Dark theme & simplified order window on Kite web

September 18, 2020

Dark theme

A dark theme for Kite web has been a much-requested feature for the past several years, and it’s finally here! You can now switch to dark mode on kite.zerodha.com from the “My profile” section as shown in the GIF below.

Enabling dark mode

Simplified order window

While Kite was built with simplicity in mind, we realised that a lot of terms on the order window like “CNC”, “MIS”, “NRML”, etc. weren’t really the most straightforward terms for someone new to the markets to understand. And so, we have now further simplified the order window as shown in the image below.

Simplified order window

While the new order window is much simpler, we have taken utmost care to ensure that if you have been using Kite for a while and gotten used to the old order window, your experience remains the same, if not better.

We hope these enhancements make your Kite experience better. 🙂

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  1. Shivpriya Saraf says:

    @nithinkamath, sir can we please have strategy wise PnL in kite so it gets easy to trade multiple strategies in kite, otherwise it gets very problematic.
    Thank you

  2. Pankaj says:

    Awesome!!! I’m loving it

  3. Sudhir says:

    In web app please add change in absolute and Percentage (both). Please replace radio button with check box.

  4. Addanki venkatrao says:

    Dear team,

    Please Add the RSI option in (Alert me when) Sentinel, if will very useful for our clients.

    Particularly RSI is very important in Sentinel

    Feeling very happy with you.


  5. Rajasekar R says:

    Open the my account

  6. Sateesh Kumar says:

    Is there kite app for win10?
    In my laptop Google chrome is showing not enough memory to open this page. Please suggest me a remedy.

  7. Sateesh Kumar says:

    The service you are giving is unmatchable. Kudos to Zerodha team

  8. Sachin Patil says:

    Many are here to complain about some issue in the app/web/service or other. Let me just say plain and simple thank you. Highly appreciated upgrade and testimony to the fact that team is watching out and working on customer suggestions.

  9. Vasant Tekade says:

    Why not credit Bonus share of SUVEN PHARMA in my portfolio.As well as Split stocks of Louruslab?

  10. Kiran Sinha says:

    I have an dmat account with you.I want to trade in this account.How can I trade in this account.Please provide me the rule.

  11. Perumal UMR says:


    Is it possible to provide the retail cliens a plugin whereby the real time stock data can be fetched by Amibroker charting software of the trading client from the Kite platform. Data vendors do not provide RT data for all the scrips. If any such plugin can be developed/provided, it will be very helpful. You can charge what is reasonable.

  12. Vivekanand says:

    Hi Team,

    Though this is not the right forum to raise this concern.
    But I want to know if you have any plans to create a native MacBook application like you have for windows(PI)? Don’t tell me we can do this via a virtual box. Coz that is a pathetic solution. I know its always better to have a native application.

    Let me know if you have any plans for this or not? And if not why not? And is there any forum where I can raise my concern regarding this?

    Also please ask the blog guy to move this Comment form on the top so that I don’t have to traverse till the bottom to write my comment.


  13. Sanjay says:

    Thanks Team for the Dark mode. But I feel like its too Dark. Not sure if grey mode is possible.

  14. SAMRAT SINGH says:

    Big fan of Nithin Kamath really appreciate your work.
    basket order show wrong margin while trading e.g basket order show Req capital 135000 & final capital 75000. i have 3lacs but my order was rejected why??? I also create ticket. ticket.

  15. Anwar says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    if you could introduce a feature to group or create tags to the stocks according to our preferred categories. it would be helpful in the Z-Kite Web.

    Example: i am holding some of the under-performing stocks and not willing to sell stocks as i am holding it for long-term investments. if i tag them as long-term investments to the stocks. i will be easy to sort based on the tags instead of scroll up and down to each script under holdings section.

    Hope this will be helpful for others as well.

  16. robin says:

    thanks for dark theme option, but it took very long to make a simple dark theme option,
    and there is still a lot to work on kite web ,
    1)it has blank space on both side of the screen when on 16:9 screen, make compatible for 16:9 screen type also.
    2)make use of shortcut keys to change time frame of charts, like 1 for 1sec time frame 2 for 2sec time frame 60 for 1hour timeframe 1d for daily time frame 1w for weekly timeframe1m for monthly time frame
    3)make an option to resize the market watchlist panel. like dragging option to make it large or small in size, or just a hide option the watchlist panel
    4) opening charts should be easier like with only one click, like just one click on stock from watchlist panel to open a chart it is very annoying to open any chart from the option menu every time ,people would like it if you make it simple to open charts because most of the time we spend on analysing chart only , so get some new ideas to make it simple and easier for the chart system.

    big fan of Nithin Kamath really appreciate your work

    • robin says:

      2)make use of shortcut keys to change time frame of charts, like 1 for 1min time frame, 2 for 2min time frame, 60 for 1hour timeframe 1D for daily time frame 1W for weekly time frame 1M for monthly time frame

  17. sudhakar says:

    pl unblock BRAKETORDER………

  18. Manvendra says:

    Hey, can you just introduce a feature where I open sell or buy window, in the box of qty and price , with my scroll mouse qty/price increase or decrease. For eg. in case of nifty lot it increase or decrease by 25 qty on every scroll up or down. In stock by 1 qty. In price by every tick value etc.

  19. Namshad K Muhammed says:

    Please provide central pivot range on tradingview charts. 😩

  20. Guruprashantha Rao says:

    Waiting for Paytm broker to start.. I feel they will be much cheep and best than ZERODHA

  21. Lalit Kumar says:

    Every thing is unique , but if in watch list, one more point add
    % change is there, but if price change is also shown then it will be best

  22. Nas says:

    Love the dark theme. Great work Zerodha!! The simplified order window also makes sense for the new market participants. One small thing that this new order is missing is the up/down arrow to increase/decrease the lot quantity. We need to manually calculate and enter. In the heat of market movement when quick order entry and execution matters, this unfortunately is a drag. Any chance we can have the up/down arrow for Lots back?

  23. RAGHAVENDRACHAR Jois says:

    While trading, if we put MIS order, it becomes default for next trade. Similarly, if we put SL, it becomes default setting, and if try to place limit order, it will be rejected or prompts for SL trigger price. Especially trading in mobile becomes difficult and I lost many opportunities.

  24. Siddhartha says:

    Thanks for continuously improving the portal. Can you please include a review order screen before it is sent to the exchange?

  25. Lalit Kumar says:

    Plz include central pivot range ( CPR) in kite application

  26. MUKTAR SINGH says:

    Enable on chart screen “drag” order

  27. Mina says:

    If you took ‘several years’ to make this little change (dark theme) available to users, then nothing to take proud of in it.
    It should have been done much earlier!

  28. Viswanathan Viswanathan says:

    I am happy with Zerodha for all their support in Fund transfer, trading, security. Zerodha Kite is more friendly user.

  29. Mohit says:

    There are lot of discrepancies shown in my portfolio against couple of stocks. There is no resolution for the same for a very long time. Please solve this problem.

  30. Thiruvarul says:

    In the Positions window. It will be better to have total value of stocks sold or bought.

  31. Georgy says:

    When will you add the drawing tools that help to plan position sizing which is available on tradingview? :/

  32. Hiren says:

    When will be CPR added to Kite Mobile App??

  33. Swapnil says:

    Please start BO and CO order. Now it is too long you disabled this things which was really useful.

  34. Brill says:

    Thanks team Zerodha for these nice feature.
    My long standing request for Previous Day High/Low and Previous Week High/Low indicators are still not there. Once again request TZ to implement these indicators

  35. Darshan says:

    Love the dark theme 😍.
    Just a suggestion. It would be better to show Delivery instead of Longterm for the CNC order type in order window.

  36. Kalaimani says:

    Hi Zerodha, Good to hear about update, also we need net profit & loss in holdings and positions section, kindly consider this update.

  37. Laxmi says:

    I face same issues in tradingview chart as u described.

  38. Nagarjuna says:

    I have a suggestion to your team

    Please bold all the alphabets, make it dark.

    thank you

  39. Dheeresh Masih says:

    My wife Mrs Kiran Masih has a D Mat account number, DP ID 12081600. Client ID AK4322
    She wants to close her d mat account and transfer her shares in my Zerodha account. Is it possible?

  40. Sajan Stanley says:

    Better late than never.

    Management was really late to take this decision. Right now, I believe a lot of new joiners are entering the market and apps like PayTM is taking away all customers because they like the interface better. Zerodha is simple but not build taking the interest of new comers.

    Anyway, love the change. 🙂

  41. Naresh Prasad Sen says:

    Much awaited feature for web, was using dark theme for almost from the beginning but waiting for the web, now finally got this feature, thanks team zerodha.

  42. Chavan Dipak says:


  43. P SURENDRA VARMA says:

    I am the happy man, thanks alot for zerodha feedback team, who listened to the costumers….. Just loved it❣️
    If possible make that amoled black thank you..!!

  44. Yogesh Kale says:

    I am waiting for gtt market order feature. Gtt has only limit option and in options if we put normal gtt order it will not triggered sometimes order will be in pending state.

  45. Abhi4046 says:

    Although I buy shares of a stock from nse ,the next day it shows shares from bse being credited to my account…why is this happening..is there some default setting which selects BSE shares?..thanks

  46. Ravindra says:

    Thanks for it but can we also have Light theme? many user prefers Gray background instead of dark black.

  47. Kasiviswanathan says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    It’s really a very good feature. Can we expect Simplified order window in kite App as well?

  48. Kalpesh Bhagtani says:

    Thanks a lot this what we are waiting for too long..

  49. Utkarsh says:

    Not at all satisfied with the service because of
    1.The customer care service of Zerodha is terrible.After enteri 4digit secure code the call gets disconnect.
    2.Yesterday my order was not getting executed even though limit price & ltp were same.
    3. For derivatives, they don’t even allow to plae market order saying that due to liquidity Market orders are blocked.
    4.IPO option is just for showcase only

  50. vicky says:

    Dear Zerodha
    please solve this problem, we want to talk with a person on call for help, making a ticket it is alot time consuming to get help.
    sometime we need instant help to know our query which can be solve in 10 to 20 second but making a ticket for it hell of time consuming.
    and other thing is good and i am happy with your service.
    please solve this asap.
    thank you.

  51. Chintan says:

    Zerodha Pi also needs upgrades. Pi seems like left out child of Zerodha. I have mailed you few pointers regarding updates waiting for updates since long.

  52. Jitender says:

    Stock Name Should be the highlight (Bold) in the watchlist which is open in the chart window.


  53. RAHUL ROY says:

    My eyes will survive lot of time to see charts. Fantastic work. Thank u .

  54. Vasu says:

    Options pe price is not updated and showing less then NSE and other trading platform price

  55. Abhinav says:

    Finally! A treat to the eyes 🙂

  56. Hrushikesh says:

    I’m not able to see “Studies” tab when, when I’m using zerodha on laptop.

    Could you pls help me out for this.

    Thnks in advance

  57. Arun D Yargole says:

    Hi! When the bracket orders will resume?

  58. muniraj says:

    Hi Zerodha team I am trading in Zerodha last 4 year I am trading 10 min chart candle price high & low not sowing currently price real market swing A ther price your trading terminal (chart IQ) RANG WHAT TO DO THIS PROBLEM
    your terminal is a fault or rang fraud fraud fraud

  59. Balappa says:

    Please reduce AMC charges.as amc charges are more than profit for retail investor.Other than AMC ,stt,sgst,cgst,taxes are burden on retail investor for delivery and investment.SEBI takes so many charges then why should scam happened like yes bank,india bulls housing,sun pharma,so many inside trading happened and sebi keeps quite.because they know they don’t have any loss and they earn salary from tax.please take some action on tax deduction if sebi chairman and it’s team not working properly.

  60. Sampat says:

    Well done. It is more comfortable watching my order on the go. The default theme sometimes catch the eye if sonmeone watch it bit longer. Also work the back button plz. When gone back from chart window it opens up the order window in kite web mobile. I don’t know it happens with me or it is kite.zerodha’s problem.

  61. Vls parvathi says:

    It’s very good. Thankyou Sir/ Madam

  62. Vikas Jain says:

    Kite app is not improved as promised.

  63. Vikas Jain says:

    Bracket order facility is missing. Restart it.

  64. Vikas Jain says:

    Please give us the feature of booking/placing the order directly from chart just like flyers

  65. SATISH PAI says:

    Thanks for the Dark Mode, and awesome Order Entry window, I would like one more feature (nowadays it was disabled) Barakat order (BO) should be enabled for trading. Much of the financial loses happen bcs of non-placement of Stoploss in MIS or Normal orders, pls enable BO (collect the MIS margin)

  66. Popup chart removed says:

    Popup chart option was a good option and now it’s not showing kindly bring back

  67. Aakash katoch says:

    Why are you not paying any attention towards kite app ? Kindly inject New UI in the kite app it is presently most horrendous experience to use the kite app full bugs in live market . Kindly inject the new UI in Kite android App 🙏 please

  68. Nilesh says:

    I trdae in multi leg options. But I couldn’t put stop loss as it is difficult to predict option price at any moment. Is there any way to put stop loss based on profit or loss or based on spot price?

  69. Jitendra says:

    I wrote at support about my problem on September 7, 2020 than sent reminder on September 18, 2020, I did not get any support. I tried end number of times phone calls using my support code but their is only automated mode not connecting to executives.

  70. BINAY KUMAR says:

    Kite aap operat karne mey dikat hota hai please send me any related video document

  71. shaji narayanan says:

    Nice appearance.

  72. Manu maheendran says:

    Great job…..Hope there will be more improvements in trading view platform in kite as well…..some features like RS indicator is missing……

  73. RATHEESH P V says:

    Please add basket order for kite mobile app too

  74. Shubham says:

    I appreciate the dark mode but previous night theme was much better compared to this night theme.
    Anyone who agrees on it?
    It was something dark bluish like zerodha logo. But new night theme is brownish black.
    Bluish with dark mode will be best.

  75. Dipa Salekar says:

    Why Bracket orders have been stopped in banknifty OPTIONS for so long. When will bracket order trading be resumed for bank nifty OPTIONS.

  76. Rajesh says:

    Dark mode looks like a pure Dark (black mode). I feel it should be somewhat greyish. This is not the color I want.
    The GTT also should be modified. I would be happy if i specify the target and the stop loss in terms of price instead of percentage.

  77. Mithun dutta says:

    How can i check market moves by which sector in real time?

  78. Es says:

    I am unable to reduce the Chrome browser window below 400 pixels to keep 3 browser window in screen.


    Just using chrome dark mode was enough for kite dark mode. I was using to from several years. Btw keep updating, that make you earn profits. Gbu.

  80. Husain Ashraf says:

    Indeed much awaited.

    Thank you Zerodha 😊

  81. Rinku says:

    Support System Is Very Poor
    I am Trying to 2 month. but didn’t get any response

  82. User says:

    ⚠️Very important ⚠️❗❗❗❗
    Can you please specify next to CNC and MIS button on oder tab, maximum number of quantity can be bought or sold with user available margin.

  83. Narendra singh says:

    में पिछले चार हफ्तों से अपना बैंक change करने के लिए आप से contact करने की कोशिश कर रहा हूं, लेकिन कोई ज़बाब नहीं मिल रहा, मेरे खयाल से trading करने के लिए बैंक बहुत ज़रूरी है और उस पर ही आप ध्यान नहीं दे रहे, तो कैसे आगे काम करें।

  84. Deepak says:

    I had also tried to reach customer care but every time after 4 digit call get disconnected.

  85. Nikhil says:

    Thank You Zerodha Team. Keep improving your service.

  86. Ravindra Talekar says:

    All were waiting for dark theme. It’s better now.

    Although one addition still remains. Existing Funds are not shown in the order window. The same is shown in Android platform. While placing order.

    When placing order if the amount in funds is less the order gets rejected. So if the above feature is added then the quantity of shares can be adjusted to match the funds and place order.

  87. User says:

    Can you please specify next to CNC and MIS button on oder tab, maximum number of quantity can be bought or sold with user available margin.

  88. Sayyed ismaail says:

    Sir .
    Ek hi fund me equity aur commodity stock buy hona chahiye . Equity aur commodity ke liye alag alag fund nahi hona chahiye.

  89. Pranab dutta says:

    Dear zerodha team,
    Dark theam is great for full time trader ..but
    Please add trading option over view chart And please start bracket order ..
    As soon as possible.
    All brokers are open the bracket order but why only zerodha block this option?

    Please open BO and add open chart trading in trading view chart..


  90. Sushen Halambi says:

    Its a great feature and much required. It waz very strenuous to see the white screen or display the whole day.And yes, the simplified order window is also a very good feature.

  91. Souvik Das says:

    We understand everything. But now it is the time you people should look after kite android app and give a good update.. It is lagging too much. Not smooth and freezes if left for sometime. Worst experience with app

  92. Prasanth says:


    Why don’t you guys give us option for pitch black similar to kite app. Becasue the dark mode which you have currently is not pure black and some times it’s little bit annoying to look at, that type of black (faded)


  93. Rj says:

    Thank you so much team Zerodha .
    I really need this fut.

  94. Shresth Panjkaran says:

    Dark them look must needed to relax my eyes

  95. Nilesh says:

    I absolutely love this the enhancements done. Also, I love the GTT feature. I have a enhancement request. Is it possible to add the avg buying price (wherever applicable) on the GTT page for stocks in the portfolio?

  96. Swanand says:

    But why you changed it in kite app. In dark theme first we were able to see chart in white background. There should be option in chart itself to have dark or white background. Because I wanted theme to be dark but chart to be appear in white background.

  97. Amit says:

    Great.. now that’s a cool view for eyes 🙂
    Thanks Team Zerodha for most awaited theme , and much more simplified order window.

  98. Samkit says:

    Thanks for the dark mode. BUT
    The green color used is an olive green however a fainter shade would have been appreciated more like the tradingview as it is much pleasing to eyes.

  99. Abhay says:

    When are you providing better Market watch (At least Bid-ask should be visible without the need to click further on the Market Depth)

    Only a trader can understand how extra clicks are frustrating in live markets. Please provide bid ask at a glance along with LTP :

    Reliance 2304 2304.2 2304.5

  100. Abhijit Abhyankar says:

    Suggesting flg. Pl incorporate
    1) Positions P/L figure should be viewable all the time at the Top….. Currently we need to scroll down every time to see it…. which is irritating
    2) If we are running no of F&O strategies then option should be available to see P/L of each strategy separately…… Currently it is getting difficult to track P/L individuly

  101. Pranay says:

    Order window needs a border please.. else its difficult to read since it merges wiht the background

  102. Amit says:

    Still , no Dark mode for chart window. For others I’ve been using Chrome’s dark theme extensions, works same. Please provide dark mode for chart window as well.

    Order window update is good enhancement , will really ease out order placements.

  103. Chinnasamy says:

    Please enable BO for commodities

  104. Naveen says:

    Really Awesome. Great work Zerodha Team…..

  105. SANJAY says:

    The order window is now awesome and would be most helpful.👍

  106. Deep . says:

    Great Job Zerodha

  107. Kishansingh says:

    Kudos! This brings in a lot of clarity to the neophytes. <3

  108. Avinash says:

    Zerodha is one way, you cant reach out to them unless they want.
    I had tried this many times but had never got chance to speak to them.
    The only way is to create ticket using their portal

  109. Rohan says:

    God bless you Kamath Bhai and Zerodha Team. Thanks alot !

  110. Omkar jaiswal says:

    Perfect akite application disine

  111. R says:

    Please add strategies builder for hadging using Stocks in Dmat And/Or FnO

  112. Chinnasamy says:


  113. Kunal Battu says:

    Thanks this feature will be very helpful.
    There is only one feature which I want from you and beyond that I donot need anything. That feature is predefined watchlists. It is very difficult to go on NSE/BSE website and add single single stock in watchlist and make nifty 50 watchlist. My 4 watchlist is filled if I want to add top 100 stocks. Watchlists are very limited so its difficult to track our short term and long term watchlist. Atleast 15 watchlist is needed for analysis and tracking short term and long term picked stocks. For analysis we need predefined watchlists according to indices, sectors, FNO scripts. If this feature will be added it will be very easy to do analysis. With this feature your trading platform will be completed in all aspects. Hope so that u will think on this.

  114. Bharat says:

    At last dark theme…!

    No more eye strain 👁 👁 👍🏼

  115. Chinnasamy says:

    Please enable BO for composition.

  116. Vipul Tiwari says:

    Thank you team #Zerodha
    For listening to us and to save our valuable human asset “Eyes”.

    #Keep Growing

  117. Deepak says:

    Go to profile and you will see your 4 digit number in right side

  118. CJ says:

    Zerodha. Always with customers

  119. Vishwabandhu Adhikari says:

    I can see the dark theme in Kite app in my mobile but I am not able to see simplified order window. I am using IPhone 11. Kindly advise.

  120. Harish Sharma says:

    Some other themes also should be add by you for some more attractive look.

  121. Prakash says:

    Dark theme is awesome but what about market watch there is only 50×5 and that isn’t sufficient please add some more.

  122. uzma Shaikh says:

    It’s been horrible experience to get support from Zerodha, as all the calls remained busy even after trying 5-6 attempts.
    Seriously speaking Zerodha must do something to improve the same.

  123. Swapnil kokane says:

    Awesome dark mode is really required & good features , really thankful ♥️👍🙏♥️

  124. Dileep Naik says:

    Hi Team Zerodha,

    Please make software Pi available in MacBook too or bring this Kite app in MacBook.

  125. Uddesh Chintamani says:

    I am Waiting For this Type of Update. That was too Amazing, I really Appreciate this Awesome Update

  126. Anuj says:

    How to enable dark theme on the charts??

  127. Deepak kumar says:

    When Dark theme feature will be available on Coin by zerodha app?

  128. Raj says:

    Thanks its a great update. I wish the charts were dark as well to make the package complete

  129. SUBHADIP DUTTA says:

    Please bring the drag and drop order facility in tradingview, and basket order in Kite App, for which we have been waiting for so long! We love zerodha for its customer’s satisfactory resolutions. Will wait for this updates….

  130. Subhash Godara says:

    One more thing I want to request you thai in chart-iq charts when we place the order through the top right corner buy sell, by default it come to CNC order, due to which sometime short order get rejected, so pls change this to default as MIS.

  131. Rushikesh says:


  132. Himanshu Gupta says:

    sir please add one option of full screen chart even hving applied indicator so that by just double clicking we get full screen chart…
    love zerodha…<3 🙂

  133. Naushad Begum says:

    Good initiative

  134. AADI says:

    What about trading view chart look when dark theme apppied????

  135. Sudhir Chhillar says:


  136. Shaurya Kumar says:


  137. babu v says:


  138. Vikash Yadav says:

    Love it, I was waiting for tradingveiw dark theme

  139. Rishi Patel says:


  140. Tushar says:

    My zerodha web not working
    Busy and market watch not open

  141. Mahesh Kumar says:

    श्रीमानजी, काइट एप्प में ऐसा संशोधन किया जाय जिससे प्रतिदिन के Top गेनर एवं Top लूज़र की डिटेल मिले वह भी ट्रैड शुरू होने के पहले ही, ऐसा कुछ किया जाए जिससे बिगनर कि रिस्क कम हो एवं शेयर मार्केट में विश्वास कायम रहे। ये मेरा सुझाव है।

  142. Raman says:

    Thank you zerodha team very nice theme, salute for best brokerage services in India. Sorting by day change in % just like web version is pending in android & iOS. Requesting from last one year please implement. Your team already know about my suggestion.

  143. Raj says:

    DARK THEME!!!!! Now i am out of eye strain. Thanks a lot Zerodha

  144. Hitesh says:


    please also add grouping of option positions via drag and drop so user can keep track of position wise PL.

  145. Surendra says:

    Good view

  146. Manish says:

    Do sth for mobile users also .

    specially for trading from chart without completely leaving it

  147. Dr. K VIJAYA BHASKAR says:

    Nice and Excellent features for new and for all.

  148. Savyasache Samanta says:

    Plz add wallet system in you App so that we don’t need to transfer money to our account than purchase
    With wallet we can directly purchase from our profits

  149. Vijayraj says:

    How can I view a chart with market depth and put buy/sell order…. whereas it always takes time to search where to put stoploss… after placing a order….stop loss button should be easily visible… and quick to operate/ add/ modify.

  150. Ashish Agrawal says:

    Zerodha: when will you start basket order on mobile application. And also CPR not available

  151. Nehal says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    You are doing great work with so many updates.

    I want to request for the customization of candle time frame on charts. And if that’s not possible then would you please include 75 min as time frame. Which gives us 5 complete candle at end of day.

  152. Nagendra says:

    Good feature….thanks

  153. Aksh8 says:

    When will be the trade on chart features come for mobile trading users..?

  154. Navin Minj says:

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  161. Shivraj Chavan says:

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      • Yash says:

        Yes I am also facing the same problem. In fact I had cancelled the application for happiest minds technologies but still the amount is showing as LIEN in my bank account. Due to this blocked amount small investor like me could not apply for root mobile IPO. It’s ridiculous. Authorities please look into the matter.

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