Zerodha updates – Sep 2015

September 15, 2015


We have been working on a bunch of things which are fructifying now. Some very exciting updates for all of you.

1. Kite (web) which is in beta has just received a major overhaul in terms of charting. 99 indicators, 15 drawing tools, templates, ease of changing time frames, and much more. If you haven’t checked it out yet, visit and let us know what you think. Here are some pointers if you are using Kite for the first time.

  • Press the ~ key, or simply click on the search box, to bring out the contract omnisearch (lets you instantly search tens of thousands of contracts across exchanges).
  • Put whatever keywords you want in the search box separated by spaces.
    nse eq icic
    nifty jul fut
    nifty opt ce 8500
    opt bank nif aug
  • You can use up and down arrow keys to browse the entries you’ve added to the marketwatch. With an entry focused on, you can press:
    B – buy
    S – sell
    D – toggle market depth (bids and offers)
    C – chart
    Del – delete the item

Kite Web

2. Quant & Q have been updated with a few new features

Holdings visualization to track your sector wise market exposure.




Holding visualization

Notifications for all your account activity and a symbol wise search for a quick summary of trades, profitability, open position, completion of trade process and more.


Notifications and Search


Nifty overall performance

3. Our DP business has finally gone live. You can now hold a Zerodha demat account instead of having to maintain it with IL&FS. All our existing clients who wish to migrate to our demat account will have to sign a new demat form (also available on download section of our website) and send it back to us. You don’t need to send us fresh set of documents as we would already have what you had submitted while opening the trading account.

If you already have opened an IL&FS demat account, make sure to also send the ILFS closure letter so that all stock can be moved from ILFS to Zerodha demat with zero cost. The AMC charges for Zerodha Demat of Rs.300 are collected at the end of the financial year on a pro-rata basis and the Demat account opening charges are Rs.100. DP charges are Rs8 +Rs.5.5 = Rs.13.50 which is charged only on the sell side of the transaction

4. Varsity’s option theory module  is coming up beautifully. From basics to understanding volatility, normal distribution, option greeks and more.  Click here to check it out.


Option Greeks from Option theory module

We will soon have the official launch of Kite, and hopefully Kite mobile will follow soon after. We are also working on a bunch of surprises for all of you before the end of 2015. If you have complaints, ideas, or suggestions don’t forget to email me on [email protected].

Do help spread the word!

Happy Trading

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. R Hande says:

    A query regarding ‘Bids’ option given in Kite platform.
    Our holding which could be offered against auction are displayed. If we offer our holding and the same is executed, do we get additional payment, collected from the defaulter as penalty towards short delivery? How is this transaction shown in the contract?

  2. Ramnath says:


    I’ve been a zerodha customer for 2 years now. Initially an IL&FS demat account was opened for me. Recently I approached zerodha support to get my residential address changed. The person who I spoke to also suggested me to transfer my demat account from IL&FS to zerodha. I was told it would take only 2 working days to get it done.

    I walked into zerodha JP Nagar office and submitted all the forms required for demat along with IL&FS closure form on 22nd Sept. After a couple of days, I bought some shares. Since then I’ve observed that there is discrepancy in the number of shares listed in my terminal. The average buying price is also incorrect. I’ve called up support multiple times but no one is giving me a proper response. They just opened a support ticket to which no one responded.

    I still dont know if:
    – My zerodha demat is operational or not
    – My IL&FS demat closure is done or not
    – Why there is a discrepancy in number of shares and avg buying price displayed.

    Highly dis-satisfied with the lack of response

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Ramnath, your ticket has been responded to. Your holdings will be back to normal once the shares are transferred from your IL&FS demat

  3. shadabwaseem says:

    My Client ID is XXXXXXXX, i want to fill IPO , BUT i READ ONLINE THAT IN bank website , i have to enter zerodha demat detail , so i have some query to register ASBA in AXIS BANK
    1) Bank Asking Depository Name(NSDL/CDSL) , Client Id & DP IDIS Client ID as asked by Axis bank is same as Benefciary ID

    MY detail is
    DEPOSITORY ID : IN300095

    Kindly help

    • Venu says:

      Here are the details that you’ll have to fill:

      Depository name: NSDL
      Client ID: 11XX0X39
      DP Id: IN300095

      I’ve removed your account details from the post for privacy reasons.

  4. A Mathuri says:

    I have Zerodha trading a/c and IL FS demat a/c. Today Rs.724 have been deducted from my saving bank a/c. I’m surprised as to why Rs.724 has been deducted??

  5. Ashwin says:

    I have already paid AMC charges at the start and after 6 months, I get deduction of Rs 82 “Being DP AMC charges for period of April 2016 to March 2017.”. Please explain this.

  6. Renju S says:

    Hi Nithin,

    The quality of service is getting degraded day by day. As a trading platform the first and foremost thing is to execute the orders when client place them. And in-ability to do that is a red flag about the stability and quality of the platform.

  7. Soumen Ghosh says:

    Kite having problem. Always getting “Error fetching quote:400” in very chart load.

  8. Vijay Vishwakarma says:

    I am unable to do trade due to chart problem (error fetching quote 400) I have also called to tenchical team but problem not resolved .Plz suggest

  9. Karthik says:

    Hi Team,

    The patterns that I draw on the Kite web chart do not get saved and I an unable to see the patterns on Kite Android app. I believe there must be some kind of auto-save feature which is not working well. There is no “SAVE” button for manually saving the charts either.
    Can you please help me resolve the issue?

    PS: I have been using charts from since last few months. The charts and drawing tools are visually appealing and very user friendly with so many tweaking options (compared to Zerodha tools). Unfortunately now they have started charging fees for live NSE/BSE data. I am sure you are going to consider this constructive criticism and start working towards making your tools better.

    • Venu says:

      Charts & Patterns currently get auto saved every 60 seconds. Once it’s auto saved, you’ll be able to see the pattern on the mobile app also.

  10. Sudipta says:

    I had opened trading account in Zerodha, long back. My demat account is still with ILFS. Now I understand that you are providing demat service. I want to transfer the stocks from ILFS to Zerodha. But I have a question. I saw in some of the above answers that the process can take several days (best case) to weeks or months (in worst case). During this timeframe, can I trade normally ? If there is any possible impact in trading, please let me know so that I can time this changeover – based on my trading down time. I do not want to miss out any market opportunity due to this change. Please advise.

    • Venu says:

      There’s no downtime as such. You’ll have to first get your Zerodha Demat account opened post which you’ll have to submit the transfer cum closure form to ILFS. ILFS doesn’t process any closure requests from 1st – 10th of every month.

      • Sudipta says:

        Hi Venu,

        Thanks for your reply but it does not address my question (or it tactfully bypasses the question I would say). My question is simple. During the transfer process (and I mean the entire end-to-end process, I am not interested to think about any specific part of it, that you have to take care), is there any chance of my trading to pause. Even if it is paused for a day, I have to think. You misunderstood my word “downtime”. I meant, if there is a possible impact on my trading while the transfer is happening, I will time this event when I am personally away… so that the transfer can happen without an impact. Please do not take it otherwise, but I think Nithin will be better able to address this question if possible, instead of you.

        • Venu says:

          Once you open a Zerodha demat account, it gets mapped as your primary account and ILFS automatically becomes your secondary account. Subsequently, all shares that you purchase will get credited to your Zerodha demat account. The only bit of ‘impact’ that can happen is, if you purchase shares that you’re already holding in your ILFS account, which now get credited to your new Zerodha demat account, the holdings on the terminal will not club the quantities and show. It would show holdings of only one demat. So if you’re holding 100 shares of Reliance in your ILFS account and now buy additional 50 shares of Reliance, which gets credited to your Zerodha demat, holdings on the terminal would show of only one demat account and not combined holding of 150. Apart from this there’s no other impact. Nithin is currently traveling and has limited access.

          • Sudipta says:

            Thanks Venu, it helps. I understand the purchase part now. But my worry is more on the sell part. When my Zerodha demat account is created, but my shares or options are not yet transferred from ILFS, how do I sell the shares or options lying in my ILFS account ? Is there a way to switch between Zerodha demat and ILFS demant from kite ? Because of the price fluctuation, it might become urgent to sell some of the old shares or options. If there is a possible impact on the sells until they are all transferred to Zerodha, I will rather wait for a time when my existing holding is minimum in ILFS and only then I will initiate this switch over. Please suggest.

            • Venu says:

              Options are Derivative contracts, they don’t sit in the demat account. So you could possibly sell it anytime you want. You opening a new demat account will have no bearing on the option/future trades. As far as equity shares are concerned, on the platform, we show you shares held in both ILFS and Zerodha demat account. Nothing changes for you as an investor, you can sell your holdings from the Kite login. Depending on what stocks you’ve sold, the broker debits shares from the respective demat account.

              • Sudipta says:

                Great! Thank you so much. I will then initiate this switch over process next week itself. If I get stuck, I will write back for help.

  11. Ravi Purohit says:

    Hi Sir,

    Today i checked ledger of my Equity account. Most of days DP charges are taken form my account. Can you the details that what are the DP Charges and how to avoid this. As i am new here please help me.

  12. MN Karia says:

    Small suggestion for Kite Android App.
    Kindly Add Percentage % Gain/Loss NetChange in Holding same like in web interface. Currently only amount shown in app.

    You can add % gain/loss in to bracket with amount above amount.
    Or above amount field and in line of Quantity which is currently blank space.

    Awaiting positive response with update.

  13. Hiren Shah says:

    Hi Venu/Nithin

    I hope that you are aware about the limitations of CDSL depository where all companies have not admitted their shares for demat. Zerodha has now blocked buy on such companies which have demated shares only with NSDL. I am aware about at least one Such company. Such limitations must have been brought to customer’s attention and choice of IL&FS NSDL should remain present if customers want to trade such companies. See ticket 332135.

    I am stuck in IL&FS to Zerodha transfer process since last 6 weeks. My ticket 243539 has been abruptly closed without any logical conclusion or guidance on how this issue can be resolved. One company that we hold is not admitted on CDSL and hence transfer is on hold, company is blocked for buying and no guidance by support team on how to come out of this deadlock?

    There were average 4-5 errors in all three new Zerodha CDSL accounts and some of them are still unresolved after 4 weeks. Ticket 101442 is still open.

    Hope to get your attention on this issue and active involvement by competent authority to find solution to allow trading on such companies.

    • Venu says:

      Hi Hiren,

      Companies listed on the Exchange may choose to get listed on either of the Exchanges or on both the Exchanges. It’s a choice left to them. Likewise, they can choose to get listed on either of the depositories or on both the depositories. In cases where the stock is listed in only one of the depositories, it isn’t possible for us to transfer stock to your demat account where it isn’t listed. I’ve gone through your feedback where you’ve said to hold back such stocks in our pool account. Please note that as a business, we don’t hold back any securities of our clients, mostly because they are fully paid. Plus the Exchanges & Depositories penalise brokers heavily if client stocks are kept in the Pool account. When we block a stock on the trading platform, it’s blocked to all clients. There’s no provision to allow a set of clients to trade in such stock. We will explore the possibilities of how this can be fixed and will try to come up with a resolution in the coming days. But for now, there’s no option to buy this stock.

      Will get someone to assist you with the errors on the demat account. We’ll have this fixed asap.

      • Hiren Shah says:

        Dear Venu

        Thanks for giving attention. I understand the challenges. Unfortunately we will have to find another broker again for this requirement as ICICI like brokers restrict trading based on risk assessment and Zerodha is now forced to restrict buy of certain companies due to CDSL limitations.

        I have received call from team member and rectification work has resumed. Appreciate the efforts.

  14. Janish Jain says:

    Can anyone help me know my Client ID and DP ID that I have at Zerodha, and I need to fill an IPO, also is there any process through Zerodha to get the forms,

    I am new to Zerodha, help from anyone will be appreciated,

    Thank You,

    Janish Jain

    • Janish, currently we don’t have IPO facility, we will start soon. If you login to you can see Depository ID and Beneficiary ID. DPID followed by BOID is your client ID to apply for IPO. So it would be something like this 1208160000000017 (the last 8 numbers will be unique to you. first 8 numbers is Zerodha’s DP ID).

  15. Roy says:

    If I close my IL&FS demat account and move my holding to Zerodha demat account, would there be any charges (off-market debit, etc.) levied by IL&FS?

  16. Nitin says:

    Hi, Is there any way so that I can track all the shares which are Oversold from last last 5 days ie. RSI<30??

    • Not possible currently.

      • Nitin says:

        Thanks sir for your reply. I am holding an account with Zerodha and I always miss these features. My clientid is RN3833.
        Is there any chances in future if we can have these features/reports to capture all the shares with below attributes. I believe If we have them, it will be truely a great advantage for us because we can’t track all.

        1. All stocks Overbought(RSI>70) last 5 days
        2. All stocks crossing RSI mid-line from last 5 days
        3. All stocks Oversold(RSI<30) from last 5 days
        4. All Stocks down 5 days in row
        5. All stocks up 5 days in row

  17. Nitin says:


    I am holding an account with Zerodha and a DP account with ShareKhan (NSDL) too. Is it possible if I can do share transfers from Sharekhan to Zerodha. If yes, please let me know the process?

    Thanks in advance.

  18. Deepak says:

    Thnks for help. Last and final query.. Can I use other bank/account to buy by giving demat details or have to use same account which is registered in zerodha?

    • Venu says:

      Normally you’ll apply through a Bank’s login, the bank account could be different than what you’ve given to Zerodha.

  19. Deepak says:

    I have opened zerodha demat account. How shall I know its a cdsl or nsdl?

    I am trying to bid an ipo but its giving me these 2 options. Also if I select cdsl dp id is not editable but in case of nsdl its editable.

    So confused which one to select because in case of cdsl only benificiary acc is enabled and in nsdl both dp and benificiary is enable.

    If I select cdsl then how ipo ll be subscribed to my demat acount?

  20. Azhar Ahamed Sahib says:


    Currently I have DP account with IL&FS and trading account with Zerodha. I have 20 scripts with different quantities. Inorder to move all the scripts to Zerodha demat.
    1. Do I need to send you only the Zerodha demat account opening form and ILFS closure form?
    2. Or do I need to include the Delivery Instruction Slip too?

  21. REEMA says:

    I would like to open my Trading Account with Zerodha and have a Demat account with IL&FS is that still possible or I have not option but to open the Demat account with Zerodha only now that Zerodha has its own Demat account services are now live. Thank you.

  22. chandru mehta says:

    i came across this advt on investar that mentions zerodha+investar . Whats the news ? it is a good choice to tie up with investar , they are delayed live & the software is great.

    Please provide us more details

    • You can place orders directly from the investar software now. I guess investar will have more info on this for you. They have uploaded a webinar on the same.

  23. P.Deshpande says:

    1) when r u starting margin -lending for delivery?
    2) Whenever a share purchased or sold immediately sms message will be received ( in Kotak Securities)…I suggest similar type of service from your end?

  24. Selva says:

    “The AMC charges for Zerodha Demat of Rs.300 are collected at the end of the financial year on a pro-rata basis and the Demat account opening charges are Rs.100.” — Quoted by Zerodha

    I have paid the my demat account when I opened account with Zerodha. But As per your comments, you mention amount will be charged at the End of every year

  25. Sushila says:

    Do you offer SLB

  26. shivakumar says:

    Hi Venu/Nithin,

    I got zerodha dp account opening form.
    a) From where i can find IL&FS DP account closing form?
    b)Also i have pledge the shares which is present in IL&FS DP account. should i release the pledge before closing the DP account?

    Please confirm.


  27. ranveer singh says:

    I am in process to open demat account with zerodha . earlier my demat was with sbicapsec. how to transfer shares from sbicap sec to Zerodha.

    • Venu says:

      Open your Demat account at Zerodha.
      Fill the DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip), by entering the stock names and the quantities you wish to transfer. You’ll also have to mention your Zerodha demat account number in the DIS slip and submit it to SBI. On receipt, they’ll initiate the transfer to your Zerodha demat account.

    • suvam says:

      Did this get resolved?

      If so, would like to know where to find the DIS (online or offline) since I, too, am in the process of transferring from SBIcapsec to Zerodha.

  28. smpatel says:

    My ILFS account already closed 10 days back, How to check my shares are transferred to Zerodha Dmat account?

  29. paul says:


    How do I login to the Zerodha DP and check the holding? Or is it the same Q dashboard with portfolio?

  30. Ela Selvaraj says:

    Hi Zerodha team,

    I have trading account with Zerodha and Demat with IL&FS. I would like to switch to Zerodha demat. As per your above information, I understand that you need only the signed demat form “which is available under my profile” and IL&FS closure form right? No need of any other ID documents or bank cheque required?

    Also, can I send the signed documents via email for faster processing?

  31. chandru mehta says:


    Another feedback:
    Is it possible for you to incorporate a buffer zone within the Pi chart area ( above & below ) . The reason being one can place indicators & lines in advance once the price reaches the end of the chart area below or above.

    You have this facility in Kite where one can shift the screen area within the chart to be ready for market movements upwards or downwards.

    I have seen this facility hence my suggestion


  32. mohanan AGP says:

    Hi Any update on ZERODHA DEMAT Pledging Nitin Sir?

    we are now at mid of Jan?

    we been told 1st Week of jan, Collateral facility for Zerodha demat will be ready…

  33. Varun Jain says:

    When will we hear the Good news about :
    1. Kite Android app
    2. BSE enabled in KITE

    Both eagerly awaited

  34. Sourav says:

    Kite web version is absolutely amazing

  35. chandru mehta says:

    Dear Nitin ,

    i am happy using PI .

    My sincerely request you to address the issue of Volume bars in Pi . Instead of blue color please change to red / green bars . All your other indicators are in color except the volume bars below in Pi charts.

    there has been a recent small update in Pi and i was looking forward to this small change which i hope is taken care soon.

  36. chandru mehta says:

    Dear Nitin & Team Zerodha

    Wishing you all the best for 2016.
    Thank you for providing us the best & hope to see more exciting times ahead.

  37. Saurav Samanta says:

    Previously I said that ILFS is responsible for dp migration confusion. No, Zerodha is responsible (for my case). Support team is denying that I sent them the closure form. Anyway I am sending it once again.

  38. Ghuna says:

    Just a suggestion for kite mobile app for iOS and android.
    Use of the Touch ID in IPhone or fingerprint sensor in android phones to login as well as for transaction password for the phones which are equipped with the fingerprint sensor would be useful for quick login s and transactions

  39. Saurav Samanta says:

    Migration from ILFS to Zerodha dp is very confusing. I think ILFS is to blame for this. To close ILFS, I send the documents (including ILFS closure form) to Zerodha and paid all dues by net banking on 27.09. and mailed ILFS. In spite of this, they again debited my bank account by ECS on 28.09. Surprisingly, even after double payments, they are showing I have dues in my ILFS dp account. Zerodha has opened my dp, but it seems ILFS has not closed the account (I can login there and getting emails routinely)…I should not have issued ECS to ILFS…can Zerodha handle this?

  40. smpatel says:

    my client ID#DS2656, ten days back I couriered Dmat transfer forms, Still I dont know what is the status of my application. Please arrange to check.

  41. mohanan AGP says:

    i been in constant touch with zerodha support and pledge Emails for pledging my ZERODHA demat Account Holdings (nearly 1.9 Lacs) with 25 Stocks having mostly 5/6 K Value..

    The reply i m getting from last 60 days ,i got So Upset..

    First of all.. they say it soon.. we will be able to pledge the ZERODHA DEMAT from last 60 days..
    Finally They now saying Jan 2nd Week Onwards.. Lets See will i able to PledgeMy Holdings or not…by JAN 2nd Week

    They saying charge of 60 rs per line item(60 rs per stock)..

    Last and Final Upset is..
    minimum Stock value per stock is 50,000.. See as a common man i will not be able to Hold EACH stock Minimum 50,000 per stock..

    MY Question To Zerodha is:

    I have some other demats too(FORTUNE and PCSSecurities)

    * They giving automatic Collateral for Whatever Holdings we have in DP ? Why then ZERODHA its Manual Process

    * They are not charging 60 rs per stock holding.. ? Why then Zerodha Charging 60 Per line item

    * There i dont see any Minimum limit like 50,000 per stock ? Why Then Zerodha keeping limit of 50,000 minimum value per stock to Pledge

    Is then Zerodha Not for Small retailers (Who holds some 1.9 lacs with some diversified Holdings want to pledge and Trade safely in FNO using Some safe strategies in FNO targeting some safely monthly returns from the Pledged Capital) like Me..

    Please dont just reply for a official purpose..Please give Proper Time bound and Valid replies

    • Mohan, the traditional ones who offer you margin without pledging stocks are doing so by lending money to the exchange on your behalf. They can afford to do this because the brokerage earned makes up for the money lending charges. Some of these guys even charge an interest for this. Our business model won’t allow us to offer you margin without pledging.

      Until 3 months back, we had a partnership with ILFS for our demat business. We went live with Zerodha DP only recently and hence the delay in offering a pledging interface. We should have this up by 2nd week of Jan. yes, we will remove the minimum Rs 50k condition to pledge. As far as the pledging charges are concerned, we are charging as per actual. So this charge will continue.


  42. Jay says:

    Dear Team, The kite platform with live quotes is really helpful for me & the marketwatch can be made popout with other columns. The only challenge I see is I need to refresh every page after placing/executing the order to view the changes. Hope this will be taken care.

    When you say DP charges are now with Zerodha, is there any difference in AMC charges comparing with IL&FS.

    Yesterday it got debited “Being DP AMC Charges Debited: Rs 812.92”. Is this the yearly AMC charges you mean to say. So with IL&FS, is it Rs 812 irrespective of the transactions made throughout the year.

    • Jay, surprising that you are having to refresh every page. This should happen automatically. What browser are you using? Can you send an email to [email protected] with your client ID.

      With Zerodha DP, the AMC is Rs 300 vs Rs 400 with ILFS. My guess is that you hadn’t been charged AMC for 2 years, and hence it was debited at one time.

  43. Viraaj Badhwar says:

    I’ve been using Kite for a while and it’s been awesome. However, lately i keep getting “error fetching data”. This is starting to get very annoying as it costing me alot in my trades since i cant execute when i want to. Please sort this out.


  44. Heman says:

    I checked closure form target account details like DP ID and Client ID. I know DP ID but client ID I will not know until my new Demat account is opened.
    So my question is, what should I fill for client ID?
    Is it possible to send closure later once I my new Demat account is opened? In that case will it be still free transfer or ILFS will charge for it?

    • Venu says:

      Yes, you’ll have to wait until your new demat account gets opened before you can transfer shares.
      Yes, you can send the closure letter after the account is opened and transfer on closure is free.

  45. Heman says:

    what is RTA mentioned in demat opening form “I / We would like to share the email ID with the RTA”


    • Venu says:

      RTA (Registrar & Transfer Agents) are people who store essential information relating to shareholders of listed stocks. They may choose to share relevant corporate information in regards to the shares you’re holding and its upto you to choose whether you’d like to receive such information on email.

  46. chandru says:


    I am happy with all the existing indicators on Kite . My trade experience has improved after using Kite which has some of the best indicators across trading platforms. I do tend to get swayed but confidence is high and i comfortably place high value orders thanks to Kite.

    Keltner channels , Moving Average Envelope , ATR trailing , Rainbow MA , Ichimoku clouds all good indicators are available on Kite .

    There is just a last one indicator request that i hope would be placed on Kite i.e Raff regression channel ( Linear regression channel ) .it forecasts the trend very well in advance and makes every trade profitable .

    Also on priority at-least Please see if you can color the volume bars in Pi .It would be easy to differentiate between red & green in the volume which is currently monchrome blue only .

    thanks thanks team zerodha

  47. chandru says:

    How many shares can i buy or sell in one intraday trade . For example can i place a intraday order of 2000 ril buy in MIS in one go, ( ofcourse subject to my cash margin availability ) . Does NSE have a restriction on the number of shares one can buy sell in one single trade in intraday. What is that limit , 3000, 5000, 10000??

    • Venu says:

      There’s no restriction on the maximum number of shares that you can buy/sell. The restriction is on the order value which is Rs.1 crore/order

  48. MM says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can you please look at adding the stock/ index comparison chart feature in Zerodha Kite… It will help us identify the strength/ weakness in a script visually. ICICI Direct trade racer has that feature…if you could add it to Zerodha Kite, that would be great. Thanks.


  49. krishcha says:

    I opened demat with ILFS. Now I want to migrate to zerodha. I also want my current securities to be tranfered to zerodha demat. Will this be considered as selling the securities and buying them back? In other words, do I need to pay any tax for this transfer?

    • If you login to and go to profile section, you will have a pre-filled demat account. Sign, print and send it back. No this won’t be considered as selling/buying. Transferring shares won’t affect anything in terms of taxation.

  50. Vinodkumar G B says:

    Why BSE is not being listed in the market watch?
    SpiceJet is not traded on NSE!!
    Whats wrong with you guys? Why don’t you mention it while opening the account in spite of asking it directly?

    • Kite is enabled only on NSE for now. BSE should be up soon. Until then if you want to trade on Spicejet you can login to and purchase or download our desktop application pi.

  51. Ashutosh says:

    Hi, I wanted to know whether it is possible to offer SMS service for informing about trades executed?? Actually I have field job and it’s kinda hard to get net connection at all places…

  52. Shrikant says:

    Hello Zerodha !
    You guys are doing a fantastic work with all the advancements in technology you are making available in the hands of retail investors. Kudos !

    Personally, I follow a strategy which is based on fixed price points, and now that you also have your own proprietary platform, I would like to know by when can we expect Valid Till Date (VTD) / Good Till Cancel (GTC) orders on the Pi platform ? It gets frustrating putting in After Market Orders everyday, and especially if doing in multiple stocks.

    All the other major brokers with their proprietary platform have this service with them. So if this service is going to be rolled out soon, very well, otherwise unfortunately I will have to trade somewhere else in the meantime.

  53. Harish says:


    In PI, why is the EQ chart disabled if user doesn’t have demat account?? I mean to trade F&O we should be looking at underlying asset right?


    • Venu Madhav says:

      The system doesn’t allow us to enable a particular segment and not allow trading in it which is why we’ve to activate Equity trading.

      The Exchanges don’t allow trading in Equity segment without a demat account being mapped to the trading account. Since there are these dependencies, you have to have a demat account mapped. You can map your existing demat account also.

  54. Spatel says:

    I am an existing customer, like to migrate Dmat account from IL&F to Zerodha, kindly arrange to send me pre-filled Dmat forms so that it can be done easily.

  55. Ragunathan says:

    we want a great android app with all options to trade….not this crap app!!

  56. senthil says:

    10 min chart where 11.10Am we are having new candle. In 10 min chart we should have only candles ending at 5 line. 9.15 am, 9.25 am, 9.35 am etc.,

  57. Deepak says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Kite is proving to be a great online tool but I feel that Pi is being neglected. Since I rely on BO I can only trade on Pi but the indicators that I prefer Ichimoku and SuperTrend are available in Kite but not in Pi. Please make it a priority to have the indicators in Kite available in Pi as well.


  58. john says:

    will zerodha pi get volume candle chart in future ?

  59. deepanshu_kochar says:

    Hi , i dont know if this is the place for this but i had to say it , first of all i think you guys are great and are doing really good but still i have few complaints :
    1. lately , Zerodha pi has been crashing a lot.
    2. It takes atleast 5 minutes to place an order through phone
    3. Kite shows in correct quotes many times
    4. Today in muhurat trading i am not able to place order through and it is all getting very frustrating now ..
    I hope you take this in good taste and resolve this .

    • Deepanshu,

      Getting someone to call you back. Pi, Kite issues aren’t really there, as in we haven’t received any complaints as such. Sreeni will call and check this out. ABout the order placing on the phone issue, we are working on increasing the team size to reduce the delay.

  60. subash says:

    when are you planning to introduce co and bo in kite.?please consider it.

  61. Murli says:

    dear nitinji
    plz update on ticket no 417663 i am Waiting from 5 days . but still zerodha team didnt replied me 🙁

  62. Murli says:

    i hav send a closer form of ILFS and opning account Zerodha demat account form to migrat demat account in Zerodha so in how much time to my demat account will migrate in Zerodha demat


    Hi Kamath,

    Why the dp charges are not included in brokerage calculator. When i compared with icicidirect, icicidirect is not charging any dp charges where as zerodha charging Rs 8 + depository charges


    • Venu Madhav says:

      All brokers will charge DP charges. This is because the Depositories themselves charge the brokerages a flat fee of Rs.4.5 (NSDL) and 5.5 (CDSL) for every debit transaction from demat account. They may charge it separately as DP charges or the high brokerage they charge would cover for DP charges.
      DP charges are only charged on when you sell any shares from your Demat account. BTST transactions although are delivery transactions in nature, would not attract DP charges. In light of these complexities, DP charges aren’t included on the brokerage calculator.

  64. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:


    Similar to the quantity freeze limit on stocks, is there a 10000 quantity limit per order on Liquid Bees ? Larger orders are not going through….

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Quantity limit: 10L
      Value limit: 1 cr
      This isn’t set by the Exchanges. This limit can be set by brokers.

      • Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

        Ok, I was told by your Support guys that its a limit that is imposed by the exchange. Can you pls help regarding increasing the limit

        • Venu Madhav says:

          Its one limit set for all clients. Exchanges do require brokers to set a limit but don’t define the cap. This is to prevent rogue orders getting into the system and resulting in market manipulation. I’m afraid, the limits can’t be changed considering that its set at reasonably high. You can execute your trades in more than one order.

  65. Sandip says:

    Please check the TBQ and BestBuyQuantity

  66. Akshay Aggarwal says:

    Hi, Team

    There seems to be an indexing issue in kite, i guess for some scripts. when i am searching for bank nifty index i am not getting any results even while i tired adding CNX before it, like CNX Bank NIfty, tried in capital and small letter so its not an issue as well. Only getting future and options ones not the index itself.

    But it worked when i searched for index in search bar, i guess somehow it isn’t synced. Please look into it.

    • Akshay, if you want to add underlying indices, you have to search for index. If you want to add futures search for banknifty fut.

      • Akshay Aggarwal says:

        Nitin, Indexing means when we enter a word it should give us any results associating to that word.

        I am searching for nifty it should give me nifty index as well as nifty future values, like it does for stocks,
        eg. if u search for infy it will give you stock infy as well infy future and infy options, same if not true for indexes. That is what my point it, since Fut is month based and u cnt actually get accurate past results if u base ur strategy on futures.
        if this cant be resolved or if it works like this, a FAQ should be added for this since I have seen lots of posts for the same query.

  67. kunalsinh says:

    Hello Zerodha!

    I am very impressed with its advance technology for trading platform. I Request you please enable SM-L option for Bracket orders which will help advance traders. It is lacking in PI. Its humble request.

  68. Karthi K says:


    I got my demat account opened. I need to check whether my holdings are transferred from ILFS to Zerodha. Please let me know the link for login into Zerodha’s demat portal.


    • Venu Madhav says:

      To view your holdings online on the CDSL platform you can get yourself registered for the easi facility provided by CDSL. You would receive an email from CDSL within 15 days of your demat account opening asking you to register yourself for easi.

  69. Sandip says:


    Please change the colors of DI+ and DI- in ADX indicator, its irritating to track which one is going up or down
    Also Intraday Momentum indicator on Kite and Pi are Different(Over Bought and Over Sold) , Please look in to this

  70. Vismadev Chatterjee says:

    Please add Buy, Sell buttons on the pooped out chart windows. That would be more convenient to place buy or sell orders, rather going back to main window and then placing the orders.

  71. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:


    I am given to understand that the exchange waives all transaction charges for liquid ETFs. Can you pls clarify why we are charged for the same

  72. chandru says:

    Nitin , Greetings

    What is the next new in the pipeline for Pi ?


  73. Yogesh R says:

    IDFC bank shares is allotted to who have holding of IDFC.
    Zerodha is not reflecting yet.

    • IDFC BANK shares are allotted on friday, those shares are not reflecting in back office because this stock is not listed in secondary market, and ISIN code is not yet activated for the same stock. Once the stock get listed in secondary market those allotted shares will reflect in back office as well as in terminal.

  74. PRASAD PANDIT. says:


    I am planning to shift My existing ILFS account to Your Esteemed COmpany.
    What are procedure.(Charges etc…)
    As per ILFS I am not able to give Buy order In Z category Shares , I need to talk with ILFS Executive every time.Is this applicable with your company?

    Pls send reply on my mail id.


    Prasad pandit.

  75. aditya says:

    great work on kite. zmobile just looks so old now.
    today i sent a sell order from pi for 40 shares at 350.45. only 1 got filled. later i modified it to 350.3. but in the modifying window instead of 39 shares it showed 40. so i changed it to 39. and the order went for 38 shares. is this intentional? is this the same in pi?
    also when i first tried to modify the two buttons (modify and cancel) were visible. but if you go to orderbook after modifying the buttons disappeared. they were there, just not visible. when i clicked on the space they reappeared. i was using android chrome.

  76. XYZ says:

    When will the feature of Bracket order be available on Kite web?

  77. jmd says:

    Pi Latest update has some bug. Current Days candle is merged with previous days candle in Daily chart and time frame for the current date Candle starts from the time chart is started e.g if I start the chart at 11 am today, plotting of current candle starts from from 11 am and price movement from 9.15 to 10.59 get marged with prevoius days candle. Same problem exist in Kite Also . Please check and rectify it ASAP.

  78. Naman Jain says:

    Dear sir .
    Some suggestions
    1. Super Trend must be added in Kite as it is very popular indicator
    2. Is it possible to chart VWAP for any scrip along with the LTP..?
    3.Delivery percentage of any stock should be included .

  79. Partha says:

    Hi Nithin

    Am thinking of opening an account with Zerodha, and had a query. If I place a single order to buy 1000 qty of Nifty 8100 CE option, and the order gets executed in units of 500, 300 and 200, will I get charged a flat brokerage of Rs 20/-, or will I get charged Rs 20 x 3=Rs 60?

  80. Sasoon says:

    How I can download zerodha trader for analyzing charts?
    I can’t find it. if it’s possible please help me.

  81. GMH says:

    Hi Nithin,

    For migrating from ILFS DP to Zerodha DP, can you please provide an option for downloading pre-filled Demat a/c opening form for the existing customer? I mean what you had provided during initial a/c opening? It will make migration easier. Also, I don’t mind paying some nominal charges for the same.


  82. AshishM says:


    Kite certainly seems to an improvement over Pi. However have a few observations,

    i) It seems the size of Renko bar is dependant on the script price and viewing area of the chart ie if only the renko chart is viewed (ex for Bank Nifty Fut, the brick size is 14.15). When an indicator is added the size changes to 17.05. Add another indicator the size again changes. Even the indicator value keeps on changing with the addition of additional indicator or removal of indicator. With the changing size of Renko bar, a new up / down bar is seen across diff charts at the same pt of time which disappears when the indicator is removed or added back. The chart interpretation becomes very confusing. Why not make the brick size a fixed% of the price range or better provide an interface for the brick size.

    ii) If the chart lets say on an hourly TF is scrolled back and then the TF is changed to 15 mins, the chart jumps back to the present candle. The chart should stay on the same date range where scrolled to.

    iii) Indicator value should be enabled on scrolling with crosshair

    iv) Occassionally Kite freezes, prices / chart stop updating. This is a fairly regular occurrence. The dangerous part is that there is no apparent signal that prices are not updating in Kite.

    • 1. Yes currently the renko bar size is not customizable. It changes with scrip and time frames. we will soon give an option to choose the box size.
      2. hmmm… speaking to our tech team.
      3. on our list
      4. This shouldn’t happen unless for internet drop issues. We have done rigorous testing on this.

  83. Karthi K says:


    Please confirm my understanding is correct.

    For opening Zerodha Demat account and to close ILFS demat account I need to send
    1) Zerodha Demat account opening form
    2) ILFS closure form
    3) ILFS delivery instruction slip

    Also In ILFS closure form, its asking for target DP Id. Will you guys fill it for me after opening Zerodha demat account?


  84. Ajay says:

    hello team,
    All praise for your efforts for such kind of innovative tools.
    When will 2 way communication pi bridge+ be out ?

  85. binu says:


    in ztrader 1st October data is missing on MCX chart, I called ur support team 7.30pm they says no support after 7.00 pm

    ok there is no support after 7.00 pm, then who is going to fix this problem in your main trading platform showing such error… or

  86. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    What happens if due to overnight gapping of the market, the MTM of an F&O position exceeds the margin retained and the client doesn’t have funds to cover the shortfall. Who bears the loss in such an extreme scenario ?

  87. Nithin,
    At the outset- Congrats on winning the prestigious award & gettin featured in TOI. As a satisfied customer since June 2015, there are only 2 pts of disappointment, one major & one minor.

    MAJOR – MIS TIME: Pls revise the INTRADAY SQUARE OFF time from 3:20pm to 3:28pm. At least a couple of mins closer to 3:30pm. As an Intraday trader, I have observed scrips moving towards targets during those periods.

    MINOR – MARGINS – NSE CASH: Since you’re 1 of d top 3 brokerages contributing to NSE, requesting you to revise the margins of few scrips from 3x to 7x at least if not 9x. I have read ur margin policies but many a time, I have been frustrated as my profits have been marginalized cuz of small margins. I don;t think the margins get revised often & remain unchanged max times.
    Of late, this has prompted me to look at other brokerages that provide good margins.

    Being a satisfied customer, I have also helped couple of my trading friends open account with you. I hope you’ll take this into consideration.

  88. v ramamoorthy yadavar says:

    My I.D is RR3277.
    Thanks for the immediate help from the support team regarding the issue of KITE web-site hanging on my computer.It has being resolved.
    Thank you.

  89. Karthi K says:


    Congrats for your award from BSE consecutively. Happy for You 🙂

  90. v ramamoorthy yadavar says:

    Dear nithinji,
    My I.D is RR3277.
    Your support team is not at all bothered for the member’s problems.Two days back on 28 sept,I had rang up the support team regard the issue of hanging up of the KITE web-site on my computer.She said
    that the technical team will call me back to solve the problem and she will give complaint token number
    to me.Neither the technical team has called back nor the complaint number has being given to me.
    Please solve the problem and help me to use the KITE web-site for trading.

  91. hari says:

    Hi guys,

    The Rs.300/- you collect on demat while opening new account in zerodha is AMC for this year or opening charges?

    If it is Opening charges was the same also with IL&FS?


  92. Sharad says:

    Hi nithin,
    adding one feature request for kite and repeating another
    1. Current price in charts in larger fonts preferably on top, like google finance
    2. Current price in tab headings, so that when other tabs are open we can still get the glimpse of the price movement, and even when browser is closed current price is seen in tooltip, again like google finance

  93. Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

    Today, I found my trading account linked to Zerodha DP as per backoffice (Q). Previously ILFS was my DP.
    Today I bought shares under CNC. In the contract note still I find ILFS as my DP and client ID as the one with ILFS. It is not clear to my how come when I buy shares with Zerodha as DP, the contract note mentions ILFS as my DP and client ID mentioned is the one with ILFS?
    Contract note is legal document hence if you mention ILFS as DP , then terms and conditions of ILFS apply and if you mention ZERODHA as DP, the terms and conditions of Zerodha applies.
    I raised the ticket with support team, but the answer was not convincing.

    But, for me, it is not big concern as I believe in Zerodha. I feel this is clerical error.

    Ramana murthy

  94. Naveen says:


    Where i can check the latest features that are added to Pi updates september?

  95. lakshmi prasanna says:

    I am having trading account in ZERODHA. Now zerodha itself maintaining the DP account then what are the charges (brokerage and AMC). And how can I open demat account and what I have to submit.

    • AMC is Rs 300 per year, brokerage charges are the same. Sign the Zeordha demat application form available in the download section of our website. Along with this, sign and send an ILFS closing letter.

  96. SJ says:

    HI Nitin,
    Got a query regarding margin calculation.
    if I buy 7000CE and sell 7800CE than what should be the margin requirement?
    span calculator is showing normal margin and showing n/a for 7000CE

  97. vijay says:

    Kite is a wonderful web app. Having said that, I found that the chart with max timeframe for intraday trading has been 1hr whereas in Pi its 2,4,6,8 hrs. Is it possible to incorporate the same into kite so that it would be beneficial and more or less make the app perfect.
    Also, have observed that Pi doesnt have AMO sqaure off order button and also SL-L button. Whether it really not there or am not finding am not sure. Please do the needful


    • Vijay,

      Once AMO is placed and executed, it becomes like a normal order type. So you don’t need a special AMO square off for that. Just go and square off like you would do normally.
      The Sl option u see is actually SL-L
      More timeframes on Kite, we will give it a thought.

  98. mpatel says:

    Do you open NRI Dmat account also? I mean Zeodha NRI Dmat account?

  99. Pradeep says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am new to trading.I have recently opened the trading account with Zerodha and eagerly waiting for the Demat account to be opened with Zerodha.

    Do you have any plans in the near future to release VTC(Valid Till Cancel) orders which can be used to place any buy/sell orders with a Limit Price which is valid for 45 days(this feature is currently available in ICICIDirect).

    It will be really very useful for all those traders who can’t spend time watching the Market on a daily basis.If zerodha implements this step I am sure it can attract lot more customers.


    • Yes Pradeep, we are working on making this happen.

      • Pradeep says:

        Wow that’s a great news.I am really excited and waiting to start my first trade with Zerodha but currently being blocked by Demat Account opening.Hope my Zerodha Demat account will open soon and I can start trading.

      • Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

        Dear sir,
        VTC order concept is good. It is good if I want sell the existing shares at the target price. But for buy side, the money will be blocked.

        Ramana murthy

  100. sayanriju says:

    Is it possible to open a BSDA instead of a normal demat a/c with Zerodha as DP? (Of course, the trading a/c would be with zerodha too). Will the transaction charges be different in that case?

    • Currently not possible. Also normal demat a/c is much better as transaction charges (DP charges) for BSDA will be much higher.

      • Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

        Nitin Sir,
        You are absolutely right about BSDA. I have BSDA account with ILFS . The DP sell charges for normal (non-BSDA) account is Rs14/-. I have crossed Rs 50,000 transaction limit. I am paying Rs 54.50/- per each sell transaction. It is almost 4 times the non-BSDA account. So I waiting from Zerodha to shift my account from ILFS to Zerodha. Demat form has been submitted to Zerodha. ILFS closure form submitted.
        What I thought money saving has become money spending. If we cross the threshhold value Rs 50000/- , it looks like penalty/punishment for investors. One need to read the fine print here. This is my experience

        Ramana murthy

  101. Kevin says:

    Charting tools – Is there a plan to incorporate the following.

    1. I would like to save charting tools in the charts that are saved in the workspace so that when I load workspace I don’t have to redraw trendlines, retracements etc.

    2. Can trendlines extrapolate automatically like they do in realtime technical analysis softwares ?

    • You can save indicators as templates, both on Kite and Pi. Drawing tools possible on Kite and not Pi. Use the views button at the bottom of the chart along with the + button on the same row to add ore templates.

  102. Heman says:

    Well, I am not pro in trading and don’t trade in F&O etc. For me a simple interface where I could watch details for my shares in single row that was available on is simple to use.
    I am familiar and comfortable with such that interface. It was easy for me to know form where I can see my orders, from where I can watch and convert positions from MIS to CNC etc.
    Unfortunately Kite is not that easy, though I liked that now I can watch price movement for multiple shares on right hand side which was not possible with
    I feel the new interface is even dangerous and by mistake I might end up selling my shares if I click on “Exit” link that appears on “holdings”. I don’t get any tool tip help to know what it means. Not sure if its because my internet connection is slow.

    I will prefer to have same interface that I had with as default for me and provide option to switch between old and new views.

    BTW, I have observed that the first screen for old website appears as but after providing ID, it says the communication is not encrypted. The next page (for password) uses http instead of https. I have opened support ticket however the support person wanted me to share screen remotely which is not possible for me. He said, the website is not owned by Zerodha. I am surprised by that answer. How could I trust Zerodha for security?

    • Surprised that you are finding Kite confusing. Like they say, change is always tough. All buttons have a confirmation window before order is fired, so there is no worry even if you click exit. Unless u actually pres the buy/sell nothing happens. Position conversion is also quite simple on Kite. Am taking a blogpost live which explains this.

      Of course is our website. What the executive probably meant to say is that trading web application on trade.zerodha is a vendor based app (built by Thomson Reuters). You can be rest assured that there is nothing to worry about in terms of security.

      • Heman says:

        I have started using kite and quite comfortable now. Just somewhere I read should be used for BSE.
        So today I checked and found that the password page now comes over HTPPS instead of HTTP. Someone has taken relook at my request probably Nithin you have directed right people to check what I want to say.

        Based on my experience I think this (not using HTTPS for password page) happens when certificate expires or someone might be forgetting to do some configurations.

        Anyways, I will stick to Kite.

  103. Bala says:

    (reposting my request from yesterday, since it may have missed your attention)

    Just installed the latest Pi update. Thanks for splitting the day separator and pivots.

    How do we enable the below?
    3. CO/BO/Normal order market watch shortcuts should be able to invoke from active charts.

    F1 is not working. I don’t see any option on Right Click too.

    What am I missing here?

  104. chandru says:

    I too updated the latest pi …i hoped to see atleast one of my chosen indicator soon on Pi .
    I am hopeful you would remove some indicators and add new ones which are demanded most by your users. Why not have a user poll on that and see what’s most in demand.


    • Chandru, if you see we have made the chart loading much much faster. New indicators will be added, will take a little longer though.

      • chandru says:

        Ok Nitin boss… i will wait a little longer since Pi is currently my fav viewing software . Once some indicators are in place i will increase my stakes.

        thanks for your response


  105. Raghunath says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can you please add Fibonacci Projections tool in Kite and Pi as well. As it is missing very useful tool in both platform.


  106. gvsmani says:

    As a retail investor/trader, KITE is pretty useful and simple too, for guys like me, who find it easy to login to KITE on mObile and place some orders.

    It would be really great, if Bracket Order feature is inroduced in Kite also. The hassle of arresting losses by frequent visit to KITE is cumbersome; After trading on the go on Kite, I am afraid you should not ask us to stick to Desktop to use the Bracket order feature.

  107. DD0285 says:

    I am getting a “Error fetching quote:502” message, when I try to view charts on Kite.

  108. Pratik says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can you add daily MTM on kite, its easy to monitor and help resize positions.

    Also do you have plans to add market profile charts to PI or Kite would be good to have MP prespective while trading. You can refer to market delta for all the different type of graphs they have.

    Looking forward to a complete set in PI and Kite so we do not have to refer to different tools while trading.


    • When you click on the > button next to each position, a window opens which shows day’s P&L. This is basically the MTM

      Market profile has trademarked product, so no won’t be possible.

  109. Bala says:

    Just installed the latest Pi update. Thanks for splitting the day separator and pivots.

    How do we enable the below?
    3. CO/BO/Normal order market watch shortcuts should be able to invoke from active charts.

    F1 is not working. I don’t see any option on Right Click too.

    What am I missing here?

  110. kay kay says:


    can pi run in Nokia Lumia 930, Windows v8.1?

  111. Venu Madhav says:

    (i) Will be fixed.
    (ii) Will report this to the developers
    (iii) Will pass this feeback to the tech team
    (iv) Would take some time

  112. AshishM says:


    Used Kite during market hours, the interface is good & fast. Have a few obs,

    (i) Todays candle seems to be missing in the Daily chart. (BNF chart attached)

    (ii) The charts during live session sometimes stops refreshing. Even the price in market watch freezes. Tried using the refresh button but sometimes the price did update but the chart wasnt refreshing. Logged out and logged in – resolved the issue. Had other applications running live during the period, there was no net connectivity issue.

    (iii) It would be nice if the chart which has been popped-out can be changed by typing in the script name in the box. Need not have to add a script to market watch, just to see a chart.

    (iv) Is it possible to include VWAP band

  113. vinay says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I was going through the new features added in kite. I was checking the renko chart feature. could you please guide how can we set the brick size on selection of renko option. I am not able to find it.


    • Vinay, currently the brick size for renko and bar size for range can’t be set. We will give you an interface to set this very soon. Currently the time frame itself is acting as renko bar size. Change the time frame, you will see the bar size changes. You can see how much the brick size by measuring using crosshair. Check this chart:, renko bar size is 3 points. So every time frame has different brick size. For now, you will have to measure this brick size yourself. We will give you a UI soon.

  114. Sumit says:

    How to add Bank Nifty index to order window? what to type in search box? I am not able to do this since weeks…

  115. Harshkumar says:

    Lack lots of data and customization. ATR, daily, weekly, monthly pivot, super trend missing which is very useful. Please make at least comparative to trade tiger.

    • Yesterday’s update has unlimited amounts of data, just keep dragging screen to the left and more data loads. 8 months of intraday data (most provided by anyone) and 5 years of daily data. Futures data is still not continuous, will take some time.

  116. rvishureddy says:

    Kite is a wonderful interface. But there are few glitches

    You cannot see some stocks on Kite like Oriental Carbon and Chemicals its traded on NSE and BSE but i could not see the stock in kite interface.

    Zerodha support said that it was not traded on NSE for the past few days. But how does that matter i want to buy and the interface is not showing up the stock at all.

    And Its best to have one interface for both NSE and BSE. Though you have Kite interface if i have to buy something which is traded in BSE alone i cannot use this interface.

    I was told that Kite is only for Stocks in NSE.

  117. Sharad says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Feature request for Kite,
    1. Current price in large fonts in charts/popup charts. At present price are shown on right in very small fonts
    2. Volume is not available in indices (Nifty to say so), please make it available as soon as possible.

  118. chandru says:

    How do you open multiple charts view in Kite ? like in PI ?Like i want to view nse indices and reliance 3 min 5 min all in one frame of my computer


    • Chandru, you will have to popout the chart. You can also add different charts using the view button at the bottom of the chart. Each view can be saved as a template.

      • chandru says:

        dear nitin ,

        what i suggested was this view in the pic taken from Pi , I can view multiple charts at one go..

        • Ah.. that won’t be possible.

          • chandru says:


            Thanks for the clarification

            well in that case i have to stick with PI since this feature is the best in Pi.
            You may have to reconsider my request to add Raff regression or Super Trend to
            Is it possible to remove one of the Linear regression channel indicators and replace it with either one of the above. There are 4 Linear Regressions currently in Pi . I hope that Can that be done. It makes life a bit more easier with PI.

            I wont hassle you with any other requests. Please reconsider .

            Chandru Mehta

          • gilari says:

            There is a simple way to do it.Create a popup chart in crome and click the tab and dragout .This action create a new window and these windows can be araanged side by side.

  119. Dhawal says:

    Don’t know if its only with me. I am not able to see the EOD candle/volume during trading hours or post trading hours. It’s visible only on the next day. Is it how it is programmed? or is it a bug?

  120. VJ says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have two trading account one with ICICI and another with Zerodha . My trading preference is with Zerodha and have already transferred my holding from ICICI to Zerodha .

    My question is can i link my ICICI trading account to Zerodha Demat ? Reason i have to keep icici is for IPO which i do not get here . Please let me know the possibility so that i do not have to pay two AMC for demat .


    • Venu Madhav says:

      You can map your ICICI demat account, no issue. The only limitation is that you’d only be able to buy shares with us. To sell, you’d have to use the services of ICICI. This is because on buying we’d be transferring shares to your ICICI demat account and wouldn’t be able to debit them when you sell.

      • Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

        In other words, my question is this. I have trading account with Zerodha and I have Demat account with ILFS. Now my trading account Zerodha is linked to Demat account with ILFS. Using the software provided by Zerodha (pi, kite, Zerodha Trader) I am able to buy and sell the shares.

        Now replace ILFS with ICICIDIRECT. I have trading account with Zerodha and I have Demat account with ICICI direct.Now my trading account Zerodha is linked to Demat account with ICICIDIRECT. Using the software provided by Zerodha (pi, kite, Zerodha Trader) can I buy and sell the shares?

        I hope my question is more clear to you now.

        Ramana murthy

        • Buying is no issue, you can buy irrespective of what demat is mapped.

          When you sell shares, Zerodha will need to have a right to debit your demat account and send those shares to the exchange.
          If you sell it with ILFS account mapped, we have the right since there is POA that you have given to debit. If the mapped account is ICICI, we will have no way to debit the shares that you have sold, hence we won’t allow selling shares if the mapped account is ICICI.

      • VJ says:

        Thank you for the response but you should intercept my message in other way . I will be using my ICICI only for IPO, that is for buying and i do not sell from icici as i have been transferring it to Zerodha after the shares credited in my ICICI demat. I only need to link my icici trading account to Zerodha demat and do not want to maintain a demat with ICICI .

        So it is like Zerodha Demat ( along with trading )and Icici Trading account. Is it possible ?


        • Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

          Dear Nitin Sir,

          Just about POA is executed in case of ILFS, what if I give POA to in case you ICICIDIRECT. will you be able to sell shares?

          By the way, ICICIDirect told me that they do not allow linking trading account opened with with Demat account opened with ICICIDIRECT. I am pasting their response here for your reference. Also see that they told me POA is mandatory.

          [email protected]
          6:38 PM (1 hour ago)

          to me
          Dear Mr. Murthy,

          We understand your concern.

          This is to inform you that the NSDL and CDSL levies Depository charges on each sell delivery transaction. The charge is Rs 4.5 and Rs 5.5 per ISIN respectively on debit instruction for NSDL and CDSL respectively. This charged would be levied w.e.f. May 01, 2013. You can link only ICICI Trading Account to your Demat Account with ICICI. Also POA is mandatory for linking Trading, Demat Account and Bank Account.

          We look forward for your co-operation in helping us serve you better and assure the best services in future.


          Ashish Deshpande
          Customer Service Officer
          ICICI Securities Limited.

          Ramana murthy

        • Yes you can link your ICICI trading to Zerodha demat for all your IPO needs. But you need to speak to ICICI and see if they allow that to happen. My guess is that they won’t as they will be losing their brokerage business.

          • Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

            Yes Nitin. You are right
            As I mentioned in the other post, ICICI direct is not allowing linking with other DP.
            But look at the CDSL website:

            10. Is it necessary for an investor to open an account with the same DP as that of his broker for settling the trades done through the broker?
            No. There is absolutely no compulsions on any investor to open his demat account with the same DP as that of his broker. Investor can open account with the DP of his/her choice and can carry on his trading activity through a broker of his choice.

            But with the help of SCORES complaint system, we can make ICICIDirect to accept this. ICICIDirect is taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of investors.

            Ramana murthy

  121. champak says:


    Kite looks good. Tried the pivot values for support and resistance. The standard pivot values are wrong. Can you check this please.

      • cbhumiya says:

        I have attached the snapshot for nifty on 23rd September of kite and pi. As you can see the PV, S1, R1 in PI are 7792.28, 7753.92, 7861.22 respectively while in kite they are 7854, 7932.94, 8515.44. I find that the values in PI match to a generally accepted way of calculation using previous day HLC but am not sure about the way it is done in kite. If you plan to make some changes do it in kite as the values in Pi seem correct.

  122. Bala says:


    I just used Kite for a few minutes to check out the interface. Looks great and wanted to use it going forward but unable to do so for the specific reason mentioned below, kindly help:

    1. How to pop out the chart so that only the chart pops out (like Pi) without the entire browser opening (currently happens in Kite, atleast when I tried to pop out a chart)?

    The max I was able to do was remove the bookmarks bar. Everything else remains, eating into the screen real estate, hence moved back to Pi. Using Chrome.

    2. Will you introducing the best of Kite into Pi or will Pi be orphaned?

    It would be a sad day if Pi is orphaned since Pi may appeal to a different set of users and Kite might appeal to a different set of users.

    Have a great week ahead.

  123. Ajay mittal says:

    hello team,
    when will we be able to fully automated trading (2 way communication) through APIs ?

  124. Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

    There is issue with kite website. The market watch is missing. I checked with chrome and Microsoft Edge. Please correct it.


  125. chandru says:

    Nitin , Venu

    There are many smaller NSE BSE chart sites that provide advanced indicators which i have been using for the past 2 years. I am hoping that Zerodha PI catches up pace quick enough so that we can concentrate our trading efforts through Zerodha.

    Honestly bulk of my trading is on another platform the reason being i am waiting for Pi to reach a level of comfort trading . I dont mean Pi is basic, PI & Kite are good .Its like a 7 star property with low occupancy only because a lack of few addons. Its not a negative comment its my sincere wish to see your application fly higher.

    This picture i am posting is of chart comparison feature between NSE & Reliance which is amazing . We need such indicators which are helpful in trading . In the future you may like to consider take some token amount for advanced premium indicators but please please give is indicators quickly .

    wishing you the best

    • Kite will soon have compare option. Pi will take longer.

      • chandru says:

        Nitin ,

        thank you for your response.. Pl pl add some indicators to Pi. I read in the blogs about your plans to have updates for PI in the next few days.. i am eagerly looking forward to see some additions.

        Just recap that you mentioned that you would check about the Raff regression / Linear Regression channel from tools to chart indicators so that it goes live and moves along with the chart stock market and not static & with parameters that can be changed.

        b) Super trend is another great chart indicator

        c) Saving of drawings on charts for future references.

        looking forward to your promises
        Chandru Mehta

  126. Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

    It seems all brokers are forgetting to include DP charges (and CDSL/NSDL) charges in equity-delivery in brokerage calculator. I request Zerodha to include them in their brokerage calculator.

    Also the common practice is not including DP charges (and CDSL/NSDL) charges in daily contract notes. It will be good if I know all complete charges in one contract note. Please consider this.

    Ramana murthy

    • It is tough to include this in the brokerage calculator. DP charge is charged once for all sell trades done in a single day on a particular scrip. The brokerage calculator calculates per trade brokerage.
      DP charges is by depositories, and by exchanges. Contract notes show what happens on exchanges. So not possible to put it on contract notes.

  127. Souvik says:

    Hi! Will there be a Kite iOS app? RKSV has come up with Upstox and it blows the competition away. Have you seen that?

    • Yep working on Kite ios app. Currently the competition has just put up snapshots, we will see how it turns out when it gets live. Login to Kite and check out how it feels, the entire interface is quite slick.

  128. Girish says:

    I am not able to connect in PI what is happening please help guys……

  129. Abhishek Chowdhury says:

    Thank you Venu for your response. This sounds fair. However can you please clarify on a couple of points.

    A) Brokers generally say that PoA you’ve signed is a limited PoA which allows debit only to meet the payin obligation. How can then cases like Orion Securities happen…Please see below link-

    “Of particular interest is -Client funds would have anyways been debited, but what is shocking is that the promoters even liquidated stocks lying in the client demat accounts to meet exchange obligations.”

    How can a broker liquidate stocks lying in client demat accounts—clearly the POA is termed limited- But ultimately a broker can liquidate the stocks at its will and there is no safeguard to prevent it??

    B) What can small investors do to avoid such frauds? It might not be possible to track financial status of brokers..even to find out where to find the balance sheet of brokers.

    C)As per your response “A few of the CM accounts will be shifted for which we don’t have the account numbers yet which is why the account number is empty”.

    How long will it take to open the DMAT account? It seems that it will be done only after you get new account numbers?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Its quiet hard to believe that such things happen in an Industry as regulated as ours. The sad bit is that everyone has to bear the brunt for actions of a few. If you go through that article, the broker was offering NF at Rs.2000/lot which in itself sounds unbelievable. In your own interest, its best not to take up any offers which sound beyond belief. Yes, the POA is limited to the extent where the broker can debit shares only in cases where there’s an obligation from the client towards the Exchange. In this case, all hell broker loose, no rules were followed and subsequently clients had to suffer.
      You could find Balance sheets of Brokers online as most of them would be registered with ROC’s. But yeah, practically it isn’t possibly to verify these details before opening an account. Nowadays a lot of information is available online. You could look up on the internet for the credibility of a broker before you can make a decision to trade with them. There are forums are like traderji, mouthshut which can help you in this regards.
      Our CM accounts are with M/s IL&FS and we’d be shifting them to our own DP within the next 3-4 days.

  130. Dinesh Trivedi says:

    how much margin required for intraday banknifty fut.and niftyfut.

  131. Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

    Dear Sir,

    When I filled in the form for opening Demat account with IL&FS, I do not remember whether I signed in Power of Attorney(POA) form or not.

    Now I want to shift to Zerodha. In the Demat form , I found mentioning POA is voluntary.

    Q1) Now I do not want give POA to any broker. What will happen to my trading activities? As of now, I am just buying and selling the shares using the trading platforms. I heard there is something called Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) which I need to use in case POA is not given to broker(Zerodha). What is DIS? Is this activity to be done every time I buy or sell shares? Is this can be done through the trading platform or back office? What happens if I forget giving DIS?

    Q2) When I contacted Edelweiss broker for account opening , their customer support/Sales person told me that POA is mandatory ( Which is factually INCORRECT) and for the POA execution , I have to pay Rs 500/- as per the Maharashtra State government order (their office is located in Bomay). What about charges for POA execution in case of Zerodha which is located in Bangalore?

    Please provide the details.

    Ramana murthy

    • 1. Yes you would have given POA with ILFS also. Check this post. Online trading not possible without POA.
      2. POA is not mandatory, but like I said u can’t trade online without signing that. We execute it in Bangalore, it is much lesser. (we don’t charge you anything for this).


      • Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

        Dear Nitin,

        Thanks for your reply. My association with Zerodha is that it very reliable broker in terms or transparency and integrity. I hope the same continues. I do not have any issues in giving POA to Zerodha.

        I want to taste what the hurdles I get if I do not provide POA to Zerodha. I think I can open two Demat accounts with you. You provide me BUY ONE and GET ONE FREE option. There will be AMC for the first, and the second one will be AMC free for life time. I will give POA for the first one and second one will be without POA. I will operate the second on using TRUST/EASIEST facility by CDSL for providing Delivery instructions Slip (DIS). Let me experiment (with hurdles) withsecond Demat without POA.
        [ I read ” breaking all barriers that I personally faced as a retail trader for over a decade” from your quote] I also want to face barrriers.

        Ramana murthy

        • :), we can’t open two demat/trading accounts for the same client. We are currently not live on Trust/easiest facility. You will probably have to check this bit with a broker who accepts this.

  132. vishyvishy says:

    In a Popup chart, Can we make a Amibroker Like Scrip Browser On the Left?
    See the attached image.
    With this we can quickly browse through price charts of all scrips in out market watch by only using our keyboard Arrow and Pg Up Pg Down Keys.

    This would be time saving
    We don’t have to have multiple scrip price charts in, in multiple tabs.
    So this way it would save memory(RAM) consumption also.(I guess)

    If this not possible can we make 1,2,3,4,5,6… keyboard shortcuts in a popup chart to quickly shift between scrip charts in market watch in the same window.


    • This is already available, the white box left to the min box. You click on it, all scrips on your marketwatch will show up there. U can’t really use up down keys, but let me speak to the guys here about that.

  133. Prasanna says:

    Kite is cool. Can you know incorporate the same features in Pi? especially Tools.

  134. Abhishek Chowdhury says:

    I have currenly dp with ILFS. Wanted to close it and open account with Zerodha, so downloaded the Zerodha form. I was surprised to see that the POA form has all the Annexture B Dmat accounts left Blank. I understand you might want to expediate the process of inducting new clients, but isnt it a violation of Sebi Guidelines? Shouldnt the annexure B of POA be prefilled? We might trust Zerodha that asking to sign a blank Axxexure B POA will not be missused..But is it an appropriate thing to do by Zerodha, leader in discount broking segment

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Abhishek,

      A few of the CM accounts will be shifted for which we don’t have the account numbers yet which is why the account number is empty. We’ll be stamping the account numbers and sending you the scanned copy of the Poa post execution. The PoA you’ve signed is a limited PoA which allows debit only to meet the payin obligation.

  135. Varun Agarwal says:

    Hi Nitin

    Are you aware ShareKhan appears to be copy-paste Zerodha in themselves ? I have an account with ShareKhan (Which i no longer use) and got mail regarding their Software Upgrades with new features.

    Guess What – They have introduced Order Placement right from Charts along with few new Charts which Zerodha has introduced – Renko Chart, Heinkin Ashi Charts etc… Many of Zerodha Pi and Kite features have been been released.

    You may want to check out their portal for more on their copying of Zerodha 😉

    Varun Agarwal

  136. harshb36 says:

    Please sir.
    Add super trend and daily, weekly, monthly pivot line. Very disappointed with limited time historical chart. When you give that?

  137. Prabhanshu Tripathi says:

    Dear Nithin

    Congratulations for Zerodha Demat and kite as wonderful trading platform.

    Can you provide us kite or any better iPhone and iPad app. I know you said about android but are you guys working on iOS9 compatible apps as well.

    One more thing I can not find option for longer order validity like ‘GTC’ and ‘GTD’ in kite. There are only Day and IOC.

    Dr. Prabhanshu

  138. harshb36 says:

    really bad,in crude oil daily chart available only up to 40 days.please give us more data for all .very poor.

  139. kay kay says:


    what abt a better mobile app based trading platform

  140. vishyvishy says:

    Additional Kite Feature Request Part -3

    The moment we take entry with all exit levels entered . notice the way they are shown on the chart itself.

    If we implement these features in KITE it would be awesome!!


  141. vishyvishy says:

    Additional Kite Feature Request Part -2

    just Look at the simple order window! Everything in one place!

  142. vishyvishy says:

    Kite is Most Exciting thing happening to Zerodha Trading.
    I wish further some feature updates as shown in images below to make is a complete and most competitive package,

    Please see the attached images I have captured from trading view dot com.
    There charting is fantastic like us with additional features we should learn from.

    Please see the attached images which are self explanatory.


  143. GILARI says:

    If PENDING ORDER BUTTON along with BUY or SELL button , is also made available ,it will be easy to modify a pending order

  144. Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

    Dear Nitin and Zerodha,

    I would be thankful if you provide the information /reply to below:

    Q1. Your DP business is live. Thats good. Demat account charges are free for opening. Double good. What about AMC charges? Some brokerages are having one time (life time ) AMC free plan if we pay Rs1500/- or pay deposit of Rs 2000/- (refundable if Demat account is closed after one year). Do you have any such AMC free plans?

    Q2. Suppose I open Demat account with Zerodha. And also suppose that I open just trading account only (NOT Demat account with) other broker ,say, XYZ. Can I link the trading account of XYZ with Demat account with Zerodha? In that case, the two trading accountss , one with Zerodha and another with XYZ are linked to the same Demat account with Zerodha. Is this allowed? How many trading accounts can be linked to one Demat account?

    Request you to reply in detail.

    Ramana murthy

    • 1. No, we will charge AMC of 300 payable at the end of the year.
      2. Yes u can link any number of trading accounts with one demat with us.

      • Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

        Hi Nitin,

        Thanks for the reply. I am very much satisfied with your response.There are more than enough reasons to shift from IL&FS to Zerodha. I am going to do that. But I have two supplementary queries on the one Demat account linked with multiple trading accounts. Suppose Zerodha Demat account is linked with trading account from Zerodha and trading account from some broker say XYZ.
        Suppose I purchase shares for delivery(CNC) through both Zerodha and XYZ

        Q1. In my DP account, how can I know which shares are purchased through Zerodha and which shares are purchased through broker XYZ?

        Q2. In the back office of Zerodha, can I find the shares purchased through broker XYZ? Similarly, in the backoffice of XYZ, can I see the shares purchased through Zerodha?

        Q3. Obviously, I need to pay only one AMC per year though I am purchasing shares through Zerodha and XYZ. Please confirm it

        Please clarify.

        Ramana murthy

        • 1. If you have seen our reporting tool Q, we are probably only brokers in India to give you discrepant quantity field. So basically we tell u the stocks for which we don’t have a buying price (using our tradebook). You can even enter the buying price and date, so all P&L can be done by Q itself.
          2.ON Zerodha Q, you can see shares that have come from other brokers as discrepant quantity. But we will not be able to tell u if it is XYZ or ABC, we will tell u that it has come from outside. Through Broker XYZ, you have transferred shares out, so no he won’t beable to tell.
          3. Yes, only one AMC per demat account.

          • Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

            Dear Sir,
            Today I sent filled in the Demat opening form to your office. Also sent the filled in ILFS closure form. I request you to open the account as soon as possible. I have given POA to Zerodha.

            But still one legal point is not clear to me. Why Delivery Instruction Slip or POA is required only for Sell , not for buy. Why POA/DIS not required for buying of shares, Can you provide detailed document or link to fully understand this legal concept.

            Ramana murthy

            • Your demat account is very similar to your savings bank account. To transfer money to your account, I just need your account number. To withdraw money, I will need POA. Similarly, to transfer shares to your demat, just your DP ID, to withdraw POA.

            • Venu Madhav says:

              Apply the logic you’d apply to a bank account. When would you write a cheque? When you’ve pay someone. Would you need to write a cheque to receive money? No.
              Similarly, when you buy stocks, stocks are auto credited to your account. However when you sell, shares have to be debited and the shares can be debited either by client signing and submitting the DIS (which is like a check book to debit shares) or by the broker executing the PoA. Online brokers don’t allow DIS submission, they execute a PoA and debit shares.

              • Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

                Dear Sir,
                Thanks for the reply.
                When buying the shares your take my money from trading account and go to exchange market (NSE/BSE) and give the money to some at the exchange and bring back shares in return. But to take money from trading account to Exchange(NSE/BSE), does it not require POA or some kind of authorization. When I put orders in kite/pi/ZT, does it amounts to legally saying “Zerodha, please take my money from my trading account and buy shares for me at Exchange?”.

                Ramana murthy

                • Trading account is opened with a purpose of buying/selling, so yes broker doesn’t need any authorization to debit it when you trade. Demat is used for safe keeping, so the POA is required to debit it.

  145. VJ says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I would like to bring this to your notice that i am facing, not sure if it is same with other .

    Whenever i login the 2 Security question pops up same for two to three attempt .I can not login in one attempt . I can only login when the two different security questions displayed .This is a repeated issue . Could you please fix ASAP .


  146. Abhishek Chowdhury says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Can you please add Backtesting feature of Pi to Kite?



  147. balajipv says:

    Recently i have received mail stating that Zerodha DP business has finally gone live.

    I have seen 2 forms one for opening DP account with Zerodha and second one for closure of IL&FS DP Account.

    Kindly let me know the procedure and charges that are applicable if i want to transfer the same from my IL&FS DP Account to Zerodha Account.

    What will be the impact of my trading during the transfer.

    In case if i transfer the share from IL&FS to Zerodha how short term and long term capital gain is calculated.

    • Just sign both the forms and send it to our office. No charges to open a new demat with us, and no charges for transferring shares from ILFS to us. No impact on ur trading account or capital gains.

  148. jmd says:

    In kite 30 minute chart problem is still there in the current candle and the previous one . plotting of the candle starts from the time chart is loaded. Therefore, each time chart is reloaded shape of the current candle and the previous one becomes different. Please check it.

  149. Muthu kishor says:

    Love you Zerdha for adding MCx in Kite… I was longing for watching charts in mobile.. Got it now.
    Waiting for kite app.

  150. Faruq Shaikh says:

    Dear Nitin ,
    CONGRATULATION, As far as charting software is concerned when it comes to KITE you and your team have cracked it . SIMPLY AMAZING WONDERFUL MIND BOGGLING JOB, ONLY NEED TO ADD 2 THINGS 1) a COMPLETE MARKET WATCH WINDOW SAME AS PI . WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE % change , volume , where you have the ability check the data in ascending descending order at once glance 2) A buy and sell quick window on the chart ITself .. IF YOU DO THESE 2 THINGS ….KITE WILL BE NOT ONLY BEST SOFTWARE IN INDIA BUT THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD . Once again CONGRATULATION on launch of KITE .

    Faruq Shaikh

    • Buy and sell on chart will come soon. Point 1, we don’t want to show everything all the time. It will make the whole thing cluttered.

      • Faruq Shaikh says:

        Nitin ,
        Things won’t get cluttered just imagine that you are giving the same market watch window which you give in PI with all its functions and abilities in Kite with a POP out window which can be dragged and placed same as in PI ..SIMPLE …besides in PI you can have max 50 scripts but in kite i believe you can just have 12 or 13 i believe ….every thing else is just up to mark ..what you do is your call anyways i am still using PI and will use PI until untill ” Quick limit order window ” is not placed in the Kite chart for buying and selling ..also you cannot Login in PI and kite at the same time even if that is possible the customers can use the combined power and features of PI and KITE at the same time only a suggestion ..or i have to open an account with my wife’s name with zerodha and then log in in PI using my wife’s User ID and password and logging kite using my user ID and password to have best of both the world even if you tel the customers use The same User ID and password to logging into PI and KIte at the same time ..ALL THE ISSUES WILL GET RESOLVED ANYWAYS

  151. arun says:

    Couple of times during the week candles are missing in Pi. Even yesterday, candles were formed from the time of loading chart. Today, the crude chart as of now is showing candles from yesterday’s 19:33 onwards.

  152. shaunk says:

    Kite has been smashing good so far, much better compared to Pi which has let me down many a times since May. Thanks for this.

    Yet the scripts stop updating themselves if I log in & leave for a few mins especially when there is some volatility & volume in the markets. Also the ‘Market Depth’ for many contracts take ages to load up, never comes for cash market trades debentures.

    Can you please have ’em looked in to by the team?


    • Scripts stopping updating has to do with the internet. If internet drops, kite will try connecting back 5 times, and then it will stop trying to connect. You will have to refresh the browser to connect again. About market depth, yeah, we are working on it.

  153. D.Omprakash says:

    Is kite got approval to trade in mcx. Shall we place orders in mcx?

  154. Devendra says:

    Login ID : DD0314
    I have 3 questions :
    1)Can u please add Layout feature in Pi
    So that one need not to apply template on every chart and resize windows again and again every time after login.

    Sharekhan’s Trade Tiger has this feature, we can use desired indicator, save template, apply it to various charts opened, arrange and resize each window and Finally save it as Layout and set it as default layout

    so next time when trader logins he automatically gets the screen which was set previously.
    IF Zerodha could even provide Save and Apply Layout, It will be of great help
    2) Can u do it for Kite also ?
    3) Can one open multiple charts in Kite at the same time ?

    Thanks in Advance

  155. Devendra says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    Where should I sent Zerodha Demat and ILFS Closure form ?
    To the address mentioned in form. ie. Zerodha demat to 153/154, 4th Cross, 4th Phase, JP Nagar, Dollars Colony
    Opp. Clarence School, Bangalore – 560078
    and ILFS to Andheri, Mumbai Address
    send both to
    175/176, Opp. Purva Heights,
    Bannergatta Road,
    Bangalore – 560076

  156. Devendra says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    Many traders said that I hate Pi, etc,etc
    But I think Pi is not that Bad at all, you guys have put lot efforts for Pi
    So it is worth praising
    can I open multiple charts in Kite ?
    Can I save entire screen as Layout and set it as Default ?

    • Pi has become super popular, and it is a work in progress.

      yes, you can open multiple charts and save templates which can be applied by default (use the views button and + at the bottom of the chart).

  157. ROHIT SAXENA says:

    Is their any way to change the color of candle bar in kite ?

  158. Apparao says:

    In mobile phone I’m not able to select Bollinger band its out of range.please provide scrolbar…please fix it

  159. D.Omprakash says:


  160. D.Omprakash says:

    My id DO0042. I am using kite in mcx. I can see price diff in prev close and open price in 5 min candle since i am using sharekhan terminal too. Why there is s price difference in kite and sharekhan terminal..

  161. chandru says:

    all the goodies for kite 🙂 when are the goodies update happening for pi?


  162. Puneet Kaumar Gaur says:

    Dear Teach Team,

    I am facing one issue in kite that when i log in to kite it is showing MCX chart from 19:33 P.M. today on 17th September while the market opened at 17:00 PM . Please help to resolve this back fill issue

  163. sanket says:


    First of all cheers for Kite, its simply awesome. I really wanted such web application so that i can trade from my office with charts LOL. I just want to suggest few things here, i am unable to apply bollinger bands on chart, because create option is not visible on web page. I have attached the screenshot for more info.

  164. HITESH says:

    kite is good platform…even better then pi..its just need all feature of pi application..and at least 10 year historic data..

  165. Manish says:

    What will be charges from ILFS & NSDL for transferring shares – from one DP/Depository to different DP & depository ? Can someone pls comment on that.

  166. Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

    Dear Nitin & Team,

    Kite is extraordinarily light weight charting tool, it is difficult to imagine such an excellent product from discount brokers. Even full Service brokers could not provide such a charting tool. I have/had accounts with brokers like ICICIDirect, Indiabulls,Sharekhan,AnandRathi, SMC Global , Religare. None of them have such a light weight charting tool. Congrats and keep going.

    Ramana murthy

  167. aniruddh says:

    when r u going to add bracket order in kite?

  168. S NAGARAJ says:

    Kite is excellent. User friendly. Please keep it up. Regards

  169. Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

    Dear Sir,

    The charts are showing from 2nd Jan 2015 only. How to get charts for last 2 years?

    Ramana murthy

  170. sandeep says:

    really nice platform,
    thank you zerodha

  171. arun says:

    Lots of new indicators in kite especially ichimoku. Any chance of it being added to pi?

  172. Charles says:

    Is there no option to type TEXT on the chart ?
    Why is the gap-up on 16.09.15 shown as big green candle ?
    I am seeing Kite for the first time.

  173. Anand R says:


    In continuation to my earlier comments my suggestion is to provide Heiken candlestick option as an indicator option rather than an normal charting . to be precise i like to view normal candlestick and heiken candlestick at a time .

  174. Dhawal says:

    Kite is excellent. Few suggestion for the chart:

    1. Please provide an option to save the charts, or provide automatic savings. I am not sure but looks like you are using charts provided by ChartIQ, as it is very similar to the charts provided by Economic times. The good thing with ET charts is that, once I login, all my trendlines drawn on the chart are automatically saved. If you can provide this facility in Kite, then it will save lot of efforts, and we need not draw all the lines again and again.
    2. Like in Pi, if you can show the value MACD histogram, RSI etc. when we put the crosshair on a particular candle. Currently if I put crosshair on a candle, I cannot know what was MACD histogram value at that particular candle. I need to guess it using crosshairs. This facility is provided in Pi.

  175. Anand R says:


    Nice initiative with regard to Kite with charts .But i am facing a problem when trying to click studies and selecting ichimoku cloud unable to select “Create” button in the option .

  176. Himanshu says:

    I want to trade in zerodha, i belong from Rajasthan, can i open an account in gurgaon office, Nitin sir plz help me

  177. BK says:

    I absolutely hated Pi. But Kite has blown me away. It is super-awesome from every angle. Congrats to Zerodha , you guys are really breaking barriers! I am yet to test it on my Linux machine, hope it works there also.

    • All the boys building Kite use Linux, so it better work. 🙂

      • balu says:

        Hi Nithin Sir,

        Overall kite is simple and awesome now, keep it simple. If more features are added, it may decrease load and performance. As you know technical issues(like not able to login during crucial times, charts not loading, not able to modify orders…….etc) cannot be avoided but now its is time for handling technical challenges/issues and increasing the performance of the softwares and environments that are used in this overall hardwork.

        some minor suggestions for kite:
        1) on the home page before login, display indian indices, global indices.
        2) Major upcoming events within a week.

  178. akukkapalli says:

    Kite is simply suuuper . this is first time i have seen so innovative web based trading platform . especially charting is awesome , all other interface is super . one small question. intraday charts i have seen for 8 days and daily/weekly charts from feb 15 only. is there any chance of these time frames extention . like intraday for 1 month/ 6 month and daily/weekly charts for 5/10 years .

  179. SACHIN says:

    I think kite charts are better than pi
    keep it up nithin sir
    we r with u always

    thanks for your efforts for retail trader
    sachin deshmukh

  180. Vasanth says:

    This is a good start but Pls provide chart save and reopen functionality (as I have requested for Pi). Without it, kite is not suitable for trading. I do not mean template saving, I want to see the chart the same way I closed with, including the indicators, custom drawings, time scale (e.g

    • Everything gets saved the way it was when u logout. But u will have to still click on a scrip and say open chart to see it all again.

      • Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

        Hi Nitin,
        Not everything is saved in kite. For example, if I select fibonacci retracements in Tools, it will not be saved. If I open new chart, I have to again select fibonacci retracments from drop down menu. I found it cumbersome. Could you please help me in this regard?

        Ramana muthy

        • Ramana, Fibonacci retracement is plotted based on the two points u connect on the chart. So if you open another scrip or same scrip different time frame, how is it possible to draw fibonacci retracement if u haven’t mentioned the two points? So yeah, this will not be possible.

          • Bathala Ramana Murthy says:

            Dear sir,
            That is not my point. Under Select Tool drop down menu, we have Measure/Channel/Doodle/Fibonacci/Gartley/Pinchfork etc.

            When Select Fibonacci for the current chart, it shoud stay selected if I select the another chart. For this new chart I will select the two points high and low. Every time I change the chart, I have to scroll down to Fibonacci and select it.

            Ramana murthy

  181. AshishM says:


    i) Would like to have Indices Watch feature in Kite also
    ii) Yesterday night the charts still seemed to be checking for fresh price data. The chart was adding dots after the last 1530 hrs candle
    iii) Multiple tabs for market watch where prices for multiple scripts can be reviewed quickly instead of having to scroll up / down & locate the script.
    iv) Does Kite have any option for indicator based alert
    v) Alert based on price of script reaching a particular level

  182. madhava sai says:

    how to plot indicators please help. my chart looks like this

  183. krish says:

    Hello sir,

    Please try to update mobile application as well it needs lots of improvements like cannot place after market order, cannot know why transaction rejected, live price are not changing while making transaction on top, after market my watch list doesn’t display last traded price, on buy/sell page not displaying current live price. I know it is difficult to address all these quickly but just let you know. Thanks

  184. Vijaykumay patil says:

    Hi Nitin,

    When we expect BO order in kite and can you pls look into following features to add into kite when it will implement on android version.
    1. Single sign on. That means when user logged in kite at android , session will not expired until he/ she try to login manually from another platform like web , pi, ..etc.

    Advantages for this:- we can see how market going then place order withouy lossinh time of login and waiting to open market dashbord.

    2. Please add notification on android kite version which same as facebook.
    Eg. When order executed , then notification will show in mobile notification list.
    When alert triggered , then same notification will show in mobile notification list as like facebook, when we receive notification about friends request, commented on our post.

    Advantage for this: – we can see how order executed and know p&l as soon as possible. In case loss, we can maintain low risk.

    I hvae mentioned these points by considering workinh person, who is unable to access pi version while he is busy during workinh hours.

    Pls mail me for more discussion.


  185. subash ch padhi says:

    i am untersand you chat, we are trading option but your chat are not so well so i loss , and u have not got nay type of margin in sell what will u do.i ma not unersand your chart

  186. Sandip says:


    1. Please provide support for PineScript in Kite
    2. Buy and Sell window on Advance chart
    3. Sound Alert on execution
    4. Please also include William VixFix and SuperTrend as indicator

  187. Girish says:

    I am not able to log in Pi software please someone help me

  188. Ajit says:

    Your DP business is online, does that mean we can trade in Mutual Funds as well as IPOs through Zerodha?
    Please enable Mutual Funds so that we dont have to go to another broker for that.


  189. Ravi Khanal says:

    well have been using kite from 2 months and it is good.
    Mr. Nithin can we have option chart and market watch facility available here?
    if it does happen, it wont be required to open nse or option charts of other trading websites.

  190. Varun Agarwal says:

    Correction: REPOSTED

    On checking NSDL and CDSL Sites, i could see your Zerodha at CDSL along with its Charges. I presume Zerodha offering currently is with CDSL.

  191. Varun Agarwal says:

    Hi Nitin and Team

    First of all Congrats for getting your own DP. Now Zerodha is a full fledge Stock Broker compared to other Stock Broker.

    On checking NSDL and CDSL Sites, i could see your Zerodha at CDSL along with its Charges. I presume Zerodha offering currently is with NSDL.

    Second, i was a little disappointed with DP Charges being same as earlier DP. Rs8+CDSL+ST 🙁

    Third, can you brief on differences between CDSL and NSDL ? Advantages as well as disadvantages ? Internet is full of stupid info for this and would like to hear your perspective. I hope this will help all users as well. Will put lot of anxiety to rest 🙂

    Once again, thank you for all your efforts and congrats on your growth.

    ONE LAST REQUEST, can you expand scope of Varsity to include more on charts and drawing tools. Will help more for all of us.

    Varun Agarwal

    • There is no difference between CDSL/NSDL. Yes we are with CDSL. What we are charging is among the least in the industry, most charge Rs 25 or 0.03% whichever is higher. If you have opened the ILFS NSDL account, u can continue holding that. The advantage of having a demat at CDSL with us is that very soon u will be able to start purchasing mutual fund in demat form with us. Also pledging shares for margin will become easier.

      • Jeyashankar says:

        Sir.. I have a CDSL ilfs demat with another broker and a trading account with you. When I contacted your team, they said it’s not possible to link my old broker’s CDSL DP, because zerodha only operates on NSDL. But now, you’re saying just the opposite. Could you please link my old CDSL DP with my trading account in zerodha: I just wanna do intraday.( I perfectly understand, I cannot sell my shares from my original DP through you). And as I’ve opened a BSDA account, I cannot open another DP account too. Kindly do the needful.

  192. Devendra says:

    Can u pl. add Bulls Power and Bear Power Indicator in kite. I am using it in Pi

  193. N says:

    1. Zerodha’s demat is with CDSL and not NSDL?
    2. Are there any advantages of CDSL over NSDL?
    3. I have heard that not all securities on NSDL are on CDSL (for ex., infrastructure bonds that are not listed). If that is true, it won’t make sense to open account with CDSL.

  194. krabalaji says:

    How to auto refresh the Kite chart? It is painful to refresh the chart every few minute to see the price movements.

  195. AppalaRaju says:

    Hi ,

    I am using Kite for 2 months, which is quite helpful for intraday. I see time stamp in charts showing local machine time. it is better if we can use Indian local time.

  196. blesson says:

    i love the simplicity but seesm difficult to take a particular contracts as i have to type in the full contract name. miss the market watch also.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Change is always a little difficult to adapt but is always for the good 🙂

      Its only a matter of time before you get used to the screen. We’ll flood it with features that you don’t miss the marketwatch 🙂

  197. Ram says:

    I use Kite for daily trading. Quite superb.
    May I know when the HTTP REST API would be publicly available?

  198. Manish Astral says:

    Also the price markers on the right are hiding the right side of the chart. Please create a padding between the end of the chart and the price markers so that the last bars are clearly visible. Also it would be wise to have an option to move the lines, moving averages under the price bars instead of above it like its right now.

    Take a look at the image

  199. Manish Astral says:

    Right now after using the new Kite for a while. There is a issue with the chart navigation that happens a random automatically after using a drawing tool. Normally the chart can be zoomed with the mouse wheel and can be scrolled right and left using the mouse and also the left/right keys. But after using a drawing tool sometimes the scrolling function just doesn’t work. What i mean is that suddenly the mouse pointer and the left/right keys are zooming the chart and not moving it from left to right or vice versa. Can you please fix this issue as soon as possible because its quite distracting.

    Also after placing a line ( be it a horizontal, vertical, segment, etc) , there should be option to change the color, thickness and type by selecting it. Right to change it the old lines need to erased and new lines have to placed again. Please enable this feature. Other than these Kite is running awesome so far.

  200. prasad says:

    Dear Sir,
    im using kite which is very great step for benefit intraday traders…
    Just now in crude chart i found some thing in the posting 2 images which show the mistake.please rectify it asap…see bar time is mismach and also bars mismatch

  201. Devendra says:

    my id is DD0314, I have opened ILFS demat
    Want to migrate but here are my questions
    1) What are ILFS demat and DP charges at present ?
    2) what are the benefits of migration from ILFS to Zerodha


    • Venu Madhav says:

      1) ILFS DP charges: 8+NSDL charges (4.5) + Service Tax

      2) Faster Demat Account opening
      Clarity in Charges
      Better Customer Support
      These for now.
      We have a few new initiatives lined up which is when the advantage gets amplified.

  202. Manish Astral says:

    Whoa whoa whoa ! This is awesome !! I mean really guys this is like a super awesome thing . You know what i mean. KITE.. Its flying high and have broken all the boundaries. I mean its just what i was like dreaming you know. That there would be this super cool trading platform that would run on any device anywhere. Which will have super smooth navigation and drawings. And here it is. A Kite. Its like a Kite as a birthday gift. I can’t thank you enough for this. Much much needed and here it is now.
    Kite has fulfilled the need to have a equally powerful and useful trading platform replacement for Pi. That can be run on any devices.
    One little suggestions. So far the trend lines and the horizontal lines works perfectly with custom colors and thickness ( all the more reason to switch from Pi ). But the delete button should be a separate button not right click. Cause an accidental right click will delete an important trend line in the midst of trading and its not gonna help.
    I have one more query. Is the order placements fully working in Kite. I mean i know that the chart orders are not there yet. But its not a problem right now, if the normal orders are working perfectly. One more kudos to the automatic selection of the Lot Qty for orders. In Pi i had to manually increase the lot but here it already have a selection list. Which is really awesome.
    Again Congratulations for this. Kite is a really good platform and all thanks to you guys we finally have a full featured device independent trading platform in India.

  203. jmd says:

    Kite is simply marvellous ! Even it runs quite well in Android .Another master piece from Zerodha team. … Thanks to zerodha team . I just want draw your attention to one small flaw in Kite chart . Time break while ploting of 15/30 minutes candle is different from that of Pi. It should be 9:15, 9.45, 10:15 that. Please check it .

  204. Victor ramphal says:

    Sir please give me some idea when is kite android app will be launched. Now I am using kite through opera browser in my mobile which is taking half my battery. Please please please . I am trading both in PC and mobile since I am working. I like desktop kite. Superb. But for mobile no app. So I am using now platform which is very bad in desktop but good in mobile. So please give android app so that I can use both platforms conviniently

  205. balu says:



    for crude hourly chart is not working today, i have just added 21,34,50 sma. I dont see any hourly candles from the morning till now. but the same is working for 5min chart. please get back to me asap.

  206. RajK says:


    I tried using Kite web (i am an investor and not a trader).

    When compared to Z5, Logging in is much faster.

    Few feedback:
    1. For Holdings, only option is EXIT. Please also add “BUY”.
    2. I am not able to add BSE only stocks (such as Prima Plastics). Is BSE not added yet?
    3. For Orderbook, if i choose EDIT, it shows the original Qty of shares and not the pending Qty of shares. Can you please fix it?
    4. One of the biggest problems that i faced with Z5 as well as kite now is that if a stock is traded in BSE and NSE, it would be easier if i add the stock once and should be able to choose NSE or BSE (depending on price at that time) easily at the time of placing trade. Currently i need to add NSE and BSE as 2 items for a given stock. Also if you can display the CMP in both exchanges, it would help to take arbitrage advantage.

    I like Kite’s simplicity when compared to Z5. Please improve it with user feedback.


    • Venu Madhav says:

      1. Will let the tech team know about it.
      2. We don’t have approvals for BSE yet.
      3. Will give this feedback to the tech team.
      4. If you’d want to track the price of the Stock on both Exchanges, its imperative that you add it to the marketwatch. Since we don’t have approvals for BSE yet, we aren’t displaying the Exchange since its all NSE.
      Do keep the feedback coming. The idea with Kite is to give the user the best trading experience 🙂

  207. binu says:


    kite is simple and powerful platform .

    if we can fire orders through kite charts it will be awesome .

    put buy & sell icons in pop out charts

  208. zen says:

    kite is cooooool.

    when the BO/CO will be made available on kite web page ? Is there a plan …

    there has been a long wait to get it done in PI ….. it was difficult to watch the graph in one window & navigate to the market watch window to place a BO/CO order …

    to some extent that is addressed ( watching the graph & placing order ) .. however integrating the BO/CO feature is needed .. pls address this on priority ..


  209. Eakta Sharma says:


    I am your client since April 2015, Let me know what is the demerit if I retain my demat account with IL&FS. There is mere difference of 50 paise in DP transaction charges. They are charging Rs.14 and you will charge Rs.13.50 per scrip.

    • N says:

      I don’t understand the advantage of moving the demat account to Zerodha. The difference in cost is very minor, even though AMC would be charged subsequently. Also, margin funding remains same. And hassle of opening new account and transferring, etc.

      Would be helpful if you tell us the advantages. Thanks.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Faster Demat Account opening
      Clarity in Charges
      Better Customer Support
      These for now.

      We have a few new initiatives lined up which is when the advantage gets amplified.

  210. Ravi Chougule says:

    Kite is wonderful web trading platform , especially Charts are Superb !!! When CO and BO features will be available on KITE?

  211. BSRAO says:

    Not able to login KITE with my registered password

  212. Varun Agarwal says:


    I had paid DEMAT charges for this year at the time of opening with IL&FS in the month of June 2015. As per the post, moving will be free. However will i be charged again at the end of year by Zerodha ?

    In IL&FS i was charged Rs.15 on selling of shares. Will there by any charges with Zerodha on purchase or sale of shares ? If Yes, What will be the charges ?

    Varun Agarwal

    • Venu Madhav says:

      If you choose to move to Zerodha, you can request ILFS to close your demat account. AMC will be refunded to you for the pending period.

      Yes, transaction charges will be levied on selling shares from Demat. Rs.8+CDSL charges+Service Tax

  213. Sandip says:

    I only have Trading account with Zerodha and my demat with ICICIDirect which is connected with my Zerodha Trading account.
    Please let me know how I can open an Demat account with Zerodha.

    I already contacted my account manager via email but no response till date

  214. Pavan says:

    Just 15 days back I have opened a demat account with IL&FS thru Zerodha. Now if I transfer to Zerodha DP, do I have to pay annual charges 11.5 months from now? I have already paid advance for 1 year with IL&FS , so will this be adjusted for the first year payment to Zerodha DP ?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      We’d be collecting the AMC at the end of the year unlike IL&FS who collects it in advance. Should you decide to close your ILFS account & open a new demat account with Zerodha, the AMC paid would be credited back to you via NEFT/DD after charging pro rata AMC for the period for which you held the account.

  215. Ankit Kukadia says:


    Please try and give margin trading on portfolio holding without making and removing pledge… I had read in one of the post of Nithin sir that Zerodha is planning to give this facility once Zerodha has its own DP… As there is market correction recently, portfolio is lying idle with cash stuck… Technically I don’t think there will be any problem as even if we sell shares used as margin, Zerodha can withhold the sales proceeds up to its margin requirement..

    • Venu Madhav says:

      There are a few technical limitations in doing this for now. But this will definitely be up on our ‘things to do’ list.

      • Ankit Kukadia says:

        Looking forward to that! One more thing, any other documents required for full transfer of holdings from il fs to Zerodha like CML etc..

        • Venu Madhav says:

          First, you’ve to open a demat account at Zerodha. You’d have got a DIS booklet for your IL&FS account, you’d have to fill that and submit for transfer of shares to your new demat account.

          • Ankit Kukadia says:

            Ok got it.. So filled DIS also needs to be submitted to Zerodha Banglore office? There is Option B in Account Closure Form of IL & FS. Won’t that directly transfer the shares to our new Demat Account if we select that and write new Demat Id there? Also, what will be cost of transfer to Zerodha demat? Thanks for reply!!

            • Venu Madhav says:

              Yes, you can do it.

              That’s what’s updated on the blog: If you already have opened an IL&FS demat account, make sure to also send the ILFS closure letter so that all stock can be moved from ILFS to Zerodha demat with zero cost.

  216. Vivek says:

    Wow, thanks for a true html5 ecosystem.
    Is there any way to have a dark theme. Sometimes I analyze at night and it’ll be less harsh on the eyes

  217. Nevil says:

    Kite is certainly the best way to trade from my android device. However one issue that I face is while viewing charts, when I change the timeframe to more than a minute I.e. 5 min or 15 min the very last candle that gets drawn is very extended in range. Every time I shift from stock view to charts n change the timeframe the last candle is misleading. It makes me turn to other site for charts. Please fix this.

  218. kumaresan says:


  219. Dhiraj Sharma says:

    What will be the new account opening charges for equity, f&o and currency as IL&FS used to charge 400 as AMC.
    Moreover, I am an existing client of yours, I am in the midst of my AMC payment made. Will it be carried forward in case I migrate and pro-rata payment be made?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      AMC for your Zerodha Demat account will be billed at the end of the year unlike advance AMC that IL&FS collects. If you wish to migrate, you’d have to clear your AMC dues. Pro-rata charges will not be carried forward.

      Account opening for eq, f&o, currency = 300 if you’re printing your own forms and 400 if we’re sending you the forms.

  220. Ajit says:

    Nitin and Entire Zerodha Team, Just One word Awesome!!!, Terrific Job.

    The bottom portion of the studies is been truncated. There should be scrollbar for studies in non popout window.

    thanks and regards

  221. Raj says:

    Wow… I really love the tech charts in Kite.. but am looking it to trade in MCX. will you please tell me when it will enabled trading for MCX

  222. Rahul Singh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I just love the Kite platform. Awesome job!
    And it was very much needed actually especially the MASSIVE PAIN I had in using PI.

    Awesome work guys!

  223. ateet says:

    Hi Guys!

    If I opt for Zerodha Demat Account, do I still need to ‘pledge’ and ‘un-pledge’ shares in order for them to be used for margin-ing F&O exposure?

    Also, are there any (other) such operational differences between a Zerodha Demat Account and the existing IL&FS one?


    • Venu Madhav says:

      Yes, you’d still have to pledge and request for unpledge. There wouldn’t be any difference for you as a client, everything would remain same.

      • Victor ramphal says:

        Then y when all other brokers are giving margin for trading based on holdings after considering haircut, zerodha not able to do so.

        The main problem in the current scheme is after pledging if I want to close that share I have to de pledge it and I can sell it next day only. It is bad for short term traders who buy shares with short term holding.

      • arkendu says:

        It has been great pleasure to me by hearing about staring of Zerodha DP
        As being an existing client I am also willing to switch in Zerodha DP
        Let me know the followings…

        Should I send the IL&FS DP closing form along with Zerodha DP opening form? i.e. will you submit the closing form to IL&FS on behalf of me?

        I have learned that IL&FS will refund the AMC on pro rata basis, but what about yours? How much will zerodha charge? If I open A/c in the month of October 2015….. would it be charged on pro rata basis, when you will charge on the end of calendar year or financial year (as per the case may be)
        Because it would be unfair if Zerodha askes for entire year’s AMC when someone is having A/c only for few months

        Due to this switching I have to transfer my Shares held in my existing IL&FS A/c to the new zerodha A/c…what about the debit charge generated due to this particular transfer, I think zerodha should pay the same.

        • Yes send the ILFS closure along with new Zerodha DP forms. We will submit the closure to ILFS. When ILFS closes the account, they will transfer all the stock to Zerodha demat of yours free of cost. Zerodha AMC will be Rs 300, we will charge it at the end of the financial year.

          • Manohar says:

            Hello Sir,

            Is it mandatory to close the ilfs demat to open demat with Zerodha since I don’t have any shares in ilfs demat account.


          • Indira says:

            Hi Nithin,
            I had submitted closure form for ILFS and demat opening form directly in zerodha office on 12-oct. I had to call up again to check if everything is fine. Finbally got an email notification about DP being activated on 20-oct. The status quo remains after that. The zerodha dept dealing with this is “non-communicative” and customers don’t get visibility of the current status. Do you have any process at all to track things to closure or it happens in an adhoc basis? I’m greatly disappointed and generally found the support to be sluggish with complacency. I’m writing to you with the hope things will improve in future.

            • Indira, this was like the first month of demat business, a bunch of things that will get ironed out soon. Will get someone to have a look at your ticket immediately.

              • Indira says:

                Thanks. I had got 2 support tickets opened to get my queries answered. But as expected no response from the support team. Had called up and spoken with support executive yesterday and he said concerned dept will call back. Since that didn’t happen, called up the support again and understand the following:
                1. Client Master List will be sent 24 to 48 hrs from today for the account activated on 20-Oct. (very adhoc) Normally when opening a new account, welcome kit with cml will be delivered by a typical brokering agency.
                2. ILFS account closure will take another 8 working days from today. Submitted my account opening and closure form on 12-Oct.
                Making the support respond back to customer is a tough job and we should followup on phone to get things moving, this has been my experience so far.

                Thank You.

                • Venu Madhav says:

                  Hi Indira,

                  Will have the CMR copy sent across to you rightaway. Being online brokers, we don’t send any physical copies.

                  ILFS will intimate you of account closure once its done.

  224. Sriram says:

    Embedding full features of graph in same page is too good.

    When can we expect CO/BO in kite.