Latest update – Kite charts

May 3, 2017


Check this charting video and user manual for all features on Kite charts. Below are the latest updates.

Lot more data & Quick trends

End of day data from  1996 for top stocks and  intraday data from  Feb 2015 (more than anyone out there). Below is a 21 year chart of Shipping corporation of India. New charts nimble even with large amounts of data.

Click on 1 Day, 5D, 1Month, 3M, 6M, YTD (Year till date) to see the  trend for the selected time in one click. Based on time period selected, candle size changes from 1 min to 1 month by default for best fit for overall view.

LTP and % change: Last traded price of the stock and  % change from close of the last candle/point to the current price on the chart.

Quick trends, LTP, lots of data

New information box

Use crosshair or info box to either disable or view Open (O), High (H), Low (L), Close (C), Volume (V).

New popout and refresh icons.

New info box view

Classic info box within chart with slight transparency instead of top panel, giving more charting area.

Classic info box

Easy view and layout save

Add studies/indicators and save views. Views/templates can be applied on other scrips when charts initiated.

Click on layout to save preferences like candle time frame (1 min to 1 month) and theme. Candle time frame auto saved as layout preference in 30 seconds. If chart either popped out or new charts opened without saving layout or waiting for 30 seconds, default candle time frame of 1 min gets applied.

Views and layout

Easy add/remove/edit – studies or indicators

Add/edit/remove studies

More drawing tools

Initiate drawing tool panel as shown below, click on the same to hide to give more charting area.

Drawing tools

Tips if using charting on mobile

  1. If using charting on mobile, keep crosshair and info box disabled for better experience.
  2. If crosshair, info box, or drawing enabled, two finger swipe to drag the chart left/right.
  3. Avoid loading large amounts of data on mobile.

Do watch Kite charting video and read user manual for rest of the features.

Note: If you are not able to  see the latest change as shown in the post above, clear cache and force refresh your browser (Ctrl+shift+R).

Happy Trading,

Nithin Kamath

CEO @ Zerodha and partnering startups through Rainmatter to help grow and improve the capital market ecosystem in India. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter. | Personal website:


  1. Raj says:

    Great update, charting is extremely slick now. Took a couple of hours to get used to it.

    • Palwal Ghosh says:

      Very Nice tool and flexible to use.

      • dinesh mohan says:

        omg!!! there are tons of flaws in this version…plese look into it…yesterday popout button did not work for me…..:(
        how can i watch multiple stocks at one time?…comeon nitin

        • Hey, popout is working fine.

          • Arunraj S says:

            Come on Nitin. There are numerous of bugs in this kite and i personally know a few who are very unhappy with this buggy version. Change is very much welcome but not a buggy version to the client. Please test it properly before updating to the client. All the bugs were in Charts.

            • Padam Raj Bhusal says:

              What was the reason you removed color (Change) from candles. Now i cant differentiate bw bearish and bullish candles. It has been disgusting now. Plus whenever i bring a new chart, the first chart which i have seen is shown. Given 1 star on play store. Make all the corrections ASAP or i’m changing my broker.

              • There is color change. Click on Display, go to change theme, you can change those colors to what you want and save.

                • rex pereira says:

                  Sir Kamath i have tried going to display in the new kite but i cant change the colour of my candles. i am used to having light shaded or black and white candles and other tools to avoid getting attention from my surroundings please can you check and provide the changes for colour of the candles

                  • Go to display, click on +new theme, choose the color of your candle and apply the theme.

                    • S RAJASHEKAR says:

                      Sir in the theme only two options are there day and night. In that we cant change colours. Also please let me know any provision to show alert by way of sound or display if order is executed or if there is any
                      change in prices either way . ( to know the trend we can fix some alerts as in case of some others brokers charts).

          • Ashutosh tiwari says:

            How can set fix percentage(%) based brick (or box) size in Renko chart. And in kite platform what is default parameter for Renko chart.

            • Brick size can be set by clicking on the settings button next to renko when you are selecting the chart type. There is no fix %, you will have to set the brick size in points. The default brick size changes with stock.

          • RAKESH YADAV says:

            Charts in android kite app are not opening. Can you suggest any remedy please.

          • manas says:

            Kite is very effective and simple to use. Thank you for providing such a user friendly trading platform. Although i would prefer dark theme for zerodha kite same like zerodha pi. Dark theme reduce strain to our eyes.

          • anandsplad says:

            Sir as I am beginner to intraday trading I have one queries. whenever I reach the target in BO why the stock does not exits immediately even though the LTP of the stock is same as my target price , Instead the price again goes down and I miss my target price and I had to wait for the price to come up.

          • shekhar phatak says:

            is it multiple charts layout available on kite?

          • Sanjeet says:

            there are too many issues in synchronization between kite android app, kite 3.0 url( open in mobile) and kite 3.0 url( open in destop. If you save study in android app, you can not see that study in kite 3.0 url( both mobile and desktop). Similary the case when you add some stock in market watch list in android app, you cannot see in kite 3.0 . I have already raised a ticket on this and ticket number -#851481

          • Sreenath says:

            Hi Nithin,

            I am facing very peculiar issue in my Zerodha account while saving the cart template!!!!
            After adding all the studies, If i tried to save the chart template, i could not able to do so?
            Is there is any issue?
            I do have one more account and i could able to save the view once i add all the settings and the same is not working with other account..
            If you have any solution kindly let me know


            • Matti says:

              You just need to click on save view and then save preferences. Should work fine.

              • Manish Agrahari says:

                Hi Nithin/Matti,

                I am also facing problem with “Save View” Option. After saving, it does not showing the saved template. I tried multiple times in multiple browser then it got saved. I tried to save 2 template but it saved only one.

                Please help us with the issue.

                • Matti says:

                  Hey Manish, you need to wait for 30 seconds after adding indicators before saving a view.

                  • TheStartupGuy says:

                    This didn’t help. It’s 31st July 2018 and I can’t save more than 2 views. Occasionally, the 2 that are saved also vanish so I have to refresh the page a few times.

          • nirav gada says:

            hi sir, after drawing trendlines, it is getting vanished after couple of days and i hav to draw again.
            pls help me with this

            • Bhuvanesh says:

              Hey Nirav, all drawings you make on charts will be automatically saved in your browser cache. Whenever you open up a chart where you had previously drawn on, the drawings will be retrieved. However, this won’t work if you clear browser cache, or switch browser or PC. Read more.

          • darshan srinivasa says:

            can u add nyse in zerodha like icic have ,thanks

          • abhijit rajput says:

            my candle stick chart does not get updated have to click the refresh button always to check the changes.

            • Matti says:

              Hey Abhijit, are you on a corporate network? Can you please check on a personal internet connection?

              • armstrong ph. says:

                Yes this is the problem that i face every single day even though i am at my own house using my own internet either 4g or normal internet connection. Other brokers don’t have this type of issue in their charts accept zerodha. its so annoying to refresh the chart again and again. I have made lost in many of my previous trades just because i din refresh the charts. i just don’t understand why this wrong chart only in kite but not in other broker’s chart.

          • Abhishek Arekar says:

            Hello sir there are so many bugs in treading view(zerodha) some times it just moves horizontally not vertically some times it just lags or get hang and many more

    • Arun Kumar M.R says:

      sir kite point and fig chart not working properly very bad lag in inverse signal accour

    • Prashant says:

      @Nitin Bhai, BSE Sensex index kab add hoge. No option to add BSE sensex in watchlist. I have checked it from customer care they are also not aware.
      1. Two major index nifty 50 & BSE Sensex by default need to be on top of market watch. These are basic for all user, So it should exclude from watch list and place above that. (Change in index can be made from there only)
      2. Last trade time for stock is not known. very important for trader. How much fast liquidity is in stock to buy and sell in minutes is most important for day trading. So if last trade time last trade qty is given it will help most.
      3. Top gainer/looser by value and volume. Market news & announcement , Trading calls all are missing in mobile app and web version.
      4. You have given 5 watchlist it is okay to add(20*5=100) stock script but Do you really think anyone tracks 100 stock.
      5. Script Margin %, Very big point, if you cannot give margin calculator for equity day trading no problem but atleast given margin % of a stock. How can i calculate how much amount required for ITC 500 shares intra day trading. As each script has vary from 10% to 75 % margin so each script margin % required can be given with immediate update. Not required developers to go huge changes.

      Lots of more key essential thing is missing in mobile app version and i can see updates are not getting frequent after so many suggestions from various users. You may have start brokerage firm as passion which has turned in vast business now. So Now you cannot go with same speed like beginning time of your business and you cannot left these inputs from various users unhandled. You need to be more hardworking and professional with IT Team. because YOUR BUSINESS IS NOW RUNNING ONLY THROUGH TECHNOLOGY. SO YOU NEED TO BE MORE ADVANCE IN TERMS OF SOFTWARE AND WEB TECHNOLOGY.
      See now huge smartphone users in india and multitasking is in life like, travelling and trading, is part of life so mentioned suggestion need to be must have point in smartphone app version to make is practically useful app for day trading. I have already given much input here as suggestion not complained. I have switch Zerodha just because of brokerage charges but I see kite mobile app/web app is far behind from most of market leaders in industry which i used to.

      • Venu says:

        Few of the features you’ve mentioned are already in our pipeline in the next release of Kite. The other requests, I’ll pass on the the Kite developers. The idea with Kite was we wanted to make it clutter free unlike other mobile trading apps. News/Announcements you can track on :

    • nishant says:

      sir, plz introduce the replay button for charts.
      thank you.

    • Romez says:

      I lost my save chart all the time once I logout and login later, then I have to modify and save chart as per my preference which is somewhat unnecessary and time consuming. How to fixed such kind of issue.

  2. DZ0298 says:

    Thanks for all the changes made today. I can now see the indicator values on the right and time on the OHLCV area without using crosshair. I also think it is much faster than before now.

    Can you introduce trading from chart.

  3. Sachin says:

    This charting updates are good…. But… Not so flexible…. Which I felt…. I want my old charting style… I am used that… Please provide option who wants switch to that…. Reply… THANKS…

  4. p699 says:

    This new version is heavy. Takes up one full core in my 2 core processor.

    • Hmm if anything this version has become lighter. Can you double check.

      • Satish says:

        Hi Nithin,

        This new version of Kite IS NOT LIGHTER as far as displaying charts is concerned. It becomes unusable after 30 minutes of use. I have sent your team the screenshots of the cpu usage with charts. The crosshair lags so much that it catches up with cursor movement after 4-5 seconds. Any click on the chart registers after 5-10 seconds.

        Saved views are saved in browser, not on cloud. Then, when the charts become slow, your tech team asks to clear browsing data, which helps only for 30 minutes before lagging again, but clearing browsing data causes the saved views to get deleted every time. We can’t build views every 30 minutes.

        When clicking the tool/drawing button in the TOP RIGHT CORNER, the next dropdown menu to select the draw tool appears in the TOP LEFT CORNER. That’s illogical. It should show up in the same area (TOP RIGHT CORNER). A whole strip from left to right gets wasted anyway.

        Please fix this, or at least give users the option of using the old version of Kite, which was fantastic and actually lighter than this version. You could run charts on it all day without it slowing down.

        Thanks in advance

    • Satish says:

      Absolutely right. It is very, very resource heavy, in spite of what we’re told. No trading until this is fixed.

  5. chandru mehta says:

    i was hoping you add buy sell on popout charts .long pending demand

  6. Harshkumar says:

    Please add live option geeks value for all options so that one can easily apply various options stratagey with any other tool. please update this. This will make you complete.

  7. Abhishek92 says:

    Will definitely take some time getting used to the new look and new features, but looks great in the first glance!

  8. Swapnil says:

    This new update is loading same previous chart for different script. Very frustrating ,every time you need to clear preference for every new script.
    The old version is better.

    • This is actually a feature request from most traders – opening the same preference when charts are initiated. What you can do is save your views, when new scrip is opened, apply the view/template of your choice.

      • Guru Murthy says:

        You got it wrong Nithin.
        Try this and you will experience it for yourself.
        1. Open the chart of some stock (Say Infy)
        2. Click on order book
        3. Open the chart of a different stock

        You can see the chart of Infy being opened.
        This is a serious bug!

      • SKD says:

        Please check the problem in mobile chart. It opens the script, but then goes back to previous chart as many have mentioned here.

  9. IamSuresh says:

    Thank you team Zerodha. The update is beautiful and I am loving these changes.
    Adding/removing is now easy, I can do it from the studies drop down or from the left-hand menu.
    A lot of new tools available.
    Custom setting for Renko charts.
    Saving views and switching between them is pretty easy.
    The menu at the bottom with predefined time frames is very handy.

  10. Tushar Sharma says:

    Thank you for the charting update. Did not take much time to get used to it. The bottom pre-defined time-frames are helpful. Switching between views is also easy.
    If I hover over the refresh button, it says shape. I am using firefox. But in every way the charts have definitely improved.
    I would like to request a tab to open charts from our holdings/ portfolio, instead of only our watch list.

  11. karan says:

    Not able to save drawings , even after saving preferences.

    • Should work. Might be cache. Can you clear your preference once and then save.

      • karan says:

        cleared the cache still not able to save drawings. another problem is that whenever i pop out any chart every time nifty 50 chart appears in the pop out

        • It is working correctly, getting someone to call you.

          • Mahant says:

            I am not able to save drawings in Kite 3 paltform. Tried many things like clearing cache, clearing preferences, still not able to save them. Could you please help me. I am using Chrome browser.

            • Bhuvanesh says:

              Mahant, all drawings you make on charts will be automatically saved in your browser cache. Whenever you open up a chart where you had previously drawn on, the drawings will be retrieved. However, this won’t work if you clear browser cache, or switch browser or PC.


        Hi Nitin , I am unable to save any indicators on my Android phone…. Earlier version was better and fast…Could we can place an option for older version also…

  12. Shantanu Borate says:

    Dear Nikhil,

    This is specifically for mobile platform. Post changes are done I am not able to add multiple moving averages. By default it is taking 50 days MA and if I try to add new MA for say 20 days it is still taking 50 days. Upon clicking settings nothing is happening. Also Charts in desktop are better but the views which I am saving are not appearing in my mobile. So it is very frustrating experience adding studies and its parameters again and again. Request you to do through testing before releasing. Since last week it was so smooth on mobile. I am sure it will be fixed soon.


  13. Pradeep says:

    Need a scanner in kite also..

  14. Mayuresh says:

    Day & Night feature removed again?

  15. Yogeshwar Kp says:

    Super Charts

  16. VIKAS MADHWANI says:


  17. KSK says:

    Seems to be way too slow after this upgrade and several hiccups during the order placement.

    Not appearing good enough for a quick trade entries. Might be an infrastructure issue… please have a look.

  18. souvik das says:


    All is well, but the indicator disappears after a few times of interclicking between stocks. And then i have to bring in the indicators once again. Cant, i set a particular set of indicators permanently?

    • Not able to replicate it. When you add indicators, you have to either save it as a view or wait for 30 seconds for it to auto save. After which you can switch between stocks. If you do before that, they might disappear.

  19. Sumit says:

    Is it possible to place price alerts?

  20. SR says:

    Fibs not configurable anymore!!. fixed fibs – could we have it configurable to other levels also.
    trendlines – don’t get saved if you switch to another chart.

    • Yes, the previous fib settings had small issues. We will try to bring it back working properly soon.

      • Rakesh J says:

        fib retracements drawn on charts keep getting darker and darker on its own on changing time frame or just when you open the chart next time to the extent candles n screen gets completely illegible. I have complained about this a lot of times by now, please look into it

      • praveen sharma says:

        Why there are only three retracements ( 38.8% , 50% , 61.8% ) in Fibonacci retracements ? I want 23.8 % and 78.6 % levels because i only enter in trade when stock start moving above 23.8 % level. Kindly add 23.8 % retracement level in finonacci in Kite .

      • cbhumiya says:

        Plz add the 23.8% level to Fibonacci. It was there before this update to kite was done.

  21. mithil says:

    Mr nitin , Please do some about Live Options chain with greeks . Portfolio hedge and payoff !
    Facing lot of trouble n have to use Sharekhan terminal for this .
    Hoping this will resolve sooner . Rest zerodha is perfect .
    Thankyou 🙂

  22. Senthil says:

    Zooming a particular time frame segment facility can be incorporated.

  23. madhav says:

    In ichmoku cloud there is no option for hide any one element. suppose if i want to hide cloud there is no option avalible.

  24. Jaydeep parmar says:

    Stupid update.
    It’s frustrating. I have to add technical indicator Avery time so much wast of time.please bring back old type.

    • Jaydeep, you can click save view. Once saved, you can change scrips and it will load the chart. If this is not happening, can you clear preference once on your chart (click on layout).

  25. aasim khan says:

    there is nothing to see candle high low open close and cant even see price when moving mouse up and down to check where to set SL its the worst improvement u have done to kite roll it back or improve it for pricing guidance on mouse movement and candle’s pricing

    • Aasim, check the post above. You need to click on the info button to see the OHLCV. Whatever option you select will show up net.

      • haripriya says:

        thanks, searching since yesterday, finally got this answer. Zerodha should auto-show this info on-mouse-hover but info button isnt bad. Now I can use candlestick on zerodha.

  26. BISWAJEET DEKA says:

    Nice Works but sometimes chart popup didn’t work. Popout comes with close script chart.

  27. Rajiv says:

    Hi Sir, thanks for making it light weight and sleek. But I am using Chrome and the charts needs two times clicking to open. Either the chart does not open or the previous loaded chart opens in the first click. it requires 2nd click to open. Please advice. Thanks.


    Please fix chart views template Option…
    1.while clicking on it it changed but tim frame not changed it ramained same
    so reading problems create fustrating
    2.while changing chart from one script to another old used chart opened not new one… so this is another problem
    3. please allow us to open default chart time period not 1 min as default which is set … we need to use 10 min 15 min whatever we want to set or template saved can be handy for that , but it get
    1 minutes as default
    4. poout chart not working on chrome 58 64 bit please look it

    • 1/2. Can you click on layout and clear preference and try again. This shouldn’t happen.
      3. Open a chart, change the time frame to 10m or 15min, save preference. Once done, the next chart will be the time frame you select.
      4. Checking this.

  29. Amit Bajaj says:

    Pls get alerts implemented huge thing lacking sinc3 beginning

  30. suresh bhagtani says:

    please put a scanner,like list of all scrips have cut moving averages or whose rsi is above 50or 60,or any user defined scan on any oscillator or price or voleme or averages.

  31. Navdeep Bajaj says:


    I’m facing an issue where if more than one chart is opened (pop out), only the one that I’m currently viewing updates while the ones on other tabs seem to stop updating and need to be refreshed to show price action and volume.

    Every new minute, the candle just appears flat

    • skm says:

      I guess i am facing something similar – In my browser i keep 3-4 charts open with 5 minute candles. They have to be manually refreshed most of time. It was an issue the older charts also. Please see if something can be done.

      • Hmm.. the main Kite window has to remain open if all charts have to tick.

        • bhushan says:

          Dear Sir,
          If another chart is pop out obviously the charts would be open and the main screen would work in backside. Will the same suffice the purpose or we will have to make the use of tab resize extension in chrome always.


        • aljo says:

          how can i check my pop out chart and keep my main kite window open? if its required for all pop out charts to be ticked?

    • Hmm.. it seems fine. Don’t see this as an issue.

      • Garima says:

        I am having similar problem since a week. I open the pop-out windows on a separate monitor, it keeps showing horizontal ticks/bars but no candles with time unless refreshed. I have to refresh each page manually and then sometimes all the study parameter/statistics are gone. Earlier it was working well though.
        Also, there was a problem in changing the BO trigger price, i tried multiple times, refreshed the page, also logged off and logged in. It kept saying “Modification request sent” but it did not change for 15 minutes and triggered then after. Another instance, I was trying to cancel an order but it kept saying unknown error for 2 minutes and finally placed the order, for which I took some loss.
        Kite has been acting up lately. Can you please help?

  32. kaushik says:

    also while selecting daily candle it shows one minute candle even after clearing browsing history and cache

    • Can you clear preference once under layout. When you select a time frame that you want, either wait for 30 seconds or click on save preference under layouts.

  33. Pratik Sharma says:

    The entire new border which has all chart buttons(1m, candle,studies etc all of them) , is not clickable for me in google chrome. It was working fine earlier.Please resolve it .Facing issues.

  34. Rushabh says:

    andriod kite app has many bugs (for instance we cant change between charts)
    In kite web how to change background colour to black?

  35. Parag Jani says:

    I am using Zerodha “KITE” (Web based system) for daily trading, your system “KITE” is good but your technical team is making it worst by updating it.


    1> We need to click on chart 2 times to see the chart of next stock.
    2> It’s becomes slow to remove stocks from list after updation.
    3> Sometimes it’s showing “Error fetching data”.
    4> Sometimes it’s showing “…..” (dot) on list.


    It becomes HELL, when you update it wrongly. Don’t make it worst than previous.

    I can not understand there is no any person to TEST your system on daily basis as intraday trader.???

    KITE was already good only you need to make the process FASTER, no any other changes required.

  36. Venkat Ramana Dattada says:


    It was a pleasant surprise Monday early morning to see the new design.
    Regret to say, the feature of making notes is sorely missing. In previous charting system one could jot down thoughts.


  37. Ashok Dalvi says:

    Hi…How to display different time frame charts on the same screen window ie 1hr,1d,1w,1m


  38. Sankar says:

    We welcome new charts
    Please make below quick fixes so that it will be even better
    1. Script name box should be transparent like study name
    2. Information box should be transparent like study name
    As it overlaps the below due to its white background


  39. Neeraj says:

    I have put all the necessary indicators and saved the preferences + I have saved the View also with a new name, however the same keeps getting erased. I have tried saving it couple of times and the same is occurring again and again. I tried it in different PCs also.

    Plus can alerts options be given on this new version.

    • Can you clear preference once and do this again.

      • Vijay Singh says:

        I also set all the indicators that i want and saved the preferences + Saved Views also with a new name, But after 2-3 times login – logout it will remove all the saved setting & erased all indicator. I have tried saving it many times and the same is occurring again and again and again……………
        1. Sometime Supertrend (period 7 & Multiplier 1.5 ) not working properly.
        2. Search option is missing to find indicator.
        3. when market is open in Market watch closing price show two day before closing price for first two three hours everyday so pls solve this.
        4. If possible modify date format in DD/MM/YY.

        • 1. Checking.
          2. Will come soon
          3. Until market opens in the morning, the OHLC LTP is shown as if it was yesterday market closing time. So C will be showing the day before’s close. As soon as market opens, it gets updated to today.
          4. hmm.. checking.

  40. akshaykumar says:

    where is day night mode?

  41. Ashish says:

    Old version is better

  42. Akshat Patwa says:

    Previous charting UI was better… candlesticks looking very bad… hope u will see to that

  43. Ramesh says:

    Ref:- DR1784
    All your trading platforms are big failure. Nobody knows what kind of trouble we get any time. Yesterday chart popup was not working. Renko is no reliable in any time frame.
    Unhappy trader,

    • Ramesh, Renko’s don’t work on time frame, they are meant to plot only based on value/underlying movement. When you change time frame, renko box size is essentially changing. If you want to change the renko box size to your choice, you can click on the setting button and put the box size you want.

      • vikram says:

        Under Renko settting>set range manually is not consistent across scrip. I can select manual range 1 for first script but it will change when i open chart for another script and i can’t set to 1 for that script.

      • CHETAN says:


  44. Arun Prasad says:

    I want the price move according to the cursor movement, as in the earlier version. It is more easy to see the price in particular time of chart.
    Please do this small change.

  45. Prakash Umanwar says:

    Excelent charting , liked it lot. have a question how to save annotation (text) lines or drawing elements on charts. I have made some notes on charts & after after checking with few different scripts I came back to original script & found all my work got unsaved. So please let me know how to save charts with info on it.



    The new kite update is missing all the drawing tools settings , especially the fibaonacci settings.

    please give option to select various fib levels such as 23.6 / 78.6 and 88.6.

    also need more fib levels with expansion and projections , only 138.2 and 161.8 are not sufficient.

    also need a pure ABC fib projection tool. 

    it will be much better if we can type on our own ratios that the software can calculate and show.

    Also please allow feature of trendlines to the copied and trendlines should magnetize to candle highs and lows fore extreme precision.

    right now these are very basic features that kite does not have and its actually impossible to do any decent technical analysis on kite , let alone trading.

    chart settings are also missing , cannot switch off the grid ? cannot hide date markers ? cannot change candle colors ? what happened to kite ? intead of going forward , seems to have taken 2 steps back …. very disappointed….

    i was with angel broking for 7 years and their software speedpro is really awesome , came to zerodha due to low brokerage , but Pi never worked for me from the beginning and kite is literally unusable. … what to do ?

    best regards.
    chandan singh sabarwal

  47. Surendra Kumar Jena says:

    Previous chart is shown most of the time after selecting a new symbol

  48. ABHIJEET says:

    when we take crosshair on candle its not showing details of candles it should show open low high close like older version of kite charts

  49. souvik das says:

    And where is the high, open, low information of each candle? Do you expect us to use the crosshair?

  50. naeem says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin Kamath Sir, Pls note to make following changes in your new charting software

    1) Make rates visible h/l/o/c on overhead like earlier becuase if we click the info button its box covers full charting candles and rates are not visible and user friendly
    2) On the overhead script name is visible with big size..and becuase of the same it covers charting and candles not visibile properly in mobile. Just make this script symbol
    3) Pls make our timeframe preferences saved because it open alway in one minute candle.

    • 1/2. we are making name box transparent. By bringing in OHLC into the chart area, we are actually getting more chart area.
      3. Click on clear preference under layout. Add your time frame and click on save preference.

  51. Chetan says:

    My markings are disappearing if i toggle between two stocks. How to retain my markings

  52. VARUN ARORA says:

    Everything looks fine so far except the only issue i am facing while poping out any chart and its stop giving live price action, i have to refresh the chart to see where the current price of stock now. i hope it will get fixed soon.

  53. Sudarshan says:

    Cant change the color of candle sticks… i am color blind and its very difficult for me to differentiate between red and green.. I used to work with red and blue.. pls help

  54. ALBS says:


    Improvements are always good!!!! i observed that if u open charts for scrip 1 and pop it out fine. then go to main screen, then open scrip 2 then try pop out…. scrip 1 opens again,
    need to select scrip2 again and popout it works ok

    Also the pop out charts once refreshed, the volume details are not updating automatically

    u may check at ur end for this

  55. Vivek Kale says:

    So much handy now. Makes my everyday trading easy… 🙂

  56. RAVI KUMAR says:

    This is not a better version, you cannot change the colour of BACK GROUND this is actually a downgrade from earlier where custom settings were given instead of forced alternatives. My saved chart layout is also lost.THERE IS NO WAVE IN CHART STYLE

  57. rajesh kumar says:

    great update for short term and swing traders , head ache for day traders mr.nithin said lets hope this change will bring some greater good …but this chart system is definetly not a upgrade ..all we can do is adjust to the new system which is so not zerodha .

    • sudheer says:

      Rightly said Mr. Rajesh. It is just impossible to see through all these niggles and day trade in peace. The chart area used earlier was ideal. Now too much of browser space is used for charting and this is making the aspect ration weird. I am not sure how long its going to take to get used to it.

  58. Vamsi says:

    Hi.. In this new update of kite charts the “Elder Impulse System” color coding is not working . For all the bars its showing the same color.. Please check…

  59. Paresh says:

    Please add a clock so that the time remaining to finish the bar or a candle can be calculated.

  60. Deep says:

    Below are my observation

    – Volumes doesn’t update until refresh is pressed.
    – RSI graph doesn’t show the live index. Only a moving line.
    – Where goes the search in studies , need to scroll a lot to find something.
    -Why I have to save each & every graph of a stock. If I put RSI , MACD in one graph it should appear for all others until I remove it.
    -Still can’t buy or sell from graph in kite web.

    But good job , new chart looks better & organised than previous version

  61. shekhar says:

    New update is awesome. Please add Nifty 50 (nifty futures available) and we need scanner in kite.

  62. Chintan says:

    Reiterating the request from Sumit . Is it possible to place price alerts? . Alert would help us to track the prices without keep navigating to a site. A notification on the price alert would prompts us to take action. This feature would make a kite trading a fun-filled trading. Thanks for looking to the request.

  63. Narayana says:

    Nice update.Fibanocci values are not getting displayed on y axis.also allow us to customize the settings like which ever fib % we want to use.i want to use 14.6%,76.4% isn’t there.
    Also please add live options data to do live options analysis.

  64. siddharth says:

    Hi team Zerodha,
    good work done in bringing new version of kite,
    Can the candle colors be changed to custom colors, the default colors are not so contrasting.


  65. Nithesh says:

    Wow… New charting is super. Thanks Zerodha..

  66. shabee says:

    i having issue for last 3 days that i once opened the natugas contract but whenever i open other scripts it shows me natugas only.
    today i don’t know how i am able to see my saved view.
    mobile app is great but has some flows, hoping to correct this issues. sometime we are in quick trade and app stopped logging in and stop showing market depth and stop showing charts, it becomes problem for small trader.
    yesterday whole day pop out chart option was not working , not even showing the symbol of pop out now today it is showing.

  67. Sudarshan says:

    Previous charting experience was better.. please get that back…

  68. Amrendra says:

    Dear Nitin,

    The Elder Impulse system is not working, instead of the candles being Blue, Red and Green, its all Black, Please correct this.


  69. BINDU says:

    please add buy and sell signal in popup chart so that it will b easy to trade but however changes as per now its good.

  70. Vimal says:

    with Crosshair i want to calculate number of candles passed on time axis just same as it is present on meta trader 4

    please make it similar or better thn mt4

  71. gaurav says:

    I hope if you can add the entry price and sl price line on chart as It shows in meta trader terminal and ability to place, modify and close orders from chart itself

  72. anand priy says:

    Please insert a search bar in studies to search the indicator etc . its hard to search manually

  73. rahul raj says:

    chart is opening previous script on every click and no live data on charts every time i have to refresh to see the chart candles etc fix it as soon as possible. I have checked chrome and mozilla no live chart data. 🙁

  74. Sam says:

    The new version is nice. Much needed 4 hrs candle is introduced and I am happy with it. Thumps up for updation.

    I am missing the search option in “studies” and “drawing tool” section from older version. It will be more helpful, if the search option for these 2 sections are added in the new version.

    • Chetan says:

      Where is the 4 hour candle?

      • You get to see it if you click on 1 Month time frame chart at the footer of the chart.

        • NagrajS says:

          so what does that mean ? why would you want to confuse people – the bottom timeframe’s if you click on 1 day – it shows a five min chart, if you click on 5 day it shows hourly chart, 1 month shows 1 day chart … Is this how its supposed to be ? am I missing something here ?

          • Bottom is not a candle timeframe. It is a period. It is a quick way for you to see chart for 1 day, 5 Days, 1 Month, 3 Month etc.. Based on how much time period you want to quickly see the chart of the stock for, the candle time period changes. For example if you want to 6 Month chart, opening 1 min candle wouldnt’ make any sense as there thousands of candles. Hence a 1 day candle opens to show a quick view of the trend.

        • Byron says:

          well 4hr chart is not available .. if we click monthly at the bottom it pulls up 30 mins chart

  75. amogh says:

    day n night in theme not available… would have been great if available.. as night mode its easier to watch n study graph

  76. nittin ubale says:

    Dear Sir,
    In old we were able to set the view of fib level you have disabled it in this new version. I request make the setting option available for fib levels. and am also getting problems in saving the preferences of the charts it did’t get save, Rest everthing is Excellent! Thank U

  77. pradeep says:

    As of now, there is default time frame chart, need customize time frame chart like 2days,3days,4days chart etc like.

  78. Raj says:

    Thanks for all the services provided by this team to develop self and others,

  79. khaja says:

    how to change theme in new version like black theme pls tell me

  80. Ram says:

    Can you keep indicator/studies search box? diffcult to scrolls till end.
    Also can you add search box for drawing list as well?


  81. abhishek says:

    please add black background in new update,getting strain on eyes by seeing white background

  82. Ram says:

    Also please give an option to switch to the old format if user wishes. Because, till all these functional/performance issues are fixed in this new chart format, day traders are not convenient to switch to new charts quickly

  83. Sandhya says:

    One of the worst upgrade ever faced.. all my saved charts vanished.. each time it requires to load indicators on chart.. this time not done at all.. earlier version was too good..

  84. Akil says:

    Hi nithin,

    I am facing 2 problems with this new update.

    1. It looks like the platform has a bug. Whenever I open a chart of a script it opens a chart of a script which was previously opened. Fix this bug on priority. It’s frustrating and time consuming.

    2. In the previous version whenever I would open let’s say an hourly chart . Kite would automatically consider this as a default timeframe and from that moment onwards it would automatically load only hourly chart . But now no matter what I do kite loads 1 min chart as default . So I need to change it back to higher timeframes. Manually every time. Which is time consuming.

    Warm regards ,


  85. Omg says:

    3/05/2017 12:11 pm

    KITE Android APP






    • Omg says:





    • Should be fixed if you cleared preference under layout icon. All indicators are there, you will have to scroll down.

  86. BISWAJEET DEKA says:

    Tools are not available

  87. MAHESH AKADE says:

    Major drawback is chart needs to refresh, they are not streaming on their own.

  88. miyaa says:

    chart is not display in black colour

  89. zap says:

    Fantastic updates. I totally appreciate and adore zerodha for their futuristic mindset!

    Will there ever be more time periods? Like I wanna see Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly candlestick charts just like we have in sharekhan.


  90. Amrika says:

    Sir, charts stuck & not ticking well like previous version, have to refresh everytime after coming to tab.
    Even sometimes, candle stucks at one price while Pi showing new rates, it’s frustrating.
    I don’t like this version.

  91. Uday B says:

    Hi Nitin, trendlines get erased if clicked on refresh (even if layout was saved prior). Pl help on that. It was working before.

    • Parag says:

      Agree. Sometimes the candles stop forming midway, so one has to refresh, and once we refresh, our drawings vanish.

      Another issue I found is that the Supertrend indicator does not adapt when the trend changes. It happens only after I refresh.

      But keep up the good work.

    • Once you add drawing, please click on save preference in layout.

  92. Abhinav says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    I am not getting the night view in new Kite charts, I am more comfortable when background is black as it is in “night” theme. please fix it.

  93. atul bhagat says:

    Thanks Zerodha Team for this new kite update .
    The search symbol feature on the chart is awesome and was in my wish list, though it searches only those which are already in the market watch , please make it universal.
    I do have one request , please add the the theme option , changing the background and candle colors.

  94. S.Balasubramaniam says:

    nice. convey my regards to the developement team.

  95. MAHESH AKADE says:

    How to plot volume moving average on chart?

  96. Bhagwan Sawant says:

    good tool to understand..

  97. siddharth says:

    Forgot to add a concern in previous comment, difficult for distinguishing candles of new version for a color blind person

  98. Tarun says:

    please put a separate window option for charts on mobile app, for swift shifting.
    also during market opening the the chart freezes and forms tiny ticks every second.
    i am sure many of us faces this issue.

  99. Payoj Jain says:

    Almost every change is lovable, almost. Though there are some, kind of, downgrades the over all feel is largely neat.
    Just one issue I found ,you said EOD data from 1996, Nifty however still loads only till 2006. Just something I noticed.

  100. Madan Jangid says:

    Nice improvements.

    In case of going to other section like position etc and coming back to chart, it goes on 1 minutes time frame within 30 seconds is too fast.

    Kite should hold to last setting unless changed.

  101. Jagjivan Machhar says:

    This new version is good, what is to be added is total volume near price and change in price + total volume. at present volume available in chart only.

  102. SAGAR PATIL says:

    good update but i am unable to find the settings for fibonacci retracements. please guide me.

  103. Dev. Ambre says:

    Great Job Sir, Thanks to you and your Team. Very good and updated “New Look”.
    But only difference in old and new in Themes which was available in Main window of Kite before POPOUT Chart.
    In version it is available only after POPOUT Chart.
    But Thanks & Regards again for your hard work.

  104. Kiran niphade says:

    Most welcome new Kite updates, I like changes.
    Past 2 day not working my chart properly, if I open any script chart that shows blank screen. Today I was accessing a chart and set any indicator or change chart time frame 5m, 15m, 1h,etc. Is moves forward non-stop automatically whenever close it.
    New updated chart is time consuming, not open quickly or anytime not open Plz fix it….

  105. RAVI KUMAR says:


  106. samy says:


    Great update. Congrats on the same. I wish alerts be added with some pop up notification and sound. Is it feasible.

  107. rajendran says:

    Good changes made to the one earlier.
    Thank you.
    But lot to done, say look at the features “Trade Station etc..” provide.
    Make our life easy to trade options.

  108. shrikant says:

    new changes on kite chart are quit difficult.
    indicator trend change hone ke bad bhi dikhata nahi hai.
    chart ko refresh karna padata hai.

    so please solve this issue.

  109. sachin says:

    Earlier chart were very easy,

    In the new charts how can We Enable – Close -Open -High – Low – VOlume – Time things that used to be shown on the right upper side of old charts, these helped a lot which is missing in the new charts,

    Pls help,

    Best regards,


  110. rishi says:

    sir i do not know why u change old version kite charting i think u r not testing on mobile its work horrible old version work like butter and its work like salt if u not give option to switch old version i think we leave zerodha i think what ever i red the comment given above they are not trader i think it very very very bad step for zerodha because 90% trader in zerodha wokr in kit dont make difficult… if u use old version in mobile its work nice but this new version not user friendly ……. think about ………..

  111. Pratik Sharma says:

    The entire new border which has all chart buttons(1m, candle,studies etc all of them) , is not clickable for me in google chrome. It was working fine earlier.Please resolve it .


    I am happy with new update in kite. But only one issue is , i am not able to save my drawings, like trendline, fibonacci etc. Every time i start chart and it disappear. Please do something for save drawing on chart, like trendline, fibonacci etc.
    Thank you

  113. Nagesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Great charts. I would like to state a requirement that I miss in your charts. I like to maintain a watchlist and as I scroll through the watchlist, the chart of the selected stock should be displayed. Somrthing like in Metastock. I need not browse for the stock or click on the chart icon in the current watchlist to display the charts.


  114. Charan says:

    Fib’s are not configurable, can we also have saved fib series as with old version also we have to select/deselect our options everytime we load a chart

  115. ABHIJEET says:

    when we take crosshair on candle its not showing details of candles it should show open low high close like older version of kite charts

  116. Adiamogh says:

    Excellent Kamathji. Very flexible tool.

    It will be great to have ability to open a stock without having to add in Market Watch + Buy / Sell option (which I read as coming soon).

  117. Adhiraj says:

    Good to see continuous improvements.
    have one suggestion:

    Can we have an option to see Stock Wise Charges ( STT+Brokerage etc) anywhere ? Currently we can only see time period wise charges on the transaction amount.

  118. karajsingh says:

    Hi am using zerodha kite for trade such a great platform but need some help…. When using Fibonacci there is no 0.236 and 0.786 ratio and how to remove fill options from Fibonacci want only lines not filling and also how to remove grid line from back ground for clear interface….. what to do please suggest….

  119. Devaraj Krishnamoorthy says:

    Volume bars are not updating automatically. I am forced to manually refresh. Pl fix this ASAP.

  120. Vaishnavi says:


    Charting looks clean with ease of saving preferences for multiple views.

    However, I hope that splits and bonus shares are considered appropriately in longer term charts. For e.g. I can still see Asian Paints price not updated for splits in July 2013.


  121. Chandrashekar says:

    Dear Nitin Sir,

    Nice Update , 1 suggestion allow sorting in watch list with increase in volume ( Avg )and Price (Highest and lowest ) and not able to draw lines.

  122. VENKAT says:

    Hi sir,
    The new modification were good,but two things I Facing Issues
    1)If I open 3 charts only one was Live, the remaining charts needs refresh button.
    2)when I click chart it open the correct one and when I click full frame it goes to previous chart frame constantly.

    Please update these Issues.

  123. Virendra Nirmalkar says:


    Looks like a good update.
    But there are problems with this update:

    1. I have made bookmarks for charts of different shares. Before the update, if I opened all bookmarks (by right-click and select “Open all bookmarks” to the bookmark folder in chrome) it would show the charts with what I set in 1st chart, say for if Daily chart for 1st, then rest all will have Daily chart itself. But with the update I have to select saved view + cross hair + info + refresh.

    It’s a lot of time taking.

    2. Sometimes, when I have 2 charts open of say SBI and INFY in 2 different tabs, after the refresh, INFY becomes SBI… Really sucks.

    • 1. Clear preference once under layout, and then save preference with 1D, this issue will get fixed.
      2. Clear preference should fix this. This is happening if the old chart hasn’t updated to the new completely. Clearing cache will also work.

  124. Vivek says:

    There seems to be a bug when you try and compare 2 different charts. Once you plot 2 different charts to compare and now when u zoom in and out, the graph line interchanges upside down.

    • Vivek, compare, essentially uses the data on the screen as reference point to compare the performance. If you zoom in and if the relative performance for that period has changed, it will switch. What I mean to say is compare starts comparing from the starting point on left axis of the chart. if you zoom out, there will be more data.

  125. Manish Chakraborty says:

    The new Kite does performs better than the prior one with respect to chart navigation, zooming, panning. Also a lot of problems that happened on Sunday and Monday ( just after the updates ) seems to be fixed now.

    DO NOTE :: its helpful to go to Google Chrome History settings and clear out the cache just to make sure that Google Chrome is loading the newest and the correct version of Kite.

    Also the options to change the color of the candle body, candle wicks, candle borders, date dividers, grid lines is still missing from this new version. Please bring back this settings as because a trader really needs to customize the looks and feel of the chart to make him comfortable using it while trading. As one theme/color may not suit everyone so the ability to customize the colors is crucial indeed. Again the previous version had all these options so there is no reason why this new version shouldn’t have them too.

    Overall this new version is good on many aspects and performs well too. So keep up the good work.

  126. Abhinav Giri says:

    Chart drawings are not getting saved. Can u make them saved by default or through saved views please?

  127. Kaiwara Ramesh says:

    To day Biocon is jumping from 1021 to 1062 and back to 1021 every 5 seconds.
    The price is fluctuating very often.

  128. sudheer says:

    Another issue… Open one chart and set the timeframe to 15 min.. go to positions tab and open the previous chart… the time frame is getting reset to 1 min.

    • Manish Chakraborty says:

      Yes this happened to me too. You need to save the layout preferences to make sure that the 15min chart opens the next time.

    • Manish Chakraborty says:

      Actually saving the Layout preferences is also not working as the 1min chart keeps coming back and the unwanted indicators are also coming back. Please fix this asap Zerodha.

      All these problems are driving everyone crazy, really. Please fix these immediately.

    • Clear cache, clear preference under layout and try again. Works fine.

      • Manish Chakraborty says:

        Yes it does works fine now and the custom settings is also back and working. Thanks a lot for such quick and swift response. Really appreciate it. Kite now works like it should.

  129. appu says:

    thanx for the update but
    still eagerly waiting for

    1.Bracket order buy sell from chart itself which is predetermined
    2. advanced braket order with profit booking option ( which is the game changer for plenty )
    3. fibonacci levels cannot be adjusted … new levels couldnt still be added 🙁 plenty of fibonaacci traders dissapointed

  130. Balaji says:

    Hi Team,

    Today, I’m watching market from last 3 hrs and unable to take a intraday.. Every tic or Sec provide a change in trend… if every min trend is changing… how can we have intraday ..I request you to, please watch chart type or trend graph for each time visual… each time trend is changing….. really not happy in kite site…..

    Expecting for better trend visualisation…..


  131. Manoj Acharya says:

    Thanks Zerodha Team for this Kite update. Its really a better experience. Only issue am facing is to save the charts . “Share” is not working. Hope to get it back soon.
    Also would like to know the timeline (if any) for the chart “Replay” feature. Would be really helpful for all the traders.

  132. Sumit Prasad says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin,

    I can find some new features has added but few old features are also required here, The most important is *Autosaved Drown Trendline, & Marked Patterns.* Thats was a great feature, which seems unavailable now.

    The new update is loading same previous chart for different script. Also, once paramenters saved doesn’t really get applied on another scrip sometime.

    Kindly enable it to open in previous opened time frame, by default it is opening on 1 minute time frame.

  133. AMOL says:

    thanks a lot for the constant upgradation. does this also has a drawing on one time frame ( like D Daily ) available on lower time frame ( like 60 mins or so ) ?

  134. Bhupesh says:

    The new look appeals though when I saved a view yesterday and returned, the saved view was missing. This resulted in a lot of time and effort to bring together again all indicators, studies etc that I normally look at. It would be great if someone can look into this aspect!

  135. Deepak says:

    Where is fibonacci? Please provide search option in studies. It were available in old version. Please update.

  136. prasad says:

    yesterday i change the background color but today that option is cancelled
    we sit long time on pc so black background color required


    saw zerodha new kite version. 1 day, 5 day, monthly,6M , yearly is good.
    1)but i think old kite version was more flexible and friendly.
    2) fibonacci user setting are not available (23%, 50%,78%)
    3) chart gets unresponsive for 30 seconds ( previously not present)
    4) full screen chart not available when we add MACD, RSI, STOCHASTICS.
    SUGGESTION:- Keep both old KITE and new KITE version optional as like bank online sites

  138. Ruturaj Kulkarni says:

    Thanks Zerodha Team for the upgraded Kite version.

    Currently, the “Info” bar (the one that shows open, close, high, low, etc.) which is displayed on the charting area. Is it possible to shift it upwards in the row of “Search Symbol” ? This is because, “Info” bar blocks the chart views and there’s hindrance to using charts effectively.


  139. srinivas says:

    When can we expect IPO segment in Zerodha?

  140. Nirmal says:

    Can you please add Implied volatility for the index/stock options in charts or in some place?

  141. Rajesh Mahajan says:

    STUDIES section – SEARCH studies option is missing. please cover up!

  142. Manoj says:

    i want to old version, this one is too much flexible, some time others company’s chart appear when chart open

  143. Sruthi Rachuri says:

    Last candle in any index option chart is behaving erratically.
    It keeps going up and down, looks like this needs to be corrected.

  144. Sree says:

    My experience with the new release is as follows:
    – Issues reported with the earlier versions remain as they were
    – chart response – has become sluggish, user actions get delayed response when a few charts are open
    – indicators like Supertrend are now misbehaving (issue already raised with screen shots)
    – Concept of Views – Intention is good, but implementation is pathetic. Example .. you save a view (say “myView”)with set of technical indicators. Obviously it has to be done with some chart with some symbol and time frame.
    When the “myView” is applied to another symbol, the chart changes to the one with which the view was saved whereas the user expects “myView” to be applied to the chart I am currently viewing. Nothing can be more frustrating.

    – Under “View” menu, themes (day, night) are available only if the chart is popped out

    – Refresh take very long or are never ending. Thankfully it stops when the browser refresh is done 🙂

    Nitin, if you happen to read this post, please note:
    I hear about Zerodha adding features and becoming better. It would have been better if basic issues are addressed before adding more frills.

    1. when the market opens in the morning, charts do not get connected to data feed. They simply scroll to the left. They will form candles only after multiples attempts of “refresh”
    2. Volume bars stop getting updated after some (random) time, related indicators like Klinger misbehave
    3. Candles stop forming after some (random) time if the user is not active on the screen doing refresh periodically

    If someone wants to have an occasional glance at the charts for signals without unnecessary manual intervention (like periodic refresh) the current product is not at all useful. The last version expected users to refresh the chart before looking for any signal. This is contrary to the concept of “Signal” itself.

    The new release has all the problems as they were (with last version) and have added many other usability issues.

    Further, I would like to make a humble request … Please follow standard software life cycle processes (thorough functional testing in live environment, beta testing etc. ) before going live with a critical software like a trading platform.

    Looks like I should take a break rather than braking my head with Kite for now.


    • Sree, I am checking on the three things you have pointed to immediately. I use it regularly, haven’t seen this. Candles will stop forming as long as it gets ticks, only if your system goes to sleep or internet stops will it stop. The save bit, if you can clear preference under layout and cache on browser, it should get fixed.

  145. Swaminathan says:

    If the current values of indicators (like rsi) can be displayed (instead of having to position the cursor exactly) it would be nice.

  146. Raja says:

    Yes is there anyway to add scanner feature on Kite similar to PI.
    I trade from office and cant use PI in our office -:)
    For intraday trading we need scanner which is similar to PI.

  147. Paresh says:

    Drawing we make disappears when we open the same chart again.

  148. Suhas says:

    Please keep all the features of old version intact with new version features..Otherwise new one is better..Thanks..

  149. Trupti says:

    Not able to get volume bars. Wants to open 2-3 different scripts in chart, but every time opening the same chart in pop out. Please resolve this issue

  150. Amit says:

    In new platform i am facing difficulties. In 15 min. chart how to remove vertical lines of every two hr. I need only day seperator to have more cleaner look at my chart. Requesting a solution.

  151. manoj2012 says:

    Hello Mr Nitin Kamath,

    Your new Kite seems to be a good initiative even though some bugs are there which I believe you will fix it .

    I want to focus your attention on a bug for which I need to explain with Chart Picture ……

    BUT, How can I insert a chart picture with this comment Please advise.

    The web link for my chart image is –


  152. jai singh says:

    can u provide customized time frame?

  153. manoj2012 says:

    Yesterday in the Display Header Dropdown I was getting option to select themes that is Day or Night theme.

    Today I am not getting it ……. Please check and fix it.

    • manoj2012 says:

      It is only coming after Pop up Chart ……. if we do not pop up the chart …. the theme option is not coming.

  154. Mahendra Panchal says:

    Congrats Nitin, the new charting is better than the previous one, with some extra info. Nitin please add information of “Book value” of Banking and NBFC stocks, in any manner preferably- P/B, in the Stock Widget. This will be of immense help for Long Term investors. Thanks. Mahendra Panchal ( RM1368)

  155. Rahul says:

    In pop-out mode desired script change to previous one .
    For example if want to open hdfcbank in popout mode it will open in BankNifty

  156. ashok says:

    hi [email protected],

    progress is always good, new update is good.

    request you to please make fibonacci retracements and extensions programmable/configurable by the user.


  157. Mana says:

    1) Maximize Button On Chart now vanished…it is still there on indicators..Square button between Up and Down Arrow
    2) You Cant Place Limit Price with Cover Order in Kite…But you can place limit Price order in PI….!!!!!!!!
    3) Same chart Open for Different Scripts…
    Please Rectify these Problems As soon as possible

  158. T S Kabilan says:

    Great software. good amendment. i like the new graph screen.
    just provide one alert. that price reaching certain value/indicator value.
    it will of great help.

  159. Aadesh Shinde says:

    Please add LTP beside the Avg. Price (in the the window which we see after order placed).
    It will be very useful.

  160. Adish says:

    Hi Nitin,
    One request. The data loaded on charts do no adjust for bonus/splits etc. So the chart is not representative in such cases.. Like Ongc in monthly chart… not able to find the long term trend.

  161. Dharan says:

    It would be nice if we add scanner in Kite. so that we wont depend on Pi.

  162. rajeshvp says:

    1) allow to change colours of candlesticks
    2) allow to maximise chart. earlier it was possible.

  163. Suman Kumar says:

    Thanks a lot for this standardized chart However a lot bug in this chart like layout and time frame doesn’t save properly.I figured out mainly layout saving issue other than everything awesome.

    One more thing i just want to ask is there any difference between paid software chart and free broker software chart.I heard about that free software doesn’t represent actual chart for the live market.Please clear my this confusion.

    • Clear browser cache and preference in layout on chart. should fix. Paid software has more features and functionality. Data is almost same.

      • Suman Kumar says:

        Thanks for the reply. I use color bar chart and many times it gives wrong color. On 15min color bar chart sometime open price is greater than close price then it produce green bar vise versa, However systematically it should be same like candle chart. Please try to fix this bug. My strategy works on color bar chart. It will really help me in my trading hours.


        • siva says:

          Color bar chart is not like candle chart,it depicts line charts,it means the color of present bar is based on previous bar close, for ex: if present bar close is greater than present bar open but still if it is lesser than previous bar close it will form a red color bar which is not the case with candle charts.

  164. sandip says:

    In fibonacci tool we cant add more levels. please guide


    There is a EMERGENCY problem in chart settings.
    when i click on specific stock or index chart only BANK NIFTY CHART IS OPENING.

  166. siddharth says:

    please add scanner in kite which helps us to know what are the %change on the kite and please change the studies view because while adding new indicators to the chart current studies (indicators) list is start covering the whole lists of indicators or I say that current studies start hiding all the lists of indicators.

  167. nagendra says:

    why dont you allow metatrader for zerodha

  168. saurabh says:

    Thank you zerodha team.
    Great update .nice chart you guys provide
    Quality data . thank you so much

    while using on phone facing some issues about study
    study not fetch for all scripts

    Thank you

  169. siddharth says:

    and yes chart lag sometimes, it takes much more time to open the chart or screen is completely blank for some time, it takes multiple refresh to load the chat.

  170. rajeshvp says:

    Chart layout preferences are shown as successfully saved, but next time when Kite is opened (after clearing cache etc) charts do not load with saved preferences.

  171. Manish says:

    When we add a callout on chart and save it and then open another chart and then back to the chart where had put the callout, it disappears !
    Is it not supposed to be saved there for later viewing ?

  172. Manish says:

    I use 10 mins chart with few indicators … I have saved the preferences but still it gets set to it’s default.
    Please have an option to go back to the previous chart system.
    I am already planning a switch.

  173. ozzy says:

    I would firstly like to congratulate you on a very good design and thank you for always trying to make things better keeping in mind the fact that it should not look ugly.

    The new charts are very good looking and is also much better in features. It is definitely lighter than the previous version. Change is hard to accept and some people take time to adapt.

    There will always be those that complain but then even Microsoft hasn’t managed to take out a single software that didn’t have bugs, and their products cost the moon 🙂 you are giving us this for free.

    congratulation and thanks once again for a job well done.

    • Omg says:

      Upgrades r gr8 but a lot of bugs r there in kite android app.

      They need to do beta test n rectify serious bugs as it is a critical software dealing with money.

      Image bank a account a behaving erratic ppl will go mad.

  174. Avik B says:

    Please add the ability to change the bar colors. I am a color blind and if I can’t change the default color, charting will be no fun for me.

  175. suresh says:

    I think search box is required in studies also if we close a chart and open another chart previous chart is displayed

  176. Baalshastri Pandit says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I suggest stop all the advanced updates etc and concentrate on basic requirements of the traders.

    – Consider entire day just refreshing page of kite for whether order got executed. The small ‘Chirp’ sound does not help. This sound does not come in Kite Android. It has to be customizable, like ring tone etc.

    – This can be called next generation tool only if scanner facility is added. (One in PI doesn’t work). And Please, if you provide scanner facility, pl give simple one. Not strange like PI. (They say color changes, it it satisfies the condition. It doesn’t. Even if it does, can you for entire day keep checking the color…)

    – There is no Upper circuit limit / lower circuit limit in kite

    – Market Protection in market order is available in NEST and not in PI/Kite.

    – Q is still buggy. Crux was suppose to be available from 01-Apr-2017.

    More over, I suggest you taking a user survey on the facilities available and wishlist and go ahead with further updates. Otherwise, you are wasting your time, money and in turn getting frustrating messages like is written above…

    I am myself an IT engineer. It is hard for me to understand what does it take to provide this basic facilities.

  177. Ayaan Shetty says:

    Updating kite was a splendid move , the charts looks slick , but it seems it has been executed poorly and not thought through . Please make the necessary changes needed . Its affecting our trading experience .

    Problems :

    1 ) Previous analysis all wiped out , seems no back up was taken nor were clients informed about the update to make some time and back it up some how through screenshots . WOULD HAVE TO DO ENTIRE ANALYSIS ON ALL SCRIPTS again .

    2) Chart refreshed goes back to the old chart that was opened .

    3 ) Information ( OCHL) dialogue should have been outside the chart as it was earlier .

    4) New analysis is wiped out if the window is closed or if you log out .

    5) Dynamic indicators for example RSI aren’t even showing the value .

    6) Preferences are not saved . Chart will only open with the minute view rather than the day view that is saved .

    7) Search function for studies is needed .

    8) Full size options of the scripts that used to hide/unhide indicators .

    • Ayaan Shetty says:

      Also today the scale of the chart is changing on its own or not adjusting to changes once the day view is selected from the minute view .

  178. Sudhir Kadam says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Thanks for Updating “Kite Web App.”
    It takes few Minutes to Re-Learn the App.
    till Date Experience, ” NEW Kite is Feather Lite ”

    Thanks A lot “Team Zerodha” … Your Action Speaks Louder. ( You Do care about your Clients. )

  179. Sunny says:

    Its very nice..Keep up the good work … some bugs though

    All drawings disappear on refreshing the chart..Please solve it

    Can you please put alert & notes options

  180. ANILKUMAR GUPTA says:


  181. JAY says:

    Night theme is good & less strain on eyes when you are continuously looking at chart for 6 hours.
    nPlease bring it back for charts & entire webpage of kite, an additional night theme option.

  182. Prathvi says:

    Any plans of including volume profile on zerodha pi ?

  183. rahul bari says:

    unable to save the drawings. even after save preferences. plz guide me.

  184. Aruna says:

    Thanks for the upgraded version…However, there appears to be significant issues with the new software like
    – Charts not getting updated real time for most part of the day
    – A change in time period results in the settings and saved preferences (views) getting lost
    – Picking up a new security from the watch list is still invoking the charts of the previous scrip

    Kindly look into these issues at the earliest as the ‘Refresh’ issue is really causing huge problems while trading

    • 1. No issue as such.
      2. Can you clear browser cache and clear preference, save preference once again.
      3. Above will fix this also.

      • Aruna says:

        Thanks Nitin… However, the first issue which is and the most troublesome of the lot still persisting even after clearing the cache and recreating the views…

        – Charts not getting updated real time for most part of the day

        On further testing, I have realized that the issue crops up after you have already invoked 2 charts and have popped it out… When the chart for the 3rd scrip is popped out, one of the previous ones stops refreshing… Subsequent charts when invoked further accentuates the problem …. I have checked this in Firefox, IE as well as Chrome and the browser setting is not the issue… Kindly look into this problem at the earliest…

        Your firm is doing a wonderful job overall but feel that this software has not been tested adequately before release… Not sure how this issue is being worked around by the other active traders!!

        • Aruna, it works fine irrespective of number of charts I have opened. The live feeds to popped out charts come from the main kite watchlist. If you have removed the scrip from there or closed that page, all popout charts will stop working. This is how it has always been.

          • Aruna says:

            Appreciate the prompt responses from your end and all the proactive steps taken by you to address the queries from the users grappling with the new version … The live session conducted by you has been useful…Its amazing to note the personal interest taken by you in resolving the user queries

            But unfortunately the issue of real time refresh of prices with multiple charts still remains.. I have never faced this issue with the previous versions and bandwidth does not seem to be an issue either as I have been using Kite for close to 2 yrs now… It would help if your technical team can assist me with this during market hours tomorrow … thanks

  185. Rahul says:

    Allow to Place Limit Price with Cover Order in Kite like in PI.

  186. sandhya says:

    color coding not working for Elders Impulse system. All bars are appearing in white color , even after choosing specific colors for bullish, bearish and netural candles. Tried it in chrome as well as Firefox, same issue seen in both browsers.

  187. Ketan Khopkar says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I have not yet received Activation link for PI from 5 days, Its just showing Activation pending. What is the matter? Also i am not able to add funds in commodity account. It does not show option of commodity in funds tranfer.

    Kindly advice.

  188. rajesh says:

    i am even ready to pay monthly subscription for the previous version of kite..if u cant change it,atleast try to sell it . i need the simplified form …i couldnt handle this new update constant disapperence of saved views and many more umcomfortable things which i dont wanna adjust and work…SO PLS SELL ME THE OLD KITE CHART SYSTEM ,I AM READY TO PAY ANY MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FOR IT …ALL U GUYS R DOING IS DEFENDING UR BUGGED UP UPGR

  189. Jaydeep parmar says:

    Now It is disappointing, disaster app. I have to reset indicator Avery 5 min.

  190. Padam Raj Bhusal says:

    NO CUSTOM THEME NOW. I have difficulty distinguishing red and green. I have great difficulty understanding candles now. Please bring back option to change color of candles.

  191. Farook says:

    In the chart in X-axis why is it showing 6’o clock?
    For ex. on a 5 min chart…it is showing as marked closed at 10:25 hrs !!!
    How to correct the time?

    • Can you check what is the time zone on your computer. It might be showing wrong if your computer time is wrong.

      • shikha gupta says:

        Hi, Cant you fix this thing as I am under different time zone right now, & it creates so much confusion while looking into charts, it should be fixed with market times not bounded by computer time/ time zones.

  192. Abhishek says:

    The looks of the new chart is good. but some features I did not like. those are
    1. when charts are open in a new tab and i was working on other tab charts are not updating.
    2. drawings are not getting saved. every time i refresh charts drawing gone. which is very annoying.
    3. search box in studies not there. as a result it took longer to search any particular indiacator
    please add feature where default setting of users keep saved

  193. aryan says:


    How to remove horizontal and vertical lines in it?

  194. Ram says:

    Unable to create image to share, clicking “create image” button is not yielding the results, overall in the name of upgrade you just complicated interface 🙁

  195. Ram says:

    The draw icon is on right top and the drop down comes at left side, who designed this, did they use atleast once?

  196. Manohar pillai says:

    Sir please add Gann angle

  197. Rajani says:

    In the Studies drop down provide option to search the name of the indicator. If i have to choose some indicator with name starting with ‘R’ or ‘S’ i have to scroll a lot. Also try to provide auto-complete drop down. When i load chart the amount of data consumed is huge so cant think of loading multiple charts at all

  198. Samrat says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Chart experience is good but i feel old one was good. In mobile crosshair info is disabled which is very much frustrating , not able to understand exact candle’s high and low.

    In Kite desktop version’s info is taking so much space in top, sometime not able to see candle for this info box. frequently need to move chart. which is again frustrating. Please do it more user friendly.

    • You can enable crosshair on mobile by clicking on the + button on right top. Earlier chart this entire top section of the chart was opaque and not getting used. Putting a translucent info box, there is more space for charting.

  199. AMIT KUMAR PANDEY says:

    sir when you will release updates for pi?
    AND pls add feature of Order management through dragging lines.

  200. Bandita says:

    This new chart is not better than previous one for me like small investor. It’s controlling are more difficult. To many problems like if new scripts chart open then open previous one.

  201. Rajdeep says:

    In this new charting tool, I am not able to use custom color for bars. I used to use black and while bars. It was better on the eyes.
    Please add the feature back.

  202. Rushikesh says:

    New Charts on phone don’t work correctly. eg. if i open chart for nifty fut instead of seeing nifty fut chart i would see banknifty or any other stock that in next to it in the list. also there are still issues with refreshing in 1min chart.

  203. PR1743 says:

    Y don’t push a message to kite for all users asking them to do a browser cache cleanup and other common error solving stuff….I am pretty sure tomorrow the complaints will be reduced by half

  204. ARUN JAMWAL says:

    in previous version i could change settings of fibonacci tool, now with this update i cant find settings for fibonacci tool . please add this feature where i can change settings of fibonacci tool. thankyou

  205. selva says:

    loading is smooth when compared to the last one, added some useful details, that’s really a good job. few features were gone, it may not be important but it would be nice if it’s available too in display options.

  206. bhushan says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    At present in the new chart in Kite web, search option is provided.
    At present the search option works only for the scripts added in any of the market watch.
    Can we make this search bar similar to market watch search bar so that we can see the charts of any segment without having the need to add the script to market watch and then add chart to it.
    Please check feasibility and let us know the same.


  207. Shantanu says:

    In mobile, I still not able to add multiple moving averages. By default it is taking 50days for all moving averages and doesn’t allow to change days. Will it be fixed by today.

    • Works fine on all the devices I am trying. Getting someone to call you.

      • Shantanu Borate says:

        Someone called me, As per his suggestion I have uninstalled and reinstalled application cleared cache. But Maps are loading slow and same problem of MA persist. When I click on MA line there is a pop up like ma(50,ma,0,n) then settings button and cross button. but when I click on settings button nothing happens. If I want to change days from 50 to 10 I just can’t do that. Please help.

  208. bhaskar says:

    Hi nithin ,
    In this new update there is a limitation for the decimal numbers after .(point) not like previous version where there is no limitation.
    Eg: 1.2233…

  209. Manoj says:

    if i select black background in kite , day seperator vertical line line is too light too see so plz make it thick so that we can see day seperator clearly

  210. Dhanya says:


    In the charts, we are unable to select the studies with a starting letter. Earlier this provision was there. Also the scroll provided is not user friendly, in fact it is not working with the up and down arrows. Please provide a search in the studies as given earlier.

  211. MITHILESH SINHA says:

    crosshair not working.Volume,high,low,close box disturbing unnecessary.Nifty spot does not require it at all.

  212. Rahul says:

    in old chart format multiple Zigzag were working fine
    in new one …….. no such applicability …….. why !!!!!!

  213. Omg says:

    NOW ITS WORKING WAY BETTER ON ANDROID,major irritating bugs regarding views n preferences seems resolved.

  214. rajesh kumar. says:

    i am also facing the same issue …

  215. ZR9005 says:

    worst experience !!. not able to see clear graph. when zoom out graph it’s cropping. previous version was good. can you add the same for choose previous version.

  216. Manoj says:

    pivot point value is changing at 30 min or above that should not be changed. i think support resistance for intraday will be the same in any timeframe. but its changing . 5-10-15 min ok but 30-60 changing.

    • PR1743 says:

      If I am not wrong…..charts of 30/60 min shows weekly pivots….like wise daily charts show monthly pivots….while time frames smaller than 30m show pivots for the day

      • Manoj says:

        plz check in any other software in any other platform pivot point value will be the same except zerodha

        • PR1743 says:

          I havent used any other platform, so cant comment….but i find this useful…bcos i can mark weekley and monthly pivots which tends to hold far more strongly than the intraday pivots using different horizontal lines and try to trade around them.

  217. MITHILESH SINHA says:

    Is pi platform closed permanently?.Not responding for last 10 days on login.

  218. MITHILESH SINHA says:

    kite getting hung or non-responsive frequently.Needs a lot of improvement.Unable to delete horizontal line once drawn,pivot appearing and reappearing even after on any button does not respond. woh.

  219. Payoj Jain says:

    Is it now possible to place Spread Orders through the revised kite ? I am not able to locate any option for this.


    Thank you sir,
    Charts working very well after after clearing preferences.
    I really appreciate your prompt response personally.
    but still will be more happier with customized fibonacci levels.

  221. Vishwanatha says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Happy to see updates.
    I have 2 questions/ suggestions.
    1. Do we have any chart or option to show % of delivery shares or delivery quantity along with volume of the stock in daily chart. It will be usefull.
    2. Different colour in market watch for the scripts in security ban period, rather than knowing after placing order.


  222. AMIT KUMAR PANDEY says:

    sir when you will release updates for pi?
    AND pls add feature of Order management through dragging lines

  223. mars says:

    Hi ,

    I like the previous version. The open high close low panel is blocking the view in mobile. Pls atleast make it moveable. Also in the earlier version the pointer crosshair are just one click away. Here we have make more taps in the mobile view.


  224. MADHU SP says:

    The same chart still keeps opening, though you select different security/symbol. The title bar shows one which we select, but the chart remains the previous one. This is becoming more and more hectic. This was discussed on first day of update and it still exists.

    Any progress or consideration?

    • Sanu says:

      Yes, true as Madhu said in previous comment. I am also facing the same issue. Additionally, when I cleared my browsing history and caches all my previous settings like studies- MA, MACD, Pivot Points etc. are gone and again I have to set those things. Is it condition that previous saved things will be removed when browsing history and caches will be cleared?

  225. SKD says:

    You have spoiled the chart completely. Super trend is working wrongly.

    • The Buy/sell arrows are not showing up on indicator, we are working on it. But it is a simple logic, if candle crosses the supertrend line upwards it is a buy and if down it is a sell. Exactly like moving average.

      • SKD says:

        Not only that, also colour change and drawing of ST is wrong during the changing candle. Also can you compare result of earlier chart and current chart. It looks little different to me (may be perception). If you have both can you post both NIFTY charts with ST here.

  226. Ravi Shankar says:


    Please give the option of Renko charts with tails so we can know the high and Low of each box. it is pretty helpful.

  227. Mani says:

    you can add buy and sell from Popout chart.
    comparison on stocks in single chart can be still better my adding previous day price.
    try to add top gainers and looser in kite terminal.
    NSE sector wise details can be included in kite platform.

  228. Sanndy says:

    Dear Nitin, I congratulate you for this update but believe me I’ve checked everything, cleared whole browsing data. Having 2mbps airtel broadband, which barely gives me any problem once in a year. I called customer care also. Chart is not auto refreshing for me. Sometime getting error “Error while fetching chart data, please refresh” but hopeless. Please guide.

  229. Madhavi says:

    Dear Nitin,

    The updated version is surely better then earlier version… But some issues need to be addressed. When I want to see periodic charts from the bottom right side buttons, like YTD, 3 months and all, the charts are not popping out as per my selection. Its showing as per 1 hour, 1 day, week and month charts only. Hope you fix this ASAP.

    • That is how it is intended to be. When you open a 1 day chart, we can show minute candles. If you chose 1 month, no point showing min candle, so the candle size changes to 4 h. Which means you can see the entire month trend in one chart. Check this webinar.

  230. binu says:


    kite chart is giving wrong candles, this is a waste platform ,,

  231. Viraj Vyas says:

    Dear Nitin K,

    Your chart data is flawed. Check Daily of KTK bank and you will see a huge gap which was a corporate action for the rights issue. Gail Weekly has an additional top because bonus is not reflected.

    I agree the data is free and you are a pioneer, but inaccurate data is really not acceptable.

    Either stop the charting or improve your data. Check ET free chart service

  232. MADHU SP says:

    Majority of your customers seems to be okay with you’re old chat versions. Old one was real simple and it was using ultra low bandwidth. But this one will stick and hang.

    It’s good that you are innovating and always upgrading your products.

    But first add your new upgrade as an option. Let customers try. If everything goes fine then take the previous one off.

    Over confidence doesn’t work always.

  233. Apeksha says:


    The kite has charting issue as soon as more than 2-3 TL / indicators are marked. In live market it keeps showing charts cannot be loaded due to low memory & then it either stops updating or slows down. Inspite of clearing cache frequently, the issue keeps repeating. The issue is on chrome on IOS , windows 10. In earlier versions have never faced this issue of low memory. Can you tell us why are charts suddenly needing so much of memory ? Please try to find a solution soon.

    • Hmm.. strange, it isn’t been reported. Can you email [email protected] with your client ID.

      • Apeksha says:

        Hi nithin,

        I have already mailed them on friday. ticket no is 697002. I have also attached a pic of the error which pops up.

        • Arpit Disawal says:

          I am also facing the same issue and across all my friends who trades. after at least one or two hour, i get message that no memory available, and it works damn slow and hangs. very often i have to clear cache and cookies, then again login. This is king of irritating.

        • Muthukumar K says:

          Hi, Problem is because of TL and getting stored in chart memory. It is not making to delete the old trendlines and freezing/hanging the entire kite browser session itself. Please check and fix asap.

    • Minab says:

      I am also facing the same issue. I am using firefox, windows 8.

  234. Bharat Mittal says:

    Chart not opening in Kite App. Even I uninstalled the existing App and again downloaded new App. Please fix it. Every time I have to open kite on Google Chrome to see chart.

  235. RL1040 says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Why I am not getting the indices like, Nifty, Bank Nifty and Sensex like I get that in Pi ? Or what should I have to do to be shown in Market Watch?



  236. RL1040 says:

    Dear Nitin,

    One request from my end. Could you please increase the font size to 10? Or give options to increase the font size.



  237. Murugesh says:

    Is there option to enter limit order entry and exit in COVER order and BRACKET order in KITE ?

  238. Ashwin says:


    I am able to login now but orders are still stuck.

  239. sandhya says:

    Color Coding for Elders Impulse system is still not working. I mailed support and they told its fixed. But its still not fixed. Can it be fixed at earliest please , this is impacting my trading.

  240. sandhya says:

    Or may be you could revert back to the older Kite version till all the issues are resolved in the newer version.

  241. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    when would be your new back office would be expected?
    i believe it was long awaited since this year March…its Middle of may now.

    Appreciate if could you let us know the actual status.


  242. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Present iOS Kite app lacks with so many features and having lot many practical issues.

    i escalated this and you promised that the Native iOS Kite App is being under development (almost 6 months ago)

    could you pls update the present status and when can we expect the launch of the same.


  243. Teja says:

    Hi, Nithin…

    I’m unable to load data of lets say … three or four days or more … on my mobile… Could you please let me know how I would do that… Especially when I’m using renco Charts..

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Teja,

      Renko charts are price dependent and time independent. You can increase the height/value of the Renko bar in order to be able to see Renko data for more number of days. If you’re still having issues, can you share a screenshot to supp[email protected]

  244. bhaskar says:

    HI Nithin,
    In new kite update all saved views are deleting after clearing cache ,its hapeening repeatedly in all browsers,its even very tough and hectic to save views again and again.please resolve the issue.One more thing the views i saved in chrome browser are not visible in firefox ,opera..

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi, Bhaskar Should work. Have you tried Save preference under Layout? Can you clear your preference once and then save.
      It should work fine on other browsers as well.

      • bhaskar says:

        hi akshay
        even after clearing cache and save preferences the same problem all saved views got erased,please fix this soon

  245. sivakumar says:

    Hi Sir,
    New version is really good. Your efforts are appreciable.

    But its very slow. its making the system dead slow and taking time to open the charts.

    I am using chrome and uc browser. In both browsers the same problem.

    Can you pl guide.


  246. Tushar Sharma says:

    Dear Nithin
    Appreciate your efforts. Thank you for the new charting.
    The views that I had saved before the chart update are gone on chrome. They are still visible in firefox. I have cleared preferances on the chart and cleared my cache on chrome. No improvement. I could add the views all over again but wanted to make sure there wasn’t some quick fix that you could suggest.
    Thank you again for the improvements and for interacting with us.

  247. Lijoo says:

    How to add Support and Resistance in the New Kite

  248. Anand says:

    Hi Sir,

    The new version is very smooth….

    Can i request to add Fibonacci projection tool in the chart ?

    Thank you.

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Anand,
      Fibonacci settings will come soon. Click on drawing tools, you can see all drawing including Fibonacci.

      • Anand says:

        Hi Akshay
        Thank you for your reply, but still my question is unanswered.

        I am not talking about any setting in Fibonacci, and i know where Fibonacci tool is available in the kite, i am saying to add new indicator that is Fibonacci Projection and that is different from Fibonacci extension which is currently available in kite. Please visit below link.

        Fibonacci projection is widely used in Elliott wave theory, it is based on the basic 1 – 2 – 3 price movement, for an example 1 -2 is the first price movement, and it will retrace to 3 point, after the retracement we can project the next price movement measuring 1-2 swing like 127%, 161%….so on.

        Hope you understand what i am trying to say, and hopefully it will be included in kite which is missing.


        • Sripathi says:

          This is exactly the concern that i struggling with too. Fib projections is one key aspect for Eliott Wave analysis.

          I see the last message is in a dead-end. Is this feature in the near pipeline?

          Retracements feature (that is currently implemented) works like a breeze. needs to be complemented with Projections as well.

          • Matti says:

            Hey Sripathi, Kite charts are powered by ChartIQ. The tools available are built and made available by them. As such, it wouldn’t be possible to give you an ETA as to when this would be available.

  249. KESAV says:

    Kindly allow the client choose old version. What ever chart I open it only showing IDFC chart only. Settings also chaning all the time. Somany bugs…It made me stay away from trading. Unreliable …

  250. Vimal says:

    Chart update looks awesome. But it is heavy and occupying 25% of my CPU most of the time. It often freezes my chrome window. So I switched to PI again. Please consider making it lighter.

  251. Dee says:

    On my chart the time in the footer is incorrect the range is from 18:00 to 23:00 hours.
    How can i correct it?

    • Akshay.A says:

      Can you please clear the cache and check once again.

      • shikha gupta says:

        My user id DS7587, I am also getting same problem with different time, tried clearing the cache, browser history etc everything but not working.

        • shikha gupta says:

          Hi got the issue, this was because of different time zone, but Cant you fix this thing as I am under different time zone right now, & it creates so much confusion while looking into charts, it should be fixed with market times not bounded by computer time/ time zones.

  252. Sandip says:


    When are you providing programming in Kite?


  253. Kamal says:

    Pls update app cover order not work limit order
    Cover order work only market order

    • Akshay.A says:

      Cover orders are market orders.. You can use BO (Bracket Order) that is placed as a limit order. A BO is a type of order where you can enter a new position along with a target/exit and a stoploss order. As soon as the main order is executed the system will place two more orders (profit taking and stoploss).
      Check this link

  254. Kamal says:

    Bo (bracket order ) not work commodity only cover order pls update app

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Kamal, as of now the MCX exchange does not support bracket orders. Once they allow you’ll see Zerodha offering BO in commodities as well. BO is currently available for NSE, NFO, and CDS.

  255. shikha gupta says:

    Hi, my user id is DS7587, I am getting a strange problem in charts after you have updated this that the time it shows on chart in delayed by 3 hours like when the live market is 3.00PM it shows 12.00PM and so on (charts being live only but the time is delayed by 3 hours). I am using kite on internet & Mozila firefox, earlier it was showing the correct time but not now.

    • shikha gupta says:

      Hi got the issue, this was because of different time zone, but Cant you fix this thing as I am under different time zone right now, & it creates so much confusion while looking into charts, it should be fixed with market times not bounded by computer time/ time zones.

  256. Arindam Dey says:

    My Kite chart only opening Ambuja Cement chart. When I click on chat button on any stock, it’s only opening Ambuja’s chart. Please Assist.

  257. Manoj says:

    if i select any color as background in new theme option under display menu, that color is not appyling in background . just check that

  258. Shekhar Chauhan says:

    Hello Nitin,

    When can we add/withdraw funds from the mobile app? Its very important feature must have in mobile kite app as well.
    Please reply as earliest as possible.

    Shekhar Chauhan

    • Akshay.A says:

      Shekar, If you’re using the Kite android you have the option to add but not place for a withdrawal. The iOS app doesn’t support either. This will be added soon.

  259. alankar says:

    When selecting fibonacci i am not getting edit option setting for fibo % select . like i want to select 23% and 78 % also the one with previous version was there please help

  260. Shrenik Shah says:

    Why are Bracket Order and Cover Order blocked on Weekly Bank Nifty options?
    It’s very useful while writing Put and Call orders on Bank Nifty, especially Bracket Order with trailing stop loss.
    Please, can you kindly reenable it on Bank Nifty?

    • Akshay.A says:

      BO/CO Bank nifty options have been blocked.

      The position limit of a Trading Member(Zerodha in this case) in equity index option contracts(Banknifty option contracts in this case) is higher of Rs.500 crores or 15% of the total Open Interest(OI) in the market in Banknifty option contracts.
      Since Zerodha as a Trading Member is breaching the 15% limit of total OI in Banknifty option contracts, we are blocking Banknifty option trading in Cover Order(CO) and Bracket Order(BO) effective 21st April, 2017 to curb any further increase to the OI through Zerodha as BO/CO are highly leveraged products.You can resume taking intraday Banknifty option trades using the product type MIS.

      Here is the NSE linkdeclaring the same rule on position limits of Trading Members under Index Options.

  261. chitra says:

    i have reinstalled my laptop. but candle chart is not moving in kite app.

  262. mridul says:

    There is a mismatch between a candle and its OHLC info when I move the chart with backward/forward keys .
    pls fix it.

  263. PJP says:

    Saving preference is not perfectly working as it saves them in Browser Cache. For me , somehow browser cache cleans up multiple times automatically, which leads to clear preference without even pressing button “Clear Preference”.
    Really frustrating to set preference multiple times in a day.

  264. BISWAJEET DEKA says:

    As instructed I clear cache many times and save the views but worthless the views are vanished. Its really frustrating to set up multiple times. I’v not much knowledge about software programming but its not really cache issue its might be KITE updated reflect. Not only me about lots of User facing that. Kindly fix this.

  265. Naveen S A says:


    This is Naveen and my client id is DN3906.

    The issue is regards to with RENKO display on Kite. Before one week, the renko dsiplay was working fine without any issues, but now I am unable to see the the uptrend and downtrend (RED and GREEN) arrows. I have already escalated to Zerodha support, but still there is no response from there end. Also, I checked with my friend and there was no issues with his login. Please look into my login and let me know if there are any issues or do i need to change any settings to view the correct RENKO display.


    • Naveen, just read the ticket. In the first chart where you are seeing red/green arrow, you have added supertrend indicator on the chart. The second one you haven’t added, hence you are not seeing these arrows.

  266. Chethan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Chart is not updating correctly, it is very very slow. frustrating to trade from Kite now.
    below massage appears on browser
    “No storage space available. Possible causes include browser being in Private Browsing mode, or maximum storage space has been reached”

    never faced such issue on older version, hope u will resolve this issue.

    • Chethan, can you clear your browser cache/cookies. It should work. Checking on this.

      • Ajay Khot says:

        I am facing the same issue. And if I clear the browser data then it’s deleting saved views on Kite. Basically resetting everything.
        And because of No Storage Space available issue charts are not able to refresh.
        Kindly help.

      • Ajay Khot says:

        I have tried clearing browser data but still same problem is exist. I am using Kite on Firefox Mozilla.

    • vINAY says:

      This issue is occurring again. I am getting the error “No storage space available. Possible causes include browser being in Private Browsing mode, or maximum storage space has been reached.”

      i cleared cookies and cache and yet nothing is fixing this issue.

    • Mohan says:

      Am still getting the same error inspite of clearing the cookies and chache in Firefox.

      “No storage space available. Possible causes include browser being in Private Browsing mode, or maximum storage space has been reached.”

      Please fix

  267. Abhas Tripathi says:


    Kudos for the great effort on the new Kite.

    I am facing problem with the Elder Impulse System, where colors (Blue, Green, Red) are not working. All bars are shown as Black. Few other people have also pointed out the same.

    Request if you could look into this.

    • sandhya says:

      Yes, Elders Impulse system is not working. i have reported this multiple times but it has not yet been resolved. Can we atleast get the older version till this new version is fixed? this has been pending for very long time .

  268. MANOJ says:

    plz add buy and sell button on chart in kite so that we dont have to go to marketwatch everytime to buy or sell , its taking so much time

  269. rijosh thomas says:

    Hi, I’m using kite app for last 6 months.its very fast and user friendly. I appreciate the effort you and your team is taking to give us a flawless performance while doing trading
    I’m having some suggestions that I think will be helpful to the most users.
    1. In the app and software kindly add an option for the P&L which will display the profit and loss after deduction the brokerage and taxes (profit or loss I made in my trades which I can get In hand) while doing the trading. The brokerage calculator funta in zerodha website can be used with our stock that we buy or sell with the quantity to get the P&l in the display.
    This will help us to how much real profit we made after in intraday trading.
    2.kindly give option for getting alert or pop up if the stock price change as most of the people doing the intraday trading will check on the chart whole time and will miss the changes that came in other stocks.
    3. After market hours most of the stock in the marketwatch will show zero. Pls try to display the value.
    4.Another App with the above said suggestions and news like notification in the market like bonus, dividend, split offerings and quarterly result will help us to be in touch with market and no need to use any other app or software to do market research.

    Hopefully some of the suggestions are valid and hope we will see our profit after all deduction in future updates.

  270. MANOJ says:

    24-05-17 auropharma till 10-12 am low is 531.40 and chart not showing that low , beacause of this my trade executed , then who is the responsible for this? i think there is too much data problem in kite , candle repainting also , plz solve this issue as soon as possible and i also check with sharekhan chart it shows that low that means something very big problem in kite data plz solve this issue


  271. Jignesh says:

    Is there any option available to remove remove default grid-lines in Kite chart ?

  272. Rudra Biswas says:

    Hello Nitin,

    You and your team are really making Kite better by every release (at times buggy but great updates as far as I am concerned). I was wondering if there’s a possibility in the next release to have multiple charts (2-3 charts) in one window?? Right now we have to pop out and shuffle between the tabs. I was wondering if another option of using multiple charts could be added ?

    Let me know your thoughts….

    P.S.. I know its possible in PI but I find Kite a lot easier


  273. Nikhil says:

    hi sir
    kite is very good platform for trading I am very comfortable with it
    but whenever I want buy or sell any limit order at coming price but order completes at current share price
    example: today I wanted to sell ACC at 1588 but current price was 1592.80. I sell it using limit order at1588 but still my order was completed at 1592.80

  274. sandhya says:

    Elders Impulse system bar colours are finally working. Thank you for fixing the issue!

  275. Ashish says:

    1. Please allow opening of charts from the holding page itself. Its very tiresome to find the scrip in watchlist and then open the chart.
    2. It would be great if you add all buttons that come up on hovering a scrip in watchlist to come up while hovering my holding.
    3. Also as there is limit for 20 scrips to be opened in one tab of watchlist, it would be great if you allow opening a chart without adding it to the watchlist. I can see, you have Search Symbol text box on chart which allows us to search among our watchlist, it would be great if this box allows results from all NSE and BSE with scrips in watchlist as top results and rest at the bottom of the suggestions list.
    4. When you hover on Day’s Chg in holdings page, sometimes it shows 2 different popups. I know one is the actual amount of change due to today’s change but whats the other popup for? Some scrips show only 1 popup.

  276. Saurabh says:

    Hi Nithin,
    there is one bug in Charting on kite web. Raised under ticket 498701.
    Basically if you select 1 D (1 day) as timeline then current day candle mix with yesterday candle and combined 1 candle appears for today which is wrong. Yesterday candle comes correctly, but only todays candle is wrong.

    Also when you open a chart then for 1 second it shows correctly and then immediately it start showing wrong.

    Please correct it.


  277. sat says:

    2 renko chart of same stock, of same time frame showing different bar formation….why so…?

  278. sat says:

    really confusing….if i use macd or MA it changes bar formation again…..

  279. Gautam Goyal says:

    Can you please add harmonic patterns to kite? Right now Gartley pattern is the only one available.
    Also, please add the option of adding and removing levels in the fibonacci retracement/extension tool like most other charting softwares.

  280. Anil says:

    Hi ,

    i am new zerodha customer. i have taken account 1 year back but using now only.
    chart and chart tools are not enabled in pi software for me.
    can anyone help. do i need to pay money for that


  281. Debraj Chakraborty says:

    Why intraday historical data do not show year? is it having data from 2015 Feb?

    • There is a restriction of number of candles that you can fetch on the chart, so if you want larger intraday data, convert the candle to a 5 min, 30min, 1 hour.

      • Debraj Chakraborty says:

        if there is a restriction on number of bars, can we select a date range to view the intraday data. Data is available but we can not see as chart do not support number of bars.
        If date range selection can be introduced that will be real helpful.

        Also, does pi tool has intraday data from 2015 feb? I only see 60 days.
        Please introduce.This will be really useful.

  282. sat says:

    in next update pls consider these

    limit cover order
    exit all position ( cover or mis or cnc at one click if something goes wrong )
    separate window for admin position just like pi
    easy screen split
    quick limit order on screen…

  283. nhchakne says:

    Never seen such a delay by any broker on a ticket raised(317141). It is 2 weeks now without a response on the ticket. I guess no one is even looking at the tickets raised. Very poor in providing updates to customers..

    • Having this checked.

      • nhchakne says:

        Thank you Nithin for your reply.
        I guess someone from support team tried calling me. But I am sure team did not read all my comments on the ticket 317141 which also said that I am not able to receive any calls currently due to travel so please drop updates on the ticket.
        From team’s comment I guess, by only talking to me will resolve the issue so I have given my current International number.
        Waiting for their reply on the same:)

        • 🙂 will get someone to write back.

          • nhchakne says:

            Thank you for your help Nithin..

            • nhchakne says:

              Someone did write back to me on the ticket.
              But looking at the solution on the ticket 317141 I am amused how a high possibility of a bug on BO placed from Kite application is denied saying a connectivity issue with exchange. A partial BO BUY executed correctly and stop loss and profit booking orders rejected due to reason “adaptor is connected to tap”.
              In any case a BO should not be executed partially(it losses the whole concept of a BO) is my understanding.
              If anything is wrong it should just reject the complete BO order, which leaves a customer with some options and no unnecessary loss.
              I have replied on the ticket also with my comments.
              I kindly request you to take a look at it as I think resolving this will help a huge number of Zerodha customers going forward.

              Thank you,

  284. nhchakne says:

    Nithin, Could you please also explain how the new mandatory call and trade charges are calculated which are applied from a few days back for auto square off time?
    I guess this process also has some bug, because today I made sure my last BO gets executed completely before square off and Q- ledger I still see a call and trade charges are applied very weird.

    Thank you,

  285. Manoj says:

    Could you please check the following situations in iPhone 5s in Safari browser with the kite charts.

    1. If the chart is poped out (using the toolbar like button), it is coming properly in a new window. But if I switch the phone to landscape and portrait, chart in the portrait is not proper and not taking the whole screen area.

    2. Tooltips for Refresh and Popout chart to a new window, buttons are not correct.

    3. Once I popout out the chart to a new window, busy indicator is visibile till I press the refresh button again.

  286. Karan says:

    You guys are doing an awesome job at Zerodha overall, great work! I did have one request though, I hope I am not too late. I wonder if it would ever be possible for you to add +, -, /, and x tools into Pi or Kite. This would be super useful for people that like to trade spreads or are interested in pairs trading. It’ll be an easier/cleaner way to view the spread than having to use compare, which is not too helpful in this context to be honest.

  287. V Guruprasad says:

    Hi Nithin!
    How to customize block size in Renko Chart ? Is it possible to fix its size based on ATR 14 days ? If so, How ?

    Thanks in advance.


  288. Balaji says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am one of the early customers of zerodha and have to say the kind of progress you have made/are making is awesome. The latest kite chart is very neat and easy to use. Great job on that!
    One request: Can you please add “Behgozin Slope Finder” technical indicator to Kite charts studies list?
    Its like 3 line code as shown below in amibroker code and useful to find the trend and helpful for both intra/positional traders. Hope you consider this request 🙂
    _SECTION_BEGIN(“Behgozin Slope Finder”);
    Tr2 = Ref(C,1); // 1 should be configurable range: -100 to +100
    Tr3=Ref(C,7); // 7 should be configurable range: -100 to +100
    Trend2 = MA(Tr2,7); // 7 should be configurable range: 0 to +100
    Trend3=MA(Tr3,7); // 7 should be configurable range: 0 to +100
    Plot(Slope1,”sample text”,colorGold,styleLine+styleDots|styleThick);

  289. Surajit Chakraborty says:

    how can I customise timeframe in kite platform..
    I want 4 hr. time frame candlestick..

  290. Lukhmaan says:

    i just logged in to kite but when i clicked to open chart, the chart section opens blank graph. kindly look in to the issue. I tried on other browser also.