Latest Pi update – 18th July 2016

July 20, 2016


Updated 21th Sep 2016

We have the latest release of Pi (version  7/18/2016) available for update directly from Pi if you click on Help > Check for Updates. If you are installing for the first time, download the Pi installation file from here.

Here are some of the latest features:

Multiple marketwatches

Create a new marketwatch using the shortcut key Ctrl+W. You can create upto 5 marketwatches with 50 scrips in each. You can use Ctrl+Tab to alternate between marketwatches.

Cover order with limit entry option

You can now place limit orders for cover orders so you can enter at your desired price instead of letting market forces decide the price for you.

Edit chart tools

Edit chart tools on double and right click (colour/thickness).

Option Calculator

Invoke the option calculator by pressing Ctrl+O to calculate the theoretical price of an option on the go.


  • Find Symbol to add multiple scrips on the marketwatch (Shortcut Ctrl+F).
  •  Chart Toolbar changes
    a)Change Time frame to any periodicity (Min<->Hour<->Daily).
    b)Duration added in Chart Toolbar (Days for Min/Hr and Years for Daily).
  • New indicators introduced:
    a) Supertrend Indicator
    b) Donchian Channel Indicator
    c) Average True Range (ATR)
  • Add scrips from default workspaces and marketwatch in scanner.
  • Hide/show connection logs on default marketwatch (Ctrl+Shift+W).

Latest update 20th Sep 2016

Along with a few bug fixes, below are new features on the latest release.

  1. Overbought/Oversold Levels added in indicators such as RSI, CCI, and etc.
  2. New indicators: a. Hull moving average b. Volume weighted moving average
  3. Pivot lines added: a. Camarilla b. Fibonacci c. Woodies
  4. Marketwatch link to Excel (Windows 7 or later, XP not supported). Right click on the marketwatch and select link to excel option or use shortcut Ctrl + E.
  5. Horizontal Lines on charts – exact values can be entered in edit box (for candles panel)
  6. Saving charts to disk or templates saves horizontal/vertical lines as well
  7. Vertical Scale Adjustment (PageUp / PageDown)
  8. Auto re-sync of charts in case of re-connection
  9. Default marketwatch can be popped out provided total scrips is less than 50.
  10. All keyboard shortcuts listed under the help menu.


Recommended system requirements for Pi
With the introduction of multiple marketwatches, we thought it would be prudent to inform you of the minimum system specifications for running Pi smoothly.
  • Intel Dual Core Processor or Higher.
  • Windows XP/7/8/10.
  • RAM required is 4 GB.
  • Display Resolution greater than 1024 X 768
  • HDD required is 2 GB free space in the installation directory.
  • Internet Connection >=512Kbps and should be seamless.

Visit this help doc as a quick reference guide for everything you need to know about Pi. Click here to visit the dedicated blogpost on Pi being run by Tradelab with videos on various hacks.

Happy Trading,

Financial analyst and researcher at Zerodha

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  1. venkat says:

    exception from hresult 0x800ac472 – Getting this error when tried link to excel. pls help with a solution.

  2. Ganesh Rajput says:

    how to handle this issue in excel 2013
    Error; “Exception from HRESULT : 0x800AC472,

  3. M Jain says:

    Why cant we add 3rd Future month in Zerodha Pi? Cannot add Nov Future of anything currently as only options displayed are Aug (still). Sep and Oct in drop down menu. Can we manually add Nov Fut in Market wtch in Pi? Help

  4. Upendra Bhat says:

    I have Tried to Link Pi to Excel, how ever after Excel Opens it doesnt show any Symbol or any Value/Number, it only shows “N.A.”

    Second time when i tried to re-link Pi to Excel it started showing an Error; “Exception from HRESULT : 0x800AC472, please try again.”

    What please resolve i am not able to get live feed to my Excel?

  5. Arun Mitra says:

    Arun Mitra says:
    August 16, 2020 at 6:30 pm

    I request you to provide a TradeScript to be used by me in Zerodha Pi for trading breakout of day’s 5 th 15 minute candle of a stock.

    Arun Mitra

  6. Arun Mitra says:


    I request you to provide a TradeScript to be used by me in Zerodha Pi for trading breakout of day’s 5 th candle of a stock.

    Arun Mitra

  7. kiran says:

    how to load all fno stocks in market watch?
    please give fno list in ” PREDEFINED WORKSPACE “.

  8. Topesh says:

    While saving marketwatch, the lines which i draw in any chart is not saving. How to do it? I mean Can we have marketwatch with lines saved on the chart of the equity?

  9. Sujit says:

    unable to install latest zerodha pi
    Below error show.
    “module C:\Zerodha\Pi\TradeScript.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147024770. Contact your support personnel.”

  10. Ujwal Sandeep says:

    Can i link the MW to Microsoft Excel so that i can see the LTP in realtime on Excel?

  11. K P Chakrabarti says:


    OHL Scanner is not working in PI. Scripts can’t be loaded.

    So, pl. do the needful immediately.


  12. Akshay says:

    Can you please add a pop out or a sound alert for scanner like you have for other alerts.

  13. Monish Narsian says:

    Hello Zerodha,
    How do I add more than 50 Scripts in Watchlist plz Explain, Bcoz there are more than 150 scripts in FnO and I can’t waste all my time making 3 Different Watchlist. Plz Help me with this Problem.
    Thank You

  14. Narendra says:

    Sir, In the previous version we can able to add more than 50 scripts in the market watch list.
    But now only 50 stocks are allowed to add per watchlist.
    Please increase the limit or put the option to add more.
    Thank you…

  15. Tarun says:

    IRCTC symbol is not available in zerodha Pi
    Sir kindly add this symbol in Pi too
    Thanking you

    • Matti says:

      Hey Tarun, all scrips available on Kite should and are available on Pi. This seems to be a system-specific issue. Please create a ticket on our Support Portal, and someone will be in touch to help.

  16. Kesava Reddy says:

    Pi Software has a problem, it showing already expired contracts of Nifty Futures and Options, Not Showing Next month and Far month contracts. Please do the needful.

  17. DFW says:


    It has been a really long time, over three years that Zerodha customers have been requesting for VWAP on Zerodha Pi but this has still not come through. This is one of the most fundamental tools for intraday trading and is very unfortunate that it has not been addressed. Can we expect this to be installed any time soon?

    • Matti says:

      Pi being a third-party platform built and maintained by a different company (TradeLab) we cannot comment on the timeline for addition of new features. We are constantly making upgrades to our web platform, Kite, which is maintained by us. I suggest you check it out.

  18. SHANMUGAM says:


  19. Raj Patil says:

    Please try to ad trading from chart in pie so that we can place horizontal buy or sell line on map directly and when price touches that range order gets executed and all plus try to add stopploss and target as well.
    Thank you

  20. Shanthipriya says:

    While trying to login PI, I am getting an error as “Remote server returned an error: (503) server unavailable”. Request you to please help on this issue.

  21. Mohammed Jamil says:

    While trying to login PI, it is showing error as “Remote server returned an error: (503) server unavailable”. Please assist on this issue

  22. sharath says:

    Dear Sir

    In the Pi latest updates the feature showing m2m profit or loss in the snap quote window has been removed. it causes lot of inconvenience. can it be restored please.


    Dear Sir,

    I have updated PI. I have a problem that whenever i log out the pi the order for the scripts have changed. i need once again arrange for trading. Please Solve it.

  24. fno says:

    Hi zerodha team , is it possible to add Ichimoku clouds indicator in PI ?

  25. Pramod Kumar says:

    While login in PI error message “The remote server returned an error :(503) server unavailable” is coming

  26. NIKHIL says:

    showing : error 503 server unavailable.

  27. NIKHIL says:


  28. munish says:

    hi nithin,
    earlier i have usdinr spot price at pi, but after update my new market watch does not show usdinr spot price,
    kindly help me to find symbol of spot usdinr not FUTURE

  29. Mayank says:

    Hey why the pivot points and ticker window have been removed form Pi in its latest update??

    • Matti says:

      Hey. We’ll enable these features in the coming weeks. Since the new release has a bunch of changes under the hood to enhance performance and security, some features were left out.

  30. j priya says:

    After new update Pivot option is not available in charts or user setting, kindly provide.

  31. Ankit Agrawal says:

    Not sure if this is the right thread and I am having trouble finding the right one as I am new to this. I am having trouble finding download links for Pi and Zerodah trader. and which one is better. I don’t see that on the official website anywhere? Are these products discontinued?

  32. Bargavi says:

    I am not seeing SL-Bracket Order in PI , I can only see BracketOrder(Limit) in PI. However Kite is having SL-BO , Can you please let me know when can I expect BO-SL in PI ?

  33. Ketan says:

    While linking data from zerodha pi to excel 2013, it is showing error- HRESULT: 0x800AC472. I have already installed the required patch but not helped. Please help

  34. tejas hamand says:

    from where to download pi software i am unable to find the download option

  35. Manu says:


    Today Pi updated (11th Feb 2019), but all of my backtests were gone after update.

    How to bring them back?


  36. rakesh prajapat says:

    crosshair value not showing in right side.
    selected drawing is not deleting by delete button

  37. Rushabh says:

    Does pi work on macOS?

  38. Aslam Randhanpara says:

    Please combine the MACD and MACD Histogram so that we dont have to place this two indicators separately because by placing this two the space gets too much messy

  39. Mahadev Naiknavre says:

    Not able to login. Please restart again to continue…
    getting above error frequently ….

  40. Jerald DLima says:

    In Pi, link to excel is not working. It giving error ‘ Exception from HRESULT: 0x800AC472.

    Please help me to resolve this issue.

    I have called to Zerodha helpdesk, but they couldn’t help to solve this.

  41. Trupti says:

    Any guidance to add “VTC” order to avoid daily interventions on market limits?

  42. Bharath R says:

    Zerodha Pi to Excel link not working I am getting below mentioned error
    When I use link to Excel, I get error “exception from HRESULT:0X800AC472, please try again”

  43. riyas says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please Update Pi software like Sharekhan trade king software , we need option chain in Pi software we love pi because quick trade u need include supertrend strategy in expert advisor and so on update frequently full time trader are really like to trade in desktop only please consider


  44. abhijeet A says:

    Why does it say that if i add more than 50 scrips i.e 250 it will only update rates for the active marketwatch. I mean like on Kite, which updates the rates on all the marketwatches, why cant i do it here. The reason i want to switch from kite to pi is first that chrome uses too much of my ram and second, pi has 1-click trade option which is very useful during price action.
    Please dont take this as a hate comment, i love what you are doing and would really appreciate if you could update pi with latest features and possibly more number of market watch.

    Thanks in advance.

  45. Khaja Shaik says:

    When i try to open chart from Pi software i am getting error “Unable to fetch historical chart data for XXX, only live data will be there”.

    I have been trying from many days, could you please let me know how can i fix this.

  46. tijo says:

    I am not able to trade from Pi, it not giving buy sell form once I pressed F1 or F2 or clicking on buy/sell. rest all working. I have to order from mobile and watch it on pi on computer

  47. Peter says:

    Banknifty quotes not available for the day 06 sep 2018. specially on expiry day the date not available for selection and if already selected data not available. for last one month I am facing the same problem.. for example I am getting data for expiry date 06 sep 2018 on 05 sep 2018. but not on 06 sep 2018. the screen is missing the date and data..l

  48. Manjul says:

    Unable to login in Pi. Kindly assist!!
    Error: Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. Method “FillReport
    in type “M4.Omne.ZerodhaCbs”

  49. Kiran says:

    When I use link to Excel, I get error “exception from HRESULT:0X800AC472, please try again”

  50. tejas sarate says:

    pi problem
    1.when I open candlestick chart . there is a glitch it shows very big candles . if I want a minute candle it shows very big only 5 candles.

    2. please arrange for vortex tool . its very important .

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Tejas,

      Please raise a ticket here and our support rep will get in touch with you and help you out.

      Also, Vortex indicator is currently unavailable on Pi. However, it is available on Kite.

  51. ncc says:

    Dear Siva Sir,
    Why Chart and Chart tools are disable mode? I have reloaded pi twice on my machine. but don’t work.

    Please help.

  52. munish says:

    is there any update in pi,
    from last few days it gives message to update or to exit.
    there is no update mention in z-connect .

  53. sushil says:

    Good morning,

    in pi software , can I save the indicators by default so that when i open any chart in future indicators can be seen easily neither i have to add indicators every time

  54. Ameet Dhabba says:

    I tried to download Pi from Pi section but I can’t download Pi, please give me link.

  55. Manish says:

    plzz alow more than 50 script limit to 100 in Pi software. Tough to trade with such a small amount of script….

  56. Ashish says:

    I have requested zerodha team several times to update zerodha pi with some points missing in pi
    1) cant drag chart up and down like we can in kite 2) cross hair not showing price and time.3)cant put price alerts (i use different software to put price alerts) 4) when we put a bracket order it comes in different breakups so when i want to modify for e.g my sl or target price i have to modify each and every breakup order which has been executed.There should be one singel order which should modify all my breakup executed orders.

    • Matti says:

      Ashish, Kite and Pi are different platforms, built differently. Expecting the same behaviour on both would be unreasonable. For price alerts, we have an altogether separate platform, Sentinel. Also, as for BO, this is how the order type was built by our vendor, Thomson Reuters, and approved by the exchange in this form. This cannot be changed.

  57. LAKSHMANAN M says:


    my self Lakshmanan M and I have account in Zerodha. while installing Pi software in my laptop some error is coming.

    Error showing as per below:

    Component Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Runtime Libraries (x86) has failed to install with the following error message:
    “Fatal error during installation. ”

    The following components were successfully installed:
    – Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries (x86)

    The following components failed to install:
    – Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Runtime Libraries (x86)

    See the setup log file located at ‘C:\Users\LAKSHM~1\AppData\Local\Temp\VSDA0F7.tmp\install.log’ for more information.

    please guide asap.

    Lakshmanan M

  58. Methun Biswas says:

    Chart is not opening in Pi since last two days. Please help.

  59. Ashish says:

    I have requested zerodha team several times to update zerodha pi with some points missing in pi
    1) cant drag chart up and down like we can in kite 2) cross hair not showing price and time.3)cant put price alerts (i use different software to put price alerts) 4) when we put a bracket order it comes in different breakups so when i want to modify for e.g my sl or target price i have to modify each and every breakup order which has been executed.There should be one singel order which should modify all my breakup executed orders.

  60. Krishnakant says:

    In Pi, i want to see the hourly chart for previous 2 to 3 years like it is in Kite. But i see it is restricted to previous 60 days in Pi. How do i overcome this ?

  61. murtuza says:

    dear sir

    unable to open chart in PI software… please help

  62. angayerkanni says:

    dear sir,
    i am using zerodha pi.
    intrest to use renko chart.
    please help me to use proper way.

  63. Rajamanickam Pandian says:

    Hi, At present I use basket order in NEST for placing multiple orders at once. I would like to place the basket order at a particular time without my intervention. For example I would like to place the basket order to be executed at 11 AM. Is there a way to get this done? If not can you take this as my request and add this an option?
    Thanks for your support

  64. Gaurav says:

    Hello Nitin,

    Why is Pi not available in linux, just compile the source code of pi in Debian and fedora and we are good to go in most of the linux operating system, I have been waiting for this for a long time.

    Please make it available in Linux.

    Thanks & Regards,

  65. Ashish says:

    I have requested zerodha team several times to update zerodha pi with some points missing in pi
    1) cant drag chart up and down like we can in kite 2) cross hair not showing price and time.3)cant put price alerts (i use different software to put price alerts) 4) when we put a bracket order it comes in different breakups so when i want to modify for e.g my sl or target price i have to modify each and every breakup order which has been executed.There should be one singel order which should modify all my breakup executed orders.

  66. Girija says:

    Kindly introduce multiple snap quote….

  67. Ashwin says:

    Could you please add Pivot Points but there should be an option to select “DAILY” “WEEKLY” “MONTHLY” and as well as there should be an option to select and deselect all the Supports and Resistance, so that we should be able add only one pivot line as per our choice.

    • Ashwin says:

      And one more tool I would like to see in charts i.e. CROSS LINES for mouse pointer same as we have in Kite. whenever we hover the mouse over chart so we get that CROSS LINE in place of cursor pointer. Actually it helps a lot to track mouse pointer. May be its just bcoz I’m used to it due to Kite.

  68. hitesh says:

    1)can i save a market watch created in pi,if yes how?
    2)earlier i used to hear a computer generated voice after an order is executed ,and messaage gets displayed at the bottom of pi window,but since last two months both things are absent ,pls explain?

  69. Debojyoty Datta says:

    zerodha team,
    At present link to excel on PI creates an excel file with .xlsx format for these we cannot apply vba codes or macro and save them to xlsx (macro free format) so please do something on this so that the page created by default is macro enabled like xlsm or xlsb.

  70. Debojyoty Datta says:

    how to see 52weeks high and low on pi ?

  71. Sakshi says:

    how can download Pi

  72. Dhananjay says:

    Is there any one in zerodha who knows about complete or full update instead of incremental updates……. ? i opened zerodha pi after few months and my full day got invested in updating this application… what kind of logic is applied ? cant there be a update which covers all earlier versions? after having so much of technical integration in zerodha business, such kind of things puzzle me!!!! on one hand zerodha guys are so much advanced in technology and on another, update management is taking 6/7 updates one after another… instead of getting installed in one go.

  73. BISWAJEET DEKA says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    Kindly look after about Pi chart. Regarding Pi; Charting is not difficult but its take time to open particularly on every script so we’ve to open chart on every time. Add some features like chart sync from marketwatch or drag and drop and also timeframe sync.

    Thanking you.

  74. Aashish says:


  75. Aashish says:


  76. ranjeet says:

    pi is free or chargable app

  77. ANKUR K LAD says:

    Can you guys add “Trend Intensity Index” oscillator to Pi please?

  78. Pradeep U says:

    Hello sir,

    I am trying to export data of NIFTY50 stocks to excel but in excel sheet all values are showing NA how to fix it please help me.

    Thank you

  79. Raghuveer says:


    The Money Flow Index indicator seemed to be malfunctioning today in Pi at the 3 minute frame. It dropped from over 80 to 0 for 1-2 bars and then shot back up again. I doubted it so I crossed checked in Kite, and there the chart was as I expected (it was without the sudden drop). I can send all the parameters I used, with a screenshot through mail if you wish, please let me know where to send it.

    Would appreciate it if you look into it, thanks.


    I am not able to use Pi software…. When I install Pi software its shows an error message.

  81. Mayur Gupta says:

    Hello sir,

    is there any way that i can install zerodha pi without administrator access

    please if available then please shere


  82. Ramya says:

    My antivirus software detects it as a virus and removes them. I couldnt install it.

  83. sudhirkumar says:

    I am unable to login my pi software. Because of this i am unable to enter my proxy for using my internet which is proxy restricted.

  84. Prem says:

    I have a kite account. I want to have pi on my MAC. Do you have a MAC version? if yes, Please provide link to download. Thanks in advance.

  85. Sikandar says:

    1- Recently, the option to login Q Backoffice when Pi/ Kite is running is removed and if Q Backoffice is required to be accessed, it asks Kite credentials which logs off trading platforms. This is undesired. Please revoke the previous system of simultaneous Q backoffice and terminal login.

    2- Please include shortcut key for chart data directly from Market watch.

    3- When the update on Pi is expected so as to get bug free updated system.

    • Sikandar says:

      Also, please increase default No of scrips from 50 to 100 which can get Active MW ticked or provision to include Predefined Market Watch scrips to Default MW also on double click.

      Chart Maximise/ Minimise by double click on Title Tabs.

      Buy Sell order line on chart and modification of orders by dragging these lines

      • Matti says:

        The number of scrips is limited in the interest of bandwidth and I doubt this would be lifted. We’ll share the rest of your feedback with the Pi dev team so they try to incorporate this in coming releases.

    • Matti says:

      1. Kite and Q can be logged into simultaneously even now. We’re working on making it possible to have Pi logged in in parallel as well.
      2. Yes, this should be done in the coming releases.
      3. I wouldn’t be able to give you a concrete timeline here.

  86. Shovan says:

    Please add all indicators in Pi that are currently available in Kite 3.0 . In Kite 3.0 Accumulation/Distribution is there but not in Pi. We cannot login both the platforms simultaneously to overcome the shortcomings in Pi. Suppose I create a derivative indicator in Pi and want to armour it with A/D. That neither possible in Kite nor in Pi. The situation sometimes become frustrating…

  87. jayesh says:

    hi, i downloaded pi just now and after installing when i tried to log in it said ” Error the underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send. i tried re installing but no luck. i think after installing i did deny firewall permission but then i allowed firewall to pi but still didn’t work.

  88. Shreyansh says:

    Hello. Recently since Jan my Pi is slow to load and crashes way more frequently than before. I upgraded my internet connection but that has not helped. Now there is complete failure to load Pi, telling me that ‘Not able to login, Please restart again to continue’. It is very frustrating and has locked me out of my investments at a very crucial time. I have even changed laptop but there are issues in installation on win 10. Please provide me with immediate support, and if anyone else has faced a similar problem please share solutions.
    Thank you.

  89. Harvinder Chauhan says:

    charts not getting open in Pi

  90. Shovan says:

    Sir Add indicator 2 indicators in Pi derived from Bollinger Bands: %b and Bandwith. These indicators are in Kite3.0 but not available in Pi.

    When you are bringing the next upgraded version of Pi? No doubt it is far better than Kite at least regarding plotting derivative indicators choosing different source fields.

  91. Dhananjay says:


    Is the fast and slow stochastic oscillator implemented in pi. i searched but could not find.


  92. vijay kumar says:

    is zerodha charging any type of yearly, monthly, weekly or anyhow for using Pi or Q?? please tell me as early as possible.

  93. satbeer singh says:

    sir add indicator DEMA AND VWAP in zerodha pi

  94. Dinesh says:

    I have an issue with pi platform.
    I created a new MARKETWATCH, I choose the columns and added scrips which I need. The columns & scrips were arranged accordingly to my comfort. While exiting the application, I save the workspace and also save the marketwatch which popup on exit.
    On next login, my marketwatch is scrambled and I has to rearrange the columns & scrips line of order every time. But on “default marketwatch” the problem is quite less. Only the columns has to be rearranged, but the scrips are in the order I saved. User Settings is set to save everything on exit.

    Is there any options to retrieve the saved marketwatch as it was at exit?

    Expecting a solution.

  95. mahesh chand prajapat says:

    kindly add the blank line in between two scripts and buy sell shortcut +,- key feature.

  96. shaphaba says:


    How can i reached Nithin Kamath. The main reason is that i use Pi as a trading platform, while i can see many developments going on for kite, Pi is underdeveloped.

    Main things that can be added to pi are:
    1. BO
    2. Pi crashes more often at times when you want to view cash positions/when you wish to load certain nifty50 list etc.
    3. Range bars can be added. Lack of visual appeal in case of indicators. I am not asking for anything fancy.

    Now, i want to ask why Pi is severely underdeveloped as compared to kite. Do the developing team knows that bugs exist but they simply wish to ignore.

    I love pi and there may be many others who has the same concern.

    Hello Zerodha!

  97. Vaibhav Vatkar says:

    Pi is frequently crashing when trying to check Cash Margins available. This is creating huge problems while pushing orders, as I am not able to see, with how much I can trade.
    This problem has also been highlighted above by
    Sriram says:
    July 28, 2016 at 11:22 am

    What is the immediate step that I can do now to solve this problem, since I frequently need to check it?

    If you are trying for permanent fix, when will you be releasing it?

  98. kmurali165 says:

    Hi Friends!

    I am new to Pi Zerodha and I want to check the “Previous Range Day Break Out Strategy” (PRB) with some selected Stocks like “Reliance Industries” etc.. Can anyone please help to provide the Pi trade script for “Previous Range Day Break Out Strategy”

  99. swarup says:

    your up graded pi software is not at all working on windows 10. your support people cannot solve the problem.
    previous versions of pi is working fine with the same machine.
    i think you have to test the same windows 10 platform and see for yourself.
    there is no issue with the machine.

  100. Vinit says:

    Dear Team Zerodha,

    Pi does not generate Holding report under positions.

  101. SHAILESH says:

    Hello sir,
    Can Zerodha try to add Displaced moving average indicator in PI platform ?
    in Kite platform moving average off set facility is there but i can not scan in kite.

  102. Rahul Kumar says:

    is mac version of pi available?

  103. Rohan says:

    in the next update of pi please add an by default Zero line/Horizontal line for Macd indicator.for me its very essential.
    Thank you,

  104. shailesh says:

    Can Zerodha try to add Displaced moving indicator in PI platform ?
    in Kite platform moving average off set facility is there but i can not scan in kite.

  105. Argha Das says:

    I want to set default time period of 5 minutes candles for 60 days on every chart that i open on pi, can that be done?

  106. Sukesh says:


    I happened to go through a demo of SAS Online’s Alpha platform. It seems to be an exact replica of Pi!!

    I thought Pi was developed by Zerodha. Any light you can throw on this?


  107. Uday says:

    Hi… I had an query… I hope I can get a solution as always from you guys?….

    Can I input 2 orders simultaneously in pi under co and Bo… For example…

    Suppose Infosys is at 100rs … Can I input a limit sell order at 98 with 100 stop-loss and simultaneously input an buy order at 102 with a stop-loss at 95… Can Both the orders be inputted thru co and bo

  108. Nayan says:

    when opening pi, it asks for update. I have updated atleast 5 times. still it behaves the same. i have also reinstalled the software and updated already twice. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP. kindly mail if possible

  109. BVPrasad says:

    Hi, Is it possible to add two indicators : 1) Volume at price 2) Market Profile for 15 Min, 10 Min and 5 Min charts ?
    That would be a great help. Thanks in advance.

  110. Gajanan Chaudhari says:


  111. I installed Pi in my Laptop but always throws error critical update is available , it leaving with no other option rather than update, issue is even after update its throwing the same error again and again. i am not able to use Pi in my new laptop.. Anyone faced the issue & what is the solution for the same…

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Can you write to [email protected].

    • Mohammed Mohaideen says:

      I faced the same update issue. i tried to uninstall and reinstall multiple times, didn’t work. Then I cleared the Windows registry errors with C Cleaner and Installed again. It fixed it. But Pi hangs so much on my laptop If I open a single chart with 1 Day x 1Y candles and apply 1 or 2 indicators. It is unusable for me. Zerodha Please Fix this soon.

      • Mohammed Mohaideen says:

        I have the laptop with Core i7, 8GB RAM, 7200 RPM HDD, 2GB Graphics which is more than the minimum requirements.

  112. Subhash says:

    Hi Team,
    I know Pi is a wonderful software but for last one year I am only complaining about one thing. IT GETS STUCK ON SPLASH SCREEN!

    I have raised this issue every day till last year. Your support team, always uninstalled, removed old directories that uninstaller does not remove (user specific) and then reinstalled. It works for first time but then it does not. Why are you not just dropping that splash screen? Atleast have a button to close it! I am a programmer for MAC OS X and I know it can be made non modal. Please fix this issue or provide me a solution HERE that does not disturb my settings. I am using NEST trader for Zerodha for last 1 year now and have absolutely no issues.


  113. Noble says:

    Hi Matti,
    Any new updates for PI. It’s been a long time, PI got some updates.
    Please add VWAP indicator in PI

    • Matti says:

      Pi does have VWAP now. Please check.

      • Noble says:

        Hi Matti,
        The indicator in PI is Volume weighted moving average (VWMA) and not volume-weighted average price (VWAP).
        Having VWAP would be very helpful. Kite is really browser heavy and RAM consuming. PI is very light. It has quick order window and shortcuts as well and multiple charts work very well.
        I have the latest update as on 8th Dec V1.0.0.6.
        Please advise if I am missing something.

        • Ankit says:

          yes… still waiting for an update for bug fixes and more indicators specially vwap….
          I think zerodha is not interested in their desktop app and are pushing users to the online platform.

  114. Geli says:

    Waiting for Ichimoku for a long time…

  115. Geli says:

    @ Nithin Kamath: When will you add Ichimoku Cloud to Pi…. ???

  116. bhoopesh says:

    sir you have to add multichart option in kite web like upstox it is very difficult to watch charts we have to open chart one by one

  117. shiva says:

    sir mera pi software me na chart bata raha hai na hi scanner load ho rha hai

  118. Nitin Jain says:


    Can you please lookout for below options in your Pi software
    1./ customizable hot keys to place order. for example ctrl+1 for 100 quantity trade ctrl+2 for 200 qty and similarly we can customize hot keys as per our preferences.
    2./ header part of scanner should have option of hide as it takes too much space if we have to use multiple scanners at same page.
    3./ Order lines at chart i.e. we should be able to place order from charts and accordingly there should be a line visible on chart for buy, sell and stop loss orders. Also we should be able to drag lines and that should result in modifications in our orders?
    4./ studies needs update for example ichimoku needs to be added.(its there in kite but not in pi)
    5./ additional preloaded scanners

    Nitin Jain

  119. joemaxpayne says:

    Please add zoom in function to make text and contents bigger in desktop app. in large full hd monitor, texts are too small, had to reduce monitor resolution during trade sessions to make texts and contents bigger. zoom in function in app will be very helpful.

  120. muniraj says:


  121. binu says:

    hi nithin
    are you had any control over your staffs ?
    the Daylight Saving Time changed on last week , still your admin is not changed the pi chart plotting time in the server,,
    charts stops working @ 11.30 ..

  122. Gopinatha Pai says:

    Most of the time, we cannot track the price by watching each tick. A basic Price alert system via email and SMS is nescessary which is already present in NEST Terminal. When the price crosses the Alert Price, SMS or Email should be received.


  123. Naishal Mali says:

    i installed pi software in my laptop,but when i am trying to login it is not login and showing Not responding and Pi got hanged so if there is any solution for this?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Naishal, please write to tsiva[at] and we’ll have someone get in touch with you to figure this out.

  124. prasanna says:

    hello is it possible to get real time updates of the portfolio holdings in pi while it can be seen in kite it is unavailable in pi everytime we have to click on get holdings to see the latest value

  125. Shobhit says:

    Any plans to roll out Pi for macOS?

  126. Jeswin Sam says:

    Could you please work on making this software available for MacOS users? Thanks!

  127. saurav kumar says:

    i coudn’t be able to find undo-redo option. can you please suggest me where it is ?

  128. vinesh kumar says:

    sir , request of adding weekly and monthely pivots in Pi charts is pending since very long ,but you even don’t reply on that nor they added .

  129. Yogesh says:

    In almost all charting app, timing for the candle is the end time of the selected time frame.
    But in Pi it’s the starting time.
    Say for an ex:
    Nse opens at 9:15 so for Nifty in 5 mins time frame first candle time should show 9:20
    and not 9:15.
    I tried saving charts (save workspace and mkt watch) with my indicators and trend line but unable to do so.
    Every time I have re draw trend lines which is very annoying.



  130. MuthuNag says:

    I had Nifty 50 & Nifty USD Indices on the default MW. Now unable to see them and am not able to add them back. Can someone help?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Muthu, on the market watch column, select NSE>EQ and select indices and in the next toggle select the required index and add it to your market watch. To add spot currency indices check this post.

      • MuthuNag says:

        Thanks for the reply. In the dropdown Menu, I am getting only NFO & CDS. Unable to attach the screenshot here. Could mail if needed.

  131. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Sir, When does the AMC ( Annual Maintenance Charges ) fall due for zerodha trading account ? I mean at what time of year

  132. kiranbvsn says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am trading with zerodha for last 5 years, recently I found that my MW which I saved as workspace is not getting updated automatically when I am adding new scripts to my MW. Also I want my workspace have to load when pi starts.

    The above thigs is impacting my trade.


  133. aleslam says:

    please provide me pi software
    how to download pi

  134. RUPESH says:

    While using Zerodha Pi software Chart for 5 min, or 15 min are not available even not available for any minute ineterval, it shows there is no previous data available for this only live data is available.
    How to fix this please help.

    Thank You,

  135. bopanna says:


    • star says:

      Pi is stable only but it’s performance is dependent upon hardware, can write to @ [email protected] on this and will get this checked.

      • bopanna says:

        About Pi being “stable” thats a nice thing to note. On my system it never has. My laptop is not new, its a sony has 4gb ram and 2.2 ghz intel core 2 duo processor operating windows 10 64bit. I have a 10mbps internet connection only for this laptop. I hope this is enough. Infact have tried running Pi without anything else open still same results.
        Most of the time I am using kite on Google chrome with about 8 to 10 different tabs open on browser also with MSexcel running no issues. But Pi still hangs.

  136. jayajirao shinde says:

    sir can we see 2 min chart as trade tiger give facility??
    we are lagging here

  137. vinesh kumar says:

    dear sir
    when will be you are going to add weekly and monthely pivot point function in zerodha PI
    like that in kite charts.

  138. Nanak says:

    hey there
    is there some problem in pi when we use preload market space…i am trying to use nifty50 preload workspace but after loading of sometime it crash down automatically or pi gets hang.please fix this asap. and also i wanted to know as we save preferences in kite and the all settings we do in kite remains the same but in same we have to do that everytime we log the cross hair we have to enable everytime we log in or data box to remove everytime we come inn…please tell me how to add preferencess like kite on pi.


    • siva says:

      Pi is resource intensive system, while using multiple market watches it is recommended to keep a tab on other programs running parallelly and also should have good internet speed. You can drop a mail to [email protected] on this. Also to save preferences one can go to view menu–>user setting–>chart setting–> and select required options and apply, from next login the saved settings will be applied by default.

  139. Anml says:

    Hi Zerodha team , best wishes for your efforts , it would be appreciated if added these indicators in PI ,
    1. Hurst band
    2. Vwap
    Also here in vwap , current days vwap in thick green line , and prev days vwap as dotted green line , day before prev vwap in dotted brown line , 2 nd day before prev vwap in dotted blue line and 3 rd day prev vwap in dotted red line . Im usig this wat vwap in one screener software , if possible please add these features in PI .As these prev 4 days vwap gives an clear idea in support resistance ,if added it willl reduce my burden to watching simultaneously in another one than with PI.
    Hope will my request will be considred .
    Thanks and Wishes to Zerodha team for putting their best to their clients himalayan requests.

  140. Hiren says:

    Hello Team Zerodha,
    In Pi These code is not working by me saying error of no trade though i piu both buy & sell scripts.


    please guide me.

  141. Praveen says:

    250 stocks across 5 watchlists is quite useless for all the advancements in Pi. Sometimes when we need to make sector wise personal lists to track, we shud at least have 10 watchlists or 100 stocks in 5 watchlists. very inconvenient feature 🙁

  142. Tarun says:

    Hello Nitin,
    I don’t know if this the right forum, I am new to zerodah and pi. Is there a possibility in Pi or kite where we can do bracket type order and keep for a week or a month in equity trade? If ‘YES’ can you tell me where it is? If ‘NO’, Is it true the only way is to observe the market continuously and take profit ,say 10%, of the given share value and exit the trade?

    • Venu says:

      Unfortunately such advance order types don’t exist for the Indian markets today, all orders get canceled by the Exchange on market closing, so you’ll have to place a new target order everyday. Bracket order is purely an intraday product code. You can place After market orders everyday, read more here.

  143. Pandian says:

    I raised the following query earlier but no reply. Please clarify.
    In the “Stock holding” position window, We have the option to square off the holdings at Market price with option to “Square off” and “Square off all”. The “Square of all” option does not work. I want to square off all holdings at a particular time but it does not work. Please help.

  144. Praveen says:

    also how do i copy all my stocks from different market watchlists in NEST to new watchlists in Pi?

  145. Praveen says:

    got a new lappie hence had to download Pi after using NEST all these years. How do i change a marketwatch name i.e rename marketwatch group

  146. bhaskar says:

    in market watch can we make companies to list by alphabetical order ?? if so can anyone let me know
    thanks in advance

  147. charan says:

    hey sir , how to find historical options data in pi or atleast charts or greeks data? please make this available to backtest my strategies. thank you.

  148. Manjunath Ramesh says:

    Hi Team

    Need your help to install Zerodha Pi on Mac.
    Pls help.

  149. PREMNATH says:


    How can I use PI and Kite at same time, If I log in to one the another one getting log out.

  150. MANOJ says:

    in pi how to move chart up or down , it is very important and in pi zooming still not good need very much improvment

  151. Pandian says:

    In the “Stock holding” position window, We have the option to square off the holdings at Market price with option to “Square off” and “Square off all”. The “Square of all” option does not work. I want to square off all holdings at a particular time but it does not work. Please help.
    Thank you.

  152. MANOJ says:

    in pi if we buy/sell for chart i.e : buy at or sell at , we can not change the value and after order we will have to double click the order and then we can change it so plz make it changeable 1st time when we trade from chart , and there is no order time in tradebook or orderbook so plz add time in tradebook and order book so that we can check it when it was traded.

  153. Hemant says:

    Hi Team Zerodha/TradeLabs,

    Zerodha + TradeLabs are doing a great job at improving Pi. Keep it up.

    Is it possible to have a feature in Pi that can allow custom-coding of indicators, similar to AmiBroker’s AFL?

    Thank you,

  154. Debojyoty Datta says:

    nitin ji is cross currency eur/usd, gbp/usd, jpy/usd trading possible in india ?
    I hve seen this video from 2015

  155. Arpit Jayaswal says:

    I have made 2 complaint about this zerodha Pi software getting freeze daily at 9:30 am, I had call many time zerodha support they promise to call back in 2 min all the time and I have not received any call yet from support team. I have sent them screen shot of the freeze software also still it is not working. my complaints number is 739902 and 228273.

    • star says:

      Our team tried calling you on this but the calls were not answered, kindly answer the calls or revert to the mail.

  156. Dinesh Patil says:

    what is the system requirement? will it run on windows 7?

  157. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Is there any alternative for AWESOME OSCILLATOR at present ?

  158. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Nitinji, I have requesting for a particular feature for nearly a year that plz add this in Pi
    1. Net change column with color indicator like this
    2. Editable color and all lines of indicators like macd, donchian channel, supertrend etc becoz at present only one line color can be changed which is really not useful
    3. Plz add Awesome Oscillator

  159. Nagendra Prasad Naidu says:

    Dear Sir,
    can i know is it possible to inbuilt buy sell buttons for trigger price line in PI chart, if price touch that line order has to executed it means that line is like trigger price order like MT4. For example after execute the buy order if we drag that line to downwards that will be my stop loss trigger price and if i drag upwards that like will be my target price, vise versa for the short order same as MT4 on chart trading. is it possible in PI? I am requesting you trading system like MT4 is it possible?

  160. chetan says:

    Hi, you have put in a lot of effort in making Pi trading software. Everything is fine except the Pi time clock at the top of the software is slow by a second or two compared to IST. Due to this, the open and close of every bar looks a little different than what everyone else is seeing. Despite repeated complaints by many people, it has not been set right. I think you need to replace the Motherboard cmos battery on your Pi servers. Temporary fix would be to sync your Pi servers before the market opens every morning to IST… but during the day it might slow down by half a second or even 1 second. Hope it is permanently fixed by your system administrator.

    • siva says:

      Chetan, Last two times when you raised this even we too noticed couple of secs delay but nothing this time, it is absolutely fine, can you send me a screenshot for the delay you have noticed to [email protected].

  161. VInay says:

    Hi Team,

    i can not select future & options stock for my technical query in PI trading.

    Can you let us know why ?


  162. Nikhil Kumar Shaw says:

    plz add awesome oscillator to pi.

  163. GAURAV says:

    sir how i can use pi . i m using zerodha kite for trading . now i wanna use pi how i can use it

  164. Jayckie Upadhyay says:

    I would request Zerodha to Provide 2 Very Important Things in next Pi update…1) In MACD & MACD Histogram, we must have Zero Line (or Signal Line) which is very essantial and 2) In RSI (Relative Strength index) Pi only provides 1 parameter instead it must have 2 Parameters in Same RSI settings as a) Average period & b) the Selected RSI Period which will Show relative Strength…as the name suggests Relative Strength Index, we examine first against the Average Period, then the Relative Strength to Price movement…Thank You.

  165. Pandian says:

    In the “Stock holding” position window, We have the option to square off the holdings at Market price but not the “Square off at LTP”. Can we have this option on Stock holding window? We have this option on “Admin Position” widow.

  166. Nitin Nikam says:

    when we draw some tools like mostly rectangle ,when shift from higher time frame to lower time,,, they are not visible in lower time frame.Please fix it.

  167. vinesh kumar says:

    dear sir
    one feature which is very interesting and helpfull of pivot point present in kite charts is not present in Pi charts as such in form as present in kite charts . what i mean to say that – when we open 15 min or below time frame chart in kite pivot s are intraday calculated , while open 30 min or hourly chart pivot points are weekly calculated and when we open daily chart pivot points monthely calculated
    this is an awsome feature which i like most ,and request you to include this feature to Pi charts ( which shows only intraday pivot points )
    2) also recommend you to add channel fill and shading option for various studies
    i think it will not be more tricky these 2 points for your people /partners which develop such wonderfull things ( kite & Pi)
    waiting for your update

  168. Vinay says:

    Hi Team,

    I am new user to trading and want to know about PI application and guidelines to use it and how it is different from KITE i which i am using it right now.
    is their any monthly amount associated with it if i plan to use it in future.

    hoping for prompt reply.


  169. Nidhi says:

    plz add awesome oscillator to pi and also is there any alternative for AO available right now pls do tell me.

  170. chetan says:

    again the Pi chart clock is slow by 4 seconds. i had posted on july 14 regarding the same and it was corrected but it only lasted for a day. again your clock has slowed down. i think it is slowing down a second per day. due to this, it will mess up the real time open and close of every bar. either the battery on your server’s motherboard is weak or might be some other issue. hoping it would get fixed permanently.

    • Hariharan says:

      I have been observing the same for the past two months and have reported it too. The delay varies from 1-6 seconds on different days. Today its 4 seconds.This delay is causing slippage in market orders for options. Need a permanent fix for this problem.

      • siva says:

        @ Hariharan, It can’t be everyday from two months as every week we sync our servers with IST, also this time is used to just form charts and has nothing to do with broadcast or order placing, it won’t be any reason for slippage because the orders get time -stamped at exchange level.You can relogin and check now.

    • siva says:

      Can you relogin and check now.

      • chetan says:

        the time is correct now. but i think it might again slow down by a second every day from tomorrow. and again when you sync your servers by the end of the week everything will be alright. on july 17th monday i observed the clock was slow by a second, and by thursday today it was slow by 4 seconds. you need to give this a permanent fix.

  171. ujjwal says:

    Please release a version compatible with Mac OS.

  172. Prasant Kumar says:

    sir what should be the box size of RENKO CHARTS in PI for forex trading in kite it was 0.5390 and it worked but when I put 0.5390/ 1/ 10 /100 every time its blank I dont know whats wrong with it. Pls guide me regarding this

    • star says:

      Currency tick size is .0025 so if one gives box size of 1/10/100 it will come blank only. Open data for more number of days and give boxsize as few multiples of .0025 like 5 paisa , 10 paisa etc. It should be fine. In last couple of months USDINR was traded in range of 80 paisa so there won’t be enough boxes to plot if box size is given a big value. Boxsize is specific to the underlying on which we are applying so we should consider it’s price range also before plotting.

  173. Nidhi says:

    plz add awesome oscillator to pi

    • Prasant Kumar says:

      I have also seen in pi that most of the indicators are not editable from their line color point of view some of the lines are pre colored which cannot be changed like Donchian channel where only on line color can be edited and this happens to be true for most of the indicators. pls do something to make them fully editable otherwise its of no use all the other platform have this option.

  174. Hariharan says:

    What are the new features added in the latest Pi update (18 July)?

    • siva says:

      Implemented some exchange related checks(compliance), not added any additional front-end feature after july 4th release.

  175. MANOJ says:

    i have been telling since one year that plz add 0 line in MACD but i think zerodha is not interested in it as well 0 line is must in macd , and also zoom facility till not now good will have to more improvement in pi , one can not do intraday trading while watching chart in PI , if wanna compare with PI then just check SHAREKHAN TRADTIGER software , u will fine the diffrence

    • siva says:

      Yes, regrets for missing MACD zero line but will be added in next release. I believe zoom in and out on pi is as good as any other platform, can you write to me @ [email protected] about the shortcomings of zooming option on pi.

  176. Ravindra Desale says:

    I have updated Pi software yesterday. I am unable to add future and option stocks in to marketwatch list.
    Because there is no NFO option is available in Exchange list. only NSE, BSE, CDS and MCX are available.
    kindly provide me solution.

  177. dheeraj says:

    i have a problem regarding pi, it is not running, actually not responding. It was working when i installed it first time, but next day when i try to login, it didn,t open. I reinstalled pi but again same problem.

  178. chetan says:

    Hi, From the last few days i am observing the time which is displayed at the top in Pi is slow by 7 seconds. Due to this the shape of the 5 min candles is different from what it should be. Please look into this.

    • chetan says:

      contd…. the close for the current bar is wrong and the open for the next bar is wrong. In the EOD intraday chart it looks right but in real time it is messed up for the above mentioned reason which is, your server clock is slow by 7 seconds.

  179. Ashwini says:

    PI chart is chargeable or not and how to use it please let me know.

    • siva says:

      It is free,select scrip on market watch and right click on it to select chart option, for more help on this can call to 080-40402020.

  180. Dipesh Dadhich says:

    how can I add 250 script in single market watch.??
    please help … as i want to add all F&O stock in single list rather than 5 different market watch.

  181. Bhushan says:

    Dear Nithin Sir,
    The Q backoffice is showing a PI update on 04/07/2017. I have updated the same through PI check for updates option also. But nothing is new here. The continuous future chart was introduced in the last PI update only. Can you please throw some light on what’s there in this update which was not there earlier.

    Bhushan K.

    • siva says:

      Not added any front end features as only backend changes have implemented, will be announcing it out in a day or two.

  182. Dipesh Dadhich says:

    how can I add 250 script in single market watch.??
    please help … as i want to add all F&O stock in single list rather than 5 different market watch.

  183. Prabhakar says:

    1.Please provide VWAP indicator in Pi.
    2. In Kite intraday charts Supertrend indicator doesn’t flip in real time when there is trend change. Need to close and reload the chart.

  184. vilas says:

    hi nitin i have an request for next update in pi please include the charting option for watch list as separately now we have to search for individual stock going through search table. i would like trade in limited stock list it will help me lot thank you sir

  185. Parkash CHANDER says:

    I am getting error in Zeroda Pie from last two weeks. Whenever i am opening Zerodha Pie the chart is not properly loading and the scipts is not adding. Most of the times the Pie freezes at the opening.

  186. rahul says:

    it is showing ”We ran out of invitations, next set of invitations will be added soon. Please come back later”. How much time does it will take so that i can use it.
    its been 2 weeks and till now it is not available.

  187. Biswajit says:

    1. Is there any plan to add Ichimoku clouds in Pi ? (available in Kite)
    2. How do I see the volume information in Kite marketwatch ? (available in Pi)

  188. Sreenath.K says:

    In the latest version of PI I could not find the following (not sure if they are already there & I missed spotting them!!):
    1. Moving average indicator not provided!!! Pls include them as they are the basic indicators…
    2. No weekly and monthly pivot points available – only daily pivot point provided. Pls include both weekly & monthly pivots “with the option of plotting them both”.
    3. MACD has the option of only changing the main line color. Pls enable changing of both lines for clarity and also the “ZERO line highlighting”.

  189. VINIT KUMAR PATEL says:

    No Ichimoku Cloud trading stragedy in PI. Please add one click chart feature from the list of watchlist like in Kite

  190. Jay says:

    Hello Team,

    I would like to know if we have any trade setup to get real time updates that’s useful for option trading. For example, good strike to enter long or short covering is going on or long unwinding is seen and so which can be easier for traders to pick them. It can be similar to fingertips, but yet in your way.


  191. Sunil says:

    please sir send a link of pi also

  192. Sunil says:

    Sir, I want to know you any extra charge on bracket order,cover order and short order

    • Venu says:

      No, our brokerage remains the same. If your ‘entry’ BO order gets placed in multiple trades, the resulting SL and target trades will also be placed multiple times. At such times, the brokerage will be charged on each of the orders.

  193. Gurumurthy says:

    Dear Nitin,

    As I am trading in my office, I have restrictions and not allowed to install any softwares.

    I tried copying Pi from another PC to my PC, but am getting some errors while creating a chart or Create scripted alert etc.

    Hence I would request you to please allow a Copy Paste version of the Pi software so that we can work in any PC without installation.

    Please help resolve.

  194. Abhijeet says:

    When we can expect % change in open interest column in terminal. Missing it very badly. Any other way to compute it manually?


  195. Harsh says:

    PI download is not available.
    from where can i get the software.


  196. Sudarshan K says:

    Pi as well as Kite does not have the ability to adjust hourly candles to market hours. some other softwares like Tradetiger from SK has that option wherein I can decide if the hourly candle starts at 9 am or 9.15 am and toggle accordingly.
    I have some trading strategies which explicitly requires the hourly candles to start at xx:00 hrs and not xx:15.
    Is there any way possible to provide a toggle facility in upcoming updates? ( if there is any way currently available to do so that I might have overlooked then please let me know)

    • siva says:

      That option is not available with us for now but will pass it to the concerned team and based on possibility will try to implement in coming days.

  197. siva says:

    1. Macd line will be available in next release.
    2. VWAP on pi will take more time, but one can check the same on
    3. One can select on chart and drag it up and down to shrink it.
    4. Can you please write to [email protected] for the improvements you seek for zoom in and out on Pi.

    • MANOJ says:

      siva u plz check sharekhan tradetiger software and check how smoothly zooming works in it , u will have to do that kind of zooming in pi too otherewise there is no use of pi , and i think in kite it is better zooming then pi

  198. MANOJ says:

    i have updated latest pi and i m already complaining for some time about macd that their should me horizental line at 0 in it its very common but no one noticing it and one thing more i already told many times that how to add vwap on chart ?? there is no option in study to add vwap it should be their so plz try to add this feature ..and how to shrink chart ?? plz also mention that and zooming till not very well still u guys have to work on zooming too

  199. Debkrishna says:

    Why you Zerodha guys are not allowing Bracket order for delivery trades ? When this facility will be available to traders .

  200. jayesh says:

    Pi chart since last Monday having issue, informed by an emai replied once to Re concile chart by press Ctr and R key, but still problemlike,

    If morning open chart 9.15 am to 9.30 5 minites candele ans same after 9.30 open candle are different.unable to study chart study for intraday trading.but did not solve the issue.

  201. Avii says:

    in Pi, why user strategies and other scanner study are stored at your Pi server? why it can’t be stored locally on client machine? it means you have access to traders studies as every time I click on expert advisor it pulls all data from your server only.

    • siva says:

      User strategies are stored on cloud, so as to access from any machine, also in case of Uninstall / reinstall the strategies will be intact, even the same when updated to new version.Also it is stored on server in non readable format. Nothing to worry.

  202. amit soman says:

    Trend lines drawn on lower time signature don’t remain consistent for higher time signatures and vise versa…
    May be I am doing something wrong or some setting is to be activated. pls help…

    • siva says:

      Yes, for now it work like that only, in next release will try to make trend-lines stay on all timeframes.

  203. Aurabindo J says:

    Would be great if Pi works cross platform (I use only Linux)

  204. milind says:

    Your Pi access will be activated within 48 hours. Once activated you will get license key and Pi download link here. What I am getting now the message & not a software for last 4 – 5 days. I am new to zerodha & need a software to trade, kite is good but want to try pi.

  205. ozzy says:


    I remember about Pi whenever I have to renew my technical analysis software. so I was reading about the latest updates on Pi and got really excited. I downloaded and installed the latest version of Pi.

    1)Continuous NFO FUT daily data from 2010

    how do I get this to work. I would like to see a continuous chart of the nifty futures.

  206. uday says:

    My earlier post went unanswered, it was about trend lines disappearing from my PI platform when i try to edit them or draw new trend lines…

    The same issue continues with the new Pi update as well and i am unable to save the trend lines on my chart when i restart Pi after logging off and its a pain to redraw the lines once again…..

    I have tried to save the chart and the templates thru File – exit- save work spaces and save charts…. Still dosent work, i hope some one can answer me this time…..

    • siva says:

      Will reach you on this, ideally one should able to save trend-lines in template and can apply on same underlying of same timeframe in which they were saved.You can also give a try to, which is our web based platform and on which it is very easy in using/saving trend-lines.

  207. Debojyoty Datta says:


    Those who don’t have UNDCUR (Spot Currency) in PI latest updates Do the following :

    1. backup chart template and workspace from zerodha folder in C drive or any installation directory
    2. Uninstall zerodha PI with any uninstaller in order to clean the residual files of PI eg Iobit Uninstaller free
    3. Delete zerodha folder from C drive C:\ or installation directory where you installed PI
    4. Download PI from Zerodha Q and Install it for all users at say C:\ (C drive) and login with licence.
    5. Don’t create any watchlist just go to help>Check for Updates> Update to latest version.
    6. Exit zerodha after update.
    7. Go to zerodha folder in C:\
    8. Delete all contracts.bin files ( my case was bse_cm_contract.bin, cde_fo_contract.bin, nse_cm_contract.bin)
    9. Now open PI and login again.
    10. Bingo you can find UNDCUR under CDS>Normal>UNDCUR

  208. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Why it is so difficult for ZERODHA to provide a standalone client of current updated version of PI instead of installing the old one and then updating to latest ?

  209. Nishant Massey says:

    PI version crashes while running scanner .
    update is available for the PI, while checking in update option but after downloading of update installation ending up with error saying “Patch file not found” something like !!

  210. Arun Lal Mendiratta says:

    I have installed pi on my pc. But i am unable to login, its telling plz restart to continue.
    I have restarted the pc but the problem persists. PLZ help me.
    I am running windows 7 service pack 1 (32 bit) on my pc.

  211. binu says:

    in Pi pop-out active windows , please add ” Always on top ” Windows function .
    thank you

  212. Jenifer says:


    It is indeed difficult to select stocks one by one and press the shortcut keys for each one. Is there a way to multi select the stocks(of course within the opened charts limit) and open the charts of all of them?

  213. Shivendu Goyal says:

    hi there how to edit and drag horizontal line in pi latest version 12.05.2017

    • Debojyoty Datta says:

      Hi Shivendu, In order to drag any drawings like horizontal line and vertical line you have to disable CROSS HAIR option in CHART SETTINGS or you can enable it but before editing horizontal line just right click on chart and disable CROSS HAIR from there. Then you can Drag and Edit any drawings.

  214. rahul says:

    how to view chart without indicators or with indicators in kite like in old version by clicking one button on left side

  215. Manoj says:

    there must be horizental line at 0 in macd its a very common , after applying study in chart , chart zooming very slow , there is no atp or vwap in study its very important for chart reading and chart zooming still not good cant view chart easily in pi , still not satisfied with this update too

    • Akshay.A says:

      Manoj, Seems to be working fine, will have this checked. The zoom in and out works fine. You could also use the up and down arrows.

    • Debojyoty Datta says:


      right click on chart > disable cross hair > go to macd graph > rightclick there > select horizontal line > drag it to desired level in your case its Zero > edit its thickness and color by double clicking it > then again go to chart > right click there > enable cross hair.

  216. Khaleel says:

    Hi Team,
    I am not able to update the latest version of Pi. I am using Windows 10. I used the option “Check for Update” and clicked on Update. It downloaded patch.vbs file and opened it automatically. Thats it. It did not install any software. As Akshay mentioned above, I uninstalled the existing Pi on my computer and installed it again from Q. Even Q has the old version which is as of 2016. I sent an email to support team. But I did not get proper response from them. Can you please detailed steps here. So that everyone can go through it.

    • Akshay.A says:

      This could have probably been due to any antivirus or firewall blocking the application or if using any restricted (office) network, you can add an exclusion in firewall or antivirus for Pi. If the issue is persisting, please write to [email protected].

  217. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Nitin Ji or anyone

    How to add spot currency in zerodha pi new update 12.05.2017. I have updated but there is no UNDCUR option in my CDS section

    • Akshay.A says:

      Select CDS on adding scrips to market watch menu bar -> Normal -> UNDCUR -> select the required underlying currency pair and add on to market watch.

      • Debojyoty Datta says:

        Akshay.A, plz read the post carefully before making any silly comment I have already written that there is no UNDCUR option in my CDS section. If it was available then I would not have made such unnecessary post.

        • Akshay.A says:

          Debojyoty, Click on View -> User Settings -> Reconcile and check. Should show-up after that.

        • siva says:

          If the latest patch is updated then it should show, on market watch menu bar it follows as CDS-Normal- FUTCUR so instead of FUTCUR change it to UNDCUR and add required spot currency pair, if still not able to add please write to [email protected].

          • Debojyoty Datta says:

            Sir, I have uninstalled old version then cleared all zerodha files from C:/ drive, restarted machine, then installed available version on 18.11.2016 from zerodha Q, then updated the same to latest version 12th May 2017 from Zerodha PI. All the options newly implemented are available but not this UNDCUR. There is no UNDCUR under CDS>NORMAL. Also I have only CDS and EQUITY sector enable I have not Applied for NFO or Futures

  218. Mary Margaret says:

    I can’t set as default 30 days chart, and After market order Tab is also not appearing.

  219. nidhi patel says:

    Hi, Nitin sir how to edit horizontal line in zerodha pi like changing color and dragging to desired level

    also why there is no coloured netchange coloumn in new PI version of 12.5.2017 ?

  220. Gokul says:

    Unable to update to Pi version 7/18/2016, I can only see as version on the Pi screen. I have tried updating from help menu as well as downloading from link in this page top and reinstalling. Kindly help. Thanks!

    • Akshay.A says:

      Gokul, Could you check when you check in >> About Pi Date reflected should be 12/05/2017;
      If not then I’d recommend you to uninstall Pi and install from Q >> Check for Updates>> Help menu
      If this still doesn’t happen, please write to [email protected] and we’ll have this checked.

      • Gokul says:

        Yes Akshay,

        There it shows 12/05/2017 and, but in the main Pi screen in the header shows Pi [version1.0.0.0] So has it been updated already then?

        • Yes, it has been if it shows

          • bhushan says:

            Dear Sir,
            it does not show the updated date in top left of PI. I have just send the screenshot on your email Id and support ID.
            Moreover after the update the chart loading is slow.
            Colour change in 52 Week H / L or Day high low is not happening.


  221. binu says:

    Release note to the new update,, it Says
    ” 4)Spot currency pairs can be added on to MW.”

    i am not able to see any spot price script in pi

    Z is cheating own customers

    • Akshay.A says:

      If you’ve already updated to the new version and still unable to see then please click Ctrl+R.

    • siva says:

      Select CDS on adding scrips to market watch menu bar -> Normal -> UNDCUR -> select the required underlying currency pair and add on to market watch.

    • Debojyoty Datta says:


      Those who don’t have UNDCUR (Spot Currency) in PI latest updates Do the following :

      1. backup chart template and workspace from zerodha folder in C drive or any installation directory
      2. Uninstall zerodha PI with any uninstaller in order to clean the residual files of PI eg Iobit Uninstaller free
      3. Delete zerodha folder from C drive C:\ or installation directory where you installed PI
      4. Download PI from Zerodha Q and Install it for all users at say C:\ (C drive) and login with licence.
      5. Don’t create any watchlist just go to help>Check for Updates> Update to latest version.
      6. Exit zerodha after update.
      7. Go to zerodha folder in C:\
      8. Delete all contracts.bin files ( my case was bse_cm_contract.bin, cde_fo_contract.bin, nse_cm_contract.bin)
      9. Now open PI and login again.
      10. Bingo you can find UNDCUR under CDS>Normal>UNDCUR

  222. ZO2577 says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have lastest version of PI installed on my machine. I have two queries.
    1. Can’t I add more than 50 stocks in a single market watch?
    2. Yes I can create multiple market watch but when I saved them in a workspace, logged out of PI, logged in again and load the saved workspace, I get list of stock added in “Default Marketwatch” only and not others. Why?

    • Akshay.A says:

      1) No, you cannot add more than 50 stock in one market watch in Pi.
      2) Create multiple market watches, save it in layout, go to view->user setting->market watch->save layout on exit->apply->ok.

  223. Kunal Shah says:

    Does the PI software work on IOS (Macbooks)

    • Akshay.A says:

      No, Kunal it does not. As Pi is solely based on dot-net framework it is supported only on windows OS.

  224. Nidhi Patel says:

    hi there, are we getting a color changing like green and orange net change column in this upcoming update?
    Also when will be the next update release?

  225. ZP7345 says:


  226. Uday says:

    Dear Siva .

    One more issue is that i am unable to fill colors to any triangles or rectangles to mark zones, your help will be appreciated.

  227. Uday says:

    Dear Siva

    With reference to your earlier post, you have mentioned that the templates for certain stocks can be saved from the user setting and save ….. And you also mentioned to exit from the file and not to foreclose Pi.

    The issue is it still dosent save the trend lines or any other symbols and the worst part is in my Pi platform , tend lines keep disappearing on a live chart and i have tried multiple time frames also…. Thanks in advance.

  228. Sateesh Kumar T V says:

    When I press the arrow keys, the bars are not moving in as per the keys i.e if I press arrow key i doesn’t move one bar, but if i press the arrow key second time, two bars will move at a time. Please solve this and make a single bar movement for single pressing the arrow key

  229. VJ says:

    Stock Holding tab is not showing any value of Price, Total P&L NSE and Total P&L BSE though I am having Stocks

  230. rahul says:


    can we have option to change type of moving average in stochastic oscillator like its there in SMI indicator in KITE and PI UPDATE . Its usefull to change moving average in stochastic oscillator for better signals


  231. Rajashekar says:

    It will be really helpful if you guys Add Ichimoku cloud and pivot point indicator to the Pi.
    it is really important to me, currently i am using sharekhan chart to study the trades but, using zerodha to trade. so, it will be very helpful if you add those indicators and make pi chart more flexible like sharekhan’s chart.
    Thank you

  232. Prasad says:

    if Pi is compatible for MAC OS ? if yes send me a download link.

  233. Jyothiprasad says:

    Any plans of MAC client?

  234. vinesh kumar says:

    dear sir
    you had changed the look and layout of KITE- WEB , sir i am not able to find popout option in current version . please help if i am missing something.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Vinesh, please clear your browser cache and try again. You should be able to see the pop-out option.

  235. Mukund Gupta says:

    sir, when will be the next update of PI available ?

  236. gaurank goyal says:

    pi is available for macbook please?

  237. Paresh Kapadia says:

    I forgot to add to the above that I have to save individual workspaces everyday because I’ve noticed that the ‘Save’ option when exitting the program doesn’t necessarily save all of them in the correct way as noted above. When ‘Save’ option is selected, ideally it should save ALL workspaces, all the share lines and the columns within individual workspaces in the order in which they were created. Upon restarting Pi, all workspaces and the charts ideally should come up exactly as saved the day before. That means whatever tools and drawings that were applied to the charts as well. Thank you.

    • siva says:

      As mentioned above select layout on exit and the new release which we are giving this week should make it more efficient.

  238. Paresh Kapadia says:

    I have been using Pi for a few months now on my Windows 7 Home Premium laptop. I have three workspaces with customised columns. The following are my observations on the software:
    (1) The workspaces don’t get ‘saved’ properly. Everyday when I start Pi, all three workspaces come up with share lines mixed up (sometimes), and also columns are mixed up (always). So I have to rearrange the share lines and the columns as I like. This is a time-consuming exercise during trading hours.
    (2) Pi hangs up suddenly once or twice during trading hours which is frustrating. The only recourse is to then close the program and restart it all over again. My laptop runs on Intel i5 core processor, 64 bit OS, 4GB RAM, and plenty of HD space – which I feel is more than adequate for the purpose.
    (3) Pi is one of the better trading software I’ve seen, and I’ve used many platforms from different brokerages.
    When you implement these fixes, it’ll become better still 🙂
    Best Regards,

    • siva says:

      To save layouts and columns
      goto view-> user settting->market watch-> select save layout on exit->apply->ok.
      Arrange the layout accordingly and logout by going to file-> exit, instead force closing the application.
      Will give new update this week with some more added features.

  239. siva says:

    select that order in admin position window and you can notice convert positions option on bottom of that window and you have to click that and convert.

  240. Bhuvaneswari says:

    In Pi, how we can convert MIS order into CNC?

  241. Being_Batman says:

    Pi needs to update time to time on monthly basis.
    because there are so many issue rises and only fixes once in 3 months.
    see, last update was given in November 2016, since then no updates from zerodha.

    I also use shaerkhan’s Trade tiger, they always update their trading terminal time to time.
    and if someone raises bug issue, they personally talks and solves that issue within a 48hrs.
    of course they charge for their trading terminal.
    i request zerodha to charge us for trading terminal.
    so this way we will expect that zerodha will give us better service in trading terminal than any brokers.
    I hope traders will not question on charged service
    because every traders of zerodha now want a stable and better pi application now.
    and dont want to complain always that this feature is given on kite but not on pi.
    so this way it will stop and we will get a better service from zerodha technical team also.
    Think on it.

    Thank you

  242. Being_Batman says:

    We can change indicator’s line colors like donachain, Ketlner, Macd, Stocastic etc etc’s 2nd & 3rd line color on kite web and on Kite app but not on Pi.
    Its difficult to analyze.
    if we add dona-chain channel to chart, we can only change 1st line color but we are not allowed to change mid line and bottom line color. and if we add moving average to chart. It really really confuses.
    Should be allow user to change its color.
    As i know, these indicators are not in house indicators.
    But we can re-code and allow user to repaint it.

  243. Being_Batman says:

    To Nitin Sir,

    When we open chart of any time-frame in Pi application.
    Did you notice anything?
    95% of chart will show you yesterday’s data.
    Current time candle will show you at the end of chart, very near to Y axis scale.
    Why Can’t we scroll it to center like we do on Kite web or on Kite App?
    X-Y axis scale should be user friendly like Kite web and Kite app,
    so we can move or shift last candle of the chart to any where to chart or to center or as per user want.

    Thank you

    • siva says:

      To mention we use two different charting libraries on kite and pi so it is not practically possible to make them look alike. Also the number of candles of today’s data is dependent on time-frame one is selecting and also on what time one is checking. For ex even if one selects 15 min time frame and checking in 1st hour of trading there will be only max 4 candles of today’s data and rest is all previous days.
      To check the timeframe of latest candle one can move databox freely and can stick anywhere on chart window.Also one can select and drag chart horizontally and vertically.

  244. shivasrinivas says:

    Hi Sir , for a long time we are asking for VWAP to be included in our zerodha PI software , told that it is in do list , when will bw done ? it is already available in kite but not in pi ! , we feel pi is much comfortable than kite ,so it would be great if done , Thanks.

  245. Bhuvaneswari says:

    Ok Sir, Thanks for. Clarification.

  246. Bhuvaneswari says:

    Is it possible to square off our stocks bought in CNC at. 3.40 to 4 Pm, by ourselves.

  247. Santhosh Badam says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please also release pi for Mac OS.

  248. Kiran Chengappa says:

    Once I login to Pi, I would love to have 5 market watches with however much scrips in each of them. Your limit is max 50 in each and I get to monitor 250 in total which is great. However the most frustrating part is, once I exit and login back to Pi, I can see only the default MW with the 50 scrips that I added. The remaining 4 don’t retain anything.
    I arrange scrips sector wise and really want to monitor different scrips across sectors. How annoying it is to login to Pi everyday and spend 1 hour or more to just add scrips to the 4 MWs.
    PLEASE PLEASE make the 4 extra MWs that I create to save everything on exit just like the default MW.

  249. Souvik says:

    For scalp traders, it is really important to be able to go through charts as quickly as possible. There’s a trading platform called Speed Trader in the US, which lets you able to go through charts just by clicking arrow keys over the market watch. How about it?

    • Souvik says:

      Jumped my question?

      • Venu says:

        Trading platforms around the world have evolved, this hasn’t been the case in India. We’re trying o best to give you the best of technology but it’s hard to accommodate all of such features that are available in the platforms traded internationally. Nonetheless, I’ll pass your feedback to the developers, we’ll do our best.

  250. danish says:

    dropbox link removed, cant download

  251. Gautam Prakash says:

    Can anyone tell me pi will run/install on windows server 2016

  252. shashikumar says:

    With all these services which are not provided by any broker , there should be some manual help.

    People like me who just know to trade from ready software that buy and sale only are not able to update the trading software.

    Now I want to down load your pi but could not do it in spite of all the efforts. What to do .

    Similarly I put some studies on the charts but now I am not able to delete them .

  253. Santosh says:

    Sir, can we use our own AFL codes in Pi?….if yes then what are the steps …please guide me

  254. Rajashekar says:

    Please add Ichimoku indicator to the Pi

  255. Atheeq says:


    Could you please add line chart in Zerodha Pi as well?


  256. Debashis says:


    I have downloaded pi. Not able to instal. Getting an error
    “Not able to login. Please restart again to continue.”
    What should I do?

  257. snehal says:

    Also let me know how can i reinstall my Pi software because when i try to use the .exe file from the site , it get redirected to dropbox site but gives 404 error , my version of Pi is been showed where as the latest version in but when try to go to Help>check for updates> it shows that this version is latest one.
    an any one help me with this?

    • star says:

      Mailed you the setup, anyhow for the latest version one should check in About zerodha pi under help menu, it should show dated 28/11/2016.

      • R Harsh says:

        I can’t find pi installable. Can you pls send it to me as well . Thx

          • R Harsh says:

            I am having issues in getting the chart displayed. Right after I right-click a scrip and select chart, it would display a small dialog box ‘Quick Limit Order’ and then I can’t click anywhere and have to use the Task Manager to kill Pi process. Support asked me to reinstall on a different drive than C: which I did and it seemed to resolve the issue but then started happening again.

            • R Harsh says:

              Thanks Venu for calling so quick and fixing this issue.

              • R Harsh says:

                This can be really frustrating. I’m having the same issue again where selecting ‘chart’ will render the app unresponsive. Deleting the ‘user’ file not helping either.

      • R Harsh says:

        Is Data Box customizable ? Can I make it show close-open of a bar for example?

  258. snehal says:

    As i have posted this earlier but i dont see my message , any way my Pi software gets closed by showing the error message when ever i try to open a chart or try use scanner or try to back test any strategy.

    Please let me know how can i overcome this problem.

  259. Shekhil says:

    Unable to download Pi software exe file. It is showing that the file is not present in dropbox link you have put!

    could you please check.
    That file isn’t here anymore
    Someone might’ve deleted the file or disabled the link.


  260. trade_then says:

    Dear Fellows,

    I can`t seem to find a way to split Pi on multiple screens or putting different charts on different screens/monitors, is that not supported yet? One can move windows within Pi`s main window but not outside of it. Help please.


  261. Bhuvaneswari says:

    Now a days, When. I put/modify orders, it takes more than 30 seconds sometimes minutes to update. That too after 3.15 pm, I face this problem many times. It affects my trading. I think server bandwidth is not sufficient to accommodate all orders and it has been queued and it takes time, due to growing clientele base of zerodha. Please upgrade, as you know very well that delay even in seconds will affect marginally.

  262. Dipendra says:


    I downloaded pi and installed it but I am unable to get access. I assume the client iD and password is the same as I use for kite
    This is error I am getting
    “Not able to login. Please restart again to continue”
    Please help

    • siva says:

      Ya, same ID and password for both Pi and kite. Antivirus or firewall might be blocking pi, add it in exclusion list. Also if it is restricted network try to use in other private network. For further assistance on this you can write to [email protected].

  263. Mukund Gupta says:

    Nitin sir, when will be the next update of PI its already April running plz do tell me

  264. Ritesh dumre says:

    sir, today i downloaded pi from q.. it installed successfully but when i opened it first time it didn’t asked for licence key and dialogue box of only login id and password was opened.. and when i tried to log in it is showing this msg “no response from server.”
    i reinstalled pi 2 times but it is showing that same msg..
    please help me on this issue ..

    • star says:

      That error will throw up when any antivirus or firewall is blocking the application or if one is using any restricted (office) network, you can add exclusion in firewall or antivirus for pi, or can use other private network, if still the issue is persisting you can drop a mail to [email protected].

  265. Rohan says:

    Nitin Sir, Can you tell me the difference between PI vs ZERODHA TRADER vs NOW ?

  266. Mohit Khandelwal says:


    I wanted to scan for example a doji or a hammer or any other patterns but not minute wise. I wanted to check it day wise. Pi doesnt have option of a day . It just has a minute or hour tabs. Please add day patterns as well in the next update. As i need to take call afte 3.30 pm based on what patten is the index/stock forming the previous day. Or is there any other method i can do this? AI will give me runtime data but i wanted data after the close of the day.
    Please help!

    • siva says:

      Scanning for daily candles is not possible but there is a way to scan patterns for daily candles but more work is needed around this. Open any daily chart, go to artificial intelligence, select pattern recognition, choose the required one.

      • Mohit Khandelwal says:

        Thanks for the reply sir.

        What more I need to know is if I apply scripted alerts and tick for an option that says ‘Alert at the end of the candle’ while choosing a days’ periodicity. Will the alerts arrive after 0330PM? Also what if I do not have Pi open at that moment. Will the alerts display all at once whenever I open the Pi software because I have applied many chart patterns to most liquid stocks(REL,INFY,TCS,ETC.). I do not want to look manually everyday for the chart patterns that’s why I am kind of automating it so that I get what patterns are formed at the end of the day to take positions for the next day. I hope you understood the queries. Please help!

      • Mohit Khandelwal says:

        Scanning for daily candles is not possible but there is a way to scan patterns for daily candles but more work is needed around this. Open any daily chart, go to artificial intelligence, select pattern recognition, choose the required one.

        By patterns I mean the candlestick patterns(doji,morning star,etc.)

      • Mohit Khandelwal says:

        Scanning for daily candles is not possible but there is a way to scan patterns for daily candles but more work is needed around this. Open any daily chart, go to artificial intelligence, select pattern recognition, choose the required one.

        By patterns I mean the candlestick patterns(doji,morning star,etc.). Please help in the both the queries. TIA.

        • Mohit Khandelwal says:

          Sir I am confused now. Do scripted alerts work only on runtime data? It doesn’t seem to be of any use after the markets have closed. When I click on the option ‘alert at end of the candle’ and save the profile. Close the alert script tab and again open it and reload the saved profile. The tick on ‘alert at end of the candle’ unticks automatically. Is it some kind of bug? or it can be just used for the runtime data that is when the market is open. So that means we need to open the scripts daily and run the alerts daily manually. Also then whats the use of the Day periodicity and having the option of ‘alert at the end of the candle’ if scripted alerts only work on run time data. Please have a look on the above questions and try to understand my objective in asking all these stuff. Thank You.

          • siva says:

            Yes, scripted alert works only during market hours, only once alert needs to be created after that just apply that on required stock. Can ignore day option in scripted alerts window.

  267. Mayank says:

    Nitin Sir,
    Sir, Why I am not able to see JPY/INR July 17 , August 17 & September 17 future although I am able to see rest of the Currency Pairs like USD/INR, GBP/INR & EUR/INR . Attaching image plz help.
    Direct Link-

  268. nayan says:

    can you include basing candles (boring candles) in blue colour in pi

  269. Nidhi Patel says:

    Bhaiya, is it possible to make PI available for Linux and Mac ? & when will be the next release of PI ?

  270. Yogesh Kumar Thakur says:

    Sir, Please provide indicator for net change column like orange green etc it becomes very difficult to keep track of increasing and declining stock.

  271. Rishab Kulkarni says:


    All the data specially (net change) in equity sector vanishes and becomes zero after few minutes of market hours end which does not occur to currency sector and they remain until next market day. So please make some arrangement in equity sector too that no data becomes zero after market end.

    Thank You

  272. Bhushan says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    In Kite Web and Android app, At present there is no bifurcation to view position on daywise and netwise (same is available in PI). If i take a position yesterday and also other position today then both are seen in same tab.
    Can we have a radio tab scenario so that the positions can be classified as day position and overnight position.

    With regards,

    • siva says:

      On kite web one can check the day’s positions on bottom panel of positions window called as day’s history.

    • In the kite web app, in positions u can see days history, which is essentially the daywise position. I am guessing it is also on android (have an ios can’t recall).

  273. shivasrinivas says:

    Hi , how can i save my markings in pi charts permanently ? previously i draw support ,resistance trendlines in some equity script charts and also marked some trend analysis like HH_HL and LH_LL manually but after somedays , say 3,4 days when price range changes to higher or lower range , my markings were changed to latest prices which looks totally spoiled my hard works ,please help me in regarding save my analysis .Thanks in advance

    • siva says:

      Can save it as template and reload the same on the same script, it will be saved. If not please write to [email protected].

      • shivasrinivas says:

        Sir , i saved it as template and reloaded as earlier told but when price ranges changes again markings changed irrelevantly to candles , i written mail to [email protected] with snapshot . Is any options existing there in pi market watch which would shows option greeks delta, vega, theta in seperate columns like showing for price bids ,qty etc.?
        ( like option greeks shown in optons oracle )

        • siva says:

          If your issue is not yet solved then can you mention the ticket number.
          As of now option greeks as market columns are not possible, but we are working something similar, it will take some more time.

  274. ARYAN says:

    Whenever any stock hits day’s low or day’s high………there should be some colour change in background of scrip in the marketwatch…..this feature is already present in nest software….n quite helpful for me during trading hours….as it will highlight those scrips in marketwatch which are making fresh day’ high or low….so kindly check on this possibility n plzz ensure this in your list of things to provide

  275. tejinder singh says:

    Please make arrangements to run pi on Android and ios. Now days running software in PC is not helpful for moving persons. Please think on this.

  276. Ron says:

    When i increase the font size to 11 in pi, the text does not remain as sharp as before. The text is much clearer in nest compared to pi. Pls ensure that when font size is increased, the text remains clear.

  277. Gurusanthi says:

    Add Ichimoku study in PI. It is avaialble in your kite mobile app. This will be very helpful for investors and traders to make a better decision.

  278. RamC says:

    In the Pi Screen, when the LTP hits the High and Low, there is no indication by colour change in High and Low column.

    This will be very much useful to understand when a counter hits the High and Low during the day.

    Kindly include it. If its already there, kindly guide me, the way to activate it.



    • siva says:

      will check on this possibility.

      • RamC says:

        Thanks Siva for your prompt reply.

        Kindly organise to show the green and red colour in 1. Net Change Column, 2. High Column and 3. Low Column
        in addition to the current LTP column of Market Watch.

        Early action is requested. To understand better, kindly refer to IIFL Trading Terminal Site or ICICI eMarket Watch.



        • RamC says:

          Hi Siva,
          I prefer to include the nifty and bank nifty as part of my market watch screen.
          Why “Net Change” is not appearing for the indices.

          Can you please look into this also.



          • siva says:

            On market watch column select NSE, instead eq go for Indices and next to that column select the required index and add to market watch.
            Net change will be displayed for all during trading hours, if not can you write to [email protected] with a screen shot.

  279. Bhubaneswari says:

    I need to tell that in market watch, I am aligning the stocks which I really doing trading. Also,. I made aligning like stock name, bid. Rate, ask rate and so on to my convenience. But, if I close PI and open next time, thee alignments changed on its own and every time I have to change as per my taste taste, even though I have given the option of ‘save market watch on exit.’
    This problem may please be resolved. My No.RB1790.

  280. Bhubaneswari says:

    Dear Sir,
    In Pi, If possible please add the screen of gold rate and rupee Rate like Sensex and Nifty Live. Tech stocks have impact with INR/Sterling/USD.

    Also, the Live screen of Sensex/Nifty May be. little bolder. To easily view without Strain to eye.
    I hope you include these things in your next updates of Pi.
    Thank you.

  281. ZW7201 says:

    why don’t we have latest Supertrend version. In pi we are using supertrend version 1.0 and there is AFL we can have supertrend 5.0 which is far better in accuracy. I requesting you for the update of same. We can have many more trading signal provider in PI and which can make PI unbeatable and more powerful software. We can have sqeeze momentum indicator and many more. This is feature request for new update of PI. thanks.
    zerodha is always doing creative things. Very appreciable.

  282. rohitkatwal says:

    Crucial Feature Request for After Market Research and During Trading

    Right now what I have notices is a problem in after market research. I have to rely on third party softwares for after market research before the start of the next day. Its not with zerodha but with every broker i have been with.

    I have a set of scips lets say all FNO. After the market closes, I want to apply some specific indicators and then with my eyes need to reasearch all the scrips under my scanner. Lets say 150+. These 150+ i also scan during the normal market timings. Now out of 2000+ scrips in NSE i have to select a stock and add it to market watch. And to see its chart, everytime I have to do Shift+C or right click and chart and then chart settings everytime. Which is waste of time.

    I want a system where I have added indicators, added scips, set the time frame and now all I need to do with my keyboard I have to keep scrolling with my arrow keys up or down to and scan the trades.

    In current setup at PI it is very difficult. Plus I have to bear extra cost of Charting Tools plus its Data. Please see if any thing can be done regarding it.

    • siva says:

      You can add all indicators and save it as template and apply a default template, if you open any chart it will come with all added indicators.
      Also can you let us know the name of current charting application you are using.

  283. krishna says:

    can u please add feature of weekly charts.. dire need of it

  284. Rishab Kulkarni says:

    When will be next update of PI available also the blank space in market watch getting saved or not in that release.

  285. Mirza Nazim says:

    Sir , As we as traders are very much grateful for providing Pi and features in it . I have a request that you kindly add
    line chart also . thanking you.

  286. BA2Trader says:

    Zerodha Team,

    I am new to Financial Market. I have started using Zerodha Pi terminal, but I see there are many fields in PI terminal (Admin Position, Cash Position, Stock Holding etc) which I do not know what they mean, what information they display, how those field values are derived and when values will be displayed in them (fields) etc.

    I have checked and also googled, but no help. Few of my other friends and relatives also have same issue.

    Could you let me know whom to contact who can explain or share document if already exists? If there is no documentation, then I think it will be helpful to provide a documentation which explain all the fields in the terminal.


  287. Vijay Patel says:

    Sir following things are missing, which I think essential for traders-

    1. Monthly and weekly charts, with an option of adjusting corporate events. kite also does not have an option of adjusting corporate events.
    2. Predefine Marketwatch of stock with high margin.
    3. The scanner doesn’t have an option of scanning daily chart.

    • 1. All charts are adjusted by corporate actions from our side. If you see any stock which isn’t, let me know. Monthly/weekly charts will take time.
      2/3. Will bounce this off our team.

  288. binu says:

    in PI ” HMA” indicator had a bug , it is quashing the pi , if the program runs longer time ,

    thank you

    • Venu says:

      Can you please write to [email protected] with a screenshot with more details?

      • binu says:

        hi Venu

        Screen shot of what ,, ” not working PI software ” or the `bug` ,, I am not that much intelligent as you ,
        i dont know how to take screen shot of working pi.exe file ,,

        Nb ;- Mr venu you are not provided source code of pi to your clients, & your support team does not have that much capability to understand this problem ,, if they can they will report this thing long back ,, HMA is not introduced yesterday..

  289. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Nithin Ji, when will be the next update of PI available and if the following features will be available or not ?

    i. net change column with orange/green indicator
    ii. space in market watch getting saved
    iii. ichimoku kinko hyo in charts
    iv. short column like volume ( volume traded today), TBQ(total buy quantity), TAQ(total ask quantity), change(net change)

  290. binu says:


    in pi new study features like `super trend, donchian channel HMA etc … are added long back i appreciate that work

    But you are not updated the `” TRADE SCRIPT ” for those updates,,

    Mr Nithin i am seen several times you are saying about ‘in house product’ of ” Artificial intelligence” and its brain Dr Kailash nadh ,,,
    If your Dr:- dose not have that much intelligent to add the script code to help content
    or you are thinking your customers have to code them self

    thank you.

    Nb;- (*_*)

    • Binu, firstly Pi is not “an in house product” and its brain is not Kailash. I have never said this. Pi is built by a company called Tradelab, they are also limited in all that can be done on tradescript. Tradescript is not their proprietary coding language.

  291. Kamal Sharma says:

    Hi All,

    I am facing two issues.
    1. Unable to export data from Pi to excel. When I use “Link to Excel” option an excel file opens with N.A. in all the cells.
    2. After market hours, the net change and %percentage change columns in Pi are showing “0” for all the scrips. Values were visible in these columns until two days back even after market hours.

    I have reninstalled Pi but both the issues remain. Please help.


    • Ravikiran Mane says:

      Hi Kamal,
      Did you found the solution for the above problem of na values in excel? If yes can you please post it here. I am facing the same problem.

      • siva says:

        N.A will appear after market hours, I mean values will be changing only during trading hours. Also make sure ms excel is of 32 bit version and not 64 bit.

  292. MANOJ says:

    i want Atp or vwap in Pi chart plz add that feature , it is very important.

  293. MANOJ says:

    how to add Vwap/Atp in Chart in Pi ????

    • siva says:

      To add ATP ->Right click on column header and select choose columns, tick ATP.
      VWAP is not available on Pi yet.

  294. chandru mehta says:

    so when is the new PI version being launched , will it be a new version or some minor changes ? i hope you place the horizontal and drawings – lock feature to keep it in place

    also hope you would explore to reduce the font size of the headers to help accommodate more charts

  295. AMIT KUMAR PANDEY says:

    is there any 64bit PI version?

  296. rahul says:

    when i am opening chart in kite its coming Error fetching quote 400 and its not opening though it was working fine before how to sort it


  297. MANOJ says:

    plz add horizental line at 0 in MACD

  298. MANOJ says:

    i want ema or sma line with trend changes color means up trend with blue and downtrend with red color how to plot that color?

  299. MANOJ says:

    how to plot any moving average with HIGH or LOW like in default it is close but i want to plot with any sma or ema with HIGH OR LOW , how to plot that?

  300. Murugesh says:

    How to view more than one chart along with small size in pi ?

  301. Rohit says:

    when will ichimoku clouds support be available?

  302. kkk says:

    pi, new version, when ?

  303. Ben says:

    Kindly send me the download link

  304. ron says:

    Can you add a tab that gives bse and nse stocks by volume. and spurt in volume. This is available on bse website but it is delayed. Also is it possible to have a tab with my 4 charts on that tab, i.e, create a new marketwatch only for my charts?

  305. Tamal says:


    Can you please add a price alert in PI feature, like it is in NEST Trader. I do not intend to use scripted alert, just a right click, price alert. This is the only reason I am not using PI now.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  306. sauraviiser says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am new to both trading and coding. I wanted to ask that when the buy/sell orders generate on the basis of some EA, will the alerts come only on Pi? I can not access a computer in my office and thus can not access pi. Is there any interface between pi and kite? Also my pi crashes a lot, especially when I save an EA/Exit a bracket order or load charts. My workstation conforms all the requirements. Thanks.

  307. chandru mehta says:

    Nitin ji

    when you open up “Order Book “in Pi , all the headers width can be adjusted like Pending qty , price , trigger , but only one header seems to have been missed out ” disclosed qty ” . hope this header width can be made adjustable .

  308. shajan says:

    the market watch should revert to the same view when it was last saved. When we log in now, the market watch rearranges the stock in a random way and also removes the space between two rows if created.

    • siva says:

      Goto view-> user setting->market watch and select save layout on exit. Also don’t force close the application and use logout option to close the application. Saving spaces is handled in next release.

  309. vinesh kumar says:

    when “add custom column” feature will be provided in Pi.

  310. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Seriously guys you need to build PI for different os version like mac and linux ( atleast ubuntu and linux mint ) because we all are standing in a line to enjoy this opportunity. Yes it is true that presently PI is only windows based and this truth is prevailing for more than 2 years now guys another justification is we can use kite but kite is not even upto mark with PI like no. of stocks in each market watch is very low lack of details and so on. Please I am requesting you guys on behalf of all mac and linux users do make some PI for us.

  311. vinnu says:

    When is the new update for Zerodha Pi is coming ?

  312. trader says:

    Simple question does cover order stop loss gets placed at exact price specified or their is possibilty of it getting executed at much lower price than the trigger price?thanks

    • siva says:

      As the stop loss order is a market order once the stop loss price is triggered it will be traded at best available price in the market, which can be slightly above, below or at exact trigger price.

  313. karthik says:

    is PI software available for non WINDOWS operating systems like MAC/ UBUNTU and other LINUX versions???

  314. Ram says:

    When can we expect level 2 data for PI and KIte?

  315. ron says:

    Hi, I know pi is built on the dot net framework and is inherently incompatible with mac. However, i request you to start working on a desktop trading platform for mac as there are thousands of users who are shut out from using pi. Using virtual machines do not allow the user to harness the full power of his computer. The number of mac users is only going to grow relative to windows over time. Yes i know kite exists, but its simply not as feature packed as pi. You were the pioneers of the discount brokerage service. Now its time to be the pioneer of the 1st desktop trading platform for mac.

  316. Nagraj S says:


    I just tried downloading Pi software, My antivirus – Norton Security, deleted the download, saying Trojan found. Can you please check, have sent the screen shot to support as well, but posting in this forum to check if anyone else had similar issues.


    • siva says:

      The probable reason may be your system got effected or antivirus will be showing trojan for all Exe setups, either you can add exclusion for Pi or can scan your pc.

  317. binu says:

    hi nithin kamath

    I call to your support team to get query about account , I am asked to get a MALAYALAM assistance ,, they said there is no malayalam assistance, you people only have English, Hindi, Tamil , Kannada, etc.. In Karnataka you have 6 offices and in Kerala you had 5 offices , means a strong customer base in kerala for zerodha.

    Are you people are ignoring the state of Kerala or you thing All keralites are third class people?

    • jai roy says:

      You can write a perfectly understandable complaint in english but are still bent upon getting assistance in malayalam. I think you have issues. Dont make such petty meaningless complaints on this forum for gods sake.

      • binu says:

        I have issues ,, ” Why i don`t have the right to talk in my mother tongue” ,,, every major broker in india had regional support ,, when i contact to your regional office in Kerala they even dont know anything ,,, they will say that they will contact HO & replay back .. ,, then why i can`t directly contact to HO & solve the problem directly..

        NB;- Jia Roy if you think you are psychiatrist solve the above issue

    • Binu, our Bangalore support office currently has no one who can speak malyalam, we have quite a few who can speak malyalam in our sales team, our tech team, etc. The Call center team currently doesn’t have any. You can always call our Cochin office for Malyalam support.

  318. Pi user says:

    I am your client and i like your service and pi software…i have a concern when their are huge movements due to some announcements like today’s budget,us elections etc when the price changes at a high level the pi software gets stuck and i ended up loosing a lot of money and a lot of opportunities to make money….i want to know why it happens and solution????.
    If i dont get a solution i will have to change brokers as its a huge concern for me(ps – pi works fine when market is not volatile)

    • Hi, when markets are moving fast, a lot of ticks are sent out to the user. At that time it is also important that your internet connections are running well, if not there could be a buffer created which chokes up the feeds. Also make sure that you are not running multiple streaming platforms on the same computer.

  319. JZ says:

    So when is the new update to Pi coming?

  320. chandru mehta says:

    Nitin Ji

    Sometime back i had mentioned this .

    a) is it a problem if you have a order window with both – Buy price and Sell price in the same pop up under Normal / MIS /Limit / SL . What i mean to say that i assume a buy price target in the order window and also place a sell order in the same window . When the target price approaches the window i hit the order screen .

    The reason i am asking this is it helps trading in a 50 paise range for larger volumes , I dont have to go back to the default MW again again to fill in details.Valuable time is lost

    I know you would say that one can place orders in advance , but you are aware that there is no guarantee that those orders could be executed in a fast moving market and it would hit the sell tgt first instead of a buy target as per sequence and would entail losses.

    Would you like to consider this feedback as it would save precious time in orders.

    • Debojyoty Datta says:

      Are you talking about Bracket Orders with Buy/Sell price, Target price and stoploss price in the same order ?

    • chandru mehta says:

      no bracket has constraints .

    • Why don’t you use the quick order feature on Pi?

      • chandru mehta says:

        nitin ji

        i use Pi for trading only and NT8 for charts , quick order happens only ifi would be following charts on Pi . The reason being features and Horizontal line lock not being available in Pi charts and that is essential for me to decide my entry exit points . The lines keep on jumping and changing and hence i have to use NT8 for charts.

        When you have multiple charts opened up ,Quick order would not help since one is looking at Market watch to move in and out . If one can have a Buy price and Sell price in the same pop up under Normal / MIS /Limit / SL one can make less mistakes and earn in a short 30-50 paise range. I have 75% accuracy in the stocks i trade but i tend to loose money since the range is short . I hope you understand my request . It would be very useful for traders who work on short price and higher volumes.

  321. Sukesh says:


    Have 2 issues with Pi:

    1) We are unable to save the drawing we do on a chart for analysis (If we cant save drawings in Pi, is there any work around for this? I need this as i save my analysis and take trades base on the drawings saved earlier)..

    2) Can we expect to have a ZigZag tool/Indicator in Pi sometime soon?


    • siva says:

      1. It can be done, add drawings to chart and right click on chart and save it to disk. Goto file and load chart from disk.

      2. Point noted.

  322. Sruthi says:

    Zerodha should quickly provide Pi platform for apple mac users.
    Many a times web based kite platform is slow and on important days kite usually has some problem.
    Kite doesn’t even allow to set separate stop-loss and sell order. It only takes one order.
    There are many mac users who are waiting for Pi support on mac. Please provide this asap.

  323. Mrityunjay says:

    Please give provision to —

    1. Get anytime frame chart like 75 minutes, 45 minutes etc.
    2. Add more than 2 nos of lines in Oscillators like RSI.
    3. Intraday/Realtime Charts for atleast 01 year.
    4. Fill up those data for charting software like Amibroker for Offline study use.
    5. Add more type of charts atleast Line Charts.
    6. Add Ray or extended Trendline.
    7. Accept orders for Target and stoploss without requirement of additional amount as available with some other brokers.

    • siva says:

      1. Not possible as of now.
      2. One can add any number of horizontal lines and drag on to indicators as we are already providing with default lines.
      3. Intra day charts are available for 6 months, highest number of days provided by any broker in India.
      4. You can do on your own, also export of data and link to excel both options are available on Pi.
      5. Line charts will be available in next release.
      6. Point noted.
      7. One can place both target and stoploss provided account is having overall positive balance. Check the below link.

  324. vinesh kumar says:

    dear sir
    during trading hours – in real time – i want to know which symbol out of nifty 500 index shares( total 500) had crossed the bolinger bands in daily charts . so please tell me how Pi or any other tool of your’s can help me in filtering out my targeted stocks.

  325. Atheeq says:

    Pi terminal support weekly and monthly charts like Kite? If not, then how soon it is planned to be provided?

  326. Siddharth says:

    I don’t understand why can’t Pi run behind a proxy server, my ISP runs with proxy only but Pi doesn’t support it. What’s the work around, pls don’t suggest me kite.

    by the way, you’ve got worst customer support. Damn rude and of no help. ticket #638032

    • Hanan says:

      Siddharth, all trading platforms are constantly communicating with an external server and sending/receiving data, so most offices block trading applications from running. Our team has shared the port details with you so please get those ports unblocked in your office network and it’ll work like a charm.

      Here are the ports:
      5004, 64104,65000,56000

  327. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Guys, please introduce global index and Global currency rates in pi it will be really helpful

  328. ron says:

    Can you pls make the stock holding tab in pi dynamic, i.e like it is in kite. The profit/loss should update without having to refresh each time..

  329. dd says:

    Hi, Pi does not scale properly on resolutions higher than 1920×1080. Pls make pi display properly on higher resolution monitors.


  330. vinesh kumar says:

    dear sir
    is there any tech-problem in providing charts of higher time frame , ie greater then 1 hour in kite web .
    if ” yes” then ———— ?
    if ” no” then , why are you not upgrading it to 4 hourly and daily charts ?

  331. Murali Shankar says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    I am not able to download Pi software. It says, its been removed from the Dropbox. Could you please provide the download link for it.

    Thank you,



  332. Debojyoty Datta says:

    If I buy USD/INR JAN17 currency future then

    i. What will be the expiry day of any currency ? in my case its usd/inr
    ii. If I don’t want to sell on that day instead I want to convert my position to USD/INR Feb17, Is it permissible if yes what criteria I have to follow in doing this ?

  333. Majid says:


    i’m unable to view charts on Pi, it gives error message “Unable to fetch historical chart data for Infy, only live data will be there”. Please help

  334. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Plz make PI available for linux

  335. AP says:

    My question is whether spread order will be made available on Pi anytime soon. Currently only available on Zerodha Trader (NEST) and ZT is not very stable, particularly when charts are opened using Nest Plus.

  336. shadab khan says:

    can I use kite web and pi both at the same time, if yes then how.
    pi is quite good for charting and analysis but not as good for trading while kite is good for trading not as good for charting, so can I use both at the same time ?

  337. chandru mehta says:

    Nitin Ji

    what is India International Exchange (INX) ? are we allowed to trade there ? will zerodha be offering a link to these services .is there a website

  338. binu says:

    is zerodha a trade member in India INX ?

  339. rahul says:


    can we have fib retracement and extension in same tool many software have it in one click we can have retracement and extension at same time its very usefull kindly update it in next version

  340. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Hey there, Why the brokerage calculator is showing more than rs-20 brokerage even if the pricing chart is showing something different like 0.01% or rs 20/trade whichever is lower ” USD/INR FUTURE 27JAN2017″ bought at 68.1975 sold at 68.3825 Image “. Plz guide me.

  341. StockDilbert says:

    Is there any plans to launch desktop application of Pi for Mac? I’m a Mac user and the population is growing fast, would appreciate a version in Mac if possible.

  342. Shivam Asija says:

    Can you add a feature which allows a user to execute multiple( bracket) orders when the market opens i.e at 9:15 am.

    This feature will save lots of time and money

    Thank you

  343. Kaushal Garodia says:

    I am notable to download PI. Request your help for the same.


  344. chandru mehta says:

    nitin ji

    sometime back i had raised this feedback on internet network disconnection / change in internet network midway and PI does not take fresh orders even after reconciliation , one has to re-login again.

    can you see this as a feedback and work on making internet network seamless for Pi even if a internet network is disconnected / midway switchover to another internet network.

  345. Uday says:

    Hi… have been using pi… amazing experience till now..

    1) can Ichimoku cloud be integrated with pi.

    2) when I apply fibonacci or the camarilla pivots,the entire chart gets minimized. .. any solution for this..

    3) colors of the Di lines in adx indicator as per my preference …

    • siva says:

      1. In our list of things.
      2. One can click on up arrow to get to desired screen size.
      3. will try to give in next release.

      • Uday says:

        thanks siva

      • Mohan says:

        Dear Siva,

        I started getting familiar with PI recently.
        It will great if the color and pattern for all the lines that bet plotted for any study can be configured as per user preference.

        I will give example of adding MACDand STOCH on a symbol.
        You will see that the colors of STOCH and MACD are exactly opposite and also that they do not come up clearly on DARK theme.

        Also the color and pattern of the ZERO line as well as boundary lines should be configurable.
        Any chance of getting that in PI?

  346. Aswin R C says:

    Hi i got my Kites login id and password. it was told that i would receive separate mail for Q login. but i didnt receive till now. Will it take some time?

  347. Debojyoty Datta says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Nitin, Siva, Karthik and all the others in the zerodha team for their magnificent creation ie ZERODHA and for their excellent support in readdressing the customer grievances. Hoping the same for the upcoming years.

    Thanks Guys

  348. vinesh kumar says:

    dear siva sir
    there is a problem with kite charts continuously irritating me , whenever i open any chart of any time frame before market open > it starts ploting tick chart on the very first minute of market open . lets assume at 9:10 am i open nifty chart of 5 min , at 9:15 in very first minute it starts ploting ticks on the chart instead of showing one candle of 5min and all price action on the same . to solve this i have to refresh charts after the 1 minute is completed , this thing divert the contentration from market at opening atleast for 5 min , because at opening i track 4-5 charts for my trade to decide .
    kindely solve this problem .
    vinesh kumar

  349. Nanda Kumar says:

    Hi, while iam clicking Stop backtest button, it opens another chart page for that back-tested script and iam not able to close that chart page, it says the chart is currently i use… is it something iam doing wrong? please advise.

  350. Anshul Varshney says:

    Pi installed but unable to log in. Couldn’t find the place to register the setup with the key. Kindly help.

    • siva says:

      Log in to backoffice Q, and click on Pi on which license key will be displayed, copy and paste the same to complete one time installation process. If any assistance is required then can write to [email protected].

  351. trade_then says:

    Does Pi terminal deliver data to us as change occurs in tick price.
    Or is it using a certain interval(period) to flash data at us
    whatever might be the price at that moment.

    If so what is the interval rate at which Pi is flashing data at us.

    I have Full Nifty scrips opened in MarketView. Pi shows the count of 51. but very often few of the
    Scrips go updation less even for full minute! For instance even when i was tradeding in INDUSINDBK few days back
    its scrip updation stopped happening in Pi for a while there was niether Red Color nor the Green color anywhere
    on the row displaying INDUSINDBK. this happens with various scrips from time to time randomly. Why is that so?
    Why are we not getting data consistently for the limited scrips that we have opened. These scrips are not the ones with dull activity they are quite liquid and frequent in trades.


  352. trade_then says:

    I apologize if questions sounds rather obvious but i am getting confused. I am trying to track Volume change. But either Pi is not delivering consistent data or my understanding of data is wrong. There are 7 parameters i am interested in. LTP, LTQ, BidRate, AskRate, TotalAskQty, TotalBidQty, VolumeTradedToday.

    Situation Starts:-
    LTP | LTQ | BidRate | AskRate | TotalBidQty | TotalAskQty | VolumeTradedToday |
    1000 | 25 | 999.95 | 1000 | 10000 | 10500 | 1000 <– if Pi is flashing this
    ————————————————————————————————– at this moment

    LTP | LTQ | BidRate | AskRate | TotalBidQty | TotalAskQty | VolumeTradedToday |
    999.95 | 10 | 999.95 | 1000 | 10000 | 10500 | 1000 <- and this the next moment

    in the 2) situation i am assuming that since Last Trade happened at 999.95 ( LTP ) with Qty 10 (LTQ ).
    VolumeTradedToday should increase by 10, shouldn`t it? to 1010. since LTQ is 10 it should get added to previous 1000. Or would it get updated in the next cycle of data updation by the Pi Terminal. i.e When a certain trade happens the change in VolumeTradedToday is updated simutaneously along with the trade or first the trade happens and then the value is updated for VolumeTradedToday.

    Next Point:
    In above 2) situation, since the trade happened at 999.95(LTP) with 10 volume(LTQ), so should it not be substracted from TotalBidQty so now TotalBidQty would become ( 10000 – 10 ) = 9990. or would it happen in next data updation cycle.

    Does it make sense what i am asking! or does it need more elaboration. I have to ask more please tell me if i am
    making it complicated for you to understand so i can make it lucid somehow.


  353. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Will these be included in next major update :

    1. Net change column with green and orange color for price up and down
    2. Ichimoku in charts
    3. Short header like – Prev Close (close), Total Bid Quantity (TBQ), Volume traded today (Volume) etc
    4. Net change becomes 0.00 after market closes becomes very dificult to track stock prices on later time
    5. Fixed index ticker at present which is floating and always on top
    6. Live view limited to 50 stocks only can it be increased for another 20 or 30
    7. Space getting saved in marketwatch
    8. World indices like dow, nasdaq, dax etc

    Thank You

  354. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Plz provide 52 weeks high 52 weeks low

  355. Prabhu says:

    Hi Zerodha Team.

    Can you tell how can i place cover order and bracket order on PI using API and placing orders from 3rd party application(.net c#).
    Is api a paid service?

  356. chandru mehta says:

    December 26, 2016 at 11:26 pm


    just a recap if you can accommodate some of the feedback in the latest PI updates that you intend to do

    a) right click “lock” feature for lines horizontal / vertical or drawings
    b) reduce font size of headers of scrips charts panel so that more scrip charts can be accommodated or atleast reduce the headers ( example : default market watch , tatasteeldecfut 1 min ) to font size 7 or lower from current size which takes too much space
    c) copy paste feature for lines , drawings etc

    thanks in advance .

  357. aashish says:

    I think nitin don’t have any reply .we know that we can put trailing stoploss which shifts automatically but market is not constant and changes its direction simultaneously and we have to change our tgt too.modifying order I a big challenge at that time.NITIN hope you reply some day or the other for this problem

  358. Pratik says:

    Can you please provide for support the Terminal like Pi for MAC OS X ?

  359. Debojyoty Datta says:

    Will these be included in next major update :

    1. Net change column with green and orange color for price up and down
    2. Ichimoku in charts
    3. Short header like – Prev Close (close), Total Bid Quantity (TBQ), Volume traded today (Volume) etc
    4. Net change becomes 0.00 after market closes becomes very dificult to track stock prices on later time
    5. Fixed index ticker at present which is floating and always on top
    6. Live view limited to 50 stocks only can it be increased for another 20 or 30

    Thank You

  360. chandru mehta says:


    just a recap if you can accommodate some of the feedback in the latest PI updates that you intend to do

    a) right click “lock” feature for lines horizontal / vertical or drawings
    b) reduce font size of headers of scrips charts panel so that more scrip charts can be accommodated or atleast reduce the headers ( example : default market watch , tatasteeldecfut 1 min ) to font size 7 or lower from current size which takes too much space
    c) copy paste feature for lines , drawings etc

    thanks in advance .

  361. Kumar says:

    When is the next update of Pi Platform?

  362. Atheeq says:

    Background: I was able to save the chart which had SMA etc on it via “Chart -> Save -> Save Chart on Disk” functionality in PI terminal, and it was saved as *.chart file.

    a) How can i open the *.chart file saved on Disk?
    b) Does PI save the chart with all the indicators, drawings etc on it when chart is saved on disk? Thus when we open the *.chart file it displays everything it had (indicators, drawings etc).


    • siva says:

      1. Go to file menu and select load chart from disk.
      2. Drawings and indicators will be saved but not horizontal and vertical lines.

      • Atheeq says:


        I tried opening charts saved on disk via “File -> Load Charts From Disk”, but the functionality is not listing the charts I had saved though they are present in the disk (drive), because charts were saved as “*.chart” file extension where as dialog box to open chart from disk looks for chart files with extension *.icx. Let me know if you want me to send screen shots of this issue. Kindly assist.

  363. aashish says:

    nitin pls take some to efforts to reply as you mentioned earlier that you are also a trader so explanation is expacted from you.

    • siva says:

      As of now one has to modify each leg order separately,but one can also use trailing stop-loss so that stop-loss is modified automatically.

  364. aashish says:


    I know how bracked order works at the same time tgt and sl are placed.what I am asking is about the multipal orders exacuted .there should be one single entry of average boughg price where we can odify our bracked sl or tgt price and only by modifying the single one entry of average bought price it should be modified in all the entries .I am sure any trader successful in this field will never modify his entry 10 to 25 times just to trail his sl upper or lower.

  365. chandru mehta says:

    thanks nitin ji for your valuable insights , i will want to ask you more on volumes , liquidity and amo…later.
    thanks again

  366. ajay says:

    When will the next major release of Pi be out? Also once it is out, can you do another webinar explaining the features that have been added since the last webinar on pi.

  367. ron says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Can you incorporate the MIS multiplier (eg: 10x, 11x) directly into the order window as well as the margin required to buy/sell 1 contract in CNC and MIS? Also can you put an option to check the lot size of a particular scrip in pi itself instead of having to check the span website each time.


  368. chandru mehta says:

    Nitin ,

    Sorry to place this question here

    How does one guarantee that a shorting a stop loss order goes through , Ive tried limit and its a 50:50 chance . Is there any suggestion that shorting stop loss orders go though in most of the times.?

    • Didn’t get your question Chandru, as long as you are using SL-M order, it should go through 100% of times unless there is no liquidity. Check this post.

      • chandru mehta says:

        yes nitin i do agree on liquidity but how do short sellers achieve their targets ? my price trigger does execute 50% of the time since the price drops suddenly and i miss the juicy ones.

        If i can sense of the price fall / rise in advance , how do i take it to my advantage .
        For example i want to short 1000 shares in F&O . maybe 2 lots for example

        a) Do i need to break my orders in 2 lots over a 2 sets of prices apart and place 2 plain SL stop loss orders hoping that one order gets executed.

        b) place a order on market which is more dangerous and may be a partial fill

        c) Or place a SL – Market orders .I read that SL – M orders get executed ticks below the trigger price would that be dangerous also ? do i need to experiment to find out the difference between trigger price and actual price is 5-10 paise or more ?

        Which is better .

  369. viro says:

    Hello Team,

    As I understand from above comments , weekly / monthly charts will be made available soon , aside that can we have weekly monthly pivot as well ? Also most of the time traders wants to draw trend line some comments etc on chart but in pi as soon as you close the chart all vanishes ( in sharekhan trade tiger whatever you draw same is saved on bakend automatically and in future whenever you open the chart same is available ) do you guys have any plan to add such feature ? as it will really help trader to recall his analysis .

  370. Bhushan Kela says:

    1. In Charts through quote screen, entry option for buy / sell window there is no provision to cover order and bracket order. please provide the same as is in regular market watch.
    2. How to have multiple marketwatch open. eg. one default market watch of pharma stocks and one Equity marketwatch which i am creating. I want to know is it possible to have multiple market watch open at same time.
    Thanks in advance.

    • siva says:

      It is possible to have multiple market watches at same time,after creating new market watch go to view->user settings->market watch->select save layout on exit, apply,ok. From next login what ever change is done for last time it will be automatically saved.

  371. aashish says:


    • Venu says:

      That’s the way Bracket orders work. The Stop loss and Target orders get filled in the same quantities that your initial entry order got filled in.

  372. Prabhu says:

    Hi Zerodha Team.

    The following are the list of my expetations from zerodah, not sure its already in todo list.

    1 . Please create separate thread to user to find the upcoming features on zerodha PI releases. currenly we dont have any idea on what is there in next version of PI
    2. Need scanner for gapping stocks,based on indicators etc.
    3. More charts needs,when we have multimonitor setup,using 15 charts max is not effective.
    4.Charts need to be auto adjusted lime MT4 chart when tile window option is clicked.
    5.connecting multiple charts using script link is needed (like tradetiger)
    6.Desktop API for placing orders from 3rd party application to PI + Realtime datafeed (free of cost,as sharekhan).
    7.Placing Bracket order and cover order from charts

    • siva says:

      2. Not possible on daily candles for near term.
      3. Will provide.
      4,5. Will check on this possibility.
      6. Already available but little complicated as of now, will optimize it in coming days.
      7. In our list but will take more time.

  373. trade_then says:

    Dear Fellows,

    Pi starts showing older charts data from August 28 onward only. What is happening to the older data. why is Pi not displaying the data from the time i have saved the chart from. i.e I have ICICI bank chart from 1/Jan/2016 and then with the gaps of 3 months each. but Pi cuts over previously saved data. what is the point of saving the chart to disk if earlier data is not concatenated with the new ones.


    • siva says:

      As of now one can open only equity charts for any time period, for futures or options once the contract is expired the same saved chart can’t be opened. We are working on continuous futures charts and once it is implemented it shouldn’t be any problem.

      • trade_then says:

        I am referring to equity charts only, as of yet i don`t trade in futures. it is my previously saved equity charts that are not opening the whole scene. i have i5-4690, windows 10 x64 with 24 gb ram. i think that is enough processing power for Pi to utilize.( i.e ) if it checks the system specs before opening the charts.


  374. trade_then says:

    Dear Fellows,

    1) Converting charts to excel/CSV is a long and tedious process in Pi and there seems no automated feature of converting the stored charts in disk to CSV files. one has to pick every file and then wait for it to get converted and then Pi pops up Excel/default CSV openener application to show the conversion.
    2) I see PiChart.ocx and PiChartLib.Dll in Pi Folder. is this the library Pi is using to convert the charts to CSV files if so could a small utility be made that converts the stored charts to CSV files or tell us how are you passing chart files to these libs.
    3) The new version of Pi does not open the earlier stored charts. that has made so much of downloaded data useless.


    • siva says:

      1.If data is more it may take more time but we will look in optimizing it.
      2. Your observation on this is not right, we use those for other purpose.
      3. As of now only existing contract charts can be opened and not expired contract charts, we are working on continuous future contracts and once it is implemented it will be possible to open any chart saved to disk.

      • trade_then says:

        If you are considering optimization. I would like to humbly request you to kindly make a utility in Pi. which does the following. We should be able to open up a Folder location from which we select the saved chart files and those files. Pi should quietly converts into Csv files in a background thread that would be much more convenient. that way Pi wont have to download new data to make the chart current. ( which can be opted for if required ) just convert the already stored data. I don`t think this is a tedious task to implement as Pi is already doing it. It just has to be made more practical and user friendly.

        2) i have one more problem. The market view when i open it, every morning i have to adjust few columns. even after selecting the options of saving the workspace and layout before closing. my maket view does not open in a way that i had left before. It does open the same stocks but few columns loose there location and they have to be re-calibrated.


  375. Arjun says:


    I’ve been looking for a Workspace file that has all the Equity stocks for which Zerodha provides margins on MIS, BO and CO orders. I know the limit for a Workspace is 250 stocks in Pi and there are around 300 equities for which margins are provided, but this could be done as 2 Workspaces.

    Has someone made such a file? Can you please share it?

  376. Viv says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I know my request would sound like a broken record. It would really help if zerodha could add Ichimoku Cloud indicator to Zerodha Pi. It is already present in kite so please add it for pi also.

  377. samir says:

    Zerodha why not start providing Nse Data feeds for amibroker
    1: no of scrip your choice
    2: per scrip 10rs per month
    base on your popularity think good business idea.

  378. Kumar says:

    Can anyone tell why I am only able to see 2.5 months of candle data when I select 60 min or 240 min timeframes and choose 120D candle data? How can I increase the chart history for 60 min and 240 min?

    • siva says:

      I believe you are checking for future contracts, as futures expire for 3 months one can get the data from only the time it started trading on exchange. Also to mention if one selects 60 days it means it is 60 calendar days and not trading days alone.

      • Kumar says:

        Charts data for 2.5 month to make entries in 60 min or 240 minute or Daily is not enough to gauge the trend. Based on 4-6 months chart data, technical analysis on 60 min or 240 min or Daily time frame, price will probably drop quite a few points which will provide traders with bigger profits in Intraday/Swing/Positional. 3 months future expiry is not a reason to provide limited chart data as traders are free to choose to make entries on 60 min or 240 min or Daily time frames based on the trend. Trend must be clear on 60 min, 240 min, daily time frames which is why more chart data is required to gauge the trend.

  379. chandru mehta says:

    I posted this again for a response

    a)Is it possible to add ” copy ” ” paste “feature on right click to Pi charts , one can easily copy a rectangle , horizontal line or any drawings without the effort of doing it all over again

    Is it possible to introduce this feature sometime in your coming updates
    b) when is the new Q coming up , i am eagerly awaiting the flashback feature , are you re introducing flashback?

  380. Vivek Deshpande says:

    1) There are still bugs in Pi, your support & resistance levels are still not movable after certain border. If you reached at support 1 or resistance 3, pi will not further move in up/down direction. If i want to place an order below S1 or above by seeing chart, i can not do that, as chart with Support & resistance will not move in up/down direction. Even in this case you will find LTP will not be able display if goes below S1 or R3. I hope it should be like the same as of Kite. Kite is so flexible in chart movement with support & resistance. We expect the same in Pi. Earlier I have raised the same issue with S & R. Still i would say support & resistance levels are not so flexible. This is must feature.
    2) If you load historical data for 1 year / 2 years(of 1 day chart), you will not be able to see pivot points. I guess this feature should be there.
    I hope zerodha team will take corrective action on these points.


    • siva says:

      1. Will check on this.
      2. Pivot points won’t show up for daily charts on Pi.

      • Vivek Deshpande says:

        Hi Siva,
        Have you checked on this? Earlier also i have raised the same thing with support team as well as on same portal, but unfortunately there was no corrective action.
        If you want, i can provide you screenshot of issue. Here I can not attach image, plz share your email id so that i can share you evidence.


      • Vivek Deshpande says:

        Hi Siva,
        Any progress on my points?

  381. cht. says:

    please help,

    just few days back I have installed pi,

    1. It is possible to save indicators while saving charts at “my workspace”? It is tedious to add all indicators every time