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July 19, 2013



Over the last 5 years I have been interacting with thousands of retail clients and a common thing I have heard is that no one makes money in the markets. This is a huge problem for a trader’s psyche, knowing not whom to emulate. This is a problem especially for the retail trading community who don’t have any access to professional traders.

One of the main reasons to start the Zerodha 60-day challenge was to be able to put forward traders who make money trading the market and get them to share the rules they follow.

Like Yogi Berra has said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up someplace else”. If knowing that winners are normal people like you and me can inspire you to get there, we will consider the initiative of the 60-day challenge a grand success.

We will be profiling traders who have a trading capital of at least 1 lakh, have been consistently profitable (no big fluke trades) during the challenge and shown special skills.

Along with the winners of the 60 day challenge, we will also profile successful traders from Indian markets and get them to share insights on what helps them stay profitable.

I am sure it will help all of us while trading, to know at least some of the things that the winners do right.

Happy Learning,


Nithin Kamath

CEO @ Zerodha and partnering startups through Rainmatter to help grow and improve the capital market ecosystem in India. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter.


  1. says:

    Sharing and caring is a very good idea, among people and especially in between traders.At least traders can follow the winners of the market,with their ideas and rules.Beginners can learn ,do,s and don,ts .YOU have a big mind man ,thanks a lot

  2. svasudevan05 says:

    Strategies of winners,how they manage money,indicators and parameters used(intra and positional)will help those not in the list now to get into the list next time .Of course by adopting these to suit their trades with modifications.


  3. PAR says:

    I’ve always wanted a book like Market wizards about Indian markets and Indian traders. This initiative by Zerodha will help a great deal.

    Thank you Zerodha

  4. seenu.ii says:

    Dear Nithin Kamath,
    Its really good idea to get to know each others experience. I feel its good to announce the numbers (ranks) based on returns they made by last challenges so that it helps to set their targets by doing more hard work.
    Why i felt was, through i won all 3 challenges and make my account to multiple folds, i do not know exactly where i stood my self in this area.

    • Seenu,

      Firstly congrats on winning,

      We don’t want competition between traders and get into details of how much money, ranks and etc, competition for every trader is his own self. The idea behind the challenge is to provide that extra motivation to stay profitable.
      But just for your information, if you have won all 3 challenges, you are probably in our top 50 traders. πŸ™‚ Do shoot me your client id to [email protected], would definitely love to talk to you.


  5. Vishwa says:

    Dear Nithin,
    I can see people being classified among top 25 traders….could you do a favour ? Can they be classified as among top 10 if they do not have any objection ?

  6. Lily says:

    How do the successful traders share their expertise

  7. […] have been profiling some of our special winners who have made stupendous returns in the challenge and getting them to share strategies on Z-Connect […]

  8. abhishek mishra says:

    how to contact the winners to discuss various trading methods they are using?

  9. Arun says:

    Hello Nithin,
    Just inquisitive. What percentage of people who attempt the 60-day challenge are winners? Until now.
    Anymore stats on the 60-day challenge is also welcome :).

    • Around 8 to 10% are usually winning challenges, but most of them are typically managing to stay breakeven. We will put up a post on these analytics.

      • Sandeep M says:

        Are there stats available. It would be really nice to see, % of total traders tried, challenge won percentage. Overall profitable traders after one year or more with Zerodha etc.

      • UDAYA P says:

        i am one of those.i am doing this to get temperament and skill to a level of you think i need to change my style of trading?

  10. Damymaddy says:

    I recently completed with 60 Day challenge as Winner…

    Soon expecting to get listed here…


    Damy maddy

  11. jayachandran says:

    Hi Nithin

    I cant see my name in the winners list.

  12. Anu says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I am a housewife in bangalore. I won 60 day challenge 5 times in a row. Do you think i can share my trading experience on Zerodha site?

    • Yes Anu, it will be nice to have you featured. Can you send me a brief about your background, why you started trading, what rules do you follow, and anything you think will be useful to me on [email protected]. I will then call you back and get more details.


    • SUDHANSU says:

      Hello Anu Madam
      Pls share your trading experience.we will be very thankful if u can share your experience through Zerodha.


    • Kaleemulla says:

      Hi Anu,
      Glad to know you are a 60day challenge winner 5 times in a row.
      Also I see that you have shared your experience but I don’t see the sharing posted in this forum.

      I am interested in studying better trading patterns and would definitely like to observe your methods.
      Would you be kind enough to share the same with me ? My email id is [email protected] and look forward to your response.

      Kind regards


    • tejinder singh says:

      please share your winning strategy in my mail .

  13. chandna says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I see your answers to some of the questions,one thing i know is you are a man of immense experience.
    Why dont you share your expreience with us?

    My expereince with Zerodha has been good,low brokerage made me happy.
    But i see the android app hangs a far too times.And the contract note sent at end of day needs some improvement.

  14. virender kumar says:

    finally won my first 60 day challenge waiting for certificate and refund i want to know can i get my certificate through post my id is rv1033

  15. Arun says:


    When are we going to see more interviews with winners?

    They are very helpful for experienced trader who want to go to the next level. Probably as important as the basics are for the beginners. Which you help the beginners with very well in the Varsity area of the website.

    Please – more QnA’s with successful traders.



  16. Manish says:

    I support Arun.


    Would love to see more interviews with the winners. Will inspire and illuminate many traders


  17. Ravi says:

    hi zerodha,
    winners of 60 day challenge should be as per their decreasing order ie most time winners in first row in your winners page , at present they are in random order , and those who have won only one time in first row.

  18. Yogesh Kalal says:

    sir recently i won 60 day challenge but I can’t see my name in the winners list, why…?
    My client id is RY0132

  19. Damymaddy says:

    Why there are no Fresh new Interviews of Winners of 60 Day challenge?

    Does that means no one making Consistent gains Nitin?

  20. Damymaddy says:

    sir recently i won 60 day challenge but I can’t see my name in the winners list, why…?
    My client id is RD0090

  21. Amit Kumar Mishra says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I first heard about you from a magazine ET Wealth, where there was your interview published. I developed a respect for you since then. I googled Zerodha and have been following since then, I opened an account and will start trading soon. Last day I was going through Zerodha Varsity, “IPO” modules and I was amazed with which clarity it was described. It was actually the way, I always wanted to understand. Also you are probably the first CEO who replies to the comments made, which shows how much you guys care for your clients.

    Thank You all the team and all the best for all you endeavors.

  22. Rohit says:

    Madan’s name/photo is now not there in the β€œ60-day all winners” page with EQx5 or 6.
    Is he not a winner now or does he stopped trading with zerodha?

    Kindly reply. Some of us are eagerly watching continued performance of all the previous winners.

  23. Anu says:

    Managed to win the 60 day challenge 7th time in my account & 4 times in my husband’s account. Happy to trade with Zerodha because my profits are increasing with reversed brokerage.

  24. Lavesh says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Would not it be better for the comments to be in reverse chronological order (latest first).

    That makes for a better read.


  25. arun says:

    i have won the 60 days challenge,when will i get my refund back??
    how to check my photo being displayed in your portal??

  26. sridhar says:

    We see more EQ x 1 only. one are two times winning anyone can do. consistency is more important in trading. It seems nobody is winning consistently.
    That may be the reason for not posting new interviews. is it so Nithin?

    • There are quite a few winners who don’t want to be visible to others, many of them who don’t want us to post their photos etc on the winners page. Many who don’t want to give an interview, so yeah little tricky.

      • vishyvishy says:

        It is understandable that they want secrecy … but so far what maximum returns have been achieved in a 60 day challenge at zerodha ?! …Don’t want anybodies name… but just details of Extraordinary Landmark achievement…I am just curious


        • In terms of % returns they have been a lot of crazy crazy returns with people having very little capital in the account (less than 25k). But I’d say the most extraordinary was a person going from around Rs 1cr in account to Rs 10 cr+ within a month, not too long ago when the market dropped below 8000 (didn’t book out and held his long OTM puts position for over 4 days in a row). Extraordinary because he didn’t book out profits even when running quite a big position and sitting on big profits.

    • Amit says:

      What is EQx1 ? I don’t see anything like this on the winners page ?

      • Amit, our winners page seem to have broken. We will fix it soon. Basically we have badges based on how many time someone has won a challenge. EQ x 1, would mean someone who has won equity challenge once.

  27. Amit Shetye says:


    I have been doing quite well… Can read the market very well n have won the zerodha challenge twice already n on the verge of a hatrick… M quite good at timing n predicting.. Have predicted many times to the exact day when a market will turn well in advance.. My only problem is a bit of lack of discipline.. Trying to get that in my trading… Coz i know that 90% of my predictions work out exactly to the day.. But i sometimes lose patience n over trade… sorting that out.. Despite that m on the verge of a hatrick.. Hope my name features soon in winners list…

  28. Lakshya says:

    Hi Nitin, is the IPO profit/loss considered in 60 days EQ/F&O trading challenge?

  29. maheshwar says:

    hi Nithin & Team Zerodha

    can we have more interviews & interactions with 60 day challenge winners or traders who are generally doing well, we aspiring traders can get deep insights from these guys, IMHO this is much more valuable than “OpenTrade” , kindly look into this request.

  30. Raghuraman says:

    I was part of 60 day challenge till Nov 2013, incidentally after completing the same was not here to claim the brokerage back.
    But i saw the certificate yesterday in my mail box.(13/12/2013)As Winner
    Can I get a hard copy posted.
    Also let me know whats the process for my Brokerage claims.

    I have not done the review and uploading of Pic. you mentioned
    (Before we process the refund of brokerage, we would need your help on the following
    β€’ Request you to visit the review link, upload your photo)

    I would love to come back in action
    Thanks and Regards

  31. T.GNANAOLI says:

    i have won the 60 days challenge,when will i get my refund back??
    how to check my photo?

  32. GNANAOLI says:

    hi venu,
    I cant see my name in the winners list. id RG0524.

  33. Adhish says:

    I read the article in times of India today I seriously impressed by reading the same and saw your website. I am aggressive intraday trader and earn money again lose money and at the last lost entire capital and sit idle for 1-2 next years, this is happening with me for last 12 years and lost approx Rs 25 lacs in market (cash and f&o, option) I paid Rs 3 lacs to consultants but every time at the end sit in losses and capital lost. Please help me how I succeed

    • Dashayani says:

      Dear Adhish,
      Please don’t worry about the past. Lets try to learn from the mistakes and not to repeat the same mistakes again and again.
      A trader’s life is like this , he must go through mistakes and learn from it and will slowly move from the loss making path to winning strategy.

      I can help you by providing moral support

    • Amit Shetye says:

      if u truly want to succeed n r serious enough n r prepared to work hard for years then i may be of help… u see trading is a business n u have to be well prepared n must not shy away from years of hard work… i went thru the same process for years… lost a lot n now have earned it back…n m earning heavily now.. market can be predicted with accuracy 80-85% of the time…that too well in advance but it takes serious work… i will tell u exactly what to study but it may take years to master n be good at it….. if u r serious mail me at ********… n remember i dont charge anything… just wld like to help out a fellow trader… U said u paid a lot to consultants…. The most imp advice i can ever give u is never never never trust the so called experts…..u will never earn that way… be prepared to dedicate years to perfect the art….. best wishes…


    Happy to win the challenge …. more happy is to win with a strategy with around 95% trades done intraday .
    Waiting for winner certificate .
    Also may i know how wil i get my photo on winners list DEAR ZERODHA

    Have applied for refund but dint find any link or so for photo upload , kindly help


  35. Amit Shetye says:

    hi…. My name is Amit Shetye n i have won the zerodha challenge in fno 5 times in a row.. I was just wondering why my name did not appear in the winner’s list when many people who have won it just once have featured in the list…

  36. Amit Shetye says:

    Does anyone know that the major market turns as well as many minor can be predicted consistently well in advance , many times to the exact day, n sometimes to the exact hour with 80-85% accuracy… For ex i had predicted the move from 7715 to 8200 levels would commence somewhere arnd the 25-26 of may… Bgt heavy qtys of calls n earned well in just 3-5 days… But knowing that something is likely to happen & backing that with disciplined trades is quite difficult… I have been very very successful at predicting but have often failed at acting on those bcoz mental discipline makes all the difference… But recently have been improving..won zerodha challenge 5 times in a row n hope to continue that winning streak…good luck to all fellow traders…..

  37. Sreekumar (RS7910) says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I have referred 10+ guys to Zerodha. Since the delivery is free not getting the reward points .
    If the reward system is more attractive we could have referred more clients πŸ˜‰ As it would create wealth for me & to Zerodha ! Personally I heard from many guys saying that the reward money is too less… or not attactive, so that they are not ken in referring… Any thoughts to grab more clients??

  38. Sreekumar (RS7910) says:

    And I really wanna Appreciate your Staff at Cochin Office… Sreejith.. hes really helpful.. having enough confidence to explain all of my doubts… and reverting back with out fail !!
    Such guys are really great asset for your Organization….

  39. Abhijit says:

    Hello sir
    I have joined the 60 days challenge & will try to win it

  40. Sanjay says:

    Sir I participated In zerodha 60 day challenge twice and won both but I haven’t received and winning/appreciation certificate via email. Sir I wanted to ask if I could get the hardcopy of winning certificate. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  41. Ashish says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I am really happy to be associated with Zerodha…..took some time but now on the track.

    Wanted to know about the Stop Trailling Loss feature for derivative segment…any plan to come with this feature for derivative segment in near future.

  42. T.GNANAOLI says:

    I have won the 60 days challenge ,when will i get my refund back?? My id RG0524.

  43. T.GNANAOLI says:

    Hi nitin
    I have won 60 days challenge 2nd time.
    Have applied for refund but dint find any reply?

  44. Monika Z says:


    I won the 60 days challenge ,Thanks i got the refund back but never got any mail for certificate(soft or hard copy).


  45. DaKshayani says:


  46. DaKshayani says:


  47. paresh says:

    I am actually win 60 days challenge but it shows loose.

  48. Anu says:

    After winning this 60 day challenge 12 times (+ 8 times in another account), I feel that it is very easy to win the challenge if we follow some discipline in the trades. 95% of my trades are in options. If you “know” full dynamics of options, you can make money easily. It is always good to learn continuously in changing markets. I always try to learn new things and update my knowledge while applying proven methods month after month. It is important to get consistency in trading that comes with DISCIPLINE only. I think i work for it the whole life time πŸ™‚

  49. Periasamy says:

    I (DP4976) won the sixty day challenge. Neither received the money not the certificate yet. Kindly arrange to send as soon as possible.

  50. Radha says:

    Hi …I have won 60 Day challenge 5 times…..I wish to know why Winners page is not active for many months?? It will boost our confidence if we see ourselves in the Winners page. Pls set right the Winners page…. Thank u.

  51. Bhavano says:

    I’d appreciate it if I could get a certificate for winning my first challenge. Even a soft-copy would do.

    I’m close to winning my second challenge!

    ID: DS7554

  52. SUJAY KUMAR M says:


  53. Sivaram Chintalapudi says:

    So far i have won 60 days challenge three times. I got money refund for first time, but 2nd and 3rd i didn’t receive yet. Let me know whom i need to contact for this.
    My Id is : DS5452

    Thanks & Regards

  54. Sonali Zawar says:


    I win the 60 days challenge on 25th Jan and got the certificate also, but till date I haven’t received the 6000 brokerage.

    Can you pl tell me in how many days it generally credited to bank account.

  55. Yashoda mungi says:

    Sir, my 60 day challenge brokerage refund not given.
    Daily saying that you will get refund by end of the day.
    Token number 477094
    What are you people doing?
    Don’t you keep your words?

  56. Yashoda mungi says:

    Thank you ver much,received refund today

  57. Hi says:

    Can i have top three winners mail id please ?

  58. Yopin patel says:

    I won 60 days challenge i. download certificate but now I how claim brokareges return plz help and guide me

  59. Arjun says:

    This should be started again. We woul love to hear more stories about winners.

  60. colmurali says:

    Have you stopped posting the winners’ names also ?


    Hi this is very inspiring to know that money can be made, out of market.. Keep it up

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