Latest Pi update – 18th July 2016

July 20, 2016


Updated 21th Sep 2016

We have the latest release of Pi (version  7/18/2016) available for update directly from Pi if you click on Help > Check for Updates. If you are installing for the first time, download the Pi installation file from here.

Here are some of the latest features:

Multiple marketwatches

Create a new marketwatch using the shortcut key Ctrl+W. You can create upto 5 marketwatches with 50 scrips in each. You can use Ctrl+Tab to alternate between marketwatches.

Cover order with limit entry option

You can now place limit orders for cover orders so you can enter at your desired price instead of letting market forces decide the price for you.

Edit chart tools

Edit chart tools on double and right click (colour/thickness).

Option Calculator

Invoke the option calculator by pressing Ctrl+O to calculate the theoretical price of an option on the go.


  • Find Symbol to add multiple scrips on the marketwatch (Shortcut Ctrl+F).
  •  Chart Toolbar changes
    a)Change Time frame to any periodicity (Min<->Hour<->Daily).
    b)Duration added in Chart Toolbar (Days for Min/Hr and Years for Daily).
  • New indicators introduced:
    a) Supertrend Indicator
    b) Donchian Channel Indicator
    c) Average True Range (ATR)
  • Add scrips from default workspaces and marketwatch in scanner.
  • Hide/show connection logs on default marketwatch (Ctrl+Shift+W).

Latest update 20th Sep 2016

Along with a few bug fixes, below are new features on the latest release.

  1. Overbought/Oversold Levels added in indicators such as RSI, CCI, and etc.
  2. New indicators: a. Hull moving average b. Volume weighted moving average
  3. Pivot lines added: a. Camarilla b. Fibonacci c. Woodies
  4. Marketwatch link to Excel (Windows 7 or later, XP not supported). Right click on the marketwatch and select link to excel option or use shortcut Ctrl + E.
  5. Horizontal Lines on charts – exact values can be entered in edit box (for candles panel)
  6. Saving charts to disk or templates saves horizontal/vertical lines as well
  7. Vertical Scale Adjustment (PageUp / PageDown)
  8. Auto re-sync of charts in case of re-connection
  9. Default marketwatch can be popped out provided total scrips is less than 50.
  10. All keyboard shortcuts listed under the help menu.


Recommended system requirements for Pi
With the introduction of multiple marketwatches, we thought it would be prudent to inform you of the minimum system specifications for running Pi smoothly.
  • Intel Dual Core Processor or Higher.
  • Windows XP/7/8/10.
  • RAM required is 4 GB.
  • Display Resolution greater than 1024 X 768
  • HDD required is 2 GB free space in the installation directory.
  • Internet Connection >=512Kbps and should be seamless.

Visit this help doc as a quick reference guide for everything you need to know about Pi. Click here to visit the dedicated blogpost on Pi being run by Tradelab with videos on various hacks.

Happy Trading,


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  1. Prasanth Panicker says:

    Could you please add more than 12 chart at a time 🙂

    • Siva says:

      Sure, will try to increase in next release.

      • Prasanth Panicker says:


      • Prasannajit says:

        Please develop setup file for ubuntu version also. If exits please give me th link for pi setup

      • Ar. abhishek says:

        Dear Siva,
        Zooming in a chart in pi make the latest candles out of display (unlike in kite), kindly give an option (or by default) for it to stick to the end candle while zooming out & in (unless panning manually), like kite.

      • Ramesh says:

        Dear Siva

        Please also try to include weekly and monthly chart in Pi …

        • Nisha Upadhyay says:

          Dear Siva,
          yes there should be an option of weekly and monthly charts for all the scrips. And, i have few requests if You can update in next version following additions.
          1) if we want to see 1 Hour chart in 60 or 30 days it doesn’t show the current/previous day’s charts.
          2) in RSI we right now have only 1 parameter instead in RSI i would request two parameters. like 14,30 in same RSI chart.
          3) i have been using share khan trade tiger and i find Zerodha PI as a compelling charting plateform.

          Thanks & Regards,
          Nisha Upadhyay

      • A KHAN says:

        HI SIVA,
        I Found something missing in Pi which sharekhan trade tiger has in trade tiger we can see previous days high low and open and close in martket watch but in in pi and nest we can see only see current day high low open high, please update pi with a tool by that we can see last days last week and last month high and lows in chart, in market watch please update the above mention feature

      • p.maheswarareddy says:

        pls down load pi

      • Ankit says:

        Its 2020 and still waiting,Update your zerodha pi, its slow, incompetent and hangs like a hell when multiple charts are open.

    • ravikak says:

      Also a provision to highlight new highs and new lows is a lot of help in identifying fresh movements as was there in the Nesttrade

    • nikhil lad says:

      i want knw about cover order.. how to square off cover order at market price? plz answer m asap..
      thank you..

    • Ronnie says:

      Can you please provide zone marking tools like how they provide in Ignite, Trade Tiger and retain them across multiple time frames as we keep moving across from higher to lower time frames. At the moment this feature is unavailable and I use rectangle from inside tools to mark the zones and color them red or green for Demand or Supply zones. (This is a 2 step process). But this method proves to be useless the moment I switch to other time frames, as the zone markings disappear. Also it will be great if you can provide placing bracket orders directly from within charts (with predefined entry, target and stoploss points). Thank you.

    • Johnson says:

      Please add one column for %profit/loss and individual scrip buy value in the stock holding section.

      Thank you

    • Vipin Kumar says:

      Pi is not working.

      Showing Error, After login
      Not, able to login. Please restart again to continue.

      after restart the system. it is showing the same problem.
      I m using window 10.
      Please support

    • Researcher says:

      I need to export the csv data at end of each day (for my data processing). Currently I am doing it manually. Is there any better alternative to what i am doing currently (and preferably automated way)?

  2. Murugesh says:

    Sir today i tried to buy 21st july 19300 ce @ 15 but order has submitted for @ 91 Rs. i could not get it at Rs 15 more than 10 time i tried to place the order so how to do it please reply..

  3. chandru mehta says:

    the trend lines are can be edited in color thats a great convenience for users .good job done.

  4. Sakthi Vinayagam says:

    There is no vertical scroll in charts, the candles are hitting the top or bottom, it is very annoyng, Please design the chart as in KITE. The chart in KITE is amazing, but do as in KITE.

    From the beginning I am using KITE instead of PI , as the chart in KITE is excellent. The chart in pi is not user friendly.

    • Rajat says:

      Totally agree!!

      Humble request to Zerodha team if you can make the chart space moveable/ scroll-able same as Kite, it will be wonderful addition to Pi.


    • Arjun says:

      Yes, i agree with sakthi. Please enable vertical scrolling of charts in Pi. and most importantly, add a square of button in the snap quote window, it will really help all of your clients!

  5. Sakthi Vinayagam says:

    As long as the chart is not changed as in KITE , I will not use PI.

  6. Mozhi kumaran says:

    Pls try to send msg when a trade is executed so that it will be easy to monitor

  7. pravin polas says:

    pls do more concentration on Android App developing… future there will be more users for app only

  8. arun kamath says:

    Please add VWAP and its derivative MVWAP.

    Also, please provide an option to change the color of other lines of indicator. egs. in macd we can only change the color of macd line and not the signal line.

  9. Mahendra Mistry says:

    great one … finally my repeated tweets and email worked for donchain channel and Compare.. can u please please add where u can see the spread between two stocks for pair trading

  10. suresh says:

    Cover order with limit prise help full ,
    multiple market Wach good
    we need default f&o stock list in one market watch

    • Siva says:

      For time being one can add manually one time in 3 different market watches and save but will try to give as default in next release.

  11. Devesh says:

    I had purchased a Deep in the money option of Wipro prior to the results. On results day the stock opened gap down by 6 percent. But the PI software had an upper circuit limit set, which was even lower than the spot price of the stock at one stage?

    Why did the software not update the upper circuit limit for that option?

    • Siva says:

      The limits are set from exchange end and it will take sometime for exchanges itself to update option circuit limits. Limits will be automatically updated and it has nothing to do with platforms.

    • DR5790 says:

      In such a scenario making profit or cutting on losses is very important thus close you position by trading on Kite platform and then you can think of complkining about thr Bug in the Pi software…

      • This is not a bug on Pi. There is a circuit limit for every option contract set by the exchanges.

        • Sudhakar says:

          I have been pi user for more than a year, have not faced any problems but post this recent update pi facing lot of isses, Pi has become heavy consumes lot of resources and makes system slower, also last 1 week the software is hanging and unoftunately I cant close anyways neither from taskbar I have to restart computer to use again

          I have laptop with i5 processor and 4gb also other software like sharekhan etc have no issues, any update will be useful

          Sudhakar Prabhu

  12. Harish says:

    what about bracket orders?

  13. Suma R says:

    Hello sir,
    My question is off-topic here. However, i wanted to know couple of things from zerodha.
    Can we get the below soon on our favorite zerodha?
    1. screener to scan the stocks depending upon different candlesticks, chart patters, indicators etc.
    2. fundamental details of the stocks


  14. murali says:

    why there is no weekly and monthly chart is not present in pi.. its difficult to switch from kite to pi..

  15. Riddhi Pratim Dutta says:

    The chart is not showing any data before 19th?Is it only me.The Hourly chart for whether SBIN or crude only shows data after 19th/20th.Any help?

  16. Angel says:

    Option calculator is a good addition, Thanks for that. Wish Zerodha include Fibonacci extensions also in next PI update release. Fibonacci retracement a are already available in PI but extensions are not available. It is being widely used now a days in Harmonics. Would be a great help if you can add that feature also. Also, on 4hr chart, even if we select 120 days, rarely we get charts for 120 days, they are less of less than 120 days. If that could corrected then even that will be helpful.


  17. Ds4205 says:

    Plz add universal search box for adding scripts on pi

  18. adityanaidu says:

    pi unable to load more than intraday charts…problem occurred after the update…give me solution i’m unable to trade

  19. GAURIT KUMAR says:

    Thanks for updating but I want to limit stop loss order in bracket order .in Pi software there is no limit stop loss order only have a limit order by default. Please add this feature in the bracket order and there is no price alert in the software that give me msg on my registered mobile no

  20. saurabh says:

    what is the script code for supertrend.. If we want to generate alerts based on that, we would need to write the script code.

  21. Ram says:

    Unable to launch charts after new upgradation…”unable to fetch historical chart…………….” Message is piping and a blank block chart is appearing…pl solve this problem

    • Zerodha IT says:

      Can you please try now?Looks like server congestion was causing chart fetch delay/incomplete data send.

  22. Vipul says:

    Good that time frame can be changed from chart itself, good that you implemented our suggestions. SuperTrend is also one of our requirement to be added in pi which is added…thanks…
    Now although i know it will be possible to scan stocks based on SuperTrend, Trend and MACD/RSI which needs one more improvement to be implemented, multiple time frame so that we can take buy/sell decisions when higher time frame confirms signals.
    MultiTimeFrame in all chart and scanner is to be first priority to be included sooonnnn Please.

  23. Lurdina says:

    After the latest update it crashes and exits automatically very often. most of the time it crashes when i start adding scrips while creating new MW workspace. Apart from that, adding symbols in scanner has made Pi great.

    • Siva says:

      It would be much appreciated if you can immediately call 080-40402020 or write to [email protected] if it happens next time.

      • Lurdina says:

        thx for replying. Its working perfectly now. i was getting an Error Message : The remote server returned an error :(503) server unavailable, but then after sometime i logged in and it worked perfectly. thx

  24. Tanmoy says:

    Is there any problem with server for Pi. After installing the updated version , its not logging in. Error Message : The remote server returned an error :(503) server unavailable

  25. vilas says:

    hi sir this update is good one. i would like to say that can u able to add thing on charts that script can be searched and charts to be opened back and search engine should not be close automatically. so that we can search a winning trades very fast intraday basis thanks for this update

  26. BINU says:


    your pi software is overclocking and open , this is coursing frequent error & cracking of this software , please consult with some one who know something about programming ….. we are not zerodha`s beta testers ….. frequent cracking of your software effects our trading …. we traders cant switch platform to platform ( pi to Kite to ztrader ) every time “fi” cracks …

    We are taken account with zerodha to trade .. because of your “Kraking soft ” i lost some of my trades today…. who is going to answer for lost trades ?

    so don`t sent message to upgrade your software on working days … if you dont have the full confidence of “Kraking soft”

    thank you

  27. Sivaraman says:

    Happy about the latest update especially for the inclusion of

    1. Supertrend indicator
    2. Cover order with limit entry option

    Please include

    1. Cover order with Stoploss Limit Order
    2. Bracket order in commodity segment

    • Siva says:

      Bracket orders for commodities are not allowed as they come under Algos and should not be used by retail traders according to MCX. We would be happy to provide if MCX exchange allow us to give.

  28. arun says:

    Hi pi is getting stuck on avant garde splash screen, “Loading contracts status” Even though I can see the contracts loaded and ticks behind the splash screen.

  29. Kalaivani Prabhu says:

    It is good to see lot of improvements in PI. It would be great if you add the following features in the future updates,
    1. Limit order stoploss for cover order
    2. Windows tiling so that I will be able to see market watch,order book,trade book etc in a single screen and not need to switch tabs to move from say market watch to order book/admin positions.
    3. Something like a ‘Calculate’ option in buy/sell screen to quickly verify the quantity allowed to buy/sell with the available amount.

    Also, if there is some new updates coming inform us in advance so that we can update earlier than the market hours.


    • Siva says:

      1. In our list of things to do.
      2. You can do it in Pi, you can drag and drop the window where you want to see it, for more help can write to [email protected] on this.
      3. Point is noted, if possible will try to implement.

      One can also select later on update message and update after market hours.

      • Angel says:

        In Funds tab, only Pay in and Pay out. Would be a pleasure if there is something which shows us how much funds available to trade. Right now couldn’t find anything where we can see available funds to trade.

        • Nikhil A says:

          These details are available in Positions > Cash Positions [Ctrl + Shift + V].

        • Venu says:

          Go to Positions –> Cash Positions (Shortcut – Ctrl+Shift+V) to view margin information.

          • Vipul says:

            I would like to suggest that margin amount should be shown on every trade window..may be in title bar or any where in new order window as it will help to calculate and put order quantity what happens now is, it drops or cancels order just due to short of margin and we miss (good) trade opportunity !!!

            • Venu says:

              On Pi, you can pop out the funds window and place it in a way that it becomes omnipresent.

              • Vipul says:

                True, Thanks for suggestion; but what happens is, i have to use kite mobile at day time and very difficult to use pi at day time. And unfortunately kite mobile has many issues too regarding cancellation of orders etc….

      • Biplab says:

        I want to drag and drop market watch,order book and chart in one window.what is the process?

          • ashish says:

            nitin pi when we ues cross hair it doesnt show the time and price when we move the curser.though in the bok it shows the value and time but till only till there is last candel plotedin live market we have to draw lines beyond the current candel and find the resistance and support earlier before the candel has been ploted.i guess almost every day trader will be helped it you arrante to update this feature which is present in kite.pls reply is there any chances to upgrade this facality in pi.

  30. Jay Divanji says:

    A bug:

    When ‘save charts on exit’ is enabled, the next time I log on to Pi, all the charts open as blank charts. Not a single candlestick. Further, in such a case, if I close any one chart (say HDFC) & try to open a new chart (say Infy), Pi says to wait as it’s still fetching HDFC chart. Bizarre.

    Also, please allow default market watch to be popped out. Earlier version of Pi allowed it. Now it’s not possible.

    • Jay Divanji says:

      In the above mentioned chart bug case, when I’m unable to open chart, I’m forced to log out & log in again to open a new chart. This leads to loss of precious time.

      • Siva says:

        You can update the patch again and this should be fixed.

        • Jay Divanji says:

          Despite installing the latest patch, the problem of Pi not opening a new chart and saying it’s busy fetching another chart still persists. Fix this issue ASAP.

  31. Jay Divanji says:

    Today, Pi said there’s an update (I updated yesterday). So I clicked on update now anyway. Nothing happens. Please clarify.

    • Siva says:

      You have to click on update and if it is not getting updated you can call 080-40402020 and someone would help you with this.

      • Jay Divanji says:

        Got the update to be installed. I closed all other applications and had only Pi running. The update happened correctly. Strange bug. Previously, when other apps were running on the PC, Pi had no problem updating.

  32. amit says:

    how to add supertrend indicator in chart…

  33. saurabh says:

    what is the script code for supertrend.. If we want to generate alerts or do backtesting, we would need to write the script code. I tried STR but it says not valid code.

  34. vilas says:

    hi my mcx orders are getting rejected reason is rms rules cheak for frreze quantity for mcxcom for entity account what is this

  35. arun says:

    I just noticed that brokerage is 0.01% or 20/- whichever is lower for equities and futures but not for options. What is the rationale? Shouldn’t it also apply for options as well as the turnover is quite low. It will really help traders trading in nifty and banknifty where lot size is less.

    • In options the 0.01% rule applies on contract volume and not premium volume. So if you buy 1 lot of nifty calls at Rs 100, when Nifty is at 8000. The turnover is around Rs 6lks.

  36. trader says:

    hi…why I dnt get exact price sometimes when I use right click order window it problem with pi or effect of High frequency trading ? ex if I place order at 1000, it get filled at 1002,or 1003… thank u

    • Siva says:

      If you use limit order to place an order then there is no way for the price to trade at higher price, but if one uses market order or stop loss market option then there may be difference in price due to slippage. It has nothing to do with platform one use to trade.

      • trader says:

        really great you replied…and is it true that super computers used by big players are 400 times faster than zerodha and others, who provide 2nd level cheaper server… I’m not criticising but want to know the truth….pls…

  37. trader says:

    thanks for reply…why this slippage ? even I placed order 1 hour before… no first come first serve anymore?

    • Siva says:

      Slippage is incidental and can not be avoided if one uses market orders, can place stop loss limit orders to get exact price but if sudden spike occurs then there is a chance of order not getting traded.

  38. Debabrata says:

    After recent upgrade, I’m unable to delete indicators added to the charts. Previously, simple ‘delete’ key press was deleting the indicators in charts. Let me know if there is any alternative/short-cut to remove the indicators.

  39. Balakumar says:

    super in chartings. only thing we need is weekly and monthly chart in PI. rest rocks

  40. Pranjal says:

    When zerodha will release Pi for Apple OS ?

  41. Anant Damani says:

    Hi Siva, Nikhil,

    Its great that you continue to add new features to Pi, which already is one of the best platforms out there. Just a few matters which I am unable to tackle:

    1) I love to use multiple MWs, one for my portfolio stocks, the other for stocks on my watchlist. With the new update, while am able to create MWs, it does not get saved when I save the workspace, i.e. for a new session I have to create a MW (only the default MW is saved). Have wasted a lot of time with this.

    2) News reader: I like to have it arranged in a way, where I can see MW as well as the News Reader, without having to change the tabs. However, having arranged the News Reader window this way, it is not getting saved to my Workspace.

    3) Generally I would like to understand which customizations can be saved to the Workspace.

    Thanks, keep it up.

    • Siva says:

      Goto view->user settings-> market watch and select both save layout on exit and marketwatch conformation on exit, this should solve your all your queries.

  42. samir says:

    I don’t have to much cash so Bracket Order is my only option for trading in future.
    I place future order based on the spot price so due to no option of placing SL-M order type, I miss out the opportunity to enter the trade at the price I want.For such reason I force to enter at a level 0.50 to 0.60 paisa above my desire buying price and this resulting to loss or less profit.
    So my request is to add the SL-M option in Bracket Order without SL-M facility it’s completely useless.

    • Siva says:

      It is in our list of things to provide, still to mention sl-m orders are no guarantee to enter at predetermined fixed prices as once the trigger is hit order can trade at any best available price which might be much higher than trigger.

      • samir says:

        Siva I didn’t get your point as when I am placing SL-M order type with correspondent to NRML or MIS it work out fine most of the time so why no orders guarantee at my price during Bracket Order type.

  43. Ashish says:

    Can you pls add open interest as a indicator/study. Also I m unable to extend the trendline pls advise

  44. ashutosh verma says:

    dear Nitin sir,
    i want to know that what i have to do to start trading nifty is there any service provided by u to trade in nifty. Please help to resolve the problem.
    with warm regards

    ashutosh verma

  45. Nutan Parmar says:

    I am not able to login in from this morning after updating Pi.
    the error says” Error: The Remoteserver returned an error: (503) Server unable”
    please solve the issue

  46. arun says:

    Just noticed that AXISBANK Jul fut , the candles only till 21 is loading. 22 friday is missing. Other charts it is loading fine.

  47. Raja Rajan says:

    Want to find if your PI standalone exe based trading software is supported by Mac ios Yosemite???

  48. Raja Rajan says:

    What is the main differences between NOW, ZT, NEST PLUS and PI standalo trading softwares???

    Do Zerodha provide them all???

  49. Dinesh says:

    kindly provide candlestick time frame in multiple of 1 minutes just like in falcon, Iris, Trade Tiger and Orion lite.

    • Siva says:

      We do provide candlesticks of 1 min interval. One can do sfift+c on selected scrip and select minute and interval as 1.

      • Dinesh says:

        currently Zerodha is providing default time frames like 1,2,5,15,30,60 minutes in intra day. If i want to open 40 or 180 minutes time frame candlestick,currently is not available on Pi.

  50. Roshan says:

    can you pls. add relative strength comparative indicator. It is present in Metastock.

  51. rahul says:


    can we see pivot lines for today and last 2 days on charts at a time in future its useful in trading pivots


  52. nageshrao says:

    sir, set indices in one line(toolbar), is any chance to change INDICES FONT SIZE AND COLOR.

  53. nageshrao says:


  54. RD1940 says:


    Congratulations and thanks a pile for the new release of Pi with multiple Market watch panels.
    Some issues with the new Pi version:
    a) Looks a little unstable, like… On a Pentium Dual Core 2.6 GHz CPU with 2 GB Memory, running WIn 7 Ultimate (legal) version, when I open 3-4 Market watch panels (each having not more than 15 entries (Scrips and F&O data), when I move out of Pi to visit Moneycontrol, ET etc and come back, I get a Pi “not responding” message (on top of the screen) and many times it hangs and sometimes after 5 mins or so it responds with a refresh. This was not the case with the earlier version though I have simultaneously used Sharekhan & IIFL along with Pi.

    b) When I have created multiple panels of Market Watch and stored then with different labels and have used, let me say, 3 out of 5 panels in a day, when I open it the next day those 3 panels stay, which is ok. But when I want to load a different panel (out of what I have already stored), I have to create a new panel (Ctrl+M) it is asking for name for the new panel, then it creates a panel on to which I can load the panel I have stored. Frankly I think you should change the implementation by providing a Drop Box of already saved will be less cumbersome.

    c) The Indices displayed in Market Watch tend to Stay On…. When I move out of Pi then hang on to the screen which is quite irksome.

    d) When format the Market Watch panels by re-arranging columns and even after saving them on exiting Pi, I don;t get them in the same order. It is so haphazard there seems to be no pattern there. Apart from fixing this, provision for a universal layout for multiple panels could be very useful,

    Hope this is taken positively and attempts made to fix these ASAP.

    Thanks & Regards……… Rajan

    • Siva says:

      1) Can you check tomorrow also and if the same repeats kindly let us know during the market hours, will reach you and look into the issue, you can message here itself or write to [email protected].
      2) If possible will try to provide this in coming releases.
      3) You can minimize Pi, by doing so index bar will also be minimized.
      4) You can goto view->user setting->market watch-> and select save layout on exit and apply, it should fix your issue.

      • RD1940 says:

        Thanks for the response and the follow-up call…really appreciate the gesture.
        Yes, Minimizing Pi, Index bar also gets minimized…But just on switch over out of Pi (without minimizing Pi) would be very helpful.
        About the layout…I have given Save on Exit. It is getting saved and next time when I log into Pi again, there is a need to Load from Workspace to get the layout I have saved. Though Pi opens with all the multiple Market Watch screens that were open earlier, the layouts are not the one I have saved…small manual effort needed…would be better to have been fixed thru the software.

        • RD1940 says:

          When Pi hangs (not responding). CTRL+R (as suggested by you y’day) also does not work,
          I have opened 3 Market Watch screens with a total of less than 50 scrips. I was trying to add another Market Watch screen and that is when the problem happened.
          If you need any other details pl let me know.

  55. Krishnaswami Sriram says:

    Hi Nithin

    Issue regarding viewing Indicies in Market Watch.
    Support says client can view the indicies in Market watch only if we have demat a/c.
    I am allowed to do intraday equity, but am not allowed to add spot indicies in market watch, which anyway cannot be traded. Kindly rectify the issue.


  56. Lakshman says:

    I have a problem in me that I am able to notice only down trends (may be I am a pessimist, expecting market to fall). I think, (as a special function for people who are able to notice only downward lines) you could show uptrend as down trend, and down trend as uptrend (like a toggle) (when the medium to long term cycle is uptrend) so that we pessimist in viewing the lines, can also capture uptrends.
    This request might look absurd. But still please have a thought about it.

  57. Ananda Krishnan says:

    Dear Nitin,
    Is there a way to adapt amibroker afl into pi. This will greatly solve our problems of going for additional datafeeds from the market which are not at all reliable or are too costly.
    Appreciate if you can look at it.

    Ananda Krishnan

  58. Ananda Krishnan says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Kindly introduce on screen value manipulation e.g. moving the stop loss line once the SL or SL-M has been fired. Appreciate your attention to this.

    Ananda Krishnan

  59. Ananda Krishnan says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Do you have tie-up with Globalfeed who hold monopoly in the market or do you know any other player providing real-time data feed?
    There are brokers who have alliance with them and provide cost benefit to their customers.

    Ananda Krishnan

    • You can try, they also have a special deal for Zerodha clients.

      • chandru mehta says:

        Nitin ,

        I have just subscribed to True Data and the feed is good and affordable . The sense i get is data feed / tick by tick without a good front end is of no use , But yes i think seconds timeframe is a good feature. Do you think it would be a good idea to introduce 30 seconds and above timeframe charts in PI ?

        • Siva says:

          We already provide one minute time interval and above in our platforms, unless one is doing high frequency trading seconds data is of not much use for retailers as it consists of more noise.

        • Hmm.. these requirements are endless. If we do 30, someone will want 20. Keeping OHLC for these candles does put a stress on the database.

          • chandru mehta says:

            Nitin / Siva

            I have always said good things come at premium . See if you consider starting a premium service within Pi/Kite as a option where you can provide your customers with indicators / Seconds time frame only for a extra fee. We anyways are paying for other software’s in addition to PI so why not have everything in one place.

      • Ananda Krishnan says:

        Thanks for the reply.

      • Amit Nanda says:

        Is an authorized data vendor of NSE? I do not see their name in the list –

  60. SHAFIN says:

    latest PI update looks superb, but i got a little problem. I used to watch the market during opening hours (say 9-10) and take my position,set stop loss and log off. later after some hours i will logon again and follow up with my position. my problem is that after the update if i logoff at 9.45 and login again at 11 and open 5 minute chart i will get the current bar and previous bar of 9.45 . all the bars in between is missing. this happens all the time. could you please check in to this and suggest a solution. thanks in advance,
    with regards,

  61. samir says:

    Can have pre calculated Implied Volatility, Delta, Vega, Gamma column. Calculating Greek using option calculator it’s time consumption matter.

  62. RD1940 says:

    When Pi hangs (not responding). CTRL+R (as suggested by you y’day) also does not work,
    I have opened 3 Market Watch screens with a total of less than 50 scrips. I was trying to add another Market Watch screen and that is when the problem happened.
    If you need any other details pl let me know.

  63. SHAFIN says:

    latest PI update looks superb, but i got a little problem. I used to watch the market during opening hours (say 9-10) and take my position,set stop loss and log off. later after some hours i will logon again and follow up with my position. my problem is that after the update if i logoff at 9.45 and login again at 11 and open 5 minute chart i will get the current bar and previous bar of 9.45 . all the bars in between is missing. this happens all the time. could you please check in to this and suggest a solution. thanks in advance,
    with regards,

    • Siva says:

      Ideally it should not happen, can you uninstall and install again from Q, even after that the same issue persists you can message here or can write to [email protected].

      • SHAFIN says:

        Tried reinstalling PI from Q, but no change. Today when i opened RCOM 5 minute chart till now the last bar is from yesterday (3.25 PM). Whatever change happens today is shown in a single bar. Its really annoying as i trade based on chart patterns. hope to get a solution soon.
        with regards,
        SHAFIN B P

  64. Manoj says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Could you please provide more features in trading from the chart section. What I am asking is when we invoke floating order window from a chart by pressing F1or F2 , it would be helpful if that order window can show additional info like order details, position details ,P&L of the scrip that is opened in the chart. In this way it will be helpful for scalpers so that they can buy,sell, modify order and view P&L in real time without leaving the chart.


  65. Sarang Deshpande says:

    hi sir..

    forget transaction password how to reset transaction password in pi…

    • Siva says:

      We have taken out transaction password on Pi and on all our platforms, if you are using Pi kindly make sure the used version is dated 18/07/2016, if not goto check for updates under help menu and update to latest version.

  66. saifu says:

    Sir pls add Bracket Order SL Buy, SL Sell options..

  67. wriddhi says:

    Hi, I have updated Pi yesterday( 26.07.16). After updating I have change the setting for marketwatch script from 50 to 250 . But still now, I can’t add more than 50 scripts in a single market watch .

    Pleae help .

    • Siva says:

      In single market watch only 50 can be added, you can open new market watch by going to file-> create new market watch or by doing ctrl+w and add another 50, and upto 5 market watches are allowed.

  68. Vivek Deshpande says:

    It seems there is bug in Pi. We can not add Nifty/Bank Nifty indices in latest Pi version. There is only Nifty PSE indices exists, no drgdown option available.
    Also I have already raised flaws in Pi – We can not move charts up/down side.
    Major bug in Support & Resistance, actually it should be flexible with charts.
    When you apply M.A (ex. simple) and you want to change it to exponential or Weighted M.A, you can change it but the description will be the same M.A i.e – Simple
    In last conversation, Nithin replied these things are on to do list.
    I hope you will address these concerns asap .

    • Siva says:

      Can you write to [email protected] on this as we can add nifty and banknifty indices on Pi, you can get a fix on that.
      We provide support and resistance points based on previous day values only.
      Other things are in our list of things to do and will take sometime.

      • Vivek Deshpande says:

        Not again Siva, to write [email protected], is quite hectic. 2 months ago, I raised same points to support team and the agreed these flaws , i dont think so these is corrective action on this, to encounter this, I wrote on Pi platform and it was addressed by Nithin. but still same result.
        For Support & resistance, am trying to say – as per the Kite, Charts can be moved in up/down, right/left direction with movable S & R in Pi, which we can not see S3 levels until it breaks S2. Its difficult to take positions on S3 levels as you can not see it.
        I hope you understand, what am trying to say…


  69. Rajan says:

    Hi Siva,

    As you guys start fixing the problems in Pi, kindly take a note of the following …nothing earth shattering but need to be fixed.

    1) There is some inconsistency in the way multiple MW screens load –
    a) the MW I have created always loads as “Default MW” …but the name I have given is ws1 (as it appears in the workspace folder. No issues on the the naming, but quite frequently it does not accept any any inputs, like addition/deletion of scrips, rearrange of columns and even placement of buy/sell orders. But screen is getting refreshed with the latest prices, volume etc. I think this happens when multiple MWs are open. But when I open a new MW and load the same “ws1” from the workspace folder, it behaves fine.

    b) This Default MW, I am not able to close whereas all other MWs I can open / close as desired.

    c) As I have indicated earlier, the layouts are not the same as what have stored in workspace. The columns get jumbled up needing to rearrange once again. Here again there is some inconsistency – when previously saved MWs – eg. 3 of them were open when I logged out of Pi, the same 3 open on next log in but the layouts are changed.

    I think I can find some more issues like this…will continue later today as I have to go now. In the mean time if you want me clarify, give more inputs to substantiate the problems etc., pl let me know.

  70. Raja Rajan says:

    Even an ordinary desktop trading software NSE NOW offering basket order facility and you guys call your pi software based on nest platform as the comprehensive software but their is way one can do basket trading…

    Whereas lot of promises are made on this blog about the future releases please be very carefull before promising them..on a public forum…

  71. hiren parekh says:

    in this latest version why can I do MW window as pop out. it was one of the best feture pi had. please include it again

    • Siva says:

      Will definitely consider your point, for time being you can drag it and arrange where-ever you want, also can add 5 market watches at a time.

  72. prashant kumar says:

    Recently , I have upgraded my O.S. from windows 7 to windows 10. After upgradation , I am unable to run Pi. Pls. guide me to run Pi .


  73. Sarath says:

    we are eagerly waiting for ichimoku indicator in pi…

  74. Shubhangi Pavtekar says:

    Need fibonacci extension tool with retracement + editable fibs value.

  75. Avinash says:

    Why you are not adding Ichimoku indicator in Pi, the same is available in Kite? It is so useful.

  76. Avinash says:

    Also please add Fibonacci projection tool.

  77. Anand Tandon says:

    In my office, Internet connection is via a proxy. PI tool doesn’t connect, from office.
    Could you please enable proxy connection support, in PI tool?

  78. Sriram says:

    Appreciate inclusion of ATR& Limit Option for Cover order buy/sell!

    Yeah, agree with Durai on some critical issues faced! Here are some of the issues that needs quick fix!

    1) Charts don’t load at all, this is now happening very often after prior 2 updates! (Major issue-P1)

    2) Also, can’t include 100EMAs or above, popup cribs pointing can’t do even though you have selected option 6 months on daily chart! Really cumbersome as we get the need to verify for bigger periods but not able to go beyond just 50. -> ((Major issue/P2 or P1 as this will have to bug or enhancement, will need some time to fix).

    3) Freezes way often on clicking “Cash Position” option to know the margins available, before/after completed trades! – Only option is to restart the application or wait for too long, by when new good trade chances are lost. – (Critical-P1 issue,, show stopper)

    4) Stochastic shows different values on tick (min) chart (same instance of it kept opened) but on zoom in /zoom out of charts for clarity since def is small, it will show different values (irrelevant massive wrong values too like %D = 19520 & %k=-70.59 BUT on putting it to default on same instance of chart opened the same moment will show %D=400 %K=46.98 – making it cumbersome for any decisions

    5) OBV is not drawn on the Chart as in PSAR (P3 -Enhancement/bug as you want to classify)

    6) Pls provide ISCHIMOKU cloud too in forthcoming releases! (P3/P4 – Enhancement)

    7) Brokers (discount) of my friends are providing Bracket Order Option, pls check as MCX seems allowing it already as they are using it regularly (P3/P4 – Enhancement)

    8) Sell volume showing up on buy and buy volume shown on Sell but at times ( i have snapshots of the same, can share over email if needed) -(P1 Show stopper)

    • Sriram says:

      Adding two more

      9) Market order gets executed with delay of 30secs to 1min aft placement of order …By then, the prices change drastically leading to considerable losses/wait time to recover..It happened yesterday too.. pls check and fix it to reduce latency (am using ACT with “uber cool” bandwidth)


    • Sriram says:

      Adding two more

      9) Market order gets executed with delay of 30secs to 1min aft placement of order …By then, the prices change drastically leading to considerable losses/wait time to recover..It happened yesterday too.. pls check and fix it to reduce latency (am using ACT with “uber cool” bandwidth) – (P1/Major issue)

      10) Include feature to change individual parameter settings for top/bottom Bollinger bands

    • Siva says:

      Will reach you for points 1 and 3 as there might be because of some issue while updation.
      Point 2 can be resolved if you can open data for more than 6 months,as there might be no enough candles for the indicators to be drawn.
      OBV is normally applied as a separate indicator but not as an overlay.
      Bracket orders are not provided by anyone in India for MCX on retail platforms as it is not allowed, but few might be offering only call and trade service.
      Adding Ischimoku cloud is our list of things to do.
      Sell volume, buy volume by this you mean volume on red candle and volume on green candle, if you find any difference you can write to me @ [email protected], as per my knowledge there is no such difference but if you can share the screen shot we will work to fix it.

  79. Paresh Kamani says:

    Tool like Trendline, vertical line, etc. disappear from the charts on exit and we have plot the same again every time we exit, actually one the tools applied should stay there unless user delete the same from the chart. Please do some thing so that they stay there.

    • Sriram says:

      Hi Paresh,

      I am also a client of Z but till the time you get to hear, let me try to address your concerns

      1) Guess you mean channels drawn for trend analysis? – If Yes, it will be good to have but did you chk if it’s already incorporated part of “Save chart template” or “Save Chart” option to rework later, i will also check it now. -> This they might have ignored for storage space needs but i guess they can consider storing them in client side to overcome this issue (as in trading view++)…

      2) One of the cool features is “tech indicators” used regularly can be stored part of “Save Chart Template” option which is a big time saver. Yes 1) is a good to have feature, time saver again

  80. Manish Kumar Shakya says:

    Pi stops responding while opening Snap Quote sometimes. Have to force close software and restart to make it work. Please resolve it asap.

    • Sriram says:

      Are you using this latest version? Am using (30May16), that doesn’t freeze on clicking SQuote but on Cash positions only. Probably, if at all you prefer, you can use that prior version till they fix it, as we use SQ more often than Cash Position

      • Manish Kumar Shakya says:

        I have already mentioned. I am using latest version 1.0.06 (07/18/2016).

        It doesn’t freeze always but sometimes while opening SnapQoute.

        • Sriram says:

          K, Cool. Then i will skip the latest version (18Jul16) till fixes are avlbl for above reported issues esp freezes!

  81. Paresh Kamani says:

    Fonts of Price, Data window, Date/Time etc on CHARTS are very small and there is no facility to change it please make little bigger fonts for CHARTS, its very trouble for peoples with specks like me.

  82. Namit Rathore says:

    Hi Zerodha team

    Thank you so much for adding the feature of multiple marketwatch. This completes Pi for me.

  83. chandru mehta says:

    Please add Regression channel indicator to Pi / Kite .It works amazing in Live trading to make good decisions.

    NTrader+Zerodha+TrueData is a good combination. I hope PI/ Kite could consider adding some Volume Profile Indicators.

    Could you also consider adding Candlestick pattern recognition Indicator like in NTrader . i know its there in PI Scanner but in Live trading it would work amazing as a indicator . Morning Star / Evening Star to begin with.

  84. Mahesh says:

    There is problem with “Price Relative” technical indicator, it does not work.

  85. RAMESH KUMAR says:

    Dear sir,

    Ref: client id PR1241.

    I am using kite software for my trading. First, I thank you for removing the transaction password, which affects the very first order entry.
    In the kite dashboard, I like to mention 2 suggestions.
    Currently, for every tick, both the script name & LTP change colors simultaneously. Except LTP, the script name must show, either red or green permanently, in relation to its corresponding P.CLOSE. The existing system creates confusion, at a very first look.
    Secondly, the percentage difference can be change to price difference, which gives a quick and clear idea about the trend. In relation to its corresponding P.CLOSE.

    Hoping, a change in the dash board shortly,

    With regards,
    Ramesh kumar

  86. donovan says:

    when can we expect a very important feature (which a lot of trading platforms offer) which is having a real time box showing us our open positions profit and loss tick by tick(with/without brokerage added) as we execute orders.


  87. manish says:

    How can i adjust time frame i.e. if i want 30 min candle in which 1st candle should be between 09:15 to 09:30 and rest all from 09:30-10:00 and like wise till 03:30.

  88. Raja Rajan says:

    Even an ordinary desktop trading software NSE NOW offering basket order facility and you guys call your pi software based on nest platform as the comprehensive software but their is way one can do basket trading…

    Whereas lot of promises are made on this blog about the future releases please be very carefull before promising them..on a public forum…

  89. Shrikant says:

    There is not any improvement in RENKO type charts, still studies ate not showing fine. Not expected. Each update ignore about RENKO.

  90. ritesh says:

    sir , when i download my contract note(combined), nothing is displayed on the first page.only second page with charges is displayed.why so?

  91. ritesh says:

    one more question . pi is not responding after authentication ,when i log in.i have installed and uninstalled it for 3-4 times.what could be the problem?


    Hi zerodha team,

    Good day,

    Nice updates. One small problem on this updated release on snapquote window. %change open interest indicate always “0” not changing. Please rectify the error.

    Thanks in advance.

  93. harsh says:

    I am unable to find “Supertrend” indicator in latest version of Pi.

    • Siva says:

      Can you check in About Zerodha Pi under help menu for the date, it should be 18/07/2016. Then goto study and type s and you can see supertrend indicator.

  94. NAGESWARRAO says:

    sir, plz give intraday open,high,low,p close,n %of change on it possible (it is available now in data box)

  95. NAGESWARRAO says:

    PLZ ADD camarillapivot lines. LINE CHART IN PI

  96. JInu V A says:

    I’ve been using Pi , but today I see an isssue. All the buy and sell option are not working. Buy, Sell, CO and BO are not responding. I’m using latest version of Pi v

    please help me to trace the issue


  97. vasanth says:

    After the new updates installation nifty chart data’s are not updating properly.
    For eg) In the evening if i am opening the chart its getting plotted till yesterday only(Today’s data is missing) and sometimes yesterday’s data is missing. Kindly check & fix the issue.

  98. Sharad says:

    Two factor authentication to login will continue, as it is mandated by the exchanges.

    One of my friend have ICICI trading account.. and there is no Two factor authentication to login.

    Any clue, how ICICI have achieved this.

  99. kumari ruchika says:

    kindly provide open intrest indicator and OI % change in marcket watch .

  100. chandru mehta says:

    a) SBIN no data after 27th in BSE ,any reasons , same for Reliance in BSE in Pi havent checked in Kite yet

  101. Raghunand V N says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is Nest outdated now? Is pi replacement for Nest?

    Thank you.

  102. Raja Rajan says:

    I have a query, Supposr If i give zerodha the POA (Power of attorney) of other Demat account, wiill it be possible to map that account to zerodha trading account for selling the holding from that account without doing any off market transfers to zerodha demat account???

    Let Mr.Nithin Kamar answer this question..

    • Technically yes, but practically no. Even if you give a POA to your other demat, the other broker won’t give us an interface to debit shares.

      • Raja Rajan says:

        Mr.Nithin,Why dont take the initiative and talk to Depositories and may be with SEBI also for portability of demat as well as trading accpounts,account, in order to reduce redundancy data and ease of doing well smooth migration of clients like we see in portability in telecom…

  103. Raja Rajan says:

    I have a query, Supposr If i give zerodha the POA (Power of attorney) of other Demat account, wiill it be possible to map that account to zerodha trading account for selling the holding from that account without doing any off market transfers to zerodha demat account???

    Let Mr.Nithin Kamath answer this question..

  104. Manoj says:

    the latest update released yesterday has removed all the additions of indicators released on 18th july

    • Siva says:

      Nothing as such,can you verify the date in About zerodhaPi under help menu, it should be 29/07/2016, if still not able to find indicators can let us know.

  105. Jatin says:

    hi zerodha team,

    can we see the kite default chart type (line chart) in PI ?

    Thank you.

  106. Narendra says:


    We can draw rectangle in pi. Can we fill rectangle with some colour. It would be helpful to draw supply and demand zones in the chart

    • Siva says:

      One can increase the thickness of rectangle and give any color by double clicking on it so that to give distinct visualization.

  107. Vipul says:

    I don’t know this feature is already there in pi or not but want to draw attention of developers to put buy sell and sl lines on the charts if we traded in that particular script. Say sbi chart is open and i have shorted/long on sbi, my trade line should be displayed on chart so that i can visualize my trade on chart; although in past that lines should be draggable so that my target and sl can be changed just by dragging that lines !!!
    Although it is there with other forex softwares where we can trade just on say any indicator say 10 period moving average, buy on close above it and sell on close below it…Just my views to be implemented and almost all does it only one will do…till then all will wage hands…

    • Venu says:

      We’ll pass on your feedback to our developers. If you’ve placed an order from the charts, the buy/sell order shows up as a line on the chart.

  108. Vipul says:

    Like Default market watch, we may have holding and positions market watch automatically so it will be easy to monitor it in market watch way or charting way…

  109. Raja Rajan says:

    Mr Nithin,

    What is the following article speaking about please explain?? 1/articleshow/53477415.cms

    • Venu says:

      CKYC was proposed by Pranab Mukherjee in the budget of 2012. The implementation seeks to bring in a common KYC to the entire BFSI sector which means that if you open a Bank account and then some days later intend to open a trading account with a broker, you need not submit the KYC documents all over again making things easier to the end client.

  110. Srikanth says:


    Good job on bringing us newer updates so swiftly, here’s a small list of my wishes for your consideration.

    – Please make charts prettier & smoother like in the Kite version
    – Kindly give the option to work with stop loss and trailing stop loss once we place order (please try MT4 SL)
    – Integration with MT4 via bridge (pleaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
    – There can be a simple password entry to log in right? why multiple choice questions even on desktop platform.. isn’t the IP address enough?

    • Siva says:

      Integration with MT4 is not possible as MT4 won’t allow it.

    • Venu says:

      1. Doesn’t it already look nice 🙂
      2. You can use the Bracket order option to place Sl/TSL orders.
      3. Isn’t possible because of the way MT is built.
      4. 2FA is a SEBI requirement. We no longer ask for Transaction passwords, so that’s one less password for you to remember 🙂

  111. Vipul Shah says:

    how to connect pi to excel

    • Siva says:

      As of now it is not possible.

      • PERMENDRA KUMAR says:

        Other brokers has come up with an idea to trade from MS Excel directly which seems very easy and making fast entry. Any clue when Zerodha would start ?

        This would be a great idea and profitable.

        • vikas agrawal says:

          Hi Team,
          I am facing an issue while using Zerodha Pi and linking live data to excel. The linking and live data flow is working fine but whenever I add a new script to the Pi window it doesn’t auto reflect in my excel. I don’t want to relink the excel repeatedly as that way I’ll get a new excel every time. Is there a way that my excel sheet automatically updates whenever I add a new script.

  112. Vasanth says:

    Hi. After the update of latest version of pi. every time i enter pi it ask for a update. plz fix this issue

  113. amit says:

    when I try to open chart for periodicity- minute, interval- 5 min, days- 2, then it shows only intraday chart from 9.15 AM. so please solve my problem..

  114. Mangesh Karale says:

    I am unable to open chart after new upgrade and showing message as Unable to fetch historical data.

    Kindly provide me resolution.

    Please find below link for screenshot

  115. Vasudevan S says:

    when will bracket order be available for currency options ?
    we are not able to save the new market watch?

  116. Raesh G. says:

    Hi Zerodha Team.,

    Your entire team has created an awesome trading platform for retail traders in India.

    1. Is it possible to implement real time Options Greek calculations on Pi ?? i.e Delta, theta, gamma, vega at strike level.
    2. SMS alert for order execution on the registered mob number.
    3. Is there any way to “connect Pi to Excel” for real time data fetcher, if it not possible when we would get this function.

    • Siva says:

      1. For now you can use option calculator(ctrl+o) available on pi to check on option greeks.
      2. Only if order is placed through call and trade facility.
      3.Not available as of now but will be available in next release.

  117. RA0090 says:

    User Id : RA0090
    Whenever I apply Expert Advisor in PI software, the concerned chart freezes on a number of times. The same starts running when I click on double click on quotes . Please look into this technical error.

  118. Raesh G. says:

    Hi Zerodha Team.,

    One request Zerodha, can you please implement Elliot Wave Indicator in Pi.

    This request may not be accepted, anyhow my humble requesting. Thanks

  119. RANBIR KUMAR says:

    User Id : RR3193
    Whenever I apply Expert Advisor in PI software, the concerned chart freezes on a number of times. The same starts running when I click on double click on quotes . Please look into this technical error.

  120. dipakrathod1 says:

    I want to use expert advise in Pi. I want to use super-trend indicator and EMA on five minute chart as EA in Pi.
    kindly suggest me how to code them.

  121. sunilkp1983 says:

    Dear Nithin,
    I’m an existing customer of Zerodha and I feel a great need of
    1. Include Ichimoku Cloud in PI.
    2. Please enable a feature like demo/practice account with zerodha (kite/PI). This will help us greatly to try our strategies before going live.

    Eagerly looking for your reply & waiting for these 2 features.

  122. RA0090 says:

    I am able on Ammy Admin for following problem :-

    User Id : RA0090
    Whenever I apply Expert Advisor in PI software, the concerned chart freezes on a number of times. The same starts running when I click on double click on quotes . Please look into this technical error.

  123. Murugesh says:

    Sir i forgotten transaction password so i change login password but pi is not asking for transaction to solve it??

  124. binu says:


    when a chart order is placed on chart, a ( arrow ) is showing to edit or close the orders , when the time passes this arrow is also moving towards the end . if a [ X ] is place on the vertical price bar, then it will be helpful to edit or close

    thank you.

    • Siva says:

      We want to display price instead time of the order placed,one has to search for that vertical bar if they want to close or modify the order after sometime. Also if many orders were placed it would be difficult to track on same chart.

  125. Raja Rajan says:

    While all other brokers complete their equities posting by 4.30pm derivatives by 5.30pm and CD by 6.15pm and we receive the Exchange messages also, where as at ZERODHA it is surprising to note that Back office is not updated until 9pm every day and contract note is sent during midnight this is not at all good practice??

  126. BALAJI says:

    Dear Nitin,

    While trading weekly nifty on Pi i observed that even if i order for weekly expiry contract the trade takes place in monthly expiry contract (with very different price & liquidity.) Can we some how correct this. or at least dont execute the trade.

    • Siva says:

      You might be using very older version of Pi, can you check in About zerodha Pi under help menu and the date should be showing as 29/07/2016.

  127. Raja Rajan says:

    While Squaring off from the admin position window i am looking for three option Order their:

    1.Square off at market price (Which already exist).
    2.Square off at LTP (Last traded price at that point of time is executed fine otherwise it should be converted to limit order.
    3.Part Square off option of the total position in a particular instrument. eg. squaring of 30 lots out of 100 lots position.

  128. Haritha says:

    Please add refresh of chart in PI ,close and open different bar by bar ,always need to close and open the chart for perfect chart.

    • Siva says:

      Nothing as such but anyhow you can change the timeframe on tool bar and check which is as good as opening the chart again.


    dear sir

    unbiliveble sirvice..kal hi mene complen likhhi or subah subah me hi mare prob.. solve kar diya…thanks thank you very much…mera pi ka kite ka softwear ka prob. solve ho gaya he..or b bahot si jankari b mili …once again tnx……

  130. chandru mehta says:

    Some observations :

    a) Three Line break does not have edit function to change the time frame form 3 to 1 or 2 . One has to change allover again.Maybe some time in future you may like to work on the Edit function of Three Line break in one of your updates.

    b)I am using NT7 and it makes a difference with lower than a 1 min time frame.Some indicators work best on tick / 10-20-30 seconds and not on a minute frame. I have been comparing both PI with NT on different time frames and that was my observation.

  131. chandru mehta says:

    Please help clarify. I am sorry for placing this question here.

    Bracket Order : Step 2: Place a Target/Square off by choosing either Ticks or Absolute.
    Ticks, 1 Tick = 0.05 for Nifty, so 20 ticks means 1 point on Nifty, 200 ticks is 10 points on Nifty.

    a)For Example If i am buying SBIN Futures @ 230 and i want to use Bracket order for Stop Loss . My question is how can i place a Stop loss order of 229.90 ? . Absoulute or Ticks ? what figure do i input in . Also need to know LTP OR ATP?

    b) Will the sequence be followed ie BUY and then SELL Stop Loss in an event the price moves down ?.
    If the price moves up i have to manually place a higher sell order .

    • 1. You can mention absolute value. But on BO, minimum absolute value is 1 or 20 ticks. So if SL u want to be at 228.9, you can mention 1.1 in absolute value.
      2. Yes it will. Also on a BO you can place an exit selling order. Check this.

  132. Monil says:

    When viering charts for 1Y or less, it does not allow to add 200/300 DMA (Moving Avg) as it says its invalid. However it should as in technical analysis any stock moving below 200 EMA is not worth a buy for medium term. Kindly remove the limitation

    • The moving average is plotted based on the candles on a chart. If there are less than 200 candles, it won’t be possible to show a 200 day average. Do open a higher timeframe chart for seeing a 200/300 moving average.

  133. chandru mehta says:

    When my wifi internet goes down from A service provider i switch to B wifi on my laptop from the drop down list . I have noticed that post switching from A TO B — Pi does not accept BUY -SELL / display orders even after Reconcile .Is this because Pi latches on to a specific IP address and is not flexible midway . I am sure there can be a resolution to this.

    This does not happen with my other 3 trading / software platforms . Can you please look into this . The reason being i have logout & relogin and i make errors in trading at crucial times.

    • algogeek says:

      yes. switching between networks might be causing issue
      we will come up with some resolution in future Pi releases

  134. sunil says:

    Can you also introduce trailing stop loss for Cover order which is presently available only for Bracket Order?

  135. ashish says:

    hello nitin pls arrange the pi charts to drag down and up as we can do in kite

  136. ashish says:

    when i fully zoom out the chart and draw lines in pi and then i zoom in the chart for intra day or say to 5 to 6 days chart all the lines drawn in fully zoom in desapires and then when i again fully zoom out the chart the lines drawn in chart are seen .i thing this is major drawback in pi .but there is no such problem in kite.

    • Siva says:

      It is not any drawback and that is how it should work, if one draws horizontal lines when it’s fully zoomed out then obviously when selected for few days those line won’t be displayed because the values on left side will be changed now, if you want more clarification on this kindly write to [email protected].

  137. Susanta Bala says:

    Put order req received…….Means?
    First time i face so much problem till Pi first released.
    3 BO seen that masses/ 1 BO steel pending.Your support team
    told It will update earlier next trading day.

    Susanta Bala (DS3412)

    • Siva says:

      Put order request will show if any disconnection to internet has happened. If still facing any issue on Pi, please let us know.

  138. Rajesh G says:

    Hi Zerodha.,

    Why am not able login in to PI, it is showing MSG_FAILURE error, Is this common error with PI or occasional Error ??

    Rajesh G.

  139. Darshan says:

    Hi Zerodha Team ,

    Is it possible to set alerts for change in Parabolic SAR direction using Pi .

    Thanks & Regards
    Darshan M

  140. Paresh Kamani says:

    In Pi when we add study RSI there are no horizontal line at 30/70 or 40/60 which is very necessary to know for overbought/oversold zone. And if we add horizontal line from tools it is not coming perfect.

  141. Shivendra says:


    Please do something for MCX commodity futures, right now we can not use Pi since it does not offer chart functionalities for stiched in future contracts, for which we have to go with or any other ready made source. Without this feature we can not use pi for commodity contracts. Pls conisder this in your next update.


  142. Shivendra says:

    by stiched in contracts, I mean continous future contracts like zincmini…where the volume comes in the month of their expiry only, which makes them tradable at that time only.

  143. pavitra says:

    Please enable 3-5 snap quotes in Pi.

  144. pavitra says:

    Also cross hair does not appear in the chart.

  145. karthik says:

    Hello everyone!

    is there any way out to export the worksheet from pi to excel??

  146. Prem Doshi says:

    I upgraded my RAM on my HP ALL IN ONE DESKTOP from 2 GB to 10 GB (That’s 8GB + 2GB) everything is working fine but Zerodha PI stopped working, Upon clicking nothing happens.

    I uninstalled, installed but still doesn’t work.

    Please help.

  147. Amar says:


    Dear sir,

    we updated Pi new verision but we see old verision , he never new verision.



    • Siva says:

      In that case you might have user access only, login your pc as admin and do the update, it should be fine then. If not uninstall this and install again from Q.

  148. Chetan says:

    I am getting this message when i open any chart “unable to fetch historical chart data for INFY-EQ, only live data will be there”. I downloaded and installed . Now, the chart only opens immediately after login. But if i try to open charts after a while, i get the same above mentioned error “unable to fetch historical chart data for INFY-EQ, only live data will be there”. In earlier version a month back everything was fine. The problem started only after the update. Is there any fix for this. I am using winxp with the latest servicepack.

    • Siva says:

      We believe our support team called and fixed your issue.

      • Chetan says:

        I was asked to upgrade to Windows 7 or use Kite. Please get a word to the developers to make it compatible in Windows xp also. Because Pi was working fine last month without any error, so maybe they need to do some minor tweak to remove that error i get in Windows xp when opening the chart after a while(10 mins after logging in to Pi). Thanks.

  149. Manmohan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Values of the horizontal line on charts cannot be edited, only colour can be. Please provide facility to edit values so that a horizontal line can be placed exactly where it is required. Placing it using mouse with initial click is not precise. Thanks…

    • Siva says:

      The requested option will be available in next release, for time being one can select it and drag the line and place where it is required.

  150. Latesh Narula says:

    Want the Team Zerodha to include Ichimoku Kinko Hyo in the indicator list … Gann Fann with the adjustable fanns (angles ) is a much needed thing .. Have requested u the same a dozen of times …

  151. ashish says:

    we cant drag the chart up and down as it is possible in kite.suppose the price is trading at the top right of the chart then how can one draw the resistance line ahead.pls do that its very important

  152. rohan Bandekar says:

    have been trying to install pi on my new laptop. I keep getting “gateway erro 502” on and cant proceed further.

    It would be nice if we could download and activate PI on our new Laptops etc without
    requiring login as PI security is provided by Username/Password. This will reduce the time
    required for a new Laptop to get up and running. And secondly, we wont be dependent on a website
    to be up and functioning.

    • Siva says:

      Only for one time it is required to download Pi from the backoffice Q, after that no need to depend on any site to use Pi. Let us know if still you are not able to download Pi.

  153. Sandip says:

    When are you guys including Guppy MultiMoving Average Indictor? Creating it manually is not possible due to no. of Indicator limitation in Pi.

  154. samadhan.123 says:

    can i trade on super trend (generated signals) with automatic order place software

  155. muniraj says:


    • Siva says:

      Can you list few points where you feel improvement is necessary? will look into those in the coming releases.

      • karuppasamy says:

        Thanks for your replay . From pi platform started to till now many indicators and chart tools addings are possible . Now pi also comes to compete with other famous charting softwares . If we also improve our platform in future zerodha clients no need to go for other charting software for charting they use pi only . And many traders are also attracted to zeodha for this improved charting applications thankyou

  156. Monisha says:

    Could you please provide the Boring Candle concept which is available only in Sharekhan Ignite Tool…

  157. karuppasamy says:

    Sir , i am using pi for trading it is excellent . in upcoming releases try to add foot print charts for order flow analysis . because now ofa is more famous in world wide . so we also need to improve our levels . Adding of Foot prints charts for ofa analysis is possible for pi in near future

    • siva says:

      Will check on this and if possible will try to implement.

      • karuppasamy says:

        Thanks for your replay . From pi platform started to till now many indicators and chart tools addings are possible . Now pi also comes to compete with other famous charting softwares . If we also improve our platform in future zerodha clients no need to go for other charting software for charting they use pi only . And many traders are also attracted to zeodha for this improved charting applications thankyou

  158. abhradip says:

    Hey zerodha i would like to suggest some changes in the fibonacci retracement options for pi — 1. As of now when we use the fibonacci retracement option on charts its only one directional which gives us the retracement only but if an option is introduced for the fibonacci extensions also it will be much better guess.
    2. In the fibonacci retracement the lines are drawn for the values of 0% 23.6% 38.2% 50% 61.8% 100% only but if we have the values such as 76.4% 88.6% and also 128%(which gives the extension)

  159. Bhushan Kela says:

    Hi Team Zerodha,
    With addition of multiple market watch, we find that we may have added the same script under various tabs in Kite Web / in various market watch. In order to add more scripts we may have to search all the market watch / tabs in kite to find whether our script is already there. Can you please add a logic so that when we are adding any script it checks the redundancy in marketwatch and informs us the marketwatch tab number in kite / message in PI that the script is already available in tab no. ……This will be helpful.


    • siva says:

      In case if we are selecting nifty 50 stocks in one market watch and bank nifty stocks in another market watch then for ex: sbin scrip is present in both indices list then what should happen in this case? as Pi comes with pre defined market watches this feature is not feasible in Pi. Also the same logic can be applied to kite.

      • Bhushan Kela says:

        Thanks Sir…for the information…But Predefined workspace is a feature available in PI whereas we can define the logic for redundancy to the stocks which we add through the drop down menu below the menu bar….we can keep the option only for these stocks….other predefined workspace we can ignore through the logic.

        • siva says:

          What if one client want to add same scrip in two different market watches? as of now one can add 250 scrips at a time and in coming days if possible we will increase this limit, redundancy should not be an issue. Anyhow one cannot add same scrip twice in single market watch.

    • Venu says:

      This is a little tricky, imagine if a user wants to add the same stock on multiple market watches. Eg: I could have a Nifty MW and an IT MW, and I’d want to add Infy on both these Market watches

  160. Bhushan Kela says:

    With the Kite 2.0 launched, we missed one important thing is Real Date and time. The same is available in Pi in top bar however there is no such option in Kite. Other brokerage houses have real time indicator with date and time on their web login also. Please check the feasibility and add the same.

  161. nagesh says:

    how should i pop out market watch

  162. siva says:

    You cannot pop out market watch but can add multiple market watches by selecting ctrl+w.

  163. ashish says:


  164. Ravikumar says:

    Dear sir,

    Pi terminal(market watch) if you make a provision to add option greeks….would be great help……and also if you make a provision for dragging of charts by using a mouse would a great help….



    • siva says:

      As of now one can check option greeks in option calculator which is available under help menu but in coming days if possible will try to provide directly in market watch. Also I believe one can drag charts by using mouse.

  165. Aruna Kumari says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    I am unable to login into my PI. It always shows ‘no response from the server’

  166. Giri says:

    I downloaded Pi and installed it. I was expecting it to prompt me for the License Key – which I had ready on the Q window. Instead, i got asked 2 security questions for which I don’t remember the answers.

    is there anyway I can either reset the answers to the security questions, or bypass having to answer security questions to log into Pi…?

  167. milind81 says:

    Hi Nitin,
    If I place a market order at 9:15 am…what will be time delay between my order placement and execution on Zerodha Pi (in seconds)? If I use the algo trading platform offered by Zerodha what will be the execution time delay if I place fire my strategy at 9:15 am…I use Zerodha , but also have Symphony algo platform…On Symphony when I start my strategy at 9:15 am…the orders get placed at 9:15:10 am and get executed in that second (i.e. 9:15:10 am)…Dunno why Symphony takes so long to execute? Will this delay occur with Zerodha if I subscribe to algo platform of zerodha for trade execution. I have cleared NCFM derivatives exam…if I want to a be Authorised person. Thanks!!

  168. Nrupen says:

    Recently reinstalled system and re downloaded pi but the newly downloaded pi is not working properly and giving lot of errors. On other hand pi is showing latest release date of 29th July 2016 whereas here latest update is 18th July.

  169. Ravi says:

    While installing pi its throwing error @ state Visual C++ 2008 runtime libraries.. i tried to fix it but seems not supporting on windows 8.1. Please help

  170. Siddu says:

    could you please include Showzone option like in kite to the indicators MACD, RSI, Stochstic momemntum in PI.

    Currently PI does not have these features, I am mailed many times, but these features are not included. since they are already available in kite, pls add them to PI. I am eagerly waiting for your response.

  171. Chetan says:

    Hello Sir,
    Can you please comment on this?

  172. vikas kumat says:

    In your indicator chart list there is no (SLOW STOCHASTIC) indicator

    Plzzz add slow stochastic indicator

  173. Saurabh says:


    Great going on PI!

    I would like to request some features ASAP:

    1. Is there a way to see the entire option chain for NIFTY and place orders from within the option chain? Bringing out each and every contract is tiresome!
    2. It would be good to have the option greeks as columns for the option chain of different scripts.
    3. When can we expect different preloaded standard option strategies and the ability to create and test personal strategies with a click of a button – This is a very important feature as you’d agree!

    We have come a long way with PI and we should ensure that it is India’s first tool at par with ‘think or swim’!

  174. Narayana says:

    Is there any chance of adding Germany Index to Market watch and Kite as well?

  175. vikas kumar says:

    Can u add stochastic oscillator separated
    Slow stochastic
    Fast stochastic
    Full stochastic

    In pi there is no oscillator like this

  176. Ajeesh says:

    please add percentage price oscillator and Histogram( PPO) on next update it better than MACD

  177. Dev says:

    Today I opened Pi at 3.35 PM. When I opened 5 minute chart of nifty futures current month, there was data only till yesterday. No data for today. Today is not a holiday. Why I can not see today’s data. Also this thing has happened to me earlier.

  178. ashish says:

    some difficulties whihc i am facing i hope other traders will alos be facing in pi
    1)we cant drag the chart up and down though we can drag left and right .this is possibel in kite
    2)the crosshair doesnt show the price and time when we move our mouse in chart which is possible in kite
    this are the two top requirements which i think pi should update .if we login to kite for the same pi is logged of as one user cant operate pi and kite simaltaneously.

    • siva says:

      1) We are working on it.
      2) Cross hair values will be displayed in databox window and the box can be moved freely.If possible will try to make it similar to kite.
      3) For now at a time one can login to only one platform ie either kite or Pi.

  179. ashish says:

    siva cross hair values are shown in the data box but only where the candles are there if i go beyond that area it is not showing.for eg.if i draw resistance line or support line and assume that the share may hit new high or low then i have to draw a horizontal line at that point to see the price will be at that point which hasent hitted till simpel words cross hair should work even that area where there are now candles.

  180. Siddu says:

    When you will be the new release?

    Could you please include Showzone option like in kite to the indicators MACD, RSI, Stochstic momemntum in PI.
    Since these are existing features in Kite, i don’t it will take much time to include in PI. Since i am software developer i know how much time it takes if things are already developed.
    Currently PI does not have these features, I am mailed many times, but these features are not included. since they are already available in kite, pls add them to PI.

    Are you sure these features will be added in immediate next release.?

  181. chetan says:

    Hello Sir,
    I think tools like Horizontal line, vertical line, parallel line for channelling.This 3 tools are necessary & important & it should be add in Pi.
    One suggestion please update Spot Nifty & Banknifty Charts for analysis.
    Hope you add this tools as it is main tools i think.
    Thank you.

    • siva says:

      Mentioned tools are already there on Pi. Open chart and right click or select tools.Spot charts of indices are also available.

  182. manoj m says:

    A little more back data & pre-saved market watches would be great (like nifty50, sensex, auto,reality,media…… etc etc)

  183. Ravi says:

    Here I would like express my observations related to PI.
    1) This is related to charts, its not showing up all support/resistance lines drawn and saved on reload. Which requires redraw everyday morning. Please focus on this.
    2) The same in case of Charts and Chart Templates. If it is not saving, there is no fun in saving them onto the disk.
    3) Other SMAs/EMAs or any other Studies are disappearing when screen is redrawn.
    4) Try to add Gann related things as many as you can, I think you people know much about this GANN theory.
    5) Showing last five HH/LH and LL/HL lines, which is very useful for us or else try to retain those Support or Resistance lines drawn on charts.

    Thanks in advance,

  184. Sanjeev says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can we have spread order in Pi/Kite for Options.
    Also today on 26th Aug I am unable to add 29th Sep Options in the Marketwatch in Kite.The list stops at BankNifty 1st Sep 1800 strike price whereas I wanted to trade on BankNifty 19500

  185. siva says:

    Spread orders are in our list of things to do but will take some time.
    As 29th sep are normal monthly expiry contracts there is no need to mention date, just type banknifty follwed by strikeprice and it will be shown as ‘banknifty sep 19500’ ce or pe.

    • Sanjeev says:

      Thank you very much Shiva.When I type the way you have mention it narrows down to all the weekly options for the same strike price for Sep Plus the Sep month option 🙂

  186. Jinu v s says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Pi is not responding most of the day (Avg:10times/day) in last week, it’s happening more than 10 times in a day. When I place buy/sell order then order confirmation popup will display if I press ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ than Pi will gone to not responding state, You know re-opening Pi more than 10 times in a day isn’t good app behaviour, I think.
    Zerodha is good but this tool Pi is really really make me feel bad and sad.
    I’m using 40MPS internet, my machine is pretty good in performance.


  187. wriddhi says:

    Hello , is there any sms alert option available, in pi for stock prices fluctuation . Also , in what stocks zerodha gives leverage for an intra day trade ?

  188. Ravi says:


    Sometimes while opening PI, I am getting the following error. Its creating big tension when it happens in market.

    System.NullReferrenceException: object reference is not set to an instance of an object at (Object)
    at M4.frmMain.frmMain_FormClosing( Object_sender.FormClosingEventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Form.WmClose( Message &m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Form.WndProc( Message &m)


    Its hanging not even opening PI application.


    • algogeek says:

      For the above error follow this steps
      1. Go to run (Win+R) type %localappdata%Pi and find the file user.config and delete it.
      2. Re-login to pi

  189. vinit says:

    As per your “F&O – Futures” Brokerage Calculator STT Charge:- 0.1% instead of 0.01% . Do check……….

  190. I am using latest Pi. Few corrections and additions required in Pi:
    1. Admin Position does not show LTP and MTM profit and loss for MCX deals
    2. There is no compare chart feature in Pi. It was added some time back in Kite but still to come in Pi
    3. Additional market watches are not stable. Many times I have to re-add stocks to the market watch
    4. Each chart, market watch and admin position, order book etc opens as an additional tab in Pi. Once you reach 8/10 tabs scrolling through them is very cumbersome. Short cut keys like “Ctrl + Page Up” “Ctrl + Page Down” like in MS Office Excel is required.


  191. siva says:

    1.It should show, can you contact [email protected] on this.
    2. In our list of things to do but will take more time.
    3. You can goto view->user settings->market watch->select layout on exit and market confirmation on exit and apply.
    4.Can use ctrl+tab to move across tabs.

  192. Bhushan Kela says:

    Dear Nithin Sir / Siva Sir,
    Please add the Advanced EOD scan feature that will scan for various patterns without selecting any stock i.e. it will scan the entire watchlist created / pre defined watch list. If possible the feature can be used to scan the data for the entire exchange also.
    Bhushan Kela

  193. Harjit says:

    Do we have option to replace quick limit order with quick market order on pi charts?

    • siva says:

      Goto view->user setting->order window and set parameters as required and apply. From next time you can enter a market trade from charts just by two clicks using f1 or f2 and enter keys.

  194. vinesh kumar says:

    dear sir
    this is regarding kite charts, when i open any chart of any time frame in kite before market open (9:15am) they do not show data / do not refreshes by its own after the market open at 9:15 till i refreshes the chart manually , i open 3-4 charts at once any using chrome browser.
    please resolve this issue as soon as possible because you continously upgrading kite charts but this issue is not fixed since three months .

  195. ashish says:


    • siva says:

      For time being it can be checked on databox and databox can be moved freely to any place on the window but soon will try to make it similar to kite.

  196. Mehool says:

    Hi Team,

    I have some feedback to give to Technical team to incorporate under PI.

    1. Basket order feature which used to be there in ZT is not available in PI.
    2. Under Charts, when you select 1 HR time frame, the first candle should be from 09:15 AM to 09:59:59, 2nd should be from 10:00:00 AM to 10:59:59 and so on. For the last candle it should be from 15:00:00 to 15:30:00.

    I am using other charting tools like Reliable and traderscockpit and both of them have this time frame setup. Also there is no option to remove the default studies incorporated in the charts.

    Appreciate if you can incorporate the above features at the earliest as it will immensely help and make Pi at Par with other charting softwares.

    Let me know if any further queries required for incorporating.


    • siva says:

      1. Working on it but will take more time.
      2. In Pi also 1st hourly candle will start from 9.15 and so on and last will be from 3 to 3.30. One can remove any study from the charts. You can write to [email protected] or can call 080-40402020 if any guidance is needed on this. Also can write to us for any more feature requests.

      • Mehool says:

        Hi Siva,

        In context to point 2. The first candle should end at 09:59:59 and new should start at 10:00:00. Currently the first candle ends at 10:14:59 and new starts at 10:15:00. That is the change required. Hope I am able to explain better.


        • siva says:

          We follow the notation of esignal and most other popular providers also follow the same.One may want first hourly candle from 9.15 to 9.30 and last from 2.30 to 3.30 and the opinions are endless, sorry to say but nothing can be done on this.

  197. Bharat Thakkar says:

    I have shifted trading to Zerodha..I am missing the following things..easy to introduce from your side ..can you do it?..(1) life time and day – high / low prices should flash in different colour..give option to set this colours and (2) in the market watch, one should be able to sort “Net Change” column.

  198. Shashwat says:

    Hey, I have installed the latest version of Pi ,but I don’t find any preloaded expert advisor as in earlier version. I don’t know how to troubleshoot this. Please help.

    • Shashwat says:

      I made my situation worse. I deleted the user.config file from local app data folder. After that I restarted Pi and logged in following which it is asking for activation key. As I paste the key, the application shuts down and nothing happens further. Tried it many time….

  199. MOHAMMED FADIL says:

    Hi Nithin Kamath Sir
    I have few suggestion put in front of you for better user friendly in PI

    Please add custom price option in horizontal line
    Add line chart on chart (must)
    Add price label on right axis of cross hair
    custom fibo retracement levels add option
    when putting 200ema on 4hr chart ema not reading lack of backfill pls rectfiy
    add weekly pivot level if possible
    add candle timer to know remaining time -suggestion
    add realtime data like crude inventory on chart like popup -better if
    Better smooth scrolling chart
    add squeezing chart option to adjust height of chart

    • siva says:

      Custom price on horizontal line will be available in next release.Few points are in our list of things to do others if possible will try to add in coming releases.

  200. MOHAMMED FADIL says:

    difficult moving data box so plse view price high-low when mouse pointer move on candle

  201. vinesh kumar says:

    dear sir
    it will be very helpful , if you provide PIVOT POINTS in the kite chart just like as in Pi charts. they are very helpful in taking trade desicision

  202. chandru mehta says:


    Can you add a Volume indicator which is related to price / supply demand indicator to Pi . Volume indicators on charts are very useful.

    Also need a Advances to Declines numbers display

  203. Lalit Kumar patharya says:

    Is PI is free of cost or chargeable..?

  204. vikas kumar says:

    When u will launch pi next release

  205. Prabhu says:

    Is it Possible to get the chart sync future on PI,suppose if i open the chart (5 min of a symbol) and from then if i click the symbol on the market watch then the chart should be changed with all the indicators applied for the currently selected stock,instead of user opening the chart of every stock.can we expect this future from PI

  206. chandru mehta says:

    Whom do i send a request to for Demat shares transfer slip book so that i can transfer shares from my Edelweiss a/c to IL&FS dp a/c . I need the IL&FS slip form to transfer my shares from Edelweiss.

    Can you provide me a email address to place my request for the book / slip form.

    Sorry in advance for posting this here

  207. MOHAMMED FADIL says:

    is there any fibo expansion tool avialble in PI ? I cant find Plz
    some suggestions will improve PI next release
    Plse add custom fibo ratio option in PI
    also please add UNDO option in PI when apply trendlines (mandatory)

  208. rahul says:

    hi can we have yesterdays high low close on charts

  209. Prabhu says:

    Thanks for your reply to my previous query.
    Also like to know is the renko chart based on ATR value is also available in your to do list.

  210. Yogesh says:


    I am new user of Zerodha.. Kindly let me know what is the requirement to activate Pi for my account. i.e. minimum trading or fund required in account.

  211. Anand Kumar says:

    If below features added in Pi, it can compete with international standard trading platform and sharekhan’s TradeTiger :
    1. Scrip can be changed after clicking scrip name from watchlist on a single Chart Window. It will help trader to analyse multiple stocks very quickly.
    2. Provision to draw distribution zone and accumulation zone
    3. Entry, SL and Exit line with auto calculated RR ratio
    4. Show Server Time with seconds, It will help traders to place order before closing Candle in a particular time frame.
    5. Monthly & Weekly time-frame are missing from chart

    I am sure, you will rock. You will give big competition to the traditional brokers.

    • siva says:

      1. Already incorporated, open chart and do ctrl+F.
      2. Point noted.
      3. Can use bracket orders for time being.
      4. Already displayed on header with seconds.
      5. Working on this.

  212. Angel says:

    I added new Marketwatch and when I relogin, that new Marketwatch was not there. Happened 2-3 times. So can I save newly created Marketwatch in PI?

  213. rahul says:

    hi in next update can we have volatility based chats i mean range bar charts

  214. Suraj says:

    Why don’t you have Pi client for Mac ?

  215. ashish says:


  216. chandru mehta says:

    There is a need for volume indicators related to buy / sell. Volume Profile is good but a volume indicator with ratio or qty display of buy/sell on the chart is helpful . If this cannot be done in PI then please see if you can add it in Kite . I wish Kite could have a buy sell order similar to PI .It would be highly convenient to move around placing orders.
    Popout charts with buy sell order in Kite is a long pending request .

    I use NT7 and its been giving me good results on using Tick data and Volume indicators.I hope you incorporate some suggestions in PI or Kite .

  217. Deepesh says:

    Is Pi only available for Windows? or is it also available for MacOS X ? Please develop Pi for macOs too.

  218. Chintan says:

    SIr, I want to open a new trading account… I am confused between Pi & Trade Tiger… But I am now going for zerodha…
    Just wanted to confirm 1 thing…
    Is it possible to export Intraday data in excel like allowed in Sharekhan TradeTiger. And if yes is there any restriction on the maximum time limit… If no, then is it to be introduced later?


    • Yes possible to export on excel. We give almost 2 years of intraday data (most brokers including tradetiger offer for only 30 to 60 days) and end of day data from 2010. You can open a chart for as long as you want and export it to excel.

  219. Arup Das says:

    Hi Nitin,
    It’s been quite some time you have posted videos on features of kite and pi. Many enhancement s are done in both platform. I guess many new Zerodha client s got on boarded too. Thus I would request to post new series of videos elaborating it’s all features. Ideally it should be a playlist of multiple videos. Thanks

  220. SHANTANU says:

    zerodha team
    first congratulations for listening clients need and updating with them in newer versions.

    can you add calculaters in pi ?? its not always good for new people like me to calculate on to calculate

    if you can pl add live pattern option .. like its giving live pattern recognition when it calculates flag or double top or downtrend in live chart. it will be very useful for newbies like me.

    once again cheers for your efforts to make trading easy for people.

  221. Bhushan Kela says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    One request I would like to place before you.
    Please add Market by Price for both the Exchanges. This will be helpful for arbitration trading purpose.
    Like If i want to check the market depth of a particular stock both in NSE and BSE, then there should be a option.
    At present I have to add the scripts for both exchange and then check MBP in both the scripts to check the depth.
    Hope you will consider this request.

  222. rixon ks says:

    pls fix macd zero line steady .

  223. sujit says:

    sir today i buy tatasteel 350put as nrml order. after some time i want to put sl.but in admin position only sqare up option is avilabel. how to put sl after bying in nrml order.

  224. Ajeesh says:

    Pi scanner is not working in off market hours it’s a big limitation of pi

  225. Harish says:

    so plz try to add it in PI

    and also getting below error while opening chart in Pi

    • siva says:

      You can draw manually but in next release we will give built in lines to represent overbought and oversold levels.
      Can you do ctrl+R and try opening charts, if still facing same error kindly write to [email protected].

  226. Chandan thakur says:

    Hello Nikhil,
    Fist of all let me thank you and your Team for bringing up such a beautiful tool,
    I just had one request,
    when we sort by using % column, i would like the script name to move up and down in the watch list as per the % change in the price of script.
    I think this will help us a lot to spot the Surging stock.

    Thanks & Regards
    Chandan Thakur

  227. Harish says:

    after opening one chart from marketwatch in Pi and adding my own template in it , it perfectelly load my template but when i tried to open another chart from marketwatch i can’t open chart and getting below error messege

  228. Harish says:

    How to get ATP line (AVERAGE TRUE PRICE) in chart in Pi and Kite Both ???

  229. Harish says:

    please add Structural Pivot in Pi if possible
    DEFINITION of ‘Structural Pivot’
    A price-bar formation that gives real-time price signals of support and resistance. When a series of price bars reverses direction, it is considered a structural pivot (not a calculated pivot).
    The price bar has an open, high, low and close. The pivot is composed of a minimum of three bars and occurs in every time frame. The pivot lows and highs are used to draw trendlines to show support, resistance and trend direction.
    For Expample

  230. ashish says:


  231. Harshad says:

    I can create multiple market watch, but how do I load them? the next time I load PI.
    The only option that I get is to save workspace, which if done only loads the default market watch every time I load PI! The newly crated market watch never seems to appear!
    Pls help as this is of great inconvinience

    • siva says:

      Goto view->user settings->market watch->select save market watch on exit and market watch confirmation on exit->Apply and ok. It will save your new market watches.

  232. Harshad says:

    Also, everytime I load charts, the previous studies/drawings disappear.
    Can this be fixed?

  233. vinesh kumar says:

    dear sir
    i used to track multiple stocks , for that purpose today i open 8 charts (but to need 16) after opening 8 charts and applying indicators ( M.As) the Pi gets slow down although ticks are also coming very slow , i am using i3 computer with 4 gb ram , please write to me what i am missing.

  234. Being_Batman says:

    To Nithin Kamath Sir,

    I m facing problems in Pi software from last 30-45 days.
    so i decided to message you here.

    1. Pi software stuck on “loading contract and exchanges”.
    Need to clean *.bin file every time.
    Need to re login again and again until it gets successfully loads everything.
    No internet issue at all. It works fine, i have 2mbps internet connection speed.

    2. Sometimes Chart freezes.
    When i move my mouse pointer from one candle to another.
    OHLC values in data box did not changes.
    Need to minimize and maximize application to refresh.
    so then it shows exact OHLC values.

    3. Re code Horizontal and vertical line.
    Horizontal line changes its place when we zoom in or zoom out.
    There should be an option to apply at specific price level and It should be stick to that level.
    Right now we can not apply it on specify price.
    Vertical line cant apply through-out the indicators window.

    4. Fibonacci Tool
    Fibonacci extension is missing.
    In fact we cant edit or add levels to Fibonacci tool.

    5. Getting “Unable to fetch historical data” error message.
    Open a new chart with any time frame, Apply 2-3 indicators.
    and then save it as new template.
    Now open new chart of any time frame and apply that template on it.
    Now try to open another chart with any time frame.
    This time it will give you an error message “Unable to fetch historical data”.
    Basically when we apply saved template on chart it gives error message on loading new chart.

    6. Major problem with Pi terminal is study.
    As a trader or A student i believe in one thing “First Learn Then Earn”.
    Pi software does not saves drawings or it can not load as it was in previous state.
    Every time we need to setup.
    Think on it, When we re-login after power failures or system crashes occurs,
    It will be very helpful if pi terminal loads as it was in previous state with open charts, drawings, and applied indicators.
    Right now pivot point only shows on today’s/Interaday chart.
    There should be an indicator “daily pivot points” indicator to show previous days pivot lines so it will be very helpful to trader to learn from past.
    There is no option to load recently closed charts.
    Pi terminal does not load in offline mode.

    7. Indicators levels.
    There is no option to add new levels to indicator or highlight default levels of indicators.
    We need to apply horizontal line on overbought and on oversold levels.
    But horizontal line has problem. it does not applies on specify price.
    And it changes its place when zoom In or zoom out the chart.
    In indicators, Maximum and minimum level parameter is missing.
    because of that indicators levels are not steady.
    It changes its place along with trend line of indicators.
    Indicators Levels should be fixed not floating.

    8. No Forex related news are showing in news reader.
    RBI will allow trader to trade in major currencies pairs soon.
    so i request you to please bridge between Pi and MT4 for forex traders only.
    Because MT4 is best trading terminal in the world right now.
    It will helpful for forex traders to trade in major currencies pairs.
    It just a request.

    9. Pi software gives an error on exit.
    It asks me to send an error report or quit.
    Also sometimes.. It crashes.

    10. Cant use Kite App, Pi Terminal, Kite Web all together at same time.
    one of them get logged out.
    Allow traders to use all three applications together.
    Kite Web is way better than Pi software.
    Only one thing is missing in Kite web is Cover order and bracket order.
    Kite App is mind blowing. Quick Fast and very useful.

    11. Please Merge MACD and MACD Histogram Together.

    I m really frustrated with these problems,
    These problems occurs on daily bases.
    and there are so many trader are also facing it
    and i can see so many traders are here also posting same problems from long time.
    Please Nithin Sir, I personally request on behalf of all the trader.
    please please please solve this issues As soon as possible.

    I hope Zerodha technical team will fix this issue and will give us new update very soon.

    Thank you.

    • siva says:

      1,2,5,9 Will reach you on this.
      3. Will be available in next release.
      4. In our list of things to do.
      6. Fixed and will be available in next release.
      7. Will be available in next release.
      8. We cannot bridge to MT4 as it won’t allow to do so. It is the limitation from MT4.
      10. Cover orders and Bracket orders are available on kite web also.Once you opened buy or sell order window select for more options.
      11. Few clients want it separately, anyhow once one added two indicators on to panel one can select histogram and drag it and drop on MCAD, it should serve your request.

  235. Mana day says:

    plz add change in Open Interest from previous day in futures script..Plus and Minus….every other terminal has it, why pi not added it till now ??? also add days top gainers and losers for the day….

  236. ANUP DHARA says:

    plz start stock advisiory service.

  237. Umesh Banga says:

    When are the new releases scheduled for kite and Pi? Any dates?

    Kite – u can only have 5 watchlists. thats quite limiting.
    no predefined watch list. is it coming?
    no scanners – is it coming?
    no fundamental scanners too? is it coming
    alerts notifications on sms, email or push on apps. coming?

    Pi – I am using Kotak downloadable software and working fine. for Pi – it is installed but when try to login gives message unable to login. can login on another computer. resintalled couple of times already. no antivirus so that cannot be issue. asked support they simply suggested to use kite. lol (not sure if they are aware of huge difference in functionality of pi and kite).

  238. ashish says:

    whenever i ask u to update pi for cross hair with time and price i get the reply “For now one can see time and price in the data box when cross hair is selected. Data box can be moved freely.”
    in pi cross hair only works till the last candel but if i want to see the pirce that is expected price then it doesnt work.
    waiting for your reply.?????

  239. Manu says:


    I want GTD order option in PI. Is this thing in your pipeline in future?
    I think it will be very useful for all investors who is working full day.

    Right now, I want to buy icicibank@ 250, every day I have to submit after market order, which I don’t like. If you can provide good till date order option, I just need to submit order once. This option is available in IIFL and few other brokerage platform. So please try to implement this asap. It’ll make my and other investors life easier.


  240. Samartha D K says:

    Is there any option of heatmap window of my market watch and also if we click on stock of heatmap chart will be open of that stock.
    And also how many stocks I can add in a market watch and what is the maximum numbers of market watch can be added.

  241. Subash says:

    Sir, is executing a cover order with limit entry similar to that of a bracket order? That is , do we have to wait till the price is above/at the desired level or can we execute it similar to a mis with slm order, where in we can place the order even if it’s 4 to 5 points away.?
    Thank you.

    • siva says:

      Yes, executing cover order with limit option is similar to executing BO with limit option. One can you use limit buy option only if limit price is lesser than market trading price and as of now there is no option to enter a trade using cover order or bracket order using stop-loss option similar to mis or nrml product types.

  242. Jaidev Amirapu says:

    PS0047 My BO is not enabled. Could you kindly enable.Thanx

  243. chandru mehta says:

    Nitin ji

    Sorry to place this question here

    I hv shares in Zerodha Holdings + Cash . Wont i get Inytraday MIS margins automatically against the shares i hold in Zerodha+ Cash . I get a RMS msg rejected for margins against SBIN FNO on two occasions today and on previous days.

    Ideally other platforms offer Indtraday margins against holdings irrespective of cash available or not .


  244. Ajeesh says:

    RSI Overbought Level (70) AND Oversold Level (30) are very difficult to understand very quickly. please add a horizontal line in both Levels in next Pi update

  245. Mayank says:

    Kindly add Bar Replay/Market Replay feature in next version of Pi

  246. Sandip says:

    Hi I have a query. If I look to sell a huge chunk of stock at say 275 and if only half is sold, then can I modify my sell order for the unsold stock. Will system allow that partially executed order to be modified or will it get frozen till it gets executed?

  247. Sandip says:

    Hi my account is still under process but I have a query. If an order is partially executed and if I modify that order afterwards and execute it, how will the system charge brokerage? Will it take 1 trade or consider it 2 trades? Thanks!

  248. Harish says:

    plz add a horizontal line line in MACD at 0 line

    and one more thing how to zoom in and zoom out from keyboard shortcut key , its very difficult to third click on chart and click on zoom selected area again n again so if its not available in current pi plz update in next pi version

  249. uttam says:

    Is there any window in pi which gives new high ,new low tick wise in terminal ?

  250. hariom says:

    sir ,
    zerodha pi is a very revolutionary software in this industry , trade from charts and watching many scrips chart gives a way potential effort but the tiring part is if i open 10 charts or more then 10 i have to view each chart by clicking mouse on that , the idea is a little addon pane like amibroker in the below quick order window or in the left side , so we can select charts via keyboard or mouse like amibroker , if a option is available then how to use it and if not please add it to make more comprehensive trading software , ( general idea is to see open chart scrips on addon pane and use it like amibroker ) .


  251. Manoj says:

    I am assuming that pi is providing level 2 data in the market depth window( up to 5 bid ask). Could you please provide DOM Trader (price ladder) in pi like the one in the ninjatrader. It is very difficult to get an affordable third party data feed provider with level 2 data, because of huge cost. In pi if it is already providing level 2 data why can’t it be provide the DOM trading feature so that full potential of the data feed can be utilized. Could you please consider this.

  252. hariom says:

    sir ,
    zerodha pi is a very revolutionary software in this industry , trade from charts and watching many scrips chart gives a way potential effort but the tiring part is if i open 10 charts or more then 10 i have to view each chart by clicking mouse on that , the idea is a little addon pane like amibroker in the below quick order window or in the left side , so we can select charts via keyboard or mouse like amibroker , if a option is available then how to use it and if not please add it to make more comprehensive trading software , ( general idea is to see open chart scrips on addon pane and use it like amibroker ) .


    hi ,
    No answer for my question

  253. Bhushan Kela says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    Any option to get the OPEN = HIGH or LOW concept in PI.
    Else even any scanner you would suggest as code in pi script and we can scan the entire market watch for this.
    Please guide.


    • siva says:

      You can use the same code and scan entire market watches at a time but as of now scanner scans only during market hours and only for minute and hourly data but not daily data.

    • You can use Open = high or low in Pi scanner. You will have to add scrips individually to the scanner though.

      • Bhushan Kela says:

        Nithin Sir,
        You are saying that we have to add manually stocks. However but Siva sir is saying that it can scan the entire market watch. Please clarify.
        Also Please tell me when we will be able to get the scan on regular daily basis. It means that I should get the list of stocks only for which the Open = high o open = low on a daily basis and not on a minute basis.
        Also please enable the scanner should scan even after market hours.

        Bhushan Kela

  254. chandru mehta says:

    Pl z Plz add VWAP in the near future in PI as a indicator

  255. Harish says:

    I am unable to use the RSI Study in my chart. This has happened after today’s (22/09/2016) compulsory Pi Update.
    Please help.


  256. vinesh kumar says:

    dear sir
    pivot points in Pi are calculated via standard formula , as they also match to my pivot points , but till now i am not able to understand which formula or method is used to calculate pivot points in kite charts as they also not match with Pi chart pivot points ,
    please explain for my convineance .
    will be thankful to you

    • siva says:

      There are various types of pivot points, in Pi we have four types and on kite two different models. So, there will be differences across them.If you can mention the model and send the differences with screenshots to [email protected] we will check and get back.

  257. Rajesh S . Gavali says:

    I want to see moving avg. in double colour. for example when scripts are going on up then the line should be seen in green colour & for down is showing in red color. also i want pivot lines in multi colour.

  258. Rajesh S . Gavali says:

    I want to see moving avg. in double colour. for example when scripts are going on up then the line should be seen in green colour & for down is showing in red color. also i want pivot lines in multi colour in chart view. & thic also.

  259. rahul says:


    there is some problem in Trend Cycle indicator when i plot it in intraday charts like crude sometime its visible sometimes not mainly in small time frame plz sort this


  260. Uday says:

    Is there any option of uploading the scrips in scanner instead of manually selecting and adding one by one.

  261. Harshad says:

    after recent update(20 sep 2016) when iam unable to open chart(intraday or historical) … showing error as ”” Not a valid DateTime format, reset the region settings

  262. Harshad says:

    ”%change in open interest” column in MW is still missing..

  263. binu says:

    new Auto resync facility is giving all charts to a single time frame ,,,,,

    ie if 1,5, 10 min charts are opened , when auto resync activated then those 3 charts are sync to a single time frame

  264. RK says:

    Oh! never knew that this thread is so active. And “The” Nithin himself reply here. So much feedback to give at so many levels. I Should try and talk to to him one to one 🙂

    Nithin Sir, Can we get some bright shiny “Neon” color template in pi and Kite. And liberty to change the color/thickness of indicator lines and other chart element.


    • Hey RK, 🙂

      Yeah, allowing customization of charts is something on our list of things to do.

      • RK says:

        Thanks for the reply Nithin Sir,
        I know these things will come eventually, but getting a reply on the same from someone who started it means a lot to lesser mortals like us 🙂
        Eventually together we can make it a world class platform.


  265. Sanjay says:

    Please add supply and demand indicator

  266. saikrishna1238 says:

    I am new to zerodha. i can’t access the chart and chart tools tab while using pi trading platform.please give me a solution to my problem…