CDSL introduces PIN-based pre-authorisation for selling stocks

May 26, 2020

Update your Kite mobile app to the latest version to access this new flow.


When you open an account with us, you are opening a trading account which allows you to buy and sell shares on the stock exchanges (NSE, BSE), and a demat account with a depository (CDSL in our case) where you hold the stocks you own in electronic form. Exchanges and depositories work completely independently. So when you buy shares, we receive the shares on your behalf from the exchanges which are then transferred to your demat account at CDSL. Similarly, when you sell shares, we debit it from your demat account and give it to the exchange. To debit shares from your demat account when you sell on the exchange, brokerage firms have until now taken a POA (power of attorney) over the demat account. This was the only way to allow for seamless online trading. Otherwise, customers would need to transfer shares using a physical DIS slip (sort of a cheque for your demat account) to the broker before placing a sell order.

Demat accounts are very similar to a bank account — anyone can transfer money into your bank account, but to take money out of your bank, either you have to transfer it yourself using a cheque, online transfer or give a POA on your bank account to the other person.

The issue with POA is that signing a document called POA is not only intimidating but also that a POA cannot be signed digitally as per the IT Act. So this means that while the account opening is now completely online thanks to e-Sign using AADHAAR, customers had to physically sign a POA and send it to the broker before being able to sell any stock — a huge drop in user experience.


CDSL, which is currently the largest depository in the country, introduced e-DIS (Electronic delivery instruction slip) to get over the POA issues. We at Zerodha went live with e-DIS in Nov 2019. So instead of asking for a POA or transferring stocks using physical DIS slips before placing a sell order, our customers could now enter the Kite PIN authorising us to debit shares from the demat account before placing a CNC sell order for their stocks. All new accounts opened with us from last November are using e-DIS for selling shares.

There was a small issue in this method; the PIN entered was on the broker’s trading platform and CDSL didn’t have any way to validate if the brokerage firm was allowing sell transactions (debiting demat account) only after the right PIN was entered. In the case of POA or physical DIS, CDSL has an explicit signed instruction from the client, but not in the case of e-DIS. So they have made a change in their e-DIS process and will be applicable from June 1, 2020, for all our customers who have opened an account without giving us POA. You’ll now have to use the CDSL TPIN instead of your Kite PIN and authorize them to be sold at CDSL before placing a selling order on Kite.

This process isn’t applicable for our customers who have submitted the POA (accounts opened before Nov 2019). We will soon allow these customers to revoke the POA and shift to this new e-DIS process. All the new customers who want to use the POA method can download the POA here, print, sign, and courier it to our office.

Generating the CDSL TPIN

You would have received the CDSL TPIN to your registered mobile and email address (from [email protected]) with CDSL. If you haven’t received it, you can click here to generate it. Make sure to confirm that the correct email address and mobile are updated at CDSL by checking your profile on Console. Do remember this TPIN, as it would be required to authorise the sale of stocks with CDSL before you can place an order for them on Kite.

Preauthorization process

When you place a sell CNC order, you’d see the below screen going forward.

Authorise sale of stocks to place CNC sell orders

Once you click on “Continue”, you’ll be taken to the screen shown below.


If you don’t know the TPIN, you can generate it here on this screen by clicking on “Forgot CDSL TPIN”. This will generate a new CDSL TPIN which will be sent to your registered email address and mobile number by CDSL. You can also change this to a TPIN of your choice on the confirmation screen shown below.

Use the auto-generated TPIN or set one of your choosing

Click on “manage authorisations” on the “Authorise sell transaction” screen to select stocks that you wish to authorise for selling. It is best to have all your stock holdings authorised to sell, so you don’t have to do this process multiple times. This authorisation is valid for a maximum of 90 days, after which you will have to go through this authorisation process once again.

Choose which stocks to authorise for selling

Clicking on “Continue to CDSL” opens the below CDSL page with a list of all the stocks that you have selected to be authorised. Enter your CDSL TPIN to verify and validate.


On successful authorisation, you will get the below confirmation message.

Confirmation of authorisation

Now you can place the sell order on Kite. You would not need to go through this authorisation process once again unless you purchase more stocks that you intend to sell.

You can also authorise the sale of your stocks by clicking on “Authorisation” on the holdings page on Kite during off-market hours as shown in the screenshot below.

Authorise from the holdings page

Generate new CDSL TPIN Change your existing CDSL TPIN

Note: There can be instances where the CDSL TPIN service is down. In order to prevent the risk of not being able to sell a stock in such instances, you can courier the physical PoA for your account to us.

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  1. Arihant Jain says:

    After doung alll query snd formality of account opening I don’t receive any message or mail to start my account.

  2. Manish says:

    After 10 days account open I don’t receive any message or mail to start my account.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Manish, we’re sorry to hear this, could you please create a ticket here so our team can have this resolved at the earliest?

      You can also contact us on our account opening helpline: 080 4719 2020. We’ve explained the process of creating a ticket without logging in here.

      You can track the ticket via email updates in your registered email ID.

  3. JAYESH says:

    Yesterday I opened a zerodha account ,now today I got the email of your account has been activated but I didn’t get the I’d or pin
    What should I do

  4. Shempol says:

    Zerodha is nice app triding to working

  5. Harikesh says:

    I I had created trading ac in kite zerodha..
    But now I try to login with this id, it displays as ac inactive.. Contact support to active.. When I go to support, it asks 6digit number.. I came to know that it would get from profile.. But I can’t open that too..
    Totally I can’t login & feeling well.

  6. ranjit says:

    user id

  7. Aruna P Bhat says:

    I had created trading ac in kite zerodha.. Next day I had received mail mentioning activation success of my ac.. Providing user id n all
    But now I try to login with this id, it displays as ac inactive.. Contact support to active.. When I go to support, it asks 4digit number.. I came to know that it would get from profile.. But I can’t open that too..
    Totally I can’t login n feel like trapped

  8. Abhijit Joshi says:

    I want to send POA . Please send me address

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Abhijit, we are no longer collecting POA from clients, as it has been replaced by Demat Debit and Pledge Instruction (DDPI). You can activate this online itself. Explained here.

  9. Putul Manna says:

    I am unable to Login into Kite Powered by Zerodha.

    Need help!

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Putul, what seems to be the issue? Could you provide more details on a ticket with a screenshot of the error so we can check it?

      We’ve explained the process of creating a ticket without logging in here.
      You can track the ticket via email updates in your registered email ID.

  10. VIMLESH kumar says:

    Mera account open nahi ho raha hai

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Vimlesh, we’re sorry to hear this, could you please create a ticket here? so our team can have this resolved at the earliest?

      You can also contact us on our account opening helpline: 080 4719 2020. We’ve explained the process of creating a ticket without logging in here.

      You can track the ticket via email updates in your registered email ID.

  11. Sukhbinder Singh Bhogal says:

    I got it, I was not able to find out the authorization option – it is clearly defined in the article. Thanks

    The only difference is you cannot select scripts, it is for all – so please amend this article.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sukhbinder, you can select the scrips under “manage authorisations” on the authorisation page. Please recheck.

  12. Sukhbinder Singh Bhogal says:

    As per guidelines what I know is you have to enter edis pin only once in a day, so will it ask every time the script to sell on the same day?

  13. Sekar says:

    Hi team.

    Yesterday my account was created an approved by today but my bank account was not activate for credit adding. May I know how long time will taken for my account activation

  14. Ramanand Holani says:

    I opened a new account today and my ID is UAA032. I received the welcome mail also and down loaded the Kite app. I also read the process for activating the account but could not make any head and tail because I am not that tech savvy. Please help me out to get my account operative. Better you depute someone in person who could set the whole thing on my devices and personally explain. Thanks

  15. Jitendra Mishra says:

    My “BO id” NA showing. please do need help for your side.

  16. Smvali says:

    Not login by kite show on your account inactive service

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi, could you please create a ticket at so we can get this checked? We’ve explained the process of creating a ticket without logging in here.

  17. Shanti chakma says:

    Hi , which one BO id means , can u help me i cant generate pin

  18. Pmp341 says:

    Aap code forget

  19. Gautam jadav says:

    My account is not active and no show document update

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Gautam, could you please create a ticket at with more details, so we can have this resolved at the earliest?

  20. Vinita Prakash says:

    Hi, i haven’t received the mail regarding my ID and pwd for start the trade

  21. Elezabeth says:

    My account not receive in my gmail and password also not receive so plz check and clear the mistake

  22. Lokesh says:

    Help my

  23. Yuvraj says:

    My password not receive


    Sir my user ID and password not receive

  25. Hitesh says:

    My account not to work
    Customer service not to work properly
    My id and password not get
    This is not fair yore Customer care no not to work

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Hitesh, could you please create a ticket at with details of the issue, so we can have this resolved at the earliest?

  26. Shrikant Patil says:

    What is a format of physical POA. And what is the address to send it?

  27. Dipakbhai says:

    This account is inactive. Create a support ticket for activation.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Dipakbhai, we’ve explained how to reactivate your account here. For further assistance, please create a ticket from the same link so our team can assist you.

  28. Ayush says:

    What is difference between TPin and PoA.
    If I give Zerodha PoA , will they sell shares anytime they want ?
    If not , then what is difference. Cause in both Tpin and PoA ,until I not place sell order broker can’t sell my shares right. How does Tpin safeguards me more?

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Ayush, both TPIN and POA are used to debit shares from the demat account and deliver them to the exchange on a sell transaction. BTW, we no longer collect POA from clients, as it has been replaced by DDPI. The only difference is you do not have to enter the CDSL T-PIN and OTP every time you sell shares once the DDPI is submitted.

      PS- Submitting a DDPI doesn’t give us any liberty to sell your shares at any time. DDPI limits us to debiting shares from your account only if there’s a sell trade placed by you.

  29. Wilson Thapa says:

    Didn’t recieve my password

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Wilson, you will not receive a password, but an email with the user ID and a link to reset the password will be sent. Alternatively, you can reset the password here.

  30. Mukesh dabral says:

    I have not received my password yet

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Mukesh, you will not receive a password, but an email with the user ID and a link to reset the password will be sent. Alternatively, you can reset the password here.

  31. Shoba says:

    My account password was not working

  32. Darpan says:

    I havent received my CDSL TPIN for selling stocks.

  33. Preetam prasad badoni says:

    I haven’t received my password yet..?

  34. Khirod Kumhar says:

    Send me my mobile app Code

  35. Paramjeet says:

    Hi In my gmail zerodha account activated.
    But i can’t sign-up

  36. Shruthi says:

    Hi Manish, could you please also check your spam/junk box as well? The user ID is also sent to the registered email ID with the subject line Welcome to Zerodha.

  37. Shruthi says:

    Hi Satyajit, to regenerate the TPIN you need the BO ID, PAN and the OTP sent to your registered email and number. What password are you referring to?

  38. Shruthi says:

    Hi, we’re getting this checked. Someone from our team will reach out and assist you. Alternatively, please check your email ID for Ticket #20240219882937, you can reply to the ticket for further assistance.

  39. Ranangku Gogoi says:

    My account in active, but what is my user id n password

  40. Surekha Rajput says:

    I have received log in ID , bit Still do not received password of the same

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Surekha, you will not receive a password, but an email with the user ID and a link to reset the password will be sent. Alternatively, you can reset the password here.

  41. Ashish Kumar says:

    Pls help to activate my account.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Ashish, we’re getting this checked. Someone from our team will reach out and assist you. Alternatively, please check your email ID for Ticket #20240219819580, you can reply to the ticket for further assistance.

  42. PRAKASH says:

    I havenot received my BO ID. Please help.

  43. Raghu K G says:

    I have open a trade account & demat account, but still I can’t buy shares and what is my demat account number… where it will be in kite app

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Raghu, you can find the demat ID here. Your equity segments were activated today, you will be able to place trades from the next trading day as it takes 1 working day to synchronize in the back end. Please write back to us if the issue persists even in the next trading session.

  44. Rahul Dutta says:

    Received TPIN. But when I click ” Get Started” ask for passward. Kindly help me

  45. U Khemka says:

    I opened my account few days back. there was a message from you that your account is ready. But I am not able to generate my password yet.

  46. Neeraj mittal says:

    I didn’t receive my login and password

  47. Kulwinder dass says:

    Nice to have a great time with my friends are going to

  48. Pooja P says:

    I didn’t receive my login and password

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Pooja, we’re sorry to hear this, could you please create a ticket here so our team can have this resolved at the earliest? You can also contact us on our account opening helpline: 080 4719 2020.
      We’ve explained the process of creating a ticket without logging in here.

      You can track the ticket via email updates in your registered email ID.

  49. Anamika Halder says:

    I do not get my password &loging ID

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Anamika, we’re sorry to hear this, could you please create a ticket here so our team can have this resolved at the earliest? You can also contact us on our account opening helpline: 080 4719 2020.
      We’ve explained the process of creating a ticket without logging in here.

      You can track the ticket via email updates in your registered email ID.

  50. Anamika Halder says:

    I well not set Password
    Please help me

  51. Deepak Singh says:

    I havent received my CDSL TPIN for selling stocks

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Deepak, the CDSL TPIN would have been sent via email from [email protected] (please check spam + junk box) and to your registered phone number as well. If, for any reason, you cannot locate or have forgotten the TPIN, you can generate it again.

  52. Shalom says:

    I havent received my CDSL TPIN for selling stocks

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Shalom, the CDSL TPIN would have been sent via email from [email protected] (please check spam + junk box) and to your registered phone number as well. If, for any reason, you cannot locate or have forgotten the TPIN, you can generate it again.

  53. Vijay Nasre says:

    I haven’t recived only my login id but password is not recived please send me my password

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Vijay, you will not receive a password, but an email with the user ID and a link to reset the password will be sent. Alternatively, you can reset the password here.

  54. manjesh kumar singh says:

    i will signin but not opne

  55. sachin sungare says:

    I didant get my User Id and Password

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sachin, we’re sorry to hear this, could you please create a ticket here so our team can have this resolved at the earliest? You can also contact us on our account opening helpline: 080 4719 2020.

      We’ve explained the process of creating a ticket without logging in here.

      You can track the ticket via email updates in your registered email ID.

  56. Reshu Mishra says:

    I haven’t received my login Id and password so far, recieved only on mail account activated.

  57. amit verma says:

    I didn’t recived my login I’d and password till now.

  58. Yduvir Singh says:

    I didn’t received my login id and password, received only mail account activated

  59. Abuzar says:

    I don’t receive my login credentials

  60. Shashikant zombade says:

    I didn’t receive my login password and id

  61. Mohd Rashid says:

    I didn’t receive my log in password and ID . How can I create it

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Rashid, we’re sorry to hear this, could you please create a ticket here so our team can have this resolved at the earliest? You can also contact us on our account opening helpline: 080 4719 2020.

      We’ve explained the process of creating a ticket without logging in here.

      You can track the ticket via email updates in your registered email ID.

  62. Sayli b says:

    I didn’t receive login id password

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Sayli, we’re sorry to hear this, could you please create a ticket here so our team can have this resolved at the earliest? You can also contact us on our account opening helpline: 080 4719 2020.

      We’ve explained the process of creating a ticket without logging in here.

      You can track the ticket via email updates in your registered email ID.

  63. Ganpat V. Tagad says:

    What is TPIN? How it genrate?

  64. Bhaskar Bhikaji Parde says:

    After getting ID, I could not get for Login Password. Please advised. Also send Mail for Login ID
    Also i got User ID, but didn’t get Password

  65. Vardhani Gundu says:

    Received a mail that my zerodha account is activated but didn’t get user I’d and password

  66. Santhosh raja says:

    I received a mail from zerodha for my demat account . In the mail written my demat account is activated but I don’t received my username and password
    Please help me nd how I take my username and password

  67. Bharati Powar says:

    I don’t know my TPIN. Please provide me TPIN

  68. Bharati Powar says:

    I don’t know my BI id. How can I get BI id

  69. Jiten Mondal says:

    CNC blocked now tell me what to do and why I can’t make shares to buy?

  70. Megha says:

    I received e mail from zerodha my demat account is activated. But whenever i processes stocks buy it not placed. Its showing rejected. Could you please let me know.

  71. VINAY KULKARNI says:

    I opened account with u but I am unable to operate. Will someone help me? Will some human being in zerodha contact me? I have no contact numbers, no advisers……?

  72. Tharun says:

    I received e mail from zerodha my demat account is activated. But whenever i processes stocks buy it not placed. Its showing rejected. Could you please let me know.

  73. Rajeev Arun Choksi says:

    I have not received the TPIN yet.

  74. Shani rathi says:

    Pls send tpi

  75. Vaibhav kukde says:

    Plz send Tpin

  76. Vinay kumar patel says:

    Mera sb kuch thik h fir open kyu nhi ho rha h

  77. Inderjeet Singh says:

    The team of zerodha
    I received a mail from zerodha for my demat account . In the mail written my demat account is activated but I don’t received my username and password
    Please help me nd how I take my username and password
    Inderjeet Singh

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Inderjeet, the user ID is emailed with the subject line “Welcome to Zerodha” could you please check your spam/junk box too? If the email cannot be found here’s how you can recover the Kite user ID.
      More here.

  78. Santosh Prakash Naudiyal says:

    Please provide the login id & password

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Santosh, the user ID is emailed within 72 working hours of completing the account opening process. If the email cannot be found, you can recover your Kite user ID. Check out this article for more details.

  79. Bharat Pamnani says:

    Dear team,

    TPIN is not received…

  80. Mohammad Arif says:

    Not generate in password not open zerodha app

  81. uma says:


    every time my GTT sell order got failed due to CDSL Authorisation. i authoriesd my holding for sell two times, but still my GTT got failed. how i know when will be my GTT order got Triggined . i want to authorised my CDSL Authorisation for sell order for 90 days. how i can do this.

  82. Goutam Chaki says:

    I have not receive TPIN and also do not have demat account

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Gautam, if you do not have an account yet, you can easily open the account online. You will receive login details along with CDSL TPIN once the account is open. You can check the account opening process here.

  83. Mayank Sahu says:

    Do we need to enter Tpin for every sell transaction? Also, if Tpin is generated once then is it valid for every transaction?

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Mayank, yes, you need to enter CDSL TPIN and OTP for each sell order you place. However, you can pre-authorized sell transactions using this you can authorize multiple sell transactions at once. Also, the TPIN is valid for every transaction. More here.

  84. Sachin Halawai says:

    My SL triggered but the stock wasnt sold. I got email for GTT triggered (SL), saying i have to login and authorise thr CDSL then only the Sell order will be placed. This means I might incur huge loss if SL order isnt placed after triggering at that defined price!!.. This CDSL authorisation should be removed in case of GTT SL orders

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Sachin, if you’ve not submitted POA, you’ll have to use the CDSL TPIN and OTP to authorize the debit of securities from your demat account against a delivery sale transaction. You can pre-authorize the sale of your stocks at the beginning of each trading day so that you don’t have to do it each time you place a delivery sell order during the day. You can check out the process here.

      Also, if you do not wish to use CDSL TPIN authorization, you can submit POA. The process for this has been explained here.

  85. Rakesh Gadde says:

    There is a DEFECT in this process by your DEVELOPMENT TEAM.

    If a User has 100 or less than 100 Stocks then he is able to Select All Stocks and send for CDSL TPIN Authorization All at once. But you are not allowing to do the same for the Users with more than 100 stocks. They have to select 100 stocks manually each time and send for Authorization.

    Why this Partiality between different Users?

  86. Ravindra supadu beldar says:

    Nomini ARCHANA Ravindra Beldar relation of wife birthday date 08/06/1975 please register my dekate account

  87. meenakshi says:

    I have authorised to for a sell transaction but why does it give me settlement date as well. is it going to sell all my shares ? I do not understand

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Meenakshi, TPIN is to used to authorize the sale of your stocks at the beginning of each trading day so that you don’t have to do it each time you place a delivery sell order during the day. So whenever you are authorizing, the settlement date is also shown accordingly based on the settlement cycle.

  88. Ashwani says:

    Invalid bo id

  89. Narendra Nath Hembrom says:

    I can’t add my fund

  90. Srilekha says:

    Have been waiting for the OTP on mobile and Gmail since the last 30 min.
    Such a customer irritating process.
    Thanks for taking away profits on my Intraday trades.

  91. Shishir says:

    Does selling through e-Dis /T-pin incur any extra charges when compared to POA?

  92. Jinachandran says:

    SO POA is not required even for NRIs with PIS accounts?

  93. Nita Saindane says:

    New process of generating CDSL pin and using the same is difficult process.Why we are making so much complicating things in trading ?

  94. AJAY BHALOTIA says:

    Where to sent the signed POA (Zerodha Address) so that i do not to generate TPIN for Transfer of shares from from CDSL

  95. Vaghari Rahul Amrat bhai says:

    Password zerodha
    Please send

  96. Kunkatla Bangaru seetaram says:

    Very useful to the new entrants.

  97. Bharath says:

    If I authorize cdsl in the morning before the market opens, can I sell the stock when the market is live or should I authorize it again?

  98. nitessh shukla says:

    i have canara bank shares and want to sell them. Kindly send me the for of selling the shares as well as fund transfer form


  99. Manish Gupta says:

    Can i sell on Zerodha, those shares also which I didn’t buy at Zerodha but having CDSL statement.

  100. Ram Autar Gupta says:

    Ramautar Gupta says: I want to close all my demat accounts & my kyc documents profile, then what I do. Please let me know about closure of my profile & all documents. I don,t operate demat account because I have not sufficient funds as I am unemployed & sr.citizens man.

  101. Pradeep says:

    It’s the worst and useless authentication. When I want to sell stock every time I need to the authentication. seriously I made a 20k loss because of this bullshit. I’m getting tech errors when even enter the correct OTP. Really this made the intentional to investors loos their capital.

  102. Adarsh kumar says:

    Hi, I am a new user this is my first demat account …I don’t know any features of how to buy share,stock,coin and how to sell stocks…so kindly.end me a mail..step by step….process.

    Thank you.

  103. Yogesh Vidhate says:

    I am new user for equity or commodity transaction, so if you have any learning video of how to do all process for transactions for how to invest or purchase and then selling of stocks, please send me video on my email ID, Thanks.

  104. JATIN ZALA says:

    CDSL Demat Authorisation is remaining valid only for the day of transaction ( two days of settlement) and not for 90 days . Hence , GTT Orders remain unexecuted. Please advise how to keep the Authorisation valid for 90 days.

  105. Relexson says:

    Hi i have completed TPIN for E-DIS generation but till now i havn’t got my user ID and Password. Its already 24 hrs pass.

  106. Soorej says:

    I just started the trading account in zerodha…but I cannot generate the tpin… multiple times I have entered the 16 digit Bo id and the pan number…it says invalid Bo id…
    I haven’t added funds in the trading account..
    Should I add fund and buy share…only then I will be able to generate tpin!?

  107. Vishal Soni says:

    Upon clicking on continue to CDSL a page opens full of unknown script like %abcdhsk#djdo@sodod$ksodoe

    What should I do

    • Nakul says:

      This could be because of a DNS issue between CDSL and your ISP. Do try to change your default DNS server address to and try. Read how to change the DNS address here. Alternatively, you can try on another internet service provider.

  108. sahendran says:

    It is not helpful in future

  109. Asit says:

    Most of the time this feature does not work properly. It just triggered but fail to execute despite authorization, sometimes several authorizations. I am tired of this feature. People justifying here that this feature lasts for 90 days. Keep in mind that once triggered but not executed or failed due to some reason that will collapse. you have to issue a new GTT. At least I noticed that. Let me conclude this feature is not helpful at all, on top of that it’s terrible and made to ruin the hard-earned money.

  110. shibu jose ukken says:

    i opened account in 2012. i think these steps not required who opened account before 2019. please correct if i am wrong

  111. Gopal Kumar says:



    I am a Day Trader and I don’t have stock in Holdings. How do I update the TPIN.

  113. manisha says:

    I am facing the same issue. That article does not help. I followed all instructions.

  114. manisha says:

    Post on facebook and twitter. And keep emailing them.

  115. Shikhar Fofliya says:

    I am unable to login my zerodha kite account. I want customer care call support. I was misinformed that the account will be opened within a day. Today is more than 4 days.

  116. Jayant Jain says:

    Would you please show the last authorization date just next to authorization on the kite web? So I or anyone would check the last authorization date and authorize before selling the stock. l did GTT yesterday. The stocks did not sell because authorization was expired.

  117. Venkata reddy says:

    The queries raised by customers and the replies given by your experts are not given in sequential order. The replies can not be linked or matched to queries. If replies are given immediately next to the query,it will be useful.

  118. Manmeet says:

    Greetings of the day,

    Since last 3 years I am swing trading on Zerodha. And a week back I got my POA revoked for having more secure trades with the help of CDSL T-PIN.

    Yesterday, (just to have a check that whether Kite app now asks for CDSL T-PIN or not if sell option is tapped) I tried it on one share from my Old holdings and it just got sold without asking for CDSL T-PIN.

    Kindly someone put lights on this issue that why I wasn’t asked to enter CDSL T-PIN.

    Best Regards

    • Arungouda says:

      Hey Manmeet, each TPIN authorisation is valid for 90 days. You must’ve authorised before, which is why sell order went through without requesting for TPIN. If it is not the case, create a ticket so our team can check and assist:

  119. Ayoob says:

    I try to generate my TPIN,but the BO ID shows invalid.pls help me to find solution…..

  120. Shiril says:

    how much charges deduct, if using edis facility?

  121. Abhijit says:

    I have shares in my CDSL account, that was purchased through a different broker long back, can I sell those shares through the Zerodha platform.

  122. Didigam Nithin says:

    Is there any cost for authorization?
    It is showing some Rs.5/- went I sold stock.

  123. Sagar Sangale says:

    I have sell my 2 share and i got 686 r less amount from this using CDSL T-PIN method. Any reason can you please mention

  124. Vathipalli Abhishek says:

    what happens to buy average when i sold my holdings and again want to buy the same shares on same day for delivery?

  125. RADHA HARTALKAR says:


  126. G K Agrawal says:

    I joined Zerodha only 2 days back. Very nicely explained. I am very clear. My question is,
    1- that after authorization ( equivalent to POA for 90 days), whether share remains in my CDSL account ( without selling) or transferred to Zerodha.
    2- How to cancel the authorization, if I change the mind.

  127. Beena says:

    What about GTT sell.. How to do it. Surprised that you have not mentioned it here.

  128. Palanivelraja says:

    BO number avaialble in ur account tab please copy and generate the TPIN

  129. SNEHAL says:

    I have created my new Demat account with Zerodha all the process is almost done I’m just waiting for TPIN how must time will it take to generate TPIN once the Demat account open ?

  130. C.d.salve says:

    I can’t open my account
    id or password shows invalid plz help us

  131. P K GUPTA says:


    will zerodha take any initiative to sort out this problem??

  132. Mohd Sajjad says:

    My account is new and i have no bo number and i have also not recived tpin plz help me

  133. Rahul says:

    I am registered for CDSL TPIN based pre authorisation to execute sell transactions. I could sell a stock today without CDSL TPIN.There seems to be a technical issue.I have two queries…

    1) Could you please confirm which screen confirms the list of stocks which are pre authorised to sell cdsl holdings after entering tpin to pre authorize the same.
    2) Can the same pre authorized holdings to sell be cancelled/modified once authorized via tpin ?

  134. Smita says:

    I placed a CNC order but when I placed my order it did not ask me for any TPIN generation or i didn’t get any notification as given in process above. But still I was able to buy stocks, but I am not able to sell them because of TPIN. Now I HV generated the TPIN but how do I sell my order?

  135. nagaraj says:

    the hell cdsl pin web pagee is not opening to excute my sell order

  136. Janardan Giri says:

    Sir I recent open account.but kite app doesn’t login. User I’d and password invelid show.forget password also show invalid can’t login kite app.plz help

  137. Mahesh Venkatesan says:

    Its been more than a month i have opened my account and i have so far not received TPIN to sell my shares. How do i get it?

  138. Khushboo Chopra says:

    I have not received my TPIN from CDSL its been three days since I had opened my demat account with Zerodha.
    Please Help

  139. Joseph says:

    I want to nominate my wife in the demat account
    Pleade help

  140. Farhataj says:

    I dont want OTP. Please remove it.

    • Matti says:

      This is the depository system, Farhataj. This is how it works. If you wish to not enter the OTP, please send us a PoA for your account.

  141. Sarala says:

    I am getting Invalid BOID while generating TPIN.
    Zerodha support is not responding to the ticket with the right resolution. They are simply suggesting the same steps that I followed.
    Unable to sell any shares (incurring losses) and also loosing on applying for any new rights issues.

  142. Shridharmurthy B says:

    Hi There,
    Anyone can explain to me what is the meaning of Cash+ Collateral & It seems I have been charged more apart from my daily stocks trading. What I need to do to avoid extra charges.

  143. Khogen says:

    It good for investors and it growth rate good

  144. Khogen says:

    It good for investors

  145. Please resend my cdsl pin says:

    Please resend my cdsl pin

  146. Murti says:

    Few queries reg. T Pin
    a) When I sell my F&O positions would it require T Pin
    b) If yes, would the T Pin still be required for F&O / Cash positions where I sell shares on Intraday basis

    Helpful if someone could please clarify


  147. Vikrant says:

    is TPIN required for intraday transaction too??

  148. Mahendra Singh says:

    What is the step by step procedure to enter cdsl tpin where it is in the app, searching since last four days but unable to find it as i was supposed to sell a penny stock but unfortunately not able to sell it plz help all other shares are being able to be sold and purchased except that penny stock called urja global, plz solve the problem. This sort of selling and buying issues should not exist, it should be faster in this fast growing world, this sort of things are leading to losses and is frustrating.
    Thanks 🙏.

  149. umakant says:

    I have created a new account. I got mail from zerodha with following message “You will receive a separate TPIN from CDSL (depository) which is required to sell shares from your demat account. Read more”.

    Now I am trying to generate TPIN, when I put my BOID and Pan card number then I got message “Alert! Invalid BOID”
    Please help me ” what is issue with BOId ” and how could i solve it.

  150. Devendra Patidar says:

    HI , every time (mostly) i clicked on Continue to CDSL, the page is not loaded in which I need to fill TPIN, its very frustrating and i have missed many moments to sell shares, pls reslove issue to fill TPIN

  151. BA says:

    So if I have a GTT order and it triggers,how do I authorise PIN?

    Currently GTT orders are failing because of PIN issue.Do I have to authorise once in a day or for every order?

  152. Rahul Ganesh pawar says:

    Create cdsl pin

  153. Mahesh says:

    Why we need to do this TPIN authorisation…
    Other brokers like sharekhan do not have such time consuming
    And money loosing process!

    Need improvement!!!!
    Grow up zerodha

  154. Hari says:

    Facing losses because of TPIN problem. it says 502 Bad gateway. really stupid

  155. Brijesh says:

    CDSL not working. Not able to process the transaction. Amend it ASAP. Would Zerodha be responsible for losses??

  156. Sumit Shriprakash Agrawal says:

    When you cant cater to the existing customer why keep adding new?

  157. Saurabh Kocher says:

    CDSL website not working. Have been trying to place orders to sell since morning. Who will responsible for the losses I bear because of this?

  158. Hemanth G says:

    now working sell transactions friends

  159. Sanatana says:

    Seriously it’s horrible to see the profit transforming into loses, because of your stupid software architecture. If you can’t bring up your software up in time, then why you are adding 3rd party authorization system to sell cnc. From 40 minutes I am trying to authorize the cnc. Everytime it says 502 gate way error.

  160. Hemanth G says:

    i am getting 502 bad gateway error in authorisation cdsl page while selling my holdings. who will pay my money back. because of your software i losing money.

  161. Pankaj Barick says:

    Too long process. and today, its not working. problem in selling. I losses almost 30k for this blocking. it is showing 502 ERROR.

  162. Hemanth G says:

    not able to sell my stock getting 502 bad gateway on cdsl authorisation

  163. navneet says:

    When I am trying to place a sell southindia bank it is showing “Authorise your holdings before selling.” with a “Proceed” button and once clicked on it, it is showing Page not found. what is this?? Why am I unable to place sell southindia bank even after activating the TPIN?

  164. Pradeep says:

    Guys, if you do not know how to build a software, please do not! Especially those that involve people’s money.
    This is not the first time that Zerodha has show that it just cannot scale and sucks!

    Read thru the comments above. Would you reimburse for ppl who are stuck and are unable to sell.

    Your phone wait time is more than 30 minutes and still does not get answered. When you cannot own responsibility for your damn support why even onboard ppl.

    Never ever will trade on this platform, just waiting to sell of stuff and go back to reliable platforms.

    Just flashy stuff in your platform and no substance..pathetic

  165. Samyak Jain says:

    not able to authorise due to which i have lost a lot of profit which were showning in my stock as well as many of my stock hit stoploss i set for them (not in the order ,in my mind) but i was not able to sell them now they are showing massive losses.give me my money back.

  166. Santosh Dnyaneshwar Dake says:

    How to make tpin

  167. Mitesh Sharma says:

    The page which is relativly opening for putting tpin is showing error as bad gateway, and this i am not able to sell the shares. What is the other way. Who is responsible for my losses unecessary. Where i was having profit but i am unable to book it because of this nonsense. Are u going to gove ky money. Shall i go in court against you for this issue.

    • Drishti Tulsi says:

      Yeah exactly that’s what I feel too, we should either penalize nse or them. I think we should protest on twitter

  168. raghu says:

    Incompetent people fix the bad gateway issue people are loosing money

  169. raghu says:

    Not able to sell because (CDSL site says 502 bad gateway), tried on phone as well, this is not working.
    Frustrated with the application, regretting to do business on zerodha.

  170. raghu says:

    Not able to sell because CDSL site says 502 bad gateway, tried on phone as well, this is not working.
    Frustrated with the application, regretting to do business on zerodha.

  171. asad says:

    TPIN not working. CDSL system is totally fucked. Who’s gonna pay for the losses ?
    Government is stealing money from their citizens, Zerodha helping them.

  172. Drishti Tulsi says:

    I have been trying to change my position since morning but ain’t able to because of 502 error in CSDL pin segment, and there is no one to help me out. Its a very critical situation wrt what should i do right now.

  173. Jitendra Singh NIgam says:

    not able to sell because cdsl authorisation giving error….”502 bad gateway error”

  174. alisha says:

    When i am selling CDSL Site is not open error 502 BAD GATEWAY… please huge financial loss because of this.

  175. Tushar says:

    CDSL Site not redirectly open 502 BAD GATEWAY

  176. ankit says:

    i am not able to generate cdsl pin, as when i enter my BO ID and bsmpa5625a, its showing invalid bo id , but the check here im entering the right one , as i have just opened my account a day prior

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Ankit, we see that you have initiated your account opening just yesterday. Your demat account should be opened and approved by today, after which you’ll receive the TPIN on your registered mobile number and email automatically.

  177. saiprasad says:

    I have never received TPIN. When I tried to generate TPIN from Zerodha kites about 4 days ago on 22.6.2020, a message is displayed that this facility is not available and to try on cdsl site. When I tried from CDSL site, a message is displayed as “Invalid BOID”. I have given correct BOID taken from my console but still this message is displayed. When I complained to cdsl they emailed me to take it up with Zerodha. I tried on different browsers after refreshing and typing it. But same message – invalid BOID. I sent complaint to Zerodha several times but no use.
    Zerodha could not rectify this till date. I am put to huge loss due to this inordinate delay from Zerodha.

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Saiprasad, We’re looking into the issue here. Could you please raise a ticket with our support team here so that we can track and inform you as soon as this is fixed.

  178. Jyoti says:

    I have a TPIN but didn’t get a pop up screen to put the same while selling shares. Please advise.

    And it is not allowing me to sell the share got the message like Depository permission is needed.. I ahd also raised a ticket. Plz advise at the earliest. Thanks

  179. Sanjay Sharma says:

    hi, I opened the zerodha account 2 years back and would like to use CDSL portal. Let me know how can i do that?


  180. Ramhajoor jatav says:

    I authorise all my shelter for sell my order will be plecedfor all them

  181. shant says:

    once I do needful for authorization (e-dis cdsl pin), how can I revoke the pre-authorization ? Please provide the steps.

    • Nakul says:

      Authorisations can not be revoked currently. Each authorisation is valid for 90 days after which it expires.

  182. Aman says:

    Now zerodha is not letting me to sell those stocks which are bought by me as CNC order on same day . Why this is happening ??? I used to sell stocks on same day which were bought as CNC order
    Plz reply

    • Nakul says:

      Hey, there’s no restriction on same day CNC sell unless what you’ve bought is a trade to trade stock. If you can raise a ticket with our support team here with more information about the issue, we’ll be able to help you better.

  183. Shivanand says:

    This is becoming complicated. I haven’t received any tpin on my email nor a text message on my mobile. Trying to set tpin but unable to do so. Now I made a huge loss while going through all this mess today. Is there an option to turn this off?

  184. Shyamkumar Karwa says:

    You have mentioned that old customers who have given the POA will be allowed to revoke the POA and shift to the new e-DIS process.

    When this will be implemented.

  185. Vaibhav Gandhi says:

    I placed sell AMO for one of my Stock which is in demat account but was not asked to perform any Authorization. Nor i am seeing any link for authorization on holding page.

    I have TPIN but there is no option to authorize. It works without TPIN.

    Can you explain why?
    On Holding page – it shows this is only applicable for customer who opened after Nov 2019. Is this not applicable for all other customers?

    I want to have such authorization in place. How do i do it?

    • Matti says:

      This is only applicable to accounts that have not submitted PoA at the time of account opening. Will be made available to you in some time.

  186. Alok says:

    This will kill traders! remove it.

  187. amit kumar says:

    please give my TPIN

  188. MURLI DHAR JHA says:


  189. Sachin Gupta says:

    I buy today 200 Equitas (CNC) shares and wanted to sell them today as well. But I am unable to sell them don’t know why. Your portal is neither asking for CDSL authorization nor giving any reason why I can’t sell my shares today. I am kinda stuck please help me.

  190. Kaushik says:

    Hello Zerodha,
    Do you have any plan of introducing Paperless Offline Aadhaar ekyc based account opening? I do not have digilocker account and I do not want to create a new one just to open an account with zerodha. There are also some privacy issue exists since zerodha can access all issued documents and we can not close our digilocker account as well after creating a new account. So please consider paperless offline ekyc or simple non digilocker based online ekta process. Thank in advance.

  191. Deepali patil says:

    How i get my tpin

  192. azim pathan says:

    pls tell me how it will work in GTT format…. It is difficult to provide TPIN

    kindly make me understand the process for the same

    • Shashank says:

      Pre-authorize all your existing shares, your GTT will work for as usual till 90 days. Post 90 days again repeat the process.

  193. Chakradhar says:

    Weather my Dmat account opening process has been completed?….I received TPIN weather once a TPIN is always permanent

  194. Pabitra says:

    Yesterday 16shear of zee was not buy by me, it was automatic buy by high price .
    Now I can’t sell of another shear I can receive T_Pin

  195. Yogesh says:

    I am confused. I tried to call customer care but not reaching.
    Please arrange call con or video clip on application it will better.

  196. Shubhangi says:

    I have received T-PIN link ,what would be the next process. Do I need to download CDSL app.

  197. Biplab Mondal says:

    I am new to Zerodha. I did not receive T-Pin from CDSL so trying to generate CDSL T-PIN in eDIS site, it asks BO ID.
    I am not sure what is it ! can any one please tell what I need to enter as BO-ID.

  198. Jagatjit Singh Nijjar says:

    TPIN procedure is quite complicated and lengthy, by the time I process, price selected at which I intend to sell may get changed. Earlier selling process was prompt, hence develop some cutshort software.

    • Shashank says:

      It is not complicated, if you authorize all stocks prior then price change will not be a problem for selling.

  199. Prashant says:

    I have below questions:

    Suppose I have 5 stocks. If I authorise tpin today for all 5 stocks it will be valid for 90 days thats ok.
    But what If I dont sell those stocks within 90 days ??

    Also selling prize will be the same on the day I sell it or something else ??
    Hope this new system wont affect of the selling cost ..right ??

    • Shashank says:

      Answer 1 – Nothing happens they still remain in your demat account. Authorization means you are making stocks eligible for selling.

      Answer 2 – Selling cost will not be affected. Selling price will depend on Market at that point of time

  200. Manan says:

    I sold some shares CNC but I wasn’t asked for any TPIN. I got some notification to authorize shares with CDSL but I don’t see any link for that.

    My trade got executed. Do I have to do something for now?

    • Abhilash says:

      Dear Zerodha,

      I had an intraday (MIS) trade but no TPIN asked which I understood, not required. But I did 4 intraday trade (both buy & sell) in CNC. Now, the profit is showing in portfolio but Fund has only updated with the profit got from MIS not of CNC trade. This is an error from both you and CDSL. During the square off no TPIN Authorization came up.

      Kindly clarify

  201. Krish says:

    I’m not able to decide whether this article by Zerodha was not simple enough, or just that there are a lot of astoundingly brilliant people out there whose aptitudes far differ from that of those who understood this very-welcome and simple process.

    • Krish says:

      Hey Zerodha/Nithin, to reduce frustrations, one thing you could probably rework in your process is to handle the T-PIN thing (which some people are strangely confusing with Telephone Pin) when logging in itself. Just don’t wait till the CNC sell is placed. Or do that at the EOD.

      Have a perma-link in both Console Dashboard & Profile pages, and Kite Dashboard & Holdings pages. Also add a POA status to the Console Profile page & instructions to submit/revoke POA there. Should help clear POA related questions. A link to CDSL to generate the T-PIN will also be welcomed by those who did not get the SMS or deleted it.

      I don’t imagine it is a small change, but dare say it shouldn’t be a great challenge for you either. Should help reduce hot heads by a fair bit and should reduce the quantum of repetitive questions you get and alleviate some problems some users face.

      • Krish says:

        While some comments here are fair (e.g. CDSL website down issue – though not sure why they did not get the SMS), I find many comments here to be strange, as some are even conducting intraday transactions using CNC instead of MIS. Perhaps they are BTST types and since Zerodha does not allow BTST with MIS Margins and only with CNC, they are facing trouble. Most others who do ‘pure CNC’ for long-term or ‘pure MIS’ for same-day transactions are not likely to be affected.

        However, that does not mean this issue can be ignored.

        Either Zerodha has to stop the MIS intraday mandatory square-off process and allow BTST using MIS Margins, or simplify the T-PIN entry for BTST players who do not want to submit POA.

        Though God knows, I’d rather just submit POA and review my statements everyday. T-PIN is certainly a useful problem-preventing measure but reviewing your holdings regularly (using a simple excel compare) makes more sense in any case.

  202. Manoj says:

    I am not able to do BTST with the new T-Pin base Preauthorization process as I don’t have any shares delivered to my Account yet on T1 or T2 day. How to do BTST in the new system of authorization process. Is it possible to do BTST so. Please explain.

  203. Antony Shaji says:

    I couldn’t able to sell. Something went wrong while authorising holdings. Please try again.

    Please update when will be solve the problem.

    Best Regards
    Antony Shaji

  204. Rahul says:

    I tried to generate TPIN , after entering BO id and PAN no. It is not moving ahead. Keep loading.
    Is there any issue going on???

  205. Pruthvi says:

    CDSL T-PIN generation server overloaded, when this will be resolved!!
    If anyone is able to do it, please update!!

  206. Ankit Gupta says:

    When will the issue be fixed, I am unable to sell shares because of this stupid issue.

    Poor interface and testing from Zerodha. I am not getting any option to add the new PIN and all the sell orders are faling.

  207. Harish Sharma says:

    What’s wrong with the app , trying to open since morning but didn’t get open.

    Is it a scam of Zerodha?

  208. saikumar says:

    I didnot get the Tpin message to my email Id or mobile.
    i had submitted POA while opening account.
    Do i get Tpin?

    • Pruthvi says:

      Actually you have to do it from CDSL website, generate PIN link, but currently the site is crashed as millions may be trying to do it now.

      Requires your Demat ID & PAN.

  209. Ankush Krishna says:

    CDSL system is hung for last almost an hour. Am losing my trades. Will CDSL pay for my loss ? Who will ?
    by when can we expect correction in their systems?


  210. Nirbhay Rajawat says:


    It’s ok to change the process and I have got the PIN number too but when I am trying to submit my shares for authorisation it redirects me to a page which shows an error.

    What’s wrong with you guys! I have bought some share last month and want sell them now and it is showing this error.. Do something else I will have to close my account and look for some other options.

  211. Puru says:

    CDSL PIN Not working?

  212. Sarvesh Sarda says:

    what is this CDSL shit. I was selling my share under the loss of 1000. because of your CDSL T-PIN shith I’m in a loss of 9000. why you add such shit things in zerodha. who needs your permission on selling my portfolio. #FUCKINGT-PINSHIT

  213. krishana says:

    not able to sell just bcz of this freaking cdsl authorisation….
    who is going to compensate my financial losses??? Zerodha you or CDSL??

  214. Ayush says:

    Error 502 bad gateway
    Can’t generate TPIN

  215. Bhushan says:

    CDSL Pin auth platform is crashing since morning; unable to sell resulting into financial loss in position. Should have introduced such CRUCIAL change incrementally with proper testing than making such a mess!!!

  216. Vivek says:


  217. Soumyaranjan says:

    I am having a huge loss because of the CDSL authorisation issue. Who is going to compensate this ?

  218. Harsh Sharma says:

    Why would you start something if you cannot manage it .. I am not able to able to get authorisation to sell because the CDSL site keeps crashing ?

  219. Omkar says:

    WTF is this ?! I’m unable to freaking sell! OMG I’m done. Last bloody day I use this shit trading platform. Fuck you zerodha

  220. Shivangi says:

    CDSL still not working

  221. Raghavendra says:

    while i’m trying to authorize through tpin its showing error 502. If this is the case, it is a cause of concern…

  222. Abhay says:

    v bad sam bad gateway offer

  223. Karan Babani says:

    this cdsl site is not opening only!!!!

  224. Ramana Pendli says:

    Yes – Page not responding
    Request team to rectify immediately
    I may incur a loss today due to this

  225. Anand Rangpara says:

    CDSL authorisation page has frozen. I cannot make any sale. Message: 502 Bad gateway.

  226. Ravi says:

    not able to sell because cdsl authorisation giving error….”502 bad gateway error”

    pathetic service from zerodha…causing financial loss

  227. Reddappa says:

    Let me know if there is any temp fix also, it will work for me for now.

  228. Reddappa says:

    Not able to sell due to cdsl authorisation process. Getting Error. What to do now. ?
    This process is time consuming causing loss.

  229. BIBIAN says:

    CDSL page is not opening. getting Bad Gateway Error

  230. Shashikant c nigde says:

    Not able to sell due to cdsl authorisation process. Getting Error. What to do now. ?
    This process is time consuming causing loss.

  231. Mr. Ghosh says:

    Can I revoke authorization after authorizing all of my holdings?

  232. Rajesh says:

    Unable to change the TPIN from the given link, it throws the error: “Alert! BO is not a sole holde”

  233. Nithin says:

    If I fail to get support I am planning to change my broker since you are only interested in advance payments while account opening.

  234. Nithin says:

    Please give a working phone number of your support team… My friend has done the payment and his digilocker signing has some issues..
    I am embarrassed by this , he tried to open the account from my advice.

    At least give a replying email is so that this issue can be brought up. I am trying to reach you in 100 methods n nobody responding !!!

    Thanks and hopefully optimistic

  235. Kapil Arora says:

    How to authorise this in kite app

  236. Gaurav Vashishtha says:

    How soon old Zerodha customers will be allowed to revoke the POA and shift to this new e-DIS process?

    • Krish says:

      Far less cumbersome to keep POA. Just need to review your holdings on a daily basis, that’s all. Any person serious about investment ought to do that anyway.

  237. Sourabh Gour says:

    Do we need TPIN in MIS Sell order?

  238. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Tpin aa gya hai
    Isko kaha dalu sir/madam

  239. ATUL says:


  240. Jagdeep kaur says:

    I am unable to view charts after this update. Pop up opens saying “it seems you are not logged in. Please login to continue using charts.” Pls resolve the matter.

  241. Varadaram says:

    i am expecting the old same sysems old is better

  242. Divyakant Gandhi says:

    How about mutual fund holding in coin. Is there any change in process for it?

  243. Faiyaz says:


  244. Shreya Desai says:

    i dont remember if i have submitted the POA or not, in such a case how i can get to that fact??

  245. Veera says:

    I am expecting the same system ( CDSL TPIN ) require for Zerodha existing (Before Nov 2019) customers also. to have better control of there stock.

  246. Ashvin says:

    Is this e-DIS can also be used for transfer of shares from Zerodha to Other Demat accounts.

  247. bablu says:

    sir jo holding wala segment hai. use 2 part mein devide kar dein. long term investing aur short term trading waale stocks ko alag alag kia jaa sakey. thank you

  248. Yash Kaushik says:

    Dear Yash,

    Please close your position(s) in the GOLDM June_2020 contract before 10PM today failing which we will square off the position to avoid physical delivery.

    Team Zerodha

    I got this mail.
    Why do I have to square off before 10 PM, when the last date is 5th June??

  249. ABC says:

    This new process will penalize retail customers by not allowing them to sell at right price. Its like when you place an intraday order for huge profit, Zerodha’s link with exchange goes down followed by an apology mail from Zerodha.

  250. pravin says:

    It should be optional because its lengthy for the people who holds 1 or 2 stocks in portfolio.

  251. Rajesh says:

    I Haven’t reeived CDSL Tpin in my mobile of email. Please let me know how to get it.

  252. Shri A Rajaraman says:

    please do not allow customers to give blanket approval for 90 days you will land in problems like Karvy. Do not bypass the protection system.

  253. Ravi says:

    Reading so many questions related to the post by Zerodha, I am convinced we as a population have failed. Every question that has been asked has been addressed in the post… but each one is either a maharaja who wants everything without effort or a simple basic read. Imagine expecting people to call you up and explain because you have’nt cared to read the post. Terrible…. these guys deserve the $^!7 they get!!

  254. Syed says:

    Sir i understand every stock what ever in holding must authorize. Every 90 days after must authorize with CDSL. ?
    TPIN will change afrer 90days ?

  255. Mangesh D Paranjape says:

    what about intraday trading in equity and F@O?

  256. Thiagarajan says:

    I lost 1350 rupees today due to this new system. I cancelled the GTT order and trying to place it on CNC for sell (IDFC First), it asked me again to authorize it, by this time. The upper circuit opened and price dropped, thus losing 1350. I kept this trade for a month, ,averaging it, but lost due to this new system. Not happy with zerodha. Will be moving to some other broker soon. No support on anything.

  257. Samir mondal says:

    so gread

  258. LAXMIKANT says:

    It’s good and secure, but as per your reply to Q. once we update CDSL TPIN, it is applicable for 90 days.
    in my case yesterday i was updated TPIN and today it’s asking TPIN for sell in this TPIN time stock price changed.
    Who is responsible for that loss.

  259. Ankita says:

    I have the CDSL tpin. Trying to sell but the link is not routing to further to ask for pin. Whats going on?



  261. Uday says:


    How to generate CDSL PIN, it is asking BO ID, not sure what it is.

    Is this CDSL PIN is different from TPIN which is in kite.


  262. a.murthy says:

    I need ideas my all investments are going in loss.

  263. Amulya Ratna Nishankaray says:

    I have opened my account since 18. Still I have to generate this TPIN? Please guide me.

  264. Sandeep says:

    I have opened my account before Nov 19. Still I have to generate this TPIN?

  265. Uttam Sarkar says:

    I have trading and demat account with zerodha opened on October 2018.Everything was fine untill yesterday I ordered a script in MIS predefined Limit Order but the order was not taken by zerodha ,I repeated the order but it was not accepted instead a popup message regarding CDSL TPIN appeared and from then no order is being taken.I am totally dissappointed plz resolve or advice to do the needful at the earliest.

  266. Hemant says:

    how do i know if i have given POA to zeroddha…..i dont remember a/c opening date nor i have sold any stock till there any link on kite which says i have given POA ?

  267. sachin malik says:

    what is the limit on daily sell value with e dis method?

  268. Amit Narad says:

    I have started in January 2020
    what happens if I don’t generate this pin

    • Matti says:

      This TPIN will have been generated and emailed to you. If you don’t have the PIN, you will be unable to sell shares from your holdings.

  269. Raj says:

    I have a suggestion – suppose someone have 25 share in the portfolio, he/she has approved all of them for selling at csdl, which i understand , is valid for 90 days . now within these 90 days he/she has bought & sold many share (like 25/50 whatever number) so it would be difficult to manage / remember as which share he/she has already approved for selling & how many days are remaining to sell the same – would be very good if in holding tab 1/2 columns can be added as to show if the particular share is already approved for selling at csdl & how many days are remaining or to follow the approval process again

  270. satej hajare says:

    i am agree with you sir.

  271. Binoy Joseph says:

    I have started in September 2019

  272. Nilkanth Ramchandra Gumal says:

    i am open account at feb 2020??

  273. veena says:

    I am trying to generate new pin in CDSL website and it is asking for the BO ID value. Can someone tell what is it?

    • Matti says:

      It’s your 16-digit demat account number you can find in the demat section of the ‘My Profile’ page on Console.

  274. kailash k jiwane says:

    confirmation is good one but If pin to be used for sell of stocks, there will be loss or increase in loss as the price may fall in time to fill pin, confirm it and to execute the will occours when the stock is more volatile. loss will be more with respect to time required to feed the pin say ok and order got executed.i.e. stock like Nestle,shree cement, MRF, honneywell auto etc which will make great difference in looses or profit…but reason behind the use of pin for sell is security of traders then this will be ok….thanks

    • Matti says:

      Kailash, you can always keep your stocks pre-authorised in off-market hours using the authorisation option on the holdings page as explained in the most above.

  275. Kalpesh says:

    Hello Team,

    Ca you please make this lengthy notification simpler for users so they know whether any action needed from their side or ignore. I opened account after November 2019 but I don’t clearly remember PoA was part of the list.


    • Matti says:

      If you have opened your account fully online and not sent any courier to us, you’ll need this. Also, if this is applicable to you, this will automatically show up when you’re placing a CNC sell order.

  276. Bhoopal says:

    I had opened account in Apr-2017, then I don’t need to submit POA,so shall I ignore the notification ?

  277. rahul says:

    what happen if i don’t generate this pin

  278. Kaival says:

    I can’t see Authorization option in Holding menu in Kite Web.

  279. saji says:

    Is it applicable for intraday trading?

  280. Ankush Agrawal says:

    How to check the status of Authorization? Also, what will happen in case of BTST trades?

  281. Swatantra says:

    Why no one is bothering to answer the question on revocation of PoA. This was already a matter of concern for me while opening the account but now if it’s possible I’d like to revoke my PoA as soon as possible.
    I observed that this question has been asked at least 4 times in the previous comments but folks are just ignoring it and there is just one mention in the original post “We will soon allow these customers to revoke the POA and shift to this new e-DIS process.”
    This is clearly not enough, we need ETA and How-To-Do doc as early as possible.


    This procedure can not understand properly please you may give the live demo by U Tube or live webinar

  283. Chay Roy says:

    How to and whom to send this PoA? And until then what will happen to my trades?

  284. Prabhu says:


    I have opened account on Dec’19, how i will come to know Submitted PoA for my demat account.
    TPIN is applicable for Intraday or for Delivery traders. Pls suggest. Thx

  285. Manoj Dasari says:

    I already submitted PoA earlier but want to revoke it and shift to this e-DIS process. What is the procedure?

  286. Chirag S says:

    I hope it doesn’t affect converting positions in which you have to exit intraday and punch another sell order.

    Lets say i’ve sold RIL MIS and later i decide to convert to CNC and reduce holding.
    At that time, we should be able to enter TPIN instead of not able to convert.

    Can anyone confirm how this will work ?

    I’m assuming this is as a case of BTST and i’ve not pre-authorized anything before for this scrip.

    They could have given an option to Authorize all scrips upto 90 days. Whats wrong with this option?

    • Chirag says:

      By ALL scrips I meant all NSE/BSE scrips. Not all scrips in holding. I see that is already possible.

  287. Chirag S says:

    I hope it doesn’t affect converting positions in which you have to exit intraday and punch another sell order.

    Lets say i’ve sold RIL MIS and later i decide to convert to CNC and reduce holding.
    At that time, we should be able to enter TPIN instead of not able to convert.

    Can anyone confirm how this will work ?

  288. AMR says:

    Is there any option to update POA online? If so how to do it?

  289. anand says:

    If i have opened my zerodha account before november 2019 can i continue to place CNC sell order without any kind of PIN right? Or else please explain the procedure.

  290. Kamleshkumar Patel says:

    Why are you change the prosses , what the problem if we are using the pin no and It is taking much time to put sale order
    How can I change the this no

  291. Bibek says:

    Sir if we generate CDSL TPIN…confirm then no need to submit our POA…becouse we open our Dmart account after nov2020

    • Bibek says:

      Sir if we generate CDSL TPIN…confirm then no need to submit our POA…becouse we open our Dmart account after nov2019

  292. Balla pavan says:

    Zerodha account open kavadam ledu

  293. vasudev says:

    Will there be any delay in delivery trading buying and selling of shares after generating the TPIN?

  294. Ninan Joseph says:

    Can I transfer shares from my Demat accounts linked different brokers through this e-DIS facility?

  295. Shyamkumar Karwa says:

    If somebody is having 1000 shares in his demat account, can he authorise quantity less than 1000 (say 500 shares only).

  296. Ashif says:

    what about 75% of YESBANK share which is still not been listed in our account. will that will also get authorized by this?

  297. Jayavelan says:

    1 )Today I brought Axis bank share. It raises 7%. But this new system won’t allow to sell this shares, in Position. after end of the day, axis bank closed to -2%. Anyway loss is loss.

    2) How to submit POA. which address?

  298. Ajay Shinde says:

    this is totally taken too much time during to selling stock. please do the less process only one time only not again and again. it’s totally loss on money for take time processing while selling and buying as per market price.

    please reply and resolve the problem very soon.

  299. anand says:

    this is totally taken too much time during to selling stock…. please do the less process… i think no any person gives time for this process every time insert pin code.

  300. NRI says:

    I have been raising these issues for about an year now but your NRI team has been evading replying or has been giving unsatisfactory responses. I ask you once more to clarify the issues I have raised, which you are bound to clarify, by virtue of customer service provider agreement you have signed with me.

  301. SHASHI RAJ says:


  302. NRI says:

    In case you do not understand ( although you must, as, you are the broker and it is your responsibility to be aware of and inform your customers of latest regulatory guidelines which apply to their accounts). Here I make it easy for you, in case I am wrong, you can inform me. 1. There is no such thing as NRI Account or NRI Bank account or NRI trading account. NRI is a person not a bank account. e.g. If an Australian opens a bank account in India, the account is not called an Australian Bank Account. 2. The bank accounts opened by NRIs are called NRO and NRE bank accounts 3. The trading account linked to NRO bank account is just any other trading account linked to resident Indian bank account, except for deduction of tax in advance. 4. I am not aware of any other restriction applicable to NRO bank linked trading accounts. Restrictions apply only to NRE linked PIS trading accounts. Here is how you you exploit this situation.You and many other brokers, by hook or crook, by using confusing language, make customers open both NRO and NRE account and then charge and operate both accounts as if they were PIS accounts. Many brokers lead customers to open upto 4 accounts when customer just could have done everything from one NRO plus trading account and if wanted to repatriate his money, could just use service of any CA for one tenth cost of opening an maintaining multiple accounts and paying charges to you and banks. But These practices of course makes you lot of money at the expense of NRI customers. IF YOU DID ALL THIS HONESTLY e.g. you charged NRI higher fees, you opened their multiple accounts, then it would be ok, but you and other brokers misinform NRI customers into doing this by various tricks e.g. you write , IT IS REQUIRED FOR NRIS, without qualifying required by whom? You or the RBI? That is wrong and illegal.

  303. NRI says:

    I have been writing to NRI team but they have been evading my queries for a long time. I believe you alongwith the linked banks are involved in malpractices in case of NRO accounts. I am now escalating my complaint through this forum. You need to clarify about the questions I have asked you. You need to quote latest regulatory guidelines in case of conduct of NRO Bank linked trading accounts, not the antiquated and defunct guidelines to suit your purpose.You also need to be specific, there is no such thing as NRI account, NRI is a PERSON, not a bank account yet you confuse NRIs by quoting rules for NRI acconts. You need to quote specific rules which apply to NRO and NRE accounts. This has been going on for years and indeed many other brokers are involved in these practices but now it is a time for you to be honest and fix it.

  304. US says:

    It’s too much lenghty.. We loose the price which seen on the screen. I didn’t like that much of complexity.

  305. venkatesh says:

    Thanks for the posts and comments. I have generated my TPIN from cdsl. I am an user of zerodha from 2017 and have given my PoA. Since I have generated this TPIN, will my PoA be valid still ? how can I revoke my PoA which I have provided at the time of a/c opening.

    Personally, I feel this is added layer of security for investors, might be a burden for traders though.

  306. chandru says:

    not received TPIN still loading ,very worst update

  307. Janaki Rama Ayyappa Swamy Chitturi says:

    Sir, I opened account on june 2019, Is this process required for me. How to check whether i have submitted Poa or not?.

  308. Mohan L says:

    As I am not dealing with stock ,I am using only equity ,F &O is this T pin required for me .help plz

  309. antony says:

    I have opened account prior to Nov 2019, so this procedure is not applicable to me, am I right ?

  310. ARVIND says:


  311. C G Venkatsubramanian says:

    Once the stock is sold CDSL can generate a SMS and the same can be sent to client Mobile number.Client in return confirm the same or reject it.

  312. akash says:

    wow. nice step by cdsl. Now I’m sure that broker cannot sell stocks in any situation without my permission.

  313. Sudheer pawar says:


  314. shaheer says:

    Sir, I opened account on june 2019, Is this process required for me. How to check whether i have submitted Poa or not?.

  315. NRI says:

    What about the MALPRACTICES you are committing in case of NRI Customers? Even after RBI isssued a notification that NRO accounts will be deemed at par with RI accounts, you continue to misguide NRI customers in case of NRO linked trading account, e.g. you route NRO transctions through PIS route, in order to do that, you ask NRI cutomers to to compulsory open NRE PIS accounts, very cleverly sounding as if it was a regulatory requirement, where is it is a requirement created by YOU, NOT BY RBI, so that you can make more money in collusion with banks.Misguiding customers is illegal, unnecessary and is fraud. You promise NRI customers that you will open FnO account but you do not have any linkage to any CP, thus you are misselling your product.You refuse NRI to buy a banned script even in NRO account, lying that it is banned for NRIs, not is the case, ban only applies to NRE PIS accounts. The list of your lies is long.You are defrauding NRI customers by confusing them with the terms NRI, NRE and NRO. I have been writing to you from my account but you seem to ignore it, so now take this.


    i am generated 5 times TPIN but no one accepted for sell. this as realy very headache i don’t understand it. help me to out this.
    why you going to do trouble everyone

  317. Krishnaiah says:

    what is BOID?
    it is asking when we are trying to register.

  318. Aviral says:

    Hi, I have authorized CDSL to execute transactions using the TPIN. Is there anything else required?

  319. Arvind Kumar says:

    I remember, I have already submitted PoA when I opened my accout. Do I need to submit again ? If yes then tell me the process to submit PoA .

  320. vijay patel says:

    which pin are used zpin, Tpin

  321. Bharat Dangde says:

    I have received TPIN from CDSL, Is it applicable for trading in Future and option segment? either we trade for MIS or CNC order.

  322. Venumadhav Bikkina says:

    Hi, is this Tpin common to all broking platforms or am I going to receive different Pin for each broker where I used for Trading. Please advice.
    Thanks in Advance.

  323. NJ says:

    This is a much appreciated step from CDSL to safeguard our stocks and to avoid brokers selling it in case of fraud. But I am disappointed to see how Zerodha is not encouraging its customers to use new TPIN process rather they are asking to send POA physically. Looks like their priority is to save their customer base and not enhancing security. This process is to avoid situation like Karvy Fraud. Better to use new process and stay safe than vulnerable.

  324. Bardoliya says:

    Changes are positive but process is to lengthy that will create a loss where in case 90days expires and we were unknown…

  325. c r c raja says:

    This Message Tells that Don’t Trust Anyone except you…….. 🙂

  326. karthik says:

    Come on guys, give these fellows a break. Its only for cnc trades and I believe cnc trades are made as investments, so some price change should not matter. Plus if you are day trading these rules does not apply.


    It’s Fucking lengthy. I don’t like such mess

  328. Vijay Gunjal says:


  329. sourabh pandharkar says:

    when is it applicable from..i had opened an account on last october

    • Nakul says:

      This process is live already. Since you must have provided the POA at the time of the account opening, this will not make any changes to you.

  330. prakash kumar ambastha says:


  331. ANIL BHATT says:

    I have not requested for the the TPIN, on my register phone and on email.
    Is it necessary to have on the account for sale or for any transaction?
    and how safe this TPIN thing would be for me?

    awaiting for reply?
    Anil Kumar Bhatt

    • Nakul says:

      With this new process in place, the depository has generated and sent the TPIN to all the non-POA clients. You can change the TPIN if you wish to as mentioned in the blog post. It is definitely safer for you as a client now as the depository can validate the stock debits that happen in your demat. Doo go through this post as well.

  332. Ashwini K says:

    I have submitted POA doc and it also appears in my Profile in User Uploads in Console. So, is the process of generating CDSL-TPIN mandatory for me?

  333. Alaknanda says:

    When to use TPIN CODE ??? And when to use e-DIS? I have received these 2 SMS, pl guide/ thanks

    • Nakul says:

      Just the TPIN is required when you are trying to sell from your holdings. You would have received a separate sms and email just with the TPIN from CDSL.

  334. Yogender says:

    How the GTT will work then??

  335. Bhagyashree says:

    I have opened my zerodha account in the middle of the November month. should i go through this CDSL Tpin process. because in notification in zerodha, it’s mentioned after November 2019. In document. It’s mentioned before november 2019. which one to follow. please make it clear what to do if we have opened in the middle of the november month


    • Nakul says:

      This process is only for accounts who have not given the POA. If you were previously selling shares from your holding using the Kite PIN, you would now have to use the TPIN before selling.

  336. Sunchu Vinod Kumar says:

    On 13/05/2020 at 9:16:19 Timing when i want to sell my Cipla y this meassage was came this Zerodha is not working properly y (order was placed outside of trading hours (adapter off). Try Placing an AMO)

    • Faisal says:

      We had a line disconnection issue on 13 May during market open for a couple of minutes that didn’t allow orders to go through for some clients. The issue was fixed almost immediately. Please check this post for more details.

  337. aseng says:

    Hi, Quick question.

    Account was opened way before Nov. 2019, and I think PoA was given as well (is there any way to check this?). Also in case PoA has been given, is it necessary to generate the TPIN?

  338. Nisarg says:

    I am getting server hangup when i submit continue with cdsl so I am unable to authorise any transaction via cdsl

  339. Sivaprakasam G says:

    what is BO ID

  340. Jaskaran Gadwal says:

    Old proses

  341. Subhash Malik says:

    as it is shown through screen shots authorisation button on holding page screen next to search button. but authorisation button is not there on holding page. how it can be visible. please help.

  342. prabhakr says:

    i have not

  343. pardeep says:

    how to use this TPIN, is it mandatory for every time(buy or sale)

  344. pradeep says:


  345. jagdeesha kumar s poojari says:

    POA Already given by courier when zerodha a/c. opend.

  346. Falak says:

    What if I have a trigger price? Will Kite still sell it for me once it reaches the trigger?

  347. Brij says:

    These process is very lengthy, T pin activate after six minutes and in these time stock price is drastically change….I am using other trading platform also there no such type of process to execute a order..

  348. Nish says:

    Does this mean those who open account before nov 2019 is unsecure because of POA given to zerodha?

  349. prabhakar redekar says:

    1.why we are complicating the process?
    2.what are the benefits to customer by doing this type of process?
    3. What are the benefits to Zerodha?
    4.the other brokerage site are not using this type of trasaction then why you, it instruction given by SEBI, BSE AND NSE.

  350. Falak says:

    What if we set a trigger price to sell? will kite sell for us or will we have to do it on our own?

  351. Sajan Jain says:

    I had already submitted POA while opening A/c but 2 days earlier I click on the button “DIS” in the console and this facility enabled for me but I want to disable again. Please let me know how to disable the facility.

    Is there is any mail id on which I could send POA again instead of the courier?

  352. ishaan awasthi says:

    sorry, it is taking the order. but do i need to go through authorisation process since my account is very old, much before nov 2019.

    • Nakul says:

      Since your account is older than November 2019, you would have given us the POA. The TPIN process isn’t required in this case.

  353. Tanish Gupta says:

    I am not able to understand , if i purchase any stock today and want to sell it before the market gets close , so i am able to do it or not .

    • Arvind Kumar says:

      I am not able to understand , if i purchase any stock today and want to sell it before the market gets close , so i am able to do it or not .

      Can I continue to purchase with Kite pin.


    • Nakul says:

      This doesn’t affect intraday trading. The TPIN is required only when you are selling from your holdings.

  354. Vishal says:

    Does this also allow us to transfer shares from one CDSL account to another? Are you working on such facility? ICICI Bank has an eInstruction facility which allows similar transactions between depositories.

  355. Someena says:

    I received CDSL pin, still not able to authorize. Showing this msg “No DP IDs found”. Contact support?

  356. Santhosh says:

    I received CDSL pin, still not able to authorize. Showing this msg “No DP IDs found”. Contact support?

    • Indra Patwal says:

      I am getting the same error when I click on “Continue to CDSL”: “No DP IDs found. Contact support.” I have tried this many times(incognito, logging out and logging back in), but I keep getting the same error. I talked with Zerodha customer care people, but they were not helpful at all. This is very disappointing and I did not expect it from Zerodha. I was planning to close my positions on June 2 before 3:30 PM. But I am stuck now. Very frustrating.

    • Kishor says:

      Sir, Is the issue resolved. I am facing same issue when I try to sell my shares. Incase if it is resolved can you share the solution to me please?

  357. Mohammed Asif says:

    How would i know that i have submitted my POA or not i am not sure about that could you confirm ?

  358. mirza ibrahim says:

    ser i am new

  359. Sam says:

    Very lenghty

  360. Nitin says:

    Dear Team

    Please make video on this New CDSL TPIN Process. Unable to understand what is going on in this process.

    Or arrange call for me to explain this process

  361. khengarbhai hirabhai parmar says:

    my poa recive in zirodha 10/11/2019
    but not atechment my zirodha acaunt…..wy..??

  362. BABITA says:

    How to know whether POA completed or not?

  363. Manjula says:

    Hi, How about selling the stock through Small case ?

  364. Chethan v says:

    I can not trade the short term trading

  365. chetan says:


  366. Ajay says:

    yesterday carried position is not shown. Today is expiry day, why is it done on this day ? Too bad on this.

  367. RAHUL says:

    to confirm

  368. Rajesh kumar says:

    What is this stupid process

  369. Rohan Shah says:

    To confirm, this new CDSL pre-authorization process is not applicable to future and options segment? If we are only trading in F&O’s?

  370. Vikram Patil says:

    I have already signed and couriered POA when I opened account. Notification today says I “Opened account after Nov 2019”. I have opened my account in 2017.

  371. Soujannya Shankar Dhaoa says:

    If I courier the hard copy of the POA is it valid for 90 days or till my account is operational..

    Also if I transfer my share from a different demat to zerodha, with POA, I’ll be able to sell stocks directly form kites platform..??

  372. Namit says:

    I have recieved the T pin but there is no authorization link for this on my holdings page…I have already placed some sell gtt, will they work without TPIN….Kindly guide me

    • Namit Rathore says:

      How to update TPIN for all shares as the authorisation option is not visible on the holdings page….. My Gtt was triggered but transaction failed saying authorIsation required at depository’s

  373. Pranay says:

    I already generated and I got tpin but I have doubt & I just want to ask is it safe?

  374. Arjun Desai says:

    I had jst tried in kite mobile app and placed sell order but not asked for
    T pin, why ?

  375. Crazy Joker says:

    Guys pls don’t believe in these motherfuckers these are fake. As per zerodha they don’t send the msg with link for reset ur pin. Guys don’t login or ur money will be lost

    • Matti says:

      What are you saying? This is an announcement on our website (Zerodha) by us! Wouldn’t it be prudent to do a cursory check before saying something that could potentially cause people to panic?

  376. Mohd shakeel says:

    I am just place sell order but TpT pin not asking me there is ask only Zerodha login pin

  377. Rajesh says:

    What is and where can I see my trading id

  378. Vipin says:

    What is BO ID?

  379. Mahadevappa says:

    My mobile number at present using and given to zeodha while opening demat account.
    Whereas in my profile it shows old mobile number which is not in use now. How to change that in CDSL .

  380. Dhirendra kumar srivastav says:

    Kya aap mujhe bta skte hai ke mera holding ko sell karne ja option open hai ya nhi ya poa form send karne kai baad open hoga .

  381. ROHIT RANJAN says:

    Sir i have opened my account in zerodha but future and option segment has not been enabled till now. Plz help me

  382. Vib says:

    I didn’t receive my T Pin . I tried to generate one but it asks for BOID. What is that?

  383. Vishnu Anilkumar says:

    Is the TPIN required for intraday with CNC?
    I dont see a reply for this even though few people have already asked

  384. Manikrao Kature says:


  385. Prasad says:

    1. Is TPIN authorisation flow required if we are doing intraday with CNC?
    This is not user friendly. Suppose I purchased a share today it will not be displayed under holdings until next day and I want to sell it as market reopens for trading. So your expecting user to go through the process of TPIN authorisation flow during market time for the shares he purchased yesterday?

  386. Anand says:

    I’m not understanding how to create TPIN

  387. Rahul Droach says:

    Thanks Sebi and Zerodha for more security and legalisation, i would like to know what is the limit of sell transaction amount in this new process, as before in e-dis method it was upto 1 crore if i’m right and for more amount we was need to submit POA physically, is rule still here ??

    • Matti says:

      Yeah, the limit exists for now. However, we’ve written to CDSL asking them to remove this limit since the validation is done by the demat holder himself using the PIN received from CDSL.

      • RAHUL DROACH says:

        Thanks for information, do you have any idea when we will get know about this limit because I was going to courier POA form or I should wait for any further information ??

  388. Ronnie says:

    I have placed gtt sell orders today. But still only kite pin is being asked. Is the tpin authorisation be available from 01/06/2020 only?

  389. Anindita says:

    Obviousaly read it.. Within 90 days there can be changes of my stock holding and each time i have to do the process. In this volatile market 90 days is a big time. Again telling the process is not right & annoying. One more thing things must be user friendly, do u think it’s enough user friendly.

  390. Sai says:

    What about BTST transactions?
    Because the stocks are not yet credited to the demat account.

    • Matti says:

      For now, yes.

      • Nayan says:

        Sorry dont understand your reply here.. What happens in BTST trade? We cannot authorise it on CDSL since stock is not in Demat at that point? So we will not require any authentication for BTST trades?

        • Matti says:

          There is no check to see if stocks are in your demat account when authorising, all CNC sell orders will need authorisation, so will BTST trades.

      • B B D says:

        what, if i authorised a sell order today in
        csdl using T-pin and place the sell oder in zerodha kite after one month

        please clarify if authorisation a sell order in CSDL will leads automatically place a sell oder in zerodha kite?

  391. Omkar Bharti says:

    Is it applicable to Intraday trading also ? For MIS order ?

  392. devesh says:

    How will the process of placing sell orders through the api be affected by this. I hold around 50 stocks which I rebalance each month. To do that, I have a script that uses kite api since selling each manually is a pain.
    Will I need to authorise each stock through the web interface before executing the sell order each month ?

    • Shashank says:

      Two ways-
      1. You can submit POA to Zerodha then nothing will be affected.
      2. Authorize all existing stocks which is valid for 3 months i.e. your API will work for 3 months for existing stocks. But once you buy new stocks or 3 months is done then you have to re-authorize else your API will fail.

      • Raj Kumar says:

        How will I know from my stock list what is authorised and what is not.
        Or is it that everytime I purchase I have to authorise immediately to avoid mix up.
        Also what if I authorise and then don’t sell and keep for a longer period.

        • Matti says:

          1. You will only be asked to authorised if you haven’t already.
          2. You can authorise and not sell, won’t make a difference.

  393. Mahesh says:

    I have open my zerodha account in March 2020 , so plz give me advice .. how to do my POA now…..

  394. Shashank says:

    This is a very good initiative by CDSL, it prevents single point of loss when control is compromised although it is unlikely scenario but just to be on safer side.
    Thanks to Zerodha for explaining the things in a perfect way.

  395. Nidhi jiaswal says:

    I am placing order is not asking me to authorise why ..and i do not want this cdsl pin. What to do please let me know.

    • Matti says:

      If you don’t want to go through this authorisation process, download the PoA here, sign and courier it over to us.

  396. Vaibhav says:

    I am able to access sell on limit and gtt order both using kite pin only. My account was opened after Nov 19. Do I don’t need to use this new system?

  397. SAURABH Gupta says:

    Whtlat about for older zerodha accounts

    Please advise

  398. Ravi says:

    Today morning have place few cnc orders does the tpin will effect the placed orders?

  399. Mitali Sikdar says:

    What is BO ID which will it placed to get a TPIN.

  400. Srinivasa Shenoy says:

    What about shares purchased yesterday and wants to sell next day before it is being credited to cdsl Account.

  401. Jitender Bansal says:

    Sir i have created my Zerodah account in March 2020, and using kite pin for sell orders.
    But can i now sent seperate physical POA, instead of TPIN, so that i can sell the shares just by swiping sell button in my mobile Zerodah kite

  402. Anil kant Rath says:

    What is BO id

  403. Rajeev gupta says:

    What is BO ID

  404. Mukul says:

    What is BO ID. It is reqd while generating pin.kindly tell

    • Shashank says:

      BOID is 16 digit account number to identify your DeMat account. It is similar to bank account number.
      Login to zerodha console and click on DeMat tab where you can find account details.
      If you don’t get TPIN to your registered email address then you can generate using above links where you would require this 16 digit BOID to authenticate CDSL portal.

    • Matti says:

      It’s your 16-digit demat account number you can find in the demat section of the ‘My Profile’ page on Console.

  405. Sachin says:

    Kindly explain
    My account have been 2 yrs old with zerodha
    1.I have some shares in my account as purchased under delivery.I don’t want to sell it now may be after year I will think do I need to generate TPIN from now onward.
    2. Also if I do intraday transaction.. then also I will have to generate TPIN before sell. Intraday transaction is limited n if I generate TPIN n then sell shares..And if over the time my desire sell price will be gone..Then no use of.

    Kindly support to explain

    • Nakul says:

      1. As explained in the post, the pre-authorization process isn’t applicable to clients who have given us the POA (accounts opened before November 2019). Since your account was opened before this date and you had given us the POA for your account, the TPIN wouldn’t be required now. However, we’ll soon give an option to clients to revoke the POA and use the TPIN authorization process.

      2. The TPIN won’t be required for intraday transactions.

    • Matti says:

      1. You need to authorise for selling when you want to sell, not now.
      2. No need of TPIN for intraday MIS trades. If you’re using CNC orders for intraday trades, you’ll need to enter the PIN for now.

  406. Viswanathan says:

    I have Autogenerated CSDL TPIN.
    I want to have my own CSDL TPIN

    • Matti says:

      Hey, we’ve added the link to set your own PIN in the post above, at the very end.

      • Bhagyashree says:

        I have opened my zerodha account in the middle of the November month. should i go through this CDSL Tpin process. because in notification in zerodha, it’s mentioned after November 2019. In document. It’s mentioned before november 2019. which one to follow. please make it clear what to do if we have opened in the middle of the november month


    • Matti says:

      Use the link at the end of the above post to set your own PIN.

  407. ashutosh says:

    what happens to BTST trades. also when i login the cdsl should we upgrade to Easiest. and if i want to transfer shares from my other account to zerodha. can i do using online and no need to submit the dis manually. i need to first add the zerodha account to be trusted account in the other account. after that can i transfer shares from there to zerodha. and similarly if i need to submit shares for open offer then the transfer should be from zerodha to the company who is ofering the trade. how can i transfer the shares in this case as we can have maximum 4 trusted account at a time. can we authorize and then de-authorize later

  408. Dattatray says:

    Error message of “Page not found” is appearing after placing the order Authorise your holdings before selling. Please check on priority.

  409. Komal Bhalge says:

    When I am trying to place a sell GTT it is showing “Authorise your holdings before selling.” with a “Proceed” button and once clicked on it, it is showing Page not found. what is this?? Why am I unable to place sell GTT even after activating the TPIN?

  410. Bhargav says:

    when you are selling on particular price.. due to this process we may face more losses.. am i right?

    • Matti says:

      You can pre-authorise all your holdings to avoid that as explained in the above post.

    • Pankaj says:

      Zeroda kite making procedure to sell the shares more critically ways,,,shocking…..Showing secure ways but providing delay in services for day trading activity…Thinking for another way or another trading app…

      • Matti says:

        This is only applicable for delivery trades, nothing to do with your intraday trading. This is mandated by the regulator. All brokers will have to do this. There is no choice. If you don’t want to go through this authorisation process, you can always send us a PoA for the account as explained in the post above.

  411. kanishk chauhan says:

    it will make trading more secure.
    thanks cdsl/zerodha

  412. M.N.Mishra says:

    Good Rules for customer security .To escape Brokers arbitrary practice

  413. Ragav says:

    When we would have received TPIN during the account opening time?

    • Matti says:

      For new accounts, yes. For older accounts, we’ll have it sent before June 1st.

      • venkatesh says:

        how will this PIN be mailed to us ? through physical post or via email ?

        • Nakul says:

          You’ll get the TPIN on your registered email and mobile number. You can check the profile page on Console to verify your registered email id and mobile number.

          • jashan khurana says:

            I haven’t received the Tpin yet. Is there anything to worry?

            • Ashutosh muduli says:

              There is given link through a mail if you don’t get the pin then register it by yourself. Then it take to cdsl site where you have give your dmant acc no. and pan no. then it will send a otp to your registered mobile no. Enter that otp then the tpin will be send to your mail and mobile. Thats it easy.

            • Matti says:

              If you haven’t received it, you can generate a new one using the link on in the post above.

          • Ishwar says:

            Where i will get BO ID number ( 16 digit )

            • pradeep says:

              your Demat account number is bo id number. go to console see in Demat option

            • aabha guta says:

              I have received the BO ID Number wherein 5 digits are in XXXXX are mentioned how to do I track this no so I register it

        • Matti says:


  414. Tarang says:

    It is more secured.

    • Anindita says:

      It’s too much lenghty.. We loose the price which seen on the screen. I didn’t like that much of complexity.

      • Shashank says:

        Not sure whether you read complete information, we have an option to authorize all the stocks in our account (valid for 90 days)
        For eg. Today you have authorized all your stocks in CDSL portal then till August 27 you can directly sell the stocks from Kite without loosing your margin with price seen on screen.
        However this is applicable to existing stocks, after authorization if buy new stocks then repeat the same process.

        It is highly unlikely that you would buy the stocks and sell it within a minute, so there is no loss if you plan properly.

        • BHAVYASHRI says:

          Is it applicable today onwards only?
          Or from June 1st.

        • William says:


          Suppose I authorise all my shares for sell, is that means sell orders will be placed for all of them or I can place sell orders as and when required till 90 days ?

        • Mandeep says:

          For example i have only 100 stocks of XYZ in my holdings and i have sold today after authorization of tpin .
          and bought another some stocks of abc. Now again i have to put tpin on selling or last authorization is valid for 90 days.

          • Vishruth L says:

            Yes, Every time you have to authorize before selling. Doesn’t matter if you have bought it again or bought it for first time.

            • Ravi says:

              Hello sir I have some shares in my holdings then after authorisation of selling it comes into positions ivy buying then again I sold them it shows in holdings that means I didn’t get back money in my total balance I don’t understand please help me

        • Jack says:

          User can authorize in a single shot of all stocks which ll be valid for 90 days. Yes its one of the good option, but why don’t you take this authorization post placing a sell order as user have 2 days of time to give the stocks to exchange.
          This will affect the user in selling the stocks at intended price and prices are subject to change on timely basis.

          Ideally you should allow the user to sell the stocks first at their wishing price and then you have to take this authorization at the end of the day. Which can turn a good result.

        • Shubham says:

          Could U plz tell me where is the option of pre-authorisation in my handset,,, or is this option available for only computer users

        • Manmohan says:

          Please let me know when I placed the order buy then at the time of gtt sell order. No option open cdsl authorization? So please give me option at the time of gtt order

          • Matti says:

            You will have to go to the holdings page on Kite and authorise your holdings when you place a GTT.

            • Pranay Kapse says:

              Then, How to do on mobile application?
              I couldn’t sell GTT order, Every time i sell price triggered but not executed.

        • Shahin says:

          It really ridiculous, for me its asking l everyday. This really not acceptable.

        • Shekhar Sahu says:

          Some indicators should be there that 90 days period is over or certain stocks have not been authorized. Some of my triggered GTTs failed to execute because I forgot to authorize the new stocks.

        • Jyotimaya Dash says:

          How to remove the tpin

        • pankaj singh says:

          its just a waste of time.. today i wanted to sell my tata chemical shares around 752 but that t pin killed my time now its on 740 so im in loss now who will pay my loss??

          • Matti says:

            Hey Pankaj, the TPIN+OTP mechanism is mandated by SEBI and there’s not much we can do about this. If you want to get around this, you can send a physical PoA for your account.

        • Ravindra Agnihotri says:

          Thanks Shashank to make many points clear. Now i understood this very clearly. Thanks again

        • Harkesh Gupta says:

          I am not getting authorization option in Holdings tab.

        • Mohit Mathur says:

          sir, please clarify the process of BTST transaction, Can we go for BTST or not? as the shares are received in T+2 than how will we authorize before receiving?

        • Pradeep J says:

          How to authorise all the stocks in Cdsl?

      • AQ says:

        No innovation only new workarounds.
        The whole business of Stock trading is flawed.
        The whole process from account creation and verification is flawed, now they have added another layer of complexity.
        In an ideal world (which we don’t live in) an individual would directly approach the exchange to open and account. The exchange must do the KYC and other formalities and allow the user to create API keys (which will have access levels to chose from such as trading/ withdrawal etc) and then user hands over the keys to whichever broker they chose to and that should be it.

        But guess what as usual the rich gets more lazy and wants others to work for them. So is the case in this situation, the exchange wants no hassle they just want Brokers to do all the work for them. Govt wants to keep the old machine working as usual.
        Ideally the brokers should not have any customer’s money on them. It should be with exchange.

        • Krish says:

          If you say this is lengthy, flawed and not ideal, check out how the process is in UK & US. The cost is EXTREMELY prohibitive to have an individual account and the process absolutely lengthy. Instead, I have to open something called a CREST / DTC account where the shares are actually not held in your name, but you are only a nominee. Read up on it. Our country’s financial system is actually one of the best in the world, affording freedom, allowing ownership and mainly being far less expensive.

          • Chirag says:

            Quoting US/UK conveniently because the process is lengthier doesn’t invalidate AQ’s argument.

            Actually, when he says the burden should be on the exchange instead of broker, it is very right.
            then they can have uniformity and transparency.
            1st you give all the burden to the broker, then broker scams and everyone is blaming the other.

            Z and others brokers job is to provide a good trading experience, instead it will also have to fight with Bureaucracy like on the STT trap etc.
            AQ is 100% right, exchange/SEBI don’t want to take on any work and just dish out half-baked guidelines.

          • SG says:

            Buddy i live in US and we don;t go through these process. Please don;t spread false news.
            In fact things are very easy here. You can use ETRADE and Robinhood. Do search for it if you don;t know it. Best of luck 🙂

            • Krish says:

              Hi, tldr, you and AQ have no idea of the implications of this so-called ideal system described by AQ.

              Long version: Hi, there is nothing fake about what I said. Even with Robinhood and Etrade, you are only doing what we’re already doing in India i.e. trading via a power of attorney (POA). Didn’t you know that you had signed a power of attorney when creating an account with Robinhood?

              We already have the POA option in India and with Zerodha. This new option is for those who do not wish to sign a POA. It is a decent alternative and a decent reaction to the Karvy scandal where the POA was absolutely misused.

              I stated two things – in UK/US, the holdings are directly held by CREST/DTC & that you are only a nominee, and it is very expensive to have a truly personal account where you own the stock directly. It seems that I might have been mistaken reg. DTC wherein the stock is held in your name only, but with CREST that is not the case – you do not own the scrip directly. To do that, you need to spend a lot more on a more personal account (unless things have changed since when I checked last week).

              Robinhood’s process is just as simple as what we already have in India, thanks to the advent of tech-savvy discount brokers like Zerodha, Upstox etc. and Aadhaar e-verification options.

              But at the end of the day, both Robinhood and ETrade are still just brokers with clearing house permits, and you’re still not opening something directly with the exchange, which is what AQ wanted (“individual would directly approach the exchange to open and account”).

              What AQ asked for is borderline ridiculous and pointless: “In an ideal world (which we don’t live in) an individual would directly approach the exchange to open and account. The exchange must do the KYC and other formalities and allow the user to create API keys (which will have access levels to choose from such as trading/ withdrawal etc) and then user hands over the keys to whichever broker they chose to and that should be it.”

              I will discuss this objectively, showing that my criticism of this idea is not undue. AQ has absolutely no idea of the security risks of a system like that and fact that if their key is accidentally leaked out, their account may be accessed by yet another third-person without AQ’s permission & knowledge, and used to trade and move funds etc. – since there is no need to do KYC as per AQ’s method.

              You may argue that it is the same as a username/password leaking out – and it is not totally incorrect. But with username & password, you can at least get 2FA set up when logging in, so even if the login credentials are leaked out, your 2FA is likely to protect you. On the other hand, with an API, it is not practical to perform 2FA for each transaction. Imagine getting an OTP/random Auth code for each trade you do – the time it will take will be infinitely more than the one-time Pre-authorisation process here.

              Perhaps the API authorisation challenge can be handled by generating a reciprocal key at the broker’s end and submitting it to the exchange to prevent unauthorised transactions by third parties. But this might not be legally sufficient – you still might need to provide a POA to allow your broker to execute transactions on your behalf.

              Further, the broker may not be able to verify if another person’s API is being used by you, unless additional verification is done by the broker to the exchange. For this, the broker will need to collect and verify your data i.e. perform a KYC anyway, and verify it against what has been submitted at the exchange. While this verification need not be done for each transaction, both the broker and exchange would still need to design a system where any change to the personal data on their side will immediately scrap all API & reciprocal keys generated/stored. Apart from the auto-scrapping, there must also be periodical check to ensure that the data with the broker & the exchange, correlate. Both exchange and broker must periodically ping each other with the data as a fall-back mechanism. Each of these interactions is a server request and adds to the already excessive server load.

              Further, the exchange will have to think of and develop several security measures personally for the user, which will divert them from their core activity of being a platform for buying & selling shares and focusing directly on improving their platform. Each action by a user will also create unnecessary extra server load for the exchange and it will have to spend more money (on both hardware and software) for managing the server load as well.

              This still does not void the user from the responsibility to periodically verify the number of brokers accessing the API, which is another additional task that can only be performed by the user’s side, not the exchange. Also, if you had not submitted the POA allowing the broker to pass on transaction instructions on your behalf, you will have to approve the transactions that have been performed by you at the day’s end on the exchange account.

              So, to sum up:
              1) User opens account with exchange, performs KYC.
              2) User generates API key.
              3) User chooses broker and opens account, performs KYC.
              4) User inputs API key from exchange and generates reciprocal key.
              5) User inputs reciprocal key from broker into the exchange account.
              6) User must periodically verify their API is not being misused.
              7) User must approve transactions on the exchange if POA not submitted.
              8) Tons of other security work by the exchange & broker.

              In short, it is not impossible but is impractical.

              But at the end of the day, what is happening here? AQ is expecting us to do manually, all the things that the broker takes care for us when setting up the account. All this to try avoiding a one-time task of entering a PIN once or providing a POA once. That is ridiculous. The scale of work that needs to be done, especially on the security side where one will have to proactively plan against security vulnerabilities due to the new method (in addition to the existing security challenges), makes the idea pointless when a simpler & sufficiently secure format already exists today.

              If a system like this considered is ‘easier’ by AQ (what I’ve stated is the bare minimum required for security & legality), good for them. And do note, I have probably understated various other challenges as these steps alone were a hassle to work out. I still haven’t covered how the fund transfers will be managed, for starters.

              I wonder if people think this is a game. Click to get money, eh? No actual thought-process and work involved? Can’t do a little grunt work? Can’t appreciate all the progress and security measures introduced, while at the same time keeping things economical and easy-to-use? Nope. The Never Satisfied Generation – NSG.

          • Shri A Rajaraman says:

            you are correct. India the systems are very customer friendly. this facility was long overdue due to the Karvy issue i think. why our authority wait for a mishap to correct the system is the only problem.
            Do not compare USA and UK as they are backward countries as far as protection and human rights are concerned. they are costly cumbersome and need foreigners to run their country as they want to enjoy at others expense.
            only problem is our judiciary is slow whimsical and inefficient hence we have frequent problems where crooks bypass the system and are seldom punished.

        • Anirudh Tapase says:

          I fully agree with above comments.

      • Matti says:

        If you don’t want to go through this authorisation process, download the PoA here, sign and courier it over to us.

        • JAIPRAKASH says:

          How we can do courier in this situation, using our TPIN is more secured than using TPIN as per mail. This is rubbish. It creates doubt on trading website, we are not feeling that we are safe.

      • BROKENBULL says:

        Yesterday I sold shares bought previous day (T+1) . just now while downloading contract statements , saw the mail from zerodha about cdsl pin & guess what a cdsl pin at 10.57am . I sold the shares in pre market at 9.02am. If cdsl pin comes after 2 hours , this will not work. or we have to place a CNC order in amo & wait for the pin & tray to alter the order during market hours at the desired price. But yestrday my porder went thro at 9.08am with zerodhas pin

      • OMKAR says:

        YES very lenghty process. We will lose the price.

      • Akshay Pandey says:

        that is why there is given option to you can authorize as off market time, no need to do that in during market time so you can easily authorize that on off market.

        • Anirudh Tapase says:

          Dear Friend Mr. Akshay Pandey, since I’m new to all such stuffs so kindly help and let me know how to authorize in OFF MARKET TIME, I have tried to do so but couldn’t find any option for authorization. Someone told me it is generally available in holdings but …..all in vain.

          Will be more helpful if you could give me a miscall on 9004172379 as per your convenience so that accordingly I shall call back you and seek your help for above mentioned authorization.

      • Anirudh Tapase says:

        I fully agree with Anindita, many times even I had faced this problem and so booked less profit & many times even lost profits too. This system needs some sort of easy operations. In name of security we as a small traders or new traders could not book profits and face losses.

      • Padmaja says:

        Correct we are loosing the profit due to this. Is there a way to change the pin of my choice?

        • Matti says:

          Yes, you can. Setting a PIN of your choice is also explained in the post above along with a link at the end to change your existing TPIN to what you want.

      • Nagashetty says:

        1. Dmat Annual charge -Rs.300.
        2. Buy and sell separate charges

        Today I sold 4000 qty JP Shares @ 7.71 per share and received only ~24500/ only. More ~ Rs.6000/- where went don’t know. Then why we should invest money in Share market. Every where looting to common men.
        4. UVSL closed and l lost More than 56000/ no one Govt bodies we’re support. UVSL company told shares wippedout under NCLT RP approved.

      • Srijita Roy says:

        I think you have not read it properly. You have to authorize it onlyonce every 90 days (provided new shares are not purchased) and it can be done after market hours as well.

      • Sunil jaiswal says:

        It is for our safety, so that the kaary case doesn’t happened. When the share is in dp 1% up or down doesn’t matter. I am really happy with this facility of cdsl.

    • Darshna says:

      I followed the steps and still it was asking for kite pin for CNC sell order. I had opened my account in March 2020. I’m using the kite mobile app. POA is also given while account opening.

      • Matti says:

        Like it says in the post, this is only live for Kite web right now and isn’t applicable for accounts where PoA was submitted.

        • Prashant says:

          How to submit POA. Is there any online submission option?

        • Amit Kumar Singh says:

          Is it applicable for CNC sale on kite mobile application too? Also, whether we need to authorize for sale of stocks bought on the same day (either CNC or MIS purchases)?

      • Akshay Pandey says:

        this is allowed from 1 June 2020

    • K VIJAYA BHASKAR says:

      Is GTT orders are required CDSL TPIN?. For GTT Stocks or TPIN authorised stocks what about dividends payable by companies. Is it credited to account holder before selling.

      • Matti says:

        You will receive dividend as usual, no changes. You need to authorise stocks, if not, the GTT will fail once triggered.

        • Suraj says:

          What if GTT triggered and failed due to non authorize to CDLS then any charges for that? How to authorize and sell stop loss set shares in GTT?


      i aint got it as in i have opened my account this year jan and my fathers around march-april yet will i be needed to have this t-pin procedure cause i have submitted proof of adress (PoA) so should i need to issue any t-pin or no

      • Matti says:

        PoA is not proof of address, but power or attorney in this context. You will still need to use TPIN.

    • Jeevan says:

      I hope this remains in stocks only.. Is there any plans to introduce this in Option Index/stock trading on sell orders in future?

      • Nakul says:

        This is only required to debit stocks from your demat when you sell. This is not applicable for F&O.

    • Gopu says:

      But, Too Many steps. We may lose the target price. This will be a pain in the a**.

    • rahul says:

      I have updated POA online and you have approved it, so should i have to create CDLS TPIN PIN ??

    • Satish Zope says:

      This is Pathetic system, I lost the good price today just because of this stupid price and the process were not informed by Zerodha well before….

      My other friends using non zerodha platforms did not faced any such issue nor they required telephone pin or any such thing.

      This is purely wasting time and harassing customer and shows incapability and unprofessionalism of Zerodha. we need to seriously think to move from zerodha

      • Roopesh says:

        which other platform are you talking about? This is applicable only to folks who opened acct recently and have not submitted PoA… I see the process being followed by Upstox broker.

        • Roopesh says:

          Correction above:
          I see the “same” process being followed by Upstox broker where i recently opened acct and yet to submit the PoA.

      • Krish says:

        Kindly do not blame zerodha or the simple process due to your ineptitude at understanding things.

      • Manu says:

        That’s why ur unfit to be in market’s…..all the brokers have implemented it….it’s not there fault that zerodha implemented before others…..angel,hfdc,icici everyone has it….if u don’t want give POA…..simple page and one post….done no worries in future

    • Utsav says:

      Is this authorization valid for the particular day only? Or is it valid for a certain number of trading days?

    • rajesh says:

      Sir i got the message telling that
      If you have opened your account after November 2019 and have not submitted the PoA for your demat account, you have to now use the CDSL TPIN instead of your Kite PIN before placing a CNC sell order on Kite. You will have received the TPIN on your registered email ID and mobile number.

      i have received the TPIN, but is there any last date to sign and send the form of POA. or we can send when we require it. can i know if i send how secured it is. can you tell me detail.

    • lakshmi G says:

      It’s said to update mobile app. How to update it?
      If we uninstall the present app, don’t we lose the data?
      Please respond..

    • Ashok Kumar Samanta says:

      It will be started from 01/06/2020, we will use TPIN instead of Kite PIN, It will be properly realised after using on 01/06/20. Don’t worry, it is more secured. Watch YouTube videos for better understanding. Thanks.

    • Nandkumar says:

      Can I choose my favourite number for TPIN …

    • Balaji Ranjith says:

      Seriously difficult to use this.. And it is not working now.. and redirecting to 502 bad gateway error page when authorising. Worst to catch during price action.

    • Naveen Sharma says:

      NoT so healthy, it’s losse many profit smoes .

      Till 2 days no TPIN will send from Zerodha , I can’t able to sell my stocks , I will goes under loose

    • Anand Shah says:

      It was communicated that this is to be done for accounts opened after November 2019
      However, I faced a problem even tough my account was opened 4 years ago

    • Nandalal Bose says:

      Not getting any pin. Neither in phone or in mobile. Unable to do trade from past 2 days. I really hate this process.

    • Teja says:

      Please give an option in App, Instead of just giving option only while selling. So that we can separately authorize and keep it ready.

    • Naveen chaudhary says:

      The process is lengthy and sometimes it takes too much time due to which I lost thousands of rupees many times….. I think it is a bull shit

    • Satya pratap singh says:

      I lost 4000 rs because my gtt order not triggered due to this pin
      Either you ask daily before market starts please it really made my day worse

    • Manu Sanky says:

      Its was a bad day, CDSL was down, I have bought Stocks for BTST and today morning CDSL was down for 45 minutes, all my profit went into losses,

    • Beena says:

      What about GTT sell.. How to do it. Surprised that you have not mentioned it here.

    • Mayankkumar Babubhai Patel says:

      Tpin require

    • Sanup says:

      GTT order never gets executed.

    • Ambar says:

      Tpin registration is failing every day. Now how to sell stocks. Scared to buy as the same issue crops up every morning. If I cannot book my profit what’s the point in working.

    • Vishnu Venkatdas Shanbhag says:

      Do you still accept a POA , downloaded , printed, signed and couriered to you?. That will avoid all the complications. To the present broker with whom I am trading for years I have given physical POA and there have been absolutely no problems. If there is a branch office of yours at Mysore I can personally hand over POA.
      Thanks and regards

      • Shubham says:

        Hey Vishnu, if you do not want to use CDSL TPIN authorization, you can send us the POA. We’ve explained the process here.

    • Govind says:

      How do I gift shares from Zerodha Demat to my mother online?

    • Satyendra singh says:

      Very dificult prosess

    • Kuldeep Mahto says:

      I think this process is more lengthy for new users.