Zerodha Trader – Brief

October 4, 2012

Zerodha Trader (ZT) Introduction

ZT is what we call the downloadable software version of our trading platform. The software is developed by Omnesys Technologies under their proprietary name “NEST.” NEST is the preferred choice of some of the biggest retail brokerage firms in India. Omnesys Technologies is headed by Mr. Shrikant Pandit and NSE (National Stock exchange) is a key stakeholder. Omnesys has also developed the NSE proprietary trading platform called “NOW.” NEST is very popular among the institutional trading community in India.

Presently on Zerodha Trader (customized version of NEST), you can trade equity, commodity, f&o and currency on NSE, BSE, MCX-SX & MCX.  Zerodha Trader has many advanced features and we will explain about all of it in this category on Z- Connect.

Zerodha Trader works well on Windows and the version for MAC/LINUX is currently not stable.  This would require internet speeds of at least 256 kbps and 512 Kbps for optimum performance. Since it is a software version, you will not be able to use it if you are working in an office where you are not allowed to install external programs or if there are firewalls blocking streaming quotes. You can use our web or HTML5 version in that case.

We will put up posts on ZT for :

1. Installation of the platform and explanation on the various basic features.

2. Using the SPAN calculator, a unique tool available on ZT which will show you the margin requirement even before you take a trade. It will also show you the exact margin benefits offered by the exchange for taking positions that are hedged against each other.

3. Using our charting platform.

4. Advance plugins available through Nest Plus,  auto trading plugins, backtesting strategies and much more.

Do feel free to post any query at the end of each article and we shall answer it on the blog itself, this way everyone reading the blog with similar queries will also be benefited.

Happy Trading

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Amish Gada says:

    Probably the worst platforms and service providers.. No special request accepted by customer care for emergency case… Re KYC takes 48 hrs where in other securities do it within 4 to 6 hrs on special request (I have person experience)… Just providing free trade will not help if your services are between 0-1 STAR.

  2. Amstrong Da Cunha says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,
    i have a query in regards to GTT


    Can GTT Stop Loss protect my position from Gap UP/DOWN movements.

    CMP : 22000
    SL @ 21900

    @ 9:15
    GAP DOWN AT 21850-21800


    Please Explain in details and along with an example

  3. Vineet Mittal says:

    Does Zerodha support NEST PLUS platform. If yes, please send the link downloading and using it, which I dont find on Zerodha website.

  4. Hemanth says:

    why you discontinued nest trading terminal you said can use nest trading terminal free for life but i didn’t use even for a year you are loosing hope towards costumers

  5. Mallikarjun says:

    Unable to download zerodha nest for desktop (windows 7)

  6. sunita dugar says:

    can’t login nest, as massage appear disconnected from nest system.

  7. PVG says:

    Sorry to say but the product you developed called pi trader is really very bad i.e.very below standard as compared to nest trader and you discontinued nest trader without any prior information. This is really irritating so the best thing for us is move to other broker because this time you just discontinue nest with any information next time you can ask us to pay for all tools we are using. Now a days there are many brokers providing better services than zerodha an at low cost.

  8. Shaji says:

    So I can’t use ztrader?

  9. mahendra says:

    since mrning i m uploading 10support tickets for nest trader forgot password. as i holding the account since lst 5 yrs kindly issue the password asap

  10. Gurpreet singh says:

    please provide the link zerodha traders nest threr is no where in resourse page in uitility option

  11. Vijayakumar says:

    i have installed zerodha trader app as per you site explained,

    when login with nest it says user name and password is incorrect.

    i used kite user id and password.

    pls let me know solution. that how to i login and access zerodha trader nest.

  12. Imran says:

    Why zerodha cant migrate my a/c from Nest to NOW?
    Did they stopped migration of all users?

    • Faisal says:

      Yes, Imran, we have stopped migrations from NEST to NOW as this is an operational inconvenience in serving to clients in two different platforms.

      • Imran says:

        Thanks for the reply Faisal.
        Is there any way left to get Nse NOW credentials? I want to use nse now only.

        • Matti says:

          Hi Imran. As Faisal has mentioned, we no longer support NSE NOW due to operational issues, so I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible.

  13. SUBHASH says:

    Can we place Buy and Sell order with Target and SL for the same instrument at same time in MCX commodity segment.

    • Faisal says:

      No, you can place Target and SL only after the initial order is complete.
      Placing the sell order before will treat it as a separate trade and additional margins will be blocked for the trade.

  14. Sujit says:

    Hi, the backoffice P&L reports are showing wrong buy and sell prices .Also my ledger showed wrong entries for 27th August and wrongful values for MTM .I have raised a ticket and got a generalised answer . I am making profits but still the fund is showing a drawdown because of this and it brings me to a bigger question on how to believe in a brokerage firms if we need to check every day for the actual MTM that I should have and what is showing .

  15. SUBHASH says:

    I am not able to log in. I get the msg as
    “Request failed (kitetrade-xmlapi).”

  16. SUBHASH says:

    I am not able to log in by kying the regular pass word. I get the msg as ” MSG FAILURE”

  17. SUBHASH says:

    I am new in online trading and learning Zerodha KITE platform.
    Uptill now I was trading only in Oil Minis by placing orders by Dial and Trade .
    I trade intraday for Current Month contract for ten to 15 points.
    I trade in next month contract on positional basis.
    Can you please explain me with ilustrations
    1) How to place Intraday order with entry price, Target and SL in one go.
    2) How to place positiona Buy(Long)/Sell (Short) order with entry price, SL in one go.
    3) Sell /Buy order with SL for clearing position taken in 2 above.
    4) How to generate 3 to 4 different charts for same instrument say OIL MINI
    Thnx n Regds.

  18. Avinash Bapat says:

    Nitin sir,
    I am using Zerodha platform for trading for last one year. I am using web base Kite for trading purpose. I would like to use pi or Nest Trader for trading purpose. Since I am using Linux operating system I am not able to use pi or Nest Trader.Do you have any program to provide pi or Nest Trader like platfrom for Linux users since they are increasing in numbers.There are people like me do not want use Windows operating system.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Avinash, one of the primary reasons to make Kite a web-platform when we start off with Kite development was to enable users on different operating systems to access the same platform. No plans for creating Pi/Nest for Linux as of now. Maybe use a VM?

  19. SUBHASH says:

    I am not able to log in
    After correctly answering the 2 questions the msg. pops up as “Request failed(Kite trade-xmlapi)”

    • Matti says:

      Hey Subhash, this happens when there is a temporary drop in connectivity or the connection is bad. Retrying helps. If you’re not able to log in after multiple attempts, please get in touch with our support desk.

  20. SUBHASH says:

    I have an account with Zerodha past 1 year or so. I have not on line traded as yet on Zerodha platform.
    I am Pune based ( PIN CODE 411004) and trade in Commodity mostly in Crude. I want to learn online trading ( Intraday and Swng/Positional ) on one to one basis as I am not able to grasp the voluminous information provided by Zerodha.
    I shall be thankful to receive the response in this regard.
    Thanking you

  21. Mohit arya says:

    Not receiving daily trade SMS…why

  22. Manoj says:


    Zerodha notified me that a new version of NESTTrader was release on July 14 2018, version 3.16 and all older versions were deprecated. Upgraded to the new version. When I run NESTTrader.exe, I get an error message – ‘The procedure entry point WakeConditionVariable could not be located in Kernel32.dll’. I checked, this system function is available in kernel32.dll version 6.0 upwards, which is in Windows 7.

    I am running Windows XP Service Pack 3. My laptop is very old and cannot handle Windows 7. Please provide a backward compatible version of NESTTrader for Windows XP. You just cant discontinue a platform with prior notification to your users. This is just not fare.

    Please help. Thanks.
    Best Regards.


  23. saurabh says:

    how to login in Zerodha Trader (NEST) ??
    i m not able to login…
    help ASAP…

  24. Sanky says:

    I have 3 question.
    1. What is the difference between Pi,Kite,NEST. What is the requirement for all these.
    2. I would like to Installed/run Amibroker without enabling of Pi-bridge, could your Technical staff help me.

  25. Ujjval balar says:

    Is it possible that zerodha trader available for mobile also?

  26. Sunita sahu says:

    I am an existing client of zerodha and doing trading in equity ,now I want to activate commodity trading ..then how it will proceed ?

  27. vinay says:

    Is Zerodha have NSE NOW mobile app login facility?
    If yes what is the procedure for login into it.

  28. Ratan says:

    Nithin sir ,
    1. pls share the link to download zerodha trader or nest. i cannot find it any where in zerodha resources page.
    2. also do pi support strategy auto trading (automatic buying at given condition and selling at given condition), is it same as described as algoz ( ?.
    3. can we use amibroker and pi plugin for auto trading in pi?

  29. Atindra says:

    Nithin Sir,
    NEST do not load on my WinXP3 system at all.Login page do not display at all.
    (Its working fine of my Lappy).

    So what supporting software do I need 2 install?


  30. ASHISH GUPTA says:

    Zerodha NEST Trader not open today(13-06-2017) any reason ( Error do not connect to server)

  31. kalyani says:

    Does zeerodha have virtual trading platform to understand better ??

  32. thulasee says:

    Hi All,

    I would like to understand the reason for removing the hourly data (charts) for Nifty 50 in kite. As of 28-Apr-17, I could see the data or charting for 2 + years. Where as from 02-May-17 on wards.

    The option of having hourly data for 2+ years was good feature. In fact I was looking for more years data. But this has been removed now.

    Please advise whether there is an issue with the data or whether Zerodha technical team purposefully removed this feature.

    Thulasee Ram

    • Matti says:

      Hey, we haven’t made any changes with respect to the data. Can you please reload and check?

  33. Prashanth says:

    Is there any way to use the Nest Plus API with Zerodha?

    • Hanan says:

      You can use Nest Plus API to semi-automate your trades using Zerodha Trader and connect it to a professional charting platform like Amibroker. Now we have a more advanced platform called Pi which can be connected to any charting platform by using Pi Bridge.

      Zerodha clients have both these options and you can choose whatever works best for you for automating your trades.

  34. Sandip Dias says:

    Hi Venu/Nikhil sirs, one observation that i experience daily is with Pi software crashing/freezing. It happens daily and when it happens, the screen becomes whitish and then it just stops functioning. What i do is open task manager and then select Pi and end the task.

    This happens fairly regularly everyday. This sort of behaviour by PI is very risky because its about real money. Sometimes this has happened at critical times when i really needed to execute an order but PI just froze up. Can we have a solution to rectify this bug? Thanks.

    • Sandip, what is your system configuration and internet speed. Pi is used by thousands of traders, only very few complaints like this come by. We have seen that these are mostly because of bad internet connections or not powerful enough systems.

  35. SUSHOVAN DUBE says:

    which tablet can I use for zerodha trading

  36. Senthil says:

    Can i do Day Trading on all the shares listed in BSE/NSE? Is there any restrictions? If so, can I get list of shares on which day trading can be done?

  37. Sagar says:

    Going through the posts above, I notice that sometime in 2013, the Linux version of the trading platform was ‘not stable’. I wonder whether it has achieved stability now. If yes, could you provide a link to download / install it? While Kite is really nice and intuitive, the 20 scrip limit on marketwatch is rather restricting. I am constantly adding and removing scrips from MW and that takes up a lot of time – not to mention the annoyance.


  38. Ravi says:

    Hi Nithin,
    As its mentioned in the post that the MAC version is currently not stable. Is there any time frame in which I can expect it to be available for seamless trading on my mac.

  39. vishal salunkhe says:

    hi sir ,
    I am zerodha client and currently using pi platform but sir I want zerodha trader platform for trading
    can I install zerodha trader on my pc

  40. Tirupati Rao says:

    Hello Zerodha, I have been connected with zerodha from past 10 months and still trading from the website or from but couldn’t from any zerodha app. Reason is I am using MAC OS for which no applications are developed yet. I am awaiting for every new day for any news for MAC user.
    Kindly provide any app for MAC(Yosemite) so that I can work comfortably with better features.

    • Venu says:

      It’s still advisable to use a Windows VM for Mac if you want to use an app, else Kite works just fine. The mobile app for iOS is under development.

  41. vshaan says:

    I am planning to buy Canvas Laptab LT777 for purpose of trading. Does Nest Trader run on Windows 10 tablet? Also can Office 365 run Excel Macros. I have my system using excel macros linked to Nest Trader.

    • Venu says:

      Its not the best experience using Nest on a Laptab. You could use Kite.
      About Macros on Office 365, it’s best to check with Microsoft.

  42. rachit says:

    my nest trader is showing an error of an invalid operation has occurred contact your administrator..plz tell me how to resolve it

  43. Jones says:

    Hi can i trade penny stocks from you?

  44. tarun says:

    hi, In 2013, I had installed Nest Mobile Trading for BB 9220 with OS 7.1, it worked fine.

    Now, I got another BB set with OS 7.1. The Zerodha Mobile app you have created is for BB OS 10. So i can not sideload that from Android app.

    Either make “Nest Mobile Trading” available to download or suggest any other soln.
    i think, Kite may work on Mobile.
    preference wold be Nest mob trading app.

    pls. suggest way out.

  45. Vijesh says:

    Can I have 2 accounts with zerodha with same demat account? This is so that I can trade on Now in mobile and Zerodha software on PC.

  46. murli says:

    Sir i am doing 98% trade with my phone and zt’s current app is very slow so tempraly shifting NSE NOW when kite app will relies will shift back kite and thanx for response i am trading from last 8 years and i hav worked with 3 brockers but my personal opinion is Zerodha is one of the fastest brockers and very responsive also your pi trading tool is one the best and advasced software as of now in india well done if its posibale plz creat similar software for mobile

  47. murli says:

    I mean to say call and trade facility avalibale for NSE now user??

  48. murli says:

    Sir one more question if i migrate in NSE NOW than call and will available for me????

  49. murli says:

    Sir i am new in Zerodha and my demat ac is not open yet . My question is can i shift in NSE now ??? Or i should shift after open demat ac ??? My demat ac will link automatically with NSE now when its open???

  50. ganeh shinde says:

    reply for amibroker how to start 9594494168

  51. murli says:

    Thank you sir for the reply. i will wait for new kite app 🙂

  52. murli says:

    Sir when will relies new mobile app of Zerodha current app is too slow

    • Murli, soon. We should the kite web app which is mobile friendly out hopefully in the next 3 to 4 weeks. After this we should be able to deliver the android app.

  53. santana pereira says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I was going through your POSTS in ZT-brief,and have querries as under
    1) Is your Pi software = ZT + Nest plus features, Which is better ?
    2) For fully automatic trades do you have collocation SERVER ?
    3) For fully automatic trades Which software is better “Traders Cockpit “ or “Symphony Fintech “ or “ Pi “ with collocation SERVER.
    Kindly give your valuable suggestions.
    Yours truly,

  54. Santosh Tiwari says:

    Hi Nitin
    Does ZT run on Windows 8.1 Tablets.

  55. seema says:

    I have connectivity issue with NEST. Can I use NOW for commodity tradiing?

  56. karthik says:

    Does zerodha trader (ZT) work on windows 8 tablets.

    • kalyan says:

      Can we use NSE NOW app for mobile trading as Zerodha app is too slow in processing. If we can use what is d member I’d and login id

      • Hanan says:

        You can either use the NSE Mobile app or Zerodha Mobile app – you can’t use both apps. If you choose the NSE Mobile app you won’t be able to use Zerodha Trader and Pi.

        If you’d like to migrate to NSE NOW do let us know so we can enable your ID. This will take 24 to 48 hours and you shouldn’t have any carry-forwarded positions. You can send your request to [email protected]

    • Santosh Tiwari says:

      I have the same question. Will someone respond to this?.

  57. avdhesh says:

    I want semi automated trades on MCX from Amibroker….I am already customer of GFDL…Today I requested to enable NEST API Service…..but getting this error…NestPlus Message : PlusApi PlusApi — MCX exchange is not allowed to place api order….
    Is there any solution…

    • Avdhesh, if you are using the NEST API, and if you want to automate it has to be first approved by the exchanges. You also have to get yourself a dealer terminal, which would mean that you need to be an authorized person with us. Send an email to [email protected] with your contact, he will help you out with details.

  58. Rupesh says:

    I want to use Zerodha Trading S/W on PC and NOW on Mobile. So plz tell me if it’s possible.

  59. Rahul says:

    Is this was tripling ur server capacity messages all about???? Getting “server not reachable” message since morning.. Very poor execution capabilities u guys have.. Does any testing goes in when u have any changes happening in ur software or hardware..why u guys dont understand availability of ur systems is what is required.. Pls get this BASIC thing right first and then talk about value adds.
    Also,not able to get thru ur phone lines since morning..its pathetic..

    • Rahul, today has been one of those days. We had done testing on mock markets for a while, but had some configuration issue with mobile/web app in live markets. No excuse for this. Today a lot of people decided to do the critical update, and our lines have been clogged from morning. We will ensure that this doesn’t repeat again.

  60. Rahul says:

    It was working for few hours and again same “servers not reachable” error..your android mobile trading app is not reliable at all..sad

  61. Rahul says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I have been complaining about issues being faced with your android zerodha trader application for last one week, however there seems to be no permanent solution for this. Mobile app is everyday for few hours. And still not working as i write this.
    I was told on last thursday that issue will be resolved by saturday however still facing the issue. On top of it, your people are not even aware about it till wecall them. Only after my calls they check with technical team and confirm that yes there is an issue. I am surprised that there is no monitoring at your end.
    Just want to know that this issue ” servers not availble” will ever be resolved permanently.

  62. Narendra says:

    I migrated to ZT long back.
    But “Zerodha mobile” is not that much user-friendly as of “NSE-NOW” in terms of Speed, User Interface, Memory usage.

    Can you migrate me back to NSE-NOW platform ??

    Or else my advice to you is to upgrade zerodha mobile just like “NSE-NOW” at least for user interface.

    Please help

  63. Manoj H B says:

    Hi ZT Team,

    My ZT terminal keeps hanging by middle of a trading session.

    The quote stream gets stuck in between, then with a sudden gush all the quotes stream in.

    This is happening only recently, I think after the latest update. I have been using ZT from past 1.5 years without any issue.

    Is there some bug?

    Please help.

    • Hanan says:

      You need to upgrade to the latest version of Zerodha Trader which is 3.11.2 and can be downloaded from here.

      Once you’ve got this onto your system things should be fine.

  64. Phani Kumar says:

    Dear Nithin,

    When would be the Pi ready? and can we use Pi in trader or browser?

  65. NarasimhaRao Battini says:

    Everything is good with zerodha, except for Mac users.
    I use mac and it is very hard to use zerodha account only in browsers.

    I have been waiting for this pi for a long time.
    Give us something to work with.

  66. utpal das says:

    I am useing 3 mbps net but zt is too slow and hang so many times in a day

  67. Phani says:

    I have restored Zerodha trader and now it says nest intialization failed for Interactive Engine <>. when I tried to login through its says invalid user id. what is the problem? is there any maintenance going or something else?

  68. sibi says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Which of the following real-time charts are available for a NSE equity, in zerodha trader?
    Tick charts, 20 second,30second charts, 1min,3min,5min charts.
    Thanks in Advance.

  69. Rajesh.M says:

    Dear Nitin, could you pls help me out in downloading NEST software for my IMAC.Do the needful

  70. Atul says:

    In Zerodha trader intraday charts on using the directional movement indicator, I am able to change the color of only the ADX indicator and not able to change the color of either +DI or -DI both of which are in red. Is it possible to change the color of either of the DI’s along with the ADX

  71. Rajshekhar says:


    Do you provide virtual trading terminal for indian commodity (billions, base metal, agri) markets for practice?

  72. Avinash says:

    im using nest for few days but since two days the speed of nest is decreased and whenever i load a chart it gets hang for few minutes and then start working with very very slow speed . im not able to see multiple charts on plus.
    my system configuration was same as before and even broadband speed check is also saying speed is 2mbps.
    what is the slution.?

  73. Ravi says:


    I have a doubt wrt to the backoffice. When i compare my client ledger and profit and loss report, there seems to be a differance in values. Could you let know how this is possible ?
    For .e.g in Client ledger if i choose any time period , for e.g say “1-Apr-2014” to “30-Apr-2014” and choose without margin option, i get a value (So ideally the opening balance and closing balance differance along with factoring any new capital brought in/taken out during that period will reflect the profit or loss ? ) However for the same period if i compare with P&L report there is a differance which am not able to understand how it is possible / which report is correct

    • Ravi, can you check out our new reporting tool Q (, you can use it on any browser). We are running some checks today, so if you can see this tomorrow. But your above query, it will be helpful if you can send along with your client id to [email protected]


  74. Hanan says:

    Rohit, our advice is that you use a Windows virtualization software on your Mac/Linux computer and install ZT on your virtual Windows system. This will give you all the features you need and will also provide a certain degree of stability that the native Mac/Linux app will not be able to provide. Virtualbox and VMWare are free and very reliable Windows virtualization tools.

    About Z5:
    1. It logs you out based on inactivity. If you’ve been inactive for over 15 minutes, it will log you out.
    2. Yes, we realize this bug exists. We’ve reported this and are waiting for a resolution from our developers.
    3. The setting of defaults is done on the backend for this version of Z5. When we roll out newer features, we’ll make sure we add this in the user’s own settings panel.

    Check out our new BO at

    We’ve noted your other feedback and will definitely keep it in mind.

    • Rohit Saraf says:

      Thanks Hanan. The new BO is much better. Thanks for pointing to it.

      By the way, I am sure Z5 does not log out based on inactivity. I have seen it being connected for 5-6 hrs “minimised”. So there is certainly a bug. It’s behaviour is not consistent either way.
      [ I thought that it does not log out automatically and it is the best feature of zerodha! ]

      I did not want to use virtualisation, but just try (and not actively trade) on the Mac version, if possible.

      • Rohit Saraf says:

        I have a small suggestion regarding the new BO. If it is not in plan,

        1. Please add the option to download whole year’s contract note at once, like the old BO allows.
        2. Another thing that would be great is to have the income tax related reports if possible. Short term capital gains and long term capital gains.

  75. Rohit Saraf says:

    Hi Nithin

    I want to try out the linux/max version of zerodha trader (regardless of instability), if possible. Can you please point me to that.

    Is AlgoZ available in the linux/mac version? If not, is there any way or any api that I can use for the same.
    Is there any API that would help me trade from the mac/linux platform.

    Regarding the Z5 interface, i would like to give a few inputs/complaints.
    – It logs out silently and you only get to know that when you place an order.
    – The reordering of columns in TradeBook and OrderBook etc is not preserved across logins.
    – It does not allow setting a default order type. Like for example, the order type is Normal for equities and you always need to change it. I think there should be an option to set default types per segment.

    Some other features I would like to see in Z5:
    – Charting; Along with intraday charts, an option to see charts of longer intervals.
    – PnL tracking. The back office software is super-bad. (and Opens only in IE! )
    – An optional feature to show some technical indicators in the chart as well. (not sure how expensive that would be though).

    That said, it is a very nice interface, much better than others. Please let me know if there are any api’s to get data or trade that you can provide.


  76. murali says:

    hello Nithin

    do zerodha has trading terminal or software for mac?

    pls let me…

  77. SMITH says:


    Received my User ID and Password via E-mail yesterday. I was going through the various blogs and wanted to know if there is any step by step guide for ZT installation.

  78. sup1 says:

    Hi all, sorry for waking up this old thread, I have been very happy with the zerodha service. Now I get very little time to login to the windows app for trading and analysis as I mostly trade through my android mobile using the android app. However I am not being able to
    1. Find option for after market order.
    2. Not being able to do technical analysys like there is in the desktop version(RSI,MACD,STOICASTICS will do). Any help is appreciated.

    • There is a limitation on what can be done on the mobile, we should have our new mobile app in a few months, which can do technical analysis and a bunch of other things that is not possible now.

  79. Jimmy joseph says:

    I am also applied for Demat account, but that is not yet activated, any problem in my application. I can’t see my backoffice in ZT.
    thank you

  80. jimmy joseph says:

    My id is RJ0520 , I can’t add stock quotes in market watch in ZT. But I can add CDS and NFO quotes to market watch, How can i solve this.

  81. sanjay1 says:

    I want to use Nest on PC and NSE now(NSE mobile) on mobile.I was told that this is not allowed.Why?

    • Sanjay, NEST and NOW are two different systems, different order management and risk management systems. Hence it is not possible for 1 client to be able to trade from 2 different such systems.

  82. Can ZT run on a 1.6 Ghz Processor or it needs more clock speed?

    • Yes, should be good enough, just try to have your internet speed of atleast 512 Kbps, and also avoid the dongles as they are not really reliable and internet keeps dropping. Also a 1 GB RAM atleast will help.


  83. Where can I find the Linux version of ZT?

  84. Srikrishna says:

    Nest Trader is totally useless, Very Bad Navigation

  85. ANWER says:

    I am trading through Zerodha for the last two months.i am getting a very good support from the staff.please inform me whether Zerodha is providing any auto buy sell signal soft wares to the clients?

  86. kasi says:


    Recently nest plus updated on my system, the problem is that after updating pivot point lines not showing on plus chart. please do the needful.

  87. Rohit says:

    Thank for your response Mr. Kamath.

    I am interested in opening an account with your firm. I have been in touch with your Customer Service via emails about Spread trading in Commodities and SPAN. I have been answered promptly but with due respect, lacked depth. As you have responded to my previous query, I’ d like to ask: Is Spread margin benefit available on Calendar Spread only or it is possible for InterSpread (Lead & ZInc) also?

    Secondly, I have gone through SPAN to check margin benefits for different commodities’ Calendar Spread. My query is : For how many months’ future contract, spread trading is available through Zerodha?? In other words, like Zinc Mini only shows 1 month contract in SPAN (Jan 14). So, does it allow to do Calendar Spread between Feb 14 Zinc Mini and Jan 14 Zinc Mini contract? Thank you for your prompt response. Much appreciated.

    • If you are talking about commodities, the calendar spread is the only thing that gives you margin benefit, and not between commodities. You can trade on all contracts which are active on MCX, and yes you can put up a spread between Feb zinc mini and Jan Zinc mini.

  88. Rohit says:


    This might sound as a novice entering the market, as mentioned above “Presently on Zerodha Trader (customized version of NEST), you can trade equity, commodity, f&o and currency on NSE, BSE, MCX-SX & MCX”.

    My query is: Does ZT provide trading Nifty and Bank Nifty futures? I understand F&O stands for Futures and Options. Secondly, the Windows Xp part has been covered above as i have XP2, Is ZT available on desktop PCs? With so many apps entering the market, kind of feeling left out! Thanks

    • Yes, you can definitely trade Nifty and Bank nifty futures. Yes the desktop application works very well on XP and XP2. Do browse around on Z-connect, you will find all the help needed, if you don’t bounce it off me.


  89. JAYARAM says:

    hi, am using zerodha from 2 years . all the services are very good and excellent. my one and only request is , plz develop a software to use zerodhatrader in APPLE I-MAC OR MAC BOOK . Now a days everybody is switching to APPLE products. plz do the needful …

    • Hanan says:

      Jayaram, we’re aware of this current customer trend and are working on having the Mac version ready for all our users very soon. 🙂

      • Ramakrishna says:

        Jayaram, I have been using ZT on my Mac through VirtualBox for the last ten days. So far glitch free. One caveat though — I have not yet used all the full features of the s/w, as I am still new to it.

        • Hanan says:

          Ramakrishna, you’re probably one of the very few customers who have tried ZT through VirtualBox. I’m guessing most of our readers aren’t even aware of VirtualBox, but it is definitely a very good, free alternative considering the feedback we’ve received thus far. We’ll try and have more info for our Mac users on Z-Connect soon.




  91. Akhilesh says:

    Does ZT also work on Windows server 2003(32 bit)?

    • Hanan says:

      Yes, it does, Akhilesh. ZT works on almost all Windows versions from XP up until Windows 8.1. If you’re having problems installing ZT on your machine, check if you have administrator rights. If you do, it should work. 🙂

  92. propertygyan says:

    Does ZT works now on Windows Mobile phone? which version does it support? If not, when do you plan to start its support?

  93. Akhilesh says:

    Does ZT works on Windows server 2008?

  94. madhav says:


    Is there a ZT for mac users? I have just borrowed my friends imac and have OS X installed on it. Please help.

    • Hanan says:

      Yes, there is a ZT for Mac, but it isn’t half as good as the Windows version. So we’ve decided not to give it to our clients and instead get them to use Z5 which is a brilliant html5, web only platform. Z5 will work on any browser and on any device. Try it. 🙂

      • Ramakrishna says:

        Madhav & Hanan,

        Just logged into Zerodha Trader s/w a few days back. Being a Mac buff myself, was disappointed that there is no Mac version. But I did find a workaround. Installed IE9 testdrive on my Mac using Virtualbox. Fired up the IE9 and downloaded Zerodha Trader s/w. Launched it and logged in. Been working smoothly so far. Just a couple of days old still.

        Can Hanan / Zerodha team share their thoughts? Have they tried this route and found it working?

        Looking forward to their reply.



        • Hanan says:

          Hi Ramakrishna,
          We’ve been recommending VMWare for most of our clients as a virtualization software, but I think Virtualbox is equally good. We haven’t received any negative reviews about your way of getting enabled on a Mac. The problem though is that most of our clients are not clued in on how to make it work on their Macs independently. We’ll try and have a blog about this.

  95. Jay says:

    Hi, will I be able to use the web version of nowonline and zerodha trading platform on Chome OS. I thinking about buying a chromebook. Will I be able to login and trade ? kindly ADVICE.

  96. SREEJITHKK says:

    Hi Sir,
    For learning to use the trading software why don’t you make a YouTube video? It will be very useful for your clients to use and familiarizes the various facilities you provide in this.
    Kindly consider.

    • Hanan says:

      Thank you for your suggestion. 🙂 We had some videos uploaded onto Youtube very early on in our business, and these videos still exist. Right now, we have loads of articles on Zconnect and will continue to make some demos and put them up.

  97. ASHOKTUTEJA says:

    hi zerodha ,
    i use NOW , now after installing ZT ….it is asking for user name and password , i have enterd my user id as user name
    but answer comes as ” user does not exist”

    • Hanan says:

      Your account can either be active on Zerodha Trader or on NOW – you can’t be active on both these platforms at the same time.
      Zerodha Trader is a faster, more stable and has many many more features than NOW does. We have algoZ, SPAN Calculator, and Option strategy to name a few.

      If you’d like to migrate to Zerodha Trader, please send us an email to [email protected] requesting to migrate your account. This will be done in 24 hours from the time we receive your request.

  98. Ganpat says:


    I installed Nest plus. I am not able to view intraday chart by pressing Shift + P. I am able to view only if I go through menu plugin commands-> plus chart. However other short cut keys are working for buy, sell , order book etc. can you help?


    • Nithin Kamath says:


      When you are clicking on shift+p, ensure that your Zerodha trader window is active. Click anywhere on the marketwatch or ZT window and then click shift+p , should work

  99. SHARADA says:


    Where can I get the user manual for zt.

    Thanks & Regards.


  100. Asmai says:

    i downloaded nse application for mobile…it isnt working…. plus i dunno my member login id… can yo plz tell me what should be done????

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      You need to download the Zerodha mobile and not the NSE mobile application. Here is the link:

  101. Moresh says:

    I downloaded nse mobile (now) app. on android. But it asking me member id and user id? Please help me?

    • Zerodha says:

      Hi Moresh,
      If you are a NOW user, the member ID to login would be 13906 and the user ID would be XXYYYY-13906 (X: Alpha; Y: Numbers)..

      • Harish says:

        Not working!
        Please correct me!
        Member I’d _ 13906
        Userid _ JR3xxx-13906
        I tried this but not working.
        Anyone else help me!
        Thank you

  102. Anilkumarvg says:

    Thank you Zerodha for solved my tech. issue and also thanked your esteemed presence to support our technical issues.


  103. Anilkumarvg says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    I have see an error message(see below IMG) when i open my ZT.I will close that error message and log in there is no problem.but every time open the ZT this message will appear.Please give me a solution…

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Will get someone to call you and check this out.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Anil , once you are logged in go to preference settings( ctrl+P) .Here you will see on the left an option called events. Click on this and disselect Enable formatted message log

      Logout and login, you shouldn’t face this issue.


  104. rsi14 says:

    Reading through most blogs on Z-connect, I am basically tired, even before opening the a/c.
    A conventional FAQ and/or customer care e-mail/ chat would be much more efficient.
    At present I am not sure if the attraction for low brokerage is taking me to a no-info, no-support broker.

    Here are some questions:

    1. ZT seems to be available for UBUNTU. Is this BLOG old? It mentions only windows/ Mac.

    2. What do you mean by Windows – XP, Vista, 7 , 8?

    3. What are the system requirements of ZT to work on a PC? OS/ Hardware/ Java/ Flash….etc?

    4. Can I use ZT (software version) on Tab/ Smart Phone?
    What are the OS/ Hardware requirements??
    Or is it the browser version that one needs to use?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Hey RSI,

      The idea having various blog is to have a detailed answer, most of our clients have actually liked the way this works, especially the interaction bit. But that said, we are building an easy search functionality on Zconnect.

      There is a version for ubuntu, but it is a very basic version and doesn’t have most of the features mentioned here. But that said the ubuntu version has all the basic features.

      Will work on all xp, vista, 7, 8

      For ZT, minimum internet speed of 256kpbs, but ideally 512 atleast. Hardware, the faster the better, but will work even on your old pentium 4 machines.

      ZT software version won’t work on tab/smart phone, we have a html5 version called Z5 which will work good on these. To know more about Z5 click here.


  105. Joy says:

    Can I use the available margin for NSE F& O trading as well as MCX ?

  106. Pradi says:

    Zerodha – I dont see any reply to the above comments posted in OCtober 2012! My query – How do you compare ZT with NSE Now.; **** is using NSE now and since NSE NOW is a propreitry of NSe itself, there are lot of features and there is lot of advantage in terms of speed and the order execution and in terms of reliability too.

    @pradi, We have over 100 blogs on this forum, guess missed the queries above. Answered now. We were the first brokers in India to use NSE NOW as the only trading platform back when we started our business. Today a lot of brokers have copied our model of being completely online and offering reduced costs. The advantage with NOW is the speed, but we have collocated our servers to match the speed of NOW. The issue with NOW is that as and when more brokers are switching over to it, the performance is coming down drastically and secondly, feature wise ZT has a lot more than what NOW can , from SPAN calculator to now algoZ.

    There was an issue replying, hence edit the comment..

  107. girishhu1 says:

    ZT should have a separate window for profit calculations after brokerage, taxes etc-at present we have to access separate link

  108. Sonia says:

    I would like to have a demo on back testing and Auto trading.