I m not making any losses I have been in loss of 3-5k per month because of taxes.I don’t thk my brokerage cost will b much of an issue as I normally execute 2 trades a day.Inspite if tis on reviewing my p&l for the month I found tat I made a loss of (505)&(109) during the past two months bt my taxes wer (5675)&(3900) respectively. I don’t undst how to reduce the turnover charges or wat ever head under which the taxes are charged from me…bcoz I m not a aggressive trader n neither I trade more than a single Lot and even aftr bringing my account to no profit no loss position ,I m losing approx 5k in taxes n brokerage ….can u help me regarding how to trade keeping in view the taxes ?( My account is with zerodha only )

  137. Mayur says:

    I want to delink my secondary bank account from my trading account..please guide with the same

  138. ashok says:

    Why Berger Paints India Ltd, is not showing in my holdings today????

    I had bought it on 7th april…

    • Venu says:

      The holdings are showing fine ashok. Can you check please? We did have an update issue in the morning but it got fixed almost immediately. I can see 10 shares of Berger Paints in your holdings.

  139. kiran says:

    sir, i have a partnership account & i have 15 clients, if all my 15 clients together generates more than 3 lakhs of brokerage within 2 to 3 months so can i get slab rate of 50% ?

  140. dinesh says:

    I am able to setup price alert for intraday only. How can i setup price alert for equity share which desired price may hit after tomorrow, one week, one month. This feature is required so much for traders who trade in equity delivery and they are not monitoring ondaily basis and need price alert.

  141. Sumit says:

    Please let me know how can i get the schedule of the quaterly result announcement date along with the TIME. Result calendar can be found in many sites but i am finding it difficult to identify the time of the announcements.

    • Venu says:

      I think companies are free to announce their results anytime during the scheduled day. I’m not sure if there are any websites that publish this data. You can post it on to get better response.

  142. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    I wanted to know whether there is any limit on the Futures of Nifty and banknifty,also on overall limit.

  143. neelima says:

    I have started using Kite only a few days ago. I have a query. Suppose NTPC current price is Rs.165. I want to buy it only at a price of Rs.155 or below. I want a delivery order only by paying full cash. It is difficult for me to track the price frequently and so can I place a SL order with trigger price. I mean “Can I place a SL order with trigger price of Rs.155 and limit price of Rs.154” or “Can I place a SL-M order with trigger price of Rs.155”.

    Please clarify.

    • You just have to place a CNC limit buying order with price as 155. No need to use SL and all. SL is required to buy above the current market price not below (people who trade trends like to buy when price moves up by certain points).

      • Debarshi says:

        Hi Nitin, thank you for your response. I just found an email delivered to my mail box from NSE around 9:50 pm.
        In respect of “Payment Gateway Charges”, kindly let me know where the charge is ‘bi-directional’ i.e. applicable for both transferring money from my bank to Kite and withdrawing money from kite to bank a/c? Your advice is requested to avoid such kind of charges in future.

  144. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    I wanted to know whether there is any limit for the client set by you like Ventura has 7500 for Nifty future and 2500 for Bnaknifty and overall transaction limit of a day.

    • Single order limit of 7500 or 2500 is set by exchanges. If you want to trade more, you can do it in multiple orders. No overall transaction limit of Rs 25crores per day.

  145. Debarshi says:

    I have started using Kite only a few days ago and found this quite user friendly. For each transaction, I found that an amount of ₹10.35 is being deducted from my ledger balance showing “Being Payment Gateway Charges Debited”. I could not make out why this amount gets deducted since there is possibly no hints regarding this levy in brokerage calculator. Also does it depend on the charge/dividend bank a/c of the user?
    Apart from that, no mail was received from the exchange(NSE) in respect of my successful purchase of equities (CNC) today even if I received an sms from NSE asking for checking my registered mail. But one of my friends received a mail from NSE for an transaction exactly identical to that of myself (same price, same quantity etc) but for a different DP. What should I do now?

    • Debarshi, if you transfer money from your bank to Kite using payment gateway, this is the payment gateway providers charge. You can send an email to support, we will check if your email is captured correctly on NSE data base.

  146. Akshay says:

    I recently started using Kite and it is a friendly platform but I have an issue to be clarified..

    My demat + Trading account was opened nearly 1.5 months ago but I started using it after a month and in the DASHBOARD SECTION IT WAS SHOWING AVAILABLE MARGIN OF Rs. -3.78. why was it negative?

    On 21 April, I added Rs. 5000 to my account (available margin became 4.99k) and did an equity delivery trade and the AVAILABLE MARGIN left was Rs 620.18. But when I checked it on 26 April, my AVAILABLE MARGIN decreased and became Rs 614.

    It is decreasing by nearly 1 Rs per day. Why is it so??

  147. jarman1 says:

    what is the script for stock’s day high,day low,52 week high and 52 week low price??


    hello sir,
    I got message “Regulations require us to collect a one time FATCA declaration and financial proofs from our clients annually. Please update these details here.

    Failure to submit the FATCA declaration online by 30th April 2017 may lead to blocking of your account.

    Failure to submit financial proofs by 15th May 2017 will lead to disabling of F&O trading for your account.
    How can i give you financial proof and other things through Q Backoffice.Please tell me what should i do?

  149. Ajay Patil says:

    Hi Team/Nithin,

    I wanted to do SIP in Below MF’s Via Coin. but i don’t see below mutual funds. Could you please do let me know when it will be added in Coin.

    1. SBI BlueChip Fund
    2. HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund(G)
    3. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip

    Ajay Patil

  150. Ajay Patil says:

    Hi Nithin/Team,

    First of all i want to thank you for clarifying all our questions. and i need one more clarifications.

    I wanted to start SIP in mutual fund. But I see is minimum amount is Rs 5000 but one of the your operator informed that, for first month it will go as lump sum and next month on wards we can invest min amount from Rs 500 ,till we wish.
    So next month on wards if i want to do SIP of Rs 500 on 10th and 24 of Every month ,how can I able to do it. ?
    As Currently I am seeing it on weekly or 15 days or monthly or quarterly. But I want to do two transaction one is on 10th and 2nd one is on 24th .Please do let me know how can I achieve it using Coin

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ajay, custom SIPs currently allow you to set up one date per month for investments. We’ll look into the possibility of making more dates possible. In the meantime, you can always run 2 SIPs parallelly for the same fund. 🙂

  151. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    Can I have 4 bank a/c for pay in

  152. raju says:


  153. raju says:

    कामत साहेब मै ज़ेरोधा पलटफोर्म को के शेयर मार्किट मे वरदान समझता हूँ २००६ से २११७ तक ८ लाख का नुकसान है आईसीआईसीआई डायरेक्ट से मेरा अकाउंट रहा कभी आईसीआईसीआई डायरेक्ट को १ लाख से जयदा ब्रोकरेज डे चूका हूँ

    नाम से यू तुबे पैर ज़ेरोढा के टूटोरियल वीडियो बने वाले इंसान की प्यारा तरीका अच्छा लगा जो कबीले तारीफ साधरण तरीके
    से ज़ेरोढा के प्लेटफार्म को बखूबी कई पार्ट वीडियो बहुत ही सटीक है माने मार्च से आपको जाना है अब मे अपना आईसीआईसीआई से नाता
    तोर्ड केर आप को सेलक्ट कियाहै

    कुछ मेरी सुझाव कबूल करे

    जैसे की ५० शेयर cnc पोजीशन ली ZERODHA मे अब मेरे दिमाग मे BTST की नेक्स्ट डे CNC ५० शेयर sell किया अपनी पोजीशन हटना चाहा टी 1 होल्डिंग थो बिका नहीं जो की बिका नहीं एकआइकॉन मार्किट वाच मे जो शेयर टी १ वह गलत है वह का SELL ऑप्शन से २ टाइम रैसेड किया 100
    शेयर की सेल्ल पोजीशन बन गई

    १०० शेयर SELL पेय चलने लगे जैसे ही अचानक दिमाग जगा जयदा जल्दी से BUY केर पोजीशन केर अपनी एग्जिट किया माने सोचा यह ५० होल्डिंग निकलने के चक्केर मे १०० वही स्क्रिप की पोजीशन बन गई यह बहुत लूप पॉइंट है सॉफ्टवेयर क्यों इज़ाज़त डे रहा है मस्सग आ केर रोक डे की आप इंट्राडे पैर जा रे है

    कामत सर दुनिआ मे यी देखा है लोग को ज्ञान अपना हाथ जला केर आता है प्लीज मुझे ऐसा कोई टुटोरिअल विडिओ है दिखा कितने लोग बात केर वह साब बचकानी है यह मार्किट ातच यह रिप्लाई करे आपको अभी मे कुछ और अवगत करूंगा

  154. raju says:

    कामत साहेब मै ज़ेरोधा पलटफोर्म को के शेयर मार्किट मे वरदान समझता हूँ २००६ से २११७ तक ८ लाख का नुकसान है आईसीआईसीआई डायरेक्ट से मेरा अकाउंट रहा कभी आईसीआईसीआई डायरेक्ट को १ लाख से जयदा ब्रोकरेज डे चूका हूँ

    EARN & INVEST नाम से YOUTUBE ज़ेरोढा के टूटोरियल वीडियो बने वाले इंसान की प्यारा तरीका अच्छा लगा जो कबीले तारीफ साधरण तरीके
    से ज़ेरोढा के प्लेटफार्म को बखूबी कई पार्ट वीडियो बहुत ही सटीक है माने मार्च से आपको जाना है अब मे अपना आईसीआईसीआई से नाता
    तोर्ड केर आप को सेलक्ट कियाहै

    कुछ मेरी सुझाव कबूल करे

    जैसे की ५० शेयर cnc पोजीशन ली ZERODHA मे अब मेरे दिमाग मे BTST की नेक्स्ट डे CNC ५० शेयर sell किया अपनी पोजीशन हटना चाहा टी 1 होल्डिंग थो बिका नहीं जो की बिका नहीं एकआइकॉन मार्किट वाच मे जो शेयर टी १ वह गलत है वह का SELL ऑप्शन से २ टाइम रैसेड किया 100
    शेयर की सेल्ल पोजीशन बन गई

    १०० शेयर SELL पेय चलने लगे जैसे ही अचानक दिमाग जगा जयदा जल्दी से BUY केर पोजीशन केर अपनी एग्जिट किया माने सोचा यह ५० होल्डिंग निकलने के चक्केर मे १०० वही स्क्रिप की पोजीशन बन गई यह बहुत लूप पॉइंट है सॉफ्टवेयर क्यों इज़ाज़त डे रहा है मस्सग आ केर रोक डे की आप इंट्राडे पैर जा रे है

    कामत सर दुनिआ मे यी देखा है लोग को ज्ञान अपना हाथ जला केर आता है प्लीज मुझे ऐसा कोई टुटोरिअल विडिओ है दिखा कितने लोग बात केर वह साब बचकानी है यह मार्किट ातच यह रिप्लाई करे आपको अभी मे कुछ और अवगत करूंगा

  155. raju says:

    आप बंगलोरे जैसे HI TECH आईटी हब से है रिक्वेस्ट है एव्री डे शेयर मार्किट के ३० मिनट के हिंदी वेबनोर लाइव कंडक्ट शेयर मार्किट के EACH सेगमेंट का करिये दुनिआ मे लोग मिटटी ,चाँद पैर प्लोटिओंग केर के लोगो को ऑनलाइन से बेवकूफ बने ज़ेरोढा के पास थो लीगल प्रोडक्ट है

    फायर करिये अर्जेंट उस वेबनोर मे आप भी आये और बाद मे रेकोडेड केर लोगो को लिंक डे सकते है १०००० पीपल WAIT KER REY HAI आपका

  156. shubham says:

    sir, i wiil pay rs. 500 online for zerodha account opening, can have an need another transaction for generating login id for kite…plz suggest me sir

  157. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    I wanted to find out margin for 7500 put buy at 9300 and 7500 call buy at 9500 But the margin calculator is showing margin as 0 is it correct?

    • Akshay.A says:

      I’m assuming, you’re computing the margins to buy options which is why the calculator shows you the margins as N/A. This is because when you buy options, you’ve to pay the premium upfront which is always = Lot size* Premium amount.

      There are no margins charged separately for buying options.

  158. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    I have long term holdings in another brokerage.I wish to sell them,I want to know whether it will be better to first transfer the shares to my Zerodha a/c or sell and transfer the money to Zerodha.In case I transfer them to Zerodha will there be any problem in claiming the long term capital gains.

    • Akshay.A says:

      Ramesh, You could wish to sell/transfer them. If the Date of acquisition is greater than the date of Sale then there isn’t any LTCG. It’ll be nil. There shouldn’t be any issues.

  159. sohail says:

    NITHIN KAMATH ; “RMS:Blocked for nse_cm EROSMEDIA-EQ MIS block type: ALL” ; wth ?i was trying to do intraday trade without using any leverage this thing doesn’t allow me to trade intraday, never had this thing with my previous broker , im out of zerodha now bye

  160. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    isnt Bajajfinance in th F&O listI could not add it to my wishlist.

  161. Sohail says:

    Ya i know.why not ? I wana trade that particular scrip ! Without leverage and i should be allowed to do so

  162. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    After opening new a/c do we have to transfer funds to activate the a/c is it mentioned somewhere??

  163. Vivek says:


    Zerodha is a great platform but quite a few issues recently are raising serious concern, please take this as constructive feedback to resolve asap.
    1. Yesterday at the time of market close, orders were not accepted by the kite app, which had negative monetary impact.
    2. A few days back as well, during the day, traders were not able to put orders for couple of hours which again had a big monetary impact.
    3. Q-Backoffice doesn’t show correct P&L for many of the selected periods. Despite raising it multiple times with support team, it is still not corrected.
    4. One of my trades on a particular day was not accounted by Zerodha including the profits. Initially support team did agree to this but when i persisted they found out the issue and corrected this. If i had not kept daily log of my trades, I would have lost on these profits. Data integrity should be given top priority.

    I believe, Zerodha is truely a great platform but these technical issues need to be resolved to have a loyal clientele who can trust Zerodha for their money.

  164. Mrs Dhavale says:

    The brokerage calculator ( calculation of brokerage and actual brokerage charged per contract note varies. On a contact note of mine, I gained RS 874.78, whereas per brokerage calculator the figure works out to Rs 912. The Exchange transaction charges, stamp duty, Swacha Bharat cess and Krishi Kalyan Cess are not shown in above link. Can you pl incorporate in the above web page so that we will have definite idea of profit/loss after brokerage.

  165. Binoy says:

    I got a doubt, suppose 2 of us plan to increase the price of a stock in the exchange as below:

    I place sell order @ 100
    and my friend put buy order @100,

    while the stock is trading @90 will the trade gets executed & price of the stock hit high of 100 because of that single trade by us.
    Please consider this question as from a beginner stock trader…thanks a lot in advance

    • No your sell order will be stacked in priority. When your friends place a buy order at 100, it will be treated as market order and whoever is selling at 90 will get filled.

  166. Ajay Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Could you please do let me know when franklin india taxshield fund’s (Tax Saving as well) will added to Coin.


  167. Ajay Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Please find the below my issue ,which occurring repeatedly

    Holdings Value/Total Investment Value on Dash Board is not same as Q- Back Office Equity Account Value/Holding Value There is lot of discrepancy in both.

    I Have raised zerodha support ticket many times after that it resolves and some down the lines of days same issue repeats . Could you guys please provide proper fixed solution for this

    @Nithin, I know this wrong place to type this question but i don’t have option as i am not getting a resolved and fixed solution for this. and i thought it would be better ,if you aware of this issues as its growing company and I am also one of well wisher of Zerodha

    Thank you in Advance.

  168. Ajay Patil says:

    I don’t have any pledged holdings. and Correct me if my understanding is correct or not ,regarding above question

    Thank you.

  169. Ajay Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I had conversation with one of your staff, Mr. Saleesh ,It was nice speaking with him, I explained my concern and he gave solution as well and he also agreed my concern and he said he will be going to raise concern with development team as well.

    It is good approach to take feedback from users/customer to make it friendly. Which is doing zerodha. Keep it up.

    Thank you 🙂

  170. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    If I transfer my holdings from another brokerage how can I update the date of acquiring the shares in Zerodha records

  171. Ajay Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    It would be help full ,if you guys offer us to select any dates in month for SIP’s investment, as currently zerodha offers 1,5,10,20,25 dates only.

    Ajay Patil

  172. nagarjuna says:

    Is the stamp duty applied for both selling and buying of shares ?

  173. Suyash Baderiya says:

    Hi Nithin,

    It really pains to write this.

    I placed an intraday MIS order at 3:16:37 to enter a long position. Since all orders squared off by Zerodha at 3:20 are charged with call and trade brokerage, I placed an order to exit that position, which got rejected at 3:19:34 saying “rms: auto square off block”. The position finally got squared of at 3:22:22. Moreover, I didnt get a postback for the auto square off trade. When I called customer support, this is what happened:

    1) Call 1: I was told that Zerodha puts a block at 3:18-3:19 and no orders are accepted beyond that point. She couldnt point to any public info. When I asked why should I pay for the mistake from Zerodha’s content team, she asked me to redial and press 1.
    2) Call 2: (This guy was very rude) As per instructions from previous call, I redialed and pressed 1 to get here. When I told this guy about the situation and asked the same question, he didnt listen to me and started talking in a loud voice WHILEI WAS SPEAKING (you cant expect this from customer support). Then he asked me to write a mail to support.

    This behavior from Zerodha support is not happening for the first time and has significantly reduced my trust in Zerodha. It’s not jjust about Rs. 20 (which I still want back) but about unprofessional behavior.

    – Suyash

  174. Tarun says:

    I registered for both NSE and Commodities when I opened the account but now when I put my order in MCX the orders are rejected with the msg “Client not registered” . Don’t you check with MCX that they have registered the client. I have been waiting since Monday morning when I raised the issue but stil I have not been able to place order in MCX. Ticket No . 476046.
    There is one more issue , when I try to save views in Kite it saves only one view the saved views disappear once I restart Kite. Pls look in this issue as I want to save different views for different commodities.

  175. Ashish says:


    In our system, can u place stoploss and target validity so we can book less loss
    Because in zerodha I have seen that stoploss validity is only for one day.
    If I take position trade and know I will active the target in next 5 day so I can keep may target with validity that they of provision, we having or not.

    Ashish Ligam

  176. Ajay Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am badly waiting for Franklin India Tax shield MF to add in Zerodha almost from one and half months. could you please do let me know when it will be available in coin.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Ajay Patil

  177. Yogaraj says:

    Gst will change stamduty in tamilnadu…tamilnadu is expensive in stampduty

  178. Harsh Shah says:

    I had placed a stop loss at 40560 on a lot of silver micro. The price didn’t reach that level, yet the stop loss got executed, and whats worse is that the trade got executed at 40648, ripped me off. What is the meaning of this?
    Please clarify.

  179. Somenath says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am very happy with Zerodha service except that I am missing a very basic functionality.


    SMS for delivery traded positions. All brokers (well, most) send sms either realtime when a trade goes through or send it at end of day for all the trades that were triggered on exchange.

    Why does Zerodha not have such a basic feature. It is very much required.

    – Somenath

    • Venu says:

      Hi Somenath,

      The Exchanges today send SMS’s at the end of the day which is why we’ve stopped sending SMS’s. If you’ve placed an order through our dealing desk, you’ll receive an SMS upon the execution of the trade.

      Additionally, you always have the option of tracking your trades on the Kite mobile app.

  180. Abhis says:

    Why i cannot add chart of nifty in kite platform only nifty futures are avlb.
    Plz clarify

  181. M Srinu says:

    Nitin Sir,

    I have entered a sell position on bank nifty weekly option (OTM) yesterday at 3.25PM (Not MIS Order) and carried forwarded. The next day it was executed.

    Do I have to bear STT penalty?

  182. M Srinu says:


    Sell price is 10.75 and Buy is 6.75 and Qty = 40
    Contract Note says: Pay in/Pay out obligation is = (270) + Charges = (293)

    How is it possible? Why should I Incur loss in this trade?

  183. Madhu says:

    Dear sir,

    I have a basic question about future stock trading. Can I buy ex: Ashok leyland future (lot size 7000) at 3:25 pm today evening and sell tomorrow morning @9:15 am. Can you guide me.

  184. Sunil says:


    I have queries about GST , GST is applicable for authorized partner and any changes in tds , if yes the how much GST charge for partner.


  185. JAY KATE says:

    sir i want to create a one scanner for multiple time it possible ??????

  186. JAY KATE says:


  187. uday says:


    Can i make scanner that will work on renko charts in real time ie the formulas should look for open and close of Renko charts instead of candlestick charts.

  188. somesh says:

    Nithin sir ,
    I want to know one thing if I am earning 5-6 lacs from trading in a year so I have to file tax or not ,or the taxes will deducted automatically while trading as we see some tax deduction in contract note daily .plzzz replyy

  189. Lakshya says:

    Suppose in a hypothetical situation, I refer a person to zerodha and he wins all 60 day challenges getting all his brokerage back. Will I get any referral commission on brokerage in this particular case?

  190. Raajesh says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Very happy trading using PI software. Recently you have upgraded like line chart which is very useful. But request a small upgrade to this. Please make it with colour like red and green, similar to the one like candle chart. which is more helpful in understanding the trend.


  191. Sunil Kumar says:

    Dear Nithin Sir,

    This Sunil, and i am trading regularly in NSE with delivery based trading. My questing is..

    1. STCG is 15%, recently i sell my SBI Shares in NSE but they didnt cut any of STCG 15% from that…. can you clarify this to me.. and i am a short term trader and do i need income tax return to file

  192. Sunil Kumar says:

    15% total on my gain what i have done all this year

  193. Sunil Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    1. I brought 200 SBI Shares in Feb and sold out two day back with total turnover of 1,14,800 and total profit is 3100…my question is STCG 15% will calculate only on my gain what i made 3100 or either total turn over 1,14,800… yearly maximum what amount that i can trade to avoid income tax


    D.Sunil Kumar

  194. Ameer says:


    i am a customer of zerodha, i feel that very important tools are missing in zerodha which are there in sharekhan

    1. tools for marking demand/supply zone, like entry stoploss and target
    2. retracement tool , which is also used for marking the zones….. simple marking without colors where two lines will be drawn one as proximal and other as distal line

    any plans to have this tools in near term


  195. Onkar says:

    Dear sir, zerodha is very good for service that you are offering but still I am using Angel broking for just one reason as I am intraday trader and they are offering 40 times margin for Thier intraday product which makes good difference. I wish If you really start this product on your platform that would be really good thing for traders like us to join zerodha service.
    Thank you.

  196. Rhishikesh Agashe says:


    If I have to trade on behalf of my clients on zerodha. How do I trade?
    Is there a way where in I can put in trades for each account through one command or something similar?
    Is there a video explaining that?

    Rhishikesh Agashe

  197. Ramesh Krishnan says:

    Need help in Pie Data back testing. I want to know for exit criteria how can a write a code to say (My entry price plus 20 points) Is it possible t write a code like this.
    Example : I use Ichimoku to enter a buy in Bank Nifty 3 minutes and the price is 25000.
    Now for exit criteria I need a program to tell me when the Index touches 25020 or touches 24950 (My SL)


  198. sp karuppasamy pandi says:

    Hi zerodha team i want mutiple chart layout option for charts and chart linking option for scrip and timeinterval like . and also price alert for kite so pls add thanks

  199. Deepak Vishwakarma says:

    I have created new account on Zerodha and for testing purpose bought SBIN in MIS – intraday. I saw that for SBIM the margin is 14 times. I bought only 1 stock qty so I should have got 14 stock qty but as I checked the position it says only 1 qty was bought. Also I sold the stock and Rs 0.7 profit, so I should have earned Rs 0.7 * 14 = Rs 9.8 but that did not happen. Am I missing something?

    MIS / DAY
    2017-08-11 09:38:03
    2017-08-11 09:38:03

    • Ah it doesn’t work like that. If SBI is at Rs 300, if you have Rs 1000 in your account, you will get to buy for Rs 14000 of SBI. You will get 0.7*14 only if you had bought 14 shares and not 1 share.

  200. Madhura says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m having share trading a/c with Sharekhan but now I want to open new account with zerodha & close my trading account with sharekhan. so what is the procedure? Do I need to open new Demat account with you ? How can I link my old bank a/c ?
    Thank you.

  201. S RAJASHEKAR says:

    In the stock/futures charts , horizontal lines depicting open price, day’s high and low
    price if provided by default would help us a lot. Can the IT department provide it
    or is there any separate email . Please provide.

  202. ABHAYKN says:

    heloo… my name abhay .iam a beginner in trading..I brought some CNC stocks in bel and hdfc. for last week.i seems a hike in stock and i tried to sell .i have 10 and 18 quantities shown by T1:10 and T2:18 respectively..i cannot sell that shares… any one please tell why it happens??? give some clarification about this…or how i can see these????

  203. ABHAYKN says:

    heloo… my name abhay .iam a beginner in trading..I brought some CNC stocks in bel and hdfc. for last week.i seems a hike in stock and i tried to sell .i have 10 and 18 quantities shown by T1:10 and T1:18 respectively..i cannot sell that shares… any one please tell why it happens??? give some clarification about this…or how i can see these????

  204. Onkar says:

    Hello sir. I appreciate for your services which you are providing. I just have one suggestion that can you increase the intraday margin atleast on nifty 50 stocks. I have account in zerodha but for trading purpose I am still using other broker. I hope that many traders will appreciate your next move regarding this.
    Thank you

    • Onkar, as a broker offering higher leverage increases the risk in the business. Also as a trader, I can tell you with all the data I have that people who take lesser leverage are the most profitable.

  205. Minu says:


    Kite is a best trading platform having only trading related tool that good.
    if one tool added in kite that help to investor as well as trader that is PRICE ALERT

  206. Swati says:

    Hello Nitin,

    I have been using Zerodha for past couple of years and have used other platforms for more than 8 years. I have been noticing for sometime that whenever I put market orders (100 out of 100 times), it always execute at couple of points less (for buy order) and more (for sell orders). So for example if the market rate as flashing on the screen is lets say Rs 200 my sell order would execute at around 198.X or 197.X but certainly never closer to 200 or at 200 but if I put the limit order it will execute at that price.

    Quite surprised how come you always gets executed on the lower side of market even when liquidity spread is not high and when even after execution the market price as shown on screen is higher than your execution price. Am I missing something ?

    • hmm.. can’t be happening Swati unless the bid/ask has that Rs 1 or Rs 2 spread.

      • Swati says:

        Unfortunately it is happening, even I initially questioned myself several times that it can’t be true but now fairly convinced. I have significant experience into Technology and have run Electronic Trading Capital Markets for large global bank. Today only while trading on BEML, FUT the price was at 1800 when I executed the order at market price, the order got executed at 1798.2. I guess BEML is fairly liquid. Could there be a possibility that the internal system while putting the order into exchange is tinkering with the price to prioritize the execution ? Or there is some latency on the price which shows up vs the actual price. If possible I would strongly encourage your testing team or you yourself to try out at your end.

        • Venu says:

          As brokers we only provide clients a platform to place orders. Order matching and subsequent execution based on available bid/ask prices happens at the Exchange end. The OMS that we use for sending out orders is from Thomson Reuters who is probably the biggest in the context of the Indian markets. There can’t be latency in the prices that show up, cos if it did, it would have affected a larger set of our clients. Slippage is the only explanation that I can think of, however since you always have the option of placing a limit order, it’s best to place one.

  207. ONKAR says:


    First of all thank you for your replies. being a customer of your great services I have one suggestion to make it more convenient for all of us. can you add price alert feature in kite. as a trader we have to always look on Pc or laptop for price changing or lets say pivot point touch but if you add the feature where we can set the alert at a particular price or lets say R1,R2,R3 – S1,S2,S3. that would be really good for us. I guess have this feature (but kite is just awsome). it will be very helpful for us.
    Thank you.

  208. Pratik says:

    Dear Nithin/team,

    Would you please let me know if there is an option to sell stocks of a company (e.g. Infosys buyback offer coming up) in a buyback offer online via the Kite portal?

    If not, what’s the procedure to follow in Zerodha?

    Your reply would be really appreciated.


  209. Subhash says:

    I tried to buy Banknifty24aug1723900PE. But the order got rejected with below message.
    Status message
    RMS:Rule: Option Strike price based on Ltp percentage for entity account-ZB9950 across exchange across segment across product

    Please let me know, why order rejected. and In which other way I can purchase it ?

    • Venu says:

      There is a restriction on Banknifty options strikes range due to a violation of broker level open interest of 15%. The range for today, Thursday, 24 Aug 2017 is 1.3%. You can trade option strikes plus or minus 1.3% from this ltp, which is +/- 300 points. If you’re placing a trade for a strike outside this range, your order is bound to get rejected.

      Refer to this NSE link for more explanation on open interest violations.

  210. Bhimashish Patil says:

    Hey Hi,

    Just wanted to inquire if we can use our zerodha account to trade in other countries Markets? Like HSI, DJI, etc.


  211. Harshad Kamath says:

    Greetings Sir.
    I have one question. How to shift/transfer the shares from one broker to another broker ONLINE ?

  212. hari prasad m says:

    query resolved thank you
    one mr.pavan spoke to me and he was very helpful and knowledgeable

    thanks zerodha keep up the great work

  213. raj says:

    I have just started trading with zerodha after switching from another broker.I find two things really lacking:-

    1.In the q back office in ledger there is no way to check the internals of the daily F&O obligation amount i.e the mark to market scriptwise, unless i login to archaic bo in internet explorer which most of the time gives errors.Cant you provide an option in the ledger itself.Even logging to email will be time consuming.

    2.Secondly,open positions do not get updated till the next there any option to view with the closing rate atleast till late evening?

    Hopefully these basic but valuable things provided by other brokers can be resolved without me shifting back.

    • Venu says:

      1. The contract note emailed to your everyday is a contract note cum bill and explains to you the basis of the amounts posted on your ledger. The MTM & the charges are present on this contract note.

      2. You can check open positions on backoffice on Q here.

      • raj says:

        In the emailed contract notes for futures position the MTM is shown on daily basis but when the position is squared off on that day there is no calculation and it has to be done manually by comparing the turnovers from the previous day.Also the emails do not come on the same day as the time as the “fno obligation amount “is shown in ledger and thus no confirmation and calculation can be done from our side till very late.

        Secondly,open positions in Q do not get reflected till the next day also. So at the end of the
        trading day or late night also if you click in open positions for the current date it will show as “No open positions” even though there are positions.

  214. Vinatee Gupta says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am facing one issue in KITE/Q-backoffice tool.
    I have transferred my previous Demat account to Zerodha with all my holdings transferred.
    I have edited Buying Price for my Holdings because Buying price was not available as holdings got transferred. I have sold my SPICEJET Holding through Kite and it is available in my P/L Report in Q tool.

    Now I have bought SPICEJET but it is not showing the correct Buying Price. What I should do to get correct Buy price show in Q and Kite both.

  215. Debashis says:

    Why are my tickets not being addressed properly?

  216. raunaq says:


    I am using zerodha screener and wondering what would be the lowest market cap company we should filter? 50 crores? and maybe some insights on the P/E would help to some extent too.

  217. manoj bhurat says:


    I insist to my friends, relatives to open account in zerodha. But in the past few days i had bad experience with Zerodha service in account opening. Whatever issue with the account opening kindly communicate with the respective people on immediate basis so they can try resolving. But i found no communication from your end.

    For example – Kavi Choudhari completed all formalities but till date no update. Kavi choudhari called you regarding account opening but no response from you side. These guys already paid fees, account opening documentation.

    I do not know what is the problem. All leads provided by me is genuine. They are ready to open account with zerodha. they paid your fees, documentation etc but….. They are so much busy in their work so they do not have much time. They are ready to help you in documentation but need your support. Kindly communicate the issue with them through email, phone. Update them on regular basis if there is any issue in account opening form.

    @Nithin, My client id is ZV1748. I gave around 4 to 5 genuine leads in last month who already paid account opening fees also. But till date account is not open. Even they do not know the status of account. Today i received call from my friend and they asked me Zerodha account status. They said” Very bad service from Zerodha in account opening”. I really feel very bad. Even i do not have much time to write such long email but…… anyway..

    I am expecting little bit more service from Zerodha. I hope so… else zerodha will lose good leads

  218. Raj says:

    Was not able to sell ICICI Lombard shares today on kite as I was not able to add through market watch. Was also not able to exit the position through holdings tab. Please look into this matter as this is the issue with every new listings.

  219. Ajay Patil says:

    Hi Nithin/Team,

    Could you please help in understanding below thing
    Example : Assume ,i bought 10 share in zerodha ,after some time(within 1 year) if sold it and i invest same amount into other shares in zerodha only.
    Note :i don’t even with draw money from zerodha.

    in this case still we need to pay short term tax for IT. please do let me know . thanks in advance

    Ajay Patil

  220. Ajay Patil says:

    Thanks for your reply Nithin 🙂

    I have one more doubt, i want to manage my account, my dads and my brother at in intra day, is that possible i can manage at same time buying or selling in all 3 accounts. i can keep all passwords same for 3 accounts in zerodha, as managing individually its becoming difficulty for me in intra day separately. is there any solution please do let me know thank you

    Ajay Patil

  221. Jiten says:

    Hey Nithin
    I am a intraday trader can I file ITR 4 sugam and show my profit at 8% though actual profit is more?

  222. Akshay Hire says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am not able to access quant feature in Q- Backoffice

  223. Jiten says:

    But I only do intraday in shares so I can’t file ITR 4 sugam?

  224. vicky says:

    please provide volume info for banknifty index on kite platform, why is it showing 0 ?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Vicky. The Bank Nifty index isn’t traded. The future/option contracts based on the index are. As such, the volume for the index is always 0.

  225. Sharmila says:

    Hi………….I have a bank nifty call option, if I want to sell it, can I place stop loss and target in a single order? Can we place bracket order for bank nifty?

    • Matti says:

      Our RMS team has disabled BO for Bank Nifty weekly options. I’m afraid you’ll have to place two separate orders. Margins will blocked for one of the orders though.

  226. Nitin says:

    Heya Nithin
    Do zerodha charge for leverage provided for intraday?

  227. Sreekumar Hariharan says:

    Hello Zerodha,
    I have a query regarding Talbros Engineering ex bonus date, which is set as today and the record date is set as 14-10-2017. If I purchase the Talbros engineering stock today, am I eligible for bonus stock . Please confirm

    Sreekumar Hariharan

  228. devendra says:

    can we deposit money on non trading days? if we do so will it get reflected to or account

  229. Subhash says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    I have one question for Zerodha application on holdings. I purchase XXXX shares two time in slot of 10 each with different price.

    First slot I purchase at 49/- approx. and Second Slot at 65/- approx.

    After second slot purchase Avg price of each share become 57/-. approx.

    After some time I sold out 10 shares for 74/-.

    Now in zerodha application Avg. price it showing 65/- approx for remaining 10 shares.

    Could you please help me to understand why Avg. price increases from 57/- to 65/- ? Is there is any specific reason behind it?

    As per support team, We have to sell all shares at a time so that system will be updated correctly.


    • Zerodha Social says:

      Subhash, the avg price is calculated based on FIFO (First in first out) method. So the stocks brought first will be sold first.

  230. Nitin says:

    I’m a trader and do only delivery based trades do I have to show this gains from trading as non speculative business income if I have no other source of income or I can show it as STCG

  231. chinmoy says:

    i am a trader and holding a zerodha demat account. Tomorrow is holiday. so can i buy/sell shares on intraday tomorrow..?

  232. SARIKA SINHA says:


    • Zerodha Social says:

      Sarika, looks like you have entered a trigger which is out of the range. Make sure the trigger is in the range mentioned.

  233. Anmol Laddha says:

    I’m not able to place order. its showing an error “16387: Security is not allowed to trade in this market.” and this problem is not with any particular security, its same with all the orders i’m placing. Moreover your customer care number is not responding. Please look into this matter ASAP.

  234. RISHANG MISHRA says:

    Good evening MR. NITIN KAMATH
    sir i am new client of your company and my experience your service is so bad in comparison to another broker firm and your call and trade service is so cheap i tried many times to call you in market hour when my position is holded and need some help from you and i call u and it take 10 minutes but my call is not recieved by anyone and after that i am fully lossed and please improve some things in your pi application like when i search any scrift in option segment searching method is so difficult suppose when i search the [ PNB 180 CE OF OCT ] then in your application first we choose nfo after that script name then strike price and after that we found a long list of strike prices of [DEC Month, NOV.Month , OCT. Month etc ]and call and put show at both same time and every script given different different and finding the scrift quickly for btst and intraday is so difficult sir i request you , please check the another applications like nest trader and nse now etc. the method of finding any script is easy in these applications . and one thing is in option segement is when i place market order buy order will be rejected because maket type blocked from you why, this is wrong . please open all market type from blocked by you and when i change my registered mobile no. you also charged 50 RS for changing the no. why are you charge. this is not reasonable another brokers are not charge for this those are also a run a broker firm why u charge unusual charges and please increase the telephone services persons you take long time to recieve the call and when i mail you please call back on my registerd no. and also tell my problem then action of your team they play the game mail with mail my sense mail ke against mail hi send krte call back to aati hi nahi hai mujhe only 10 days hue hai join hue apse aur mera ye haal hai in 10 days i bear 10k loss

  235. Joel Pereira says:

    hello i have ₹7000 in my zerodha account, but i am not able to execute bracket order. i know that we have margin available for BO. but i am not able to use

  236. ashish bhandari says:

    hello nitin,
    i just want to know abt that i have holding position in my zerodha account. i want to convert cnc to co or mis. If possible let me know by mail. I appriaciated your valuable feedback.

  237. saurav singh bhadouria says:

    Hello i have previous holdings of 245 TFCI shares @ Rs 150.78 and i bought another 210 shares of TFCI @ Rs 142.05 this friday for the purpose of doing BTST on upcoming monday. However, the average price of my share is now Rs. 146.75. Suppose i sell those additional 210 shares of TFCI on monday @ Rs 146 with margin of Rs 3.95 each share (Rs 146-Rs142.05), then what will be correct margin/profit? Will i get the profit/loss on average price or on the basis of Rs 142.05 ?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Saurav, the average price is calculated on the basis of First In First out. So the shares you bought fist will be sold first, you can calculate your avg based on this.

  238. Dr.shilpa says:

    hello, i want scripwise profit n loss and transaction charges. how to get it
    In symbol when i write scrip name , still i get transaction charges of whole month rather just that scrip

  239. Dr.shilpa says:

    hello, from where i can get percentage of transaction charges, like how much is STT per scrip

  240. Ravi says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,
    I having an issue while selling, my order getting rejected and reflecting error message “check circuit limit including square off order exceed for entity account-ZQ—-across exchange across segment across product”.
    I bough at the price of 14.29 and want to sell all the shares at 15 (at limit price) but every time it says the same error, could you please help how to sell ?.

  241. Surendra says:

    Sir muje softwRe pi ke expert adviser adi teamvier kedwara samjana he please help me

  242. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    The contract notes issued combine the equity purchase and F&O trade in single note which should be separate.Also the note lists it tradewise and the total no. of shares/total consideration is not mentioned. Can you have it improved.

  243. Surya S says:

    despite trying many times Aadhar link up gives the message done then gives that try again

  244. Debarshi says:

    Hello, I am a frequent user of Kite application. It would be beneficial for me if someone kindly inform me how to participate in Infosys buyback offer through trading application(s) of Zerodha? What are the pre-requisites ?

  245. Ajay Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Hope your doing well 🙂 , i have referred my wife on (20/10/2017) and today for my brother to open Zerodha account.
    But till now they didn’t get any calls from zerodha. I don’t know why its taking lot of time. please do needful.

    Thank you ,
    Ajay Patil

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Ajay, will have someone from our team get in touch with them on Monday.

      • Ajay Patil says:

        Hi Team,

        Hope so. 🙂 lets see thank you

        • Ajay Patil says:

          Hi Team/Nithin,

          Thanks for calling both of guys to whom i have referred. One kind request is If some one don’t know the english and if he requested to speak in kannada ,please do speak kannada else you can assign to some other operator who knows kannada. I hope you didn’t called back to the person ,who requested you to speak in Kannada.

          Ajay Patil

          • Matti says:

            Hey Ajay, we have a sales team with execs speaking a variety of languages. Being Bangalore based, a lot of them speak Kannada. Consider this done. Someone will get in touch ASAP.

            • Ajay Patil says:

              Hi Matti/Nithin,

              Thanks both of guys had completed the online forms but till now they didn’t get call /mail about kite login credentials. if anything mismatch in the documents ,i request you to call them and get it done soon please.
              As customer i no need to tell all those things to you. i hope you understand what i am saying. please do needful

              ajay patil

  246. milan dutta says:

    in this month 2 days (including today) i placed BO .It got executed .but one day s/l and target order got auto cancelled and today there was no s/l or target order got placed.what is happening ? i have never got customer care executive to talk to in this matter.please look into the matter.Also suggest how to exit from the trade in such situation

    • Matti says:

      Hey Milan, please write to support[at] with this. This is an inherent risk of BO orders that we’re trying to fix currently. But don’t worry, this shouldn’t happen again.

  247. Swati says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I have been using Kite for couple of years now and often trade into F&O. I have found an issue and this is the 4th time, I have the same precise issue. When squaring off a future position, if I update an already placed order multiple times (the order price is no where close to the current market price), system keeps the copy of stale order and executes it without showing that order on the screen. Can you please raise this concern to your quality assurance team and look into the problem. As I said this is the 4th time I ended up in a short position without I explicitly placing it, the sort position got created because of updating an existing square off position.

  248. Strydon says:

    How do I see the total p&l for a given day ? I tried on the site under Reports tab, P&L for Absolute P&L, however I was unable to see my sale of ARVIND for today ??
    Also I purchased 240 Stocks at 421.39 and sold them at 424.00 but I see a buy qty of 480 ??

  249. sharmila says:

    Hi…………When we place a request for sell or buy order in f &o , why don’t we have the option of stop loss , target, trailing stop loss,as we have it in bracket orders. When can we expect it to be added?

    • sharmila says:

      Can I get an answer for this?

      • Matti says:

        BO in stock options is not allowed as a risk management measure Sharmila. This is because the stoploss order in BO is an SLM order and this could lead to a rather large impact cost in illiquid stock option contracts.

  250. Ajay says:


    one suggestion please from my side. It is good if zerodha kite provide an extra feature to add our holding stocks to different buckets manually for better multiple portfolio management.

  251. Ashish says:

    Once opening DEMAT and trading account, can I do first time login on Kite Android App?

  252. Manju Yadav says:

    1.Not able to link my aadhar details. as OTP generated sent on old number which i am not using. Any other option. In Motilal oswal OTP not required.It validated only after filling some details like Father/Spouce name , DOB , Aadhar no. etc. Kindly do the needful.

    • Matti says:

      The right way to do this as per the regulations is to do the entire OTP verification.I suggest you get your mobile number updated on your Aadhaar. You can now do it in most banks as well and doesn’t take much time. I personally visited a bank and got my number on Aadhaar updated recently. The formalities took me 10 minutes.

  253. Manju Yadav says:

    Sir any update on Crux. So much time passed………

  254. Deb says:

    I participated in Infosys buyback throughQ portal of Zerodha and received this message—-
    “Buy Back
    Order acceptance for buybacks of Wipro & Infy will close on 11th & 12th respectively. Orders will be placed on the Exchange platform on these dates. Please make sure to have not sold the stock until then to be eligible for the buybacks.

    Your buy back order of ….. is accepted for Infosys

    Once the buy back orders are placed, they can’t be modified.”

    Is this sufficient to participate in buyback offer? or do I still need to send the duly filled-in scanned tender form through email?

  255. jyoti says:

    I am a little surprised with this brokerage firm
    Had requested to open an FnO account ( already an account holder) and it takes you more than 48 hours where you promise 24 hours?
    and your support desk are just giving false promises over and over again

  256. Basu says:

    Hi Nithin,

    ClientId : YV5670
    I have sent hardcopy of POA and Nominee Forms to zerodha with given address from zerodha support on 05/12/2017. And its still its not yet updated . However i have sent speed post acknowledgment as well.
    I see it has been reached zerodha office in jp nagar bangalore. but still how much time its required i don’t know.
    i am keep on doing followup with support but still i am not getting any response from them regarding this issue.
    please do let me know.


    • Basu says:

      adding few more points

      track id : EK657218077IN it shows that it has been delivered on 07/12/2017. Please do needful.
      07/12/2017 15:30:00 J P Nagar S.O Item delivered [To: ZERODHA ]

    • Matti says:

      Sorry for the delay. It normally takes up to 3-4 working days to have this updated.

      • Basu says:

        Its More than 5 days . please do let me know. i am not getting proper response from you support team as well.
        and in support ticket they said after receiving document it takes 24-48 hours but its more than 7 days also. please do needful

  257. Pooja patil says:

    How to know which shares are blocked for intraday trading … As on some shares I’m unable to convert them from delivery to intraday … And on rest it is possible … How to find that list …

  258. Indranil says:

    Hello Team,

    I have some on-going Direct MF SIPs on the Zerodha Coin Platform. As far as I know these are being invested in the AMCs as lumpsum investments by Zerodha. So, just wanted to know what happens if these AMCs stop lump sum investments in MFs after their AUM cross a particular threshold, as quite a few of them are doing at the moment. What would be the status of my currently invested MFs and what steps would Zerodha take to ensure continuity of the SIPs?

  259. Prashant Sonawane says:

    Hello Nitin,

    I am a user of kite as well as coin. Recently purchased the mutual funds worth Rs. 40000 via coin, in 4 MF, and planned to make the similar purchases every month. But I am facing some issues due to which I am very much disappointed and really worried about the security of my investment.

    1. I think Zerodha, as part of my purchase, sent my KYC details to CkycIndia. CKycIndia sent an email to for confirmation of my kyc containing my details. To my surprise, the kyc details that you have sent to them was not correct. The details are mine but the *photograph* was not. You ask for all details, including photo, pan card aadhar number and etc then how can you make such a big mistake to attach the photograph of some other person. When contacted CKYC then mentioned that only zerodha can file the kyc again and they cannot do anything from their side.

    I filed the ticket on 13th Dec 17 but there is no response yet.

    2. Though coin web site mentions that you have allocated the MF but I did not received any mail from AMC on confirmation. Am I not suppose to expect confirmation emails from fund houses? Is there any other way, apart from coin, to know that I am really invested in said mutual funds?

    Please resolve my issues soon.


  260. Richa Gupta says:

    I bought Mirae Asset China Advantage Fund – Direct Plan from coin Zerodha. But I can not sell it now, Message flashes as “Redemption not allowed for this fund”. I am sure it is not an ELSS. What can be the Reason. I need my money back and its blocked. I will appreciate a quick help in this regard.


  261. Ajay Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    To be honest, i got surprised. I have never requested to change my address but i got mail from cdsl that address has been changed i.e also some madhya pradesh address and basically i am from karnataka only. how come address changed to madya pradesh. ticket No : 372366.

    address changed to below one.

    So i need one information how can i check all my investments are done in AMC mutual funds and as well about purchased shares. as i am worried. please do needful

    Thank you ,
    Ajay Patil

  262. Prashant Sonawane says:

    Can anyone please bother to take into my query. I filed the ticket on 13th and still there is no response. Neither on this forum I am getting any response.

    I am a user of kite as well as coin. Recently purchased the mutual funds worth Rs. 40000 via coin, in 4 MF, and planned to make the similar purchases every month. But I am facing some issues due to which I am very much disappointed and really worried about the security of my investment.

    1. I think Zerodha, as part of my purchase, sent my KYC details to CkycIndia. CKycIndia sent an email to for confirmation of my kyc containing my details. To my surprise, the kyc details that you have sent to them was not correct. The details are mine but the *photograph* was not. You ask for all details, including photo, pan card aadhar number and etc then how can you make such a big mistake to attach the photograph of some other person. When contacted CKYC then mentioned that only zerodha can file the kyc again and they cannot do anything from their side.

    I filed the ticket on 13th Dec 17 but there is no response yet.

    2. Though coin web site mentions that you have allocated the MF but I did not received any mail from AMC on confirmation. Am I not suppose to expect confirmation emails from fund houses? Is there any other way, apart from coin, to know that I am really invested in said mutual funds?

    Please resolve my issues soon.


  263. Deepak Singj says:

    Heyy Nitin Sir,
    Why leverage for MIS is different for every stock ??
    I mean if even in worst case loss would be recovered from client allocated cash. There are situations when a good profitable stock is not available or available on low leverage.
    Is it possible to provide flat leverage on every stock ???

    • Matti says:

      Deepak, the leverage afforded to any stock is determined by the RMS team based on various parameters, like liquidity, volatility, etc.,. Also, whenever leverage is afforded for a stock, there is a chance that the loss the client runs may be more than what he has in his account. The broker always runs this risk while giving leverage, and so does thorough math before affording any leverage.

      For e.g., let’s assume stock X costs Rs. 100 and is afforded 14 x leverage. So, with 100 rupees in your account, you can purchase stocks worth 1400 rupees. Let us also assume that the circuit limit for this stock is 20%. So, if the stock suddenly falls 20%, the loss here is Rs. 20 * 14 = Rs. 280 (1.8 times more than the money in your account). Now, this would lead to a debit on your account. So, in order to make sure a scenario like this doesn’t arise, the leverage multipliers are different for each stock.

  264. Sredhar says:

    Dear Sir,

    1. How to set price alerts for stocks?. The alerts have to be by SMS n email.

    2. You should add feature to place order Good till future date just as in Sharekhan. Ofcourse this feature should be available for stocks in holding only.

  265. Mansi says:

    I am unable to buy Lanco infratech shares on kite..both amo n regular.. It gets rejected even wn there r more than enuf funds.. Can someone plz guide me??

  266. Amol pawar says:

    Dear sir I brought 700 shared brfl price 211 date on 19 Dec 17

    Now it on lower circuit price is 137 when will remove lower circuit & possible to release it
    Plz reply

  267. Manju Yadav says:

    Hiiii Nitin Sir

    Any update on crux and Margin Trading Facility for delivery

  268. Manish Agrahari says:

    Hi Nitin Sir,

    I am trying to buy Astron Paper, but transaction is getting failed many times. I tried to contact customer care but because of 1-jan holiday. No body pics the call. Please guide me if possible for today.

    Wish you very very happy new year 🙂

  269. Rohan says:

    if possible, in the next update of pi please add a by default zero/horizontal line to Macd indicator. my strategy is based on Macd so its very essential.
    Thank you

  270. Santoshkumar says:

    how to buy astron paper shares?

  271. babu says:


    What I observed in charts – In charts timings after completion of 5 mt bar it was not showing 9.20 am instead it showing 9.15. I don’t know which is the correct. Remaining all charting packages it will show after completion of the bar’s time.


  272. Bhumika says:

    Will it have margin trading facility for delivery trades in future ?

  273. Arijit Banerjee says:

    Dear Sir, i want know that at the time of deep OTP selling in Bank nifty, order is rejected every time due to RMS rule. I have asked to zerodha support team, they are telling that every day they have some range for bank nifty. trade will execute only within that range only and the range will change as per the volatility of bank nifty.
    I want to know that can i trade in this boundary condition. If i want to make a position for next expiry date then what will be the range for that?
    2. What is the procedure to know the range ? its very difficult to call the support center everyday to know the range.
    3.How i can make a position for 4-5 days in bank nifty with daily basis range? today may be the range is 1 % for low volatility and with in this range if i make o position in option selling but if tomorrow the volatility will very high then i will loss my all the money in option selling. What is the solution for this?
    Please give your valuable feedback.

  274. Manju Yadav says:

    Any Update on Margin Trading facilty in delivery cash segment. So Much time passed and Most of Discount broker have started this one… Kindly Give any update

  275. Ajay Patil says:

    Please do find ticket no. 430498

  276. Sutapa hazra says:

    How to calculate PB ratio of nifty?

  277. shankar says:

    Sir , online account open Karne ke baad offline document bhi bhejne hote h kya. Or account active hone me kitna time lag jata h.

    • Matti says:

      The account is activated within 72 hours. You’ll still need to courier the PoA for the demat account and the ECN declaration for the commodity account though.

  278. Muneswararao says:

    dear sir ihave placed option order at current trading price but it denotes rejected reason rms rule strike price

  279. Mahesh Naik says:

    Sir I completed 60 day challenge today so wts next procedure

  280. shreyas says:

    sir by Q back office is not active. i resently open account on zerodha. how much time it will take for activation of backoffice. please reply me asap

  281. kay kay says:

    why zerodha stopped the display of total charges and brake off of charges in p & L statement in back office

  282. Pallavi Mitra says:

    Hi,I have 2 issues:
    1. When I try to open chart in Pi, there is always an error “Unable to fetch historical chart data for ‘name