SEBI announces framework for Regulatory Sandbox

June 6, 2020

SEBI released a circular on June 5, 2020, announcing a regulatory sandbox to allow fintech companies to experiment and test their products in a live environment with some flexibility afforded with respect to regulations. This circular follows the one published by SEBI in May 2019 introducing an “Innovation Sandbox” for fintechs to try out products in an offline environment. We’d written about the innovation sandbox in this post. The new regulatory sandbox is quite an exciting announcement, considering this means that businesses can now test products in the live environment within this framework. Here is a snippet from the circular:

SEBI now has decided to introduce a framework for “Regulatory Sandbox”. Under this sandbox framework, entities regulated by SEBI shall be granted certain facilities and flexibilities to experiment with FinTech solutions in a live environment and on limited set of real customers for a limited time frame.

Read the full circular here.


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  1. Sujith says:

    Hope Great things soon available for all traders with affordable prices… Good luck team zerodha.

  2. Amit says:

    Zerodha will be the next BIG Scam of India..

    • Amit says:

      Correction: ZERODHA might be the next big scam. I had an account there .. but closed it after the Karvy scam.. I don’t feel safe with Zerodha, even their system is down most of the time.

      • Vijay says:

        @Amit, which other broker do you feel safe with then?
        I have been a customer of Zerodha for more than 5 years now. They are transperant in all the aspects they do. I think Zerodha is the most trusted broker in the industry as of now.

  3. Rahul says:

    @amit will u plz explain the about the scam, I also use zerodha and by what means it is not safe. I am afraid of ur comment

  4. pritam says:

    Rahul ignore zerodha has grown too big to indulge in shady factbit is a transparent business for most part. Less prabablity of scam .
    There are outages but they affect some population for some duration but then every broker has outages. Karvy is not related to zerodha directly . unwarranted fear in comments above.

  5. Rahul Deshmukh says:

    No other broker is better than Zerodha right now. I have account with the same. They are well managed system which is far better than others.

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