Scrip-wise charges now on Console

May 24, 2019
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P&L statements typically display charges on an overall basis. So if you search between a time period, you’d see total charges across all trades in that period. Along with this, on Console, we now have scrip-wise charges. This means that you will be able to see what portion of the overall charge was due to which stock or F&O contract.

Additionally, on the equity Tax P&L statement, scrip-wise charges are further divided into intraday (speculative) and delivery. So, if you have traded a stock for intraday and delivery, you will see how much due to intraday and how much for the delivery. This is important, especially for taxation, where you have to ascribe expenses separately for speculative business (intraday trading) and capital gains (delivery based). When trading F&O, both intraday and overnight are considered similarly for taxation, so the charges will not be shown separately, but you will see contract-wise. Also, the scrip-wise charges are available only from April 1st, 2019 onwards.

Charges breakdown on Console

Tax P&L Report with intraday and delivery charges separately

We have also recently added the account value curve on the Console dashboard to track your total account value historically, a daily P&L heatmap visualization on the P&L page and many more cool features planned that can help track and improve your trading account performance. We will do a full-fledged launch of Console once all the new features planned are ready.

Also, if you have missed, over the last few weeks, we have made Sentinel free, waived all DP charges for investing into direct mutual funds on Coin, and clearing charges are now zero for all F&O trades.

Happy Trading,

Nithin Kamath

CEO @ Zerodha and partnering startups through Rainmatter to help grow and improve the capital market ecosystem in India. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter. | Personal website:


  1. Alok says:

    Thank You, this was long overdue.

    • Meet says:

      Thanks Nitin

      Could you help in knowing

      Datewise trade wise charges break
      Say i have purchased Bharti for 5 days .In the report I see accumulated quantity and charges for Bharti instead of breakdown date wise and trade wise.

      Could I generate a reporter like that as well?

  2. Ritesh Singh says:

    Good Job team zerodha !

  3. Bala says:

    I am small fish and was finding hard where my profits are going. And had hoped that this feature of providing scrip wise charges would save lot of my time in understanding the profits. Bingo and here we are. Zerodha, never cease to amaze its customers.!

  4. S M VISWANATH says:

    That is great .. and indeed dynamic…..hoping many more innovations from you. all the best

  5. Hemant says:

    Long-awaited! Thank you. Keep up the great work Team Zerodha!

  6. Raees A Shaikh says:

    Great.. one more steptowards transparency.

  7. PP says:

    Thank you so much! I had requested for this couple of months ago. This has made life for me and my accountant much easier!

  8. SG says:

    Thanks, much needed feature.

  9. prasanna patil says:

    Great…supper performance and best in service!!

  10. R Myappa says:

    Superb work team Zerodha it was very essential

  11. URJIT says:

    Perfect! Long awaited feature, finally here..Thank you!! And keep improving and keep growing! 🙂

  12. Zoeb Sutarwala says:

    Joined Zerodha on 3 April 2019.
    Excellent Software, Congratulations to Mgmt & Team.
    Pls make sure connectivity is always maintained good. ( I was unhappy on this with ICICI)

    Small bug in software, when we pin on 2 a scrip, view chart, re-change the scrip, now view chart, name is incorrect, graph is correct.

    I earlier worked in IT field from 1980 to 2017, now sort of retired.


  13. Ratnesh says:

    It seems this is not yet deployed. I can’t see the changes in console inside P&L report.

  14. Rameshwar Parsad says:

    I hope this will provide the last financial year report in this format?

  15. rahul jain says:

    wow, been waiting for this. nithin, you are amazing!

  16. Sivaraj says:

    Really Cool

  17. Vinayak says:

    Very Nice, Keep doing the good work

  18. Prashant Jain says:

    That’s great.. You are bringing Zerodha to the next level. Can you also add the charges description under the “Position” tab so we get to know the charges at the real time basis.

  19. Saravanan G says:

    Good initiative from team Zerodha. Keep improving the good work.. We expect the great things from you…

  20. Ravi Bhandari says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    Thanks for the new feature and update under Console, that helps lot to know where our profit and loss going exactly. Thanks a lot….

    Also one suggestion, during intraday we have to go back to our “orders” to either book profit or loss or cancel the script and it some time takes time to either book big profit or come out of big loss and it is matter of seconds, hence it would be good and rather prefer if you can add this feature in “positions” directly so that we can immediate come out of the order placed directly without going to “Orders”. That would help us to take immediate action in matter of flash timings. Or you can add a feature on the Chart itself so once we place order we can see on chart and if we want to come out of the order we can do it from then and there itself. It would benefit lot many customer along with me to book good profit and save less losses.

    Hope to see if it can be applied on Zerodha Terminal


  21. Akarsh says:

    I am guessing that separate charges will be shown for the comming FYs and not of past Financial Years.

  22. HARISH KUMAR R says:

    Thanks, Nithin and Zerodha Team



  24. Parthiban says:

    Dear Kamath,

    Can add this feature too?

    In Zerodha, under ‘Positions’ Tab , A feature to display the margin blocked by each individual position/scrip one might have.
    It helps me to decide which position/scrip to close during margin call.
    No one likes to close their most profitable position and it also helps to calculate the number of lots one must exit to make up for the margin required.

    Zerodha fan.

  25. Pankaj says:

    Can someone explain me, how comes profit will be 200 with below values

    In P/L statment all calculation done on twice of amount. Hence two times charges. Any explaination for same.

  26. Ujjawal says:

    Zerodha is best,,,sir please introduce stop-loss and target modifying system on chart,


    can u help us placing orders on the chart just like in trading view so that it will help us to trail and also minimize the loss modifying it directly from the chart like in trading view. it will become a complete package for the retailers like me

  28. Bhavesh Zurale says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can you please decrease the charges on Future and Option Trades. They are making a huge compensation for the traders.

  29. RAGHUNAND V N says:

    Dear Sir,

    I request one feature which is very important to all.

    After positions are closed, one should be able to see actual amount that gets debited/credited at the end of the day which helps us to know if we are profitable or not after brokerage and other charges.

    Thank you.

    • Augustus Athigaman says:

      Hello Raghunand:

      The contract note which is sent at the end of day by Zerodha will provide you detailed breakup on the cost incurred in the trade like brokerage, STT etc.

  30. praveen says:

    Good job…!

  31. M.Vijay shekar says:

    Nitin, try to provide Switch over mutual funds in COIN as it is presently not available in coin but available in other platforms like Kuvera

  32. Rita Bhandari says:

    …Please do one improvement in service, please send alerts whenever delayed payment charges starts.

    Rita Bhandari

  33. Manoj more says:

    Very nice work. But I request you to start Bracket Order for option trading

  34. Francis Xavier says:

    still no option to upload the p&l statement from zerodha directly to tax filing websites like clertax, tax spanner, etc.
    this will be of very big help for small delivery based investors. but looks like zerodha is only for traders!!

  35. ugeshkumar says:

    In Kite mobile app, position tap if i give exit its directly exit from position without any confirmation,but same thing in web its asking confirmation before exit from position,lot of time mistaken i exit from with losses. please modified it. its prevent from losses.

  36. Nilesh S Joshi says:

    I am looking for time and sales scanner for volume in kite like fyers….when will can I see????

  37. Aasif says:

    In or app, u will find a tab named stock details where leverage details is given like E-20, A-12, C-6, Z-1 for intraday and delivery u will get 3.6 times on Excellent category stocks. I wanted the same or similar features in Zerodha too. So no need to go to internet browser for checking margin calculation before going to trade. By this feature, we can save our time to get profit or avoid loss. Hope Zerodha will consider this request.

  38. Satish Baichwal says:

    Very good Sir. Thank you

  39. Parin Parmar says:

    This is very good one from Zerodha.. I downloaded one P&L statement for a scrip of mine.. What is “Other Credit & Debit”? Thanks..

  40. Meghana says:

    Hello Team,

    Good job we feeling great to grow your self as well as us. It’s good for everyone.

    Thank you.

  41. Bhagya says:

    BO kab la rahe ho sir mcx ke liye…Baki sab platform to BO provide kar rahe hain bas zerodha ko chod ke…BO MCX ke liye jaldi lai ye…Aur apna platform ke technical glitch ka solution bhi…Frequently tech problems aate hein zerodha me…thanks

  42. viraj says:

    Thanks, Zerodha Team now next feature to save chart online

  43. Laxce says:

    I think zerodha is not a broker. It’s a mark of excellence. Great job
    However still some issues regarding graph and connectivity persist but it is very small.

  44. Bagwan Mo Rafique says:

    Pls receive call

  45. Dr Dindayal Agrawal says:

    Please explain the calculation in p&l example of 5paisa equity. How the realised profit of 97465.95 come

  46. Dr. Ramakant H. Bembde says:

    Thanks a Lot!
    Heartiest Congratulations!💐👏👏

  47. Yusuf Hussain Rajulawala says:

    The mail or console statement does not pertains to my trading account please verify/scrutinized before sending the mail

  48. Kiran says:

    Thank You for this feature.
    One more suggestion is to include charges for each of the position in positions screen of kite. That way I will not have to check brokerage calculator to check my costs and my net profit or loss. You may provide this as optional column if you feel screen will be cluttered.


    Best working team ZEARODHA

  50. Vijay pal singh says:

    I call received no 8887913920 she say aap anydesk app download karo tabhi zarodha per trading kar sakte ho abhi tak aap ne trading kyu nahi suru kiya please ask me anydesk app download karna jarori hai

    • Matti says:

      Hey Vijay, AnyDesk is only required if you wish to receive a demo of the platform, so the executive can show you how to use the platform. You can always login and explore the platform yourself.

  51. Md Sohail says:


    Why are my script wise charges not showing?

  52. R,Muthukumaran says:

    In Pi software charts , can you make arrangements to retain the segments in Study like MACD, Simple moving average.,etc. It will help us to see all these on logins either on the same day or the next day.

  53. Anil Shah says:

    For kite on android mobile.
    1) in “position ” indicate net profit instead gross profit.easy to decide
    when to exit.
    2) Withot switching to other window can chart be visible
    on the same screen if press some tab.
    3) If suppose i want to trade today one scrip only.can you make screen suitable
    with only nifty movement &
    Scrip movement ,chart , position&net profit loss at one place.

  54. Anil Shah says:

    Trailing stop loss has a limitation of minimum
    One rupee. Can it be done
    with minimum 0.15 (15 paise) or 10 paise.

  55. kundan says:

    good job by team zerodha

  56. Avinash Jawalkar says:

    Hi Nithin,It’s been my long standing request to bring a paid Professional software which has Open Interest indicator which can overlay on the price/candle charts,Volatility and other useful indicators for the F&O segments as that is where the maximum volumes are.Please take this up on an urgent basis.

  57. Janak Giri says:

    Please activate my account.

  58. SUBRAMANIAN N says:

    Similarly, at least in each major centres, kindly have a CA experienced in share trading, whom we can meet and file the returns. Each one will have unique issues, and hence meeting the CAs directly will help us.
    The ‘on line’ auditors, please give their local address of each city, so that we can meet them and discuss with them.
    Also you can have software, for maintaining the books of account, for trading.
    Please give a detailed video and circular for the books of account tobe maintained, with steps.

    Please also give complete procedure for filing tax returns ITR 3, step by step, for investors who have salary, STCG, LTCG and intra day.

    • Matti says:

      Ah. Having CAs everywhere would be difficult. Will see what’s possible. How to file taxes is explained in the Taxation Module on Varsity.

      • SUBRAMANIAN N says:

        Tks. Please suggest CA in Chennai who is familiar with Zerodha transactions, so that I can go and meet him.
        I read the taxation module. Some doubts are there. Hence, meeting your CA in Chennai will be helpful.

        Also, kindly explain the books of accounts to be maintained if the total transaction crosses 2 crores.
        Few videos on (a) Tax filing (ITR 3), (b) books of accounts to be maintained, wll be very helpful


  59. Ranjit Singh says:

    Please suggest me interday limit in trading and provide details for change segment interday to delivery can it’s possible.

    • Matti says:

      You can check out the margin requirements here. Yes, you can change the position from intraday to delivery, provided you have sufficient cash in the account.

  60. Jigar Shah says:

    Well done Trading Team. Thank you for making these enhancements.

  61. SUNIL JOSHI says:

    Gr8 sir it helps to know profit of each script…secondly I am not getting P&L report with specific period …i think it was changed earlier I use get this report…

  62. Madhu says:

    This is the one of the feature I was looking for, Thank you Zerodha!

  63. Subhash says:

    Hi team
    I was hoping this bug will be corrected automatically but it didnt in past 2 months, hence writing here.
    If I fetch my holding statement for 31 march 2019, I get scripts that i received in IPO almost 20 months back and sold on day 1 of listing. Because of such wrong entries, i am unable to get correct holding statement. Please help.
    My client ID can be tracked using my email above.

  64. Arpitha says:

    As mentioned “Tax P&L Report with intraday and delivery charges separately” not able to see the exact picture. The report doesn’t show the delivery charges or brokages charges in the same sheet. Please let me know if I am doing any wrong while checking. Thanks

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Arpitha, note that the scrip-wise charges is made available from the current financial year 2019-20 only. The tax P&L already has intraday, short term and long term trades segregated. The charges breakdown for each scrip is shown as in the screenshot shared above. If you are facing any difficulty, you can raise a ticket through our support portal explaining the issue. Someone from our team will get in touch with you and assist.

  65. Arpitha says:

    I was checking with the financial year 2018-19, now I am able to view the scrip wise charges. Thanks for the reply.

  66. Mohit says:

    Hello, I executed a few trades yesterday, but in my console PL report, under the section charges, it only shows a dash, “-“. Why can’t I see the charges let alone the breakdown??

    • Matti says:

      Will look into this. Best create a ticket on our Support Portal for account specific queries.

      • rkulkarni23 says:

        Exactly, the current report does not show the break up as mentioned on this post. I believe before publishing any thing Zerodha test and Tech team should do detail testing.

        • Matti says:

          The breakup is only available for this financial year, as mentioned in the post above. If you’re looking at older transactions, you’ll not see the breakup.

  67. rkulkarni23 says:

    I am not able to find the report that shows Script wise charges break up. Also the current reports are not user friendly that allows to get the details of capital gains along with the details that is required by IncomeTax department. In ITR2 one has to fill in 112A section for LTCG but the report on Zerodha does not provide all those details. The current Tax PNL report is very primitive which alone can not be used for filing your tax return. When i compare this with the reporting support that HDFC Securities provide, I believe Zerodha need to go a long way in reporting support.

    • Nakul says:

      The provisions of Section 112A is already incorporated in the trade-wise tax P&L report which can be downloaded from Console. You can find the details in the Trade-Wise EXIT- Entry sheet in the downloaded trade-wise tax P&L statement. Also, as mentioned in the post, the scrip-wise charges has been made available from FY 2019-20 only. You can check it in the P&L & Tax P&L statement for this period.

  68. Raushan raj says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    I checked the P&L column in Console.
    And, it is showing “-” in the Charges column for all the trades.
    Please assist how to check brokerage for my particular trade.


  69. Rajesh says:

    Sir I am beginar. Zeroda cut 3 time 80 rs.from my profit and can I check this detailed transaction that from which trade I faced this unexpected charges deductions

  70. tushar says:

    The scrip wise breakup column is not getting updated , kindly look into the matter, i have raised a ticket , but still issue not resolved.

  71. Mamta says:

    The scrip wise breakup column is not getting updated , kindly look into the matter, i have raised a ticket , but still issue not resolved.
    Please trade wise brokerage charge breakups, immediately.

  72. Tanvi says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    I checked the P&L column in Console.
    And, it is showing “-” in the Charges column for all the trades.
    Please assist how to check brokerage for my particular trade.


  73. Ayush says:

    Why the charges are shown blank in the report??


    Dear All @Zerodha,
    Still i am not able to see breakup of charges in all script which was traded in same day on console as per your demo above. Request your help to resolve this. Kindly call me on 7600024525

  75. Krishna Chythanya says:

    As many have reported, the break of charges is not visible trade wise which if available be very helpful.

  76. Tarun says:

    Brokerage values are all blank.

  77. Prateek says:

    Hello Team,

    The charges breakdown is not available on console. Please check and fix it.
    Also it would be helpful if we can get a single report where all the charges are shown, as even the combined equity and margin statements do not include these charges and it does not gives a clear picture of net profit and loss.

  78. Deepanshu says:

    I can’t see the scrip-wise charges breakdown in my P&L report for June’20
    Please check and fix it. It will help us a lot

  79. Ravindra says:

    Scrip-wise charges not available on console. the demo shown above have scrip wise charges, whereas, same is not visible in current console visible on Zerodha. Help to get this checked and resolve, as unable to bifurcate if charges applied are accurate or not. This is must and need to complied at the earliest.

  80. Vedant A Khaitan says:

    The scrip wise charges appeared for one day before disappearing again. Would be very helpful if the same is fixed ASAP. Love the initiative otherwise…

  81. Shubham says:

    The above given feature is not working from last 2-2.5 months. It’s quite confusing how the charges are added on each SCRIP.

    Looking forward to the solution.

  82. Nakul says:

    Hey Shubham, we’re working on an update to this feature. We’ll make it live again soon.

    • Tushar says:

      Still not working. Wonder what’s taking u so long to introduce such a simple feature that improves transparency.

    • Hari says:

      It’s still not woking. It’s over an year now. Will love to see this feature added ASAP so that we get transparency over the trades.

  83. prathap says:

    Can we get this feature back ASAP ? overall charges breakdown is bit confused !!!

  84. Deep says:

    I am not able to see script wise charges in P&L.
    It shows “-” for all the scripts.

  85. isha says:

    Unable to see scrip wise charges.I too multiple trades in same stock.Its showing profit only but charges must be higher.Can you please tell me where can i see my charges so that i can find out my real profit

  86. Hari says:

    It’s still not woking. It’s over an year now. Will love to see this feature added ASAP so that we get transparency over the trades. This is such a necessary feature and I am quite surprised why it’s getting this much delay to fix this.

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