Pi – Overview and Feedback

October 13, 2014

Continued here – Pi Overview and Feedback Part 2


For all those interested in testing Pi, do fill up this survey form. Only trading on NSE- EQ, F&O and Currency allowed.ย 

We have over 200 people beta testing Pi (our new trading platform) currently. We will get more on board very soon. The following video should help understand the basic features and functionality for those starting off. We will have detailed videos and a complete section on Zconnect soon, dedicated to explain the plethora of tools available on Pi. Click here to watch this video on youtube.

@everyone beta testing it, we are just a few weeks away from our official launch. From now on, do post your feedback and suggestionsย in the comment section below. We have enabled attaching images while posting a comment on Z – Connect.

Happy Trading,

Nithin Kamath

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha. Partnering startups through Rainmatter. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter. | Personal website: https://nithinkamath.me


  1. prasad says:

    gr8 work nithin.im waiting for its launch very soon.

    • Avinash Warke says:

      Congratulations for one of the most advance charting tool provided by brokerage. Please add Ichimoku indicator in the Pi which is very useful in analysis.

    • trader says:

      There are so many hidden charges in Zerodha. Even for auto square-off there is a charge of 24 rupees. Also if the option stock is not sold during last week of expiry, daily they charge 800 rupees for every 1 lakhs rupees of the equivalent future stock value. (say you bought an option stock of 1000 quantity of Glenmark at 50 paise. It costs you 500 rupees only. The future stock price of Glenmark is 800 rupees. So 800×1000=800000 rupes. if you hold the option stock it till expiry, there is a charge of 6400 rupees for last 3 days= 6400×3=19200 rupees. Yes for you purchase of 500 rupees, you have to pay 19200 rupees if it expires)

    • naveen says:

      Hi Team-Zerodha,

      What’s going on this?

      We have limited money and limited time to invest here and you are making money from ours investment. ARe you providing a service or what? We are having daily basis issues like placing an order at a crucial point where you are making money .

      Can you fix these ?

  2. arcus says:

    When we use the Nifty index charts, the preopen also seems to be incorporated in the chart. That is resulting in some silly spikes every day. Its hard to do technical analysis with those spikes. I have attached an image. It would be better if you can filter out the preopen.

  3. gaurav says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I humbly reuest you get the AMO option on mobile trading platform.i travel and thts the onlu option i have.so plz look into it

  4. Varun says:

    Looks quite interesting. Good job, team Zerodha.

    Just a few questions – is this a windows only platform? Would a version be available say for tabs running on Android or Windows? Will this be a paid software or free for anybody holding a zerodha account? I mentioned a problem faced by a lot of people trading while in office sometime back. The problem with proxy servers etc. Would there be an option to specify the proxy server address?


    • This is a windows desktop version, this is quite extensive and won’t be possible on a tab/mobile. But we are working on that as well, our in house html5 – web/mobile platform, should help you place trades/use it behind proxy as well.

      • Rajkumar says:

        When will point no. 3 be resolved? I think a lot of people have this problem. If Pi has proxy server support, that’d be awesome! Please make it possible.

  5. prasad says:

    Hi Nitin,Is it possible to place trades on basis of time….im giving an example .At 9:30 am i planned to buy nifty at 10 am and sell at 1pm.i have a strategy based on these timings…If this also includes it will be helpfull…

    • Unfortunately exchange considers that as an algo (anything that doesn’t mention the price when you are placing an order). We could have a code for you on scripted alert/expert advisor that asks you to buy/sell at your defined time, but that can’t be done automatically.

  6. bipin says:

    PI looks gud waiting for it official launch ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Don says:

    Hi Zerodha

    Please implement bracket order, with Stop Limit buy/sell for the entry leg also. This is missing in the NEST platform, Also if possible the same feature can be implemented through Amibroker trading bridge will be great. But at least please implement stop limit Bracket orders for the entry leg


  8. RS1954 says:

    hi Nitin
    i am waiting from long time when official launch please give date range

  9. DTG says:

    Maybe add volatility stop indicator in the indicator toolbox http://www.incrediblecharts.com/indicators/volatility_stops.php

  10. agsuresh says:


    Hope you already saw the doc files I had sent to you on issues and improvements.

    Here is another one.

    Backtest : This opens a new chart window of a tested scrip even though a chart of the same is already open.

    The backtesting is done on certain hypothesis say crossover (sma 8, sma 14). However to know how this works we need to have those indicators too. probably the best way is to define a default chart (with indicators) and load the scrip chart with default template setting or mark the buy sell signal on the already opened chart (if it is open).

    So this requires three things (1) save chart as default template (2) load the default template (3) check if the chart of the testing scrip is already open and mark the signals on that chart window or else open a new window with the default template and mark the signals.

    Hope you understand. Marking signals on a plain chart is pretty useless.

    Secondly as the cursor is moved on a candle, its data should be displayed somewhere (I would prefer the right hand top corner).

    Most of these is already present in the nesttrader.

    hope you can incorporate some of these in the next update.

    • Suresh, read your feedback, thanks.

      The reason backtest doesn’t open on the same chart is because the backtesting period might be different compared to your chart. I don’t know if I am getting your question right, but on the backtest window you can drag the indicator window that opens in the center onto the price chart. Check this

    • For now, you will have to left click and move your cursor over a candle to see the OHLC. But by popular request, we will add crosshair soon.

    • sureshvasudev says:

      Could you please provide the provision to add Keltner channel indicator on top of the stock chart instead of a separate pane below. It being a channel like Bollinger, its place must be there.

      Now being rendered in a different pane it is very difficult to use this indicator


  11. anand hosur says:

    Please come out with best mobile app also. As some of the earlier posts also suggested. Its necessary for many of us.. plz do it..

  12. anand hosur says:

    If mobile beta version is available. .Then plz let me try it.

  13. jayanth says:

    things to do
    1) if i want to change time interval from 15 min to 10 min means i should switch on to new charts , if you can insert a time tool which can converts bar timings instantly
    2) when i open the pi on saturday at 10pm it open but chart was not coming
    3) if i put sell order it comes red down arrow, i can suggest you that when order is complete even the arrow should dis-apear and good thing is it tells us about the order completion
    4) when i tried to put order of nifty at 8088.50 i could not exactly click on 8088.50 and put order , when i tried for putting order at 8088.50 it comes with a price of 8085.70 and i could not change the price to 8088.50
    5) make sure that your pi and charts works 7 days a week, it helps zerodha to make monday turnover more and more bcoz if chart open on sat-sun means we can backtest our strategy and take position on monday
    1) best in india , cannot over take till 2020 from others
    2) cool and easy and user friendly
    this is what i felt about pi and we all support you zerodha great job keep going and cheers

    • 1. A little tricky because of the components we are using for charting, this will take time.
      2. Those issues will get sorted soon.
      3. Thanks, we will try to implement this.
      4. Will check this.
      5. yep, it should unless we are running some server maintenance.


  14. Aquif says:

    Hello Nithin……Must accept the features incorporated in PI are simply awesome and new. Especially like the Consensus Report. Wherein you can double check before executing a trade with all the stratgies that worked for you. However am afraid to say, with regards to customizations and ease of operations for beginners, PI is way behind Nest Trader and Trade Tiger. Ofcourse long way to go for PI since its still in Beta Stage. Am comparing it with Trade Tiger coz for charting i mainly used Trade Tiger over nest for 2 Main Reasons, No Supertrend in Nest and also i felt Trade Tiger is more user friendly.

    I would like to Sum up the positives from Both Nest and Tradetiger apart from some fresh suggestions, which if you can incorporate would probably make PI the most feature rich and User Friendly Software in India.

    Starting with with the easy to implement suggestions
    1) Customization in Nest is just about perfect with options to change background and font colour on almost all windows. However if not all, it would be great if you can atleast let people customize Marketwatch Background colour instead of themes as for me, Bright colours are uncomfortable to eyes and Zerodha Black theme does not have the right contrast. Also though you have option of Market Watch Font colour change….For some strange reasons it changed only font colour of some columns for me

    2) Nest has the option of adding deafult disclosed quantity and default Product type. Same can be incorporated in PI

    3) Order Book, Trade Book and Admin Positions open up in a different Tab in PI. I feel if you can by default set it to open as new window as in Nest or atleast provide an option in settings to open the same as either new window or as Tab by default, it can benefit those who place limits orders and have to frequently modify orders with changing price.

    4)Also after closing a Tab. Focus i feel should be set to Market Watch window instead of Immediate Next window

    5) Menu Icons bear just the symbols and not names…..Which makes it difficult atleast for those not trading frequently

    6) Also would it be possible to Set default order quantity as percentage of Available Margin? If not atleast is it possible to process an order by entering the Total Amount instead of Quantity? Ofcourse same can be applied only with Limit orders.

    7) There is no option for fixing Index Bar to the current window only….Currently it appears even if you minimize PI for some other work. We just have option to enable and disable same.

    8) Also could not find, write/Link Market Watch Data to excel option. Though not very sure if its already there.

    9) Coming to charts, Trade tiger has a feature where a tracker ball or cross-hair is used to determine the Highs, Lows, Open and Close of a candle, and corresponding Values of Volumes, RSI, Moving Averages etc. This becomes pretty handy

    10) Supertrend should be included.

    11) With current charts, If zoomed in, its very diffcult to move left to Right and vice versa unlike Trade tiger wherein u can just do it by left clicking and moving with mouse. Also zoom in and out can be done just by using “+” and “-” shortcuts.

    • 1. Letting you customize will take us some time. Will check out issue with font color change.
      2. Yes, we will get this done.
      3. You can move this around, can you check the video above.
      4. Hmm..
      5. Hmm.
      6. No, this wonโ€™t be
      7. There is, do check out the video above. Instead of using alt+tab, just minimize Pi application using (-)
      8. Not there presently.
      9. Yes getting crosshair
      10. Yep, soon
      11. Yep, but this will take some time.

      • PKJ says:


        Please provide customizable default order.For example quantity=50%*equity/Price,Order Type=SL etc.Also enabling Pi for excel will help a lot.
        Good thing that you are getting feedbacks actively.Keep improving the application.


  15. Dhawal says:

    Hello Sir,

    Can we run semi automated scripts in PI, same as we do in algoz in nestplus.
    If yes, then , can we place market orders in the scripts in PI ???

    Thanks and regards,

    • Yes, Pi is quite advanced. Market order is not possible as your triggers will be at a certain price. But what you could do in your strategy is to add a few points to your buy strategy and reduce a few for your sell strategy. So this should act as good as market orders for you.

  16. Ratnam says:

    Hello Nithin,

    You have showed arrow marks of buy order and sell order, have not shown stop loss order and will this be a paid software or free

  17. Nachiket says:

    Range bars would be of a great use if they are added to the existing bar types offerred. Backtesting capabilities on these different bar types that are being offerred would also be delightful, altough they’re tricky. A walk-forwad analysis functionality is really essential when analyzing strategies. Options strategy analyzer as well as options portfolio simulator would make this an ultimate trading platform.

  18. Nick Cheema says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is this trading platform free for all Zerodha account holders? I mean, paying for a trading platform will annoy the Zerodha clients quite a bit.


  19. Mony says:

    Hi Nithin,

    1. Please include the ‘Range Bars’ charting, its popular and widely used globally!

    2. When you include CO orders, could you please also add Trigger % field [which again could be stored in cache so there is no need to type trigger % everytime], this will help ease and cut-down time & labour for placing CO by Intraday Traders on v. faster tf’s … Since Pi is an in-house development, I guess this could be done easier/quicker than with the vendor…

    3. Tools/User Preferences for Order Management (as in NEST) missing in Pi, for pre-configuring Orders & other variables/features…..

    4. Can you add this excellent feature… ability to place orders when on other screens (like on other charting platforms/screens), by making the quick-order panel detachable from Pi, (like the Market Index window) ?


  20. Aman Sharma says:

    Feedback for PI:

    1. Drawings (trendlines,text etc.) made on higher time-frame should be available on
    lower time-frame.
    2. Beside being easy to zoom, chart area should also be draggable or movable up/down, left/right.
    This would allow us to view nearest support/resistance without zooming in or out.

    There could be two ways to do that:
    a.) Left/right drag could be assigned to scroll-bar of touch-pad(wheel of mouse),
    up/down drag could be assigned to Price axis.
    b.) Most convenient way would be to enable chart drag using event: double click and drag.

    3. Also provide toolbox for drawable chart objects. Going through the chart menu every time we need to draw something on chart is such hassle.

    4. Enable copy-paste on chart objects. In some scenarios it’s more convenient to make a parallel copy of existing trend-line.

    5. Already drawn chart drawings/studies disappears on reloading the chart. Those should persist or else there should be a way to save them.

    6. We should be able to lock the workspace just like we can on Nest.

    7. And also I’m getting a lot of these unhandled exceptions. Users should not be facing them.

    8. Chart templates are not working.

  21. Karthik says:

    Hi Nithin – Do you PSAR indicator on Pi?


  22. Snake.Head says:

    Start up Screen stay there can’t do anything,but marketwatch is updating quotes.Have to End task to get Pi Closed.
    Sometimes it show error while loading chart.
    @nitin i have submit feedback on form do i need to re-submit it again here.

  23. Mehul Mishra says:

    Will the web version have all these features too ?
    Also will they be release together or will the web version take more time ?

  24. Arvind Sharma says:

    Plz provide tick charts and range charts in PI. It will be very useful feature for active traders like me.

  25. kiran_25 says:

    Hi Team,

    Here is my feedback.
    1. Candle formation times.
    Why are candles starting at odd times? When I wanted to see 15 min chart, it shows 10:12, or something like that. This gives me a wrong candle stick analysis. In Pi it shows a hanging man, but in NEST it shows a spinning top(I crosschecked with another charting platform traderscockpit).

    2. On launching Pi and pressing tab(to go to password), it freezes for a moment.(I know this is required to load the Secure Image). But it kinda feels awkward to have application freezed. In similar scenario Nest kinda transition is OK(where we press “Go” button and then it loads).

    3. Spelling mistake in secret questions.

    4. Market watch tabs are not available. Is only single Market watch tab planned?

    5. It would be better to provide interval changing in chart directly, instead of loading another chart.

    Pi looks promising. Hope to see more and more features.

  26. Sagar Kadam says:

    I want to beta test test the software. Also reconcile should be automatic rather than manual.

  27. bpr says:

    Zerodha regarding OHLC window couple of requests

    2 Decimal only

    Make sure the price should show only upto 2 decimal. 3 decimal not needed makes it difficult to Read. This suggestion is applicable for throughout the application.

    Scrip Name Redundant
    Also the scrip name is not required. In this case “NIFTY14OCTFUT” is redundant and makes it cumbersome to read the OHLC window.
    You can give a option to remove the name here.

    X Y Coordinates Optional
    X Y coordinates interesting but give user option whether he wants to show it or not.

    Indicator Short names and make it optional too
    Also for the indicators instead of “Exponential Moving Average” short names like “EMA” will be preferable.

    Also what if there are 15 indicators on the chart the tooltip will be too big. A option should be given to the user to show the indicator values or not.

    Also Volume is missing
    Should show Volume for each candle.

    Finally what I am looking for
    Pi should allow the user to configure the OHLC window to display as follows.

    Open: 7829.00
    High: 7834.00
    Low: 7825.60
    Close: 7826.00
    Volume: 13500

    Hope not too difficult to change.

  28. SONJOE JOSEPH says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Good Morning….just few things for your information before the Pi is released officially. Points noted below:-

    1. Please provide historical charts of the indices & scrips for at least 3 yrs. This will help traders to know the direction of the script.
    2. I didn’t find any dates on the charts below. LIke Amibroker Pi should provide date wise charts.
    3. Do include a cross hair on the charts.
    4. Does Expert Adviser of Pi is compatible with MT4 Expert Adviser. Say if i download lots of free expert adviser of MT4 from the net and try to run it in Pi will it work.
    4. Do provide a demo trading account permanently for all Zerodha cleints. If ICICI direct can provide why can’t Zerodha?
    5. Please get rid of this coding system for strategies and scanners. Come out with a concept called XpertAdvisor unlike we have in ChartNexus charting software. This will help even people who don’t know even coding concepts to create their own strategies and scanners.
    6. In the chart itself it would be nice to have buttons of 15, 30, 1hr, 2hr, 4hr, Daily, Weekly & Monthly charts so that we can watch each chart little more faster.

    Hope you will take note of this things and come with a more processional Pi before its grand release.


    Sonjoe Joseph

    • 1. You will get 50,000 candles, so if you look at 1hr you will get for 50,000 hours. 3 years of 1 min intraday data is over 3lk candles, won’t really be practical.
      2. Yep makes sense
      3. Yep
      4. We are working on an MQL importer, will take some time.
      5. Yep
      6,7: These require some drastic changes. Can’t really give a timeline on this.

  29. Venkatesh V says:


    My quick feedback/clarifications with PI

    1) I find under settings, timeout for PI terminal timeout can be specified to any digits e.g. 999999….does this mean can i keep the terminal active for the whole market hours?

    2) i want to know , whether the script based alerts works even when the terminal is locked?

    3) I do not find Script based alerts (Buy/Sell Signals) be sent over Email & SMS? This is a vital feature that need to be incorporated for remote users like me.

    4) I found some strange behavioiurs as far as AMO orders are concerned

    a) first i tried to place an AMO order and later tried to modify, though it is showing that it is modified however i still see the same order with value i entered first time.
    b) i then cancelled the AMO order
    c) AGain i attempted to modify the cancelled AMO order, to my surprise it allows to modify or cancel once again a cancelled order.

    Need to know your Actions/thoughts on this


  30. Kripal Rayjada says:


    have not gone through all comments so not sure if some one already suggested…

    1. Not able to draw trendlines during market hours.
    2. There is something wrong with bar timings. I use hourly bars but not getting hourly bars properly. Bar close time should be like 9:30 to 10:30 or 9:00 to 10:00. It would be preferable if bar time can be customized as per user’s wish like amibroker. I personally use close of 9:30 to 10:30.

    And yes, Pi is a very nice trading terminal. But charting needs lots of improvisations.

  31. Alpesh Patel says:

    Getting only 2 bars of Nifty Fut and option on 5 min chart at 11:57 am after several attempt of reconcile.

  32. RAHUL says:

    @ zerodha take some serious concerns about cleaned data for first minute of trading like icharts. here is some concerns which icharts taken .

    Intraday open/high/low does not match with ODIN/Terminal data
    Here are the possible reasons why sometimes the Open / High / Low / Close of intraday charts does not match with what you see on ODIN or other broker terminals:

    1. Few big trades (block deals) take place before market open before you & I can begin to trade. The quotes from these trades do not come through our data feed, they are only passed on to the terminals (ODIN etc). That is why you will see this difference in Open/High/Low at market open.

    2. During the day NSE’s trades management system does few automatic trades throughout the day for “price adjustment”. These trades usually happen during sudden volatile moves or at price extremes. The quotes from these trades also show up only on terminals and do not come through our data feed.

    3. Our data feed stops at/around 15:30 hrs. The adjusted closing price is not reflected in our intraday charts. This is the reason why you will see a difference in our closing price (in intraday data).

    4. Our EOD charts are updated with the official NSE bhavcopy which includes the quotes from all the above mentioned trades and also the adjusted close. That is why you see a difference in OHLC from EOD vs intraday.

    but it’s perplexing why everyone else apart from icharts gives this ‘raw’ NSE data which has block trades etc.After going through many historical charts using 1 min NSE data, my sense is icharts data gives better levels and so better results.

  33. kumar says:

    I didn’t tested pi . it will be helpful if you add a sound alert to pi when internet connection is off because often here net connection problems and lost so many trades and have not enough time to see or monitor market watch

  34. H.C. says:

    Dear, Nitin,
    You are very passionate & hardworking CEO of Zerodha. It is good to see a CEO is replying at 2 AM night.

    Here is my little suggestion for PI which can gave us a new edge:-
    Presently only Interactive Brokers and icharts.in is providing 30 secs time frame data which is very helpful during high volatility & in small range bound situations etc when fast trading is required.

    You can think of last 10 days of intraday data (20 days is more than enough) in 30 sec time frames with Pi. As Pi is in house software and highly customizable, you can try to implement 30 sec time frame (later). Then, we can get 90 sec, 150 sec faster time frames too, which can give us little earlier signal than usual 2 min, 3 min charts. This can help some fast day traders and generate more volumes for Zerodha too. Please think of it.

    Best Wishes,
    Happy Trading.

  35. vikrant Dighe says:

    As you said BO and Co will be added Soon..
    So can we Place BO directly through Charts?

  36. sujay1803 says:

    NITIN i need stochastic buy and sell code for backtesting in Pi i.e. when any stock get recovered and %k &%d crosses each other above 40 means buy and when its falling and again %d &%k crosses each other below 80 means sell could you please make it possible

  37. Mony says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Would you Please make available โ€˜Market Orderโ€™ option for Entries (Buy/Sell) in Bracket Order (BO)!



  38. Mony says:


    Can we also import MQL (.mq4/.ex4) indicators into Pi ?
    would they be as accurate as on MT4?

    Thanks a lot!
    Best Regards,

  39. Sumanth says:

    Congrats Nithin on the release and i feel really very happy to be one of the beta users of PI.I have few clarifications still like:

    1. Is there any basket/spread orders available on PI ?

    2.Payout option on PI?

    3. Does the software work on Apple MAC ? Will the mobile application also be updated with the PI release i.e something advanced like PI mobile?

    4. We have to use the web margin calculator or will it be synced with PI ? Also the Q back office cause it may help us to know the buy/sell price.

    5. Any reason for it being called the Avante grade it’s just that i’m quiet curious ๐Ÿ™‚

    6.Lastly, the release date of the PI platform.

    Cheers team

    • 1. Not for now
      2. Yes, but that links you to Q from where you can place a withdrawal
      3. No, this is only Windows. We are working on a new html front end for mobile/web.
      4. hmm we can give links to SPAN calculator within Pi. Your open positions/demat holdings gets its acquisition price from Q.
      5. Avant garde – new and experimental ideas and methods ๐Ÿ˜‰
      6 Hopefully before this month end for everyone.

  40. JEETH says:

    hey Nitin,
    was waiting for launch of PI eagerly. just came to know that its only window base. devastated. I am using mac and am aware many of zerodhites are using mac too.. why so biased for windows. there is no software for mac users. why dont you make PI compatible with mac. I am seriously feeling bad for no initiatives being taken for mac users.Pl work on to benefit all your users.

    • Jeeth, unfortunately in India the penetration of MAC in the trading community is very very less and hence most financial platforms in India not compatible with Mac. That said we are also working on our new web based platform which should work on MAC.

    • Nifty Tracker says:

      Use VMWare Fusion to run windows applications on Mac. But I dunno if one require a plugin from Zerodha to connect to the windows running inside the Mac.

  41. Nathan says:

    1.What are the MAs available on Pi ? like ( EMA , WMA , VIDYA , AMA )
    2.Please post a list of indicators available in Pi .
    3.Is the coding as easy as Easylanguage ?
    4.When a buy or sell signal comes let it not repeat til the opposite signal occurs . Amibroker uses “ExRem ” for this .
    5.Range bars is a must . Please ensure that .

  42. Hems says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have opened a trading account with Zerodha.

    I am a fast intraday trader. With Pi do we have the facility to trade on the chart using bracket order or a cover order.
    Since for a bracket order there are 4 things required .. Entry Value, Stop Loss Value, Target Value and also the position size value which is very important as a trader which will be derived by the stop loss value and the amount that i am ready to risk per trade.
    I trade on a 1 min or a 3 min chart. And there is very less time to fill all these details. By the time i fill all the details…the price goes away and i miss my trade.

    Can we have a facility to trade from the chart with all these values automatically filled in the bracket order. eg.. 3 different coloured lines …for Entry , SL and Target. And on the chart if i click on the entry line ALL the values are filled in automatically.

    Also a pre defined risk setting..say i set it for Rs100 or 200 or more. So that the position size also get automatically filled and i manually execute the order.

  43. Hems says:

    Hi Nithin,

    1) DO we have CO and BO on Pi
    2) Can we have Open High Low and Close details on the chart easily — this will help for fast decision taking on a trade.
    3) Can we have setting where i can put my limit to risk per trade .
    4) Can we have my personal setting of charts saved as template–which will save time to load the charts all the time.
    5) If i mark my with few notes on the 60 minute chart..can that be see on lower time frame charts as well for the same script. This will help for fast decision. ALSO the trend on different times frame s are mostly different. This marking will help me to understand the chart better and take a call on the trade.
    6) Kindly allow text and tools marked on X time frame say daily chart to be carry forwarded on smaller time frame.

    Thank You.

  44. Sudesh says:

    Can we BUY/SELL from the charts directly? Also, can we place Stop Loss and Target from chart directly?

  45. 5udesh says:

    How to be a beta tester for PI? I’m interested in becoming one.

  46. K R ANAND says:

    Dear Nithin ji,
    Thanks and congratulations!
    I have been waiting for this platform for several months. I appreciate that official launch will take some time but, please allow me to use its testing version at the earliest. I will be really grateful.
    Further, I have made requests many times to your colleagues via phone that the new software must have two famous indicators – SUPERTREND and BAR PIVOT.
    I hope you will make sure that these two indicators are accommodated in Pi.
    Thanks again.

  47. Arti says:

    Hello Nitin,
    in algoZ only semi automated trade was possible, but video of pi looks very promising, if i login as a dealer, would it be possible to cancel or modify a particular order through script (fully automated trade) ?
    is this feature available in pi ?
    can i be part of this beta testing ?

  48. Ratnam says:

    Dear Nithin ji,
    Importing of AFL into Pi would solve most of the traders’s coding, back testing problems and most of the day traders who are looking for a 2020 trading platform where this type of features I think, please look into this video. I too also vote for range bars, I think in this official release these features are going to be added.

    Thanks again.

  49. gilari says:

    I also vote for the range bars.Actually ,at the begining of the project,I have requested for the range bar.
    I know that range bar require the tick data and you are providing data of one minute stamp updating at intervel seconds.
    But with this data Ninja trader is able to make RANGE BARS ,while Amibroker fail to do so.
    The reason behind it is that NT has a data base of CLOSE and it keep close of each second in it and it is equalent to tick data
    I think PI can also try that way

  50. Nachiket says:

    Nithin, if you guys haven’t started on the web version yet, I’d suggest that you take a look at NetDania’s Netstation. It’s outstanding!

  51. Sivaranjani says:

    How much historical EOD data & IEOD data we will get in PI platform. Whether we will be getting market depth window in PI.

    • Yes marketdepth/snapquote is shown in the video. We are looking at providing upto 50000 candles, so if you are looking at 1 min 50000 candles of 1 min, and if you are looking at 1 hr – 50000 candles of 1 hour.

  52. ragendth says:

    When can we expect the PI version..? eagerly waiting for it..:)..If web version can be implemented within 2-3 months time that would be really great..as during office time might not be able to open PI ๐Ÿ˜‰

  53. Varesh says:

    Hello Nitin,

    Thanks for this nice software, I am eagerly waiting for this in my hands.

    Just few suggestions,

    1) Could you please give more brightness as well as multiple color choosing facility for all the indicators as some time it find dull.
    2) Could you please have Volume as color coded rather than dull color now, it is not eye pleasing one.
    3) I don’t see any section in video for Options like automatic greek calculations, CHGOI, MAX OI, MAX Pain calculation, Option Price calculator etc. I hope you already considered these.
    4) Also for alert section, is it possible for me to get offline alerts as SMS etc. if once I code, back test and kept live particular strategy on my software login, later I need not to keep this open all the time?


    • 1. We will give these options in the future in user settings.
      2. same as above
      3. Yes presently there is no option calculator.
      4. We are working on integrating email alerts, yeah you will have to keep this open to get the alert.

  54. binu says:


    is there KST indicator in pi

    ROCMA1 = 10-Period SMA of 10-Period Rate-of-Change

    ROCMA2 = 10-Period SMA of 15-Period Rate-of-Change

    ROCMA3 = 10-Period SMA of 20-Period Rate-of-Change

    ROCMA4 = 15-Period SMA of 30-Period Rate-of-Change

    KST Line = (RoCMA1 x 1) + (RoCMA2 x 2) + (RoCMA3 x 3) + (RoCMA4 x 4)

    Signal Line = 9-period SMA of KST

  55. binu says:


    can we make our own indicators

    IndicatorName = ‘Psychological ‘;
    Layout = Separated;

    Psyho: TLineGraph;
    period, i: Integer;
    psy1: real;
    instr, time_int: string;
    LinesColor: TColor;

    procedure CreateSettings;
    AddSetting(‘candle_period’, ‘Number of candles’, ’12’);
    AddSetting(‘instrmnt’, ‘Instrument’, ”);
    AddSetting(‘time_interval’, ‘Time interval’, ”);
    AddSetting(‘color’, ‘Color’, ‘clBlue’);
    AddSetting(‘linescolor’, ‘Lines Color’, ‘clYellow’);

    procedure ApplySettings;
    Period := StrToInt(GetSetting(‘candle_period’));
    Psyho.Color := StrToColor(GetSetting(‘color’));
    LinesColor := StrToColor(GetSetting(‘linescolor’));
    SetTitle(‘Psychological Line: period = ‘ + GetSetting(‘candle_period’));

    procedure Init;

    Psyho := TLineGraph.Create();

    procedure Recalculate;
    i: Integer;
    for i := 0 to SourceGraph.Count – 1 do
    end; // Recalculate

    function Psy(ValueIndex:Integer):double;
    var i:integer;
    for i:=1 to (period) do
    if ValueIndex-i-1>0 then
    if SourceGraph.CloseValue(ValueIndex-i)>SourceGraph.CloseValue(ValueIndex-i-1) then Ind:=Ind+1;


    procedure Add(const ValueIndex: Integer);
    var LastTime: TDateTime;

    Psyho.AddXY(SourceGraph.XValue(ValueIndex)-1, Psy(ValueIndex));
    if ValueIndex > SourceGraph.Count-2 then
    if (Psy(ValueIndex)>=75) and (Psy(ValueIndex-1)<75) and (SourceGraph.DateTime(ValueIndex)LastTime) then
    ShowMessage(‘Maybe it is time to sell ‘ + instr + ‘. See ‘ + time_int + ‘ chart’);
    LastTime := SourceGraph.DateTime(ValueIndex);

    if (Psy(ValueIndex)25) and (SourceGraph.DateTime(ValueIndex)LastTime) then
    ShowMessage(‘Maybe it is time to buy ‘ + instr + ‘. See ‘ + time_int + ‘ chart’);
    LastTime := SourceGraph.DateTime(ValueIndex);


    procedure Draw;
    Height, Y: Integer;
    Height := Bottom – Top;
    Canvas.Pen.Color := LinesColor;
    Y := Bottom – Round(0.25 * Height);
    Canvas.Line(Left, Y, Right, Y);
    Y := Bottom – Round(0.75 * Height);
    Canvas.Line(Left, Y, Right, Y);

  56. RAHUL says:

    @NITHIN do you have taken any steps to provide cleaned data for first minute of trading like icharts.like filtering raw data of block deals which take place before market open before you & I can begin to trade.
    if data gives better levels and so better results.

  57. Arun says:

    Is there a possibility where the user can modify orders by shift the order symbol/line in the chart by dragging??

  58. Siva says:

    Will we be able to push data feeds from terminal to amibroker ? to get RT data ?

  59. Nathan says:

    Mr.Nithin ,
    1.Which charting applications will have a bridge with Pi ? ( Metastock , Amibroker, Ninja Trader, MT4 ?)
    2.If there is a bridge can the signals created in them be reflected as orders in Pi ?
    3. If so do they need manual confirmation ?

    • 1. It is ready for Amibroker. We will have MT4 soon, and then Ninja.
      2. Yes.
      3. If you are a retail client, yes manual confirmation is required. But we will give you an option to automate as well (you will have to become an authorized person with us for this). We are working on simplifying the process to automate.

  60. Siva says:

    1. Zoom in and zoom out should be like amibroker with zoom buttons and horizontal scroll bar or like netdania trade station with mouse scroll to zoom and hand tool to move the chart and not like nest which is really bad.

    2. I feel trade from chart should have a line for buy, line for sell with the number/value on top say 7850 and not just small arrows. Because later if I want to see at what price I bought Nifty I should be able to read it from chart and not go to the trade book or order book as it deteriorates the point of chart trading

    3. The value must be editable in the buy/sell pop up box as we may not be able to click in the exact place sometimes say I want to buy at 7855 but when I click it shows 7860 if I click little below it shows 7850.

    4. Market index box shows when we switch tabs is a sweet touch

    5. Removing indicator can be like amibroker as it will be easy

    6. We should have the option to add Chart tools in the toolbar like how it is with amibroker. As it will be difficult to every time use the menu dropdown. There is empty space in the vertical left corner and horizontal top right corner below the index box these empty spaces can be put to use.

  61. vinaynp24 says:

    hi Nithin, I always find this issue when i have to post some observation in zconnect. I always forced to post the queries in other threads. could you please create/group different categories like Zerodha portal, Trading Tools, Back Office, Please consider this. coming to the issue i like to inform is related to your web portal. I observe only few pages of zerodha.com website is made compatible to mobile devices. After opening the website in mobile and if i want to check the margin required, these pages are not allied properly. On clicking calculate a popup window will show the allowed MIS and NRML lots. This window cannot be scrolled or neither fits the mobile window. so these features are not useable in mobile devices. The same issue exists for span page also. Please do the needful.

  62. Jeetu says:

    Really fascinated by all the new features in PI & quite curious to explore them. Thank you for putting up a great terminal guys, although a few suggestions.
    1. It would be great to have links on the toolbar which can load lists of all the NFO & BFO contracts of the nearest expiry. Otherwise, it would be very cumbersome to add them manually one by one. Similarly, you could also incorporate such links for sector & index wise list of stocks / F&O contracts.
    2. I hope users can save chart templates as well as layouts of their respective windows.
    3. It would be wonderful to have shortcut keys for drawing tools such as horizontal & vertical lines on the charts.
    4. Crosshair is quite evidently on top of the list of demands & rightly so.
    5. It would be great to have a small section in the chart itself to change the time intervals. Or, there could be shortcut keys for each time interval.
    6. Is it possible for the โ€˜Buyโ€™ & โ€˜Sellโ€™ windows to show the Best Bid & Best Ask prices automatically & then users could simply click on say โ€˜+โ€™ / โ€˜-โ€˜ keys so as to change the prices in the multiples of 0.05 or 0.10 (there could be other keys for higher multiples). I am borrowing this idea from US stock exchange terminals which makes placing orders a very simple task. This would eliminate the need to the change the entire price by entering the digits all by yourself. Also, considering, most of us place orders closer to the bid & ask.
    7. Are the following indicators present already?
    i. ROC
    ii. Coppock Curve
    iii. Detrended Price Oscillator
    iv. Elliot Wave Oscillator
    v. ADX
    8. Also, it would be very easy to move about in the chart by just scrolling with the mouse to zoom in / out & by simply dragging using the left click of the mouse to move left / right in the chart screen.

  63. Vishal Patil says:

    The Pi platform looks great. Wanted to use neural network and Genetic Algorithms based implementation since 2 years. Hoping you launch it fast.

    1 question:
    Every where you mention it will be avialable for all active clients. what exactly is active clients?

  64. dinesh says:

    Nitin can you add option strategy builder for option for option trading for hedging the positions

  65. binu says:


    I heard that in pi there is indices are seen…

    if msci indexes is available in pi.

    thank you.

  66. agsuresh says:


    Backtest facility.

    I had asked to load the chart with default chart template set by the user.

    This was to verify the how the script works.

    You had provided an excellent method by displaying all the data in the graphical mode. However It took me some time because, these where practically hidden at the bottom of the screen.

    It would be useful if you can align the panels equally.

    Secondly time scale is not displayed. This help us to quickly identify the points.

    Chart navigation has to improve a lot.

    Hope this helps you.

  67. agsuresh says:

    I am wondering why normal line style is not provided for charting? This is better to plot the study lines (with only closing prices) instead of the bars or candles with highs & lows.

  68. Karthik says:

    Nithin – couple of things for you rinsights
    (i) If we are developing our own Algo with full automation, can we work with the API you have provided us and use Pi? or is there any other things we need to be thinking about?
    (ii) With respect to options chain – will be able to view the option chain with expiry dates in organized manner similar to (thinkorswim or interactive brokers)
    (iii) Is the historical data downloadable through API or DDE?

    Thanks for your attention.

    • 1. Yes, you can use the bridge for full automation (it is really simple). But for automation, you will need to become an authorized person with us. Check this post. I will have this post updated, the entire process will be a lot more simpler and cheaper on Pi.

      • Karthik says:

        Nithin – what about (ii) and (iii)

      • Karthik says:

        Hi Nithin – My account is currently getting opened and will be set up with a dealer terminal . My Algo is in the process of completion using C++ and will be going in for mock session during first week of November. Can you please talk about this bridge and what you are referring to? Is this different from the API document your team has provided to me?

        • 2&3 No for now.

          Yes this is different from the API document our team has provided. This is quite simple, your application will just have to send orders to the socket that we will provide on Pi. If you are an authorized person, the trades can be automated, if not it will be semi auto.

  69. Karthik says:

    Nithin – One more thing forgot to ask –

    When I am using multi-monitor set up with multiple charts and multiple time frames on my charts –

    Have you provided the “linking” of charts so that when I change the symbol, all the related lower time frame charts automatically change to that symbol.

    I am sure you have taken care of it but just wanted to confirm. I would like to be a beta tester if you are planning to release.

    Thanks in advance.

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ No karthik, this will not be possible for now.

      • Karthik says:

        Really, that would suck. I am using TradeTiger..having a hard time to punch in the symbols on all lower time frames say, if i am using 5, 15,30, 60, Daily, Weekly, Monthly charts together.

        It would be great if you could reconsider that. It would help folks who are using multiple monitors and active day traders.

  70. Azam Ali says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am happy to know that you are launching such an advanced application. I thank to your staff and you for such an wonderful experience with Zerodha. I am waiting for Pi.

  71. rupinder says:


    Congratulations for your effort. I wanted to know that is there will be a facility of API similiar to what IB offers in India where can connect our own built application to PI.

    If yes, can you give some timelines for the same.

    Zerodha User

    • The bridge that we will provide will help you connect Pi to your custom application. It is not exactly like what IB has, but very similar. The bridge will be out for Ami soon, for your custom application might take a bit.

  72. pradeep says:

    Most of the time it gives “Error: The underlying connection was closed. A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server” and I am unable to login.
    I have even seen workaround for this is, open up Zerodha Trader and then try to open PI keeping zerodha trader open, then it works and automatically Zerodha trader gets closed. Can this be resolved.

  73. tejas says:

    hello sir,
    abhi account open kiya to mujhe pi software mil sakta hai kya.
    and mai direct chart me se buy/sell one click se kar sakta hu kya.
    order dalte waqt its necessary to enter stop loss ot target.

  74. binu says:


    in pi if we an see ask & bid rates in chart`s l

  75. Niranjan says:

    How to be a beta tester for PI?

  76. RAHUL says:

    For now we will print the ticks we see from 9.15 am, filtering raw data and all is quite tricky and not something that most people will like.

    but still data is freak..

  77. RAHUL says:


  78. Nathan says:

    1. What is the maximum number of scrips in a Watchlist in Pi ?
    2. If we have a strategy in place should we open each scrip’s chart and apply them ?
    Instead if we are able to Ctrl+select many scrips in watchlist and apply strategy then it will save time and energy .
    Rgds .

  79. vishyvishy says:

    I wish PI to replace Amibroker Need completely hence suggesting few things below,
    1. I am a multiple time frame trader. I want PI to show 4 charts 10min, 30 min, 60min and EOD as shown in the attached image.
    All charts are supposed to change for a given new scrip selected.There is a beautiful option in amibroker->Right Click on chart->Symbol Link option which does this trick.
    Please incorporate this in Pi so that I wont need to use Amibroker at all.
    2. Amibroker has a Fantastic watch list and Scrip selection panes.Can we have the same in zerodha PI?
    3. In amibroker we can navigate between scrips simply by using keyboard arrow keys & home end pg up down buttons which is super convenient for a trader. Can we expect the same in zerodha PI?
    4. Amibroker Lacks auto scrip changer facility. I mean for a day trader if the Price charts are change after specific time interval and if a trader can view them one by one say after 15 seconds interval, this would be fantastic. I wish this feature of scrip change to be implemented in zerodha PI
    5. Latest metatrader shows at white price level or avg price level you are holding a scrip. This is done by drawing a horizontal line on chart automatically after taking a trade entry. I wish same in zerodha.
    6. I wish Line based entry and stoploss entry possible in zerodha.I mean a traders draws a buy level horizontal line and clicking an entry button on the side gives you the relevant order window like buy sell short cover depending upon type of line you have drawn on chart (color based).
    7. I wish PI has Market profile Indicator included in standard set of indicators.
    8. I wish PI give me last 1 year EOD data at least.

    • Karthik says:

      Vishy nice thoughts. I previously requested on your #1 on charts with multiple time frames. That would be a tremendous help if they could put that functionality.

      • vishyvishy says:

        Thanks & sorry for again asking same request made by you about multiple time-frames. There are simply no words to describe the usefulness of this multi timeframe facility in any charting/trading application. I wish Nitin & his team implement only this thing if not the other requests of mine …because of its paramount significance for a day trader like me.

        • There is an option to open multi timeframes Vishy, just that you have to setup these 4 time frames yourself for now. For now there is no feature to open 4 time frames at the same time for a selected scrip. But that said, you can manually add as many time frames that you want.

          • vishyvishy says:

            I dont mind setting up these 4 timeframe initially, that would be a one time job. but if there be a feature linking them to a single currently selected scrip then that would be awesome thing.That would simply end my all charting requirements from PI.

          • Karthik says:

            I echo Vishy’s comments below. It would be helpful linking the charts.

          • vishyvishy says:

            Nitinji If linking one scrip to many charts is not possible or feasible right now then please gives us a Nice Amibroker Bridge with 30-45 days Intraday 1 or 5 min data backfill and 1 year EOD backfill (Automatic if possible). That’s all. We will manage with this.Thanks.

          • vishyvishy says:

            OK, then please consider my #1 feature request seriously

  80. Pradeep says:

    the moment we open random walk index PI will crash.

  81. Venkatesh V says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Few more Feedback and suggestions.

    1) Technical indicators on charts :- At present i have to manually slide the list box to get my desired indicator, instead if i just type “E” it should list all technical indicators starting with E. as Its quite cumbersome at present to choose my desired indicator.

    2) same above concept to be applied for any list box selection in PI

    3) At present i could able to see and configure only a single market watch, when would be the facility to configure multiple market watch would be available?


  82. stock hunter says:

    Hi Nithin, It is not good idea keep on changing Contract note format.It creating lot of problem one who maintain trades in accounting software…last three months you guys made lot of changes. My accounting software provider already changed two times…so again i want to request them is not easy especially they are not based in India. Please do the needful in future


  83. suraj.suresh says:

    Feedback on Pi. I have just started to try it out and it has some amazing features. Currently i found out a few glitches. One is the tick box in toolbar options. I am not able to see the name of the option next to the tick box. I have attached an image. Second one is that the technical indicator drop down is not arranged in alphabetical order and if there is a search option like how we search the script name it will be east to search the indicator.
    Thank you.

    • suraj.suresh says:

      One more thing is that the order book columns does not have the best fit option and filter order options. Someone have already reported this.

  84. Pradeep says:

    What happened from 8:34 pm to 8:48 pm today (17th Oct 14), was looking @ crude oil and suddenly everything went blank. There were no candles shown and price action was not even seen in snap quote. Checked in zerodha trader too, it was the same issue

  85. SONJOE JOSEPH says:

    Dear Nithin,

    I would be happy if you can come up with a small bridge were we can connect Pi (terminal trading data) to the Amibroker charting software. This will be useful to a hell no of traders who use Amibroker, so that they can get rid of third party data source which charge for the data at a high price. Another advantage is that we will get live charts as well we can place order from the charts through Amibroker. There should be a facility to backup the charts or automated so that we can get even Daily, weekly, Monthly and historical charts.

    Hope your team will work on this and come out with the bridge.

  86. guru says:

    Hi Nithin,

    any chance to add me as a beta version tester??

  87. vivek says:

    so the bridge doesnt print candles on ami/mt4/ninja… coz it wud put authorised data vendors out of business and would be kind of illegal
    all it does is provide buy/sell signals(assuming semi auto method)? how does it work?
    will mt4 be blank

    becoming an authorised person(in order to automate) requires not only money but an NFCM certification. right?

    • Vivek, if you have strategies on Ami/Meta/anything else, you can in your strategy code give the socket to where the order has to be sent. If it is semi-auto, a buy/sell window pops up and if you are in complete auto, it will get executed automatically. We are doing certain things to simplify and reduce costs on autotrading .

      • vivek says:

        so ami/mt4/ninja acts more like a functionality addon for pi…..just like firefox addons extend firefox’s functionalities.
        and so if someone knows how to talk to(program) ami, the bridge translates that into a language that pi can understand. the bridge is a translator

        besides pi will also allow auto trading like never before. thts nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Nithin

    What is The Difference Between From Full Automation ZERODHA PI VS OMNESYS API ?

    With out Amibroker Platform Software Can We AFL Code try to run it in ZERODHA PI will it work ?

    We Are Need GFDL Data & Plugin For Amibroker order Send To ZERODHA PI ?

    And Scanners An Group Scanners For Intraday & Historical With own strategies & Custom Indicator Witch Buy/Sell Signal
    We Are Got Signal in The charts & Scanner directly Place ORDER To Exchange Single Click OR Automatic ?

    • Like I just mentioned: If you have strategies on Ami/Meta/anything else, you can in your strategy code give the socket to where the order has to be sent. If it is semi-auto, a buy/sell window pops up and if you are in complete auto, it will get executed automatically. We are doing certain things to simplify and reduce costs on autotrading .

    • RAJESH J says:

      Pleas Give Me Details Scanner directly Place ORDER To Exchange Single Click OR Automatic ?

  89. prabit says:

    Dear Nithin, Thanks and Congratulations for Pi. It is a big leap for u and zerodha. I would like to see lines on the chart, horizontal and vertical, in Pi.
    1. horizontal and vertical lines showing time and value.
    2. daywise pivot, support, resistance level including historical for study.

  90. Nachiket says:

    What happens to i3 now? The execution algos?

  91. Sanjay says:

    If we are able to use the custom MT4 indicators (ex4, mq4) in Zerodha Pi that will be really great.

  92. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Nithin
    Can We Scanning Stock Alpha & Beta Value on PI &
    We Are Taken Earlier PULSE Codes Work With PI ?

  93. Mr. P says:


    I think with IB and Sharekhan the facility to use BO with market order is present. So if you push hard for it, you may get the approval for it the same as well. Maybe there is some server or especial software requirement for it!

    Best Regards

  94. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Nithin
    You Said Earlier Super Trend Are Work IT PI So
    Can We other AFL Codes Are Put IT & Use With out Amibroker Software ON ZERODHA PI ?

  95. arti says:

    hello, nithin,

    1. if i login as dealer ,can i script automated trades in Pi for multiple accounts as of family & friends ?

    • Arti, one of those things we stay away as Zerodha is to let 1 person place orders on behalf of others. Yes we will let you automate if you are an authorized person, but only for yourself.

  96. Hems says:

    1)When is PI going to be launched.
    2) We were told in October end by call center, then Diwali…. now they are saying something else. Kindly let us know when is PI going to be launched.


  97. Can i participate on the Pi beta testing..on automating the trades based on technical analysis?

    I am not a zerodha client currently..but wishing to be..
    please send me the deatils to my mail id

  98. do you have montly weekly nand daily pivot on pi?

  99. Navaneeth says:

    I am basically trade based on MA’s. And I don’t see Double EMA & Triple EMA on indicators list. Pls consider adding it.


  100. Navaneeth says:

    And of course, Take bow for this mammoth task.

  101. Rudharan says:

    Hi Nithin ,

    Just found that Pi is using enormous amount of Net bandwidth when compared to Nest .
    Attached image shows that Pi uses a lot of Bandwidth , Both the platform ran with same no of scrips , with no charts open and used only as Trading terminal.
    Could you please explain why that much of difference in Usage.

    Regards ,


  102. tpanja says:

    Do u provide Index data or chart in market watch in Pi ( like Nifty cash or Bank nifty cash) ?

  103. Vashima says:

    Can you provide with Pi End of the day report, wherein we can have access of past data of at-least NIFTY & SENSEX (if not all) like closing prices, volumes, RSI numbers, P/E ratio, link to PULSE for News / corporate actions, etc. etc…..

    • If these are technical indicators that you are looking for, all you have to do is just backtest your strategy and you will get all the past data like RSI, volumes etc. Will run a few posts on how to use these tools soon.

  104. Nathan says:

    Happy Diwali to Zerodha Team !

  105. vijay says:

    @nithin…hi nithin. i’ve just joined zerodha. frankly,didn’t like the NEST at all. so i am forced to ask this… when will the pi be available for regular users? is it free of cost or any annual fee?

  106. MS says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Please have the software setup in both extractable and installable format.
    Many times on different Users do not want to install the software . It would be great if we get software in zip format too which can be extracted to use the software.

  107. Srinivas p says:


    I am yet to have my hands on Pi. Already sent request and looks like i would get access next week.

    The two features that are ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT for me are:

    1. Ability to place BASKET ORDERS. I place over 100 order each day and there is absolutely no way to place them manually. I just upload the file each day.Can you Pls have this feature incorporated asap.

    2. Anywhere on the chart if there is a provision to place ALERT by right clicking or via a short cut key would be awesome. pls have the alert sent via email as well as any mobile phone in the world.

    3. Alerts should come even when i am not watching that chart. even when i am not logged in. This will allow us to do our work peacefully with out having ourselves glued to computer.


    • 1. Basket orders on Pi will take a bit longer. The good thing with Pi is that you can use NEST and Pi simultaneously. As in login on NEST place the basket, logout and login to Pi. My guess is that you will be placing basket only once a day.

      2. Alerts will take a little longer.

  108. jobin chavara says:


    Normally we all add lots of scrips in the market watch screen. When a scrip is cutting its high or low in the market watch screen it should be displayed in a separate small window. This facility is available in some broking firms software.

  109. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Nithin Can We Enable Top Gainer / Loser Most Volume For All Segment Nse Bse Cash F/O CDS MCX Earlier Platform ODIN Easy Short Cut Ctrl F10 Shift F10 Keys To OPEN Window But NEST Is Give Top N Scrip And Plus Market Movements That’s Not Comfortable For Active Trader How Do You Set ON PI ?

  110. Waman says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Just wanted to know whether the following features can be implemented in Pi:
    1. Ability to place Basket of After Market Orders and Cover Orders.
    2. Trading with a single click through Price Ladder – this enables quick decision making and faster execution of orders as done by many Prop traders in US.
    3. Algorithmic trading supporting intraday strategies.

    • 1. Basket will take a bit, but cover yes.
      2. Working on this, for now you can do this directly from the snapquote. Btw 1 click is still not allowed as there are mandatory bunch of fields exchange asks us to show while placing an order (In India).
      3. Yep.

  111. DM0969 says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Happy Diwali.. please release Pi as Diwali Gift ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    2 Wishlist for Pi

    1) Please include Fibonacci Extentions, (i know we have retracement and fans)
    2) Bidding for IPOs


    • Diwali is already here ๐Ÿ™‚ , unfortunately won’t be possible. But we will invite more people to start testing this out from next week.
      1. Yes, we can have this done once we have fixed everything else.
      2. Yep, working on it.

      • DM0969 says:

        Thank you Nithin, please do invite me too for testing ๐Ÿ™‚

        Without the Fibo extentions it is impossible to see Gartley, bat or cipher patterns… i will give a shoutout again to you on this as a reminder in a couple of months ๐Ÿ™‚


  112. Hems says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I am a fast Intraday trader. Sharekhan has specifically designed with a well known international educational institute ( OTA ) as a partner where they are top traders who trade since 20 years plus and they teach as well. With their years of experience they have suggested Sharekhan to design simple tools which are very effective for intraday traders to trade. Sharekhan has designed tool where there are different coloured lines for Entry , Stop Loss and Target.
    When ALL these lines ( Entry, Stop Loss and Target ) are placed on the chart……the Entry Line shows the price at which the entry line is placed ++ The Risk to Reward Ratio,……THE Stop Loss line will show the price of stopp loss line ++ the Risk for that trade AND ……. The Target Line will show the Target Price ++ The Reward amount of the trade.
    Now when the Entry ( Yellow Line) is double clicked an automatic bracket order opens and all the vaules of Entry, Stop Loss and Target is automatically filled ALONG with Position size as well whcih depends on the stop loss price and the amount which a trader is ready to take risk for. ****** THATS AWESOME *****…since as a fast intraday trader… i trade on 1 / 3 or 5 minutes chart .
    I do not have have to physically see and type all the entry price and then see and then manually type the stop loss price and then again see at the chart and then type the target price in the bracket order…then if my risk per trade is say Rs 200 and my stop loss is Rs 1.50. then i have to manually calculate 200/1.50 is 133 shares i can buy on this trade..AND then go ahead and type the position size in the bracket order ….WHICH CONSUMES TIME..there are many chances that a trader misses his trade…. at times incorrect value is typed…there is a pressure to see and type all the values.
    Also there is a setting where a trader can set his per trade risk in % of his capital put for trading. say 1 % per trade or 100 Rs per trade.
    I have opened a Zerodha Account because of brokerage. My id is RH0432. I was told that this tool can be designed with us on PI.

    KInd request if you can design such a tool for the benefit of traders. EVEN Swing and Investor traders can can also benefit for this Unique and Simple Tool.

    —I am attaching a screen shot of sharekhan chart where this tool of trading from the chart via lines can be seen.
    —-Another screen shot where when entry line is clicked a bracket order gets opened and all the values are automatically filled.
    —-And also the 3rd screen shot where a trader can set his risk per trade.

    Hope to see this tool for ALL TRADERS with Zerodha.

  113. Hems says:


    โ€”-Another screen shot where when entry line is clicked a bracket order gets opened and all the values are automatically filled.

  114. Hems says:


    โ€”-And also the 3rd screen shot where a TRADER can set his risk per trade.

    • satish says:

      Hi nithin

      Indeed the feature mentioned by Hems is very good. I have the same incorporated in my charting application – icharts. even then I have missed the trades especially when the momentum is high due to timing issue as there is a time lag of few seconds in charting application. If this can be added in PI, it would be really great.
      Also, is it possible to have overlay of nifty on the charts. For example, if I am viewing TVS motors scrip, I would like to have nifty overlaid on the tvs motors charts. Is it possible? It would enable us to assess the relative strength of the scrip.

      • stock hunter says:


        I am trading US/UK indices through UK based one broking company …The same tool which mentioned Hems I already using here..Yes it is AWESOME…..I never used sharekhan…..so i dont know the functions…….but above mentioned option is very good and easy to use……frankly after i use these type of software here then Indian based broking trading platforms very difficult to operate

        Another attractive option here is chart size we can minimize and maximize through just scrolling mouse(withthout selecting)

      • Overlay of a chart is something we will add as a new feature after the final release.

  115. kishan says:

    i to agree with HEMS, it would be a nice feature,

  116. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Nithin Can We Place GTC GTD order on PI ?

  117. Krishna says:

    Can I get the Beta version access please?
    I could see that a lot of folks have already got a feel about it!
    I’m worse than a cat when it comes to curiosity,

  118. Niranjan says:

    Dear Nithin,
    screenshots provided by Hems are very useful. try to provide all these in pi whether in its 1st release or afterward.

  119. Naga Lakshmi says:

    Dear Nithin,

    We were expecting PI by Diwali.

    Now that it is not sure to release by Diwali, please allow me to use BETA version and get feel of PI and to provide the feedback whatever I can.

    Naga Lakshmi

  120. arti says:

    hello Team,
    Happy Diwaly
    if one has more than 1 account of family. is there any workaround to fully automated trade in all accounts with 1 NCFM certificate . .

    • Arti, it is a little tricky to let one person trade on behalf of the other, even if it is the same family. We have had trouble, when people have come back when there were losses saying we had never authorized the other person to trade.

  121. Naga Lakshmi says:

    Thank you!

    Await for new release.

  122. Satish says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Earlier you said “There is a MQL importer that we are working on, something that can convert MQL to tradescript, but might take a bit. We are also building a bridge from MT4 to Pi”.

    Can you please elaborate on it? I entirely depend on MT4 platform to enter into the trade. So I am looking forward to use the MT4 indicators (ex4) in zerodha pi.

    • Satish, MQL importer will take a bit longer, but the bridge for MT4 will be available soon. How this would work is that, you will have both MT4 and Pi opened on your trading platform. You do all your analysis on MT4 and on your MQL whenever a buy/sell triggers you can give a socket to send the order to. This order hits Pi and then can be executed semi-automated or completely automated (for complete automation, you need to be registered as an authorized person with us and there will be additional cost and processes).

  123. S Sinha says:

    When is “Pi” going to be launched. I would request you to make sure that the platform is stable and reliable and not just stuffed with tons of features. Kindly clarify if “Pi” will have the following features

    1) Adding indices as Market watch where once can view the scrips listed in the respective index. For e.g. If I select Nifty , I can start a market watch of Nifty scrips.

    2) Position reports: Currently in all your trading platforms, In F&O segment , the profit & losses shown are M2M profits/losses and there is no option of viewing the total profits/losses of the Future contract. Also the Buy/sell price shows the previous day closing price instead of the price at which the order was executed. Please make sure that one can view total profit/loss and the Price at which the order was executed in the Position reports.

  124. Naga Lakshmi says:

    I agree with Mr.Sinha

  125. Ramu says:

    When is the Pi getting released and could be used for trading?


    Renko can useful only if the user know about the periodicity of brick. Currently I am using metatrader in which I can modify brick size of renko as per my strategy. Kindly add settings feature for price based charts like renko or kagi, if not added.

  127. H.C. says:

    Hi, Nithin
    Wishing U & Team Zerodha A Very Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year, Samvat 2071. May the fountain of Prosperity of Zerodha rapidly grow this year with the launch of Pi (with steady improvement of it).

    Is it possible to add a very essential & populist feature like DUAL COLOR EMA/MA with Pi (where we can choose two different color for up & down of an EMA separately) which is very good for fast visual trading?
    Up-down color changing EMA/MA is easily available with Amibroker, TT, MT4 etc.

  128. Pavan Kulkarni says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I have been communicating with you directly, thought I will post here too…
    Read through the entire page and all the problems are reported.. I do not use much of the EAs or other options. Good the chart will have all the navigation fixes in the upcoming beta.
    A small glitch, if I have three orders open and I go into ‘Admin Positions’, right click on one of the positions and hit square off, the position does not get squared off.
    I need to select the position and then hit the tab that says square off. And please do add a ‘X’ to the chart tab so we can close it directly instead of moving to the far right…. And hope you could add ‘One cancels the other’ order
    And waiting for the new beta file. Would love to finally trade well with all the data being filtered and software almost at its completion… Great software….
    Thank You… Love the service from Zerodha….

    • Pavan, my guess is that your order doesn’t get squared off when you are trying to square off from admin position because your margin is getting utilized for the open pending orders. If that is not so, can you let me know.

      • Pavan Kulkarni says:

        That is not so. I can squareoff from the admin position using the ‘Square off’ button that is provided below in the window. But when I try to square off by right clicking on the open position, it does not. I will try it again today.

  129. Hemant Bhope says:

    Hello Nithin,

    “” Happy Diwali ” to ALL the Zerodha Team.

    May Zerodha reach to greater heights this year.

    God Bless you all.

  130. Hemant Bhope says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have opened a trading account just for PI. I am a fast intraday trader. Had been waiting for PI past 2 months. Kindly consider me for PI beta testing when the link will be put in few days from now as you said earlier.

    Warm Regards,


  131. Sukesh says:

    Hello Nithin,

    One general feedback. You are doing fantastic job in making trading experience better.

    I have a suggestion to make it much better for traders. I recently came across a site which gives the list of important events happening and the probable outlook of markets every week. I have found it very useful.

    Here is the link: http://www.sharemarketschool.com/

    They are not giving any kind of tips but just an expert insight of the markets for the coming week.

    Can i request you to start one such blog in Z Connect and post your outlook for the market every Sunday? I believe it would be extremely helpful for traders because its my common experience that how much ever i am prepared with my strategy i might have left out considering some upcoming major event, it would be helpful for everyone to track upcoming events and know markets better if you add this.


  132. vishyvishy says:

    i am mcx trader. i have few suggestions
    1. On investing.com website you can see what weekly scheduled news will be released on economic calendar. e.g. US natural gas inventory on every thursday 8pm. at that time natgas shows huge volatility.so i wish such economic calendar to be included in PI itself.user should be alerted about such news in advance.
    2. is it possible to overlay international commodity price charts above indian commodity chart with some different color scheme. if yes then this would be a great addon.
    3. intodays software we get popup based net position details and order details.i suggest make this a tabbed feature.then this wud be less annoying.
    4. is it posdible to rent a signal from winners or master traders. say i wish to follow trading signals from say two winners from zerodha to whom i m willing to pay for a trade signal.zerodha can create such a facility where masters can sell there signals and they get paid 70% and zerodha gets 30% per every subscription bought.
    5.there shud be facility to share your track record without sharing your name like myfxbook.com. this would be useful in case no.4 and in many cases.

    • vikas says:

      right Nitin – Point 4 is really notable one – Once your team is free from PI and other ongoing projects – you people can think on it …really scalable feature..

    • 1. Could be done in the future.
      2. We will need data feed to the international commodity prices for this. But yeah, it seems like a good idea.
      3. yep.
      4. It is on our POA.
      5. Have you checked out Quant? We could give you an option to share this with others.

  133. prakash1 says:

    Hi NIthin,

    Wish to see this on Pi
    4 charts of different time frames of script-1 opened.
    Now if we select script-2 all the four charts should change accordingly.

  134. Hems says:

    Hello Nithin,

    1) I do my study a day prior to trade. I normally open 4 different charts of different time frames of the same script for trading. Say Daily, 60min, 15 min and 5 min or 3 min… Can we have a simple tool where some text is marked on the 60 min chart or a tool say horizontal line is placed on a 60 min chart and the same text or horizontal line is carried forward on smaller time frames and not on the bigger time frame chart ….this gives a greater understanding to decide on a trade. THIS SHAREKHAN HAS AGAIN SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO OTA STUDENTS… THIS FEATURE IS VERY WELL THOUGHT BY EXPERT TRADERS FROM UNITED STATES TRADING SUCCESSFULLY PAST 20 PLUS YEARS.
    This will help lot of traders too.
    2) On the chart can we have the facility to scroll the mouse and minimize and maximize the chart ( zoom in and out ). A function which all traders use.. which requires less input and less time plus easy way to get the desired result for fast decision taking. As a fast intraday trader these features are of great importance.
    3) simple tools eg ( cross hair, horizontal line, vertical line, text on the chart and as per your statistics of people trading ..where these are made easily available with less input , easily and fast accessible . That will help all. Just a line of maximum used tools by traders…. placed with very small icon on the chart itself.

    Warm Regards,

  135. GURU says:

    hi sir,

    r u launch Z PI, kindly give download link

    best regards

  136. arti says:

    Hello Team,
    Can i be part of Pi Beta ?
    if yes, than How

  137. tpanja says:

    1 )couldn’t load historical data when press Reconcile button ……… showing error msg…….

    2 )Error in timing of 1 mits chart ……. not proper timing maintain like one bar open at 13.37.05 but next open at 13.37.58 next 13.38.05 , 13.38.58 and so on ……

    3 )missing changing time interval button from 1mits to 5 mits ot 10 mits like Ztrader on chart ….. have to open new chart every time from market watch ………..

  138. Pavan Kulkarni says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Another request.

    Is it possible to make a Stop Loss Limit order available on chart trading apart from the Quick Order box.. Because during fakeout, Pi seems to fill the worst possible price on the order and by the time the price falls back under the resistance or support, we will be already in the reds. The slippage is really high. A limit order will probably neutralize the slippage by a certain margin.

  139. John Samuel says:

    8) Also could not find, write/Link Market Watch Data to excel option. Though not very sure if its already there.

    8. Not there presently.

    My Question is, will you add this future (linking to Excel) in Zeroda Pi?

  140. vijay says:

    hi nithin.. can you provide the actual date of pi release? i mean the taking new members for beta testing.

  141. Raj says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Today is supposed to be the day of beta launch. What’s the progress and whien do we get the chance to use pi.

  142. DHIRENDRA says:


  143. patel says:

    Hi Nitin, where can we register for the beta testing. You said you were about to share the link.
    Anxiously waiting for the same ๐Ÿ™‚

  144. santoshpadhy says:

    can the renko charts be corrected in the next version of pi—currently they are totally wrong, as
    1. tick means a trade and not a second–and i do not think they are being constructed as per number of trades
    2. the default option when we open renko–it gives size —zero— which is totally wrong as how a brick can be constructed on zero trades

    please implement it properly asap.

    • Number of trades? Why? http://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/renkochart.asp

      yeah the 0 bit, will check on it.

      • santoshpadhy says:

        Ya Nithin, I checked the link.

        By definition only Renko does not have the concept of time and volume—so for Renko charts one brick should only represent the predefined range of price fluctuation—once the price is out of the range , a new brick should start up—

        please re-look into it.

        • Yep and that works fine. Will double check this soon and let you know.

          • Vikas Shanker says:

            Hi Nithin,
            Today I booked a loss of Rs1100 due to Wrong behavior of Renko charts in Pi. At 9:20 AM, I shorted nifty at 7815 expecting new red brick would form and if not then I book loss as soon as I see green brick. But market turned against me it went up plus 15 point & Pi Renko chart kept displaying red brick & then I dicided to book a loss at 9:25 AM. Even after booking loss Pi keep displaying series of red bricks for a long time without a single green brick. I kept a box size of 1. Today this is my first trade through Zerodha. First time I booked a 1100/= loss due to Pi wrong charting. My Client ID is DV3531. Plz look into this ASAP. Feeling very sad.

            Vikas Shanker

            • Vikas, if you are looking at trading using Renko, will suggest you to use kite.zerodha.com. There are different interpretations of the Renko chart, it is best you study them before taking a trade based on it.

        • Arun Tankha says:

          Hi Nithin,

          The Renko charts in Pi are not correct. I see the market move beyond the number of ticks specified in the Renko brick size but still new bricks not being formed. The bricks keep on appearing and disappearing as the market moves which should not happen with Renkos. Please look into it and rectify it.


  145. Fahad Malik says:

    Hi Nitin,

    To be true, i am fedup with Amibroker + Windows 7 Combination.
    NinjaTrader is Far Better.

    I am waiting for the Pi, kinldy make it available for the Mac System also. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Saw a youtube video of Pi. Looks like it will create a new revolution in Indian Trading Scenario.

    Expectation on Pi

    Need Fibonacci Retracement and Fibonacci Extension Tool.
    Order placed directly on Chart
    Pending Order can be moved by dragging on chart
    Lot size can be decided on Chart
    Stoploss can be moved by dragging.
    can decide how many lot to be executed on Targets
    1,5,15,30,1hr, Daily Chart
    Historical Chart
    Drawing Tools like, horizontal-vertical lines, Text box……..

    and above all, simple Coding strategy, like drag and drop strategy in Visual Basic and Dot Net coding ๐Ÿ˜›

    Personally i think, trader is meant for trading not for struggling in coding and installation like Ami+Win7
    Ami —Trial—License Price ๐Ÿ˜ฎ —–installation ๐Ÿ™ —- coding ๐Ÿ™ —-struggling for code ๐Ÿ™
    Win 7 Installation of Ami, compatibility issue, download this , then that ,then again this, then that file, to make it compatible for AMI … ๐Ÿ™

    Where is trading ?????
    Indian trader must be a computer programmer or what??????

    Pi must not be another trading Platform, but Pi must be rewarded like value of Pi(numerical 3.14) all over the world.

    Long essay cum frustration on AMI and Win 7 ๐Ÿ™

    Hope Zerodha will launch Pi soon.

  146. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Nithin
    Can We Use Same ZTREDER UCI & PASS OR Any Request Send Mail For New Activation BETA PI ?

  147. Hems says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I agree with Farhad Malik with the tools he suggested as a trader…++ few more what as a intraday trader i feel important which will help ALL the traders.

    1) Need Fibonacci Retracement and Fibonacci Extension Tool.

    2) Order placed directly on Chart

    3) Pending Order can be moved by dragging on chart

    4) Lot size can be decided on Chart

    5) Stoploss can be moved by dragging.

    6) can decide how many lot to be executed on Targets
    1,5,15,30,1hr, Daily Chart

    7)Drawing Tools like, horizontal-vertical lines, Text box visible on the chart itself for easy access.

    8) Risk managable tool OR setting which IF the trader wants can set his risk per trade.

    9) Bracket orders for Nifty futures and CNX Indexes.

    10) Chart Bracket Order placement with ALL values auto filled in..Entry , Stop Loss and Target value ++ the position size too.

    11) Text and tools marked on the chart which can be carried forward on the lower time frame charts and not on the higher time frame.

    12) Alerts for trading that should be attached to the login and not to the system….meaning if i have put alert on my home computer through my login….THEN those alerts should be available or accessed from my office system also. Alerts should not be restricted to the system .

    13) An option when a trader logs in… few questions before he starts trading asked to ALL intraday traders that 1) Are you feeling low / nervous / angry / frustrated OR are you feeling nice / good / happy….if the answer is YES to low feeling…A WARNING SHOULD BE POPPED UP SAYING…do not trade today. If he answers i am feeling good…. have a pop up of wishing good luck for his trading from Zerodha.

    14) Chart zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse.

    Warm Regards to ALL Zerodha Team.


  148. DEVIS MODI says:

    I am devis modi (DD0566) currently using Zerodha Pi. I am not able to import saved market from NEST trader. I also would like a 20day swing indicator which is very useful and only available in Ami broker. There is also no Net change in market watch there is only the % net change column.

    • You will not be able to import marketwatch from NEST. 20 day swing indicator, if you can give us the AFL code, we can have it incorporated in the future.

      • DEVIS MODI says:

        hello sir,
        this is code of 20 swing…



        //Scanner mode


        _N(Title = StrFormat(“{{NAME}} – {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}} Open %g, Hi %g, Lo %g, Close %g (%.1f%%) {{VALUES}}”, O, H, L, C, SelectedValue( ROC( C, 1 ) ) ));
        Plot( C, “Close”, ParamColor(“Color”, colorBlack ), styleNoTitle | ParamStyle(“Style”) | GetPriceStyle() );

  149. Hems says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Do you answer our questions or there are experts who answer us on your behalf ??


  150. dp0012 says:

    Hi Nitin can we have spread price chart in PI. I have amibroker code for same. Pls find below the code:-
    _SECTION_BEGIN(“Future Spread”);

    _N( Symbol1= ParamStr(“Strike1”, “IDBI-I”) );

    SetForeign( Symbol1 );
    C1 = C;
    H1 = H;
    L1 = L;
    O1 = O;
    V1 = V;

    _N( Symbol2= ParamStr(“Strike2”, “SAIL-I”) );

    SetForeign( Symbol2 );
    C2 = C;
    H2 = H;
    L2 = L;
    O2 = O;
    V2 = V;

    Color = ParamColor( “Color”, colorRed );
    Style = ParamStyle( “Style”, styleLine, maskPrice );

    PlotOHLC( abs(O1-O2), abs(H1-H2), abs(L1-L2), abs(C1-C2), “(” + Symbol1+” – “+Symbol2 + “) spread”, Color, style );


  151. Muthu Kumar says:

    Is it possible to add ALPHA OMEGA ELLIOTT WAVE ADD-ONN to the charting in Pi- Trading platform.

  152. Fahad Malik says:

    Sometime i see Ami coding, i just become restless. ๐Ÿ™
    We are here to trade for money or to train our coding skills.
    Ami is no doubt most advanced Trading software available on planet.
    But are we so much advanced???

    Just like driving Ferrari with CNG Kit. ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›
    And feel like we are aware of Ami, and now become much technically sound on Coding …. Lol
    We buy Ami for enhancing our coding skills or for trading ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

    Simple indian Trader just want simple platform(Expected: Zerodha pi) and simple trades to earn and can support his/her family. No one is going to become Warren Buffet after knowing all the coding skills…its the harsh reality but its the truth….If you want to become another Warren Buffet, then be committed for trading, not for coding. Think Logically not technically.

    Thats why i have high expectation for Pi and i think Pi will create the new success records in Indian Trading.

    To be a professional trader, you dont need to be a coding expert, but to be a good human being with in-depth knowledge of the market. No book or no subscription(Signal) package will help you to make you the millionaire.

    Atleast i think Zerodha will break this misconception and by seeing the success of Zerodha, i can say that Zerodha will be the new market leader in upcoming year.

    One more suggestion i want to share with Nithin only ๐Ÿ˜› that it will definitely help the indian trader to do trades more frequently and boost some extra bucks to our pocket.

    Nithin didnt replied to my long essay type query ๐Ÿ™ , but he is consistently managing the forum and the zerodha team…Superb Guy

    1. Fibonacci Extension ,Fibonacci Retracement , ABCD,XABCD pattern….
    2. EMA, Stochastic,Bollinger, Parabolic Sar,RSi……
    3. Candle Chart,line chart
    4. 1,5,15,30,1hr Chart
    5. EOD, Weekly, monthly Chart yearly Chart,
    6. Drawing Tools
    7. Order placement on Chart by dragging
    8. Lot adjustment on chart for targets
    9. Stoploss movement on Chart by dragging
    10. Buy/Sell pending order movement on chart by dragging.
    11. Chart Background color( I like white Background and red-Green Candles ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    12. No need of 3D Candles(waste of extra advantage feature)
    13. Bank Link for transferring the funds and Funds View available on trading account
    14. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report on email
    15. Trade book, executed order, pending order, net position….
    16. Simple coding and backtesting if needed.

    This is my only requirement for trading. Zerodha Pi will fulfil all this.

    • Hey Thanks for the kind words Fahad. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes, all your requirements are already there on Pi. Some of them like dragging the pending order on the chart, will take some more time to go live on.

      Btw, Amibroker is a really powerful tool. The power of Amibroker lies in AFL(the coding language). If you are trading based on technical analysis, then backtesting a strategy is imperative. One of the reasons for trading using TA is that it gives you the power of backtesting and then the ability to run that strategy on multiple scrips to spot trading opportunities. Yes, it takes a bit to learn it, but the power you get by it is immense. Even Pi has tradescript that can help you do the same and is actually much easier to learn than AFL.

      That said, if you are not using technical analysis, don’t think it should matter if you know AFL or not.

      Best of luck.

  153. tpanja says:

    Hi Nithin ,

    To day I notice some problem In Pi……
    1) intervals of bars are not accurate like 13.30 pm bar closing at 13.29.45 pm ……
    2) don’t know why in real time 5 minute chat showing 1 minute data bar (9.30.40, 9.30.54, 9.31.19 data bar )……
    3) in real time when I press Reconcile Button to get missing ticks than all bar marge in one giant Bar ….
    4) missing Reconcile Button on index charts so can’t get missing ticks…….

  154. Don says:

    Hi Nithin,

    For Bracket orders, so far it is not useful for traders taking trades based on breakouts, example , if I want to buy NF when it crosses 8000 or sell NF when it crosses below 7900 , this option is not there in the NEST also. I hope this is implemented in the Pi, as otherwise the BO is not of any use for Breakout traders, and thus can’t use the benefits of the BO, which I find is of immense use for traders.

    Hope this is addressed in Pi and also if possible on NEST.


  155. sujay1803 says:

    1.Please take a look at this chart not showing proper data range and time chart started from 10:31AM instead of 9:15 AM
    2.Please add Supertrend Indicator

    ***please DELETE my previous post***

  156. sujay1803 says:

    1.Need back testing code for stachastic and camarilla
    2.kindly add supertrend indicator in pi as well as its backtesting code is also needed

  157. Sagar says:

    Hello Nithin,

    When are u going to share link for registration for beta testing of Pi?
    Eagerly waiting for the same.

  158. Raj says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Same here eagerly waiting to try on Zerodha pi.

  159. vijay says:

    hi nithin… same here. post the link dude.

  160. Gilari says:

    please provide the link.
    Contacted the support three times in last two week .The replay is always”As we have many requests we are releasing it in batches. We can add you in our list and send you the link with your respective batch.”
    No replay to when the turn of may batch comes.

  161. sai says:

    …nithin… waste of time coming here often. no more expectations on pi. i’ll better wait for the final PI release this year or the next instead of this beta testing. this is really disappointing man.

  162. nandkumar says:

    hi nithin

    i am constantly watching the development here. i have a suggestion if pi trading software full fills the basic needs of trading software. why don’t you release it for all . we can fix all other charting and tools reqiurement one by one in forth coming release and updates of the software.


  163. Badhri says:

    Hi Nithin,

    First of all hats off for launching Pi platform. Really Great effort…

    I may not have posted lot here and but always roaming around here watching new developments.

    As far as Brokerage firms are concerned no other firm has took this much effort to keep their clients happy and to increase satisfaction of their clients.

    But Zerodha differs here,really appreciable effort from your team and you ๐Ÿ™‚

    We keep on pestering you for the link is only bcos of curiosity..seriously we cant control our excitement to get hands-on experience.

    Hoping that I will also get a chance,Eagerly waiting to contribute my part in beta testing of Pi…

    Thanks again to you and your team and wishing Zerodha to scale new peaks in future ๐Ÿ™‚

  164. Ratnam says:


    I too eagerly waiting to contribute my part in beta testing of Pi and I also sent a request to IT dept long back, but till now I did not receive any mail.

  165. Kasi says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am waiting long time to test PI, anyway please include GANN box technical analysis tool same like a fibonacci tool.

  166. K R ANAND says:

    I m also in the queue and that too waiting for months

  167. kishan says:

    guys be patient, it is not some kind of game or tweeting app to release in hurry and then check for bugs after release, it is financial software even a small glitch can damage a trade and reputation of zerodha. so they are taking time,

  168. Karthik says:

    Hi Nithin,

    On these options chain on the platform, would we be able to see the Greeks like Delta, Theta, Vega Historical/Implied Volatility etc on the options chain?

  169. Nachiket says:

    We will be able to run those expert advisors(which I assume are trading syatems) on custom price arrays like user defined range bars/renko bars/3lb right? Giving them for plotting won’t be of much use otherwise.

  170. vinesh kumar says:

    heard to much about pi, patience is giving answer…….., please post the link..

  171. arkokate says:

    can we use bracket order in Zerodha mobile platform?
    If not are you planning to upgarde the mobile app in future for bracket order.

    what is other way to place bracket order when not on desktop zerodha trader?

  172. Ratnam says:

    Hi, Nithin

    Many many thanks for posting the link, I submitted request form and I am waiting for further steps to follow.

  173. nancy says:

    hi nithin your team were not been able to load zeroda trader paltform win 8.1 on my ultrabook they even had the audacity to tell my husband to go for a walk when they wasted more than half a day tryin to install it and tampering with the laptop setting,the people involved were ankita some guys who gave their names as vinay and vadarajan
    my id da2389

    • Let me get someone to check on this.

    • Hanan says:

      Nancy, we’ll get someone from our tech team to call you and install this once again.

      Our staff was trying to say “we’ll take care of your problem” but instead it came across as rude and we sincerely didn’t intend that. Please accept my apology on behalf of them.

      Thanks for the feedback. We hope you’ll have smooth sailing after this.

  174. D.omprakash says:

    Hi Nitin

    Can u please tell me why no bracket order in commodity segment & when the bracket order will be launched for commodity and is it available in PI trading software…………….

  175. vishyvishy says:

    Hi nitinji,

    Please create a second page of this PI Feedback and review Part – 2.
    This is page has become really BIG enough to hang up my browser, the time I open and scroll down.


  176. Sagar Kadam says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am Not able to see Pi option/menu in Q. ID DS1095

  177. Karthik says:

    Hi – Where can i get Pi.msi file (based on the error message and installation instructions)? I did not receive them when downloading Pi? Please help. Thanks

    • Tradelab says:

      Pi_1.001.zip is the downloadable folder and when you decompress this folder you will get Pi_1.001_setup file which contains: Pi.msi .setup.exe and User Installation.doc.

      User Installation doc will help you in the installation.

  178. sagar says:

    Downloaded Pi. but not going ahead of login in screen. Please help.

  179. nandkumar says:

    pi software installed . login id and password entered but stands at the same place without logging in.

  180. guru says:

    pi software installed .
    directly login page apper no licency key enter field??
    and login id and password entered but no reaction

  181. asf says:

    da online reason i have to stick with my old world brokers is the 6-7 times intra day margins which i get and slightly lower brokerage than what yours is. otherwise a lot of things u guys are doing is awesome

  182. Ratnam says:

    I too have have same problem, installed the software stands there without logging in, Please help.


  183. Till now only login window is appearing. nothing moves forward..??

  184. vijay says:

    i have one word to tell u nithin…. AWESOME JOB

  185. Fahad Malik says:

    quite impressive.

    Detail feedback will post soon

  186. guru says:

    very impressive,

    but stochostic ocsilator missing in PI ???

    its is very usfull and common in all charting tools

  187. gilari says:

    After downloading all scripts a notice appear as below
    DDF-data not responding
    and pi get closed

  188. tpanja says:

    hi nithin ,

    Get Pi latest link ……but facing problem when try to install it ….

    After uninstall Older version and restart my computer when I going to install New Version every thing goes well but problem is that when I open this application surprisingly it open older version not Latest version ….. ๐Ÿ™ ( and also not asking for new product key )….

    I called your CC but they said soot an Email at to your end ….

    plz let check this problem ……

    tanmoy panja

  189. nandakumar says:

    opening but not functioning . opens with version 1 which i never used. application hangs without datafeed
    news are updated.
    pls help

  190. Ankit Bhardwaj says:

    Zerodha Pi is nothing new its Nest trader in new dress….I use to encounter this error everyday in Nest same here…..LOL

  191. Ankit Bhardwaj says:

    No matter what ever you try to buy or sell default BankNifty order be punched. What kinda bug is that?
    Im going back to age old Nest trader because atleast right orders are punched.

  192. Guru says:

    Awesome Work Guys… Keep rocking… When is it getting launched ??

  193. sathish says:

    Good afternoon & Thank you zerodha for providing the access to PI beta. I am sure this would revolutionize the trading platform in India.Would request your views on the below (if can be added as feature)

    1. Running candle OHLC not there. % change to previous day close be made available. Also if any indicator added, that value also be made available(say something like datawindow)
    2. No crosshair is available. Please make this.
    3. Marketwatch – would like to have indices based market watch (including thematic indices) and FnO securities based market watch. Also chart be made available for all the indices to analyse which sector performance
    4. No bracket order
    5. Initial loading of PI takes lot of time (more than 5 minutes)
    6. Chart trading is allowed only with standard HLC or candle charts. I primarily use Heiken ashi chart. It is not available. Also if values for Heiken ashi is also made available on the datawindow, that would be great
    7. Also indices snapshot for respective exchanges (not all in one; separately for NSE, BSE etc.,) to be made available. From there drill down to stock level should be made possible. From there the same should be added to marketwatch.
    8. Provision to create custom indicator to be made available.

    • 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. For now u will be able to add only Nifyt and Bank nifty 4. BO will come soon. 5. It is only the first time login, because there will be over 50000 scrips being downloaded. From second time, it should be immediate(make sure u have clicked on quick login). 6. We will look into it. 7/8, these are additional features, we could add after the final release.

  194. Fahad Malik says:

    Fib Extesion is not available,
    Horizontal Line dragging not available.
    Zoom Functionality little bit difficult.
    Yet most of the functions can be operated via Mouse…its a good sign of easy functionality.

    How to change the Background color ???

    • For now you can add a trendline and drag it. Use the up/down arrow keys for zooming in and out (this was added in this release). You can change the theme, explained in the video.

  195. vinesh kumar says:

    dear nithin sir
    i am living in a small town ,here the availibilty of internet is very bad ,we do not have 3G or broadband network here, we are working on 2G network . Nest trader , odin , nse-now works well here, i can run two instances of them and browser based real time charts at a time fluently with no problem .
    now the problem with PI is that it take 35 minutes to download symbols ,when i LOG IN PI at 2:30 it completed downloading on 3:05, meanwhile at 3:20i get disconnected from net and PI also closed , i relogin at 3:25 and it is still downloading symbols now at 3:51 and market is closed in between. how can i work ?
    now my question is that if i disconnected 10 times then it will eat up 5 hours for downloading symbols . please guide me
    i think the problem is
    1) it is not saving scripe file which it downloaded
    2) do not prompt which exchange scripe to download
    3) at first glimpse in 10 minutes i also found that it is using two times more bandwidth then nest trader
    yeh there it completed downloading 4:01pm
    please help in this issue

  196. Siva says:

    Hi Nithin
    I have a question. why to develop a new software and fight with so many bugs? instead you could have bought a software or had a tie up with a company which already has an advance software na? such as Spotware and netdania?

  197. Nachiket says:

    Zerodha, excellent work. Light on resources. Pleasing to the eyes.
    Some improvements:
    1. Settings should be permanent for all charts/Workspaces. Hiding grids/Indices/quick order window everytime is annoying.
    2. Backtest/Scripted alert creation window should have an ability to use a find symbol window, like the one in scanner, instead of typing whole symbol name.
    3. Shortcut for reconiling active/all charts would make life easier. Rather reconcile should be automatic, detecting any missing data or periodically, say every 15 minutes/1 hour.
    5. Ability to add our own RSS sources in the news window.
    1. Saved workspace with several windows, after relog-in and loading custom saved workspace, it loads default windows.
    2. Snapquote LTP is not updated. Attached JPEG.

  198. raj says:

    Hi Nithin, Its good initiative with pi ,I would like to see pivot points on chart. Please provide ohlc for a candle if we hover pointeron it. I am sure you’ll include other customisation like in zerodha trader in course of time .Cheers

  199. CA Neetish Sharma says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have already submitted the filled-in form but still waiting for Pi to appear on my Q dashboard. Please get it sorted, as early as possible. Thanks in advance.

  200. nandakumar says:

    hi nitin

    many basic problem exist with pi .that is with order placement .
    for example i am having 10 scrips from different scrips in my marketwatch and choose any scrip and try to place order that to in fno segment buy or sell the order window displays banknifty and if you chose any commodity scrip order window shows alumin similar is the case of currency it shows eurinr in order window. the order window shows correct scrip only in cash segment.

    i don’t know whether this problem is with my pi installation or for all. pls look into this because this is serious issue for trader.


  201. nandakumar says:

    placing the order from snap quote is not available . please look in to basic features of trading platform rather than this charting tools. one we set right all these basic features .then we can concentrate on charting and advance features.


  202. vishyvishy says:

    Whenever an Order is executed, it feels like I am standing on a Railway Platform! ๐Ÿ™‚ PI is so funny …

  203. vishyvishy says:

    On every chart F1 F2 goes to Aluminium
    On Every Snap Quote Order goes to Aluminium
    On Market Watch every F1 F2 is going to Aluminium
    On Market Watch Right Click Buy Sell going to Aluminium

    I am seeing Aluminium All over the place
    …Serious Order bugs!

    On chart Buy here does not give a chance to slightly modify the price value…it is extremely strict about your mouse click.

  204. Harish says:


    Below is my feed back on PI latest version.
    1. Daily/Weekly Charts in PI latest version is till 31st July, there are no candles till date.
    2. Open, high, low , close values of latest candle does not display on the chart. We have to press mouse button to see those values.

    • Harish, 1. The data server is still not completely operational, we will have that fixed by the final release.
      2. We are adding a crosshair functionality, that will help fix this.

  205. Pradeep says:

    During download version says it as 1.001. But when I install i see version as . I hope it is the proper version we are using.
    I dont see basic changes such as cross-hair which was requested.
    As always many indicators are not working. For example – TWIGGS MONEY FLOW was working in the first version for initial few days, then it was not working. Now it is not working in this new version of PI.

  206. Susanta says:

    Okay. So today I Installed Pi. The 1st thing I check was charts.
    In charting system you need a little improvement.
    1) Allow Zoom in/Zoom Out with mouse scroll.
    2) Allow drag chart, click+hold+left/right.

  207. arunhalwasiya says:

    got the message at 7 o clock eve that latest version of pi is available on q but it is not in my id………….

  208. vishyvishy says:

    1770 MTM today! … Three Cheers to PI ๐Ÿ™‚

  209. Rakesh Naik says:

    in charts the data is updated till 31st july ..is there any option to update the chart data

  210. Vikas says:


    My first day with PI today.

    1) I am new client just 1 month old of Zerodha , but based on my past 8 yrs trading experience with Sharekhan,Angel – Zerodha seems unbeatable.
    2) Though some issue here and there but I am sure Z Team is capable to fix in days to come.
    3) First trade on PI profitable.
    4) Amazing work by Zerodha Team.
    5) what I thought is what I got in PI.
    6) Keep up good work.
    7) Simplicity with all features. ( in future many other enhancement will come! )

    Congrats Nitin & whole Z Team and keep providing us superb technological gifts !

  211. H.C. says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Most surprisingly, one of the most common and basic indicator “Stochastics Oscillator” is not working.
    It is a must have indicator on charts (like EMA , MACD, RSI) for many traders .

    It is not something like add on optional indicators (which you can add later). “Stochastics Oscillator” is one of the most essential indicator for many traders.

    Please make it available with Final Release. You must know that, without “Stochastics Oscillator” many traders chart reading is incomplete.

  212. Vishal Patil says:

    Pi is great.

    1) Please add shortcut key for everything like Shift + P for charts in ZT
    2) Is it possible to sync Market Watch between Pi and web/ZT version? else it creating everything, everywhere, every month for futures
    3) How to use GENETIC ALGORITHM in Pi?
    4) On using the place order from chart the price cannot be modified in the small window that pops up.

    • Vishal Patil says:

      I was unable to see charts in Futures for Periodicity: Day

    • Sync between web and Pi is not possible for now. We will put up something on genetic algo soon. Yes place orders from chart cannot really be modified, it defeats the purpose right?

      • ragendth says:


        So does that mean that if I place an order from PI and later on if i want to modify the order from web i will not be able to do so? If thats the case then its a great dis advantage ..especially for the guys who use there office workstations …:(

      • Vishal Patil says:

        Agreed Nithin, but there are time like silver had 2000 Rs rally in last two days and when I tried to place order via charts, the price could be adjusted in step of 30 Rs easily, but when I tried to tweak it to single rupee value, it was not possible from charts.
        Basically charts are difficult to use place order from when there is a wide range and I wish to tweak value to a tick.
        Some click and drag like functionality that allows tweaking while the value is displayed near the mouse pointer might help

        • Vishal, it is not really advisable to scalp trades by placing orders from the chart. One of the reasons we have disabled changing prices is because of this. But after the final release, we will definitely take a re-look into this.

  213. Y Dharma teja says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Thanks for giving me this opportunity to test the latest version of Pi. I am really happy as a zerodha customer. Hatsoff to you for trying to provide a world class trading software to your clients and thanks to your I.T team also for their best efforts.

    Installation point of view

    As per the link mentioned in my back office it was the version and released on 31-07-2014. I have downloaded from the latest link given on 31-07-2014 and uninstalled earlier version and removed the old zerodha folder from โ€˜Cโ€™ drive and installed new version, but it was showing Further it was not asking me the new licence key at the time of installation which is provided in my back office.

    01. Charts are loading fastly i.e within 5 seconds when compare to earlier version.
    02. Stability improved. No frequent crashes like earlier with in every 20 to 30 minutes.
    03. Charts are looking very much nice and less strain on our eyes.
    04. Easily drag and drop multicharts in single window is very good, I never seen in any other trading software even in amibroker also which is the benchmark software in industry.

    Necessary Requirements
    01. Bracket orders along with SL-M fecility.
    02. Charts should always available even in non working hours and holidays.
    03. Charts are not appearing correctly in first 10 to 15 minutes in older version but not checked in new version. In a minute chart, even after 10 minutes It was showing single candle.
    04. Dragging the horizontal line to any place. Option to move on change the figure in properties of horizantal line to move the desired place just like Meta trader.
    05. Drawing toolbar for chart like amibroker. Due to chart refresh selected option should not go except right mouse click.
    (Due to chart refreshing drawing trendline from right click is not easy. When we click on draw trendline and coming to the point where I should start, immediately that option goes due to chart refresh. In other softwares that option will not go due to chart refresh, only when we click right mouse again it will go.)

    I will bring to your notice if any other points come in to my observation in near future. Thank you.

    Y.Dharma Teja

  214. naveen says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I found some glitch on second release of Pi.
    1. If i click F1 by selecting script on market watch, buy order will open for some other stock.
    2. how to put basic price alert for particular script & could not locate any pop up alert for the same

    Improvement over 1st release.
    1. Initial loading time is better, now feels like it is very light weight
    2. works flawless on 2G speed connection with 5 or more script loaded on market watch. lot like zerodha web trading platform its keeps on loading always.

    Otherwise trading terminal looks decent buy am not tested charting tools as it is still under development.


  215. ragendth says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I tried installing PI in my desktop having kaspersky antivirus. when the setup started installing a “PDM.Trojan.generic” warning is coming up. Attaching its screen shot. Pls look into this ASAP as its critical issue.

  216. Balaji J says:


    Thanks for PI.

    1.When i tried to view how much funds i got in my equity account it’s not visible
    positions- > cash positions

    2. As many have mentioned adding cross hair to charts would be good

    Balaji J

  217. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Nithin
    1, I Have Put it ALGOS Code on PI For BACK TEST But We Are Getting Some of Error Message How Do IT ON Back Test & Go Live in PI 2, How to use GENETIC ALGORITHM in Pi 3, Can We Use AFL Code Direct on PI or Not ?

    • About backtest, for now you will have to do some self learning. It will take us a few more days to put up the tutorial for this and genetic algo

      For Amibroker, we have put up the bridge. For now it is only mock trades, so orders don’t go to the exchange, but gets logged.

      1. Change [Pi_Puser] VALUE to TRUE in file C:\Zerodha\Pi\Data Feed\Omne\nestclient.ini
      2. Open Pi, Goto View->User Settings->PiBridge, Select Mock Trade in Automated Trading Mode.

      Mock trade logs are present in [Pi Installation folder]\PiBridge.log

      [Enabling amibroker to fire orders]

      1. Paste pibridge.net.dll in amibroker installed folder (In my system its C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker)
      2. Open “Command Prompt (cmd) ” as administrator.
      3. Goto C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\[Latest Framework] (In my system its C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319)
      4. type > regasm [location of pibridge.net.dll] ( regasm “C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker\pibridge.net.dll”)

      Open Pi. If every thing is right then PiBridge icon at right-bottom will turn green when you open amibroker.

      To get the dll, send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

      Once done, you can just fire orders right from your AFL. For now, this will not be sent to the exchange but just logged in that file. Very soon, we will give an option to semi/completely automate this.

  218. agsuresh says:


    I have noticing that the Pi crashes with windows error msg AFTER I try to use consensus report a couple of times (using various indicators) on any chart. I suspect the same thing when I try to add / delete various indicators on the chart.

    I am using Windows XP. I am not very sure if that is the reason for this crash.

    By the way, lot needs to be done on the chart.

    I would urge you to look at charting available on Economictimes.Indiatimes.com.

    That is the kind of charting facility, that is really helpful, according to me and I expect from this software.

    I had also send you a msg on Elder Ray recently . Hope you can incorporate it.


    • Do uninstall and install the latest release put up today.

      • agsuresh says:


        I had uninstalled and installed the latest update. But it still crashes after testing the consensus report a couple of times. Sometimes on the second attempt itself. Once it crashes, re-loading the program takes even more time- This could be login issue at your end. When the program crashes, it could still be logged at your end. So re-loading may require to process logout-login which might be the time consuming factor.

        pls look into these matters.

  219. Balaji J says:


    some of the observations in pi

    1. Load chart ->right_click-> complete zoom out – and then – right_click-> zoom Selected areas
    Problem: price Scale range is not getting updated

    2. Load chart ->right click-> complete zoom out – and then- right_click-> zoom Selected areas
    problem: once again if u select right_click->zoom Selected areas, before selecting the region
    to zoom some default portion of the screen is zoomed in.

    Balaji J

  220. Shital says:

    Logged in first time to Pi today. Overall looks good.

    Failed to see Net Change column in Market Watch.
    Unable to remove Volume panel on chart.

    How can I do above?

  221. Ankit Bhardwaj says:

    Add MACD with histogram like on MT4 also allow few customized parameters for MACD ex uploading screenshot.

  222. Niranjan says:

    Dear Nitin
    First of all thank you for trying to provide us a world class platform for trading & giving me this opportunity to test the latest version of Pi. I have tested it & feed backs are as follows:


    During installation it shows some problem but it is fixed by your IT department.

    After logging out of the Pi while I am trying to login again my anti-virus shows trojen in the set up file & it fails to start so I couldnโ€™t login into it. Again I have tried to re install it but it shows same problem. Now I canโ€™t login in to Pi.

    My observation in my first login:
    1. The downloading of scripts for first time took very long time.
    2. Theme & market watch is fine
    3. Buying selling option in the chart itself & quick buy/sell is very good
    4. Daily & weekly charts shows blank window
    5. Sometimes intraday chart shows less no of candles than mentioned. e.g. If I look for 1000 candles of 15 minutes it only shows candles of last 2 days.

    Suggestions for Improvement

    1. To see a chart we have to right click & select chart but if it could have any shortcut key or symbol on tool bar it would be better
    2. If I want to change the time frame of a script, every time I have to go to the market watch window, open the chart & set the time. It is bit lengthy. The chart window shall have option for setting time for chart period.
    3. For drawing on a chart we have to go to the tools tab on the main bar, searching the required tools there & then draw on the chart. If the symbol of all useful drawing tools would be available on the chart window/menu bar it would be better.
    4. For clearing drawing there is an option of clear all drawing but for clearing selective drawing there is no option.
    5. Zoom in zoom out is ok but moving right, left on the chart is bit tough. If drags can be used to move left or right and cursor for zoom in & out it would be better.
    6. While moving cursor over the candles it shall show open, high, low, close & time of the candle. Now it shows when I press the left click over a candle.
    7. Indicators opened in second & subsequent series shall have a cross button for closing instead right click, select & delete series.
    8. In the drop-down list of indicators arranged alphabetically. So while typing first letter of an indicator it shall directly goes to there but now I have to move the cursor up and down to go there.
    9. Back test/Scripted alert creation window should have an ability to use a find symbol window, like the one in scanner, instead of typing whole symbol name
    10. During back testing of a strategy instead of only showing buy or sell symbol in the chart if it would show all the indicators (plotted on first series/over the candles) involved in the strategy on the main chart it will help to further filter our strategy.
    11. In the neural network tab there is option for pattern recognition such as double top, flag etc but it is not showing a clear image. If useful candle stick patterns like doji, hammer could be added to the list it would be helpful.
    12. Some useful tools like pivot point, Fibonacci extension, super trend etc. are found missing from the list.

    I will bring to your notice if any other observation will come to me in near future. Thank you. Now I request you to officially release its 1st version asap as many of us are eagerly waiting for it since a long time. You can modify the suggestions in latter version.

  223. Hims says:

    Hi Nitin

    I’m an intra-day trader and very keen to have trading account with you. As of now, what I know is that via you I can’t place Bracket Orders in NSE as After Hours order i.e. your current platform will accept Bracket orders from 9:15am onwards only.

    However, as a trader first few minutes are my edge and the best entries are during those minutes only hence currently your NEST is not useful to me. I’m using Sharekhan which provides Bracket Orders as After Hour Orders in NSE scrips which is a great feature for traders like me.

    I came to know from your team that in “Pi” bracket orders can be placed as after hour. Can you confirm this please because if this is the case then I wish to have trading through you.


  224. stock hunter says:

    Hi Nithin, Some quick feed Back

    1) chart zoom in/out we can do through mouse scrolling…Now we are missing over all picture of graph

    2) Chart alert is little bit complicate…need to implement scripwise easy alert setting as well or need detailed post of alert functions

    3) Need to detailed blog post of Expert advisor and Artificial Intelligence

  225. dushmant das says:

    I had filled the form provided for Pi .Now I got a message from zerodha to install the latest version of Pi from Q , but I did not find any link from Q to download Pi after login to q.zerodha.com

  226. Pavan Kulkarni says:

    Few things with the 1st November release… Referring to the 31st October release…

    The scripts, no matter what I do, does not save in the alphabetical order. There is a problem and even if I save the workspace in alphabetical order or add the scripts in alphabetical order (which was a tough task cos Pi adds the script to a random row) the script does not appear in alphabetical order. Few scrips still stay jumbled.
    When exiting Pi, I would have saved the market watch ( in alphabetical order, Pi prompts to save or not) with the market watch tab open and ‘Order Book’ closed. The next time I login to Pi, it straight away opens into ‘Order book’ . I do not know why such trivial detail is irritating but it kind of was fine on the previous release…

    Other things, I guess during the market hours and details do make the interface better….:-)

  227. Ankit Bhardwaj says:

    It still says on top, now don’t tell me that i didn’t uninstall the older version coz I did. LOL

  228. Vikas says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Installed 1st Nov PI on my machine.

    why only single MarketWatch, why not multiple MarketWatch ? ( like one for NSEFO and one for MCX )

  229. Coder says:


    Downloaded and installed Pi platform latest release. Pi_1.001.zip. Confirmed that I am running newer version of C++ libs. Installed Pi.

    Now, after filling in the login details, after clicking on Login button, nothing happens. Ofcourse, I have checked that my internet connection is fully functional and enough bandwidth is available etc ..
    Is this a known issue? Anyone else having similar problem? Or is it because I am trying it on off market hours?


  230. Ramesh Chinnasamy says:


    Nothing happens after clicking on Login button. Does it really working for anyone else?


  231. K R ANAND says:

    Great Job!!!!!
    Prima facie two things I could not locate –
    1. When I put the pointer on a particular candle, I don’t find the price details of that candle as I can see in Zerodha Trader Chart.
    2. There should be one Horizontal – Vertical Cross pointer on the chart to mention the price and time details of the candles.
    3. Super Trend Indicator was not found.
    4. There is no line or data for Pivot points of the chart of respective periods.
    Please look into all this.
    By the way, fantastic work. Thanks

  232. Varesh says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I have submitted form to participate in PI beta testing, could you please let me know when can I get it enabled in Q to download on my system.


  233. saurabh says:

    I am sorry to post a Comment NOT related to PI but could not find a revelant forum to post upon

    what is the latest version of zerodha trader and if i do not have the latest version how do I update it

  234. saurabh says:

    and yes… PI looks fascinating

  235. ragendth says:

    Hi Nithin,

    In the market watch it there is no column like net change indicator ie the red/green (Down/Up) arrows which are present in ZT. Also it would be good if all the columns like delta etc that are present in ZT are included in PI MW also.

    • ragendth says:

      One more thing when opening the charts i am not able to see the candle graph. Attached is the screen shot

    • Yes we will add option greeks, but will take time. Let me check on the up and down arrow immediately.

      • PKJ says:

        Hi Nitin & All,

        Been using Pi for a few days.It is a great start by zeodha.But still a work in progress.Few observations:-
        1.Loginin-Takes a bit of time
        2.Edge of chart with the active candle scrolls out of view on zoom.
        3.Multiple chart view is cumbersome-“tile vertical/horizonta”l feature will be helpful
        4.A cross-hair showing price&time is a must.
        5.No BO/CO available- to this you have agreed to incorporate.
        6.Provision for default quantity will be nice like – say 100,000/price or a absolute number 100 etc.
        7.Link to excel(like in NEST) is also needed.

  236. Abhay says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Could you please explain what really happened on Fri morning between 11:05 and 11:30 am? It was a pretty serious issue which, i believe, cannot be overlooked. For 25 mins, no orders on NSE eq segment were going and it was only at 11:30 traders could square off their intraday positions. Also, response from the zerodha office was to “wait for 10-15 minutes”.
    From a risk management perspective, it was really scary. Could have been a nightmare for INTRADAY scalpers trading big sizes.

  237. vu22rps says:

    Hello, I like to beta test Pi, how do I go about would like to know.

  238. binu says:


    in market watch

    add pivot, resisistance, support
    & blank calculation fields

  239. Bharath says:

    Thanks for awesome software.

    1, Pi terminal will have tick by tick charting for NSE F&O?
    2, Can we have buy above or sell below order based on time. For example if Nifty trading above 8000 for 5 mins place limit or market order.

    • 1. It will be a 1 second snapshot data, it is as good as you get on an trading/charting platform you get in India.
      2. You can code this as a strategy, but it cannot be completely automate. It is not allowed for retail.

  240. dp0012 says:

    Hi Nithin pls add two thing in PI. So i can shift my trading from nest to PI.
    1) Link to excel file. I am doing pair trading so i have to use excel to monitor Pair.
    2) Basket trade i have to trade in one go so i am using .csv file to import in basket trade and place the order in one go. Pls advice how you are going to provide this in PI. Pls add these two option in next release in PI. I do not need chart data so no issue i can shift PI ASAP if these two option available on PI.

  241. Karthik says:

    Hi – Has anyone here used thinkorswim platform? Navigated Pi this weekend, looks like a glorified sharekhan with some tweaks. I feel we are still so primitive with this technology platform.
    Why don’t we just license the platform like thinkorswim or tradestation and start using them instead of creating this from scratch? I feel we are still long way (say 3-6 months) to get this Pi where we need for traders? But you guys are atleast in the right direction. Thanks again for all your hardwork

    • Licensing any of the platforms like TOS cost becomes restrictive for the masses. Even with ameritrade that offers TOS, we charge Rs 20 ($0.3) whereas say an Ameritrade charges $9.99 flat+ $0.75 per lot. Don’t know how long it will take us with Pi to get to a TOS, but like they say Rome was not built in a day. What we are building though is a bridge from Pi to connect to any analytic platform of your choice. So if you can afford say paying $4000 for advance get, we can connect it using the bridge to help you trade from it directly.

      • Karthik says:

        Understood Nithin. That’s why I am exploring those options. But I will still be your customer. Realistically how long do you think this is going to take to get to a decent shape ?

        Also want to thank Siva and your team for the all the support with respect to fully automating my strat. My feedback was more constructive

    • gilari says:

      Sorry to disagree with you
      Does TRADE TIGER have scanner,bakteser,optimser etc?
      can we trade from chart in trade tiger
      I feel Pi is far ahead of trade tiger
      ( I used tt 15 months before.I don’t know latest developments)

  242. Pradeep says:

    Can we get the list of new things or fixes available in this new version of PI.

    As in earlier version, even in this version daily charts are not working.

  243. gilari says:

    My first impression
    Rich with Advanced features like scanning,back testing ,optimization etc
    But lack some basic features like
    trading with horizontal line,
    adjusting SL by adjusting horizontal line,
    chart trading from all type of charts,
    opening multiple tabs and arranging same in single window
    range bars
    code to set different time frame in script etc

  244. vinesh kumar says:

    column width is a problem for me , using big fonts i have to adjust column width every time i login it do not open in last saved format

  245. vijay says:

    unable to see the starting 15 min candles. that is till now 9:34am.

  246. Nachiket says:

    The shortcuts for quick order window don’t work when the chart window is popped out. I have to go to main window>View>View Quick Order.

  247. prakash1 says:

    How to change the Time Frame after the chart is opened?

  248. Nitin says:

    When I select any futures contract in market watch and press F1/F2, I get default Banknifty symbol in the order window and not the selected contract symbol. This is not the case with NSE-EQ symbols.

  249. kishan says:

    is application for beta testing is closed or is it still open

    • Still open, you can see the orange link right on top of this blog post.

      • kishan says:

        thank u Mr. Nithin, i have filled the forum today morning, and even sent email to (it) and (tsiva) ,but iam still not able to find any download option in my quant page, do i have to wait, can u please provide information on this.

        • kishan says:

          sorry to post it but just a second later after i have posted the above comment i recieved email from tsiva that by EOD i will have it on my quant page.

  250. Harish says:

    Link to Excel / RTD is missing in PI. Please provide the option for this.

  251. DHIRENDRA says:


  252. RV1000 says:

    My few cents…
    1. Hope it works for windows 8.1
    2. How about giving an option to write trend/resistance lines? Lets say, if on a 5 min chart, I draw a particular line as support, then it should continue for all the future dates so that whenever I am seeing 5 mins chart in future for future dates, it should show me the support line that I drew previously.


  253. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Nithin
    Pleas Kindly Notes This And Update For Active Traders

    1,Pleas Set Data Window on Click a Candle & Modify Chart Period Bar Interval & Symbol
    2,We Are Cannot Getting Day & Week Charts Pleas Update
    3,Pleas Set Market Watch & Columns Default Save options
    4,News Reader Set POP UP option Need For User
    5,Set Top Gainer Loser & Top Volume Window
    6,Index Box Right Click Go To Chart options For Quick open Index Chart
    7,Could Not View on Pi, Go to View->User Settings->Pi Bridge
    on PI

    • 1 to 6 working on. Ensure that you have the latest installation of Pi on your system. We will have a new release by today 3pm, download that from Q.

      • ragendth says:

        Hi Nithin,

        Few points

        1) The horizontal lines cann’t be moved after drawing it where as vertical lines are able to shift to any desired points
        2) Cross wires are not present. It would be good if cross wires are present
        3) To change the color of the horizontal lines are not available. So that different levels can be marked in different colors. Eg SL in red, Pivot in blue, Target 1, target 2 as green ect ect.
        4)All the options like SL,SL-M,Market,Limit are not available while trying to place the order after left click and placing the order.

        • 1-3 we are working on. Point 4, you are talking about placing order from the chart right? If you want all these options, do a normal F1 and F2.

          • ragendth says:

            Hi Nithin,
            I guess what I am explaining below is a bug.

            Today I had opened the 8400CE chart in order to place the order. But before moving to the chart window my cursor was place on 8400PE in the MW.
            Now instead of clicking and placing the order in the Chart window I placed the buy order using F1 thinking that the order placed will be 8400CE. But to my horror the order executed was 8400PE. Realizing that wrong order got executed I exited the 8400PE order and i lost 500 Rs.
            What i expected is that if i am placing the order using F1 in the Chart window it should take 8400CE. But instead it took 8400PE ie the record that was selected in MW window.
            Is believe this is a bug.

            • No Ragen, F1/F2 window is independent of the charts. So if you have chosen a different contract on F1 and looking at some other chart, there is no way to control that, be it on Pi or any other platform. You just have to be more careful.

          • ragendth says:

            Hi nithin,

            Adding few more points which i thing will improve PI.

            5) Enable multiple watch windows so that groups of scripts can be made possible
            6)Making the scrips sync across all platforms ie PI, ZT and web
            7)Pattern recognition like head & Shoulder, Crab , butterfly, Bat pattern, Parallelogram etc..

  254. sandeep das says:

    can i open both nest trader and pi at a time?because i want to see the charts from pi and give bo order in nest trader.can it be happened?

  255. stock hunter says:


    some more issues i am facing PI

    when we use F2 , we cant able to change (switch)order type normal to after market order

    please check

  256. Atul says:

    I use the adx indicator for trading and in pi i found that adx along with di+ and di- is given (directional movement system is the name of the indicator in pi) If i want to change color of di+/- i cannot do so, (i can change color of adx though). This issue is continuing in Pi from zerodha trader. Could zerodha look into this? It would be of great help if this issue is addressed.

  257. Fahad Malik says:

    1.Charting Problem and Data Server.
    2. Fib Extension
    3. Dragging the vertical/Horizontal line( dont make it like Ami ๐Ÿ™ )
    4. Cross”+” Mouse must show dotted vertical horizontal axis and exact point.
    5. XABCD pattern and more charting tool
    6. PADF error
    7. Scripting of language.

    other than that, almost all is well


  258. binu says:


    1, no option for deleting technical analysis

    2, zoom in alignment problem

  259. vishyvishy says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Go the New Revised PI.Thanks.

    I think as a user in addition to New setup File we should get a change log or Notes regarding Every New Version of software as what changes are made/ corrected. What new features are added so the user knows what new things to look out for in the New Version of PI.

  260. Ankit Kukadia says:


    Installed Pi… But there seems to be some problem. Unable to use mouse… Not responding to any clicks.. Unable to add any scrips or anything… screen gets stuck at loading Expert Advisors and Pi becomes totally non responsive except that i can just read news… Please help out!

  261. Karthik says:

    Hi Nithin,

    On Scanners, is it possible you can include an option to include ALL the NSE stocks, or ALL NSE F&O instead of clicking each symbol to Add? I generally scan for the whole market to identify potentials trades.


  262. stock hunter says:

    Hi Nithin,

    After downloading PI, I am getting this error message when system booting “The ordinal 7426 could not be located in the dynamic link library mfc90u.dll”
    why it happening ?

    • DTG says:

      I have all the pre requisites needed for downloading PI and it is still not loading up. I have sent the necessary communications along with screenshots to the support team to figure it out. I specifically opened my account for this platform and after opening the account i had few troubles with RMS which Nikhil resolved and i am grateful for that but overall i feel you should have not announced the release of the software until it was 99% ready , quite frankly it has basically left me high and dry with an overall bearish experience until now.

      • Do send an email to [email protected] with your contact details. We will get in touch and see why. This is not a final release, it is a beta only like we have announced.

      • DTG, Pi is in beta, and we have released it to only those who know that is a beta. Until people don’t test it out, it becomes really tough to spot and fix bugs. Btw, it should definitely load up, can you send an email to [email protected] with your contact details. Keep me in cc as well, [email protected]. We will have this fixed immediately.

        • DTG says:

          I had to install dotnet update after which PI was running smoothly , there are off course charting errors present but you are aware of them as many beta testers have already mentioned them.
          If i have any further requirement i will definitely buzz you on your mail. my requirement is automating signal generation and execution for supertrend or volatility stop & multi leg order for pair trading.

    • Can you send an email to [email protected] with your contact number. We will get in touch and sort this out.

    • It means you have not started setup.exe and not Pi.msi. Due to this prerequisites are not installed. Do read the document provided with installer package for correct way of installing

  263. Ankit Bhardwaj says:

    How to get open interest table of a option contract in Pi? its available in ZT…