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October 12, 2012


Check out these easy steps to transfer funds into your trading account using ZT/Kite/Pi either for Equity/F&O/Currency or Commodities.

While trading at Zerodha, you can transfer funds to your trading account using the instant payment gateway (Rs 9 per transfer), NEFT/RTGS/IMPS or through cheques.

Our instant payment gateway is available for around 30 banks mentioned here. You will need your internet banking ID and password for using this facility. This will cost Rs9, but will be an instant transfer of funds to your trading account.

NEFT/RTGS can be done through your bank account, but will take between 2 to 8 hours based on what mode you choose transfer. RTGS takes around 2 hours and NEFT can take upto 8 hours.

IMPS (Instant Credit) can also be done through your bank account or your mobile phone

You can also write a cheque in favor of Zerodha, but the credit will be given only once the cheque has cleared and the funds have arrived into our pool account. Given below is the explanation for all the 3 processes:

1. Instant Payment Gateway facility on ZT

When you choose Equity/F&O/Currency, the same funds can be used across all the 3 segments but not for commodity. Similarly when you choose commodities and transfer funds, it can be used only for commodity.

Step 1: Login to Zerodha Trader and under the Secure URL link you will find the option called PAYIN. Click on that. A new internet browser window will open as shown below.

In the new window, choose your bank account in the first dropdown. Once chosen, it will automatically show your account number. Cross-verify if the account number is correct, if it is not get in touch with us immediately to get it resolved. If everything is all right, mention the amount you want to transfer and then click Submit.

ZT Fund Transfer

Step 2: You will be now directed to your internet banking page, mention your internet bank login ID and password. Once logged in go ahead and authorize the transfer.

ZT Fund Transfer


Step 3: You will see the following window after you authorize the transfer. If you haven’t seen it, wait for a few seconds till you see the window. Once you see the below window, click on the close button as shown and nowhere else. It is important that you click on that close window because if you don’t, the fund transfer won’t be instant and can take some time… This is one of the reasons for us to receive the maximum number of queries. So watch this step carefully:

ZT Fund Transfer

Step 4: The funds are transferred and will be updated in your trading account immediately. To see your balance you need to check out RMS Limits View (shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+V). You can also visit the link by going to Surveillance < RMSlimits < View Limits as shown below:

ZT Fund Transfer

2. Instant Payment Gateway facility on Kite

Login to and under the Funds tab you will find the option called Add Funds. Click on that. A new internet browser window will open as shown below

Kite Fund Transfer

In the new window, choose your bank account in the first dropdown. Once chosen, it will automatically show your account number. Cross-verify if the account number is correct, if it is not get in touch with us immediately to get it resolved. If everything is all right, mention the amount you want to transfer and then click Submit.

After this is done, you can check if the funds have been transferred by checking the Payin balance in the Dashboard as seen in the picture below :

Kite Fund Transfer

3. Instant Payment Gateway facility on Pi

Login to Pi and click on the Funds tab, where you will find an option called Payin. Click on that.

Pi Funds Transfer

Pi Funds Transfer

A new browser will open as shown below. In the new window, choose your bank account in the first dropdown as seen in the picture below. Once chosen it will automatically show the account number, cross verify that the amount shown is correct, enter the amount you want to transfer and click on Submit

Pi Funds Transfer

Pi Funds Transfer

After this is done, you can check if the funds have been credited by clicking on Positions > Cash  Positions as seen in the picture below: –

Pi Funds Transfer

Pi Funds Transfer

Finally you can check if the amount has been transferred by checking the Payin balance under Cash Positions.

Pi Funds Transfer

Pi Funds Transfer

4. RTGS/NEFT/IMPS & Cheques to deposit funds in your Trading account:

If you don’t have a bank account with the ones that we have a tie up with or if you have forgotten your login id/password, you can use any of these modes mentioned below to transfer funds.

NEFT/RTGS can be done either using your online banking account or by walking to the nearest branch.

IMPS can be done either using your online banking account or using your mobile phone

You can also transfer funds by depositing a cheque by mentioning Zerodha account details. You can drop off a cheque at any HDFC Bank with your client ID mentioned behind the cheque. As mentioned earlier, the credit will be given only once the cheque has been cleared and might take upto 5 days for outstation cheques.

RTGS can be done only for amounts above Rs 2 lakh and will take around 2 hours for the funds to show up in your trading account. NEFT can take upto 8 hours for the funds to show up. Time taken also depends on when the transfer is done. Usually if you do the transfer late afternoon, you would most likely get the credit only the next day.

If you are transferring funds through IMPS , here is the process.

Step 1 – You need to make an IMPS transfer to the Zerodha account. Details mentioned here.

Step 2 – After this, you need to go and click on the funds tab and in the IMPS upload box mention the amount you have transferred

Step 3 – As soon as this is done, you will have to upload a proof (screen shot of bank statement mentioning the bank name and account number) of the transfer carried out by you.

Step 4 – Once you upload and save the document, our funds team will update your account balance at the earliest.

Please note we only accept fund transfers from mapped bank accounts.

Kindly refer to the screenshot below.

IMPS Upload Box

NSE/BSE (Equity, F&O, Currency) MCX (Commodities)
Bank Name HDFC Bank HDFC Bank
Account Number ZERNSE  ZERMCX 
Account type Current account Current account
Bank Branch Sandoz Branch, Mumbai Sandoz Branch, Mumbai
IFSC Code HDFC0000240 HDFC0000240


Happy Trading,

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  1. Subramanya H says:

    Fund transfer failed, amount is debited at IDBI bank, not credited to coin.
    Fund amount – 3,00,000

    Transaction details – IPAY/ESHP/ATOM TECHNOLOG/2886394880/11000205432918

    Please resolve at the earliest.

  2. AnjaliXtream says:

    thanks for given the wonderful blog . your blog is so helpful and intreasting

  3. Suresh Alamelu says:

    i had transferred 40000/- from my axis bank acc to my zerodha trading account @ January 27th, 2022. But it didn’t reflected in my account . Please take quick action on this.Transaction Details- INB/873387491/ATOM STOCK BROKERS/9120100.

    i had transferred 45000/- from my axis bank acc to my zerodha trading account @ January 27th, 2022. But it didn’t reflected in my account . Please take quick action on this.Transaction Details- NB/873387930/ATOM STOCK BROKERS/9120100.

  4. Ankit says:

    Hi… my question does not belongs to her but I have curiosity for a long time if someone have 1 billion dollars (7400 crore aprox) in his trading account with you. And he wants to get his money back to his bank account can you transfer that amount in your clients bank account in single transaction in next day or do you have any cap on maximum amount that can be transferred from zerodha Trading account of to bank account

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Ankit, there is no withdrawal limit as long as the amount you want to withdraw is within the Withdrawal balance.

  5. Ajay Parmar says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    I have transferred Rs 25K from SBI net banking to Zerodha trading account no 05230340001348 (HDFC Bank, Richmond Road – Bangalore) via NEFT before 3 hours.

    Name: Swati H Parmar
    Login ID: PS9484

    It is still not showing any amount in my account.

    Would you please check and do the needful.

    Ajay Parmar

  6. Sourabh says:

    Respected Sir/Ma’am, I have transferred an amount of Rs. 25000 from my bank account to Zerodha through the Net Banking option on the Kite portal , and the amount has been debited from my bank too, but unfortunately my Fund Balance hasn’t been updated. I also have a copy of the e-reciept as well as the SMS recieved by me. Kindly look into it and update my Fund Balance as soon as possible. Anticipating a quick assistance. Thank You.

    Transaction Name: Ecom Purchase/33109372/Atom Techn/
    Transaction ID: 212912608227
    Client ID: KX4642

  7. Vaibhav Kaushik says:

    Where the fuck my money is? I transferred 3 lac and it is not reflecting.

  8. Siddhesh Pujare says:

    Hi My name is Siddhesh Pujare.
    I had transferred Rs. 5000/- from my kotak bank acc to my zerodha trading account @ yesterday July 15, 2021.
    But transaction failed and I did not received reversal of this payment.
    Transaction Details- UPI/Zerodha Broking/119635528449/Kite deposit 68

    Please take quick action on this.

  9. sudesh Bhatia says:

    i have already invested in small cap and i wish to invest more but i have funds in my equity account. how can i further transfer from my equity account to small cap account. can you pls guide me?
    thank you

  10. Elina says:

    I have transferred to Zerodha account for trading. The money is deducted from my account but it is not credited in my Zerodha account. I did the transfer through net banking as UPI had some technical issues. Please help

  11. Soham date says:

    I have transferred 10000 using Google pay. But it’s not showing in my kite app. Money has been deducted from my bank account. If I refresh the funds page it’s showing message build error.
    Please do needful

  12. Ankit Malpani says:

    I have transferred 65k using Net banking option on the kite app. The money got debited from my account but after 12 hrs its still not credited to my commodity account. While transferring amount Merchant name Atomtech was coming.

  13. shadab says:

    Have Deposited 54,000 and 143600 both amount are NOT reflecting in my trading account 9:38 am 19-03-21 Transaction Status Successful Transaction Posting Date 18 Mar 2021 Transaction Value Date 18 Mar 2021 Description PG/11000012560490/ATOMTECH/DC-2151/ Input Branch VIKAS NAGAR Debit Amount 54,000.00 Credit Amount – Currency INR Reconciliation Reference S59299890 Transaction Type E-Payment Debit Transaction Details Transaction

    Status Successful Transaction Posting Date 18 Mar 2021 Transaction Value Date 18 Mar 2021 Description PG/11000012584639/ATOMTECH/DC-2151/ Input Branch VIKAS NAGAR Debit Amount 1,43,600.00 Credit Amount – Currency INR Reconciliation Reference S59695399 Transaction Type E-Payment Debit

  14. Jyotish kumar nath says:

    INR 500 debited from A/c no. XX9106 on 30-12-20 08:24:45 IST at INB/793271112/ATOM STOCK BROKERS/9160100. Avl Bal- INR 34753.65. Call 18605005555 if not done by you.

  15. Ashish says:

    I had sold some shares couple of days ago and the amount from that was showing in “Funds” page. Now its showing a message “Margins couldn’t be loaded”. Please resolve the issue.

  16. Pavankumar says:

    I have added funds to my Zerodha account. But in my Kite app, it is showing “Equity account is not active”.
    But daily i am trading using this account. Only after adding additional funds today, it is showing this. Even in the web console it is showing “Margins couldn’t be loaded”. Please look in to this once.

  17. Chitra Das says:

    Today, I have deposited Rs. 20,000/- to your HDFC Bank through my SBI, Thakurpukur Branch, Kolkata via NEFT. But still now, the amount is not reflecting in my trading account. Please ensure me that the above amount is deposited and reflected in my trading account. My trading account is RC1456.

  18. Palanivelu Kandasamy Pillai says:

    XX0144; I want to do commodity trading. Funds in equity are recognised for commodity. How to add funds in commodity segment. ‘commodity’ option not available for fund transfer. May be you have to enable it. Please do it

  19. kedar says:

    Hello Nitin
    I dropped off a cheque at our local HDFC bank and I mentioned account number as ZERNSE
    They simply returned it after 10 days and said this account number is not acceptable.
    Was it my mistake?
    Please let me know.

  20. Kunal says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can you make funds withdrawal process in line with funds addition process so that we can have instant withdrawal instead for waiting for up to 3 days.


  21. Sunit says:

    What is the time window to transfer online money to Zerodha Dmat account using Kite APP ? Is there any time limit or I can transfer 24/7 ?

  22. Amit Budhiraja says:

    May I know the IFSC code for Zerodha HDFC Account 0523XXXXXXX1348?

  23. Pravat kumar sahoo says:

    I transfer money 5020.00 to my 5paisa trading account dt-05/05/2020.The money deducted from my Axis bank account but don’t add in my trading account.plse plse look at this earlier. INB/741370835/ATOM STOCK BROKERS/9180100.CALL 18605005555 FOR DESPUTE

  24. neelendra says:

    i m send 2000 rupees but after 17 days this money is not in my account money is your account so please help . my money upi transaction number is 006209230299

  25. Pavani Banday says:

    I have done an RTGS transfer of 2.2L from my IDFC account at 7:15 AM in the morning and the funds are not credited even at 10 AM. Kindly update ASAP. Reference number is IDFBR52020022500300293

  26. nikhil says:

    I am trying to transfer the fund from my savings bank acc to zerodha hdfc acc name zernse .

    but the amount is not getting transferred, please help me

  27. Priyanka says:

    plz tell me how to add funds in kite commodity section , i think they closed my commodity section , i m not able to add funds in commodity now, there is only equity option now, not commdity , why….. pllzz tell what should be done now

  28. izan says:

    i closed the zerodha fund transfer window .. the fund got deducted but not reached zerodha account

  29. Ashok says:

    Hi Kamath,
    I made a transaction today from my SBI account, but it didn’t went through. Now money is debited from my account but didn’t get credited in Zerodha account.

    Please check and do the needful.

    Below is the reference number : 300057337927IGAHCDTGS1

  30. Mehraj Safdar says:

    I transferred 25k into my zerodha account/coin today Monday, 22 Jul2019. The money got deducted from the bank but its no reflected into my zerodha account. Can you pls look into this at earliest?

    INB/677414771/ATOM STOCK BROKERS/9130100

  31. VIRAL PARAMR says:

    i have transfer 10000 through axis but did’t reflect in zeroda account

  32. RPK says:

    I transferred 99k into my zerodha account/coin today Saturday, 13Jul2019. The money got deducted from the bank but its no reflected into my zerodha account. Can you pls look into this at earliest?

    Also if it gets reflected on weekday/Monday then your application should have prompted this message before transferring the money on weekend. No support on phone is also provided by zerodha as I tried calling you guys but no luck. This really shakes the confidence of customer. Information which is not very explicit may affect customer’s trust.

    • Matti says:

      Hi. I see that the payment was updated on our system within 5 minutes. Transaction done at 12:56 and updated at 1:01 PM. Perhaps it was just a local cached value you were seeing?

  33. Rinku Nagar says:

    I have paid in my zerodha ac 5000 on 17/06/219 but fund not reflect in my ac so pls check Your A/c 892917 is debited by Rs. 5000 on 17Jun19. Avbl Bal: Rs. 209.57. Info: INB/669323985/ATOM STOCK BROKERS/9170100. Call 18605005555 for dispute

  34. BASAVARAJ says:

    Transferred 7.0 lakhs( 3.5 Lakhs+3.5 Lakhs) on 22nd Mar 2019 from my Axis bank SB account around 1500 hrs. The funds are debited from my savings bank account and the same has not been credited to my trading account so far(25th Mar @2100 hrs). I have been enquiring on this to Zerodha customer care,they say that it is a failure transfer, and advise me to contact bank.When approached Axis Bank, thay say funds are debited and they provide Payment Reference number and advise me to contact the Atom Stock Broker to whom funds have been transferred, in turn they have not done further transfer.
    Ultimately, what I need is 7.0 Lakhs back to my Axis Bank account, Help me out

  35. kumaraswamy tanneru says:

    i had transferred one lakh rupees in to my trading account through upi payment process. initially the amount got reflected in the account, i bought some shares. after few mins, its showing “Margins couldn’t be loaded.” i cannot see my fund. please solve the issue.

  36. Payment gateway uae says:

    This is nice post. t will automatically show your account number. Cross-verify if the account number is correct, if it is not get in touch with us immediately to get it resolved. Thanks!!

  37. Muktar Singh says:

    Go to your bank branch and fill the check for zerodha

    • Vishal Bandiwar says:

      It is my new account in bank and I don’t have cheque book
      I only wanted to know that what is going to happen with my account if I don’t add funds in it for the first 15 days?

      • Matti says:

        You can fund your Zerodha account whenever you feel comfortable. There’s no such requirement as to fund it immediately.

  38. Muktar Singh says:

    U add money via IMPS or Thorough net banking

    • Vishal Bandiwar says:

      As I mentioned above IMPS and Net banking can avail only if you have debit card for verification. And I don’t have debit card yet.

  39. Vishal Bandiwar says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have opened an account in zerodha and received my login credentials 2 days ago. I didn’t activated internet banking and UPI facility yet as it requires debit card. I have applied for debit card yesterday and it will be arriving in the next 15 days. Your sales manager was called me and said, “you have to add funds (at least 100Rs.) in the next 8 days as you opened a new account for some processes”
    1) What are that processes?
    2) What is going to happen if I don’t add any funds for the first 15 days from the opening of account? (as I have a new account). Please do reply 🙏

  40. Gowtham says:

    Sir I have sent a cheque of 5500 to zerodha headquarters. When will the money be added to zerodha account?
    Client id :NW5087
    I have also sent a small piece of paper stating my user name, id, etc
    Plz send a message when the money gets into my zerodha account
    Mail id :[email protected]

  41. R.VIGNESH says:

    Sir i made a transfer to my equity account but the same was not reflected in the Backoffice segment but it showed in the kite application.
    please clarify me on this part.

  42. vijay raju says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have added 10000/- to my commodities account thru instant payment gateway in kite. the money is debited from my account but was not credited in to the zerodha account. please help

    i have screen shot of my transaction being successful


    • vijay raju says:

      i have transferred amount thru sbi net banking

      • Matti says:

        Hi Vijay, sometimes, if you close the payment gateway window too soon, the payment may not reflect on your account immediately. However, I see that the transfer is nor updated and you should be able to see it on Kite.

  43. Harsha R says:

    hi ,
    i m nt able to add fund to my trading , may be because of corporation bank..can u guide me how can i add money to trading …

  44. Samanta Mali says:

    Dear Sir,

    Today I am adding the fund 30000 from AXIS bank to Zerodha XY2573. The money is dediated but the same money not credit in my Zerodha Account. Kindly return the money.

    Here i am attached the screen short of the Fund details.

    Hello! Your A/c no. 669771 has been debited by Rs. 30000 on 01Aug18. INB/594001092/ATOM STOCK BROKERS/9130100.

    Kindly return the money to the My Axis Bank .or Credited to the Zerodha Account XY2573.
    TTicket No. From Zerodha #20180801695482

    • Matti says:

      Hi Samanta, there seems to be an issue with transfers from Axis. This will be updated soon. We post all such information on our bulletin like this. I suggest you keep track on the bulletin for information on any such issues.

  45. Aaleem says:

    How to change Acct balance to Withdrawable Balance in zerodha? Or is it automatic after certain period. Kindly help and assist!

  46. Muktar Singh says:

    I transferred money in commodity account morning 0730 hrs but don’t show in MCX account. And i make order in MCX then cancel and show “exchange not enabled for this account”. I opened both account.

  47. varun says:

    CLIENT ID:AH4241
    I did a transaction at 9pm on 10/7/18 for 5000rs through add funds payment gateway from my kvb account which is linked to the gateway but transaction was failure and amount has been debited from my account.Kindly look in to it.

  48. Mohit says:

    Hi zerodha team,

    Yesterday i transferred rs. 30000 to my zerodha account. Rs. 20000 through imps/net banking and rs. 10000 through upi. However, the transaction done through imps was from account which is not mapped. But the upi account was mapped. Kindly check and arrange to refund the amount asap.


  49. Arpita Goyal says:

    Today I sold my securities worth Rs.8013 but on withdraw request its showing me that my account value is -985. I have not placed any buy orders today but still why my account value is not updating correctly.
    Can you please look into this issue?


    • Matti says:

      You can only withdraw proceeds from sale of shares only on T+2, because that is when the trade is settled and the money actually hits your account.

  50. MAnikandan says:

    I transferred 10000 rs on last friday through imps transcation money got debited but still i dint receive the money in zerodha account can anyone helpme??

  51. Gaurav says:

    While adding fund through UPI mode…The transaction is getting cancelled…Pl let me know how to resolve the issue…

    • Matti says:

      Hey Gaurav, does the UPI ID belong to the bank account mapped to your trading account? Can you please share the error you’re seeing?

  52. Harsh says:

    When I want to add funds in funds section… There’s server issues and I’m unable to add funds! What to do kindly suggest?

  53. Gururaj says:

    I had transferred 60k on 05-05-2018 saturday @ 4.40 pm before this I had a balance of Rs. 1758.69. But as soon as the 60k is added the balance amount is not showing it’s showing only 60. Can some one tell me what’s my total balance & how to check that.

  54. Sanket Chavan says:

    i had transferred 3000/- from my axis bank acc to my zerodha trading account @ yesterday April 12, 2018. But it didn’t reflected in my account . Please take quick action on this.Transaction Details- INB/568243644/ATOM STOCK BROKERS/9130100

  55. Sathish Kumar S says:

    I did Add cash from commodity but the amount is reflecting in equity, why is that so? . Yesterday I raised an complaint with the customer support. Even today the same thing is happening. Because of this I am not able to trade In commodity yesterday and today too.

  56. Ganesh says:

    Suppose i need to add Rs.10,000/- to my trading account through Instant payment gateway, then how much charges will be for transfer? please give me break up.

  57. Ganesh says:

    Suppose i need to add Rs.10,000/- to my trading account through Instant payment gateway, then how much charges will be for transfer?

  58. Pradumn Agarwal says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Today i have made 2 Fund transfer of Rs. 10,000/- each which has been debited from my bank but my zerodha account is showing only 1 fund trf of Rs. 10,000/- today. Pls help.

    My Client ID is DP4296

  59. Ajit Singh says:

    Just transferred from my axis bank.
    Info: INB/556088074/ATOM STOCK BROKERS/9110100
    Money is not reflecting in my account. I never had such failed transfer experience in long time. Change you online transfer partner and please fix my issue.


  60. Devesh says:

    How to get history details of transfers made to Zerodha accounts over last year/month etc.?

  61. Arun Kumar Boopathy says:

    Hi Team,

    I have transferred through IMPS at 6:30PM 02/06/2018, when i try to upload the screen shot with URT details. Its throwing error message as “This field is required”. Would you please provide reason what issue ?

    Arun Kumar.

    • Arun Kumar Boopathy says:

      Hi Team,

      I have transferred through IMPS at 6:30PM 02/06/2018, when i try to upload the screen shot with URT details. Its throwing error message as “This field is required”. Would you please provide reason what issue ?
      Client ID: XR3957

      Arun Kumar.

  62. Rupesh says:

    How can i add 2 bank accounts in 1 demat account?

  63. Omkar Mishra says:

    i’ve imps transfer 3600 rs in trading account half hour ago but the amount still doesn’t reflected in my account.
    Client ID :- ZA4412
    External Reference Number For The Transaction:

  64. Nitish Bhardwaj says:

    i transferred 4000 in Zerodha account ….but deposits not showing in Available funds.
    Client ID -YF6144
    please help

  65. Mayank says:

    I mistakenly transferred fund via IMPS from an account not mapped to my trading account. How to get my money back?

  66. nishchay joshi says:

    i transfer 1000 in zerodha account ….but i have not recevied UTR no for entering proof for add money to my fund.
    please help

  67. Udit Marwaha says:


    My Zerodha id is PR3145 . I have transferred Rs.35,000 in my trading account but it is not reflected yet . Amount 35,000 is debited from bank in the morning.
    I have.mailed several times but no one is helping please I am very worried about it please check it urgently.

    • Matti says:

      NEFT transfers take from 2 to 10 hours depending on your bank, Udit. For instant transfers, we have a payment gateway on the platform that you can use.

  68. Pratik David says:

    while adding zerodha as a beneficiary for imps in my bank account(Central Bank of India), they have requested to add mobile no. & email id.. So should i add the helpline no. & support mail in that or is it something else?

  69. Fouzan Ashraf says:

    Hi Team,

    I’m unable to add funds to the Demat account because my linked savings account is not enabled with web transaction. Can I add funds using IMPS option from another savings account which is not mapped with the Demat account and then upload the receipt at ?

  70. deepak says:

    i have made a fund transfer transactions of Rs. 100000/- from my bank account to F&O account at 12-01-2018 through Kite platform. Transactions was failed due to server error but amount debited from my bank account.

    Till the time of this communication the amount is not credited to my zerodha F&O account nor reverse to bank account. i open support ticket at zerodha but didn’t get any response. I request kindly look this issue.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Deepak. Since Saturday was the second one of the month, we only received the reconciliation file for the failed transactions on Friday on Monday EOD. With this, we’ve updated the funds. You should be able to see the same now.

  71. Harish K says:

    I registered both Equity and Commodity, I also submitted documents for commodity also. But i am not able to load the balance to my commodity account. it is showing only equity.

  72. neeraj Khare says:

    i have no information My equity segment Account Fund Transferred Account
    I have 4 Time NEFT Fund transrerred But All Time Fund Refund my Account But Bank Charge not Refund
    So Please detail me NEFT Fund Transferred Processer

  73. Atish Shivaji Khade says:

    I have add Fund Rs. 12000/- on dated 11-01-2018 near at 9:00 am by net banking. But as up now it is not reflected in kite application. I also contact to support team but they are not responding. (Support Team contact no. 08033102020 & 08040402020)

    What can I do now ?

  74. Manideep Chaturvedi says:

    Hello Team

    How can I check history of my funds like how much I have added how much I have withdrawn say in last one year ?

  75. Amey says:

    Why does zerodha does not allow to fund the trading a/c via UPI (Fastest transfer with zero charges) from registered a/c? It would save money n time at no cost.

  76. Ajay Singhal says:

    I have transferred the money within banking through account transfer to zerodha equity account its more then 3hrs but till now i didn’t get credit into my zerodha account please help me

  77. Ashish says:

    For fund transfer the transfer charges are Rs 9 /transfer.This dilutes the concept of zerodha of zero brokerage.

    Can we make payment gateway free.

  78. Sanal says:

    what is the time required to show the amount transferred in the margin available when transferred using hdfc third party fund transfer

  79. Lateef says:

    Hello Sir,

    Could you please advise how can I setup monthly ADDIN payments on my account for the money to be credited into my zerodha account from my bank account on a monthly basis for my SIP plan?


  80. Manoj Kumar says:

    I have transfer a sum of Rs 8000 to my trading account using payment gateway from HDFC bank on 29th Dec. The transition have been completed. The amt debited from HDFC bank acct and credited with Zerodha Trading acct. But Now I seen that amt is not available.

  81. jaydeep says:

    Hi Team,

    I have made an IMPS of Rs. 2000(Ref 736409485390) which initially was reflecting in the dashboard but i am unable to see my Money. I haven’t started trading yet then where is the money.

  82. prem kumar says:

    am a beginner, for checking purpose I just transfer rs 1000 to zerodha account. I didn’t even start trading ..and also check with withdrawal option, but it’s not shown in Q .amount balance is 0 .for checking purpose I need to withdrawal the same amount which I was credited to zerodha.once it’s done I will go with a huge amount …

  83. Mohit says:

    Hi, i am new to zerodha, and want to ask
    1)Can instant payment gateway be made free of charge like paytm, upi, bhim etc
    2) Can non mapped account be used for fund transfer

    • Matti says:

      Hey Mohit
      1) Since the payment gateway provider charges us for these transactions, waiving this off would be unlikely.
      2) No, you cannot use accounts not mapped to the trading account to transfer funds. There are clear regulations regarding this.

  84. Ravi says:

    I have mapped my SBI bank account to Zerodha kite to transfer funds.
    Now I want to link my ICCI bank also to zerodha to transfer fund, is it possible? if yes, how to do that.

  85. Biraj says:

    Sorry! you do not have Internet Banking access on your Account
    This error is coming on transfer of fund

  86. Yagnik Vasoya says:

    Im a new to zerodha.
    How can i add fund in my zerodha trading account from linked Axis Bank account?
    Will adding funds into account number 05230340001348 given on net with IFSC HDFC0000523 be directly transferred to my trading account??
    Please guide me for the same.

  87. Raashid says:

    I mistakenly transferred through IMPS from non mapped account, its not credited in my funds, how do i correct this?

  88. Sandhya Thambkar says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Yesterday i have made 3 fund transfer transactions of Rs. 70000/- from my bank account to Equity account through Kite platform as per below.

    1. Rs. 25000/-
    2. Rs. 25000/-
    3. Rs. 20000/-

    Out of the above 3 transfers 2 transactions were successful but 1 transaction of Rs. 25000/- ( point no. 2 above ) was failed due to server error.

    Till the time of this communication the amount is not reversed to my bank account nor it is credited to my zerodha equity account. Even i called support at zerodha but they havent resolved the issue. I request kindly let me know when the needful is to be done at your end.

    Many thanks.

    Sandhya Thambkar.

    • Matti says:

      Since this happened on a Friday that was a bank holiday and the next day was a Saturday and Sunday, the turn around time for reversal would be naturally longer. Nothing to worry about though. Your funds will either be successfully transferred to your Zerodha account or back to your bank account. Best write to support[at] for details.

  89. YUSUF AHMED says:

    I have transferred RS. 500 via IMPS from my registered Account to ZERODHA EQUITY using my mobile. But the funds are not showing up in my Equity funds. Kindly Help. Thanks

  90. Antariksh Srivastava says:

    Why is it so that each time funds transferred to your account through instant payment gateway ends up in a hanged window. Out of 10 transactions, 7 will surely hang.

    Why are you guys using such a payment gateway that is a pain for all the clients? Kindly look into this issue.

  91. Dipak says:

    Hi I transferred Rs 10000 from my HDFC account to zerodha account and the funds are still not visible in my kite balance. Worst part i can’t add money through kite app it gives me “No valid account to complete this transaction. ” It’s been more over a 5 days no answer from zerodha team.

    Please help me get me funds in ky account.

  92. Poovarasan says:

    add central bank of india to ur fund transfer .NEFT is very slow process..!!!

  93. Mohan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have opened 2 demat accounts ( Equities+Commodities) for my family members. Sales team is continuously calling to deposit minimum Rs.5000. I don’t see any such rules any where. please confirm.

    Mohan Rao

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Mohan, must be an overzealous sales guy. There are no minimum balances require, you can start trading with an amount of your choosing.

  94. Antariksh Srivastava says:

    Rs 4000 were transferred by me to Zerodha through Pay in option in Zerodha Pi.

    The webpage expired and nothing happened for the next 10mins. Amount has been deducted from my ICICI bank account but not showing in Pi.

    Kindly do something as nobody in your support team is replying anything and I am feeling helpless.

    Client ID: YA4450

    ZPIN: 7910


    Acc. no: 126501000718

    IFSC code: ICIC0001265

    MICR CODE: 226229016

  95. Rajneesh says:

    Hi, On Friday around 7.05 PM I transferred 10,000 rupees to zerodha via IMPS. Then I uploaded the image and reference number. But Still, my money is not reflecting in the account. When will it come to my zerodha account? Plz, reply soon.

  96. Rizwan says:

    I transferred money couple of times from the SBI account that was linked to my Zerodha Account, the first transaction of Rs. 10k went through and the funds got credited to Zerodha account as expected but yesterday when I made the transfer of Rs. 1 lakh the money got refunded to my SBI account and I did not get any communication as to why did this happen either from bank or from Zerodha … Kindly help me with this issue …

  97. Hemant jadhav says:

    The username is YI1379 – HEMANT JADHAV
    The bank used for this SBI.
    I was advised to upload the screenshot of imps. Did same
    But amount not reflecting in kite platform or qbackoffice.
    Kindly fix this

  98. vikas says:

    if i want to transfer my bank a/c branch that is linked with my trading n demat a/c, do i have to do anything? coz my a/c type n a/c no will be the same just except branch location.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Vikas, if you change your bank branch, the IFSC code of your account will change. In this case, you will have to courier us an account modification form along with a personalized cancelled cheque or bank statement with the update IFSC code. z

  99. Jimmy says:

    Sir, how can I add a secondary bank account to my trading account ?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Jimmy, to add a secondary bank you need to send us a soft copy of your personalized cancelled cheque or your bank statement (should have both IFSC and MICR code printed) to [email protected]. Your account will be mapped within 1 working day.

  100. Bhaskar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have an saving bank account with HDFC bank and i have mapped the same with zerodha.

    Now, I want to map my current account with zerodha as a primary account and the said current account is in the name of my sole proprietorship firm.

    Kindly explain the procedure for maping of my current account.

  101. MIlan Sarkar says:

    Have added money from my personal account, does not shows in payin section nor does it shows under total acccount value.

  102. Senthilkumar says:

    Dear Kamath,

    Shall clients have option to swap money from EQUITY to MCX and vice versa?, I don’t find this functionality is currently available now in any of ZERODHA platforms. Would be good If we have this option to improve margin flow for either Equity or MCX. There are many advantages if this functionality is implemented. Am sure that many clients would have faced problem during their fund transfer.


  103. ravi says:

    it’s already been 48 hours still my withdrawal request is in pending…
    they transfer to trading account within 2 minutes and for withdrawal no time limit…was not expecting this from zerodha…feel like cheated by them…guys be sure before u choose zerodha for your trading platform… your money is on risk…
    please share to others if you have faced the same issue…

  104. Bhaskar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have an saving bank account with HDFC bank and i have mapped the same with zerodha.

    Now, I want to map my current account with zerodha as a primary account and the said current account is in the name of my sole proprietorship firm.

    Kindly explain the procedure for maping of my current account.

  105. Gurpreet singh says:

    I am sending 15000 thousand in my trading account. Money was deducted my bank account but don’t receive in my trading cheque number 168293.

  106. arun says:

    I am trying to map a new bank (federal bank) to my zerodha account.i have send the account statement federal bank statement only name and account number is showing.but no ifsc code showing in it. when i send this to [email protected] the reply i am getting is

    “The attached statement is not valid as it doesn’t show account number, name, IFSC code and MICR code.”

    Ticket id : Ticket #739249

    Please solve the issue

    • Matti says:

      Hey Arun,

      We are required to collect a document that has the IFSC and MICR along with your account number and name in order to map a bank account to your trading account. If your bank does not provide you with such a statement, I recommend you send us a picture of a cheque for your account. This would contain the IFSC and MICR as well and can be used for linking your account.

  107. Amit says:

    What are exact instruction to do NEFT transfer? In Sharekhan I get a unique account number based on my ID and thus I know that the money I transfer will definitely go to my own account. I do not see any such thing here at Zerodha.

    I am brand new here and it is my first day but after reading all comments regarding trouble in fund transfer and order execution, my enthusiasm is now dampened.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Amit, check this post to know the process of transferring funds to your trading account. The funds will automatically be mapped to your account.

  108. Akshay bomdyal says:

    I have transferred money by imps to hdfc bank commdity at morning 2am but it is not showing in zerodha account

  109. D R Joshi says:

    when i try to open an account, kyte says duplicate record (either mo. no. or email id) what to do next?

  110. hemant says:

    How can you get a payment gateway for such a low fee for payment transfer? I know it is about 2% for every transaction value (payumoney). So, If I want to transfer Rs. 1 lakhs, its fee will be Rs. 2000 which is huge. Is it your inhouse payment gateway.

  111. Anantharam KS says:

    Dear Madam,

    I opened a new A/C with you a week back. Just to cross check I transferred Rs. 5000/- thro my Pi app with the relationship manager in close attendance and it got transferred instantly. After studying the app. for few days i.e. today the 28th September 2017, I transferred Rs. 50,000/ at about 2:30 p.m. and to my great disbelief i did not get the msg transaction completed successfully and also my cash position is not reflecting the same. I contacted the call center but they say they have not received the amount and when I contacted the bank (ICICI Bank) they say the amount transferred to the beneficiary account. I am annoyed and upset. Please help me out in this regard.

    • Akshay.A says:

      Having this checked.

    • Akshay.A says:

      The funds are updated. Please login and check now. This could have happened if you’d closed the payment gateway window before it automatically redirects back.

    • Poovarasan says:

      is ur money updated now? im using sharekhan now they service is good but hi brokerage rate, so i need to change to zerodha , but most of members complain about cash trasc. ? can i transfer sharekhan to zerodha ?

  112. Sachin Jadhav says:

    सर, मेरा अकाउंट सेंट्रल बैंक ऑफ़ इंडिया में है।
    वहा से मुझे IMPS OR NEFT करते समय कुछ जानकारी चाहिए। PLEASE HELP ME
    email ID

  113. Natarajan says:

    I have linked my HDFC with Zerodha,
    but could not transfer via IMPS, netbanking says, services temporarily unavailable try after sometime.
    but i could do IMPS to others.

    Not sure if I’m the one facing this issue.

  114. ganeshraj says:


    If I do a fund transfer after market hours (3:30 PM) through IMPS, will it get reflected in my account within 10 minutes?

  115. Jay says:

    I had added Rs. 10,000 to my Zerodha account yesterday from my Axis Bank account. The funds were visible yesterday, but it is not showing now. Please fix ASAP.

  116. sumit says:

    hi , I am trying open Damat+trading account But after filling form Site doesn’t show option for dmat account
    it shows only two options .
    1.Equity & Currency
    2. Commodity

    I tried to call your numbers 80 4040 2020 , it says it’s wrong number .

  117. dhillon19 says:

    I want to understand how deduction works, I have added 5000 Rupees in Equity account & 5000 in Commodity account as told by zerodha to activate account. I have transferred online from my HDFC account. Now the balance in both account is 4,978.76. I want to know how this deduction works to understand the charges. Secondly, will this deduction happens every time when i add funds to these accounts . Please clarify

  118. Aniruddha says:

    I have my money not reflecting in kite account after adding.. Yesterday morning it was reflecting and not now.. Please help me out on this one!.

  119. Ayan Das says:

    My net banking was disabled so I am not able to transfer fund through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS etc. I want to add fund in my Zerodha Equities accounts through chaque. Can you please tell me the process of add fund through cheque?

  120. Aniruddha says:

    I have added rs8000 into my kite account in the morning..It is not reflecting in my account.8000 was seen in the morning but not now!!!. Please fix this issue ASAP.

  121. sumit says:

    I have saving account in Bank of Maharashtra , I want to open Dmat and trading account with zerodha But if my bank is not eligible of instant transfer how to do things ?

  122. Ponmanirajan says:


    I have my HDFC bank account linked to Zerodha trading account.
    I can able to payin & payout from & to the HDFC account. That’s fine.

    Also i have City union bank which is not linked to Zerodha trading account.
    Can i transfer funds from this account using IMPS proof upload process?

  123. Sunil says:

    I need to transfer the funds from a different account whihc is not mapped with Zerodha. Can i transfer.
    If no – can I mapped more than one account for account transfer?

  124. Anuj Goenka says:


    I had been forced to arrive at decision that going forward, I am going to stop using your services.
    I had faced issue around 9-10 times while transferring funds through Kite in past 12 months.

    I had used both
    1. payment gateway and
    2. upload proof method of NEFT

    Multiple times, transferred amount though being debited from my bank account won’t reflect in KITE.
    You can check the number of incidents raised by me regarding the same.
    Latest being one 779198 and 863416.

    Regarding the replies provided by your support representatives are callous and shows utter disregard to customers.

    I believe that in today’s age, customers can’t wait for an entire day ( sometimes 2-3 days) , to keep writing emails and then do the required follow-ups to get the issue resolved. When the crux of the fund transfer is your faulty systems/process and your inability or (I dare to say) your unwillingness to resolve it.

    I now sincerely believe that it’s time to put the curtain down on the hollow claims of best customer treatment.

    I am ready to discuss this if someone from Zerodha wishes. Contact number is available in incident logs.


    • Anuj, NEFT isn’t instant. Banks can take sometime upto 8 hours to give credit into our exchange bank account. This shouldn’t ever take 2 to 3 days unless we have received funds from your bank account which is not on our record. Am having this checked. Sorry about this.

  125. Mazeen Muhammed says:

    Recently i transferred money to zerodha using another account without realizing that it isnt the account which i have registered with zerodha. What do i do about this? Will i be getting back the amount? Can you please help me with this?

    Mazeen Muhammed

  126. shikha gupta says:

    Hi, I have a trading/demat account with Zerodha, My linked bank account was of State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur which has got now merged with SBI. Can you please advice if the required changes Zerodha will do or I have to do, since there is no change in account no etc, only the bank name has got changed due to merger. Can you please help me on this as my money has got stucked now, I tried yesterday placing a fund withdrawal which is not completed.
    User id is DS7587, Shikha Gupta

    • Venu says:

      We will update the IFSC for your account. I’ll get someone from my team to give you a call.

      • shikha gupta says:

        Thanks Venu for your response, Please find below the details- OLD IFSC
        SBBJ0010866, NEW IFSC_CODE SBIN0031866. SBBJ will become SBI. account no & other details will remain same. Rest waiting for some one to call me.

      • Shikha gupta says:

        Hi Venu,

        Please see the below reply which I have got from zerodha support. You are saying different thing and support team is saying different thing, please look into this matter i dont want to sign n send hard copies of account modification form for just changing the ifsc code just because of merger between sbbj n sbi. Please look into this. Thanks in advance for your kind support.

        Thank you for writing to Zerodha Support.

        We required account modification form hard copy with self attested bank statement.

        Please get in touch with us if you need any other information by calling 080-40402020 or writing to [email protected]

        Patrick Micheal

        • Venu says:

          We’ve collated information of the updated IFSC from SBI and have already updated the IFSC in your records.

          • shikha gupta says:

            Thanks Venu for this support, I made withdraw request on 22-08, but it has never came in to my bank account due to IFSC code issue & the same has not been again came back into my trading account also, can you please look into this also. Thanks Shikha Gupta

            • Venu says:

              Sure, will get someone to call.

              • Shikha gupta says:

                Thanks Venu for ur support.

              • shikha gupta says:

                HI Venu, This refers to the old case of IFSC code update post merger of SBBJ with SBI, Zerodha has updated my IFSC code at that time but they did not updated bank name in my profile/details & it is still showing the old bank which is SBBJ, please update this to SBI as i am not able to use instant pay in facility to my zerodha trading account. Kindly do this ASAP as I am not able add funds into my trading account because of this. Find below additional details
                user- DS7587, Name Shikha Gupta PAN – ANKPG9601N

  127. Prashanth KS says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,
    Is there any way I can transfer fund from my another bank account which is not registered with my Zerodha account ?
    Basically, I want to avoid transferring fund from my salary account (unregistered) to my SB account (registered) and then transfer to Zerodha Trading account.

    PS: I don’t want to register Salary account with Trading.


  128. OmPrakash says:

    Sir Am I Eligible For ImPs from secondry bank to trading account.


  129. kiran says:

    can we transfer funds using imps from phone wallets.

  130. Arvind says:

    I transfered Rs. 500,000 into my zerodha account with user ID ZD2548. The payment was made and Ref: 1502900719936206 at 2200 on 16/08/2017 was assigned. The amount was also deducted from my ICICI bank and it was showing up on my “kite” dashboard under equity as the margin available. This morning at about 0730, the amount is being shown as zero. I am very disappointed at how this has started out and hope all the other hassle stories are just that since I cannot waste time with constant check backs and if that were the case, my local broker would have sufficed.

    • Akshay.A says:

      The funds have been updated. Can you please login and check now.

    • Venu says:

      The balance would have been updated on backoffice yesterday itself.

      If you’ve checked your balance during the time that we were running day end processes, it may not have shown you the right numbers. All transfers are updated well within time. Let us know if you have any other issues.

  131. Paresh says:

    Bank of Baroda as stringent policies a bank can have is asking for BENEFICIARY’s ADDRESS for even a simple NEFT transfer. May I know what address to put for NEFT transfer to Zerodha’s Equity Account.
    reply as soon as possible..

    • Venu says:

      This is our registered address that you can use – 153/154, 4th Cross, Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore – 560078, Karnataka, India.

  132. Himanshu Nayak says:

    I have transferred funds yesterday but I cant see it in my Zerodha account and amount has been debited from my SBI account.

    Please help.

  133. Shankarshan Mukhopadhyay says:

    Nithin Kamath, how many years does it takes for your team to process a withdrawl that was requested on Friday 21.07.2017 at around 11 A.M.?

    You advertise that funds are transferred on the next day, if request is placed within Mon-Fri. Why is the amount not sent to my bank account yet?

    Of all the brokers I have ever traded with, your company is the worst that I have found yet. I get it that you want to save costs. But don’t make the client’s experience of trading with you a living fu**ing hell.

    If you can’t continue providing good services, close your company and sell chole-bhature on the street sides.

    You and your company has taken far too many things for granted, Mr. Kamath. Let me tell you, you are at the mercy of traders, not the other way around. If you think you are irreplaceable, then think twice. There are many like you in the market. It won’t take time, you know , to switch.

    I have always been respectable to you, even in times when your company has caused a lot of unnecessary trouble for me and my friends. But don’t take it for granted.

    You may have the least brokerage, but also the least business ethics.

    I give you an hour at max. Transfer the funds to my bank account, and this conversation never happened. Don’t transfer it, and you will see what happens when you play with a client’s money.

    Client ID: ZU1900

  134. Monal says:

    I am able to add both ” ZERNSE” and ” 05230340001348″ account for IMPS transfer.

    I want to know, whats the advantage to Client in using ZERNSE account number as payee ? What should be preferred and why ?

    Note: I have 1 primary account and 2 secondary accounts mapped for Fund transfer . Always use payment gateway but now want to use IMPS service due to charges of rs 10 for payment gateway

  135. Azhar says:

    Dear sir

    Some time back, in this blog, you said that more banks are going to be added to the registered banks list. Till now canara bank is not listed, hence I cannot use imps from my canara account. Can you please advise if this is going to happen anytime soon.


  136. Roshan says:

    i have transferred funds for equity cash balance using instant transfer mode bank to zerodha account but it was not credited to zerodha account. my bank statement show it had being transferred.

  137. Shine says:

    If I open an account with HDFC, is the NEFT transfer free?

  138. Shine says:

    Please Integrate UPI. Rs 9 per transaction is too much for a discount broker. NEFT charges are there for all the banks too. Why don’t you use registered mobile number as an identifier for IMPS transaction (something like Merchant initiated transaction)

  139. viral says:


    I have a few questions:

    1) how many accounts can be mapped to the zerodha account
    2) suppose if i transfer Rs 10,00,000.00 through the payment gateway of zerodha , will i still be charged 9+gst or is the charge different
    3) suppose if i want to do a IMPS fund transfer to zerodha trading account. now i have already added acc no 05230340001348 as a payee . will i be able to do a IMPS fund transfer or do i need mmid / phone number of zerodha as well.
    4) after doing a IMPS transaction , suppose if i dont do the upload screenshot process, in other words i dont do anything after transferring . in how much time will my funds get reflected in zerodha account

    hoping for promt response

  140. Saurabh says:

    I am trying to add HDFC internal transfer (since my linked account to Zerodha is HDFC). It is not accepting ZERNSE as Account Number (Should be numbers only). In some reply on tradingqna i found account number 05230340001348. So i added it as Beneficiary. Now i wish to set standing instructions from my HDFC to my trading account (14th if every month) from which SIP needs to be paid through COIN (15th of every month). Will this work?

  141. Shankarshan Mukhopadhyay says:

    I made a NEFT into my Zerodha A/C ( Client id ZU1900 ) yesterday at noon, but it is not yet showing in my a/c. UTR for the same is SBIN917176443449 . Kindly look into this matter. Situations like this has happened before, but your staff has promptly solved the problem.

    I hope to get the same great service from your company this time too.


  142. Rakesh Patel says:

    I have transferred Rs .50K via NEFT this morning but not reflected.
    While I send a mail but automatic response came saying will be credited.
    What should do

  143. PIYUSH SHARMA says:

    I am unable to to select my bank under option payment gateway.
    As it is showing my bank so how can i transfer money to my demat account?
    Can i transfer my at market timings onl

  144. Vibhor Agrawal says:

    Nithin – Please add PNB bank in to your instant payment gateway. Truly speaking its not convenient for us to do NEFT/IMPS and then wait for the fund to reflect and buy shares. Having bank in instant payment gateway is much easier.

  145. Omkar Joshi says:

    I am not able to see my registered bank account details in the drop down window of the “add funds” section. Please help!

  146. Sid says:

    Dear Team,

    Since I use Coin for monthly SIPS, can you arrange for an automatic Standing Instruction type system where funds are transferred monthly from my registered Bank account to my relevant Zerodha fund account?

    Otherwise, I will have to do it manually every month end which is a bit of an issue.

  147. Manjeet Jindal says:

    Are there any changes for imps funds transfer?
    Can i do imps from any bank or do i have to do it from bank account registered with you?


    can i fund transfer to Punjab national bank throw

  149. Arun says:

    Is it possible to transfer money into my Zerodha account from another account which is not linked to mine (for eg. My wife’s account) through NEFT/IMPS?

  150. AMIT GHARA says:

    Can I use union bank account for fund transfer to zerodha account.

    Pls answer me through e-mail.

  151. Shiva says:

    DPID : DS8510
    i have tranfered funds through instant transfer from my bank acc to my zerodha commodity acc today afternoon till now it is not reflecting in my acc. I am repeatedly calling your customer care but there is no improvement in my issue.

    • Akshay.A says:

      The status of the transaction was “Pending from Bank”. You’d get an update today.

  152. D.mageswari says:

    hi Nithin,
    my zerodha id zq7861
    mobile 7299148486
    idbi bank
    i have tranfered funds through instant transfer from my bank acc to my zerodha trading acc yesterday afternoon itself. till now it is not reflecting in my acc. I am repeatedly calling your customer care but there is no improvement in my issue.Iam a new customer . If this is going to continue in future will i be interest in trading in zerodha or will i reccomend zerodha for anyone else.if this the condition for a new customer then what about the existing customer? please do the needful at the earliest

  153. Gaurav says:

    My registered bank is IDBI on Zerodha portal. I have an another account in HDFC bank, which is not registered on Zerodha portal. I want to transfer money from HDFC bank into Zerodha account by using NEFT, RGTS or IMPS service. My question is can I made transfer money from an another account which is not registered on Zerodha portal (using NEFT, RGTS or IMPS service)?

  154. RAJANIKANT says:

    Sales person asking me to transfer Rs.5000/- as initial amount to transfer into my account for activate my demat account.
    is that compulsory to transfer 5000 rs .?

  155. harshit says:

    i want to add money in my account when i am adding there is no showing my bank account

  156. Pramod says:

    I have issue with Pay in. I am transferring fund using ICICI bank. One more thing, Every week, I see new issue arising and this is not the good sign…

  157. vishnu says:

    My bank is SBT, I am not able to add funds. Asks me to contact system administrator.

  158. Hrishikesh says:

    This is happening me for the second time. I transfer fund from my SBI account to zeroda from Kite and it doesn’t come instantly . 🙁 . Last time it came after the market closing time and this time don’t know when will it come ? Please help .


    My ticket number #510909
    I transferred fund using above procedure on 20 Apr 2017.
    The money is not added to the ledger even on 24 Apr 2017.
    A clear case of money laundering.
    Nobody available for support as well.

  160. SB says:


    I transfered back money into my bank account from trading account. I got the zerodha SMS (….processed), at about 10:20 AM but funds still not transferred to my bank account. I opened HDFC account specifically for payin and payout for smooth and quick functioning but it seems I wasn’t wise in doing so.

    Could you please check. My ticket number is #187580. I need this today itself.



  161. Saran says:

    I have transferred Rs.2000 to my Zerodha account. But, Zerodha customer care member asking me to maintain the account with 5000 rupees. Is this compulsory to have 5000 rupees in my account.??


  162. salini says:


    I had done a NEFT from my PNB and its been more than 3 hours and the amount is still not credited to my zerodha account.

    Salini Sakhamuri

  163. vishnudas says:

    Ticket 218637
    18/04/2017 11:41 am
    I have transferred 1000 through NEFT on 17/4/2017 at 2:53 the amount still not credited into my account
    Client id zs5101
    Accno. 42312210005571
    Syndicate bank ,karivellur Branch

  164. vishnudas says:

    Please solve Ticket #224138

  165. Sudip says:

    ticket #342855. Another fund transfer issue. Please check and resolve. Thanks.

  166. SB says:

    Money transferred to MCX at 7:30 in the morning today. Got the SMS from zerodha in 1-2 minutes but funds still not showing. Already mailed to support at about 10:00 AM. Amount is 8402/-. What is happening with zerodha these days…..?

    Money was transferred from HDFC account ending 8015.

  167. arun kumar says:

    Can we tranfer fund back from trading account to our bank using neft. i could only find imps option for the same.

  168. vishnudas says:

    i cant add funds because no registered bank and account details are not showing. I’m trying on kite
    my client id is ZS5101

  169. santhosh says:

    Sales person asking me to transfer Rs.5000/- as initial amount to transfer into my account is that compulsory.

  170. Zaker Hussain says:

    Suppose I have ADDED 5K and I already had 5K in my AC. But The thing here is, I can see only 5K in my account and when I was about to withdraw all the amount, then I was able to see the only 5K. Kindly ans

  171. suresh kumar dubey says:

    Sir,I had transfered a fund of 20000 bt ND almost 18 hours has been passed away bt would’my be reflect in my trading account .can checked in my backoffice, fund section by uploading screen shot of imps bt still is in pending mode pls verify for d same my client id is ZW9036 THANK-YOU

  172. Sudip says:

    Support Ticket #697539. Transferred Rs. 12200 through IMPS @ 01:08 pm on 12th Apr. for eqity trading but the same still has not been updated. The transfer was successful and uploaded the proofs as well. e-mailed and contacted your support team ( through call 1 time and through e-mail 2 times ) but still Rs. 12200 is not reflecting into my zerodha account. Please check and do the needful. Thanks.

  173. Ajinkya says:

    Sir, mistakenly i transferred my 7000 rs fund through IMPS into NEFT segment and now i can’t able to see my funds in zerodha account…! What should i do ?

  174. Neelesh says:

    by mistake i uploaded pdf of imps transfer it replied “failure’. again when i uploaded jpeg file it replied ‘this utr is already received’. i have transfered amt on tuesday 6.30 pm and still not received the funds till wednesday morning.
    Client ID- ZXXXXX

    • Akshay.A says:

      The funds have been updated. Please login and check now.

    • Venu says:

      I see a credit of Rs.5000 is already posted to your account. Is that the transfer you’re talking about? Also, best not to give out your client Id on a public forum. I’ve edited it for security purposes.

  175. SB says:

    Received the credit in my account. Thank you for your help. However, I believe something is wrong somewhere. Whatever it is, I am sure you guys will solve that too.

    Thank you for the services you provide. It is excellent and above the rest. Keep it up. 🙂

    P.S. Please delete my previous comment. Thank you 🙂

  176. Snehal Dharmshi says:


    My Client ID is ZO4891. I have transferred Rs.4,50,000 to Zerodha through payment gateway but still it is not reflected in my trading account ZO4891. Amount is debited from my bank account in the morning. After writing several mails still I am not able see credit in my trading account.

    I am really worried about this. Can you please help me out urgently.

    • It might be because Bank hasn’t sent us confirmation due to drop off in connection when u were transferring. Such issues typically get sorted when banks reconcile by end of day. If it still doesn’t show up by tomorrow morning, do send us an email on [email protected]

      • Snehal Jitendra Dharmshi says:


        Thanks for the reply. But funds are still not credited to my Zerodha Trading account. I have sent numerous mails to Zerodha support. I think nobody is helping me out in sorting out this issue. I really don’t know what to do.

        • Don’t worry about this, today being second saturday and banks closed we probably wouldn’t have been able to reconcile. If you have transferred, it can’t go nowhere. I will get someone to track this for you and update first thing monday.

  177. Arun Sharma says:

    I want to trade in F&O will equity funds be used for this ?

  178. deepak says:


    I have deposit 5000 in commodity fund but it showing 4989 next day.
    why ?

  179. Amit says:

    Hi ,
    How to get all past fund transaction details in zerodha account ??? I am not talking about the particular share which i can get from ( and click on ledger).i want to know fund transaction details (deposit/withdraw) amount.

    • pmani says:

      Nitin, Amit

      This is what i am looking for.. I need to use to summerize all deposits and withdrawls

    • If you pull the ledger, export it to excel, you will see the fund deposit/withdrawal as well.

      • pmani says:

        Thanks Nitin, I was able to retrieve them, it was hidden in mostly trading transactions, if u dont mind, a suggestion from me. A simple additional filter (along with Date) will make Q Ledger tool more efficient. Not only it helps customers, it greatly reduces the burden on your databases, otherwise every time all the irrelevant information will be dumped at the user at the cost of your IT Infrastructure.

  180. pmani says:

    Hi Folks @ Zerodha,

    Plz help me with this,

    How do I track all deposits/withdrawls into Zerodha account. Is there any reporting tool to do this


  181. harshit dhoot says:

    Hello sir,

    I am new to zerodha. For buying shares i have to 1st transfer fund to zerodha then only i can buy or i can execute my order then i can transfer fund to zerodha….???

    Please reply as soon as possible.

  182. Ravi H says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Why there exist transaction charges when we transfer money from bank account to Zerodha? I do not see any such charges from Reliance Securities so far from past 7 years..!

  183. CHANDOAMOY says:

    I am a new user. Today I have transferred an amount of Rs 3000 to my equity account & In Kite homepage, equity margin available is showning as Rs 3000. Accordingly I have activated 2 SIPs. But the equity balance is showing as Rs 0 in the mf.zerodha page. Has the process of fund transfer completed or not ? Will the SIPs be rejected due to lack of fund?

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      The funds in your MF dashboard are updated at the end of the day. So as long as you have funds in your account your orders will be executed.

  184. Rahul says:

    Dear Team,

    I have transferred 50000 R’s from my bank account to Kite using Kite mobile Android application yesterday. But the funds are not yet reflecting in the trading account.

    Kindly check and let me understand where is the issue.


  185. sujeet says:


    i was informed to to 5k in equity & 5k in commodity , after transferring i see both the having value as 0 then again i call the sales head he told it will be back by monday that is today, when i opened today morning is equity is having 4989.65 and my commodity is showing up as still zero can u please help me when will it show up in commodity is my money their are gone

  186. Prajwal says:

    I accidentally transferred from non registered bank to Zerodha, can I get back the amount Please?

  187. Ankit agarwal says:

    Sir, I transferred fund to my trading account but by mistake I closed the window before the confirmation page was shown. Now the fund has been debited from my bank account but not credited in trading account. What to do…please help. 🙂

  188. pramod jain says:

    i want tranfer fund in my zarodha a/c i want know how can tranfer money without any charges

  189. Jitendra says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am trying to transfer money from my CITIBANK to Zerodha account as I have opened my account day before yesterday. I am trying to add funds to the account but I don’t see my account is listed.

    I am not able to add my first fund to the Zerodha Account.

    Registered Cell # 9742948271

    • Jitendra, citibank payment gateway is currently not available. You can do an IMPS/RTGS transfer. All details mentioned here.

      • Amulya sharma says:


        I too am not able to add funds using my CITIBANK account via UPI app GPAY. i tried more than 10 times its being declined. then i added payee in my bank account and transferred. Why is this issue at your end for CITIBANK and by when can it be rectified?

  190. Sumeet Das says:

    1) Suppose I transfer 5000 to trading account through SBI Quick transfer ? How long will it take to show in trading accounts ?

    2) Can we transfer funds from bhim app ? If yes, how long will it take to show up in trading accounts ?

    • 1. IF by quick transfer you are referring to IMPS, it should be within 15 mins.
      2. UPI payments we haven’t yet gone live on. You can transfer, but you will have to upload the proof of transfer on

  191. Asu says:

    Zerodha sales personal call me and ask for transferring Rs.5000 in account stating that your account will be activated once you transferred Rs 5000. Why is he is forcing me to transfer money for activation and demo? Is it true if I would not deposit exact amount Rs.5000 in the first transaction my account will not activate and I will not able to do the trade if I start in less amount i,e 1000 or 2000?? They never tell me before account open which is Rs.5000 is necessary for a demo or any other process. Please reply

    • Asu, seems like an overzealous sales person. No need for you to transfer Rs 5000. You can transfer even Rs 1000 or Rs 2000 and start trading. You can tell if the sales guy calls again that you spoke to me.

      • Dwarkadas Patel says:

        I paid 300 INR for keeping account active for year there is no reason your team block account for every next week just because i didn’t deposited money on name of activation.

        Choice to deposit money should be customer’s and not enforcement by blocking customer’s account. this is 2nd time my account is locked.

        To whom so ever it is applicable
        Please mention this enforcement of your customer support into charges page something like this
        * First deposit of 5000 is required to activate account

        This enforcement may lead me to close out the account.


        • Matti says:

          Hey Dwarkadas, no such requirements to deposit any amount. Probably just an overenthusiastic sales rep wanting to get you started.

      • Surya deepak says:

        Hi nithin,
        This sales person told me to transfer 5000 in both commodity and equity.
        Phone no :7056282020

  192. dolly says:

    dear sir today at around 3.45pm i have deposited 289rs twice through IMPS just to make sure if i am doing it right but till this moment it is not reflected in my zerodha account. i have also updated imps box as per procedure. plz look into the matter as i want to deposit the full amount.

  193. Mayur says:

    i Just at 2:00 Pm today Transfer Fund to my Account through NEFT ..
    i already received SMS from Zerodha about Amount Credited. but i cant see it in my trading Account yet.
    i want to know that when can i see that fund in ma trading account

    Thank you..

  194. Anurag says:

    Zerodha personal calls and ask for transferring Rs5000 in account stating that you account will be activated once you transferred Rs 5000 otherwise you would have unnecessary problems. After transferring he said to call and intimate him. I told him that as there is no such limit and told about nithin ji also but he is continuously urging to transfer. What’s issue.I have started trading with Rs 2000 and account seems to be activated. Is there any necessary of such transfer. What’s that person benefit and linkage with my account and how he claims for my activation on transfer of money. Kindly guide.

  195. Rajat Gupta says:

    I transfer funds through my pnb bank through NEFT into my zerodha,
    Bank Name HDFC Bank
    Account Title ZRD (Nick Name written)
    Account Number 05230340001348
    Bank Branch HDFC Bank, Richmond road, Bangalore HDFC Bank, Richmond road, Bangalore
    IFSC Code HDFC0000523
    the money is not reflecting in my zerodha account, but deduct from PNB bank ?
    Please take Necessary steps

  196. Suresh says:


    How to change the primary bank account with Zerodha account? Could you please provide link to the applicable process and form.


    • Nikhil A says:

      Please fill this form, print it, sign it, and then courier it back to our office along with a personalized cancelled cheque of your new bank. If you don’t have a personalized cheque (with your name on it) please send us the latest month bank statement (self-attested) along with the cancelled cheque.

    • Venu says:

      You’ll have to give us an original cancelled check leaf along with a copy of this form for us to change your Primary bank information.

  197. Yogesh says:

    Pl mention ACC details for NEFat transfer.

  198. Souvik says:

    How to transfer funds into trading through neft?
    I am using HDFC account.
    Do i have to pay extra amount for it?
    Instant transfer to zerodha from hdfc account .. Still it will encure me extra cost??

  199. Atin Desai says:

    How much fund i can add at once by the instant payment gateway,is there any limit of that ?

  200. Prasad Pilla says:

    Hey Team,

    I am not able to find the IFSC code given, can you please help me?

    Here is the screenshot,

  201. prakash says:

    Hi team

    Can i know which bank transfer will be faster for payout?

    I saw HDFC will be faster in one blog is it correct?

    If so kindly let me know how may hours it will take to credit the money back to my account once i placed payout.


  202. angel says:

    I transfer funds through my axis bank imps into my zerodha equity and commodity both accounts after 16 hours the money is not reflecting in my zerodha accounts but deduct from axis bank 🙁
    Bank Name HDFC Bank HDFC Bank
    Account Number 05230340001348 05230340002150
    Account type Current account Current account
    Bank Branch HDFC Bank, Richmond road, Bangalore HDFC Bank, Richmond road, Bangalore
    IFSC Code HDFC0000523 HDFC0000523

    • Send such details directly to [email protected]. If it hasn’t reflected, it must be because you haven’t uploaded the IMPS screenshot on You are required to do this as in certain banks we don’t get to know the account numbers from where the money has come in, in case of IMPS.

  203. Naresh P Dandekar says:

    Hii, yesterday my trading account was opened.I was transferring Rs 1000 through kite.Now Rs 1000 have been debited from my account but not transferred to trading account.What should I do?
    Please helpHii, yesterday my trading account was opened.I was transferring Rs 1000 through kite.t.Now Rs 1000 have been debited from my account but not transferred to trading account.What should I do? Please help ID ZY6837

  204. Prathamesh Salvi says:

    Hii, yesterday my trading account was opened.I was transferring Rs 5000 through kite.By mistake I closed the transaction window.Now Rs 5000 have been debited from my account but not transferred to trading account.What should I do? How do I get it back?Please help

  205. Vicky Cj says:

    Is it necessary that i need to start a trading account in zerodha with 5000rs? since i have got the mail from zerodha stating that minimum 5000rs should be used to start the account.??

  206. MONI SHANKAR DAS says:

    Sir how can i transfer money from commodity account to equity account…(New user)

  207. Saurabh Saha says:

    Today I have tried to transfer money for the first time using Pi Payin option from my icici bank a/c. Unfortunately it just fails. Login page came. Id & password given. But after that just a white page came. Nothing happens. I’ve already sent email with screenshot and now waiting for reply. Please ensure a smooth online transaction from my bank a/c to zerodha a/c and vice versa. Requesting you to add wallet like PayuMoney and Paytm for smooth online transaction.

    • Venu says:

      The payment gateway that facilitates transfer only redirects you to your bank account after which it’s dependent on your bank. If the white screen is after you’ve entered your banks’ login ID and password, I’m afraid, you’ll have to get in touch with them. Wallet payments aren’t accepted since the source account from where the funds have come isn’t tracked. Regulators require that all fund transfers happen from banks mapped by the client to the broker’s trading account.

      • Saurabh Saha says:

        If I issue a cheque in favour of Zerodha and drop it to my nearest HDFC Bank what should I have to do? Do I need to mention my id on the back side of cheque? Do I need to take an image of cheque and send it to your email id? Please tell me the procedure including your account no. how long will it generally take to encash a cheque from Kolkata? waiting for your reply. Thanks.

        • Venu says:

          Saurabh, it’s best to initiate an online transfer: NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/Payment gateway. Checks are fine, but there’s time involved in crediting funds. If you still intend to deposit a check, post deposit, please send the counterfoil copy along with the check details and amount details to [email protected]

          • Saurabh Saha says:

            Thanks for quick reply. I have just added your account no ( Account Name: Zerodha,Account Number: 05230340001348, IFSC Code: HDFC0000523 ) using icici bank online portal. Now I can do NEFT. Is there any charge for doing NEFT? Can I transfer as little as Rs. 1000/- for testing purpose? Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

            • Venu says:

              We don’t charge anything for NEFT transfers. Yes, you can transfer as little as you want 🙂

              • Saurabh Saha says:

                Thanks a ton! I will soon transfer Rs. 1000/- for testing purpose.

                • Saurabh Saha says:

                  Got a call from Zerodha and they admitted something wrong is there from their side. They first rectified it and called me later again telling me to try again. And yes…. this time it has been done instantly. Thanks once again. Just two queries… I do have 2 MBPS Broadband line. Having back up line too. Is 2 MBPS speed enough for NIFTY trading in future? 2> Is there any delay in nifty quotation in Pi? Even one second delay will matter as I will go for day trading only. Waiting for your reply.

  208. ujjwal says:


    From morning trying for pay in to my account, but not able to pay in, msg shows merchant is not register, how to solve this?

  209. Rajat Gupta says:

    Sir, I want to transfer money from my PAYTM a/c… Can I do???

  210. Swapnil Kedare says:

    Can I deposit fund by UPI App using IFSC and A/C no. mentioned above?

  211. haweeyo says:

    I want to know that if i send money with online service,is there any charges will uplid for that…?

  212. Rohit says:

    I am unable to transfer fund to my trading account because of some bank issues. How can I add an alternate account ??

  213. Rajat says:

    I have made transfer of Rs.10000 to equity using Kite. The amount is not being reflected in my trading account. I have sent a mail to zerodha support team containing transaction details. Please take necessary steps.


  214. Anirudh Chauhan says:

    Suppose I have 88 rupees in my account
    and I earned 2 rupees.
    The profit is showing in my account balance but the withdrawal balance is less than account balance
    what is the reason?

    • All equity settlements in India happens on T+2 day basis, and for intraday equity/F&O on T+1. So if you have sold stocks from demat, you can withdraw day after, if profit from intraday tomorrow.

  215. Sakunthala Devi says:


    I have made NEFT transfer to the zerodha account. Do I have to add the screenshot to reflect the funds in? Or, will the transfer be reflecting automatically?


  216. Amio Mandal PA3990 says:

    I want to Know can i direct deposite money in zerodha Acc and send pay slip to u by mail and u credit that money to my zerodha acc.

    is it possible or not

  217. Karun Nath says:

    Thanx sir

  218. Bhaskar says:


  219. Karun Nath says:

    Aap k sales executive nay kaha hai ki first 5000 trading account pay transfer karna he padega ….. To may confuse hu …. …. Main 1000 or 2000 kar Kay transfer karkay equity stock buy nahi kar sakta hu kya ???

  220. Karun Nath says:

    Sir .. minimum Kitna transfer karna parta hai trading account pay ???

  221. Syed Shahul Hameed says:


    1. Can I transfer NEFT/RTGS from any of my bank account, which is not registered with my Zerodha account?
    2. Can we add more than one bank account to my Zerodha account?

  222. Rakesh Mandal says:

    I have net banking facility with another bank account that is not registered with Zerodha. I can add the bank details as secondary bank account and add fund to my trading accoubt through NEFT using the secondary bank account?

  223. DEV says:

    when I am trying to add fund from my bank a/c to my Zerodha trading a/c but when i click on Payment gateway/Bank there is no one option to select.

  224. Rohit Dwivedi says:

    Dear Team,
    I have 2 queries, please check the same below and kindly assist at the earliest

    1) I have funds in equity account, can it be directly transferred to commodity account, without routing the funds through bank account.

    2) The bank account which is linked to my trading account is of HDFC Bank, however I have funds in ICICI Bank account, due to some reason neither i can transfer funds to trading account from HDFC and nor I can transfer funds from ICICI Bank to HDFC Bank and then transfer the funds to trading account, so kindly confirm if funds can be transferred from bank account via NEFT which is not linked.

    • Venu says:

      1. No, you can’t. Regulators don’t allow.
      2. You can’t transfer funds from unmapped accounts. If you do, you don’t get credit despite transfer. However you can get your ICICI bank account mapped as a secondary account to your trading account and then transfer funds. We’ll need an email from your registered email ID along with a scanned copy of a personal check leaf to map it as a secondary account.

      • Rohit Dwivedi says:

        thanks for your prompt response, however have this last query for point number 2 please clarify-

        can I make my ICICI bank account as a primary account and remove the mapped HDFC bank account, if so the solution you provide above will still apply, I mean if i’ll send the email and scan image of my ICICI Bank personal check leaf, will you map this new account as a primary account to my trading account?

        Also please provide the e-mail id at which I need to send the bank account details and scan image of personal check leaf.

  225. Ram says:

    Hi registered My citi bank account with zerodha,but im not able to transfer money to the given zerodha account ZERNSE ? any issue with this citi bank transfer you know?

  226. Naga says:

    The amount showing only in backoffice nothe in my kite
    app what to do now

  227. rohith says:

    i dont have internet banking facility and i am very far from my home branch to get on. what is the best way to transfer money to trading account using debit card only? thanks

  228. rohith says:

    To credit amount to trading account do you accept SBI cheque?

  229. Nitin says:

    I am new to Zerodha and is there facility to add new bank account to your profile? This facility was very convenient with other platforms I had used.

  230. TP says:

    Is it possible to change the primary bank a/c that is mapped to the trading a/c?

    If so, how long does it take?

    • Yes you can, send us the change primary bank form from here. Takes 1 day from when you send us this form (send a cancelled cheque of the new form)

      • TP says:

        Hello Nitin,

        The link you mentioned to change primary bank account seems to be outdated.

        Page 2 of the file shows ILFS Securities services. I believe now demat and trading accounts are both maintained by Zerodha. Could you please upload newer versions of change request forms, if any.

        • Venu says:

          We are still servicing clients who have ILFS demat accounts and hence the form contains both the sheets. In case your trading & demat is with Zerodha only, please send us the first page alone.

  231. Kashyap M Kopparam says:

    I have made an IMPS transfer from my linked SB account to the mentioned Zerodha account. Previously, I have successfully made money transfers through NEFT.

    But, this time when I tried to make the IMPS transfer, I got the message “transaction timed out”. I contacted my bank which is ICICI and they said it will be refunded to you or the beneficiary by 2 days. And nothing has happend till now, no money in my SB account or my equity account.

    Please help me resolve this.

  232. TP says:

    1) Any possibility of IMPS transfers getting at par with payment gateway transfers with regard to updation speed of funds?

    2) When will you transition to your new payment gateway and will it support universal acceptance of banks including PNB and Union Bank.

    • Venu says:

      1) We’re working on this. Currently banks don’t share account numbers and hence we’ll need to have additional validations which delays updates. Once the banks start sharing account numbers, transfers should get updated faster.
      2) We’re in touch with our vendors to add these banks. We’ll let you know once they’re on board.

  233. Anuj says:


    It is a regret to say that Zerodha even can’t managed the simple process of crediting the money into the requisite a/c in stipulated time so that a/c holders don’t suffer.

    Twice, I had transferred the money from my bank a/c to Zerodha a/c in evening through IMPS.
    Both times, Kite was not reflected even after 24 hours. I had to lose on my trades because of
    unknown reasons where nobody seems accountable.

    It was clearly mentioned that off market transactions will be updated in few hours.
    I suppose that should mean at least before the next trading day so the a/c holders can place their orders. But both time my orders got cancelled stating lack of funds even though Zerodha had my money. The respective tickets are #258574 & #540820.

    Please improve your business practices. Also tell me the workaround of this problem as this seems to be of repetitive nature. Don’t tell me to do it in market hours because I am unavailable that time.

    • Anuj, unfortunately the banks currently don’t share account numbers when you do IMPS. Hence it is a manual process. This slows it down.Last week we have taken a hit on our operations due to the bandh/curfew in Bangalore, so might have taken longer. If you use the payment gateway, it is instant update.

      • Anuj says:

        Hi Nitin,

        Please improve your customer service team. I had raised the support ticket #192265 and the guy replies it’s my fault. The tickets was closed even without any communication. You can check the log.

        This should not be a way to treat a customer.

        Ideally it should be an automated process. In my case this happened twice and it took more than 24 hours to update in kite. My AMO orders got rejected due to it.
        In fact, I checked that ATOM gateway is also not instantaneous & other traders are facing the same issue both with IMPS and your payment gateway.

  234. Sumit Dubey says:

    Sir I have transfer 20,000 into my zerodha account through net banking but it is not showing in my account even after 4 hours
    Kindly help me

  235. Akash says:

    Thank u…

  236. Akash says:

    Hi, sir how can I transfer money from syndicate account to trading account using imps,through mobile or kite …and what is the minimum time required to complete the transfer. And how can I do the payout?

  237. Smita says:

    Hi, I would like to map multiple bank accounts to my Zerodha trading account. Please let me how can I do this ?

    • Send us cancelled cheque leaf with a request asking to map them to the trading account. But note that you can transfer from multiple to the trading, you can withdraw only to your primary.

  238. Nihil says:

    I am a new customer of ZERODHA and my account got activated today only. I have done pay in through kite using payment gateway via linked HDFC account. I have not been charged Rs. 9 yet. How the same will be charged?
    Additionally HDFC Net banking is not accepting ZERNSE as it contains only characters. Can I use account number 05230340001348 for easy HDFC to HDFC transfer in trading account?
    Also I am seeing Equity & Commodity segment is not enabled message. Can you please do the needful?
    My Client Id is: RN4500

    • Hanan says:

      You will be charged the payment gateway charges at the end of the day after the day’s trade process has been completed.

      To add ZERNSE or ZERMCX as payees, you need to use the eCMS option that’s available on HDFC Bank. If you add the 14-digit account numbers, there is a possibility that your funds won’t be updated immediately. If you use the eCMS option, there is instant communication between our servers and fund updates happen faster.

      I see that you’ve signed only EQ on the application form so you will be able to trade only EQ. You haven’t sent us your commodity application form so you won’t be enabled on MCX. If you’d like to trade on MCX, you can simply login to Q, click on Profile and download your filled MCX form. Please sign it and courier it to our office along with a cheque of Rs. 200 for account opening and we’ll have it done within a day after we receive your form.

      • Nihil says:

        Thank you for providing information related to eCMS however I have observed that everytime its taking more than 15-30 mins to reflect the amount in Funds section even if I have transferred money using HDFC eCMS and providing Client Id in remarks section. I did transfer today morning about 20 minutes before but still its not reflecting on Q or Kite in Funds section. Please do the needful to make this process much faster or rather instant so that it can be useful to make immediate trade.

  239. Akshay says:

    Hi, I’m a very active trader with Zerodha. Many time it happens that I used instant payment gateway but amount is not credited in account till 1-2 hour passes. It kills the purpose of using immediate margin. Please look at the issue and improve the service provided by payment gateway.

  240. BKB says:

    Hello, To which account I should transfer fund using IMPS from my SBI account?



    05230340001348 & 05230340002150

  241. Sneha R says:

    Hello Zerodha,

    My registered bank in zerodha is PNB, as we don’t have PNB in instant payment option, I’ve recently opened account in HDFC for fast transaction. Is there any option to a Change/Add new bank to my trading ? Yes? Please share steps to add it.

    If it possible to use two bank accounts in trading account?


    • Yes you can use both accounts to transfer money into trading, but while withdrawing it will be sent to your primary which is PNB. To add HDFC, send us a cancelled cheque leaf of your HDFC account.

      • Sneha R says:

        Thanks Nithin for your quick response.

        Should I sent snapshot of cancelled cheque by email (don’t know which email I wanna use) or sent it by post? I’m a new here, so I’d aporiciate you to give few more details.. Like With whom I want to send it and any other details I want to mention in mail.

        Thank you,

        • You will have to send us an original cancelled cheque to our Blore office, also send a letter with your client ID asking to map this bank account. This is the address: #153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony Opp. Clarence Public School J.P Nagar 4th Phase Bangalore – 560078

  242. Pankaj Kumar says:

    I am trading with Zerodha since last six month and I must say I have a good experience. But as this always related to money, I have few question always in my mind and looking for the answer.
    1) In case, Zerodha stop functioning then how can I recover my cash available in a trading account?
    2) What would happen if there is software malfunction?
    3) How secure my hard earning money in Zerodha trading account?

  243. alwin says:

    Is it possible to transfer money to my zerodha account through ifsc code
    If it is possible please send me your account number and ifsc code

    • alwin says:

      Is it possible to transfer money to my zerodha account through ifsc code
      If it is possible please send me your account number and ifsc code

  244. alwin says:

    I’m using South Indian Bank account . I can’t transfer money to my zerodha account
    Can you please tell me the procedure, because I’m a new user

  245. Jayaanth J Varandani says:

    HOw can I transfer funds Through NEFT?

  246. shubham bajpai says:

    Where can i see my bank account details.

  247. Prasad D says:

    Hi Nithin,

    till how many shares this 15 rs is applicable & what about BTST, is this charge is applicable for this also or not.?


  248. Prasad D says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    My trading account is automatically debited by Rs. 15, can you pls help me for what reason this amount is debited from my account.


  249. seem says:

    How to transfer funds through NEFT/RTGS where is the link for it.

  250. Vinu John says:

    Please enable payment through Union Bank of India

  251. Jayesh says:


    Ccongratulations on doing a great job, in a smooth way.

    I think the Instant Payment Gateway charges should be done away with.

    Even if these are charges levied by vendor, another brokers are not charging in such a way…

    Its only my personal opinion that some steps MUST be taken in this direction.

    With Best Wishes..

  252. B P Kandpal says:

    Bank of Baroda as stringent policies a bank can have is asking for BENEFICIARY’s ADDRESS for even a simple NEFT transfer. May I know what address to put for NEFT transfer to Zerodha’s Equity and Commodities Account .

    BOB is also not accepting ZERNSE as account number though I guess the alternate account number should solve the problem, but sending a screenshot after every NEFT is a pain. :/

  253. B P Kandpal says:

    Nitin sir, are there any plans of collaborating with BANK OF BARODA in forseeable future? I know it is a very uptight bank but still….

  254. Santosh says:

    Sir add corporation bank plesae

  255. Sriram says:

    Ordered an SIP (DSP Blackrock Micro Cap Fund) on 30 Jun for a monthly denomination of 2000/-.
    It finally reflected in my SIP book today i.e 4 July.
    I want to know what is my SIP initiation date. Called up customer care but recieved no satisfactory reply.

  256. sam says:

    hi zerodha aka Nitin,
    I was planning to open account with you but after going through so much payment gateway issues of not reciving funds on time for trading and software glitch . I am thinking againa nd again whether to open or not.

    Those who use NEFT and IMPS unki toh laag jaati hogii.

    If so much delay in reciving funds than what about the opportunity cost .

    Nitin bhai Kaam pe lagjao. Paytm ko add karlo. LOL

    • 🙂 sam, all payment gateways have issue, we have to go with some vendor for this. We receive thousands of inward entries everyday, what you see here as complaints are just a few. Can’t add wallets to trading accounts, SEBI doesn’t allow for now.

  257. Sourav says:

    Hi, i want to know whether i can make a IMPS from my bank account to my mothers trading account ? she doesn’t have internet banking enabled with her bank acct .

  258. Prajwal says:

    Hi, I have transferred 10,000 through imps from my primary linked bank of baroda account yesterday. It was debited from my account at the same time and I’ve uploaded the transaction screenshot in Q back office too. But still its not shown in my trading account. Would you look into this please. ID=RP5502

    • Venu says:

      We’ve received a screenshot for a transfer of Rs.5000 through NEFT and has already been updated and is available for you to trade since morning.

  259. Srinivasan M says:

    I(DS6928) made 2 fund pay ins today(22June2016) to Zerodha a/c. One for Rs.20391/- at 11:47am credited alright to a/c. 2nd one made at 2:18pm for Rs.200/- is not yet credited to my a/c, due to which my ledger shows a debit bal of Rs.189.91/- instead of credit bal of Rs.8.4/-. I already sent email reminder for 2nd fund transfer at 2:27pm today(9 mins after the actual transfer was done). Yet you guys have missed it out. Very reckless.

  260. siddharth jain says:

    I am not able to transfer funds from my bank account to zerodha, the submit button is greyed out

  261. Arun R says:

    Hi all,
    Can i transfer funds to my trading account from a bank account which is not linked with my zerodha account. If yes how can i be able to transfer…

    • Yes you can, but you have to first map your other bank account as a secondary bank to the trading account. To map, send a cancelled cheque of y our secondary bank account to our Bangalore office.


    i have transfferd mony to zerodha HDFC account 05230340001348 through IMPS as BANK OF BARODA is not zerodha list. now i m uploading the screnshot but after hitting the SAVE link bad gatway appears.. now what shuld i do?
    does this works on saturday? money is debited from my account..
    ID :RH1687

  263. Madan says:

    Hi sir
    My ID DG1660

    I did withdrawal request on Friday evening, but still not reflect on my bank ac

  264. Nitish says:

    I transferred amount to my Zerodha on saturday evening 7:35PM and uploaded the screen shot of same at under funds but its not reflecting in my zerodha account on Monday morning as well. Any guide to get the things done right?

    • All IMPS/NEFT/RTGS doesn’t automatically get updated on the front end. If you have attached the right proof for IMPS, it should get updated in 30 mins (during working hours).

  265. hemant says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Ny vank of baroda account is linked with my trading account with zerodha.

    Can i tranfer funds to my zerodha trading account from my other bank acount with axis bank even though the same is not registered with zerodha??

    Please help.

  266. Willington prabhu says:

    Im new customer. I transfered rs.5000 to my zeroda commodity trading account and 15000 to my equity account on 2/3/16. My equity account shows correct balance and i start trading. But my commodity account still shows 0 balance. My I’d was DP4136.

  267. TEGBIR says:

    I want to transfer funds to my Trading Account from My HDFC Bank Account.
    Can I use transfer within bank option in HDFC Netbanking.

  268. Pratik Makwana says:

    how much amount need to add in fund of zerodha account for first time?

  269. varadharajan says:

    my account id RV4284. iam not able to payin funds through pi software where there is no option in the bank dialog box. please look into it as soon as possible.

  270. ARUN says:

    Sir please add bank of baroda net banking for fund transfer

    • Venu says:

      We use the facilities of a third party vendor and provide the payment gateway facility. There are a few validation concerns because of which Bank of Baroda can’t be added. You can use IMPS to transfer funds.

  271. Raghav Singh says:

    sir how to transffer funds from punjab natioanl bank to online trading account.the name of bank does not displays in
    payment gateway.
    please help

  272. laxmi says:

    Hi, I just transferred 1L from my hdfc bank(a/c 50100030377759 ) to the zerodha account using NEFT but forgot to indicate the client ID(being first time using neft) in the remarks. The transaction number displayed on my hdfc bank is 147119012A1 . Could you confirm that the funds would be credited to my account by today? Thanks

  273. Prashanth says:

    Can I use debit card.. for transferring funds

  274. Rakesh says:

    Yesterday around 1 AM have transferred 50000 to my account using netbanking and Kite. The same amount has been reflected in Kite.

    But today , it’s not showing on my Dashboard.

    It seems ,So many users are facing the same issue .It’s a application bug/issue or what.

  275. Pallavi says:


    Yesterday around 6 pm i have transferred 50000 to my account using netbanking and Kite. The same amount has been reflected in Kite.

    But today when i checked Kite, all of a sudden there is not a single rupee shown in the system as free cash or total account value.

  276. Shashank says:

    Created #565332 . please let me know when will it be solved. I got transaction failure status while transferring 5000 from my bank a/c to zerodha using payment gateway.amount got debited from my bank. But didn’t get created to zerodha account.

  277. Suman Chowdhuri says:

    Hi i transferred some 10000 through Pi for testing how it goes, but i see free cash 9997.18. Small charges but wanted to understand the transaction cost.

    1. Is there any deduction done by Zerodha as charges?
    2. I have transferred through Pi via my SBI account which is linked. is this a Neft transfer happening or IMPS as it didn’t take much time to reflect.
    3. I read some comments here Funds not getting immediately transferred. Any preferred time when transferred can be done with less time?

    • Suman Chowdhuri says:

      it seems Rs10.31 is deducted for transaction today ie a day after transaction.. is there way we can eliminate this transaction charge by any gateway or so ?

      • Venu says:

        If you’re using the Instant transfer facility, the transaction fee will be levied. You can choose to do NEFT/IMPS for which we don’t charge anything. However the update isn’t instant.

  278. Nutan Parmar says:

    sir, i am losing my confidence with zerodha.
    i have transfer the money from my bank account on 12th April earlier in morning to account RN2586. total number of transaction was 25000 x 2 times =50000.00 and have sent the screen shot to zerodha on 9.48am on 12/04/16.
    this amount was not updated in my trading account till 1.11 pm after which i have raised a Ticket #378227, for which i got reply @ 8.02 pm asking for the account number.
    at 9.30 am on 13.04.16 i have checked the account and found that still there was no update in my trading account and then i have call to the support team, after holding for 10 min in Que my phone was answer and support team assure me of updating my account within few minutes after giving my bank account number. after checking in my trading account i found that only 25000/ was updated in my account. i have waited till afternoon, and then i have call again to support team, they asked for my account statement to mail which i have mailed. and i have gotten a new
    Ticket #623459. i am very unhappy with the fund transfer system, yours platform is good, your software is good every thing is nice of zerodha leaving fund transfer, you have built a nice image, please dont spoil this image,
    will request you to please look into this matter on urgent basis

    • Venu says:

      The IMPS update isn’t automated yet Nutan and we’re looking at ways in which the funds can be automatically updated so you don’t have to face any delays when you initiate a transfer through IMPS. The delay is unusual, nonetheless, we’ll look into it and ensure the process is in place for timely updates.

  279. Aditya Ganti says:


    I have transferred Rs 24,000 to Zerodha by IMPS at 8:30 AM and sent the screen shot at 8:35 AM to [email protected]. Funds got transferred at 10:30 after calling Zerodha. By that time stocks I wanna buy shot up by 2-3%. I have lost that opportunity due to late processing by Zerodha.
    Why should I wait, send screen shot and call Zerodha for my OWN Transfer of Funds to my OWN ZErodha Account.
    I am unsatisfied by this type of system. Pls revert sir and kindly avoid such type of things . . .

    • Aditya, the issue with IMPS currently is that we don’t get to know from which bank account number we have received. That is the problem with the system. Unless we reconcile, we can’t update funds. This sometimes takes time.

  280. Ajit Kumar says:

    Today, I have transferred money in my trading account (Id- RA6625) from ICICI bank. amount is debited from my account, but since due to slower internet connectivity, it was not redirected to success page, and so Amount is not reflecting in my trading account. I have raised support ticket for this and attached screenshot of statement of my account (Ticket No – 654458 ), but still there is no response came from your side.

    can you please lookup into this problem, as I needed money for trading tomorrow.

  281. AMAN KUMAR SHARMA says:

    Sir in online fund transfer zerodha is charging rs. 9 for transaction. is it one time or every time if every time then it is costly. other brokers do not charge for online fund trasfer like IIFL, INDIABULLS. my saving ac of HDFC BANK linked with zerodha so i have to pay rs 9 for every fund transfer or any other way is available for free fund transfer. help me

  282. Arun Murali says:

    Hi Nithin,

    On march 28,2016 all the funds in my trading account got transferred to my bank account but I did not placed any withdrawal request.

  283. Nutan Parmar says:

    hello sir,
    i would like to know for how many days the unused fund will be there in my trading account,
    and what is policy of zerodha transfering back to my bank account.

    Also “Policy for Inactive clients” on zerodha website “” is not working.
    it says 404-page not found.

  284. Maktum Mallat says:

    I have transferred fund from Axis Bank to Zerodha. Because of network issue. Amount get deducted from Axis account but not reflecting trading account.

    To resolve how much time it ll take…

  285. Kamal Gupta says:

    I got my account opened with you and got the login details on Friday(11th Mar). On Friday night, I transferred rs5000/- to my trading account using Kite and the fund got transferred without problems. But the money seem to have vanished when I checked today(Saturday). Talked to Surjita who said it might be visible again on Monday but she was not sure what happened. Please assist

  286. khushboo says:

    i transferred amount to my zerodha acc using online funds transfer, but i cannot see any credits in my zerodha account for it. will it get updated today ?

  287. Nutan Parmar says:

    i have transfer the amount to my trading account on zerodha. via IMPS . i have done it on Saturday night(04.03.16). I have attached the screen shot also as per guidance on website,
    so will it be updated on Tuesday only (working day) or it update automatically on holiday also??? in my case it has not been updated till time i write this (more than 14 hrs pass)………
    when i transfer via IMPS to my relative account on holiday also, transaction is immediate

    one more question
    all transfer system on zerodha is manually or automatically?????
    Thanks and regards,


  288. TP says:

    Does zerodha support fund transfer for PNB or Syndicate Bank? If not, is it likely in the near future?

  289. M Kithan says:


    I have transfer funds for Equity segment as well as Commodity segment from my Bank of Baroda Account using IMPS service. I have transferred to the respective Zerodha HDFC accounts for Equity and Commodity and have also updated it on Quant with the screenshot of the transfer and also also mailed it…How long will it take for the funds to reflect in my trading account?


  290. Gantala Prakash says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Please add Bank of Baroda in Funds Transfer

  291. dinesh says:

    i want to transfer my fund by cash to my trading account what is the procedure for cash transfer?

  292. Jignesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have few queries on fund transfer as follows:

    1) Fund transfer using payment gateway thru HDFC bank:
    Quoting your reply dated 07 Aug 2014 “Amit, yes you don’t have to pay the payment gateway charges if you transfer from your HDFC into your trading account. The transfer is instant, but you will have to send us an email asking to update, otherwise it usually can take upto around 15 minutes.”
    However, in your subsequent replies dated 06 Feb 2015 and 02 July 2015, you mentioned that the said charges do apply irrespective of bank. Can you please clear the air?

    2) Direct transfer (TPT) from HDFC bank (HDFC to HDFC):
    a) Referring to your reply dated 28 Aug 2015, this was news to me and I believe this is a free option (no bank/zerodha charges apply), however, there is no mention of this option in your fund transfer documentation. Could you please publish this option to clear air for prospective clients?
    b) How long does it generally take to reflect the funds in trading A/c transferred via HDFC-to-HDFC TPT? Do I need to send an email upon fund transfer or client id in transaction remarks will suffice?

    Awaiting your prompt response.

    • 1. If you do NEFT, we don’t charge you anything. If you use the payment gateway on the platform we charge. So if you are doing HDFC to HDFC NEFT, no charges.
      2., check out for depositing funds using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS, it says it is free for all banks.

      • Jignesh says:

        My query wasn’t about NEFT.. it was about the “Transfer within the bank” option that HDFC provides (see attached). In case you’re treating the aforementioned option as “HDFC to HDFC NEFT” then I think I got the answer. Please care to provide an answer to point 2b copied below for quick reference:

        b) How long does it generally take to reflect the funds in trading A/c transferred via HDFC-to-HDFC TPT/NEFT? Do I need to send an email upon fund transfer or client id in transaction remarks will suffice?

  293. Natesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    When i try to add beneficiary (for F&O) in canara bank, its asking beneficiary ID also as mandatory field. So what ID should i mention. It’s not available in fund transfer section.

    • Venu says:

      The beneficiary ID is for internal reference I suppose. You could mention your Zerodha client ID as the beneficiary ID or just mention ‘Zerodha’.

  294. raghu_spn says:

    hi. can i map my current account as primary account to my zerodha trading account?

  295. SHAHI KALAM says:

    Dear Executive,

    Can I use pay in fund transfer if I am using NSE NOW app ?

  296. Bhavin Vora says:

    Can I do the NEFT from my bank account to my wife’s trading account if I mention the Client code in the comments?

  297. Naveen says:


    It would be great to transfer money internally individual account from Mcx to nse as well as nse to Mcx.

  298. Madhan says:


    I have used some amount in margin. And i have some cash available to use . But after market hours, say like in christmas, i logged in to Kite and not able to see any cash available. It says as Total account value=0, Free cash=0,
    Margin used=0.

    Just want to confirm if it shows only in market hours. And we wont be able to see that in week ends ?


    • Madhan, if we are running any maintenance or end of day process, it won’t be updated on Kite. But you can always login to our reporting tool to check this out. You can access Q from within Kite.

  299. Rajesh MM says:


    I kind of lost with all new reports in Q, is there a way to generate a report on the amount payed in(Amount transferred into Zerodha from my Bank account) so far?


  300. Akaant says:

    How much do you charge for mis margin on equity ??

  301. Akaant says:

    What are the charges on the leverage you provide on equity ?

  302. Anand says:

    Why there is no payin option for zerodha mobile application.? Please develop it…….

  303. ajay mittal says:

    hello team,
    my id is DP1528, i tried yesterday & today to pay in through instant fund transfer. but when i mentioned amount and my linked bank account. after that it did not redirected to SBI login page. so
    i had to go for neft . which took 3 hours to reflect in trading account. pls check the issue with instant fund transfer and rectify same.

  304. omkar says:

    Hello sir,

    I sent money from my hdfc bank account to zerodha equity account.
    I sent money by using option within bank transfer. can i get money in my trading account by this method?

  305. Parthasarathy says:

    I have paid in Rs 10200/- into my account one week back and it is reflected in my equity cash balance.

    Yesterday I bought GOLDBEES- Qty 4 CNC order for Rs 9731/-

    But my cash balance has not reduced but I see that my net value is -9731 rupees.

    I would like you to debit this Rs 9731/- from my equity cash balance.

    Thank you.


    • Venu Madhav says:

      The funds would be debited post end of day process. Login to with the login credentials provided to you. The net obligation for the day would be debited/credited on your ledger.

  306. Parthasarathy says:

    I have paid in Rs 10200/- into my account one week back and it is reflected in my equity cash balance.

    Yesterday I bought GOLDBEES- Qty 4 CNC order for Rs 9731/-

    But my cash balance has not reduced but I see that my net value is -9731 rupees.

    I would like you to debit this Rs 9731/- from my equity cash balance.

    Thank you.


  307. Dinesh says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am new to ZERODHA so pls let me know the answers to my query”

    My Questions about Payin:
    1. Can I make Payin through my Netbanking instead of Payment gateway facility on ZT through this I can make IMPS transfer to ZERODHA account. If yes after I complete my transfer to ZERODHA Which type of details I will have to mail you. And please mention the mail-Id. Bcoz sometimes third party gateway transaction will take more time to reflect the amount into my trading account that’s why I ask you.

  308. Krishnanand Shenai says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Do you guys service charge 14% on 9/- Rs. funds transfer ?

    I transferred 10,000/- and was actually shocked to see 9,989.74/- balance !!!

    You guys should have told upfront about it.


  309. uma says:

    I’m a new client. Account opened today. As a test check, I transferred Rs.1000/- as pay in from zerodha trader payment gateway. Though it is shown as successful, the account balance is showing as Nil in the back office. When will it get updated?

    • Uma, if you transfer in the nights (after 7pm), the back office will get synced only tomorrow. But you can start trading immediately as the trading platform gets updated.

  310. uma says:

    Received account opening mails. But the backoffice Q do not show ‘Pay in’ facility to transfer funds.

  311. pankaj borade says:

    hi sir I read full blog and question and answers . I have trading and demat account with zarodha. I want to can I transfer the fund to my trading account from pay u money. is this possible to under 10000 rs fund transfer to zerodha trading account from pay u money.

    • Pankaj, exchanges don’t allow us to accept funds from anything other than your bank account mapped with us. With Pay u money, when we receive funds we will not know the bank number from which it was sent, so no not possible.

  312. Mk Mishra says:

    Hi nithin sir,

    THis is manas Mishra 9th sept I have 3000 rupees transferred trough Pi tool after 1 it was showing pay in-3000
    total margin-2989.74 and free cash is 5989.74.
    On 10th sept again I have transferred 3000 rupees through Pi tool. But It wont any change in cash position. it was showing me what it was before.
    The thing My account payin balance should be 6000 rupees. it is not reflecting then what is free cash and total margin.

  313. Kamal Bhatt says:

    Getting login id & trading password through email does mean account ready for trading & fund transfer.can I trade though dmat is not ready?

  314. Kamal Bhatt says:

    I have submitted zerodha physical form along with all documents on 28th(Monday) so when will my account (trading + dmat)be ready? Can I transfer money immediately after getting two initial email containing trading password & login? Or I can start once dmat account is ready?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Account will get opened within 48 hours subject to the accuracy of the documents provided. You’ll receive trading account passwords once the account is opened. You can transfer funds by logging into the trading platform.

  315. kamal bhatt says:

    Can I deposit a bank of Baroda cheque in any of hdfc bank to introduce my initial capital in my trading account (after a/c is opened)

  316. Senthil says:

    You will need to update the content.

    I’ve HDFC account linked in Zerodha (my online banking isn’t working). Therefore, i visited the branch and provided them the NEFT request, they refused to take the request saying ‘Zerodha’s account is UBC (or something similar)’ – there is no provision to do a NEFT transfer, I can drop a cheque, and should be cleared by EOD as it is the same bank account. I followed their instruction.

    & the pain started – my account was debited the same day. But the funds are not yet reflecting in the trading account. IF the money was taken out of my account, where is it now?? as far as my understanding goes, the bank has immediately credited Zerodha’s account. Then?? why is there more than 48 hours of delay.

    Why?? does your team take such a long time to update my account.

    1) NEFT from HDFC bank is not possible
    2) Same Bank cheque, cleared on the same day takes hell lot of time to show up on my account (today is the third day, and i still do see it)

    Customer care :

    1. Waiting to get connected?? be ready to spend at least 10 mins
    2. Spend additional 10 mins explaining the situation
    3. High probability the agent will give you a generic answer, and you spend another 10 mins justifying the intensity of the issue.
    4. Now the escape route – “Sir, we will get back to you”, not time-frame, no idea what they play to do, and i have my trades waiting to be executed.
    5. I wait for a day – nothing happens
    6. Third day – Step 1 to 4 repeats

    Does anyone really care of ‘Efficiency’?? Highly disappointed… Pls explain why this happened and how do you plan to fix it, and ensure this doesn’t happen again

    • Senthil,

      You can do NEFT/HDFC to HDFC transfer directly from your bank account online, many of our clients do this. You can also use the payment gateway we provide. When you drop cheque, the issue is that the credit we would have received will show only a cheque number and not the bank account details. So unless, you send an email to us saying that you have deposited this cheque, that fund will stay in limbo.
      I am going to track your call and the executive you spoke to. From next time, if you are dropping a cheque do send an email to [email protected] with the cheque details.

  317. D. Pramod says:

    Hi Nithin & Team Zerodha,

    I have an account with HDFC bank. Could you please guide me on following query.

    Q 1) Which type of transfer is good and convenient for me as I am holding saving account in HDFC bank.
    i)Transfer within the bank
    ii) NEFT
    iii) IMPS or any other type

    Q 2) When I select following type for fund transfer “Transfer within the bank”, It is asking to Add a Beneficiary. What data I need to enter to choose you as Beneficiary ? It is asking Beneficiry’s account number, Nick name and email ID.

    Please guide. Thank you.

  318. Soumyajit Roy says:

    I have recently done an IMPS transfer from my linked ICICI bank account to Zerodha HDFC account. The amount is deducted from my account. ICICI Bank is telling that the amount is credited in Zerodha account. But I don’t see the amount in Q. Can you please advise what can I do?

    • If you use IMPS, it will take us time to reconcile and update the margin. Best way would be to use the payment gateway.

      • Ravisutanjani Kumar says:

        I have Transferred ₹5,000 to My Trading A/C using IMPS of Vijaya Bank, Uploaded the UTR and Screeenshot in Q-Back Office by Zerodha, But the Funds has not been Credited to Zerodha Trading A/C Yet and Margins are Not Reflecting in Kite.
        Note – Sir, The Vijaya Bank A/C is not Registered and not linked in My Zerodha A/C.

        Please Help as Soon as Possible.
        Thanking You in Advance.

  319. Himansu Sekhar Bishi says:

    hello sir If i transfer amount at 7.30 pm on MON then can i get in my account on morning of TUE? Or have i wait for the next day?

  320. Sandeep Kumar says:


    I just opened my Nest Trader account and found that the balance shown is zero, with negative balance of over 3 lacs. This when I have a large balance in the account.

    It happens every few days, and there is no concurrence between Q and Nest trader.

    I can not maintain a large balance in the account unless you stop such anomalies. I would request you to call me and clarify.

    Best Regards,

    • Sandeep, usually on the weekend we are running maintenance. So it is best to look at your Q account to see your exact account balances on weekend.

      • Sandeep Kumar says:


        I am not able to reconcile the amount in Q as well to the balance on Friday EOD. I would like to transfer a bigger amount to my trading account but for these issues.

        Thanks for the quick response anyways. I will check back on Monday.

        Best Regards

  321. Alok Gupta says:

    Is there any option to link secondary bank account with Zerodha trading account?

    • Yes you can link secondary bank account, but that can be used only to transfer money into the trading account. Withdrawal happens only to the primary account. Send us a cancelled cheque leaf along with a request to map it to your trading account.

  322. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:


    Is there a limit of 10 lakh per transfer when trying to do a Pay-in through ZT/Pi ?


    • No limit from our side, but your bank might have a limit. You will have to send a letter to your bank asking to increase the limit for transfers.

      • Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

        The bank has a limit of 10 lakh per day, but thats for a third party transfer from the bank’s site. I am told by your support that if I have to transfer 20 lakh in a day from your terminal, I need to do Payin twice for the same ?

  323. Abdul Naseed says:

    HI, i had just transferred 20000 into my commodity account, money was debited from my account however the payment was a failure as per NEST message, when do i get credit and how i will get my money.

    I need to trade ASAp can you let me know how to get margins.


  324. Deepak Parkhi says:

    Hi I wanted to open account.. But I have one Question.

    If I transfer say 50000 Rs to my trading account, can these be utilized fully for mcx as well if I do not have any position in NSE FO after 3.30 PM along with intraday exposure for mcx as per your policy?

  325. sachin says:

    Can zeroda will get tie up with Indusind bank for PIS NRI

  326. Harshad Govande says:

    I am new to zerodha. i have some questions regarding payment
    i have HDFC bank account which is linked with my trading account.

    1) if i use your payment gateway does it attracts transaction fee??
    if i made payment through gateway how do i inform you about payment so that my limits get updated??

    2)if i choose NEFT then how do i inform you about the transaction so that my limits get updated??
    how much time it will get so that my limits get updated


  327. abhi says:

    Is it compulsory to transfer 5000 rs in first transaction to trading account…?
    please sir tell me…
    can i transfer 4000 rs in first transaction?

    • There is nothing compulsory Abhi, u can transfer as much as you want.

      • Riten Debnath says:

        Your executive is forcing to transfer rs5000. Otherwise, my account won’t be activated. I have got new account last day. Please look into this matter. Do you provide extra compensation based on the amount a new transfers to his new account.

        • You can let the executive know that you interacted with me. Seems like an overzealous sales team member.

          • Prashantha R says:

            Hi Nithin,

            I too received the same advise from one of executive today….he is kind a forcing me to add fund to commodity otherwise….
            This looks like decision flow direction is from top…he is just executing it…why compulse anyone….

            You guys are charging Rs.10/11 for fund transfer…money is stuck between my bank to zerodha account….
            I know, i have to wait for 24 hr…..this is something i experienced, i would say often, in 2 days of transaction….


            • Venu says:

              Hi Prashantha, There’s no rule as such, you may transfer funds only if you wish to trade. As Nithin’s said, seems like an just an overzealous sales guy. I’ll give him the necessary feedbacks.

  328. dushi333 says:

    Trying to open the ac but wn i put my says..PLS TRY NORMAL LOGIN..i have to transfer fund in it..wt to do..

  329. Antriksh says:

    I recently opened an account with zerodha. I transfer funds via NEFT as Bank of Maharashtra is not eligible for instant fund transfer. My first transfer was credited within 1 hour to my zerodha trading account. But today i.e. 6th of June 2015 (Saturday), I made another fund transfer. Its 5.00PM and the funds are still not shown in my Zerodha account.
    How much time does it usually take for the funds transfer process? Is there anything else that I should know about funds transfer?

  330. prasad says:


    Can I use IMPS transaction type to transfer money?

  331. Charming says:


    My query is regarding funds payout. When I have closed my options position on a particular day is it possible for me to withdraw amount from my account on the same day if request is placed before 7:00 pm. For example, I have purchased option on 27th May 2015 and sold it on 28th May 2015, is it possible for me to withdraw the balance from my account on 28th May 2015 by placing a withdrawal request before 7:00 pm. I get to understand it is not possible since it is T+1 settlement.
    1) If so, then how would I get the exposure for that amount to buy options on 29th May 2015 at 9:15 am?
    2) Is this because contract notes for equities are sent late at midnight and that is the reason withdrawable amount will not be reflected in the back office before 7:00 pm?
    3) Even commodities have T+1 settlement, but I will be able to withdraw the amount on the same day. If I have closed positions at 11:00 pm on 28th May then I will be able to withdraw amount on 29th May if request is placed before 9:00 am.

    Kindly clarify as to why there is a difference in funds payout between Equities and Commodities.

    • If you buy futures, either equity or commodity, you will be able to withdraw the money the same day. The reason for this being that when you trade futures margins get blocked. Remember that you can withdraw only the margin which was blocked, if there are any profits it can be withdrawn only the next day again.

      In case of equity delivery and options, when you buy options or buy stocks, the money gets debited by the exchanges and it is not blocked like futures. When you exit, the money comes to your account from the exchange only on T+1, and hence you can withdraw only next day. But yes, brokers will let you trade on the same money even if they are yet to receive it from the exchange, because they will know that it is guaranteed to come from exchange.

  332. devan says:

    Hi, I opened zerodha account in my fathers name and the bank account liked with zerodha don’t have online credentials. If I need to transfer money from my savings account, shall I deposit my cheque mentioning the client ID or do I need to deposit only through my fathers account? Because I don’t have the cheque book of my fathers account. Or what are the other options to credit my fathers demat from my bank account?

  333. ranjini says:

    Looks like there is a problem with PAYIN today. Unable to transfer money into my trading account from Also PAYIN in Z5 is not working.
    Looks like its a problem with atom.

  334. Sandip_Chougale says:

    Whenever I do Pay-in, some amount is deducted as transaction fees. Why this is happen for every transactions? Other brokerage firms are not taking transactions charges upto 50 thousand rupees.

    • Sandip, if you transfer via cheque/NEFT/HDFC to HDFC we dont’ charge you anything. The Rs 10 is charged by our payment gateway provider for offering their service for instant transfer. That charge is passed back to you.

  335. Sandip_Chougale says:

    Hi Nithin.
    Fund transfer (Pay In) using ‘Q’ is not available. Request you to please incorporate it as early as possible.
    Also “Pay-in” done through Trading software or web site, it is not updating/showing in “Q” immediately. Please look into this.
    Thanks & Regards,

  336. Madan says:

    I truly appreciate your efforts towards your clients and support. But what’s the point when you don’t keep up a team as good as you are.

    Your support team only gives excuses not solutions for customers. Take issues for RMS updates, fund settlements, system down or poor performances. Every time i reach out to support i only get an excuse. There wasn’t a single week In 3 months of my experience with Zerodha that was atleast better.

    Two weeks back i reached out for fund settlements issue. I have exclusively opened an HDFC a/c to have my funds settled quicker. But the result i still get the funds settled only the next day when i put in an withdrawal request.My service ticket #416431 which is extension to an issue pointed out 2 weeks back. Appreciate if you can justify for delayed settlements again and again

    • Madan, thanks for pointing this out. Until now, we used process all the withdrawal requests at 8pm every evening (many clients asked us to do this, as they needed more time to place the request). A bunch of checks need to be done before processing the withdrawal. Like yesterday, a few times over the last week, it has extended the 9pm deadline put by the bank, and hence the money hits your account only the next day.
      But we have this fixed, from monday we will have two batches of processing withdrawal requests, one at 7pm and one at 8pm. This should ensure that you have the funds in your bank the same night itself.

  337. Ashutosh says:

    I want to check my account balance available for trading. I do not have NEST installed and perform trading though web application-z5. How do I check the balance on web app?

  338. D Shivaji Rao says:

    I’m trying to make rtgs payment to my trading since its canara bank…rtgs needs to be done via zerodha….so its asking for clearing code… unable to add ifsc code 🙁

    • We have a lot of our clients using Canara bank accounts transferring money using NEFT/RTGS (there is nothing like a clearing code), here are the details:
      Account Name: Zerodha
      Account Number: 05230340001348
      Bank/Branch: HDFC Bank, Richmond Road, Bangalore
      Account Type: Current Account
      IFSC Code: HDFC0000523 (Required for RTGS transfers)

  339. sreenu says:

    Also I want to know if zerodha have tools which work on mac , mobile and iPads?

  340. sreenu says:

    Hi I am very new to trading, I want to know if I sell Rs 1Lakh worth shares in delivery trade and again when i can buy shares with that amount. I mean once sold does money stays in trading account for next buy or its should go to bank account and then only i will be able to buy?

  341. Smallfish says:


    I have transferred funds today from my ICICI Bank Account – the account statement shows funds debited, while the Zerodha site shows the transaction as failed. Have spoken to your support, raised a ticket # 637624, and sent mails.

    Please check

    • Sometimes the payment gateway fails to acknowledge us immediately, in which case we wait till we get a confirmation from the bank. During such times there might be a delay in updating funds when transferred.

      • Smallfish says:


        I called up my bank and they said the transfer was initiated immediately when I made it – to AtomTech, to an account ending with 04801. Zerodha shows the transaction as failed. ICICI shows it as successful.

        The funds seem to be hanging somewhere in between. This is worrying – what is the additional proof one can ask the bank which will help in this case?

        • Smallfish says:

          I just got a mail from Zerodha that the funds have been transferred. Thanks for your help. Please let me know if there are any precautions I need to take for future, to prevent this. Or any particular time when such transactions need to be done.

        • The problem is that when this happens, the payment lies in a limbo. It would have debited from your bank, but it wouldn’t have hit our NSE client account. This happens once in a while, and nothing that you can do about this.

          • mca.ashutosh says:

            Hi Nitin,
            A similar case has happend with me today. When you transfer and its not get debited to trading account, then there is a risk that your existing fno position will be in limbo and if someone wants to buy then they needs to wait for 1-2 days.

            Looks like NEFT transfer is better than Payment gateway. 🙂

            Fix –
            We can document the process in fund transfer section stating that Note
            Merchant Ref No for the Transaction – starting the process
            Note the Bank transaction confirmation number.

            Create a support ticket in zerodha using the above details

            There is dedicated support exist between ATOM and Zerodha

            Zerodha Team
            They can touch base with Atom Team and share these details. Atom Team should be able to verify it and respond/ clear the funds. (from backend).
            On this update Zerodha Team can update client trading account manullay from backend.

            The turnaround time should be between 1-2 hrs MAX.


            • mca.ashutosh says:

              My Problem is solved. Best approach is once you know the transaction has failed but passed from bank. Create a support ticket on zerodha and also confirm from bank – not sure how to get a confirmation proof or something from them. And then again again follow up with zerodha. Once they say – “amount transferred to your trading account through payment gateway has been received.” Back-office updation will always take place by end of the day.

              It will be great if we can improve the step by step way to fasten the transfer. And also see how many times it is failing/success – ratio should be 1 in thousand or ten thousands or so.

  342. Satyajit Shetty says:

    My ZERODHA id is MHDS0552 Mr Satyajit Shetty this is regarding fund payin and payout i was having a account in ICICI and corporation bank that was linked to zerodha for all transaction but now I have closed the ICICI Bank account and your company is not tied up with corporation bank, I have giving the necessary documents to add corporation bank as a secondary account it has been added but the link is not working, can you please tell me what is the alternate that I can do for payin and pay out.

  343. Bimal says:

    Dear friends at Zerodha,

    It is a pity that we are made to spend money on unattended calls to your support lines. It is even bigger shame that our problems are not being solved or being attempted to solve. There have been so much issues today. The last one about pay-in problem.

    About an hour ago I had called as well as sent mail that pay-in amount, though debited from my bank account, has not been credited to my commodity trading account. No body is bothering to respond. And since last half-an-hour I am on phone waiting for someone at your end to receive the call. The only person happy is my telephone company. This is too irritating… and causing us mental and financial loss.

    Never had such a bad time with any broker, leave alone Zerodha.



    • Bimal, seems like you have had added on issues. The money confirmation came to us late from the payment gateway provider and hence the delay in updation. But I guess you must be seeing it now. Our phone lines have been continuously clogged from yesterday. This should all be settled in another day or two. Sorry about this again Bimal.

  344. Neeraj says:

    hello sir ,
    I want to know in detail , what is the process of closing the zerodha trading and demat account .

    • Hanan says:

      It’s not necessary for you to close your trading account at Zerodha because there’s no cost for you to leave it dormant and reuse it whenever you have the need. If you wish you can easily close your account by simply sending us a letter by courier requesting for closure of your trading account. You would have to send a letter to IL&FS to close your Demat account. Both the letters can be couriered to our office and we’ll take care of the formalities. Accounts are usually closed within 48 hours from receiving the letter.

  345. DHIRENDRA says:

    hi Nithin,
    got a problem.
    my primary bank a/c . is with PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK. and i dont have net banking facility activated. I tried to do NEFT for “pay in” by physically visiting my bank. I filled up the NEFT form and transfered money to zerodha account only to know that the transfered amount has been returned to my bank account saying”RETURNED FROM ZERODHA”. Dont know what to do?
    Is it necessary to do NEFT through net banking only OR can I transfer it by filling up NEFT FORM at my bank also.

  346. Hi,
    May i know what time the fund withdrawal can be placed. I happened to transfer excess funds in the morning to my Zerodha trading account and wanted to take back those funds in the evening. I was watching for the fund withdrawal to be active at 7:30 PM but the funds are still not updated.


  347. Varun says:

    Hi All
    i have a query, i have around 52 lakh rupees in my trading account. i want to know that is it safe for me to to keep this amount in trading account. I have heard that if your brokerage house gets defaulted or bankrupt then u might loose all your money. is this true ? Please clarify on this.

  348. Anil says:

    Can we pay in using q-zerodha back office

  349. MITHUN NANDI says:

    Zerodha Funds Payout System is not good. When I request to withdraw funds from my Account before 3PM even though at morning same has been either debited in equity account or credit in my Bank Account in next trading day.

    As Zerodha’s Payment System is very Bad, Zerodha require to make an option to transfer fund internaly means Commodity to Equity vs versa so that no trader will wait for when Fund will be credited in Bank Account and they will be transfer fund in another Segment