Introducing smallcase — Invest in ideas

July 13, 2016

Traders and Investors,

I am super excited to introduce you all to smallcase, a fintech startup who have leveraged our broking as a service model to setup India’s first thematic investing platform. With smallcase, you can buy portfolios of stocks that reflect market themes like GST, rural demand, India’s growing middle class, monsoon with just 2 clicks.

Find below a post from Vasanth, co-founder@smallcase introducing you to this new way of investing.

smallcase is a new way to invest in stocks

Invest in ideas

Thematic investing is the most natural way to invest. Retail investors like you and me invest in stocks thematically, based on ideas we think will play out in the future for eg. investing in retail chains because India is becoming a consumption-heavy economy, or buying pharma/IT stocks due to possible rupee depreciation. Most mutual funds are also thematic instruments.

At smallcase, we identify themes — driven by long term trends, govt policy reforms, sectoral shifts, technology, culture, demographics — that we believe will catch on in the next few years. We have come up with over 40 of these themes (we call them ‘smallcases’) and created portfolios of stocks around them. Each smallcase holds between 10–20 stocks, and is intelligently weighted based on the theme it reflects.

For example, next week, the government is hopeful to pass the GST bill in the monsoon session of parliament. We have a smallcase called The GST Opportunity, that seeks to benefit from the companies & sectors that will gain with the passage of the GST bill. It is an equi-weighted portfolio of 13 stocks from different sectors viz. FMCG, Logistics, Entertainment, Automobiles, etc.


Through smallcases, we seek the biggest opportunities in the Indian markets.We only pick themes that have massive potential and have not yet played out in the markets. Once we identify a theme, our research team picks the right stocks for each smallcase, based on our proprietary models. We also rebalance every portfolio each quarter, so you don’t have to track the markets every day

Some of the most popular smallcases right now (other than GST)



Here’s how this works

Buying a smallcase is exactly like buying a stock. You confirm the amount you want to invest in a smallcase, and place all constituent stock orders with a click!

You can also track & manage your smallcase anytime. Every quarter, when we review our smallcases to ensure they continue reflecting the underlying theme — you get a Rebalance Update to apply the same changes.

What does this cost you?

smallcase is a thematic portfolio investment product, quite like mutual funds & portfolio management services, but significantly low-cost compared to them

We only charge you Rs 100 when you buy a smallcase. No transaction fees when you rebalance or exit a smallcase.

Start investing

Our platform is built on Zerodha’s Kite APIs, so if you’re already a Zerodha user, you have instant access to smallcase! Login with your Kite credentials directly at and start investing now


All stocks that you buy with smallcase are held in your demat account and can be seen in your Kite holdings as well. All buy & sell orders for smallcase stocks should be done through the smallcase platform, as trades from Kite/Pi will not be reflected on smallcase — impacting your smallcase returns & P&L.

If you don’t have a Zerodha account as yet, you can sign up — you should hear from us in the next 24 hours

Say hi

We are building new features to give you an effortless & delightful investing experience. All ideas, suggestions, questions are welcome! We are building smallcase for you 🙂 Mail us at [email protected] or comment below

Happy investing,
Team smallcase

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Arshad says:

    Rs. 100 is charged on buying the smallcase. Is this fees one time on first transaction or recurrent (every month) in case of SIP ?

  2. Bikram says:

    i created a custom smallcase with initial amount of 3lack . I removed and added stocks , also changed weights over a period of time . But i did not put any more money . I added stocks or increased weights/shares in a stock only by selling some other stock or reducing weights/shares in some other stock . So my total invested amount is still 3lack . As on today in performance view it shows Realized Returns –> 16,154.34 and Current Returns –>3,028.34 . So my realized profit should have been 5.39% of 3lack . But on performance view , Total Returns shows as 2.41% . Which i found is against Money Put In 7,95,023.47 . That means every time i sell a stock and re-invest that money back to my small case , It considers that as further money put into the fund . That is why even though my Current Value is fixed @3lack , money put in is keep on increasing .

    • Namrata says:

      Hi Bikram! Money Put In gives you the amount that was previously invested + the amount that is currently invested, so it does not account for any realised amount. So, when you sell a stock, say, with total sell value of Rs. 10000, your current (unrealised investment) comes down by Rs. 10000, but should you invest this back into your smallcase, your current investment will be increased by the same amount. Your Money Put In however, does not account for realised amount as it shows you the total inflow of money into the smallcase.

  3. Vipin says:

    How does one exit from smallcase investment ? Is the entire smallcase to be sold or one can even sell components ?

  4. R. Shanmugasundaram says:

    Anyone invested since beginning ( some of the small case) can share the negative aspects please. Especially real time experience in Rebalancing, tax issues, post tax return etc.
    Why no one is discussing with enthusiasm when compared with initial days?

  5. Amol Gholap says:

    Dear Sir,
    If we start randomly with any small case as SIP is it correct for long term. Pl suggest some of the small cases for current mktg conditions which are suitable for investments. I have already started with Bargain Buys, The Naked Trader & Low Accruals with the forst SIP on 1st of August. Is this suitable.

  6. Vijay says:

    Looks like the average cost is not getting calculated correctly. Suppose I bought 10 shares of company A for Rs. 500 through smallcase. Now when I go to kite it shows the average cost as Rs.500 which is correct. Now the price goes down to say Rs. 400. Now I bought another 10 directly from Kite. This should not change the average cost of smallcase stock. But it looks like it recalculate and says 450 as average cost for both. Is this how it is supposed to work? Please look into this.

    • Abhishek says:

      Ya me also facing the same.

      • Namrata says:

        Hi Vijay and Abhishek! The avg buy price calculation methodology used on smallcase is the most direct one – simple average for accuracy purposes. For any stocks bought directly through Kite, this quantity doesn’t get added to your smallcase, hence there won’t be any changes in the avg buy prices you see on smallcase. On Kite, the avg buy price is calculated by FIFO (first in, first out) for tax liability reasons.

  7. Shatrugna says:

    Can a short delivery happen in case of smallcase stocks

    • Matti says:

      Hey Shatrugna, short delivery can happen for any stock if the seller doesn’t provide delivery. That said, since all smallcase stocks are screened for liquidity, the chances of short delivery are lower.

  8. Prasanna says:

    Hi, Do I have to pay INR 100 for every buy transaction of a smallcase?
    In case I do an SIP of 1 unit every month in one smallcase for a year how much I have to pay for 12 units?



    I have bought some equity shares on 9th of this month. But even after 2 days nothing is showing in my holding. My client id is xg4558


    Hi, i am a new user in zerodha. Just opened the account 3weeks back. But due to my father’s death at that time i could not mail the PoA to zerodha. I will be sending the PoA on monday. Will it create any problem for my account? And i have not received my login in credentials till now. Please help me get my login credentials

    • Matti says:

      I’m sorry to hear that Tapash. You can send your PoA at any time. Shouldn’t be an issue. You should have already received the login credentials. Please check our SPAM box as well.

  11. Vijay says:

    Can I pledge smallcase shares and sell options? How will the re-balancing work after this? i am talking about 2 – 3 L in one small case and use that for low risk option selling.

    • Matti says:

      You can indeed pledge stocks in a smallcase, Vijay, but you’ll have to unpledge them in order to rebalance the smallcase.

  12. Trinadh Kumar Narayana says:

    Hello Team,
    would i be charged with normal zerodha brokerage & other charges whenever, the portfolio of the smallcase is changed by your team..

  13. Dhanasekaran N says:

    Why do you require these permissions:
    Place, modify, and cancel orders
    View your account balance and margins
    Access holdings and positions portfolio

    If the smallcase purchase was maintained in smallcase portal, why do you require access to Zerodha Account holdings and positions, including permission to place, modify and cancel orders?

    Please explain if there are any proper reasons for these. How safe are my holdings and funds in Zerodha, if we give some one in smallcase portal to do trading in my place?

  14. Trinadh Kumar Narayana says:

    Few more Queries,

    1. Can We convert cases at any time..? If yes how much would I be charged?
    2. Difference Between Mutual Funds and Small case?
    3. Advantages of Investing in Small case instead of Coin?
    4. Will I get Units credited to my account(like Mutual Funds) or Shares Credited?
    5. Will zerodha charge me for Charges like SEBI charges, NSE/BSE charges, Brokerage, GST, Transation Fee. If yes when(Buy/Sell)??
    6. How do i get the return (Increase in the value of Investment/ Direct credit to Bank A/c)
    7. Is this a single Lumpsum Investment or SIP (Do I have SIP plans also..?)
    8. Any Tax benfits?
    9. Do Zerodha revise the portfolio constantly based on market conditions?
    10. Will I get the benfits of Dividends & Bonus Issued by the companies in my portfolio. (if yes how would the benfit passed on to me)?

  15. Trinadh Kumar Narayana says:

    hello Sir,
    I’m an existing Zerodha Customer. I have a few queries before I invest in small case

    1. Would I be charged Fee of 100/- for every case I bought irrespective of the value Involved.
    2. Do I get charged for – Monthly / Annual Fee, Exit Fee, Redemption Fee or any other Hidden Charges apart from the said 100 or 200 ruppes.
    3. Can I redeem my Case whenever I want funds. (Any stipulated Holding Time for redemption?)

    Kindly mail the answer’s for my Query (if possible).

    • Matti says:

      Hi Trinadh.
      1. Yes, that’s right.
      2. No annual or recurring charges. Normal taxes and charges while buying and selling with Zerodha will apply.
      3. Yes, you can exit your smallcases at any time.

  16. Ragesh G R says:

    Hi guys!

    Zerodha user here. Just started exploring smallcase. Great initiative! I was always enamoured by curated stock portfolios so that I can be saved the time of researching even though I am interested and do my own research, sometimes a professional full time assistance does help. I inquired about PMS but it is unreachable for normal retail investors like us who don’t have a whopping 25 lacs lying around. Also PMS charges huge fees and profit sharing. So this is like a PMS for the poor retail investor. Excited to join the bandwagon.


    Does Zerodha provides Expert advice for investing in shares? I am really new for share purchasing; i want to invest around 50k,but i want to know good shares in which i can invest atleast for 5 years and can get good amount of return. So if you have expert advice on that kindly let me know

  18. Sachin dakhare says:

    Nice concept….I appreciate
    Can you please tell me other plan …i am new customer..which product zerodha providing for long term growth plan…actually I called sales person.. they are busy. he didn’t called back…as new customers we like to know which other services you are providing…please reply

  19. Ambaji says:

    Hi sir, I want your franchises ,now I have 15 people who have interst in a demat account in maharashtra sangli

  20. vikas gadhave says:

    worried about small case income tax charges while it redeem, can you please focus your views ?

  21. Adarsh says:

    Hi, the concepts seems nice…and does provides an ease to invest. However, the question is…how you are picking the stocks…you have mentioned that your research team does the picking using your proprietary models…so the discretion on picking the stock is solely on your research team … as an end user, we would like to know who is in your research team, their experience in the market , their qualification. Again, the concept seems very nice… however there are things which every investor would like to understand…in case of mutual funds, you get to know about the fund manager(s), their track record etc, which is one of the vital points in picking up a fund. So if you can provide more clarity on how these stocks are picked…it would be really helpful to all.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Adarsh, we do have an in-house research that helps create & update these smallcases on a regular basis. However there is very less subjectivity or stock picking – and selection & weighting for stocks in a smallcase is completely based on the criteria used for the model or theme of the smallcase

      Our mandate is to ensure the stocks/weights reflect the model/theme correctly at all times 🙂


    sir tell me any capital risk or losses in smallcase investment like trading??

  23. RAJESH says:

    Assume buy a small case for 5000 (assume minimum investment amount 5000) ,again i want to invest in that small case so next time i need to invest 5000 or i can invest any amount after invest 1 time??

    • Vasanth says:

      There will be a minimum amount for every transaction like invest more, exit partially etc. If you want to add or remove a few stocks/shares from your smallcase – you can do that as well, the amount will depend on the buy/sell value. Only do this via the smallcase Platform/app though

  24. RAJESH says:

    Hi Zerodha team and Smallcase team, i have few question…
    (1) What is the validity of the smallcases… and that 100 charged is for oneyear or untill i sell all the share from the small case.?
    (2)I have some stocks in kite in very less price… supposed i invest in a small case and in that small case same stock present there,,is it affect my the less price buy stock. i mean is there any price changed in my previous investment.?
    (3)Supposed buy a small case and now i have 0 (Zero) rupee in my kite trading account.. and after quaterly rebalancing the stock the taxes are deduct from which account,, is it from small case account or kite account…. (* if its deduct from my kite account then i seen – (minus) balance in my kite account…… isnt it? correct me if i wrong )

    Lets waiting for reply from zerodha team / small case team…

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Rajesh, sure – addressing one by one
      1) The fees of Rs. 100 + GST (or Rs. 200 + GST for Select smallcases – ones with a golden star) are a one-time flat fee for the entire duration of the smallcase, till exited completely. If you buy it again after exiting, charges will apply

      2) Avg buy price will change in this case on Kite holdings – you can however separate your Kite bought stocks & smallcase bought stocks on Kite Web Holdings page to see the numbers separately. Do remember to not sell smallcase stocks from Kite, as your constituents & returns on smallcase will reflect incorrectly

      3) That’s right – smallcase only debits/credits funds to your Zerodha account

  25. AC says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am new to smallcase and tried out my own style of investing by trying to create one from scratch. However now that I have invested in it, I want to do the following:

    1. Assign a suitable picture to the theme, however can’t do it now, looks like the pic can be assigned when it is in draft status or just before order placement.
    2. Want to rebalance the case, by dropping two scrips and adding a new one. How do I do it? Looks like the rebalancing option is only there for the out-of-the-box cases and that too based on recommendation.

    Help me out!!

  26. Harish says:

    Nice product!! I actually managed making a return of 15% in three months with the help of this.. I have a doubt.. what i want to do is withdraw some funds from one smallcase and invest in another.. but not exit from that smallcase neither rebalancing it.. is there a way to do that?

    • Vasanth says:

      You can exit a smallcase partially based on amount, and then invest more in the other smallcase – there’s no option switch/transfer funds between 2 smallcases yet

  27. Akash says:

    I have one doubt, if sell a smallcase. How will DP/zerodha( 8+5.5)charges be calculated? if it has 15 stocks, then Rs 13.5 for all 15 stocks would be 13.5*15=202.5, correct me if I am wrong.

  28. Chatterjee says:

    Dear sir,
    I must appriciate that Small case is a great initiative.

    My question is, if I invest in a perticular small case periodically (like SIP), then what fee l have to pay? Is it 1st time Rs. 100/- only or everytime I invest, I have to pay the fee of Rs. 100/- ? Kindly clarify.

  29. PRIYANK DUBEY says:

    1. Can small case have stop loss?
    (I recently bought two small cases, both were in total at 8 % profit, however with market downside due to GST and global ques it went into -5%.)
    2. Can we use this platform for long term only (recommended)?
    3. Also for small case pro we are charged 100 rupees. it is over and above each small case one time charge we invest in. how Pro would be beneficial for small investors<4k, if we do not get even 150 rs. As a profit per month out of which we pay 125 on pro+ taxes?
    Please suggest as I am in middle of continuing with pro from next month.

    • Priyank Dubey says:

      Hi Vasanth,

      As a small investor between 5k-10k a month, I request you to answer above and suggest.


  30. Naishadh says:

    Quick Question – Say I invest 1 lakh in a smallcase – Now if I add one more lakh in – what charges apply both smallcase and also Zerodha ? Pls enlighten

    Second – Are all smallcases purely algorithm based? or do you have guys managing it as well?

    PS – This is an amazing UI and concept! Stellar work guys!

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Naishadh!

      1) We charge a flat Rs. 100 (or 2.5% of investment amount on the Buy day, whichever is lesser) one-time per smallcase bought. Zerodha charges are usual as shown hre

      2) Yup, in-house research + process/methodology for each smallcase

      Thank you 🙂

  31. Mohit Jain says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am not sure, if Zerodha provides the facility to invest in Equities systematically (like MF SIP) where I can buy number of stocks on day/week/monthly basis. I found the same facility available with Indiabulls but the issue there is that the minimum amount to be invested is 500 rs. instead of quantity of equities so If I want to buy 1/2 share of worth 100 rs. daily, I cannot do that.

    If I am not wrong then the same can be done using algoZ.

    Mohit Jain

  32. Sudhakar P says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Is there anything like smallcase for MF segment also in near future. As I am planning to use coin, will there be anything like this sort of feature where MFs are choosed based on themes.

  33. Anagha says:

    Dear sir,
    Can we buy stock aval in the smallcase separately or we have to buy total smallcase, & min amount means the cost of smallcase. Right.
    Suppose one smallcase is of 1600. Then how much we have to pay.?

    • You can buy smallcase stocks separately on Kite, but you won’t be able to track & manage them separately

      Total amount paid = Amount invested (anything greater than minimum amount) + smallcase Fees (Rs. 100 or 2.5% of investment amount whichever is lesser) and Zerodha fees

  34. vijay says:

    hello Nithin Kamath. why you provide share market ideas for buy,sell & hold. please provide that.

  35. P J Padmavathi says:

    Congratulations on your completing 1 successful year. Can you develop small case for BUY TODAY AND SELL TOMORROW trades.

  36. aryan says:

    Sir please add 2 hrs, 4 hrs, 8 hrs time frame on kite for swing trading

  37. Shatrugna says:

    Hi team,
    Do we have technical charts such as Bol linger bands and Heiken ashi charts for small cases on kite? I couldn’t get any . Kindly help

  38. Rahul says:

    I am sorry if this has been asked before.

    How does exist work for Small Case? Say I bought Smart City today. So while exist I can exist share wise or I have to sell holding ?

    • You can sell it either together on smallcase or separately on Kite. Upto you.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Rahul – you can do either – pls do it on only though since we don’t get your order activity from Kite and the smallcases will reflect incorrect info/returns/constituents

  39. Ketan Khopkar says:

    Are the stock included in smallcase only for buy orders and not sell order ?.

    How can we know the stocks included in smallcase is for buy order or sell order.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Ketan – you can first buy a smallcase (all stocks inside) and then manage (invest more, exit, add/remove) post that

  40. Raju says:

    if I create my own smallcase and then buy it, will it still cost me 100 RS.

  41. vinay says:

    does the company has bug bounty programme

  42. Sahil says:

    I am totally buying it !! Welcome to the era of Thematic Investing ! Long way to go Zerodha ! and for young investors like us 🙂

  43. Joel says:

    Do I need to pay ₹100 every time I trade?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Joel – nope, just when you buy a smallcase (not for investing more, managing/rebalancing, exiting the same smallcase)

  44. prabit says:

    I have invested in 2 smallcases and one of them is Growth & Income. There is one share in there KPIT. Last 4 qrts KPIT’s profit is declining. I don’t understand on what basis this share is selected. Please advise.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Prabit –

      Each smallcase has its own criteria by which stocks are screened & selected

      Growth & Income takes into consideration EPS 5 year CAGR, DPS 5 year CAGR, ROE greater than median and the likes

      Last 4 qrts profit is not a criteria for that smallcase

      • prabit says:

        Thanks Vasant,
        the stock fell quite a bit in a bull market, so seeing the financial, got little panicky.

  45. Shubhangi Pavtekar says:

    1 – Shall do Monthly stock SIP with my Smallcase?
    2 – Shall i be able to add Exchange traded funds to be part of my smallcase ? specially Liquid funds to keep cash ready when i want to switch my funds.
    3 – is there any way i can buy multiple stock throughout month at my best entry price while using smallcase. or allow smallcase to put order on my behalf while stock is my buying Trigger price.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Shubhangi,
      1) Of course, you can by Investing more in the same smallcase whenever you wish. We’re working on a SIP system for the same
      2) Not right now, on our list
      3) Nope, not right now 🙁

  46. satyanarayana says:

    I have recently opened an account with Zerodha…… I have gone through all the available sets of small cases…. you are requested to clarify the following.

    1. If one theme is bought today, when can I sell the same……..if at all I would want ?
    2. Is there any theme covering / constitute the solar energy producers, because this segment is really growing in multiple folds & expected to grow…….. If not available, can you customise for me for the value between Rs.75000 to Rs.100000

    • Vasanth says:

      Sure thing!

      1. Anytime you like – immediately after you buy as well – no lock in. However, as a concept – smallcase is most effective for long term investing
      2. Have this on our list for a long time – would be best if you can write to us with the same at [email protected]


  47. Harish Balaji Ramachandran says:

    It would be good to show CAGR for each invested smallcase.

  48. Aneesh Babu says:

    Can you please add a feature that allow me to sell all of the profit making shares in my smallcase but keep all those are on loss at that moment, so that i can wait for those to become profitable and then exit?


    • Aneesh Babu says:

      –“sell all of the profit making shares” — I mean shares those are at profit! 🙂

      • Vasanth says:

        Got it

        You can do this yourself with the Manage stocks feature 🙂

        Investments > Details for the particular smallcase > Add/Remove stocks

  49. Rachti says:

    Hi Mr. Vasanth/ Nithin

    Can You Pls tell me how long a trader stay in small case investment?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Rachti – as long as you want. You can always sell your smallcase whenever the markets are open

      As a concept however, smallcase is most effective for long term investing JFYI

  50. lakshmi says:

    Hi team,

    if he candle chart has any signals like buy or sell it would be great .

    EX: bearish dark cloud cover, evening star and three black crows.

    need the chart to pop up the signal then it would be great

    Lakshmi N Vurla

  51. lakshmi says:

    candle chart is good but if we have the candle chart sticks signals like Harami buy would be good

  52. Vijay sood says:

    Great Idea. Some queries:-
    1 How does one use it on “pi” platform.
    2 Where shall one get the “P&L” statements and the holding position. in other words shall it be integrated with “Q. Zerodha” or will have an independent back office?
    3 Has the system been back tested thoroughly?

    Vijay Sood

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Vijay
      – you can only buy smallcases on
      – it’s integrated with your zerodha account completely as you can see all your holdings on your Kite & Q as well. however, do not sell any smallcase related stock on kite/pi – only on itself
      – yup, while building models – we have backtested all strategies

  53. Pravin says:

    There are so many smallcases to choose from. If I can ask, what are the strategies one can use to choose a smallcase for investment. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns, so investing in top smallcase by filtering ‘Last 1yr high to low’ return wise isn’t the only best option I guess.

    What strategy you personally would use to pick smallcases 🙂

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Pravin,

      True, the sort/filter options are to help you see different smallcase ideas & how they have performed in the past. The returns are indicative of how the theme/model have performed in the past (including quarterly rebalances), and not just how the current set of stocks have done. So for model-based smallcases, checking out the past performance should help

      Also, we had conducted a webinar last to last week on Finding your smallcase – have a look here

      • Pravin says:

        Hi Vasanth,

        Thanks for sharing the webinar replay link. Quite informative.

        My next question is regarding portfolio quarterly re-balance. What if a stock with high weightage in a particular Smallcase nose dives due to some adverse news and we assume its going to take long time to recover. Will you still wait for the end of quarter or come up with immediate rebalance? If its later then can you please share any recent example where rebalance option was made available out of quarterly cycle.

  54. anwarkb555 says:

    Why can’t you provide an option to partially sell a small case. It will help to re-balance investments between different small cases, right?

  55. Harish Balaji Ramachandran says:

    Are the re-balance updates based on individual user or is it common for the smallcase for all the users? I am asking this because, I would have accumulated the smallcase periodically by investing more over the quarter multiple times, so the weightage of the scrips in the portfolio will vary based on their appreciation or depreciation over the quarter.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Harish, rebalances are done per smallcase, not per user – guess we chatted about this as well 🙂

  56. Shailendra says:

    I opened account with Zerodha just 3 days back. No prior idea about market, Investing and trading However small case sounds like a Plan. Thanks a lot Team Zerodha. you guys Rocks.

  57. prabit says:

    How can I buy more units of one small cases. e.g I want to buy 3 units of naked traders in one order. assume that one smallcase cost 1600 and I want to buy 3 units by investing Rs 4800 in one order. I did not find the option so I had to invest one unit.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey, we don’t define units for smallcases – you can enter the amount you want to invest in the smallcase and we’ll adjust the amount for the closest possible amount that gets you the required weighting scheme. You can input 4,800 or even 2,000 in the amount box

  58. prabit says:

    certain theme may for a few years, after it may have less value. In that case will you close the particular smallcase?

  59. Ananth S H says:

    Dear Team

    I have the following concern with reference to the concept of “small case” as a service offerring.
    I am sure Zerodha would have considered these aspects, but would like confirm it once before investing.

    – Since this is new concept/ product (first of its kind), does not it require any approval by SEBI ?
    In the case of Mutual Fund, ETF and PMS, SEBI has clearly defined these products and also regulations around it. Since it is an innovative product, other brokerages may follow the suit and there should not be a situation in future that SEBI wakes up one day and decides to impose restrictions around this.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Ananth!

      With smallcase, you’re essentially buying single stocks, but as a portfolio/basket based on a theme & will track & manage them as separate portfolios. It’s not a new instrument like MFs, ETFs, PMS and are simply making portfolio investing easy for stocks 🙂

      We’re an NSE approved trading platform

  60. Manoj says:

    Hi Team,
    Just wanted to know from you about the worst case scenario.
    How small case will protect my investment from a major market fall?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Manoj, smallcase isn’t designed to hedge/protect against crashes as of now

      With the portfolio approach however, you are diversifying risks across multiple stocks so downside in a crash shouldn’t be as much as with a single stock

  61. NISHIKANT DAS says:

    Dear Sir

    If i buy small cap worth Rs.2000 than i am charged Rs.100/-. If in the subsequent month if i invest another Rs.2000 in small cap than again i will be charged Rs.100 or not. When i want to sell the same is any charges going to levied.Request a reply for the same. Really nice idea for small investors.

    With Regards.


    • Rs 100 charged only the first time, no charges when adding more.

    • Vasanth says:

      It’s only for the first buy in a smallcase Nishikant. We charge a flat fee of Rs. 100 (or 2.5% of the amount invested if amount < Rs. 4,000) for the buy

      That said, if you sell the smallcase and buy it again – we treat this as a fresh buy

  62. srinivasan says:


    will the index change continuously throughout the market day as the stocks price change????

    what abt smallcase timings to invest and redeem ??


    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Srinivasan,

      Yes, the index of your invested smallcases changes in realtime during market hours

      Completely your call when to buy, invest more or exit. We do tell you incase we think a theme/model of a smallcase has played out

      • Srinivasan says:

        Why smallcase index showing for example 3.5% for one month return but in past performance graph of one month for example shows 102.7.why this variation?? has to be 103.5 na??


  63. prasad says:

    I did go through the fees details at

    my question is, by buying a small case, all the charges (like traditional buys using kite) for the stock transactions under the smallcase theme still exist and additionally there will be a charge of Rs 100. Is this a correct?

  64. Ram says:

    Hi Nithin and Vasanth,

    It would be a great idea if your research team will come up with few stocks on monthly basis for retail investors to invest in a basket of stocks in the right proportion with proper stop-loss and profit plan like for short-term investment plan.


  65. Ram says:

    Hi Vasanth,

    Could you please clarify the below point.
    If I purchase one small case like SIP on monthly basis, do i need to pay 100+tax every time or only once.

    Thanks & Regards

  66. Harish Balaji Ramachandran says:


    I bought the smallcase ‘Growth & Income’ and the total experience was a breeze. Congratulations on this initiative!!

    Would you recommend to invest in the smallcase as SIP since not many can afford to invest in lumpsum? If invested regularly, will the returns be calculated on average number of days?

    Also, how would I get the re-balance updates? Is it through SMS or Email or both?

    Keep up the excellent job and looking forward for many more Digital Initiatives!!


    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Harish, thanks for investing with us, and the support 🙂

      You should check out the Low-Cost Versions of smallcases here These are perfect to buy once & invest more regularly like an SIP

      The returns will be calculated based on the shares/stocks you hold

      Rebalance updates will be shown on the platform as a notification & via email

      • Harish Balaji Ramachandran says:

        Thanks Vasanth for the suggestion!

        One suggestion from my end would be to have ‘No. of lots’ if I have to buy the smallcase in multiples of the minimum amount specified.

        Would be good to have smallcase as an app soon for ease of investing…


  67. VK says:

    Hi Vasanth,

    Got a question on reporting profit/loss for a small case. I invested Rs.25000 in one small case. It went down to 22,000 and it was showing the loss correctly as Rs.3000. Then there was a re-balance advice and I did that it took some Rs.100. Now it start showing my investment as Rs.22,000 and start calculating the profit/loss from that point. But actually my investment was Rs.25000 and it should have shown profit/loss from that amount even though i re-balanced. Is this a bug or functionality? If i do re-balancing many times in a year, i completely lost track of my initial investment and return based on that. Please help me to understand.

    Thanks and regards,


    • Vasanth says:

      Hi VK,

      Yup, the P&L you’re referring to is the current P&L based on your current investment (how much you have invested in the stocks you hold in the smallcase right now). If you go to your Investments page and click Details for the pop-up – you should see the detailed investment & P&L reporting where you can see the total money put in & the total P&L along with what you have realized

      The index value you see outside starts from 100 when you invest and shows you the total movement of your smallcase since your investment. So even after 4 rebalances, if your smallcase index value is 107, that means you’re 7% up in total

      Pls ping me at vasanth [at] smallcase [dot] com if I can help

  68. ashok says:

    why i am getting this message. is that necessary to give permission pls explain me
    Permissions required by this app
    Access holdings and positions portfolio
    View your account balance and margins
    Place, modify, and cancel orders

  69. Nikunj Malaviya says:

    May i know the charges for trading in Smallcase? What is charges for delivery as well as intraday? What are the one time charges & other government charges above all these?

    Please revert me.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Nikunj,

      smallcases are baskets of stocks you buy in one go to take exposure to a market theme or model

      The charges are the same that you’ll incur on Zerodha, however on smallcase – you will also pay a flat fee of Rs. 100 + tax per smallcase you buy (if the investment amount into a smallcase is less than Rs. 4000, you pay 2.5% of the amount not Rs. 100)

      Also, this Rs. 100 charge is charged by us only when you buy a smallcase, not when you invest more into the same smallcase, or exit it

  70. 27pin says:

    I purchased a smallcase on 22nd september and it included 3 ICIL shares at an average cost of 157.67 (as per the smallcase details page). However the kite web client is showing the average cost of these three shares as 788.33. Would you know why this would happen ?

  71. Rishi says:

    Hi Nithin/Vasanth,

    I was going through smallcase and really like what I see… 🙂

    1. Does it have (or plan to have) a screener where I can query manually ? Currently I use but would love to have one with kite…

    2. What is the top 15 (or whatever) selection (order) criteria which you use ? For example I was interested in Greenblatt’s formula stocks, how do you select the 15 which qualify… Can you mention the formula used (which is public) also on the smallcase description ?

    3. Re-balance updates are ‘optional’ right ?


    — rishi

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Rishi, thanks for checking smallcase!

      1. Yup, working on something similar – sometime early next year
      2. We’re putting these up on our blog soon. The rationale has some of the criteria, but putting up the formulas soon
      3. Yup, absolutely! You only rebalance if you want to, after seeing the changes

    • prashant says:

      Hi Nithin/Vasanth,
      also reqd an improvement over screener of
      1.having multiple watchlist
      2, sector wise sorting is also reqd profit last qtr and 2 qtr bk 3 qtr bk cn be compared but not qoq profit last qtr and qoq 2 qtr bk.

  72. Manoj says:

    I am Zerodha user and i already but smallcase plan so Whats are the charegs for me

  73. Pallab says:

    Won’t it be confusing if small case stocks show up like regular stocks in kite ? Do they show up under a group or do they show up just like any other stock ? How would one keep track of which one belongs to small case etc. ? And say if I buy a stock both through smallcase and separately, then what happens ?

  74. prashant says:


  75. Venkata Subbaiah says:

    Can you provide few more details….
    When was this started? whats the past performance of this scheme?

  76. VK says:

    Is there a place where we can see the history of a smallcase? When did it change stocks/weight, if any.,


    • Vasanth says:

      Nope, we don’t show the stocks that were there in earlier rebalances, but give us a shout at support [at], we’ll see what we can do

  77. VK says:

    Thanks to zerodha for bringing this to us.

    Have a quick question. You mentioned that the balancing happens normally once in quarter. Some of your smallcase got 20+ stocks in it and due to some reasons, the trend may change suddenly. Will you take action immediately or will you wait for normal quarterly balancing. How will we know in case there is some change in the composition and we have to repair our holding?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi VK, thanks for checking smallcase! Yup, if there’s any immediate change required in the constituents for any reason, we issue an immediate rebalance update (not just on a quarterly basis). This will be sent to you as a rebalance update over mail and a platform notification, where you can see the changes and apply them to your smallcase in 2 clicks

  78. Kushank Poddar says:

    Good going dadas 🙂

  79. Anil says:

    Please add algo trading option in smallcase with different algorithm to select.

    Also, please make is easy for selling pieces of smallcase to book profits regularly.

  80. haribabu says:


    with this full service brokerages will loose the market of retail traders to Zerodha.

  81. Prashant Pawar says:

    My ID: DP0453
    I like the idea of smallcase. But i have a question if i buy a small case and as per ur pattern u will be analysing the small case at frequent intervals and add or delete stocks from the smallcase. So in this scenario will stocks will be automatically added or deleted in the smallcase which i already have bought.
    Please guide regarding as i am funding my account for a smallcase.

    Also will instructions be given when to exit a smallcase.

    • It won’t be automatically added/deleted, you will get a notification to rebalance. You will have to then do this manually.

    • Vasanth says:

      Nope Prashant – no instructions to sell. Your call completely.

      We do tell you when we think a smallcase theme has played out – as we stop tracking it thereafter & no rebalance updates will be sent

  82. Lijoo says:

    I have a demat account with IL &FS through Zerodha. Is it possible for me to buy small case using the same demat account ?.

    DL 0071

  83. Prashant Pawar says:

    My ID: DP0453
    I like the idea of smallcase. But i have a question if i buy a small case and as per ur pattern u will be analysing the small case at frequent intervals and add or delete stocks from the smallcase. So in this scenario will stocks will be automatically added or deleted in the smallcase which i already have bought.
    Please guide regarding as i am funding my account for a smallcase.

    Also will instructions be given when to exit a smallcase.

  84. bipin says:

    can i hold smallcap for one day or min days are t+2

  85. Gurbir Singh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    It seems like you guys at zerodha are indeed doing an awesome job and I feel left out of it due to sheer negligence of your staff. I live in Gurgaon and had applied to open an equity/commodity account with zerodha. Yes, the process was smooth enough but the end result, not much. I was not able to trade through kite due to an error “NSE/BSE not enabled on your account”. Repeated calls to Mr. Naresh (my POC) and the customer helpline went in vain, only to realize in the end that I don’t have a demat account yet (But I had my login ID to kite).

    After many calls and no positive response from your guys, I didn’t have any option but to write to you. I hate to be doing this as I am also an entrepreneur and am familiar with the havoc that such situations create.

    Can you please look into this and fill the loophole. In the long run, such situations are a turnoff.


  86. Anji says:

    If i purchase any small case and any of the company in the list provide dividends either in the form of 1:1 bonus shares or if they give dividend amount will it be credited to my bank account?

  87. SS2075 says:


    as a small time retail investor, always I worry about securing profits and principal. for smallcase can we build exit logic – in case of sudden market crash?

    logic can be based on trailing stop loss or index tracking etc…

    FYI – I’m currently investing in smallcase & recent war rumor made me think about this.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Giridhar, tough to do it on a portfolio/smallcase level. Thinking of things we can do here. As usual, will update you when we have something 🙂

  88. Kris says:

    Is there any timeline by when the smallcase filter will be available in Kite ? – filter out smallcase stocks from holdings on Kite

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Kris, this is live on the Kite holdings page.

      You should see a filter next to the Holdings title allowing you to filter between Kite, smallcase & MFs. Drop us a mail at support [at] smallcase [dot] com, if you don’t see it


  89. Bhushan Kela says:

    Hi Sir,
    How to again give access to smart case. unfortunately I have wrongly revoked he access.

  90. Shailesh says:

    Smallcase is really a good initiative and a kind of cost-effective and transparent MF.
    I have a one question.
    Suppose I am already invested in one smallcase. Now I want to buy another smallcase, but I want to avoid (not buy) the stocks which are already in my existing smallcase. Is there a way to do this ?

    • Currently not possible Shailesh.

      • Shailesh says:

        Thanks Nithin.
        One observation. I see most of small cases are based on mid-cap and small-cap stocks… don’t see any large cap stocks. Is this just coincidence that only small/mid cap stocks are there based on theme filters OR all smallcase is focussing on small/mid cap stocks only?

  91. New2trade says:


    This is such a wonderful concept for new investors like me, this is similar to investing in MF but the allocation is quite transparent and less charges compared to MF (for high value plans). My only concern/suggestion is for example I select a plan of the lot and want to reinvest on a monthly basis just like SIP, can i do it? and also if I want to partial sell my holdings in the same plan, is it possible?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey new2trade! Thanks for the good words 🙂

      You can invest more right now, but not automatically & not on a monthly basis. Thinking of something along the lines – you should see something soon

      Yes, you can sell a stock/multiple stocks in a smallcase you have bought


  92. 27pin says:

    Hi, I purchased two smallcases so far and the experience is quite good, thank you.

    I have two suggestions:

    1. Could you please include the option of partial redemption (exit) of a smallcase just like a mutual fund. For example if I want to reduce a holding of say 1.2 lakh in a smallcase by 20% which is about Rs. 24,000. I should not have to manually sell a few shares every single stock. That would be tedious. The system should auto-calculate how many share of which stock needs to be retained and allow me to sell the remaining shares with a single click.

    2. Similarly if I want to make additional investment into a smallcase, it should be possible to invest in the smallcase by small increments (say 8000 which could be smaller than the minimum investment amount of say 20,000 ) once the smallcase value exceeds the minimum investment amount required for starting that smallcase. I understand that maintaining weightages might make this challenging but I am just suggesting that it should be done wherever possible.

    The above two changes should make the process of readjusting portfolios similar to the experience for mutual funds.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi 27pin!

      Thanks for checking and investing with us 🙂

      So essentially you want a invest more & exit by amount, not by shares. The tough bit here will be which stocks to pick (if the amount for two diff stocks is the same). Hence, leaving it upto you, the investor right now – what stock(s) to add/drop whichever stocks you need and we show you the total amount you have to invest/or will receive.

      But sure, will give this a thought and try to include it in our roadmap, if there’s a good way to do this


  93. AnandKar says:

    please clarify Previous query !!!!!!!!
    1. As you said a flat Rs. 100 is one time fee. Does it mean if for e.g i subscribed Magic Formula today and after 6 month i squared off and again i purchase the same theme.. shall i have to bear Rs 100/- again??

    Nithin was answered as Yes.
    But Vasanth says its a one time fee for 1 smallcase.
    ( is there any validity for 1 smallcase )

  94. Vijju says:

    Grt work sir,really helpful for guys like me.
    I’m really interested to trade in market but no time to track.

  95. Kunal says:

    hi Vasanth/Nithin,

    I tried smallcase last week and bought a basket just to see how it works. Never read this earlier and didn’t know it was charged. Could you let me know if the charges are a flat Rs 100 irrespective of the value of a basket? I found some a basket which is available for Rs1000/1050 and a Rs 100 fee works out to 10% !!!! which is in no way a cheap alternative to mutual fund.


  96. 27pin says:

    Hi Smallcase and Zerodha, congratulations to you on launching this platform. What you have created here really looks impressive. I have two questions for you.

    1.) When you create re-balance updates that result in dropping of stocks from a smallcase – do you try and minimize the capital gains taxation by realizing losses before completion of one year or realizing profits after one completion of one year ? This is something that one does not have to think for each stock when one invests in a Mutual Fund.

    2.) I see you have provided two year returns for each smallcase. For example two year returns of “Growth at a Fair Price” shows 226.84 on an investment of Rs. 100 two years ago which translates to a 50% average return every year. There are some which even show 60%. This is almost 4 or 5 times the return of even the best mutual funds in India during the same period. Since Smallcase started only a few months back, can you please throw light on how you are calculating these returns for the past two years when these smallcases did not even exist. If we are just taking the current portfolio and looking at last two years growth isn’t it a bit like deciding the merit of a stock in hindsight because it has given fantastic yield in the last two years?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi 27pin, thanks for checking smallcase out! Appreciate it

      1) Not right now, what we do is update the list of stocks each quarter based on what fit the theme/rationale of the smallcase best. What you said is something we want to do, and are working on

      2) Nope, in the case of model-based smallcases like Growth at a Fair Price (smallcases that are based on models – those that belong to Investment Strategies/Dividend & Income types) – we have rebalanced the smallcase every quarter for the last 2 and a half years to arrive at the returns. So it’s more a reflection of the model/criteria used in the rationale rather than the current list of stocks. You can read more about the same here

      Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming

      • 27pin says:

        Thanks for the prompt reply Vasanth. Really appreciated.
        1. I will need to discount the returns for the taxation owing to re-balancing based on my current tax current slab. Perhaps If there is an easy formula (on the page that shows the performance of each fund) that can help me calculate the same it would be useful.
        2. Your answer to my second question is quite helpful.
        I’m in.

        Best regards

  97. Sandhya says:

    A Big Kudos to the Team Zerodha & Small case.. Great initiative.
    Couple of questions..

    1. As you said a flat Rs. 100 is one time fee. Does it mean if for e.g i subscribed Magic Formula today and after 6 month i squared off and again i purchase the same theme.. shall i have to bear Rs 100/- again??

    2. Will i be notified regarding re balancing of theme??

    3. Suppose if 1 or 2 scrips in a particular theme are started their journey towards south, in such case may i able to square off that 1 or 2 scrips?? or i have to exit from the entire theme?

    4. Whatever themes which i have bought does that reflect in Pi or Kite. Its just to have an eye on the performance of the scrips. As i guess Pi, Kite and Small does not work simultaneously.

    5. With respect to the point no 5, may i able to to exit from the scrip from Pi or Kite, if yes then will i able to calculate P&L from small case.

    6. Does dividend amount will get credited in bank account. (i know its silly question but wanted to clarify :))

    7. For any technical issues whom i should contact? support@zerodha or something else??

    • 1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. You will have to exit the entire basket at one time. But you can always login to kite and square off if you want to.
      4. Yes it will
      5. Yes. If you exit on Kite, the smallcase gets broken. So tracking profitability on smallcase not possible.
      6. 🙂 yes
      7. You can contact the smallcase team itself

  98. Prashant says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have bought small case “Bargain buy” my query to you is how am I suppose to know when to sell or you guys may advised or send us an alerts of any kind?thanks

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Prashant – we don’t give any targets/calls to sell. That’s totally your call.

      Working on a feature by which you should be able to set your own targets soon

  99. Kris says:

    Adding to my previous comment – its preferred to get the updates on the executed orders(from smallcase) in kite as the realtime price changes can be seen whereas you need to refresh the page everytime in small case.

  100. Kris says:

    I have bought few smallcases yesterday and the executed orders from smallcase were visible in kite. However today the orders are not visible in kite anyplace- neither in orderbook,holding or position. Please can you help me to locate those.

  101. Ok, Looks Good.. Monday Morning its a Go..!! Thanks Team Zerodha

  102. Naresh says:

    I am still not able to view my contract note in either kite or back office. I m using MProfit to track my portfolio and the contract notes I receive in email cannot be imported from MProfit being mismatch of format. Secondly some contract notes are blank received by Tejan Karmali (my son).I hope to receive your attention.

  103. Jagan says:

    What is the DP charges? If I buy a small case with 20 stocks and exit after some days..Do you charge DP charge of one stock OR 20 stocks?

  104. mitul says:

    If I exit the whole smallcase at one time then what will be my dp charge?

  105. Mitul says:

    I am confused in this matteer.Plz help.Suppose there is 10 stocks in smallcase.I buy it.After some day if I sell a particular stock then dp charge is needed after some day I sell another stock then Also dp charge needed.Is the above fact true?

  106. chandru mehta says:

    Nitin ,

    Odd question

    I opened a Zerodha trading a/c with IL&FS dp .Is that still in place ? Can i transfer my shares from edelweiss to IL&FS so that i can get a margin in trading on Zerdoha against those shares in my DP with IL&FS

  107. abhinav says:

    does Zerodha allow its client for block or bulk deals
    as per nse any single transaction exceeding 5 lac shares of any company
    or 5crores amount transaction any of the two is considered block deal

    nse opens a separate window for block deal
    if an investor wants to buy 5lac shares of any penny stock in delivery
    or invest above 5crores ,
    so is there any window for bulk deals or block deals

  108. Nischal Y says:


    Is this a joint venture between Zerodha and Smallcase? or is Zerodha just a broking platform for Smallcase?

    Nischal Y

  109. KUMARSWAMY says:

    let us think i have 10 lacs and if i invest in any one of our smallcase i must get rs 7000-8000 monthly in the form of dividend .can u design any product for that

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Kumarswamy, what exactly are you looking for? We show you the dividends earned from your smallcases on our platform

      Vasanth, smallcase

  110. KUMARSWAMY says:

    1)if a buy a small case and sell it after some profit.After some days i decide to buy the same case again will rs 100 will be charged again.
    please clarify me
    2) If i login and want to sell a small case a limit order type for index value must exist instead of executing ordering at market vaule

    • Vasanth says:


      1) Yes, you will be charged Rs 100 again, as it is a new smallcase you’re buying (the first one becoming an exited smallcase)

      2) This would be a little tough to do right now, as we are looking for complete fill of the smallcase. Working towards this though, thanks for the suggestion

      Vasanth, smallcase

  111. sathish says:

    Is there any trail period for the same

  112. Ajay says:

    Does each of the small case have an index and if so can we get the OHLC values on EOD basis?
    If it can be put into kite even better because we can do our own technical analysis, to decide when to buy / sell etc.

    Thanks & keep up the great work

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Ajay, yes each of our smallcases have an index value that starts with 100 at the inception date. Can you tell me how you plan to use the OHLC values so I get better context as to why you’re looking for this?

      Vasanth, smallcase

  113. Md Basheer says:

    Great idea and delighted to know small case
    But observing the options available, most of the category is matching with Mutual Fund categories
    It would be great if the list is further fine tuned in to Sugar Companies Cement Companies etc so the the satisfaction of buying a basket of stocks are achieved

    Best wishes

  114. Raja Rajan says:

    Since small case have access to our trading and DP how would they diffrentiate my holdings with thier’s suppose if both my holding and their stocks picks are same???

    • Only holdings bought through smallcase platform is what they will have access to see.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Raja, we are working on a way to help you identify & filter out smallcase stocks from your holdings on Kite so there’s less confusion. Till then, try to ensure you do not sell a smallcase stock from your Kite/Pi terminals

      Vasanth, smallcase

  115. Muthu says:

    Greetings. On June 12th, you spoke about ‘Balance’ product in the Times of India. Has the product been launched? As a new investor, due to suggest folks like me to wait for the ‘Balance’ product? or Small case is also a similar or better product than ‘Balance’ (having ‘long term’ investment in mind). Pls. advice. Thanks in advance.

  116. viveksah says:

    Hi Vasanth
    In Track performance, would suggest that there performance & P/L is shown similar to how it is shown on Kite. This would enable us to take better decisions whether to buy/ sell scrips in the smallcase.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Viveksah, the idea of smallcase is to ensure hassle-free portfolio-based investing. Ideally you shouldn’t be worrying about the individual stocks, and churning the smallcase much. However, this is defly something we’re looking at. Thanks,

      Vasanth, smallcase

  117. Amrik Virdi says:

    Let me know When will SmallCase will start F/O market based portfolios?

  118. siva prasad says:

    can i know how it exactly worked? can u pls give one example??

  119. Ragunathan says:

    its wonderful idea. i have invested in 6 smallcases today. my question is the DP charges- there is a scrip LYCOS. in this smallcase its qty is 94. my question is the DP charge is 94*13.5 ? or 1*13.5? pl.clarify

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Ragunathan, when you sell this stock, it will cost you 13.5+service tax (15%) for the stock. Not per share

      Vasanth, smallcase

  120. raghu says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Here is another simple but useful tool for retail investors that i have created for spread trading.
    It is still not connected to zerodha API’s.
    Wanted to check from the trading community if this will be a useful tool.
    This was a standalone program for myself to check out various standard strategies. I decided to turn this into a web app using zerodha API’s

  121. Shashikanth says:

    Thank you Nithin for supporting Smallcase , it is an innovative idea to help retail investors like me to better diversify. Will buy few smallcase when the market opens tomorrow.

    I wish both Zerodha & Smallcase greater success ahead. Hopefully it becomes a win win situation for all the parties involved.

  122. bnilesh says:

    I will like to have small features on the smallcase:
    1. Display value of P&L in the details window per stock. So that investor can decision of averaging cost of stock easily.
    2. Free feature of creating a custom smallcase for the investor. For such case no quarter review is expected.
    3. Isolation of smallcase stock from kite.
    4. Instead of horizontal vertical/rectangle display of smallcases may avoid need of scrolling.
    5. I understand the fee charges are similar to trading on kite with additional 100Rs for initial smallcase buy. Is it correct? If not then with small example can you illustrate showing difference between kite vs smallcase trading?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi bnilesh!

      1. Sure, coming soon
      2. Yes, this is in our roadmap
      3. Working on a filter so you can identify smallcase stocks in Kite
      4. This is on the discover page?
      5. Yes, it’s the same as executing on Kite. However with Kite, you lose out on tracking & managing your smallcase seamlessly and miss out on rebalance updates every quarter

      • bnilesh says:

        Well nice to know most of the suggestions are already under consideration & on roadmap. My suggestion about vertical/rectangle display of smallcases is not for discovering available options of small case but rather on investment page view. If one has more than 5-6 small cases then status of all can not be seen in single view. If they were arranged in matrix form by showing all current information on single screen more cases can be shown & I think will be helpful.

  123. Suryawanshi N.S. says:

    Sir, very very good investing idea, but when did coming up on android platform?

  124. Ayushi says:

    I have a trading account with you.
    How to add a demat account with Zerodha, to invest in smallcase?

  125. PANKAJ JIAN says:

    Dear kamath
    please explain that what is Obligation Amount
    for trad in cds currency trading and this amount refund or not
    & whats charges in cds currency f&o trade please help me for impure my self & don’t loosing my hard earn money

    sir cds me p&l account may loss or 60 day challenge me profit so ker raha hay please help me please answer me quickly & support me for please call me your supporting teem please thank you

  126. Sandeep says:

    As a subscriber to NSE NOW with Zerodha, I dont have access to Kite. In that case, how do I invest with smallcase ?

  127. 143721 says:

    why not integrate developer API with smallcase in public space – create scrips and link with government projects – lets say seamless travel and stay as dividend as long as you have smallcase.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi, sounds interesting! Mail me at vasanth [at]

      • 143721 says:

        well the basic idea is to move from private space to public space , pull government tenders as API scrips with tax waivers ( A PLC or LLP should be able to get e-tender APIs ) thus eliminating cost escalation –
        1. Lets name it travelcase – we get to invest in NHAI . The investor get to move seamless without toll-booth restrictions, park and stay in the service chain as part of dividend. Further it with RTO compliance , metro passes, suburbs , uber promos etc.
        2. Helathcase – similar to above in healthcare , can be linked to insurance or better hospital chains themselves. helpful for non-salaried and seniors who are not covered in most companies who only cover spouses and children.
        3. Move to a bigger scene – municipalcase – investors get to invest in technology aggregation . scrip here will be circle pegged to Engineering research institutes for pilot kickstarter projects . Developer API will showcase the investment. so both go hand in hand and best lobby can be selected with discussion on a forum with comparisons with latest technology. Eg: design of a modern garbage collection and recycling vehicle, design of a all-weather road etc – dividends may be cleaner lakes , parks , roads , sewerage and households confirming to latest technology when moving out in social space and not just inside homes and offices.
        4. If 1 and 2 are successful move onto megacase – technology for bullets and talgos . If a lakh investors in zerodha are investing for a technology from IIT there is no reason why we should not be able to produce a bullet train without a lakh crore loan from Japan which would save everyone’s time from airport distance and traffic.
        5. 4 can be extended to ruralcase trains too by a scrip involving non-profit activists and lobbyists.
        These proposals provide dividends in the form of moving into future(earning time) by upgrading local public space which if not reformed will consume all the dividends earned from market titans. It also achieves pegging and lobbying the local technology to capital than the usual outsourced arbitrage labor pegged to forex, which will go a long way in appreciating currency.

  128. viveksah says:

    Thanks for the clarifications Vasanth. I was exploring trying to buy a smallcase. In a portfolio there is a group of stocks, however, there could be certain stocks or certain sectors, which an investor may not want in their portfolio. E.g. In Commodity Glut, you have Mandana Industries or in Straight Flush you have Redington, which may not perform due to market outlook as per current views. However, whilst purchasing the Smallcase I would be constrained to buy the entire portfolio.
    The option currently is to invest in the entire lot which may not be very prudent especially since the smallcase reviews are quarterly or if there is any event. This is reactive and would lead to lowering of investor wealth by investing in bets which may not do well.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Viveksah,

      Correct, right now the way to do this, is buy the smallcase, and you can buy/sell stocks you need/don’t want in your portfolio.

      But we hear you, and are coming out with a Customize your smallcase feature too

      Vasanth, smallcase

  129. parvathamma says:

    For smallcase my queries are
    (1) is it mutual fund?
    (2) what is the fee and brokerage charged?
    (3) Investment for one year will it give benefit of longterm invetment ?
    (3) Shorterm gain or loss is it a business income/loss

    • 1. It is not a mutual fund.It is very similar to buying stocks, but instead of buying individually you are buying a basket of stocks at a time.
      2. Rs 100 for 1 smallcase while buying. Nothing for selling, adding, etc
      3. Yep, you are buying stocks essntially.
      4. Again, you are buying stocks for delivery, short term gain/loss

  130. DR5790 says:

    Does investments has sebi clearances????

    • Platforms need exchange approvals, and smallcase has it. You are just investing into stocks like any other trading and investing platform on smallcase. Instead of doing individually, you are doing it as basket orders. Smallcase platform helps you track the basket using an index.

  131. Murali S says:

    1. When I buy a small case how are the constituent stocks held in my demat a/c? In case the stocks are listed individually in my demat account how do I exit a smallcase position?

    2. Your charges of Rs 100/- are PER smallcase and NOT PER ORDER for a particular smallcase? (Is it Rs 500 when I order 5 smallcases in a single transaction of a single theme (e.g. 5 nos of GST in one order).

  132. Mohan Sirsi says:

    Hi, Nitin /Vasanth,
    Went through the mail received in my mail box from Zerodha about the introduction of smallcase. I have also gone through the comments and replies regarding the smallcase concept and working. I will understand it better when I execute a smallcase trade.
    The introduction of smallcase is one more step by Zerodha to help investors to buy and sell stocks with ease and minimum cost.
    Congrats to Zerodha and Smallcase team for conceptualizing and implementing the same.
    Will make a beginning with smallcase shortly.

    All the best
    Mohan Sirsi

  133. Chandra Bhusan singh says:

    Can I pledge smallcase like BANKBEES and cultural margin use for f&o trading? ???

  134. dinesh says:

    I have today login smallcase through my zerodha credentials it is open now and i have tried to buy for demo purpose but no one smallcase is operated regarding past performance.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Dinesh,

      I didn’t understand what you meant. Can you write me a mail at vasanth [at]

  135. Ramesh says:

    I just have to say “What an Idea Sirji”
    Thank You

  136. Anand Roop Sanyal says:

    Not satisfied with SmallCase review period of 1 q. I think it should be more faster===weekly/fortnightly. Second all the stocks in a small case have equal weightage, whats the logic…?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Anand, we track all our smallcases daily. If we feel any change is required, we issue a rebalance update immediately.

      The quarterly rebalance takes into account the company’s results in the previous quarter and plans for the next to judge whether it still fits into the smallcase theme

      Not all of them do, for eg the Monsoon Cheer smallcase gives a higher weight to Hero Motocorp

      Vasanth, smallcase

  137. Abhijeet says:

    Awesome vehicle of investment.

  138. Santhosh says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Excellent !! hope this will add on to what you promised in your manifesto 🙂 integrating fintechs with zerodha. kudos to you. i have two suggestions.

    1. Make smallcap login available on mobile too.
    2. ( not related to small cap) I usually buy sell on zerodha mob app. Why dont you keep a field to enter the nbr of lots one wanted to buy especially whe buying / selling FO. currently one has to enter the multiples of lot size ( its seconds that matters sometimes while placing orders 🙂 ) . although this may appear trivial.


  139. Sriram says:

    Just sharing another thought.

    What if we unintentionally end up creating some sort of sub-optimality in our overall portfolio by buying various, incompatible smallcase’s ? Suppose a combination of, say, smallcase 1 and smallcase 4, is detrimental to the resultant, combined portfolio. Can the system provide some sort of alert ? ie, if I have already bought smallcase 1, can the system alert when I place an order for smallcase 4 ?

    I realise this is going to lead to complicated algorithms, but Smallcase was conceived with optimal portfolios in mind, so going this extra mile might be the next logical step.


    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Sriram, great point. This is in our roadmap, but will need to figure the best way to do this without causing you confusion. Dropping you a mail so we can take this offline

  140. Niranjan says:

    Does small cases give tax benifits like mutual funds?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Niranjan, when you buy a smallcase, you are buying and holding stocks. Other than the long term capital gains (no tax on returns if you hold a stock for more than a year), smallcases have no tax benefits like MFs

      Vasanth, smallcase

  141. Sriram says:

    Greetings !
    Smallcase is a novel idea indeed ! Please clarify the following :

    1. Elsewhere you have mentioned “You can invest any amount into a smallcase as long as it is greater than the minimum amount for that smallcase” – But here, “greater than” can only be in multiples of the “minimum investment” amount for a particular smallcase right ? For instance, if the minimum investment for a small case is Rs12335.35, then the greater amount than this cannot be Rs 15000, it has to be Rs24670.70, so on so forth right ?

    2. When we keep rebalancing every quarter, if need be, then I suppose short term capital gains tax apply for the individual stocks that exit the particular smallcase.

    3. Could you please elaborate how is demat charge applied when i sell a small case as a whole or individual stocks within ? Rs 13.50 flat applied for the whole transaction irrespective of the value ?

    4. Again, is Demat debit applied for each scrip within the smallcase when i exit the smallcase as a whole ? If there are 20 scrips, then the charges are Rs 270 (20*13.50) ? (or 20*12.50 as the case may be)

    5. How do you determine individual scrip quantity to be transferred to Demat ? For instance, minimum investment in Bargain Buys is Rs871. You allocate 871 to stocks based on weights and then divide it by stock price to arrive at the qty for each and every scrip ?


    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Sriram, thanks for signing in and checking us out
      1. Not really, you can enter any amount, and we will adjust it to the closest amount that reflects the weighting scheme best. Try it – click Buy smallcase, and confirm any amount – you should get it

      2. Yes, you are holding these stocks in your demat account, so STCG applies

      3. Rs. 13.5 + ST per stock irrespective of quantity of shares held

      4. Yup, demat charges are per stock

      5. Correct, the minimum amount is calculated with the help of the current stock prices & the prescribed weights. Since fractional shares isn’t available in India, we round the number of shares to get the minimum amount. You can see the exact quantity of stocks you are buying when you click Buy smallcase, and confirm amount

  142. vsk says:

    hi Nitin

    i have a question. If i have 30000 in my trading account.
    and i placed MIS order for INFY future. how much MTM loss can MIS system allows? When will it square off? As soon as the exposure margin become zero? OR it will allow the SPAN margin also to become zero? and will it allow to go into -ve balance?


    • vsk, there is no set rule for this, depends on the volatility of the underlying. On a normal day, around 40% loss in the MIS margin requirement and the positions get auto squared off.

  143. Anirban Chatterjee says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I have been in Zerodha for last 3 years and generated brokerage around 2 Lakh and from my referral around 4 Lakh for your company.
    Can your company please start valuable stock suggestion with fundamental and technical research.

    I know your company will say like other brokerage zerodha doesn’t provide tips to increase transaction. But I think investor traders and intelligent enough in which they need to invest or not. Also if you start such service I believe Zerodha will be more attractive and will give competitive advantage. Please think on this!!


  144. KUMARSWAMY says:

    please introduce a feature of auto trigger in small case.
    let me explain.let us think that i have bought one smallcase for rs 30000 and i am satisfied if i get profit of rs 10000.There must be option of predetermining my gain and asking for autotrigger in ur website.This eliminates the customer from seeing his portfolio daily and he will be confident that whenever profit is reached order will be executed without his manual operation.If u are able to introduce this option u are going to shine in the market .This option i have seen in ICICI mutual fund where we can set our NAV target and set auto trigger.I hope u will take my suggestion

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Kumarswamy, great suggestion. Will be tough to do auto-trigger, as we cannot place orders automatically on your behalf right now. But we can inform you with a mail when your chosen P&L percentage is achieved. Will work on this. Thanks!

      Vasanth, smallcase

  145. JP says:


    Two questions:

    1) When you re-balance the smallcase portfolio and I choose to apply update for it – then will I be charged again for this ?

    2) Smallcase is a buy only concept. There is always a possibility of a theme not playing out. So is it possible to short smallcase also ? Will it be possible in future ?


  146. Manvendra says:

    Login is not enabled yet.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Manvendra, this should not be happening. Send us a mail at support [at] and we’ll resolve this

      Vasanth, smallcase

  147. Ramya Shilpa says:

    can this concept of basket buy or sell introduced to Kite software. so that i can buy/sell from account without paying Rs 100 every time.

    • Nikhil.A says:

      Hi Ramya,

      Having a basket order on Kite isn’t on our roadmap as of now as smallcase already enables users to do this. You can, however, buy these stocks individually on Kite after looking at the composition of the desired smallcase. This however wouldn’t allow smallcase to monitor the stock values and notify you to rebalance periodically.

  148. Ramya Shilpa says:

    This is great innovative idea. Really appreciate the idea. I have three suggestions.
    One: can you allow users to change QTY of shares prior to placing order. Now i have seens that user can adjust qty after purchase of shares.
    Two: can you bring a feature where user can create his own basket, so that he can purchase or sell
    Three: can you allow users to create basket using stocks that are already available in our demat. this way user can monitor and take action according to his/her chiose.

    • Vasanth says:

      Thank you Ramya 🙂
      1) Yes, right now you can only manage a smallcase after buying it. We are working on the former case you mentioned – Customizing a smallcase
      2) Create a smallcase will take some more time, but definitely on our roadmap
      3) Sorry, this will be tough as we do not get permission to see your previous holdings. We only know what you have bought with smallcase. To do this, you will have to sell on Kite and buy those stocks again when Create a smallcase feature is there

      Vasanth, smallcase

      • Ramya Shilpa says:

        For point 3: May be you can look in to case where user download holding portfolio statement and then upload to smallcase web site to create his won basket.

  149. Vijendra says:

    Hi Team,

    I like this investment strategy. And started investing..
    Do you have a plan to release app for this since this site does not open on my company browser?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Vijendra, you will be able to invest with smallcase on mobile soon. Working on it

      Vasanth, smallcase

  150. Santosh Rai says:

    Also Its approved by SEBI ?? as we are buying stocks as per NAV’s from your not as stock price.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Santosh, you are buying stocks at their market price. We place only market orders on smallcase.
      Also, the platform has been approved by NSE as platforms require exchange and not SEBI approvals.

  151. Santosh Rai says:

    Hi Team,

    I have very small query, How the NAV or Price will be calcuted. Is it depends on the % of shares we have in basket. Plus If I want to buy to 2 themes like GST & Banking, how much iunit i will get on the Zerodha account.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Santosh, the price/minimum investment amount for a smallcase is calculated based on the stock prices & the weights of those stocks in the smallcase.

      If you buy these smallcases, you will be placing orders for all the stocks in these smallcases acc to the quantity calculated and these shares will start showing on your Zerodha demat account

      Vasanth, smallcase

  152. Santosh Pawar says:

    Small Case login app is asking for permissions to view my portfolio etc…So, is it possible for you people to see my previous holdings as well ? Asking because am subscribed to an equity advisory services and do not want other people looking at my portfolio. If yes, then kindly device a mechanism via which you people can only view the new portfolio of Small Case stocks recommended by yourself and not any of my previous holding. Hope you understand.



    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Santosh

      Nope, smallcase only has permission to see your holdings & stocks you have bought through smallcase. So we can’t see your previous holdings or any stocks you bought with Kite/Pi

      Vasanth, smallcase

  153. PB says:

    Kudos to Vasanth (Smallcase) ,Nitin Kamath & Zerodha team for launching innovative product.
    Unable to buy& Invest product on smallcase login site with KiteID
    (1)Kindly give its link from Kite itself.
    (2) On tablet it is not being opened.
    (3) No Android app
    (4) small-case Site not being opened on either chrome,fire-fox but there’s no problem with Kite.
    Kindly do something

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi PB, thanks for the nice words

      This should not be happening. Can you mail us at support [at] and we’ll resolve this?

      We don’t have an android app right now, sorry

      Vasanth, smallcase


    Hi Nitin and Zerodha Team,

    Very nice initiative yet again. I didn’t buy any small case yet, but eager to do as soon as possible. Definitely will give a feel of fund manager for the investor readjusting portfolio periodically 🙂

    1.One thing i would like to know, is because some smallcase are longterm strategies and need to stay invested for some time, I would like to if you are providing any collateral margin on the stock purchased under Smallcase ? would there be any difference in hair cut % if there is collateral margin ?

    2. I was curious about the question, that since periodcially the portfolio might need a readjust , how would collateral margin work in this place ? because some stock may be removed and additons need to bought ?

    3. Will you charge any additional amount for readjustments recommended in the small case ?

    Thanks for your time on this query, expect a reply soon.

    Congratulations All the best Nitin and hope to see more of initiative soon


    • Vasanth says:

      Hello Chandra Sekhar, thanks for the really nice words, appreciate the support

      For both 1. & 2. Right now, we don’t consider collateral margin while checking your funds when placing an order.

      3. Nope, we only charge you when you buy a smallcase. All consequent trades in that smallcase are not charged

      Vasanth, smallcase


        Hi Vasanth,

        Thanks for your quick reply.

        On point 1 probably i wasn’t clear in my question. , My intention was to check with you, If I buy a small case ( I assume I have a set of Stocks in MY DEMAT), then is it possible to get a collateral margin out of my purchased stocks ?


  155. Sreenivas says:

    Hi Nitin and smallcase,

    This is the reason I appreciate myself for choosing Zerodha two years back. lol. Always new ideas and implementations. Great going keep it up.
    I have few points you to consider.
    1> Yesterday I bought a small case (magic formula), today its value has decreased but to invest in more in to the same small case I have to invest more amount(min price has changed). I think there is some adjustment in the weightage or stocks. I thought such adjustments will be made every quarter then why change in min price?
    2> There is still lot of work needs to be done in kite where it shows open positions and days history. Some times it shows very ridiculous figures(in lakhs) during the market hours and in a minute it changes to correct figures.
    3> Yesterday before buying smallcase I called zerodha support , I had to call thrice to get to the person who knows about smallcase. some people there doesnt even know what is smallcase.
    4> Please have all valid questions and answers from comments to FAQ’s. Because info in About or FAQ section is not complete that is the reason more questions in comments.
    5> Last time when I posted a comment with some queries , for some reason(i added some cons or negative points) it is not posted. At least send your responses in a mail. This adds lot of value.
    6> Please have a toll free number for customer support(atleaset other than call and trade).
    7> Please send me a mail if this is not posted in comment section.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Sreenivas,

      1) Yes, the minimum investment amount for both Buy & Invest More depends upon the current stock prices & the weights. Its possible that this could have increased from yesterday
      3) Sorry for this, addressing this. Please mail us at [email protected] for any queries you have
      4) We are updating this today, you can mail us anytime if you have any doubt
      5) Sorry, I must have missed this. Mail us the query, happy to help!

      Vasanth, smallcase

  156. Teny Thomas says:

    Good idea. But will the small case stocks reflect in my kite holdings. If you ask me they should NOT. As the whole idea I am opening a small case is to avoid cluttering in my kite account. So ideally they should be seen only in Small case.

    Second can I make a limit order in small case ? Meaning for GST theme can I place limit orders of all stocks under te theme?

    Kindly clarify.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Teny,

      We should have a filter on Kite by which you can separate your smallcase holdings from the others soon.

      Not right now, we only place market orders so that when you buy a smallcase, all orders are filled immediately and no partial fill happens.

      Vasanth, smallcase

      • Ramsankar Chandrasekar says:

        It is a shame that still small case is allowing only market order. I am loosing a lot of money because of this option. Also, I don’t see any filters on kite to separate smallcase holding. It has been more than 6 years since this request was made in the above comment. Are small case team sleeping?

  157. viveksah says:

    Some issue when we click on login with Kite in the smallcase login site. It doesn’t respond. I am using Edge (Explorer)

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Vivek, yes – this is a known issue for IE & Edge. While we are fixing this, pls use smallcase on Chrome/Firefox

      Vasanth, smallcase

  158. Jadunath says:

    Why can’t I login to smallcase through my android mobile

    • Rohan says:

      Hi Jadunath,
      smallcase is not mobile optimized just yet. We want to give you a proper mobile experience rather than the same desktop website. We’ve already started working towards this and will have it out in some time. Until then you can try out smallcase on your PC browser.

      Rohan, smallcase

  159. Shankar Yadav says:

    Addicted to it……what an idea sir ji…..

    ….Very soon Zerodha will be No.1 position in India…….

    …keep it up always?

  160. Balasubramanian S N says:

    Pl clarify how the profits are taxable like investment in stocks and mfs

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Balasubramanian, smallcase stocks are taxable like normal equity delivery stocks. If you hold the stock for more than a year, no tax (LTCG). And if you hold them for less than a year, 15% STCG applies

      Vasanth, smallcase

  161. Akash Nishar says:

    Super Superb!! Super Superb!! Super Superb!!

  162. RAHUL BANSAL . says:

    If a buy smallcase than with rs.100 charge will i also have to pay Rs. 20 per share in the basket i am buying and also the STT ,Service tax, and all other levies and taxes as is done in case of a single share??

    So if i buy a smallcase of 1 lakh rupees with a 15 shares in it , how much would be the total amount charges from me by Zerodha + Smallcase + SEBI + Government Taxes

    • Nikhil says:

      Hi Rahul,

      Keep in mind Zerodha charges 0 brokerage on delivery trades. So you’ll be paying the smallcase fee of Rs. 100 + STT Rs. 100 + Transaction charge of Rs. 3.25 + Service tax 0.49 + 0.2 SEBI charges.

      • Karthik says:

        If i buy a smallcase of 1 lakh rupees with 15 shares in it and sell it in say 10 days for 1 lakh rupees,

        a) how much would be the total charges come to…. for the purchase?
        b) how much would be the total charges come to…. for the sale? (excluding STCG tax alone)?

  163. Saurabh Singh says:

    Hi Team,

    Great job.

    Is there any minimum period for each smallcase to remain invested ? Can i also buy any smallcase just for few months like 1 or 2 months.


    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Saurabh, thanks for the support

      No lock in for a smallcase, each smallcase has liquid stocks that you can buy/sell on the exchange anytime. So sure, you can buy and sell a smallcase anytime you like

      Vasanth, smallcase

  164. Naveen Jain says:

    Great Idea … Congratulations!

    Following clarifications will help:

    Is there any minimum amount required to invest?

    As I understand, shares will move to my Demat account, can I sell it directly from my demat using Zerodha PI/Kite or I have to go through smallcase?

    Shares can not be in fraction here … Is my understanding right?


    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Naveen, thanks for the wishes!

      Yes, the amount depends on the smallcase – and the stocks in it. You can see the minimum amount for every smallcase on that page itself

      Shares will be in your demat account – but if you sell any smallcase stocks through Kite/Pi, smallcase doesn’t get that information, impacting your smallcase holdings & their P&L

      Yes, fractional shares don’t exist in India, so you will have to buy whole shares. The minimum amount is calculated in a way that you buy all stocks at the right weights

      Vasanth, smallcase

  165. Rajiv Jamwal says:

    where will the accumulated holding get reflected

  166. Rajiv Jamwal says:

    STILL NOT ABLE TO UNDERSTAND the small csae..Is it a mutual fund kind of idea?…will will the bought holding get reflected?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Rajiv, smallcases are a new way to invest in stocks. Each smallcase is a basket of stocks that reflects ideas like GST, monsoon, rural demand etc. Also, every smallcase is a portfolio, diversifying your risks across stocks

      When you buy a smallcase, you buy all the stocks in it – and these stocks are held in your Zerodha demat account

      Vasanth, smallcase

  167. Bhaskar says:

    Is it may charge 15 rupee of dp charge per share on selling which is evolved in smallcase? Or it may only 15 rupee dp charge of small case dp charge sell ?
    i want to know about it.
    It may also provide smallcase for intraday.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Bhaskar

      It’s approx Rs 15 per scrip demat charges. Right now, smallcases are longer term investments, not intraday right now

      Vasanth, smallcase

  168. Pravin Polas says:

    Wer I can get entry level and exit level?
    What is the holding period?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Pravin, we don’t provide entry & exit levels for smallcases. These are medium to long term holdings, unlike tips 🙂

      Vasanth, smallcase

  169. mpatel says:

    I am NRI zerodha customer, I think NRI cant buy all the stocks in smallcase, reason is RBI put limitations on NRI buying certain stocks and keeps changing periodically as there is limit on foreign investment in each company.
    Waiting for your reply.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey MPatel,

      Yes, it will be tough for NRI clients to invest with smallcase right now. Both the RBI limits as well as the fees charged will not be the ideal experience we would like to provide. Give us some time to work this out, send me a mail at vasanth [at] so I can inform you when are ready to support you. Thanks!

      Vasanth, smallcase

  170. sivasish says:

    Hi team Zerodha,

    I have been using Zerodha since more than a year and I always liked your service. My concern is that I have never heard of smallcase and it is not a zerodha group company. I don’t even have an agreement with smallcase and so how can i give them access to view my positions and place orders on behalf of me. I have been myself in Risk Management in Investment banking domain since more than 10 years. Who will be responsible if smallcase has a software glitch and all my positions are sold off on a bad market day? Will zerodha be responsible?

    Sivasish Bebartta

    • Hi Sivasish,

      Smallcase tech has built which is being offered by Zerodha, just like how we are offering NEST (built by Thomson Reuters) or Pi (built by Tradelab) or Kite (our in-house/rainmatter). The RMS team, backend team etc for you remain the same, so no one other than our dealing team (Zerodha call n trade desk) can place orders on your behalf. So, like Kite/Pi/NEST you will have to login and place an order yourself. Similar to all the other platforms we as Zerodha are responsible for Smallcase as well.

  171. Rajesh MM says:


    Very good Initiative, But would be nice to have Brokerage Calculator like we have on Zerodha platform.


  172. Sharad says:

    We only charge you Rs 100 when you buy a smallcase. No transaction fees when you rebalance or exit a smallcase.

    Rs 100 for activation/login or per month or per year….

    I haven’t understood this clearly…
    Pls explain on the costing


    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Sharad, this is not for activation or subscription.

      It’s more like a transaction fee that we charge when you buy a smallcase

      Vasanth, smallcase

  173. Mahesh Achari says:

    Good idea. Im Happy for this thought. but i guess it will not reach as much due to miss communication. suppose i can understand and im interested in this. suppose my friend also trading with zerodha but he is not able to understand what it is actually. my request and small suggestion is that individual reminders and intermediary authorized persons only can tell to remaining people…. its just my point of view. and few other experienced traders and seniors are there to judge my request.

  174. Umesh says:

    Hi Team,
    Congrats for coming up with a new idea.
    I have few questions:
    1. Will we receive buy and sell messages?
    2. What is the time frame you are targeting for nice profits ?
    3. Is this suitable for traders or investor ?


    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Umesh,

      Thanks a lot!
      1. Nope, we don’t do that right now.
      2. smallcases are medium to long-term investments. However, it is important that the theme of that smallcase plays out for the stocks to gain
      3. More for long-term investors right now


    Great initiative SmallCase team. All the best…


    Hi Team,

    All the best for this venture.

    Lakshmi Narasimhan

  177. devgan says:

    Login Screen doesn’t appear on my screen while using chrome on my windows 8.1 Laptop and while using Internet Explorer a Small window appears but ‘ abut blank’ is written in address bar. So I cant login to Small case using both of my browsers

  178. Sabu says:

    Hey kudos to nitin and small case team for great initiative.
    Pls clarify us how does it differ from selecting individual top ranking thematic stocks vs basket of thematic stocks in terms of profitability (as zero brokerage in individual stock vs 100 for small case)

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Sabu, other than the time taken to punch in 15-20 individual trades, you will not be able to track & manage your smallcase like a portfolio. For example, if you have to rebalance the weighting scheme of your smallcase, you will have to calculate what’s the allocation required and buy/sell some stocks individually through Kite. Also, we review each smallcase every quarter and send out a rebalance update based on the changes we have made. You miss out on that if you buy our smallcase as individual stocks

      Vasanth, smallcase

  179. viveksah says:

    Will smallcase also calculate long term/ short term capital gains?

    Nithin – Zerodha – can we also have similar short term/ long term capital gains in Q Backoffice?

  180. charish says:

    Hi, the idea sounds excellent and the backtest results are impressive. This innovative feature shouldn’t loose traction over time as I’m afraid there are far too many themes…. While the number of stocks in each theme are minimum and apt, you may look at scaling down the number of themes to allow the retail investor consume the idea.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Charish, thanks for the kind words!

      Right, we are working on making the discovery process better so you are not intimidated by so many themes – and rather can select the best smallcase for you!

      Vasanth, smallcase

  181. viveksah says:

    Good concept. Few questions:
    1) Why do the stocks have equal weightage?
    2) Understand that review is every 3 months. However, if there is negative news about the stock would the rebalancing happen after 3 months? e.g. In commodity glut smallcase, you have included Mandhana Industries which was 305 on 31st May (day the smallcase was rebalanced) & today the scrip closed at 67. 78% fall in price in 1.5 months. However, I do not see any rebalancing in the portfolio.
    3) Can we buy/ exit certain scrips from the portfolio or the entire portfolio needs to be bought/ sold off

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Vivek Sah, thanks for checking it out

      1) Not all of them do, if you check out Monsoon Cheer – you will see Hero Motocorp has 20% compared to the rest at 7.1%
      2) Yes, we will consider such stocks that are going to tank/are tanking and issue immediate notifications for those
      3) You can definitely sell individual or multiple stocks, apart from exiting the whole portfolio

      Vasanth, smallcase

      • viveksah says:

        Thanks for the clarifications Vasanth. I was exploring trying to buy a smallcase. In a portfolio there is a group of stocks, however, there could be certain stocks or certain sectors, which an investor may not want in their portfolio. E.g. In Commodity Glut, you have Mandana Industries or in Straight Flush you have Redington, which may not perform due to market outlook as per current views. However, whilst purchasing the Smallcase I would be constrained to buy the entire portfolio.
        The option currently is to invest in the entire lot which may not be very prudent especially since the smallcase reviews are quarterly or if there is any event. This is reactive and would lead to lowering of investor wealth by investing in bets which may not do well.

  182. Keval says:

    Hi Smallcase Team,

    Are you able to provide brokerage calculator / fees calculator for Smallcase??? Which helps us easily understand the fees concept.

  183. Sumit says:

    How to define quantity while buying smallcase? Lets say I want to buy 10 same smallcases so should I click 10 times on buy button on will I able to mention qty while buying smallcase?

    Also Rs.100 charge per smallcase will too high if not given qty selection.

    • Anony says:

      I agree. 100 Rs every time you buy the same small case does not make sense. You pay once as the royalty for research and next time onwards, it should only be compute+small case profit margin.


      • Vasanth says:

        Hey Anony, we charge Rs 100 only once when you buy a smallcase. We don’t charge you for investing more, rebalancing, or exiting the smallcase. Hope that clears

        Vasanth, smallcase

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Sumit

      You can buy a smallcase for any amount you like, as long as it is greater than the minimum amount for that smallcase. Try it out!

      You only have to enter the amount & confirm it, no clicking 10 times. Rs 100 is a flat fee irrespective of the amount or quantity

      Vasanth, smallcase

  184. sandeep says:

    HI small case Team.

    If i invest in small case can I see the portfolio of stocks that you invested with my money in that theme. or I will only see the theme Portfolio NAV.

    2. If dividends/bonus/splits are declared will those benefits be reflected in that theme Nav’s.

    • Rohan says:

      Hi Sandeep,

      1. You will be able see all the stocks in the smallcase as part of your holdings. You do get to see the complete smallcase index (similar to NAV) as well.
      2. We are working on including dividends, bonuses etc into your overall PnL, you will see them soon.


  185. Raj Mohan says:

    I have an account with zerodha, when I go to the login page of small case and click on login with kite it opens up a blank pop up only. Need help

    • Rohan says:

      What browser are you using Raj? Currently smallcase works with Google Chrome and Firefox well, if you can please try these. If you are already using either of these two, please send us an email at support[@]smallcase dot com with screenshots


  186. P BHALE says:

    Congrats for launching a new Invest-Product.
    I am having kite DP & password but “” is not being logged in. I tried it several times on 13& 14th July.
    Kindly resolve the issue.

  187. Raj says:

    Hi Vasanth,

    Good Good. Congrats to whole team.
    looks Smallcase is a great one for Beginners like me.

    My queries:
    1. Assume I bought “Growth at a Fair Price” today, and I’m adding one more lot by tomorrow. Will your fee will be Rs 100 or 200. I’m asking this since it’s the same fund.
    2. As a small investor I will not be buying bulk in quantity, as per your suggestions I can buy 1 set or Max 2 sets at a time.
    (Please Answer this for small investors)
    3. Obviously before adding any script in the basket you will be doing lots of research, but i feel any fund house will be re-balancing the portfolio quarterly once, which may replace 10-25% of funds, In a year it can be upto 60% switch. Will Demat charges this not eat up 2% every year for average size of Rs.8000 smallcase.
    4. All the smallcase’s are ranging between 1k-55k. Will smaller smallcase’s can give return for demat charges and smallcase’s fee.

    WR/ Raj.

    • Tanmay says:

      Interesting point about the fee.
      This can also be seen as whether small case will allow an SIP kind of investment or not.
      So if I buy a lot every month, I keep paying 100 every month?

      • Vasanth says:

        Hi Tanmay, No direct SIP option right now. But if you invest more in a smallcase you have bought, we don’t charge you anything extra

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Raj

      Thanks for the great words, means a lot

      1. Nope, just Rs. 100. We don’t charge for Invest more trades
      2. You can invest any amount into a smallcase as long as it is greater than the minimum amount for that smallcase
      3. Depends upon the smallcase & theme in question. For themes like GST, rural demand – we hope to not have a lot of additions and deletions while rebalancing
      4. You can invest a higher amount into the lower priced smallcases 🙂

      Vasanth, smallcase

  188. suresh says:

    Its good idea. When i click “login with Kite” nothing is coming. please help me to login to smallcase.

  189. Saju s s says:

    We believe in zerodha. Go on

  190. Anant Prakash Awasthi says:

    HI Team,

    really appreciate this idea for investment.

    Just a small question here, What will be tax liability on returns?

    ideally it should be tax free.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Anant, thanks for checking us out! It’s the same as owning individual shares. Long term capital gains (if you hold a stock for more than a year) is zero, short term capital gains (less than a year) is 15%

      Vasanth, smallcase

  191. shivaji tejankar says:

    Can we customise small case to add or remove stocks.
    Also it will separate and monitoring for profit and loss will be easy.

    I would also like to see such feature for entrada also. So we can trade for the day in single or small case stocks if any sector related activity on that day.

  192. Ishwar M. says:

    This is a great idea, Congratulations! It will make stock investing and especially rebalancing much easier.

    One question: Does the Past Performance shown take into account any rebalancing that has happened for the smallcase? Because some of the Stocks and Weights may have changed over time, so performance cannot be measured solely based on the current composition which might have not existed in the past for the particular smallcase.


    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Ishwar, thanks for the kind words!

      Yes, for all investment strategies & dividend smallcases, we have calculated the past performance based on the stocks that fit the criteria for that quarter. No worries there.

  193. Venkat says:

    If one strips away the jargon, This is a low cost mutual fund.

    It will be good for investors, if seeing these cost structures the biggies follow reducing their respective prohibitively high costs.


    Nice idea can you do this under futures also on same lines and suitable modification

  195. Tanmay says:


    Nice idea and way of investing. However, I think the time has come for Zerodha to introduce a multi-portfolio system within its platforms. It’ll be nice and preferred for the purposes of p&l accounting and reports if I can segregate my other holdings from small case holdings.
    Any plans or wip on this?


    • Something that we are working on Tanmay, but will take some time.

      • Gowri says:

        Hi Nithin,
        Any updates on these features? Finding it very difficult to track or identify between small case and my other strategy investments. At least separation of small case investment on the dashboard would do for now.

  196. Peeyush kumar sharma says:

    Very good idea for retail investors….

  197. Venkitesh says:

    Hi Vasanth,
    Great Idea. Have some questions. I am a zerodha user and I’ve seen various smallcases and the stocks in it.
    So if I buy a smallcase, I get those stocks associated with it in my demat. My question – Can I sell those stocks separately? And, can I sell a smallcase as a whole? What is the difference?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Venkitesh!

      Thanks for checking us out.

      Yes, your stocks go into your Zerodha-linked demat account only.

      Yes, you can sell those stocks separately or exit the smallcase as a whole too. Do it through however, as if you do it through Kite/Pi, your smallcase returns & P&L are affected

  198. Madheswaran says:

    You guys are rocking..What an innovative idea..!!!

  199. Pradeep Nalluri says:

    Great Idea!

    Disrupt the Mutual Fund industry.

    Track the portfolio of best performing equity funds and allow us to buy the basket. This will be so cheap and for 1/100th of the costs.

  200. Satya prakash says:

    Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
    – Eleanor Roosevelt

    This came to my mind.

  201. bnilesh says:

    It is quiet possible that the smallcase purchase might have some stocks which I am already having in my account. How it can be ensured that selling that stock in my account without reducing smallcase shares ? I think somekind of isolation to be needed between smallcase purchase & personal stocks.

    • Satya prakash says:

      It may work like mutual funds and not bunch of stocks for individual. I mean you can sell smallcase at the NAV not individual stocks in it. You won’t have right/access to do so.

      • Rohan says:

        You do have the right and ability to sell all stocks you buy from smallcase, they behave like any other holdings, you can sell them individually/partially/as a whole. But, you should only sell from smallcase otherwise your pnl numbers will not be updated.

        As for a way to differentiate holdings from smallcase and kite, we understand that this is a concern, so we are already working on this, you should be able to do this soon.

        • bnilesh says:

          Ok. The initial simple solution may be a message pop when user is selling a stock which is part of smallcase. The message may indicate the number of stock purchased under small case. This can be improved further.

  202. Guruprasad Maiti says:

    Would you allow leverage on them? If not, please try to do that in future, because they are kind of index.

  203. Guruprasad Maiti says:

    Can I go short on a Smallcase?

  204. DDK says:

    Great going zerodha and nice idea.

  205. Vivek says:

    When are you guys getting listed ? I want to buy Zerodha shares! 😉 🙂 (Y)

  206. IMRAN PATHAN says:

    Great Idea, though.

    But looking at SmallCase team, it looks such a small team (not sure how much finance, investment domain background it has, as it looks less only from team information )

    In market like India, how it will manage to catchup ever changing themes/contents, identifying new themes and its contents, proportion. Especially when we claim, for opportunity based investing SmallCase can be better alternative to MFs (MFs has dedicated fund manager and team with rich experience in fin,investment domain across fund houses)

    Don’t take it negatively, this is only a concern, need some more confidence on this part.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Imran, thanks for checking us out!

      Yes, we are a very small team of finance, economics & engineering grads. Our investment research team has a rich prior experience with thematic research for SE Asian markets especially India, HK, Japan & with building low-latency trading and investing platforms.

      Definitely agree – that’s both the challenge & opportunity to re-imagine how stock market investing happens at a retail level. We sincerely hope we will not disappoint you 🙂

      Watch this space!

  207. AshishM says:


    Interesting concept.

    Have a few clarifications,

    (i) For a smallcase, can there be a partial exit ex 50%, 25% of the selected small case portfolio. Can it be done from your platform or would need to be done at individual script level.

    (ii) Bought a smallcase, would like to increase the allocation to the portfolio by 50%. Is that possible.

    (iii) The flat fee Rs 100 mentioned is one time fee or like a subscription, needs to be renewed at some periodicity.

    (iv) had bought a smallcase & then subsequently exited. Can I reinvest after sometime in the selected portfolio or would need to buy the smallcase again.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Ashish, thanks for checking smallcase!

      (i) Right now, that’s not possible. You can only exit individual/multiple stocks or the whole smallcase at once. This is interesting though – can you write to me at vasanth [at] smallcase dot com so we can chat more reg this?

      (ii) Again, not right now. You can invest the same amount again into the smallcase as an Invest More trade.

      (iii) Whenever you buy a smallcase, we charge you Rs. 100. When you buy another smallcase, we charge you Rs. 100. If you are rebalancing or exiting the smallcase, we don’t charge you anything

      (iv) You will have to buy the smallcase again, as your first smallcase will be marked as exited

      Vasanth, smallcase

  208. MAYUR DUBEY says:

    Fantastic idea I must say…I’m primarily a MF enthusiast and is new to direct equities and was confused for quite a some time about what to choose…but here it comes…from zerodha…stock basket that works like mfs…ready to go….
    thanks.. 🙂

  209. Suneel says:

    Could you provide the calculator for smallcase similar to zerodha brokerage for intraday and delivery?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Suneel, didn’t really understand what you’re looking for? You are looking for a fees calculator?

      Vasanth, smallcase

      • Kumar Varun says:

        Hi Vasanth,

        I think he is asking to total cost to the end user for buying a smallcase.
        As far as I understand, it would be:-
        100/200 (as per smallcase) + No of stocks in that smallcase x 13.5 (DP charges) + 15% tax on overall transaction

        Correct me if I am wrong.


    • Raj says:

      Hi Suneel,

      Smallcase is a product designed for long term investments and not for intraday. Smallcase will charge customers only a fee of Rs 100 and Brokerage what you are going to pay is to Zerodha not to smallcase, so you can use Zerodha Calculator for brokerage calculation.

      WR/ Raj 🙂

  210. Suneel says:

    Based on what criteria the small case will be re-balanced?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Suneel,

      Depends on the smallcase. For theme-based smallcases like GST, smart cities, etc, we will review whether the constituents are reflecting the underlying theme correctly or not. For model based smallcases like Growth at a Fair Price, Magic Formula, the constituents keep changing based on the criteria set for the smallcase

      Vasanth, smallcase

  211. Vinay.K says:

    Hey Nitin and Vasanth,
    first of all CONGRATULATIONS for coming up with one more fantastic idea of trading.
    WOW… i was just amzed to see this kind of simplified and easy way of trading wherein I dont have to be scared of a particular share.. a sectorial investment is really going to revolutionize the way we trade.
    again.. i dont have to teach my girlfriend about investing. this is simple and convenient (we can invest with whatever money) she is definitely going to love this. I am sure everybody will be happy to trade here and enjoy the returns.

  212. prasanta kumar mahapatra says:

    This is a good idea. But need to know details more. It will work good as all investment will done under supervision of an expert. Seems more safe way of investment.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Prasanta,

      thanks for checking smallcase. Happy to help with any details you need. Yes, this is a safer way of investing as you are investing in a portfolio and your risks are diversified

      Vasanth, smallcase

  213. Rajesh Chittimala says:

    I have logged in small case and noted the minimum investment requirements for each thematic investment opportunity.

    My questions are
    • After investing, is the trading(buying and selling) can be done on daily basis or monthly basis
    • The returns that are indicated in each theme is showing past year performance. Is that true? Please clarify how this data is collected for each type of stocks.
    • Are the returns shown for each theme are minimum guaranteed returns or depends on the market

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Rajesh, thanks for signing in to smallcase

      • smallcases are baskets of liquid stocks – you can buy/sell anytime you want
      • Yes, the returns shown are calculated with historical data for stocks. We have rebalanced the smallcase for the last 8 quarters and seen their performance to calculate past returns
      • Returns shown for each smallcase is historical. Yes, performance will depend on the markets & how the theme you are buying plays out

      Vasanth, smallcase

  214. Ganesh says:


    How does the stock re-balancing take place once the we buy few units of a group? Will the SmallCase team take care of replacing the earlier stocks with the new set of stocks in buyers Demat account? Thank you for your time & attention.


    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Ganesh,

      We review all our smallcases each quarter and update them so the smallcase continues to reflect the theme. Once you buy a smallcase, you will receive a rebalance update notification when we do this update & you see what changes we have made along with the option to apply the same on your smallcase too

      We do not auto-rebalance or replace any stocks in your demat account. You get the option to apply the rebalance update on your smallcase – ensuring your smallcase is updated and continues to reflect the underlying theme

      Vasanth, smallcase

  215. rohitc says:

    Great initiative! I have trading account with Zerodha but not dmat account, still can I invest in this?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Rohit,

      Thanks for the support! Unfortunately, you will need to have a demat account to invest with us, as smallcases are equity baskets, and these stocks have to be held in your demat account

      Vasanth, smallcase

  216. tarak says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I think, the basic basket creation should be included in the Kite itself so that advanced users can create by them selves. I remember this feature in ZT. Even ICICI direct provides this.

    In no way, I’m reducing importance of small case..Any special (theme) people could/would use smallcase services.


  217. satya says:

    If I intend to partially exit from the smallcase stock can I get exit or do I have to squareoff the whole portfolio.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Satya, you can sell a single or multiple stocks if you don’t want to exit the whole smallcase. However, do it through the smallcase platform and not through Kite or Pi, so we can update this in your smallcase and display P&L accordingly.

      Vasanth, smallcase

  218. tarak says:

    Is it possible to do BTST?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Tarak, you can do BTST with smallcases. You will be incurring intraday brokerage fees though

      However, our smallcases are for long term investing, not BTST 🙂

      Vasanth, smallcase

      • Ankur Agrawal says:

        Here long term means 3-6 months right? Because it is thematic investment and a theme generally doesn’t last beyond 6 months. Am I right?

        • Vasanth says:

          Hey Ankur, really depends on the theme in question. For eg. The GST Opportunity could play out for the next 2-3 years or even more, whereas a smallcase like Monsoon Cheer should be active for the next 3-4 months

          Vasanth, smallcase

      • Arvind says:

        Yes but if we are in good profit by BTST, it is better to exit and buy again via smallcase correct?

  219. Shekhar Phatak says:

    Congrats to the Zerodha and smallcase for a wonderful investment idea. must be give benefit to small investors. Important thing is there is no barrier like MF.

  220. Prem Doshi says:

    Take a Bow nithin.. man you are truly changing how India Trades/Invests!

  221. Sudheer Pal says:

    Hi Nitin

    I like your idea. I want to know the charges involved (with STT & Brokerage if any) in detail.

    • Abhishek says:

      Hi Sudheer,
      We charge a flat Rs 100 when you buy any smallcase. No fee is charged when you sell, re-balance, manage.
      Rest other charges like STT, stamp duty remain same. For further understanding, pls checkout the link below.

      • tarak says:

        CDSL (Zerodha DP) demat charges: Rs. 13.5 + Service Tax (15%)
        NSDL (IL&FS DP) demat charges: Rs. 12.5 + Service Tax (15%)

        This is per script right? If so, if there are 20 stocks, then overhead will be 13.5×20 or 12.5 x 20. Is that correct ?

        • Vasanth says:

          Correct. This along with service tax of 15%

          • bnilesh says:

            I really like the smallcase concept & I have already started investing in smallcase.

            I understand the fee charges are similar to trading on kite with additional 100Rs for initial smallcase buy. Is it correct? If not then with small example can you illustrate showing difference between kite vs smallcase trading?

  222. tarak says:

    what happens to smallcase if I square off all holdings (by chance)?
    Is there indication in kite holdings to show that stocks are bought through smallcase?

    can I login into smallcase and trigger a theme while I’m trading on kite platform (that is can I simultaneously use both platforms)?

    how is Rs 100/- charged? netbanking??


    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Tarak,

      If you place a buy or sell order for a stock bought through smallcase on Kite or Pi, it won’t be reflected on smallcase. This will impact your smallcase constituents, returns & P&L

      All your smallcase orders/trades will be reflected on Kite immediately though

      Nope, not netbanking – smallcase Transaction fees are debited from your Zerodha account itself at the end of the day

  223. NAG says:

    what about brokerage charges? small case includes the charges or exclude?

    • Abhishek says:

      Hi Nag,
      We charge a flat Rs 100 when you buy any smallcase. No fee is charged when you sell, re-balance, manage.
      Rest other charges like STT, stamp duty remain same. For further understanding, pls checkout the link below.

      Abhishek, smallcase

  224. Pradeepkumar says:

    I am NRI and how can I invest in small case.

  225. Pardhu says:

    Hi Nithin,

    This is an awesome idea. You guys had set a bench mark on user friendly trading setup by introducing Kite. And now, you come up with SmallCase. This kind of agility is need of hour for Indian trading community.

    Congratulations !!!


    • Thanks Pardhu,

      Smallcase is brainchild of Vasanth, Anugrah, and Rohan (co-founders @smallcase). We as Zerodha/Rainmatter are just helping power their platform.

      Btw, Kite is built by Dr K and our tech team.I am just the face 🙂

      • deepak says:

        Dear sir
        I have one suggestion regarding improvement in you kite platform for both web and app. In the watch list ,stocks or any script are in simple black n white and only their price movement is shown in red and green for down and up price respectively. To know whether stock or script is positive or negative on that day , we have to concentrate on the sign of price change/% change.
        This can be improved by giving background colour such as if the stock is +ve with 0-0.5% this can be indicated with dark green and for >0.5% with bright green colour.similarly for -ve side ,0-0.5 % change stock with background dark red and for >0.5% with bright red and Grey colour for no price change. so that by just colour code we can recognise trend on that day for particular stock or any f&O position.Hope you will implement my suggestion

  226. Kasturi Ksheti says:

    I wat to know in details of investment. whether i will buy and sell the stocks of my own or you will buy & sell on behelf of me .Will you advise me to invest in stocks. what is the minimum margin required to invest in smallcase ?

    • Abhishek says:

      Hi Kasturi,
      If you already have a Zerodha account, just login through your kite credentials and you will be able to buy smallcase on your own. Once bought the same will be reflected in your kite holdings.
      We dont advise investing in single stocks.
      The minimum amount you require to buy any smallcase is the minimum amount reflected on each individual smallcase page, eg, says Minimum Amount Rs. 18,580.35, which you need to have in your account to buy this smallcase.

      Abhishek, smallcase

  227. Zakir says:

    How i ll get benefited with this new idea.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Zakir, if you want to take exposure to a theme in the markets, it would take you a lot of time & research to find the right stocks to invest in. We save that time for you giving you actionable portfolios of stocks that reflect that theme 🙂

      Vasanth, smallcase

  228. nitin says:

    Do i need demat acc. or simple FnO account suffice

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Nitin,

      You will need a demat account as you are buying equities ie stocks with smallcase. An F&O account won’t suffice

      Vasanth, smallcase

  229. Bhushan V. Deshpande says:

    1. can I see the constituents of smallcase?
    2. What is the structure of smallcase? It in no. of units?
    3. can i trade smallcase?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Bhushan

      1. Yes you can see the stocks & weights on the smallcase page under the Stocks & Weights tab
      2. Each smallcase is a basket of upto 20 stocks – you can invest any amount in them as long as it is greater than the min investment amount for that smallcase
      3. Yes, you can buy and sell smallcases as easily as you can buy/sell stocks. Try it out!

      Vasanth, smallcase

  230. Gagan says:

    I am trying to login using desktop but page not opening. Please look into it. I am using IE10


  231. Sanjay says:

    Will I be able to clearly differentiate between stocks purchased via small case vs those with kite when I see my demat holdings on Kite?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Sanjay,

      Not right now, but we are working on it – so you can filter out your smallcase stocks on your Kite holdings

      Vasanth, smallcase

  232. Dhileesh says:

    Any good share to buy today ?

    • Protipper says:

      UJAAS seems to be a good stock to buy considering the macros around the sector and the short term price action.

  233. Ankur Agrawal says:

    Hi Vasanth!

    I have one question. Why can’t I see the stocks inside your smallcases. It is showing a blurred image with a padlock sign.

    • Vasanth says:

      You need to login to see the stocks in a smallcase. Do you have a Zerodha account?

      Vasanth, smallcase

      • Ankur Agrawal says:

        Yes I have zerodha account. But it is asking permission to place, modify or cancel orders. I am afraid of this. Can smallcase place or cancel orders without my permission?

        • Vasanth says:

          No Ankur, we can only place orders on your behalf when you confirm it on our platform

          No worries there

          Vasanth, smallcase

          • Ankur Agrawal says:

            Thanks Vasanth!

            I am going to sign up for small case

            Even If there occurs some mischief from your side I will immediately start annoying zerodha call executives. lol

  234. kamal says:

    Hi Team ,

    Could you please update more on the prices ? how it will charge the STT,other charges . You mention that the stocks will be in our demat , so does it it mean we can see those from Kite also if we wish to do so !


    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Kamal
      Sure, you can read all our fee details here

      Yes, stocks will be in our demat & you can see them on Kite too. However, as stated in the post, don’t buy/sell smallcase stocks through Kite, as it will impact your returns & P&L

      Vasanth, smallcase

      • Tilak says:

        How to buy? Logged in to small case and saw buy option… if I buy from there, will that reflect in my kite holding? Can I see the stocks I am buying say under gst theme in my holding? Can you please publish a nice doc with screenshots?
        This is really interesting – will try it out today ?

  235. Prakash says:

    Wonderful thought. Great idea for retail investors to invest in a basket of stocks in the right proportion. All the best

  236. Sreejith G says:

    This is such a good news.. congrats to whole team

  237. irshad says:

    Have you got approval from SEBI .. ?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Irshad, we are an authorized person registered with the NSE

    • Platforms need exchange approvals. We have taken NSE approvals for this platform.

      • Anony says:

        Creation of a small case basket is equivalent to stock recommendation. So, the question was “Are you SEBI registered for recommending stocks?”


        • Anony, a stock broker is allowed to advise his clients as it is considered incidental to the business of broking. Hence our SEBI license for being a stock broker is enough. It is similar to how every brokerage firm gives out recommendation.
          But that said, technically it is not stock recommendation. We (Smallcase+zerodha) are suggesting what are the best stocks to buy for a particular idea and facilitating easy execution.

          • Anony says:

            >>Hence our SEBI license for being a stock broker is enough. It is similar to how every brokerage firm gives out recommendation
            1. No brokerage house charges for its recommendation..:-)
            2. Since it is going to be paid, it can not be a suggestion. Suggestion is always free of cost. 🙂
            3. Here, you are identifying not only the stocks but also the weightage. This for sure does not make it a suggestion.

            Let’s say it is a suggestion, then it can not have a recurring cost. To buy the same suggestion, paying the same amount is some thing not understandable. You buy once and use it again and again. For repeated buys, charges should not be as high as the first time.

            • 🙂 we are charging a convenience fees for execution on Smallcase. You can look at the portfolio recommendation for your idea, and execute on your own on kite without paying.

              • Anony says:

                IMHO, pricing model is not innovative (although appears cheap). Let’s say individual buys 3 small cases a month; that is Rs 3600 per year overhead (eg., SIP). Hopefully, you would come up with something which ZERODHA brand stands for (Min. barrier).

                • Let me clarify, Rs 100 is only for buying a smallcase. If you keep adding more investment to this smallcase (like an SIP), there are no additional charges. So if you buy 3 smallcases and keep adding more investment every month, you would have paid only Rs 300 at the end of the year.

                  • Anony says:

                    Thanks for clarifying.

                    A post having different main use cases+charges will reduce the traffic!!

                    Also, please think of yearly subscription eventually (all new themes coming up in a year), so that I just have to pay once and use as the opportunity arises.

                    thanks again,

                  • AP says:

                    That’s excellent pricing for the users. Great Job.

                  • Chinmay says:

                    As per you clarification, is that 300 going to be deducted every year or once in lifetime? Please clarify this.

                    • Matti says:

                      300 is if you buy 3 smallcases. Rs. 100 is charged each time you buy into a new smallcase. No charge for additional investments.

  238. kumaran says:

    thumba olle idea sirji

  239. srinivas says:

    Hi how to invest in it ? And can a small investor can invest in it?

  240. kumaran says:

    thuma olle idea sirji

  241. Vaibhav says:

    Nice one. Will try if soon.

  242. Deepender says:

    Read this post today on ET, good going. Wish you guys all the best!

  243. Ramu says:

    Hello traders, dis is super project which will change how i invest

    Can you tlel me how mcuh it costs me

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Ramu, as mentioned, only costs you Rs 100 when you buy a smallcase. You can go through all fee details here

      • Sreenivas Doosa says:

        In the link you have provided above, STT charges are not mentioned. Can you please clarify on this.
        Thanks for the new way of investment. I would like to give a try.

        • Vasanth says:

          Hey Sreenivas,

          STT is 0.1% of the traded value. Sorry, we will update this tonight.

          Vasanth, smallcase

          • Suneel says:

            Dear Vasanth,
            Its good to hear about small case(low cost mutual fund). As a small investor I have below questions. for e.g. if I buy a small case worth Rs.30000 and wanted to sell @ 45000 (lets assume the price),
            1. How much would be deducted including Buy and Sell charges?
            2.Can I exit at any time (depends on emergency)?
            3. Can I transfer from one small case to another with the current price (45 k as per above example)?

  244. Mahadip says:

    Hello smallcase

    Market is over heated today, but I will invest wit you soon

  245. Rajat says:

    Awsum… this should be a new instrument to trade on exchange directly.. like etf

    Good going nithin

  246. Akshata K says:

    Small case is a wonderful endeavour!
    I like the way it is made. The efforts, the thoughts, the ideas that have gone into making of it is exceptionally brilliant.

    It would be helpful for new traders like me to make hassle free and efficient investments in stock markets this way.

    It’s of course “investing in ideas than stocks”..!

  247. Kazi says:

    Thematic investment…. The NEXT BIG Thing….CHEERS.

  248. Varun says:

    wow….this is lyk a low-cost mutual fund

    one question.. how can I use this with my existing hdfc demat account?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Varun, unfortunately you can’t. You would need a Zerodha brokerage/demat account to transact with smallcase right now.

      You can sign up on to create your Zerodha account

      Vasanth, smallcase

  249. RAKESH says:

    Unique way 2 invest

  250. Vijay says:

    Great idea.. of investing into ideas… 🙂 🙂


      hello sir, namasthe..
      why don’t have our zerodha automatic support and resistance lines? out side some softwares are providing.

      • Kishore, there is support and resistance lines given on both Pi and Kite. Search for pivot points on kite charts.

        • Sami D says:

          Hi Nithin
          I hope zerodha does not loose what it has gained in short period of time. The chart are really making me mad everyday. Most of the time it takes forever to open them. I am very well wisher of Zerodha.
          Bless you.

        • Varun says:

          How the small case Can replace MF SIP

          I need to use small case as my long term MF. How can i do that?

          Or is that possible

          • Namrata says:

            Hi Varun,

            smallcases are similar to mutual funds in concept since they’re both portfolios of stocks, but come with greater transparency and flexibility. Some of the differences are as follows:

            – transparent & customizable (you buy the stocks into your account directly vs buying units of the fund)
            – liquid (no lock-ins, value changes during the market hours)
            – more cost effective (only flat fees)
            – can capture a lot more use-cases (GST, rural demand, increasing internet penetration, different strategies for growth, value, momentum, dividends etc)

            Like mutual funds, you can buy a smallcase and set up SIP to invest more regularly. If you need any help with this, write to us at [email protected]

        • Babu says:

          Small case is cheating platform there is lot of price difference in kite and small case . The reason told by small case is simple avg . But avg bu price is difference of 40 rupees !!!

          • Namrata says:

            Hi Babu! The difference in avg buy prices is simply because of the calculation methodology used by Zerodha and smallcase. Zerodha uses FIFO for tax liability reasons, whereas for your smallcases, it’s done by simple average for tracking purposes, hence it’s not a discrepancy.

            The only other case where a difference in avg buy prices would occur would be in the case of corporate actions like bonus issues and stock splits: They are adjusted for on smallcase on the ex-date itself, but would get adjusted on Kite once the additional shares reach your demat account.

            Drop us a mail at [email protected] if you have more questions, we’re happy to help 🙂