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December 18, 2013


We have introduced newer platforms since this post was published. Check out this user manual for Kite and Kite explainer videos here.

We have just released our new mobile application for android, and blackberry. This post will give you an overview on using the app.

What platform does Zerodha Mobile (ZM) work on?

Android and BlackBerry. We recommend Android 2.3 and above. No other mobile operating system is supported just yet but soon we intend to have it available for all mobile platforms. ZM is free for all Zerodha clients right now.

Where can I download Zerodha Mobile from?

1. Zerodha Mobile can be downloaded by clicking on this link directly from your mobile browser. Make sure you have enabled installation of apps from non-market sources on your mobile. To do this, go to Settings > More > Security on your Android device. In Security, choose the option which says “Unknown Sources.” Selecting this option allows you to install apps which are not from the Play Store.

2. You can go to our Downloads page and just scan the QR code from your mobile or click on the link to download as highlighted below.

Download Page for Mobile

How do I install Zerodha Mobile?

Once downloaded, just click on the NESTMobile.apk file and follow the instructions on your smartphone to complete the installation. After installation, the app can be found in your app list as Zerodha Mobile Trading. Check out this quick video to see how you can install Zerodha Mobile on your smartphone in no time.

Zerodha Mobile is enabled for all the exchanges Zerodha is a member on, so you can trade on Equity, F&O, Commodity, and currency on NSE, BSE, and MCX.

Basics of using Zerodha Mobile (ZM)

Login Screen

The layout for the login screen is very simple. You need to enter your Client ID and password on the first screen you see to register your device – this is a one-time process. Note that you can register only 3 devices for mobile trading.

Once that’s done, you’re taken to a new screen on which you have to tap on the Zerodha logo (shown below) and enter the trading login screen. Here you can enter your username and password which is the same across all the platforms of ZT. The system is intelligent and will remember your username for the next login. 🙂

ZM Login Screen

Home Screen

Once logged in, you get to a very well laid out home screen complete with  all the necessary shortcuts to get to any part of your trading platform at any time. Check out the screenshot below to get a visual aid on how your mobile trading platform would look. The following images have been captured on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a large screen.

ZM Home Screen

Market Watch

On the home screen of ZM you can see a lot of widgets that perform a specific action. Clicking on the Market Watch widget takes you to your universal market watch which will have the same scrips on all the platforms available with us, so you can seamlessly trade on any device you own. We have some simple, yet thoughtful features which add a nice touch while using the app. For example, you can side swipe on the MW to see other details of a scrip instead of just Price and Percentage Change which is what can be visible on a mobile platform with limited real estate.


Order Placement

Tapping on a scrip opens up the Order Placement window for you. If you look at the screenshots given below,  in the first one on the left you’ll notice that a new window has opened up which gives you additional options like Buy, Sell, Set Alert, MBP, and Remove Scrip. Tapping on MBP (Market By Price) gives you complete details of that scrip. It also gives you the Best 5 on that scrip – live, just like your desktop app. On choosing Buy or Sell the program automatically color codes the buy order as blue and sell order as red to give you a visual heads-up on what your action is.

This is not the only way to place an order. You can tap on the Buy/Sell widget on the right-hand bottom of your app’s home screen and search for any scrip that trades on any exchange and place an order almost instantly.

Note: you can place all types of orders on your mobile except Cover Orders. This will be enabled on the next version of your mobile app.

Order Placement


As we trade, it becomes essential for us to monitor our positions regularly. With Zerodha Mobile this is a piece of cake. Just tap on the Positions widget and you’re taken to a screen which shows you all your positions. Tapping on any individual position gives you two additional options. One is to square off that particular position and another one is to partially convert that position from MIS to NRML and vice versa. Check out the screen shots below:


Limits – Cash Margin

When you’re mobile, you need to have information at your fingertips – literally. On ZM, we have two distinct ways for you to know how much you have in your account.

1. Use the Limits widget. This widget gives you complete details of how much cash you have in hand, how much cash is blocked for your positions, and how much collateral benefit is available on your account due to your equity holdings. This information is real-time.

2. You can also use the “Check your cash balance” link (see image below) for a quick overview of the actual free cash available to enter a certain position at the time of order placement. A small popup gives you these details.

View Limits

Trade Book/Order Book

1. Trade Book: This widget lets you see all your trades executed in one window. Tapping any scrip will take you to a new screen where you have an option to view the entire trade history for that particular scrip. You can also convert your position from here.

2. Order Book: If you look at the screenshot below (right side), you’ll see there are two ways to check your open, complete, rejected orders. One way is to use the Order Book widget available on your home screen. Although, you may never need to use that widget simply because all your orders show up on the home screen laid out in a very simple to read and understand fashion.

Trade/Order Book


The quotes widget is something like an extended stage on a video game. You suddenly see options that you hadn’t thought existed before. For example, did you know that you can view the Open Interest on any F&O scrip by going to the Quotes page? What’s more, you get a small little chart for the scrip you sought a quote for on the same window. Tapping on the chart expands it to fit your entire smartphone screen. If the pattern interests you, take a trade from that screen instantly. Check out the screenshot for Nifty below.



The new release of ZM has loads of new features and increased stability. This article is an introduction to Zerodha Mobile to help you get started, do check out our user manual for in-depth information.

Do give us your feedback,

Happy Trading,

Head of client relations at Zerodha

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  1. Mr Kaushiki Pada Chakrabarti says:

    I made a huge amt. of loss in Intraday Mob. trading as, the sale order was not executed.
    Is there any prob. in Mob. Trading in Zerodha?


  2. Maharishi Gautam says:

    Sir maine 200/-pay kar deya hai deemat account opening ke abhi tuk mera deemat account open nahi hua hai

  3. AbhisheAk says:

    Hi sir, I wanted to invest in equity through kite. I have found a great technical intraday potential in Vijaya Bank. The problem is that it is a low volume stocks, so if I buy a large quantity market order (which will unintentionally increase the price) and after booking a profit/loss, I exit as a limit order (in smaller quantities). Will this be legal? I by no means have the intention of manipulation.

    • Faisal says:

      As long as you are willing to bear the impact cost, there are no regulations inhibiting you from doing this.
      The restrictions are only for promoters of the company who could act to manipulate the price based on insider information.


    iOS application ?

  5. mahipal singh says:

    I purchased equity long back but still not shown in my portfolio what has gone to Zerodha? No body should subscribe Zerodha!

  6. Brij.C says:

    Plz fix this issue (Mobile kite 4.0) , if price move 5 paisa , without any reason shadow move 10 paisa automatically , i am lossing money bcz of this issue , my stoploss get always hit . Plz fix it as soon as possible .

    • Matti says:

      Not sure what you mean by ‘shadow’, but your stoploss isn’t executed unless the price is available on the exchange.

  7. Pulkit Bornani says:

    Hi. I currently have a demat account with a leading broker, i stopped trading because I do not wish to do trading on margins/exposure, I want to trade with my money only. So two questions, first, how do I shift my demat from theirs to yours. And secondly, even though it’s written in some of the articles I’ll still ask, do you give margins or not. Thank you. Anticipating a speedy reply.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Pulkit, it depends on the type of order you use. If you place an MIS/BO/CO order, margins are applied, if you use CNC/NRML orders, they aren’t.

  8. Amit says:

    Please update windows mobile app for future trading, i and my friends all have these phones only.

  9. divakar says:

    hello nithin ji,2 queries for you,
    1)which mobile is good for trading on Kite?
    2)can we trade on desktop using Kite?

  10. shikha gupta says:

    In android mobile app there is 1 problem that when we modify some open order it doesn’t show the cmp at upper left corner.

    But when we place new order than it shows the cmp.

    Because of that we are not able to see the cmp in order modification screen.

    Please fix this issue…

  11. Shikha says:

    In android mobile app there is 1 problem that when we modify some open order it doesn’t show the cmp at upper left corner.

    But when we place new order than it shows the cmp.

    Because of that we are not able to see the cmp in order modification screen.

    Please fix this issue…

  12. Jayachandran says:

    Is it possible to view all alerts by using screener options for intraday in mobile app kite.
    are we planning to add this feature in near future

  13. Prashant Kumar says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Two features(especially the 2nd one) which will make KITE app a totally unique app in the market:
    1. Price alert when Lower/upper specified price is reached for Nifty 50 INDEX or Stocks.
    2. P/L Alert when (negative or positive value) specified P/L is reached so that user need not to tirelessely watch the smartphone all the time to see if his desired level of Profit or Loss has been reached. This feature is an amazing unique feature that non of the trading app in the market have yet. Zerodha has always implemented new innovative ideas. Hope this 2nd feature can be implemented in Kite app to greatly help the traders. Thanks.

  14. Prashant Kumar says:

    PLEASE add ALERTS feature in Zerodha Kite app. Alerts for when a specified price is reached for Nifty 50 Index and stocks. Alerts is missing in Kite app which is a very important feature.

  15. yashavantha rao.s says:

    Dear sir,

    I was using zerodha app from 1 year, which was great app(Nest) now i am using kite app,this app is i think very poor app, so-many reasons that nest app is even uneducated also understand, in kite app BSE Companies tradings is impossible sir

    • Venu says:

      It will take a little time to get used to change, but as they say, it’s always for the better 🙂 The Kite App is advanced in many ways.

  16. NAGENDRAPPA says:

    Dear sir,

    Earlier I was Using Zerodha NEST Mobile Trading App, But now it is not working it’s showing “checking updates” so kindly do the needful.

  17. Sanhita says:

    My Zerodha mobile trading is not working. First it was giving a error ‘license expired ,but now it is saying ‘Invalid User I and Password’. Please do the needful.

  18. kotesh says:

    hi team,

    i am using blackberry z10, i am trying to download app, but it is not routing to download page,
    getting error like HTTP Status 404 -/download,
    type : status report,
    description – The requested resource is not available.

    please let me know how to down load and where to download alternatively,


    • Hanan says:

      We’ve just released Kite Mobile to all our Android users. So you can download Kite directly onto your Z10 if it allows you to install Android apps. If you cannot sideload Android apps, you should try using Kite web on your mobile browser. It gives almost a native experience.

  19. Krish says:

    Zerodha Mobile Trading App is unusable on new Samsung Galaxy S7 mobiles running Android 6x (Marshmallow).
    The Login screen itself comes up with microscopic sized fields and characters – illegible and impossible to use.
    This problem does not occur on my older mobile with Android 4x (KitKat). I have tried re-installing the App multiple times to see if a newer version of the App fixes the problem, but to no avail…
    By the way, no other App has this problem on my new phone; only the Zerodha mobile trader app seems to have this problem… So, I don’t think any settings change on the phone should be required.
    Is there any known solution for this problem – any fix existing or on the way (not counting Kite for mobile) ?
    (By the way, don’t ask me to switch to the half-baked Kite for mobile; that’s not half as usable as this older app…)

  20. Manoj says:

    What about Windows phone USER, windows old version its just a scrap

    • Venu says:

      Windows users will have to wait longer. Why don’t you use Kite web on the Windows phone? It adapts quiet well to a mobile phone.

  21. Ritesh says:

    Big problem with the mobile app. I cannot have market watch index wise, as i want to see all the stocks listed in nifty50

  22. Shanthi Arul says:

    Thanks Nithin.

    Will try next trading day, and if I face any difficulty will let you know. Cover order is nothing but it shows in mobile app such as SL-MKTor Kite SL-MKT right?..

    If I place cover order in Pi, I can exit either in mobile app or Kite. Is this correct?

  23. Shanthi Arul says:

    If I have placed Cover order / bracket order through PI, can I exit my position through Mobile app. I tried with Kite, and it is not supporting to square of these kind of orders.

  24. abdul says:

    Now I come to the conclusion that after my executed order I need to place a fresh order in opposite direction for stop loss and another order for target with no extra margin? Isn’t it? ( their is no stop losss in executed order itself) ?

  25. abdul says:

    One more question I have, assume if I place an order of buying a stock 100 n I chose sl order n put 95 as stop loss. My question is that after my order executed do I need to place another stop loss order (new order) or its okay with my executed order where I mentioned stop loss. sorry am newbie still nt having practical experience, n still many questions left , am trying to go through all queries for betr understanding

  26. Srikanta Kumar Naik says:

    please update the zerodha mobile for windowsphone.

  27. thulasee says:

    Client ID: DT0684 installed Zerodha Mobile in my iphone. After entering userid and password and error message shows” the device configuration details are changed please contact your administrator to reset your device” guide me using mobile application.

    Please reset the same so that I will download the app again and register to use the mobile app.

    Thulasee Ram

    • Hanan says:

      Hi Thulasee, we have reset your device configuration. You should be able to login now. If you’re unable to login, please uninstall and reinstall. You will be able to do it.

  28. Monil says:

    When will a complete android app be available? Its high time you replicate the web success of kite & Pi on mobile devices soon.

  29. Saurabh says:


    Please provide improved mobile app…..zerodha mobile app makes me not to trade in the market……

  30. Manoj says:

    i have a windows base mobile what can i do now for mobile app

  31. saradha says:

    hi sir,
    i bought new mobile i instaled zerodha mobile and open it.but it says maximum number of device is used and say to delete profile register.can u pls inform me how to delete profile register

  32. P Nutan says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Is there a plan to release a mobile trading app for windows OS. If yes any tentative timelines?

  33. Anirban says:

    I have started my relation with Zerodha few days back. When I was client of some full service brokers before, I heard lot of appreciation about this young age discount brokerage firm from many people. I opened my account here mainly for two reason; one is less brokerage about which I am fully satisfied till now. Another one is about the latest technology trading platform Zerodha offers.
    Do not mind something guys, today I am compelled to tell you NEST mobile trading platform is one of the worst app I have used for trading. Today even traditional old age/edge brokerage firms offers better mobile trading platform than this.
    Being an office going man it is not possible to trade for me from office PC using Kite. NEST is the available option for me. Today I initiated a buy position in the morning. It took me not more than 30 sec for typo in the buy/sell tab…it took more than 2 min to complete the order! And what I expected, stock in UC. It was a flash call and I knew I would not get more than 1 min. for the buy call to initiate and I failed. As u can see in the attached pic, a network/server related error continuously occurred during the time. It was not my phone’s internet problem as I have checked all other apps & websites running smoothly at that time. Not only that, I have kept the order as a market order in the UC time & three times it changed to a limit order. I modified it, checked the orderbook tab & again limit order. Sorry to miss the opportunity of capturing a screenshot & paste it here.
    On 01/01/16, I already have opened a support ticket as one of my sell order (market) changed to limit & I missed some cash, selling it at a lower level. Can anyone tell me, is the app sometimes having its own programming funda changing market order to limit order! However I have not received any call or solution from ur team about the ticket yet (ticket no. #227896).
    Long story gone, here what I want to tell you. No matter what, Zerodha in my opinion still tops providing latest trading platform at low cost. But pls. introduce your Kite mobile trading platform soon & I mean really soon. NEST is a old age home. It must be replaced. And BSE stocks must be included in Kite both in web & app version. I would not go so long & boring in this topic if it were some traditional deaf & dumb broking firm because I knew no matter what I do, they wouldn’t listen. But here I knew some guy shall listen & response. Pls. acknowledge the fact that with increasing demand, everybody will jump on you for a single supply shortage. Popularity matters. Improve the platform & app. You can do it & you must do it.
    Have a great time ahead. Cheers….Anirban

    • NEST mobile is a vendor based product, and yes it is definitely outdated. When we started our business we didn’t have no option other than going to a vendor. Our in-house Kite android is in alpha, you should get access to it very soon. And yes Kite web will have BSE, CO, BO very soon (before end of Jan 16).

  34. Birva says:


    Device: Samsung Galaxy S4
    Android Version: 4.3
    Download App from Google Play store.
    Client ID: RB1148.

    What credentials should I use to login in to App? I have tried using the same credentials that I use for Mobile web site (Kite) and getting an error.

    I have downloaded he android app on my samsung galaxy s4 running on 4.3 android version. I am trying to login into App with the same credentials that I use for logging in the kite mobile web site, but getting an error as “Failed to acquire license, Please contact administrator. Not sure what to do?

    How do I log into App? Please help. I am frustrated of trying.

    The objective of downloading the app is to use BSE only enabled scrips for trading.

    Is there any other way to trade BSE enabled scrips in Zerodha platforms?


    • Hanan says:

      What you’re doing is right. The mobile app was down temporarily because of maintenance this Saturday morning. The app is functioning fine now.

  35. Nayan Medhi says:

    Hi Hanan,

    My ID is DN1425. I too am not able to login as it shows the error
    “Device config details are changed .Please contact your admin to reset your device.”

    How can this be resolved?

    • Hanan says:

      I’ve just reset your device configuration details. You can try logging in with the same username and password now. If it still doesn’t work, please uninstall and reinstall the app.

      • Birva says:

        I have downloaded he android app on my samsung galaxy s4 running on 4.3 android version. I am trying to login with the same credentials that I use for logging in the kite mobile web site, but getting an error as “Failed to acquire license, Please contact administrator. Not sure what to do?

        How do I log into App? Please help. I am frustrated of trying.

        The objective of downloading the app is to use BSE only enabled scrips for trading.


  36. Hi,
    My ID is RS3507.
    I am unable to login to zerodha mobile app as it says
    “Device config details are changed .Please contact your admin to reset your device.”

    So please take the necessary action from your end to resolve the issue.

  37. muthuganesh says:

    Fucking android mobile app,,you are the cheaters,,this is the worst worst mobile app i. Have seen so far,in that you cant be able to place any orders with fractions or decibles ,,while placing limit and stop loss order ,, limit and trigger price,the key board has no dot in it so we cant be able to place order in point variations ,only in rupees is acceptable not in paisa,,like. 111.50
    Like that
    In cds and equity,stocks and futures its waste waste of using

  38. Rakesh M says:


    using the zerodha mobile app, im having trouble finding AMO orders, Is the feature enabled in the app? or am i missing something?

  39. Himanshu sahai says:

    No chart analysis.How do we trade? I make my decisions using technical analysis infact everyone uses technical analysis but there is no widget for this.

  40. Mehul Mehta says:

    I have recently opened account in Zerodha. I have installed Zerodha mobile app on mobile.Whenever i try to open the app its showing Invalid id/password.When I am using the same login details on my desktop , its opening.What to do.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Do you have a special character in your password? If yes, can you set it to one without any special characters and try logging into mobile? There’s no reason the same password shouldn’t let you login.

  41. Arsenio says:

    Hi Nitin and Hanan,
    You guys are doing wonders in Technology upgradation , Kudos to you both and keep it up
    But when are gonna here have an app for blackberry passport. Do something about it – action please, not coming soon, if you don’t have inclination then please spell it out
    Regards & God bless

  42. shikha gupta says:

    Hi I m new to Zerodha, how do i download the mobile application, i tried with above mentioned link on my mobile browser but that doesn’t work. Find attached the screen shot.
    Also tried with your download section also but don’t which link is there for downloading that.

    Please help me come out of this problem
    Shikha Gupta

    • Hanan says:

      Shikha, just go to the Play store if you’re using Android or App store if you’re using an iPhone… Look for Zerodha and install the app. Use the same username and password to login and trade from the mobile phone.

      Alternatively, you can go directly to on your mobile browser and trade.

  43. Manoj says:

    My ID is DM2690 and using iPhone. I am getting below message. Please help.

    device configuration details are changed.Please contact your administrator to reset your device.

  44. sam says:

    Hi Nithin, Hanan,

    Are there plans to add iOS mobile app? Current app in app store installs now but screens are messed up, unable to login easily, I am on iOS9.

    Asking for Pi on mobile is greedy I know, but pls see possibilities of putting something for iphones like you have on Adroid just to manage positions.


    • Hanan says:

      For now the best option is to use Kite on your mobile browser, although the experience isn’t the best it still will be able to execute orders for you. We’re building Kite mobile and hope to have it out there very soon.

      The iOS 9 package has been fixed so if you download it end of day it will work on iOS 9. We’re doing some final tests before we have it up today.

  45. Sheik says:

    After using all zerodha trading platforms I am writing this here..

    1. First we all need a mobile app with all features included.. ( CO, BO, features and charts with indicators

    2. Trade express having java plugin issues which can’t be sorted out

    3.most of traders working and trading from office hours we can’t install PI or nest trading terminals..

    4.instead of developing PI Web now your developers stepped into kite which is almost freezing all time and having insufficient features..

    5. While talking about Kite a very recent trading terminal here what we need more

    i ) Please add the indices icon first There is no nifty or sensex widget currently

    ii) Scrip limits are just 20 by now hope it will change soon

    Iii) Please add all types of orders such Bo Co and basket order features on kite ( at least we can reach this via mobile ?)

    iv) An individual Kite mobile app is much appreciated ( if builted with all those features or please don’t do that just develope the current app)

    6. An individual ticker widget is much usefull please consider

    Pls consider this guys thanks..

    • Sheik, we are working on our in house mobile app. If kite is freezing for you (in terms of ticks), it must be your office admin blocking streaming data. Try it in the house and check out.
      You can add nifty on the watchlist, just search for index in the search box, you will see all indices. We will give you multiple watchlist soon. Yes BO/CO will come on Kite soon.


  46. dwarakesh says:



    Dear sir my adroid app not working problems are “please contact your system administrator to reset your device”

  48. Ganesh says:

    Does zerodha android mobile app has both commodity and equity trading in same app

  49. Pemmaiah says:

    Hi Team, I am using zerodha mobile on iPhone. I could not find the app design as in the screen shots put above. I believe the screen shots were of Android platform. Is the design changed or its different in iPhone? I am not able to see the Square off or Partial Conversion option anywhere ? Please guide.

  50. VISHAL says:

    I rooted my andriod devices and now my Zerodha Mobile application is not working .

  51. Gagan Paul Vithal says:

    My ID is DG0946 and using iPhone. I am getting below message. Please help.



    • Hanan says:

      We’ve reset the device configuration for you so you should be able login now.

      We’ve just gotten approval for Kite and also enabled it on your account. You can use it on your mobile browser although we still don’t have an app out. We hope to release the Kite mobile app in the next 3 months.

  52. Ram says:

    Hi team,
    I feel the andriod UI features can be increased a lot. Like , if we want to see the best five, we are going way from viewing otehr trades. I guess the best top 5 can be shown in the same screen. Most of the bokers who use financial tech, has this feature. Or better any other UI, if its proving costly it can be added to early maintainence for users who opt best platform.

  53. Shirish Khardekar says:

    I downloaded Zerodha app on my Lenovo Tab. After signing in the user id and password, i am getting reply as – Maximum device limit reached for this user. Delete profile to register a new device.
    What does this mean?

  54. Mukesh Dhakate says:

    I am using the mobile app, but it is getting log off after some time.


    Dear Nihin,
    I am facing a problem in ZERODHA iOS App where in Position Page Square Off things are not appearing.
    Kindly Update iOS App & Also launch Kite for iOS.

    Anyway Good Job as a Team.


  56. Gohil milan k says:

    I also have the same error problem , I am also getting the same error msg that ” fail to aquire licence please contact administrator.” my clint id is DM1489

  57. Vj says:

    Hi ,

    Could you please check the below error again in my phone. I am not able to login.

    Client ID is : RV1873


  58. Yogesh says:

    When the cover order will be introduced on mobile app ? Most of us are working professionals and we do trading through mobile during office hours. Request you to introduce this feature asap to take advantage of extended margin.

  59. mpatel says:

    Can two users share same mobile for trading, before my wife was using Samsung S5 for trading, now I myself opened a new account with zerodha. Can I use same mobile for trading by using my client ID.

  60. Vishal Patil says:

    Got this weird thing on hourly chart in kite. Check the pic attached fro details.

  61. M Sadashivaiah says:

    Previously I am using ZT but now i am unable to sit infront of desktpop. so I purchased HP 10 Inches tablet android version 4.1.2 for trading purpose when I am trying to install mobile application from playstore is not possible. showing message ” divice not compitable with this version” regarding this I wrote to support @zerodha from past 10 days but problem not yet solved. My request number is #614119. Even Z5 And Kite is very slow in my tablet. because of this from past one week I am not able to trade. kindly solve my issue


    I have the following questions:-

    1. Will the funds transfer facilities to and from the trading account be possible from Kite itself ?

    2. I saw Q the back office was available in the Kite and when I clicked on it a new window was opened then, so will we b able to access the back oficce (both Q and Quant) within the Kite?

    3. Please provide me the link of Kite mobile version.

    4. When from Kite can b accessed officially for the trading ( web + mobile) ?

    I appreciate you for efforts, hard work and caring presentation towards the customers in providing such a kind of trading platforms.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      1. Yes you can transfer funds from the Kite app. However to place a withdrawal request, you’d have to login to Q.

      2. Yes, you’d be able to access both Q & Quant from the Kite access.

      3. There’s no separate mobile app. You’ve to use it on your phone’s browser and the same browser adapts to mobile screens. Do check it out.

      4. We’re currently in beta mode and look forward for a full fledged release in the next 2-3 weeks.

      Happy Trading !

  63. Ravi Shankar (Client ID DR0797) says:

    Superb Nitin.
    Got the access to kite beta on web and its really awesome work.
    No broker is giving interactive charts on web platform which you started off with kite.
    Now you are the tough competitors to any of the brokers in India.
    Great work and great result of our waiting.
    Hope the same interactive charts will be there on mobile app as well. I dont even mind of mobile app now.
    The Kite web app works very well on mobile and so happy with the same.

    Pure Awesomeness Zerodha.

    Thanks a lot all the development team.

    Ravi Shankar

  64. Ravi Shankar (Client ID DR0797) says:

    Hi Nitin, can i get to see the beta app of kite over my mobile.
    Can you provide me to access the beta version of your mobile app?
    Ravi Shankar

  65. anildnr says:

    Nitin, zerodha needs to work a lot to fix the mobile tool issues. I feel this is the one of the worst apps that I have ever seen, which we dont expect from one of the leading brokerage house like ZERODHA. Dont ask about phone configurations and RAM size all .as you are receiving no. of complaints from traders. Please see the comments and feedback from people and work on it to make the ZERODHA as the best.

  66. Ravi Shankar (Client ID DR0797) says:

    Hi Nitin/Hanan,

    Am very much excited about how the kite would feel like on mobile and web.
    Can you please let me know when will it get released? i have been waiting since the word Kite came up in this forum.
    Also it would be great if you would confirm that kite will also be there as mobile app.

    Awaiting your reply

    Ravi Shankar

  67. Balaji R K says:

    I would like to know whether the bracket order and cover order option are available in the zerodha mobile trading app. If yes how do I activate them.

    I have been using Zerodha pi at my pc. however the market watch is not synchronised with them.. is there any option to synchorise the same.

    Kindly respond

  68. Shivam Agarawal says:

    The issue with the app is solved. I unsintalled an app sharing app and then tried to install the Zerodha app and it worked. But got to appreciate the response that I got from you people. The quick replies here and support on phone call really showed how much you care for us. Feeling good to be a part of Zerodha. Great work guys, keep it up!!!

  69. Shivam Agarawal says:

    Also, how can we use the NSE NOW app? What are the member and user IDs?

    • Hanan says:

      NSE Mobile app can be used if your account is enabled on NOW. If you’re a user of Zerodha Trader you can’t use the NSE Mobile app. If you’d like to move to NOW please send an email to [email protected] with your request.

      The member ID for Zerodha on NSE is 13906

      • Shivam Agarawal says:

        As I am not able to use the Zerodha app I would move to NOW. Can I use NOW for MCX? And does my user ID remain the same as my Zerodha user Id?

  70. Shivam Agarawal says:

    I uninstalled the app becuase it kept on showing me the homescreen and even after clicking the logo multiple times it wouldn’t open. Now when I am tring to download the app again, I am constantly getting -504 error, which I have tried to resolve using the methods stated on android tips websites. Can you guys help me out with this?
    PS: Mobile app is the only way I can trade for one more month.

    • Hanan says:

      Shivam, I don’t know how I can help you if you’re unable to download the app – this is most probably a network issue because the app is on Google Play Store so downloading has nothing to do with the app.

      Once you’ve downloaded the app, just tap it to get started. If you’re still having problems, please share your mobile Make, Model, OS, RAM, Processor, Internet plan, and Exact error by sending an email to [email protected] and one of us will help you out asap.

      • Shivam Agarawal says:

        Thanks for your quick response. I have downloaded the apk file of the app also but it seems I am having a phone specific issue. My phone is Moto G (2nd gen) running Lollipop.
        Please see if you can help somehow. Thanks.

      • Shivam Agarawal says:

        The error is “-504” error while installing from play store.

  71. DR2845 says:


    I have joined in zerodha recently and i was having account in Geojit broker ( competitor) .
    since i am working in office , i could not use Personal laptop / computer. So 99% trade will be happen in mobile app only.

    after started use this Zerodha NEST mobile trading from play store 2 weeks before. i got shocked from this mobile. How zerodha could design such a pooooooor mobile app. i have never seen such a poor app in trading.

    completely un satisfied.

    Request to Zerodha team:

    Is this your final version of mobile app?, if so i have to close this zerodha account and i should go back to geojit broker.

    why you have not done any bench mark with competitors , before design a mobile app?

    kindly revert me


    • Rajiv, current NEST mobile app is built by Omnesys our technology vendor. We are in the process of moving out onto our in house web and mobile apps, check this: Pi (desktop platform), Q/Quant(reporting tools), are our in house tools, and Kite will be an extension.

  72. Ramanathan says:

    Can you please suggest which phone is ok for trading online zerodha platform, efficient one. below 15k.

    • Any android phone should be good.

      • DR2845 says:

        Hi nithin,

        Thanks for your reply,
        I disagree you recommendation, because before writing this request i should be aware that whether my phone is capable or not ?

        i am using one of high end smart phone( Micrmax A210 / canvaS 4).

  73. pearleye says:

    Last week I factory defaulted my mobile and when I re-installed Zerodha android app from play store, I started getting this below error.

    “The device configuration details are changed. Please contact the administrator to reset your device”.

    I’m using Nexus 5, Android version 5.1.1.

    Please do kindly check this asap.

  74. Vinod says:

    Hi Hanan,

    Is it possible to provide a feature to jump from market watch to quotes/charts of the selected scrip/F&O contract directly? Its annoying to carry out all selections especially for options in quotes/charts page even though you have the options contracts listed in the market watch.

    The MBP link that pops up in a window on selection of a symbol is not entirely useful. Probably you can add a link to Quotes/charts of the selected symbol.



    • Hanan says:

      We’re working on revamping the entire mobile app to make it more intuitive which will take care of all these concerns and also give you an easier navigation through the app. You’ll need to give us at least a couple of months to have this done.

      • DR2845 says:

        Hi Hanan,

        I have one request, Please study with competitors mobile apps before zerodha app release.

        I recommend Geojit broker mobile app is tooo good for trading.

        please bench mark with geojit before releasing zerodha app another version

  75. Ravi Shankar says:

    Hi Hanan,

    Request you to kindly let me know when is kite getting released? or atleast any other mobile app getting released.
    PI is simply awesome. Hatsoff to your team for great work… U guyz rock.
    But mobile platform is kind of below average.
    Please let me know of the new mobile app. I heard of 2 new mobile apps…. 1) Kite (on ios or android) and 2) CO (on ios or android)

    This would be awesome

    Ravi Shankar

  76. Vishal Pawar says:


    I have problem in adding option stock in the market watch as search window does not show all the stock because it is not scrolling. I am using Android version 2.3.7 in Sony Xperia MT27i mobile hand set.

    • Hanan says:

      I think the issue is with the OS version that’s on your mobile. The recent upgrades on the mobile app have may have made it incompatible with 2.3. We suggest you move to at least 4.0

  77. Anant says:

    Hello Nithin, Hanan,

    Been a long time since I heard plans about –
    1. Re-vamping/ bettering the mobile app
    2. An all-together new app for mobile trading
    3. Introducing (at least) CO if not BO on mobile trading platform

    Are there any updates on this front?



    • Hanan says:

      CO is going to be out on the mobile platform very soon, maybe in the next month or so.

      • Anant says:


        That’s cool. Waiting for the feature on ZM. WIll this be immediately available on the iPhone app as well?

        Also am eagerly awaiting an all-new mobile app from Zerodha. Is it under works or has the plan been shelved?


        • Hanan says:

          Yes, Cover Orders will be available for iPhone as soon as we have it built for the mobile engine.

          An all new mobile app will take a really long time to be out there but we’ll add some touches to the existing one to make it work better and give you more options.

  78. Muthukannan B says:

    Today I installed the mobile app from play store and I’m getting this below error when I do a login.

    “The device configuration details are changed. Please contact the administrator to reset your device”.

    I’m using Nexus 5, android version 5.1.0.

    Earlier I was using the under development app version downloaded from a specific link which you gave, meant for android 5.0.

  79. RANJIT says:

    Why are the square off orders for BO positions rejected when entered from the mobile APP. This is of great incovenience

  80. Sukumar Mahanta says:

    Today I did my trade trade on zerodha..Just for try I bought & sold small amount of ashok leyland & I make a profit..Thanks goes to zerodha for such a low brokerage…I would request you to please upgrade your android app to a lighter one as its takes too much time…also please give t+5 day e-margin facility for rix-free btst trading…these two things will certainly make zerodha no-1…

  81. Vj says:

    Hi Team,

    I am facing issue with the Mobile trading .It do not allow me to login to the mobile trading .

    I have attached the error screenshot .Please help me to resolve the issue . I have also sent a email to Hanna today . Prior to this I have sent email to Zerodha support who said the trading plat form is working fine and asked to re-install the app which I have done many time now .


  82. Souvik Chanda says:

    I have just joined zerodha. how do I get access to mobile trading in windows phone?

  83. Sankara Sambasivan says:

    I’m unable to access zerodha mobile version on my Blackberry classic (BB10 OS). How to get access to the same.

    • Hanan says:

      We don’t have a BlackBerry version released. You’ll need to either download the Android app to your device or sideload it. More information about installing Android apps onto BB10 is available online.

  84. Vinod says:

    Please can u consider windows app and update it too… They need lot of improvements..

    • Hanan says:

      The Windows Phone app is also going to be improved within the next few months. Windows has recently released a unified platform for both computers and mobile so the development will happen after devices start adopting Windows 10.

  85. Mahadish says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is it possible to add cover order on the Mobile app?

    Is Zerodha working on it?

  86. srinivas says:

    I tried new updated lollipop version.
    1. log off problem is solved. thank you.
    2. loading market watch with more number of scripts (above 10) is still very slow. this problem was there earlier also. It shows “initializing… ” on top of the screen and waits for long time.
    3. Slowness while placing order is also a big problem.
    I am connected on wifi and 8mbps connection.

    • Hanan says:

      1. Yes, we’ve worked quite a bit on the Lollipop version of Zerodha Mobile and are glad that you’re not facing any problems on that front.

      2. Even I’m on wifi and my orders are being placed at a fairly decent pace. I wouldn’t compare it to the pace of desktop execution but it’s fast enough.

      Can you tell me the RAM and Processor on your device? In the meantime, I’ll also talk to our developers and see what can be done from our side.

      • srinivas says:

        Hi Hannan,
        I am using Nexus 4 mobile. with 2gb ram and
        Chipset Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon
        CPU Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait
        Market watch loading if i have more scrips (above 10) is particularly slow.

        • Hanan says:

          Thanks for sharing your device configuration with me. I thinks this is a very good configuration so Zerodha Mobile should work fine.

          Please call our office on Monday and connect with Linekar. We’ll do some troubleshooting.

  87. rkoti says:

    The android app download link doesnt work.

    How do I get the android app?

    • Hanan says:

      You can get the latest version of Zerodha Mobile for Android by downloading it from the Google Play store. We have the latest one uploaded there.

  88. Anant says:

    Hello, Nitin, Hanan, Zerodha Support,

    I recently changed from Android to iPhone 6.
    My Zerodha mobile trader was working just fine on Android, but it does not seem to work on iPhone6.

    When I try to open the app on iOS, it shows me the Mobile Trading ID and Password screen, then when I enter the credentials correctly, the error is “There was an error processing your request, The request timed out”. Same is working fine on my android device.

    Can you guys please check?
    My Mobile Trading ID is DA0398.


    • Anant says:

      Furthermore, now when I am trying to login to “”, it gives me an error “user is blocked, contact system administrator ”


    • Hanan says:

      Anant, I’m guessing your ID has already been unblocked so you should be able to login and trade.

      At our end, the app works fine on the iPhone 6. I’ll get some technician to get in touch with you for troubleshooting.

  89. Hushaam H.S. says:

    Season Greetings to entire Team of Zerodha!!!

    Its my humble request to kindly activate the following on Z-mobile asap.

    1) Bracket & Cover Orders.
    2) After Market Orders (AMO)
    3) Fund Transfer facility from HDFC bank to my Trading-cum-Demat Account.
    4) Square off at Limit price & LTP like in Pi platform (Though square off in mobile app is done only at market price

    • Hanan says:

      Although I’ve answered to you personally by email, I’m sharing my answer with all so everyone is aware.

      1. Yes, we’re working on Cover orders for mobiles. This should be out within the next month. Bracket orders will take a lot more time as they are much more complex in execution.

      2. The original rationale behind giving AMO only for the desktop is that we presumed users used mobile only for live trading. We can have this enabled on mobiles in the next update.

      3. Fund transfer facility from mobiles is still some distance away as we’re figuring out logistics with our third party service provider.

      4. You have an option to enter a limit price and square off using the mobile. Once you go to the Positions tab and choose “Square Off”, you can square off by Limit if you choose “I would like to specify additional options” and then go ahead and put in your limit price. You can even change the quantity if you wish.

  90. ROHINI says:


    please provide quick order facility for mobile too.
    i would like pre-set qty

    • Hanan says:

      The mobile platform already has this feature. 🙂 What you need to do is this…

      1. Log into the mobile app and tap the orange settings button.
      2. Once you get to the Settings page, you have an option to choose “Click here to set default trade options”
      3. Setup the default product type you want, the default lot size, etc and close the settings page.

      We’re also going to be bringing out cover orders to mobile soon.

  91. Mr.Market says:

    I have not used the app, but considering it. In the mobile app, does the quotes update like in Zerodha trader(i.e.real time) or we need to refresh it manually like in Zerodha HTML?

  92. Raj says:

    Is the Lollipop version of Zerodha mobile app working fine? I am considering to buy new phone with Lollipop, thus asking.

  93. Anees ur Rehaman H A says:

    HI Sir/ mam
    I am unable to login through android mobile mobile, as its showing “device configuration has changed, reset your device ”
    Kindly solve this issue an help me to login through mobile app
    My ID is DA3149

  94. Arsenio says:

    Hi Hanan/Nitin,
    I have sideloaded Android app on my BlackBerry Passport and I also managed to download the Z mobile app too. But yes but can’t work on it as it appears too tiny, I can not insert my login id or password etc., I did try changing the font size etc., on the mobile settings, no change in the app size.
    Any suggestions from your end or others who have done it on BlackBerry 10 os
    The app works fine on iphone, hope you guys do something like that for BlackBerry too
    Regards n God bless

    • Hanan says:

      This is new for us, Arsenio. We’ll look into this and see what best can be done. Let me see if I can get one of our technicians to get in touch with you. It will take some time to fix this as we have very few BlackBerry users.

  95. Sathish Kumar says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Today i received mobile version update from play store and it seems to be very buggy, the app is crashing whenever i tried to select an option from any dropdown values. i am currently using android 4.4.4 version.

    Please resolve this issue ASAP and also please provide me the older version of app link to continue my trading.


    • Hanan says:

      There was a problem with the first upload on the app store but our technicians have replaced it now. You should uninstall whatever you have on your mobile now and reinstall again from the app store for it to work fine.

      Let me know after you’ve tried this if you’re still having a problem.

  96. Balaji says:

    When you plan to release lollipop version on play store?

    Current version is not stable at all……….

  97. Zubair says:

    Dear Hanan/Nitin;

    I had a specific concerns which i would like to clear myself, i use to do frequent trading in F&O. currently i am having a trading account with HDFC which i am planning to swift to Zerodha, but there are few queries which i would like to clarify from your side.
    1. I am traveling frequent as a result of which i use to do trading in F&O through my mobile through Mobile APP. now if i shift the trading portal to Zerodha, in that case how easy i could be abale to trade through mobile, what i have read here that Mobile trading is easy in Android but just to inform you i am using Iphone with IOS. How that would affect my trading in F&O
    2. Also i had read some where that Market Watch is not been Live, it needs to be refreshed to get the updates. is that been solved in IOS
    3. I am using IPhone 4. with 10MBPS mobile data plan. Is that compatible with the Mobile apps to run smoothly without interuption
    4. What’s the new improvement currently in progress whats expected in the coming months for IOS users.
    Could you please through lights on the above points


  98. Rohit says:

    I have Upgraded my device to lollipop.Could you Please do appropriate Changes at your end,so that i can trade from mobile.


  99. anu says:

    hi hannan,
    Please add our ids also for lollipop version we are also facing same problem. we are using nexus 4 lollipop version.
    My user id : Da1393
    husband user id : RP1272

  100. Muthukannan B says:

    I’m using Nexus 5 mobile running Lollipop 5.0.2 version.
    I’ve installed the latest application from the link you provided and like others I’m also facing this repeated log off issue just after trying to logging in.

    Can you add my user name “RM1961” as well to that user list ?


  101. VIKAS GOYAL says:

    Pls add me to andorid lollipop user list
    Id – DV0304

  102. Abhishek (DA2806) says:

    Please add me to your android lollipop user list.
    ID- DA2806

  103. Ravi Shankar (Client ID DR0797) says:

    Hi Hanan,

    I have logged in into the mobile app today morning and till now it seems to work fine.
    But its a bit slow… anyways that doesn’t matter for me as i was able to place an order.
    Back to olden golden days on mobile app.
    Thank you very much for ur support.

    Ravi Shankar

  104. Abhishek (DA2806) says:

    Facing a lot of trouble with android app as all my devices are upgraded to lollipop. Add me to that lollipop user “list” of yours. It would be a life saver. Thanks in advance.
    ID- DA2806

  105. Hanan says:

    Ravi, we’ve requested Omnesys to enable your ID on the back end for Lollipop but somehow this hasn’t happened yet, which is why you’re facing these stability issues with logging out.

    We’ll have your ID enabled after 5 PM today, so you should try logging in around 6 or the next trading session. Please share your feedback after you login.

    • Ravi Shankar (Client ID DR0797) says:

      Hi Hanan,

      I have logged in after 6 PM today. But same issue still exists.
      I will check again on 18th the wednesday morning as soon as market starts and update you.
      But please make sure that my id gets enabled.

      When i enqured the reply email from the support group said that my id is already enabled. Please double check and because of this i had to waste two good trading days.

      Anyways atleast if you enable it by wednesday morning 9 15 AM i ll be very happy.

      Thanks for understanding

      Ravi Shankar

  106. Ravi Shankar (Client ID DR0797) says:

    Hi Team,

    Requesting your kind updates on my above two posts.

    Thank you very much in advance

    Ravi Shankar

  107. Ravi Shankar (Client ID DR0797) says:

    Issues as of now
    1 While placing order as soon as I click on price type or type of order (mis,nrml etc) application logs off and asks me to login.
    2 Same issue comes if I click on quotes.
    3. As soon as the app gets downloaded and gets installed after first login a popup asking me to select the home or market watch comes up. IF i select any radio buton the app logs off.
    As of now these three are the issues.

    Please fix

    Ravi Shankar

  108. Ravi Shankar (Client ID DR0797) says:


    Inspite of downloading the app from the new link which was provided by the support team and the support team enabling my id at the backend, am not even able to place the order.
    Instead i am getting the replies like , use the Z5 on the mobile.I cant install trading platforms on my desktop as its against my organizattion’s policy.
    I dont even have access to zerodha web on my desktop.
    Since the time there was an upgrade to the normal windows trading platform, I have been facing issues with mobile app and have been continuously reporting them. Now when the app is a bit stable, this unstability issue with the Android 5 version.
    I have been clearly mentioning issues as well like what and all the issues i have been facing with the app.
    Please let me place orders atleast on the app. Fix the app for android 5 and release it ASAP.
    Support people have been saying to stay with patience and that patience levels are getting broken now.
    Please dont get me wrong. Am not offending anyone and i know the pain to fix the issues / bugs since i as well work in the IT industry. But taking this much of time and still no improvement doesn’t fare well.
    Please understand and fix the mobile app for android 5 ASAP. Else release a new app apart from nest trader (which is very very old and not good). Please consider your clients who do trading on the mobile apps.

    Thank you very much for understanding

    Hoping for some actions in place soon

    Ravi Shankar

  109. Sathish Kumar says:

    Hi Team,

    I am MCX trader and currently using android device,

    i am not getting any graph movement after 3:30 PM due to this i am facing lot of difficulties to place the order after 3:30 PM. Before i used to get the view graph button, but this option is not available in the app present in the Play store.

    Kindly look into this.


  110. aditya says:

    please enable my account for 5.0 mobile

    aditya sarowgi

  111. Ragesh says:

    Can you Add videos tutorial of using Zerodha NeSt Mobile Trading Platform, it will be very helpful.

  112. Umanand says:

    Hello ZERODHA
    i installed
    5.0 apk but still facing issue.
    If possible , can you do something(like i read
    here , setting for particular id) from back
    end .so that i can use trading app on my
    mobile. please..
    my id is – du0203

    • Hanan says:

      Yeah, we’ve sent a request to get your account enabled for Lollipop in the backend so you should be able to use it by Monday evening. 🙂

  113. VNS Kodukula says:

    Hi Sir,

    Will algoZ Expert Advisor Alerts will shows in Mobile App ?

    Because, when we are in out of system, it helps more to get / use opportunity by placing an order on Mobile.

    Please respond.

    Thank you,

  114. Ganesh Shinde says:

    Dear Hanan,
    As per your previous discussions , i installed 5.0 apk but still facing issue.
    If possible , can you do something(like i read here , setting for particular id) from back end .so that i can use trading app on my mobile. please..

    my id is – dg0330


    • Hanan says:

      I’ve just spoken to our developers and they’ve assured me that you’ll be added to the list of Android Lollipop users by 5 PM this evening.

  115. Arsenio says:

    I am planning to buy blackberry passport, will the Z- mobile or Pi software work on it pls reply soon

    • Hanan says:

      Zerodha Mobile isn’t available directly on the BlackBerry app store, but nowadays you can install any Android app on BlackBerry by side-loading it.

      Pi is available only for Windows.

  116. srinivas says:

    Hi Hanan,
    Tried the new lollipop version of zerodha mobile many times. It is not allowing to do any thing. adding/deleting scrips to market watch. putting order or cancelling existing order, etc etc. for everything it is logging off me. Its better to correct these before releasing to all.


  117. NIKHIL says:

    does it work on asus zenfone 4 pls check


  118. srinivas says:

    Hi Hannan,
    Thanks for the app. I installed it and started using.
    First issue i found is: from the market watch if i want to delete some scrip, after choosing delete option it deletes the scrip but LOGS ME OFF !!! I am forced to login again. I checked this 3-4 times. always same behavior. please check this.


    • Hanan says:

      We’ve had some reports of the app logging off while placing an order or performing some other tasks. We’ll look into it and make some changes on your ID in the background. Can you try logging in again after 5:00 PM and give me your feedback? Sorry, the developer has to restart some process before he makes this change on your ID and we can’t have it done during market hours.

      • srinivas says:

        ok. I will try logging in after 5pm and tell you my feedback. mean while i observed same behavior while adding new stock in the marketwatch. It logs me off then also. My id is RP1272

  119. srinivas says:

    Hi Nithin,
    you mentioned on 15th dec, mobile application for lollipop version will be released in couple of days. its almost 1 month now. I can understand you have done some upgrading of servers and faced issues. However, could you please tell when it will be available?


    • Hanan says:

      We’ve still not released it on the app store, but here’s the 5.0 apk if you wish to try. Please find the below download URL for zerodha new mobile setup.

      Download URL:

      Basically, you need to download this APK from the link provided. Enable “non market apps” and install this apk after you’ve uninstalled the older version of Zerodha Mobile.

      Let me know how the app feels and I’ll have it up on the Play Store.

  120. chandra says:

    i have samsung model GT-s5830i android 2.3.6 version.i use NOW .how n which and from where do i download mobile app for playstore only zerodha is available.plz enlighten how to go about downlading mobile app for now.thanx

  121. Ashraf says:

    I am unable to login, App asks for Mobile trading id which i was not provided with from you so far

  122. vino says:

    Dear nithin,

    I hear that pi is going to get launched for desktop.. I need that to be in our mobile also… for consideration please use some technique like After hour trade, show current ask, bid, and ltp running price while placing order and SL trigger in it…

    Another is don’t limit it to android only we are using windows phone which is much than android
    So built app for all mobile platform (Windowsphone, ios, android etc.)

    waiting for your positive reply

  123. Adam says:

    Heard about infrastructure upgrade by Zerodha. When are we getting the new next-gen mobile trading iOS app? Any word on it?

  124. srinivas says:

    Any update on lollipop version of mobile app? on 29th you guys said it will be available next week. but it is still not working. please release soon.

  125. mehulbhanushali says:

    Nitin is zerodha mobile available for blackberry Z10 and if not how do i use NSE now on my phone

    • Hanan says:

      Zerodha Mobile isn’t available directly on the BlackBerry app store, but nowadays you can install any Android app on BlackBerry by side-loading it.

      If you’d like to use NSE NOW instead, then all you have to do is send a request to [email protected] to have your account moved to NOW.

  126. Nachiket says:

    The Windows Phone app doesn’t let me login. I enter my login ID then it gives me the security image and password box but when I click on PW box, it freezes. What should be done? Mine is Windows Phone 8.1, Lumia Cyan. And thank you for the app. Is there any way to use Now App to trade on Windows Phone?

  127. mehulbhanushali says:

    Is Zerodha mobile app supported in Blackberry Z10….. I tried installing on previous occasions but hard luck,,, den i had to install android version on my blackberry it works but lot of user interface bugs… please help me on this issue.. and also i need to know how to use NSE app is zerodha is not available for blackberry

  128. naveen says:


    Yesterday i downloaded ios zerodha mobile app working fine and today it is not working in my mobile why ? it is showing server error!

  129. Shankar says:

    hi There

    are you guys going to come up with the new version of zerodha mobile app for android if so when ?

  130. srinivas says:

    Mobile app is not working after upgrading to lollipop version of android.
    all my trading stopped 🙁 please release the new version quickly.
    hope new app works fast. earlier version was very slow even on high speed broadband wifi connectivity.
    app is particularly slow in loading marketwatch. please try to solve it.
    Last but not least ZERODHA rocks 🙂

  131. anuj says:

    Mobile app is not working after I installed android lollipop. Can you please help.

  132. dm1593 says:


    The app cannot work in the background. Say if I have to use some other app or get a call while I am logged into the zerodha mobile app, the app logs me out with an error “Unfortunately, Zerodha mobile trading has stopped”
    I again have to login from beginning. Why not come out with PIN based authentication like other bank apps do.
    Also the app takes the complete screen with no room to show the notification bar. I can’t see the time, the network status or if my battery is about to die.
    I would expect a very quick fix for these issues.
    I would also appreciate if the app can be made lighter with simple black and white colors and have red & green colours for the quotes.


    • dm1593 says:

      Adding to my previous comments,
      One good thing I notice with the app is that it keeps me logged in as long as it is active in the foreground.
      It doesn’t log me out even if there is no data connection for a few minutes.

      While I regularly use the app for trading in intraday equity, I would be delighted if stop-loss orders can be cancelled automatically when my cover order is executed.
      Say I buy a stock for rs.100 with a stop loss of rs.99 and a cover order of rs.102 ( all 3 orders have to be placed separately from the app). When the stock touches 102, my cover order is executed but stop loss order remains open. I have to cancel the order manually.

      • Hanan says:

        We still don’t have Cover and Bracket orders enabled for the mobile, but we’re in the development mode to have it done at the earliest. For now, you’ll have to cancel these orders manually.

    • Hanan says:

      Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! We’re constantly upgrading our mobile trading platform and will try and incorporate some of your suggestions in the next release:)

      About the app shutting down while you’re performing other tasks: There is a workaround for this. Whenever you perform any other task on your device, you need to go to the “recent apps” list and use Zerodha Mobile from there. This will ensure that it’s running. Note that the app will log you out automatically if the app hasn’t been used for over 30 minutes.

  133. Sukesh says:

    Hi Hanan/Nithin,

    I am planning to implement one of the trading strategies i was working on, one key hurdle i face in its implementation is that the Mobile Application (for Android) logs me off continuously if i keep the phone idle or use some other apps (Please note – There are no app killers in my phone).

    My opportunity would be lost by the time i enter all my credentials again to login.

    Can you please advise how can i keep the Zerodha app always running throughout the market time irrespective of weather i use other apps or keep the phone idle, so that when i get the opportunity i can complete my trade in few clicks.


    • Hanan says:

      The app has been designed to log you out if there’s inactivity for over 30 minutes on your phone. This has been done for security reasons.

      If you’re having this problem while using other apps without the phone being idle, I guess there’s a workaround. Depending on which phone you’re using you need to get to the Open Apps menu and access Zerodha Mobile from there, this should ideally take you back to the screen you were originally on.

  134. Viji says:

    I trade 99% in mobile as my office blocks trading sites.. I cancelled my iPhone 6 booking itself as u don’t have an app in ios.. Kindly feel the importance and develop an app quickly.. Very disappointed to see this thread that zerodha team is working in developing an app for last 1year

    • Hey Viji, our mobile apps for android, windows and iphone, are available on the respective stores. Do try it out.

      • dm1593 says:

        No app yet for iPad.
        I installed the mobile app on iPad, I get the error “DM OPERATION HTTP ERROR 503”

        • Hanan says:

          The error “DM OPERATION HTTP ERROR 503″ came about because you tried using the software when it was down for maintenance. We’re utilizing the same mobile app for iPhone and iPad without making a distinction. The same app works on all apple hand-held devices without any problems.

  135. Sunitha says:

    Hi team,
    i am new to Zerodha. Have downloaded the ZM and started trading. However i want to know:
    1, Do ZM has a option for putting trailing SL?

    If yes then please guide me. If no, then request you to please put this option,


  136. Satheeskumar says:

    Now the difficulty is I have to use calculator to check whether it is on profit or loss, and then place order. If it in mobile app, we can check it even while travelling. Finally, it will motivate and increase number of trades.

  137. Satheeskumar says:

    Please include a provision in the Portfolio for checking Profit/Loss of any trade Bought or Sold of any previous date, to be compared with present market rates, and for immediately placing order if it is on profit. Example below.
    1. Bought NIFTY F&O on 23 August (Possible to enter USER rates manually)
    2. Sold Banknifty F&O on 23 August (Possible to enter USER rates manually)
    3. Now, compare P/L with present rates.
    4. If it is on profit, square off it immediately.
    Please refer an Android Mob App ‘Commodity Pulse’, it is a very good one.

  138. rama says:

    What mobile i buy for mobile trading samsune …? model or other

    • Hanan says:

      You can buy any Android device to do some mobile trading. Do make sure that the mobile has at least 1 GB RAM and 3G internet connection or WiFi.

  139. Sourabh Shirsat says:

    Hello Hanan,
    Recently after a software update I am to receiving the same issue ‘ device configuration settings have changed please contact administrator ‘
    My client id. MHDS2866

  140. Vinodh says:

    Hello Sir, I have switched to windows Mobile… When the app will be released… Please don’t tell Soon… Because for one and half year you are saying this…

  141. jayanth says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Can you please update as when the Iphone app is available ?

  142. raju says:

    id: RR2889 … Problem. “the device configuration details are changed.please contact your administrator to reset your device”

    Please reset.

    • Hanan says:

      We’ve reset your device configuration so you should be able to login and trade now.

      • Prabhanshu says:

        I am using zerodha android app and from last few days u am facing delayed or abrupt qoutes in it. Have raised complaint as well (494948) but still no solution. Your support team expect to call them during trading hiurs and explain them the problem which i did as well but they kept me on hold for 5mins. I cant expect this support during trading hours.
        I have sent screen shots as well.
        DP id DP0374.
        Pls rectify it asap.

  143. Hamza Malkani says:

    I hv successfully downloaded the mobile App but when i log in, my samsung S3 says “contact administrater”?

  144. Hanan says:

    Yes, we’ve been told that there are a few issues with the iOS app as the ports through which it is being streamed are blocked. Our technicians are looking into it and hopefully this should be fixed soon.

  145. Mandar says:

    Hi Team,

    I am using iOS app on iPhone 4S,

    When I try to search stock or option to add in market watch it shows me black screen with horizontal line.

    However, when I click on any of rows represented some stock gets selected, this might be due to font color and background color both are black.

    I am willing to trade from Mobile and this is for now is big hurdle.

  146. balaji cherukuri says:

    Hello Nitin/Hanan

    when u launch Zerodha pi platform, do u launch equivalent mobile application also?

    The present nest mobile version sucks….that’s the only time I curse Zerodha. pls consider this seriously

    Otherwise Zerodha is the best.

  147. gangadhar539 says:

    I have installed iOS app on my iphone, but app is not accepting my User ID and Password….

  148. KumarVinny says:

    zerodha trading application is available for blackberry but its not for Latest blackberry 10 os.. I have BlackBerryZ10. Plz make it compatible for this OS also…

    • Hanan says:

      If you’re using the latest BlackBerry OS, it’s best for you to side-load Android apps as most developers are not building apps for BlackBerry these days. Side-loading is fairly simple, you can Google more information about it.,

  149. Devesh Mulchandani says:

    I just installed your app on blackberry 9300. It installed successfully but after I enter the password it shows the following message “NETWORK ERROR: Could not process your request. Server/service not reachable or network connection failure.” While Z5 is working perfectly on my mobile and there aren’t any connectivity issues. Please help. Client ID: DD0782

    • Hanan says:

      Why don’t you try logging in from a 3G or WiFi network. The mobile app may not work on 2G networks.
      If you’re using 3G or WiFi and the problem still exists, please call 080-40402020 for support. 🙂

  150. Hanan says:

    The App Store execs have taken our demo ID and password to do their final rounds of tests. After this, the app will surely be out. Patience is a virtue.

  151. rajeshmarndi says:

    Hi Team,

    Congrats on the iOS launch, Unfortunately we are not able to find the app on the iOS store, Tried with the QR scanner as well, No platforms for iOS yet. I just wanted to check is it out of app store review yet. Please keep us posted on the official launch of the APP.

    Thanks & Regards
    Rajesh Marndi

    • mahesh inani says:

      rajesh ji please let me know if u find a app in app store please have been waiting since a year for this … it difficult yo trade through web browser all time …

  152. mahesh says:

    nitin i am ur client i … waiting for iphone appp since a longgg nearly 1 long year .. my question is when other brokers can make a appp like sharekhan , angel broking n alll y cant zerodha .. pls follow up with the technology vendors tht it ll be convinent…. pls do the needfull, as a client i cant ask anything more .. pls i cant not trade thruu system pls understand

    • Hanan says:

      Mahesh, at last I can say that the iPhone app is ready. We should release it today or tomorrow. It’s already up for review on the app store and you can try and search for Zerodha Mobile or Zmobile.

  153. Souvik says:

    Any update on when you plan to launch the Windows mobile app? I am not opening an account just because you done have a windows mobile app

    • Souvik, small bit of issues delaying the launch, but hopefully soon…

      • Souvik says:

        Thanks for your response. But we have been getting similar answers for more than a year now. At least be professional and provide an ETA and try to stick to it rather than saying “hopefully soon”. Looking at such replies, how can the new customers feel confident about your service quality and turn around times for issue resolution if they decide to open accounts with you?

        • Souvik, when it comes to technology, it is tough to put up a time estimate. We rely on Reuters(vendor for our technology products) for this, so unless they put a stable product out, we cannot offer it.


  154. Sir, i want to trade through mobile, when I am not in a position to sit infront of computer.
    Please tell me which mobile , version i have to purchase.Please suggest name of company, specification , price range ,etc. Also tell me after buying mobile what to do next for trading.I am new for mobile trading. So help me.

    • Hanan says:

      Sir, the best mobile to buy for your trading is any Android mobile. There are a lot of Android mobiles which are available in various price ranges. I would advise you to buy an Android mobile with at least 1 GB RAM and 1.2GHZ dual core processor. If you get a phone of a higher specification it will be better for you. Also, it’s very important to use 3G or WiFi connections as 2G is not going to help.

  155. preetham says:

    sir, ID:DP1321 installed android software in my mobile. after enter userid and password and error message shows” the device configuration details are changed please contact your administrator to reset your device” guide me using mobile application. using samsung galaxy s duos

  156. Tamilselvi says:

    I like to know whether basker order faclity available in Z5 AND ZM

  157. Why dont you have a document in place with scenarios which tell you how to place an intra day order etc., for your mobile platform. Your app is very unfriendly and i cannot use system.

    • Hanan says:

      Shanavaz, this blog has been written to make your trading a lot simpler. We do have a mobile user manual but since Android has so many versions, it doesn’t make sense to upload that. As usual, use the same product types to place orders on the mobile. For intraday, use MIS. For delivery, use CNC. For F&O, use NRML if you wish to hold it overnight.

  158. james says:

    Is the MBP option available in mobile version exists in ZT too.if so how could i view it .

  159. Bhavik says:

    Good afternon
    I am Bhavik from Ahmedabad
    actuly i am not a client of Zerodha but i am intrested in
    i want to check the web base trading platform in our office which is running or not
    so can i getting some Demo ID and Password for check that


  160. Vani says:


    ID- DV0872, unable to login to ZM after android update as it displays ” the device configuration details are changed please contact your administrator to reset your device”. Please reset the device details.

  161. Navjyot says:

    Hi Nitin…Windows App is long awaited. Will it be launched with Iphone App on 15 Aug?

  162. rajesh says:

    In this mobile app market watch is streaming or need to refresh ???

  163. SivaGangadhar Mallireddy says:


    Do we have Zerodha Mobile(ZM) application for IOS(Iphone)? i was searching in app store last day and didn’t find any app.


  164. variyal alexander reddy says:

    Hi Nithin, Cant we view charts in mobile as we do it in Laptop using Nestplus i.e we right on the stock–then plus command…………….. i.e cant we use the tools like stocastics, macd,etc

    • Charting on mobile is not really as the other platforms as of now. But we are working on having new mobile apps that can also do advanced charting, but this would take a bit though.

  165. aditya says:

    can you place a stop loss in the app?
    can it be placed with the original buy or sell order? or another order is required?
    can a order at trigger price be placed in the app?

  166. ramprabu says:

    Hello, when i login through mobile, it says maximum device limit reached for this user.Delete profile to register a new id is dr1637

  167. venkataswamy says:

    will zerodha mobile application supports NOKIA Windows Phone, if so pls give me link from where can i download?

  168. pradip says:

    Hi …kindly reset my device config… error pops up during login.

    My id is DP0511

  169. KumarVinny says:

    zerodha trading application is available for blackberry but its not for Latest blackberry 10 os.. I have BlackBerryZ10. Plz make it compatible for this OS also…

  170. Prasad G says:

    Happy to hear this, That I will be getting the app for Iphone by next month. Thanks

  171. Hanan says:

    This is getting done, I assure you. 🙂 Thank you for your patience. We hope to have it out within the next month or something.

  172. Prasad G says:

    When are we getting this mobile app for IPHONE. I don’t have a android phone and like to have it on my Iphone, Eagerly waiting for this from many months. Please request to get this rolled out at the earliest. As of now this is major drawback i see with Zerodha.

  173. Hanan says:

    The Nokia Lumia 2520 runs on Windows RT which is effectively Microsoft’s answer to the iPad – limited to just apps offered through the Windows Store, just like the iPad only does programs from Apple’s App Store.

    If you need to run Windows executable software (exe), you need a more expensive, full PC in a tablet form running the full version of Windows 8 instead of Windows RT.

  174. Sushmita says:

    Hanan one more query, can i run Zerodha trader setup on Nokia Lumia 2520 10inch Windows Calling Tablet

  175. Sushmita says:

    Hanan i am aware of MBP facility but snap quote dialog box gives whole picture of a particular script, let me know if you guys have any plan to provide this facility on mobile as well. I am curious to have this particular feature on mobile because it helps me a lot to buy or sell any script at correct moment. Please tell me will it be available in future?

    • Hanan says:

      Well, I’d love to have the full snap quote on mobile devices, but right now it’s limited to only best 5 buy/sell. Having a full-fledged snap quote window on mobile devices is not yet practical because of the kind of space required to view a snap quote. You may have a large screen mobile but not everyone does and then it becomes a problem for the developer. I’m sure this is going to be possible in the near future.

  176. Sushmita says:

    Hi Hanan/Nitin,

    Can we have snap quote dialog box on android based mobile please?

    • Hanan says:

      We have an option on Zerodha Mobile where you can see best 5 buy and sell. You can access this by tapping on any scrip on your MW and then choosing MBP in the resultant window.

  177. Anil says:

    Is there ANY plan at all to bring out a Zerodha mobile for Windows version at all? One of the prime reason why people like me have not yet opened an account with Zerodha. An honest answer will be appreciated.

    • Hanan says:

      There’s a plan to bring out Zerodha Mobile for all the big mobile OS platforms. We’re in the last stages of development for iOS and Windows Phone. The reason we focused on Android first was because the largest market share in India for smartphones belonged to them. Now, we’re gonna have it out for all the important mobile OS. Windows Phone should be out by end of July.

  178. Prabhanshu says:

    Hi, I am facing quite few issues with Zerodha Mobile from last 2-3 months and the same lead to losses. For example, on 13th June, ZM was not showling any prices under Market watch or for any indices for say 30-45 mins (this is huge considering if you are in trading business). And during this time market fell from 7660 to 7600 and then lower. Due to this I was not able to change my positions.
    As and when I faces this issue, I called up Support, they asked me to delete my Market Watch, create new one OR restart my phone OR Uninstall and install ZM OR try using Web based trade.
    You believe it or not I did all above (except web) in 30 mins but again no help. Again I called up and then they said that its issue from Zerodha side that MW is not displaying and development team has given 15mins SLA. If that was the issue, then why support guys didn’t inform customer at the very 1st time.

    I was having great views for Zerodha but from last couple of times, now I am thinking its better to be with broker who charge more brokerage but provides stable platform rather then with cheaper ones having unstable platform.

    Highly disaapointed

    • Hanan says:

      Prabhanshu, I can understand the difficulty you would face as a trader when you can’t access the trading system to execute orders especially when you have a position and the market is moving against you. I have been in such situations myself and frankly do not like it one bit. However, what you need to understand is that we work on the internet with real-time applications and the stability of systems depends on lots of factors which cannot be predicted. In such cases what works best is having a SL and a target order placed so that if you cannot access the terminal for whatever reason you are still safe.

      I know that there was a temporary issue with the mobile app but nothing that was for that long. We’ll look into why you got such info from our agents.

      • Prabhanshu says:

        Hi Hanan, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do follow SL and limit order for profit booking, but the point is when you have to change your position, say from Call to Put only if particular value is breached. In this case, nothing can work but to follow the price and take positions accordingly.
        Believe it or not, I do understand the situation explained by you but is support would have told me initially that SLA is 15/30 Mins, then I would have logged in Web based terminal. they asked me to delete my MW and re-create it. In this case, whether I login in ZM or web based or ZT – nothing will help.
        Another point, I also noticed today that ZT was having problem with live price changes for 2-5 mins continuously. And this was quite often today. I checked my internet connection and speed – but everything was perfect.

  179. D Shivaji Rao says:

    Hi Sir,

    ID- DS2118, unable to login to ZM after android update as it displays ” the device configuration details are changed please contact your administrator to reset your device”

  180. SATHISH says:

    Hi Hanan,
    I can’t access my account on Tablet. My android version is 4.1.2 jelly bean. I have perfectly installed mobile version of zerodha on my mobile. After that when I tried to open it, it opens perfectly, it shows login id and passwd window. here problem occurs.

    When I enter ID and Passwd, it shows “ the device configuration details are changed.please contact your administrator to reset your device”

    What is the Issue ?

    My ID is : RS1581

  181. kalp says:

    hello there,

    I can’t access my account on mobile. My android version is 4.2.3 jelly bean. I have perfectly installed mobile version of zerodha on my mobile. After that when I tried to open it, it opens perfectly, it shows login id and passwd window. here problem occurs.

    When I enter ID and Passwd, it shows “Connection Error: SOCKET CLOSED”

    What is the Issue ?

    My ID is : DK0803

  182. ginas says:

    I get a Invalid User ID or password when I try with android app for the first time. I am using my client ID as the mobile trading ID. Is there any action to be done on zerodha side?

  183. GS Prakash says:

    My ID is DS2487.Have just started using mobile app. I don’t find there is provision for placing After Market Orders. Is it so?

    • Hanan says:

      After Market Orders are available only on the web and desktop versions of Zerodha Trader. The mobile app is designed for placing orders on the go, so we’ve left out AMO for now.

  184. Frustuser says:

    Any updates on the iOS app/alternate?

  185. vishnaha says:

    hi i m using zerodha mobile but now i have changed my tablet so install and going to loing using my id pw but it says ” MAXIMUM DEVICE LIMIT REACHED FOR THIS USER. DELETE PROFILE TO REGISTER A NEW DEVICE” … so please tell me from where to delete my Profile to get successful log in ??

  186. Hanan says:

    Numan, we’ve reset your mobile configuration. You should now be able to download and use the Zerodha Mobile App.

  187. Numan says:

    sir, ID:RM0789 installed android software in my mobile. after enter userid and password and error message shows” the device configuration details are changed please contact your administrator to reset your device” guide me using mobile application. using Samsung galaxy Note android : 4.1.2 please help.

  188. arkind13 says:

    Hello, As we cannot download Zerodha trade from Play Store, how do we come to know about any software update? I downloaded the version recently which shows the version as 2.4.13 (Is the latest one)

    • Hanan says:

      The software is intelligent and updates itself automatically. You can rest assured that you will always have the latest version on your device as long as you’re online.

  189. SHANKAR says:

    hi hanan,

  190. Hanan says:

    Viswa, we’ve reset your mobile device configuration. You can download, install the app again on your Nokia X and start trading.

  191. viswa prasad says:

    sir, ID:DV0992 installed android software in my mobile. after enter userid and password and error message shows” the device configuration details are changed please contact your administrator to reset your device” guide me using mobile application. using nokia x, no problem in desktop application.

  192. mayur says:

    Sir my id is Dm0593 , i am unable to login message comes device reset configuration…. I am using same mobile micromax canvas…plz contact me and solve the problem i want to trade for election

  193. ADG123 says:

    What is the best recommended “Screen Size” for Zerodha Mobile (ZM)?

    Does ZM (I repeat, ZM – not web based ZT) runs in 7″ Android TABLET?

    • Hanan says:

      We think ZM works very well on any device which is around 4 inches.
      Yes, ZM works very well on a 7″ Android tablet.

  194. Rajesh says:

    Hi, first I would appreciate and congratulate Mr Nithin and his team for their tremendous achievement.

    I’ve couple of simple queries :

    a) Does Cover order or/and Bracket orders available on zerodha mobile or Z5 trader?

    b) As NSEMobile app directly executes the order on NSE server( no broker server ), does ZM executes the order directly on nse server or does it go through zerodha server and then to nse server ?

    • Hanan says:

      Thank you for the kind words about Nithin Kamath. We still have a long way to go.

      a) You can place cover orders on the Mobile and Z5 but the bracket order facility isn’t yet available on the Mobile or Z5. Bracket orders are still in their beta stage and it will take us a while before we have them on your mobile.
      b) The best part is that our servers are co-located at the exchange so there is no time lag at all for order execution. In fact, we believe order execution on Zerodha is faster because we have dedicated servers for Zerodha unlike NSE NOW which serves many other brokers.

  195. Anwar says:

    Got it. for now I found a work around. Installed a VPN client from Google play store (named SurfEasy). It bypasses all blocking for uninterrupted access. Thank you very much Hanan.

  196. Kidstube says:

    Hello Sir
    Do you know when you are going to release iphone platform ?


  197. Vinodh says:

    Greetings Hanan,

    How to give After hour trading in zerodha mobile…. Please show the current running price of buying scrip while we placing the order… As I suffered earlier because of it…

  198. D. Krishna Vandan says:

    Hi, Hanan I am using Samsungs GT S5603 handset can i download mobile trade application and trade from there?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Krishna,

      The S5603 runs Samsung’s proprietary Java software. We don’t have a mobile application for Java phones yet. Our app works on Android & Blackberry OS

  199. Anwar says:

    I have a peculiar problem with Zerodha Mobile. With my high speed WiFi connection, Market Watch is not showing. It is stuck by showing just “Initializing”. All other functions work normally. With 2G connection, market watch also works normally.

    I tried contacting Zerodha customer care. But it was told that they cannot look into the issue as they didnt have significant no. of complaint of this nature. So any body else facing same issue??

    Hanan, can u shed some light on what may be the possible problem?


    • Hanan says:

      I wouldn’t imaging a scenario how your market watch shows an initializing error on a high-speed WiFi connection, unless it’s an office/public/college connection. Home/private WiFi networks won’t give you such an issue.

      • Anwar says:

        Exactly!! I was using WiFi connection provided by my office. So market watch will not work in office WiFi ?? 🙁 Any solutions?

        • Hanan says:

          Well, there is a port which needs to be unblocked by your system admin. If that can be done your market watch will work like a charm.

          For Zerodha Mobile, the URL needs to be white listed along with the port/protocol 9500 opened up.

  200. DM1127 says:

    The best mobile app for trading ever. Great gui, very userfriendly.

  201. Dilip Chadrasara says:

    I downloaded Zerodha Mobile on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and its stuck at downloading updates so kindly help me.
    My Mobile Specification
    Model Number: GT-I9100
    Android Version : 4.0.3

    so kindly give solution as early as possible.
    I also contact your customer care but they didn’t solve it.

    • Hanan says:

      Why don’t you connect with your WiFi for downloading the updates. As soon as the updates are downloaded, you can go back to your mobile network. If the problem still persists, send an email to [email protected] so you can get a ticket to get your issue resolved.

  202. Lloyd Masih says:

    I downloaded Zerodha Mobile on my lenovo k900 and its stuck at downloading updates any help will be appreciated

  203. Siva says:

    its been one year since u ppl said u will have app for windows. I waited and waited and waited and changed to android now. Been using the app for one month now and overall its nice but there is a BIG problem while placing an order we are not able to see the LTP of the scrip bocz of this I sold the Lots Rs.4 lesser than the LTP. This is a really a BIG problem as u all know in few seconds things change in market. I was going on asking u ppl and waiting for a windows app, u ppl said we are working on it and it will be out soon and bla bla bla its been 1 year nothing came out at least please look into this matter and rectify this issue soon on android app.

    • Siva says:

      don’t take 1 year for this. try to do it in 1 week or max 1 month. I think this requires a minor change and will not take that long if I am not wrong.

    • Hanan says:

      Siva, this is a mobile app and as such most of the developers wouldn’t have thought of these small features which add a nice touch while trading. I’ve looked at the mobile screen again and I’m sure they can give a small screen space to show the current market price while placing an order. This, in theory, is a very simple thing but the application of it will take some doing. We would have to pull this data from the market watch, or from the scrip itself and show it to you on your order window. We’ll give this as a feature request to our developers but it won’t be developed in a hurry.

      • siva says:

        I know u ppl will not do it soon. I have been asking fr windows app for 1 year and changed to android . I was also asking fr trailing stop loss feature in the trading terminal as share khan has in their’s. That also u ppl said u will look into it and that’s all

  204. Sarang says:

    Hello Team,

    I cannot see BTST (Buy today Sell tomorrow) option in mobile app ? Any turn around for this ?

    • Hanan says:

      You will not see BTST as an option on the mobile or any other platform. You will see a product type called CNC using which you can buy today and sell tomorrow to execute a BTST trade.

  205. Kannan says:


    I am using the apps & also trading..its so cool..Only drawback is while chaging the screen or hold a screen off for few minutes again i ll go to login…Many times login required…Can you fix this?

    Kannan Natarajan

    • Hanan says:

      There is a workaround for this. Whenever you shift between applications, you need to use the home button (long press) and get the open or recently used apps list. On this list, please tap on the Zerodha Mobile app and you should be able to start using the app from where you left off.

      • Raji says:

        Sorry Hanan. Even this work-around is not working. Despite being on same screen, it logs off. I had primarily moved from NOW to Zerodha last week because of auto log off annoyance in NOW once in 15 min (while idling). I found the later made my life more difficult 🙂 even with keep browsing market watch, when planned to place order it logs off suddenly. Immediately next day, moved back to NOW.

        My cent of suggestion: User do not want to see altogether different and exotic user interface. Just a similar look and functioning like NOW with overcoming all the short falls of NOW would do. From simplicity and usability perspective, NOW is great.

        a. Application should be active unless an user forces it to log off (similar to trader terminal). I never had auto log off issue in NOW till v1.1.7, but started facing this after upgrading it to v1.1.8…Unfortunately, Android doesn’t allow to uninstall the updates to go back to earlier version.
        b. NOW has some calculation problems in Net position
        c. NOW doesn’t allow order placement prior to market opening (This anyway cannot be rectified)
        d. Every time you need to select BUY or SELL and other selections from drop down of fields while order placement (This is already addressed in Zerodha version)
        e. NOW do not have effective customer service 🙂
        f. Zerodha do not allow ‘back’ of phone which NOW allows. Allowing phone’s ‘back’ function is better than user interface based ‘back’.
        g. Transaction password is unnecessary additional security. This is in NOW but need not have copied to Zerodha.
        h. NOW available in play store whereas Zerodha not. This puts my phone in potential risks
        i. In Zerodha, there are too many icons hiding the screen. Instead these icons can be put in side bar hidden and can be seen by sliding side-wards…(Similar to ICICI direct Mobile)
        j. NOW application is tough to login for first 10 min on every trading day. Zerodha was good this way.

        I have already suggested few like to have features in my earlier comments. In parallel, if your team can influence NSE on NOW related issues (as stated above) to rectify them at the earliest, it would be even great!!! I have written enough number of mails to them but no improvement yet.


        • Hanan says:

          Wow, Raji, you have given a lot of feedback which is very useful in the direction of future mobile app development. The thing about mobile apps is that they are essentially meant for working ‘on-the-go’ as opposed to replacing your desktop app or your broker’s dealer for call & trade entirely. Yes, we would all love to have intuitive mobile apps which replace desktops very easily, which are lightweight and cheap, and faster than desktop apps. However, this is not possible yet as there are a few technological limitations with the size of the mobile screen and the ability to do things with just tapping.

          Having a transaction password and 2FA questions is a regulatory requirement so we can’t really let go of it. However, I’m gonna see if we can get our developers to give us a back button and also have a hidden/swipe widget box.

          Thanks for your suggestions and keep them coming. 🙂

          • ravi78 says:


            Some more suggestions / observations

            1) While having 2FA questions is a regulatory requirement, however pls see if you can put that in the same page that asks for Login password (like in icicidirect).. in that way atleast the login process can get over in 1 server call, rather than two calls (first screen asks password , then if successful, it asks for 2FA questions) as of now..which is slowing down the process..

            2) is it possible to add multiple items in market watch in a single go in mobile app? (for .e.g if i want to add Nifty call 7500 and 7600 into my market watch, i need to do the entire market watch addition process twice and it takes quite a bit of time.. however if you could allow multiselect, then it would make it very easier)

            3)Once you login, in the landing screen, is it possible to customize the indices that are getting shown in the market data section ? or perhaps customize this screen itself such that each user can decide what needs to be shown here. For e.g i might prefer positions section to be displayed instead of holding section..

            Thanks, Ravi

          • Hanan says:

            1. We presume this is a regulatory requirement where the password has to first be accepted after which you are taken to the second level of authentication. If ICICI is doing this on one window, I presume they have found a way around regulatory requirements. We’ll see what we can do about this at Zerodha.

            2. This is a very good idea and we have had discussions about this internally, but I think think mobile platforms have a limitation due to the size of other devices. This would be possible when all devices used for trading had over 4-inch screens. We’ll this about rolling this feature out soon.

            3. Customization to a large degree is on the cards. Right now the customization is limited to viewing either your Market Watch or the Home page. More will be added in the future.

  206. Souvik Banerjee says:

    Greetings of the day. It’s been an inconvenience lately due to the unavailability of mobile trading software for Apple iPhone. As the smartphone momentum is gaining in India, there are a lot more users who use an iPhone. And I also own an iPhone, so I’d request Zerodha to bring it on Apple platform and improve on the Android software.
    Most of my acquaintances have refused to shift to Zerodha, just because it doesn’t support iPhone.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon and also looking forward for a new software on both iPhone & Android.

    • Hanan says:

      Souvik, yes, we agree it’s a massive inconvenience to not have the Zerodha Mobile app for the iPhone or iPad. However, we have a couple of alternative solutions:
      1. You can use Z5 (read blog) to trade on your iPhone or iPad.
      2. If the majority of your trading happens on NSE (EQ, F&O and CDS), you should simply migrate to NSE NOW. There is an excellent mobile app for NSE which works on the iPhone like a charm. The only downside is that you won’t be able to trade MCX. You can use Z5 only for MCX on your iPhone.

      For Android devices, the Zerodha Mobile app works very well and we intend to release versions for all mobile operating systems at the earliest.

    • Yes Souvik,

      Our focus in house is presently on our new EXE platform, but we are trying to force our technology vendor (Thomson Reuters, earlier Omnesys) to give us an IOS option soon.

      • mahesh inani says:

        its very difficult to sit all day in frnt of a pc to trade … n being a ios user its very disappointing to see tht my broker dsnt provide the app for trading … for eg: Angel broking has a app for ios …so we can also have it … n z5 is not working properly on ios devises… pls make it available as soon as possible ..

  207. Raji says:

    Dear Nitin/Hanan,

    Just migrated today to Zerodha Trader and used mobile just now to see how it looks. Congratulations for your efforts to constantly introducing newer stuffs. Few months back, migrated to Z5, used mobile and frustratingly gone back to NOW. Currently, the mobile version is better – but yet to use during market hours.

    Just few observations:

    a. When I tap on a scrip and tap buy or sell, it takes me to buy/sell screen, but if I want to go back to Market Watch again from here, with or without placing an order, there is no provision, I had to go to home and come to market watch again. I think ‘back’ icon must be enabled on this screen. This is an error and must be fixed urgently.

    b. I have X balance currently. Back office site shows correct account balance. But ZT shows some incorrect balance which is 2 days old. Please note, I did transfer yesterday some “Y” amount which is not reflected in Limit. This is not the case with NOW – It showed right balance instantly. Please check this as well.

    c. Somehow, touch & feel require further improvements – It gives a feeling as if I am using a browser instead of a typical mobile app – You may want to bring some intuitive changes. Don’t expect Steve Jobs to get you there, just few good usability folks would do 🙂

    d. I have chosen a default market watch and within market watch I have chosen a default group. When I click market watch again, it has to load default group, but it asks me to choose the group again?? This is a bad design.

    Once I start using during market hours, I will know more and pass on observations.


    • Hanan says:

      Raji, what keeps our blood circulating is the fact that we like the brokerage business and believe that there is a lot more to offer to the market players. Thanks for the compliments, they’ll help us bring about more changes. 🙂
      a. The back button is very useful, but the developers had good reason to not include it because the app works with real-time data. Instead, they chose to give us widgets/buttons on any screen to go to any function of the app. This is a very good workaround and takes a few minutes to get used to.
      b. Funds are updated realtime on all our platforms – what you see on the terminal is always right unless you’re not online. Can you send me screenshots of the difference between BO and the mobile app.
      c. Oh, yes, there’s a long way to go to improve this app. Your feedback will help us get there faster.
      d. Yes, we need to be able to define our default market watch and the app should revert to that every time we click the Market Watch widget. Let me get this through to our developers for the next release… hopefully.

  208. mahesh inani says:

    hi ,
    i have blackbeerry z10 n the application is not available for new balck berry os ??? n whn u ll make available the same …

    • Hanan says:

      Most developers these days are going easy on BlackBerry apps. We’d like to give you a tentative date for the Z10 release, but I think the best option for you is to use Z5, our html5 app. You can login using your mobile browser and trade almost just as easily as using a mobile app.

  209. rajeshkannan says:

    Currently am using ZT and Z5(Nokia symbion) in mobile.Now am planning for switched to nokia XL (Android) . This application can run in this device?

  210. AJAY says:


    • Hanan says:

      The mobile platform is still very young so we don’t have studies for charts. What you get on ZMobile is a basic area chart without the ability to add any indicators or anything else. In fact, you have to click refresh to see the chart formation change.

      Give this a few more months and I’m sure we’ll have better charting options on the mobile platform.

  211. Sujay Diwan says:


    I have started using this app on my mobile and it is has been a good experience for me. Easier to track the markets while on the move
    However, I have observed a small problem. If i minimise the application by going to the “Home” folder, then I need to relogin to the app again when I access it
    Did anyone else face a similar issue?

    • Hanan says:

      This is a known issue for some devices. We hope you have one of the more recent Android devices so you can try this:
      1. Instead of using back/minimize, just press the home button to leave Zerodha Mobile running in the background.
      2. Do whatever you need to do on your mobile and then when you want to get back to ZMobile, long press the home button.
      3. Scroll down and look for Zerodha Mobile. Tap it to start using.

  212. Sarang says:

    I have started using the mobile app & it work miracle. Extremely satisfied. Just one thing. I cannot modify a square off order. I can modify only quantity not price. Can anyone help ?

    • Hanan says:

      You can most definitely modify a square off order if it hasn’t been executed yet. To modify a square off order, you first have to choose Square Off. This will take you to a new screen on which you can choose “Additional Options” in the Square Off screen. This will let you modify the quantity, price, etc. Try it and post your feedback here.

  213. ravi78 says:

    Whenever we make any changes to the market watch in the mobile app the same is not reflected in Z5 platform (and vice versa). This makes it extremely cumbersome to update and sync market watch scripts everytime we have to switch between mobile app / laptop etc. Can you pls fix this issue ?

  214. Jhon. says:

    does charting possible in this? need realtime charting

  215. kishan says:

    Mr.Hanan when will the new desktop platform comes out,

  216. Anurag.jain says:

    Hi Hanan, do you guys have windows mobile platform as well ??

    • Hanan says:

      Not yet, Anurag. We’ll have to wait for our developers to get a Windows phone version out.
      Although, you can use Z5 very effectively on a Windows phone.

  217. coolblr says:

    @Hanan, I do not trade FX on Tradeinterceptor, I just use the demo to watch the charts of commodities like CL, XAU, XAG, NG etc. It is just an amazing app, just wanted to let you know and check if you have not already checked it out. Looks like you have 🙂


  218. coolblr says:

    @Nithin/Hanan, This version is definitely an improvement from earlier one.

    Can you please check out tradeinterceptor. They have an app for iphone/ipad/Android phone/tablet and it is amazing. It is free and supports some FX brokers. Though it is a mobile platform, performance of the software is much better than some of the PC software (had mentioned this to Sachin 1-2 years back) charting softwares. You will have to register and get an auth from them, you can do it over skype, they have a very friendly customer support, kindly check it out, you will be amazed. Hope you can get something like that for us too!!


    • Hanan says:

      Trade Interceptor covers only the area of Forex. You can legally trade Forex only on registered exchanges in India, and if you are a registered exchange or a registered broker there are a lot of compliance and regulatory issues to deal with. We’re working on our own interesting trading products and will keep you updated on the new launches.

  219. kishan says:

    is the chart under quotes is a real time chart or do i have to refresh it randomly

    • Hanan says:

      The chart is real-time as soon as you tap it. However, once the chart is open you have to refresh to update it on the mobile platform.

      • kishan says:

        thank u, is there any way that i could get real time chart on android tablet pc,how about html5 does it have real time chart, i need real time chart because in the town(Andhra Pradesh) i live we have power cuts

        • Hanan says:

          We still don’t have a system which gives you real-time charts on the mobile platform. We’ll keep you updated on our future developments but for now you have to refresh the chart on he mobile platform or on Z5.

  220. mahesh inani says:

    mobile app for blackberry z10 ??? whn it ll be available ?

  221. Raj says:

    hi team,

    Is it possile to see the trading information (5 min,15 min,30 min) in the tabular format(OPEN,HIGH,LOW,CLOSE) in the mobile trading application for the script.The option is available in the ODIN and NEST.if it is possible to have the information,then it is very useful for my trading .

    If not available now ,when could be possible to have the inforamtion in the mobile .i need that inforamtion for my trading .

    • Hanan says:

      Raj, charting on the mobile platform is very basic and has a long way to go. We’ve sent this and similar requests to our developers and hope that such features will be available in the near future. We’ll keep you updated. For now, you’ll have to use the desktop app or an external app for good charting.

      • raj says:

        Is it possible to add open price,close price,average price in the market watch.thoseinfo are required much for trading

        • Hanan says:

          Oh, yes. The market watch on the mobile platform comes pre-filled with all of this information. Alternatively, you can tap on any scrip on the mobile platform and choose MBP. MBP is like the Snap Quote window on Z5 – gives you all the information you need.

          • raj says:

            Hi Hanan,

            Yes .i know the MBP option in market watch.It is difficult to access MBP again and again while trading..if the Open price ,Close price is also available to the existing LOW,HIGH price of the market watch screen itself then it would be very helpful to us .

            Please let me know if that option would be customized or it need to be pre filled by your team.


            • Hanan says:

              Well, Raj, a user cannot customize this option as of now. The MBP option is the only way to go about this. We’ll work on having these options user defined in the future releases.

  222. mahesh inani says:

    when is the app for iphone gonna release is it still in developing statge … pls get it sooon ..i am apple fan n i want to update my phone but bec of no app support on iphone i am almosed been forced to buy some andriod mobile .. pls can u give approx time ?

  223. siddharth says:

    Still no App for windows phone :(:(:(

  224. RahulNirmalR says:

    is it available for windows 8 phones?

  225. Ganesan says:

    can i get the applications for java mobile from zerodha

    • Hanan says:

      Zerodha Mobile works only on Android devices as of now. If you’d like a Java version of the mobile platform, you’d be better of using the NSE Mobile app for trading.

  226. yasaswi says:

    OPEN price column in Market Watch, is it available or shld it be added by vendor?

    • Hanan says:

      The mobile market watch has all the details you wish to see including open price and also the 52-week high/low, etc. You can side-wipe on the market watch to see more data. Or you can click on any scrip and choose the MBP option which gives you details of each scrip.

  227. Santosh says:


    • Hanan says:

      Santosh, providing a demo for the mobile trading platform is technically not feasible just yet which is why we have extensive blog articles and also some videos. I’m sure someone from our sales office will be able to give you a mobile demo if you drop into our office.

  228. Deepak says:

    Can the Charting options changed to Candlestick/ Bar as well, the Mountain view of the Price is not too pleasing.

    • Hanan says:

      Well, this is what we have available right now but our developers are working on adding more features. I’d like to be able to actually do some analysis on my mobile charts by adding some indicators too.

  229. Rajendra Jadhav says:

    which is best mobile for trading zerodha mobile app?

  230. jeeth says:

    is it safe to trade on mobiles..
    is a mobile antivirus required?

  231. mallucharan says:

    any timeline for iphone app.

  232. suman3 says:

    can you check any possibility to use NSE Mobile platform for windows & iphone mobile users.This is my advise only. Don’t take otherwise.Link

  233. Gobinath says:

    Is platform available for Windows 8 tablets and phones??

  234. srk says:

    How to cheack in zeerodha mobile apps …. no of buyers and seller in particular script in trading time.

    • Hanan says:

      Hi SRK:

      It’s very easy to check the total buyers/sellers on Zerodha Mobile. You have to first choose the scrip you wish to view the data for and then tap on the screen. In the new window, tap on MBP. This new screen will show you all the data as per the image attached.

  235. Anshul Sethi says:

    I am really in need of a trailing stop option. Is it included in development list or not???

  236. rajeshkannan says:

    ther is any demo video for commodity mobile trading (android) ?

  237. Shiv says:

    Cool work, guys!! Now no need to crave for a PC when travelling. Thanks again

  238. Sudesh says:

    Hi, can your Zerodha Android application work on Android Version 2.1 (Eclair)?

  239. Arsenio says:

    if you guys r developing iOS n i pad then might as do it for the Macbook n that too for the latest versions. pls don’t say latter it won’t work on iphone5 like it doesn’t on blackberry Z10

    • Hanan says:

      We’re working on having our trading platform work on all kinds of devices that exist. We’ll keep you updated on our progress. In the meantime, it would be simpler for you to invest in an Android device or a Windows system.

  240. VIKRANT SINGH says:

    Which one is better….NSEMOBILE or ZMT ????

  241. VIKRANT SINGH says:

    mob app for Symbian s69=0 3rd edition ???

  242. mangoman says:

    Why are you not allowing to change the position conversion in mobile application? Normal to MiS and Mis to Normal….

    • Hanan says:

      You can convert a position on the mobile app very easily. Just go to the Positions tab, select the position you want to convert. This takes you to a new screen where you have an option to Square Off or Convert Position. Choose the operation you want to perform. Simple and easy.

  243. rajeshkannan says:

    we can use this mobile apps for mcx commodity trading ??

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Yes, you can use the mobile app for trading in Commodities.. You can download the Mobile app by entering this URL on your phone’s browser:

  244. Aditya Shrikant Pednekar says:

    Why isn’t this app on google play store … My galaxy note 3 does allow me to install apps from outside sources but the warranty gets voided if I install apps from outside google play or Samsung apps as per SamsunG’s new policy for the latest android phones Note 3 onwards… Please put this app on google playstore or Samsung app store asap so tht even we can use it ..

  245. Arunkumar B says:

    simply awesome..!!! satisfied with your service

  246. Raj says:

    HI ,

    Earlier version we could able to see the price changes when we are trying to place the order,but this version does not have the facility.if i want to know the exact market price then i need to go to NSE mobile or go back to the Quote section.
    pl bring back the earlier way of knowing the price when the order is placed.

  247. srk says:

    How to check profit or loss on particular trade on mobile.what is MtoM In limit stmt .kindlly provide the details

    • Hanan says:

      You can see your MtoM values on each of the positions held by you in the Positions window of your mobile platform at all times. These values are real-time and change as and when the markets move up and down.

  248. Rajashekhar HR says:

    Its not working on my Blackberry Z10

    • Hanan says:

      We’ve just got word from the developers that Zerodha Mobile won’t work on the latest version of BlackBerry OS. You’ll have to wait a little longer for that.

  249. Ron says:

    Same old problem. Crashed literally 3 times in 3 minutes. Zerodha has disappointed on this front, always! !!

  250. Navaneeth PR says:

    My 4th suggestion has been fulfilled with new update. Also UI has been improved. (golden color font instead of Blue in market watch is comfortable.. ) Keep it up..

  251. Navaneeth PR says:

    Overall good. Keep it up guys. (I am using sony xperia). but some suggestion/Feedback from my side.
    1} Many time it crashes when I use it in background. (I think multi tasking problem)
    2} Takes too much time even with WiFi (10MBPS) connection. (Compared to NSE Mob terminal)
    3} UI is not that much good.. (Again compared with NSE)
    4} App icon (In main menu) totally in old fashion. (Pls try to replace with Zerodha logo at least)
    5} Every time it asks how to show – “MCX lots or weight”. Pls remove this (When we go to MCX then only enable this option.Why every time? )
    6} Every time it checks for updates. Please remove this. (Enable it under some option menu after login)


  252. s r sanjay srinivaasan says:

    we can download apple ipad?

  253. mkk157 says:

    Does it have any option to square-off the positions ?

  254. Mohan says:

    What about spread orders, 2L orders?

    • Hanan says:

      Definitely not right now. Spread, 2L and 3L orders require a different order window layout and additional space which is not usually available on the mobile platform. We may figure out alternatives in the future.

  255. Kumar abhishek says:

    what about windows phone? :O

  256. Santhosh says:

    I am getting “Expired Certificate” message while installing the app on my mobile. What should i do?

  257. RAJENDRRA says:

    When can mobile application available for iPad

  258. Srini says:

    Main bug for Zerodha option Traders is , you cannot track avg price if your option carry forward to next day , other trading brokers are providing this fecility , zerodha needs to fix this ,

    • mkk157 says:

      There are many other technical bugs with Zerodha software. We, the poor traders are hanging over to this.

    • Hanan says:

      The reason you can’t see the buy price carried over to the next day on your terminal is because the terminal can record only yesterday’s closing price, not your entry price. To see your entry price, you have to log into the back office personal ledger.
      This feature is being worked upon where we can integrate our back office with the front end. Once that is done, you will be able to see your entry price on the terminal itself.

  259. Shivdevi mishra says:

    Whether SamsungGT-19070 wth android2.3.6 is compatible for this app.?

  260. Shivdevi Mishra says:

    I successfully downloaded the app. On login screen what is mobile id. My user id and password is not accepted. Pl clarify. If it is different than trading id and password how to procure it. thanks
    Shivdevi Mishra

    • Hanan says:

      Shivdevi, the first thing you need to figure out is if your account is enabled on NOW or Zerodha Trader. If it is on NOW, the mobile app is different.
      If your account is on Zerodha Trader, the username and password is the same across all platforms. Get in touch with our support center if you’re having problems accessing the mobile platform.

  261. aaaaaa says:

    any app for ios os?

    • Srini says:

      I think i will take years to introduce ios app from zerodha , majarity of traders they are using android mobiles only , even I am also waiting for this from long ago , but no luck

      • Hanan says:

        You are right about the fact that majority of the traders use Android devices. We cannot give you a definite timeline but hope to have the iOS app available by the end of the first quarter of 2014.

    • Hanan says:

      Well, no app for iOS just yet, but it should be ready early next year.

      • venkateswara gummadi says:

        This is related to IOS app. This app has major bug where we can’t add any script to the market watch. Quote function results do not displayed to users since application background color and font color are in same color. I opened ticket related to this issue almost a week ago but no solution yet. I am giving ticket number Ticket #796466. Hope you can get this resolved.

  262. satish says:

    when will you release this application for ios platform??

    • Hanan says:

      We’ve successfully tested and launched Android and BlackBerry. The next in line is the iOS family of devices. We cannot provide definite timelines, but hope to have it available for you guys early next year.

  263. jothi says:

    in mobile trading,future buy/sell option is there?

  264. Bharath says:

    Please let us know when you guys will release app for Windows phone

  265. Manoj says:

    I have nest of ****** installed on my mobile. U able to install another version of the same again. Any way about to have both mobile applications running at the same time as on the desktop PC?

    • Hanan says:

      Technically, this should be possible. You should just get your other broker to name the NESTmobile.apk file as something else. We have even shot this question to our developers and waiting for a revert.

      • Rafi says:

        Hi Hanan,
        I would suggest the following with regards to the mobile app.

        1. Login process:
        It takes almost 10 steps to login. I don’t think u need to have the image confirmation and hint questions to login. I use with major forex trading platforms and none has it. You should have single screen for the login process with only password is asked for every time.

        2. It seems the App is designed keeping in mind small screens. Most of us are using bigger screens (I use 6.1″ Ascend Mate) and lot of screen space is wasted with blank space. You need to redesign the app to use fluid space.

        3. Fonts should be bigger, foreground and background colors should contrasting enough and need to think ’bout color harmony. Best 5 trade should be enabled for buy/sell too and the font is very small now. Please see MoneyControl App for a better example of design..

      • Ashwin says:

        Thank you for this informative post. I have a query, How to track bid and ask rate for options in the mobile platform? I think the fields with same names are not present?

        • Hanan says:

          Option scrips can be loaded onto the market watch and tracked just like you do other scrips. For example, if you wish to know the price of 8000 Nifty CE, just load that scrip by choosing F&O and OPTDIX.

    • Srinivas says:

      Yes Possible , go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Omnesys , copy NEST3 folder , in same Ombeysys folder , rename new folder with NEST3.x , open new 3.x folder , search for NestTrader icon , right click on the icon send to Desktop , shot cut will appear on your desktop , double click on short cut and provide user id and passwd , good to go , Thx