Charting- Adding Multiple Indicators

April 25, 2013


We have introduced newer platforms since this post was published. Check out this user manual for Kite and Kite explainer videos here.

To read on how to initiate charts on ZT, please read this blog. A common query that we get is that when you add more than 1 indicator, the data inside the chart gets skewed – like shown in the pic below. For example – We have added 2 indicators here : 14 candle EMA and 14 Candle RSI.




To ensure this doesn’t happen, please follow the steps below:

1. Right click inside the chart and click on preference settings. A new box opens – in this click on Title borders and click apply as shown below.

Nifty Chart - EMA & RSI

Nifty Chart – EMA & RSI


2. Initiate a new chart and ensure that when you add an indicator, double click on the indicator and don’t right click and say add indicator. Now you will see the new chart like below. You can use following shortcut keys for : Zoom In : Ctrl+ Z or + , Zoom out: Ctrl+shift+Z or – , Reset Zoom: Ctrl + X , Normal View: Ctrl + N.




Happy Charting,

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  1. Rajkumar Agarwal says:

    ROC (Rate of change) is a very useful indicator to get prices at right time to take an entry for trading. That is not in your chart platform.

  2. Ashish says:

    kindly, add VMC Cipher indicators in the app and website.

  3. Tapan says:

    How to add an indicator on another indicator? This feature is available in tradingview. But When use trading view chart in zerodha, this is not working in zerodha

  4. Sunil says:

    Hi, I am not able to add moving average indicator to RSI in zerodha trading view. Can you help?
    however it was possible in chartiq.

  5. Ramesh singh says:


    Please add one future on trading account like fyres trading on chart sl modifier on chart target on chart exit on chart.

  6. Sarita says:

    Can you tell me how to add custome indicators in zerodha chart

  7. santosh kumar says:

    how to add average trading price in zerodha chart

  8. Pavan Sarda says:

    We have 2 major exchanges BSE and NSE on which the stock is available for buy or sell. We cannot see both tickers for a given stock in a single window with the prices on the respective exchange. This would help us to decide which exchange price is better to buy. Please add this feature.

  9. Anand Kumar Badal says:

    Hi Mr. Nitin and zerodha team,
    It’s been great associated with techies like you… Trading day by day is becoming fun to make money…
    Main purpose of writing to you is – I wanted one modification in charting which I didn’t get here where-as your other counterparts have that..Actually I wanted to club two option premium chart in one single chart with all tools and indicators for strangle strategy…
    So can you modify your charting software to facilitate the aforesaid set up??

  10. Arvind says:

    hi all,
    Dear Nithin,
    Can it be possible if we have option to place Swing indicator (not swing index) on zerodha Pi.
    Thanking you.

  11. Shubham Chowki says:

    hey sir how to have shortcut keys like d for daily candlestick and w for weekly candles if not available how to add so or is there any chances that we may see in future updates like tradetiger

  12. rabindra says:

    How to set MA indicator on the volume chart?

  13. Manish Gupta says:

    Hi I am not able to apply more than one indicator in Pi Charts at the same time. I mean whenever I apply any indicator on any chart in PI, immediately tool bar become inactive and I can not apply any new indicator on the same chart. Please help.

  14. Manjeet says:

    Sir how can i use ATP chart in kite

  15. Ashwini says:

    sir, please add william VIX FIX indicator in pi software

  16. Rugved Shivgan says:

    Hi……I am not able to add Daily or weekly Pivot points on chart…….kindly guide how to manage this….Thanks.

  17. muthumeena says:

    Dear sir,
    presently I am using Pi for trading. I dont see any screen to initiate option trades with spreads. Pl. clarify whether lesser margin is sufficient to go for bull put spread or bear call spread.
    thank you

  18. Saify says:


    In Pi, pivot points are not available under 1 DAY chart. Is there some limitation ?


  19. kunal singh says:

    Sir how can I use Gann high low indicator in Zerodha kite
    Pls reply as early as possible
    Thank you

  20. tamseel says:

    hello sir,
    how can you add sma / ema to rsi in kite?? In other words, how may I add an indicator to another indicator in kite platform??
    Thanks for your time..

  21. Santosh Panda says:

    Dear Sir,
    For Last 1year I am Using Diet Odin(Bonanza) . And now I switched to Zerodha Please recommend me which will helpful to me Kite or Pi . But One thing, Sir I observed both the Applications and did not found StochasticRSI and Vortex Indicator in Desktop Application Pi . I Request please add these two applications in Pi . It will help to study the trend .

  22. Amit says:

    How can we add SMA to Volume chart in kite ?

  23. JAY KATE says:

    which indicator used instead of averagely traded price in pi ???

    • star says:

      One can add ATP column on to market watch but it is applicable for only present day, closest indicator would be typical price which is (high+low+close)/3. Ideal indicator would be VWAP but currently not available on Pi. It will take more time to be available on Pi but is already present on our web application

  24. JAY KATE says:


  25. Chandrasekar says:

    hi, here I am using inside Bar indicator in MT4 , when its available on Pi or Kite. its very useful for trading

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Chandrasekar, For now, it is not possible. MT4 is designed in such a way that it is very tough to send signals outside of its universe.

  26. ashish shah says:

    ZERODHA rocks..

    thanks for awesome charting software….

    pls help me as by mistake i delete volume from my mobile app. :KITE:
    how can i add again ?

    • Venu says:

      You can add the volume chart again from the Study window. On the chart window, you’ll find a button fx. Type Volume and select Volume chart from the available dropdowns to add.

  27. amit says:

    williams vix fix indicator is there in zerodha software ?
    it is posible to apply williams vix fix indicator vai tradescript code , same as in amibroker.

  28. Bhupinder singh says:

    are alligator and fractal available into pi ?

  29. Sagari says:

    When are you going to add ATP line in indicators?

  30. muniraj says:

    1)Overbought/Oversold Levels added in indicators such as RSI

  31. kanglei says:

    in zerodha there the indicator gann hilo is there

  32. Yogesh says:

    Noticed this,

    While using supertrend with Pi, if you change candle to heiken ashi you see the supertrend is calculated based on candles only. Which should have changed to heiken ashi. This works fine with kite.


  33. vijay says:

    Hi, What is the indicator that we need to use to observe VWAP data in kite? VWAP is not available in kite when i checked.

  34. Arpan says:

    i am using Kite tool, earlier all the charts were showing historical data of many years but from last 2 days they are showing only 2 months data why so?.. could you please look into the matter?


  35. Karthik says:

    Hi All,

    Can you folks help me on adding a customized indicator under study drop down in Pi charts.


  36. debasish biswas says:

    How to get tick avg line in chart?

  37. santhosh says:

    which moving average is better for short term trading . EMA or DMA

    • Venu says:

      To each one his own. There’s nothing as a better moving average, it all depends on the circumstance, time frame etc. that you’re using.

  38. ascent.mohsin says:

    HEY 🙂 I would like to know how to add a moving average (EMA) to an indicator. Eg. Moving average of copeck curve or RSI or ADX

  39. DS4666 says:

    What is the way to get nifty chart in pi?

  40. Prashanth says:

    Hi Team,

    I just need a clarification regarding NEST Charts which is a recent update. In the earlier version of NEST Plus, when I set the interval to 60 mins, the candle intervals used to be 10.00, 11.00, 12.00,……4.00. However, now the the new version, when I set the interval to 60 mins, I get the candles for 8.30, 9.30, 10.30,…..3.30. Is this how it is going to be going forward? Any way to get the old intervals?
    Additionally, the Currency market data ends at 4.30. I have doubts if the installation is right on my system.
    Does Pi also give out the same kind of data?

  41. ADHIK says:

    Dear Nithin..
    as per notice circulated few days ago, Nest plus has been replaced by Nest chart…i can see many of the features are not available in this new system..(e.g. parabolic SAR wich was giving clear buy and sell signal) …..also algo is disabled ( i was to start sami automatic trading)..would u pls give some insight for this as i i have started intraday trading and also keep on referring as many of my friends to the Zerodha (mainly based on PI)….

  42. Bimal says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Since NSE Equity trading has not been enabled for my account, I am not being able to view stock charts as individual equities are not getting populated. I am only getting the NFOs . Reading stock/index future charts may lead to erroneous observations. How can I get rid of this problem?

  43. Nitin P says:


    I have 2 questions –
    1. Is there a possibility to have Ticker candle chart . We right now only have Time interval based candle charts.

    2. The Y-Axis(Price) interval on the ZT desktop adjusts itself according to the price variation. If we have a sudden drop or boom in price then the whole chart adjusts itself to fit the size .Can the ability be built to configure the Y-Axis interval according to user needs and keep it fixed ?


  44. Rajendra says:

    i am not able to open up chart for the CNX NIFTY, or say sensex indices

  45. gurprB2J says:

    Time & Sales window and vwap statistics window both are separate things. Time and sales window shows that trades are happening at bids or asks and it has nothing to do with vwap. Kindly reconfirm from your technical team.

    • Hanan says:

      Yes, you’re right about VWAP and Time & Sales data being different – however, our system offers us only VWAP data. Time & Sales data is not presented on Nest.

  46. bala says:

    Hi all, I am new to zerodha, Just a clarification..I am interested only to trade (intraday) on nifty stock futures..So the charts for intraday cash & futures are two different or how…because my understanding is cash stock price is little lower than the future stock prices of the same stock, so when market opens how to access (charts) those 2 different charts…with step by step procedure and pls. shed some light on this…

    • Hanan says:

      You can load Nifty Spot charts on ZT and compare them with the Futures charts as shown in the image below.
      Fut and Spot side by side

      If you wish to track even the Nifty Spot chart along with the Futures chart, follow these steps:
      1. Right click on the Index box (Ctrl+I) on the index you wish to see the spot chart for. Right now this is available only for Nifty.
      2. Once you right click, you’ll see an option called Plus Index Chart which you need to click on.
      3. This will open the index chart. Right click on the chart and choose lock scrip.
      4. Once that scrip is locked, you can open the Futures chart.
      5. Once the Futures chart is also open, you can double click on the left side of the chart to undock it.
      6. Once undocked you can resize the chart and place them next to each other.

  47. VIJAY says:

    Hi, Can I view hourly historical chart on ZT ? Is it free or payable ?

  48. anshul says:

    i closed the indicator window. I just have a chart. want to add more indicators. how to reopen indicator window

  49. Aneesh Ram says:


    Would it be possible for you guys to add historic/Daily charts of index such as Bank nifty and Nifty ?

    I guess Bank nifty is really required by many..

  50. Raghuanth says:


    I am using Nest Plus chart for trading purpose and i am developing one strategy for intraday and i found in Nest Plus one indicator is not available i.e.”DEMA – Double Exponential Moving
    Average “, so can you include it so that it would be very helpful.


  51. chetuzz says:

    Can i invert charts in Plus? also i cant see Weekly and Monthly Views of Histrocial Data.

    • Hanan says:

      No, you cannot invert charts on Plus. You can view historical charts on Equities, but there was a temporary problem with Plus charts which should be fixed by tomorrow.

  52. kumar says:

    How can i open nifty(Or any other index) chart in nest plus. i could only open the charts of stocks and derivatives.

    • Hanan says:

      Index charts aren’t available on Plus right now. We’re working on having them available in the future releases of Nest Plus. For now, if you want realtime charts on indices the best option for you would be Google or Yahoo finance.

  53. Shashi says:


    Do we have options of tick charts (where a new candle is created after a fixed number of ticks) or range charts (where a candle height is fixed) instead of the time based charts (where new candle is created after fixed amount of time). If yes, how to change the setting? If no, can we expect this option to be available soon?


    • Shashi,

      Presently we have only time based charts, 1min to whatever you want to customize. We are working on our new platform, and will bounce with our techies if this could be incorporated.


  54. Subbu says:

    Hi, I am new to Zerodha. The candlesticks in charts are not getting updated in the time axis. It is showing the real time changes in LTP only at one time level (10:12 AM in my case). I donot know what is the problem

    • Hanan says:

      There are multiple reasons why your candlestick may not be updating. You’ll have to eliminate what is not the problem and fix it if you want to resolve this on your own. Or you could simply call our office for support.
      1. Check your Nest Plus version. The current version is – To know the version click on Ctrl + Shift + P – if it’s the right version, just press Refresh.
      2. If it’s the wrong version (less than, you’ll have to update it by going here.
      Once on that page, press Ctrl + S to download the entire package.
      The downloaded package then has to be unzipped into a folder and then replaced in C:\\Program Files\Omnesys\NEST3

  55. ASH says:

    Problem solved with the prompt assistance of Zerodha executive. Many thanks for the same !!

  56. ASH says:

    hi, I am new to Zerodha. i am not able to install NESTPLUS from Zerodha trader platform, although registration is ok. Please advice.

  57. Raja1983 says:

    I am unable to add ATR (Average True Range) indicator to my chart. Please help.

  58. ajitbmunj says:

    I want to know the strategy for short term / swing trading Pl. help. (userid:RS1920)

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      We presently don’t share any strategies, but plan to do so in future. Check this blog for where clients are asking us questions on coding their strategies for algoZ, you might get some good ideas.


  59. NithinJoice says:

    how can i see a chart showing buying and selling quantity?

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      If you are talking about the volume panel, right click on the chart and you will see an option called ” Volume Panel”, click on this and you will a panel that opens just below the chart, you can extend this for a larger view.


    • NithinJoice says:

      i was asking about to view total buying quntity (TBQ) and total selling quantity (TSQ) seperately in an intraday chart of a particular script. is it possible?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Oh no, that Won’t be possible

  60. ashokchawla says:

    Hello friends
    I am new to Zerodha trader.Kindly let me know how to open the intraday chart of a scrip in NEST trader
    When I try to open the chart of a particular scrip by right clicking and selecting intraday/historical chart a pop up window appears bearing the message unsupported operation.Kindly help me.Thanks

  61. Manoj says:


    How to access time & sales data for a particular script on ZT.


    • Hanan says:

      Manoj, I think you want to know the number of shares that were traded for a stock at a certain price? I think this is what they call ‘Time & Sales’ data on Nasdaq. We call it vWap statistics or Hourly statistics or even Data Table. You have to right click on your market watch and select the option Tools. In Tools, please select vWap Statistics. It’ll show you the prices it traded for in a given minute. As a broker, Zerodha automatically gives you this data for 22 trading days at any given point. If you want more data, you have to save it or buy it from professional data vendors.

      We presume this is what you’d like to know. If you think you had a different question, please elaborate so we can help you.

      • Googol says:

        “as a broker, Zerodha automatically gives you this data for 22 trading days at any given point”

        i can only see today’s data !! how do i access previous sessions data ???

  62. gb333 says:

    How to see weekly monthly chart in NEST terminal?

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Use the ” Shift + P” to open the plus chart. Right click in the plus chart and click historical, you will see a daily chart from inception. You can zoom in and out ..


  63. tks61 says:

    how to connect nest2ami.
    Nest2ami Amibroker Realtime Datafeed From Nest Trader Zerodha.
    pl. provide the link .

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Amibroker plugin is not for datafeeds, it is for placing trades through Amibroker. You can check these blogs for more.

  64. PRASAD says:

    Good afternoon Friends,

    I am a new ZT user. Please advice me on how to load the intraday charts for various scripts. Currently I can see charts for only those scripts, which are included in the market watch. Further the chart window, appearing below the MW is very small. Another issue is the settings of parameters once done do not get saved ( need to enter repeatedly )


    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Check this blog on Charting , shows how to initiate charts.

      Yes you will need to have the scrip on your marketwatch and click on it and press Shift+p to open. Double click on the blue box,it gets detached, you can now resize. The above blog explains how to.

      Once you have added your parameters, you can right click on the chart and say save template and save it on your computer. Everytime you want the same template, right click and say upload template.


      • Amit says:

        I am new to zerodha, in my zerodha nest trader (PC) not showing pivot point, support and resistance line,
        how to find it during intraday, i used to other broker which gives us this facility but in zerodha i am having problem please help me..thanks

    • Mahadeo says:

      I am trading reg but since last two days .not Abel to add scripts in watch list