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October 24, 2023
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We are happy to announce the launch of Zing! by Zerodha, a new Youtube channel that aims to have a fun take on finance lessons and education that we have always offered through our educational initiatives. We are building the channel in partnership with LearnApp, our collaborator of many years. LearnApp has extensive experience in creating high quality financial videos and courses, all the way from serious to fun.

Varsity, our biggest financial educational initiative, started around in 2014, and continues to be one of the largest openly accessible financial education coursewares on the web. In addition to the courseware, Varsity has its own app, quizzes, certifications, video lessons, and now even an animated series, Varsity Junior!

Today, the scope of the financial and capital markets landscape, especially retail, is vast like never before. And, the nature of social media is such that often, the deluge of misinformation and mis-selling dwarf actual, valuable lessons and information. “Finfluencers”, for example, is a big social media phenomenon that has gotten so big that SEBI is looking at it to curb financial mis-selling on social media.

In our continued decade-long attempt to provide quality financial education and to tackle mis-selling and mis-information in finance and capital markets, we’re trying something new with Zing!.

1. The De-influencing series

In this series we pick popular notions of making money and explore if it’s possible or not. Check out the first episode on Penny Stock in our new De-Influencing series.


2. Trading psychology

The second series is a set of 4 episodes on trading psychology. Here a newbie trader takes trades and tries to learn the psychology of it with a more experienced person. A new episode drops every Friday at 7 PM. Keep an eye on the channel here.

With research, a focus on lessons via fun storytelling and a dash of Zing!, we hope to build a fun repository of meaningful lessons for everything related to money, finance, and investing.

Team Zerodha

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  1. PL says:

    All the best team! Looking forward to learning more! Great initiative! 🙌🏻

    • Vasant patankar says:

      It will be very useful for us. Thanks

    • Navneet says:

      It will be very use for zerodha brand top 1 brand 👍

    • B Munibabu says:

      Dear Kite Zerodha Team,

      All the best!

      I have a few suggestions on how to make your audience or customers happier and more responsible:

      Offer educational content on price action, multi-timeframe analysis, and algorithmic trading in Python. This is a highly sought-after topic on social media, as many people are interested in trading through algorithms. By providing this type of content, you can attract a larger audience and increase viewership for your channel.
      Share technical insights into how SEBI works and how stockbrokers operate in practice. This will help your audience to better understand the stock market and make more informed trading decisions.
      Provide live insights into the trading activity of large institutional investors. This will give your audience a better understanding of how the stock market works and how big players operate. By sharing this information, you can help your audience to become more responsible traders.
      Here is a more elegant way to present these suggestions:

      Kite Zerodha: Empowering Your Audience to Trade Smarter

      At Kite Zerodha, we are committed to helping our customers become more successful traders. That’s why we offer a wide range of educational resources and insights, including:

      Price action and multi-timeframe analysis: Learn how to read the price charts and identify key trading opportunities.
      Algorithmic trading in Python: Discover how to automate your trading strategies using Python, one of the most popular programming languages for trading.
      Technical insights into SEBI and stockbroker operations: Gain a deeper understanding of the stock market and how it works.
      Live insights into the trading activity of large institutional investors: See how the big players operate and learn from their strategies.

    • Manjunath says:

      Good for learning. It will very use full.

    • Er.Ravi says:

      All the best for new learning features

    • Ashutosh Mishra says:

      It is verry appericiable

    • Tarun Khanra says:

      It’s the most awaited. Daily blood shedding during last two weeks

    • Suvarana says:

      Its like wooden pole for blind

    • Bharadwaj says:

      Zerodha is moving fast

    • Nagamani says:

      It’s good and expect more avariance from zerodha

    • AMLA TRIPATHI says:



    • Pawan says:

      Great work to this field for make a bright future.

    • Debasish says:

      Anxiously waiting for!

    • Utsav Kumar says:

      Very Helpful For Us ,Maza Hi Aa Jaayga

    • Shailendra Kumar says:

      Well ! We are waiting eagerly

    • Harshil Bhavasr says:

      I have been keenly waiting fot it.. Now it’s going bto be a complete brokarage firm.. Thanks zerodha.

    • Nagraj says:

      Thank you very much for the Knowledge sharing Youtube channel. certainly, it will help to improve the financial knowledge

    • Chidanand Galagali says:

      A very good initiative. It is a necessity now to educate the public about the correct things in the finance world and not get fooled & cheated by the fraudsters.

    • Vishv Ranjan Singh says:

      Great work to this field for make a bright future
      Best of luck

  2. Bandhiya Ramesh says:

    Good app for trading

  3. Rashi abhay says:

    U rock @Zerodha….keep it up

  4. Vaibhav says:

    all the best !! great newss

  5. raghu says:

    excellent ,, wish you all the best .. looking forward

  6. Guroo says:

    Great inciative to learn and earn..all d best

  7. Bhavesh S Bhatt says:

    Nice, hope for true & valuable advance..

  8. RAMESH BABU says:

    All the best.

  9. Guna says:

    Sir, Great

  10. PPLN says:

    Yet another interesting and informative initiative. Keep up the good work and all the very best.

  11. Nagaraju PRASANGI says:

    Please share market news every time



  13. Manjunath says:

    Zerodha is the best trading community ever!
    It keep getting better and better and most importantly you need not have pay a penny to LEARN!


    Awaiting to learn then earn



  16. Rajesh says:

    Great initiative, thanks.

  17. Adarsh Nema says:

    all the best for zing…. hope for outstanding result from Youtube audience

  18. Anil roy says:

    Good initiative

  19. Rajeev Kumar says:

    Just Chilled the Trading with Zing by Zerodha Thanks

  20. Sanjeev says:

    As Zerodha client i expect such more and more learning platforms…Good going

  21. Manish Soni says:

    Great initiative….Keep it up..Team Zerodha Rock..

  22. VIKAS SAXENA says:

    All the best team..
    I like Prateek’s way of explaining serious concepts with touch of fun..

  23. Ramashankar Yadav says:

    Very good zerodha

  24. Gaurav says:

    Cheers to Mr. Prateek “Sir”, and best wishes to the team.

  25. Gautam Chakraborty says:

    Beautiful initiative

  26. ABDURAHIMAN TK says:

    Very easy to handle

  27. samir says:

    why don’t you videos for the trader from some time but not much profitable and teach them about what globle news can impact and how to trade that and other things like earning interpretation and and many more and if possible why dont you ask nikhil sir to invite some good friend of his who are trader at #wtf and ask them how they made it

  28. Gajneda says:

    Again, a great and good initiative by Zerodha Team.

  29. Shabeer omer says:

    Very good initiative, keep it up, looking forward for more trainings on options trading

  30. Rathinavel says:

    All the best team.

    Looking forward to learn more from Zing. Nice initiative.

  31. Bhupendra Dhami says:

    Nice 👍

  32. Balaji says:

    Very nice

  33. Fenil says:

    All the very best team! Thanks for such a top notch learning initiatives! I started my investment journey with varsity. Only after i completed first certification, i entered the market. And that has helped me a lot! Thanks to you folks!

  34. Dinesh Singh says:

    Congratulations for that

  35. Anil katange says:

    Great initiative by Zerodha

  36. SENTHILKUMAR A M says:

    All the best..!!

  37. AJAY KUMAR says:

    Good inititive ! what is new in this channel and what is the difference between the new channel and old one.

  38. Udayshankar Rao says:

    Best of luck to you as well us! Looking forward to know more 👍

  39. Hitesh Gajjar says:

    Good Insightful video.

  40. Jai Prakash Singh says:

    Informative. Good going. Keep it up.

  41. Albert K A says:

    Thanks Zerodha.. you’re doing great service to your customers.. keep it up

  42. Venkateswarlu royyala says:

    Good initiative. Very useful for retail investors

  43. Sandip Pendam says:


  44. Selva says:

    Please introduce indicator based alert in ur zerodha platform it helps many trader..



  46. Abdul says:

    Sir, I tried to sign up but shows error. Can you please help with new registration.

  47. Jayanta Sarma says:

    All the Best team Zerodha…. Great initiative to learn a lot of things….

  48. Thimesh says:

    Provide a good strategy where traders can make some profits. Not only they make profit for themselves, they will trade from which brokerage will be generated. Try to save traders with good profitable strategies. Thanks for the initative you are taking.

  49. Songra Sachin says:

    Ii will very useful

  50. Rajendra says:

    Good initiative, all the best.

  51. B R S Goud says:

    All the best for your new initiative..

  52. Ramesh says:

    Well done guys sounds good , I already subscribed

  53. Srikanth says:

    Great initiative, good luck !!

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  56. Sajjad says:

    Wow, Great.
    All the Best 👍

  57. Deepa Sitlani says:

    It will be very usefull, I appreciate there step of being concerned abt financial literacy in the country.

  58. Siva says:

    Wow, Great content., Well done Zerodha.

  59. Nirmal Kumar says:

    Good initiative ! Best of luck to you well us!

  60. Hrishikesh Savatadkar says:

    Congratulations and best wishes

  61. Kiran says:

    Please upload daily economic related news it’s help for peoples🇮🇳🇮🇳✨

  62. Ajay Pratap Singh says:

    Congratulations 🎉🎉

  63. Nilesh says:

    Try to save retail traders from your strategies

  64. Rdzala says:

    Best of luck

  65. Tarun Kumar Dey says:

    Excellent initiative. I think several traders and investors will be benefited. Thank you.

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  67. Judy joe says:

    Thank u so much for the initiative

  68. Mahendra Bodat says:

    It’s helpful….

  69. Sanjay gupta says:

    It’s ultimate n super educational. Great

  70. Prasanna Deshmukh says:

    Excellent Analysis

  71. Rafi says:

    Good initiative. I subscribed. Waiting for good lessons.

  72. Brajesh says:

    Best Aaap

  73. Jitu Sharma says:

    why don’t you videos for the trader from some time but not much profitable and teach them about what globle news can impact and how to trade that and other things like earning interpretation and and many more and if possible why dont you ask nikhil sir to invite some good friend of his who are trader at #wtf and ask them how they made it

  74. Mohsin says:

    Great work

  75. Dr Deshpande Sanadiip says:

    Respected Sir/Mam, Congratulations for more Good thing that’s happening & I am witnessing
    Pls share details to me,I am totally New to this ocean of Knowledge & Business.
    I am interested to do various kinds of long-term & short trading investments

  76. Valarmathi says:

    Good initiative

  77. VIRANDER VIMAL says:

    Hope and best wishes for the new initiative, keep the quality and contents as new and pure as the launch of ZERODHA

  78. Vinay kumar jha says:

    Congratulations. & best of luck it is usefull for us

  79. Amrita Mishra says:

    Very nice trading aap for zerodh but holding charges very high

  80. Vikas Sharma says:

    Aapke channel ka content hindi English both languages me hona chahiye jisse kuch samajh aaye because we are north Indian.

  81. Raju Kumar says:

    Thanks sir much for inviting

  82. Bala says:

    Good initiative i will follow the page. Learn and invest and get the benefits. Thank lots 🙂

  83. Raju Kumar says:

    Thank you so much

  84. Rajiv Ranjan says:

    This is one of the best initiatives taken by Zerodha . Thank you

  85. Harish R says:

    Great work

    All the best.

  86. Balvantrai says:

    ZERODHA always doing the best for investors 👍 thanks

  87. S VIJAYAKUMAR says:

    Dear Team Zerodha,
    Congratulations on this new initiative and wshing you all the very best .
    Please guide new investors about the risk -reward investing opportunities .
    chart reading
    Tech and Fund analysis.
    FII activities and its influence on price movements in the market..
    Wrm regards

  88. Saraswathi krishnan says:

    All the best

  89. CK says:

    Please make a video on SIP and SWP in stocks

  90. Anil says:

    Great work

  91. Jothikumar says:

    All the very best for thus new initiative. Give me some basics on option trading

  92. Rakesh says:

    V good

  93. RK Chowdary says:

    Our App not useful. At least Tips not provided.

  94. Maimoona says:

    Very nice trading aap for zerodh but holding charges very high

  95. Chandra Shekhar says:

    Great effort.
    Publish lettest news in this channel.

  96. gopal korale says:

    Zerodha is the best trading community ever!
    It keep getting better and better and most importantly you need not have pay a penny to LEARN

  97. Peer Lateef Ahmad says:

    One of the best app

  98. Narendra Singh Sikarwar says:

    Good going

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    Please make video for Nifty and Bank Nifty Levels every day before market open.

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    Subscribed 😊

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    All the best

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    Good Thinking

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    Send channel link

  104. amit singh says:

    Zerodha app is very good to before . mainly second version , but one is most important related to SIP. SIP feature is best of GROW APP. please check and improve.

  105. Omendra pandey says:

    Very very best platform in zerodha

  106. deep says:

    app need some enhanced tool for scanning stocks with customized feature

  107. Rajnish says:

    Great Job. thanks for this vedio

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    Very nice and honest plateform

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    One of the best app🙏

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    Very Very Very Excellent, shankarreddy

  113. Navdeep Singh says:

    De-influencing, I like it!

  114. rajendran says:

    Good beginning to start with.
    Stock screening as the first one is great.
    How about stock screening for the right stock.
    Zerodha is getting cleverer day by day!

  115. Jawahar Babu K says:


    And thank you for your dedication to make people to know financial litaracy

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  117. mahendra Barhe says:

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  119. Anshul shakya says:

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    This is amazing..
    Yes it’s really good for us, but this is more useful for new generation.
    People can take big advantage out of this.
    Keep doing good work.

  125. Mojendra Partap Singh Solanki kodiya says:

    Best broken in the world Zerodha kite the Best Us Full Software in the world and most thanks for review time

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    Thank u very much

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    Good brand building intiative from Zerodha hope the content is good and useful

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    Great initiative and refresher for small retail investors

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    Nice initiative for us the user of zeerodha. Thnx for the support I’ve step taken for investors and traders

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    Please start in Hindi also it will be very to understand better.

  140. G sankararao says:

    Nice 👍

  141. Rajat Raut says:

    Please start in Hindi also it will be very helpful to understand better. Thank you for this new channel and all the best team Zing! By Zerodha

  142. A Uday Bhaskar S Murthy says:

    Great job, it is very good initiative as more and more youngsters are showing interest in investing securities. It will help them gaining knowledge in this sphere and keep then update as well.

  143. Ravindra kadam says:

    Thanks to zerodha team

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    Please in hindi

  145. Anand Kamath says:

    Please do not publish any advertisement notifications that blocking operational options. When clicking positions “EXIT: positons is hiding with the notification.

  146. Ravindra kadam says:

    Plz start in Hindi also, we can understand better, harmful request

  147. BINU S says:

    we good initiative as always.
    it will be very much helpful among as an individual trader

  148. C S Walia says:

    Zerodha is No 1, my most favourite




    India has vast population only about 3% is in share market to be upto 80 % we should have a programme to be understood by layman. So that many people may join stock market vai Zarodha. Wish you all success

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    All the best..👍👍

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    Good work

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    Very Good initiative, one small request if it could be in our Nation Language ( Hindi ) it may create more impacts on Retail Mind set Trader’s

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    Plz broadcast with Tamil sub tittle, it is helpful who belongs to Tamilnadu and it leads new investor comes to zeroda

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    Should be in hindi language

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    Really very intrusting and appreciate the initiative…keep it up

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    Hello Zerodha Team,

    This is really great effort from your side to make retails traders as a responsible Traders . Always your team will come up with innovative ideas Like this .
    Thanks for these Videos and to bring More Awareness in Indian Retail Traders , on Stock Market.


  160. Srini says:

    Am afraid if it may go the karvy way so still keeping my big bank demat account as primary

    I like the ease simplicity it’s amazing

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    English me thik se samajh nahi aata.

  162. Sanjeev dhama says:

    Hindi main batayo ki isma kya likha haai

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    All the best .hopefully it will be very useful to me

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    Hi, zerodha could you please develop footprint chart for your customers. It’s a very useful tool

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    True champion of cause of Financial Education and literacy.

    Best wishes and strength to sustain this type of initiatives.

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    Can u tell me what is this

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    Pl start in Hindi also

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    Good congratulations and requesting to give valued tips to your clients

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    Please use given note in hindi.

    • Anubha says:

      Please use given note in hindi.b’coz every where you use English.actual reality is that very less percent read and understand notes given by you so they skip this note .so that your giver concept is pay attention of those people who comes from hindi belt and open account in zerodha.thank you

  174. L. Balakrishna says:

    Great initiative. I appreciate your efforts in spreading financial literacy among investors.

  175. Ambrish nichale says:

    It will be gainful for our investment

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    Great Initiative @ Zerodha. It will assist millennials in learning and cautious & successful investing in Indian Stock Market by knowing all the risks involved. This will increase participation in India’s stock market and also subscribers of Zerodha. Keep it coming…..!!

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    Great job 👍 & excellent …..

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    Great to see such an initiative undertaken by your organisation.
    Bharat really needs such financial programs not only for understanding the financial markets ,but also making the people of Bharat more smart and to invest in equity market in a professional way.
    Looking forward for more and more knowledgeable articles and videos from you.

  180. Nikhil Jain says:

    looks exciting and promising as well. keep it up, Team Zerodha !!

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