Kite Connect APIs for programmatic access

April 20, 2016


Indian trading community, unfortunately, lags far behind their international counterparts in terms of leveraging the power of cutting edge technology when trading. Considering that we have the largest population of software developers (behind US) in the world, this is dismaying.

This has been a chicken and egg situation. Except for a privy select group with industry connects and large capital, retail investors have never had any way to programmatically access their trading accounts. The tech savvy crowd, because of this, have generally stayed away from the capital markets.

Let me introduce to you, Kite Connect, India’s first market APIs for retail clients.

Among the many projects we are currently working on, Kite Connect is what we are most excited about because of its potential to be the catalyst for change in the way India trades. Perhaps, more significant than all we have done to the broking industry—lowering costs (and even going completely brokerage free), bringing in transparency, offering better platforms, and always promoting a client-first attitude.

Using Kite Connect, you can, with any programming language of your choice (from excel VBAs to Python, Java, C# or even your command line console), place and manage orders, build – multi asset risk modelling systems, stock screeners, quant based strategies, equity stock selection models, option greeks calculators, backtesting, machine learning, and more. You could even build your own personal Kite or Pi.

For the first time in Indian broking history, you truly own and control your trading account and data. You have the power to build your own trading/investing experience, any way or any how you like it, without being confined to a frontend offered by your broker. The opportunities are limitless.

If you are a Zerodha client, you can signup for a Kite Connect developer account and get started immediately.

What is Kite Connect?

Kite Connect is a set of simple HTTP APIs built on top of Zerodha’s exchange-approved web based trading platform, Kite. It enables users—clients of Zerodha—to gain programmatic access to data such as profile and funds information, order history, positions, live quotes etc. In addition, it enables users to place orders and manage portfolio at their convenience from an interface of their choice.

Why provide programmatic access?

There is a burgeoning population of tech-savvy investors who want to invest in the capital markets, but at their own convenience and by their own means. With a client base of over one lakh users, at Zerodha, we have, time and again, received feedback from our clients expressing their wish to personalise their investment experience beyond the capabilities of the platforms we offer.

Choice for retail users

Currently, the only mode of investment available to a client of Zerodha is the platform we provide, although it may not necessarily suit the client’s need. As a stock broker, we may not have the technological prowess to keep up with the changing needs of tech-savvy investors, posing to them, a conundrum of technological inflexibility. By providing programmatic access, users are no longer locked to a platform they are not comfortable with.

Data portability

Furthermore, by nature, all data generated by a user is locked inside our ecosystem. For instance, our clients who use third party portfolio and order tracking applications, or even spread sheets for analysis, need to manually replicate their position data on an ongoing basis. Providing programmatic access ensures that users are not locked out of their own data, and that they retain freedom and ownership over it.

Control and management

We have developed a “Developer Console” for Kite Connect that allows users to track and manage their own programmatic API access. A user may, at any point, pause or resume, or invalidate such access, and monitor all activity.


Kite Connect is meant for tech savvy traders/investors and developers. We will not be able to cater to requests to build platforms or tools. You will have to create yourself a developer login, agree to the terms and conditions, and pay the applicable fees before being able to start using Kite connect. Visit to get started and make sure to read the terms and conditions.


Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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    Nitin sir,
    can you please attach a script to kill switch ,so that it will automatically deactivate the segment for the day when no of executed orders is greater than a defied limit or when when loss is greater than a set limit or profit is greater than a set limit , i am trying for that through other services

  2. Sameer says:

    Can i place the orders through command prompt using Zerodha?

  3. Lakshmi Narayana says:

    This Api would be so helpful for the next generation of traders like us who have just graduated from the college alot. Can’t wait process all the data available. Thank you so much. I think that this would be my first fortune.

  4. SANJAY says:


    • Shubham says:

      Hey Sanjay, could you please create a ticket at with a screenshot of the issue you seem to be facing? Our team will have this checked and assist.

  5. Manish says:

    I want to develop an auto trading app and my developer is trying to contact you but he is not getting proper reply from you.

    I request you to please give me contact phone number with name of person to discuss my issue.

    Please reply

  6. Samarth K Shah says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are creating our own supertrend indicator algorithm and are facing issues with respect to initialization of ATR. The issue is when the market begins at 9:15 am, how do we initialise the ATR?
    1- Do we take previous day’s last minute True Range
    2- Do we take the Last Close minus Today’s Open
    3- Do we continue the ATR series from the last reported close
    This becomes important since in times of gap up or down, initialisation can affect the starting of supertrend series.

    Also, just like real time prices are available through API, can we get real time value of ATR also through API?

    Thank you

  7. Dharmendra says:

    How long the API Token/Request token is valid.. I need to renew it for daily authorization for algo to take place.. Can i do it the day before at night before sleeping.. Just want to know; by what time Zerodha refreshes it. So; immediately after that we can do it for next/current day.

  8. Atul says:

    In zerodha console there is a feature to download the Tradebook as excel or CSV, is there a way (an API) which return the same data as JSON.

  9. Temp says:

    Will I be able to reset the api keys if they are compromised ?

  10. rohit sohlot says:

    I want to fetch my zerodha account data, so I got this amazing package build by zerodha, but I didn’t understand why it is asking for credit, if I want API access, I want to access my data?

  11. Dileep Chakravarthi Avullapati says:

    Hello Nithin Kamath,
    I want to get the list of stocks currently held by customer on their consent. How can I do this?
    I have seen this done by IndMoney App.
    Hope you’ll reply soon.
    Thank you.

  12. Rishabh Sethia says:

    Hi sir,
    Is KiteConnect also provides ticks live data for intraday purpose? I didn’t get this in KiteConnect python documentation.

  13. Subrata says:

    Is it possible to get access to kite connect api through Mathematica. I don’t know Python, know a little C++, however I have been using Mathematica for more than a decade now. If it is possible to get access through Mathematica, please let me know how?

  14. zayed says:

    will zerodha charge for each App creation in Kite developer API?
    or it will be monthly 2000, even if we have more than 1 app.
    Let say tradetron requires different app creation for fetching the trades from the public strategy and if i need to create another one for different strategy from different company, will zerodha charges 2 times of 2000 INR?

  15. Gandhi K says:

    90% of the NSE/BSE trading activity is executed through algorithms from both within and outside Indian territory. Individual or small traders are unable to execute orders so fast on a par with robots. Why don’t you provide direct algo trading in kite zerodha?

  16. Ragupathi says:

    How to get all news and instrument fundamental data through Kite Connect, i check the sample code there also no function calls for those data, Kindly provide that details if possible .

  17. Gilberto Barger says:

    Having read this I thought it was really informative. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put this content together.

    I once again find myself personally spending a lot of time both reading and posting comments.
    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

  18. Valeria Reddy says:

    whoah this blog is fantastic i really like studying your articles.

    Keep up the great work! You already know, many persons are searching round
    for this info, you can help them greatly.

  19. Sumitro Banerjee says:

    Is it possible to fetch ” Whether the price of the Underlying is at or near the strike where there is MAX OI Buildup (Intraday Basis) in its Option Chain (both CE & PE side) for all the FnO Counters ?? ”


  20. Aparna Bhat says:

    Do you provide historical intra-day data for index options and futures? I am looking for 5-minute data for Nifty options and futures for the past 5 years. I need it for the purpose of academic research.

  21. Akash says:

    Can i connect Kite Connect to any backtesting platform?

  22. Anupama says:

    Hello I have been using Kite Connect extensively. However I am experiencing Max Order Limit Reached error when I am running 10 or more instruments.

    This is because there is a limit of 3 requests per second (not orders, but any routine that calls for price data).
    I am sending Price Data Request every hour though my routine, at every XX.15.01 hours, where XX is 9am, 10am, … ,3pm. Whatever be my call frequency (hourly, half hourly..), anything more than 3 instruments I start receiving error as all requests go in bunch at candle completion, and cannot get staggered.

    This effectively means I can run only 3 instruments simultaneously. This is absurd.. please tell me how do I run more than 3 instruments (say 15 or 20) on Kite Connect.

  23. Adhi says:

    Please send me the details how to link kite connect with MT4

  24. SANDEEP HEERA says:

    Hi Nithin
    I am having zerodha account.
    Can you tell me is it possible algo trading of weekly options using kite API

  25. Solvannan says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Is there any possibilities of providing the trading api alone (without the market data) at free of cost or at minimal cost ?

  26. Shiva says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have a generic question, why does the option selling has huge margin requirement and also future margin is more compared to some of other brokers.

    I agree you have your own strategy & limitations, but i hope if other brokers are not getting affected by giving more leverage, you also should not. if we take banknifty we have very small number of strike price trading option.

    these limitations are making people to go with other brokers even it encouraging me to look out other options. I request you consider this.
    Please advice on the pro and cons also as i am a new bird in trading sky.


    • Matti says:

      Shiva, margins are actually decided by the exchange (SPAN + Exposure). All brokers are expected to charge this. Anything lesser being charged means the broker is funding the difference (the exchange blocks SPAN+Exposure) as soon as the position is taken. This is technically not 100% compliant, so is best avoided.

      • Shiva says:

        Thanks Matti, but the banknifty strike prices are very limited we can only buy around 500 points strike prices. when i spoke Zerodha CC they said it limitation they have in place. While other brokers allowing cant you have an alternative to make this happen in Zerodha as well.

  27. Dinesh Thole says:

    Hi, I am a visually challenged person, and so I use screen reading softwares to work on computer and mobile. I am using zerodha’s kite app on iOS and I am having some accessibility issues while using the app with voiceover screen reader for which I would like to get in touch with mr. kailash sir and development team of zerodha so that I can explain the exact issues. How can I get in touch?

  28. basudev patro says:

    can i able to make algorithms to make trades of themselves in connect 3.0

  29. Rajesh V says:

    hello sir, I need 20-depth market data from kite connect link to excel for my further trading strategy… can I get it by Real-Time data in Excel… what are the requirements I needed for doing this… please help

  30. kaushik says:

    Do we have Api or any means which could provide market depth data (20 level) for certain stocks ?

  31. ravi says:

    how can i integrate zarodha api in excel vba so that i can bulk upload my script

  32. Sundhar says:

    Have a doubt regarding how you consider trade as fully/semi automated, want to clarify whether the following scenario is legal.

    When I trigger the program, it checks the price of few instruments by getting live data and buy/sell if it meets certain condition (like dropped >5%).

    Can I do this through my program or Do I have to any permission to execute it?

  33. Ankur Parikh says:

    Dear Sir,

    1. Does Zerodha allows 100% automated order? or its one touch?

    2. Does Zerodha provides historical data for last “n” years for 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour, daily?

    3. If answer to point 2 is yes, then your history data is adjusted with regards to stock splits, bonuses, dividends?

    4. What is the latency of your data feed? (every what “x” millisec or second) we can expect live bid / ask prices?

    5. How many live symbols data we can subscribe at same time?

    6. Does Zerodha kite also provides exchange ready candle bars? (open high low close volume) or we need to construct OHLC data based on bid / ask / trading prices?

    7. I am doing 100% automated trading on Interactive Brokers API. If zerodha supports 100% automated orders, I would like to use Zerodha Kite API.

    • Matti says:

      Hi Ankur,

      1. Automated trading isn’t allowed for retail in India.
      2. Yes, we offer day candles since 2000. Minute candles are available since 2015.
      3. Data is adjusted for corporate actions since 2016.
      4. We stream live data that we get from the exchange feeds. The latency of our streams is in the order of milliseconds.
      5. Up to 1000.
      6. For the live market data, you’ll need to construct your own candles.
      7. As I said in 1., automated trading isn’t allowed for retail trades in India.

  34. Priya says:

    Hi Team,

    All the service provided by Zerodha are fantastic. I would like to stream live data to Excel, just a live stream. Nothing apart from that. Please guide me the better way to do that. As i am not a developer, please arrange a person to help me on this. I am ready to pay the basic cost for this. Thanks.

  35. mamta says:

    i am saying that when we are taking the order if i have 5k then how much i am buy the share for example if 1 share is 300 rs then if i buy 10 share then it will show the total amount of share is 3k that we have to not calculate for in mind

  36. Shrinath says:

    Trading with Kite is wonderful I just wish if you add the facility of exiting cover order on limit price, would really appreciate it.

  37. Saleem says:

    I want to start using the KITE API’s. Few questions please;

    1. Is there a trail version of the API’s, rather than paying monthly?
    2. I want to create my own desktop app, i guess i would be needing, API_KEY and API_SECRET, when i go to the site to create these keys, it asking for URL’s. Why should i have the URL’s?
    How do I use these API’s from the desktop app?


  38. ben louis says:

    hi nithin this is ben from coimbatore.actually we are creating a stock website with a news channel. is it possible to to serve us real time feed data api from your side .

  39. hari says:

    i trade in zerodha,I tried to get access kite API for my development. But looking at the price 2000/month. I felt its little more, so i didnt opted. i see few platforms decreasing the developer subscription from 2000 to 750 like Upstox. Is there any plan in Zerodha to do such changes. I hope to see such changes in Zerodha as well.


  40. Linda says:

    We just Purchased the 2 APIs (endpoints), But we are stuck now. We are building an informative and gamification kind of App. We are not going to do any Trading. It is for all users.

    But Kite.Trade is not providing renew_token_access.

    Nithin Sir, we love Zerodha product so far, is there a way, you can help us get access to permanent read-only data of stocks. It is only what we require. We can submit required documents or process which is needed to be, but we yet have only wireframes, document worked. We have yet to do coding for apps.

    • Matti says:

      For this, it is best you purchase data from an exchange authorised data vendor. The data available on Kite Connect is for the personal consumption of Zerodha clients only. For more details, best write to talk[at]rainmatter[dot]com.

  41. Amit says:

    I am using Kite since last more than one year and it works very good for me.
    thanks for service and support.
    Regarding Kite connect, I would have to create API to execute auto trades. So can I get access to real-time spread data though API in Kite connect platform.
    If yes then I will be able to create my trading strategy.

  42. Manda Modha says:

    I am new to Kite web, I would like to know if it is possible to place orders for a specified price upto certain date. With my previous broker – Kotak Securities, they have facility of GTC (Good till Cancelled ) order which allowed to put a date and price for a given stock and it will automatically place order on daily basis upto date I mentioned. It will get completed if my ordered quantity is bought /sold or date is reached.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Manda, GTC orders are on our list of things to do, but this will take some time. In the meanwhile, you can use Sentinel to set up alerts that will tell you when you need to place an order. Explained here.

  43. prakash joshi says:


    i am using kite connect api from last 2 years from last Thursday there was some change in nse cash segment api parameters due to which my app is not working and crashed. plz notify before such changes takes place

  44. Ashish says:


    I want to know if it is possible, only to import using API, the historical Data from Kite charts, into google spreadsheets for individual use, without any charges. I know I can get it from other functions but those data aren’t reliable most of the times. As an example the LTP and close of day may vary sometime.Can you suggest any other means than manually feeding data in google spreadsheet for developing and testing positional trading strategies.

    Thank You

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ashish, I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible. The Historical Data API is charged at INR 2000 per month per app in addition to INR 2000 for Kite Connect and is treated as an add-on to Kite Connect. I’d like to make it clear that Kite Connect is not a data vending service and as such, this isn’t allowed.

  45. Ramesh says:


    I’ve created a Kite-Connect App with “Kite Connect + Publisher”, I’ve subscribed for Historical data Add On too.

    However, when I try to fetch Historical data (token – 21445122), Kite API is throwing an exception
    “Insufficient permission for that call.”

    Can you please help me out here.

    Kite User id – NE5293


  46. Sanjog says:

    Hello Team,

    I am new to trading. I know a programming a bit.
    Just exploring Connect to understand this eco-system.
    I have few queries –
    1. Once I pay for Zerodha Connect for personal and automated trading, do I get historical data (like minute-wise for all the scripts) for backtesting.
    2. Do you have API / service which upon configuration send live data without invoking API / service everytime or manually ?


  47. Sagar says:

    Can we use kite connect to build a virtual stock market game?

    • Matti says:

      For personal use, yes. For mass consumption, no. For that, you’d have to go to an exchange authorised data vendor to get data feeds. Please write to talk(at)rainmatter(.)com for more details.

  48. Saravanan says:


    I am Zerodha Client. I have a strategy and I would like to have it automated in excel. Will you do the coding service for me?

  49. Raj says:

    what API calls will not be allowed if I subscribe to only Kite connect API and not Historical price API ( is it or even fall under historical API ?)

  50. Abinash Raula says:


    I am a developer to developing a simple application which has to show the chart as per the live update record and there is certain condition has to implement on the chart so that user can auto buy or sell can do.

    So please let me know how it will implement i had gone through your document but i need to explore more on this.

    Please call me on – 08041200197

    • Matti says:

      Hey Abinash, the Kite Connect APIs are not supported via phone, I’m afraid. Also, automated trading isn’t allowed by the exchanges for retail in India.

  51. Vadivel says:

    Dear All,
    Though I am 4 years into commodity trading (not full time), still I am like a new bee.
    Made loss already.

    Can some one guide to do safe trade without any loss.
    Safe trade in the sense 1% profit per day

    I opened trading account at Zerodha now and like to invest Rs.10000/- and plan to do crude mini lot
    and expecting profit of Rs.100/ per day

    If any successful trader here, kindly guide some basic rules , steps to achieve this.

  52. vinita garg says:

    dear nitin

    1. please suggest the procedure & software for fully automated trading.
    2. currently i am using Kite on Laptop, and Pi for back testing.


  53. Uday Karandikar says:

    I have developed my own algorithm for trading in Nifty Index Option in Python. This algorithm will generate buy & sell orders as per algorithm’s logic for a selected Option if it is fed tick by tick real time price data (O H L C) of the selected option.
    Question 1 : Can Kite API enable or actually feed the real time price data into my algorithm. If no, please explain what does the Kite API do ? If yes, please explain how can I accomplish it ?

    The buy & sell orders get generated by this algorithm at a very high rate (generally 3-4 times in a 5 minute period non-stop) and therefore it is not possible to do manual trading. The solution to this practical problem is some automated way to execute the orders generated.
    Question 2) Does Kite API in any way enable execution of orders automatically that are generated by the algorithm.
    If yes, please explain how ?

    Thanks & regards,
    Uday Karandikar

  54. Bharath says:

    Hello Team,

    How can I access the best 5 bid price and best 5 ask price and visa versa for sell.

    While using excel with rtd Kite.RtdServer

    If this is not streamed via rtd then, I would need the method and property for “KiteXL.Kit” for excel reference.

    Appreciate your help on this.


  55. Narendra says:


    I am not zerodha customer. But I would like to be.
    I am not computer expert and my maximum computer experties is excel based program (Not VBA)
    I have my own excel based program but i need some hand held to develop further. The program will be used by me only me (no commercialization) and I want to develop the program for short term trading (not intraday). It may be wrong forum to ask the question. Can you please help me how zerodha will help me.

  56. Kunal says:

    Hi, I just want to pull the company list (NSE+BSE) and its closing price for the day (Market cap if possible) to integrate it on my website. I am not a techie so dont know the tech nuances. I have two questions:

    1) can i do it using Kite? I have Zerodha account &
    2) how much it will cost.

    Appreciate your quick response.


    • Matti says:

      In order to display market data on your website, you’ll have to purchase data from an exchange authorised data vendor, Kunal.

  57. Anurag Verma says:

    How can I place order using javascript. If you could provide sample code. I had placed order with ajax post method but it returned error 403 while I was logged in to kite in the same browser.

  58. MHV says:

    I have subscribed for Historical API which is an ADD-ON subscription.

    I am trying to use the Historical API. But, I am getting the below PermissionException.


    Can you please fix the issue ASAP?

    INFO: –> GET
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    INFO: User-Agent: javakiteconnect/3.0.0
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    INFO: X-Kite-Version: 3
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    INFO: Authorization: token a2w9ib34rx8iyc1k:DWimRf6Az4oEJaTC15Z8dkCv7679DLQy
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    INFO: –> END GET
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    INFO: <– 403 Forbidden (253ms)
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    INFO: Server: nginx
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    INFO: Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2018 06:11:20 GMT
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    INFO: Content-Type: application/json
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    INFO: Content-Length: 116
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    INFO: Connection: keep-alive
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    INFO: Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    INFO: {"status":"error","message":"Insufficient permission for that call.","data":null,"error_type":"PermissionException"}
    Apr 08, 2018 11:41:59 AM okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform log
    INFO: <– END HTTP (116-byte body)
    at com.zerodhatech.kiteconnect.kitehttp.KiteResponseHandler.dealWithException(
    at com.zerodhatech.kiteconnect.kitehttp.KiteResponseHandler.handle(
    at com.zerodhatech.kiteconnect.kitehttp.KiteRequestHandler.getRequest(
    at com.zerodhatech.kiteconnect.KiteConnect.getHistoricalData(



    If I have a Zerodha account, can I use Kite Connect API – KiteXL?
    Is there any separate charges to be given for using Kite Connect API – KiteXL?



  60. Ravi Singhal says:

    Are these APIs available for other brokers to develop their own broking plateform?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ravi, the idea of the APIs is that one needn’t go become a full-fledged broker(which is an expensive and lengthy process) to be able to develop and offer a platform, instead use our broking services while offering a new user experience to traders/investors.

  61. Faisal says:

    Is there any api that you provide to calculate brokage?

  62. Tejas says:

    what is the time frame of data we receive from ‘qoute/ohlc’ api and can we call this api to get the 15 min time frame ohlc?

  63. Mahesh says:

    This API is becoming useless. Atleast giving problem once in a week. And You people are not taking responsibility. What the hell is this….

  64. DEV says:


    it seem the options premiu ticks precede the banknifty ticks on one minute chart.
    kindly check the same from your end.


  65. kundan says:

    i wanted to purchase an api where i want t access the real data and charts for the various stocks as i am creating my own website where i want to link the api

  66. tejas says:

    In the kite connect API /instruments – whether the instrument_token value of all nifty50 stocks are same/permanent or they change everyday

  67. Sanjiv Gupta says:

    Hi ,
    Since last Friday & Monday I am trying to place a cnc order but it is not getting executed. It always show in pending and status open . While placing order, I always select market order but it gets excuted on limit order. On modifying it to market order it will still show limit order and pending.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Sanjiv. What scrip are you trying to trade? If it’s an illiquid scrip with no counter-order, your order would be converted to a limit order by the exchange.

  68. kaps says:

    I have started using the kite android’s app recently and faced few issues mostly related to usability so wanted to share them :

    1. On the market watch if you search for any stock and if that stock is already available in the list then the app shows message “item already there in the list”, and you have to search that stock manully by scrolling same is the case when you have added 20 stocks, the max limit, in this case u have to delete the existing stock from the list to proceed . This is irritating when you are trying to place an order urgently but not able to , and eventually loose some precious time. I would suggest in such cases user should be taken to that stock or open the stock info page where he/she can place an order.
    2. On the holding screen p\l can also be shown in absolute numbers along with percentage. Lot of space is wasted between the two columns instead centre column can be used to show some information.
    3. Since you are using web views for all your apps(coin,q) then why not to integrate them in the kite itself so that user can access these without going out of the kite app.

    • Matti says:

      1. If you simply need to place a quick order, you can invoke the order window directly from the search drop-down.
      2. The idea of having the space is to maintain neatness and not clutter the screen up. If you hover over the percentages, you’ll see the absolute change as well.
      3. Again, the idea is to not clutter one platform with a lot of functions. Though we’ve decided to use the Kite login across all our platforms, having everything in one place is not something that’s practical.

      • kaps says:

        Hi Matti,
        HereIi am talking about App only
        1. What you have suggested will only work when you want to buy more the existing stock. For a new stock how will “going to order page” help?
        2.I am talking about Android app and i think you are talking about desktop(web) where hover can work and about cluttering , it may be a valid point, but have seen other apps with the same info.
        3. I don’t think it will clutter because you already have these options there ,it just that you are taking the user out of the app on their click . Bringing these features in the app will provide Unified solution for the users.

        • Matti says:

          1. I assumed that you were talking about the web app. For the Android app, the restriction makes even more sense than for the web app as people would be more conservative about the bandwidth.
          2. I don’t say that it is impossible to display the data, but if the data adds to clutter without adding much value, we prefer to leave it out.
          3. This is in the pipeline, but it will not be all in one app because again, that would be one heavy app! We’ll have separate native apps.

  69. Muralitharan says:


    With this API can I access super trend buy or sell signal in intraday so that I can automate my trade based in signal.

    C. Muralitharan

    • Matti says:

      Hey Murali, the Kite Connect APIs are purely meant for execution. You’ll have to build your own indicators/triggers.

  70. Nilesh says:

    I can only see 3 socks in my holding?
    I roughly over 15 different stock. What is the reason?

    I can see MF correctly but the holdings. Why?


    • Matti says:

      Hey Nilesh, this happened over the weekend when we were running some maintenance on our systems. Should have been fixed by now.

  71. Hari says:


    Is there any difference in brokerage for using CNC and MIS orders for interday?

  72. Hari says:


    I am using kite mobile app. In positions, I can able to see profit/loss for all orders. But it is not excluding brokerage and taxes. In some situations its difficult to make decisions since we don’t know it is actually profit or loss excluding brokerage and taxes.

    • Matti says:

      This is something that is tricky to calculate and show on the trading platform Hari, hence the backoffice and the P&L reports where you get a cumulative idea of your charges.

  73. cisk says:


    What is the difference between Kite connect API and Pi bridge and Kite historical API?

    Here’s my scenario for automated trading:
    1. Let’s say, I want to do intraday trading and fire orders through my python code running on a server
    2. I want to get tick data, minute data, 5min, 15min, day level data etc for a given number of stocks
    3. Using this information I want to make some decision based on some technical indicators
    4. Monitor my positions and PnL on a minute level basis

    Can someone from Zerodha please suggest what all API should I subscribe to? How do I scan for stocks and subscribe to their tick and minute level data? I saw few docs of Kite connect and am still confused by its limited capabilities and by the presence of alternate options. Thanks


    • Matti says:

      The Kite Connect APIs and Pi bridge, both offer level 2 data (best 5 bids and asks). This is not tick by tick data. For TBT data, you would need to approach an exchange authorised data vendor and purchase data (this is quite expensive). The primary difference between Pi Bridge and Kite Connect is that Pi Bridge is merely an interface to the Pi trading system that allows you to fetch the data streamed to Pi, make decisions and push orders back to Pi, where you still need to confirm them. With Kite Connect, the confirmation step can be forgone (though I would advise against is since any bug in your code could cost you). The Historical Data API is an add-on to Kite Connect that allows you to fetch historical prices (the candles you see on the Kite charts) as well.

      For your purposes, you’d require Kite Connect along with the Historical API.

  74. Manoj Panday says:

    Previously Nithin sir said they can help us to do automatic trading

  75. Manoj Panday says:

    How we do Back testing for our trading strategy

  76. Manoj Panday says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to know about Kite API and Pi bridging ,I have two points Only,
    1. Is It Both available for Fully automatic trading.
    2. if no what is the use of Kite API.

    Thnaks & Regards
    Manoj Panday

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Manjo, fully automated trading isn’t allowed for retail traders in India. Kite Connect basically allows you to build your own trading tool.

  77. Sanket Shah says:

    I have developed a strategy in Python and I wish to put it in production.
    The strategy places 20 orders everyday. Each order will specify quantity and company name.
    Can your platform help me putting this into production?
    If yes then how?

  78. Amarendra says:


    Could you please give an update on when you are going to roll out the new version of Q?

    I have this one issue that I’ve noticed with the current version. Every day, after the market closes I try to check in on my net profit or loss position on Q. The final numbers aren’t available until the morning of the next trading day. This is very annoying. I assume that you have reasons at backend for the delay but can you please do something to speed up or update the reports in Q in real time?

  79. Nitin Jain says:


    How can I connect Zerodha with AmiBroker for live feed? Is there anyway I can place order directly from AmiBroker using Zerodha account?


  80. Keyur says:


    getOHLC() API doesn’t work sometimes. It gives wrong CLOSE PRICE.
    I faced this two times in this month. Already raised this issue on but didn’t get proper solution/answer.

    Below is the my quote from

    On November 10, 2017:
    “I called getOHLC() API using java client today at 8.45 AM.
    The return values of API should give OHLC of yesterday (9th Nov). All values are fine but the close price is incorrect.
    I got below values at 8.45 AM today
    LUPIN token: 2672641 LTP: 830.45 Open: 851.0 High: 854.0 Low: 827.65 Close: 841.25

    I can see this close price is of 8th Nov 2017.
    Why it is showing close price of 8th Nov instead of 9th Nov?
    It faced this problem today only, earlier it was working fine.”

    On November 17, 2017:
    “I am facing same problem today also.
    getOHLC() show incorrect Close price at 8.45 AM
    It shows close price of 15th Nov instead of 16th Nov

    PEL token: 617473 LTP: 2575.85 Open: 2563.0 High: 2598.0 Low: 2563.0 Close: 2566.4
    COLPAL token: 3876097 LTP: 1038.3 Open: 1047.0 High: 1050.0 Low: 1021.3 Close: 1040.65
    INFRATEL token: 7458561 LTP: 384.65 Open: 381.1 High: 392.5 Low: 380.35 Close: 377.65
    INFY token: 408065 LTP: 988.4 Open: 951.8 High: 995.9 Low: 948.5 Close: 951.8
    BOSCHLTD token: 558337 LTP: 19258.45 Open: 19210.0 High: 19359.35 Low: 19000.0 Close: 19205.8
    BHARTIARTL token: 2714625 LTP: 489.9 Open: 489.0 High: 494.9 Low: 481.15 Close: 486.75
    BAJAJFINSV token: 4268801 LTP: 4984.75 Open: 4949.0 High: 5009.35 Low: 4905.05 Close: 4902.65

    This is the second time I am facing the issue. Last time you told that you will investigate, but no response yet
    This destroyed my algo calculation second time, not sure how many time will this repeat in future.”

    What is the solution of this?

  81. Vivek says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am a professional programmer, I code in VB script, VBA, Python, Dot net etc.I am looking for a platform where I can make a code which automatically may execute my trades, which may include limit orders, Stop loss orders etc. Can your process provide that. Also I am small time investor with an average capital of around 5 lakhs. I do lot of intraday trading but currently I have to do everything manually.

    If this possible, may you tell me how do I know the complete process. Is this facility provided with your account

  82. maya5inc says:

    and also how can PI be used on MacBook
    as there is no download for MacBook so what should be done to install PI on MacBook

  83. maya5inc says:

    Hi all Or the Concerned,
    Iam a new client at Zerodha and iam using kite on my MacBook. i have been reading all the comments and the replies to and i have found that there are two more or many platforms of trading in Zerodha.
    So my question is what is the difference between kite and PI, Amibroker or python etc. also i would like to say iam a person without any programming knowledge at all. but i do trading for my own and full time at my home so just tell me wether all the required information relating to trading like charts, studies and sequences are the same in kite and the other platforms which u provide.
    so does trading with kite is the same as someone trades with PI or Python or does it make a difference in taking good analysis
    please answer me

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Kite is our web-based platform and Pi is our desktop platform. You can explore these videos on Kite and Pi to learn more about the paltforms and try them out.

  84. thulasee says:


    I deleted from market watch by mistake in nifty 50 index. When I tried to add, Nifty 50 index is not coming in kite. I refreshed and I tried many times.

    Thulasee Ram

  85. Hardik says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Is it possible to incorporate one technical indicator “GaanHiLaw” in kite?

  86. Ghanshyam Jani says:

    I got my user id and password today by mail.
    I logged into Kite and added 5000 to equity funds.
    But this fund is showing as pay in kite and In Q it is still showing 0 funds.
    I am getting a message ” segment is not enabled’ under equity and commodity in kite dashboard.

    Since ECN is required only for commodity , i think equity segment should be enabled instantly but it is not enabled and i cant even trade equity on the intraday basis.
    Plz enable the Equity Segment.

  87. sislamcomputerzerodha says:

    Api Lene Ke Baad Kisi Other Portal Per Bhi Order Place Kar Sate Hain Ya Kebal Zerodha pi per hi kebal

    • Matti says:

      Yeh APIs aapko aapke khud ka trading platform banane ke kaam aayenge. Aap isse Pi pe orders nahi place kar paayenge.

  88. Ashish Santikari says:

    For individual investors, could you please provide free access to the person’s account or at least create some kind of sandbox environment where the API’s can be tested. As an end user to these API, if we start paying for something which does not help give returns, it would be a waste of money for us. You know, how much time it takes to develop something :). Hope you agree to my point.

  89. Waseem says:

    @Nithin Kamath
    It would be great if you could add some modules about algo trading and Kite connect to Varasity(One of the best learning modules I have come accros).

  90. sudharshan says:

    Can we trade futures through API?

  91. aru says:

    I know very little programming. How can I be helped? What is Kite for? is it a B2B solution (some company using Kite for selling services to its own clients) or B2C for a single retail user (zerodha app base trading for retail investor)?

    I have used earlier sharekhan for trading. But the long thread here is all looking a different tech ball game. You may be the best person to explain as a Layman.

  92. Hari says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have been using Kite Connect API – .NetAPI Client for a month now. I have used the .NetAPI client library extensively. I am not sure about other API clients.
    Below is my feedback only for .NET API client:
    1. .NET API client library is very immature.
    2. There are defects/issues which we cannot afford to have them.
    3. I have raised 2 defects/issues on forum related to .NET API client. Your team has acknowledged them and are working on them.
    4. First Issue I have notified is about junk values returned from the websocket. Web socket returns some junk values for the tokens.
    5. Second issue is related to another method GetQuote. This method returns High and Low values as swapped.

    By looking at these 2 issues, I think you can imagine the damage it causes to auto trades.
    I don’t have any courage to go ahead with kite connect api after seeing such issues.


  93. Mahesh says:


    I use Metatrader platform(MT4) for trading purpose. Is there any possibility to view all stocks chart live through the MT4.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Mahesh, MT4 kind of works in a closed loop and don’t think it is possible to use Kite connect with it.

  94. Ramesh Sehgal says:

    I got my holdings of 10 co’s shares transferred to Zerodha .How do I update the date of purchase/price on Zerodha?Cam I send the last Portfolio statement for updating the same?

  95. Prabhu Swaminathan says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Its more than an year and we are still waiting for sandbox environment. For individuals who want to make their strategy automated, Rs 2000 a month upfront fee is too high since we need time to develop and test our strategy. Please provide a trial period or a sandbox that we can use for developing our strategy and we will be happy to pay Rs 2000/month when we go live.

    As per my discussion with lot of people using Zerodha this is one factor that has stopped them signing up for Kite API access.


  96. Rajit says:

    Hi, I am working on my start-up and would like to know more about how best we can use the stock market APIs. It’ll be great if someone can talk to us. I need to display the stock market data in various forms – ticker, charts, graphs etc and am not going to enable the transactions through the website. Do you only offer APIs to retail investors or to someone such as us too? and since we are only displaying data, is the pricing different?

  97. Rejeesh Mathew says:

    can we connect the API with an excel VBA? do you have any basic documentation?

  98. Varadharajan says:

    I have purchased kite trade api for get live details.I have used two modes (LTP,FULL) of web socket connection to retrieve the live price details.Why i am using two modes mean ,when I give Full mode,quote give it does not providing the live LTP value accurately,it giving something .So I changed to LTP mode when it gave exact LTP my problem is while using two modes it disconnecting some point of time as well,LTP mode also changing to FULL mode during run time.Tell me how to fix it.Can i use two modes at a time,If i can what is proper way to achieve it .I am using java language .

  99. Hari says:

    Hi Nithin,
    How can we use studies in api which are available in
    Are they readily available in api?if yes, where can I find documentation?


    • Ah no Hari. Those aren’t available as APIs. But if you visit this page from Kite user manual, you can check the logic/formula behind all indicators which can be integrated within your strategy.

      • Hari says:

        Thanks Nithin. That’s quite a good amount of work to do from our side to implement them 🙂 It would be good if they are available in API’s as well.


  100. T.Bhogal says:

    Hi Mr. Kamath,

    My team and I would like to get additional technical information about the product that offers APIs, I have trying to set up a call with your team but not sure who the right point of contact is. We are literally going around in circles. Could you please help us out ?


  101. apparao says:

    Dear Sir,
    i had taken developer login.i got apikey and secret key…im developing android app for my im unable to login to kiteconnect there are errors coming….
    why dont you post sample android app code for login process to understand better and continue to the next level of coding.
    please provide technical person contact nummer for getting clarification immediatly for quick coding.
    Thanks and Regards

  102. Varadharajan says:

    I am looking api for get NSE Live price quote details. I found Kitetrade providing such one.

    correct me if i am wrong

    I can use kite trade api for receive live price details such as high,low,open,close,last trade point,average trade point and so on in some point of intervals(ex:5 sec,10 sec) through web service callls

    I can use kite trade api for post new order,retrieve old orders.

    I have seen in price page that contains 2000 credits is about Rs.2000 this mean I can have
    access only for 2000 request per month.So each request cost is Rs.1

  103. Prabhath says:

    1) How does the buy/sell orders work through Kite API? How the payment process work?
    – I mean where does the money gets deducted/credited when I buy/sell an order (for shares)
    – Does it take automatically from the bank account attched to the zerodha?
    2) Can we opt out the kite API plan any time? (is it monthly or yearly plan)
    Thanks in advance.

  104. Vijay says:

    You mention that exchange approvals are required for automated order placing. So, please clarify the following.

    1. Does the exchange verify the code?
    2. Is the exchange approval required for every single code change?
    3. Are there any costs to get exchange approval? If yes, how much?
    4. How long will it take to get the exchange approval?

  105. Imran says:

    Well its really great feature, but 2K + 2K = 4K per month is too much. The reasonable price would be 500 + 500.

  106. Ravi Kumar BA says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Why are you charging 2000 rs for API access for Individuals?. Dont understand the logic here.

    If i were to place orders manually then its free (+brokerage)..where as if i place order Programmatically then i am charged Rs. 2000/month, what is the logic. Mind you, i dont need any data feed api (i am getting it from else where, which is FREE!

    Otherwise, i am loving Zerodha.

    • Venu says:

      The programmatic access is an add-on feature available for developers. The entire API ecosystem takes enormous amounts of effort, R&D and infra costs to maintain and hence the charges.

      Zerodha has the lowest brokerage in the industry with Equity is absolutely free. You do expect the business to make some kind of money to be able to roll out such advanced trading platforms/features 🙂

  107. Sumanta says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I opened account in Zerodha and enjoying trading experience a lot. I need some intra-day data (may be 5 or 15 min candle OHLC data) of NSE stocks (equity) over 1-2 years. Is it possible to get the data using my Kite account?

  108. Hari says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Question related to exchange approval: Can you come up with a page where it clearly mentions what requires exchange approvals and what not. Me being programmer want to avoid such approvals and want to understand how far i can use these api’s for? And solely for individual purpose.


  109. Mohanraj Jayaraman says:


    Can you pls share me the training material for developing programing kite API.

    Just want to place the order based on the condition.

    Mohanraj Jayaraman

  110. Manish says:

    I want to develop an app which can fetch the stock that can crossed the 50,100 DMA .is it possible using connect API

  111. kishor kumar says:

    Now, whether it is possible place order that gets executed only under certain conditions.

  112. bhupinder singh says:

    I want to place an order from mt4. can it possible with connect api

  113. Anindya Guha says:


    I want to fully automate my trades in MCX exchange . Can it be done with Connect API? Does it require exchange approval?

  114. Lingaraj says:

    Hello Team,

    I am using Kite from long time. Even i could find PI is very useful tool but kite is very flexible and easy to use .So my concern is that can i use Scanner in Kite also what i am using in PI .Because sometimes PI is very slow .Please try to combine the same scanner in Kite also it will be benefited for us .

  115. Anuraag Kochhar says:


    Is there an option to subscribe to historical data (specifically NFO data) only through the Kite Connect API. I want to develop Python scripts to backtest some of my strategies, like using SuperTrend which do not work with the TradeScript in Pi platform. I am not interested in algo trading as of now. Can you suggest a way?


  116. Shiv Shankar Khanna says:

    I have a strategy to pool trades of my friends. Can I build a app using Kite Connect and offer it to my clients ? If yes then how to start ?

  117. uma says:

    Dear Sir,
    Now, whether it is possible place order that gets executed only under certain conditions. similar to alog trading

  118. Sachin says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I just want to know should we working on ALGO Trading , i am interested about that so should i do trading with us and also explain how ???

  119. Vivek says:

    When can we expect API and Data feed for MATLAB. Sothat orders can be directly placed from Matlab. Thank you.

  120. Bineet Raj Singh says:

    How to create a formula in kite for formulating a trading strategy?

  121. shivam says:

    hey Nithin,
    just wanted to suggest a paper trading platform as that would let us test complex strategies riskfree

  122. shankar A says:

    Dear Kamath,

    I am not getting proper support or right person to resolve my support request #613690. If possible, can have look on this issue.

    • Will get this checked.

      • shankar A says:

        Dear Nitin,

        Thanks, Issue has been resolved. I have deleted the app again now. Thanks for adding new option of “I UNDERSTAND” while deleting app.

        • shankar A says:

          Dear Nitin,

          Again Kite connect + Publisher app API renewed automatically. Kindly check , since it is repeating again and again even post deleted the app. My client ID is PS1919.

          • shankar A says:

            Dear Nithin,

            Nikhil was called and informed that issue will be resolve and refund will happen. But nothing happened and no update.

  123. Amit says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I every day notice that kite Android app is too slow, especially evening.

    I am amazed if every one facing same problem or its just for me.


  124. chandra says:

    How to get exchange (NSE,BSE,NASDAQ) prices using z-connect api??

  125. wriddhi says:

    Hello ,
    I have a query . After back testing a certain script in PI , the chart which was generated during back testing, dosen’t show any buy/ sell signal or any date or time in the entire chart .

    please help .

  126. Vibhore says:

    I am not sure if it has been answered before, but are there any additional charges to get programmatic access for Zerodha Clients? I am looking for a broker who provides API to fully automate my trades and interested in opening an account with Zerodha, but unable to get answers to my queries.

  127. ayush says:

    well i am not getting data of NSE today,is there any issue from Your site becauz yesterday it is working fine

  128. Saideep says:


    Can I use the APIs to program for Intra-day trading ? If Intra-day is available, then do I need to raise approvals for auto-buying and selling without manual intervention?

    Thank you

  129. SHIVARAJ says:

    My holding s are not showing correctly..

  130. Abhijeet Nagre says:

    Hi, Is this Platform available for Enterprise clients? I work for a Hedge Fund, and we need a Trading API to automate our Strategies.

  131. Derick says:

    I signed up for Kite Connect, but I’m not able to link my Zerodha account ledger to the same. I get the following error:
    “Error while getting ledger balance, please try again”. Kindly help

    • Derick says:

      the previous issue was sorted out and i transferred all the funds from my zerodha account to kite connect thinking i need to use those credits for trading. I contacted rainmatter regarding the same. They said it would be transferred in 48 hours. Its 6 days now and theres no refund. I mailed them several times, but no response. Kindly help me.

  132. Arvind kumar says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am facing problems in maintaining the stocks in the 5 marketwatch pages provided in the kite. Each page has a limit of only 20 stocks, which means we can’t add beyond 100 stocks. Also, it is tough to remember which stock lies in which pages leading to multiple addition of the same stock in different pages. So my suggestions would be:
    1. Increase the comprehensive limit of the stocks in marketwatch, at least upto 200-250.
    2. Kite shall not allow the multiple additions of the stocks in various pages, instead if i try to add the same scrip in second page, which i have added in some other page previously, it shall simply give me an indication of the page in which i have added that scrip at the first instance.
    3. Provision to sort the stocks in marketwatch list by ‘alphabetical manner’, ‘LTP’ and ‘%change’ etc. This provision has already been provided for the ‘holdings list’. Even the implementation of this simple feature will help us avoid the multiple additions of stocks in various pages.
    4. Since we need to monitor the stocks in our ‘holding list’ by seeing the daily, hourly charts, there should exist a ‘default marketwatch page’ which shall contain the list of stocks, identical to those present in the ‘holdings list’. A dedicated marketwatch page for the stock present in the ‘holdings lits’ will help in better monitoring of the scrips. Refreshing of this marketwatch in accordance to the changes in the ‘holding list’ shall happen on daily basis.
    Kite has been a greatest thing happening to me in stock trading till now. Fast and light like a real kite. However, meager addressal the above issues would add to our advantage.
    PS: I would be apologetic for any inadvertent offence caused. Just don’t cause any harm to my portfolio :P, 🙂 . I am DA9825.
    Arvind kumar

  133. Avinash says:


    Great initiative!

    Have a couple of questions though.

    1) Who will have access to the program which a user writes?
    2) How do we restrict access if required so that only the user has access to the program?
    3) I’d like to see a demo and meet your team in person to understand the whole process and timelines / costing etc.


  134. Ajay Patil says:

    Give buy/sell button on expanded chart in kite

  135. Anil says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I am not able to buy stock other than the one in any of 5 watchlists from zerodha app.I know that we can add only 20 per list.. but still I should be able to buy the stock which is not in any of 5 watchlist which is not there in zerodha app

    I have many suggestions regarding UI can you share the email to whom I can send suggestions ?

  136. Arva says:

    I’m subscribed for Kite Connect API and using .Net client.
    I’m frequently getting the Network Exception with Error Message Couldn’t connect to nest gateway whenever I Place order using API.
    above issue is due to zerodha server but I am not getting any support from zerodha to above issue . i have sent mail yesterday (08-feb-17) to [email protected] and also marked Cc to u but reply was disappointing
    I am paying 2000/- per month for this service but No support from Zerodha on relevant issue which is occurring due to zerodha’s technical problem . My problem is I have payed to software developer and paying to Zerodha also and my system is not working . Software developer saying “It is zerodha’s problem not our”. Now what to do in this case ?
    I hope u will help me to solve above issue.
    thank you (client ID: RA5376)

  137. Raghu says:

    I want to filter stocks where the supertrend has changed. The parameters of the supertrend can be default (7 period, multiplier is 3). The time frame is daily. At the moment, I need to go to each and every stock to check if the supertrend has changed. Can this be automated so that I get a list of stocks where the supertrend has switched in the daily chart?

  138. Nirali says:

    Does Zerodha support Excel based trading using API ?

  139. Chandresh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    We need to create APP in order to get API key and API secret.. can you explain what needs to be created here?
    (while in developer accounts it asks app name, redirect https:// url and post back url..) what is this for?

    I thought that paying 2000 rs per month will be enough to get going?

    do we need to create some sort of web application to get he keys? WHY?

    “manual intervention” after placing orders through API, what does it mean? wont it directly execute order at exchange (off course though gateway)


    • Chandresh says:

      I mean what needs to be done to get API key and API Secret to use in Kite Connect API?
      ZeroDHA trading account + API monthly charges wont be enough? What APP needs to be created?!!
      Manual intervention is something like, when we place order will it go to Kite Web and from there we need to place it manually?
      I have integrated C# Kite Core to my application (important work for my application is done).. now I will have ZeroDHA trading account open in a week..I will register for API too.. will that be enough? Can you explain in layman terms what URL is required ?

  140. Thomas says:

    There is a serious design issue with the Kite API. There is no feed for last traded time in the packet structure as per the documentation. My algo be able to use the Kite API without know whether the last traded price is from yesterday or today or 1 hour back…..

    Why was this serious data point missed out?

  141. Chandresh says:


    -Get all NSE/BSE shares having certain percentage of upper band and lower band value say 10%. So the stock information MUST have upper band and lower band values in the dump. Means how much the share will go up and down in a day.

    Is this possible? if yes I would like to open account.


    • hmm.. u can use the API to build this utility. Not available readymade.

      • Chandresh says:


        thanks for the reply.. I just want to know that whether the dmup contains upper and lowerband values? can you share the dump if you have?

        many thanks

          • Chandresh says:


            Unfortunately KITE API does not have upper and lower band information. So this is of no use for me.

            • hmm.. price bands are available here on the NSE website if you want. The %’s mostly remain the same

              • Chandresh says:

                Right sir.. but I want API to give me this information in the dump..I want to create tool based on price band logic.
                can you PLEASE add this to API? it is very useful. I am dying for the same. Yahoo API gives it but since it it free it is 15 mins delay.. so I have to use Yahoo API to get price band of all stocks.. filter some of the stocks what I want, and then start using KITE Api to query only those stocks in 3-4 seconds interval..I wan to avoid Yahoo Api, as it may be withdrawn (like google finance api)..

                My tool will get all NSE shares..filter based on price band and trade on them with extra logic.

                Sir I am HNI (not huge though) investor.. having trading account with Karvy since 8 years. I am a programmer too. So if you can include the price band information in the dump, I will invest 10 lac in one go in my zerodha account.

                Kindly help. You can ask me any details on my email account.

                However there is no point to open account until I have price band information in the dump. I really need it. I will look at yahoo api and see whether it will help for the time being.. as only ONCE I need price band when market opens (then use KITE for further operation including trading).. but 15 mins delay is what bothering me.. BUT I think I can compromise on it..Lets see.

              • Chandresh says:

                and NO..% does not remain same.. if a stock will hit say 10% (positive or negative) for two constitutive session it will reduce to 5%. I am not sure.. but they DO change based on stock performance in case if touches lower or upper bands..

                • We will try including it soon, but it would be quite a simple tool to pull price bands from NSE website end of everyday and use it in your utility.

                  • Chandresh says:

                    right sir.. but they dont have list like BSE (all stocks).. download is only for what will change tomorrow. IF NSE have list like BSE.. I can use it (then no need for you to add this)..

                    but I am very much liking you already as being a promoter you are answering customers!

                    you can add a separate function so that your existing customers do not get affected..

                    waiting on my toes for the implementation!!

                  • Chandresh says:

                    Got everything what I wanted 🙂

                    Appreciated your help. Will soon be your customer.. (after march financial year end)


      • Chandresh says:

        can you please give me the example of RAW data we get using the API? it would be great help. I want to build utility for my own use.. again.. the data MUST have upper and lower band of stock. Once I get all stocks information I would like to filter and query only specific stocks on regular intervals.. say 3-4 seconds.

      • Chandresh says:

        just now started opening account online.. however I will wait until it is proven that API is giving upper and lower band values.. it is the critical requirement for me to continue.

  142. Navraj says:

    Is it possible to create a fun game out of it. For example I develop a specialised keyboard which has few buttons similar to volume roll and spacebars. Some really big buttons and rolls. You can increase quantity of shares by the volume like roller and press green to buy while red button to sell. Also there is one emergency button which dumps everything. If you press red without having that much amount of stock, it shorts it. Basically hardcore scalping with some real fun and big physical buttons. Only headache would be to change the share you’re playing on. Can make it multi screen, five screens and five keyboards to scalp on five different companies. Screen shows live graphs and charts. Live Profit and loss can also be shown like pop up game points after pressing red button every-time, Green button if you’ve made a profit by short selling and whenever you tap emergency panic button to dump (or clear) everything you have. Automatically cuts brokerage and STT from profit point pop ups. One screen shows accumulated daily gameplay. Panic buttons clears everything. Is it possible?

  143. revanth says:

    hi nithin
    is there a daily limit for api access?

  144. Robin says:

    The terms and conditions at says:
    “The APIs are not meant for placing fully automating trades (without manual intervention). If you wish to use the APIs for full automation, you should seek necessary approvals from the exchange. Zerodha can provide the necessary assistance in obtaining approvals.”

    Whereas on looking above on some of the comments, its been mentioned that orders could be placed through API.
    Can somebody just answer this:
    I am on a vacation to Goa. But I had written this wicked program that would identify LTP every 5 minutes by using connect APIs. If my algorithm criteria fulfils, it places a buy/sell order through API. And this all happens while I’m drinking beer at the beach and feeling too lazy to use my laptop/cellphone. Is it possible?

    • Venu says:

      It’s a pretty picture isn’t it, vacation,Goa, beer 🙂 As it’s mentioned, Fully automating trades will require you to take exchange approvals.

  145. Mukesh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    The kite.XL is not working. Whenever i click the login providing the key and secret it says “Excel Stopped working” and after few seconds excel closes. tried reinstalling all but all in vain. Please help

  146. Aamir Patel says:

    Hello Nitin Sir

    I am using zerodha kite mobile app. It is good on desktop but not on mobile. Charting is very much sucking. You need to do something for it. I tried on different mobile phones it is very slow. Charting in not good on mobile.

    • Venu says:

      The charting library used for Kite web and Kite mobile are the same. It could also be dependent on how your phone renders the charts. Slow/Fast would depend on your internet connection.

  147. Rajat says:

    1. What is the difference between kite connect api and candles api?
    2. If I want to create a screener on some selected stocks from nifty 50, midcap and place orders on the selected stocks, what should I opt for?
    3. Will I get 10 min data of last 2 trading days?
    4. Why there is a delay in orders in Pi at market open? If I place orders around 9:15 am, for 1 min it shows the order status as “open pending” and then the order is showed as “open” after a delay.

  148. vijay narke says:


    FEW years before I attended one seminar in MUMBAI where your representative gave us a form and I became your a/c holder. unfortunately I had to rush to my daughters place and I could not start trading for few years I do not hv a/c no password nor SKILL TO TRADE ON LINE BUT have some computer knowledge also I have basic knowledge of share market I recently tried but failed miserably. As I have lost HUGE HUGE amount in share market. I want to recover that. AS YOU HAVE EARNED PRESTIGIOUS AWARD I am seeking your advice ,do you have some plan for me . I do understand uncertain nature of SHARE MARKET
    I am, incidently ,75 year old man . question is why I want to try with share market . I have lost money and I need money for my future requirements. If you have some solution to this pl let me know
    Vijay Narke

  149. ZW2900 says:

    Is Kite connect replacement of Nest ? I am just coming aboard the Zeodhra platform and trying to do catch up. I looked at the url : Is AlgoZ still relevant ? What is the pricing of z-connect and in what ways is it different than KiteConnect ?

    Looks like the discussions around Z-Connect are anicent in the sense that I saw the discussions around that are dated 2013 and around.

    If Z-Connect still works for most and is relevant and if that comes for free or nominal fee, I plan to have a look at it. Are their known fallbacks of Z-connect due to which KiteConnect has sprung up ( albeit in a nice way 🙂 )


    • Hi, algoZ is what was available on NEST, a long long time ago. We then introduced PI our desktop platform with coding capability using tradescript. Better than algoZ, check this section. After Pi, we introduced Kite our in-house web based app, which is today most popular platform at Zerodha. We have opened up Kite connect API’s, a layer over Kite which gives you complete flexibility to customize trading experience. Btw – Z-connect is our blog and has no relation to Kite connect API 🙂

      • ZW2900 says:

        Thanks Nithin. I had a super quick look at trade script. Tradescript is able to utilize the pre-defined functions and indicators eg. RSI etc. Is a similar functionality available in Kite Connect as well ? I am a java\python developer and used to earlier trade by logging into Icicidirect webpage programatically ( powered by apache httpclient).
        If I were to program and create a SELL order, it would remain on my client app since it would work with the ticks which arrive to the client. Is it similar on the PI as well ( via tradescript ) or would the tradescripts save on the server side. I am a regular office going person and would ideally like to keep a “shoot and forget strategy” for my trades ( essence of automated trading anyways). Another reason, is poor BSNL connectivity sometimes in my area.

  150. alok jain says:

    Is there a kite developer here who would be keen to work on a professional project to screen and execute positional investing algo . pls contact me if interested.

  151. Sowmay says:

    Hello Team,

    I had created a Google spreadsheet for carrying out Portfolio Management, Stock analysis etc. Everything was going fine until I started adding FNO instruments.

    Like if I add WIPRO then it easily open the orders are traded but when we add WIPRO17JANFUT, the order shows “symbol not defined”

    My simple question is: How to use Zerodha buttons for Futures and Options tradings?

    I’m using ticker symbol for stocks (CIPLA) and this code (CIPLA17JANFUT) as a code. Here’s the link to both the page (Stock & Futures):

    Cipla Stock:
    Cipla Futures:

  152. LittleTrader says:

    Is the sandbox ready yet? Development environment is very much required for any trader to try things out.
    Please make the sandbox available asap.

  153. Sowmay says:

    One more problem with Zerodha JS publishes kite connect API is that it have a function to add buttons but it doesn’t have any function to remove buttons.

    I had created a Spreadsheet where people can transact stocks based on the code they select from the drop down but when users select another stock, previous stocks buttons remains intact and a new Zerodha button is added, supplement to the previous button.

    What is the function to remove the previous button?

  154. Sowmay says:

    Hello Team,

    I integrated Zerodha buttons on a web page:

    It is working perfectly on Desktop browser but not working on the mobile browser. We tried everything to make it work on mobile but it always shows the void result.

    I had even Interested the Zerodha buttons on my website but buttons got vanished on Mobile browser again. Open the following page on both, desktop and mobile browser and see the difference:

  155. Adarshdeep Singh says:


    I wish to use the api, and when I’m trying to create an app, it asks for credits.
    what is the pricing for the api?
    please tell the exact pricing to use the api and please don’t put link in answer, this link doesn’t work.

    and another issue I found is whenever I tried to open this link it always goes to login/signup page even though I have already logged in in the browser. please check this.

  156. Mehul says:

    The API is not working.
    I have subscribed for candles (historic) API for Rs. 2000+2000 for a month, not able to access data before 2015, this is waste of money.
    Raised many complaints, haven’t gotten a single response.

  157. Sami Akhtar says:

    sir I am using Trade site “” before it was working properly but now its not showing Orderr book, position and funds some time when I purchase any script its showing in position but I cant sell or cancel order because its not showing in Order Book.

    Sami Akhtar

  158. Jahangir says:

    What kind of data is available? I need all the Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet and fundamental data by quarterly/yearly for stock screening. Is that available from kite connect?

  159. Sameer Hadwal says:

    Hello Sir,
    Please provide one Sample Excel API (including VBA) so we can design our Excel API as per it
    we are completely new to implement this

    thank you

  160. Harish says:

    Hi Nitin,

    When can we expect to get a sandbox kind of environment for testing/development?


  161. Ratan says:

    Sir many trader shown their client ID on z connect those who are in good profit
    Can we have their contact details plz
    Phone no / atleast mail id

  162. Saju says:

    Got info from above thread that individual retailer should have a dealer terminal & become an authorized person on the exchange. Can u please put more highlights on the pricing(Any hidden cost other than 2000/month in both api’s). Also for approval from exchange,what is the approval process & timeline for getting approval(also cost which is involved in the approval process, if any).

    **Please highlight the cost for approval from exchange & getting dealer terminal.

  163. ratan says:

    sir for BTST any approx time frame
    i want to avoid to open dmat with other companies such as ventura who is providing 4x margin btst
    waiting for zerodha so plz any approx time frame

  164. ratan says:

    sir is there any plans of providing margin for btst and stbt

  165. Sameer Hadwal says:

    hello Sir,
    Kite API is very good facility that u r providing
    but problem is that i am not a good programmer and also not able to find a programmer we can build API coding as per my logic
    so please recommend some one who can build a API program
    does we need take permission from SEBI for automated trading ?? if yes then what is a procedure ?

    so please comment on above two doubts

    thank you

  166. Benny says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I strongly feel that you are not utilizing the full space of the window in kite web platform. Please check it in google chrome. There are lot of space available in in both sides of the window (I zoomed it into 75%). Either you can add more features there or you can resize the window to display the contents in full space.

    Thanks in advance.

  167. Rachit says:

    Hey – I want to develop an API for automated Nifty options trading. Let me know if that is possible and please connect with someone from your side who can help me thru this?


  168. Aditya says:


    I attended the Kite Connect webinar this week and have a couple of questions related to same:
    1. If I understand correctly, orders sent from Kite connect does not require any manual intervention once they reach Kite platform i.e. it’s same as sending automated algo generated orders from a dealer terminal?
    2. What is the duration and format of historical data? OHLC + Volume + Open Interests?
    3. What are the charges for Historical Data (Monthly Subscription Price)?
    4. What are the charges for Kite API access (Monthly Subscription Price)?

    Sorry if those questions were answered before, would be great help especially if you could provide some more details regarding Historical Data.

    • 1. Aditya, this is like a layer over our web based platform. So when any order comes to us, it comes to our servers as a manual order. Technically you can automate it, but you have to declare it to us. We can get approvals from the exchange. Do check out the terms and conditions doc on
      2. Duration from 2010, intraday from 2014. Yes OHLC and Volume.
      3. 2000/month
      4. 2000/month

  169. Ashley says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Zerodha is no-doubt a first step towards excellence. Great work.
    Have technical knowledge of VB etc. I have gone through the seminar you’ll conducted last week but still not clear about the API’s and algo trading.
    I can describe the issues more clearly offline through email if its fine. Basically wanted to understand the know-how of APIs and algo trading.

  170. Anudeep says:

    When can we get java api?

  171. umesh says:


    there is ” Publisher (Free) ” option. what i can do with this option.
    I am only interested in creating my own analysis tools and back test, is this possible in your publisher option.

    • Venu says:

      Kite Publisher: Embedding buttons on websites and apps that allow users to execute trades. The Kite Publisher buttons can be integrated into your website by copy-pasting a few lines of HTML and Javascript

      There’s no cost for Kite publisher.

  172. Vijay says:

    I am getting Error 404 when trying to access the following page to download the C# SDK. Could you please verify it?

  173. Akshay Raje says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Thanks for exposing these amazing APIs. This opens a bunch of possibilities!

    I am building a trading strategy some loosely based around executing mid-frequency trades (intraday or BTST at max). It’s basically a bunch of friends who are participating in this POC. Is it possible that we use a single Kite connect App for executing orders using the REST API on multiple Zerodha trading accounts? If that’s not possible then 2k per month per user would be expensive and erode a lot of our automated trading profits. Please suggest what best we can do in this regards.

    • Mahesh says:

      Hi Akshay,

      Did you find solution to this problem?
      I am also exploring an option of connecting to multiple accounts in parallel so that an order placed in one account would get replicated in others?

    • Saurabh says:

      Any way around for this?
      I’m still looking for a solution for this problem.

  174. Vishal says:

    Is there any authorized provider for NSE EQ data? Other than esignal

  175. Gold Standards says:


    Thanks Nithin for such a great and wonderful platform and empowering small traders like me. Off late I feel that there is some technical problem in the mobile based trading platform in IOS. I have sent mails along with screen dumps showing my portfolio in green (with 2 different positions) where as on closing of last friday it was in red.
    Imagine, where in the same situation arises on a regular trading day and i believe the data being correct and sell off my holding only to find that i have lost my hard earned money.

    And pls activate fund transfer in mobile app platform also. Its not facilitating the fund trf. Pls do something.


  176. ikMD says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    You are a revolution in broking industry in India. I had traded with Zerodha earlier, but stopped, because back then I was a novice trader and didn’t make any profit. Now, I have learned a lot of things, and hoping to automate the strategies I’m working. I concentrate more on Options trading, so I have few queries related to that.
    1). Does Kite provide real time data on requests for Options data ?
    2). Is there any request to get whole “Option chain” of an index or stock with one request ? If no, could it be done in future?
    3). Can I automate the orders for Options quotes ? by setting bid and ask price from my code.
    4). Can I cancel ordered requests if the order did not succeed ?
    5). what are the maximum number of requests possible from one user ?
    6). Should there be a time gap between requests ?
    I have many many more questions. My mind is exploding with the thoughts of possibilities.

  177. karthik says:

    All the efforts taken by zerodha are just Awesome for developing the capital markets community!
    Is there anyway to automate the trading through Supertrend Indicator?

  178. George says:

    Dear Sir,
    Is it possible to transfer live buyer seller position in excel?
    This is for one of my analysis.

  179. Alok says:

    Can KITE APIs provide supertrend or any other indicators output based on the parameters – script, time frame, and indicator settings.

  180. Ilyas says:

    Hi folks,

    Excellent initiative by zerodha. I have a quick question for you. I use Multicharts platform (use Easy language) for charting and backtesting need. I would like to connect with API plugin to Automate the trade. Will Kite connect will solve this problem

    • If you are completely automating, there are some approvals required. But yeah manual firing can be done quite easily I am guessing. We will not be able to do this though.

  181. manish tejwani says:

    hello sir, currently i am using ZERODHA KITE on android mobile. is there any idea to coneect the same thorugh AMIBROKER so that automatic trade can be done.


  182. c.sridhar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is there any reason why (spot) Nifty chart is not available on Kite whereas it is available on π?

    • Venu says:

      Nifty 50 Index is available on the Kite platform. You can search for Nifty 50 and add it on the marketwatch. Charts work just fine.

  183. vijay says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Can u possible to add Multiple chart layout in kite

  184. Capt Jagdish Lathwal says:

    Dear Nithin

    There is no option to cancel all orders in one click in Kite ; whereas it is available in Nest Trader.Now,switching from Kite to Nest Trader will waste a lot of time of any normal trader . Pl add this feature in Kite, it will improve company’s revenue also.How ???? We can discuss in detail.

  185. ramakrishna says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am having my own strategy how can i implement it. And without human interaction is it possible to place the orders. Means once i given some strategy to the system it has to do on its own.

  186. sankar says:

    For BO there is a stop loss price I need to mention.can I change SL price as shown in margin calculator?
    I am a small trader and I want 1% from my buy price as SL price.
    Does kite allow that?

  187. Nagendra Babu says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Kite API is useful in only one way for any trader like connect and manage order by keep checking the connection status. so, why don’t you provide a common code which is useful just to connect and manage orders. so that programmers can just change according to their needs. Else we have to waste our time in investigating and developing the same code which is needed by most of us ? I think it is easy for you because out of many subscribers you can just collect one programme which is successfully working and you can put it in zerodha libraries place and inform us.

    Waiting for your valuable response,

  188. Navnit says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Is there any way by which we can draw custom line chart based on some formula in current Kite web chart?

  189. Raja Rajan says:

    Does Kite programming API allows customisation according to ones personal need? In such a case how does have exchanges have control on these customised enhancements and if no issues from exchanges on this front how can someone monetise these customised algos???

  190. Soumya Deep says:

    Dear Nithin,
    I have paid 2000 INR for the api access in Kite Connect. It will be much better if we get a webinar regarding basic actions like- logging in, redirecting url, getting necessary tokens, streaming live and historical data and doing a basic trade.
    I am not from web development and it will help many of us to learn the basics without wasting time and money just to figure out basic things.

    • Ah webinar might be tough. But can you check this:

      • akki says:

        obtaining request token and generating access token business is pain full without example. Can you get this with python ? if so , how?
        kite = KiteConnect(api_key)
        #xyz = kite.login_url()
        #print “kite” ,kite
        #browser= mechanize.Browser()
        #browser.add_password(‘******’, ‘****’, ‘*****’)
        #response =‘******’)
        #xyz = response.geturl()
        #print xyz
        #request_token =xyz[47:79]
        #print request_token

        It only gives invalid session. I am just wasting my time to get this out .

  191. Soumya Deep says:

    Dear Nithin/Venu,
    I didnt understand one thing- Kite Connect provides APIs for getting data and firing orders. Then how is it not automated?
    I see that you have been telling that if you want to automate fully, then you need permissions. But then how come with APIs, you can’t automate trading? Where will it stop me if I use the API to get data and calculate in python and then fire orders all the time?
    Please let me know.
    Thanks and Regards

    • Soumya, Let me explain, exchanges call it algo trading/auto trading, if the broker offers algorithms which are automated to his clients. Just to be clear, we as Zerodha/Kite connect don’t offer this.
      The question is, what if clients automate on their own? Clients have been doing this using hacky ways like using macro’s and all for a long time now. The brokerage will never get to know how the order was fired. We have been asking exchanges clarity on this. But until then, if you want to do complete automated trading, you can reach out to our team, we will help you getting approvals from the exchange.

  192. Dinesh says:

    I have my list of 22 to 25 shares. I write down the support and resistance level of these shares in an Excel File.
    I want to know how I can link this Excel file with PI to generate Auto Buy/Sell signal Alert.

    • Hmmm.. this would require programming knowledge. Unfortunately we won’t be able to help you with it. Check this API doc.

      • Dinesh says:

        There are people like me who have NO Programming knowledge but want to take advantage of the API feature.
        So why don’t you people provide us the required Code to connect Excel Sheet to PI. It will be helpfull.

      • Jay Tarwe says:

        To work with API’s Dinesh having a little programming knowledge is required.
        For your case I can suggest.
        You can write a script to read your excel file and and based on the order type you can call appropriate API to execute it.

  193. arun10dec says:

    I am using kite (web) from 3 months and find it very useful. It is very good experience as compared to my previous brocker..i have some issues…I could not find any stock screener in kite.
    1. is it available in kite? if not then please provide it.
    2. in pi, screener is progrmme may be good for professional traders but for rest.. there must be some type of stock screener which is user i can use screen criteria by selecting from a drop down window.. for eg.. moving average crossovers or MACD crossing signal line..
    3. i m trying to learn tradescript in PI..but stock screener does not give any result in non market times…it means if somebody wants to learn tradescript then he has to do it only during market hours?
    4. In PI when we make new screeener then we have to add symbols…does it mean if i want to screen among 300
    stocks then i have to add 300 stock symbols in screener? is very irritating task.. inspite of this if we had to select kind of stocks (to screen) from drop down then it will be more F&O scripts (screen among F&O scripts only) or stocks above Rs 100 or Sectorwise selection…
    i hope my queries will be answered.

    arun kumar singh

    • 1. Not currently
      2. What PI has is scanners. We will have something in the future.
      3. No, works after market as well. The scanners won’t give you live results.
      4. In the current version, u will have to add stocks manually. It can’t scan the entire market.

  194. Sandip says:

    Kite have serious issue of squer off option from open position, It except second order also even if we place one squere off order earlier,that couse double trade.

    • Hmm.. shouldn’t happen, getting someone from our team to call and check.

      • Jay Tarwe says:

        Yeah, this has caused problems for me even.
        I would suggest that for any existing trade it should be first checked if any existing square-off orders are there or not, if it is there two options
        1. Prompt the user that a square-off already exits for his order,
        2. Take the next square-off order as well then from the two whichever gets executed first take it and at the same time discard the pending orders associated it the trade. (As happens with a bracket order)
        I would suggest the second one is better.

        • Matti says:

          This wouldn’t be possible, Jay. You see, even if there is an open square off order, a user may want to take a position in the opposite direction as well after squaring off. As such, this is something that the user will need to handle.

  195. Samir says:

    Why I cannot enter NON Decimal Stop Loss value, while placing Bracket Order.
    If I can place Stop Loss in Decimal value then I can limit my loss according to my comfort zone while trading in Future.

    • Samir says:

      Sorry my mistake regarding Non Decimal Stop Loss value as I selected Ticks not Absolute while placing BO order.

  196. mohin says:

    chart error its go automatically go forward tick by tic in even 5min chart how solve this this issue ????

  197. Bala says:

    I just recently came to know the kite and was trying to get just real time quotes.Anyway am not going to place any order through kite. Is it still chargeable?


  198. Yogesh says:

    Kindly have a look at daily bar chart of ICICI bank for 30/6, (High – 242.80), 1/7 (High – 242.65), 4/7 (High – 248.95), 5/7 (High – 251.10).
    Kindly check if the graphical representation matching with these figures ? Ideally bar line on 1/7 should be below 30/6. But it is exactly reverse. Same is the case on 1/7 and 4/7. There is substantial difference in high price for both the days. But bar shows same level.
    This is observed with all stocks and is observed specifically after your mock up trials on 2nd July.
    Hopefully it will be corrected.

    • Siva says:

      The values and bars were right but the cursor is displaying the date of earlier day. You can see the values and date in the display box and cursor date will be corrected soon.

      • Yogesh says:

        It is still not corrected.

        Have a look at 1 min chart of ICICI for 8 th July. 3.28 and 3.29. Both having same high of 242.25 but levels in chart are different. All other indicators are also misleading due to this error.
        It is difficult to trade with such misleading information. Looking forward to early solution.

        • Siva says:

          About minute data that you mentioned about there are no issues with that , it would be appreciated if you can write to [email protected] about your query in detail. As mentioned previously date display on cursor and databox will be fixed soon, we are working on it.

  199. arun kamath says:

    Will VWAP and its derivative MVWAP be introduced soon?

  200. Amit says:

    It says that IMPS fund transfer will be updated in 10 mins but it never happened with me. It took more than 30 min and that too I had to call and raise tickets to get it done.

  201. Soni says:

    I am not able to place cover order with limit price in Kite Platform ( Mobile and Net). When i choose cover order, kite by default select market price. When i contacted customer care they inform me that only on Zerodha nest plat form cover order with limit order can be placed. As i am using kite on mobile app i wont be able to use Nest plat form. Please rectify this problem.

  202. Shiva says:

    Please provided an option to move the money from equtiy to commodity and vice versa (similar to other brokers like sharekhan etc) as currently if i need to deposit money to my commodity account then i have to transfer directly from my bank account even i have extra money in my equity i m not able to do so.

  203. Shiva says:

    Could you please show the Nifty and Sensex indicatiors on the top in both desktop and mobile app asap. Its been long time many people have requested but its still not implemented.

  204. Chandan says:

    Do have a WORKING EXAMPLE of python kite connect api with authentication etc..I have paid for developer account and got api keys etc but am get the authentication flow completed in python(after submitting user id/password form via python, response content is again the user id/password page not the Answers page which is shown on the website).

    As a result, I am not able to use the api to do backtesting or to test placing orders, get positions.etc.

  205. Sagar Nilawar says:

    Why Zerodha is not providing option to buy IPO?

    Or when your planning to support IPO purchase?


    • Venu says:

      The process of IPO’s isn’t online. Only banks who are brokers are able to provide this facility online since SEBI has mandated ASBA for all IPO’s. We’re in talks to the Exchanges to make this facility online for clients of non-bank brokerages also.

  206. Niks says:

    I am doing IMPS fund transfer from my CITIBANK to HDFC ZERNSE account.
    Is it chargeable as my Citibank confirms absolutely no charges from there end.

    Can I get immediate answer…

  207. lokesh says:

    I am unable to add LKP FINANCE stock in the watch list of Kite. What shall I have to do..

  208. Sandeep says:

    If I get registered as an Authorized Person thru u, can I have other accounts mapped to my id ? If yes, pls let me know the process for becoming an AP and if not, whats the advantage of becoming an AP ?

    • We don’t allow trading on behalf of others through this AP route. You can become our partner through the AP route, and earn brokerage share on clients introduced. Also this becoming an AP is required in case you want to automate trades completely.

  209. JP says:


    Will u allow trading via BO & CO on Monday ? Why was it suspended today… almost no major brokers I know asked for a higher margin or disallowed anything.

    • Venu says:

      Considering the volatility on account of the brexit decision, it was decided not to provide BO/CO as they are highly leveraged.

  210. Samir says:

    Is it to tough to make Rs. 1000 per day without making loss?

  211. Umesh Nair says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Today (23rd June,2016) I tried to add funds to my account on your Kite application through add funds option which credits zerodha account instantly. But what happened was instant debit from saving account and no credit in zerodha. I am a day trader and because my funds were blocked, i could not average out my trade and suffered a loss of Rs.1500. I wrote to [email protected] with all necessary proofs attached. Please let me know who is gonna bear the loss because of the fault in the system. I have always been active daily trading guy on zerodha. But what happened today makes me re-think on my choice to choose zerodha.

    • Venu says:

      Hi Umesh,
      The payments you make from Kite are through a payment gateway service. There are times when the status of the payments reflect as “pending” and at such times, we wouldn’t be able to give credit without getting confirmation from the Bank. This is when the delay happens.

  212. pg says:

    dear nithin sir
    can u add change in Open Interest and / or % Change in Open Interest in the kite market watch for F&O beside the price and % chang in price.regards

  213. Samir says:

    1:- I am a newbie, trade only in Future. Whatever I Buy/Sell, my profit and stoploss target is 0.25%. That’s mean if I buy HDIL Future; I place my sell order above 0.30 paisa and for Reliance Capital Future it’s above Rs.1.
    I want to know weather it’s a good strategy or it just bogus.
    It’s only just piling up into my Balance sheet and increasing my Tax burden.

    2:- I know nothing about tax. In Future turnover is calculated on absolute profit & loss.
    I am suppose to pay tax on whatever profit or loss I made, so what the use of this turnover.

    • 1. Hmm.. The trick to making money trading is that you need your winners to make more than your losers. If they both make the same, after all costs, it will be tough to stay profitable, unless you hit like 70 to 80% ratio in winners vs losers.

      2. Check this to learn all about taxation when trading:

      • Tushar says:

        Dear Nithin,

        I read on the Varsity module about the difference between Contract turnover and Business turnover. I have couple of queries.

        a) how much is the Contract turnover allowed daily by the exchanges for a particular trading account. Is there any limit or cap on it. Let say i take 20 F&O trades daily and my daily contract turnover reaches 2 crore per day. Will exchange or IT department have any objection on it.

        b) For professional traders, how much contract turnover they generate.

        Thanks for the help,

  214. PANKAJ JAIN says:

    MY CLINT ID DP3640
    A/C BAL :-6746.84 BUT NOT SHOW withdrawal balance way please update quickly so can i withdraw same balance like 5000/- only please quickly update & process
    thank u

  215. Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

    Dear Sir,

    I opened charts on touch screen devices IPAD and Notion Ink Coin 2 in 1 (Windows 10)
    I am NOT able to scroll the chart.
    I am able to scroll other websites on the same touch devices.
    Is there any way out for this?

    Ramana murthy

  216. NewClient says:

    Also one last important point, a price ladder or DOM to trade off from. so you can visually put in your limit, stop market orders at the right price levels and seeing the order flow all at a glance.

    THank you.

  217. NewClient says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I am happy to see the innovations and enhancements being done to various tools and platforms available to the clients at zerodha.

    However somebody on your team should please focus on giving the basic tools to the discretionary traders who use the PI platform. I appreciate your focus on developing advanced toolsets like algo trading, backtesting etc, however my only request is we fix the basics to at par with other packages before it.

    Pi platform is lacking in so many simple tools which are available in even off the mill charting packages, namely,

    a) Inability to color code your trendlines.
    b) Inability to plot your own formula indicators.
    c) Inability to customize chart background.
    d) Inability to use time+price based plots or alerts through indicators or alerts.

    These are a few which I am always frustrated about when I open Pi up, however your team or the development partner may be able to come up with comprehensive delta on the basic tools v/s other industry standard packages for retail.

    Hope you do something about it.

  218. Naresh says:

    I can’t login and it is showing my client id as error. I need to login for first time.

    Please call my no. 9492388549

  219. Gopi says:


    Kudos on this API, it is simple to use (for the most part) and the UI of the whole site is fabulous.

    One issue I have, however, is the pricing for the API. Why are you mandating a 2k credit fee even for a starting developer, who hasn’t even tested your API or hasn’t gone into production? I have an active Zerodha account, and at-least on that standing, a 30 day trial or so should be allowed.

    You should also consider a tier-based approach, with # user logins or login requests used as a criterial (might go against your simple pricing approach, but you make more and it’s more friendly).

    That it’s a monthly charge is not clear as well (no link to pricing in the dashboard).

    Good luck.

  220. AMITABHA DAS says:

    When are you going to implement GTC – Good Till Cancelled Order please.

  221. Benny says:

    Nithin, in kite how can I see the movements of spot nifty & sensex.

    • Sensex not possible currently. To add nifty, search for Index on the Kite search for, add Nifty50 from the list of indices show up ( or else just search for index nifty 50). ONce added on the marketwatch, you can open the chart as well.

  222. sarathsg says:

    nithin in which app of urs enable uploading excel sheet and even running on excelsheet

  223. ck says:

    Ex: Suppose i buy Currency Futures Buy EURINR 1Lot and Sell EURINR 1Lot in Same day is possible ?
    What is the Minimum Amout to buy the Currency Futures
    In Zerodha Varsity Please Add the How to buy the BO and CO ,How to Sell the BO And CO (PDF)

    Thanks & Regards

  224. Kushal says:

    Hi Nithin

    I have just joined Zerodha, an i am disappointed to see an anti-Apple attitude here. Neither the mobile app, nor the trading platform supports Apple devices. There are an increasing number of people like me who use a combo of iPhone, iPad and iMac due their interoperability. It is unlikely that people will buy Android/Windows devices just to trade on Zerodha. Please address this issue ASAP.

    • Kite ios should be out soon, btw, check out on your iphone mobile browser until then. It works as good as a native mobile app.

      • Sagar says:

        Please check yourself the on iPhone. And tell me if it canbe used for trading. Charts are not scaling properly.

  225. vikasgr94 says:

    Is there any way to access the Commodities expired contracts Chart data?
    Example : Goldm Jun Fut
    – Thanks in advance

    • Not currently, but we are working on offering continuous data.

      • vikasgr94 says:

        If not in zerodha itself is there any other source online to access commodities expired contracts chart data (specifically 5 min chart)? Ex: Goldm Mar Fut
        I would be very thankful if anyone can let me know the same.

        • You could reach out to data vendors for this. Check out Globaldata feeds, they give a special deal for Zerodha clients.

          • vikasgr94 says:

            Sir as u know there would be price gap in case of historical continuous data(1 Min chart) in futures instrument.
            Wanted to know whether the back adjusted continuous data(1Min) is as reliable as contract wise historical futures data(1Min) especially for using indicators such as Macd.etc
            Thanks a lot in Advance.

            • Venu says:

              We don’t have continous data yet. So if the contract expires, the chart isn’t available for such month. As advised earlier, please subscribe to data from GDFL for continuous data. If you did, there’s no reason for a gap to be formed on the charts.

  226. SaviNenapu says:

    Hello, Good Morning

    I am unable to open reports from Q Back office to check the P&L. Is there any issue? Please assist.

  227. shreyans says:

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly start NCDEX as early as possible so we traders can diversify as well.


  228. Benny says:

    Hi Nithin, is it possible to place an order in F&O after market hours (offline orders).

  229. Benny says:

    Hi Nithin, please include margin calculator inside the buy/sell window itself. This will save lot of time and help us in placing the order in quick time.

  230. rajeshsahoo says:

    i was checking code for 3 EMA to 15 EMA crossover strategy and NR7 strategy in pi for backtesting but not getting proper codes for entry and exit.Also checked for one fractal AFL conversion to pi codes but came to know it is not available.These areas need to be improved.

  231. AMPatel says:

    Q is good but too SLOW only Logout and Home Page view is quick. When I click on any other link in Q after sometime I get the message “502 Bad Gateway”.

  232. ck says:

    How can add Currency Segment for Existing clients?
    What are the Documents needed For Activation of Currency Segment for Existing Clients

  233. Ruben says:

    search in Pi not like Kite. I mean BSE codes and XC, XD, M have to be set to search. Why ?

  234. Ruben says:

    in KITE most BSE stocks are passive with an ‘O’

  235. Jigi says:

    Nithin it would be helpful if you upload some live trading option buying and selling video keeping Greeks in mind and your explanation.

    • Have you checked the options module on Varsity?

      • Samir says:

        Read each and every line of zerodha varsity twice, follow Implied volatility every day, use option calculator to get those Greeks Value but still cannot able to figure out how to use all this stuff.
        I buy/sell option just looking at market trend and not putting all this things together.
        So for me Video explanation would me more helpful.

  236. Amit bose says:

    Let say I know how the market is going to react tomorrow so what Zerodha will do if I place a MIS order in between 3.25pm to 3.30pm in FNO will you people canceled it or square it off.

  237. rajesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Are there any end to end examples .
    It would be helpful if we go through samples and use them as reference in building our APIs to place orders.
    I saw Java is supported but if you provide examples, it will be easy for us.


  238. Manish Astral says:

    The Kite API is simply the best new technology that you guys have brought to the Indian community. I am very grateful to Zerodha for providing this wonderful opportunity to make a fully custom personal trading system or attach a prebuilt one with Zerodha’s Kite Trading API. This is wonderful. Again thanks a lot for bringing out this to Indian investors. Really appreciate the hard work you guy put out. Keep it up. And may the API be even more powerful that it is already now, in the subsequent versions.

  239. SJ0215 says:

    Yes, I fully agree with the above comment…. The operational confidence is getting hampered.

    You should at the least ensure a popup message and email + sms to inform about awareness of the problem at yr end and an expected time for its resolution!

  240. ANIL PATEL says: is open in chrome and internet explorer so how we can open it and check our stoke wise expanse detail. so we can get exact cost of particular stock. before we are receiving statement but now only combine statement. why you don’t send us separate stock detail statement again.
    thanking you.

  241. nikunj says:

    in your kite applications ….. not seen total volume in market depth … so plz add this so seen daily volume plz

  242. prkumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Today I have purchased pnb
    equity intraday SL Quantity 1000, price ₹75.60 Trigger price ₹75.40. market goes below then trigger price 75.40
    quantity was not delivered. why it is happened … this is not first time, every time happened to me. why it is happened ..?
    clarify me.
    my user id is DR4042.

    • When you place a SL order with trigger and limit price, if the market drops fast, the limit order can go pending. If you want guaranteed execution for stoploss orders, use SL-M. Check this post.

      • prkumar says:

        Dear Sir,
        what you told is correct . if the market drops fast, the SL limit order can go pending yes I agree , In my case not like that, market drops very slowly and one more think that two time market came up to my trigger prize. In this case order might be executed. But order was not executed why did not happened. might be their is a issue ,why I am saying purposely I cheeked 2 ,3 times even single time order not executed.. so please do need full

  243. aditya says:

    can you please include camarilla pivot lines?

  244. palash says:

    TradeTiger way more advanced than Pi.
    TradeTiger allow trader to place Bracket Order from Chart.
    We can even trade from excel with the help of TradeTiger.
    When we going to see such cool feature in PI.

  245. Hrushikesh says:

    I am in the process of developing a fully automated trading robot and I wanted to understand this scenario.
    I place an order for myself using my access token, so place order for my other 2 family members, will I have to create separate apps and subsequently use different access tokens? If yes, then do I have to pay for the 3 different API’s?
    Or is there a possibility that I can club those 2 accounts under my account and the same order gets placed for them as well?

    Thanks in advance

  246. PANKAJ JAIN says:

    l&t ne 18.25 per s ka div diya tha vo kab tak credit hoga

  247. SJ0215 says:

    I tried clearing the cache etc., now chart did open, but when I select 1 hour TF, it again gives the same error!

  248. sudhakar says:

    Hello Sir,
    when i open chart it looks normally, but if i refresh it the latest candles looks differently as seen before refresh, some times green candles look red or vice versa.

  249. DOMNIC DSOUZA says:

    I have recd. a Mail saying we can trade directly from/thro Investarinto Zerodha,now Investar is a daily Charts/Graphs provider is there any extra charges we have to pay to Investstar. as I already have a trading account with Zerodha.
    If there are Extra Charges to pay can You tell me by E-Mail How much.

  250. Ashish says:

    I am an active trader of Zerodha for close to 4 years now.
    Kite web was best in the business till it got upgraded few days back. I still don’t understand why you upgraded perfectly working software. I lost great opportunity today in market because of the bug. Normal product type was not defaulted while trading option and MIS order got rejected.
    That’s only one issue I faced today of many that I faced since last 2 weeks. Please do a good testing before releasing product upgrades. (They don’t even necessary because what you have presently is best in industry). Think about it.

    • THere were some issues around charting, but nothing else on Kite today. Getting someone to call you back.

      • Ashish says:

        Thanks. But luckily it was no loss opportunity today for me, I reentered thanks to fluctuation in last hour. There is nothing like Kite web; it has completely change the way I trade for good. It is best and I do not want it to get bad (Its like if it ain’t broken then don’t fix it)

      • Anil says:

        Today again Zerodha Kite (android app) went down since morning. Quotes are refreshing fine but chart are no more loading.

  251. gvsmani says:

    I normally place orders upfront, using the “Stop Loss” order type, for both buy and sell.
    Currently, Kite is allowing Bracket Orders only under “Limit” type orders….
    i would like to use in Kite, the Bracket Order, for “Stop Loss” in addition to “Limit” type…..
    Would you consider ?

    • Currently not possible. No approvals from exchanges for this.

    • Brijesh says:

      I too suggest that Bracket order is beneficial only when it takes main/primary order and that too with basket order facility.
      Otherwise stiill you have to look the market and with this you can completely do trade with your analysis.

      Sharekhan has this facility where all legs of bracket order are limit order and none is market order so you just place AMO order and forget about the order whole day. Your analysis will do the rest of the things and if it comes with basket then it is like icing on the cake, In few minutes u can place muliptle order and forget and if it comes with VTD and then it is marvelous. Means forget for 10 – 12 – 40 – 60 day or till VTD and give the facility to modify orders each item, order will alive whole life.

  252. LAXMAN says:


  253. srikanth says:

    Hi nithin sir, I really appreciate your patience for answering 1000’s of questions.that’s really gr8.

    I have one question trading with Amibroker with nest trader terminal is good

    Or Amibroker with kite connect api for fully automatic trading

  254. Nurith says:

    Hi Nithin

    I am seeing a problem in kite, the live charts prints candles ok but whenever we refresh almost all candles change. as if they show a different story on refresh. why is this happening.

  255. Mahesh Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can you please create a YouTube video, explaining about Kite Connect API for Programming with an example of how it can be used?

    If you can explain the below para audio visually, it will be great 🙂

    “Using Kite Connect, you can, with any programming language of your choice (from excel VBAs to Python, Java, C# or even your command line console), place and manage orders, build – multi asset risk modelling systems, stock screeners, quant based strategies, equity stock selection models, option greeks calculators, backtesting, machine learning, and more. You could even build your own personal Kite or Pi.”

  256. Harish says:

    I currently use PBridge to fire orders and due to this need to have PI installed and launched. When I use Kite API i assume that I dont need PI to be installed locally to work. Please confirm.

    This will help to build my trading system on Linux.

  257. Samir Roy says:

    1: Can expect Bracket Order from SnapQuote in next PI release
    2: If possible let us load more than 50 scripts in PI but make those scripts remain inactive, just add a refresh button so that whenever we want we can update the price of those scripts.

    • 1. Not next release.
      2. We should have multiple marketwatch in the next Pi release.

      • Samir Roy says:

        Thanks for zerodha varsity its really help me as a trader
        If possible please make this thing happen in PI
        1: Chart, Bracket Order everything from SnapQuote make it more compact.
        2: SL orders to enter new positions via Bracket Order

  258. SJ0215 says:

    Fund withdrawal Request placed on Fri, 13th May (noon) was processed today ie- Mon, 16th May …. This is pathetic… Why so much time??!! I wanted the funds urgently… and had to break an FD “prematurely” with penalties.. on Saturday to satisfy that…

    This is completely unsatisfactory service and out of cognition..
    You ppl are taking so much time to transfer my own money from my own account to my own account!!

    Any explanations?

    Now, do not say that is a One-off or isolated case or give a diplomatic response… Take some corrective action at your end and let me know!

  259. arun says:

    Hi, did you guys partner with quantconnect yet? Any hope of partnership anytime soon?

  260. SaikiranGarapati says:

    If i created a account, Do i need to pay Rs-2000/- if i do not use also?

    If the answer is yes, Please let me know how to delete that?


  261. DIPESH says:


  262. Sandeep says:

    Great Initiative.

    I believe the back-testing API and Trading API s have separate charges.

    Can I subscribe only for the back-testing API without the trading API.


  263. Prem kumar says:


    Can you tell ETA for MF on Kite means getting MF API Kite Connect?

    Mutual fund applications which uses Kite Connect requires any Exchange or SEBI approvals?

  264. PANKAJ JAIN says:



  265. Mahalakshmi says:

    Dear Nitin,
    Sorry to choose to forum to drag your attention. I have opened Demat account in Zerodha and Initiated the IL&FS closure and Transfer of shares from IL&FS to Zerodha Demat. But i not getting Concrete response from your support team. i don;t want to spell entire history. Kindly request your kind attention on the support request #358061.

    Thanks and Regards
    PK Mahalakshmi

  266. Trideb Dey says:

    My zerodha account has been activated 10 days before. When I tried to buy equity it shows not a valid product. I tried to purchase via CNC. After hitting buy option it shows’Not a valid product code’. I’ve also tried for other companies but, the problem is same. I have mailed to zerodha support but they are unable to solve the problem.

    Your prompt response to be appreciated.

    • DIPESH says:


  267. Sandeep T S says:

    Hi Nithin,

    My friend wants to open an account with zerodha he has a new bank account so wont be able to give the six month bank statement is it a problem ,if so what should he do ?

    • Venu says:

      A 6 month statement is required as a proof for trading in the F&O segment. He can give us any of the following documents to trade in F&O:
      * Statement of Demat holdings from another DP
      * Pay Slip
      * Form 16
      * ITR filed

  268. Ravi says:


    This is a request that I have already conveyed to your team a couple of times but don’t think they are serious about it. In Kite, there are many stocks where bonus/split are unadjusted (even Nifty 50). Economic Times website has pretty much the same interface as Kite but they have these adjustments done.

    I keep referring Zerodha to others all the time (without even asking for a referral!) and find it embarrassing when such basic issues crop up and people say “See, I told you so….low brokerage means poor service”.

    2 cents from a well wisher 🙂

  269. Arjun says:

    Has Kite gone bonkers?

  270. Mahesh says:

    Dear Nithin,
    I am basically a mathematician and I have been thinking with a few of my friends to start algo-trading. We are currently based in the UK and work in academia so do not have much knowledge of regulations in India. But we did get historical data of MCX and tested some of our strategies on it with very positive results. Can we use your KITE connect APIs (or any other for that matter) for automated trading? If yes, what permissions, approvals do we need? What help can zerodha provide for it? We want to do automated intraday trading in MCX.
    Thank you.

  271. Vinay says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Nitin I’m posting unrelating matter but I thought its important as no broker has done it so far.
    Can you provide marketdelta cloud support to your customers. As you know they are pioneers in Order flow trading. They are interested in Indian brokers for tieup. That will be another first from Zerodha. Here is their twitter post regarding this.

    • Vinay, we have already reached out to them. But don’t see anything of value in this, the Kite web based platform uses the same charting library, and the platform is much faster/lighter than marketdelta. If there is anything specific you see on marketdelta cloud, let me know. We will try putting it up on Kite.

  272. PANKAJ KUMAR JAIN says:



  273. Ameerpappay says:

    i want to know wheather a one time 5000 rupee transfer is neede to make my account activation first time?
    my sub broker said so.i didnt faced such a thing any other brokerage.They told me to transfer 5000 and call them back.

  274. shyamsundargoud says:

    Hi Chocks,

    I can agree with you on the sentence “Technical issues are something that can’t be avoidable.”

    But Don’t give bullshit example saying like if doubled your account. Because it never happens. Even though its happen, you guys can definitely roll back that amount by saying due to technical issues.

    I also recommend you first fix all the issue and give us a nice trading environment.

  275. Ajay says:

    First fix the basics problem and maintain a decent trading environment setup then do all your experimental stuff of API this and that, I don’t think you people are going to take any sort of responsibility if any thing goes wrong.

  276. KARRONN SHARRMA says:

    i do not expect this from u man …. your timing is really bad for connectivity issues man … who is responsible for the losses for today and tomorrow … small traders like me get hit bad and there is no answer from your side … but this issue needs to be resolved man … you want to compete with big brokerage houses but just look at this problem … we customers get hit with loses unnecessarily … my account is very small and because of the connectivity issue your people are saying i just lost half of my account because i wanted to get out of a bad trade immediately but i couldn’t … who is responsible …

    • Karronn, one of our leased lines had an issue. Nothing much we could have done today. We have backups in place, but it took 20 mins to switch these clients who were on the faulty line. We are working on ensuring that it doesn’t happen.

      • Zorba says:

        20 minutes are not real, it’s more than 5 hours, from 10 am to 3 pm, i logged in and out in kite ,pi,nest trader more than 20 times. until we diagnose problem properly , how can we rectify it ?

        • For 20 mins, orders were not going through. Orders which were placed before, if price had reached the orders were executed. These order confirmation was not captured until around 2.30pm.

    • ChokS says:

      Hi KARRONN

      Techincal issues are something that can’t be avoidable.
      Every Organisation including Zerodha Invest heavy amount in Technology
      and periodically test their IT for errors and faults and have backup system to handle.
      But still, new bugs/errors may arise.
      NSE too had cases of server issues earlier.
      Microsoft is still sending patches to fix bugs in Windows 7 after their launch on Oct 09.
      So, Technical issues can be reduced and nearly impossible to Avoid.
      Better understand this, instead of blaming Broker.

      Suppose, Due to today problem, If your account is doubled…
      Can You give it back to Zerodha or to the Opposite Party who sold/bought shares to/from you.
      The answer is Never, Even You will not disclose it or comment here that “I Got my A/c doubled
      due to today’s problem”.

  277. shashankde says:

    I took MIS Market “sell” position in Nifty Futures @ 10:40 am. At around 3:16 pm this position went into 100 points profit hence I thought of
    squaring off the same to book the profit by putting MIS Market “Buy” order.
    To my surprise this order was not executed and the status showed “Open Pending”.
    I thought the same order might get square off by zerodha @ 3:20. But there were more surprises in store for me 🙂
    Even after 3:30 pm the profit booking (remember 100 points) order never got executed.
    I was told there were few technical glitches @ zerodha server hence the order could not get executed at that time and will be settled by 5 pm.
    When I checked again @ 6pm, to my surprise I was told that order was not executed and will be converted into NRML and will get executed the next day.

    I have few concerns and queries with this –
    1. Is it normal with the brokerage houses to convert MIS orders to NRML without my consent ? what does the rules say ?
    2. Suppose market opened with a big gap on opposite side the next day, what will happen to my intraday profits ? even worst there are high changes of my
    position getting into heavy losses. How does zerodha help me in mitigating this risk ?

    • Shashank, we have been having issues with one leased line – both primary and secondary. Squareoffs that happen at 3.20 hence didn’t happen yesterday. It is always best for you to square off such intraday positions on your own.

      • Shashank says:

        Hi Nitin,
        I did the same, I had put a “BUY” MIS Market order that went in “Open Pending” state.
        This order was further converted to NRML and was squared off the other day.

        These are my concerns
        I have few concerns and queries with this –
        1. Is it normal with the brokerage houses to convert MIS orders to NRML without my consent ? what does the rules say ?
        2. Suppose market opened with a big gap on opposite side the next day, what will happen to my intraday profits ? even worst there are high changes of my
        position getting into heavy losses. How does zerodha help me in mitigating this risk ?

        • 1. The onus is on the client to square off positions for which there aren’t enough funds to hold on to the next day.
          2. In case of technical glitches, the brokerage is not liable. A broker can reimburse only to the extent he has earned from the trade.

  278. Lokesh says:

    Halting trading in the volatility market is not acceptable at any cost. Called the support guys multiple times and getting the same reply i.e., will take 20 mins. Really disappointed with support.

    • Lokesh says:

      I kept the SL orders in the morning and there was no status whether they are executed or not. They even did not allow to modify them.

      Finally when they system is showing up, status is showing as executed and the execution time is around 13.45 but the execution price is in no where range of this time. Not sure when they really got executed.

      • Lokesh, they would have gotten executed at the time the price reached on the exchange. The update on the front end came late because of leased line issues today. The contract note will show you the correct time today.

  279. Manish says:

    Don’t know shortage of staff or what but whenever I call there’s no one from your support team to answer the phone which is quite frustrating.

  280. dhanraj says:

    shutdown your shop.. limit freezed. can not modify or cancel it. no one is answering phone calls.

    will you reimburse my loss?
    no more discount brokerage house. going to end with you. sharekhan was way more better then you guys. brokerage not an issue now onwards.cant bear losses in real market.

    you are not mature guys. if you are facing issues, atleast pick up the call and answer it morons.

  281. shyamsundargoud says:

    Facing lot of login errors and some time trading errors. Even Iam also facing similar issues. Better we can change it to Mothilal or sharekhan account.

  282. Harsha says:

    Not able to execute trade in kite .Im trying to reach out support , no one is lifting the call, tried multiple times over past 1 hour .No response to mail as well .

    • We had sent message asking for clients to logout and log back in to make it work. Since we had the issue with lines, our phone lines were continuously busy.

  283. Raju.R says:

    Tq Mr.Venu for the reply
    today too my Pi crashed & Orders placed but not executed.& unable to modify /cancel to place new order.So that particular Profit booking missed.(screen shots can be mailed of that).limit buy order placed @ 613 .614 gone .613.5 came 613 came then price touched many times ,but not executed till 15.30. tried to modify unabled. cancel unabled .order history shows open pending,not cancelled,not modified,put order rquest received like messages ,but till the end not executed,.
    then i tied Kite to modify /cancel, again i failed too
    finally trade incomplete & holding the scrip instead closing with 5780 Rs of profit.
    Can u suggest me what shall i do further? please provide me direct contact line to call & get it done,
    i uninstalled Pi & re installed now
    hope i get clear advise to overcome any issue ahead tomorrow
    Best Regards

  284. arun says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I got a reply from quant connect. They are open to it.

    Can you ask the team to have a word with them.

  285. tanya30 says:

    how to use zerodha mobile app.??

  286. keval says:

    amc is still there or removed by sebi

  287. keval says:

    if an order doesnt get executed in single transaction then how brokerage charged

    i.e. whether it ll be 20 rs per order or 20 rs per transaction

    • Venu says:

      An order can get executed in multiple trades, we charge on the order number not on the trades. So if you place an order to buy 1000 shares of Reliance, it can get bought as 300,100,200,400. We charge Rs.20 upon the execution of 1000 shares and not separately for 300,100,200,400.

  288. Raju says:

    Dear Nitin Sir
    while trading in Pi atleast once in a day Pi crashes & have to to overcome this?
    yesterday crashed & could’t login & says Contact administrator.Which i dont know to contact & could not convet MIS to Normal as well till EOD,
    in such emergency period (while trading) how to tackle or how to get new password ?? Please advise
    can u give me direct Tech Support contact to call & get it done in the same time please..
    When can we have Super trend in Pi
    Awaiting for ur reply Sir

    Thanks & Best Regards

    • Venu says:

      There’s a Forgot password option available using which you can reset your password. There’s a new version of Pi getting released on which Supertrend is available. About Pi crashing, will appreciate if you can call support and take assistance from one of our agents.

  289. arun says:

    Is there is any website like quantshare or quantopian which we can use to create algos and fire orders through your api.

  290. Avii says:

    What’s process for strategy approval ?
    Approval required from your side or from Exchange ?
    Any fee is applicable to get approval ?


  291. Prakash Sonani says:

    continue to my above question.

    I mean, based on crossover my program will put a order of buy and sell. Will that be consider as algo as here there will not be any manual intervention ?

  292. PANKAJ KUMAR JAIN says:

    Dear Nitin ji



    • DP charges are shown on the ledger and P&L statements. You can login to to check this.
      Yes, DP charges is when you sell shares which is lying in your demat account. It is per debit, so irrespective of how many times you sell a particular share in a day it is a flat fee of Rs 13.5.

      • PANKAJ JAIN says:

        kya me dp charge ko avoid ker sakta hu me sirf poss or int day trading kerta hu to kya me cdsl demate account close ker sakta hu or sirf trading account rakhu jisase dp charge avoid kiya ja sake or kya me trading account may delivery le sakta hu me positional trade bhi kerta hu . cdsl account nahi rakne per bhi me longterm ke liye bhi hold ker sakta hu keya or yse dp charge to nahi lagega please help me thank u

        or aapka mf.zerodha servise hay usme kaya alaga se charge hay koki mujhe sip kaerni hae agar koi charge he to detail dene ki kirpa kery thank u

  293. Prakash says:

    Thanks Nitin for quick answer.

    For example, I make simple program, through which I will put buy order when there is crossover between 5 and 13 over 5 min candles and it will keep monitoring if crossover reverse happens, it will square off the position.
    Hope this can be possible via this APIs and it is not consider to be algo trade and allowed for retail user like me.
    can you please confirm ?

    • Yes, what you are asking for is very easily possible. As long as you are manually triggering your orders, it won’t be considered algo.

      • SR says:

        Hi Nithin

        There is a difference between automated and API based coding that i am unable to understand.

        Assume the output of the code is a buy signal and then i use the API to place the order (which is also the next logical step in the code). The whole process is written in a program which gets executed at my end. Is this an intended API usage pattern or will this be deemed a automated process requiring exchange approvals?

        If automatic order placing is not allowed then the API’s can be used only to create alerts? I didnt quite get this and since there is no trial period, your answer Will really help me on deciding to take the Connect subscription.


        • SR, can you send an email to [email protected], we will back and explain.

          • SR says:

            Sure, will do. Thanks.

            Have a suggestion, why dont you charge some amount per trade alongside brokerage instead of a subscription model? Created an account and had a look at the discussions, sounds promising. The API documentations are of good standards but a zerodha varsity page will be easier to grasp for a wider audience.

            Great Work!

  294. Prakash Sonani says:

    Dear Nitin,
    Really excellent move by zerodha.
    I would like to understand whether I can do using programming language.

    1) I can developed my own minimal GUI and place a order through kite connect API, right ?

    2) I have gone through your API doc, could not find if can get current EMA on .5 minute candles. Using this API, can i get EMA crossover signal or value on .5 minutes candles.
    This is very important to take decision for buying and selling ?


    • 1. Yep you can.
      2. You get data through the API, you will have to code the strategies yourself. Formulae for EMA and most indicators are available online.

  295. VARMAN says:

    Just wanted to understand better about KITE API.

    1.Is it possible to build customized BO or CO (example 2 targets and entry by SL-M) using KITE API.
    2.If Yes, will this latency at par with NEST?
    3.will it work even after closing KITE after placing the BO order?

    assume I or my friend knows nuts and bolts of Programming.


    • 1. Yes
      2. No, Kite connect API’s are not really meant for speed. It will be slightly slower than NEST (in milliseconds)
      3. If you are creating this using the API, I am guessing you will run it on your system. So your system will need to be connected.

  296. Samir Roy says:

    Is it possible to download contract note from Q in pdf format because when try open
    from FireFox get error – Sorry. You need a browser that supports XDK. Please use IE and
    from Internet Explorer get error – ‘DOMParser’ is undefined

  297. Kaustabh Ray says:

    Congrats on bringing out the API.
    Is there a way developers can do testing on a demo account? (e.g like in MT4, brokers allow demo account.)
    Also is there a trial period where I can test out the API’s without paying the Rs. 2000 per month fees.

    • Thanks Kaustabh. Currently there is no sandbox, we are working on it. We are not giving any trial period as well, we will start offering trial once the sandbox is ready.

      • Kaustabh Ray says:

        Hello Nithin,
        I have a “strategy” for maintaining a equity portfolio. It has two distinct modules
        1. The advisory module
        2. The trader robot.
        Thanks to you, I can now write both the above modules for the Indian Market.
        I have a zerodha account which I very rarely use ( I do not trade or invest in stocks, I am a programmer), I can use that to start testing out the APIs and write my first program.

        Can I get some developer support from the Zerodha team.
        Also, what is your email address.


        • Venu says:

          There’s a Kite connect forum where you can get help:
          You can write to Nithin on [email protected]

          • VenkatS says:

            Has there been any progress with regards to a free trial/demo account? It is very important to have this facility, since the barrier to entry is high as it is, and without actually getting a sense of what to expect, people may not want to over-commit themselves.

            Also, can we do fully automated trading using this Kite Connect (Python)? If not, which part(s) need to be done manually?

            • The sandbox should be out soon. The firing of order has to be manual, you can also automate after getting exchange approvals.

              • VenkatS says:

                Thanks for your answer. But I am a little confused still. I am looking at the documentation ( and it clearly has a function called order_place. If the order needs to be placed manually why should this function even exist?

                • Venu says:

                  order_place is a function to place the order. You can automate orders, provided you’ve taken necessary Exchange approvals.

                  • Anish says:

                    I have the same doubt. I had spoken to your customer care folks sometime ago, and I don’t remember them mentioning anything about needing exchange approvals. The website also says “Use our exchange-approved APIs to craft your own trading experience.”. If already it is exchange approved, then what else is needed? Please clarify in detail once and for all.

                    Secondly, it is being mentioned that there is going to be a free trial account. When will it be available? Will it allow live trading or just paper trading?

              • VenkatS says:

                Thanks for your answer. I had posted a follow-up question but that has not appeared on the site for some reason, hence I am posting it again. Basically what I want to know is that there is a function called order_place in pykiteconnect. If the order needs to be placed manually why this function needs to exist? It seems like we are missing something here. Existence of this function and some related functions in the library indicate that only the login (to obtain a unique token/key) needs to be done once per session manually, and that everything else from that point on should be automatic. No?

              • VenkatS says:

                Do you have a timeline on when the sandbox is expected to be available? Also, is it possible to subscribe just to the data feed (for building models and doing backtesting offline) and not the APIs?

  298. Pankaj says:

    Hi Nithin,
    At first, kudos on the success of Zerodha and your initiatives on inclusion.
    I recently migrated to kite from NSENow, hoping that i would be able to use the Kite API. My first reaction was positive, the kite.zerodha offering had a clean, uncluttered presentation. However, I had an issue with the kite platform today, which causes me to rethink any effort on kite API.
    Today two option orders, placed around 15:26 were stuck in, with status = “OPEN PENDING”. Around 17:12, these were updated to status=”LAPSED”. The orders never reached NSE!! Zerodha support said that the server went down!!
    Three questions:
    1. Is the API exposed by Kite = API used by
    2.Does the API also use the same server as
    3. Any suggestions on how to get around such “lapses”?

    • 1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. Few clients on a particular leased line today had an issue the last 5 mins with the order. We are checking this out, shouldn’t have happened considering we have backcups in place.

      • Pankaj says:

        Thanks for response Nithin. I hope this issue was a one off, and not a recurring item. I think it was the link with NSE that went down, because the client facing was providing the same status across multiple devices. If you do ever identify/fix the reason for backups not kicking in, do update the thread.

  299. Samir Roy says:

    Few suggestions to make pi more user friendly
    1) Place buy and sell order from Snap quote
    2) Refresh Market Watch button
    3) Multiple Market Watch
    4) Add custom columns in Market Watch like that of self-created formula column
    5) Day high, Day low change of color
    6) Data Table like Dashboard on Market Watch page which show the desire result when we pick a formula from the formula list.

    • Venu says:

      1. Already available, click on the Qty column and the order window opens up.
      2. MW is Auto refreshed
      3. Coming in the next release
      4. Will take some time, on our list of things to do.
      5. Will take some time, on our list of things to do.
      6. Not sure what the requirement is. There’s a screen called “Generated Alerts” which shows the generated trades based on the strategy implemented.

      • Samir Roy says:

        In NestTrader can load more than 50 scripts but those scripts remain inactive so to update the price of those share there a refresh button that why saying for the Market Watch refresh button.

      • ab says:

        One more addition to this list- OI % change

  300. Philip Francis says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Now a days i am receiving mails from facebook and whatupps “Zerodha Honest Portfolio”. Just i would like to know from you that Zerodha is sending Honest portfolio or not. Pls reply. if i would like to join there is any service charges or not?



  301. Sadik says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I am trying to open the trading account with zerodha, but not able to do that .. can you guide me. it always send error saying document not able to update. Can someone contact me so that I can open a Zerodha trading account.

    I have shared my details on your portal for call back but none called.


  302. kmsuryakumar says:

    HI Nitin,

    Using the provide APIs, if I am using the some programming languages like perl/python to get market live data and place a buy and sell order depending on prices.
    Eg: nifty fut, buy @ 7500 and sell @ 7550 through program. Can this be called as “Automated Trading” and Do I need approval for this simple 10/20 lines of code ? Is my understanding correct?

    Thank you

  303. Sandeep T S says:

    Hi Nithin ,
    I am an aspiring trader and want to be a trader full time someday(hopefully in a few years) . I want to know what the realistic number a trader can expect while trading the Indian markets keeping in mind our tax system and trade expenses. If i buy a stock how much percentage should the stock go up (like in percentages, 4% or 6%) to cover the capital gains tax and other expenses to start getting money i can use for myself(real returns ). suppose if i bought Infosys shares at 1200 for 50 lakh in june (i know diversification is a must but for the sake of the example:) )
    1. how much % should the stock move up to start giving me the real returns as i mentioned above?.
    2.Would it be advisable to be a trader who exits after a 10% gain ?

    • Hmm.. I’d suggest you to start learning about markets here:
      1. Since we charge very less brokerage, your real returns when doing equity delivery starts almost at 0.3% above your purchase price. Capital gain tax is a % of your profit.
      2. :), don’t think anyone can answer this. Do start reading up, and if you are trading/investing start very small.

  304. Nurith says:

    Hi Nithin
    Can one person have two trading acc with zerodha.

  305. jaya says:

    dear sir

    when you are update kite mo. with BO and setting option and can we are place bo in mcx in pi

  306. jaya says:


    if i have by the stock in mcx with co order so how can place target for sell to co order in kite mobile, please reply

  307. Vikas says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have gone through details of KITE API – and i did had a knowledge in Python.
    now my question is ,
    1) if i use data pkg api like Quandl and built my strategy and pass on through KITE API via my client id details for some type of automate trade , will that work, right ?
    2) i also want to built my personalized dashboard for my day to day mkt updates and will use that for analysis and from dashboard only planning to use quandl data and kite api and planning to trigger my trade..please let me know whether i am thinking in right direction?
    your thought on this, sir.

  308. Ravi Joshi says:

    Some great initiatives with Kite Trade. I am a college student & plan to build a platform for live price quote, watchlist & more. Can I use Zerodha Kite just to show live prices to my users? I do not wish to have trade feature as of now.

    Since I am just wish to pull live stock quotes, I am okay to subscribe to a paid plan.

    • Kite connect API’s can be used only by Zerodha trading clients behind their trading login and password. If you want to display data on your website, you will need to go speak to a registered data vendor on the exchange, and get approvals for it. You can check these guys:

      • Ravi Joshi says:

        Thanks mate!

        I really liked NeoTrade guys, but they have been delaying equity feeds launch for sometime. First I asked they had a target of March, then April first week & now end of May. Not reliable, I say.

  309. Chandrabhusan Singh says:

    multiple login allowed or not in

  310. Umang Kumar Sinha says:

    Nithin sir we know that KITE is the best html based trading platform but sir there is one issue i.e. we can’t trail our stoploss. So I request you and our zerodha team to work over trailing stoploss facility.

  311. Dark Trader says:

    It’s good for a programmer only, no where is shared any code for Ninjatrader to kite or Pi.

    • Using NT requires programming skills, any average programmer should be very easily able to connect NT using Kite connect. Currently we don’t have the bandwidth to work on third party tools, but we are soon going to start inviting programmers to start building these plugins.

  312. trade_then says:

    I see in kite API the 1 min interval data retrieval possibility. In Pi charts maximum days are 120 days for 1 minute data. Is it the same in this Api or can we retrieve more than that. Let us say 1minute data for last 5 years.


  313. arun says:

    So for automation which route will you suggest?

    Pi bridge or kite api?

    I know basics of programming so am learning advanced ones.

    Is there any websites like quantopian where we can create algos easily ?

  314. abdul azeez says:

    thanks for kite, can u suggest any CA in Mangalore who cd file tax return regarding stock trading?

  315. wesley gray says:

    Can this API get integrated with a charting s/w? or it is a stand alone API to trade from a pc or website?
    Please excuse my ignorance, I don’t know any alphabet of programming.

  316. S.Bhargava says:

    I am zerodha client. I want to learn programmatic trading, as you have mentioned above, can please guide me.

  317. Rahul says:

    You guys are truly innovating. Brokerages have sat down and done nothing to grow the markets over the last two decades. Kudos to your team #MAKEININDIA

  318. Jobby says:

    Hi Nithin,
    When do you think, will a lay retail client be able to do algorithmic trading online, with almost zero coding?
    If that happens it will be a different world out there!

    Kudos to all your endeavors.

    Bengaluru Rocks.


  319. Sandeep kumar says:

    If no programming knowledge, how can one get benefits from zerodha connect API

  320. Sandeep kumar says:

    Hi Nitin

  321. virendra p says:

    can you please make tutorial on how to place BO and CO order on kite.
    congrats for the new achievement..kite API..would like learn about it soon..


  322. narsimha says:


    April 22, 2016 at 10:33 am
    sir,iam planing to operate 20 acc and these will be opened in zerodhawith capital of just 22000 with minimum returns of 5%permonth if ething goes well i tell them increase fund,now the problem i have two computers&3 smart phs,so how can i manage if opportunity comes regarding stategy first thought of trading nifty optins(hedging,cntra,etc)but because of theta it seems risky so now iam planning covered call r in ur way deltahedge ex buy dlf 50sh in cash&buy 1lot niftyotm put like this for all stcks what do u say ofcouse i get maintainence+referals so i need to achieve 12% here&there so pls guide i want to build empire on this&wants to show power of wisdom

  323. Karthik Rekhala says:

    Kite is cool but it would be great if u guys could develop an app.

  324. Vishal says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Many thanks for the initiation. It was badly required for many traders who are familiar with coding.

  325. Anant D Karve says:

    Awesome work Nithin and team!

    You guys have gone one step ahead than just giving support for CO and BO in kite (which I kept insisting about)


  326. amar kinhikar says:

    When bracket orders will be available for kite . It is very important for intra day trading .

  327. Rajneesh says:

    Dear Zerodha folks,

    I have enrolled in your company for trading but disappointed by seeing your trading platform. The UI is not good and complicated that we cant even sell or buy in a hurry esp future trade. You must look at the way Geojit platform is working, very simple and easy. I enrolled in your company to get rid from geojit, but after seeing your platform I decided to stay back because its close to impossible and damn slow. It keeps rotating and many unwanted things in page. I seriously wanted you folks to come up with a good platform so that you will get more clients.

  328. Bharath says:

    Great. This was I’m looking for a long time. You amazed me with this feature. Thank you

  329. Mangesh Rajhans says:

    Industry first ! Congrats for that.
    But I am shocked by Pricing 🙁 (specially when features are provided by Discount Brokerage firm Zerodha). Such pricing is understandable for rotten traditional players.

  330. option_greek says:

    While this is awesome, the requirement to start paying immediately for access is bothersome. Developers need a period of free access to develop and test their solutions. A trial environment without actual trading happening in the backend will be very welcome. Any plans to offer C# or any other language SDKs ? (it will drastically cut down the time required to bring solutions up and prevent developers doing the same thing again and again)


    • Zerodha says:

      Yep, we are working on a sandbox environment.

      • Savan Javia says:

        is sandbox available now?

        or any other way I can test my python code without paying Rs 2000 for API?

    • Yes OP, on our list of things to do.

      • sushil says:

        Hi Nithin,

        It would be great if we get trial period, i will be little hesitant to pay upfront if i want to develop my solution & test it. Can you please offer C# SDKs ? whats the use of reinventing the wheel? if someone has already developed please upload on GIT, I will be happy to help if necessary.

        • We are working on providing a sandbox access for free. No one has yet built C# SDKs 🙂

          • Deepak says:

            Hi Nithin,

            Its been a great revamp to the APIs through v3. Greatly appreciated, there were a lot of subtle but necessary features missing earlier and the gaps have been closed. I don’t want to bug you but the sandbox thing has been a moving target for quite a while now. A tight timeline confirmation would help reduce the anticipation levels among the folks who have been waiting for it. I know how s/w dev cycle works and things get their priorities attached to them, but are we likely to see it by, say, the end of the year?

            PS: Thanks again for revolutionizing a complete business sector. Your team is excellent and so is the vision of their boss.


        • Anshul says:

          Yes, I agree to Sushil. Paying upfront and every next month is very costly affair. You should design a different Tarrif model on this usage otherwise, big development community will come free of cost open sourced apis in no greater time.

          Please make it cos