Introducing screener by Tickertape

May 22, 2017


I like most of you have always found discovering the right stock to invest/trade in to be quite a challenge, considering most research websites out there focus on just single stock pages. We had also received a lot of requests for a screening tool.

Presenting screener by smallcase – the most powerful & comprehensive stock screener for Indian stocks. With over 70 filters, readymade screens, exports & many more features – screener should help you find the best stocks for your investment thesis, faster & easier. More importantly, all data from the best source available – Thomson Reuters Knowledge Database and available exclusively only for Zerodha clients.

Find below an  introduction to screener from Vasanth, co-founder@ smallcase. Here is a link to the webinar conducted on using screener Tuesday, 23rd May at 12.30 pm on our youtube channel. 

Happy Trading,


Introducing screener

EDIT: screener is now part of Tickertape – a platform for all information about stocks, indices & more. Only the name has changed, the team behind this remains the same. You can find the Tickertape screener here –

Today, we’re introducing screener, by smallcase – a powerful stock screener for Indian stocks. It lets you screen the stock universe easily, by using smart filters & readymade screens to find stocks that match your criteria

When we started building products for retail investors 2 years back, we saw many of them had an investment idea in mind, but found it a challenge to find the right stocks. Examples of questions they had:

  • Which stocks have more than 20% upside from their current prices
  • What are some fundamentally strong companies in FMCG sector
  • What stocks near their 52W high are experiencing strong price momentum
  • What undervalued stocks are Mutual Funds and Banks increasing their exposure to
  • How do I find stocks expected to experience high earnings & cashflow growth next year
  • What are the Buy rated stocks trading at a discount to sector PE/PS multiples

screener helps you discover relevant stocks for the above questions and more with filters including profitability & financial ratios, future estimates, broker ratings, technical indicators, ownership among others

You can also save your filters & their selected criteria as a screen – so you can load this anytime to get the current list of stocks that match the filters

There are also readymade screens that help you discover great ideas like Monsoon Cheer, Low-debt Midcaps, Income Stocks, Money Minters and the relevant stocks for the same


  • Future Estimates – Screen stocks on the basis of expected future revenues, earnings and cashflows
  • Broker Ratings & Target Price – Discover strong buy rated stocks with high upside potential
  • Technical Indicators & Trends – Find out stocks experiencing strong trend or lying in overbought/oversold zones
  • Ownership Structure & Changes – Invest with institutions like MFs by investing in stocks where they are increasing exposure
  • Sector Comparables – Compare stocks on the basis of PE, PB, PS and dividend yields of peers & sector
  • smallcase Special Rankings – Rank stocks on our prop fundamental, earnings, value and momentum scales
  • All Profitability & Financial ratios – Apply various financial and profitability ratios to discover fundamentally strong companies
  • Proprietary Premium screens – Use our expanding library of readymade premium screens to discover awesome ideas and stocks eg. Monsoon Cheer, Jamaican Sprinters, Golden Geese & more
  • Save screens – Save your filtering criteria to a new screen and get an update list every time you login
  • Take stock data offline – Download your screen results in excel for further analysis and record keeping

screener Pro

There is also a Premium plan for screener – with which you unlock premium-only filters, exclusive screens, unlimited CSV exports & more than 3 saved screens. This is charged at an special introductory fee of Rs. 100 /month only

To take screener Pro for a test drive – you can sign up for a free 14-day trial to use & experience all premium features

Integrated with smallcase

You can add stocks from screen results with the ‘+’ icon next to the stock name, to add it to the smallcase Cart. Build your portfolio & create a new smallcase directly from screener & buy, track & manage it seamlessly on

Filter Guide

Read descriptions of all 70+ filters on our Filter guide here

We have built screener as the most comprehensive, yet simplest way to find the best stocks that match your investment idea

Try it out here –


We sincerely hope you enjoy the experience. This is only the first version, and things should keep getting better from here. Write to us with your queries, suggestions & all feedback at [email protected]

Happy screening, happy investing!

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  1. Nitin Pandey says:

    how can i filter NSE F&O stocks with real time?

  2. Rawraaj says:

    How can I add my own stocks on a new screener on tickertape? I want to add a bunch of large cap stocks and get details about each stock from tickertape. But I don’t see anyoption. It only filters our stocks based on some criteria.
    I just find it hard to believe that you cannot create a custom screener by adding multiple stock via an excel sheet or copy paste.
    The paid version of Ticker Tape is useless actually. I still have not been able to get any value from it and it already a month.

  3. Adi says:

    Dear Nitin
    You have done a great job and continuously adding new features.
    Introduction of Basket order is a great idea.
    Is it possible to add features on basket for option trading with hedging with target debit or credit ?
    For example: I want to create a Butterfly whose debit will be max 2 point. So I will select the required strike and will set the target 2. As soon as the target hit the order will be placed and executed. Like hedging software.


    I have redeemed 1200 points for Tickertape pro 1-year subscription on 25-APR. But when i am opening ticker tape with Zerodha account it showing me to purchase pro plan.
    “2021-04-25 Note: Tickertape Pro redemption 0 1200”

  5. promod kaushal says:

    For last almost 5 days I have been requesting you to resolve my concerns as below.
    If you can’t resolve the same kindly refund my payments today itself.
    Kindly do the needful and revert back ASAP.
    For last 3 days
    I am not able to
    # See my Watchlist stocks
    # See Pro details & forecasts when I check stocks
    Something is wrong at your end which you need to rectify immediately and revert back
    Also my correct number is not mentioned and recorded at your end
    Correct number is 9898050882
    Please advise ASAP

  6. komal patil says:

    i m facing some problem …i have subscribed for small case 118 rs/month is deducting from my credit card ..but i dont what for i m subscribed ….i can see details n ticker tape or small case ..

    pls help me ..

    Thank u

    komal patil

  7. Ranjith says:


    In your screener, the 14D RSI for BPCL showing wrongly as 16.72

    The 14D RSI for BPCL on 10/10/20 should be actually 29.08

    For many other stocks also, your 14D RSI values are shown incorrectly.

    Request to rectify this problem. Else we will not be able to rely on your indicators.

    (I have raised a support request in tickertape along with screenshots). Pl check.

  8. Pankaj Singh says:

    Is it possible to upload model portfolio as csv which smallcase platform can execute?

    If so, is there any documentation of the same covering – CSV template, re-balancing frequency, charges for self and others?

  9. Tarun says:

    I have redeem referral points in ticker tape from zerodha, but did not receive any notification for that. also tickertape is not showing any referral program even after linking zerodha tickertape

  10. navin kumar says:

    I redeemed 650 points for 6 months subscription for tickertape on 25th April but when I am login with my zerodha account it’s telling to take subscription

  11. RAVI GHAI says:

    Dear Sir

    I am client of Zerodha for the last 3 years and recently took subscription of Ticker Tape. I have observed that data vis-a-vis highest call and put open interest streak is not correct.

    Please take suitable measures to maintain credibility of your organization

  12. Vijay says:


    Tickertape has GLARING data entry mistakes, which consequently churn out incorrect results….I have done several sample checks…the EPS values (just one data point) are very different from those mentioned in the attached annual reports


    • Tickertape says:

      Hi Vijay,

      Could you help us out with some examples? We will also verify it at our end.



        Another discrepancy I found is that the CTE (Cambridge Technology Limited) stock is not overbought, so it is recommended as good to buy. However, if you check out the CTE financials, its absolutely NO NO for buying/investing in this stock.

  13. sushil says:

    Has it stopped interaction with small case and zerodha plat form.I am not able o log in with zerodha id to screener

  14. Sujit says:

    I am looking for the best stock scanner, to scan stocks based on RSI and CCI crossing a certain level. Please suggest as its urgent and I am planning to buy one, but want to be sure if we have something better with zerodha.

  15. Amol says:

    Zerodha is charging me for screener every month even though i am not using nor i never subscribed for any subscription.

    I notify first time till the zeordha was taking 118 INR from this service which i have never used

    I am quite not happy specifically with this kind of hidden charges…

    Please do let me know how i can unsubscribe.

    • amol says:

      Interesting fact I am member of this screen since 3 October, 2017, i have no idea about it

      • Namrata says:

        Hi Amol! You would only be charged a recurring fee if you have opted for a Tickertape (formerly screener) Pro membership. The same should be communicated at the time of signing up for the trial and through e-mails. However, we’d be happy to double check your membership details for you. Please drop a mail to [email protected] with the ID you signed up for Tickertape screener with, so we can check this for you.

        • Vivekananda says:

          I am also getting charged for this Tickertape,though I am not using it.
          Can you please let me know how to unsubscribe from it.

  16. Amit Chand says:

    How do I unregister from Smallcase Screener. I am being debited Rs 118 per month and not using this anymore

  17. Gunjan Mehta says:

    I have been waiting for this for such a long time…Thank you so much for making this. Just one thing I want to tell you and i.e. why smallcase screener is only showing stocks listed on NSE ? Why stocks on BSE are not available… I mean there are around 1600 stocks on NSE and on BSE there are more than 5000. So it will be very helpful if you are giving this same facility for the stocks listed on BSE. Anyways good job.

  18. bedayan says:

    I think screener is for only daily. Is it for intraday also?

  19. guru says:

    I need to scan Nifty 50 stocks (cash segment) that made
    The first three continuous (9:15 to 9:45, 9:45 to 10:15, 10:15 to 10:45 am)
    30 mins candles that made
    either “Higher High, Higher Low” or
    “lower high, lower low” . Can any one help what is the actual script to be written?

  20. Viru says:

    any plans for realtime scanner in future , may be on hourly on daily chart ??

  21. Radhakrishnan says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    Is it safe to authorize this small case screener to access my holdings and like place order?
    I want to use this feature but bit concerned about security. please confirm.

  22. Shuthan H S says:

    Charges for Screener is increases? When i try to subscribe it shows INR 118

  23. Harshad says:

    Why is it necessary to access my holdings and positions details? And in terms and conditions it is clearly mentioned that small case can place sell and modify orders.. What does it mean? Account balance is sufficient to know. It’s difficult to provide such permissions and it’s risky too. Is there any option to check fundamentals and earning details of any company in zerodha? Other platforms suggest good picks to invest into but in zerodha we don’t have such facility.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Harshad – this is a basic authorization required for using smallcase – no worries though – we can’t place orders without your approval at any time. Also this applies only for orders placed through

  24. sachin malik says:

    why does it require authorization for placing and modifying the orders? can this app place order without my permission?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Sachin – this is a basic authorization required for using smallcase – no worries though – we can’t place orders without your approval at any time. Also this applies only for orders placed through

  25. saurav says:

    Hi vasanth,
    i want to close my smallcase screener account. which was previously linked by my zerodha account.
    how can i do it.
    please reply.

  26. santhosh says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I use both zerodha kite Web and Mobile App. There is a fund tab in mobile app which shows my account balance. Please provide some options so that fund options will available only in Web app or Zerodha PI. I Need it to be Hidden for Mobile App. due to some personal reasons 🙂

    Please do the Needful.

  27. Surya Kanth says:

    Hi Vasanth,
    For the first point about making Price momentum Rank more dynamic – It could be a long term enhancement but can you add 3 months Price Momentum rank and 6 Months Price Momentum Rank keeping 12 month Price Momentum Rank. This should be easy and quick.


  28. Surya Kanth says:

    Hi Vasanth,
    I love all the features of screener. Here are some more additional features I would request you.
    1. Price momentum Rank is actually wonderful feature. However it is a static feature. I request you to make it more dynamic like being able to rank Sectors against sectors, Stocks against indices etc.. and also the time should be configurable, like that of calculating against 1 week or 40 Weeks or 12 months etc..
    2. Can Bollinger Bandwidth indicator be added?
    3. There is an extraordinary setup called Bollinger Squeeze, Can it be found through Screener?


  29. Vikram says:

    Introduction of Advanced Technical indicators in screener is great. Does these indicators use realtime data (Hourly/day candle) or EOD data? If realtime, then I would love to buy pro version. Please confirm

  30. Lijoo says:

    I purchased some shares through screener and sold (by mistake) via Pi. They are still shown in smallcase. How can it be removed from smallcase.

  31. Lijoo says:

    Do you have any plan to come up with any new screeners in the near future ?

  32. Lijoo says:

    Is it possible to open screener while logged in Pi. If not, do you have any plan ?.

    Also do you have any plan to come up with screener for intraday in cash and F&O ?

  33. naruto says:

    Hi Vasanth, Can i create the screener for Magic Formula Investing on smallcase to check the veracity of the formula being used in small case? Reason for asking is – I see a different set of results in other websites like for example.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hello! Not yet – all the filters required aren’t there, working on adding them soon. This is the methodology for our smallcase btw

      • naruto says:

        Thanks for your response.

        Is there a filter to remove regulated sectors like Utility and Banking? The smallcase refreshes the portfolio every 3 months. Magic Formula recommends it to be left undisturbed for one year. Is there an option to leave it for 1 year?

        • Vasanth says:

          Hello! Sure, you can customize your smallcase before buying it (in this case – you don’t get rebalance updates going fwd) or manage it after buying (you’ll continue to get rebalance updates if you buy smallcase as is)

          You can skip the quarterly rebalance updates that you get – totally upto you

  34. Mohit Chhillar says:

    It is required to have the charting from kite integrated here. One has to switch between applications to get different data.

  35. FAIZAL RAZI A says:

    Dear Nithinji
    Great work
    Can you please provide the screener for intraday also

  36. KK says:

    Hi Vasant,

    The highest Call OI strike and Put OI strike for Lupin is 1200. What does that mean? Please comment.

  37. sat says:

    Hi Vasanth

    cash and carry filter is working perfectly? Vguard industries ltd ; spot price- fair value spread -future price are really matching? can you pls check n reply….

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi sat – seems to be fine here, anything specific that seems to be wrong?

      • sat says:

        vguard yesterday’s closing price : spot-180 n future-177 on chart

        on screener yesterday’s vguard closing price 178 and future price 194….how?

        • sat says:

          it seems there is one trading day price difference between future and spot ….future price is not being updated with spot price….

  38. KK says:

    Hi Vasant,

    As you have mentioned, the data on screener is updated everyday at 6:30 am. Are efforts in progress to do the updation in the evening itself (3 to 4 hours after the market closes) instead of doing it the next morning? If not, then we request you to please take this issue on priority. Would be a great help for us in analyzing as we will have much more time on our hands to make the correct decisions.


  39. Lijoo says:

    Hello Sir,

    Why don’t you add screener for 5/20 EMS crossovers etc. with other parameters for trading purpose in daily chart.

  40. Amol says:

    Can I use Margin or leverage for delivery orders?

  41. Murugesh says:

    Hi Sir can i get technical indicators and flags in screener

  42. sat says:

    screener is showing ITC up by 13 % with 89% buy rec. Today ITC fell by 15% today after GST council raising cess on cigarettes which could lead loss up to 5,000 crores on annual income…

    a few days back credit suisse, CLSA, morgan stanley heavily downgraded the stock… except LIC buying and HSBC holding there is no sign of positive factor that favors the company……

    i really wonder from where did you get that 89% buy rec at this point….strange….i think you just collect some dead numbers n upload on screener.. my request is atleast MAKE THE NUMBERS LIVE or you will lose credibility..

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi sat – today’s data is updated tomorrow early morning by 6:30 am on screener

      The downgrades on ITC would have happened today – and the broker ratings will reflect the same once Thomson Reuters data is updated

  43. Souvik says:

    Would love if the UI/UX of the Screener is more refined, interactive charts are added & peer comparison! Otherwise how is it even gonna benefit the value investors? Do you have anything planned for value investors?

  44. sat says:

    hi is it possible to add a`option clock’ filter on screener using all data available, including TIME to expiry , option greeks, fundamental factors,events upcoming, direction of the trend, news flow, volatality,open interest etc etc of each strike price… thank you

  45. Atheeq says:

    Technical indicators includes moving average? Thus we can see (get) list of all stock above and below 5, 12, 22, 50, 150, 200 etc days moving average.

    • Vasanth says:

      Yup, it contains 1M and 1Y moving averages. The filter shows how far is the stock price in % terms compared to 1M and 1Y moving averages

      • Atheeq says:

        How about days moving averages? I mean can we specify user specific days moving average (5, 20 days) and get a list of stocks?

      • Vithal says:


        Can you explain the formula used for calculation of RSI and RSI Exponential used in Smallcase Screener.


  46. Hemant says:

    Nithin and Vasanth,
    I want to bring to your attention ticket #435928. Basically, I raised a concern on why RSI (which is a mathematical calculation) differs between screener and on Kite. Both sides are saying they are right but for REPCO homes screener shows an RSI of 16-18 whereas on Kite it is 59. Small case team was kind enough and provided the calculation but why can’t both teams get together and provide an excel sheet with calculations for RSI and RSI exponential for script in question. I don’t see any downside to it instead of keep lobbing ball in each other’s’ court.

    • Hemant, Check this link:, takes you to the chartiq (international charting vendor for Kite) documentation on how all indicators are calculated. For RSI, I can see:

      RSI = 100 – 100/(1 + RS)
      RS = Average of the up closes over n-periods
      Average of the down closes over n-periods

      Vasanth, can maybe tell you the formula used on Screener. Btw, smallcase screener is an end of day screener, which means it updates only once every night. Kite indicators are live.

  47. Ramesh Deshpande says:

    Sincince I was searching since long for scanner/ screener, zerodha made possible. I feel it is CROWN TO ZARODHA VERSITY. ThankQ

  48. yashwanth says:

    its unable to login. taking a while time not responding

  49. Prasanna says:

    Hello Vasanth,

    the screen just does not load, it keeps rotating endlessly for hours, are the servers down today, what is the issue ?

  50. Imran says:

    Hi Vasanth,

    I have multiple watchlists of stocks based on multiple themes, events and my personal picks.
    It takes multiple tools, factors to shortlist amongst them.

    Can you please consider applying this screener on custom list of stocks ?
    It will be easy to shortlist further.


    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Imran – screener is more of a stock discovery tool right now

      What you’re talking about is more of a evaluation/info on stocks you already have

  51. Silvesh says:

    Is there any plan to build a Stock Market simulator like MoneyBhai where I can trade stocks, buy mutual funds etc. virtually. I think, India really needs a good learning platform like that. Only you people can do it, as I found your apps and services are more intuitive than others. Please add it to your list if you don’t have any plans to implement it currently.

  52. Parag Chaukulkar says:


  53. Pramod says:

    Whats the difference in Free version and Pro version?
    Is there any video done on using the screener to its optimum?

  54. Pdeep says:

    Hi Nithin and Vasanth,

    I appreciate and thank you and your team for your efforts.

    Find below my suggestions to be included in the Screener.
    1. Include the Index Constituents Filter.
    2. Under Price and Volume Filter include 3M Return option.
    Please visit for clarity on my suggestions.

  55. Vijay says:

    I want a filter which will screen stocks on candle stick pattern such as bullish engulfing, bullish harami, rising star, bearish engulfing, bearish harami, evening star, kicker signals with 1, 5 and 10 minutes time frame

  56. Sneh says:

    I have noticed another major issue with your portal. Take example of SAMKRG shares last traded price of this share as per BSE webiste and other website is 288.80 on 31 May 2017. Zerodha portal shows 286.10 which means people are making loss. I have taken relevant screenshots to highlight this issue.

  57. sat says:

    if there is a filter for ` daily news+ events+ analysis = ranking’ of a stock would be great idea….thank you.

  58. Jay says:


    Once I login into smallcase, i could see some 1600 stocks in list by default. could you help me understand it what basis it got fetch. And please include search option to check about particular stock and sector. I feel its tough to search for particular stock by surfing through entire list.

    • Hey Jay – the point of screener is to help you discover stocks you didn’t know about

      About the single stock search & details – this is next on our roadmap

  59. Umang Santuka says:

    Hi Team,

    It will be really helpful, if there could be any direct link to smallcase in kite platform so that we can access it directly once we login to our platform. We have different links like Mutual Funds,Q-Backoffice,Pulse etc. So in this if you could add smallcase link then it will be very easy for us to navigate to smallcase(only on a button click ) without logging again.

  60. sarang says:

    the page is not opening in IE / Chrome.
    i also tried to login screener first and then moved to the screener site but still showing blank page

  61. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I missed out the live streaming Volatility based stop loss technique with Karthik Rangappa. Can you please upload the video in you tube or kindly provide me the link for the video. My id Do0042.Omprakash.


    sir when you are launching next version of quant?

  63. neeraj says:

    when I tried to register with smallcase as zerodha client , it asks to AUTHORIZE the small case app to Place , Modify , and Cancel Orders, and also want my account info such as my holdings and money balance in the account TO BE SHARED WITH SMALL CASE, this is crazy man, its a serious security issue with this small case app, so guys beware before using it. AND I reject it to authorize the app, so it don’t let me log in.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Neeraj – this is a basic authorization required for buying a smallcase – no worries though – we can’t place orders without your approval at any time. Also this applies only for orders placed through More here

      We only use your holdings to see if the smallcase stocks are intact & the money balance to check if you can buy a smallcase completely before you place orders

  64. Venkat says:

    Can all this raw data be obtained programmatically via APIs?

    • Vasanth says:

      That’s how we get it from our data vendor 🙂

      But not right now, we’ll consider this in the future

      • Venkat says:

        So those doing algo trading via Zerodha Kite won’t be able to use this data from their code? That’s a serious handicap.

        • Vasanth says:

          Nope, screener isn’t very trading-oriented right now, more for fundamental analysis to identify great stocks for the long term

          Our values are updated at the end of every day, not in real time too

          • Venkat says:

            Thanks Vasanth. You should however seriously consider making this data accessible via Kite APIs in real time. I do algo trading, and can assure you that data like this can be quite valuable in the right hands for day trading as well.

            Is there a way we can at least manually download all this data at the end of the day? If yes, what can and can’t be downloaded?

            • Vasanth says:

              Yup, will do as soon as we have bandwidth for the same

              Definitely – screener Pro has unlimited exports of your screen results 🙂

  65. atul says:

    I am new Zeroda user. Can I use this tool free of charge?

  66. Adi says:

    Suggestion: Can you please prebuild and publish screens for every published Smallcase, with all their applicable filters – at least, wherever possible, say, for the Model-based Smallcases, etc? As of now, we have set of pre-built Screens, and pre-built SmallCases separately, not co-related easily.

  67. Vikram says:

    Can you please launch it as an app. It’s way more convenient than the desktop thing. Looking forward to it. I find smallcase awesome.

  68. Avinash says:

    hii kamal……

    it seems screener not updating on daily basis …close price what illi am seeing is of one day old.

    btw it is a good job till now i will do some virtual trading with this screener then coment how beneficial is this

    • Hi Avinash -we only show you EoD data from previous close – not the live data

    • Rakesh Patel says:

      I think, Data is not updated even EOD, prices are mismatch even with last day close prices.
      As a arbitrager trader, I need updated prices at least every morning and EOD.
      Please guide what is the solution.

      • Vasanth says:

        Hi Rakesh – the data gets updated at 6:30 am the next market day. Today morning, the data for Friday close would have been updated

        We are working on making the updation the same day soon

  69. Venkatesh says:

    The screener is good but we have to pay for full version.We need robust PI which has Ichimoku Cloud indicator.
    I have been asking Support team include this indicator they are helpless.


    As per blog, you have mentioned Ichimoku indicator will be included in coming version.
    it has been a year but no action taken. we can not use Kite effectively as it is slow and doesn’t have scripting option.

    Zerodha has been introducing some many platforms but it is not free
    instead, improve the core things……

    Stil Wait for Ichimoku indicator…..

  70. Sujoy Datta says:

    The idea is very nice. But why no stock is loading? Is it browser dependent?

  71. Srinivas says:

    Could you please also let me know if i can find Broke out Stocks and 100 DMA crossed stock.

  72. sat says:

    great job…thank you team zerodha..
    not all sectors included ? i didnt find aviation sector on screener…it would be great if you add individual stock search …thank you

  73. Srilakshmi says:

    Hey… Nitin. Super initiative… Fantastic service.. Thanks a ton…

  74. Bishal says:


    Incredible tool! I hope Zerodha is up for a F&O strategy creator tool integrated with smallcase for efficient strategy creation and one-point execution. If not, I think it will be a win-win for all as F&O has higher brokerages too.


  75. Brinda says:


    Congratulations for another Fremium product by Zerodha.

    I have transferred the script to my demat account by DI slip, when I enter buy price in Q-backoffice, it doesn’t reflect in Kite and I didn’t get my exact portfolio value.

    I have opened the support ticket (# – 857404) on 5th may, but support team unable to resolve the ticket from last 18 days, please help them to resolve the ticket.

  76. summit says:

    Hey smallcase team,

    I am not able to load any results with screener, it is just blank screen and there is no button on the left side which says load results or search. I select all the filters and then its just blank screen on right side.
    let me know if am doing anything wrong.


  77. Ankit says:

    I have to connect my KITE account to access screener and smallcase. It was asking for permissions like modification in order placed etc. Will it place orders without my permission? Or will it access my fund and invest in MF without asking me? Please confirm. Thanks

    • Hey Ankit – These are primarily for buying smallcases. we can only access your Zerodha account when you’re logged in to check if you have sufficient funds to buy a portfolio/smallcase of stocks created from screener & we only place orders on your behalf when you give manual approval for the same

      We can’t & won’t place orders without your approval each time. No worries here!

  78. AnandKar says:

    Hello guys,

    Please go through below websites
    They provide all above at free of cost.


    Hello Zerodha is it required Premium plan ?

    • Hi AnandKar – thanks for the links

      Basic usage for screener is free – what you can do on the above – you can do the same with screener Basic

      For filters like future estimates, broker ratings, ownership structure or value/price momentum rankings for all stocks which isn’t available on the other screeners – we’re charging a premium. With more features like premium-only readymade screens & unlimited data exports. With a free trial for you to experience the features before you start paying. And an introductory special offer of just Rs. 100 per month 🙂

      Happy screening!

  79. A Pereira says:

    The idea to introduce screener is good, but it is not clear as to why the following permissions are required to be given at the time of login if any client’s sole purpose is to simply use the screener.
    Permissions required by this app
    1. Access holdings and positions portfolio
    2. View your account balance and margins
    3. Place, modify, and cancel orders
    The third permission seems to be more risky. Will appreciate a revert.

    • Hello! – These are primarily for buying smallcases. we can only access your Zerodha account when you’re logged in to check if you have sufficient funds to buy a portfolio/smallcase of stocks created from screener & we only place orders on your behalf when you give manual approval for the same. No worries here!

  80. Vinny Ranjith says:

    Dear nithin,
    It is a fact that the technical glitch is more in zerodha comparing to other platforms
    and inexperienced/Poor knowledge customer team comparing to other platforms
    I don’t mind to pay a minimum amount for getting good service
    For example trade upto 100000rs per day free
    per day 100000rs to 200000rs – 10 rupees
    per day above 200000 rs – 20 rupees
    some thing like that
    I hope you will do the needful at the earliest to avoid technical glitch and equipping the customer service team more professional

  81. Shakir says:

    From my past experience of some months ….I can say that Zerodha will be the best tools for investing in future…..InshaAllah
    Best of Zerodha what I like is they are coming up with new and simplifying method,also they are trying to teach the beginner hence changing the concept and way of investing in stock market….means they are trying to improve themselves every time.Best of luck for the future.

  82. Mohan says:

    I hope this adds REAL value to us/customers/me, have invested in 6 small cases/40 plus stocks, 29 are in the negative as of now, though marginally.

  83. Vdy says:

    Dear Mr. Vasantrao
    tried to use smallcase filter today morning using zerodha kite user id and password.
    1. The content of the website not mobile friendly.. please make an app like kite.

  84. Nagasubramanian says:

    Seems UI needs a Bit refining. There are overlays where it hides the information in certain scenario’s.

  85. SUNIL says:

    Sir waiting for Quant, when we can expect for this?


    Hello Mr. Vasanth/ Nithin,

    This is a great initiative for novice investors like me. I do some basic research, but to justify those researches I did not have proper references. Now this platform of screener has given me that. So any stocks I want to research can be done in a jiffy and applying relative filters. Also connecting it to Smallcase was really good where we can buy shares by creating new cases.
    Thanks again.

  87. Mukul says:

    Congratulations to your team on a new product. However I am bit disappointed not to see Trailing and forward EV/EBITDA Ratios in valuation filters. Hopefully your team adds these as well.

  88. Thirupathaiah says:

    Great job by Zerodha
    its a most safe for clients

  89. Vipul Murarka says:

    Unable to login with my kite account. After I key in my credentials and answer the security questions, it says gateway time out even when I am not taking more than 30 seconds to type the answers for security questions

  90. Anand says:

    Nitin if you just have enough common sense then please work on trading platform first that is more important. Using your screener if i make any position and face loss due to trading platform issues then what is the use of your screener. Even most of the time kite app doesn’t display chart properly. Do you really not known about these issues or you just don’t want to give attention to this. Please Nitin use your common sense trading platform is more important than this screener. Its surprising that you paid attention to requests for screener but you just ignored so many people requesting for fixing trading platform issues. I don’t know whether you will read my comment or not.

    • Anand, these are two different things, there will be different teams working on different products. Screener is built by smallcase who has nothing to do with the team who looks after the execution platform. We are working constantly on ensuring the trading platform keeps getting better.

  91. sarfaraj says:

    smallcase is asking permission for Access holdings and positions portfolio
    View your account balance and margins its okkkkk……. but permission for
    Place, modify, and cancel orders. can you explain me why it is need????


    • Hi Sarfaraj – These are primarily for buying smallcases. we can only access your Zerodha account when you’re logged in to check if you have sufficient funds to buy a portfolio/smallcase of stocks created from screener & we only place orders on your behalf when you give manual approval for the same. No worries here!

  92. Denzil says:

    Do we have Android app for screener

  93. Ritesh says:

    Login through kite to this app need permissions to
    Access holdings and positions portfolio
    View account balance and margins
    Place, modify, and cancel orders
    why do you need access to Place, modify, and cancel my orders.

    • Hi Ritesh – These are primarily for buying smallcases. we can only access your Zerodha account when you’re logged in to check if you have sufficient funds to buy a portfolio/smallcase of stocks created from screener & we only place orders on your behalf when you give manual approval for the same. No worries here!

  94. PRASANNAother ini says:


    Congrats!!, as i have written to you & Hannan many times before you need to fix the serious issues with your order management system before you embark on new initiatives, your good intentions are appreciated but thousands of your traders/customers are losing serious amount of money every time your order management system fezzes and this has been happening quite frequently now, you may argue you are providing lower brokerage and higher leverage, fine but all these savings and more will get wiped out in one single shot due to the issues associated with your order management system.

    hope you will ensure this fiasco with your order management system and your platform in general is not repeated once again.

  95. Ravinder kumar says:

    This clearly looks like third party application and I have gave all the permissions to access my Zerodha account and modify orders. Is it very safe and secure to use and does it maintain very high level of privacy and security.
    Please reply anyone. I am worried.

    • There are no issues Ravinder, screener and smallcase is as good as Kite trading application. Orders can be placed only when you place it manually.

    • No worries here Ravinder – we can only access your Zerodha account when you’re logged in to check if you have sufficient funds to buy a particular smallcase & we only place orders on your behalf when you give manual approval for the same. Happy screening!

  96. Hormuz Maloo says:

    But downloading of results should either be free or charged only in the month when used.
    User Interface is also not very intuitive for what is a simple filter.

  97. Deepanshu says:

    I logged in for paid services and ll lyk to share some issues:
    1.A filter Earnings quality rank is showing worst earners on 1-10 n good ones on 70-100. We ll need some description/info about such index.
    2. In export csv feature, only the loaded page is converted to csv. If there are multiple pages for an applied filter, we have to Individually download csv from each page and recombine them for study/analysis purpose.
    Sir, since the filter service is paid, we ll hope the services to be better than available sources ( nseindia,bseindia,moneycontrol,googleFinance)

  98. Ravi says:

    Few more features can be included (Example )

  99. Tanveer says:

    Hi Nitin….I feel during my stock market journey my best decison ever was joining the Zerodha…You guys are making easy things for retail investor where others are charging high premium for same service…
    Please could you work on decoding the PMS also….for small investor….Thanks…Tanveer.

  100. Divij says:

    In smallcase screener, there are no option to screen stock as per bollinger bands criteria.

  101. Chandu says:

    Guys a great initiative.
    Congrats to zerodha and Nithin…
    Kudos guys…
    But I feel like this scanner is not even par with the freely available on net.
    Not criticizing, but felt like that after going through it..
    Please enlighten me if anyone already gone through it.

    • ShreyaDR says:

      1000% agree with you. Many free screeners are much more versatile than this one.

    • Hi Chandu, let us know how we could do better

      Also, we’re conducting a webinar tomorrow at 12 pm on Zerodha Youtube channel on how to operate screener – do join us for the same

  102. Anant says:

    This is gr8. Thank you… 🙂

    As of i knew Trader’s Cockpit is the best screener website in the market. Let’s hope Zerodha will fulfil my advanced screener requirements.



    I want to know something..
    1. screener Is it free???
    2. How to stop these service?? if paid
    3. can it helps to trade in intraday???

    • Hi Sumanta
      1) Basic usage is free. There’s a premium version that you have to upgrade for
      2) If you have upgraded, you can cancel your Premium plan anytime
      3) This only uses EoD data, not intraday

      • Shawaiz says:

        How much would it be for reactivation if cancelled in between? Because for API reactivation, I see now a sudden charge of Rs. 2000 being asked on Developer page. I would like Zerodha to be transparent with their users.

        • Vasanth says:

          It will remain Rs. 100 as an introductory offer for sometime – when we change it – we’ll inform everyone who has logged in with sufficient notice – no worries

  104. satish prabhakar says:

    Hi there, it’s a great initiative. Can we also screen the daily highs and lows of the market in live time and also can we screen for stocks which has higher buyers than sellers and vice versa?

    • Hello Satish – no right now these options are not present in the screener. But we would soon increase our list of filters, based on the user feedback and will definitely consider these filters.

      • Mahen says:

        I have recently joined Zerodha. Kite seems very user friendly, except that it has five marketwatchs, which take only few scrips each (20, in number, I believe) and there is no way they can be put in alphabetic order. Can the no. Of scrips to be put on marketwatch be increased and put in alphabetic order, say like in Zerodha pi, money control etc. For a trader like me who has a large diversified portfolio, this is very necessary. Secondly, can we also screen the daily highs and lows of the market in live time and also can we screen for stocks which has higher buyers than sellers and vice versa?
        What is the fee for each smallcase: RS. 100 or RS. 200 per month? Is it similar to a PMS, minus requirement of large investment? Is there any exit load/fee? Who does the balancing of portfolio and when? Is there any fee for the same? Why have so many of them instead a few based on focussed themes? What is the period for which it would be advised to stay invested in a smallcase?
        Thanks and regards.

        • Zerodha Social says:

          Hey Mahen, sorting will be introduced in the upcoming update to Kite. As for increasing the MarketWatch limit, we’ll explore it going forward.

  105. SURYA PRAKASH C says:

    As always a positive outlook, Only very few put them on the client side, you are one among them, Good to have feature is to display the individual quarterly and annaual result of the company thats been selected

  106. RAVINDREN says:

    While trying to login with zerodha credentials, it is asking our account to be viewed but why it is asking for authorization to change the orders?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Ravindren – this is a requirement for the smallcase platform when you place orders for smallcases

      We don’t have the authorization to change/place orders without your manual approval each time outside smallcase though. More here

  107. Anshul says:

    Hi guys, the platform looks really great. Congratulations!

    One question, anyway that the user can search and look up specific companies on their own instead of using the filters?


    • Vasanth says:

      Thanks Anshul – nope, not right now – would love to understand use-case though – dropping you a mail for the same. Cya`

  108. ShreyaDR says:

    Zerodha, Stop yourself calling discount broker for following reasons…

    1)29 out of 70 filters are for premium users. Premium fees are being charged for monthly basis, once activated, whether we use the scanner or not.
    2) Small case is charging Rs.100/- for every new small case purchased first time.
    3) Coin platform users are being charged for Rs.50/- per month if MF investment exceeds Rs.25,000/-
    4) Open BO/CO/MIS orders will be charged for Rs.20/- , no-matter we could not sq-off our position due to the glitch in your platform.

    • hmm… If the business doesn’t earn, how will it sustain.If it doesn’t earn, how will we build new products? Coin promotes direct mutual funds, we don’t earn anything from the AMC anymore. BO/CO/MIS square off from our side, puts unnecessary load. We want clients to square this off on their own, we are hoping the charge will get people do it.

      • ShreyaDR says:

        Then charge regular brokerage and give all these services free like other brokers or else stop calling yourself discount brokerage.

        Further, on this screener, any stock got selected by given parameters, is not be clickable for further research. Many important filters are only for paid users, so it is of no use for me to filter and shortlist further.

        Many other screeners are doing this job for free. Why can’t Zerodha? When earned whooping profit in last 2 yrs.

        What is the point of calling urself discount broker, when you keep on adding half cooked ideas like coin, balance and now screener and charging to clients.

        • Shreya, there is no compulsion for using any of these products. You can still trade with us paying “Zero” brokerage on your equity investments and Rs 20/trade for everything else.

          • ShreyaDR says:

            Sure, that’s what i m doing. Thank god, i have my value investment portfolio with a good and sound broker(who do not have such hidden charges in the name of discount broker) than Zerodha.

  109. Joby Alias says:

    Zerodha rocks…

  110. Jaffar says:

    That’s what you call it the most powerful platform for trading with Zerodha.
    They have tools for beginners and for the advance traders as well!

  111. Jaya Sheela says:

    It is useful for investment may be not useful for intraday trading. Any ideas to use in intraday trading from your side.

  112. Shuthan says:

    Great initiative.. But please improve your support. I’ve opened a ticket to enable MF for my account but still the ticket is open and no response. Is the technical team not aware how to enable the MF???.. and there is no escalation mail ids to report such a long pending issues.

  113. Sunil says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Congrats for coming up with innovative ideas, one after the other. Nice tool!
    Many times there are stock tips and recommendations from brokerages. How to use use this tool to evaluate and verify the stock?

  114. Shubham vaishnav says:

    Does it has daily volatility feature?

  115. Krishna says:

    Hi Z Team,
    Excellent work. I want to understand if I there is anyway to ANALYSE CANDLE STICK patterns and get ALERTS when a particular candlestick pattern (a single candle stick pattern or Multiple Candle stick patterns).

    It is like custom screener capability where screener can be defined by end users like me.


  116. Poornima says:

    I would also agree with Vignesh. Though we are attracted to Zerodha due to all these wonderful additions, robustness of the platform has to be first looked uopn. Been facing several issues with my values turning to NA now and then, had issues with T1 ( still my loss hasn’t been compensated due to your glitch. Been following pathetically for long), avg cost disappears etc. Been apprehensive on recommending Zerodha to others.

  117. Ankur Agrawal says:

    Thank you so much Zerodha I was looking for a decent scrrener for a long time. 🙂

  118. saurabh mahaur says:

    was waiting for this …… thanks zerodha please do also provide alert based on price and news 🙂 you are one of the best discount broker in India no doubt. Keep improving 🙂

  119. bharath annamula says:

    Is this useful for intraday trading?

  120. Prasad says:

    Thanks Team Zerodha!

    We need to have template to submit option startegies orders in one go. Support team mentioned that this is under development. When can we expect this feature live?

  121. Manish Patel says:

    Can we filter stocks, which are currently approaching its near or long term resistance or support level?? If not, then make this type of filter for us.

  122. Alauddin Ahmed Imran Ahmed says:

    Was looking forward to such an app, but your permissions required are a spoiler/ criminal, rather. Why should I authorize a screener app to buy/sell on my behalf?? Would you all pay lakhs in damage if your software screws up and places foul orders? Just be an aide service, instead of risking our portfolio order management.

  123. surendra says:

    thank zerodha

  124. SUMIT GUPTA says:

    I had everything for stock analysis except this VERY VITAL ONE.

  125. seema bothra says:

    Really i am getting good money due to zerodha platform ..i have made my professional carrier under your web site and getting extra good earning … tks a lot and god bless u

  126. shekhar singh says:

    Hi zeridha team,
    It’s good to see stock screener from zerodha. But it is for investment purpose (connected with smallcase).
    How can i use it for Intraday trading or positional trading 9 for 5 days) ?

  127. Vidyadhar says:

    Thank u ZERODHA..Grt work

  128. anand says:

    does screener available in PI

  129. Arun says:

    Part by part, inventory sounds great. Please make platform robust at least. Pi is lagging by a mile. Add on features are great, but then platform should not hang / freeze in middle of market

  130. jatinder says:

    sir is this screener usful in option strategy?

  131. Amit Chaudhary says:

    Looking for the intraday scanner. Please develop.

  132. siddharth says:

    thank you for making Zerodha further comprehensive and integrated trading platform.

  133. Raees says:

    Good work… Premium service a better idea…

  134. siddharth says:

    Good job done and thank you for making Zerodha further comprehensive and integrated trading platform.

  135. Sanjit Bhattacharjee says:

    Is it helpful or not plz ensure me & how to use it ?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hi Sanjit, yup – screener helps you find the right stocks for your investment idea

      Do tune into the Zerodha Youtube channel for a webinar on screener tomorrow at 12 pm

  136. Hamid Khatri says:

    Congratulations Sir.
    There is 1 Small Request I am having. That is same related to screener. Can You please update PI with same kind of thing ? So we can use this powerfull thing right to trade , Espacially In intraday trades … Thanks(There are EA s available. But they are not sufficient. As predefined popular filters that most professional people useing is requerd)

  137. Omg says:

    Great to hear. I really appreciate the add on services you are providing. Hats off for that BUT only 1 issue I fear with Zerodha is DOWNTIME DURING MARKET HOURS very risky as large sum of money can be lost.I WILL BE HAPPY IF YOU RECTIFY THIS ISSUE WITH TOP PRIORITY.

  138. Lukram Santosh Singh says:

    Great job!!! well done zerodha !! This will diffinitely help to the biginer like me.

  139. ZO2577 says:

    Many many thanks to Zerodha team for valuable efforts to make trading easier for us


  140. Sreenivas says:

    This is amazing. Cant wait to sing up for zerodha screener premium.

  141. mahesh says:

    Why screener is paid service?
    That too rs 100 per month as promotional offer.
    why to go for it , if free screeners already available?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Mahesh – basic usage is free – it’s only for Premium features like premium filters, screens, unlimited saved screens & exports that we charge for

      Do try the 14-day free trial to experience screener Pro

  142. Siddhartha Dhumale says:

    Hi Nithin

    Appreciated your nice initiative on this front !!! can you please let us know is Basic Filter like Money Minters, Deals to Setal, Low-debt Midcaps, Income Stocks etc are free of cost for ever and only Premium plan is charged @ 100 / month i.e. 1200 yearly after 14 day Trial?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Siddhartha – yes – basic screens, filters & usage are all free

      It’s only for the premium features (exclusive screens, filters, unlimited saved screens & exports that we charge for)

      • Siddhartha Dhumale says:

        Thanks for reply .. It will be gr8 help if you keep this free…reason being… people like me who is new to stock market and started investing after referring to your YouTube, online documentation and after liking your views of promoting new bees like me to invest in stock .. I believe making this initiative free will prompt more user to get in touch with Zerodha as discount brokerage provider.

  143. Somdeb says:

    Can we have a demo of the feature plz?

  144. Sanjeev says:

    Good job, we are lucky to have an opportunity

  145. deshraj says:

    i have activated screen pro .want to know that how can i use it?

    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Deshraj – we’ll be conducting a webinar tomorrow at 12 pm on the Zerodha Youtube channel – do tune in

  146. Sasidharapai. m d says:

    I prize this occasion
    The company is adding a new tool to the customer.
    I take the occasion to you and your team to give necessary gide to the customer . wish you all the best.

  147. sami ms says:

    hi nice

  148. Sunil says:

    You must be using​ the same screener for building and rebalancing smallcases. Why duplicate the effort?

  149. T. Ganapathi says:

    Rs. 100 per month seems to be high.

    • Vasanth says:

      Hello! This is an introductory special offer we’re running for sometime. Basic usage for screener is free – this is only for premium filters & screens, unlimited saved screens & exports

      Do try the 14-day Free Trial to experience screener Pro – you can cancel before 14 days to avoid payment

  150. Kaustubh says:

    Fantastic 🙂 !!

  151. Jayesh says:

    This will serve as one stop solution .

  152. manju says:

    Great job to the team
    Thanks Nitin Sir

  153. Hrishi says:

    First I would like to congratulate Zerodha for making very user friendly and by far the best app Kite. Looking forward for screener. Cheers!!

  154. Jatin says:

    Seems pretty interesting. Do we have a dedicated app for this for mobile platform. Since I am facing a lot of difficulty in using the website on chrome mobile with screen not showing in full, filters are overlapping each other etc. Overall a really appreciable initiative. Will be a more than perfect if we can get an app for it. Thanks team zerodha and team smallcase.

  155. m.paramaguru says:

    hi sir,

    it is intra day scanner or eod scanner?? if intraday scanner then time frames pls

  156. Prabhu says:

    Sounds good, thank you for this.

  157. Paul says:

    This is much appreciated release!!

    Kindly release an app for Windows Phones as well.
    Great job, keep it up!

  158. smrati says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Screener app want permission to create, modify, cancel trade orders on our behalf while i tried logging in using my kite credentials , is it ok? what a third party application need this permission ?

    • It is okay. If tomorrow you want to place orders through smallcase, you will be able to, hence the permission requirement.

      • Udaya says:

        Hi Nitin,

        Is small case charging for placing the order ? for screener you have set the fees of 100 per month.How about small case is there some charges applicable ?



        • Vasanth says:

          Hey Udaya – screener Basic is free to use. Only for premium filters, screens, unlimited saved screens & exports – you need to pay a Rs. 100 fee per month

          smallcase on the other hand is charged per smallcase buy at Rs 100. It’s only charged each time you buy a smallcase – not for investing more, rebalancing or selling the same smallcase

    • Vasanth says:

      Also, we can’t place orders without your manual approval each time – this is only valid for orders placed from

  159. Uma says:

    Very nice. I have checked traderscockpit as advanced screening system. Happy to hear that Zerodha is coming with such advanced screeners.

  160. Nihar says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Thank you so much. It is a great Initiative.

    Congratulations to whoie Zerodha team.


    sir please add screener for day and positional trading . so we can easily choose stock for trade just like sharekhan. if you do this all client decide to trade in zerodha.may be your income become double .we face to filtering stock .so we have done filtering in SK then trade in also improve market watch and increase as big as . so offenly we dont search and analysis and trade.put ready amd market watch like nifty, bank nifty ,metal nifty,all indices .so every one see on one click.also put all sector and indices for sector analisis.

    by the way your kit website plateform superioer than SK. THANKS.
    please comapre Pi with SK .you got IDEA about very user frendly Trade tiger .easy market serch easy predifiend filter screener.
    please do something i am waiting for favorable response.

  162. Lalit Singh Chauhan says:

    That’s great but I see a lot of difference in candlestick charts between kite and pi. While Pi shows correct candles, kite and app based charts show different candles altogether. What’s wrong?

  163. Shriniwas says:

    This looks good and congratulations for this. I tried to use it but small case required some permission … i have issues with only one of them… why would they need permission to place orders?. Is there a way around without this permission?


    • Vasanth says:

      Hey Shriniwas – this is a basic authorization required for using smallcase – no worries though – we can’t place orders without your approval at any time. Also this applies only for orders placed through

  164. sdc says:

    Wonderful.. just what was needed

  165. Prasanna Kumar Acharya says:

    You proved again that Zerodha is years ahead of competition in providing customer service.

  166. Srikanth Garlapati says:

    The smallcase app functionality needs improvement.
    Screener is a welcome step.

  167. Aniket shinde says:

    dear zerodha your system is working worst and you support team is behind that .First correct flaws within you and then promote yourself

  168. Jagadeesh says:

    Brilliant stuff ! This is the reason we stay in Zerodha ! Thanks Nithin and team !

  169. Mohan Seerangan says:

    Good. I am expecting this screen filter for right stock selection. Thanks Zerodha team.

  170. Naveen Buddepu says:

    Congratzz Nithin Sir
    Your multitude support for retail investors is laudable.

  171. vasishta says:

    Firstly a big thank you for everything!!!

    Now regarding the Screener….great initiative! But being zerodha I would l;ike you guys to go full on flexible in terms of creating screens and give max power to the person trying to screen. For example I would like to check for all the stocks that have traded double in volume today over their 50 day MA volume. Something like that. But most screeners dont do that. Instead there would be a standardized 10 day average screen or something.

    But Nithin man! Thank you!!!

  172. sumit says:

    thankyou very much sir.

  173. Aboobacker Eriyadan says:

    Great.. keep innovating..

  174. Suman Bala says:

    Is it available in play store also? Can we have an app for website like smallcase?

  175. mithil says:

    Mr nitin this is not related to the topic above but please develop an live option chain with live greeks . And IV rank and IV percentile , I think only myfno provides this service , would be great if zerodha also does this with some charge also would be fine .
    Thanks in advance

  176. Sumit says:

    Great Initiative…. Been looking for a good screener for quite some time now….

    Thanks and Regards to the whole team of Zerodha for making trading so much simpler….. 🙂

  177. Sachin says:


  178. Pratik says:

    Awesome!!!! Can this be integrated in the app? When is the app coming out of beta?

  179. Suvonkar says:

    Well done team, looking forward to the screener application.
    This kind of analytics will surely help the traders & investors.

    Best Regards,

  180. Kazi says:

    Kool Tool

  181. pritam purkayastha says:

    wow grt….

  182. AKASH says:

    can we have the app for ios for this screener

  183. Mayur says:

    Was waiting for this feature for long time as many of the competition Brokerage houses already have it. But better late than never. Hope this will help investors in increasing their wealth. Thank you Zerodha.

  184. Shivakumar says:

    I do not mind giving another 2 USD per month , but what i need is alert system when price reaches the certain Zone or alert set by us , also Candlestick identification in web based plat form ,
    Give me more to trade more i am having account and live but i am not having confidence because of above system based alert requirement
    Try to catch the essence of this bull market , and give more

    • Fasal says:

      Just install IIFL app for getting price alert. You no need to open account with them to use price alert service.

  185. kishore says:

    I was searching many websites for this and zerodha itself gave us this!
    Thanx team!

  186. raj says:


    Looking forward to it.

    If what is promised is true this will be a great addition to Zerodha.

  187. Haribabu says:

    Great Work. @Nithin. Good Going. Expecting More Such Screener for Pi as well for Traders

  188. Vignesh G says:

    Nithin Kamath – Please fix all the problems in your platform before starting so many value added services. The UI is pathetic has issues with basic CRUD operation. Today one of my stocks went missing from portfolio, your support team is hunting the same as I speak. Your ideas are immensely great but with such a flaky platform you are going nowhere. I used to advertise Zerodha to all my friends which I regret now.

    • Hey Vignesh, this looks like a case of short delivery. The person who sold the shares to you failed delivering. In such case the holding which was in T1 will not show as holdings. Check this post for more.

      • Vignesh G says:

        Short delivery happened to me earlier in those cases Zerodha promptly mailed me. But didnt get any such mail for this occurrence. There are total of 50 stocks which is bought back at different time interval, I doubt if all of them would be short delivered
        Trade date Trade time Exchange Symbol Type Qty
        18-05-2017 09:28:38 BSE OKPLA S 50.00
        18-05-2017 14:48:28 BSE OKPLA B 20.00
        18-05-2017 15:03:23 BSE OKPLA B 15.00
        18-05-2017 15:10:29 BSE OKPLA B 15.00

        • Vignesh G says:

          Nithin Kamath – Still no word from your support team on the issue. Not even said they are investigating. Just asked my Client Id and never replied back`.

          • Venu says:

            Hi Vignesh,
            The scrip in question is an XT scrip, looks like you’ve done a Buy/Sell trade in the stock on some day. Ideally , a buy/sell made on the same day would be considered an Intraday trade; however for such XT scrips, the sell would be delivered from your existing holdings while against the purchase, you would receive fresh delivery.
            When you do an intraday trade in such XT category with previous holdings, the platform/backoffice shows holdings on T+1 day and doesn’t show up on T+2 day. If you check your eod holdings of 18th, this will show up under T1 holdings. The stock has been delivered to your demat account today and would show up under holdings from tomorrow.

            • Vignesh G says:

              Thanks Venu, Dont get much of it as I m no stock market expert. But did find the script in the CSDL report. Would have been happy if the same came from Zerodha support when I raised itself. From morning I m banging my head and questioning multiple forum on what would have happened?

            • Vignesh G says:

              It does give a great confidence when a CEO/COO of the company reads customer queries and answer them. But what matters is the support capable of giving such answers. I know its discount brokerage shouldn’t expect much, still get frustrated when you dont get right answers. If I may reiterate you are providing great Value added services, but please do stabilize the platform before adding more n more.

              • Venu says:

                Quoting you: “I know its discount brokerage shouldn’t expect much” Unquote. As a business, we’ve always valued client feedback and have done everything in our stride so as to provide you the best possible service. At times, there are lapses, you can be assured that necessary feedback will be given. Charging 20/order or even charging 0 for delivery trades has never stood in the way of providing you quality services. Had that been the case, you wouldn’t have seen Nithin answering to posts here at ungodly hours 🙂

                • Vignesh G says:

                  Appreciate that very much.. Please let me know if there is any portal/mailId to send feedback. There are many small issues, fixing which will improve the experience massively.

                  For instance, The holding in kite site shows all funds by default. I have both smallcase and own purchases. So select Kite in ‘dropdown’ which filters out individual purchases. But once i do a buy or sell, the filter goes for a toss. This is really a bad UX, and when u do that multiple times it gets very annoying

      • Srinivasan says:

        Hi Nitin,

        We know that you are passionate about building your Zerodha platform but what was least expected is to have a fall back scenario at hard times.

        There was an incident 2weeks back in Zerodha Kite platform which took 2hrs to restart the servers….omg….can one afford too ???

        My personal loss is Rs 98,500 becoz of system unavailability during that…infact I was in profit for the first 30Mins which was sufficient for Me book profit and exit.

        We know that we signed an 100Pages document covering all scenarios favouring the brokerage so no point in fight back…

        All we can do is look for better brokerage platform whichbis safe. Its fine if thy charge also that way our capitsl atleast protected.

        • LAKH says:

          discount broker zerodha is for trader but look like they only is focus for investor every month there is a new launch
          we do not want these worthless product every month we only want to you to simply provide a platform that does not crash in market hours stop launching new product and focus on your glitch or bad server problems

    • Sudip Singh (Zerodha client since the beginning) says:

      Exactly same advice from my side.. Some years ago I had lost 27k when my stop-loss was removed due to. Some platform migration. That was years ago but sad thing is that we still have many serious issues: 1) we can’t trade in India via and weekly bank nifty options 2) the option Martin charged for covered calls, covered puts and butterflies are crazy.. It should be equal to maximum possible loss as is the case with buying options. This severely limits our safe option trading 3) most importantly… We have kite.. Website crashing during market time for hours.. That is such a huge risk.. Imagine holding future say REC LTD and stock moves against you by say 10-15%.. While no fresh trades can be executed from Zerodha systems. 4) even checking PL and precious tax related info is hard to get.. When u apply filters you get absurd results..

      All this must be addressed at top priority. Without these basic things it’s very painful to carry with Zerodha. People will move out on any opportunity. Even customer care is clueless most of the times.

      • Tanmay Prakash says:

        I agree. Lately there have been quite some problems. Platform unavailability being a major one. The cost price on one of my holdings went for a toss and hasn’t been fixed even after almost 6 weeks.

        • Sreelata says:

          Holdings are not matching b/w Kite & Small Case….Stocks missing despite showing in Cotract notes?

          No fix was available from support team….Please look into issues & stabilize the system first…

          • If a certain stock you have bought is not showing up, it must be because it is short delivered. Can you email [email protected] with your client ID.

          • Vedant Luharuka says:

            Same thing happened to me also.
            I wanted to sell my ICICI holding but stock was missing in the kite platform and the stock moved against me.
            I used to advertise zerodha but after last 2 months I don’t.

    • Sindhu Gururaj says:

      I totally agree with Vigenesh, the ideas are great and I really respect and value them, but the foundation of anything done is flaky. U add buy/sell after 3:00PM, it will take a good 2 minutes to put the order in Kite. On market panic or Euphoria days, I am forced to use the trade.zerodha which I hate to use in case I need to buy/sell else simply loose the oppurtunity. IPO applying which is basic has to be done via ASBA and there is no update when it will be easy to apply at the click of a button like my friends at competitors do. For any issue that you call, even with Zpin sometimes it just tries the patience that you just cut the call, in case you get through, CS hardly has correct answers. Sorry to say that most of the times they are terrible. In very rare case, I have had them solve the issue. Contract notes – there are at least 2-3 instances where in I have had to write and request for it while the blame was on technology for it not having reached me. At least 2 instances where in someone’s contact notes is in my mailbox. Writing to Hanan will only get apology e-mail despite requesting for a call back as CS will never connect to him. It is not only me but there are many in my technicals learning FB group who constantly post of issues in Zerodha. Like you I used to advertise Zerodha in the beginning, now I simply opened an account with Sharekhan. At least I don’t miss out on the opportunity of buying or selling a stock on prime days at prime times even though I need to pay some minimum brokerage.

  189. Prashant says:

    That is awesome…. Thanks.

  190. Raj says:

    Seems good service, is it pais service or free for all zerodha customers?

  191. Manish Chakraborty says:

    Wow this should be interesting… Looks like a full fledged stock screener to me… Very nice and clean… Keep up good work… Really appreciate what you guys are doing…

  192. Eliza says:

    Dear Nithin,
    I congratulate you, being, zerodha as the most preferred trading platform, as preferred by most of the traders.
    You made trading simplest and worthy. thnks

  193. nisarudheen says:

    I have been waiting for this long time. thank you zerodha team