Zerodha- Year 2012 updates

January 11, 2013

Dear Fellow Traders,

Firstly, a very Happy New Year and wishing that this year brings in a lot more of good health, wealth and happiness.

Over the last year we have introduced products/services to help you in trading and better the customer support experience. Some of the significant developments during the year were:

1. Launch of Zerodha Trader (ZT), Zerodha Web and Zerodha Mobile – the software, web-based and mobile trading platforms to trade on NSE, BSE and MCX. The trading servers are co-located to increase the speed, reliability and performance of the trading platform.

2. Launch of trading on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange) on our trading platforms.

3. Trading tools introduced on ZT such as:

  • SPAN Calculator: A tool which lets you simulate a trading position and allows you to calculate the exact margin requirement even before taking the trade. Using the SPAN calculator lets you know the margin benefit for a hedged position, margins required to write options or other similar strategies. All this with a few clicks using this tool.

  • Cover Orders: For all our clients asking for higher intraday leverage, cover orders are the right choice. Using cover orders allows you to get Intraday leverage of up to 20 times for Equities and only 25% of the total overnight margins get blocked for trading F&O, intraday.
  • Extension of Intraday Square off time from 3:10 pm to 3:20 pm.
  • AmiBroker Trading Plugin: Partnership with Global Data Feeds to offer discounted pricing on data feeds for your charting tool and also the development/deployment of the AmiBroker Trading Plugin, using which you can place orders directly from AmiBroker.
  • Option Strategy Tool: A tool which suggests various option strategies based on what your views on the markets are including the payoff graphs for each of the suggested strategies.

4. Launch of Zerodha Connect (Z-Connect): Our platform to stay connected with all of you. Z-Connect will presently be covering topics on the trading software and various policies at Zerodha. Soon we will be connecting you with experts who are ready to share knowledge in their respective domains. We intend to make this as a Wiki on Capital markets, an informal blog like format which will keep improving with time. If you have any queries on any aspect of trading at Zerodha or the Financial markets in general that needs to be answered, email us at [email protected] & we’d write a blog and put it up for you & for others who might have similar queries.

The year 2012 has been amazing thanks to you and Team Zerodha. I look forward to your continued support and we will surprise you with a lot more this year in terms of tools and features.

Do remember to put a word out about us via our Associate Program if you are satisfied with our services.

Thanks once again and wishing you a lot of winning trades this year.

Happy trading,



Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. BABJI says:

    i am using NOW desktop for trading Now i wish to use Zerodha trader and the same was downloaded but couldnot login.Do ineed separate id and pwd for login to ZT or the existing pwd is enough pls clarify

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      The ID is the same, but you will have to request to be migrated from NOW to ZT. To do this, email [email protected] , asking you to be migrated, it will be done by end of the day.

    • dhaval says:

      Hello Zerodha Team,

      I want to migrate from ZT to NOW as I was used to work with it functions. Is it possible ?

      Waiting for your response. And salute to your hard and smart work for setting new benchmark in broking industry.

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Yes it is possible to move from ZT to NOW, but I’d suggest you wait for a few more days, we are launching a new feature PULSE in the next 10 days, an amazing tool through which you can write strategies, backtest them and take it live only if it makes sense. Sounds complicated?? We will be running a live training on writing strategies on Zconnect…

  2. Moses says:

    Team Zerodha and Suhana thanks for the infomraiton….

    Again you guys are doing a great job 🙂

  3. Suhana says:

    Hi Moses,

    You can just select the order in F3 and click on exit option in F3 window it self at the bottom, your order will be executed at market rate.

  4. Moses says:

    How do I square of a cover order on Zerodha trader when I am on a profit? Can some plz help me with this?

  5. Moses says:

    The span calculator is an amazing tool… very helpful. It kind of helps me to decide on how much money is required before I can enter the trade.
    Good going Zerodha,,,, You guys are creating a new trend in the trading industry….

    Cheers 🙂

  6. Dang says:


  7. Vibhas says:

    Regret some spelling mistakes..Read Tradeing plugin as trading plugin..likw as like..

  8. Vibhas says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Congratulations on delighting the trading community with all these innovations and to say the least.. excellent tools in the form of Amibroker Tradeing Plugin,option strategy tool,cover order for people who would likw to have a greater exposure and many other innovations which you have introduced in the year 2012…You have been more than just innovative..and all these at a brokerage which has changed the entire Dynamics of the Broking Business…what else a trader Excellent Trading Platform which I reckon to be the Best in the Industry…a customer support system which does not have any parallels…at least till now..and all these at a price …People won’t have imagined a few years back..Keep up the good work..and I am sure you will keep the trading community delighted with your superior offerings unparallel in the industry and keep on surprising us also..

    Once again I am short of words to tell how you havee changed the dynamics of Broking Business..keep up the good work…May you prosper more and more

    Vibhas Kumar

  9. Murali Krishna says:

    What is meant by “contract turnover & the premium turnover”, then for nifty options when i buy 1 lot, its been charged flat 20Rs/-

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Yes for the nifty option it will be minimum Rs 20 for 1 lot because, for eg let us consider 6000 calls at Rs 100, When you buy and sell the premium at Rs 100, the premium turnover is Rs10,000( 50×100 + 50×100)..

      Contract turnover will be 610000( 6000+100)*50+ (6000+100)*50.. This is how turnover is considered for options..

  10. Murali says:

    This is a very good progress, I appreciate if zerodha reduces brokerage for minimum volume trader like those who trade

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Murali, in options as well we apply the rule 0.01% or Rs 20, but this rule is on the contract turnover and not the premium turnover. If you trade 1 lot of mini nifty options, you will see that the brokerage is lesser than Rs 20

      • omtech12 says:

        Dear Nithin K.

        First of all thank you for the initiative to taking the concept of financial market to the next generation and to the young generation of India. In our country this market is really not consulted most of our growing up days in most of our families. Our previous generation anyhow avoided the subject mentioning the high risk side of the coin. Becoz of that 80% of us grown up with the mind set that this is completely speculation. Now people like u have come forward and given the platform where really someone can perform or at least can change their mindset about the financial market. Various effort from your side which is really changing the conventional way of trading/investing , which is in turn helping this specific industry to grow up and I observed it is happening so fast and forward.
        some of your initiative which will change the mindset of more new participants in the market are as follows:
        1.You are giving the scope to get introduced to many traders(Pro/non Pro) to the people, which in turn making people to know the industry is growing with growing awareness among the people about the subject and people started believing it may be counted as a career option too.
        2.You have changed the brokerage concept and you are successful on that.
        3.You are continuously with people to let them know this is not speculation this has a strong technical base to be understood.
        4.Your cutting edge technical views and provided tools is increasing the mindset to believe , yes it can be done.
        5.And most important you are not only committing like conventional brokers to being with clients, you and your team is really always at the service of people, I must say , rather than a broker , you have become a good friend people in this segment , which is once again breaking the conventional system.
        6.You and your team is extremely always reachable for any queries.
        7.Your “” concept is mind blowing. Depth of this concept is if feel as depth of the sea. People automatically will get involved.

        (here a suggestion , rather giving the prize money directly to the participant , it will more effective if it could credited in their trading account, and yes they can withdraw it but after doing say 5 successful trading (whatever size it may be), and if some one is not with Zerodha A/c , he or she has to open it first and then 5 trade and then only it ll be with-drawable. This will kill the speculative nature of the game more effectively, I hope you are getting my point).

        Last but not the least, please carry on.

        Thank You


        • Thanks Rajarshi

          One of the hopes with is also to see if we can get people who don’t trade to atleast start tracking the markets. So we don’t want to make it a Zerodha only thing or force someone to trade.

          • Rajarshi says:

            Nithin, I liked your answer, u basically want the involvement of more people in the market. yes thats in turn going to increase trading volume, which is wanted.

            Any ways, I recall an incident about Sachin(Tendulkar) here, one MNC in their advertisment asked Sachin to hit the ball with a fly swatter, he refused to do the ad., later they replaced it with a wicket, Sachin told that, this will project him as bigger than the game.


  11. Pranay Ranjan Biswal says: