Margins on Kite order window

June 10, 2020

Kite now has one the most requested features — the ability to see the margin required before taking a trade on the order window itself.

While the margin calculations are straightforward for equity trades (CNC and MIS) it is tricky when you have multiple open F&O positions and orders, as margins are blocked on the overall portfolio and not on the individual order being placed. This utility will tell you the margin required to place an order taking into account all your open positions and orders.

See margin required on the order window

Note: This is a beta release. There may be minor variations in the margin displayed and what is actually blocked due to market movement. If you spot any issues, please post it here on TradingQ&A. This is not live for MCX yet but will be soon.

We’re sure some of you who trade multi-leg F&O strategies would want to know if we can launch basket orders along with this option so you can place multiple orders at once. Yes, we hear you, and are working on this too! 🙂

Happy Trading,

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  1. Suresh says:

    Good to see the charges & margin required while taking each trade.

    Psychology effect :
    One way to cutdown the overtrading for small retail traders is by also showing the total charges ( brokerage + GST etc) next to Total Profit/Loss for ALREADY COMPLETED TRANSACTIONS. Over trading for making a small amount but lacking the knowledge of brokerage and other charges resulting in penny amount at EOD

    ex : Kite dashboard — > Position
    Total 2500 ( Excluding Charges : 680)

    Any thoughts on this to get into KITE web & mobile app ?

  2. Harish chandr Tiwari says:

    We needed payment basis help in call put & equity.

  3. TusharKB says:

    Say I have Rs50000 in fund. Then I have Brought (1x 11 NOV 17800 PE) & Sold (1x 11 NOV 17900 PE). Now Current available fund is Rs22000. Then I sold that (1x 11 NOV 17800 PE), margin shows Rs(-143000), with open (1x 11 NOV 17900 PE). My question, can I immediate Buy another Put in this situation without adding funds?

  4. Rajendra Chaukhande says:

    When will I be able to use margin received against securities recently pledged for trading new purchases?

  5. Nandha Kumar says:

    Hi Zerodha.. thanks for the updates in the platform as well in the mobile app. My kind request is that though with margins leverage are reduced by the SEBI, Bracket order is blocked for the users. But in this volatile market if you provide bracket orders ( without leverage), it will be helpful for the ones who trade with less capital. Also nowadays markets are so volatile and before even traders think of exiting their trade, they are facing huge losses. If there is stop loss order in place it would save lot of traders exit their planned position. This is my kind request and please do consider other possibilities to enable BO from technical aspects as well. Thanks

  6. Maninder Singh says:

    is their any date declared for future retail share swap in reliance and future group deal???

  7. Aj says:

    Do I require to have margins in case I wish to book profit in Already Bought Call option. E. I buy Call @5/- and before expiry it reaches 7/-. How can I exit ??
    Making exit from current position ( meaning selling will require margins right) to book 2/- profit ??

  8. sanjay says:

    This is a good feature but it does not show how much margin would be released if there is a open short position and I want to hedge it. Please add this feature also.

  9. Tirumala says:

    Timmings may kindly be displayed at position ànd other places so that the clients may square off their placement in appropriate time

  10. Varun says:

    Could you please allow the indicators value to be shown along with ohlc values for the selected candle in any time frame.
    Currently we need to take the cursor intersection to check the value which is not always correct due to position of the cursor.

  11. Rahul says:

    Very good team zerodha. Keep it up.

  12. Vishal says:

    Excellent. please work on basket order as erlier as possible.


    I have bought nifty 10500 pe 20th aug 1 lot today at 11.50 and 30 seconds with trade id 1280963 I want to buy more puts of the same strike price but your system doesn’t allow me to buy more putsand I gets the below massage.
    “buy orders are blocked for this strike price due to open interest (OI) restrictions from the exchange. You can exit existing positions or place buy orders in option strikes within this range: 10850 – 11800 CE & PE”
    I also get the similar message whenever I try to buy OTM calls or puts. I need OTM calls and puts for hedging and reducing margin.
    your are kindly let me know what exactly the problem is and how to overcome as its creating problems in trading, I am really sad that inspite of various calls your contact numbers and executives are unavailable for support.

    • Matti says:

      You can first enter your short option leg and then try buying the OTP options to trade OTM options. The issue is that exchanges allow only 15% of total exchange-wide OI to be concentrated at one broker, and so we restrict buying of OTM strikes. Explained in more detail here.

  14. Vipul Goyal says:

    Sir, if I own let’s say 14,000 shares of PNB and want to write a call. Why dont I get a benefit of much lower margins since the call is covered by underlying stock in same quantity.

  15. sudha says:

    Anything like dis for commodity..

  16. Sajairaj says:

    Loooong awaited feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. Lubna Muneer says:

    Will this facility be available for commodity as well?

  18. Milind Wagle says:

    When trading on chart will start ? it was announced & rolled back .what about margin trading for delivery with interest facility ?

  19. Bharat Sharma says:

    Make the any two indices permanent on the top of the screen in mobile app like Spot 1 and 2 which remain constant what ever you browse. So to have constant watch on the index of your choice

    • Matti says:

      We have this, but it is not constantly visible due to space limitations on the mobile screen. You can always click on the down-arrow on the top-right corner and see the pinned scrips from any screen. 🙂

  20. Anany says:

    Can you please bring this feature to equity also? It’s time consuming to calculate the total margin

  21. Shankar Lal soni says:

    Pls provide margin in equity for delivery

  22. Gopi Syla says:

    Hi ,
    When I buy Future contract and holding it, I see that balance funds in my Trading account keeps going up and down along the CMP of the future contract.
    May I know why this happening as I ready paid the margin requirements for buying the future contract ?


    • Matti says:

      This is because futures are settled MTM, i.e., your daily P&L is added or subtracted from your account and margin is blocked the next day using the previous day’s close as the average price. Read more here.

  23. Ketan says:

    Great. This had been greatly needed feature in kiteconnect API as well. Please add it.

  24. Somnath says:

    Good initiative. Please launch it in mobile app as well. Also launch multi leg order facility in f&o segment.

  25. Madhav says:

    The new margin feature is good. Does this feature is available on commodities.

  26. Ajit says:

    Just cheque the VWAP value and chart on pi and kite it gives diffrent .Add volume profile, Relative strength compairative , facility like kite to see new window for 2 OR 4 chart so that one can use only one computer for trading and view charts on Pi

  27. Ajit says:

    On Pi and Kite make avilable a list of allFNO stocks and margin, ban securities list avilable seperately that will do better as others are giving same . That new introduction is good

  28. Krish says:

    Will you ever go for an IPO???????????????????

  29. Gajanan Devkar says:

    Good Improvement. Please Try to make it available on Mobile application as well.

  30. arunks says:

    not working properlley

    • arunks says:

      1) No, that would not be accurate since the margin is blocked for the entire portfolio and not individual positions1) Can you enable us to see margin blocked by individual positions rather than overall?
      2) We can get lower margins if we are hedging our positions with a buy order of option against an existing sell order. however the system does not permit the same. Can you enable buy order of options at all prices against an existing sell order?

      • Matti says:

        1. No, because margins aren’t calculated for individual positions, but for the entire portfolio as a whole.
        2. Buying requires only premium, so no additional advantage there. The overall margin requirement comes down once both buy and sell positions are open. So if you want to have both positions open, enter the buy leg first, and then the sell leg.

  31. Ramesh Baskaran says:

    Two enhancement requests.
    1) Can you enable us to see margin blocked by individual positions rather than overall?
    2) We can get lower margins if we are hedging our positions with a buy order of option against an existing sell order. however the system does not permit the same. Can you enable buy order of options at all prices against an existing sell order?

    • Matti says:

      1. No, that would not be accurate since the margin is blocked for the entire portfolio and not individual positions.
      2. For buying options, you just pay the premium.

  32. Kamaraj says:


    I also suggest to include and show all transaction charges for executing the order – to be added and shown along with it for easy understanding.

    Hope to see similar kind of feature for sell orders to display net earnings to be received after deducting all charges.

    • Matti says:

      This isn’t possible because charges are only determined at the end of the day when exchange sends us a file with relevant details for charging.

  33. kalavara nagendra says:

    Sir, facing some problem in placing multiple lots order of a particular stock,(Bharti, Tatasteel)
    Please make some arrangements for that

  34. Senthil says:

    One suggestion. Can you increase the auto square off time for equity from the current 3:20 to atleast 3:23. This is because, every day we notice, the expected stock movement starts only at 3:21pm. Thank you

  35. Ganesh Joshi says:

    Great initiative. This will be very usefull. Kudos to zerodha team for introducing this. Keep the good work.

    Please introduce basket order

    Also is it possible to show how much margin is used for existing open positions individually in the positions scteen. This will help in calculating roi after the position is closed or while open to calculate gross roi based on target price

  36. Srini says:

    Good Improvement. Please Try to make it available on Mobile application as well.

  37. Praveen says:

    Please change the color of frames and dashboards to black when we set it in night theme. and allow dark blue for in theme apart from day and night like Upstox…….i spoke to my fellow traders they were suggesting the same..….and watch list takes up a huge space in the dashboard i would be glad if i could customize it or if you could reduce the size……please take this request into consideration but rest of kite is just beautiful.
    Thank you.

  38. Sachin says:

    As per my general understanding F&O and Equity Futures are same
    But then for example
    A) if I select Ujjivan in Equity Futures  margin requirement is Rs.1,18,966/-
    B)And if I select Ujjivan in F&O  margin requirement is Rs.1,28,356/-
    Why the difference in margin for same Ujjivan.(you can take any share.. ujjivan i have selected just for example)
    Kindly explain at your earliest.

    • Matti says:

      Equity and F&O are not the same. Check out this Varsity module to learn about futures trading.

      • PRASAD says:

        If we change Qty … margin amount will not change there only instantly…..

        Eg. 100 Qty selected in MIS — I get Margin but if i Make it 150 … I dont get immediately… I need to change tab from MIS to CNC and then amount changes and then again I need to come back to MIS to place order….

        Please look into this….

        What is the status of Trading from chart updation ???
        It is must needed thing….. Fyers is offering it ….. Why u cant ??

      • Sachin says:

        Hi Matti thanks for referring varsity.
        I have already studied futures von varsity.
        Why zerodha mention word
        Equity” Futures ”
        and F&O.

  39. pankajkapoor says:

    Zerodha is best…U introduce Gtt and now this but what will be about Cover order means every new thing zerodha can introduce if u do on chart.. cover order stoploss trailling on curser up and down it be blast the market..

  40. Govardhan says:

    Great update..!! it will be awesome if the same change appears on Commodities as well. I hope we can see it on MCX soon.

  41. Sampat says:

    Very good step. Now we don’t need to go elsewhere to calculate margin requirements.

  42. KANNAN M says:

    Thanks I yet to check the new feature support
    Below are my opinion which are mostly required improvement in GUI and user friendly front

    1. Watch list addition any number(>5) as required by us
    2. Self updating % ascending or descending in script watch list during market price movement
    3. Drop down or popup windows are stand still view, it hid background , only when we double click it supposed to be else it should be hidden because it occupies space and wait for one more action (click) from user.
    4. color and contrast customization
    5. when we roll over script on watch list the B S ,market depth etc hiding the script in total, so it could be transparent or small

    6 . watch-list setting could be expressed by button or switches by default not of complex grouping separately and required selection (only customization required attributes to be given choice) .
    7. bse /nse switch in order form
    stop loss in any simple way or preset for total profile if any script crossing the loss shall be alerted user

    Hope this requirements are in-line with every one ‘s implied demand

    Kindly consider for user friendliness and expedite trading movement

  43. Pinku singh says:

    Please start monthly brokerage plan

  44. Mukesh says:

    Nice feature, so now we don’t need to look back margin calculator.

  45. Dhanesh S. says:

    !! IMPORTANT !! It will be more useful if the order window shows how many shares we can buy using this margin. Currently, we are using the margin calculator to see how many shares we can buy using the available margin, and it is a time-consuming task!!. So, pls make available this feature. Thank you!!

  46. Sanjiv says:

    Please add strategy mode ….means add multiple legs at once . For Iron Condor like strategy .

    Thank U.

  47. Niranjan says:

    Something very much needed and Well Done.. Thanks

  48. Samir Jhaveri says:


  49. Kousik says:

    Very nice, was waiting to have this feature for long time. It will be great if we have watch list in the full screen chart.

  50. Doddalingam K says:

    wow, simply amazing nithin sir … You are making lives of traders easy. please marry my wife. She is a big fan. please don’t deny my request. please send your home address.

  51. Cariappa says:

    This is a very much required feature… Thank you

  52. Jo says:

    This feature is super.

  53. Deb says:

    Very Nice…. But not able to see the margin required in MCX segment.

  54. Srinivasan says:

    Nothing new. Many niche broking platforms already have this feature for years! Anyway, good to see this in Kite.

  55. Ranjita Saha says:

    I placed a calendar sprd in nifty (1 lot near expiry sell and 1 lot far month buy). I entered long leg first and then the short leg. Yesterday I found 43K margin blocked and today it got changed to 25K.

    @siva , can you pls explain. Ideally on the first day, it should block 25K

  56. Mrunal Ahirao says:

    Thank you for this wonderful feature. I would like to suggest one more feature, please also show live “money in hand” which would be by deducting all charges in positions window. Because it’s very troublesome to calculate it by going to brokerage calculator.

  57. Praveenkumar says:

    why not shown for commodities

  58. Kotee says:

    It is an excellent initiative. Well done..

  59. Monika solanki says:

    very nice…, beginners ki practice ke liye demo start kare to kafi helpfull hoga.

  60. Vinod Kedare says:

    Too Good Guys!
    You are doing a nice predictive jobs
    What else can traders want?

    PS: Just one – handling the surge period demands! Am sure you guys are working on this as this is the ONLY THING that your opponents have to TAKE AWAY YOUR CUSTOMERS

  61. Rejin says:

    Why this is not showing for commodity trading?

  62. DK Nagar says:

    This is absolutely essential feature for the newcomers to plan their financial management before taking a plunge in the deep sea.

    Good show Zerodha / Nithin Kamath.

  63. Parag says:

    Sounds good. One small enhancement that could considerably enhance the value of this fix is:

    1. Since calculation is done based on existing F&O position of the customer, hence it would be good to show additional field as to placing the order will result in margin shortfall or not? This could be excellent automation, considering that calculation is already done by zerodha for the fix.

    2. Slightly unrelated, however please fix the issue wherein Nifty and Bank Nifty Option strikes get blocked due to OI issues. With the new hedge benefits by SEBI, not able to buy even near strikes contracts for Nifty and Bank Nifty will make the entire platform with all features unusable. I have observed that for monthly expiry during volatile sessions even strikes that are 200-250 points away are not being allowed to trade. A trader can loose considerable amount if he is not allowed to buy these contracts and hedge or shift his positions. Also, these contracts that are disallowed are not static and it changes on daily and even hourly basis. This way the platform can not be trusted as suddenly even contract strikes 200-250 points away from spot may be disallowed to trade. Point to note also is that such positions are allowed by almost all discount brokers making them more attractive to trade upon.

  64. Suraj says:

    Excellent utility, my orders usually used to fail due to margin availability. So will get to know before placing order

  65. Nawaz says:

    Excellent feature, it will help in managing orders before placing it.

  66. VINOD EWANATI says:

    another excellent tool…:-)
    Keep it up zerodha team…

  67. Aravinda Navendu S G says:

    Thank you Zerodha team,

    You are always making web and app more and more user friendly by providing information in fingertip. One suggestion; it will be good to provide Margin available before and after buying in order window.

  68. Vishal says:

    Great move..
    It will be more meaningful if “Margin Available” Vs “Margin required” shown on the same screen.

  69. Pritesh Patel says:

    Thanks zerodha team for providing this feature. Please ensure that performance would not be impacted due to this feature. I mean opening of order window should not take more time if system is not able to retrieve margin details due to any technical reason.

  70. Ram says:

    Hi team,
    Many thanks for providing this new feature which was a long felt need for traders. Hope this will stay.
    Some time back you had enabled another feature through which users could enter trade from chart page itself.
    After some days that has been removed. Please enable that once again.
    Thanks again,


  71. ROKKAM Nayan says:

    Nice sir

  72. Kishorevnvv says:

    Excellent. Thank you for adding this.

  73. Nitin says:

    Great work team.
    We are waiting for multiple buy/ sell of Options / legs in single click, I hope you will launch it soon

  74. sudeshna roy says:

    pls provide buy sell option of ur holding on chart specially selling of holding

  75. sourabh tiwari says:

    why this facility not shown during crudeoil ?

  76. Abinash Rabha says:

    Revolutionary! I am lucky to be a client of Zerodha! 🙂 So happy. We appreciate your efforts. Very very good work by whole Zerodha Team. 🙂

  77. Aslam Shaikh says:

    great, plz also add ‘AVAILABLE MARGIN”

  78. Manoj Rao says:

    Excellent feature.. Very big Thanks to Nithin sir and his team.

    Ever since I started using Zerodha.. I always found their tool is Simple yet Powerful.

    Found simple and logical steps in each and everything – be it products, varsity, articles etc. You read once use understand it..that way.

    Great Nithin Sir…and Thank you once again.

    Looking for a long association with Zerodha family..

  79. Santosh Kumar says:

    Where we get details about how Zerodha is charging

  80. jagan nemmadi says:

    good idea zerodha team thankyou

  81. ashley dsouza says:

    Thats a very good update.

    thanks to zerodha

  82. Abhishek says:

    wonderful feature and most required one….please look into BO orders all other are providing…

  83. Sreenivasan says:

    People behind Zerodha, especially Mr.Nitin knows pulse and needs of all Zerodha customers as he himself was a trader. All the modifications and updates they implement here in the platform shows the same.
    Wish you all the best and go ahead…!!!

  84. Naina Mohamed says:

    Please consider providing Options Straddle/Strangle chart

  85. Sandip says:

    It is not reducing the margin when I check the GTT – SL checkbox.

  86. Ramdas Mutkule says:


    This I was expected.
    Now just small improvement once you enter the amount at that time required margin should be reflected. (Technically keypress event )

  87. saumya ranjan jena says:

    please add fund available also in side. it will help.


    What an Extra-ordinary Feature. Salute to your Developer Team. You were always ahead of all Brokers but now it is far ahead. Thanks.

  89. Shridharmurthy says:

    This is good now , it reduces time, tension, mistakes & ultimately loss which is major consequence to be in or be out of the market.

  90. sampat sangle says:

    i think it make too easy put orders ……

  91. Rohit Kapdi says:

    Mention amount of quantity we can buy in available margin as well.

  92. Adesh K. says:

    Good Morning Zerodha,

    Thanks for new show margin feature at trading platform on kite web.

    Please made available same as mobile.

  93. Nitin Nimkar says:

    Very much needed feature..Excellent!! you brought it…

  94. santosh says:

    Wow what a feature!!. Now every time we don’t have to switch to margin calculator for the exact margin required.

  95. Roshan says:

    You should develop multileg oder for option selling with hedging – Every time we calculate the margin for option selling as soon as we put the qty it should show how much margin it will require, so that we can avoid cancellation of order due to margin requirement.

    Moreover, I appreciate this feature, thanks!

  96. vipul says:

    good feature. however, order window also should show available fund.

  97. Hari Joshi says:

    Nice feature. But side by side, if the total margin available and used is also shown, it will be a great advantage so that we are aware of the margin every time we want to place an order. Please look into this possibility.

  98. Daniel Busi says:

    that is really a good option that you guys have upgraded to…i liked it hope it helps as it should while trading…

  99. Anant says:

    Thanks a lot for the most necessary feature, always wanted this from 1st day.

  100. Dipak Das says:

    This is the good one. thanks for this.
    please add soon as possible on trad on chart.
    one more thing if possible please increase leverage on nifty

  101. Rajinder says:

    Excellent modification, really likes it.

  102. JITENDER KUMAR says:


  103. Vimal says:

    Thats good. I have another suggestion. When we fix a template, even though all the indicators and timeframe will be saved but the background color (in tradingview platform) is not getting saved. The default background is white. I tried changing the color and saving it using “Save as default template”, but just whatever indicators we put will be reflected when we login the next time and not the background color.

  104. Anshul Goel says:

    Waiting eagerly for the basket order.
    Also, would love the following features:

    Easy to implement:
    1. Convert All (to MIS / NRML) option.
    2. See margin for existing group of positions

    Harder to implement:
    1. Allow grouping of positions with SL for combined group.. e.g. Strangles, multi leg option positions, etc.
    2. Allowing to add to this group of positions in same ratio.
    3. Allowing to close this group with 1-2 clicks.

  105. latesh says:

    wow too good by zerodha… pls pls update chart linking feature on multiple charts.. manually its taking to much time

  106. Tarun says:

    Good initiative …
    can you also add multiple order entry at one time…like cover order in nifty option.
    We can also check the margin money on the same window while ordering cover orders…
    Hope we will see soon!!!

  107. Sreenivasan says:

    It’s a very good update…Thanks Zerodha..!!

  108. Farooque Patel says:

    Good One! this is required specially for day traders to effectively manage their money.

  109. Shankarappa Kodad says:

    Add Margin available also along with Margin required

  110. Alikoya says:

    This facility is excellent, thank a lot.

  111. Balaji Rajagopalan says:

    This is why Zerodha is number 1. Taking care of customer needs .No words to express my happiness.Please don roll back this decision.

  112. subhasis das says:

    good one.please give us simulator app/account so that we retailers apply our trading skills there with virtual money rather losing our herd earned money in this tough world trading.

  113. jagatjit Singh Nijjar says:

    Good Initiative.
    ICICI direct has a window on the site for BUY——–SELL today

  114. Prakshit says:

    Great addition..👍👍
    Now I hope i orders will not get rejected because of margin required..😂😂😂😂

  115. akraghavendran says:

    excellency as usual

  116. Vish says:

    cool one

  117. Sandeep Saxena says:

    Best steps, zerodha provides always innovative tools to easy of doing trading.
    Thanks Zerodha

  118. Tam says:

    It will be really useful if you can show the max quantity which I can buy with available margin.

  119. Manas Mohapatra says:

    so good.Butt whats about recently updated feature in chartIQ?

  120. Bharath says:

    does not update real time, I mean it should update as and when we enter in quantity instead of clicking refresh icon.

  121. Moin Inaytulla Jakate says:

    Superb Thanks Zerodha

  122. kunal jain says:

    Good Initiative , Team Zerodha , keep it up 🙂

  123. Jatin Singh says:

    best thing today as a intra day guy i have to calculate every time and order use to get rejected because of wrong no i took rough value and got to know how much to invest

  124. Magesh says:

    hi, Please add one more is an avaialble funds tab too.

  125. P Dwarakanathan says:

    Customer Obsession trading platform. Many congratulations to you & your team. Looking forward to much more innovation, which will help your customers gain

  126. Shree says:

    Also You should Display the Available Margin as well , That is when you Earn applauds !

  127. Avinash Chandra says:

    This is so awesome. Very nice update. Hope to see this soon on Mobile app aswell.

  128. Prathibha says:

    This really helps..thanks

  129. Ravi Shankar S says:

    Hello Sir, there are some bugs in this feature which I want to report. Where do I report them?

  130. Sandip Zambre says:

    Very nice & very very useful 🙂

  131. Dhananjay says:

    Great Always Update plz

  132. ravis says:

    Great! When in MCX?

  133. Raja says:

    Super, was waiting for this info for sometime. Will be useful.

  134. Yash Khullar says:

    This is absolutely brilliant!

  135. Hemanth Roy M V says:


  136. Avisek says:

    Hey you are late, trading view has all these features, even they have like how much loss u wana assign and based on that they do calculate how many quantities we should take. bring the drag and drop trade on Tradingview platform, you must pay more to trading view for that, chartiq is not better that Tradingview, let us use RAW tradingview platform to place and order. thats all we need, do not waste your time to customize Chartiq and Tradingview.

  137. Anand R says:

    Awesome update.It will help a lot of retail traders. One more suggestion kindly try to develop the drag and drop facility for Target/Trailing Stop loss on the chart . This will help a lot for retail traders

  138. HArry says:

    Yes basket order needed.. Asap

  139. sudhakar says:

    great….we r waiting…!

  140. suman biswas says:

    True …when CO is open for SL THen BO can also be open so that we can pre place both of our target and SL

  141. Ali says:

    Margin available next to margin required needed.


  142. Ali says:

    Margin available next to margin required will surely help traders.

    Pl show margin available in the same window.


  143. Gopi says:

    Why can’t we have a common fund for both equity and commodity segments.

  144. Ravi prasad says:

    Sir atleast plz allow CO Orders

  145. Kaushik says:

    Hi there,
    Is it possible to open an account online without digilocker? I don’t want to give permission to zerodha to access all of my issued documents.

  146. Mohammad shahbaz alam says:

    Can i add nominee online if not then when are you bringing this facility.

  147. Ravinndra Purohit says:

    Very much needed feature I was waiting for this for long time.

  148. Sekhar says:

    First of all showing margin amount during placing is very brilliant idea…. thank you so much… Please update placing buy sell orders on chart itself… that was very useful and one more thing why dont zerodha can provide some margin amount like Other brokers… they are providing some leverages so that we can purchase some good quantity of shares….pls think on these also…this is very useful…

    • Sekhar says:

      1.Please make trailing SL for all trades…f&o also
      2. SL and TARGET % is not available on F&O section. Iam getting CNC only…make sure u can update to all segments
      3. Sell/Buy& SL, Targets will place on charts is quiet useful…. launch as early as possible
      4. Zerodha may provide so margin amount for small capital traders… think of that

  149. Uday says:

    This is really a great feature. Thanks to Zerodha.

    I want to have a feature in zerodha. It is regarding Limit order. As of now we can place buy limit order only if the price entered is below the CMP.

    My request is, I want to place the buy limit order if the price entered is above the CMP as well.

    Kamath sir, Please provide a reply..

  150. Venkat says:

    Hi, nice. But when will u bring back the rolled back features of trade from chart and CPR? Am actually planning to switch to other account for it. Mean while u launched it and took it back. Eagerly waiting. Pls respond.

  151. Rang says:

    Please increase the margin for short selling of OPTIONS. I express my un happy about 2.5X margin for intraday. Its very bad. I request you sir, try to understand the higher margin requirement to a small (having low capital) trader.

  152. ravi says:


  153. Vipin says:

    Please put option chain in zerodha kite…. why to pay sensibull for using the same..

    • Matti says:

      You don’t have to. It’s available on Kite! Go click on the “…” button on any F&O contract or on the Nifty and Bank Nifty on Kite and you’ll see the Option Chain!

  154. Bhatat says:


  155. rakesh chandra kari says:

    When can we expect to see company names like apple, microsoft, tesla, rolls royce in zerodha watchlist?

  156. Mahesh Achari says:

    Great developments from our Zerodha. Congrats for updating new technics and Thnaks for ur innovative thoughts Nithin sir and Nikhil sir. Im Mahesh Achari and I’m marketing partner with Zerodha. And I’m request you that you should not forget about your hardworking Marketing partners Sir. There is no boostup and guidance and so many otherthings to us, but still we are working efficiently and grabbed new clients under our Zerodha Tree. It’s not easy to get a new client to come and Open new account with us. Bcz few people still didn’t go through with web and search. They r still believe our local guy’s and still they r taking full help and guidance about Zerodha account opening and other related details. So we know the value how hard it is to get new client under Zerodha. So kindly consider our request and try to provide more required support from ur side and give us a big chance to grow with Zerodha…..!! I tried to send mails but I didn’t get any response from team, so that I’m explaining here sir.

  157. UMESH says:

    Pls. Add stoploss range also, trailing stoploss for all, so that order ing will be smooth.

  158. Avinash says:

    Amazing add-on!

  159. Rahul says:

    Kudos to team zerodha

  160. Yogesh Raj says:

    Thank You So Much !! I have been waiting for it since the margin rules modification! I

  161. simran gopalani says:

    pls provide algo platform to execute mulitple trade simultaneously.
    like greek as many are ready here to bear the colo charges applicable.
    pls revert for any suggestions on the above topic to enhance the profit of the client like us

  162. Mohit Kakkar says:

    The margin on order window not yet available for MCX F&O segment?

  163. PRASAD says:

    Please make dark theme for kite web and trading view.

  164. Brijesh says:

    Please add stop loss range also. So no need to calculate stop loss.

  165. Abhijeet says:

    This is a great feature which will help a lot of people. My one suggestion would be to start something along the lines of what Robinhood does in terms of option strategies. The platform allows multiple options to be selected for buying/selling and recognises the strategy itself. It would recognize a put credit spread if the required options are selected. On top of that, telling the margin requirement for the same strategy would be like cherry on top. Thanks a lot.

  166. Ranjit more says:

    Please start the service of trade on chart… I really like this update…

  167. krishnagopal says:

    But still, multiple instruments in one single trade for the execution of strategies is missing

  168. Amit says:

    Good one….but what happen to buy/sell on chart….that is much needed

  169. Rohan says:

    when this facility will be available in commodity segment.

  170. Parag says:

    Please see if the background theme can be changed i.e. option for user to change

  171. Shrinidhi Rao says:

    Thank you for rolling out this feature

  172. Aakash says:

    Please Bring CPR indicactor

  173. Vivek says:

    When You try to shoot Bull Call Spread where, You buy ITM call ex. 10100 at price 110 and sell OTM call Option 10300 at price 40, this sell price order wont get executes, it ask you are shorter of Margin 1.1*** Lakh.
    To executes this hedged strategy, is it required to have this margin? Why it can’t calculates required Margin as per New rules ?
    If it’s so then this trade will get within 45000₹.

    • Matti says:

      Are you sure your buy order was executed before you entered the sell leg of the spread? If so, this shouldn’t be an issue. If you are selling first and then trying to buy, the sell will fail.

      • Vikram Sai says:

        Faced the same problem. Not able to execute spread strategies according to me new margin rules. It is still asking the old margins. Placed a buy order first, only to realise that I couldn’t place Sell order because margin rules are not yet updated.

  174. Juzer Bardanwala says:

    Very much needed feature… Please extend the same to commodity trading as well. Further, it will be more helpful if you guys include “Margin available” along with “Margin required” because while traded in multiple positions, user might not be aware of what margin left. Hope you guys listen to this too….

    PS : When are you launching Bracket Orders for COMMODITY?

  175. Martin says:

    Good one. Pls hurry the basket order the earliest.

  176. Khachi says:

    Excellent Indeed… Thanks for this awaited update….

  177. Devendra chahar says:


  178. Shekath says:

    Plz don’t rollback the decisions published on kite platform as earlier ( buy/sell on chart) . Make sure to come up with all trails done. You have best technology.

    • Matti says:

      Hey, we will bring back all those features with improvements soon! 🙂

      • Dhanesh S. says:

        EXIT ORDER button is 3 clicks away!!! On the chart page, there must be an EXIT ORDER button after BUY and SELL button. Also, the confirmation window is not required to exit an intraday order. This small update will allow us to exit QUICKLY from the losing trade, and we could save hundreds, if not thousands of rupees!!

    • Avisek says:

      Hey you are late, trading view has all these features, even they have like how much loss u wana assign and based on that they do calculate how many quantities we should take. bring the drag and drop trade on Tradingview platform, you must pay more to trading view for that, chartiq is not better that Tradingview, let us use RAW tradingview platform to place and order. thats all we need, do not waste your time to customize Chartiq and Tradingview.

  179. Rajesh says:

    Need multiple order at one click features

    • Matti says:

      Yes, that’s the basket order facility we talk about at the end of the above post. We’re working on it.

      • Umabatht says:

        Kindly make it as early as possible. Its needed very much when we take multi leg option strategies. Also allow otm strike option buying when the basket has equal number of sell position.

  180. Deepak says:

    There is absolutely no leverage being given.. atleast introduce some elite or priority pack for stock Atleast 4 to 6x. At 200/300 per month.. there is nothing left like Discount broker in zerodha except some flat charges of order..
    Bracket order is now blocked since so long.seems once vix comes to zero Then only BO will be opened for use. I think zerodha should stop even 2.5x leverage whatever is being given.should keep 1x overall all categories.
    ridiculous way to stop a good function.volatility is here to stay for some time. SL is getting hit in volatile times even in CO or mis orders so no point blocking BO for now more than 3-4 months. Atleast targets are not missed.
    This post will not reach the required personel very sure.

    • Mohan says:

      Yeah.. market is volatile and will be volatile..that is where people make and lose money.. no point in bracket orders blocked..
      Zerodha should enable bracket orders..

      • Hari says:

        Bracket orders must be enabled, there is no policing required by zerodha.. there are no kids trading below 18 sure. So stop giving reasons on volatility and kindly enable, there likely chances of atleast target profits, not just SL hitting.

    • Pushan says:

      Yes the day we started trading seriously this feature was blocked amid covid-19. Please enable your tech is powerful enough to handle variations

  181. Ashish says:

    its Great….i was waiting for this since long time….Keep moving ..keep growing…thats funda

    • CHETAN K. S. 0930001 says:

      Retail investors were buying and selling in cash section to protect their capital. For example a retail investor buys 500 shares of sun phama in cash section at 502 in morning if it hits 519 in after moon than he will sell shares at 519 to make profit otherwise he will keep it as long as price hit 520.
      Under new rules retail investor will have to buy in F&O section to get capital on same day when he sells. New rules makes investors to move to F&O section from cash section.

  182. Joyanta Ghosh says:

    Kindly provide option chain of each stock.

  183. ahhasum says:



  184. Naren says:

    Please make dark theme for kite web and trading view.

  185. Venkatesh says:

    wonderful piece. now its much faster to order without checking the margins

    • Jayesh tailor says:

      Margine not showing for Bo intraday FNO script.i used ti trade in the same before lockdown after covid margine increased but nowmarket are stable. So need to start Bo Co order wish stoploss order script.

  186. rajeev Mishra says:

    This is brilliant, especially where you look at existing open positions and orders to tell margin required upfront.

    • Sand says:

      Badhiya jiii

    • ATUL RAJPUT says:

      Please enable to start multiple entry at same time…
      It should be very useful in option trading.
      Thank you.

    • abdul says:


    • Jai says:

      Good Option, also show the account balance on right is more efficient.

    • SHASHI says:

      badiya sir , time bacha diya baar baar ja ke dekhna padta tha , keep going .
      bas intraday may margin bhi kam kar dijiye options short karne ke liye , astha me account kholna pada he bas option short karne ke liye . hope u can understand

    • Abhishek Subedi says:

      Amazing initiative !! I was facing lot of problem watching the updated margin statement everyday . This Facility saved my lot of time . Keep it up Zerodha for the continous improvement and this is the reason i choose ZERODHA among others. One more suggestion an option should be available where we can sell shares as CNC but buy it after 1 trading day. Like square it off before T+2 trading days

    • Ajit George says:

      Very useful feature.
      I had raised an issue about Smallcase twice but there has been no response. There is a bug in the system. If I create a small case portfolio selecting ‘Shares’ and not ‘Weights’ as my option and save it as draft. The next time I open the draft and add a new stock to the list, the system changes the number of shares specified.

      Small case should provide a field where I can specify the total amount I want to invest and what percentage I want to invest in each Segment. This will allow me to create a portfolio where I can specify exposure to say Pharma, FMCG, etc.

    • Parag Abhyankar says:

      Brilliant …

      very much needed utility while placing an order..

      keep it us team Zerodha.

      Looking forward to such many innovative features.

    • Jayesh tailor says:

      I am interested to trade for weekly expiry bank Nifty and Nifty option but I did not find the same. Also for and equity FNO script for intraday trade in Bo I did not margine as you said in following blogs.

    • Murthy Kadam says:

      Margins keep changing during live market, sometimes even if u have sufficient funds and margin required is less than available funds the trade gets rejected , u will know actual fund requirement only after placing order.
      Ex: if u place basket order with hedging,, NIFTY 15800CE sell and 16000 CE Buy,(First buy and then sell order to be executed to get margin benefit) , the buy order gets executed and sell order gets rejected, so u have to cancel executed buy order also at loss/profit +brokerage ++charges…
      Sometimes even if u do it right….still u lose..!!