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What’s the PRC Matrix of Debt Funds?

Debt funds are usually considered to carry lesser risk than equity funds. In fact, many believe that funds cannot give negative returns simply because they invest in debt instruments. However, interest rate risk, liquidity risk, and credit risk are all real risks carried by debt funds. The presence of risk indicates the possibility of a […]

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18 May 2024

What is the best SIP frequency for investing in mutual funds?

Unless you live under a rock, you would have probably heard the term – SIP (systematic investment plan) – in mutual funds. Using SIPs, one can conveniently invest a fixed amount in mutual funds periodically, usually monthly. Unlike lump-sum investments, where a large amount of money is invested at once, SIPs involve spreading the investment […]

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09 Mar 2024

Know your fund manager: Rajeev Thakkar of PPFAS Mutual Fund

How well do you know the fund managers you invest with? Beyond the statistics and performance charts lies a deeper understanding that can help you make informed decisions: their core investment philosophies and personal beliefs. This is the heart of our Know Your Fund Manager series, where we delve into the minds of the individuals […]

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12 Feb 2024