Introducing Streak – Algo trade without coding

January 15, 2018


Streak is a startup that we have partnered as part of Rainmatter in our quest to broaden retail participation in the Indian capital markets.

Over the years, we have offered various tools to help our clients trade systematically – Kite Connect, Pi bridge, NEST-AMI bridge, etc.  Systematic trading brings in the discipline required to trade profitably. Even though Kite Connect has become extremely popular, since most retail traders have no programming knowledge, they have not been able to leverage it to their advantage.

I am excited about Streak and how it can hopefully be that change retail traders needed in their quest to stay profitable.

Find below a post by the team at Streak introducing to the first version of their platform. Do note that the platform will evolve and will incorporate a lot more technical indicators, and fundamental data over time. We have opened up a section on Tradingqna for you to discuss strategies and algos.

Streak simplifies algo trading

Technology has evolved drastically over the last decade and so have the stock markets. Algo trading in NSE has taken mainstage with over 40% of cash market orders being executed by algos as of Dec 2017.

On the other hand, we traders spend our market hours glued to trading screens, tracking multiple stocks and monitoring market movements, tediously trying to find trading signals. It’s practically impossible to make smart, timely trading decisions without human error, especially when emotions get in the way.

We need a platform which tracks the market for us based on backtested strategies and alerts us when the right signals are generated, giving us an algo trading edge.

Streak gives you a platform to algo trade, without coding.

With Streak, you can algo in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create
  2. Backtest
  3. Deploy

Create Algos in a minute

Using Streak’s intuitive interface, creating an algo is as simple as typing out technical indicators, keying in stop loss and target profit percentage and selecting the stocks you want to trade with.


Backtest to measure performance

Streak has a powerful backtesting engine that generates performance metrics for multiple stocks in a click. The backtest results include maximum gains, maximum loss, avg gain per winning trade, avg loss per losing trade, maximum drawdown and much more. These metrics give you a comprehensive idea of your algo’s performance.


Why is backtesting required?

Backtest essentially means testing a trading strategy on relevant historical data before you risk any actual capital. It is important to analyze the levels of profitability and risk before taking any trade in order to gain insight into the effectiveness of a trading idea.

Deploy live in market

Once you deploy an algo on Streak, you no longer have to track the stock manually.

Streak bots track the stock movements for trade signals and send one click actionable alerts to take action when the strategy conditions are met.

Deploy your algo

Get started

You can log into Streak with your Kite credentials and get started. The platform is free until 31st March 2018 for up to 25 backtests and 5 live algos a day. 

Streak is an extension to Kite – Zerodha’s exchange approved trading platform (accessible at . Alerts by the algo are essentially triggered as buy and sell order forms which you need to confirm. All such orders are placed through Zerodha and will show up on the Kite order book and positions as well. Today, you need to have your browser open to receive alerts, but very soon you will start getting these on emails/push notification on Kite. 

Go ahead and try it out – Let us know what you think by writing to [email protected] or give your feedback here.

Now, everyone can algo.

Team Streak.

Nithin Kamath

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha, team working towards breaking all barriers that I personally faced as a retail trader for over a decade. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. Getting body fat % in single digit is the next personal endeavor :) .


  1. Tushar says:

    Finally, Algo trading for masses is here in India!!
    I always wanted to create an app like this using kite connect API but never got time.
    This will be very helpful in creating a strategy on Indian stock market.

    Thank you Zerodha!

  2. Ranganathan Rajan says:

    What is the URL for streaks and does it support the mobile browsers?

  3. vikas says:

    Hi Z team,

    I am sure no other broker is near to yours in terms of product offered to its clients.
    Great addition to Zerodha’s product arsenal.
    It will beat like Bahubali to its peer.
    Thanks Z team.


    Thank for such Streak but please include feature like deployment of like opentrade codes and more condition for buying and selling and remove exit in profit and loss percentage instead add condition.

  5. Ranganathan Rajan says:

    Please add time and price based algos also like I want to sell stock or option etc at ‘x’ time if the stock is above or below ‘y’ price

  6. Ranganathan Rajan says:

    LTP of Options are not being updated on the Streaks platform at the same time strategies around options are also not available?

  7. Ashish says:

    Great way to Start 2018.

    Few Suggestions
    1) Placing order can be automated, rather than giving an alert?
    2) Add Hekin Ashi Candle criteria
    3) Trailing Stop Loss can be automated based on Technical Indicator or at least based on Candlesticks(Open/High/Low/Close)

    Thanks Nithin for this initiative and Best of Luck

    • Streak says:

      Hi Ashish

      Automation requires regulatory approvals. Once we have them we will update you . We are also planning to give exit based on indicators in the future.


      • raju says:

        hi streak,

        Its seems as if its a auto alert rather then auto trade. There again chances are there we will miss the trade as we have to monitor to check for alerts.
        Auto me auto, no human intervention should be needed once a code is deployed.


  8. Ranganathan Rajan says:

    Looking for Implied volatility based altos also like if IV of a strike is x% buy/sell an option and if it is y% then close the trade etc.

  9. Ranganathan Rajan says:

    Rs.500+ get per month is always higher price for the retail traders Rs.250/month should be ideally a reasonable price.

  10. Ranganathan Rajan says:

    Please check the chartlink website for more conditional algo’s and take the inputs from their website otherwise it is a worth zero.

  11. Arjun says:

    Like always, Zerodha thinks beyond conventional services and it shows in their growth.
    Few suggestions: (Based on my trading style)
    1. Exit should be based on indicator than percentage so that we don’t have to trail our Stop Loss often.
    2. Stop and Reverse option should be added
    3. Charts such as Hikenashi, Point and figure, Renko should be added

  12. Ranganathan Rajan says:

    Undermining the potential of retail investors we are capable of executing more complex algos.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Ranganathan,

      This is just launched the beta version with the basics. With time the platform will evolve and you will be able to create and test complex algos. We’d appreciate your feedback on what features you’d like to see on the platform and we’ll try to add them soon! 🙂


  13. ashek1 says:

    too costly for 500 a month. Possibly for retail investors price should be less. Or at least for first few months give it free so people can use test and see if it works for them. I would not like to pay for something which I have to learn first.

  14. Ranganathan Rajan says:

    This is not an algo platform at all we need to submit orders manually once the condition trigers, thus is just a signal generator, we can as well use the chart link to get signals. Only feature available here is back testing.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Ranganathan Rajan,

      Streak is an Algo Trading Platform, we have to get regulatory approvals to make to Auto Trading Platform. Once we have the required regulatory approvals for auto trading, we will keep you posted.

      Team Streak

  15. vijay butani says:

    i am zerodha client since two year , your new streal algo system will how work and how it useful for me?

  16. Srikanth says:

    Great initiative.

    Don’t see commodities enabled yet, when can we expect it?

  17. vishal says:

    I have few questions.

    1) Suppose I have profitable trading strategies which I have coded and using in amibroker but those are private. Now I want to code them in Streak.
    If I make money with that and I coded them in algo what is the guarantee of my algo not being theft by Streak Owners and Runners. this is a 1st important question .

    2) I work on Streak and develop algo which is profitable. I want to sell those algo signals to other traders for a monthly fee like opentrade in which zerodha can be a 30% revenue partner. Does streak allows to do so ? Or is it planning to do so in near future?

    3) I am MCX trader and if Streak works for Kite then it should work for MCX scrips running in kite. Am I correct here

    4) how much fee monthly or yearly do user needs to pay to avail this facility of Streak ?

    This is very much welcome New Step by Zerodha and my Best Wishes for your new Venture in algo trading.


    • Streak says:

      Hi Vishal,

      Thank you for writing to us. The answers to your questions :
      1.Currently, Streak supports only NSE Stocks and futures. We do not support options and commodity.
      2.Streak is an algo trading platform without coding, you will be able to create your algos with the combination on indicator. Only you can share your algos on social media if you want to . We have no access to your algos.
      3. Monetizing profitable algos requires regulatory approvals, we will let everyone know if we plan to do that.
      4. Pricing :
      Team Streak

  18. chetan says:

    Please work on the pricing for starters. I think 500 Rs / Mo is fine , but only 100 backtest a day. I finished it in just couple of hours.

    May be increase this to 1000/ day.

    Price is currently not worth it.

    Please note , many people will spend a lot of time backtesting than on deployment. Consider this fact in pricing.

    Thank you building a valuable tool for the retail trading community.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Chetan,

      Every backtest run is a cost for, to be able to provide users with fast backtest results we process huge amounts of data at very high speeds. We only charge nominal fee which covers creating ,backtesting and deploying. We are giving 3000 backtests a month at a nominal fee of 500 Rs.


      • chetan says:

        I understand that backtesting(BT) is a cost for you. But please see if you can provide more value to traders in terms of price.

        The reason i say this is because 100 BT is too low for a day, so 3000 BT/ mo is even lower.

        May this is just me.

        You could provide more plans to cater to different kind of traders.

  19. Jiten Thakkar says:

    Can you please share the benefits of referral program? How a person will get benefit by referring someone to zerodha?

  20. Varun Joshi says:

    Hi! Kudos to team Zerodha !!! for such a client oriented organisation. I must say “Main fida ho gaya…”

    Sir, I have been using Ami broker for daily trading and we have created a Afl called channel breakout or down in which we get popups of stocks which system recognizes. Can we develop a system in Streak.

  21. Rohit Jain says:


    Congrats for the wonderful initiative.
    I have following queries:
    i) We could add maximum of 5 stocks to one algo which is very less. It should be increased.
    ii) If we run a backtest including 5 stocks then 5 token of backtest are consumed so even the paid version which provides 100/ day is very very less.
    iii) Is REF like command available in this.
    iv) It should have a feature like SCANNER where we could have more stocks added.

    • Streak says:


      1. He are working towards some new features, which will allow your to add much more stocks for a single backtest.
      2. We have noted this feedback, it will helpful if you can write to us with your detailed requirements on [email protected] so that our tech team can look into it.


  22. Englishtick says:

    I’m excited to be associated with Zerodha and learned the most about trading during last one year with your association, although I’m doing trading for more than 10 years. Thanks.
    Is there a detailed tutorial about Streak.

  23. Pushkar says:


    Great initiative. What happens when we deploy the algo ? Does it automatically take entry/exit positions according to defined criteria ?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Pushkar,
      After you have deployed, the system checks for entry signals in your algo. The moment an entry signal is generated you will receive a notification on which you will have to act on. Once you have placed your entry order we immediately prompt you to place the SL-M order(based on the stop loss specified in the algo) immediately when the entry order is executed to protect from adverse market moves. When your target profit trigger hits, we immediately send out a notification for you to take profit, your will have to click on the order notification to exit the positions.



    Dear Team,

    I am Zerodha client (YT2758) ,whenever I try to take action on Algo generated alert, it shows Connection error. Pls Help.

    • Streak says:

      Dear Ramesh,

      You might have faced some difficulty in order placement through notification today. We are pleased to inform you that the issue has been fixed. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused. We thank you for understanding.


  25. Bhumika says:


    Can I create a simple Algo’s that will buy a particular stock on a regular interval. Eg. I want to buy Reliance or NIFTYBEES every week or month etc?


  26. rowel coelho says:

    Hey Guys,
    Awesome Job and great value add to the retail non tech traders. Saved me from becoming a Python expert and building execution infra.

    Looking forward for the commodity enablement.

  27. Vikram Singh says:

    Hi Team,

    Really Awesome initiative. Things like this make you stand apart from the crowd. 3 Cheers.
    I would really appreciate if you could introduce trading in Future Options, looking at signals from it’s Equity Stock.
    Looking forward specially to Nifty Options.

    Could you also Make a special feature on BankNifty Options with scalping trading. It will be a very good feature.
    taking profits on small price changes with a couple dozen lots trading.

    Yours Truly,
    Vikram Singh

  28. Deepak says:

    The arsenal is now complete with nuke capabilities!

    Team RainmatterTech, heartiest congratulations and thanks a zillion tons! Much appreciated.

  29. Deepak says:

    Quick question, are we having plans to expose the signals that are generated through the existing Kite API? Or a new API maybe? How would SEBI treat that?

  30. Revathi says:

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly request to help me to resolve the issue. I had raised the ticket on 28.12.2017. They didnot understand my query. I continuously call to customer care & explained them more than 3 times. They don’t resolve the matter uptill now. I raised a simple query regarding my Trade book. What is the issue to resolve my query. Please help.


  31. kiran says:

    You have limited the options like sma crossover etc, leave that option to be added by us, so that we have so many others apart from which you have added by default, will that be possible. where in we can add our own strategy conditions.

  32. chetan says:

    when can we expect full automation of algos?.
    do we have pass nse exam to get our algos fully automated?.

  33. Sandeep says:

    I want to back test screeners that are available in how can I do it. Choices in streak are basic and ir-relevant.


  34. AB says:

    Hello Sir,

    i havent used it but is it as simple as Chartink or do we need to have coding knowledge too?

  35. chetan says:

    1.Do i have to redeploy intraday algos everyday @ 9.15?
    2.Do i have to keep the browser page open and watch it the for entire duration of a trading day?. if i am on a different tab or working on a different application, will i get a sound alert if algo triggers a trade?.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Chetan,

      Once the algo is stopped , you have to redeploy for it to track signals. You will get alerts with sound if you have the browser window open . We recommend Chrome browser.

      • chetan says:

        Do the intraday algos stop at the eod?

        if so, i will have to redeploy everyday @ 9.15 ?

        please make these queries crystal clear.

        I could not find answers to these doubts in the Faq section also.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Chetan,

      1. Currently you do have to deploy intraday strategies every day (no fixed time like only at 9:15)
      2. Currently you will get notified with sound if the tab with Streak is open(you can be on any other tab, application,etc) and if the tab is closed, you will get a browser notification(it doesn’t make sound).

      We are working towards integration notifications through kite app as-well and it will be available really soon.
      For any further clarifications feel free to write to us at [email protected]


  36. Kiran Sundar says:

    Hats off guys. This completes a very strong portfolio in your arsenal

  37. Vikas says:

    1) can we add LTP in criteria
    2) Egerly waiting for fully automated.
    3) Need few more features

    • Streak says:

      Hi Vikas,

      We are releasing features in stages, and this is the just the start, we will be rolling out new features very soon.
      For your specific requirements kindly drop a mail to [email protected], so that we can understand them and add it to our to-do list for further considerations and development .


  38. Neeru says:

    In algo trading what about the leverage? Is it same as normal day trading or what

    • Streak says:

      Hi Neeru,
      Streak is an extension to Kite. When you are placing the order through the notification from Streak , you are in deed place the order in Kite, you can see the same positions in Kite. The same leverage applies as kite

  39. chetan says:

    Do the intraday algos stop at the eod?

    if so, i will have to redeploy everyday @ 9.15 ?

    please make these queries crystal clear.

    I could not find answers to these doubts in the Faq section also.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Chetan,

      Intraday algos get stopped at 3.15 PM.

      You can redeploy these algos at 3.45 PM to capture the market signals on the next trading day. Hope this clears your doubt.

  40. chetan says:

    do we have pass nse exam to get our algos fully automated?.

  41. Ankit Purohit says:

    I will leave tool praises aside, the tool without doubt best of any other broker offering in India.

    Now coming to feedback/feature request:

    Since announcement, I have back tested a lot of strategies which normally works well in real life however fails miserably on streak mostly due to incomplete exit strategy.

    I would be more happy if exit and stop losses are based on logic/conditions rather than % as calculation of percentage in each stock is difficult. Since the program is under testing, I would be happy to see if you put logical exit (both target and stop loss). This will definitely benefit traders like me who follow rules and exit when certain conditions are met or breached.

    Also, if possible, add conditions such as volume breakout etc. which normally supercede technical conditions and are far more successful.

    Also, if possible, provide few more tested strategies which people can use and tweak with requirements, that will encourage people to participate.

    Last, if possible, provide a platform where such strategies can be shared with others to help the community (I know tradingQ&A already exist but too many threads).

    • Streak says:

      Hi Ankit,
      The following features will be available on streak from 1 March 2018 onwards.
      a. EXIT based on Technical indicators or Trend Reversal, along with Stop loss and Target profit.
      b. We will include additional indicators to the existing list, if you have a wishlist write to us at [email protected]
      c. A detailed description on how to use indicators to create buy and sell strategies will be listed.
      d. Deploying 5 algos on a single click

      Currently, you will be able to share your backtest results on Social Media.

  42. Sanjay Kumar Garg says:

    it is getting error server connection out during back testing 95% of time . Even now i have subscribe also for a month thinking it will work better . could you please help resolve the issue

  43. Sandeep Aggarwal says:

    Great offerings, keep it team Zerodha..


    Dear Nitin,

    I am a client of Zerodha. And I am getting pesky calls from fake Research firms in Indore, Bhopal etc and on further enquiry -those people told me that they got my number from Zerodha. If this is true, it speaks very poorly of data security at your end. I have had my account with icicidirect since 2006, and I never had such calls on my mobile. Please look into this issue. Expecting serious look in to this matter.


  45. xv1621 says:

    Dear Nitin,

    In morning I m using streak but in night streak is not opening ?
    i don’t know y?
    please Help

    • Streak says:

      Hi xv1621,

      Last night, we were updating our servers to handle load. You might have faced some difficulty. It’s perfectly fine now.
      We thank you for your support.

  46. Muthusamy says:

    1. This is a good initiative, but need to provide all possible trading or calculation based signal to be generated for intraday and positional. I need details of calculation based on previous day’s high, low, close, Lognormal, current market price.
    2. Indicator based exit signals needed rather than % based
    3. Kindly include options also in algo based on ATM, 1,2,3,4 upto 10 up OTMs and down ITMs (You may refer sharekhan trade tiger for this)
    4. Possibility to include multitime frames examples buy in weeks or months and smaller time frames for intraday.
    5. please include stop and reverse the position.
    6. Need to include BO / cover orders also for intraday and positional

    • Streak says:

      We wanted to let you know the following features will be available on streak from 1 Mar 2018 onwards.
      1. EXIT based on Technical indicators or Trend Reversal, along with Stop loss and Target profit.
      2. We will include additional indicators to the existing list, if you have a wish list write to us at [email protected]
      3. We won’t be able to provide BO and Options at this point but in the future we may include.
      4. Various time intervals will be available.

  47. Prabhakar Kumar says:

    When everyone will get the access of streak or features like it is going to have will be able to correctly predict the market than i think no one will loss in the market simulataneously no one will gain without reason which happens sometimes due to rumour.

  48. Gowthamreddy says:

    If i deployed algo on 09:00AM will it execute or I need to deploy it only after 09:15Am

    • Streak says:

      You can deploy the Algo at any time and during market Hours it will send you notification if signal is generated before 3.15PM.

      All intraday Algos get terminated at 3.15 PM , then you need to deploy again at 3.35 Pm for next day alerts.

      In short you can deploy at 9 am or even 8am.

  49. Maabap says:

    Hell Its Great fixtures you come with, how can we create Heikin Ashi Chart based algo tradin.

  50. ZMPVEN says:

    Dear Sir,

    I open two account from my Partner ID:ZMPVEN all account are activate, Client id is (XG5309 AND XO8891)

    Kindly give details how can i manage my partner led or account and where i show my refer client.

    Also i need to know details about Partner account manage So kindly Arrange a call.

  51. badgee says:

    Dear Nitin and team, there is a ZIG ZAG indicator in kite. Will you be able to bring it here or in PI .. but the indicator itself need some fine tuning .. presently it repaints a lot. .. and thus is a not a reliable indicator for trading .. but I have seen NON-REPAINTING ZIG ZAG indicator in other platforms … eg. GCI MT4 .. what it does is once the ZIG ZAG arm makes a top or bottom position, it doesn’t change … if the price happens to go the other way, the indicator takes a fresh position .. in this way we can place the trades in the direction of the trend without any ambiguity. Also, for ALGOS it will be one of the best and easy way to make and trade. Is it possible .. if it is, then it will certainly be the sure success for our members.

  52. hamid says:

    sir, why my “call and trade” charge is Rs 141.60/-
    of date 31jan18.

    • Matti says:

      If you have open MIS positions at the end of the day that you don’t close, positions closed from our end is charged INR 20 + GST for every order placed by a dealer here. More here.

  53. kumar says:

    hi i have tried streak. it looks promising. i have is it possible to to activate the algo in 5 stocks in one go instead of deploying it one by one it very cumbersome and each day i have to repeat everything again its very time consuming. anyway at the time of order placement we have click to ok again, also it would be nice to have a screener for nifty stocks etc

  54. Saravanan1986 says:

    Hello, Can you help me with the script / coding for Average true range trailing stop loss??? And I see this is available only on Kites and not on Pi..

    • Saravanan1986 says:

      Also is ATR trailing SL available in Streeak?? How to do it? Plz help

      • Streak says:

        Hi saravanan1986,

        Trailing SL is not available on Streak however we will be releasing Strategy based exit on 15 Feb 2018 along be SL% and TP%. Heiken Aishi Candle type will be added in few months.


  55. Digambar J says:

    No option for candle type. I want to use Heiken Aishi candle type.
    Can you add that feature?
    Will it be available to commodities also?


  56. Rajasekhar says:

    1.Could you vwap indicator?
    2.Will it be possible to add more than 3 conditions in future?

  57. Rajiv kumar says:

    Dear sir please add nfo like nifty and bank nifty options for trading

  58. Varad says:

    This is a great tool to use for trading. However, there is one thing that I am frequently encountering when I backtest, the tool returns an error saying Action decoding error <bound method Action.get_entry etc etc.

    Not sure if there is a bug in the system or if I am doing something wrong in enlisting the criteria.

  59. Aman says:

    I have constantly been getting an error “UNABLE TO FETCH DATA FOR THE GIVEN BACTEST PERIOD, KINDLY TRY AGAIN WITH SMALLER PERIOD OR AFTER SOME TIME” especially when using supertrend with entry and exit condition. Not only it gives errors but it reduces one count from the aviailable.

    I had raised this with a screenshot to the Streak support but there is just no response. This does not give confidence if this is ready yet for deployment.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Aman, we have check from our end and have not received your email. Could you fwd the mail again to support[@] along with your contact details. We will assist you.

  60. Rushabh Doshi says:

    i can back test my algo successfully , but it isn’t generating alerts.

    1 min candle
    sell = 1 share

    my code:
    close lower than previous open


    .5 sl 2 tp

    why isn’t it working?

  61. Neelima says:

    Looks great. However, I wanted to create an algo for “Volume greater than 10 day SMA Volume”. But this could not be done as it does not take “SMA of 10 day volume”. Please clarify whether this could be done.

  62. binu says:

    backtesting is giving results which are not accurate.

  63. sameer says:

    what is difference between streak alogo and pi alert generate tool ?

    pi alert generate tool
    unlimited scanner
    unlimited Backtest

  64. Vijay says:

    Kindly arrange to Placing order can be automated, rather than giving an alert.
    This requires your immediate attention, please.
    Thanks a lot for this superb initiative.

  65. vidyadhar says:

    how to place positional trades without stoploss and target

  66. shrikant says:

    hi streak team,
    here are some doubts.please clarify them.
    1. can i deploy script specific technical indicators for trading in streak.
    2. can i use streak even while running pi for trading in options.
    3. please provide GANN hilo indicator in the streak platform.

    and, thanks zerodha for creating such awesome platform

  67. Pulkit says:

    Appreciations ….
    But I would like to draw attention upon:-
    (1) the alerts need to be confirmed, which spoils the main moto of timely entry and sticking ourselves to the screens…
    (2) SL and targets are technical levels hence there’s no meaning to be expressed as percentage.

    Though I also realize that it’s a first step which is itself far ahead among others…

    • Streak says:

      Hi Pulkit,
      Automated trading requires regulatory approvals, we will keep you posted once you can automate.
      You can add exit based on strategy or trend reversal. This feature is live.

  68. Sourav says:

    Does any of your algo trading support RENKO charts?
    If yes, then which one. If no, then do you have any specific plan on that?

  69. ANIL says:

    site not opening in laptop, any supporting file?

  70. Sanjay Kumar Singh says:

    Can we take entry (buy) at first green heikinshi candle and reverse/exit the position at first red heikinshi candle on 1hour time frame.

  71. tej pal says:

    how much time will you take to provide alerts based on algo – along with BO/ CO where entry price , target point & SL points can be filled/ modified

  72. tej pal says:

    i dont want to backtest , i just want to filter alerts based on indicator , alert would include order sheet under BO/CO in streak

    in pi- plz provide supertrend alert system- popups based or generate alerts

  73. tej pal says:

    i dont want to backtest , i just want to filter alerts based on indicator , alert would include order sheet under BO/CO in streak

    in pi – plz provide supertrend alert system- popups based or generate alerts

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