Cashless claim facility at any hospital, with no network limitations

February 8, 2024

You would have likely heard about it from someone or experienced it yourself: a medical emergency strikes, and you rush to the nearest hospital, only to discover your insurer’s network does not cover it. Dealing with upfront payments and waiting for reimbursements can be stressful.

To ease the financial burden and speed up the claims in such cases, the General Insurance Council recently launched ‘Cashless Everywhere’ (CE).

Cashless Everywhere

Until now, a cashless facility is available only at hospitals where your insurance company has a tie-up.

If you choose a hospital not in the network, you must first pay for the treatment and go for a reimbursement claim.

Under Cashless Everywhere, you can get treated in any hospital you choose, and a cashless facility will be available even if such a hospital is not in the insurance company’s network.

So, you don’t have to worry if the policy will be eligible for cashless or not as network limitations no longer restrict it.


While Cashless Everywhere offers these benefits, there are a few conditions to keep in mind:

Inform: For emergencies, notify your insurer within 48 hours of admission. For planned treatments, inform them at least 48 hours prior.

Eligibility: The claim and the cashless facility must be admissible as per the policy.

So, next time there’s a medical emergency for you or your loved ones, and if the hospital doesn’t approve a cashless facility, you know your rights.




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