Streak just got a whole lot better

June 26, 2018

Dear Traders,

We are super excited to announce the launch Streak 1.1. It’s just better in every way.

Streak is the world’s first retail algo trading platform that requires NO coding skills.

We believe in levelling the playing field, by bringing state of the art algo trading technology, so far accessible only to professionals and institutions, to everyone and making it affordable to the masses. Our goal is to democratize algo trading and we are just getting started. We have built our tech from the ground up in India, for the world.

The journey so far

We started off with wanting to enable every trader and investor to Create, Backtest, and Deploy trading algos live in the market in a minute, without writing any code. After just 10 months, our 32000+ clients speak for us. Even with a limit of 200 backtests per day, per user, over 1,00,000 algos have been created on Streak’s intuitive algo engine. Our users have run over 35 lakh backtests, deployed over 1.8 lakh algos and have received over 1.2 lakh actionable notifications. Be it MIS or CNC, orders have flown to the exchange every single day and over 75,000 orders have been placed by Streak.

Streak in numbers

Visit us at or download the mobile app on the Google Play store to get started.

Streak works in 3 simple steps:


Streak’s all-new new interface is simple, intuitive and ridiculously easy. It lets you create algos under a minute.

It is as simple as typing out technical indicators, keying in stop loss and target profit percentage and selecting the stocks you want to trade with.

Streak has 60+ technical indicators that you can use to create more than 1 million unique algos with various combinations.

You can see a detailed list of our technical indicators here.

Create algos in a minute


Streak has one of the fastest backtesting engines in the world that generates performance metrics for multiple stocks in just a click. The backtest results include maximum gains, maximum loss, average gain per winning trade, average loss per losing trade, maximum drawdown and much more. These metrics give you a comprehensive idea of your algo’s performance.

Why is backtesting required?

Backtest essentially means testing a trading strategy on relevant historical data before you risk any actual capital. It is important to analyze the levels of profitability and risk before taking any trade in order to gain insight into the effectiveness of a trading idea.

Backtest to measure performance


Once you deploy an algo on Streak, you no longer have to track the stock manually. Streak bots track the stock movements for trade signals and send one click actionable alerts when all the conditions in a strategy the strategy conditions are met.

You can select up to 20 scrips at a time in a single algo and deploy it them all at once.

Deploy algos across multiple instruments at once

Monitor deployed algos

Get notified

With Streak’s cloud-based technology, you can access all your algos anytime, anywhere. Track the market real-time, get actionable alerts, and manage positions on the go. When your algo triggers entry or exit trade signals, you will receive notifications on both the website and the Streak app and you can place an order with just a click.

Take action on notifications and track live positions, on the go.

Streak Access:

You get a 7-day free trial of Streak and you can use the platform extensively by creating multiple algorithms, with a limit of 50 backtests and 5 live deployments backtesting limit of 50 every day and deploy up to 5 live algos at any given time.

As a launch offer, the basic plan worth Rs 500 is free for all the 900,000 + Zerodha clients till 31st of July 2018. You will have to subscribe, in order to access the daily limits of 200 backtests a day and 25 live deployments.

Get started

We have compiled a set of videos and a step by step guide on how to use Streak, to help you get started.

Getting started User manual

A big thank you to all our all our 32,000+ users who have stayed with us these past 5 months and have helped make our product better every single day. It has been a great journey filled with extensive user engagement, intensive testing, continuous feedback, and product development and finally, we are ready to launch. We would love to hear more from you. Email your feedback to [email protected].

We couldn’t have done it without you! 🙂

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  1. sachin says:

    how to identify the specic time candle is bullish or bearish in nifty 50 symbol not scanner
    for ex:i create the condition Symbol(INDICES_NIFTY 50, Nth candle(Close,5min,18) higher than Nth candle(Open,5min,18) ) this is not working

    • Streak says:

      This condition you have created is correct and should work fine for a strategy. For a scanner, if you are creating a condition like the above the result will display all scrips on the basket once the condition is True.

      In case you need any assistance on this, please write to [email protected]..

  2. Praveen says:

    Will the trade not happen automatically?. Do we have to take action based on the notification?


    Am unable to subscribe streak through my angel broking login in browser, stating bad request

  4. chanchal khobragade says:

    I am trying to create a simple algo in streaks (Zerodha) that is based on say 4th, 30 mins candle’s high/low breakout/breakdown.
    Buy if say high of 4 th 30 min candle of the day is broken then SL is same candle low.

    Likewise sell if low of 4 th, 30 min candle of the day is broken then SL is same candle high.


    • Streak says:

      Hi Chanchal,

      You can use the following condition for the Long strategy.
      Entry: Close(0) higher than Nth candle(High,30min,4)

      Exit: Close(0) lower than Nth candle(Low,30min,4)

      Accordingly, you can create a condition for the short strategy

  5. mahesh says:

    In strategy we can define exit condition, but there we should have ability to read my entry price of stock which is very important. If I bought stocks at 120Rs, then I should be able to read that price in exit condition.

    Also I will need to find at which candle I made entry. For example in 1 min chart if I made entry at 5th candle, then I should be able to read that candle number as 5 in exit condition. And based on that number I should be able write more dynamic condition for exit.

    These 2 are very important and must to have feature immediately. Let me know when you can make it available.

  6. Sunny says:

    I have subscribed to the ultimate plan. I have one strategy and want to implement it. Do not know how to do it. Please guide me on it. I want to buy a particular stock for long term and do not mind even if it goes down.

    Want to
    1) Buy a particular “Stock XYZ” at any price of the day
    2) Once bought keep target of 2 percent and no stop loss
    3) next when 2% target hits and the share is sold, now will buy next only if it goes above 1% of my sold price( next target is 2% of this bought price) and so on
    4) if it comes down i will buy it 3% below of last bought price

    Please let me know, how to do it, and how to backtest it

    • Streak says:

      Hi Sunny,

      You can use Number or “Trade at Price” for this. But keeping an SL is mandatory while creating any strategy in Streak. However, 3 and 4 cannot be implemented in the same strategy as of now.

      You can write support@streahc with your strategy creation request and we shall help you with them.

  7. B Singh says:

    In streak, is it possible to take a CMC position and let run for more day than one…..

  8. Jack says:


    In any strategy, If i want to write high of 1st one minute candle of last day , then how to write…please explain.

    Thank you.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Jack,

      You can check the current day’s first 1min High using the Nth candle indicator. However, currently, you cannot use Nth candle on Previous day data. This is in our roadmap and will be added soon.

  9. Radha Gulhane says:

    Sir can you explain how I will be able to create Gann value based scanner /strategy on streak .or at least how to use sqrt function

  10. Harshit Ranjan Rai says:

    This notifications are live or not ?
    and what way i am notified… mail or simpe type notifications?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Harshit,

      Yes, the actionable notification Streak sends are live and you need to take action to place the trades. You will get notifications in your web browser (Pop-up) and in Streak mobile app.

  11. Streak says:

    Hello Sudha,

    This will depend upon the strategy cycle you set while deploying the strategy. Please note that an exit is necessary after an entry is taken for subsequent entry notifications to be generated. You will find details on the following link

    Hope this helps.

  12. Sudha says:

    Hello Team,
    Hope you doing well and safe.
    Have a question …
    If I have created a scanner and lets say one of the stock satisfy condition twice or thrice on different candles so will it execute the trade and buy it again and again or it won’t as the condition has already meet once for that stocks .I would like it should not keep on accumulating same stocks

  13. naveen verma says:

    how to use scanner for first 15 min day candle supertrend change only first candle

    • Streak says:

      Hi Naveen,

      Currently, Indicator values on a marked candle are not supported. However, this is in our roadmap and would release soon.

  14. Hiren Chaudhari says:

    I want to use VWAP indicator. If two green candle signals created on VWAP indicator I want to place buy order. How to use conditions in streak.

  15. Siddharth Singh Bhardwaj says:

    Only lacking I found in streak is the Backtest chart facility which isn’t available right now . Please bring it in the next update , It will help algo traders alot and make a streak a complete package

  16. CHIRANJEEVI says:

    If strategy cycle is 5 for overnight cash and carry order – does this translate to 5 cycles per day or 5 cycles for ever?

    • Streak says:

      For a CNC strategy, 5 cycles will be counted for the entire deployment.
      For an MIS strategy, 5 cycles will be counted per day.
      If you set strategy live for as 3 days and cycle as 5 for an MIS strategy, total number of trades will be 5 per day. i.e 15 cycles.

  17. Dhaval says:

    Why only first 2 entries per day are qualified for buy trigger?
    After that even candle fulfill condition Streak doesn’t gives buy signal (On 5 min chart) .
    Thank in advance.

  18. Aman says:

    1. i can’t find any way to execute options script in streak, search is not working for options(nifty 18 jun 10000 ce), is it supported?
    2. if supported how to execute one script on basis of another script pricicing, supported?

    please answer my these 2 questions, if these two things are therethan i can go for you plan scription.

    • Aman says:

      any update on this?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Aman,

      Streak does not support Option contracts because they have a component of time decay(Theta) associated with it which makes backtesting tricky.

      Streak currently supports only Equity (Cash) and Equity, Currency and Commodity Futures.

  19. parminder says:

    why period return in negative but P/L in positive value in most of strategies ?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Parminder,

      Period return tells you what would be the result if you would have bought the stock on the backtest start date and sold on the backtest end date. A negative period return shows that the stock price has decreased over the backtest period, hence negative return.

      The P/L simply states the profit or loss in case you would have been following the trading system, you are backtesting. It is possible to generate profit even when the stock price is falling, in case you are following a system.

      A negative period return and a positive p/l indicate that the strategy would have generated alpha.

  20. thulasidhasan M says:

    Hi Team,

    Why the streak is not fully automated.

  21. Shrikrishna says:

    I would like to apply my scanner on a few selected number of stocks that I have on my radar or watchlist. How can I do? In streak it allows to apply scanners only on selected indices and likey Nifty 100, Nifty 500 etc… but not on a watchlist. This feature is present in Chartink, which is very helpful.

    • Streak says:

      Hi, this is already available. You need to create a basket of your favorite stocks and select the basket in the Scan on field for this.

  22. Koushik says:

    I want to BuY/Sell & Short/Cover in the same script. But in Streak you force the user to create two separate scripts for Buy & Short. This will create problem in swing trading. Is there any solution to this silly implementation? If you have ever used Amibroker you know what I am talking about.

    • Streak says:

      Currently Long and Short strategies are not supported. Streak only supports Long or Short strategies. We will be adding this feature in future. This is already in our roadmap.

  23. Greevas Job Panakkal FCS says:

    Dear zerodha team,

    The technical shows 1 min to a day. Is these 1 or 5 min counting from opening time of day or from the present time, we refreshed. Also the day technical means, data based from previous day ??

  24. Biju Menon says:

    I noticed that there is a Create Basket option I could use but that is not working for me for the FNO stocks.

  25. Biju Menon says:

    Hi Team,
    Is there a way we could scan stock futures of current contracts only. Currently when I try to run scans and get stock futures matching my scan criteria I get the same stock futures for April, May, June etc. I am only interested in current month.

    Also there is an option to select from the search result and create a strategy which is great. I have already created some strategies is it possible to not add this basket into existing stratgey rather than creating a new strategy. Is it possible to consider this enhancement

  26. sam says:

    is trading in renko charts possible

  27. Sunil C says:

    Dear Streak Team

    First of all amazing product you guys built. Truly convenient. I am a paid subscriber of Streak and using it to my best of benefits. I was trying to build a query where I want to find out stocks (current 5mins candle) is opening higher than 52 weeks high and another query is I wanted to find out stocks (current 5mins candle) is near (5% away from) 52weeks high.

    Could you please help how can I use Multitime frame that only has maximum “DAY” support and not WEEKS or 52W option? It would have been super awesome if WEEK, MONTH, QUARTER and 52W option added to Multitime frame along with other options.


    • Streak says:

      Hi Sunil,

      We will be adding higher timeframe with the next update. However, you can build 52W high Low scanner with the functions that are currently available. Just write a mail to [email protected] and the team shall help you.

  28. Nabajit Bhuyan says:

    How to plot
    any 5 minute candle which is green from 9.15 to present candle

    (I plot Only Previous green candle)
    Previous Close– higher than– previous open

    Any previous green candle from 9.15 ?
    Close(any candle from 9.15am).. higher than.. open (any candle from 9.15)

    Pl help

  29. Vrushangini says:

    Looks like you’ve reached the daily limit for backtests!

    What is the limit on number of backtests, deployment for a free account?

  30. Akhilesh Pandey says:

    When this indicator will be added ATR Trailing stop loss indicator in Streak.

  31. Prakash says:

    Hi Team,
    It’s mid of 2020. We are planning for index options from 2018.
    Is there any success towards this or this topic is closed?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Prakash,

      Lot of features are in works, and once our team is completely satisfied with it, then only they release it.
      We are working towards it, will update you once we announce some them.


  32. Raj says:

    Live alerts and strategy was not working on 23.03.2020. Please fix it. Thank you

  33. Aryan says:

    Is there any indicator to get todays high or low.. like i want create one strategy where it will sell when close(1 minute) is lower than or equals to today’s low.


  34. GUPTA says:

    How it is applicaleble for intraday trading for NIFTY OPTIONS

    • Streak says:


      Streak does not support Options Contracts because they have a component of time decay(Theta) associated with it which makes backtesting tricky.

      Streak currently supports only Equity (Cash) and Equity, Currency and Commodity Futures.

  35. Shital says:

    Can you please support scans & strategies for nifty200 and custom watchlist?

  36. Rohit Bharat Singh says:

    Do we have the ATR Trailing SL indicator and Gann Indicator added into streak now? If yes, any video link of tutorial/demo of it?

  37. Srikrishna Rowthu says:

    Hi Streak Team,

    I am new to use Streak and find it exiting to be here with all the work you have done. So, please help me on my basic question.

    I don’t basically find “Period Min” and “Period Max” and “Math functions” in Streak. Are they no longer available?


  38. Krishna says:

    I recently subscrubed the streak basic plan.. Ater using the trail period.
    Now wen i using it I came to know that there is no Ichimoku inidcator in live scanner. And also we can’t apply any strategy on Indices. ( nifty and BNF). Now I’m feeling the streak app is not good for me.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Krishna!

      Ichimoku indicator is already available in the scanners which can also be used as a live scanner. As trades cannot be directly placed on index, you will need to deploy strategies on Index futures. For further assistance, please write to as at [email protected]

  39. anand says:

    Sir, Kindly add seperate password protection(like 4 digit Pin) to strategy tab.

  40. YZ0705 says:

    I think there are lot of options missing in scanner & strategy creations
    1) Not to able select Indices eg:- NIFTY, BANKNIFTY in scanners & also while adding scrips in strategy backtesting
    2) No option add value or give value in strategy
    eg:- I want to add 1 or 2 Pts on high of the previous candle as my entry not possible
    3) I want to write some strategy or see in scanners in diff time frame Gap Up/Down in the market hrs or opening time of the market not possible
    4) In Exit Strategy, I want to add some Pts low/high/close of candle bars not possible

    • YZ0705 says:

      5) Weekly time frame is missing

      • YZ0705 says:

        6) there is only Nifty 100, Nifty 500, some sector are there in selection it will be helpful if it segregated and provide more categories like a) NIFTY NEXT 50, b) BANK NIFTY c) FO Stocks list as per NSE list (which is very important most of trade happen here )

        • YZ0705 says:

          7) No option to run scanner at a particular set time now its there as regular intervals so it will benefit for zerodha we lose daily scan count
          pls provide this feature at least in high subscription plans
          eg:- I need to run scanner between 9:15 to 9:20 immediate after opening market to get the benefit of gap up/down stocks I have to do this manually now

  41. Manikandan says:

    my strategies are based on multi time frame analysis, how can i do it with streak?

  42. Joe says:

    from what I have read about backtesting on streak,we can backtest a 5/10/15 min candle for a max period of 90 days right?
    I feel it would be great if the time period would be increased significantly….we can make sure our intraday strategies are robust enough.
    Any plans in the short term,to increase the backtest period for 5/10/15 min candles?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Joe,

      You can backtest 5/10/15 min candle for a max period of 90 days at a time. However, you can change your Start and Stop date to backtest on prior period data. For example, you are backtesting from 1st Jan 2019 to 31st March 2019. You can change the start date and backtest from October 3rd, 2018 to 31st Dec 2018.

      Hope this helps.

      • joe says:

        thanks for the quick reply.
        One more thing,how can I backtest strategies for Nifty for the past few years?I saw streak has data for only nifty futures of the current time period.Do you have data for past nifty futures contracts/nifty spot?

  43. Renuka Prasad K says:

    Hi. I want to use percentage operator to screen among the scripts.
    For example if a stocks has fell 3% in previous day and current day candel covers almost 90% of previous day candle body. Then I want a signal from that stock.

    Is this feature available in streak? Somebody please help

  44. ANANTH says:

    I would like to use streak for MCX, what do you offer in ultimate plan ?

  45. Abhijit Ghate says:

    What are the charges or plans for streak?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Abhijit,

      We have 3 plans which are charged monthly.
      Basic: 500 + GST per month – > 200 Backtest per day – 25 Live deployments
      Premium: 900 + GST per month – > 500 Backtest per day – 50 Live deployments
      Ultimate: 1400 + GST per month – > 1000 Backtest per day – 100 Live deployments
      You can visit the link for more details on the plans:

  46. Ankur Dhawan says:

    How can we get the reduction in previous from high of last 15 day candle sticks ie high can be on day between last 15 days

  47. rakesh aradhya says:

    how to write Open high and open low stratergy

  48. Amit M says:

    Why does streak need another click on Take Action from subscribers. Can you not take full control and enter exit based on condition.

    What is the benefit then, I have to check the application every now and then. Why can’t Streak immediately pass signals to Exchange when Entry or Exit conditions met.

    How to deploy the strategies for months in one go or Do I need to deploy these every day every single time.

  49. Ambika says:

    Dear sir,
    Is it possible to introduce Stop loss, and profit as a numbers(stick points) instead of Percentage %.

    Say: Buy SBI at 275
    Stoploss: 5 and profit: 6
    Note: Here converting the number to %(percentage) is not that feasible which may not give the proper number.

    Kindly consider this request, and please provide relevant solution which makes the calculation becomes easier who like the numbers instead of %.

  50. Naren says:


    When the strategy is met, instead getting notification and then take action manually, is there any option to execute the order automatically once the strategy is met?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Naren,

      As per regulation, you need to click on the buy/sell notification. This cannot be automated.

      • Naren says:


        okay I got it.
        If I want to fire order automatically without any manual intervention, what is approval that is required from Exchange?


  51. N S V Iyengar says:

    When Zerodha blocks BO order in Streak write BO as blocked. If you leave it BO
    unactivated we think there is some problem in the system.

    • Streak says:

      Hello Sir,
      BO works in exactly the same manner on both Zeordha Kite and Streak.
      Once BO order is placed, it can only be exited from order book, by cancelling any of the BO order.
      In Streak and in Kite, if you try to exit from position or from Streak’s deployed page, it will take you to OrderBook with same msg similar to “Cancel BO from orderbook”.

      Hope this helps.

  52. yatender sharma says:

    sir bracket order with trailing stop loss,, when it will be available ???

  53. Swetang Goti says:


    I have been studying Streak since past few days.
    I only work in index options. Will algos for options available on Streak?

    • Streak says:

      Streak does not support Options Contracts because they have a component of time decay associated with it which makes backtesting tricky. Streak currently supports only Equity (Cash) and Equity, Currency and Commodity Futures.

  54. Santosh says:


    With RSI and Super Trend please make a strategy for Crude Oil July Future Normal



    • Streak says:

      Hi Santosh, Streak is a self-help platform that gives you the opportunity to test your strategies with technical indicators on historical data.
      We do not give recommendation nor do we give tips to our customers, as per our company policy. We will not be able to help you with the trading decisions or calls. If you have a strategy in charts we can help you implement it in Streak.

  55. Hithesh Kumar P says:

    Im a zerodha member. i need your ultimate plan to trail a mcx strategy and deploy. since mcx is not available in ur basic trail pack im requesting the same

  56. Mahesh says:


    Can I write condition within a condition i.e
    Condition 1 AND (Condition 2 OR Condition 3) .
    For ex. I want alert when macd crosses above zero and MA9 is already above or crossed above MA21.

  57. Jagtar Singh says:

    Hello, While adding Instruments Can we add different Qty. for Different Instrument.

    • Streak says:

      You can only add the same quantity in one strategy. In case you want to trade different quantities, you will have to create different strategies.

  58. Jagtar Singh says:

    Does Streak Provide/Support Hull Moving Average ?

    • Streak says:

      Yes, Streak supports Hull moving average. You need to select “Moving Average” in the indicators field and then select Hull in the Type field.

      • Jagtar Singh says:

        Subscribed to Streak, But no Hull Moving Average, Where it is ???????

        • Streak says:

          You need to follow the steps mentioned in the above reply. First go to the create page, then type “Moving Average” in the indicator field. You will have to scroll down to find the indicator. After that you need to select “Hull” in the Type field.

          In case you are still unable to do this, please write to us at [email protected]

  59. Jagtar Singh says:

    Streak Looks Great But No Auto Trading Looking Forward To Be Fully Automated

  60. Mayur says:

    I’ve created back-test to my Zerodha Streak account and its giving me most of the time winning trade signal, but I’m not sure whether Zerodha Streak platform can completely automate my trades and I don’t have to do anything.

    I mean for particular stock when strategies or condition got satisfied then Zerodha streak platform will automatically place the order and on certain profit/loss which we mentioned in strategies based on that it will exit you order as well.


    • Streak says:

      Hi Mayur,

      Regulations require that all orders are placed manually and hence Streak doesn’t place any orders automatically.
      Streak sends you notification when your conditions are met. Once you click on the notification, a prefilled order window pops up. You would need to confirm the buy/sell action.

      • Mayur says:

        I guess there are many platforms/tools which places your order automatically right!

        How they get the regulations approvals, can’t the streak platform do the same thing and automate the complete order. Because for the notifications only there are many platforms which gives the same thing free on some extent. right, isn’t so!

        • Streak says:

          Hi Mayur,

          You question answers itself, they don’t get approvals, as there is no clear provision currently of doing it for retails traders.

          Having said that, other platform just filter out scrips based on a passive filter(where you don’t know which scrips the conditions has worked in past), and don’t actively track markets based on users strategy and open positions there after(along with TP and SL), nor do they provide extensive backtesting, and simplified strategy creation.

          If you strategy is so sensitive that a few seconds lag in placement of order causes you to miss your opportunity(causing you to ask for notification), then you should revisit the strategy, as your target price then becomes lower than the usual slippage which exits in the markets.
          With Streak you can backtest and identify clear strategies for you which are not so sensitive to such small price and have clear opportunity identification along with broader trends.

          • Mayur says:

            I don’t agree with your replies.

            I guess using the one of Telegram Channel I was able to place the order automatically on Zerodha, just they ask for your permission to access Zerodha platform that’s it. And there are many other software as well which also uses the permission access only from particular brokerage firms and they can place the order automatically for you.

            The reason for asking the automated trading is not to calculate its sensitiveness……..!!!!:)
            The conversation is just to confirm why should we go every time to look at the notifications on streak app/website if other app/software gives you the same notifications freeware.

            • Streak says:

              Hi Mayur,

              Which part do you not agree with?
              The approval asked is just to show that you give consent for a third party application to access your accounts information, and has nothing to do with what is actually allowed by regulation. Even though you might want the order orders to be placed automatically(and say are able to place it using any method), it still doesn’t mean this method has gotten a go ahead from the respective authorities, as currently as stated ahead there is no provision to do so for retail clients.

              The reason you have click on the notification is to make sure that you are aware of the price around which order is being placed and you have accounted to any external events( new, etc) and are confirming to go-ahead with the order. If you need any further clarification and want to understand more, feel free to reach us on support[@]

  61. Govindraj SN says:

    I want to know if Streak places orders automatically and if so does it support Braket Order

    • Streak says:

      Streak sends you notification when your conditions are met. Once you click on the notification, a prefilled order window pops up. You would need to confirm the buy/sell action. So, the orders are not placed automatically.

      As regards to the second question, Streak supports BO orders.

  62. Shrenik Shah says:

    I want to know will you be adding point and figure chart in Streak? I want to backtest that chart but it’s not available anywhere. Please kindly if possible add point and figure in backtesting too.

    • Streak says:

      Point & Figure chart is not in our roadmap. Alternatively, you can look into Renko charting, which is similar to Point & Figure.

  63. M sasikala says:

    My I’d is. DS 8511.
    I deployed some stragedies in streak platform
    My question is , is it work without log in to the terminals or daily I have to login and keep up to the trading sessions.
    Pls confirm

    • Streak says:

      It depends on the type of deployment. If you’re deploying a MIS strategy, you would need to login to Streak App and redeploy on the days you want to implement the strategies. However, if it is a NRML/CNC strategy, it would remain active till the strategy cycle is completed.

      For more info, look at

  64. Nitin says:

    Sir, Zerodha done wonderful job by providing services like Streak.
    There are many tools, websites providing alerts when particular condition is met.

    In Streak, once Algo is deployed and condition in Algo is met, user must act on actionable alerts. Currently there is no automatic trading.

    Like me, may people are interested in fully automatic trading system.
    Please let us know when is it possible?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Nitin,

      Thank you for your kind words.
      Currently, we are not providing auto trading. We will notify you when we start providing the service.

  65. harsh says:

    Dear sir

    one more point please , i wish to use supertrend with 9 period and 3 factor , intraday basis , how much limit will be available against silver commodity.


  66. harsh says:

    Dear sir

    Congrats for the streak platform , would like to know
    1] ultimate plan has charts of all time frame , means 5 mnt to hrs?
    2] When nifty options will be available for trade?


  67. Mahesh says:

    Hi sir,

    Iam using macd crossover in the algo. Iam getting alert for first crossover only. For subsequent crossovers alert is not generated.

    In the previous comments you answered that we have to take action to get subsequent alerts. But i want to buy or sell based on my conviction and i cant take action on all the crossovers.

    So, how can i get alerts for all the macd crossovers of a scrip even if i dont take any action and without stopping and redeploying the strategy.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Mahesh,

      Currently as you know, when you create you strategy, you define your entry and exit.
      If you don’t act on the entry notification, the system doesn’t know if have seen and decided to discard the notifications.
      To enable this service which you have mentioned we are working a solution where once you cancel the entry notification the system resets itself and again starts tracking for entry, it will be released shortly.

  68. Mahendhiran says:

    Dear sir,
    is there any possibility for renko chart in the basic subscription in near future?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Sir,

      Since renko chart calculations for backtest and live market are much more heavy and computationally expensive it becomes really difficult to put in the lower plans.

  69. prema says:

    when we deploy strategies we get two options Intraday and CNC .. intrday gets expired by EOD .. how abt CNC deplyoyment?

    • Streak says:

      Dear prema,

      The Strategies deployed under CNC will wait till the condition is met and when condition is met, it will send you notification, it will not expire as MIS. CNC requires full capital while taking the position.


  70. prema says:

    streak not showing April and May future for back testing(Under add instruments). Please rectify ASAP

  71. Ritesh Shah says:

    1 commodities when start?
    2 fully automatically trading when start ?

  72. Prasannachakravarthi says:

    Need to understand whether Future contracts backtest happening with Continous data or only with that specific contract ?

    For example IF I include the contract BANKNIFTY FEB FUT (For 2019) and start date as 1/FEB/2018 to 21/FEB/2019 and running backtest will display results for all the current month contracts {BANKNIFTY FEB FUT(for 2018),BANKNIFTY MAR FUT(for 2018),BANKNIFTY APR FUT(for 2018) …… till BANKNIFTY FEB FUT(for 2019)} or backtest happens only for BANKNIFTY FEB FUT (For 2019) ?

    My expectation is for all the active current month contracts that is {BANKNIFTY FEB FUT(for 2018),BANKNIFTY MAR FUT(for 2018),BANKNIFTY APR FUT(for 2018) …… till BANKNIFTY FEB FUT(for 2019)}

    • Streak says:

      Hi Prasannachakravarthi,

      Currently backtesting for Futures on all candles is only for that specific contract.
      We are working to arrange for intraday continuous futures data(hard to come by) , and once available, you will be able run the backtest based on that.


  73. Ramakanth Dubey says:

    Why do we need to click on actionable alerts? It should enter automatically without taking any action once Algo is deployed.

    • Joseph K says:

      Dear Sir,

      As per the regulatory framework, you have to confirm the Buy or Sell action. It cannot be automated.


  74. sudheer says:

    Dear sir

    Kindly inform which are the ten indicators available in ultimate plan with renko , as the plan detail does not suggest.
    wish to use linear reg intercept with price.


    • Streak says:

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for writing to us.

      We have 70+ technical indicators and chart patterns which are listed in the help section of Streak. You can use any technical indicator in that list while creating algo with multiple conditions.


      • sudheer says:

        Dear sir

        Thanks for the prompt reply , I was thinking to use linear reg interceptor , but it seems to be unavailable , alternatively , Kindly help me to find an indicator which can help me to trade every brick of renko with bracket order , entry is open price and target is close price , for these a signal is needed on every brick of renko.

        Thanks .


  75. Rajesh says:

    I am looking for linear intercept indicator in streak for algo trading… do you have this one for algo? If not when it will be added.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Rajesh,
      Presently Streak does not support this indicator. However we have taken it as a feedback and it shall be given due consideration in our upcoming updates.


  76. rajesh says:

    In the month of December 2018 you said “we will soon be releasing an option on streak”. Any update on this?
    Or any time frame of releasing option(Nifty and banknifty). My subscription to streak depends on this.

    • Streak says:

      Dear Sir,

      Options cannot be backtested because of Time decay associated with it. We will keep you posted if we release it.


      • Sagar Pattnaik says:

        Hi Streak, few of my kind write/Sell options ! Any facility for us to deploy such algos in the future. Do you plan on sticking to algos only for futures trading

      • martin says:

        are there any plans to incorporate options in streak otherwise which there is no way to backtest stratergies based on same?

        Options historic expired and current data is available with nse but then why it is not available in is it possible to backtest a stratergy for options if it is based on options chart?even if expired the price level it went through on a timeframe remain as it is right? i am sure large section of people would nowdays be trading mainly index option but not sure why options chart is not given in streak?

  77. BHAGATH SINGH says:

    Can we get hourly data of NIFTY 50 and individual stocks for long periods, say for the last 5 years or so? if so, where can we get that data? How much do we have to pay for that? In Pi charts, we get intraday data only for 120 days.

    • Streak says:

      Dear Sir,

      On Streak if you select the Day candle for last 5 years on a backtested results basis. Do check out our demo videos for more info.


  78. harsh says:

    Dear streak team

    please take up atr trailing stop loss indicator use with renko, or can i use atr sl on renko directly so that t can decide itself entry and exit as per ts settings either way please inform how fast its use can be made with renko.


    • Streak says:

      Dear Sir,

      ATR Trailing Stops is not supported currently on Streak. Our team has already been working on this indicator and it shall be released soon with upcoming version updates. Until ATR trailing stop is available, you may use Supertrend and Parabolic Sar in the exit condition with a fairly large percentage number in the stoploss% field. This should act as a trailing stoploss in all chart types.


  79. Sujatha says:


    Is there a code to use gann square of 9 in streak?

  80. Prakash says:

    Is there any plan to expose webhooks so that we can integrate own custom tool to place trade in zerodha. ?

    Lets say, i have created one strategy and I am expecting, when there is a notification, I am expecting json format paylod with POST method to be called to my webhook url.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Prakash,

      We have not opened up any API support yet, we will update you once we do.
      Your specific requirement is quite simple, and we will communicate it to our team.


      • Navneet says:

        Just saw this, is there any API support now? ( asking more than a year after you said: “Your specific requirement is quite simple, and we will communicate it to our team.”


  81. Arun Dahake says:

    Once super trend gives buy (sell) signal, I want to buy (sell) only when its high (low) is broken by successive candles. How it can be mapped. Also give details on how “PREV N” is used.

    • Streak says:

      Hello Sir,

      Presently there is no option available on streak to mark the high/low of the candle on which the signal was generated.
      ‘Prev N’ is used to create conditions involving candles prior to the current candle. For eg. the condition, Close crosses above Prev N(high,-1,10 min) will check if the closing price closed above the high of previous 10 min candle high.


  82. C.M.Vivek Vardhan says:

    Sir, I want to test Opening Range Breakout strategy, using different Stop loss values and target values to arrive at the best values. How can algos be written for this?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Vivek,

      Optimisation of stoploss and take profit values can be done with various methods. The most suitable way is to use an exit condition which show fading of trend and momentum or start of reversal. If you absolutely want to do optimisation of stoploss and take profit values, we have listed some of them which require some degree of manual calculations and discretionary decisions.

      1) Using ATR :
      Average of the ATR value can be calculated for a certain period. Lets call it x [x = (ATR1+ATR2+ATR3….ATRn)/n]. To get the ATR value that accounts only for recent price move, we should use a smaller value for n. Use n = 14 to 20. Find out what percentage of the current price is ‘x’. Let’s call it y [y=(x/Current Price)x100]. A value just less than y can be used as take profit %. To account for risk/reward ratio, y/2 can be used as a stoploss value which will keep the risk/reward ratio as 1:2. Now different backtests can be carried out by varying stoploss and take profit % around these values and experimenting with different risk/reward ratios.
      This method can also be tested with different ATR multipliers. To do this, x should be multiplied with a certain number, and then this value can be used instead of x in rest of the calculations. If you want to allow more room for the stock to move, a multiplier greater than 1 can be used. If less room needs to be given, a multiplier less than 1 should be used.

      2) Using Standard Deviation :
      Calculate the standard deviation of prices over a period. Greater the period, more robust will be the results. Let the standard deviation be x. Calculate what percentage of current price is 2x, because we will be using 2 standard deviations. Let’s call it y [y=(2x/current price)x100). A value that is just a little less than y can be now used as a take profit %. Stoploss can be calculated based on your desired risk/reward ratio (Suppose your desired risk/reward ratio is 1:2, we will use stoploss as y/2). Test this with various risk/reward ratios.

      Note: It’s important to note that these values will be different for different stocks so make sure to carryout different calculations for different stocks. You also need to know that these methods rely on some discretionary decisions and hence will not produce the most optimum results that can be expected from an optimisation algorithm. Also, the values obtained through these methods uses the historical volatility at that moment of time and hence calculations will need to be carried out periodically to account for changing volatility. For best results, use both the methods and select the one that gives best performance.

      We would also like to let you know that we will soon be releasing an option on streak that will be able to carry out optimisation automatically for different parameters in the algo being backtested.


  83. pratik says:

    Sirji, How many algo we can deploy on one laptop at a time?
    means, can i deploy algo for buy and sell for same stock or index at a time?

    • Streak says:

      Dear Sir,

      With basic plan, you can deploy a total of upto 25 algos. It can be same algo with 25 different scrip or 25 different algos with the same scrip. Similarly you can deploy upto 50 algos with Premium and 100 algos with Ultimate plan.


  84. Arun Dahake says:

    I want to test following strategy.
    When supertrend gives buy signal, i want to buy only when high of this signal candle is broken. That is buy when LTP is higher than high of signal candle. However i am not able to form this strategy.

    • Streak says:

      Dear Sir,
      Streak does not support marking the signal candle currently. So it will not be possible to backtest the given strategy. The feature is in our road-map and should be released soon in the coming months. Currently we don’t support LTP, with technicals as it cannot be backtested.
      We are exploring in ways of doing it with precision and reliability.


  85. sarangab says:

    – It makes sense to include atleast NIFTY options (irrespective of time decay). I understand backtesting will not be accurate since it involves time decay but a disclaimer/note can be displayed for options. And time decay doesn’t affect in shorter time frames.

    – The purpose of Streak is to automate trades completely, but the current process requires algorithms to be manually deployed each day. This makes the process partly manual and can be easily be removed. I understand there are risks associated with full automation but similar risks occur even with part-automation.

    Would love Streak if it incorporates the above features.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Sarangab

      1. This is something we are aware of, but don’t want to enable the backtest in that manner which will give miss leading results and misguide judgement of trades who are not completely aware of the how options work. We are working on something, we will let you once its released.
      2. This is something we are currently working on improving. We will be providing the option to select how many days the algo is supposed live for. We will be releasing it very shortly in the upcoming updates.

      Keep letting us know you thoughts on the updates 🙂

  86. pratik says:

    Sir, I have startegy related to heikin ashi charts. Want to buy stock when HA candle turn to green and short when HA candle turn to red. With some stoploss and target. Shall i able to put this strategy in basic subscription plan? If yes How?

  87. harsh says:

    Sir we are waiting for atr stoploss with renko chart when shall we be able to use pls inform .

    • Streak says:

      Hi Harsh,

      We are working on many things, and this is on of them.
      Due to it being a holiday session, we are a bit behind our schedule(not getting enough days for quality to approve it in live market).
      We will be releasing it soon, and will keep you posted.


      • harsh says:

        Dear team

        kudos first for prompt reply and for the concern please expedite , may god bless you all for best work.


  88. Himanshu says:

    i just subscribed for Streak , but it doesnt allow to add options … kindly guide me how to add Banknifty optons to it …

    i only trade in options , if u wont allow it will be a waste of money for me … also kindly provide help desk phone no or email ….

    thanks in advance ….

    • Streak says:

      Dear Sir,
      Streak works on NSE Stocks , Futures , Currency Futures and MCX , We do not support options because options cannot be backtested as it involves time decay.

      • VIKRAM says:

        Though options have time decay, backtest can be performed on whichever data available till the date. For weekly expiries in both nifty and banknifty, same strategies are to be applied on multiple strike prices. If streak allows nifty/banknifty options, definitely the strategies can be backtested for at least a day or two and that too can be tested for different strike prices; which is enough to validate strategy for algo trading.

  89. Anshul Tripathi says:

    Hello sir.
    Do streak algo’s allow us to use margins and bracket order intraday trading like we use to do normally in kite ? Can we use margins ? Pls reply

    • Streak says:

      Hi Anshul,

      Streak supports CNC, MIS , NRML and SL-M orders on the platform and the margin requirements are same as kite. We do not support BO and CO.


  90. Anshul Tripathi says:

    Hello sir.
    Do streak algo’s allow us to use margins and bracket order intraday trading like we use to do normally in kite ? Can we use margins ?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Anshul,

      Currently you can use margin from MIS orders, soon we will be releasing Bracket orders, and then you will be able to avail that too.


  91. K V KUMAR says:


  92. harsh says:

    Dear sir
    Streak looks to be a wonderful platform , does it also has atr stop loss it can be used in strategy or as a default please inform.

    Thanks and regards


  93. pradeep says:

    I am unable to select the Renko chart option when creating algo in Streak. Only candlestick option shows up. Why is it so? Does it not show up in trial option etc?

    • Streak says:

      Dear Sir,

      You are currently using free Diwali Plan, which has limitation in access to charts types and exchanges.

      All available plans are precoded so you will not be able to try MCX / Renko in Diwali Plan unless you move to paid ultimate plan.

      Thanks ,

  94. Muni says:

    I have basic subscription of streak. We can code 5 condition for entry and exit. Can we have below type of logic

    (condition1 AND condition2 AND condition3) and (condtion4 or condition5)

    Alert should trigger when all condition1, condition2 and conditon3 should met and any of the Condition4 or condition5 met the criteria.

    • Streak says:

      Dear Sir,

      Streak supports “AND ” OR ” conditions in the same algo. However, you will not be able to use mathematical operators currently.

      Thanks ,

  95. RONIT says:

    i have this logic,

    Buy 2750 shares when open crosses above 50 sma and 14 rsi higher than 50.0 and open higher than 20 ema and 12 ema higher than 20 ema at 1 minute interval using candlestick chart.
    Enter trade between 09:00 to 23:30

    in the back test, i saw that its entering at high or close of next candle, i want to enter at low or open of next candle or i want to enter in limit order just below few points or at half of the current candle,

    please clear the logic in it, what settings i have to follow.

    i eager to for ultimate plan, but unable to understand these.

  96. ashokkumar says:

    i have subscribed for basic plan.
    i have created a basket and deployed an algo for the basket. will i get notified for all the stocks in the basket or is it one algo for one stock only ?

    • Streak says:

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for writing to us.

      If you have Deployed all the Stocks in that Algo then you will get notification for all the stocks when condition is met.

  97. Bala says:


    Great work. When you do you plan to increase the backtest time period on smaller time frames? Currently system backtests 3 months of data on 15 mins TF, which is not sufficient. Is there a workaround for this that am missing?


    • Streak says:

      Dear Sir,
      Thank you. Currently, you can change the time frame in backtest parameters and rerun the algo. We are working on increasing the time frame.

  98. Dinesh says:

    Dear support,
    Please let me know, why does macd (5,15,1) and macd signal (5,15,1) not work , even in back test its provide result but during the live trading its does not fatch signal for trade. What is the reason behind it….???

  99. Krishna k g says:

    I have only equity account if I subscribe to ultimate plan can I test commodities

    • Streak says:

      Hi Krishna,

      You be able to create, backtest and deploy, and you will also get notified when the conditions are meet.
      But you will not be able to execute the orders.


  100. dinesh says:

    Dear support,
    i am checking before 7 days and found that streak stop the trade signal after 1 pm everyday , As per zerodha chart and back test some trade missing which was execute after 1 PM every i have already changed also after every trade. Is every plan(500, 900, and 1400) has any restriction or limit for trade otherwise what is behind it.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Dinesh,

      Can you write to support[@] mail with your Kite ID, for us to look into it.
      As a matter of fact, we never stop MIS algo before 3:20pm.
      Now if you getting a notification and you are not acting on it, the algo pauses.
      So just write us, we will help you out.


  101. Roopal says:


    Suppose I made an algo, backtested it and deployed. I only want to get notified of the signals generated, and does not want the platform to perform the trade (since there is no BO order in streak). How can I do that?

  102. dinesh says:

    Dear Support,
    As i have performed back test and real trading, and found that streak does not sent all order for trade in real which it shows in back test. more then 50% order execute by streak in comparison of back test. What is the reason behind it.

    • Streak says:

      Dear Sir,

      Once a signal is generated and position is taken, the algo moves to entered state and stops checking for entry. The streak bots start tracking for exit for the entered algo based on TP or SL or exit criteria. The position has to be closed or the algo has to be stopped and deployed again for Streak bots to start tracking.


  103. Sandip says:

    I know you will be providing 3LB on streak but for time being how to same effect as 3LB with options available

  104. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Sir,
    I was just using your streak on trial period and have a question.
    i just see that you cannot create and save an algo without a baacktest, is that correct? if that is the case i would exhaust with backtest count for every small change in algo modification…what is the logic behind that?

    secondly also i see without a mandatory runbacktest…i could not able deploy an Algo right? Again i do not understand the logic behind it…

    finally say i created an algo with 5 scripts and now i wanted to add 5 more and deploy, here again i have to re-run 10 new back test, even though i run for first 5 scripts earlier…ideally i must run only for second 5 only right? pls again explain what is the logic behind it?

    finally what if i exhaust with back tests allowable even with premium plan also?

    Pls do revert.


    • Streak says:

      Hi Venkatesh

      Every Scrip behaves differently for the same indicators or algos. And every minor change can have major changes in returns, risk and win loss ratio, max drawdown and soon.
      Due to this we mandate backtest for every change which is required before the algo to be saved so that you know the behaviour of the algo on that scrip.

      Hope this explains.

  105. sunil tyagi says:

    ) Multiple time frame analysis not there ( need within single algo)
    Eg: With Daily trend in visual uptrend, we can play long with minor frame say 30 mins or 15 mins in the same direction of daily trend or vice versa (Long in 30 mins close above Super trend when daily close above super trend)

    • Streak says:

      Dear sunil,

      Thank you for writing to us.
      Multiple timeframe in a single also is being developed, we will keep you posted when we launch it.


  106. Bedanta says:

    Dear concerned,

    Could you please guide me to plot the below strategy for renko 15 mins candle

    1)Buy when a green candle completely forms above 13EMA and sell when a red candle forms completely below 13 ema

  107. himanshu says:

    There is no arithmetic operation only logical operation for entry & exit. That’s the main hurdle i am facing, otherwise this app is fabulous.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Himanshu,

      Thank you for your kind words. Arithmetic operators will be added in few months, we will keep you posted.

      • Ram says:

        Even iam still waiting for arithmetic operations to backtest. For example day’s open+30 etc
        Will immediately subscribe plan if this is available.

        • Streak says:

          Hello Ram,

          We are currently working on this. We have already added arithmetic operator for Streak scanner. And we will be adding arithmetic operator for the strategy creation page very soon.

          • Ramachandran says:

            Hello streak team,
            It’s been some time. Any update on arithmetic operators on the strategy creation page?

  108. Dinesh says:

    Actually I am asking for pay subscription from my commodity account for test streak on equity market. So please let me know, can I pay subscription from my commodity market

    • Streak says:

      Hi Dinesh,
      Currently, Streak offers NSE Stocks, Futures and currency futures. Our tech team is working on integration of MCX index, the integration usually takes 2 – 3 months. We will keep you posted once we complete the integration.

  109. Dinesh says:

    As I have only MCX account on zerodha so please let me know, can I buy streak subscription from my commodity account

    • Streak says:

      Hi Dinesh,

      We hear you, our team has started working on supporting MCX, we will be releasing it very soon.
      Stay tuned, we will be announcing it soon 🙂


      • Dinesh says:

        Actually I am asking for pay subscription from my commodity account for test streak on equity market. So please let me know, can I pay subscription from my commodity market

  110. Dinesh says:

    When will streak work for MCX…???

  111. rajiv says:

    please add the option for condition to avoid trade

  112. Sandip says:

    When will you provide Options data and strategies based on 3 line break and PnF?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Sandip,

      In the coming weeks we will be releasing Renko and line break is next and then PnF.
      Options will be made available in about 2-3 months time.
      Stay tuned.


  113. Boda Devsingh says:

    Can you please elaborate the difference between Prev n(close, 0,15min),Prev n(close,-1,15min) and Prev n(close,+1,15min) etc…

    • Streak says:

      Hi Boda,

      Prev n(close, 0,15min) means the latest 15 min candle, as the offset is zero.
      Prev n(close,-1,15min) means the just the first previous 15 min candle, as the offset is -1.
      Prev n(close,+1,15min) for this indicator means same as Prev n(close,-1,15min), as this also picks the prior candle to the latest candle. It expected that negative number are used for offset, as they help you access past candles.


      • Raghavendra Narahari says:

        While entering the exit condition, I am trying to enter offset as -4, but Streak platform is not allowing me to enter the negative symbol of minus and keeps prompting only decimal and number values are allowed, how do I resolve this?

  114. rajiv says:

    It will be better if we can add our capital for trade so that we can buy which ever no. of share we can buy from our capital

  115. harsh says:

    Dear sir




    • Streak says:

      Dear Sir,
      Streak currently does not support BO and CO. We currently support CNC/NRML , MIS, SL-M orders. Once we release BO and CO order type we will keep you posted.

      Thank you

  116. harsh says:



    • Streak says:

      Hi Harsh,

      Streak currently only provides actionable notification for the singals on web, android and iOS. Due to regulations we cannot provide any form of automation yet. Once we can we will let you know.


  117. mangesh says:

    You have not started this in commodities but atleast you start BO ORDER in commodity
    When it start

  118. Boda Devsingh says:

    Can you please tell me which type of moving average you are using for calculation of MACD ie, simple,ema,dema,tema etc…


  119. Boda Devsingh says:

    Can you please tell me which type of moving average you are using for calculation of MACD ie, simple,email,dema,tema etc…

  120. Yash Ravel says:

    Hi, could you explain how the “period return” is computed in the backtest results?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Yash,

      Period return is the actual return(movement) the stock did in the period you are running the backtest for, lime 3 months, 1 year, etc.


  121. Abdur Rahaman says:

    Please help me writing this strategy for ” BUY ” nifty future

    1. Gap up opening and 2 green candle ( 15 min) then initiate buy.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Abdur,

      We surely can help you, just wanted to clarify first, by Gap up are you referring to market open gap up or any time during the market gap up.


  122. manohara says:

    if i want 200+ sentinel notification per week how to subscribe ? please suggest .

  123. Rudra Biswas says:

    Hi Team,

    I am trying get a bit of an assistance with one of the strategies and I am not sure if I have got it correct. Posted a query on Trading Q&A but yet to receive a response. Could someone assist ?

  124. Sarang says:

    Do you plan to add Ichimoku to the list?

    Another valuable addition would be slope of a metric, just like max, min. For example: slope of SMA

    • Streak says:

      Dear Sarang,

      We are in the continuous process of adding indicators and chart patterns. It’s in our list to add Ichimoku but it will take us few months to incorporate , test and release it.

  125. Boda Devsingh says:

    I deployed my strategy in one of the stock but didn’t get much notifications for buy/sell.Later I backtested the same strategy with same scrip.It has 10 to 12 no.of buy/sell activities.Why?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Boda,

      On Streak, currently if you get a notification for an algo, if you don’t get any subsequent notifications if you have not acted upon the initial algo. As the algo requires you to enter and exit to notify for the second time. So you would have not acted on notifications hence you did not get any further notifications. During backtest all enter and exit are acted upon by the system, which is the reason why it will have more signals. If you need any further information do write to us with screenshot at support[@]


      • Boda Devsingh says:

        All the notifications are getting delayed by minimum 2 min compared to backtest signal even though my net connection is strong…Why?

        • Streak says:

          Hi Boda,

          Notifications are always generated once the candle is completely formed, when you look at the backtests the first column shows the candle which generated the signal, but the trade price is the open price of the next candle, this is to illustrate that the notification will only come once the candle is completely formed (candle has closed) and then instantly all the technicians have been calculated and notification is generated. If you notice any issues kindly write to support[@] for us to be able to assist you better.


  126. Boda Devsingh says:

    It should be fully auto trading once all our conditions met…

  127. ASHIM says:

    HELLO, firstly heartiest congratulation for the great work
    Q.Why conformation required for placing order when all my conditions meet?because its quite difficult to check notification while at work.There are no other option available?

  128. vivek says:

    Hi Team,
    Is this for intraday or positional trading and when commodity trading will be started.

    • Streak says:

      Hello Vivek,

      We are currently working on integrating MCX, it will take a few months for us to complete. Once it’s done, we will let you know.

  129. Boda Devsingh says:

    Which parameter is to be used for current price of current candle

    • Streak says:

      Hi Boda,

      Currently we only support OHLCV ,smallest is 1min. This is because conclusive backtesting on currently price cannot be done as the historical data is present in the form of OHLCV candles.

      Hope this clarifies.
      Going forwards we will enable current prices, only for the purposes of deployments, but we will appreciate you patience for the same. Currently your can 1 min close/open to reproduce similar strategy results.


  130. Umesh says:

    1) On your website somewhere I have read something like this – entry is delayed by one candle. So my query – If I give the condition buy when close above 5ema in that case if a candle for selected timeframe closes above 5ema will it wait for one more candle to give the signal? 2) For intraday how many signals it will send for a particular algo? As many as occurred or any limitation on number of signals?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Umesh,
      Signal is never delayed by one candle, Where have you ready it, could you help us ?
      You might have read, If signal is generated in the same candle then the notification is sent at the open of next candle.
      Once the condition is met, notification is sent and awaits your action.

  131. Jithin says:

    I have been studying some signals and creating algos based on them. However, I am facing troubles during backtesting.
    The backtests sometimes dont pick up very obvious signals that fulfill all the conditions. In a recent example, my bactest for a day didnt pick up an important trade, and when i further reduced the backtest period to just one hour of that trade, it picked it up.
    The first time i ran this backtest it showed me a loss of 1.2% and when I backtested the same algo hour wise, and then again did it for the whole day, it showed me a profit of 6%. It is quite dangerous if we cant rely on backtests for accuracy

    • Streak says:

      Hi Jithin,
      I would suggest you spend some time going through the transaction table of every backtest where you think there is a mismatch. If you have entered a trade, without the exit for that trade the next trade does not get generated during backtesting even if the signals is generated because you have an open position.
      The entry and exits are printed in the table for better understanding.
      Recheck and send a mail to support if you still have questions along with screenshots.

  132. Kumar says:

    In Candlestick, how to know if the previous 2 candles formed are very small than the current candle or (How to identify if the current candle formed is really big and current candle is bigger than the previous 2 candles)?
    Thanks in advance,

  133. Mangesh says:

    I am not finding this … Kindly help me out ..
    1– I want to buy if 1 hour candle above 10 & 20 Ema ..
    And I want to put buy stop & create sell position if 1 hour candle close below 10 & 20 Ema ..

    How can I do this ..
    2– i think we can’t create new sell position along with buy stop … Can we??

    Please elaborate on above 2 questions

    • Streak says:

      Hi Mangesh,

      1. You can easily do this by selecting candle interval as 1hour, and then in entry condition typing the following 2 conditions :
      Close crosses above 10 ema
      And close crosses above 20 ema
      For exit you can just enter :
      Close crosses below 10 ema
      And close crosses below 20 email.

      2. You can have a buy and sell position on the same scrip with same product type.

      • Mangesh says:

        Not working at all, showing totally wrong data,

        And why there is compulsory to put stop loss % and Target % , if we have another exit condition ..

        Secondly we cannot first buy and double sell when it’s hit al, in one algo, we have to create another algo for selling .. and another for buying

  134. Dipak Das says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have some query on technical indicators which are used in streak plate-form

    (i) ‘VWAP’ need offset value. Kindly explain what is this offset value?

    (ii) Please explain N value of ‘PREV N VOL’ indicator

    (iii) Please explain N value of ‘ PREV N ‘ indicators

    (iv) Please explain the ‘ VOLUME’ indicator

    (v) Suppose I bought Bank nifty future 27000 I want to sell when it reach 27100, and Stop loss position is 26900. Kindly explain what will be the selling and Stop loss percentage of Bank Nifty.

    Dipak Das

    • Streak says:

      Hi Dipak,

      1. VWAP offset helps you compare current VAWP values with older values. Offset of -1 lets you access previous candle VWAP
      2. PREV N VOL indicators refers to previous N candle volume, and it lets you access volume trades in past candle of varying candle types.
      3. PREV N allows to do exactly same as above but with OHCL prices of the candle.
      4. Volume indicator lets you access number of stocks traded for the lastest formed candle based on the candle interval.
      5. You can achive it easily by entering the following:
      – Add the scrip and select 1min candle interval
      – Select Buy/Sell and enter the total units quantity (units*lot size)
      – In Entry condition, type = ‘At price’ and select it, and in options enter the price at which you want to enter, in this case 27000, select the range at which you want to get notified, say 0.04, then you will get notified when you get price comes in the range of 26989.2 and 27010.8.
      – Enter Take profit as 0.37 and stop loss as 0.37 percentages respectively which comes approx to 27100 for target and 26900 for stop loss.

      Then you can run backtest and deploy.
      When the price comes in the desired range you will get notified and you can either place a direct market order by clicking on the notification or place a limit order by going into kite.

      Hope this helps.

  135. Praveen says:

    Can i close py positions on predefined time? Like can the algorithms exit my orders at 10:00AM automatically

  136. Jayakumar says:

    Congrats to continued innovation in zerodha products. I would like to give my views on Zerodha streak with pros and cons.
    1) Data accuracy
    2) Simple & Elegant user interface
    3) Backtesting
    4) Continuous Monitoring as Deployment


    1) Multiple time frame analysis not there ( need within single algo)
    Eg: With Daily trend in visual uptrend, we can play long with minor frame say 30 mins or 15 mins in the same direction of daily trend or vice versa (Long in 30 mins close above Super trend when daily close above super trend)

    2) Arithmetic operations, max, min and many more functions not available
    Eg: a) How to find full gap up/down stocks with % change?
    Today’s close 2% up than Yesterday close with today’s open greater than yesterday high
    b) Stocks trading in narrow range for say 10 days with high & low within 5% of median

    3) Higher than with equal and Lower than with equal logic not available

    4) 5 algo conditions is very less for a good algo
    Eg: a) minimum condions meeting volume, higher high and higher low for consecutive three days, moving average or super trend crossover needs more than 5 conditions
    b) Stocks closing above 50 day high, 100 day high or new 52 weeks high

    5) Most of Basic candlestick reversal pattern not available

    6) Poor Editability in already created algo
    Eg: Indicators or close /open or other parameters can’t be edited in previously created Algo conditions. You have to delete the conditions and redoing again is frustrating.

    7) Logic within logic not available
    Eg: cond1 or (cond2 AND ( (cond3 AND cond4) or cond5)))

    These are the CONS as far as i remember now, still many more are there.

    In my view, Algos works in three ways Screening, Execution and Monitoring. Screening is most important of all three comparatively. Zerodha Streak algo screening is still primitive i believe. Finding entry with meeting conditions is tedious one and is very important. ZERODHA STREAK LACKS THIS.

    Above said needed functions are available in other screeners in market. They may be passive in nature, but they have good functions/operations to get the conditions met to give live alerts and they are affordable. As of now, i found those realtime screeners are very powerful than ZERODHA STREAK in rule making strategies and screening.

    I expect zerodha streak to be superior than those screeners in every aspects in the next version. Keep evolving and don’t stop.

    And more over Sentinel can be incorporated into Zerodha streak.

    Zerodha streak can be unique but it has to blend the best in their systems to keep thriving.

  137. Md Zaman says:

    Hi…One primary draw back …. it is semi – automated as it needs action from the client for execution of orders therefore we always have to stick to the terminal and we are bound to miss some signals. Algo trading success lies in execution of all / 100 % of the trading signals. When can we expected auto execution mode ?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Md Zaman,
      We are working on getting regulatory approvals for automated trading. Once we have the approvals we will let you know. You can also download our android app to also on the go.

  138. Kumar says:

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    It works partially. It displays results when the line is up and rising.
    And also the results when the 5sma is flat. How should I ignore when the line is flat ?

  139. Kumar says:

    How should we code in Streak to know if 5SMA is moving in uptrend or down trend ?
    Thanks in advance for your answers,

    • Streak says:

      Hi Kumar,

      eg : You can use 5 sma crosses above 8 sma

      • Kumar says:

        Thanks for the quick reply.
        It works partially. It displays results when the line is up and rising.
        And also the results when the 5sma is flat. How should I ignore when the line is flat ?

  140. Abhilash says:

    I want to know full details about the streak chart indicators

  141. Jayanth says:

    when can you guys add HMA (Hull moving avg.) to the list of indicators?

  142. Ankit Sawla says:

    Tried to figure it out, just let me know if my understanding is correct:
    Trigger type
    EN = Entry
    SL = Stop loss
    TP = Target price
    SO = Sell Order or square off
    EX = Exit

  143. Ankit Sawla says:

    In the backtest transaction details screen, what does trigger type “EN” means?

  144. munish says:

    streak is only on kite or also on pi.
    if yes then any demo for pi
    if no then when it will be available

  145. Jameshed says:

    Hi I have opend my account this week with zerodha. I am unable to place order in currency, getting error that exchange is not enable for my account.
    And the worst thing is I am not getting any help either on phone or email.
    Tell me what I do?

  146. Murali M says:

    I have set up the parameters and when i try to do backtest it does not show me any results. It does not have any results in the backtest screen. Why is it so??

    • Streak says:

      Hi Murali,
      If you are not getting any error msg, the chances are the strategy is incorrect. Do write to support[@] and we can help you

      • Murali says:

        Thank you for the response. I have dropped an email with the screenshot of the tests which i am trying to run. Thanks.

      • Murali says:

        By the way,, how long back in to the history does these tests go to??
        Like 1 year or 6 months or 3 months???

  147. Streak says:

    Hi Ramesh,
    We trigger SL- M order only on the day the position is taken in CNC. All SL-M orders for CNC algos is valid only for the day the position is taken and will not be placed on the consecutive day. However, if the target profit or SL is hit , you will get the notification. Pls note SL and SL – M are 2 different options

  148. Ramesh kumar says:

    My order gets executed through algo, in cnc mode. But my sl was not triggered, on that day. My question is whether the algo is still tracing my open position for the next day with the rules applied earlier.

  149. Parag Moteria says:

    I already opt Streak Basic version.

    The query is:

    Are numbers of Indicators are same in all version of Streak (Basic, Premium and Ultimate) ? Is there any advance indicators/algo available with Premium/Ultimate version?

    Thanking you.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Parag,
      The platform and indicators are same for all the users.
      The ultimate plan offering which is charged at 1400 Rs + GST gives you the opportunity to run 1000 backtest + 100 live deployments per day . Also, as an introductory offer you get to speak to our Streak Platform expert for 30 mins ( once ) to get all the questions answered about the platform.

  150. Sudarshan Hegde says:

    Does streak algo can be done in Nifty Options and can option strategies ?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Sudarshan,

      Currently we support NSE Stocks futures and currency futures.
      We are woking on integrating Options and MCX exchange, it will take few months for us to complete. Once its done, we will let you know.

  151. Vijay says:

    Why are we not getting 3 months data while back testing for 15 minutes candle? Most of the time I am getting only one month data. Once in a while I am getting 3 months data. Since we are paying for the service, could you please make sure we get full data always?

    • Streak says:

      Hi Vijay,
      1 minute runs checks for signals on min candle with maximum allowed window of 30 days
      3 minute to 30 minutes checks for signals respective candle based on data availability with maximum allowed window of 90 days.
      1 hour candle checks for signals on an hourly candle with maximum allowed window of 1 year based on data availability.
      1 day candle checks for signals on a day candle with maximum allowed window of 5 years based on data availability.

      • Vijay says:

        Thanks for your reply. I understand what you explained. But most of the times 3 – 30 minutes candle back test will not have 90 days data. Only sometime I see 90 days data. For Example, The same Algo sometimes give 10 signals and sometimes give 30 signals. We can see the data and realize that earlier one had just one month data and later one had full 90 days data. Why is it happening?

  152. Ramesh kumar says:

    Settings for Hedging is possible.

    Secondly, in the menu list PREV.LTP is missing which is also a important parameter.

  153. Invsto says:

    It would be be useful if we have % of indicator as an setting option.

    For example if price > 1.25*SMA_50
    or if price > 1.2* (price-1)

  154. Vivek says:

    Can you allow to download user manual without starting trial?

  155. Pani says:

    We can’t able to understanding what is this tell me sir

  156. Rajendra says:

    Dear Streak Team,

    I need help to create Algo based on Candlestic price movement along with Slow Stochastic (Smooth) crossovers. Trade has to be trigger only both parameters are meet. Could you please help.

    for green candle = “close higher than open”,
    for red candle=”close lower than open”,

    Buy when Stochastic %K line (Blue Line) rises above the %D line (red line)
    Sell when Stochastic %K line (Blue line) falls below the %D line (%K Line)

  157. Nilesh says:

    Please add BO and CO with trailing stop with minimum limit of 2pip(now it’s 5pip) for currency trading

    • Streak says:

      Hi Nilesh,
      We are in the process of adding BO and CO orders. It will take us some time, we will update you once its ready. Do keep using the platform.

  158. Ravi Chouhan says:

    Thank You so much Zerodha. I am in need of this kind of tools, and you gave in such a simple way.

  159. HARSHA SAJJANAR says:

    can we able to trade in mcx using streak ???

  160. Anoop says:

    How do u write a strategy for open = low or open = high for a stock or group of stocks in the first 1/2 or 1 hour of a trading session???

    • anoop says:

      reply awaited

      • Streak says:

        Hi Anoop,

        You can use “opening range” indicator for this.

        Go to create page and enter the following:

        Opening Range(Open,hour) equals to Opening Range(High,hour)
        Opening Range(Open,hour) equals to Opening Range(low,hour)

        Opening range indicators, allows you to establish OHLC for any candle type.

        Hope this helps, for further queries write to us at support[@]

  161. Aji K says:

    BO and CO neeeded… Also LTP based direct deploy without backrests needed… through which one can set LTP to buy like in Pi chart trading, without wasting time in backrests…

    • Aji K says:

      Backtests…!! This mobile autocorrect sh.. 🙂

    • Streak says:

      Hi Aji ,
      We are in the process of adding BO and CO orders. It will take us some time, we will update you once its ready. You can use “AT Price “strategy to take a trade based on a price range without using technical indicators.

  162. Saqib says:

    So nice . I love to use.

  163. Sutharsan says:

    When will we get commodities in streak ?

  164. Chaman Jindal says:

    Can we use this for commodity trading also?

  165. Pankaj says:

    We need High / Low of Previous candle, previous HA candle, MACD Histogram, Previous Histogram etc. to program.
    These are Basic decision makers in Technical Analysis.

    Also need commodities to be included.

    When are you providing these?

  166. Rajashekhar says:

    Hi Creating new algo is not applicable for options. Can it be made generic to pick BankNifty options for the current week which are trading near certain price and RSI above 40.

  167. siva ch says:

    First can you try improve the nifty future and options ticker price change update.. it’s very slow compared to other brokers and sometimes it refreshes prices very least provide the time of last update and refresh button..without that day trading is difficult and algo trading is much more difficult

  168. Bipin Amrutlal says:

    when will you start fully automated algo trading? pls give the stoploss and target price in points also with percentage.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Bipin,

      We are working on getting regulatory approvals for automated trading. Once we have the approvals we will let you know. SL and TP points will be available soon.

      • Sameer G Patil says:

        Yeah that would the essential firepower required for this to make it deployable.

        Is it true that SEBI is going to allow additional charges by the exchanges for algorithmic trading?

      • premanada p s says:

        By when we can expect regulatory approvals for automated trading? Please giv us Rough ETA….

  169. Mangesh says:

    It is not in commodities market, we are waiting …
    And BO orders also not available on commodities market,
    When it will take place, because I don’t trade in equities n currency

  170. Prem Shankar says:

    Can I use streak for commodity trading?

  171. Barot Sachin says:

    I would like to know more.

  172. Dhruva says:

    Is there a way to use Streak on the Web via a browser? How can I buy the Streak subscription now if I only have an iOS device?

  173. saurabh says:

    do you have a plan to support the renko chart based indicators?

  174. karthikeyan says:


    I am using supertrend indicator with setting of 11,11. Using 1 minute time frame. I usually buy and sell based on the signal to signal with supertrend. How this is possible? Can we set this?

  175. Kanhaiya says:

    Need BO order …

  176. Mihir says:

    Is there any other way to get notified with streak in iPhone?

  177. Mihir says:

    When are you launching app for IPhone?

  178. Prateek Sood says:


    I want to speak to someone (or need a revert from someone on my mail) to confirm whether streak’s algo can read the COLOUR of Heikin Ashi Candlesticks on a chart & whether it can take an action basis if my conditions are met.

    • Streak says:

      Hi Prateek,

      You can easily generate signal based on the color of the Heikin-ashi candle as follows:
      for green candle = “close higher than open”,
      for first green = “close crosses above open”,
      for red =”close lower than open”,
      for first red = “close crosses below open”.
      Here close and open are a current candle prices. You will have to select Heikin-Ashi as chart type, in Advanced option section.
      For further clarification, write to [email protected]

  179. UTSAB DHAR says:

    I am very much excited to use Streak. I have already run 5 backtests and earned mostly the winning signals. It is very helpful. Being an Zerodha employee i am very much proud that i am a little part of this whole fintech, e-trading house. Thank you Zerodha.

    • Streak says:

      Thank you Utsab. You can now run upto 200 backtests a day and deploy upto 25 algos at a time for FREE with Basic Plan. The Basic plan worth INR 500 is free for all Zerodha users till 31st of July.

      • Ricky says:

        i am not able to subscribe sir for free till 31st july help me sir zerodha id is zz7160.

        • Streak says:

          Hi Ricky,

          Even though Streak basic plan is free to use till 31 July , we check for a minimum balance of Rs 601 to subscribe to the basic plan. Do write to support[@] for more info.

      • sharad says:

        I wish to write a code that predefines my total daily loss.

        can u help?


        • Streak says:

          Dear Sharad,

          You can use stop loss to predefine your total daily loss in percentage and do a MIS backtest.
          Also for technicals based cover, you can add exit condition.


    • Ricky says:

      utsab ji please can you share your strategy with us.?

    • Shivakumar says:

      I’m not able to use the cover order properly as the price range is not shown during order.please correct it asap.

      • Streak says:

        Hi Shivakumar,

        Price range indicator is only valid for entry conditions and not for cover conditions.
        But your can adjust your target and stop loss percentages to get your desired price range.


    • suresh babu s says:

      i want to use streak for weekly . so i need week plan instead of monthly plan . is there any option for week plan?