Zerodha-Fund withdrawal from Trading account

February 9, 2013


Withdrawing funds from your trading account is pretty simple. Please note all the fund requests have to placed by you online, as we do not accept offline requests.

Please follow the simple steps mentioned below for withdrawing funds from your account :-

Step 1: Login to the Backoffice – Home Page Home Page

When you click on the following window will appear, where you can enter your client ID and password. Your client ID is the same as your Trading login ID (2 alphabets followed by 4 numbers. For example – DN0005)

If you don’t remember your password, you can click on Forgot Password and get a new password.

Step 2: Once logged in click on Funds

Funds Page - Q

Funds Page – Q

Step 3: Follow the steps below to place your withdrawal request:

Withdrawal Request Page

Withdrawal Request Page

Once the withdrawal request is processed from our end, check your ledger balance in Q to know the status of your withdrawal request


1. We process withdrawal requests Monday through Friday

  • For Equity at 8:30 PM in the evening
  • For Commodity at 9:00 AM in the morning

What this means is that if you want to withdraw funds from your Equity trading account, you have to place the request before 7:30 PM, otherwise it will be processed only on the next working day. Similarly with Commodity, you have to place the request before 9:00 AM in the morning.

Unlike some stock broking firms which are banks (IciciDirect, Kotak, etc.) we are not and hence the fund withdrawal is not as seamless as it is with them.

2. Time taken for funds to reach your bank account

We at Zerodha bank with HDFC Bank, so if your bank account is with HDFC, the fund withdrawal should ideally happen within the next 3 to 4 hours from when we process (time mentioned in Point 1) as it is an intra-bank transfer. If your account is with any other bank then we upload the details for fund transfers using NEFT/RTGS. This NEFT/RTGS transfer is processed first thing the next day morning by the bank and will be in your bank account before the next day evening.

As a policy we say it will take 24 hours from when we process the withdrawal request, but please do understand that once processed the time taken is not really in our hands, it then depends on the time taken by NEFT/RTGS.

Note: If you put a fund withdrawal request after Friday 9 AM for Commodities and Friday 7:30 PM for Equtiy, the request will be processed only on Monday.

3. Reasons for which a fund transfer could be delayed:

  •  The third Friday of the month is the expiry of global indices, on such days we receive the trade files from the exchange only late in the night as the settlement price depends on the US market opening price. On these days we process the equity fund withdrawal request on Saturday morning.
  • There are times when exchange trade files could reach us late and on all such occasions we process the fund withdrawal requests only on the next morning.

Hopefully this clarifies all queries on Fund withdrawals. If I have missed out any do ask me at the end of the blog.


Happy Trading,


Your friendly neighborhood discount brokerage


  1. Moses says:

    Thanks for this info.. 🙂

    • jagadish says:

      can i know the daily limit per day of withdraw amount from equity to my SB a/c

        • VIKRAM NAYAK says:


          • YOu can email us a request along with copy of your cancelled cheque of new account.

            • Ramesh kondeti says:

              I raised a withdrawal request on yesterday 4pm. And request has been processed. Would the money credited to my account today?

                • Himanshu says:

                  hello sir

                  Zerodha taking charges on withdrawal of fund.
                  Bec I have balance of RS 8374 and I withdraw RS 8300, where Bal of RS 74 is not showing in my account.

                  • samiksha says:

                    i have an issue to withdrawl my money why ?? my available balce is 2000k and my margin is 11000 and i wnat to withdrawl 1000 my request is to be cancel it’s shown the acailable fund is 2000 and my withdrawal fund is -11000 even i hold my shares of worth rupess 13000 why icant withdrawl my money in zerodha to my bank account

                • horrei says:

                  i transfer 230000 in my zerodha account after 7 days trade and so on my balance is like this – margin available -2,23,500 rs. total account value- 37,000 . when i tried to withdraw 80,000 rs . it say i can withdraw only 36,000 rs. why is that . please help

                  • Matti says:

                    You’ll have bought some stocks for delivery and sold them. The proceeds of stock sales can only be withdrawn 2 working days after the sale date as the settlement cycle for stocks is T+2.

            • Ragunathan says:

              I have traded and sold a share. And right away after selling it i placed the withdraw request. But it didn’t transferred due to insufficient balance. Even next day also Dashboard showed available balance but Q page didn’t show the balance. How long will it take to show the balance. When can i withdraw. What to do if i want spot sale and intraday withdrawal.

          • Tiwari ji says:

            Contact me Sandeep tiwari 9522914821

          • praveen kumar says:

            my available balance is 120000 but withdrawal balance is 80 WHY ?

          • Shaik Shakeela Begum says:

            Ialready withdraw my funds they are processed from Erodha but they didn’t come to my account ànd the funds come back to demat account please solve this problem

        • Manju says:

          My user id is XW0913. I have put a withdrawal request on Thursday which got rejected because of a mistake in my entry. Due to coming second Saturday and Sunday, may be I can get it credited only on Monday. But it’s a bit urgent at family. Can you please look in to it. Only because of urgency, I put it on Thursday, but got a mistake. If you can process and credit it today, it would be really helpful sir.

        • Madan says:

          My fund withdrawal has been processed by mid nit but still now fund is not credited to my bank account

        • Tushar Gaikwad says:

          When can I withdraw the amount?, if I have exited the delivery position today which was the expiry of the contract which I had holded for a weak it was option bank nifty

      • Mishra says:

        Dear Zerodha Team and Family Member,

        I want to open Zerodha Trading and Demat account, but we dont have cheque book and online banking.
        I have Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter Card and SBI bank account.

        Can i open the account online & can we transfer the money to trading account from my brother bank account??

        Please advise ASAP..

        • Matti says:

          You’ll need a net banking login for transferring funds in any case, so I suggest you get this enabled. Also, without a personalised cheque/bank statement, there is no way to open the account as this is a required document.

      • Ankit Arora says:

        I am not able to withdraw the full amount. I had closed all positions in options last Friday so margin should be released by now.

    • Bobin Antony says:

      My 50k trading and demand account fund got refunded from zerodha by an email mentioned that the fund was unused and because of the sebi rule of quarterly refund. It’s very annoying because I was waiting for the right time to buy a stock that’s why I hold that cash in my account. Now again I have to go to my bank and transfer the money by neft back to zerodha. Pls find a solution for this issue.

    • Yogesh powar says:

      Sir I put the withdrawal request yesterday at 2pm of commodity. Still the amount is not credited in account

    • parth says:

      i have put few laks of fund yesterday into my account. Today, i earned some profit by doing intrday F& O. When i trying to put withdraw request. it is not showing the amount which i put yesterday. It is showing the amount which is available before i put my fund yesterday..Why is it so? When can i withdraw my amount ?

    • Devender Kumar Kushwah says:

      I have funds as equity balance but the same is not reflecting in Withdrawal balance.
      How do I withdraw my funds.

      • Matti says:

        When you sell shares, this sale proceed can be withdrawn only after T+2, because this is when even we receive the funds. For example. if you sell shares on Thursday, we receive the funds only on Monday evening (2 working days later) As such, while we allow you to trade with this amount, you can only withdraw on Tuesday.

    • Tanmay says:

      how available balance & account value different ? cant I withdraw total available balance ?

      • Faisal says:

        Your withdrawable balance is updated 2 days after you’ve sold equity holdings and 1 day later if you’ve closed an F&O position. This is due to the settlement cycle defined by the exchange. Check this article for more information.

    • alana reddy says:

      my friend withdrawed Rs:58000 from trading account…last 2months ago but still money has not deposited into bank account.when will the issue will be resolved??please help us , it is emergency to get money.

    • Is there any charges for fund withdrawal 500000

    • Rahul says:

      Dear sir in my zerodha account the total balance is 50000 rs nd the say u withdrawble ammount is only 13000 thousand bt i want withdrawl my all money… What should i do

    • Moosajaved says:

      Hi Team,

      By mistakenly I have added fund in commodity How can I withdraw those amount

    • aryan ahmed says:

      where can i see the seprate withdrawl history ?… its very urgent please help me with it or call me at 7032780646

      i need to see all the withdrawl’s that i did till date ..

    • Tarun says:

      When I tried to withdraw the money from my zerodha account it shows error connection.whereas my network and datapack is ok

    • Pasupula dastagiri says:

      Iam not get salary

  2. dpraharsha says:

    if the fund withdrawal request for commodities is done before 9 am,can there be a chance to get the money in bank account on the same day through neft transctn..?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Hi Harsha,

      Yes for commodities, if you put a request most likely(99% of the times) it will get credited on the same day. Occasionally it might take longer when NEFT at the bank is overcrowded with requests, this unfortunately is not under our control…

      • Niraj Kumar says:

        Just to let you know i am an year old client of Zerodha.
        I just love trading on Zerodha, would like to have a fruitful and long term association with Zerodha.

        Thanks, for everything you have for day traders like me.

  3. prathapanb says:

    Is there some problem with the backoffice? I have been trying to log into the backoffice using IE browser from evening. However, I keep getting the message ‘Internet Explorer cannot display webpage’. I have tried a few times now intermittently since 5pm and have been getting same message. Is there some site development going on?

  4. prathapanb says:

    I would also like to add that I have in the past never had this problem with the backoffice login. Regards.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Prathap, are you still facing this issue??

      Can you try logging into on your ie browser and let me know if it is working??

  5. pruthul says:

    hi, am new user at zerodha and want to transfer money for trading account. can i transfer by mobile banking? and how can see credit in my trading account

  6. Ananth says:

    Hi, When I place the withdrawal request it usually takes more than 2-3 days to credit in my account. Why there is so much delay when Sharekhan or other service providers are able to credit on the same day or the next day?


    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Ananth, We similar to the broker you have mentioned transfer the funds by the end of the next working day. I guess the reason it might take 2-3 days is as mentioned on the blog, if you place a request on Friday after 7pm or if the next immediate day is a holiday. If there was any case where it took 2-3 days other than for the reasons I have mentioned, send an email with your client id and the date on which you had placed this withdrawal to [email protected] and keep [email protected] in cc.


    • Ananth says:

      Even in normal days the transfer is taking minimum 3-4 days. Also my margin or withdrawable balance is not correct in backoffice which worries alot sometimes and for the next day the allowed margin is way less to go for more lots though it is our own money. I see these thngs which takes immediate effect in other client services. Thanks

    • Zerodha says:

      Hi Ananth,
      Can you give us instances where there has been a delay so we could check?
      Note that with regards to the “Withdrawable” balance, the settlement for Equity happens on T+2 and for F&O on T+1. You will not be able to withdraw the funds till they are settled..So basically if you sell stock on Monday, you will not be able to withdraw these funds till Wednesday..

  7. vikas9388 says:

    Hello… i placed a withdrawal request yesterday around 6pm. The backoffice shows the status as authorized but still i havent received the money and i am using HDFC Bank.

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Yesterday was an expiry day and usually trade process takes a while on these days.We cannot transfer funds after 9pm, so on such days we upload the payout request to the bank the next day morning. I guess, you should have it in your bank by now.


  8. Pradi says:

    Is Zerodha charging some amount for fund withdrawl. to deposit funds it is charging 9rs through payment gateway

  9. gb333 says:

    When zerodha will process the withdrawal request?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      MAY 1st was a holiday, so if you put in a withdrawal request it will be processed on May 2nd evening.


  10. sibichakravarthyd says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    I have two issues to report.To save your time and mine…i wil list it in two points 🙂

    => I started my account in february 2013. Whenever I try to see my ledger details or trade analysis, I can only see the details of the current month(april)..but cant see my trading or ledger details for february and march.

    =>Not knowing when my trading details for april will disappear, I tried to export it to excel and save it. But i gt the error “Automation server cant create object”

    P.S: I have uploaded a snip of the error when i try to export details to excel.

    Please reply as soon as possible…thanku

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      1. All data on BO is archived as per financial year, April 1st to March 31st. The reason when you search only data shows from 1st APR is because you are in the present financial year.
      If you want to cheque the previous year, on the right top you have an option to change the financial year. 4th icon on the right top of the page, change it to last financial year and you will start seeing all your data From April 1st 2012 till march31st 2013

      2. For you to be able to export into excel when you are getting this error, bunch of changes to be made:
      b. apart from this go to iepress tab go to tools compatibility view tick display all websites in compatibility view

  11. vivek111213 says:

    if i place a withdraw order on friday before 7.30, will the neft transfer be initiated on saturday?

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      We actually initiate it on Friday evening itself(bank gives us time till 9pm).

      Every 3rd friday of the month is the expiry of global indices on NSE. On this day the trade files are received by us very late(after US opening) and processed only after 9pm. On such days all the NEFT’s are initiated on Saturday morning.

  12. rf.harsha says:

    Hi there,

    I’m not able to withdraw money back to my bank account linked with Zerodha.
    Steps I followed:
    1.Logged in to Backoffice
    2.Clicked on Withdrawal Request in the Quick links section
    3.Here I can see a mismatch between the Clear Balance and the Account balance
    4.Clear balance is RS.38 and account balance is 2k
    5.Recently I booked some profit by selling some stock and wanna take that profit back to linked bank account.
    6.I had Rs.38 before I sold the stock ,which is the clear amount now and the amount I have got after selling is my account balance now..
    7.When I give 1k as the withdrawal amount system says-Withdrawal amount cant be greater than the clear balance
    8.How to withdraw now,please help me out on this
    (FYI:I sold stock on 12 july 2013)


    • Nithin Kamath says:


      The settlement cycle for stocks in India is T+2, this means that if you buy stock it comes to your demat in 2 days and similarly when you sell, you get the cash to your trading account in 2 days.

      You sold on 12th which is a friday, so monday would be T+1 and tuesday would be T+2. So you should be able to withdraw it today.


  13. HarshaC says:

    I having an account number RH0159. I placed withdrawal request for 12/7/13 for an amount of Rs.329/-
    But I did nt get the amount in my account till date.
    Please look into this matter.



  14. TKumar says:


    Today (July 25, 2013), tried to login into the backoffice around 10:15 AM. First time, i got the following error message as “Internet Explorer cannot display the page”. Next time, the page itself got hang. I tried for manytimes. But i do not have the luck till 11:30 AM.

    I already the face this issue on Jan 31, 2013. They had given the following other links to login into backoffice.

    But I failed with the above two links.

    Then I had sent the mail to the CustomerCare. They replied back with the alternative link which i already known.

    If your members want to withdraw the money in the emergency situation then it is really bad for them.
    Are you restricting to use the backoffice for the first two hours (10 – 12 AM) ?


    • Nithin Kamath says:

      We don’t restrict use of backoffice at anytime, it is up 24 hours and might be down occasionally for maintenance or server issues. But it was not down yesterday, do let us know if you face any such issue in the future.

      • swapnil says:

        sir …yesterday @ 10 pm around i deposited 1k in my trading account…..even i received message of zerodha of successful deposit… still the amount in not added in my account

    • TKumar says:

      For me it is sync with your server issue third time. Going forward, if the server maintenance is planned, circulate the mail to the customers so that we can plan ourselves.

      What is the best solution to withdraw the money in an emergency situation for the customers and unfortunately that time the server is down? Is there any alternate way to raise this request?

    • Zerodha says:

      A server maintenance is definitely planned and is done at a time where the backoffice usage is the least (typically post midnights/early mornings)..Ideally you should not have any trouble placing a request during the day..We prefer our client’s placing withdrawal requests through the system but in case they are not able to we would need an email/telephonic confirmation.

  15. Keshav says:


    I’ve placed a withdrawal request on saturday morning(i.e today) at 8:30 so when i can expect the amount to be credited to my account?


    • Nithin Kamath says:


      As put in the blog above, we don’t process any payouts on Saturday, the payout request you have put today will be processed monday evening.


  16. Faisal says:

    I want to add Indusind Bank as my primary bank for fund pay in and out. Presently it is Axis Bank. Is it sufficient to email you a scanned copy of blank cancelled cheque of Indusind Bank ?

  17. rajat says:

    I am trying to log in to back office but it is displaying invalid user to me…
    when i try to change password…its showing invalid PAN number though i am entering correct pan number.

  18. abinash says:

    are u providing USD/INR (NSE)currency trading for intrday and future pls inform me i want to open a trading a/c in zerodha
    with regards
    New delhi

  19. sivak says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    1) Is it good to use back office or Pay In option (i.e., gateway option) to the transfer funds for Trading or Commodity?
    2) What are charges for transferring the funds for Trading or Commodity by the the above options?
    3) How to transfer the funds through NEFT to my trading or commodity accounts? What is the account number and IFSC code I should use for these?


  20. SR_RAJKUMAR says:


    • Nithin Kamath says:


      If you login to the backoffice, (use internet explorer for this), you will be able to see ledger which will show the exact balance in your account and how much is blocked for your existing positions. If you have any query on this send an email to [email protected].


  21. Venkat_V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I have linked multiple bank A/c to my Zerodha trading A/c and i could transfer funds from any of these accounts at any time which is great feature and my compliments to you.

    whereas when it comes for fund payout, i do not have a option to choose the bank which i want and instead get transferred to a default one which you categorize as primary bank. why such Limitation?

    As a investor if i have a flexibility to transfer funds from multiple banks i think i must have the same facility while payout as well.

    For example in present case i’m forced to do an inter bank transfer from Bank”A” to Bank”B”, when actually i need the fund at Bank”B”. Hope you got my point?

    I sincerely request you to introduce the feature in your back office for payout request for the choice within the banks mapped. would you pls be considering this?

    Also would you be considering possibility of fund transfer between Equity & Commodity A/c’s? (E.G if i have 1 Lac In my Equity as cash, can i able to transfer 50k to my equity A/c?)

    Thanks in advance.


    • Venkat,

      Transferring funds between equity and commodity is not possible as per exchange regulations.

      Fund withdrawal bit to different account, we will give it a thought and update you on it.


      • Venkat_V says:

        Dear Nitin,

        Many thanks for considering my suggestion.

        Fund payout to multiple banks feature would be a real boon for investors like me. and could you imagine how how much of manual work would be reduced.

        I really expect you to implement this new feature as early as possible.

        Pls keep me posted with updates.


  22. Venkat_V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    After witnessing NSEL Fiasco and other Broking firms slowly shutting down their shops. One basic question prevail in my mind. Whether the money and the shares i am going to keep with my broker is really safe?

    All great companies are not just great because of successful business models but by the way they do the business ethically, i admire TATA’s a lot that’s why they are one of the trusted brand as of till today. I consider Zerodha also the same.

    Being an ethical business firm, what is the Guarantee/Assurance as a broker does zerodha gives for its Investors for the protection of money kept in trading A/c and shares kept in DEMAT.

    I want a realistic reply explaining on what way the client money is kept and handled and what all the precautionary methods taken care for protecting investors trading money in case of any unlikely scenario.

    Hope i get a sensible reply form you.


    • Venkat,

      Firstly, our exchanges and regulators have done a brilliant job over the years to ensure that client funds are secure. There is also an investor protection fund setup in case there is a casualty and the good thing to know is that it has not been used even once.

      Coming back to Zerodha, we have been a profitable business from the start with a QOQ growth and probably among the most profitable retail brokerages in the country. There is zero debts on the books and we are very conservative in terms of leverage. We don’t have any HNI clients who get special deals on leverage or get into any margin funding activity. Some of the reasons above are usually the culprits for bringing down a financial services business and we try to stay as far away from those as possible.

      Hopefully this helps,



  23. Abhinay says:

    Can’t we tie up with banks like SBICapsec has with SBI, they do immediate transfer by marking and un-marking funds from trading account to the bank and vice versa and it is free cost.

  24. shasi says:

    Placed a withdraw request to my HDFC bank account on a third Friday(Jan-17) evening @6PM. The request is still in pending status.

    As per the above article the requests will be processed on Saturday morning if we place on third Friday evening.But, the customer care executive says there is no processing on Saturday and i will get the funds only on Monday. is that true? I will not get the funds on Saturday?

  25. AMIT says:

    hi, I am interested to open demat and trading acc in zerodha. Pls clarify some queries which I have:
    1. I am from Chennai. Do you have office here? If I change my current location(somewhere north or east) in future will this be a problem since Zerodha is basically working from Bangalore?
    2. Can the software be used in mobile /smartphone?
    3. If I have to use only PC ,then what is the time in day till when I can do trading (buying/selling)? 🙁 I am very new here. So don’t know about time
    4. what is difference between CM segment cash delivery and F&O segment-future?

    • 1. Yes we have a sales office to help account opening, you can see the contact on our website.
      2. Yes we have a mobile app that works on android and blackberry, if you have any other phone you can use our html5 application which adapts to a mobile.
      3. Trading in equity can be done between 9.15 to 3.30, intraday trading between 9.15 to 3.20
      4. CM or cash market segment is where you buy stocks take delivery to your demat account and then wait for the price to go up to sell and profit. F&O is futures and option segment, where you can do a lot more, but is riskier than CM, explaining F&O will take a few blogs in itself. Try reading this module.

  26. Manju says:

    I forgot my bank acc password and it got locked. It will take 24hrs to get unlocked. Can I transfer (Payin) from some other account or it needs a longer procedure of formfilling-hardcopy-mail-enable. I want to know if it can be done before 3pm today.

    • Manju,

      For mapping another bank account, we will need a physical copy of the cancelled cheque leaf. What you can do is, have multiple bank accounts mapped, so in case such an issue happens in the future, you are ready.

  27. rajan margan says:

    sir good day i just opened an account at zerodha got my login id and other details yesterday by my backoffice page shows error “you are authorized to login xdk only from static ip”, so me and my friends are unable to trade inspite of so much opportunities we had today to earn in the market, kindly let me know what can be done to sort out this issue

    • Rajan,

      All fund transfer to the trading account has to be done through the trading platform itself. Will get someone to call you back immediately.


      • rajanmargan says:

        Sir thanks for your reply, i got a call from your chennai branch and got rectified immediately, it’s nice to see your speedy response to the customers

  28. jimmy joseph says:

    i am downloaded and printed account opening form and the attachment file said there is no need to fill the form , only sign on specified areas . zerodha has a team for form filling, is that correct? and one more doubt. what is a cancelled check leaf? i have only bank A/c in union bank of india. can l tranfer fund to and from that bank to zerodha? thanks in advance.

    • Jimmy, Yes we can fill up the form for you. Take a cheque leaf, and write cancelled across the cheque, so no one can use it. The reason for asking a cancelled cheque is to ensure that this account belongs to you.

      If you are using Union Bank, you will have to do NEFT/RTGS to transfer funds into the trading account, withdrawal from our side will be online for all our clients irrespective of the bank account.

      Let me know if you need someone to call you up for help.


  29. Sukesh says:

    Hello Nithin,

    The details mentioned in the back office often confuses me, one reason for it being that my funds are distributed under ‘BSE – EQ’, ‘NSE – EQ’ & ‘NSE – FNO’.

    Why are the funds subdivided into these accounts? Can we maintain a single account without these divisions?


    • You haven’t still started using our new reporting tool I guess, check this out. All your funds are together.

      • Sukesh says:

        Thanks a lot, very impressed by the new reporting platform.

        Just a casual question – You reply to all questions so promptly, just wondering is it actually you (Nithin) or someone else doing this on your behalf? 🙂

        If its you, how do you find time to do so much?? 🙂

  30. Vijay says:

    Hi, Could you please tell me how to transfer funds out of zerodha to my bank account? I don’t see any link called ‘Pay Out’. I only have ‘Pay-in’ link. I am using the web based platform. Appreciate your guidance.

  31. pvohra says:

    I presume there is no daily or other transaction limit for withdrawing funds?

    Secondly, there are numerous debits in my Zerodha account for delivery based sale transactions (DP charges of Rs 14 each). These become very difficult to track and reconcile. Is there anyway by which Zerodha could pass a consolidated debit once a month for all such charges during a month?

  32. pvohra says:

    As an alternative could these be rolled up into the related contract notes? For example, stamp duty, SEBI charges, STT, brokerage are all aggregated into a single debit… could this be expanded to include the DP charge as well? Of course, any other possibility of reducing the number of small transactions would be as helpful!

  33. ragendth says:

    Hi Nithin,

    It would be good if back office application can be made available to other browser like chrome , firefox.

  34. ragendth says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have gone though the new “” site.But some of the options like Trading Account Analysis,View Contract Notes,Trade Obligation Report, Profit and loss Report
    Trading Account Analysis are not avilable.

  35. mohan reddy says:

    sir how to change my bank acct primary acct as my hdfc bank… because i have two accts AXIS AND HDFC
    so kindly give me the suggestion how i can change my primary acct axis to hdfc

  36. Chandra says:

    i am not able to access Back office – ‘Q’ during night time after 12.30 to 3.30

  37. Ravi says:

    How many days it will take to get (withdraw) amount from Referral Account Balance ?

  38. Ravi says:

    Is there any Withdrawal charge when withdraw amount from referral account amount balance ?

  39. Sunilkumar says:

    HI I am new to Zerodha , so the tutorial given is old can you make new tutorial for fund withdrawal

  40. rey stocks says:

    i dont know about transfering fund to trading account…what is it’s significance..and does whenever i have to trade i shall have to transfer fund to tradind account or it is a single time process untill i use all the fund i had transferred….
    plz help…

  41. Raj says:

    One thing I have noted is, transferring money from bank account to trading a/c takes just seconds while the reverse takes more time!

  42. Prabhu says:

    I have used the withdrawal request several times and got the amount credited to my bank account in time, but I need a clarification here.

    After earning an expected profit any time during the trading session (before the closure) on a day, to lock the profit and to avoid further risk on a fresh trade during the remaining part of the session (which is part of trader’s descipline but often misused) If I place a partial withdraw request immediately, will this amount be blocked and only the remaining balance allowed in ‘limits’ OR is the whole process of client’s withdraw request executed after the end of day’s session ?

  43. rey stocks says:

    my bank donot offer MICR code …can i still apply for demat and trading account geting attached with the same bank account..
    or if open new account in other bank having MICR code…then for how much time i have to wait to apply for trading and demat account….can i apply after activation of bank account or i have to wait for some time like 6 months or more..

  44. rey stocks says:

    if i m trading equity in nse in intraday…but if i have to retain those shares for more than 1 day i.e delivery
    then how much amount of money i have to pay for those shares ….

  45. Prabhat says:

    Hi, I placed a withdrawal request at around 5pm on Friday evening, it showed as authorized in the BackOffice, but hasn’t been credited as per now (midnight). My bank account is HDFC so same bank as Zerodha, should I be worried, or is this a standard delay?

  46. Hiren Shah says:


    It’s been almost 2 years since blog was posted. NEFT/RTGS timing windows have been expanded and we all take benefit by getting transfers in 3-4 hours max. What is the reason for Zerodha to process only once at 7.30 pm? You have been bringing lots of automation in various other areas then why not in pay out? You can at least consider processing these payouts at least at 2-3 hours interval on Mon-Fri and at least one transfer on Saturday. I’m mentioning only about clear balance (fully settled after selling shares, Not blocked for any purchase).

    There was a suggestion years ago about allowing selection of bank account during pay out process. Any consideration on it?

    • From monday we will process withdrawals twice. The payout process is not automated, but we are working on it currently. Hopefully in the next few months we will have a solution. Payout to a different bank, hmmm.. will probably take a while.

  47. ravi says:


    how the intraday futures trading is settled ?
    when the profits are with drawable ?
    how much time is taken to get the payment in bank account ?

    • Whenever you buy and sell intraday in futures, if loss then gets debited immediately from your account. If profit, it gets credited the next day to your trading account, which can be withdrawn then. Any withdrawal request put before 7.30pm in the night is processed same day, and you should have it in your bank account the next day morning. (if HDFC, then the same night).

  48. Harsha says:

    Can one place a funds withdrawals through the mobile app of Android 5? Is it through Holdings?

  49. Vishalakshi Y says:

    I have requested a withdrawal now(17:50 1704-2015), would it be processed by tomorrow 11 AM?

  50. venkat4zc says:

    Could you please help me to solve this issue?
    I tried to withdraw 25000 but I can’t able to place withdrawal request , it says ” Request Amount cannot be exceeded the clear balance” but in my clear balance is 1,37,530.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks & Regards,
    ​Shanmuga Priya ​

  51. RANJAY says:

    I Aam new to zerodha.started trading last week . last week my first online payin to my equity account took 2 hours…Today at 7:30 pm i transferred cash to my commodity account but till now(11:30) pm not recieved any balance in my commodity account. eventualy missed a trading oppurtunity today. Moreover it is contrary to the claim on fund transfer page of that online payin is instant. mailed to support@zerodha also. pls tell me is there any reason or there is always a minimum delay for payin. my client id RR3905.

  52. Mahesh says:

    I have an account with zerodha and demat at IL&FS. I transfer funds from my registered ICICI bank. My doubt is I have traded and sold the shares now will I receive fund to my ICICI bank directly or the funds shall come to backoffice and held until I withdraw from it.


  53. vamsi says:

    hii ,when i am trying to login to Backoffice with my client id which i use it for trading . it is always saying invalid clientid/password.
    but with the same password iam able to login in
    can u help me out….

  54. Hassan says:

    My brother send me a neft on saturday at 8:40 PM (IST) When it will come at my account.

  55. Debdeep says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I have recently opened an account with Zerodha, and I applied for an equity fund withdrawal yesterday before 7:30pm, however, right now its 12:26AM in the midnight and when I log into backoffice, its showing my account to be NIL(the withdrawal request seem to have processed), but the money haven’t reached my bank account yet. And there is neither any status for “successful withdrawal request processing” nor any NEFT/RTGS details uploaded from zerodha’s side.
    Would you please explain what’s really going on ?


  56. DS5220 says:


    I had placed request to withdraw funds on Saturday and when I checked it today on Monday I could not see any status update in Q and the fund was still available, so I had to place a transfer request again today around 8:30PM. Would like to know why the fund transfer was not Authorized. This is the first time I am trying to transfer the funds and hope I have done it the right way.



  57. Shyam says:

    If I transferred my HDFC account from one branch to Another with same account no I have to submit any document for fund withdrawal or payment

  58. Vidit Kothari says:

    Why can I just withdraw a fraction (~0.6%) of account balance?
    My “Account Balance” & “Withdrawal Balance” has so much difference, why?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Account balance is the sum of funds available for trading
      Withdrawal balance is what you can withdraw
      Account balance includes sum of funds which aren’t clear yet. Eg: If you sell shares worth 1 lac on Monday, your account balance would be 1lac but withdrawal balance 0 cos settlement of shares happens on T+2. 1 lac gets realized from Exchange on T+2 day.

  59. Vidit Kothari says:

    Thanks @VenuMadhav for answering. I’m satisfied by the answer, its completely logical

  60. Permendra Kumar says:


    This is my new Account with Zerodha. Please let me know if any eligibility exist for funds withdrawal. I just created ticket with support.

    Note: PI Systems shows the cash balance.

    Permendra Kumar

  61. Pranay Agrawal says:

    Dear Nitin, while I am very happy with the services provided by Zerodha, one are wherein Zerodha still needs to improve is funds withdrawal.

    I requested some funds withdrawal from my zerodha account yesterday (09/10/15) account id DP1501. While the ammount is processed by your back office I did not get credit in my bank.I also didnot get debit message from zerodha. It seems the amount will be credited to my account in monday full 3 days after my request. In the age of IMPS transfer wherein inter bank tranfer takes place in one second I find this reakky irritating. Quick withdrawl and inter bank credit within minutes is already being done by brokerage houses such as Motilal Oswal. If your bsnk is not ablr to do it pls change them immediately but kindly ensue quick fund withdrawl so that ee could trade like its 2020 ( to use use your promo line)

  62. mujibur rahaman says:

    If i make a profit of Rs 10000 from my account balance 20000 will it be possible for me to requst for a pay out of 25000 on the same day?

  63. Shiv says:

    Whatever options given above those are not applies for new Zerodha trading mobile app. Can you pls suggest how to do withdraw in new Zerodha app.

  64. Sandeep Puri says:

    Sir, I made my first withdrawal request on Friday 13th Nov. at 5PM in the evening, but till now I have neither received the funds nor they are available in my zerodha account. Is there any delay? How long I have to wait to get the funds?

  65. Arya says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Kudos to you and team Zerodha for all your hard work and making our trading life easier each coming day with your continuous support and innovations.

    My request is to do something with your fund payout system so that we can transfer money from our trading account to linked bank account instantly by using IMPS service. Please have an option of IMPS payout when we submit payout request using backoffice, so that we can get money in urgent situations. I know that there are charges associated for using IMPS transfer/instant payout (as per bank rules) but it’s ok for you to charge the same who want to transfer the funds immediately. Please do it ASAP. Thanks.

  66. sandy says:

    Hello sir,
    Today is my first day in zerodha. Sir my fund is hold in intraday. How can i realease my fund. Actually sir i bought a 8 share from coalindia bt my selling process is not complete.

    • Venu says:

      Once you buy shares, money gets debited from your trading account. If you’ve sold shares, you get a credit which you can withdraw after T+2 day. To withdraw go to the funds section on Q –

  67. Shivam says:

    Hey.. Nitin.. I read so much about zerodha on google that how you build zerodha .. Really inspiring story..

    I open equity and commodity account with zerodha 2 weeks ago.. I really enjoying trading with you.. Services are trading account is open in just 2 days.. But if you provide some more services mention below than awesome..

    1. Plz provide cover order on kite or zerodha mobile.. Bcz each time i want to place order.. I have to open my lappy or call zerodha.. ( i am student.. So not possible for me to carry lappy everywhere..)

    2. Provide IMPS service for fund withdrawl.. Charge amount for that. No problem.. But it will definately help someone who is in emergency..
    Like me.. I am a student..i use 90% of my savings in my trading account.. So if any emegency arise i have to wait for 1-2 days..

    3. I start 60 days challenge in my equity and commodity account.. If i want to withdraw money than i have to wait 60 days or i can withdraw money between challenge..

    4. Can you also tell me how to learn technical analysis. Any good website or any institute in Delhi or near about it..

    Thanks.. And again i say really inspiring story..for a small age trader like me..

    • 1. Yep, soon.
      2. On our list to do.
      3. You can withdraw money it won’t affect your profitability.
      4. Have you checked the modules here:

      • Harsha Rao says:

        I would like to emphasize on point (2). Waiting 1-2 days for emergency funds is way too much time.
        If not IMPS, at least there should be a batch job that runs hourly during bank day time and processes NEFT transactions within few hours.

        I placed in a withdrawal request on Friday March 30th at about 4 pm.
        Till yesterday evening, the backoffice website showed this as ‘Pending Request’. However, till now (Tuesday April 3rd) I have not received the amount. Today when I went to the backoffice website, I do not even see the ‘Pending Request’ and no withdrawal has even happened. Hence I have placed the withdrawal request once more today – and opened a ticket to check what happened and why the delay. I needed this amount by yesterday (Monday) and now I am hoping I will at least get it by Wednesday noon.

        • Matti says:

          Hmmm… Yes, this is indeed on our mind as well. We’re trying to figure out a way where we can calculate your available free balance for withdrawal and process batch withdrawals.

  68. ashok maurya says:

    hii nitin
    when I tried to login on backoffice with my trading id and password for fund withdrawal … its showing wrong id or password. .. how it is possible. ..plz look in this mattrr….my id is RA7440

  69. Naveen Kumar K says:

    kindly provide transfer fund facility between accounts like Zerodha equity account and Zerodha commodity trading account. it would be very helpful to save the time and money.

    • Venu says:

      Both FMC & SEBI do not allow the broker to do internal transfers from Equity segment to Commodities or vice versa even if the trading account is of the same client. If your broker is allowing you to do it, I’d advise to stay away. Recently a broker was fined by SEBI to the tune of 30 lakhs for doing this.

  70. sumit says:

    Dear Nitin , kindly provide the details about 60 days challenge and also provide the rules .

  71. Srinivasan M says:

    Thanks for the prompt response. So you are also saying the same thing but 234.01 is given after 3pm on T+2 day which I thought would happen in the morning itself. I raised query early morning on T+2 day, but credit of fund happens only afternoon on T+2 day seems to be the main point. Otherwise both our calculations were matching. Any ways I did not track it yesterday after 3 pm, whether funds(234) were freed or not. Today I will do it and raise ticket if I need further clarifications on withdrawal process. Thanks for prompt response. Looks like I was exactly half a day too early for the query. Today I will raise ticket(if needed) only after 4pm.

  72. Srinivasan M says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Have raised Ticket #417017 for cash withdrawal. I have been trying to place withdrawal request from 6:45pm onwards today(3 Feb 2015) but everytime funds page in backoffice shows as blank or 500 internal error. So I raised a ticket to treat it as actual withdrawal request. Yesterday also I faced same problem while placing withdrawal request. I don’t know if it is deliberate ploy from Zerodha to discourage clients from placing withdrawals on weekdays or market down days. Please note on time fund transfer/withdrawal are very important to boost the confidence of investors with Zerodha. This is very annoying problem which repeats exactly when time approaching for placing withdrawal. This is second day Iam facing same problem for continuous 30 to 45 mins. What is this service ?

  73. Srinivasan M says:

    Warning this could be long.
    Thanks for your prompt response as always. Today Iam happy, coz I didn’t face any major problem
    while placing withdrawal request(of course minor errors occurred on Funds page load but on
    repeated try page loaded alright). I was actually furious day b4 yesterday(my 1st withdrwal @
    Zerodha) and yesterday(2nd one @ zerodha). Would you believe I tried for 1hour on both these
    days to place withdrawal request. In fact day b4 yesterday I tried at 4 pm for 30 mins after
    market closed. There was problem on funds page load. Then after 2 hours from 7 pm tried and
    tried, some how by fluke my withdrawal went through. Same goes for yesterday also. Today is a
    huge relief for me(I anticipated something worse). I do not ask you for flashy online features
    from Zerodha. But just try to keep the basic things like funds deposit/withdrawal process robust
    everytime. Consistency in these 2 things is utter minimum. I have already written to you about
    fund deposit delays. Now Iam writing to you on withdrawals also. To compare Zerodha with
    sharekhan, those guys charge twice of what you do for delivery trades. But their fund deposit
    and withdrawals were extremely robust. Very rarely I faced problems in fund deposit but
    withdrawals always went through ok. Occasional withdrawal errors occurred only on Saturdays,
    which I feel was kind of deliberate/lazy to go home half day and not allowing withdrawals. Mon-
    Fri withdrawals were 100% successful, no need to make phone calls etc, everything worked online.
    Infact I used only their website not trade tiger, still it was extremely robust. Coming from
    there, I expect some consistency in your fund withdrawal service in future. Also I see ledger
    entries being passed between 5pm and 7pm for trades done on a day, could also hamper page load of ledger and funds page of back office during these times(5to7pm). So if you can announce like all ledger entries for trades done on a day, will be passed before 7 pm, hence clients can freely place withdrawals without any failure after 7 pm, would be very helpful for us. I also have a query here – if I place withdrawal request at 5 pm for Rs 15000(funds screen allowed this amount to be placed) and new ledger entries for trades done on that day are passed at 6:30pm, and now withdrawal amount is reduced to 14500/-, what will happen to the request already placed by me at 5pm(and not corrected before 7:30pm) when it is processed at 7:30pm?

  74. paras says:

    I have 506.7 rs. Free cash on my account. But in back office shows zero value. How can I withdraw my amount?

  75. Amitkumar says:

    In my account there is balance of Rs 15,440. Still it is showing no funds the withdraw under request withdrawal option. Kindly clarify this issue. Can it be because I have placed trades during the day time and the brokerage fees and other charges is yet to be deducted or any other reason.

    • All settlements in India if trading F&O happens on T+1 and equity on T+2. So even though the money is available, it may not be clear balance to withdraw. You will have to wait till the settlement happens from the exchange.

  76. chellavignesh says:

    My backoffice shows that my account balance is rs.1882 but withdrawal balance shows only rs.447.what is the difference between account balance and withdrawal balance.How would i withdraw rs.1882 from my account??

  77. Abhinay says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I am new to trading.
    I did something wrong and messed up in a situation.

    Currently my equity balance is 2425.46(same for equity cash balance) as seen in
    Holdings value : 2,273.15 .

    How can I move out from these holdings back to cash balance ?
    I tried below steps
    1)Exit from holdings in CNC (Now the same in seen in positions)
    2)Converted to MIS
    3)EXIT from MIS in positions

    After 3rd step again it is seen in holdings. How do I completely move from holdings.
    Please bear with my questions.

  78. Daniel says:

    Dear Nitin,
    Iam unable to withdraw (payout) from the back office tool.
    It shows withdrawal balance as 38434. I try to withdraw 12000.
    On friday it gave an error saying your withdrawal amount should be less than your clear balance.( No idea why this error if the withdrawal balance shows an amount)
    On monday when i tried, it states that your withdrawal is successful.

    Usually the withdrawal is processed by 9PM and i get a message stating that it is processed and by the next day i get the money in the morning.

    This time, i did not get a message and i fear that it is not processed.So i will not be getting the money tomorrow for sure.( if i try another withdrawal, it states that another pending withdrawal is in progress)
    Of late this back office tool has gone bonkers with lots of errors.
    This is frustrating. Please look into this. Please can you make sure if i can get the money by tomorrow noon.This is urgent and frustrating as technical errors ruins our plan.
    Client ID: RD0389

    Thanks in advance,

  79. Ajay says:


    What’s the difference between the account balance and withdrawal balance? The difference between the two figures in my account is just shy of a hundred rupees.


    • Venu says:

      Account balance is the funds that’s available in your account and withdrawal is what you can actually withdraw. If you sell shares worth Rs.1,00,000 on T day, your account balance would show 1,00,00 but your withdrawal balance would show 0, since shares sold on T day are settled on T+2 day.

  80. ganesh says:

    I can’t withdraw last 1020 rs form equity acc.
    I am intraday trader and no holdings and never took any share delivery.
    acc balance is 1020 and withdrawal balance is 0. and it is showing the same status from yesterday.

  81. Darsh says:

    I have 3000 in my trading account.. I tried withdrawing 3000 today.. I got a msg now. ” insufficient funds …”

  82. Amruta Patil says:

    Hi, thanku for the info.. Is there any error in back office as my withdrawal limit is very less compared to free cash available due to which I m unable to withdraw required amount.. Kindly help on this asap

  83. Srinivasan M says:

    Yesterday(31 Mar 2016) I made withdrawal of Rs5603/-. I received sms at 10:11pm and 10:43pm yesterday that my withdrawal is processed. Today(1 Apr 2016 1:13 pm), the amount is not yet credited to my HDFC SB a/c. Iam worried what has happened to the money because it is debited from the ledger yesterday itself So it is not available either in Zerodha a/c or in my Bank a/c ? Today I wanted to place buy order, but don’t have sufficient balance, because the cash is stuck up with Zerodha ?

  84. karan jaiswani says:

    on my dashboard, it shows Rs. 4907.75 as commodity cash balance, but when i try to withdraw it (from backoffice) it doesn’t show any balance in commodity account.
    i tried doing this at 12.50 am (00:50), is the issue because of time or is there any other issue, kindly solve at the earliest.

  85. T S Sreenivasan says:

    When I open the back office the top 3 cms height is covered with a blue strip. I am not able to see the first two tools namely home and funds. why ? i tried both in internet explorer and google chrome.I am not able to withdraw the amount.

    • Venu says:

      Are you doing this on a mobile phone or through a desktop? Would appreciate if you could attach a screenshot after removing all account sensitive information, would help in resolving your concern.

  86. Prudhvi says:

    Hello Team,

    A/c balance is showing nearly 31k but withdrawal balance only 200rs. When I am submitting a withdrawal of 30k, error popping up saying insufficient balance. Please help me out to withdraw. FYI, I sold stocks yesterday i.e., on 13th April


    • Venu says:

      Shares sold on T day are settled on T+2 and cash can be withdrawn on T+2 only. In your case, you’ve sold shares on 13th, settlement is on 18th (Thu,Fri,Sat & Sunday being holidays). You’ll be able to withdraw the money only on 18th noon.

  87. Aditya Shanker says:

    Dear sir,
    my withdrawal balance is showing more than my free cash value its approx 5 times more and around -17000 and my free cash is around only 2000 rs and most important part is I haven’t withdrawal any money since i joined you this is my first time to withdraw money but i can’t due to this problem please help me to understand how come am dealing in negative values without withdrawing any cash.

    • Venu says:

      You’ve sold some shares on 13th April, the settlement of which will happen on Monday. You’ll be able to withdraw these funds on Monday noon.

  88. Smital says:


    Currently my account balance is 8000 and withdraw balance is 146.

    i want to withdraw 8000 ,how and when it will come to withdraw balance?

    Smital Kanade

  89. payout says:

    gm sir myname is bheemalingam id is RB1722 ple transfer(payout) RS 35000 thousands only thankq

  90. Anupama says:

    Hello Sir
    Can I transfer money(pay in) in my trading account through another saving account which is not linked with the trading account?
    If yes then what’s the procedure?

    • Yes you can, but you will have to send us a proof of your secondary bank account for this. You can courier it to our Bangalore address with a request to add a secondary bank account.

  91. Riddhi says:

    I sold some of my holdings, when can I withdraw the amount?
    Riddhi (PR0974)

  92. Mohan Rao says:

    Hello sir,

    My trading acc no DM3185. I want to transfer some funds from trading acc to bank acc. I tried to transfer through But fund & home tabs are not being displayed and these two tabs are hidden below blue colour. request you to resolve the issue.

  93. RAVIKIRAN says:

    Hello sir,
    I usually trade in equity on Intraday and BTST basis daily. So daily I do intraday and evening I buy the shares for nextday. I want to withdraw some profits periodically. But everyday the withdrawal balance showing is negative. Do I need to stop trading for 2 days to withdraw money every time?

    • If you buy as BTST and sell the next day, the settlement cycle in India is T+2, so yeah you have to wait for 2 days before you can withdraw these funds. All intraday profits made can be withdrawn next day.

  94. amit says:

    Nitin…I have submitted payout request on 12.05.16…but even after passing more than 48 hrs, I haven’t received payout till 14.05.16 (2115 Hrs)

  95. Vinayaka says:

    Is it possible to transfer money from other bank accounts to zerod instead of only from primary bank accounts. If so how ?

  96. Venkat says:


    My client id is RV0113,
    I have placed a referral wallet money withdrawal request but it didn’t ask for which bank to transfer but it auto selected my Secondary bank account which currently im not using it, also it is not accepting my cancel request in my back office. Please please help me in cancelling the request, since zerodha representative will not attend call on weekend…

  97. Suman Dhar says:


    If I have Rs 50000 as my portfolio holding then How much margin can I get for Intraday equity trading?

  98. Manjunath says:

    Pls answer the below questions.

    1) Is it possible to pay in/pay out in Zerodha mobile app, if yes how to do it.
    I’m unable to see the option.
    2) Zerodha q offers only payout, how to pay in..?
    Why not both options are provided in Q.
    3) I called support, they asked me to download the latest mobile app..
    App is not available in Play store..
    & also App is not downloading in your website (error is displayed).

  99. Zubair says:


    In the fund withdrawal screen, the account balance shows as 4017 but withdrawal balance shows 3123. Why is this difference?

    • The Rs 700 could be shares you have sold (settlement in India is T+2 for this, so if you sell shares today, you get money from the exchange only day after) or profit you have made from F&O or intraday trading(settlement happens next day or T+1).

  100. Yeola Vishalakshi says:

    I have placed a withdrawal yesterday, amount has been deducted from my Zerodha account. Not yet debited to my ICICI account.

  101. rahul says:

    IF i request for pay out yesterday at 6 pm in commodity so at what time my amount come in my bank account ,,,plzzz reply ASAP



    i m a new user
    i logged into q, back office for first time

    when i see cash withdrawl it mentions “NA” & for acc bal also “NA”

    i have transferred 50k using payment gateway tell me how to get it back to my bank account

    • Venu says:

      If you’ve transferred funds today, it’ll get updated on Q by EOD. However it’ll be updated on the trading terminal right away.

  103. mukesh says:

    sir i want to open a demat account in zerodha how can i transfer fund from my sbi account to demat account

  104. Abhiroop Gupta says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Firstly, congratulations on the great work done and the work in progress. Have switched to you guys a couple of weeks backs and I am quite happy so far.

    Secondly, coming to my query, I see that there is almost a 1% difference between my account balance and withdrawal balance as visible in Q under the funds tab. I have no open positions right now. Why is this so ? I think I read that it takes Rs 9 to transfer from HDFC account to my trading account. Why is there this additional difference ?


    • Abhiroop, if you have sold shares or any profits from intraday trades, they get settled by exchange on T+2 and T+1 days respectively. That is when this difference can show up.

  105. Vikram says:

    I have linked two accounts, if I choose fund withdrawal option, to which account fund will be credited to. (fyi: I have done pay in using my secondary account)

  106. Sameer Anand says:

    Hey, the fund tab shows a different amount in account balance and withdrawal balance, Why so?

  107. Amit says:

    What is “Being Payment Gateway Charges Debited” in ledger and how its calculate?

  108. raju says:

    Sir I have trading account with religare securities and 300 shares of Infosys. How can I Transfer all my shares to Zerodha Account?

  109. Harish says:

    i m not able to cancle withdraw request.what to do?

  110. Anjali says:

    In kite there is no option for fund withdraw

  111. Ameya A Dhavale says:

    My zerodha account was activated on 19th July. I had transfered just 5k initially. After trading for couple of days the account balance is now increased. But in withdrawal menu I am not able to see any withdrawable balance. Not even initial 5k which I transffered!
    Please suggest
    Thank you,

  112. shubham sidam says:

    sir my id is ds5011
    m unable to put a withdrawal request as it is showing NA since couple of weeks now pls help me out.

  113. pintu says:

    i have ubi bank can i connect it to zerodha and can i get the money back via using q? is it possible

  114. Pradatta says:

    “Connection timed out. But you can still place a withdrawal request.” This error on my q funds page. I cant pay out cause in funds section there is both Account balance & Withdrawal balance showing NA from last few days please solve this issue

    Thank you

  115. LALIT says:


  116. lalit says:

    sir…do I need to transfer 5000 initially to get my account activated

  117. TP says:

    Is fund transfer from Union Bank of India or PNB to Zerodha possible using instant payment gateway?

  118. kishore kunal singh says:

    My equity balance in 40787 and I want to take out the amount but it is saying that insufficient funds and shows only 2809 as withdrawal balance ..please check and assist

  119. prashanth says:

    q backoffice is not opening..
    internal server error

  120. VIJAY says:

    why there is a difference in withdrawal balance and account balance

  121. karthik says:

    My equity account balance is 2626. but its showing withdrawal balance as 301. I trade only in options.
    Friday square off does make any difference as such? Kindly assist.

  122. Jahir shabeeb says:

    Hello sir, I put a withdrawal request yesterday…’s not credited yet…what’s the time delay

  123. Puja says:

    I can see that the margin available in my account is 8221 margin used -4675. But whenever I am trying to withdraw fund it is showing that insufficient fund , What can I do ?

  124. Pavan says:

    My account balance shows different money whereas withdrawal money shows less than the account balance and am unable to transfer funds from trading to saving account

    • I am guessing you must have sold some stocks yesterday or booked profits/exited from F&O trades. In such case funds are settled by exchange only on T+2 or T+1 days respectively. You can withdraw only after that.

  125. kingshuk says:

    Vry vry vry poor quality service provided to me from zerodha . I am vry much disappointed . They did not help how to sl slm limit order place . Thats why i lost 15000rs. Regretful experince from them specially sales manager who does not willing to teach me how to sell or buy with stop loss. My biggest mistake to open an account in zerodha

  126. ravi says:

    hello sir, am Ravi how we place a target order in coverorder. is it possible in coverorder or not?

  127. Monjit Gogoi says:

    I have something to know that when I with row total money then my trading account balance goes -8… Rupees . Now today I left rs 4.81 after trading then I see again account value goes -8.67 or something. Why?

  128. Giri says:

    I see two options in zerodha for managing excess funds. 1 – over quarter its not used, it will be back to bank account. 2 – it gets parked in overnight debt fund.

    may i know advantage of parking it in debt fund? will I earn any interest on this?

  129. santosh says:

    Sir I want to know that is the Back office,is only option to withdraw money? Or u r working to some other option also like,Zerodha mobile app? Bcoz access to IE is sometime not possible and Back office site is not possible with mobile. Pls reply me

  130. sheshank says:

    How to change the bank Account ?
    I want to link my Zerodha account with diffferent Bank acccount


  131. nitin says:

    sir… i placed withdrawal request yesterday ( Friday at 6 pm ) in equity .
    i got the message from zerodha that your withdrawal request has been processed at 8 pm same day.
    but i don’t receive cash in my account ill now.
    today is week off Saturday.
    so is that the reason i dont receive cash or there is no such rule about week off saturday

  132. Pai says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    With reference to RBI circular-, where transaction charges are applicable to remitter for NEFT/RTGs how Zerodha waive off charges on withdrawals?

  133. kumar says:

    please process money withdrawls through UPI , so that clients can get money withdrawls shall collect upi id of each client to enable withdrawl using upi .actully I tried to place money withdrawl request on thursday evening below 7.30pm cut off time, but back office not worked below 7.30pm. so I placed the request after 8pm. My account is with icici money credit will happen only on monday. We are living in DIGITAL ERA,but the required time for withdrawl is four days.If you used upi virtual address it will beinstaneous

  134. Vivek says:

    Where can I see the statement of funds added, used etc? Example, I added 25000 then made some purchase via smallcase, then I added another 5000 to purchase some MF. I want to know the detail statement of all credits and debits in my trading account

  135. Rajesh Daryani says:

    i have recently opened opened trading account with Zerodha, MY HDFC account is linked with Zerodha. i am using Kite app and transferring amount through funds option. I want to know is there any way i can save on transaction charges for money transfer from my bank to Zerodha account.

  136. sandesh says:

    Dear Nithin,


    I am regular commodity trader of Zerodha, Yesturday i have called up to your customer care, but they can’t give proper answer/solution to my queries.

    My query is.

    When i have to go to your Kite Dashboard at there it is buy window on Zinc Script, there is different option which is MKT/LMT/SL/SL-M.

    My question is When I Want to purchase the Zinc for Rs. 100/- X 10 Qty (MIS) with the Stop loss of 90/- then which option i have to choose. Whether i have to choose the SL & fill Rs. 100/- value in Price Column & Stop loss to be filled of Rs. 90/- in Trigger price column in same window.

    If it is like that means it will work like when the market price of Zinc will come to 100/- system will automatically buy the desired mention quantity & after buying the commodity at 100/- if the market price is goes down to 90/- it will automatically sold that quantity to reduce further loss on commodity.

    If there is nothing like that, kindly guide me with some example, because i have gone though your support centre FAQ section, but it’s not that much clear about the kite software handing.

    Hope you will clear my doubts about SL kite handing.



    • Venu says:

      I suggest you go through the SL blog here: which explains how to place Stop loss orders in detail.

      You can’t choose to place a limit entry order and an automatic SL order upon the execution of the Limit order. The only way for you is to place 2 orders separately:

      1. Place a limit order to buy Zinc at 100 (Assuming the price it’s trading at is higher than 100)
      2. Upon execution of the first buy order, place a SL order where the order type = SL-M, and the trigger price will be 90. The moment the stock hits 90, your sell order will get executed at market price. Please don’t place SL-M orders for illiquid contracts.

  137. Deepu says:

    Is it possible to withdraw complete amount from Commodity account.

  138. Chethana says:

    Hi, i have to withdraw my amount from the zerodha account, there is no option such as funds in the webpage. Please help me

  139. Chandra says:

    If we put withdrawal on Friday and Monday is a holiday….when would the withdrawal processed?

  140. siva says:

    never believe any business man.
    all broker companies simply say open demat account online 100% but practically it is not so. even if opened some features may be missing. you know after opening. same with Zerodha
    I transferred funds to trading from SB account. among 3 razorpay methods via netbanking method it was not paid. through card method it was paid. again in equity funds transferred amount only is showing only in margin balance. remaining balances are zero. I cannot withdraw money. it is showing equity account value zero. insufficient equity balance. If we transfer huge funds to trading account what will be our position. transfer to trading account is easy, withdrawing is very difficult not like they say. they will put it in margin..etc features. I lost trust in Zerodha.

  141. siva says:

    I say transfer on razorpay means Ac opening fee. it was done only by ATM card method.
    after transfer of funds to equity from SB account it appeared only on available margin, remaining balances zero. now even available margin is zero. yesterday I received message showing funds are available for trading from tomorrow but all balances zero now. you should first say about the distribution of transferred funds in margins, available balance to withdraw etc. all is hidden and you put it in various headings like available margin, equity cash etc as u like.

  142. siva says:

    OK thanks sir. problem solved.
    now balances are showing correctly. total account value is not zero now.

    where can we find any company information in detail on kite. also please add buy, sell, hold sentiment percentages feature

  143. Vikas says:

    what is difference b/w account balance and withdraw balance ? I have account balance of 12000 but only 2400 it is showing as withdraw balance ?

  144. aparna patil says:

    I did not daily login in smallcase and i saw there is rebalance update. if you start sending msg alert for rebalance update it will help us to take action on time and it can cause loss if delay in action.

  145. uday says:

    i can’t withdrawal 607.17 balance there i withdraw 600 it say ( Insufficient Equity balance) 1 day over

  146. Pratik Jain says:

    I have some amount in “Available Balance”. When it will be converted to “Withdrawal Balance” so that I can withdraw it?

  147. Shashibala Singh says:

    why there is difference between available balance and withdrawal balance? My withdrawal balance is ₹98.96 less than available balance

    • When you sell a stock or make profits intraday, it gets settled by exchange on T+2 day and T+1 day respectively. Until then, you can’t withdraw this money (it is not clear balance), but you can use this to buy more.

      • Shashibala Singh says:

        Thanks for your timely response

        • Shashibala Singh says:

          I have one more query, my traded value for 02-12-2016 was ₹235030 but I received message from NSE saying that my total traded value is ₹470060 (which is double of actual). Later I received mail from NSE and Zerodha confirming that my total traded value was ₹235030 only. Should I need to worry about this. Is there any technical glitch at Zerodha or NSE?

  148. A C Mishra says:

    My wife and myself have separate trading account with zerodha. Can we transfer some funds or shares from one account to other? We can avoid many unnecessary back and forth transactions.

  149. A C Mishra says:

    Do you have some debt fund where we can park some amount till we need them for right trading opportunity? How to access details of it.

  150. Rahul singh goud says:

    Nikhil sir I want to know that suppose I will apply for my payout at second Friday of month before 7:30 PM . Then when will be amount transfer to my bank account. Will i get in Saturday?

  151. Mohan Raj says:

    Is this any way to see withdrawal history?

  152. Yuvaraj says:

    I transferred funds from my ICICI account to my ZERODHA account at around 9 pm today (9 Dec). The same is yet to show in my commodity section of Margin availability. Whom should I contact ?


  153. Sabarivasan says:

    My account balance is not replicating on withdrawal balance. How many days will it take to replicate??. I buyed some share & selled it. The balance got replicated on account balance but it’s not replicating on withdrawal balance.


  154. Daniyal says:

    My kite AC is working but my q AC is not working I used the same user name and password for q as kite my kite AC is working

  155. Daniyal says:

    My q AC is not working I used my kite user name and password although my kite AC is working

  156. MONI SHANKAR says:

    1.Sir, is it possible to transfer funds to my linked bank account through kite mobile app..if so how?
    2.As i am a new user and have no relation with commerce background , so want to learn about trading through zerodha mobile app..i am searching youtube,google ,kite user manual if there anything else to learn about it…please suggest…thanks
    Moni shankar das

  157. ISHAN KUMAR GHOSH says:

    my account balance and withdraw balance are showing different amounts. Why is it so??

    • Venu says:

      Account balance includes such sums of money that aren’t cleared yet. Eg: Proceed from sale of equity shares gets reflected in account balance on T day but shows up under withdrawal balance only on t+2 since equities are settled on t+2.

  158. Amit sahu says:

    If I will put request to transfer fund from demat to sb account on 1st or 3rd Saturday working days. Is it possible to transfer fund on same day from equity.

  159. sant kumar says:

    suppose i had deposited 25000 fr trading nd done trading fr few days nd later i had excuted the order nd didnt buyied anything from the market so after hw many days i can withdraw the same fund.. i had less knowledge on these trades so m asking

  160. Mike says:

    Hi Can you plz tell me if i can open a demat account offline at any of your branches in delhi.

  161. RAHUL says:

    hi, my userid DR2118, just want to know why every time my balance is shown less then actual and every time i have to call and get it corrected and the answer i get that the balance figure was not updated….! whats it means ? every time i have to keep track record of my balance ? and call to correct the same ?

    • Hmm.. all processes are automated and you don’t have to call us for anything. I am guessing you must be checking your balance when our trade process for day is running. I will get someone to check this.

  162. Vamsi says:

    Suppose i buy 1000 worth of shares in intraday and sold it off for 1050. Can I immediately buy other shares with 1050?(for intraday)

  163. Vamsi says:

    I got a message from post that my application for account opening received by you today.
    1. when can I expect my account to be activated?
    2. How much further time it takes to open demat account?
    3. Can I trade in equity intraday without demat account?

  164. Kalpna says:

    My equity account balance and widrawal balance is not same …….please explain

  165. s mehtaj says:

    can i know the daily limit per day of withdraw amount from equity to my icici a/c

  166. anand says:

    my account balance shows 10325.56 and withdrawal balance shows 9713.45..????
    whats the difference and which amount can i transfer ????

    • Withdrawal balance is what you can take out. The remaining would be most likely either todays profit (settlement from exchange happens on T+1) or proceeds from stocks that you have sold (T+2). So if you have sold stocks, you can withdraw this money after 2 days.

  167. S. Colaco says:

    I have two bank accounts registered with my trading account. During withdrawal of fund is there any way i can select which bank account i would prefer the funds to be transfered into.

    • Withdrawal is always to the primary account.

      • S Colaco says:

        Is there anyway I can change my secondary account to primary account.

        • Venu says:

          Primary account is the account to which we process all payouts. It’s for this reason that we always insist on collecting an original proof of the account (check copy) to map it as a primary account. Secondary account can be mapped by providing a scanned copy of the bank proof. We’ll need an original cancelled check leaf to map an account as primary, unless that has been provided, secondary can’t be changed to primary.

  168. Adityo says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am a new zerodha user, I tried logging in to, most of the time since yesterday it showed ‘502 Bad Gateway’, and sometimes when it did open my password is always showing incorrect, but I am using the same password to login kite.

  169. ANIRUDDHA says:

    why is it showing bad gateway 502 error!

  170. mitesh says:

    how to
    # Segment Date Account balance Withdrawal balance Request withdrawal
    1 Equity 18/02/2017 2521.17 3.53 0.00

    why the withdrawal balance is 3.53 inr.
    i want to withdraw my account balance to my bank account but withdrawal balance not display properly???

  171. Ajay says:

    My equity and commodity account balance shows N/A because i am new user and havn’t traded yet but transferred money from my citi bank to zerodha, if i want to withdraw that fund what is the procedure?

  172. anil says:

    my name is anil .i have newly registered in per requirements i have sent 5000 rs through neft and uploaded the pictures in q today morning . i dont see any confirmation that funds have been put in my account.please see that funds are put in the account thank you

  173. U J PRAMOD says:

    Sir facing lot of problems with back office,not updating funds,not able to place withdrawals,open positions not showing.Nobody to rectify,have called customer care so many times and complained but of no use.

  174. Bishal says:

    Hi. I have upload all necessary documents required. But still I should courier ,Copy of PAN, address proofs (preferably original or notarized)
    Income proof for trading F&O
    Cancelled cheque for my registered bank account?

  175. Ankit says:

    I placed a withdrawal request.
    Now, want to cancel it and change the amount, but it is not showing in the pending requests. And when I try with another amount for withdrawal its showing previous request pending can’t process new request. Please suggest how to cancel that previous request

  176. Parameswaran says:

    I have added a secondary bank account successfully and started transferring funds from it to trading account… I would like to withdraw the funds from my trading account to my secondary bank account….. Why withdrawal not allowed to secondary bank account

    • Venu says:

      Primary account is the account to which we process all payouts. It’s for this reason that we always insist on collecting an original proof of the account (check copy) to map it as a primary account. Secondary account can be mapped by providing a scanned copy of the bank proof. Since there are additional measures to verify the primary account, as a policy we process it only to primary account.

  177. Rakesh R says:


    How much is the withdrawal charges, if any? per withdrawal or per 1000?

  178. Sushil N says:

    Hi, I added some funds to my zerodha account via Kite transfer. I got the amount and could see it in Margin Available. But the amount has reduced now. I wanted to know why the amount has been deducted from my account. Also, the withdraw link is broken, I always get a message 502 payment getaway error.

  179. Debabrata G says:

    Is it true that if my trading a/c balance is less than 10k then I can’t transfer that money to my bank a/c?

  180. Sam says:

    Hi, I am overall happy with zerodha, I just want to know do we have any option to check my day to day to profits and loss history. I tried checkeing but it is not showing day wise.


  181. Amit Kumar Mishra says:

    Hi Sir,

    What if I want to invest for longer term and stay invested for 25 or 30 years when I will sell all my shares. What if Zerodha closes its firm before that duration supposedly any worst case? Hope my spendings will remain intact and in safe hands. Please reply I am new to trading.

    Amit Mishra

  182. Ajaya Biswal says:

    I have sufficient cash and request withdrawal around 11am on Thursday(30-03-17) and received SMS at 1:58am(31-03-17) that your withdrawal request for Rs.50000.000 has been processed but till 8:06 pm has not received.

    1.Have discussed with Customer care at 9:40 AM (31-03-17) and get update it will be credited to bank account before afternoon.

    2.Again follow up around 2:30pm and get update withdrawal amount will be credited around 7:30pm but till now I m in Que.Waiting for next day

    Just ask one query if will do intraday and apply withdrawal before 7:30pm is it possible withdrawal can proceed. But received replay “No” .So then have to understand not do trade when withdrawal money.Have some confuse and waiting for replay.

    • Venu says:

      The payouts have been processed from our end. The delay could be because of the increased transactions on 31st March, people trying to pay taxes, companies processing salaries etc. You can withdraw funds from your trading account as long as they are free funds.


    Hiii Sir,
    I am very much pleased by the service which is provided by you all inspite of such a low brokerage.
    But if possible Please include a Mandate option in which funds could be transfered into zerodha account much easier and with no transaction failure.
    All the best!!

  184. Chetan says:

    I have invested in some share and took the profit out of it ( Sold shares ). Now I still didn’t withdraw profit/money from zerodha to my back account.
    How can I calculate TAX on this ( 15 % for short term) as amount is not yet transferred in my bank account?

    Also I am facing lots of problem in backoffice while exporting transactions/ profit/holding reports. Its so slow.

    • Chetan, we have just replaced a big piece of code on backoffice. It should start working correctly. Can you check out the tax P&L on Q. Tax has to be paid only end of the year while filing your income tax returns, not on every trade.

  185. Suraj Kar says:

    Hi I am using my client ID and trading password to login to Zerodha q, but it is showing wrong ID/password. However I am using the same to login and trade at Zerodha kite. I don’t understand why isn’t it working at Zerodha q. Please help.

    • Venu says:

      When you login to Kite, you’ll find your client Id on the top hand right corner. When you click there, you’ll find an option called Q -Backoffice. Click that to login to Q without being asked for any user name or password.

  186. Sunil vishvakarma says:

    Dear zerodha, I was put withdrawal request of ₹20000 before 7:30 pm tomorrow 13-04-2017, balance was deducted from my zerodha account but balance is not receive in my bank account yet.
    Kindly highlight and solve my issue plz.

    • Venu says:

      There is no issue; your payout has been processed from our end. You should receive the funds tomorrow since today is a NEFT holiday on account of Ambedkar Jayanti/Good Friday.

  187. RUPAK KUMAR says:

    Hi. i have opened Zerodha account in January 2017 and i was happy with the service and brokerage plans provided by it but i have noticed one grave error on your side that i had around 30 k in my account in fund value section after market hours on 12 April 2017 but it was showing as Rs 700 since yesterday without any trade.How can it be possible? Where my 30 k has gone? When i checked Ledger statement it is also not showing 30k transferred from my HDFC bank account to Zerodha on 1st April 2017.Bizarre.I have never faced this type of issue till now.It is quite a serious issue and i really lost my faith in Zerodha . i hope that this issue would be solved ASAP with a valid explanation.I already sent a mail regarding this but i dint get any reply till now.

  188. mirza says:

    sir i have added 3400 To my trading account through kite…but my back office shows nothing for last 4 days… I m humiliated with zerodha…

  189. Jay says:

    I love Zerodha and I am new customer – but I think Zerodha is misleading the customer base somewhat with the information.

    I just started using coin and invested more than 25,000 and I see 57.60 already debited. But your Coin Website is giving mislead information that 50 Flat fee per month. Can you clarify and update your Coin website footer and the charges page ( to reflect the true cost (including service charges)?

    It looks like your tacking a 15% service for the Coin Subscription – Is this true?
    If yes, Total cost per year Just for Coin is not 600 but 690 – 50×12 Months x 15% = 690 Per Year

    If demat also adds a service charge – Total cost will be 1035 per year just for Zerodha Platform. That looks a little steep, but I understand your a for profit business and I am ok.

    But please update your website and footers and at least put a * saying 50/month + service charges.

  190. Akshay Kulthe says:


    I have not got funds credited to my bank account today. As my withdrawal request was processed yesterday itself please check.

    Dear AKSHAY VENUNATH KULTHE Your withdrawal request for Rs. 50000.000 has been processed.


  191. m.veerasamy says:

    i put fund in my zerodha dement account and i not trade still now , now i wnat to withdraw fund from zerodha dement ac to my bank account. what procedure / explain sequence of steps.

  192. Shrikant says:

    how to link multiple bank account for fund transfer?

  193. Srinivas says:


    I have 51k in my margin but my withdrawal of funds shows only Rs.500, why is it ?

  194. chandan says:

    my id is rc1646 why my withdrawal request not getting processed my trading/backoffice account got sufficient balance i call to zerodha no but no result its bad

    • If you have profits from yesterday, or if you have sold scrips/F&O positions they get settled only in 2 days and 1 day respectively by the exchange. You can trade more with it, but you can withdraw only after this time.

  195. Zhovin says:

    How much time does it take for the funds to update on q, so that I can withdraw?

    There seems to be a disconnect. My app shows more free cash.

    For ex: my kite app shows free cash and total value as x.

    But when I try to withdraw it’s showing ( x-last days profit ).

  196. AMIT GHARA says:

    Can I use union bank account for transfer money to my zerodha account.

    Pls feed back me through mail.

  197. Srinivasaprasad says:

    How to withdraw money from my zerodha account using your Android app kite

    • Akshay.A says:

      Srinivasprasad, There isn’t a withdrawal from the Kite app. You’ll have to place a withdrawal request from Q – back office

  198. Rushi says:

    Hi Team,
    How can i find the historical funds addition and withdraws in Kite or Q-Back office.
    Please tell me the way to find this.

  199. Gautam says:

    I deposited funds from my other bank account via IMPS not knowing that such a transaction is not valid. By when will my money be refunded?

  200. SeileshKumaar says:

    When my “Margin Available” will be available for Withdrawal?.

  201. Manu says:

    Please provide sms updates for fund once withdrawal is proceed from your side…

  202. vivek thakur says:

    can I withdraw money through imps .? if yes then how much time it take .?

  203. Ankur Dholakiya says:

    Is there any charges application for Fund Withdrawal ? If yes, how much ?

  204. Ankur Dholakiya says:

    *Is there any charges applicable for Fund Withdrawal ? If yes, how much ?

  205. Asad Ali says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Am interested in opening an account with your organisation , is there any branch / office in Kolkata.
    Awaiting your reply.
    Goodnight Asad

  206. Arun Tiwari says:


    I Recently started transaction on your coin platform after hearing lots off positive news, However I am really surprised to see all seems to be market gimmicks,

    I put order for redemption for Debt fund on monday, It was showing T+1 as settlement and showing in my account on tuesday. However when I was using withdraw option the fund was not available for withdrawal. I talked to client support and they told me it will happen by 6:30 and then you can initiate the withdrawal which will be credited to your account by wednesday as I am holding an HDFC A/c . However fund was not settled till 9 Pm and was only reflected in today morning, Now when I put a request for withdrawal , It was told to me by support that it will happen by tomorrow. The interesting part is client support, I was trying to connect from 10 AM however no one was picking it after ringing for 5 minute one lady picked up the phone , When I explained the issue she told me that she will transfer the call to Funds department instead she disconnected the phone. Again after ringing the call and listening to noisy music for 5 minutes, One gentle men picked up and told be It won’t be possible to add funds till evening.

    Now its really a big hurdle to use your services
    1) Customer Support is really not good
    2) Fund Withdrawal is really pathetic ,

    I am CA and owner of a start up hence, It is really a feed back to improve upon these else these fake gimmick will not work in long term.

    CA Arun Tiwari

  207. ashwini ANANT gharat says:

    sir friday ko withdrawal requst dali to starday ko account amt aa jayegi?

  208. Sandeep says:

    I have 34934 in my dmat account
    I placed request today afternoon but my request rejected due to insufficient balance. Why this happed???

  209. Rajesh says:

    not showing my bank account details while adding fund ??? What should be the reason…or saturday Sunday transfer of fund cant be done

  210. Abdul Rehman Kalsekar says:

    Hi Team,

    While adding funds bank charges are now applicable, are there charges from bank on withdrawal of funds as well?

  211. Rajesh says:

    What is realized profit and margin used showing me negative……profit is not showing in my total value…what is the concept about it ?????

  212. kaushal says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I requested a withdrawl amount yesterday(14th August) before 7 PM .when can i expect money into my bank account?


  213. Rajesh says:

    I made a profit of 75 rs on 14th aug…..after brokerage and taxes it becomes 53…but now my free cash and total value showing less than principle amount….plzzz help sir

    • Venu says:

      Have you accounted for call and trade charges of Rs.47 and payment gateway charges of Rs.10.62? You can check your ledger on Q to verify these entries.

  214. Mihir says:


    Is it true that we can withdraw only an amount greater than Rs 10,000 in case of equities (Rs. 50,000 in case of commodities) from the trading account? What if I have only Rs 8,000 left and need it all ?

    Forgive me if it has already been asked.

    • No Mihir, no such restrictions. You can withdraw even Rs 1 if it is in your trading account.

      • Harish Gudilu says:

        There has a restriction! I had tried because my fund balance was only ₹ 18.00 and I want to remove it but while withdrawal requesting it shown me Min withdrawal balance is ₹ 100 or more. That is why my transaction got failed at that time. I was unable to withdraw a single rupee from that ₹18.00.
        So sir please don’t say it again.

        • Matti says:

          Hey Harish. Sorry for the confusion. The above answer seems to have been only in context of the example quoted. We do have a restriction on withdrawal of funds wherein only withdrawal requests above Rs. 100 are accepted. Only in cases where the fund withdrawal is unavoidable (at the time of account closure, etc.,) we allow withdrawal of any funds.

  215. abhishek says:

    Sir i had raised a fund withdraw request yesterday in the afternoon. When will the funds be credited to my bank account ?

  216. Prasad says:

    My commodity balance is 4989.38. I tried to withdraw. it says insufficient balance. what to do?

  217. venkatesh says:

    Requested yesterday morning for withdrawl and Got message from your side as “Withdrawl request processed successfully” yesterday night .But still now amount was not in my bank ?

  218. Alok Lanka says:


    i sold my holdings and can see that they are sold, but still i cannot see the equity value, hence not able to withdraw the funds.

    Please help

  219. Shiva Prasad K says:

    I have initiated the withdraw of funds in the morning at 7 AM. Still its under processing.

  220. Neeraj Kumar Pal says:

    Hi ,
    I purchased one scrip with CNC on 8th September. It went to holding when i see it today,now nothing is happening in that like scrip is increasing but i can see it is still at same position. and even i can not see the withdrawal for that amount. I am new to Zerodha. Please help me and guide and i tried to call your customer care number that was not working i think.

    Neeraj Pal

  221. Neha Ghawalkar says:

    I have TOTAL ACCOUNT VALUE as 23,662 rs. I want to withdraw this amount n transfer it to my bank account. I had placed withdrawal request but it gt failed due to insufficient balance but i have balance. Can you guide me to withdraw this amount to my ban account.

  222. Rahul says:

    I have opened the account recently and facing an issue/concern over kite and Q. In Kite, my account is showing the amount I have transferred from bank however there isn’t anything showing in Q. I raised the request yesterday but no luck yet. Is it sync issue? I am conscious what if I want to without from Q however there its is showing 0 in equity



  223. Sudarshan Reddy says:

    I applied for withdrawal on Friday morning today sunday still I didn’t get money…… So bad experience in Zerodha

  224. Digambar says:

    I applied for withdrawal buy i got message “your withdrawn request has been rejected due to insufficient funds “.
    what is minimum withdrawn amount ?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      You could have requested the payout without accounting for the day’s trade along with the charges. You can check your ledger in Q and place a withdrawal now.

  225. Anandaraj R says:

    I transferred 23 k today morning.. and tried to withdraw 5k in evening.. but my account is showing only 660₹ which was there earlier… When will the 23 k be credited??

  226. akshay says:

    I want to get back my money 500 rs as for the account opening charged how do i recover it back

  227. Inderjeet says:

    I don’t know my demat account no. where can i get it. And how much time does it takes to sync q account. Last night I got my client Id and password, I login in it and tried to add some money into it, but i came to know that my a/c no. is not linked with my demat a/c. I don’t know what to do please help me.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Inderjeet, you can find your DP ID under the profile section of Q. You account will be linked but may not be supported for instant fund transfers and hence you won’t able to see it when you try to add funds. You can find a list of banks we support here and if your bank is not part of the list, you will have to add fund through NEFT/RTGS or IMPS. You can find the beneficiary details here.

  228. Koteswara rao says:

    I need to change by Bank account in my profile but i was not able to change it. can anyone please help me how to change the bank account so that I can withdraw my money.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      To change your primary bank you will have to send us a duly signed account modification form which you can download here along with a personalized cancelled cheque/bank statement.

  229. PARTH says:


  230. Shrikantn my account I had r says:

    Hi I had placed a withdrwal request for my client code RS9932 it was an amount of 2764 but I am yet to recieve the credit from your side i had recieved the hdfc payout bank reference number in the morning, but yet to recieve the amount, I am writing this message around 8 in the evening…My bank is yesbank i have contacted my bank three times since morning but they say there is no neft in the pipeline…I can send my account statement screenshot for proof but there has been no credit recieved…I jut dont know where to go and what are my options…

  231. Vamsee says:

    I applied for withdrawal which was available on 19-10-2017 Thursday evening 7 pm, expecting the money in my account the next day, i.e. Friday (banks being working) but not have got it and hence cancelled on Sunday. Any answers?

  232. Arihant says:

    I want to change my bank account details.can you please guide how i can do that.

  233. Shrekanth says:


    How do I check all the transaction details i.e. complete deposit and withdrawal details so far done from my end??

  234. Kumar says:

    I have added funds to my account in morning and it is reflected in Kite also. Now i thought of withdrawing it. So when checked in Q to withdraw the i am seeing the funds which i added. The Balance is nill.

  235. Rakesh Kumar says:


    I have linked two bank account with zerodha. Now, I want to withdraw some amount. After withdraw in which bank account money will go.

    I want to select bank account also.

    Is it possible to do that ?

    Rakesh Kumar

    • Zerodha Social says:

      The funds will be transferred to the bank account linked to your Zerodha account. No, you cannot choose the bank when placing a withdrawal request.

  236. ajay says:

    i have deposit 5000/- today morning. in same day I would like to withdrawal the funds for some emergency, unfortunately funds are shows nill in Q. but same amount shows in trading account. how can i get these amount to my bank account. tomorrow will be Saturday. the deposit amount credited in trading account with in 10min but not updated in Q takes lot of time.

  237. pry says:

    hello i am trying to withdraw money from my trading account since a week and i do it on weekday before 7pm , i did it on tuesday at 4 oclock, still i havent got the money in my account, whats the problem?

  238. Sahana says:

    Hi Team ,

    Can we cancel the withdrawal request after 7.30 pm ?

  239. Raj says:


    I’m unable to withdraw my funds even after multiple attempts.

  240. Mayur says:

    i have deposit 20000/- today morning. in same day I would like to withdrawal the funds for some emergency, unfortunately funds are shows nil in Q. but same amount shows in trading account. how can i get these amount to my bank account. tomorrow will be Saturday. the deposit amount credited in trading account with in 1 minute but not updated in Q takes lot of time.
    Please help.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Mayur, funds aren’t updated in Q in realtime and are updated on an EOD basis. You can place a withdrawal request tomorrow.

  241. Shahid UK says:

    My account was open recently. I deposited money into my trading account and successfully completed a few intraday trades. Now I am trying how to withdraw the fund. But after log into my Q Backoffice its showing there is 0 Rs fund available. However in my Kite trading account, its showing 50000+ available. Please ex

    • Matti says:

      If you’ve used these funds for trading on the same day, the settlement is yet to happen. You can withdraw on T+1. Can you check now? You should be able to withdraw.

  242. Neeraj says:

    Can I know the charges Zerodha take by withdrawing our money?

  243. Abhijeet Deshpande says:

    I have raised withdrawal request after 7:30 pm on Second/ Fourth Thursday for equity. When will my request be processed and NEFT initiated?

  244. Bhavesh says:

    I am not able to request for withdrawals, the following message is show on the funds page

    “Trade process is underway, please place requests later”

    When will the trade process finish, i hope it finish before 7:30 else it seems i can get funds only on Monday 🙁

    • Vishal Telangre says:

      I am not able see an option to request a withdrawal on the funds page on Q.

      I am seeing “Trade process is underway, please place requests later” message.

      What should I do to request a withdrawal?

      • Matti says:

        Hey Vishal, withdrawal requests are blocked when the trade process is happening. Best check after a while. You’ll be able to place a withdrawal request.

        • Sumit says:

          Why is it that the trade process has to underway on a Friday , and during the period which blocks the withdrawal period, I still can’t place a withdrawal request today.

          • Matti says:

            Sumit, trade process has to happen every weekday. We’ve extended the withdrawal window to remain open until 8:30 so you can place requests after the trade process.

            • Karthic says:

              Date is 27th December 2017, Wednesday. Time is 8:15 P.M. now and it shows that the trade process is underway. Is that an error?

              • Kranthi says:

                Team Zerodha,

                Same issue I Am facing. I sold my shares today. But, I am not able to withdraw money.

                Trade process is underway, please place requests later

  245. santosh Kumar upadhyay says:

    I have raised a withdraw request on Friday at around 2 PM dated 24th November 2017 but still it is showing as pending request. Really pathetic services and not delivered as promised that ”Equity trading account will be credited within 24 hrs”.

    • Matti says:

      24th being the 4th Friday, though the request was processed from our end, it takes time for the credit to hit your bank account. I believe you’ve received your funds by now?

  246. suri says:

    today(30th November 2017) i wanted to withdraw some amount , so i logged in 40min before 7:30 pm ,but box in which amount is entered is NOT available. if there any reason like tomorrow settlement holiday?

  247. Ravi says:

    I have raised a withdraw request on Saturday dated 2nd December 2017 but still it is showing as pending request. and its been told that ”Equity trading account will be credited within 24 hrs”.

  248. Saurabh says:

    What happens when i requested the withdrawal but money has been used for buying share.

  249. AVINASH says:

    In the kite app my fund is around 12k but when I clicked withdrawal option then in the my fund is around 9.5k why it is like that?

    • Matti says:

      If you’ve sold any stock today, you’ll see the funds available for trading on Kite, but in reality, these are settled on T+2 by the exchange and that is when you can withdraw.

  250. JOHN NITIN says:

    Hi, This is Nitin (YH9397) I’ve added 10k on my commodity and 10k in Equity account. but funds are not showing in QZerodha. pls rectify.

  251. Mayank Nagar says:

    Hi.. I have 2 bank accounts updated in Zerodha profile. When I withdraw funds, which bank would be credited?

  252. VIJAY says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am new to trading, there are many things which are confusing.
    Just wanna know is there any tutorial/sessions organized to understand the basics of trading.

  253. Anirban Sadhu says:

    What are the charges which will be debited when I transfer Rs.1000 from my equity account to bank account?
    Also, are there are extra charges for selling stocks per scrip id?? (or is it only Rs.20 per day of selling, irrespective of number of stocks)

    • Matti says:

      No charges for withdrawing from your trading account Anirban. As for selling stocks, DP charges of Rs. 13.5 applicable per scrip if you’re selling from your demat holdings. No charges for intraday/F&O trades though.

  254. Radhi says:

    Hello, what is the process to change the bank account for withdraw request? Thanks

    • Radhi says:

      Just to add this, i am currently out of country. Can i send a request through an email with the required documents in soft copy? Appreciate your quick response.

      • Matti says:

        You’ll have to change the primary account linked to your trading account to change the account where withdrawals are credits. Courier this form along with a personalised cheque or bank statement for the account you want to be the primary bank account linked.

        Unfortunately, an email wouldn’t suffice. Here’s why.

  255. Jay says:

    Hi Zerodha Team, If I sell a stock on Wednesday can I place witdrawal request on Friday evening before 7:30 ? Will it be processed on Saturday as NEFT works on Saturday?

  256. Navas says:

    I can see the time limit for withdrawal is 8.30 pm. But when I tried between 8 pm and 8.30 pm, it kept on saying “Trade process is underway, please place requests later” and didn’t allow me even though I was trying before your cut off time. What kind of a logic is that?

  257. naveen says:

    i have requested for withdrawal of 5060rs a week back ….till now i didn’t receive the money…

  258. Guru says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am newly joining to the Zerodha trading family,

    would like to know below information ,
    1) I have opened the trading account yesterday through online by paying Rs 300 and message received is within 24-48 hours your account will be activated. is it takes working days 24- 48 hours or from day account opened ?.
    2) Do I need to courier only the Power of Attorney form after signing ( which has 2 pages ) or do need send the KYC form which i received after e-sign equity (has 16 page). Do i need to pay any additional charges ?
    3) After sending the POA how many days will take to activate the DEMAT account ? .

    Please advise.

    Thank you,

  259. Pratik Shitole says:

    HI Zerodha,
    Is there minimum withdrawal limit of 100rs or can i withdraw minimum amount of my choice?ex. 1 rs

  260. Pradeep Panday says:

    My request for withdraw of money from my trading account is still pending for last three days. Please help.


  261. Vaibhav says:

    kite showing funds but back office not showing any funds any reason sir??

  262. Sahil Gambhir says:

    Hi Team,

    I exited a stock but when I go to Funds Withdraw I do not see that my balance has increased, instead Margin available has increased on the Dashboard.

    How can i get the money in my bank account by exiting a stock.


    • Matti says:

      You receive cash from stock sales only on T+2 and that’s when you can withdraw it since the actual settlement of delivery sales only happens on T+2.

  263. Rakshith BS says:

    Hi Team,

    Is there any charges for transferring amount from trading account to bank account.

    Rakshith BS

  264. Radha says:

    I have transferred funds to Zerodha, it is reflecting in payin but, now I am unable to see in the margins and transfer it back to my bank account. How do I transfer my funds back?

  265. Altaf says:

    hello Sir
    i made requested on friday evening for withdrawal now i can’t see any balance fund in my zerodha account account
    giving error message (Error fetching data. Please retry. )
    can you please help

    • Matti says:

      Hey Altaf, withdrawal requests placed on the second and 4th Friday hit the bank account only on Monday as the banks are closed on these Saturdays. Since we’ll have processed the payout on Friday evening, the funds won’t show up on your Zerodha account.

  266. KD says:

    i tried to withdraw funds yesterday. the amount was exactly what i had as free cash still i got a message from zerodha stating insufficient fund balance. what is the reason.

  267. Jalindar Shendge says:

    Hello sir, I have put fund withdrawal request. I was using ICICI Bank account earlier, that i have closed few months ago and request for change in bank account has been sent along with documents (i.e. cancelled cheque of new bank account) and all. I have given new bank details ( of Axis Bank) through which i added some funds. At the time of adding the funds kite was also showing me old bank details which i have requested to change. I am not sure about whether old bank details has been deleted or not. So i request fund withdrawal in ” New Bank Account i.e. Axis Bank ” only. Did not find any contact details regarding this hence posting here. Pls do the needful.

  268. GAURAV SHARMA says:

    what is the minimum amount we can withdraw from trading account?

  269. sagar says:

    not showing any text field to enter amount and also not showing submit button, tried in chrome and mozilla as well.

  270. ANKUR GARG says:

    I am trying to withdraw funds but I keep on seeing

    Trade process is underway, please place requests later

    I tried at 7PM,8PM and now at the time of writing this its 10:30 PM. How much time zerodha takes to process trade?

  271. DEVANAND says:

    I placed fund withdrawal request on 13.01.2018 Saturday, but it would have been processed on Monday. I waited till morning of 17.01.2018 thinking that it will be processed. But then I cancelled that request, and instantly put new request at 10.00 am as it will be processed same day. Till writing this at 11.23 pm it is showing as Pending Request. How long does it take for requests to be processed? They say equity fund withdrawal is processed the same day, how so?

  272. Sangam Singh Yadav says:

    I had put a request for fund withdrawal today morning 7AM but till now amount is not credited in my bank account

    • Matti says:

      The withdrawal request is processed around 7.30 in the evening and the funds are credited to your bank account by the next day.

  273. Mathan says:

    I requested withdrawal on 19th Jan, till now it is in pending status

  274. Rishabh Jain says:

    The money which we transferred for Margin in Fund from our bank. Can we request withdraw for the Same ?

  275. ruchin dubey says:

    My NRE account (in standard chartered bank) is linked with ZERODHA for fund transfers, now i want to withdraw my funds from ZERODHA to my bank account, but this being a NRE account so only foreign currency can be remitted in the account.
    How can i transfer funds from ZERODHA to my bank account..?

  276. Sagar Shelar says:

    I am new to to Zerodha. I have added some amount for trading but my placed order was not executed today so i cancelled that order. Now when m trying to withdraw that amount at is showing Zero in Total value and my amount is present in FREE CASH and PAYIN. Let me know the reason why i am not able to withdraw?

  277. Shruti JAin says:

    I had a balance of Rs 61,330 in my zerodha trading account. I tried to withdraw 60,000 to my bank from my trading account. I got an SMS after 24 hrs, that my request has been rejected due to lack of funds. I don’t understand this.
    Kindly explain.


  278. Jaydip Patel says:

    If I put request for withdraw 10000 from my equity segment on Friday before 7 PM, and the next day is second Saturday, When will my Bank Account credit?

  279. sharath says:


    I don’t have the Request Withdraw section Editable, hence I am not able to withdraw the fund. Please suggest

  280. Ravindra Shetty says:

    I placed withdrawal request before 7pm on 3rd Friday, 16th Feb 2018 for Rs 5000. Usually by 9 pm I receive text SMS stating, request processed. It’s now Saturday 12.35 am and I have not received text SMS yet. Q shows Request pending. I doubt if I receive the funds on Saturday morning.

  281. Ravi says:

    I am trying to withdraw funds. But the text box where I enter the amount to withdraw is invisible.
    Can you please help me?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ravi, this happens if you’re trying while the trade process is running at the end of the day. Should be fixed by now.

  282. Arun says:


    I am having account with Zerodha and my ID is SA0173.

    I gave a withdrawal request of 1000 some days back but I didn’t get the money still. Where can I track how much i have deposited to zerodha and the amount i have withdrawn so far.

    Arun Kumar

    • Matti says:

      Hey Arun, you can check the ledger on Q. As for the withdrawal request not being processed, can you please write to support[at] Will have someone check this out.

  283. Superman says:

    Its 8:15 ,, still getting ““Trade process is underway,”

    Please dont say its expiry day ! that means we can never withdraw on Expiry days ?? Trade process if it takes more time can run after withdraw process ??

    • Matti says:

      Unfortunately, it’s not possible to process withdrawals before trade process as the day’s trades have to be taken into account.

  284. Anand says:


    I put a withdrawal request today 1st of March 2018 before 4 PM and I’m still seeing it in pending requests. Now tomorrow being a holiday (2nd March) for Holi, when will you process out the fund and when will I receive it in my account?

  285. Arjun says:

    Trade process is still underway with 15min left for the window to close. Does this make any sense ?

    • Matti says:

      With the introduction of the cross currency derivatives that trade till 7:30 PM, the trade process is delayed now Arjun.

  286. Rajasekar says:

    I would like to cancel my withdraw amount.

  287. rajesh nandanwar says:

    YesterdaY I DEPOSited 500 rs on my account DR6138… It is showing in night but now it is showing only my previous money…and 500 is not added in this…what shoul i do..where should i do contact ?? Plz reply thank u sir

  288. Samruddhi says:

    Hi team Zerodha,
    i wanted to withdraw funds, as i am experimenting with this platform, but its showing account balance as 0.0 eventhough i have a minimal amount (1.1) that shows in my ‘equity margin available” box.
    Is there any minimum amount to withdraw, or is there a time period before which i cant withdraw?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Samruddhi. The backoffice is only updated at the end of the day, not realtime. As such, you’ll see the withdrawable amount only after the trade process for the day (post 7.30 PM).

  289. Amit says:

    Hi. I have just deposited 13K in Zerodha account. Used approx 6100 to buy shares and have balance of 6800 approx. When I am trying to withdraw this amount on withdrawal page, my account balance shows as zero. Why so?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Amit, the backoffice is updated only at the end of the day. It’s not a live platform. place withdrawal requests post the trade process in the evening.

  290. mohdsafdar ali says: