Latest update – Kite charts

May 3, 2017


Check this charting video and user manual for all features on Kite charts. Below are the latest updates.

Lot more data & Quick trends

End of day data from  1996 for top stocks and  intraday data from  Feb 2015 (more than anyone out there). Below is a 21 year chart of Shipping corporation of India. New charts nimble even with large amounts of data.

Click on 1 Day, 5D, 1Month, 3M, 6M, YTD (Year till date) to see the  trend for the selected time in one click. Based on time period selected, candle size changes from 1 min to 1 month by default for best fit for overall view.

LTP and % change: Last traded price of the stock and  % change from close of the last candle/point to the current price on the chart.

Quick trends, LTP, lots of data

New information box

Use crosshair or info box to either disable or view Open (O), High (H), Low (L), Close (C), Volume (V).

New popout and refresh icons.

New info box view

Classic info box within chart with slight transparency instead of top panel, giving more charting area.

Classic info box

Easy view and layout save

Add studies/indicators and save views. Views/templates can be applied on other scrips when charts initiated.

Click on layout to save preferences like candle time frame (1 min to 1 month) and theme. Candle time frame auto saved as layout preference in 30 seconds. If chart either popped out or new charts opened without saving layout or waiting for 30 seconds, default candle time frame of 1 min gets applied.

Views and layout

Easy add/remove/edit – studies or indicators

Add/edit/remove studies

More drawing tools

Initiate drawing tool panel as shown below, click on the same to hide to give more charting area.

Drawing tools

Tips if using charting on mobile

  1. If using charting on mobile, keep crosshair and info box disabled for better experience.
  2. If crosshair, info box, or drawing enabled, two finger swipe to drag the chart left/right.
  3. Avoid loading large amounts of data on mobile.

Do watch Kite charting video and read user manual for rest of the features.

Note: If you are not able to  see the latest change as shown in the post above, clear cache and force refresh your browser (Ctrl+shift+R).

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Best data science training institute in hyderabad says:

    Hoping to hear more about this stuff. Very effective and informative.

  2. Mohan says:

    need vwma indicator in iqcharts is it posible or not

  3. Harendra says:

    please add countdown to bar close feature. Zerodha kite lacks some features like favourite drawing tools, price alert, auto save ( we have to save every time if draw or make something on chart )and many more..

  4. Varun says:

    Hi Team,

    From the past couple of months, the charts are not loading quickly, it hinders my trading session. Every time I need to refresh the page, at least a couple of times to load the chart. I have tried with both 4G connection and with fiber broadband, the issue remains the same. Server connection error, Unable to load the page these kinds of messages I get
    Can you please help me with this!

    Thnak You

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Varun, the charts have been working fine from our end. Could you please create a ticket at with more details and screenshots, so that our team can check and assist?

  5. Rohit says:

    I would request product team to add a simple feature that is must and take more revenue chunk out of an unknown and existing market.
    Please add colour change options for candle bars on chart. I think it is must have feature for colourblind people. Red-Green colour candle doesn’t help much. There are average 8% of people out there with colour deficiency. It is potential area team should explore and add one more colour option in chart candles.

  6. Pranit Nagwekar says:

    The charts are nor updating and getting hanged quite often with this message.

    “No storage space available. Possible causes include browser being in Private Browsing mode, or maximum storage space has been reached.”

  7. Neeraj says:

    In last few days I felt that chart is loading data very late(~20-30 secs).

    I tested it in 2 chart option(chartIQ) also, it was showing two different price in same instrument but diff time frame.
    and in Mobile app it was showing different.

    This is a serious issue.
    Please try to resolve it asap. It is hampering my daily trades.

    Note: I check same in rival’s chartIQ chart, the data was correct the time. There was minimum delay of less then 0.5 secs

  8. Harsifat Kaur says:

    There is issue I see on the charts after 12 AM daily, sometimes the scales are not correct and keep changing itself after a few minutes. Today (19th June 12:15 AM) I’m unable to see the updated prices, the chart shows delay of 1 day and does not reflect the changes of 18th June, Friday.
    This is happening on all of my devices and my device clock is synced up properly.
    Please check the issue!

  9. prakash.g says:

    Dear sir/ madam i am prakash using kite.zerodha trading platform & have frequently recieving problem message on my destop as follows
    “No storage space available. Possible causes include browser being in Private Browsing mode, or maximum storage space has been reached.
    please kindly help Dear sir/ madam

    Thanking You

  10. Venkatesha says:

    Hi NItin kamath,

    Can you please add Harmonic Pattern to Zerodha

  11. Vishwanath says:

    I am new to kite and just started learning how to use the tool, finding some difficulties.

    1. Is there a possibility to show/hide and reduce/increase the width of the left panel? It takes lot of space
    2. Popout chart opens a new tab which can be avoided.
    3. In some old screen shots, I am seeing the Info (Open, Close, High, Low) as a tool tip on mouse hover of the candle. But now I can see this Info is fixed at the top position. How to make it appear as tool tip?

  12. Vibhor Agarwal says:

    Getting this error since 9.30 am, but cant get past it. Tried logging in again, different browsers, but no luck. Both ChartIQ and TV are affected.

  13. rajesh says:

    how can i change the increasing bar and decreasing bar colour in macd

  14. Amit Dhakre says:

    It would be good to have a watchlist on the right side of charts like it is in tradingview. Currently, if I have to analyze 100 charts, I need to search for the stock by going to the top left corner and I will have to do it 100 times(1 for each script). With a watchlist, we can just click on the name and its chart would be displayed.

  15. Ishwar says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    Why we are getting pop-up for blocking Strike price to trade. It has only 400 point range in banknifty . Why we are not able to trade on any Strike prince. Could you please provide the NSE Strike price blocked for the day? It’s very ridiculous for trading in banknifty option trade.

  16. Aakash Patel says:

    The details of: open, close, high, low, volume. these details are not showing on top left corner in Web & Mobile. Anyone know why?

  17. Sandeep says:

    Price is not moving/changing in popout charts in web (

  18. Sandeep says:

    In zigzag indicator “Extend to last bar” option is not available. Can you pls include it?

  19. Arindam says:

    Hi Nitin,
    After New Zerodha update Technical Charts are really very slow. Each candle stick loads very slowly. when I switch from 1M to 1W or to 1D it takes time to load.
    Previous version was very good & light.
    I have tried in Safari,Firefox & Chrome.

  20. Gangadhar says:

    Am not able to see Study in dashboard and I am not able to see CPR.

  21. Prashatn says:

    Today, I realized that something changed on Kite’s order placement screen, where the previous order selections settings are not retained and I have to choose the options like “Market Limit” and “AMO” again to place order.

    This is to me is a very bad design change that got implemented.

  22. rajesh says:

    dear sir,

    I am getting an error while clicking on the chart but this issue facing in mobile, not on the laptop.

  23. Muthukumar Rajkumar says:

    I have Zee media (1000 shares) and HCL INSYS (1000 shares) showing as under BE group. If I place sell order its getting rejected and showins as Market sale is blocked and advice to sell through BO, CO under MIS. I tried that also and also its rejected. got message as Check holdings ,No Holdings Present for entity account-KW5195 across exchange across segment across product. what to do now.

  24. Michael Rao says:


    Since last few days, when I select Chart of any scrip, the chart is not working/no movement of up / down. Please can you do me a favour about it so that scrip chart should start working/functioning/ show movement of up/down of scrip etc.

    Hope,you shall do me a favour.


  25. patel says:

    new chart side

  26. Rajshekhar says:

    dear sir/madam,

    when using compare option (under trading view setup) only new price charts are added to the existing chart not respective indicators charts. Ex: When i want to compare Nifty 10000 CE chart with Nifty 10000 PE charts i can able to see only price charts are compared not indicators open interest are compared. I want to know is there any feature present to clear this problem of mine or it is yet to be added. Please let me know.

  27. gunja kesarwani says:

    Hi Nithin,

    This new version of Kite IS NOT LIGHTER as far as displaying charts is concerned. It becomes unusable after 30 minutes of use. I have sent your team the screenshots of the cpu usage with charts. The crosshair lags so much that it catches up with cursor movement after 4-5 seconds. Any click on the chart registers after 5-10 seconds.

    Saved views are saved in browser, not on cloud. Then, when the charts become slow, your tech team asks to clear browsing data, which helps only for 30 minutes before lagging again, but clearing browsing data causes the saved views to get deleted every time. We can’t build views every 30 minutes.

    When clicking the tool/drawing button in the TOP RIGHT CORNER, the next dropdown menu to select the draw tool appears in the TOP LEFT CORNER. That’s illogical. It should show up in the same area (TOP RIGHT CORNER). A whole strip from left to right gets wasted anyway.

    Please fix this, or at least give users the option of using the old version of Kite, which was fantastic and actually lighter than this version. You could run charts on it all day without it slowing down.

    Thanks in advance

  28. meet patel says:

    hello sir
    i need your help
    when i open kite in laptop for chart analsis
    chart doesnot show live chart data

  29. Antariksh says:

    I have 2 major concerns with the drawing platform –

    1. Every time I draw trend lines in the daily time frame and switch over to a lower time-frame (1 hr, 30 – 15 – 5 minutes), the lines disappear.

    2. After analyzing and saving trend lines and indicators on a series of charts, they do not remain saved after I log-out and log-in, and even when I restart my PC. This is incredibly frustrating.


    • Matti says:

      1. Drawings on one timeframe aren’t relevant on another, hence they aren’t saved.
      2. Click on the cloud icon to save the template for use the next time.

  30. santsh says:

    How to toggle between pop charts of various stocks in my watchlist with out actually going and clicking in the watchlist or typing in the top left of the popout chart screen? Toggling between popcharts is available in as we click up or down arrow , the chart of corrresponding stock in the watchlist is displayed without actually typing. Is this feature available in zerodha trading view chart?

    • Matti says:

      Just click on the stock name on the top-left and type the name of the stock you want to change to.

  31. khushal says:

    I am unable to see the prices on Mozila Firefox v. 74.0 (64bit), i can login but prices are not updating tick wise.

    is there any issue with firefox browser.

  32. Shubham Gacche says:

    can we add remaining time in candle formation indicator 🙂
    it will be very useful ….thank you 🙂

  33. Bhagirath Paliwal says:

    I need Fibonacci Price Projections tools / Extension tools please help

  34. Nit says:

    I am not able to select period in Moving Average indicator, How I can set it to 200 Day moving average ?
    It only shows Length, Source & Offset.

  35. chetan anand says:

    VWAP line is only seen on nifty fut chart but not on nifty chart. why is it so ?

    • Matti says:

      That is because there is no volume for the Nifty index since it isn’t traded. The volume is only available for the F&O contracts.

  36. chetan anand says:

    how to get 6 months nifty futures 15 min chart

    • Matti says:

      Hey Chetan, intraday candles wouldn’t be available for this. EOD data for the past 6 months (and more) is available on Kite. Explained here.

  37. Pradip says:

    How to remove or change color of Grid lines in chart ? Could you please advice me ?

    • Matti says:

      If you’re using the default ChartIQ charts, you can do this from Display>New Theme. If you’re using TradingView charts, you can do this by clicking on the settings icon on the top-right and going to the “Background” tab in the pop-up that opens.

  38. Sanjoy says:

    What is the possibility to have a tool to mark the Demand and Supply zones without the need to use the rectangular boxes?

  39. mohan zs9200 says:

    I am not getting diplay/studies/layout when i use 4charts display but i am getting from dashboard single chart pls let me how to rectify

  40. Raman says:


    I would like to know the following and please help me;

    1. I want to apply my own ema lines which is not available on the zerodha study on Nifty Index , Nifty Futures and Nifty options Charts. Is it possible?
    2. Can it be done thru the Kite now available.
    3. If YES,what is the way?
    4. If NO, is the API required to apply that study directly on the charts opened in Kite or PI Platform. In that case, can you give me free access for 15 days to try it out.

    Please let me know.

    Thanks & regards

  41. Sai Sampath says:

    The charts are auto adjusting to the scale while I scroll sideways. What I meant is that when I scroll sideways the graph becomes big or small accordingly. How could I avoid this auto adjustment?

  42. madhu says:

    how to plot sensex with mulple stock charts on single window?

  43. Sujit says:

    I am trying to look at the past data charts like for example Axis Bank, 17th May 2009- in 15 Mins chart. Trying to reach that (old date) by changing the time frame to “Month” but as soon as I want to zoom in to it like a particular day and 15mins, the chart reloads to the smaller time frame for example 15 minutes but to present date and its impossible to scroll back again in smaller time frame that far. Is there any other way of Jumping to an old date in smaller time frame like 15 mins. Any support would be highly appreciated.

  44. sakthigm says:


    I want to use candlevolume indicator. I have seen youtube video of someone using this indicator but I could not find it in Kite.

    Please throw some light on this issue.

    Geetha Sakthi

  45. M.Vijay shekar says:

    Because now if we draw trend lines in web kite, the same are not appearing in mobile kite app. Drawing trend lines and editing them in mobile app is tedious and difficult

  46. M.Vijay shekar says:

    is there any method :Charts once updated in web version to replicate same in Mobile charts also

  47. gautam says:

    hello sir it possible in near future that we can use continuous chart in lower time frame
    2.when will it be available for cds
    3 is there any alternate way to see previous data in lower time frame???

  48. Alikoya K K says:

    About new chart: Old is gold. All glitters are not gold.

  49. muniraj says:

    plese kite tradingview chart to Countdown timer indicator

    • Billy says:

      Hey Muniraj,

      We are working on building a few of the popular requested indicators on Kite charts, which are currently unavailable on either Tradingview or Chart IQ charts.

      Tell us the indicators you’d like to have on Kite, and like the ones which are already posted here on TradingQ&A.

  50. Sushil says:

    You are not showing many important indicators like Average Directional Index (ADX)

  51. Vikram V. Dalvi says:


    I am using 2 Charts in a single Page and trying to save it in Views which is not getting Saved and i have to redo again and again.

    Suddenly sometimes the Chart is not displayed everything goes blank and I am not able to understand whats happening this is creating lot of problem in trading. The Problem was not there before but it is occurring since last one month. Internet speed has been checked and it is found to be normal.

    Is it Possible to Change the display setting of Nifty and Sensex Percentage to Numbers (digits).


  52. Dolly says:

    Few suggestion for Kite platform & charts
    1. Kite watch list we can add remove few columns like bid / ask / open / high / low / previous close … etc.
    2. Kite chart adjustable start ( end time) for Intraday candle like 30min / 60min
    3. Kite chart may add few more time frames like 2 Hr. / 4Hr. … specially for commodity markets.
    4. We can see open high low close and volume of bar but Not able to see other Indicators value in chart can add this part with data window like future.
    few of above suggestion also apply to Pi charting also

    Hope to see more better charting experience in near future.


  53. Niranjan says:

    I’m not sure if this is already answered. Can you please let me know how to add “Text” on the chart to add notes or pointers for future reference.

  54. Prateek says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    From last 8-10 days, the charts on Kite is not working realtime. The charts are getting updated delayed. What I mean is that the price has already changed but the price gets updated in the chart after a delay of over 2 mins which is not useful. When we are looking at charts we want real time update on chart so that as soon as the levels are broken we can take the necessary trade. However, levels gets broken but the chart gets updated after a delay and by the time it is updated in the chart – we realize we have missed the opportunity. This is a very serious problem. If we keep the chart open for over 20 mins then the charts get hanged. It gets stuck at one price level and does not move above.

    I have tried everything from my end to ensure that my machine is not the problem. I have tried using it on different machines and every where I am facing the same problem.

    I am looking at 3 min interval charts. I use latest version of Google Chrome on Windows 7. My internet connectivity speed is 16 MBPS. I have tried using my broadband connection, hotspot of my Vodafone, hotspot of my Airtel and of Jio. But I have faced same problem every where. So it is not something to do with my machine. It is something to do with the charts app. Can you look into this? Otherwise I have no choice but to switch to some other platform as trading without charts is not practical.

    Hoping for a positive response.


  55. Vinay says:

    Is there a plan to add the following feature in Kite charts-
    ‘Ability to overlay multiple indicators of the same type’

    Ex : i want to add two RSI periods – 14 and 7 to the same box, not as separate indicators.

    Please confirm if this feature is in your product roadmap.


  56. Hitesh says:

    Hi Nithin,
    as a trader we all use multiple indicators and i have many indicators saved in the “views” option. but very frequently the indicators that i had saved gets deleted. Also please add dark mode theme.. not to the charts alone but to the dashboard and watch list also. Reason being dark mode for charts alone makes the webpage contrasting which is becoming a problem for studying charts at night…..please look into this matter Nithin!!

    • Faisal says:

      Hitesh, once you add indicators, make sure to Save the View and then Click on Save Preferences. If you still face the issue, please create a ticket on and we’ll have it checked.
      Considering themes for Kite, I’m passing this feedback to the product development team.

  57. Amit Pandey says:

    Renko Chart are not showing all the bars in whatever time frame you select them.

    Can anyone please explain this why? I’ve set Renko Setting to 5 which means a 5points movement should plot a Renko Bar where as if i see at the chart at end of the day I see very confusing charts, Why ?

    You can Refer Reliance Dec Future Chart with below settings

    Renko : 5
    Period: 1Hr

    • siva says:

      You can use Renko for 1 mintimeframe and check, retracement in Renko charts can occur all the way back to any bar in the current selected chart time frame.

      Bars from prior periods will always remain permanent (fixed). So, until the selected chart period is complete, the bars within the period will be recalculated as new data comes in and Renko bars will be plotted accordingly.

  58. govind singh says:

    I’m facing an issue where if more than one chart is opened (pop out), only the one that I’m currently viewing updates while the ones on other tabs seem to stop updating and need to be refreshed to show price action and volume.

  59. Srinivas says:

    Hello Zerodha Team

    In Zerodha charting, please guide me to draw derivative on indicator e.g 9 SMA on RSI, etc?

  60. AHER says:

    chart prices was not updating what should i do? i have installed latest version chrome but having problem and at same time other brokers charts prices changes there is no error from chrome. help me to solve this

  61. Ankur Saraswat says:

    Hello Zerodha,

    1- Can’t set Renko chart brick size according to mine. Small price shares are easy to set but banknifty futures cannot be set to small brick size say 5 with 1D chart settings, kite auto selects.

    2- ADX DMI don’t follow renko bricks. Bricks run further and ADXDMI line remains in its place until re clicking on renko under display settings to make it catch to current brick. Customer support says it can’t be done. ADXDMI don’t work with renko. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? Is there any one to code to make it follow Renko charts. If yes then update it. Thanks.

  62. RAJESH KUMAR says:

    i want to draw horizontal line on high & low of first candle of a day with 15 minute duration chart. I know that it can be draw manually on a specific script . but i want to make template of it. So that when i apply template then each script open with horizontal line on high & low of first candle of 15 minute duration. how it is possible ?
    Kindly help

  63. mayur godase says:

    why high/low renkos are not present in zerodha?
    There are two types of Renko charts.
    1) open/close renko
    2) high/low renko

    it seems like renko charts in kite are open/close charts. We want renko charts on high/low basis also.

  64. Allwinrajadurai says:

    Hello Mr Nithin

    Buying or selling large volume in CO/BO at market price result in order executed in small small lots.

    Eg: 3000qty of VEDL at the market is getting executed at 1000qty at Price A, 1000qty at price B, 1000qty at price C.

    Now the problem is if LTP is in our favour and if we wish to change the target or LTP is against us and if we wish to change SL, we have to change each lot’s Target or SL individually. 1st 1000qty first, 2nd 1000qty next and 3rd 1000qty next. (sometimes single digit qty gets executed, Which will take a while to edit)

    Suggested change: In order book, we need an option to select multiple lots and change SL/Target of those lots in a shot. Already we have the option to select multiple lots and exit those lots in a shot.

    For a scalper like me, every second matter.

    It will be nice if this feature is added to order book.

    Thanks & Regards
    Aark farms

  65. Ram says:

    I check the chart everyday between 3:30AM and 5AM.. in the early morning.
    But unfortunately, the chart does not show previous day’s candle while seeing the daily 1D/15min/30min chart.
    Today is 13Sep2018… it should show the previous day chart i.e. 12Sep2018… but the latest candle it is showing is for 11Sep2018. This problem has become more consistent now a days.
    Request you to Please fix this problem at the earliest.

  66. Ravi says:

    Hey zerodha team,

    Recently Zerodha logo is added on the chart and it’s right at the centre of the chart with white colour text. I use chart in black background and it’s very difficult to concentrate on chart with that black logo right at the centre.

    Can you please guide me to remove of atleast change the colour of that text so that the chart is visible properly?

  67. Sushant says:

    Hi, can I plot previous day close and high/low price on any chart. Do I need to do it manually or is there any tool, which can plot it.

  68. Prakhar says:

    why does renko chart default brick size in zerodha kite same for same script in two different browser. I am currently facing this peculiar issue on opening renko charts in two different browsers simultaneously and getting minor different in box sizes of script.

    • prakhar says:

      ALso please tell me how to manually set the different brick sizes for different scripts.As currently after setting brick size for a script all other scripts open in that brick size only and it is problem and time consuming to set again and again when moving from one script to another.

  69. alan says:

    in my android phone ur kite app is working good ,but the only thing is that ,saved views of drawings line horizontal line ,channel …….. in my laptop are not seen in my mobile app, yyyyyy, reply me so soon

  70. prakhar says:

    why are charts not updated for stock splits or bonuses fo rsome scripts.

    • Faisal says:

      Prakhar, we update charts for stock affected by corporate actions on a weekly basis. Can you give me a scrip for which it hasn’t been updated on Kite? Will have it checked

  71. ABHIMANYU says:

    New window 7 computer, not fetching chart,depth details. It seems stock showing in watchlist/holdings is not enabled.

  72. Tushar Talele says:

    Dear sir,
    Please provide quote panel in kite for fast buying and selling like upstock

  73. SKA says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    I have noticed price difference on the hourly candle Vs the price displayed in market depth. Are the oscillator indicators also getting the same feed as the hourly candle? This may have serious implication on trades. Please can you suggest.


    • Matti says:

      Hey. The indicators are all plotted based on the charts. The difference between the market depth and chart is explained here.

  74. Trader says:

    Can anyone help me on how to create ‘stochastic RSI’ in this platform?

  75. chandrakant says:

    1. Why mobile app kite showing different CMP for 1Month, 1 WEEK, 1Day Chart ?
    2. Why there is no Buy/Sell button on Chart in Kite App ? Every time i need to go back from chart to watch list and then buy/sell options are appears.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Chandrakant,

      Question 1 is answered here.
      For question 2, you should be able to see the buy/sell button. If you don’t, go to settings>apps>Kite and enable ‘Draw over other apps’.

  76. padmanabhan says:

    Hai sir,
    i am using kite. In early version i saw a method of chart. i need the line chart or mountain option that can be ploted for Heikin Ashi implement. Clearly. first i am clicking Heikin Ashi then i am choosing a line chart or mountain chart for this Heikin Ashi candles.But now i can view either a line chart for candles chart patern or the Heikin ashi in candles patern. my request is a line or mountain chart for Heikin ashi candles. is it possible pls reply.

  77. S RAJASHEKAR says:

    It is wonderful in depicting indicators in KITE charts than PI. But the
    problem is when we depict indicators like moving averages etc the lines
    get highlighted (dark) only when we place the cursor on it. There should
    be provision in the Studies column to make it darker as in the tools so that
    we can immediately identify the indicators if more than one indicator is
    depicted on the charts. It should also be done to other indicators like MACD etc.

    with regards,


    • Matti says:

      Hey Rajashekar, we use ChartIQ to power charts. While it may not be possible to change the way the lines for the indicators look, you can choose what colour each indicator is to make identification easier.

      • S RAJASHEKAR says:

        Thanks for the reply. Already I am using different colours for lines.
        The problem is that the lines are very thin and I cant identify whether
        it is moving average , line of supertrend, line of any other indicator.
        If we could make those line bolder and thicker sizewise (like 1,2,3,4)it would
        be highly useful. Hope you will find some solution.

        with regards,


  78. dilip rathi says:

    when we select 2 display, 4 display then it does not showing tools, studies, display,
    what to do ?

  79. Amio Mandal says:

    Hey Nitin

    can i use MT4 for zerodha and fire trade from MT4

  80. Alok says:


    I am using Kite 3.0 on Chrome browser.

    Lately, I am seeing that the charts are not refreshing tick by tick, sometimes I need to either refresh the page or change the time frame to get the price updated.

    I have a very good broadband connection and I have tried clearing the cache and cookies, but still, the problem persists.

    Please let me know how can I get this sorted.

    Best Regards,


  81. Ujjwal Sethi says:

    Hi NIthin,

    First of all, wonderful job you people have done. The Kite platform is like a boon for many people like me where we can access really interactive charts anytime anywhere and from any device. And trading is easy as well.

    I needed some help. When I try to plot 1MONTH RENKO chart (from bottom right) in Kite, it takes on a default value of 4H (time frame). When I plot the same RENKO chart in Zerodha Pi, the chart is totally different. I tried with many scrips, one of which was ICICIBANK.

    I need to plot in Zerodha Pi and download the RENKO chart data to excel. Can someone from your team please help?

    I essentially need RENKO data downloaded to excel. And the data in Kite is more comfortable as I am not sure how Pi calculates on RENKO. So in case it is possible to download from Kit to excel, please let me know of that as well.

    Hoping to get a valuable response and at the soonest.



  82. Hardik Gayakwad says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I went to support portal to request some feature of kite and Pi but I couldn’t find the tab where I can submit my feedback/My request hence putting it over here. I hope my comment will be seen by you early.

    We need the funtionality to add indicator over indicator. In my case I want to add multiple RSI over RSI means I want to overlay the RSI over RSI(I have seen this feature in MT4). Even there are many updates can be made in kite just for example you can refer to TradingView.

  83. S RAJASHEKAR says:

    Sir, I found the provision for changing colours of candles in New theme. Please let me know
    how to set alert for changes in prices with sound and pop up. Under Indicators there is
    provision for enlarging (expanding) but there is no such provision for chart (candles
    space). Please inform if there is any such provision.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Rajashekar, you can pop-out the chart to enlarge it. We’re working on price alerts as we speak.

      • S RAJASHEKAR says:

        hello Matti,

        I know that there is provision for enlarging the whole chart by clicking the
        pop up button. What I am asking is in the whole chart if we display indicators like
        MACD , RSI etc. there is a square box to enlarge only that indicator. That provision is
        not provided for chart depicting only candles along with some indicators like Moving
        average, super trend, etc. Hope you understood my point.

  84. Nagaraj Hegde says:

    i am not able to view chart in Kite. i am using some restricted machine where multiple things are blocked. can you please tell me which technology is used for that chart ? flash ? or something else ? any solution ?

  85. Sandip says:

    Please provide 1 Click trading from chart in Kite like its in the Pi

  86. Anish Abraham says:

    Dear Nitin,

    i have noticed renko bricks are repainting/vanishing on shouldnot be the case! ryt??

    • Matti says:

      Renko bars for a period that has not “completed” (last bar) will be drawn with whatever partial information is available at the time, but upon receiving more data for that same period, they will be recalculated and redrawn.

      As such, a bar does not become permanent and it could change until it’s current range period is reached.
      If you don’t want to see too many bricks vanishing, recommend him to choose the 1 min timeframe

      • Ujjwal Sethi says:

        Hi Matti,

        Like Anish, I have same query, which probably is not answered in your reply. It so happens that (assume the brick size to be 1 for argument sake) after forming one green brick (B1) completely, next green brick (B2) starts to form. This brick keeps moving up and down. When the price falls below close of brick B1, then the brick B1 also starts diminishing. My understanding is that, it should have been fixed now. That is, the price can go down but the candle should stand. If the price further goes down, the red brick should form but B1 should stay.

        Please help in clarifying the doubt.


  87. Mohit Khatri says:

    One suggestion is that
    When we want to comment on any topic created on zerodha website then we have to go hundreds and more pages down for commenting . Which is very irritating.
    So please made available this comment box at exact end of topic so that we can easily comment.

  88. Mohit Khatri says:

    I have also few problem in Kite Android App .
    1st Most of time in 1 Minute timeframe chart doesnt work , cant use anything ,it got unstable and take action sometimes after 20-30 seconds .
    2nd is when i clear my preference then my all saved view gor deleted , why all saved view are deleted when you already have close button in saved view list from where you can remove any saved view ?
    I just want to clear prefence which are common for every chart ,which is automatically applied .
    3rd in morning after market open most of time i am not able to see my saved view.
    4th how can i get back my saved view if i have cleared my preferences ?
    Thank you

  89. Adit Thakkar says:

    Today Morning Google Provide New Update For Google Chrome So I’l Update My Chrome Browser Afture Update In Zerodha Kite Chart & Market Watch Is Loding Non Stop Plz Fix This

    BTW In Mozilla Firefox Everthing Works Fine

    • Matti says:

      This seems to be a system specific issue. Best get in touch with our support desk on 080-40402020, Adit.

  90. Mayur says:

    How many preferences kite save?
    As I saved more number of chart preferences (Drawing tools analysis on chart) , lost the previous charts saved data.

  91. Vigneshh says:

    There is a problem in viewing the charts ,lets say when A chart is opened it will open correctly with the settings but again when i am opening the B chart my complete settings is gone and blank . i again need to open the B chart with older settings by refreshing the page .its became completely difficult to perform this when i am viewing many stocks for selection in live market. if u can tell me the solution then its ok or else i disheartening switch over to Upstock like my other mates.

    please consider my req.

    Thanks & Regards,

  92. Murugan says:

    In multiple chart Instead of left & right can it be placed two 2 charts like top & bottom

  93. VINEET SHARMA says:

    Always showing the wrong information in Portfolio section if I trade in the same share on daily basis(buy and sale) then every piece of information is wrong whether that is average price or Holding amount (only information which is correct is the number of shares I hold.)

    This is for the kite By Zerodha (IOS app as well as for web version).

  94. Rahul says:

    I am using kite on mozilla firefox it only shows me historical data of three months
    from date 30th January.

    analysis cannot be done on only three months historical data

    I would like to know this problem is with kite of I need change settings. ( it shows only three months data after clicking on year, 5 years or all options on below right corner.)

    pls Reply

  95. Shivraj Singh says:

    Dear Nitin ji,
    I am using mobile app kite but now a days chart is not opening in this app on mobile,when i go to chart option it shows chartIQ not supported on this platform have uploaded new kite app after deleting my existing mobile app,but still chart is not opening, i have called to zerodha customer care they replied that you have to migrate chart setting after opening page on web but after doing so i still not getting any chart on my mobile app, only “chartIQ not supported on this platform” flashes on mobile app .
    It seems there is problem with this app now a days because earlier we were able to see chart on this mobile,due to this i am unable to take any trade,
    My use i.d. is YI0598 and mobile no. is 8477866777 .
    Kindly do the needful.

  96. Pankan says:

    Today morning when I saw on mobile application kite .. my saved chart setting all vanished ..What is the issue .Why it’s not showing my saved setting in saved option . It will come automatically on Monday or again we have to do setting. If again have to do then why it’s removed you it . Is any reason to give trouble to ur client in anyway..

    • Matti says:

      We’re migrated from Kite 2 to Kite 3 over the weekend. If you wish to Migrate your chart settings, log into Kite on the web and click on the Migrate button on the dashboard.

  97. Harsh says:

    Why isnt, charts showing today’s (20.03.2018) candle?

  98. Sachin Gajare says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,
    How can I edit the levels of Fibonacci Retracement in Pi/Kite? Currently levels of Fib. Retr. are different in Pi & Kite. Kite has levels- -61.8, -38.2, 0, 38.2, 50, 61.8, 100, 138.2, 161.8
    Pi has levels- 0, 23.6, 38.2, 50, 61.8, 100

    How can I edit the level of Fib Retr. in Pi?

  99. Vikrant says:

    I’m using kite 3.0. Can anyone tell me when will live streaming charts available as we have seen same in kite ios/andriod app?

  100. rohan says:

    Is it possible to have a feed back blog where you can crowd source ideas for improvement.
    Where you can also let us know what are fearures that will be rolled out in the next iteration that you guys are working on . So that we understand these improvements are work in progress and we dont have to keep asking for the same.

  101. rohan says:

    I would like to bring to your notice few bugs that i found in kite UI
    Kite – Mobile
    1. Search feature in studies is not working.
    2. Views in kite desktop dont showup in kite mobile and vice versa.
    3. The scroll button does not work properly. random studies get selected.
    4. can you enable option to exit from “postions> exit” also along with or orders tab

    Kite – Desktop.
    1. No scroll option under display.
    2. When we open multiple charts eg 4 Charts. the selected view/studies are applied only to the 1st chart.
    remaining charts dont display any views/studies

  102. Amit Suryawanshi says:

    Hi Team,

    My charts setting are not getting save in my kite app , every time i switch to another securities previous setting are getting are vanish only candle stick chart is opening.

  103. Deep Bisht says:

    Hi, team Zerodha,
    First of all…great experience with Kite 3.0..Loving it!!
    Few requests/suggestions:-
    1. Make it possible to view “complete” details of SL-BOs after placement of orders, so that one can cross-check all the entered values – currently only “Trigger” and “Price” values are shown in “info” and it’s not possible to see entered SL, Target & trailing SL values anyhow- no at least before the order is Triggered.
    2. In COs, allow for SL value in terms of points also, rather than just absolute price.

  104. Pankaj says:

    Dear Team,
    i am new user for Zerodha platform, i am using both web based and mobile application.i save my some graph views saved on web based application but that same is not getting on my mobile what ever watch list i have its shown same on both platform so why not able to see saved same graph view . is there any solution for this?
    if there is no solution then please make any solution for this which will give us best preference to use any platform anytime and anywhere.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Pankaj. These chart views that you save are saved locally on your system. So, no way to sync across devices as of now. We’re working on making this possible though.

      • Pankaj says:

        dear team,

        i am comparing to web based and mobile application . in this where chart views are saved on local system.

        • Matti says:

          The views are stored on your computer and not the cloud, so accessing the same from the mobile isn’t possible Pankaj.

  105. Rahul says:

    This kite 3 charting is wonderful and i am enjoying it but since a few days Kite 3 charts update only when they are in active tab of mozilla firefox latest browser. the charts in other tabs don’t update. I have to refresh them again and again.
    Till a few days back the drawing i made on charts were retained and available even after many days but from last few days this has become in consistant and i have to redraw everything again. Currently using Mozilla Firefox 59.0 (64bit) on Win 10

  106. Ganesh D Jagdale says:

    please update the kite for drawing demand and supply zone area like trade tiger platform of Sharekhan

  107. Ankit Ramani says:


    MACD, Stochastic, etc doesn’t have the selection for MA type(SMA,EMA or other). Is there any way to do that? If yes, please let me know. If no, kindly incorporate in new version.

  108. Radhakrishnan says:

    I am using the Kite. But I am not able to save the charts after the day. I have to once again open the charts fresh and view. This is creating problem and time delay. Also I am not able to continuously view the Ask and Bid like in case of Pi Market watch. But I was using Pi earlier. But it is having a lot of software problems and it is hanging many times. Can you to tell me how to overcome the problem?

  109. Aaron says:

    The Kite charts seem to show inaccurate data everyday around midnight for a few hours on both Kite mobile and desktop site.

    By inaccurate data i mean -> The most recent day’s data does not show on the chart. It does show the latest price in market watch (in kite 2.0 desktop, in kite 3.0 this value is also wrong.) but when the candlestick chart is opened the data is missing for the most recent day.

    Kindly look into the above mentioned issue.

  110. fond k says:

    Waves indicator not present in kite . And all the indicatorsare not available in pi such as vortex , adx etc.,

  111. Dolly says:

    Not able to see Indicator Value in data window (Information Box) or on Top of chart….

    Thanks for Help in Advance


  112. Karan Shah says:

    Today 19/12/207 till 10:10 my charts is not showing and i am in position no one is piking call in your support.

  113. om says:


    Is there any way i can lock the scale on y-axis. I am viewing charts on kite app and currently whenever i open new scripts, different timelines the y-axis scale changes which then i have to readjust to my liking. The saved views also does not remember the scale chosen. Can i set a default scale in which all charts will open ? if not, can you please consider this in future updates ?


    • Matti says:

      Will try to make this happen in future. However, this is how most users like it as the vertical axis is supposed to adjust according to the range of movement of the stock for the selected timeframe.

  114. RAHUL AGRAWAL says:

    In charts I have saved 4 different views using kite Web.
    In App (Iphone app) I am not able to see any of those views.
    Please fix it. I have to use the kite using google chrome only. Even on Iphone.

  115. Bhavin says:

    How can I come back to normal mode from full-screen chart mode?

  116. faisal says:

    no buy / sell option on popur chart in Kite…kindly add and your system is very smooth..

  117. Maheswaran D says:

    is it possible to compare two or more company’s momentum data charts or any other ( studies chart ) ? like market price charts

  118. chandra says:

    I cant find Fibonacci Retracements in ‘Studies’ option in Kite on the desktop platform though is mentioned in user manual; how do I find it?

  119. Ashok says:

    Please keep clean and empty palace on kite , nothing required there. but alert is not available, you can add this . and one of the request please apply for Cryptocurrency exchange as soon as and keep your platform same as kite only.

  120. Srikanth says:

    Hi Nitin,

    kindly add an option to save the chart for future reference, I use elliotwave theory extensively and I don’t see any option to keep track of my count on the chart once they are closed.

    Also It would be wonderful to have more customization options on Fib’s; similar to charts.

    Thank you

    • Matti says:

      Hey Srikant, you can save views by clicking on the ‘Views’ dropdown and adding a view with all your indicators.

      • SRIKANTH says:

        can you please add an option to visually and manually control stop loss on kite for trailing asap

        • Matti says:

          We’ll try to have this in coming versions. Quite tricky to implement on a web platform.

          • SRIKANTH says:

            thank you, visually controlling SL as and when the price moves in favor will help in capturing the entire trend moves and keep traders at ease. once again thank you for consideration.

  121. kiran S says:

    Hello Nitin,
    I am using Zerodha Kite platform for trading.It seems there is no VWMA(Volume Weighted Moving Average) indicator in the studies list.Can you please add this indictor to the studies in the upcoming releases of Kite platform?

    • Matti says:

      In order to add a VWMA, in the moving average parameters popup, change the ‘Field’ to Volume and ‘Type’ to Weighted. In order to do this, however, you’ll have to apply the volume indicator first.

      • Shanavas says:

        But this setup brings the VWMA into a separate section. How can we get that on top of the main chart / candle like other moving average lines ?

        • Matti says:

          Since the VWMA would be plotted according to the volume, it’s plotted on the volume. I’m afraid it wouldn’t be possible to have this on the candle chart itself right now.

          • Ravi says:

            Hi Matti,

            It should be plotted on the main chart like VWAP. VWAP also takes volume into consideration but in actual its a price. SImilarly VWMA takes Volume into consideration but the output is price only. All the charting sites and platform plot it on main chart like VWAP, so i dont understand why zerodha is plotting it in volume section.

  122. Haridas says:

    Hi Nitin ,
    Can we add 25 and 75 min. time frame in kite charts.


  123. Rajesh says:

    How can I draw a line with the desired angle in the chart?

  124. Santosh Shetti says:

    Pls. add sorting facility in Holdings section of Kite App. It’s quite annoying to keep on scrolling up & down when there are many stocks in holdings and the ones that we are tracking on a given day are far away from each other (due to their default alphabetical order).

    Also adding “market depth” in holdings section would be great help. Pls. consider.

    Thanks & regards.

  125. Sanjay says:

    How do I hide the middle bollinger band? Where is the option to hide the middle bollinger band?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      anjay, there is no hide option, but you can change the line colour to white.

      • sanjay says:

        As usual Zerodha only gives ridiculous answers. There is absolutely no logic in your answers. Do you realise what you mean when you say change the color middle band to white or black? Even if the middle band color was changed to white in a white background, the white is still visible on the candles which is a distraction. Similarly if the middle band is changed to black in a black background, the middle band is still visible on the candles.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Sanjay, there is no hide option, but you can change the line colour to white.

  126. Vinay Singh Shekhawat says:

    Hello Zerodha,
    I am using two same indicators in my chart (Supertrend) and I want both have completely different colors from each others, I am changing the colors of both, but when I open any other chart, it again shows the default green and red color.

    So my question is, How is it possible to save the color preference for indicators? How can I save the indicator colors for always so that I don’t need to do the same thing for each chart again and again.

    Awaited for your response.

    Thank you.

  127. iliyas says:

    there is no option for display of chart directly from holding list of stocks in kite web. Option of add and exit. Please include it. It will be helpful and time saving.

  128. Sivakumar Chinnapponnazhagu says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Can you please consider including TTM Squeeze as part of the Indicator Buffet? Thanks.

  129. Sanjeev says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    Any news on the release date for Kite 3.0?

  130. Debraj Chakraborty says:


    Kite RWI takes only 1 parameter where as AmiBroker takes 2 parameters.
    I am using 30 min timeframe and it seems from every day first candle it starts a new calculation.
    Value differs between AmiBroker and kite.
    Could you please explain why kite is using a different implementation?


  131. Murugesh says:

    And Daily, Weekly and Monthly Charts are showing only 5 to 6 days candlesticks chart . I am not getting full loaded charts….. And is it possible to keep price alert or technical alert in KITE Charts…….?

  132. Murugesh says:

    Sir I am not able view Pivot Points lines on my kite i am using latest firefox browser. lines are showing more than pivot lines up and down. i am not getting clearity lines please suggest………

    • bhaveh vyas says:

      sir i am not able to make live ratio chart between two stock in zerodha kite,please provide me guidance

  133. Sanjeev says:

    Since Last week i see that in Back office one cannot view a single day P&L. the default from date is April 1 2017.
    Each day one cannot see the P&L.It always starts showing overall from April.The output does not help anybody.Please review.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Sanjeev, we have disabled that option for now. We are revamping Q and the option to choose date range will be enabled back again soon.

  134. Naman says:

    I want to open 5 minute chart of a particular stock for a specific date (example 28 aug 2016). How do I do it in kite ?

    • Matti says:

      For now, you’ll have to scroll to the desired date manually. We are considering adding a jump to date option in the future.

      • Aniket says:

        Have you added Jump to specific date in all type of chart, as it is very difficult to scroll chart for long duration.

        • Matti says:

          Hey Aniket, this isn’t available yet, however, there’s a range selector in the display menu that you can use to view charts for a particular range.

  135. m.patel says:

    In kite, Zee Media share price in NSE is not updating. In BSE it is OK. Kindly look into it.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Zee media is trading in BE group, you need to add ZEEMEDIA-BE to your marketwatch. Tomore about stock categories check this post.

  136. Rajesh Chand says:

    Hi Sir
    I am using kite app at mobile for my daily trading but from last 2 day i am not able to trade because my charts are not displaying.
    but if i open kite in explore everything working fine but mobile app not working
    my mobile is Asus Zen 5
    Plese help me in this regards My mobile is 9008283135

  137. Deepak says:

    Dear Team,

    Charts are not loading in Zerodha kite mobile app since 3rd Oct, i have cleared the cache and uninstall and reinstalled the app. Rebooted the mobile but no luck.

    Cleared the browsing history of browse, i know that does not make sense but still i did. Raised a complaint today 4th Oct with your support team and have also shared the screenshot.

    Kindly get this fixed ASAP.


    • Zerodha Social says:

      Deepak, will have someone from our team to get in touch with you.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Deepak, will have someone from our team to get in touch with you.

      • Haridas says:

        I also have same problem


        • Matti says:

          Hi Haridas. We’ve recently upgraded our charts. This has caused the charts to stop working on a few older versions of Android. Our team is working on fixing this and should be able to make the charts work on your phone soon.

      • Deepak says:

        Dear Team,

        Your team is in touch with me via ticket which i have created, but i am not getting resolution. I have provided all the information and i have been told to upgrade my android version.

        This solution seems stupid to me as how come app was working fine till Friday 29th Sept and since Tuesday started giving issue.

        If android version was issue then it should have not working till now.

        Anyways i tried to upgrade the android version but my phones system says NO UPDATES AVAILABLE.

        I sincerely urge you check into this and get this fixed as many users are facing the same issue. Since last 3 days facing this issue.

        This kind of issues should be kept a catastrophic or priority 1 and should get resolution in 2-4 hours.

        I was Zerodha’s fan but now I am really pissed of this kind of service and forced to write here.


        • Matti says:

          Hi Deepak. We’ve recently upgraded our charts. This has caused the charts to stop working on a few older versions of Android. Our team is working on fixing this.

  138. Harsha C G says:

    Hi Team,

    Chart is not working either in desktop and iOS app also. Is there any downtime on chart?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Harsha, on desktop you will have to clear your browser cache. In case of iOS you will have to reinstall the app.

  139. Ranjit Kumar Mallick says:

    Hi Nitin,
    In my desktop application, the chart is not displaying. I have restarted my laptop, cleared the cache, logged out and logged in. Tried every possible thing. Can you please help me out.

    Ranjit Kumar Mallick

  140. Ashok says:

    Sir , Thank you so much for your reply of my last query . .. Sir script ALERT is not available like NEST in Kite software, OHLC info box is disturbing chart , so please shift is near by upon chart near by drop down time frame menu. and most of the worst point of Supertrend indicator is, it indicates by arrow late after one candle, so please short out these problem.. About supertrend and Alert many people wrote here, but no response . please response about these topics. thank u

  141. srinivas says:

    if i try to use pivot points in kite in chrome browser candles become small in size, this is very disgusting, please look into this one.

    • Matti says:

      This would happen if the pivot levels of the scrip you’re looking span a large range. You can resize the candles by clicking and dragging the y-axis up/down.

  142. Sushil says:

    Info box contains only OHLC and Vol values. Suppose I have applied stochastic indicator and I want to know value of it at any instant there is no option and if you move crosshair it doesnt show you exact values.

  143. Ashok says:

    sir After today maintenance problem is that chat’s candles will become very small in all type of time frame.. ,,
    yesterday it was showing very nice and long long. but today it feel like that you took the blood of candles after today’s maintenance.
    What am i saying….. Just apply standard Pivot Point and look the chart ,, you can find the problem and please correct it.

  144. VJ says:

    Hi Nithin ji,

    When are we going to get next version of Kite? I am having so many issues with Kite chart. Everything was working fine, till 3 weeks back. Suddenly my Maketwatch prices stop updating. Real-time update of my position price stop updating. I have to always do trade in market, since I do not know the realtime price. Today even charts are not updating. When i logged a ticket, i was told, it is because i am inside firewall and proxy server. But all were working like a charm before when I am inside the same firewall before. If i am outside firewall, looks like things are working OK. I cannot be outside firewall during market hours. Please help me.

    • VJ, this must be your system admin who has made changes on your office network to stop streaming of quotes. We haven’t done any change and nothing we will be able to do about this.

      • Aakash Sajwan says:

        Sir, i am facing the same issue as mentioned in my personal laptop which i purchased recently. The charts are not auto updating in home laptop. Already tried clearing browser cache, allowed chrome in firewall “allow app to communicate through firewall”. Please support

  145. Shyam says:

    Nithin When will Chart IQ disable automatic selection of drawn objects when ever mouse cursor is moved in the vicinity of the drawn object? It is tiresome to draw objects in the vicinity of other drawn objects or delete drawn objects in the vicinity of other drawn objects. Are ChartsIQ taking any action on this matter Nithin? Trading view India is so much better in drawing objects or deleting drawn objects in the vicinity of other drawn objects as drawn objects are not automatically selected whenever mouse cursor is in the vicinity of other drawn objects.

  146. Varinder Walia says:

    Hi Team,
    In Kite, why don’t we have an option to fix a small window of Open High low and % change from last day.

  147. pranab sarkar says:

    Mr. zerodha, why Derivative chart(Future particularly) do not get readjusted post split action ?

  148. ManJu says:


    How can we open four stocks charts at the same time in one screen in kite zerodha.

  149. SUNIL KUMAR A K says:

    Sir where is chart compare option in Kite?

  150. Harshit says:

    Hi Team,

    I understand Kite saves data on cloud and thus same view should be available on different machine or mobile. However, when I build some trend-lines on one laptop and try to access the same chart from mobile or ipad or other machine, I do not see my trend-lines and S&R zone. Please explain how can I sve these so I do not need to draw them over and over again.


  151. Shekar says:

    There is a problem with Kite today as all my charts are opening with RSI by default which is really strange. Yes bank price has crashed to 379.

  152. Hrithik says:

    Pls provide Elliott wave labeling in Draw tools to label Motive waves 1-5 and Corrective Waves ABC.

  153. Kumar says:

    Has Zerodha finalized Kite 3.0 exact release date?

  154. Kumar says:

    Pls provide 1D, 5D, 15D, 30D, 60D setting for Kite charts so all chart data is not loaded and becomes heavy on PC/laptop.

  155. Prescient says:

    1. Can one plot Ratio charts on Kite/pi. e.g. Banknifty/Nifty and other relative performance charts.
    2. Can one plot charts for straddles and strangles on kite/pi.

    If not, is it under consideration. Please incorporate the above two features.


  156. Kumar says:

    Zerodha Kite is so heavy on resources of the PC/laptop.

  157. MANOJ says:

    where to check kite version? how can i know that ?

    • Venu says:

      Kite Web is auto updated, current version is 2.0. On the App, you can click on the Menu option to view the version. For Android it’s v1.9.28

  158. Ashish says:

    Thanks for adding this feature (though implementation is partial but I am happy):
    1. Also as there is limit for 20 scrips to be opened in one tab of watchlist, it would be great if you allow opening a chart without adding it to the watchlist. I can see, you have Search Symbol text box on chart which allows us to search among our watchlist, it would be great if this box allows results from all NSE and BSE with scrips in watchlist as top results and rest at the bottom of the suggestions list.

    1. From my holdings, it would be really great if I can open a page with all the transactions done for that particular stock or at least the Tradebook page with the current script already selected and user will put the time range.
    2. It would be really helpful if notes keeping is allowed for the holdings eg. my analysis, target, SL etc.

    Reiterating my previous requests below if they missed attention:
    1. Please allow opening of charts from the holding page itself. Its very tiresome to find the scrip in watchlist and then open the chart.
    2. There is menu comes on hovering a scrip in watchlist, please add all those menu to come up while hovering holdings too.
    3. When you hover on Day’s Chg in holdings page, sometimes it shows 2 different popups. I know one is the actual amount of change due to today’s change but whats the other popup for? Some scrips show only 1 popup.

    Ashish Sharma

    • Venu says:

      Thanks for your feedback Ashish, here are the replies.

      1. NSE & BSE results do show up. Can you elaborate?

      1. For this we’ll need integration to the backoffice, currently we’re running a vendor based backoffice and will be migrating to an inhouse app soon. Should be possible then.
      2. Will pass on the feedback

      Pvs requests:

      1. Since the market watch is omnipresent, you can add the stock to the MW and open charts from there.
      2. Same reply for this feature as well
      3. One represents percentage and the other absolute.

      • Ashish says:

        Thanks Venu ji for the reply. My comments:

        1. All NSE and BSE results are not shown in Search Box of charts. I will try to explain the scenario – Everyone has his own logic to maintain list of scrips in different watchlists (depending on sector, alphabetical order or type of trade -long term watchlist, short term watchlist, FnO watchlist , intra watchlist etc). I don’t want to add new scrip to any of my watchlist unless I complete my study of the scrip’s chart. Hence I requested if the Search Symbol text box on chart allows us to search all NSE and BSE scrips even if they are not in my watchlist it would help us to study its chart without adding to watchlist. If a user likes the chart, he can add the scrip to watchlist after that. The search results on the chart page should give matching results from watchlist/holdings as top results and rest from BSE-NSE at the bottom of the suggestions list.

        2. Its great to know about in house backoffice is coming but can you please share the probable timeline for the same? I am sure, opening the tradebook from holding page would certainly be one of the most loved feature for the users. Please add this request to your list.
        3. Thanks for passing on the feedback.

        Previous requests:
        1&2. Yes I understand there is a bypass as you suggested but if the menu that comes on hovering a scrip in watchlist is made available while hovering holdings, it would save a lot of time of all the users to going back to watchlist and check details. In Today’s competitive world, a service provider has to raise attention from the basic features to enhancing the user experience.

        3. It looks there was a bug earlier which is fixed now. The popups are now uniform and show correct values. Thanks.

      • Ashish says:

        Hello Venu ji, can you please have a look at my above msg and respond those?

        For ease, copying those below:

        1. All NSE and BSE results are not shown in Search Box of charts. I will try to explain the scenario – Everyone has his own logic to maintain list of scrips in different watchlists (depending on sector, alphabetical order or type of trade -long term watchlist, short term watchlist, FnO watchlist , intra watchlist etc). I don’t want to add new scrip to any of my watchlist unless I complete my study of the scrip’s chart. Hence I requested if the Search Symbol text box on chart allows us to search all NSE and BSE scrips even if they are not in my watchlist it would help us to study its chart without adding to watchlist. If a user likes the chart, he can add the scrip to watchlist after that. The search results on the chart page should give matching results from watchlist/holdings as top results and rest from BSE-NSE at the bottom of the suggestions list.

        2. Its great to know about in house backoffice is coming but can you please share the probable timeline for the same? I am sure, opening the tradebook from holding page would certainly be one of the most loved feature for the users. Please add this request to your list.

        Previous requests:
        1&2. Yes I understand there is a bypass as you suggested but if the menu that comes on hovering a scrip in watchlist is made available while hovering holdings, it would save a lot of time of all the users to going back to watchlist and check details. In Today’s competitive world, a service provider has to raise attention from the basic features to enhancing the user experience.

  159. Kumar says:

    Problem with Zerodha Kite is that drawing objects are automatically removed when browser cache and history are cleared. There are others like Trading view India web platform and Metatrader web platforms where users can easily save drawing objects by saving as a template. Zerodha kite is limited to save view without drawing objects which is a huge drawback.

    • Venu says:

      Clearing browser cache doesn’t remove the drawn objects. Getting someone to call you to help you with this.

      • Kumar says:

        Yes it does. If I clear history and cache all the drawn objects are gone which is really tiring to draw again. Even after I draw all the objects and save views for all banknifty scrips, once I clear the history and cache, and click on opening any of saved views, there are drawn objects shown on the chart. Very disappointed with Zerodha for this kind of poor setting. I trade primarily on kite because of trend line replication, price line, measure tool, etc which are not available on Zerodha Pi. Zerodha has looooong way to go in tweaking their platforms which will take years and years.

        • Kumar says:

          I typed wrong earlier as I actually meant There are no drawn objects shown the charts.

        • All drawing tools are saved on your browser, so if you clear history/cache, it will go away. Storing this on our servers is something we intend to do in future.

          • Sanjay says:

            Nithin, After reading the above comments, I would like Zerodha to accelerate saving templates with drawn objects to cloud feature at the earliest as all traders are facing this problem. It is always safe to clear all cache and history for browsers after browsing for the day.

            • Shekar says:

              There is a huge communication gap in Zerodha. One person at Zerodha says all drawing tools are saved on your browser, so if you clear history/cache, it will go away and then other person at Zerodha says Initially, drawings were saved in the browser cache. But now even drawings are saved on the cloud server along with views. It shows how unprofessional Zerodha support staff are.

              • Shekar, my bad. This was implemented a few weeks back. I wasn’t aware.

                • Shekar says:

                  Actually Nithin, your statement was correct, “All drawing tools are saved on your browser, so if you clear history/cache, it will go away. Storing this on our servers is something we intend to do in future.” But your support staff were insisting that everything is saved to cloud. I checked myself by clearing cache and history and yes all drawn objects disappear and we traders have to draw them again.

  160. Kumar says:

    Whatever happened to edit for Fibonacci? 78.6% is missing. Pls provide edit for fibonacci levels so traders can customize Fibonacci levels. Price tends to pullback to 78.6% level as well not just 50% or 38.2% or 61.8% levels only.

  161. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi Nithin,
    My id DO0042. I am unable to save the indicators or templates which I made for any script. I tried by keeping the charts open for 15-30 minutes again if I open new one fresh charts opens up.It is really frustrating and when I open in my mobile platform blank chart opens up without any indicator which i made in my desktop.One more thing can you please is there a option called views in mobile platform.Kindly reply me .

    • star says:

      If one want to save indicators or templates one just need to add them to chart and save it as view. On mobile also there is view option, open any chart in mobile app and on top left the second menu option, look like pin is the view option. From next time for support specific queries one can write to [email protected].

      • Kumar says:

        I am surprised that Zerodha has not provided any ‘save’ button beside the ‘saved views’ list? It is common sense to provide ‘save’ button beside ‘saved views’ list so traders can ‘save view’ instantly and dont have to type in the exact name to save the view again.

  162. Nandakishor says:

    Kite Platform GUI is not opening properly
    Only links are displayed on web browser

  163. Kumar says:

    Zerodha should have bought Trade Interceptor mobile trading platform. Trade Interceptor mobile is the no 1 trading platform. It would have made a nice addition to your existing platforms. Thinkmarkets beat you to it and have bought Trade Interceptor mobile trading platform.

  164. Akilesh says:

    Some of the studies colors are faded which I dont understand why. Why dont you provide the same bright colors for all studies? Awesome oscillator colors are bright where as MACD histogram colors are faded? Is this a joke? When I change the MACD histogram colors to all black due to faded colors of the MACD histogram in an all white theme background, MACD histogram color appears grey and not black. Why is this? Pls be consistent in programming the colors otherwise it is such an eyesore.

  165. Simon says:

    Nithin, Pls provide a separate trend line drawing tool. Continuous drawing tool is cumbersome in the sense, we have to always hit Esc to exit the continuous drawing tool. Trading view India web platform also has a trend line drawing tool only. I dont know from where you people have got continuous drawing tool idea. Pls remove continuous drawing tool and insert trend line drawing tool which is standard and proper.

    • siva says:

      Continuous option is used to draw patterns, if one want to just draw continuous trend line one can select line option, if one want to draw limited trend line segment option can be selected.

      • Simon says:

        Thanks Siva. I was breaking my head in how to draw limited trend line. Usually in international platforms, Segment is Trend line (limited), Line is Ray. Pls provide customization of drawing tools so that most frequently used drawing tools are shown first.

  166. Kumar says:

    It is about time that SEBI approves demo trading accounts for Indian markets. Many of us would like to practice strategies on demo/virtual account before using a strategy on live account. All international stock trading platforms offer demo accounts/ virtual trading account to practice strategies using charts. Brokers should put more pressure on SEBI to enable demo/virtual accounts for practice so more people in our country can take up trading as a career.

  167. Kumar says:

    Nithin, Pls enable customization of drawing tools in Kite 3.0 in such a way that frequently used drawing tools are shown at top of the list and rest are hidden with an arrow pointing down and can be easily seen when the arrow is clicked. I use mainly Trend line, horizontal line, Measure, Fibonacci retracement, Vertical line but if you see the draw tool menu horizontal line is way down and so is vertical line which is in the last.

  168. Kumar says:

    Nithin, pls add save template option in the top menu in Kite 3.0 so the template can be loaded easily rather than saving views for each scrip.
    Also pls add ‘save’ ‘overwrite’ options for saved views menu so it will be easy to save views rather typing the name of the saved view again and again.

    • Kumar says:

      Yes I know we can save layout in Kite 2.0 but it is not good enough as traders would like to save different templates using different studies. Pls incorporate save template, so traders can save 3-5 templates and apply any template in the pull down menu. Metatrader web platform and Trading View India web platform both have save template option. One can easily save as many templates as one wants with Metatraders web platform and Trading View India.

  169. Neelima says:

    In the kite charts, when I do some studies and save it, the study gets deleted after a few minutes. Sometimes it remain for one or two day and sometimes it goes off in a few minutes and I have to again draw the desired study patterns. How to save it permanently or till I delete the study.

  170. MANOJ says:

    pls enable search for all scrips in market ( Now if we search it shows only scrips saved in market watch coloum) .whenever i find market gainers and losers . first i add this in market watch then after i can view this chart it is more time consuming instead i search in already open chart search coloum it reduce time and without add i see chart which i want. see other web charting platform and do the needful. thanks

  171. Debraj Chakraborty says:

    Ticket 649372
    Not getting any update even after several update.
    Finally had to close the order.


    Client ID: ZI2120
    Name: Debraj Chakraborty

    Today, I put a limit order MIS SL Sell Order for TATAMOTORS after 9:40 a.m. at Rs 383.55

    This order got triggered and executed at 12.22.26 at Rs 383.55

    How is it possible? Price never reached at Rs 383.55 after 9:20 a.m.
    How can order be executed at 383.55 at 12.22 a.m. when price never reached.
    I verified the price with NSE and it is confirmed that never reached.

    Please revert the trade.


  172. Prajnesh jain says:

    I have been using kite app to track nifty, from two days nifty chart is not opening in kite app plz help me out .

  173. Surendra says:

    I just reinstalled zerodha kite in my mobile. Issues was, i’m unable to get my previous saved view. Please look into this issues.

  174. Sandeep P says:

    Am unable to type a new stock name directly in the chart which is not already there in my market watch. Earlier I think this feature was there. Now if I want to check the chart of a new stock, I first need to add to MW and then chart it. Can this feature be added ?

  175. sp karuppasamy pandi says:

    Pls change kite market watch it restrict more than 20 in one page otherwise change search tab in popout chart window . pls enable search for all scrips in market ( Now if we search it shows only scrips saved in market watch coloum) .whenever i find market gainers and losers . first i add this in market watch then after i can view this chart it is more time consuming instead i search in already open chart search coloum it reduce time and without add i see chart which i want. pls see other web charting platform and do the needful. thanks

  176. THANANJAYAN says:

    Hi, In a chart after drawn a trend line or support & resistance line when I toggle to another script and come back the drawn lines are gone, studies & indicators are fine.But when ever I using drawing tool its not saved & every time I need to do it again.i clear caches and tried sill is not working .Kindly help me.

    • star says:

      To mention at any point of time drawings are saved on 10 charts only, it follows FIFO method so if any new drawing is framed on 11th chart then drawings made on 1st chart will be vanished, for more clarification on this or if the scenario you mentioned is different then you can write to [email protected]. No limit on number of drawings on single chart.

  177. sp karuppasamy pandi says:

    Dear team ,

    Pls change kite market watch it restrict more than 20 in one page otherwise change search tab in popout chart window . pls enable search for all scrips in market ( Now if we search it shows only scrips saved in market watch coloum) .whenever i find market gainers and losers . first i add this in market watch then after i can view this chart it is more time consuming instead i search in already open chart search coloum it reduce time and without add i see chart which i want. pls see other web charting platform and do the needful. thanks

  178. karaj singh says:

    Zerodha kite chart almost perfect but will you please improve little bit more like buy sell buttun on chart also multi time frame with sync crosshair like this is more useful and helpful.

  179. Debraj Chakraborty says:

    From Last 3 days, Kite is not showing any live price in watch list. It is always trying to fetch data.
    Do I need to change any settings to make it work?

    • Venu says:

      No, none. Could you call us on 080-40402020 and someone from support would be happy to help 🙂

    • Have you made any change on your antivirus/firewall?

      • Debraj Chakraborty says:


        I use it from office if they change I have no control over it.
        Do I need to set proxy for web version as well?
        but other web charts like tradingview working fine.

        • Yeah, can you try setting a proxy and see. I am guessing the office might have blocked.

          • Debraj Chakraborty says:

            I called the number mentioned above and they said that I will be receiving a call from technical team. I did not receive any call but after 1 hour it started working.
            Again today morning it is not working when I logged in from office.
            Where to set proxy in kite?? I hope you are not asking me to change office firewall which is not possible. For you r information web version of other broker like Sharekhan and Ventura is working fine. Can you please look into it?

            • hmm.. Debraj, can you ask your system admin if they have blocked streaming on Kite. If they have, tough for us to do anything. I will anyways get someone check this.

              • Debraj Chakraborty says:

                wow..finally I made it work and traded. But discovered a hidden auto square-off charge of 23.6 rupees from zerodha. I went through your order types manual completely and it is not mentioned along with auto square off for MIS, BO,CO that auto squared is penalized like this.
                Completely new for a trader coming from sharekhan or ventura. Not sure what else hidden can be expected here ???

  180. Debasis says:

    I am unable to save drawings for individual stocks. Suggest me.

  181. Shakeel Hassan says:

    Sir, it’ll be very helpful to traders if u create an option for price alert on kite app. We will set a price with a condition, then when price touches or crosses that specified price, it’ll show a notification with sound or vibration. For example, a stock is being traded at ₹95. I have set an alert at 95.6 such that when the price moves up or touch 95.6, we will be notified by a vibration or sound. Please insert this new system. It’s very important

  182. sp karuppasamy pandi says:

    if layout option not possible in kite then pls add chart linking options for popout charts . thanks

  183. sp karuppasamy pandi says:


    Dear team ,

    Pls arrange layout like this in kite . it is more useful to analyze a scrip as soon as open in Multiple time frame.

  184. NS says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    when i open Kite in Chrome browser or in android app or browser in android phone
    am facing strange issue regarding charting .. the issue is .. whenever i open any chart (1 min, 3 mins or 5 min candle chart) by default it shows candles ONLY FOR 1 day or atmost 2 days.
    So the EMA, SMA, MACD, RSI calculations are done based on just 1 or 2 day details which turns out to be totally and horribly error .. this is crazy and terribly bad.. never seen such a case in any of the trading softwares of other vendors!
    the only way i can get something working is swiping the chart to see the left or historical data.. this is then Kite updates old data of 3-5 days old and all charting gets nearly corrected.
    This issue is seen even if i switch time intervals.. means if i change from 1 min to 5 min.. only 2 day candles are shown again i need to do circus to get calculations corrected.

    I tried lot of things like clearing browser cache, clearing preferences, pressing CONTROL + R keys, saving view .. Even trying on new machine on which kite was never opened.. but the issue seems to happen everywhere..
    today 29th aug morning around 10 AM i sent email and still awaiting for response.

  185. C. Vijaya Sarathy says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I am a Kite user. Few requests from my side –
    1. Can you pls increase the number of scripts that can be added to watchlist or increase the number of watchlists? Each time adding scripts and deleting scripts (to accomodate additional ones is difficult). I understand kite is meant to be lightweight, but still…?
    2. The Draw button is on the right side. I have to go and enable it. Again come back to left side and select the tool. If I popout a chart I need to do the same thing again. My suggestion is keep the commonly used drawing tools (like trend line, support line, channel, fib) as part of menu bar (Provision to customise that bar will be great, may be in future)
    3. Pi was great. I tried it out sometime back. But holding mouse for crosshair is painful. If you can fix that I will happily move to pi. 🙂

  186. Kaushal Singh says:

    Dear Nitin,
    Is there any way in Kite charts to show OHLC data ( on top of Charts) along with other indicators data which runs through charts like EMA ( on top of Charts) when mouse hover on any candle.
    I have found crosshair a bit sticky. Can we change crosshair property from solid line to dotted line.
    Thanks in advance.

  187. Venkat says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Unable to view 5 min intraday charts prior to 20 July 2016 (Checked INFY and MARUTI). This contradicts your claims” Intraday charts available from Feb 2015″.

    No solution from your support team. What to do?

  188. MANOJ says:

    in kite there is data problem in chart when i see any chart like 5 min or 10 or 15 min candle chart and after click on refresh chart some candle value changes , i think this is data problem and this problem should be solved as soon as possible

  189. Venkat says:


    1. Unable to choose “Exponential” moving average in Pi software in 5 min time frame.
    2. Unable to view 5 min intraday charts beyond 20 July 2016 (Checked INFY and MARUTI). This contradicts your claims” Intraday charts available from Feb 2015″.
    3. Would expect intraday charts atleast from 2010. The is necessary for back testing.

    Please advise

    • star says:

      1. No issue as such, provided more data is added on to chart on Pi. If still facing any issue please write to [email protected].
      2. We have set limit on number of candles, if one want to view more data then can increase the time frame to 10 min or more.
      3. May not be possible for now.

  190. MANOJ says:

    IN KITE plz add option of every moving average to make it thicker beacuse in default every moving avegrage is very thin so plz add option to make it thick and to make it dash or anyother format

  191. BISWAJEET DEKA says:

    Issue with bar chart not working. Kindly fix that.

  192. Ankit says:

    somehow my kite charts are not working properly I am getting all the candles and bands look flat – very dificult to comprehend is it because of browser settings or what ? I have tried relogging as well but doesnt seem to work.

  193. Siva says:


    What is the code/logic behind the kite studies ? I can see a difference in ADX values, when calculated using R packages versus addins. Where can I see this logic if required ?


  194. muniraj says:

    please add in kite RSI INTERDICT 50 LINE, ( 80,20 )

  195. Biswajit says:

    Is there any tentative date for the next release of Kite with all the new additions ?

  196. MANOJ says:

    plz add buy/sell button on chart in kite , because while watching chart in kite and if we wanna take trade then we will have to go to market watch page and then find our script and then we can trade , because of this time running out and sometime price quickly up or down so plz add buy/sell button in kite chart so that we can directly trade from there……

  197. MANOJ says:

    there is no Open Interest Indicator in indicator section in kite so plz add this one because its very much needful indicator

  198. satyanarayana Boggavarapu says:

    The drawings are suddenly disappear. God knows when they will be saved or saved ones will be lost. no proper user manual at all details how this works. I had drawn so many drawing on the charts and suddenty they disappeared. No option to save the drawings.

  199. Ashok says:

    1- Can i use Fibonacci Retracement tool in Kite Chart ????
    2- How can i plot the 2 Hour candle chart ?
    3- Why response supertrande arrow in next candle ???
    4- In commodity segment is available BO facility ??
    if you have not these , then please resolve that normal issue.

  200. Mayur says:


    i am not sure if you have released the continuous charts or not but i can see it

    just wanted to highlight can we have an option where if we select the default mode as continuous charts then every time we open the contract we should always see a continuous contract instead of going and manually selecting the option under preferences

    • Mayur, once you select continuous charts, can you click on save preferences. Once done, it should open up by default all the time when you open an equity future contract.

  201. Biswajit says:

    1. Sorting(marketwatch) should be added in Kite (available in Pi)
    2. No.of stocks in each marketwatch page should be increased to 50 from 20.

  202. Bhushan K says:

    Dear Sir,
    At present there are no holding in my account. however there are mutual funds in my account purchased through SIP in Coin. However when we see the holdings tab in Kite web it shows no holdings.
    Please rectify this error. The screen should say there are no equity holdings / FNO positions.

    Please help.
    Bhushan K

  203. Bhushan Kela says:

    Dear Nithin Sir,
    At present in kite web application, when we open the charts there is a option to compare the chart with another stock or futures.
    However at present the system is allowing to compare the stocks or futures which are added in the market watch. This feature actually should be available to compare all the stocks in NSE / BSE or futures.
    Please allow this to compare the chart with any stock even if the same is not added in market watch. Please consider the same if technically feasible.

    Bhushan K

  204. Jayesh Sharma says:

    Dear Zerodha Tech. Team,
    As per my concern about kite zerodha web App it’s really nice and better app for trading but to make it best i have a suggestion that please provide us the 2 hour time frame in chart.
    as your technical experts suggests to use PI app but PI app is not so much user friendly. So it’s a kind request to you that PLEASE PROVIDE US 2 HOUR TIME FRAME in KITE zerodha application.
    And one more issue I am facing that always super-trend arrow is not reflecting in same web app. when I am refreshing the page or chart then it reflects for a moment (for 1 second or 2) only. resolve the following issue from you’r app too.
    awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards
    Jayesh Sharma

  205. Sanjoy says:

    It’s a couple of months now and still, Fib is not configurable. This is serious and please bring back the custom fib settings, it’s very hard to trade when Zerodha decides what should be the only settings and not provide options for customization.

    The new version is not good as previous was easily configurable and tradable.

  206. binu says:

    according to circular no: MCX/TECH/269/2017 today (01/07/2017) MCX OPTION mock trading is on ,,
    how can customers of zerodha can participate in this MT,

  207. Bhushan Kela says:

    Dear Nithin Sir,
    When will be the new back office and new Kite 3.0 expected to be launched….
    Waiting eagerly for new exciting experience with the new releases….
    Please update soon…

    Bhushan K

  208. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi my id DO0042. I got a wrong price execution in siemens script on 31/07/2017. Buy price is 1458.14 avg (50 shares) and kept sl 1443 but my stop loss was got hit at 1:06 p.m avg rate of 1442.25 (slm). Here my question is after 12:00 p.m siemens price never came down below 1450. I have checked in your zerodha kite,pi charts and even in sharekhan terminal and nse charts. How come it was possible to hit. Can you please explain.
    My contact no: 9566068331.

  209. Jayesh Sharma says:

    Dear Zerodha Tech. Team,
    As per my concern about kite zerodha web App it’s really nice and better app for trading but to make it best i have a suggestion that please provide us the 2 hour time frame in chart.
    as your technical experts suggests to use PI app but PI app is not so much user friendly. So it’s a kind request to you that PLEASE PROVIDE US 2 HOUR TIME FRAME in KITE zerodha application.

    Thanks & Regards
    Jayesh Sharma

  210. Rajamohan says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Now a days I observer delay in update of charts, which are highly notable, the market depth info and chart bar ticks are not in sync, is it common problem or I need to make any changes in my work setup.

    To note:
    I use FireFox browser with 2Mbps line, tried with google chrome, slightly better than FireFox but the problem still persist

    Any help in the right direction would be appreciated


  211. Sandip says:

    Hello Nithin,

    there seems to be some issue with the Heiken-Ashi charts. To give you an example, select any stock future, say TCS Jul 2017 future, set the duration to 1HR, and candle type to Heiken-Ashi. The chart gets displayed. Now, if you click on the refresh chart button a few times, the values of the last 3-4 candles start changing. Sometimes even the candles’ colors change from red to green and vice versa.

    I have tried it on different browsers, after clearing up the browser caches, but still saw the same issue.


  212. Jagdip says:

    Please provide buy/sell option from the pop chart window. It is really difficult to reach the correct stock among the five watch lists and then place the order. This option is there in the mobile version, kindly provide it on the desktop version as soon as possible.


  213. sid624 says:

    Can you incorporate the brokerage calculator into kite interface and show both net and gross P&L in positions?
    why do we have to go to brokerage calculator if we want to see net positions… its not hard to add another column or for net P&L or give it as an option to users who want to see P&L inclusive of all charges (except of course stamp duty as even brokerage calculator does that separately and its anyway negligible).

    It will make it decisions much easier and will be a windfall for traders!!

  214. Kiran says:

    Hey guys,
    Latest iOS kite update just sucks, let alone making it better its worse. Rates never get updated, its so frustrating especially when one is traveling and app is the only way to trade.
    If you guys cant fix it at the least please revert back to its earlier version; It would be a great relief for small investors like me.
    I am still not sure how on the earth did you guys release it without baking it right?

    • Hmm.. its weird, can you make sure that you have the latest update of iOS

      • Kiran says:

        It isnt happening just with me alone.. with all my friends and colleagues around, that said i keep my device updated all the time. I am forced to buy an android phone which i would hate to but looking at my android friends who have no complains of Kite App am left with hardly any choice OR switch away from zerodha which i would hate again 🙂
        It would be really great if you could get this addressed asap.

  215. amar says:

    Please add 2H time frame chart option in kite . Currently available in pi

    • Kumar says:

      I totally agree 2H, and also 3H would be very useful as market is roughly about 6 hours. Entries can be done in 2H or 3H time frames. Not much use for 4H as market is only 6 hours.

  216. Ankit says:

    the option data is lagging , this is not acceptable … if this happen this month i am going to quit zerodha …

  217. Pdeep says:


    There is a big difference shown in %change in market watch screen and day’s change in holdings screen in live market for many stocks. This issue exists from many days but I reported a couple of days back. I have emailed the issue with the screenshots to support but it’s not solved yet.

  218. Ajitesh G says:

    Could you please include multiple studies for the kite-platform which can be saved in local machine ; each study may consist of multiple indicators. For eg, study1= Moving average, Stochastic or any more indicator etc. , Study 2 = Indicator1, indicator 2 , indicator 3 … , Study 3 = Indiator-x indicator-y , indicator -z …
    Multiple indicators in one page sort of clutter chart. Applying different studies for different time-frames will ease analysis.
    Thanks in advamce.

  219. DP3177 says:

    how can add nifty other indices like nifty energy, nifty commodity, nifty consumption, nifty infra

    • If you search for index in kite search box, you will see all indices that exchange provides data to brokers for.

      • Kiran says:

        Hi Nithin Kamath Sir,

        I do not understand why are you not replying my below thread.

        Current Kite interface looks good and so simple.
        but its good if we have additional page where we have all information like “Pi” software “Market Watch”.
        where we have columns symbol(stock name), %Change, LTP, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, bid qty, Ask qty…

        Currently in “Kite” web platform if we want to see volume then we need to load chart and we can see volume for one stock. We can’t see current volume for all market watch stock.

        This new feature will add great value in web platform, like all other brokerage house provides this functionality.

        Thank you for considering this additional page requirement.

  220. Biswajit says:

    I completely agree with Kiran above. Volume is fundamental to trading and it is missing from Marketwatch (Kite) !!

  221. Kiran says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    Current Kite interface looks good and so simple.
    but its good if we have additional page where we have all information like “Pi” software “Market Watch”.
    where we have columns symbol(stock name), %Change, LTP, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, bid qty, Ask qty…

    Currently in “Kite” web platform if we want to see volume then we need to load chart and we can see volume for one stock. We can’t see current volume for all market watch stock.

    This new feature will add great value in web platform, like all other brokerage house provides this functionality.

    Thank you for considering this additional page requirement,

    Thank you,

  222. ZE6695 says:

    I am a new Zerodha user facing difficulty with drawing lines on charts using Kite Android app.
    Is there a video / help section for that.

  223. Shraddha says:


    Can we have volume in NIFTY (index) & Banknifty (index)? or Any plan to add this. In Kite OR PI.


  224. hetal says:

    not able to trade for au finanace bank shares since morning!!!!

  225. Chandrakanta Kabra says:

    Why AU Bank is not allowed to sell on BSE???

  226. Debraj Chakraborty says:


    Currently future charts are contract wise.
    Can you introduce continuous future charts?
    Like current contract continuous chart.

    This will help a lot.


    • We have just released this feature, not announced it yet. Under display on the kite chart, you have an option to click continuous chart. Once done, you can see continuous daily chart for futures. Currently the index continuous charts are proper, we will have stocks, commodities and currency soon.

  227. Ashok k Sharma says:

    you didn’t response my comments.. Can you explain Why ???????????????????????????
    for example Just look above 2nd July 17 at 2.37.
    Hope you will response me this time .. Please consider following feature
    >A “alert” set it on LTP, When LTP goes up/dwon our setting Price then software give a notification.
    > OHLC Info set between “search symbol” and “Time frame drop down menu” or you can make it movable
    > 2 Hours Time frame
    >Volume Weighted Moving Average (VWMA) Indicator. It very nice indicator.

  228. Kumar says:

    Person incharge of the charting for both Pi and Kite is the worst in designing charting platform as he has no experience whatsoever in designing charting platform. For example: In Zerodha kite, when one draws objects, any object is easily highlighted as soon as the cursor goes close to it which is totally ridiculous as one is not able to draw or use other tools as earlier object keeps getting highlighted/selected. It is common sense to display small squares when an object is clicked on and not highlighted as soon as the cursor goes close to the object. It is a shame that we Indians cannot design a charting platform using common sense.

    • Kumar, Kite charting is not an inhouse platform. It is built by, they are one of the biggest in the world and power a lot of international brokers. I have pointed out this issue to them.

      • Kumar says:

        I hope the above problem will be fixed asap in Kite 3.0 because the above problem is really frustrating to do technical analysis.

        • Kumar says:

          Use Metatrader web charting platform and Tradingview India charting platform. You will see how they have designed it cleverly in selecting drawn objects. Drawn objects have to selected by clicking on them, when small squares or small circles appear and only then can be modified. Pls make ChartIQ to incorporate this ASAP for Kite 3.0

  229. Kayenat Shahid says:

    While opening the account online, AADHAR option is disabled for me. It is showing as ” This is not available as you are not KRA/KYC Verified”. Only option is doorstep pick up. Can you please let me know if I can send the documents myself to your address instead of waiting for pickup?

    Also can you please let me know the list required documents that needs to be enclosed with this form for verification.



    sometimes layout automatically cleared . what is the reason for this?

  231. Vrajesh says:

    Sir, plz add KDJ indicator in Pi software or in kite it is a best indicator and usefull. It is similar to Stochastic oscillator in this K,D is cover but J is play an important role. Bcoz of that GOOGLE FINANCE give this technique. Plz sir add KDJ…

  232. Suraj N. Patel says:

    Hello Sir,

    Thanks for giving my last comment answer quickly & happy to use Pi Software… Thanks….

  233. Suraj N. Patel says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am using Zerodha Pi Software. For Intraday & Positinal view in Nifty Future I am using 15 Minute with 60 days chart select in Pi Software.
    => Strategy is Use:-
    – Surper Trend – 10, 3 is parameter
    – EMA 13, 34 – Cross Over basis work (1st preferance is Super Trend only)

    -> I need to Set up with Multiple Indicator with its parameter for Above 15 timeframe & 60 days, so forgot false signals… I need to use Exponential Moving Average- EMA. So, Can u please give me EMA Parameter for above strategy in 15 min chart with 60 days…

  234. Banafsha Chandran says:

    How long does is take for correct data to be updated in kite after a corporate action? One of my stocks had a stock split in May 2017 and I am not still getting the correct avg cost reflecting in the Kite and Q back office. Inspite of calling for technical help, your team is not able to resolve it. They are not even sure how long it will take for the issue to resolve.

    Are all your customers with corporate action on their shares sitting with incorrect data in Kite.
    Atleast inform your customers properly as to what the issue is and what are you all going to be doing about it.
    Your systems are showing incorrect data and no one seems to know what to do.

  235. Debraj Chakraborty says:


    I use pivots in kite chart with 5 mins timeframe.
    As per the information I got, it should use previous days HLC/3 formula to calculate.

    But value differs. I checked it for ITC, reliance, Infy
    Can you please confirm what is the formula used to calculate pivot and on which data for 5 min time frame?

    For Example,

    Infy’s yesterday pivot should be 947.17 if we take day before yesterday’s
    Close: 951.9
    High: 955
    Low: 934.6
    Pivot: (951.9 + 955 + 934.6)/3 = 947.17

    But open Infy in kite with 5 mins timeframe chart.
    Yesterday’s pivot is shown 947.72
    Why this difference?


      • Debraj Chakraborty says:


        Please try to understnd my question. I already searched on net and found the answer you pointed in reply.
        Still I will try to clarify once again. As per your pointed Q&A thread:

        There are different ways to calculate pivot points, Kite and Pi uses slightly different ways and hence may not match.

        The input for pivot point is High, Low, and Close (HLC) of previous candle.

        On pi the previous candle is hard coded to day candle. So whatever chart time frame (1min,15mins, 30mins, 1hour, 4hours) the pivot points are calculated based on yesterday’s High, low and close.

        In Kite it is dynamic,
        Previous day candle HLC values are considered for 1,3,5,10,15 min timeframe.
        Previous week candle HLC values are considered for 30 min and 1 hour.
        Previous month candle HLC values are considered for 1 day timeframe.

        Hence the pivot points may not match when looking at a 30min, 1 hour, or 1 day time frame.

        Also, the way S3 or R3 is calculated is slightly different on Kite and Pi. See the formula below.

        Pivot Points formula on Kite:

        Pivot point (P) = (H + L + C) / 3
        First support level (S1) = (2 * P) – H
        Second support level (S2) = P – (H – L)
        Third support level (S3) = P – 2*(H-L)
        First resistance level (R1) = (2 * P) – L
        Second resistance level (R2) = P + (H – L)
        Third resistance level (R3) = P + 2*(H – L)

        Pivot Points formula on Pi:

        Pivot point (P) = (H + L + C) / 3
        First support level (S1) = (2 * P) – H
        Second support level (S2) = P – (H – L)
        Third support level (S3) = Low – 2(High – PP)
        First resistance level (R1) = (2 * P) – L
        Second resistance level (R2) = P + (H – L)
        Third resistance level (R3) = High + 2(PP – Low)

        Note: S3/R3 values are calculated differently for Kite and Pi.

        There are different ways to calculate pivot points (so both ways are correct), both kite and pi is powered by different charting engines and hence they differ. .”

        So this anwer says that for 5 min chart I will get last Daily candles pivot as pivot.
        If I am correct in understanding, then please go through my question once again. I am posting it once again for your help:

        For Example,

        Infy’s yesterday pivot should be 947.17 if we take day before yesterday’s
        Close: 951.9
        High: 955
        Low: 934.6
        Pivot: (951.9 + 955 + 934.6)/3 = 947.17

        But open Infy in kite with 5 mins timeframe chart.
        Yesterday’s pivot is shown 947.72
        Why this difference?

        Hope I made my question clear.

  236. Debraj Chakraborty says:


    I know you choose to ignore this but still I will continue posting this till I get a reply from you.

    as mentioned in the update that intraday data is present from 2015 feb…But we can not see it because chart can not load that many bars. Whats the use of that data if we can not see?

    Please consider following feature

    1) Please add date range selection capability so that we can directly load some older portion of historical chart

    For Example:
    if we want to see 5 min chart from 2015 March to 2015 April, we should be able to select and load the chart only for that date range.

    2) Atleast go to some date feature will also help.

    For Example:
    if we want to see 1 min data for 16th December 2016, we should be able to directly go there using this feature.

    Please consider.

    • Debraj, you can’t open 1 min candle from 2015. But if you open 1 hour candle, you will be able to see it, the restriction is around number of candles you can see at one time. Date range is on our list of things to do, but will take time.

  237. MANOJ says:

    plz add open interest value in market depth option in kite , without open interest think how can one trade? so plz add it

  238. KETAN says:

    i need the the pivot indicator to show daily,monthly ,weekly,and yearly pivot this kind of functionality is available in charts ,also if i wish to see only the pivot and not resistance 1…5 and support 1…5 there should be a option to hide them

  239. Suraj N. Patel says:

    Hello Sir,

    My another Que. For Intraday And positional Nifty future trading Which time Frame add in Kite Zerodha.

    I have to use now Super Trend with 15 Minute Nifty Future Buy Sell Trend Identify. And If 15 Minute chart show Buy Signal then open 5 minute Nifty Future chart and when show super trend buy signal. It is perfect.

    I know Super Trend with another Indicator filter is better stretagy, so can u please tell me Which Indicator is I will be Use with Super Trend Indicator For Nifty Future Intraday and positional with Time Frame.

  240. Suraj N. Patel says:

    Hello Nithin Kamath,

    Can U Please Open Below link and tell me how to open in multiple chart or nos. of 4 charts in 1 Google Chrome Window in KITE Zerodha Chart??? So, Can I will be use multiple chart in same browser window with Kite Zerodha.

    Zerodha Kite Multiple Chart same Google Chrome Window Possible Like Below Image

  241. Ashok k Sharma says:

    Dear Sir
    > it is a great update and great work , thanks a lot for it.
    > can i hope to you for some addition tools, if yes then please add 2 and 4 hours time frame, like PI, because indicators gives great profitable response in equity and silver in 2 and 4 hours time frame, with some deep SL.
    > A “alert” required, you can set it only on LTP, When LTP goes up our setting Price then software give a notification.
    > Can you set OHLC Info between “search symbol” and “Time frame drop down menu” or you can make it movable.
    I hope you will work on that points… Thank a lot in advance.


  242. Bhushan says:

    Dear Nithin Sir,
    Please inform how to update the correct price of the CDSL shares credited to my demat account. the same is not available to be shown under discrepant quantity and rate place.
    Due to this the P&L is not showing correct. Please guide.


  243. Kumar says:

    Why dont you position the zoom in/zoom out icons in Zerodha Kite near the top menu rather than at bottom in charting area so they dont cause a hindrance when panning the screen left or right. Why dont you provide a customizable quick access tool bar for frequently used charting tools near the top menu rather than clicking on the draw and then again the pull down menu of the select tool menu? Pls use some common sense in organizing the layout from traders perspective.

  244. nhchakne says:

    The BO leg works in an unexpected manner even after facing and reporting it earlier. Today as well faced similar loss of capital.
    Information posted on ticket #317141. This is the second time same issue is faced. I was hoping that preventive measures were taken. Now I want to see what explanation is provided on the incomplete leg of BO being placed.

    • star says:

      Your BO order is executed after 3.20, just before we run auto square off and in that session new orders were not allowed hence counter orders were not placed, mailed you the order book with time, you can check and revert to that mail.

      • nhchakne says:

        BO order got executed at 3:21pm to be precise and which your reply it is clear that again same thing that clients are left with no option of exiting the order and relying on the auto square off to make us loss/win, surely there should be some enhancement in Kite which can remove this possibility of clients being helpless in BO which happened with me twice already.

        But your reply on the blog and the reply on the ticket just creates stress for a client and there is no thought for a solution on it.

  245. Govind says:

    Pls provide a quick button to cut off the continuous trend line. It is very tedious to click continuous again after drawing a trend line. Otherwise provide trend line in the list. Seriously continuous for drawing a trend line. Why dont you make it easier rather than making it complicated always. Zerodha always wants to make it complicated by introducing cumbersome ways for using tools.

  246. Amol Sakalkale says:

    I have been using Android version of Kite. I want to know how can I switch back to Marketwatch view if I open chart of any script by clicking on Chart icon. I did not any option on the charting window. I have to close an application and come back. Please suggest. Regards

  247. Aravind says:

    Hi Nithin,
    My name is Aravind. I am new to zerodha, but I have been trading with other brokers for the past 7 years.
    First of all I would like to say that I am very much impressed by zerodha’s trading platform and its whole support system. I have found the technical analysis that kite provides, to be on par with if not better than, those of some of the other full service brokerages. Customer service is also excellent. On the whole a reliable service. Great job!

    That being said I have found certain shortcomings with kite, even after the recent update.
    None of them deal breakers, but still I hope they can be fixed in the near future.
    Firstly, There is no option to choose 4 hourly or half day time interval for charts, which is one of the most widely used intervals for swing trading.
    Secondly, The drawings that I make with the drawing tool are only saved for the last 10 charts. As soon as I make a drawing on an 11th chart, the very first drawing disappears. This can be really frustrating, especially for traders who like me, have quiet a number of stocks on their marketwatch.

    And thats it. Hope you will fix these issues soon…

    • There is a hack to see 4H chart. Click on 1M at the bottom of the chart. You will see the candle change to 4H. We will give custom time frame soon. About drawing tools, they get stored on browser cache. If we don’t have that limit set, it can slow down the experience. Indicators there is no issue.

  248. Vinod says:

    1. Please try to make chart more navigable(when multiple charts are opened); by placing big watermark or logo in respective chart.
    2. Along with respective chart show current price, position and p&l status of that particular script.
    3. It will help in quick buy and sell in multiple monitor setup.

  249. vismadev says:

    Please add ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ button on the chart which comes after clicking on combined shapes.

  250. vilas says:

    Hi Team, please elaborate on what exactly “saved views” saves (does it save all indicators? and / or drawings?) ……also let us know what exactly “save layout preferences” saves? which one saves Fibonacci retracement?

    I use different set of indicators and fib. for same scrip and finding it difficult to save them differently, making me do all indicators all over again everyday for the different set-ups.

    thank u so much!

    • Save view saves indicators and not drawings. Fib is a drawing, it gets saved per scrip when you click on save preferences.

      • privendra says:

        please check#492247 ticket opened on 1 jun 2017.
        i could not save drawings for 10 washes away same day if not then next day.Done,everything written on this blog and advised by support team.please revert back to old kite

        thanks and regards

  251. Ketan Khopkar says:

    I too thought of the same first, so i tested at 2 different place with different internet speed and that too on 2 different PC with 2 different time frames and without of any cutoff of connectivity.( Mobile App also included)
    1st was at 1 MBPS
    2nd was on 8 MBPS
    Only 1 Min time frame showed correct LTP
    So if 1 min charts shows tick by tick LTP the on another time frames also the tick of LTP should be same as 1 min chart.
    Eg. If crude oil LTP is on 1 min chart is 2077 in downtrend then 15 minutes ticks shows 2074- 2075
    Is there anything else i should check. As internet connectivity has been checked without any drop downs.

  252. Ketan Khopkar says:

    Hello sir, my querry is related different LTP is seen on different time frame chart than the actual LTP. Why it does not show the actual LTP. It is very difficult to trade in such condition.
    This is on both the kite app and web
    Plz sort this out.

  253. RATAN KANWAR says:

    1. i was holding 5 shares of wipro in my portfolio.
    2. its almost 10 days since split of share took place. because of that in my kite interface price of share reduced by 50 percent but yet number of shares are not updated.
    3. i spoke to customer care of zerodha , he told it will be done but yet its pending . so plz update . its creating lot of troubles.

  254. Deepak says:

    Hi Nithin,
    1. Is there an indicator (with different name, if available) for plotting Relative Strength?
    2. I am not able to see use option of applying any momentum indicator itself (for example I want to use KST on RS of some Index). Presently any indicator/study applies on price data only.

    • Deepak says:

      Sorry typo in second statement above.
      2. I am not able to see/use option of applying any momentum indicator on other momentum indicator itself (for example I want to use KST on RS of some Index). Presently any indicator/study applies on price data only.

      • Deepak says:

        One more point.
        3. Many trading software platform provide options of smoothing the indicators and plotting both (original & smoothed) together. along with option of allowing lead/lag for one of them. This i can’t find on this charting platform. Everything is so hard coded.

        • 1. There is a relative strength indicator itself. If you are comparing between symbols, there is a compare option too.
          2/3. Checking this out.

          • Deepak says:

            Many Thanks for addressing. Just got a call from Shiva and things got clarified. Just one suggestion- add seperate indicator for relative Strength (In Price Relative is there to compare two indices or securities). Then it becomes easier to manipulate this indicator for further studies.

  255. Nihar Ranjan Hota says:

    I am not able to save views in kite web application. It is happening since 2 days. Has someone faced this issue ? I have tried in all browsers.

  256. Debraj Chakraborty says:


    as mentioned in the update that intraday data is present from 2015 feb…But we can not see it because chart can not load that many bars.

    Please consider following feature

    1) Please add date range selection capability so that we can directly load some older portion of historical chart

    For Example:
    if we want to see 5 min chart from 2015 March to 2015 April, we should be able to select and load the chart only for that date range.

    2) Atleast go to some date feature will also help.

    For Example:
    if we want to see 1 min data for 16th December 2016, we should be able to directly go there using this feature.

    Please consider.

  257. jeeth says:

    Hi, Is there any option to increase the size of the watchlist?

  258. Sandip says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Thanks for new interface for Kite, its really what I was looking for.
    Few Suggestion
    1. Provide 4H TF
    2. Provide Ask/Bid(Top one) on Chart
    3. Provide ATR along with OHLC in information box ( I do know ATR indicator but this will be helpful addition)
    4. Alert Based on Custom Conditions and Price
    5. Buy and Sell Buttons on Chart similar to Pi
    6. Option to Save views ( Currently not working)
    7. Pine Script Support on Chart ( Not thru API )

    Hope this will be taken into consideration


    • 1. There is a hacky way to open it, click on 1M option at bottom of chart, it automatically becomes 4 H TF.
      2. Yes coming
      3. hmm…
      4. Simple alerts will come first.
      5. Yes coming
      6. It is already working fine. Check this video.
      7. Pine script IP is held by someone else. So this wont’ be possible.

  259. MANOJ says:

    i cant find open interest in market depth in kite? so plz tell me where can i find it? and if its not available in kite then plz put open interest value om market depth, beacuse its a very common thing that should be there , and plz dont tell me that in pi its available , beacuse at my point of view pi is not good at all because one can not see chart in pi and trade beacuse in pi there is a big problem in zooming and if u wanna make pi powerful just watch how sharekhan tradetiger works i think zooming is much better in kite than pi so thats why i dont use pi so plz put open interest value in market depth , its a very common thing for trading that is not available in kite

    • It is not there currently, working on adding it.

    • Kumar says:

      I totally agree with you what you said Manoj. It is completely shocking to see how Zerodha has designed Pi through Tradelabs. There is absolutely no logic in the way they have designed Zerodha Pi for ease of use.

      • Venu says:

        Don’t understand what’s wrong with that Kumar. If you’re comfortable using Pi, you’re free to do so. If you feel trading on Kite suits you better, please use Kite. We’re open to taking suggestions and implementing it for the better of our clients.

        • Kumar says:

          ‘Open to suggestions and implementing it for better of our clients’. Not entirely true. If you were then you would have paid more attention in changing the design of your charting platform features based on clients feedback.

  260. Kumar says:

    It is very scary as Zerodha servers have downtime issues and when the trades are not squared of before time, it is a huge loss. Zerodha does not compensate the losses due to server downtime. Pls introduce two types of schemes: One for Rs. 20 flat and other Rs. 50-100. In this way Zerodha can invest more for infrastructure and maybe also offer basic charting platform Zerodha Pi and advanced charting platform like Fox Trader.

  261. Lukhmaan says:

    i just logged in to kite but when i clicked to open chart, the chart section opens blank graph. kindly look in to the issue. I tried on other browser also.

  262. Surajit Chakraborty says:

    how can I customise timeframe in kite platform..
    I want 4 hr. time frame candlestick..

    • Currently 4H by default is not possible. There is a hack though. On the bottom of the chart, you can see 1D, 5D, etc.. Click on 1M, it automatically opens a 4H chart.

  263. Balaji says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am one of the early customers of zerodha and have to say the kind of progress you have made/are making is awesome. The latest kite chart is very neat and easy to use. Great job on that!
    One request: Can you please add “Behgozin Slope Finder” technical indicator to Kite charts studies list?
    Its like 3 line code as shown below in amibroker code and useful to find the trend and helpful for both intra/positional traders. Hope you consider this request 🙂
    _SECTION_BEGIN(“Behgozin Slope Finder”);
    Tr2 = Ref(C,1); // 1 should be configurable range: -100 to +100
    Tr3=Ref(C,7); // 7 should be configurable range: -100 to +100
    Trend2 = MA(Tr2,7); // 7 should be configurable range: 0 to +100
    Trend3=MA(Tr3,7); // 7 should be configurable range: 0 to +100
    Plot(Slope1,”sample text”,colorGold,styleLine+styleDots|styleThick);

  264. V Guruprasad says:

    Hi Nithin!
    How to customize block size in Renko Chart ? Is it possible to fix its size based on ATR 14 days ? If so, How ?

    Thanks in advance.


  265. Karan says:

    You guys are doing an awesome job at Zerodha overall, great work! I did have one request though, I hope I am not too late. I wonder if it would ever be possible for you to add +, -, /, and x tools into Pi or Kite. This would be super useful for people that like to trade spreads or are interested in pairs trading. It’ll be an easier/cleaner way to view the spread than having to use compare, which is not too helpful in this context to be honest.

  266. Manoj says:

    Could you please check the following situations in iPhone 5s in Safari browser with the kite charts.

    1. If the chart is poped out (using the toolbar like button), it is coming properly in a new window. But if I switch the phone to landscape and portrait, chart in the portrait is not proper and not taking the whole screen area.

    2. Tooltips for Refresh and Popout chart to a new window, buttons are not correct.

    3. Once I popout out the chart to a new window, busy indicator is visibile till I press the refresh button again.

  267. nhchakne says:

    Nithin, Could you please also explain how the new mandatory call and trade charges are calculated which are applied from a few days back for auto square off time?
    I guess this process also has some bug, because today I made sure my last BO gets executed completely before square off and Q- ledger I still see a call and trade charges are applied very weird.

    Thank you,

  268. nhchakne says:

    Never seen such a delay by any broker on a ticket raised(317141). It is 2 weeks now without a response on the ticket. I guess no one is even looking at the tickets raised. Very poor in providing updates to customers..

    • Having this checked.

      • nhchakne says:

        Thank you Nithin for your reply.
        I guess someone from support team tried calling me. But I am sure team did not read all my comments on the ticket 317141 which also said that I am not able to receive any calls currently due to travel so please drop updates on the ticket.
        From team’s comment I guess, by only talking to me will resolve the issue so I have given my current International number.
        Waiting for their reply on the same:)

        • 🙂 will get someone to write back.

          • nhchakne says:

            Thank you for your help Nithin..

            • nhchakne says:

              Someone did write back to me on the ticket.
              But looking at the solution on the ticket 317141 I am amused how a high possibility of a bug on BO placed from Kite application is denied saying a connectivity issue with exchange. A partial BO BUY executed correctly and stop loss and profit booking orders rejected due to reason “adaptor is connected to tap”.
              In any case a BO should not be executed partially(it losses the whole concept of a BO) is my understanding.
              If anything is wrong it should just reject the complete BO order, which leaves a customer with some options and no unnecessary loss.
              I have replied on the ticket also with my comments.
              I kindly request you to take a look at it as I think resolving this will help a huge number of Zerodha customers going forward.

              Thank you,

  269. sat says:

    in next update pls consider these

    limit cover order
    exit all position ( cover or mis or cnc at one click if something goes wrong )
    separate window for admin position just like pi
    easy screen split
    quick limit order on screen…

  270. Debraj Chakraborty says:

    Why intraday historical data do not show year? is it having data from 2015 Feb?

    • There is a restriction of number of candles that you can fetch on the chart, so if you want larger intraday data, convert the candle to a 5 min, 30min, 1 hour.

      • Debraj Chakraborty says:

        if there is a restriction on number of bars, can we select a date range to view the intraday data. Data is available but we can not see as chart do not support number of bars.
        If date range selection can be introduced that will be real helpful.

        Also, does pi tool has intraday data from 2015 feb? I only see 60 days.
        Please introduce.This will be really useful.

  271. Anil says:

    Hi ,

    i am new zerodha customer. i have taken account 1 year back but using now only.
    chart and chart tools are not enabled in pi software for me.
    can anyone help. do i need to pay money for that


  272. Gautam Goyal says:

    Can you please add harmonic patterns to kite? Right now Gartley pattern is the only one available.
    Also, please add the option of adding and removing levels in the fibonacci retracement/extension tool like most other charting softwares.

  273. sat says:

    really confusing….if i use macd or MA it changes bar formation again…..

  274. sat says:

    2 renko chart of same stock, of same time frame showing different bar formation….why so…?

      • sat says:

        thank you….but not only live or same day charts… i still see difference in 2 same historical charts with bigger time frame too….when we try to study certain price movements with multiple chart types and if it shows different formation even 1-2 bar/candle too is not good i think…

        • sat says:

          lets say series of green bar in between 1 red bar…sometimes red bar missing, sometimes it shows….

          • Renko will get plotted based on how much data you are loading on the chart. If you start at an earlier point, the bars will be different. It wouldn’t happen with candle charts.

  275. Saurabh says:

    Hi Nithin,
    there is one bug in Charting on kite web. Raised under ticket 498701.
    Basically if you select 1 D (1 day) as timeline then current day candle mix with yesterday candle and combined 1 candle appears for today which is wrong. Yesterday candle comes correctly, but only todays candle is wrong.

    Also when you open a chart then for 1 second it shows correctly and then immediately it start showing wrong.

    Please correct it.


  276. Ashish says:

    1. Please allow opening of charts from the holding page itself. Its very tiresome to find the scrip in watchlist and then open the chart.
    2. It would be great if you add all buttons that come up on hovering a scrip in watchlist to come up while hovering my holding.
    3. Also as there is limit for 20 scrips to be opened in one tab of watchlist, it would be great if you allow opening a chart without adding it to the watchlist. I can see, you have Search Symbol text box on chart which allows us to search among our watchlist, it would be great if this box allows results from all NSE and BSE with scrips in watchlist as top results and rest at the bottom of the suggestions list.
    4. When you hover on Day’s Chg in holdings page, sometimes it shows 2 different popups. I know one is the actual amount of change due to today’s change but whats the other popup for? Some scrips show only 1 popup.

  277. sandhya says:

    Elders Impulse system bar colours are finally working. Thank you for fixing the issue!

  278. Nikhil says:

    hi sir
    kite is very good platform for trading I am very comfortable with it
    but whenever I want buy or sell any limit order at coming price but order completes at current share price
    example: today I wanted to sell ACC at 1588 but current price was 1592.80. I sell it using limit order at1588 but still my order was completed at 1592.80

  279. Rudra Biswas says:

    Hello Nitin,

    You and your team are really making Kite better by every release (at times buggy but great updates as far as I am concerned). I was wondering if there’s a possibility in the next release to have multiple charts (2-3 charts) in one window?? Right now we have to pop out and shuffle between the tabs. I was wondering if another option of using multiple charts could be added ?

    Let me know your thoughts….

    P.S.. I know its possible in PI but I find Kite a lot easier


  280. Jignesh says:

    Is there any option available to remove remove default grid-lines in Kite chart ?

  281. MANOJ says:

    24-05-17 auropharma till 10-12 am low is 531.40 and chart not showing that low , beacause of this my trade executed , then who is the responsible for this? i think there is too much data problem in kite , candle repainting also , plz solve this issue as soon as possible and i also check with sharekhan chart it shows that low that means something very big problem in kite data plz solve this issue


  282. rijosh thomas says:

    Hi, I’m using kite app for last 6 months.its very fast and user friendly. I appreciate the effort you and your team is taking to give us a flawless performance while doing trading
    I’m having some suggestions that I think will be helpful to the most users.
    1. In the app and software kindly add an option for the P&L which will display the profit and loss after deduction the brokerage and taxes (profit or loss I made in my trades which I can get In hand) while doing the trading. The brokerage calculator funta in zerodha website can be used with our stock that we buy or sell with the quantity to get the P&l in the display.
    This will help us to how much real profit we made after in intraday trading.
    2.kindly give option for getting alert or pop up if the stock price change as most of the people doing the intraday trading will check on the chart whole time and will miss the changes that came in other stocks.
    3. After market hours most of the stock in the marketwatch will show zero. Pls try to display the value.
    4.Another App with the above said suggestions and news like notification in the market like bonus, dividend, split offerings and quarterly result will help us to be in touch with market and no need to use any other app or software to do market research.

    Hopefully some of the suggestions are valid and hope we will see our profit after all deduction in future updates.

  283. MANOJ says:

    plz add buy and sell button on chart in kite so that we dont have to go to marketwatch everytime to buy or sell , its taking so much time

  284. Abhas Tripathi says:


    Kudos for the great effort on the new Kite.

    I am facing problem with the Elder Impulse System, where colors (Blue, Green, Red) are not working. All bars are shown as Black. Few other people have also pointed out the same.

    Request if you could look into this.

    • sandhya says:

      Yes, Elders Impulse system is not working. i have reported this multiple times but it has not yet been resolved. Can we atleast get the older version till this new version is fixed? this has been pending for very long time .

  285. Chethan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Chart is not updating correctly, it is very very slow. frustrating to trade from Kite now.
    below massage appears on browser
    “No storage space available. Possible causes include browser being in Private Browsing mode, or maximum storage space has been reached”

    never faced such issue on older version, hope u will resolve this issue.

    • Chethan, can you clear your browser cache/cookies. It should work. Checking on this.

      • Ajay Khot says:

        I am facing the same issue. And if I clear the browser data then it’s deleting saved views on Kite. Basically resetting everything.
        And because of No Storage Space available issue charts are not able to refresh.
        Kindly help.

      • Ajay Khot says:

        I have tried clearing browser data but still same problem is exist. I am using Kite on Firefox Mozilla.

    • vINAY says:

      This issue is occurring again. I am getting the error “No storage space available. Possible causes include browser being in Private Browsing mode, or maximum storage space has been reached.”

      i cleared cookies and cache and yet nothing is fixing this issue.

    • Mohan says:

      Am still getting the same error inspite of clearing the cookies and chache in Firefox.

      “No storage space available. Possible causes include browser being in Private Browsing mode, or maximum storage space has been reached.”

      Please fix

  286. Naveen S A says:


    This is Naveen and my client id is DN3906.

    The issue is regards to with RENKO display on Kite. Before one week, the renko dsiplay was working fine without any issues, but now I am unable to see the the uptrend and downtrend (RED and GREEN) arrows. I have already escalated to Zerodha support, but still there is no response from there end. Also, I checked with my friend and there was no issues with his login. Please look into my login and let me know if there are any issues or do i need to change any settings to view the correct RENKO display.


    • Naveen, just read the ticket. In the first chart where you are seeing red/green arrow, you have added supertrend indicator on the chart. The second one you haven’t added, hence you are not seeing these arrows.

  287. BISWAJEET DEKA says:

    As instructed I clear cache many times and save the views but worthless the views are vanished. Its really frustrating to set up multiple times. I’v not much knowledge about software programming but its not really cache issue its might be KITE updated reflect. Not only me about lots of User facing that. Kindly fix this.

  288. PJP says:

    Saving preference is not perfectly working as it saves them in Browser Cache. For me , somehow browser cache cleans up multiple times automatically, which leads to clear preference without even pressing button “Clear Preference”.
    Really frustrating to set preference multiple times in a day.

  289. mridul says:

    There is a mismatch between a candle and its OHLC info when I move the chart with backward/forward keys .
    pls fix it.

  290. chitra says:

    i have reinstalled my laptop. but candle chart is not moving in kite app.

  291. Shrenik Shah says:

    Why are Bracket Order and Cover Order blocked on Weekly Bank Nifty options?
    It’s very useful while writing Put and Call orders on Bank Nifty, especially Bracket Order with trailing stop loss.
    Please, can you kindly reenable it on Bank Nifty?

    • Akshay.A says:

      BO/CO Bank nifty options have been blocked.

      The position limit of a Trading Member(Zerodha in this case) in equity index option contracts(Banknifty option contracts in this case) is higher of Rs.500 crores or 15% of the total Open Interest(OI) in the market in Banknifty option contracts.
      Since Zerodha as a Trading Member is breaching the 15% limit of total OI in Banknifty option contracts, we are blocking Banknifty option trading in Cover Order(CO) and Bracket Order(BO) effective 21st April, 2017 to curb any further increase to the OI through Zerodha as BO/CO are highly leveraged products.You can resume taking intraday Banknifty option trades using the product type MIS.

      Here is the NSE linkdeclaring the same rule on position limits of Trading Members under Index Options.

  292. alankar says:

    When selecting fibonacci i am not getting edit option setting for fibo % select . like i want to select 23% and 78 % also the one with previous version was there please help

  293. Shekhar Chauhan says:

    Hello Nitin,

    When can we add/withdraw funds from the mobile app? Its very important feature must have in mobile kite app as well.
    Please reply as earliest as possible.

    Shekhar Chauhan

    • Akshay.A says:

      Shekar, If you’re using the Kite android you have the option to add but not place for a withdrawal. The iOS app doesn’t support either. This will be added soon.

  294. Manoj says:

    if i select any color as background in new theme option under display menu, that color is not appyling in background . just check that

  295. Arindam Dey says:

    My Kite chart only opening Ambuja Cement chart. When I click on chat button on any stock, it’s only opening Ambuja’s chart. Please Assist.

  296. shikha gupta says:

    Hi, my user id is DS7587, I am getting a strange problem in charts after you have updated this that the time it shows on chart in delayed by 3 hours like when the live market is 3.00PM it shows 12.00PM and so on (charts being live only but the time is delayed by 3 hours). I am using kite on internet & Mozila firefox, earlier it was showing the correct time but not now.

    • shikha gupta says:

      Hi got the issue, this was because of different time zone, but Cant you fix this thing as I am under different time zone right now, & it creates so much confusion while looking into charts, it should be fixed with market times not bounded by computer time/ time zones.

  297. Kamal says:

    Bo (bracket order ) not work commodity only cover order pls update app

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Kamal, as of now the MCX exchange does not support bracket orders. Once they allow you’ll see Zerodha offering BO in commodities as well. BO is currently available for NSE, NFO, and CDS.

  298. Kamal says:

    Pls update app cover order not work limit order
    Cover order work only market order

    • Akshay.A says:

      Cover orders are market orders.. You can use BO (Bracket Order) that is placed as a limit order. A BO is a type of order where you can enter a new position along with a target/exit and a stoploss order. As soon as the main order is executed the system will place two more orders (profit taking and stoploss).
      Check this link

  299. Sandip says:


    When are you providing programming in Kite?


  300. Dee says:

    On my chart the time in the footer is incorrect the range is from 18:00 to 23:00 hours.
    How can i correct it?

    • Akshay.A says:

      Can you please clear the cache and check once again.

      • shikha gupta says:

        My user id DS7587, I am also getting same problem with different time, tried clearing the cache, browser history etc everything but not working.

        • shikha gupta says:

          Hi got the issue, this was because of different time zone, but Cant you fix this thing as I am under different time zone right now, & it creates so much confusion while looking into charts, it should be fixed with market times not bounded by computer time/ time zones.

  301. Vimal says:

    Chart update looks awesome. But it is heavy and occupying 25% of my CPU most of the time. It often freezes my chrome window. So I switched to PI again. Please consider making it lighter.

  302. KESAV says:

    Kindly allow the client choose old version. What ever chart I open it only showing IDFC chart only. Settings also chaning all the time. Somany bugs…It made me stay away from trading. Unreliable …

  303. Anand says:

    Hi Sir,

    The new version is very smooth….

    Can i request to add Fibonacci projection tool in the chart ?

    Thank you.

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Anand,
      Fibonacci settings will come soon. Click on drawing tools, you can see all drawing including Fibonacci.

      • Anand says:

        Hi Akshay
        Thank you for your reply, but still my question is unanswered.

        I am not talking about any setting in Fibonacci, and i know where Fibonacci tool is available in the kite, i am saying to add new indicator that is Fibonacci Projection and that is different from Fibonacci extension which is currently available in kite. Please visit below link.

        Fibonacci projection is widely used in Elliott wave theory, it is based on the basic 1 – 2 – 3 price movement, for an example 1 -2 is the first price movement, and it will retrace to 3 point, after the retracement we can project the next price movement measuring 1-2 swing like 127%, 161%….so on.

        Hope you understand what i am trying to say, and hopefully it will be included in kite which is missing.


        • Sripathi says:

          This is exactly the concern that i struggling with too. Fib projections is one key aspect for Eliott Wave analysis.

          I see the last message is in a dead-end. Is this feature in the near pipeline?

          Retracements feature (that is currently implemented) works like a breeze. needs to be complemented with Projections as well.

          • Matti says:

            Hey Sripathi, Kite charts are powered by ChartIQ. The tools available are built and made available by them. As such, it wouldn’t be possible to give you an ETA as to when this would be available.

  304. Lijoo says:

    How to add Support and Resistance in the New Kite

  305. Tushar Sharma says:

    Dear Nithin
    Appreciate your efforts. Thank you for the new charting.
    The views that I had saved before the chart update are gone on chrome. They are still visible in firefox. I have cleared preferances on the chart and cleared my cache on chrome. No improvement. I could add the views all over again but wanted to make sure there wasn’t some quick fix that you could suggest.
    Thank you again for the improvements and for interacting with us.

  306. sivakumar says:

    Hi Sir,
    New version is really good. Your efforts are appreciable.

    But its very slow. its making the system dead slow and taking time to open the charts.

    I am using chrome and uc browser. In both browsers the same problem.

    Can you pl guide.


  307. bhaskar says:

    HI Nithin,
    In new kite update all saved views are deleting after clearing cache ,its hapeening repeatedly in all browsers,its even very tough and hectic to save views again and again.please resolve the issue.One more thing the views i saved in chrome browser are not visible in firefox ,opera..

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi, Bhaskar Should work. Have you tried Save preference under Layout? Can you clear your preference once and then save.
      It should work fine on other browsers as well.

      • bhaskar says:

        hi akshay
        even after clearing cache and save preferences the same problem all saved views got erased,please fix this soon

  308. Teja says:

    Hi, Nithin…

    I’m unable to load data of lets say … three or four days or more … on my mobile… Could you please let me know how I would do that… Especially when I’m using renco Charts..

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Teja,

      Renko charts are price dependent and time independent. You can increase the height/value of the Renko bar in order to be able to see Renko data for more number of days. If you’re still having issues, can you share a screenshot to [email protected]

  309. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Present iOS Kite app lacks with so many features and having lot many practical issues.

    i escalated this and you promised that the Native iOS Kite App is being under development (almost 6 months ago)

    could you pls update the present status and when can we expect the launch of the same.


  310. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    when would be your new back office would be expected?
    i believe it was long awaited since this year March…its Middle of may now.

    Appreciate if could you let us know the actual status.


  311. sandhya says:

    Or may be you could revert back to the older Kite version till all the issues are resolved in the newer version.

  312. sandhya says:

    Color Coding for Elders Impulse system is still not working. I mailed support and they told its fixed. But its still not fixed. Can it be fixed at earliest please , this is impacting my trading.

  313. Ashwin says:


    I am able to login now but orders are still stuck.

  314. Murugesh says:

    Is there option to enter limit order entry and exit in COVER order and BRACKET order in KITE ?

  315. RL1040 says:

    Dear Nitin,

    One request from my end. Could you please increase the font size to 10? Or give options to increase the font size.



  316. RL1040 says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Why I am not getting the indices like, Nifty, Bank Nifty and Sensex like I get that in Pi ? Or what should I have to do to be shown in Market Watch?



  317. Bharat Mittal says:

    Chart not opening in Kite App. Even I uninstalled the existing App and again downloaded new App. Please fix it. Every time I have to open kite on Google Chrome to see chart.

  318. Apeksha says:


    The kite has charting issue as soon as more than 2-3 TL / indicators are marked. In live market it keeps showing charts cannot be loaded due to low memory & then it either stops updating or slows down. Inspite of clearing cache frequently, the issue keeps repeating. The issue is on chrome on IOS , windows 10. In earlier versions have never faced this issue of low memory. Can you tell us why are charts suddenly needing so much of memory ? Please try to find a solution soon.

    • Hmm.. strange, it isn’t been reported. Can you email [email protected] with your client ID.

      • Apeksha says:

        Hi nithin,

        I have already mailed them on friday. ticket no is 697002. I have also attached a pic of the error which pops up.

        • Arpit Disawal says:

          I am also facing the same issue and across all my friends who trades. after at least one or two hour, i get message that no memory available, and it works damn slow and hangs. very often i have to clear cache and cookies, then again login. This is king of irritating.

        • Muthukumar K says:

          Hi, Problem is because of TL and getting stored in chart memory. It is not making to delete the old trendlines and freezing/hanging the entire kite browser session itself. Please check and fix asap.

    • Minab says:

      I am also facing the same issue. I am using firefox, windows 8.

  319. MADHU SP says:

    Majority of your customers seems to be okay with you’re old chat versions. Old one was real simple and it was using ultra low bandwidth. But this one will stick and hang.

    It’s good that you are innovating and always upgrading your products.

    But first add your new upgrade as an option. Let customers try. If everything goes fine then take the previous one off.

    Over confidence doesn’t work always.

  320. Viraj Vyas says:

    Dear Nitin K,

    Your chart data is flawed. Check Daily of KTK bank and you will see a huge gap which was a corporate action for the rights issue. Gail Weekly has an additional top because bonus is not reflected.

    I agree the data is free and you are a pioneer, but inaccurate data is really not acceptable.

    Either stop the charting or improve your data. Check ET free chart service

  321. binu says:


    kite chart is giving wrong candles, this is a waste platform ,,

  322. Madhavi says:

    Dear Nitin,

    The updated version is surely better then earlier version… But some issues need to be addressed. When I want to see periodic charts from the bottom right side buttons, like YTD, 3 months and all, the charts are not popping out as per my selection. Its showing as per 1 hour, 1 day, week and month charts only. Hope you fix this ASAP.

    • That is how it is intended to be. When you open a 1 day chart, we can show minute candles. If you chose 1 month, no point showing min candle, so the candle size changes to 4 h. Which means you can see the entire month trend in one chart. Check this webinar.

  323. Sanndy says:

    Dear Nitin, I congratulate you for this update but believe me I’ve checked everything, cleared whole browsing data. Having 2mbps airtel broadband, which barely gives me any problem once in a year. I called customer care also. Chart is not auto refreshing for me. Sometime getting error “Error while fetching chart data, please refresh” but hopeless. Please guide.

  324. Mani says:

    you can add buy and sell from Popout chart.
    comparison on stocks in single chart can be still better my adding previous day price.
    try to add top gainers and looser in kite terminal.
    NSE sector wise details can be included in kite platform.

  325. Ravi Shankar says:


    Please give the option of Renko charts with tails so we can know the high and Low of each box. it is pretty helpful.

  326. SKD says:

    You have spoiled the chart completely. Super trend is working wrongly.

    • The Buy/sell arrows are not showing up on indicator, we are working on it. But it is a simple logic, if candle crosses the supertrend line upwards it is a buy and if down it is a sell. Exactly like moving average.

      • SKD says:

        Not only that, also colour change and drawing of ST is wrong during the changing candle. Also can you compare result of earlier chart and current chart. It looks little different to me (may be perception). If you have both can you post both NIFTY charts with ST here.

  327. MADHU SP says:

    The same chart still keeps opening, though you select different security/symbol. The title bar shows one which we select, but the chart remains the previous one. This is becoming more and more hectic. This was discussed on first day of update and it still exists.

    Any progress or consideration?

    • Sanu says:

      Yes, true as Madhu said in previous comment. I am also facing the same issue. Additionally, when I cleared my browsing history and caches all my previous settings like studies- MA, MACD, Pivot Points etc. are gone and again I have to set those things. Is it condition that previous saved things will be removed when browsing history and caches will be cleared?

  328. mars says:

    Hi ,

    I like the previous version. The open high close low panel is blocking the view in mobile. Pls atleast make it moveable. Also in the earlier version the pointer crosshair are just one click away. Here we have make more taps in the mobile view.


  329. AMIT KUMAR PANDEY says:

    sir when you will release updates for pi?
    AND pls add feature of Order management through dragging lines

  330. Vishwanatha says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Happy to see updates.
    I have 2 questions/ suggestions.
    1. Do we have any chart or option to show % of delivery shares or delivery quantity along with volume of the stock in daily chart. It will be usefull.
    2. Different colour in market watch for the scripts in security ban period, rather than knowing after placing order.



    Thank you sir,
    Charts working very well after after clearing preferences.
    I really appreciate your prompt response personally.
    but still will be more happier with customized fibonacci levels.

  332. Payoj Jain says:

    Is it now possible to place Spread Orders through the revised kite ? I am not able to locate any option for this.

  333. MITHILESH SINHA says:

    kite getting hung or non-responsive frequently.Needs a lot of improvement.Unable to delete horizontal line once drawn,pivot appearing and reappearing even after on any button does not respond. woh.

  334. MITHILESH SINHA says:

    Is pi platform closed permanently?.Not responding for last 10 days on login.

  335. Manoj says:

    pivot point value is changing at 30 min or above that should not be changed. i think support resistance for intraday will be the same in any timeframe. but its changing . 5-10-15 min ok but 30-60 changing.

    • PR1743 says:

      If I am not wrong…..charts of 30/60 min shows weekly pivots….like wise daily charts show monthly pivots….while time frames smaller than 30m show pivots for the day

      • Manoj says:

        plz check in any other software in any other platform pivot point value will be the same except zerodha

        • PR1743 says:

          I havent used any other platform, so cant comment….but i find this useful…bcos i can mark weekley and monthly pivots which tends to hold far more strongly than the intraday pivots using different horizontal lines and try to trade around them.

  336. ZR9005 says:

    worst experience !!. not able to see clear graph. when zoom out graph it’s cropping. previous version was good. can you add the same for choose previous version.

  337. rajesh kumar. says:

    i am also facing the same issue …

  338. Omg says:

    NOW ITS WORKING WAY BETTER ON ANDROID,major irritating bugs regarding views n preferences seems resolved.

  339. Rahul says:

    in old chart format multiple Zigzag were working fine
    in new one …….. no such applicability …….. why !!!!!!

  340. MITHILESH SINHA says:

    crosshair not working.Volume,high,low,close box disturbing unnecessary.Nifty spot does not require it at all.

  341. Dhanya says:


    In the charts, we are unable to select the studies with a starting letter. Earlier this provision was there. Also the scroll provided is not user friendly, in fact it is not working with the up and down arrows. Please provide a search in the studies as given earlier.

  342. Manoj says:

    if i select black background in kite , day seperator vertical line line is too light too see so plz make it thick so that we can see day seperator clearly

  343. bhaskar says:

    Hi nithin ,
    In this new update there is a limitation for the decimal numbers after .(point) not like previous version where there is no limitation.
    Eg: 1.2233…

  344. Shantanu says:

    In mobile, I still not able to add multiple moving averages. By default it is taking 50days for all moving averages and doesn’t allow to change days. Will it be fixed by today.

    • Works fine on all the devices I am trying. Getting someone to call you.

      • Shantanu Borate says:

        Someone called me, As per his suggestion I have uninstalled and reinstalled application cleared cache. But Maps are loading slow and same problem of MA persist. When I click on MA line there is a pop up like ma(50,ma,0,n) then settings button and cross button. but when I click on settings button nothing happens. If I want to change days from 50 to 10 I just can’t do that. Please help.

  345. bhushan says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    At present in the new chart in Kite web, search option is provided.
    At present the search option works only for the scripts added in any of the market watch.
    Can we make this search bar similar to market watch search bar so that we can see the charts of any segment without having the need to add the script to market watch and then add chart to it.
    Please check feasibility and let us know the same.


  346. selva says:

    loading is smooth when compared to the last one, added some useful details, that’s really a good job. few features were gone, it may not be important but it would be nice if it’s available too in display options.

  347. ARUN JAMWAL says:

    in previous version i could change settings of fibonacci tool, now with this update i cant find settings for fibonacci tool . please add this feature where i can change settings of fibonacci tool. thankyou

  348. PR1743 says:

    Y don’t push a message to kite for all users asking them to do a browser cache cleanup and other common error solving stuff….I am pretty sure tomorrow the complaints will be reduced by half

  349. Rushikesh says:

    New Charts on phone don’t work correctly. eg. if i open chart for nifty fut instead of seeing nifty fut chart i would see banknifty or any other stock that in next to it in the list. also there are still issues with refreshing in 1min chart.

  350. Rajdeep says:

    In this new charting tool, I am not able to use custom color for bars. I used to use black and while bars. It was better on the eyes.
    Please add the feature back.

  351. Bandita says:

    This new chart is not better than previous one for me like small investor. It’s controlling are more difficult. To many problems like if new scripts chart open then open previous one.

  352. AMIT KUMAR PANDEY says:

    sir when you will release updates for pi?
    AND pls add feature of Order management through dragging lines.

  353. Samrat says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Chart experience is good but i feel old one was good. In mobile crosshair info is disabled which is very much frustrating , not able to understand exact candle’s high and low.

    In Kite desktop version’s info is taking so much space in top, sometime not able to see candle for this info box. frequently need to move chart. which is again frustrating. Please do it more user friendly.

    • You can enable crosshair on mobile by clicking on the + button on right top. Earlier chart this entire top section of the chart was opaque and not getting used. Putting a translucent info box, there is more space for charting.

  354. Rajani says:

    In the Studies drop down provide option to search the name of the indicator. If i have to choose some indicator with name starting with ‘R’ or ‘S’ i have to scroll a lot. Also try to provide auto-complete drop down. When i load chart the amount of data consumed is huge so cant think of loading multiple charts at all

  355. Manohar pillai says:

    Sir please add Gann angle

  356. Ram says:

    The draw icon is on right top and the drop down comes at left side, who designed this, did they use atleast once?

  357. Ram says:

    Unable to create image to share, clicking “create image” button is not yielding the results, overall in the name of upgrade you just complicated interface 🙁

  358. aryan says:


    How to remove horizontal and vertical lines in it?

  359. Abhishek says:

    The looks of the new chart is good. but some features I did not like. those are
    1. when charts are open in a new tab and i was working on other tab charts are not updating.
    2. drawings are not getting saved. every time i refresh charts drawing gone. which is very annoying.
    3. search box in studies not there. as a result it took longer to search any particular indiacator
    please add feature where default setting of users keep saved

  360. Farook says:

    In the chart in X-axis why is it showing 6’o clock?
    For ex. on a 5 min chart…it is showing as marked closed at 10:25 hrs !!!
    How to correct the time?

    • Can you check what is the time zone on your computer. It might be showing wrong if your computer time is wrong.

      • shikha gupta says:

        Hi, Cant you fix this thing as I am under different time zone right now, & it creates so much confusion while looking into charts, it should be fixed with market times not bounded by computer time/ time zones.

  361. Padam Raj Bhusal says:

    NO CUSTOM THEME NOW. I have difficulty distinguishing red and green. I have great difficulty understanding candles now. Please bring back option to change color of candles.

  362. Jaydeep parmar says:

    Now It is disappointing, disaster app. I have to reset indicator Avery 5 min.

  363. rajesh says:

    i am even ready to pay monthly subscription for the previous version of kite..if u cant change it,atleast try to sell it . i need the simplified form …i couldnt handle this new update constant disapperence of saved views and many more umcomfortable things which i dont wanna adjust and work…SO PLS SELL ME THE OLD KITE CHART SYSTEM ,I AM READY TO PAY ANY MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FOR IT …ALL U GUYS R DOING IS DEFENDING UR BUGGED UP UPGR

  364. Ketan Khopkar says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I have not yet received Activation link for PI from 5 days, Its just showing Activation pending. What is the matter? Also i am not able to add funds in commodity account. It does not show option of commodity in funds tranfer.

    Kindly advice.

  365. sandhya says:

    color coding not working for Elders Impulse system. All bars are appearing in white color , even after choosing specific colors for bullish, bearish and netural candles. Tried it in chrome as well as Firefox, same issue seen in both browsers.

  366. Rahul says:

    Allow to Place Limit Price with Cover Order in Kite like in PI.

  367. Aruna says:

    Thanks for the upgraded version…However, there appears to be significant issues with the new software like
    – Charts not getting updated real time for most part of the day
    – A change in time period results in the settings and saved preferences (views) getting lost
    – Picking up a new security from the watch list is still invoking the charts of the previous scrip

    Kindly look into these issues at the earliest as the ‘Refresh’ issue is really causing huge problems while trading

    • 1. No issue as such.
      2. Can you clear browser cache and clear preference, save preference once again.
      3. Above will fix this also.

      • Aruna says:

        Thanks Nitin… However, the first issue which is and the most troublesome of the lot still persisting even after clearing the cache and recreating the views…

        – Charts not getting updated real time for most part of the day

        On further testing, I have realized that the issue crops up after you have already invoked 2 charts and have popped it out… When the chart for the 3rd scrip is popped out, one of the previous ones stops refreshing… Subsequent charts when invoked further accentuates the problem …. I have checked this in Firefox, IE as well as Chrome and the browser setting is not the issue… Kindly look into this problem at the earliest…

        Your firm is doing a wonderful job overall but feel that this software has not been tested adequately before release… Not sure how this issue is being worked around by the other active traders!!

        • Aruna, it works fine irrespective of number of charts I have opened. The live feeds to popped out charts come from the main kite watchlist. If you have removed the scrip from there or closed that page, all popout charts will stop working. This is how it has always been.

          • Aruna says:

            Appreciate the prompt responses from your end and all the proactive steps taken by you to address the queries from the users grappling with the new version … The live session conducted by you has been useful…Its amazing to note the personal interest taken by you in resolving the user queries

            But unfortunately the issue of real time refresh of prices with multiple charts still remains.. I have never faced this issue with the previous versions and bandwidth does not seem to be an issue either as I have been using Kite for close to 2 yrs now… It would help if your technical team can assist me with this during market hours tomorrow … thanks

  368. rahul bari says:

    unable to save the drawings. even after save preferences. plz guide me.

  369. Prathvi says:

    Any plans of including volume profile on zerodha pi ?

  370. JAY says:

    Night theme is good & less strain on eyes when you are continuously looking at chart for 6 hours.
    nPlease bring it back for charts & entire webpage of kite, an additional night theme option.

  371. ANILKUMAR GUPTA says:


  372. Sunny says:

    Its very nice..Keep up the good work … some bugs though

    All drawings disappear on refreshing the chart..Please solve it

    Can you please put alert & notes options

  373. Sudhir Kadam says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Thanks for Updating “Kite Web App.”
    It takes few Minutes to Re-Learn the App.
    till Date Experience, ” NEW Kite is Feather Lite ”

    Thanks A lot “Team Zerodha” … Your Action Speaks Louder. ( You Do care about your Clients. )

  374. Ayaan Shetty says:

    Updating kite was a splendid move , the charts looks slick , but it seems it has been e