Zerodha Partner Program – Refer Clients

December 15, 2012
This referral programme has been stopped on April 25, 2018, and restart on Jan 1, 2020. Read more here


As a low cost business, it is imperative that we keep our operational costs low without compromising on service or quality of the trading platform. At the same time for us to grow our business, instead of spending money on newspaper/TV ads, we want to share the same with all of you (Zerodha Clients). We call this our Partner Program.


A typical broking company spends between 10 to 15% of revenue on marketing/advertising, but we decided that instead of sharing this revenue with a media company, we’d be much more happier sharing it with our clients. Today through our associate program, we share 10% of brokerage revenue generated from all the clients whom you refer and who trade with us, for as long as they have an account with Zerodha.


A lot of you refer us clients without caring about the incentive we share with you. We at Zerodha would love to share this revenue as a token to say thank you. So we would appreciate if you follow the steps for us to be able to track the people whom you referred, allocate the lead entered to our sales team, get the sales team to follow up and open an account and then share 10% of brokerage with you.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: To be part of the Partner Program, you need to be our client. So if you don’t already have an account with us then open an account first.

Step 2: Once your account opened and you are satisfied with our performance and are ready to refer – Please login to Q ( as shown below with the ID/password which was emailed when your account was opened with us. If you don’t have this email, please send a request to [email protected] asking for your password details of Q.

Login to Q and click on Refer a client as shown below. You can quickly enter the name, number and email ID of your friend or family member.


You can also enter your lead directly on our website by going to The Zerodha Lead Management system is intelligent enough to identify it’s your referral no matter where you enter it from as long as you put in your Client ID. Check out the screenshot below to know where you can enter leads on our website.



Please note that if the lead is already in our system, it will not let you enter it again. For us, a lead is either a mobile phone number or an email id and if it is already on our system, you will not be able to enter it again.

Step 3: Once lead is in the system, you can track the status of it by following these steps:


Step 4: To track your earnings and claim the same just access the Wallet option on Referrals and claim your earnings:

Please note that the leads entered by you will be valid for 60 days and if the client doesn’t open an account in that time, referred client will not be eligible to receive the referral commission.

We need your support to grow our business from offering you a platform at lowest costs to tomorrow becoming a broker with the best trading platform, lowest costs and diverse trading tools, your preferred stock/commodity/currency broker. Do go ahead and start referring friends and family who you think will benefit from our brokerage model.

Summary of the Client Referral Payout Rules

1. To be a part of our referral program, firstly you need to be an existing customer of Zerodha. 

2. A client can participate in the client referral program by logging into Q (our backoffice) and entering the lead details under Referrals > Refer or alternatively by entering the lead details in

3. Each referred lead MUST open an account with Zerodha in 60 days, else the client will not be eligible to receive the referral commission.

4. By becoming an Associate at Zerodha, you agree to not pay and/or commercially advertise your referral link through Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other online/social media platforms.

*Minimum referral payout Rs 10000.

*Referral payout requires you to complete a one time registration process with us.

Update: (Effective 01st March 2017)

*Minimum referral payout Rs.2020.

*No one-time registrations required.

*Referral wallet will get updated on a monthly basis only. You’ll be able to place your withdrawal requests on Q

*A one-time undertaking duly signed has to be provided for us to process your payout. The undertaking has to be digitally signed using the services of Digio. You can write to us at [email protected] if you need any assistance with digitally signing the undertaking.

*A copy of the digitally signed undertaking has to be emailed to [email protected]

*Withdrawl requests will be processed within 7-10 working days.

*TDS @ 5% will be deducted on the withdrawable amount, TDS certificates will be emailed to the registered email ID on a quarterly basis.

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Pranjal says:

    Hi team, we have a sentimental analysis research website where we scan the market real-time for NSE 200 stocks. And for ease of the customers would like to add a zerodha redirection link where the users can be redirected to zerodha platform if they want to trade. Could you kindly shed some light on how can we approach this UX feature or can we directly access your trading terminal link?
    Here’s our website for your reference-

  2. Deepak Sharma says:

    I want be associate

  3. maninder says:

    Dear sir,

    I am interested in joining a sub-broker Selling Demat ac stock services Please inform all the steps required to qualify & fee charges, provide information on how you services to the client are better and the main reasons for choosing your team the my financial commission’s return.

    I have more than 25 years of experience in sales & business development, selling multiple products & services, currently, I am selling financial insurance products.



    ludhiana punjab india

  4. Sonam says:

    I want to be a associate of your company how can i start this program

  5. Muzzammil says:

    Hi. I referred to my friend and his account is opened via my reference. Brokerage commission is reflecting under rewards, but I am unable to withdraw it as I am getting a message that for withdrawal I need minimum 5 referrals. Why so kindly help me to withdraw the money which is showing in the rewards.

  6. Shivraj Chingunde says:

    hi i want 2 join zerodha as a partner …. Please guide me to start work with u

  7. Mayank Mittal says:

    I want to become a partner with Zerodha and sub broker also. If no charges were levied or not any cost.

  8. Shruthi says:

    Hi Suman, check out this article for details. For further clarifications, please create a ticket so our team can assist you.

  9. Donga Dipen says:

    i am clearing criteria to join as partner and now zerodha team asking me that you not join because you do not achieve our target.
    my equation is how you decide without showing my work.last 5 month I am opening more than 100 account and zerodha team ask me that I am not able to open 5 account every month.
    ask me that continue as referral partner so that give me less commotion.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Dipen, we’re sorry to hear this. We’re getting this checked. You will have an update on your ticket.

  10. M.Surya narayana AS1985 says:

    Dear Sir,
    *I am working as Zerodha Partner from 2017 .
    *I was opened several accounts from previous organization.
    *I am giving the Brokerage Rs.50,000 to Rs 80,000 per month through my customers.
    *Now zerodha setting New Account open Targets to their partners.
    *I am not achieving my Accounts target due to held accident .
    *Now Zerodha Terminated me from Feb’2023 .
    *Deactivated my partner Id.
    *Reason…Accounts target not achieved.
    *I am giving service from 2017.
    My question is
    *I am asking to NITHIN KAMATH sir.
    *I am not a zerodha employee..
    *Zerodha is not paying salary to me.
    *Zerodha paying only commission on what I am generating the Brokerage from my clients.
    *Why setting the Accounts targets to the partners,
    *Why you are Terminating and throw out Hardly the partners .
    *How Partners belive and Trust on zerodha company.
    *I feel as zerodha family.
    *My family depended on Brokerage commission.
    I Expected favor Reply from you.

    Thank you
    M. Surya narayana
    Partner id: AS1985.

  11. vikas says:

    i want to join with your sub broker ship…please inform me my is 7869000105……

  12. sangam j says:

    Hi, it is not about any comment, I saw a twit news by Zerodha that it is looking to build a team to work on mutual funds, I am doing a project kind of thing on Capital Markets, if you think that my work aligns with your requirement, please let me know. As your career portal is not showing any options to upload resume and shows there are no current openings, tell me how I can send the resume and reach you with my work.

  13. VINAYAK K. SUTAR says:

    hi sir..
    I want to join with you as sub broker… plz guide me about your procedure….
    sir i have also referred now 10 account. my mob. : 8421056704

  14. Nishesh says:

    Hey Nitin,

    Is it ok to refer our siblings or wife to get the referral benefits ?

  15. Sandip Mori says:

    Hello Sir ,
    This is Shridhar and I want to be sub broker in zerodha and I already have trading account in zerodha and I am intersted to open zerodha office in Surat – Gujarat. Please tell me the procedures

    My contect Detail +91-9825318020

  16. OM KUMAR JAIN says:

    Dear Sir, I want to join affilaite program. how to join?


    respected sir,
    i’m subbroker with zerodha, my code ZMPQUF, i am contactin you for few queries, but cant reach you, pls tell me, how can i contact you or any my relationship manager.

  18. Pushkaraj Sudhir Akude says:

    I would like to be your partner Zerodha. I’m a PG student, so is ut possible for me?
    Please let me know. Always love.
    Thank you

  19. Mahitha says:

    Tried opening the account from online, but i got mail saying “Duplicate leads”, ACOP Offline. Please let me know what needs to be done. Tried calling the toll free number of zerodha but it keep on says “your manager is on another call and will get back to you” and call disconnected and i never got any information from zerodha even after 48hrs.

  20. Alok Samadder says:

    New Parnter Logine

  21. Bhavana ben vaghela says:

    Reward points regarding problem I have not use quicko ITR but my 1200 points less in my accounts

  22. dipesh soni says:

    i want to take sub brokership plz arrange a call for me.

  23. krishan kr garg says:

    sir my partner id ZMPOIB my add lead link is forget
    pls help me we are add many clints
    krishan kumar garg

  24. Anshuman Mishra says:

    Willing to join Zerodha as an associate. Kindly contact & guide.

  25. Sukanya Singh says:

    Kindly let me know details for sub-broking

  26. mahesh says:

    dear friends don’t become partner as they cheated, previously there was no rule of monthly adding new client but now implemented useless rules. they collect our reference after they boycott you by some stupid rules & take a whole benefit they have no ethics, not sustain on top as this type of cheating with partners.

  27. Chanchala says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Please help me to understand the rule for Zerodha Partner. If I would be joining as a partner and keep on adding some leads with Zerodha. Kindly help me to get answer for below questions:
    1. Is the brokerage sharing for lifetime?
    2. Suppose, I got 50 clients added. Then, unable to add new ones due to some shift in the business. Will I still be eligible to get brokerage sharing for already added clients for lifetime?
    3. What is the minimum payout rule (Is it monthly or yearly)?


    • Dr K Chaudhry says:

      Minimum payout is not monthly or yearly. Whenever your credit balance exceeds minimum payout, you receive money. If your balance is below minimum payout, balance is carried over to next payment period.

  28. Subhash Patil says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Subhash Patil from Belgaum Karnataka sir I want sub brokershif of Zeroda and open a new office in Belgaum area please help me sir allready I have account in Zeroda pls help me sir My ID No – LQ4948

  29. Faisal says:

    hello, I came to know about Zerodha in Netizens trend . What should i do to get its affiliate.

  30. satheesh kumar says:

    how to become a zerodha sub broker?

  31. NOOTAN SHARMA says:

    As zerodha is charging zero brokerage on delivery then how we will earn

  32. anand says:

    hi sir ,i have demat account in zerodha,I want to become sub broker can u say details of of it

  33. says:

    What is now a days zerodha refferal sytems about 10% refferal. now a days there is no options for clients to check thierrefferal on. niftyfriend

  34. Dr Priyanka Sharma says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I would like to know what is purpose of keeping this 60 day rule. I mean why the referral is not valid if the referred client opens account after 60 days. ??

    • Vinay says:

      With the online account opening facility, an account can be opened within a few mins. Every lead entered will be assigned to a sales team member and they will be following up in a regular interval. If a lead hasn’t converted in 2 months, in all probability, the prospect isn’t interested in opening an account. As such, if the lead does convert at a later time, the chances of the lead having been reintroduced to the product through other means are quite high. This is the reason for having a time-limit after which lead ownership expires.

  35. sivakumar says:

    I have been with zerodha partner program but my client id linked with other referel person cn u pls help me how can i add my client id to my ZLM if not possible can i close the account and will open new account under my ZLM

  36. pavan warke says:

    i want to become zerodha associate partner
    call me for details 9225771660

  37. deepak kumar says:

    I am Associate Partner of Zerodha since last 3 years. Initially I use to get my referral commission regularly. But since last one year Zerodha has stopped me paying. Different representative gives various reasons each time. Would you please look into this. Accumulated amount is more than 10000 my id AUOMDK

    • Arun kumar Kushwaha says:

      Same here brother, i called to Zerodha and they said, to generate 1K brokerage is mandatory every month to be eligible for getting Commission regularly.
      previously there was no rule, but now implemented useless rules.
      Jab choti company thi to theek thi, ab badi ho gayi hai to Ghamandi ho gayi hai.
      bagwan kare fir se itni choti ho jaaye ki 1 client ke liye tarse..
      lalchi company..

  38. RamKrishna Sahani says:


    I recently became an AP(ZMPVBC) with Zerodha. I wanted to know more information about the various features available in the Partner ZLM dashboard. How could I get this information?

  39. Ganesh malekar says:


    I have insurance and loans business from last 5 yrs. So i m planning to start as a sub broker. Already I have account in zerodha.

    So pls let me know the process and earnings.

    But i think I want pan india.

    Not limited to 1 city.

    Ganesh malekar

  40. DEEPAK SHARMA says:

    MOBILE NUMBER 7208698026

  41. Dixit says:

    Hello Sir ,
    This is and Rahul I want to be sub broker in zerodha and I ralready have trading account in zerodha and I am intersted to open zerodha office in lucknow area ple ase tell me the procedures

  42. Tapoj says:

    Hello Sir ,
    I want to be sub broker in Zerodha and I already have trading account in Zerodha and I am interested to open Zerodha office in Odisha, Berhampur-760009 area please tell me the procedures.
    Tapoj Kumar

  43. Sri Harsha says:

    I want to open account. But it is showing “Duplicate entry lead with the mobile_no/email with the same product already exists A lead with the same product and Mobile number already exists”. For your kind information I have never logged In to Zerodha.
    What to do now?? Please help me.
    When I am calling your customer support helpline it is saying “Your Account is barred because you have no service”.

    please solve this issue , i can’t do anything further.

  44. Chetan Jazadiya says:

    my id is ZMPVOQ, I am not show my lead in crm platform and i am not login in

  45. Ankit Vishwakarma says:

    I want to open account. But it is showing “Duplicate entry lead with the mobile_no/email with the same product already exists A lead with the same product and Mobile number already exists”. For your kind information I have never logged In to Zerodha.
    What to do now?? Please help me.
    When I am calling your customer support helpline it is saying “Your Account is barred because you have no service”.

  46. Vishal says:

    Zerodha team always reply on customers concerns but I don’t see reply on this page. Sad!

  47. Saroj says:

    Sir my id yc8356

    Sir Maine refer k liye aapke customer care service bast Kiya tha but would bol rahe h firstly asp 1060 RS pay Karo or balance 9000 aprox aapke reffer earnings see zerodha jab asp pay out karoge tab le lega.. fir sir hamara Kya fayda hua

    My contacts number is 8398095958 please suggest me sir

  48. Pandurang says:

    Hello sir,
    Zerodha associate referal program is very good to earn some money by referring clients
    But there should not be any condition to get minimum referal payout. Zerodha has set minimum referal amount of 10000.
    Plz do some changes in minimum referal payout policy

  49. Vishal says:

    The wallet referral program is unique thing in Zerodha.
    Its very bad that you are terminating this facility.
    You should start it again for at least retail users who provided you referrals & that increase your customer base.
    I believe sharing small amount of brokerage with your your retail customer will not make huge loss to Zerodha or stopping it will not make huge profit to zerodha.
    Think about it.

    Best Regards,

  50. Tushar zod says:

    Plzzzz all details sub broker ship mobile number 8275259339

  51. gourav says:

    crm not working more then 40 day i m waiting for new crm?????

  52. Mukta Jadhav says:

    My ZLM account not working proper i can not add lead from my zlm account. I have asked my sales manager but they are telling us zlm under development. And new zlm will come.

    • Aloyis Prashant Tirkey says:

      Sir same problem i am also facing I have some money in that ZLM account but then also I m not able to withdrawal it

      • Shubham says:

        Hey Aloyis, please create a ticket at so that our team can check and assist.

  53. Urvashi Mody says:

    I want to become a zerodha Associate Partner.


    I suggest
    please include Details about the.

    “”Taxation implications and
    the requirements of registration with GST in your regular website

    so we can study all terms there and take a decision to join.

    paying a fee to zerodha is not a problem.

    but to go and break head with GST tax authorities is not what we would like.

    please …please….do include an article.
    somewhere in your website and clarify all aspects of pissible implications with GST.


    It will help ALL.


    urvashi mody

  54. JINesh says:

    is there are charges for becoming associate partner with zerodha


    I want to join with you as a sub broker. Please guide me .

  56. Rahul says:


    I am a Zerodha Partner, and as per latest update, I will have to get registered with exchange in order to get paid by partner program, so can you tell me how much time it will take to get registered by exchange?

    The registration will be done by Zerodha sales team, so please tell me how many days it will take to register me as a partner!

    Thank You,
    Rahul K

  57. Rajat says:

    Zerodha partner program is really bad. When the time comes for payment they don’t release it and when I mail to the support, they say its mandatory to register with exchange for payout. So what were you doing before while collecting leads at the time of payment all these things come.

  58. Sayantan Dey says:

    Hello, I have referred someone with my zerodha account,he has opened acount and trading on daily basis,but I am not receiving any percentage,may I know what is the cause? I am even able to see his name in my referral list. Please let me know.

    Sayantan Dey

  59. Akash says:


    How can I transfer my Referrals from Zerodha Q account to the partner account? I got several referrals that I want to transfer to my Zerodha Associate Partner account! Please inform me how can I do that!


  60. Anusha says:

    HI sir,

    I have more amount in my referral wallet before you removed the affiliate; how can i withdraw amount.


  61. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    We want to become your Sub Broker. Pls mail us the details.


  62. Hameeda Ghori says:

    So, Zerodha partnership payment program is closed from April 25th. Please confirm.

    • Matti says:

      The partner programme where an individual registers with us as an AP on the exchanges is still the same, only client referral payouts have been stopped.

  63. rahul says:

    i had refer Zerodha to some of my office colleague all of them had open account and trading using zerodha but i didn’t received referral amount . Now Im Zerodha Partner request you to move all my refer to my partner ID.
    Zerodha Client ID ZL6750
    Partner ID ZMPFUX

  64. shubham vaishnav says:

    I reffered clients to you. I taught them to trade to earn 10% brokerage. But now you are saying that you will not give 10%.
    Your client base got doubled in this financial year. CONGRATULATIONS FOR THAT.
    But don’t you think it is quite unethical. It is like that “we made our client base, now we don’t khow you. which 10% are you talking about”.
    Can someone believe on your zerodha parter program?
    Is there any guarantee that you will not change your words?

    • Ank says:

      Yeah Exactly…Zerodha’s Customer Base has grown sharply and 1 of major reason is bcoz of referral program…..Their Intension was to use Customers to get More Customers and make more Profitss….And now they really Don’t Care about Customers anymore since they just want Profitss now and dont need anymore customers….Brokers which is not customer centric won’t survive for a long time… It won’t take much time for customers to switch to other Discount Broker

  65. Judson Romon says:


  66. Marcus Royal says:


  67. Biswamohan Choudhury says:

    I can’t withral reffera wallet

  68. sankar chakraborty says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to sub broker of your company.
    Pls. give me details.

  69. Ank says:

    Does the 10% Referral Program is Still Active??

  70. pintu vaishnav says:

    i want become sub broker
    pintu patel

  71. Sunil says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have my own website having good traffic, can i keep account opening referral link on my site which is timely unbounded as I could not timely assure when my site visitors will join. Please advice how can i use my website to get more referrals. Thanks

  72. aashish kumar kesharwani says:

    Dear sir
    My self Aashish kumar kesharwani and, I’m existing customer of Zerodha family, my Client ID is yj1079. I would like to join with you as sub broker, Plz let me know what is procedure and responsibility and and commision of sub broker.

  73. sandeep says:

    want to transfer my demat from ilfs to zerodha pls guide


    I have few of my friends… Referred to Zerodha. Unfortunately they have not opened the accounts in 60 Days. When they wanted to open the account i am not able to refer back as it says mobile number/mail id is already existing ….

    If they open account will the account benefits will be given to me or not?


    how to become associate with zerodha under zerodha associate program ?

  76. Sandeep S Dabhade says:

    i have comleted one challenge but my brokerage was not refunded client id ZT8008. I have contacted to the concerned team still its not done.

  77. Vishnu says:

    how to get zerodha referral link .?
    my clint ID- ZMPSER

  78. ranjan mandal says:

    i had opened my wife’s demat account through my referral. i am done intraday in equity and currency trading but till now i have not get any referral amount. pls tell me what happend

  79. chawdhry says:

    Hello Team,

    I am in the partner program. what is Forms Collected and Forms collected (by others) rows in CRM ?

    why 20% deducted every month for Forms collected(by others) ?

    which are those clients who come under Forms collected(by others) ?

  80. Aj says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Does the Referral program still active ?

    Let me know the process.

  81. arka7 says:

    Hello Sir ,
    This is Arka Mukherjee and I want to be sub broker in zerodha and I already have trading account in zerodha and I am intersted to open zerodha office in Howrah , (state west bengal), mandirtala area please tell me the procedures

  82. SCB says:

    Hi Matti,
    Hi Nitin
    Many a times , when we refer our friend in the referral area of back office, we get a message that the mobile number or mail id is already registered. When we check with our friend , he confirms that he does not have an account in Zerodha. Though , he is now willing to open based on our recommendation, we may not be getting the referral commission.
    Suggest , please find a way out for this , can we mention our referral code ACOP forms ? is there an option for this ?


  83. Shaikh Amil says:

    Hello sir,
    I would like to be sub broker for Zerodha. I have many people who would like to open account with zerodha.not only referral but also i would want to setup a office in Bhiwandi
    Kindly let me know if this is possible

  84. Ramasundhar Nagarajan says:

    Hi Nitin
    Many a times , when we refer our friend in the referral area of back office, we get a message that the mobile number or mail id is already registered. When we check with our friend , he confirms that he does not have an account in Zerodha. Though , he is now willing to open based on our recommendation, we may not be getting the referral commission.
    Suggest , please find a way out for this



    I referred a client who is among my friend circle. on request, he sent me all the contract notes till last 9th feb’2018 as 10th of every month is referral commission updating date. but I was shocked to see the referral commission update in my account compare to his trades.
    it’s simply nothing but cheating.
    presently the PI at the time of opening also not working smoothly. but after placing several requests, they are not doing anything.
    this completely unexpected service from an emerging broker like Zerodha.
    it is my personal request to Mr. Nithin Kamath to fill the loopholes in his organization.
    due to some employees laziness and ignorance, your customer must not suffer.

    • SCB says:

      someone from zerodha please answer this .

      Matti , please address this query , I think as Nithin has said in his previous responses that we can mention our referral ID on ACOP form .

      there is a section for mentioning your referral code. is there any section on the form ?

  86. VIJAYAKUMAR says:

    Awaiting for your reply

  87. VIJAYAKUMAR says:

    Hello Sir,

    i am vijayakumar from chennai, my client ID is YV0933, i told about Zerodha to open the account to them, they already paid the amount, without use my Client referral. how to proceed furthur to get the referral bonus from that.

  88. Arpan says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am also Zerodha’s online enrollment partner and while surfing net I came to know about this – “From June 2016, Zerodha will make payout of the partner commission as salary and all partners will be considered as employees of Zerodha”. And Zerodha will also create PF accounts for them.

    One more thing, when I checked my commission on Zerodha online partner portal (, it is showing some amount being deducted as “Deduction 1 (10.28%), Deduction 2 (4.065%), PF (12%), ESIC (1.75%)”.

    Can you please explain about those things?

    Thank you,

  89. Siddaroodha says:

    Hello sir,

    I have referred 5 members and also they started trading but still now i didn’t get referral commission amount. what should i do now.


    Hi sir,
    I am SUBHANKAR SARKAR from kolkata. I have already Demat a/c in ZERODHA. I want to join with you as a sub broker. Please guide me about your procedure.
    Email id- [email protected]
    Phone no – 8013054904

  91. Jitendra Kumar Saxena says:

    Are Employees working in Zerodha ablle to terminates partners ZLM accounts only because they (salesperson’s at Zerdodha) Don’t want to see us as partners ? (i have Zerodha Partner Program a/c (a/c in ZLM) ) I start referring people but due to some issues which I raised to get answer, the employees at Zerodha threaten me to discontinue partnership programme ( Are you expecting partners not to raise any ) sir, as a partner I did expect to give you huge number of clients But Now How can one proceed if “Cancellation one’s Partnership” is in the hand of 2 employees’ opinions ???

    if “Cancellation one’s Partnership” is in the hand of 2 employees’ opinions ??? How can one think for Long term Partnership by referring clients

    if one referred 100 clients or 1000 or 10,000 clients, now your employees raise a Minute issue by showing it as Big one and terminates Partners, Next all credit and referral benefits will be taken by the salespersons (Employees) what a great “Zerodha Partner Program”

  92. AMAR says:


  93. kapil says:

    Hello Nitin,
    I have referred 4 of my friends through the zlm program as I’m Associate Partner. All of them have opened account & trading daily in front of me. But, still its just showing Rs.8 brokerage for the month Dec.17..How is this possible? plz tell me whether should I add leads or not? Because if this continues I have to think on it then. Curently, I’ve collected email & mob no. of more than 25 potential clients for zerodha. But,really I’m disappointed by your brokerage system for me..!!! Please help

    • Matti says:

      Kapil, best write to partner[at] with this. The team will be able to check this out. This forum is for generic queries only.

  94. hussain sheik says:

    sir how to exchange my referal another account….. send me video link or any solutions.

  95. Parveen Kumar says:

    Sir, After generating and copying the link, on what platform I mean gmail, wtsapp or fb we sud send to our friend for referal.

    • Matti says:

      You can share the link on any medium Praveen. If the user lands on our website and registers himself/herself using your link, the referral is recorded.

  96. kalpesh says:

    I have referred a friend.Status is showing unpicked?
    My referrals has not been contacted yet. Already 2 days has been passed. My id is Rk1559

  97. Tarun Chakrawarti says:

    How much commition we earn In refferel program Per use? user trading Commition?? whole details plzz

  98. Hemanth Kumar says:


    I would like to know more about associate partner and ,how to be one of them. Is there any region vise or district wise criteria?
    Appreciate your advice.

  99. Hritik says:

    SIr, what is meant by “Callback” status in referral.

    • Matti says:

      This basically means that the sales manager is expected to call your referral and help him/her open the account.

  100. RAHUL KUMAR says:

    sir, will my referal works if client email,phone & pan already registered on zerodha but he/she has not completed further account opening process.

  101. Sorabh says:

    CID : ZC0970

    I have referred two leads Through Q office but they have not received any call from your end till date.

    1) SWATI – date 23/10/2017
    2) Narendra Sharma – date 07/11/2017

    I have also contacted for same on customer care regarding same and they assured that they will give them a callback but till date no call has been made.

  102. VINOD NAVADIYA says:

    hi sir..
    i want to join with you as sub broker… plz guide me about your procedure….
    client id :- YH2296


    • Matti says:

      Hey Vinod, can you write to partner[at] The team will get in touch. Note that we don’t offer a conventional sub-broking model where you get a dealer terminal to trade for your clients. You need only introduce clients.

  103. RS7364 - BSRao says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have referred my neighbour Mr.Eswar under the referral program. whereas it is showing as the account as opened under my at as
    1 KAMPATY ESWAR Account Opened 27-11-2017 Account Opened

    the client did not received the Login ID and Password for his trading accounts.
    Request you to do the needful at the earliest.


    Srinivasa Rao

  104. Amey Deshpande says:


    I have referred a friend Santhosh P.
    Status is showing unpicked?
    could you please tell me what it is mean

  105. JASWINDER SINGH says:

    Dear Sir,

    Stil i am not receive any amount of brokrage my client daily trade in intraday but not any credit in my account

    my Partner id is ZMPDHF

    cleint id ZL8264


    kindly proces my request

    Jaswinder Singh
    Client id- zr8057
    partner id- ZMPDHF

    • Matti says:

      Jaswinder, the brokerage is credited only once it crosses Rs. 2020. write to partner[at] for more details.

  106. vishal says:

    Dear Sir,
    i want to join with you as sub broker… plz guide me about your procedure….means single terminal all client trading ?? Thanking you

  107. Jitesh says:

    soo conviently deleted my query rather than addressing it ?

  108. Vivek says:

    Is referer benifit also applicable in case of smallcase purchase by refered client.

  109. Kunal says:

    Hey NIthin,
    I have referred my friend under the referral program. But your team isn’t willing to communicate via email. My friend even sent an email to your sales manager Renu .C. asking to send the referral link but after 1 day she just got an auto response saying they were not able to contact and requesting for a skype ID. What is the work around here. I have to transfer a few more accounts of my family members from isec to zerodha. But I want the process to be simple enough so I can transfer all accounts one by one.
    Kindly let me know

  110. Abhilash K says:

    Hi Sir (Nithin),

    I wish to use a shop for Zerodha promotion is it possible to get a boardings and brochures to do referral programs as well as partnership like sub-broker programs. If these are not in the conditions. Can you please give me an individual permission to do so, please ?

  111. suraj says:

    Hi , Sir
    I am having zerodha account and now i want to open my Mom,Dad and Sisters account with zerodha , so can i use one mobile no and email address …and if nt possible then tell a convenient way

    please help with tht


    • Matti says:

      Hey Suraj, using the same email ID and mobile number wouldn’t be possible. I’m afraid you’ll have to have separate contact details for each account.

  112. Pravin says:

    Superb kite sofware nd….its very eco frandly nd….very lite wait tools …

  113. Nikhil Anto says:


    If i refer a friend and he invests only in mutual fund, will i be having any monetary benefit


  114. udaya says:

    Hey, i have introduced my fried to zerodha. i forgot to include the link as well as the client id.
    is it possible to add now???

  115. ullas kumar u s says:

    sir i have referred so many people to open account with zerodha . They have done it and trading daily. Earlier I did not even know about your referral program. could please consider my previous referral .

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Ullas, that would not be possible. Going ahead if you wish to refer someone go to Q and add their contact details under the “Refer” section.

  116. Ramki Gangasani says:

    Hi , I have referred 2 of my friends. They haven’t got a call yet. Can you please follow up them so that they can open an account in Zerodha.

  117. Siddhesh Rane says:


    I referred one of my friends to Zerodha using the affiliate link which I gave to him over WhatsApp, Now he registered and still, I cannot see him in my referrals, What should I do?

  118. Brijesh Mehta says:

    Brijesh Mehta says:
    November 2, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    From the description I found that wallet balance is updated on monthly bases but can you tell me on which date exactly?

  119. Dharun says:

    Hi, I registered with ZLM Partner..Register successful and i got ID “ZMPNZC”. When will i get password for login?

  120. RS7364 - BSRao says:

    Dear Nithin Kamath,

    I got an account created under my referral and that account was opened on 26-10-2015.

    Then onwards the new account has generated some brokerage through Equity, NFO and Commodity trading.
    I found that my Wallet is showing some amount and is not getting updated.

    I request you to rectify the problem and update the wallet.

    Srinivasa Rao

  121. Ashish Ostwal says:


    If I refer someone – will that person will get email about its referral ? or if he opens by himself – it will be mapped automatically ?

    I refer someone but that person didn’t received any email. How that person will know that I referred him ?
    Or email takes time to generate ?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Ashis, when you refer someone the details will be present in our system and even if he opens an account without you knowing, you will receive the benefit. 🙂

  122. Ajay says:

    when margin for cnc will be available ?

  123. Brijesh Mehta says:

    From the description I found that wallet balance is updated on monthly bases but can you tell me on which date exactly?

  124. Gokula N says:

    Respected Sir,

    I have referred 4 friend but yet to receive call back (if possible call in morning from 9:A.M to 12:P.M. If there is any issue, kindly send a mail to [email protected] (my registered email) so that i can ask them to speak with you, if you expedite it will be benefit for both of us.

  125. Abhilash K says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,

    I am passionate in stock markets, I like your company strategies and growth. Hence I wish to join referral program by getting an identity from Zerodha. Means, I wish to get a Zerodha Name Board and Official Recognition to start a Zerodha referral office in an office room. I prefer referral program because I can’t handle a franchise it will not suits me.

    Awaiting your reply
    Thanks a lot.

  126. arunkumar says:


    I have recommended one of my friend and who has joined last month, i clarified all the doubts joining zerodha and shown some live examples how it works in zerodha, i didnt received the refferal bonus due to recent changes of 60 days.

  127. Manish says:

    I referred 3 of my friends and family and they opened their account, I can see their name in Zeroda Q office but still didn’t get any referral credits in my account, please let me know about this.
    Why I didn’t get anything in my wallet.

  128. Danayya Pujari says:

    Dear sir / madam,
    Few days back I requested to become a Partner with zerodha . I’m waiting for you calls, nobody’s replay to me. and then I’ll call from your representative Mr. Chandan Kumar and he explained some thing about partner ship program. I can’t andestanig he is what to say that, so I’ll requesting to he for call back arrangement in Kannada language, but till now i did not recive any call regarding the details .please do need full help to me .i am very interested to work with Zerodha partnership program ( main branch office )

    Danayya pujari

  129. Deepak says:

    Hi sir,

    I had referred two of my friends to Zerodha and they have got their account activated successfully. They have been trading as well on a daily basis. Now, I can see no referral bonus in my wallet. Could you please let me know why I did not receive any referral bonus yet.


    • Matti says:

      Hey Deepak,

      That shouldn’t happen if the referral was made from Q. Can you please email partner[at] The team will check and have this rectified ASAP.

  130. Solomon says:


    I opened an account with Zerodha, a year back and for some reason your company continues to fascinate me, though I haven’t executed a single trade yet, I am a daily checker of your Varsity program, which has absolutely curated the financial education to the point. I was wondering If I could possibly join your team, being from law background and since my interests are shifting towards capital markets I believe I would learn better on field by being a part of your team. yes I did check on the careers section of your site but since I’m currently located in New Delhi, I am not positive on working in Bangalore as I just moved in to Delhi. I am wondering If I can still join your team as I am truly interested. Please assist me on this. Awaiting your response. Have a good day !

  131. Rakesh says:

    My referrals has not been contacted yet. Already one month over. customer support team told me that they will , when ? how many times i need to call back them? Please do contact the referral person immediately..

    i see that many of my friends also referred and no one is getting a call back from zerodha 🙁 very poor sales team.

    hope your team will contact soon. thanks

  132. Ankur says:


    I am having 23 a/c of my family members and want to open it with Zerodha. But before opening an account with zerodha i want to confirm is is possible to bulk trading in each account with help of any 3rd party software.

    Kindly advice


  133. Davinder says:

    Dear Nithin

    I already have an account with zerodha.
    I am starting my financial services business, Can I take dealership of Zerodha for chandigarh if yes
    please tell me the procedures,
    Reply would be appreciated

    Thanks & Regards

  134. naresh says:

    i & my family had total 11 a/c i am looking to open a/c with zerodha can you help me how i can trade in all the a/c at one time

    • Naresh, SEBI doesn’t allow one person to place orders on behalf of another. So not really possible.

      • naresh says:

        thanks for the reply
        can you provide the delear software so that i can take trade in all a/c other broker r giving it

        • We don’t give out dealer, as it is not compliant to regulations.

          • naresh says:

            than what is the option sir how can i trade in my family a/c can you pls guide me i i open an a/c with zerodha

          • Prakash Patil says:

            Hi Nithin,

            I have become a marketing partner of Zerodha and I have many leads but I do not get a great support from my managers.

            I don’t like to complain but it’s affecting the business for you and me.

            I feel that it’s only you who would be affected if the leads don’t get added rest all are doing just their job in Zerodha.

            So I am informing you about it.

            Please create an escalation matrix as most of the big companies have.

            My difficulties:
            1. I don’t have a direct partner customer care number.
            Normal customer care do not transfer the call to them.

            2. When I had become a partner I did not know whom to contact for adding the leads as the website was not showing any details of my leads. I had to discover that the website was under development after calling customer care lots of time.

            Actually my manager should have welcomed me as soon as I had joined under him. I had to dig out who is my manager and who will support me in the process of adding the clients to Zerodha.

            Secondly all the marketing partners should have been informed that the website is under development and alternative to adding leads.

            Thirdly the managers don’t even tell yes or no on SMS after the working hours.

            If all these things gets improved then I will keep on adding leads to Zerodha otherwise it’s a double hard work for me……..I don’t know how much I will earn after all this double hard work.


      • Jitesh says:

        you mean to say other brokers are doing business illegally ? SEBI does allow brokers to give sub brokership where dealer can place order, say that you dont provide sub brokership.

        • Matti says:

          Being a sub-broker and trading for your family are two completely different things, Jitesh. In this context, it isn’t compliant to provide a dealer terminal for one to manage accounts for family members. For a sub-broker, dealer terminals that are provided by other brokers are only given out once the dealer gets NISM certification and is registered as an authorised person with the exchanges.


    i think there is no transparency in brokerage paying to partners or account holder.
    can i see which client given me how much brokerage?
    how much is my intraday brokerage collection from traders?
    if yes then how?
    if not then why sir/mam?

  136. Tushar says:

    My referrals has not been contacted yet. Already 3 days has been passed. My id is ZL4141

  137. Pradeep Verma says:

    Hi Nitin,
    In reference to my query- “Please let me know how can I claim the earning from the account that I opened for my friend last Thursday?”.

    Its not that I didn’t tried to enter the email in referral link in Q before attempting to open my friend’s account ( I tried it). But since it was raising email already exist error and she was about to leave Bangalore on 25th September I went ahead to open the account. I was very hopeful that let me first open the account ‘first later I will follow Zerodha guys and they will be able to do it as usual (I have seen in past Zerodha solving their client’s issues by going beyond the rules).

    Now I guess whats it needs-
    1- Add the lead in your lead management system with referee’s id.
    2- Later when referral mapping task will trigger as per schedule, since client already got account (which is there in leads database as well) it will automatically do all necessary mappings.

    So precisely just one lead entry is needed.

    Please confirm then I will provide all the details ( friend’s email, Client-ID & all ) along with verification from my friend (stating that she opened the account on my recommendation)

    Hoping the dynamic CEO will do it.
    Thanks you

  138. Pradeep Verma says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I opened an account for my friend last Thursday using online fully online procedure. Later I got to know that Zerodha provides referral earnings. But to claim those earnings new customer need to come via referred link using back-office which doesn’t hold true in this case. Now I want to claim that bonus, so what I need to do? Is it required to close that account and re-open using back-office link or it can be stilled linked to my account as my referral.

    It is really good to see fully online procedure of account opening. I hated the process of getting printout, sign the form and then send it by courier when this whole thing can be automated. I could have brought many friends to your platform earlier only if it could have been automated like this. Anyways, now I will bring them all to Zerodha.

    Please let me know how can I claim the earning from the account that I opened for my friend last Thursday?

    Thank you…

    • Pradeep, if the account is already opened, we can’t map it. But from next time, refer your friend here: before he opens an account.

      • Pradeep Verma says:

        She is planning her career as full time trader/investor only. So she will give lot of brokerage to zerodha.

        • Pradeep, it is not about changing database. As a policy we don’t after account opening. If we do, we will get inundated with support requests for the same.

          • Pradeep Verma says:

            Nitin sir,

            Precisely, just one lead entry in lead management system is needed. I tried referral link once before opening the account but it raised already exist error and she was about to leave Bangalore on 25th so I opened the account with the hope that zerodha guys will take care of rest . Please take care of it.

            Thank you…

  139. Surya says:

    Dear Kamath sir,
    Nearly RS 100000/- brokerage given to zerodha through referral, already digital signature process also done. But your people are not releasing referral payout from
    Last 10 days, they are saying every time only one word ”today eod it will be done from last 10 days” . Now I have arising one doubt.. referral is genuine or fraud…? Your support team also not able to give genuine reason to delay. every time they r raising ticket … But no use.
    I am waiting for your reply


  140. Bikash says:

    Hello sir I am intrested in start sub broker firm with you so please help how to start in my city.

  141. PARDEEP says:

    i have created my zerodha account but its yet to activated.

    Can i start refering my friend right away or i have to wait.

  142. neeraj choudhary says:

    i want to join with you as sub broker… plz guide me about your procedure. i already have account in zerodha

  143. sandeep sanghvi says:

    Dear sir,
    My wife`s a.c. is running with you. ZS9726. Now I want to open 4 more family a.c.
    1. My a.c.
    2. My fataher`s a.c.
    3. My mother`s a.c.
    4. My sister`s a.c.
    But I want to use same mobile number and email id which I use in my wife`s a.c. as per my information in same family it can possible. Am I right? Or any other way
    I add all this a.c. in my wife`s referral code with same detail. And I get 10% of brokerage?
    For more please call me on 9824891777.
    Thanks .
    Sandeep sanghvi

    • Venu says:


      This is self explanatory, you can’t add your mobile number to your sister’s accounts. Other accounts it’s possible, if they’re dependent parents. Yes, you’ll get the 10% brokerage.

  144. Gaurav says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I was told that I will be getting referral benefit for indirect clients as well once I am registered as an AP. I am an AP and referred more than 100 clients. Now your people say that they have closed indirect referral for APs long back. Quite disappointing.

    • Gaurav, if the AP is using our lead management tool, and help close any referrals that is coming from direct clients. They get mapped. We have stopped this for all those who don’t involve in selling but only give leads to us.

      • Gaurav says:

        This should have been informed earlier. This makes us feel cheated. I have specifically asked for these things in the starting only and your representatives confirmed the same.

  145. rajarathinam says:


    now in zerodha no brokerage for investments (delivery orders) right ? , so i will have get paid or not 10% ref commission ?

  146. Vedant Luharuka says:

    Wallet is not updating.

  147. vinayak says:

    Hi Nithin
    “Referral wallet will get updated on a monthly basis only”
    is there any specifics date or how month is calculated

  148. KAIZER MD AMIN says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am interested to know about Zerodha’s partner program. I am a client of Zerodha already. What should I do to know more about the partner program? I wanted to know about the benefits and restrictions of being a partner.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Kaizer Md Amin

  149. Nupur says:

    I have referred a friend yesterday and the person has neither received any mail nor any call yet. What is the problem?

  150. Brahmareddy says:


    In your affiliate program there is a partiality in giving commission.

    Suppose if I refer a friend who is not living in my surroundings, I get only maximum Rs 2 commission per trade. In 2 rupees you are deduction taxes. Suppose if the person I refereed open his account by giving his application in his nearest zerodha office, then that person who pickup the application got Rs 100 as commission.

    Where is the benefit to the person who referrer who motivated the client towards opening account?

  151. srinivas prabhu k says:

    Dear Nithin,
    I have been referring customers since last 2 years and recently referred 2-3 clients, based on my experience it is noticed that now, off late you are taking more than 2-3 days to call the referees and some cases they are not getting calls also, as a result of which they lose their interest in opening the a/c as such we are compelled to help them in opening the a/c online ourselves. However it is noticed that if we open the a/c online before the call is picked [post referring in Zerodha Q] the same is not being mapped in our name. Request you to bridge this gap. Also request you to map the client to my referee list to whom I have helped in opening a/c online post registering in the zerodha Q-the details would be provided on request.

  152. Subhash bhurat says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    I want to open account in zerodha. i did my kyc verification as well as paid account opening fees to. one of your employee Mr. Neelavathi D V. told me i will send you zerodha person to collect your forms. i did email communication with your person. after two days later he told me i am unable to send you person. Do ou think is it good ?? you have my all documents, address etc. before commit to anyone u have responsibility to go through all details and then commit.

    Kindly help me with this else i can stop my process. I will not move forward. if you want i can share you my mail trail also.


  153. Tejal bhaskar says:

    hi sir..
    i want to join with you as sub broker… plz guide me about your procedure….

  154. Amit Gupta says:

    Hello Zerodha Team !!!

    Last night I have opened a Zerodha A/c (online Aadhar) for one of my relatives, but came to know about this refeal program today only, pls can you map myself as a referer to the said a/c.

    Earlier also (say about 1 month back), I helped someone to open a zerodha a/c (online aadhar).

    Pls help.


  155. Abhinav Arora says:

    I referred a client (my wife) on Q. But, after 15-20 days the status is “unpicked”. Let me know if you are really interested to open my referral account in 2 working days else i will shift to upstoxx referral.

    Abhinav Arora

  156. Sanjiv vashisht says:

    Sir my zerodha id is ZR 1666.MY PHONE NUMBER IS 8168353343,I WANT ZERODHA SUB BROKER ,SIR WHAT TO DO?

  157. Rakesh says:


    I am a Zerodha Partner, and my sales manager is not cooperative and active, so how can I change my sales manager?

    • Venu says:

      Sorry for the trouble Rakesh, we’d like to know more, can you write to [email protected]

      • Yadav says:

        Facing similar problem…. My previous two referals were handled by Shruti TN very nicely and good follow ups with my wife which were entered using Q. I would like to be in her team. I forgot her name while joining partner program. Later when i started facing problem as above. I searched for the mail and found her name. Pls advise i dont want to disclose name until my partner id can be transferred

  158. Akash says:


    I have two questions about the partner program:

    1) Are my leads safe and secure? Can anyone from Zerodha delete or manipulate my qualified leads from my partner account?

    2) Is the commissions tracked precisely and honestly?

  159. Gaurav Patil says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I am a Zerodha Marketing Partner and have a ZLM partnership account, I want to know if there’s a limit to the number of clients we can open, or is there a monthly commission limit, or do we get whatever commission we have earned on the prior month whether it is Rs.10,000 or Rs. 10,00,000!

    I also want to know if I can open an official Zerodha Marketing office in my area as a marketing partner! I have submitted all the necessary documents to the ZLM sales manager!

    Please let me know!

    Best Regards,

  160. Laishram Chandramani Khumancha says:

    Sir, I have joined ZLM partnership program and referred more than 7 clients since may 2017. Now, is it compulsory to register myself at Exchange for drawing my commission ?

  161. MIMSHAD ASIF RAZA says:

    I have referred three of my colleague to open the demat account in ZERODHA. I am already the member of ZERODHA and my client id is ZG8138. I can see the referral history of my colleague in Q – Backoffice which has status as unpicked and call Back but two of my colleague already open the demat account under the guidance of me yesterday 01st Aug’17 and made the payment also for equity. My concern is where and when I can see the successful referral status.

  162. Manohar says:

    Hi Dear Mr.Nithin Kamath,

    We are happy to be a part of Zerodha trading platform..If you can provide us the extended carry forwarding option instead of intraday square off at least about a week that will be great feature to look for ..

    • Venu says:

      Not sure what you’re referring to, there are certain product types (CNC for equity, NRML for F&O) under which if you buy stocks/contracts, you can hold/carry forward positions.

  163. N GHOSH says:

    Dear madam/sir,

    I want to open trading+demat a/c in zerodha. But I want the marketing person or relationship manager should visit the client site which is Barrackpore(Kolkata). I am new in this field.

  164. Rina says:

    Dear Madam/Sir,
    I have referred to a friend from Zerodha. However, he has not received any mail regarding reference. Please let me know how the mapping is done..

  165. sharath says:

    i withdraw referral amount 2364 how many days it vl take to transfer to my bank

  166. Karishma patel says:

    Hello sir, This karishma and I want to be sub broker in zerodha and I already have trading accounts in zerodha and I am interested to open zerodha office in Rourkela, Odisha . Please tell me the procedures.

  167. Naman says:

    I want to refer to my friends but I don’t want them to know my identity.
    Is there any provision so that my friends don’t come to know about the person who revealed their personal information to a brokerage firm?

  168. Rohit says:

    How much commission/referral bonus will I earn if I refer 6 clients with total 14 SIPs of value 5000 each (monthly referred SIP amount Rs.70000), for a period of 20 years?

  169. Gaurav Patil says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Can you tell me what happens to the PF deductions made on partners account? Do we get that amount after certain period of time?

    Let me know!

    Best Regards,
    Gaurav Patil

  170. SAMBHU PRADHAN says:

    Why not replying my question?

  171. sandeep kumar says:

    i want to join with you as sub broker… please guide me about your procedure….

  172. GAURAV SHARMA says:

    Hi nithin ,
    I’ve mentioned my client id in introducer details in account opening form but have not invited him through zerodha q. Am i be entitled to get referral benefit?

  173. Tejas Shah says:

    Hi Team,
    I wish to open demat account of my wife however while referring through Q, it says email id already registered, I have only try processing account through main page considering the referral code will be asked however the same was not available pls guide me how can I link her ac under my referral

  174. Hardik Senjaliya says:

    Sir, I have referred my friend. However, due to some reasons he could not register himself with Zerodha within the stipulated time period of 60 days. Even now he wants to join Zerodha but because referral time period over and I have already referred him, now Q is not allowing me to refer him again. What should I do for successful referral?

  175. raja sekhar says:

    ZERODHA is the best broker .Thank u for providing so many applications and fast platforms. Now i have honor to request that you people should provide referred clients Phone number and Email ID’S in referral page for the below reasons

    1. If they are facing any problem in opening an account in zerodha we can help them out. as they are not aware of any info about opening of account and trading.
    2. I am the admin of Face Book pages and a groups which contain 12000 members. I referred them to join in zerodha .And some may join .In that condition i need to contact them to give a mouth to mouth publicity And that is the best in this market as u know.
    3. if they need any assistance they can directly get touch with us (as we act as costumer care executive in this case because we are taking 10% of your income ) and they can get the fast info about webinars and programs that you conducted.
    4. i personally observed that some clients are not opening the trading accounts they just submit there details and because of delay in response .it may be decreased by personal assistance by who is referring the Clients. we can assist them because we are familiar with this process .

    for the above said reasons this may be consider for necessary action .Thank u and yes we are growing together with zerodha

    • Hi Raja, if you are doing this more seriously, we have the partner program where we give you access to a lot of tools and much higher % sharing. Can you email [email protected] with your contact details. One of our sales AVP’s will call you up.

  176. Ravi says:

    Hi Nithin,

    If I refer to my family & friends then what will be their brokerage structure??

    Is it Rs20 per order(FLAT) or Rs20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower) per executed order on intraday trades across equity, currency, and commodity trades across NSE, BSE, and MCX.

    And how much I will get?? Is it Rs2 per order or 10% of brokerage generated on each order executed by referred person?

    As it is mentioned on website that potential earning is calculated on considering earnings as Rs2/trade.

    Say If each order by referred person on execution leads to a brokerage of Rs 6 then I will get Rs 2 or Rs0.6??

  177. Prajwal Adhikari says:

    Sir, I have referred my friend and I could not complete the digio undertaking signing process as I don’t have an aadhar card as I am from Nepal and am studying here in India. But I do have a trading account with zerodha and am trading actively which I opened using other documents like passports, police verifications and bank details. So would you suggest me how could I go through with the referral process ? … Still got a lot of friends wanting to trade 😀



  179. RAJAN KOLI says:


  180. Tejas Shah says:

    hi sir..
    i want to join with you as sub broker… plz guide me about your procedure….
    u can contact me on 9892200877

  181. sudhanva bhat says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I had installed the kite app on my parents’ phone,to give a demo(by my account) and recommend zerodha to them.
    Later when they agreed to open an account,I tried referring them,but the portal says that the number or email is already registered.Moreover they are getting call from zerodha to open an account,what should I do now?How do I refer them now?

  182. Annapurna H R says:

    I have referred fallowing clients:

    Ramprakash Sharma
    Account Opened on 12-01-2017

    He has already trading too.

    I have not credited referral payout ? Would you please look into it ?
    What is the referral policy ?


    Hello Sir,
    I was referred by Mr Abhishek -ZMPABH. I had mentioned it in my form as well. But my account is not mapped to any referrer. Kindly see through the matter and convey if same can be done.
    My CLIENT ID- ZR1186

  184. Mangesh Kadam says:

    my referral is frequently trading. Its been 6 months since his account is opened. I can see my wallet balance only 0.01. I would like to know how this commission of 10% is calculated? It is applicable for delivery/intraday trading?

  185. Abhijit Bhusare says:

    Hi, I (PA3916) told my friend Neeru Chaudhary about zerodha. She opened an a/c (ZR6363) with Zerodha. I came to know about the associate programme after that. Now, how should I get her mapped to my a/c?

  186. piyush ashtikar says:

    Disappointed!!! You do not have office in Nagpur.
    You should definitely consider opening one.
    Cannot open an account just based on courier service and customer care.

  187. Mit patel says:

    I had referred my brother.but he already gave his email id for account opening form before i referred at time of refer it show that email id already can i able to get referral advantage if my brother open account now after reference by me.?

    • He can fill your name/client ID in the account opening form (there is a referral section).

      • Chayan bansal says:

        Sir I am approaching to your employee but he is not responding. Bad experience of service even before a/c opening. Apart from this I am more interested to attach with you only n only for partner program. I am from punjab. Here very good potential of business.

  188. NITIN says:

    Please Send me my Login Id of ZLM I forgeted and commission of partner chart
    Now I am teaching to peoples about stock market in my city area for joining Zerodha

  189. anony says:


    i’m a marketing partner of zerodha

    1.i would like to know about zerodha marketing partner’s brokerage sharing validity means how many years
    zerodha will share their brokerage revenue to partners ?
    2. why zerodha partners are employee ?
    3. can i become zerodha remiser or sub broker ?
    4. can zerodha have the right to terminate their partners (external employee) and what about
    sub broker’s case ?
    5. at a time can i become 2 brokers partner
    in the initial time they told me , i will get 20% brokerage sharing . now they are saying you will get as salary
    in the case of salary ,deducting around 10% PF from brokerage revenue
    but some old partners doesn’t have this deductions ..

    Looks Phishy and Scam

    i’m working hard for making clients but i’m enjoying that , now i’m scared about you guys .. please clarify

  190. Ajay Gh says:

    hi sir..
    i want to join with you as sub broker or Authorized Person or Referrer Program … plz guide me about your procedure ( My mob no 9870639937

  191. Irfan says:

    Hi…If I reffer for mutual fund… So wat will b the benefits to me…????

  192. RAJUL GUPTA says:

    how can i earn 20 percent on referrals.

  193. Irfan says:

    Hi….I want to refer my freinds through q .wat is the benefits for referring 1 friend… Wat amount I can get… By referring 1 friend

  194. Chandrashekhar says:

    Hi sir,

    I just want to open an account with zerodha I called so many times to 080 4913 2020(account opening no) no one picking the calls(monday 4th march 10 AM to 10.30 AM) simply i lost my call charges and disappointed with your

  195. nilesh sarode says:

    Hi i have referred two of my friends but in my wallet, i am not getting the part of their brokerage!!

  196. Sharad says:

    Hi Nithin

    We are working to create a seamless personal finance application.
    We can bond and provide better investing experience to users.

  197. KESHAB SAIKIA says:

    me keshab saikia from assam . i want to know how to refer a friend .

  198. Rakesh says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Few hours ago I received an email from your employee “Muhammed Ashraf.P”, he wrote that “Posting advertisement online is restricted”, is that true? Are we not allowed to do CPC campaigns to collect the leads? I use CPC campaigns to collect my leads, if I stop using that I will not get even a single lead! He also wrote that if we use online advertising “it will lead to a termination of your partner account with Zerodha”!! Few months ago I asked whether it is allowed to do CPC advertising to collect the leads, and I got the answer as ‘YES’ it is allowed, but now this person named “Muhammed Ashraf.P” sent an email about “Posting advertisement online is restricted”!

    Please give me some information about this situation, are we allowed to do online advertising to collect leads or are we not allowed?

    Thank You,

    • Venu says:

      Rakesh, In the past, we’ve seen partners using unfair means to generate leads. You can’t be using the word ‘Zerodha’ to advertise and claim them to be your leads. Creating ads using products built by Zerodha isn’t allowed, that’s what the email says. A partner/any person willing to pay for such ads can’t be taking credit of products built by Zerodha. You’re free to advertise using generic stock market related keywords.

    • Rakesh, you can advertise of course. What I guess the person would have referred to is against advertising as Zerodha for Zerodha keywords. For example, if for Zerodha search on google, your affiliate link shows up, all the partners will try doing the same. If partners start doing this, we will be forced to do it as well. Unnecessary driving the price for the keywords. You are free to do this for non-Zerodha keywords.

      • Rakesh says:

        Thank you Venu and Nithin for the details information, I understand what you are saying and I personally don’t use ‘Zerodha’ in my ads. My ads are mostly focused on “Free Equity Investments”, and that’s what generating me several leads!

        Just a friendly advice that I hope you don’t terminate partners without giving them atleast 2 strikes! Getting leads takes lots of time, efforts and money with PPC ads, so if a partner made any innocent mistake give him strikes instead of terminating them completely!

        Thank You,

  199. Nikhil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    If I join the partner program will I become an employee of Zerodha? I heard that after joining partner program the partner becomes employee, and there are also deductions of employee fees and PF! Is that correct? And will the leads entered by me will remain part of my partner ID forever? Can anyone delete or take my leads from my partner account?

    Please let me know!


  200. Pratik says:

    How can I transfer my funds from bank ACCOUNT to trading account?
    I have an account in Syndicate bank at present. Can I use it to transfer money to my trading account to buy and sell shares?

  201. Rahul says:

    What is the a/c opening charges and is it refundable when closing the a/c.

  202. Ranjith says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am in the process of opening an account with Zerodha. During this I came across your referral program. I really appreciate your vision of helping people grow rich along with you.

    1) Is there any benefits for the referrers if their referees deal with mutual funds, and delivery based customers (not day traders). if no any reason?

    2) I didnt get to see anywhere about the stock recommendations by Zerodha as other brokerages do. Does Zerodha have such recomending facility ?

    Thanks & Regards,

  203. Ninad says:


    Since all trades have brokerage of 0.01% or Rs.20/- whichever is lower then is it really profitable to refer clients?

    Even if I am referring 100 clients then all of them have to trade worth more than Rs.2,00,000/- in every trade to generate a brokerage of Rs.20 and then we will get Rs.2 commission per trade. Right?

    So after referring 100 clients, if all of them are trading worth Rs.2,00,000/- in every trade then I will get Rs.2,000/- commission per trade.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    • Yes Ninad. If you are looking at doing this seriously, you should speak to our sales manager and get enrolled on our partner program. If the number of clients you have referred is more, the sharing can go upto 50%.

      • Ninad says:

        Interesting, and can you please explain what is the minimum amount of trade as per potential earnings calculator?

        The minimum amount of trade to be eligible for ‘Trades/user’ in the potential earnings calculator?

  204. PA3283 says:


    My username is PA3283 (Avinash Agarwal) and I had opened the account for Priyanka Jhunjhunwala(RP7138) last year.The RM dealing with me was Priyanka(09538952020).I was supposed to get the referral amount of Rs.10,000 in my wallet however till this date my wallet is showing a balance of zero.I have referred four more clients yesterday and enquired from the RM as to why the referral wallet was not credited with Rs.10,000.I am yet to get a response on the same.

  205. Sunmeet says:

    I have referred a client which is also visible in my Q-backoffice and everyday that referred client trade at least 2 F&O trades but my refer wallet amount is constant at Rs. 0.02 .
    Kindly contact me and get this thing rectified.

  206. Bro says:

    Hi Nitin, it is getting confusing for me. Earlier you said it requires Rs.3,000 on each exchange to register AP hence minimum payout is Rs.10,000.

    However in the latest comment (Dated : February 21, 2017 at 11:55 pm) you said the payout is Rs.2020.

    So what is exact figure and who is going to pay exchange registration fees?

  207. Gaurav Patil says:

    Hello Nitin,

    I want to join your partner program, is it better than associate program that you are providing to your existing clients? Does it gives more commission?

    I am interested in advertising my existing Zerodha associate with the help of PPC campaign! So, let me know if it will be more beneficial to advertise as a normal associate or as a full-fledged partner? Is there any big different between associate and partner?

    Please let me know!

    Best Regards,
    Gaurav Patil

  208. R Kumar says:

    Hi, in referal wallet, why current month earning till date is removed from wallet the page?

  209. Avinash B says:


    Just few days back I signed up for Zerodha partnership program.

    But i found this entire ZMP process very difficult and cumbersome.
    For e.g. I introduced one client (and first one) to Zerodha and entered his details in ZMP portal.

    Unfortunately, when client filled up the form, he filled up the form in his wife’s name, instead of his own name.

    Now, if i tried to enter correct client details at ZMP portal, it doesn’t allow me and shows error message that client record already exist.

    So, even though client lead is generated by me, I have been deprived off ZLP program.
    I think I will stop using it, though will not stop urging traders/investors to shift Zerodha.


  210. sidharth says:

    The partner program is not what is advised. Found out the hard way. What you advertised is only the tip of the ice berg. per flyer, “…no matter however long the chain goes…”. when I discussed with 3 of your employees, only 1 of them clarified that the chain ends at the 2nd level itself! There’s nothing an AP would get if the level would cross A to B to C to D and so on and so forth. Further clarifications revealed that the chain is much more complex to understand let alone implement!

    I have a number of referrals who want to be part of a chain provided “it does not end”!

    Hope I can get some clarity on that from this blog.

  211. Tejashri Deshmukh says:

    When one person gets added the what will be referral bonus for one….Reading the comments above stated that we can withdraw amount only when it reaches to 10,000.
    Can you please provide more details about referral program.

  212. Abhilash says:

    what is the Sub-brokership account opening charge ?

  213. deepak says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin , greetings. I need your support for the below mentioned concerns.

    1- I tried creating my account with zerodha not as a partner but as a trader. I m getting error message, – “Account with this email already exists. Login here.”
    (I used my official email id while registering & not the one which is used here while commenting)

    2- I tried to check by clicking forgot password link also, but it says- “Email no registered. ”

    Please fix this technical issue from your end as fast as possible.

    3- I want to know about instant account opening using Aadhaar card. Is it possible now ?

    4- I can offer to be a part of your company being a part of customer support care for entertaining queries & resolving over the phone issues & concerns of – new as well as existing customers specific to my city. You are not having a business partner in my city so I wish to volunteer. I can offer to make unlimited outgoing telephonic calls assisting customers specific to my region & can attend some of the incoming calls aswell.

    5- Considering the above scenario, can you offer me a free brokerage account with you & I can trade across your platform without having to pay any brokerage ever.

    I started trading around 2008 & have seen bear & bull markets but got discouraged when the SEBI & NSE increased the minimum lot sizes of equity & index for creating uniformity , better liquidity participation & also to keep small retail poor traders like me to stay away from F&O ! I


    • 1/2. Having this checked. Will also get our sales team to email you with their contact details.
      3. Not yet, but in the next couple of days for sure (only for already KYC compliant clients only though).
      4. hmmm.. we can’t get a client answer other client queries. You will have to be employed with us for that. You can send your CV to [email protected]
      5. hmm.. for equity investing we are 0 brokerage.

  214. Srivatsa says:

    I was told that to become a Marketing partner I should have referred atleast 10 clients, is this correct ? Also, is the incentive only on Intra-day and F&O trades and not on delivery based trades for Marketing partners ?

  215. Ram says:

    i have been registered under someone as referral, can i remove my referrer?

  216. arun says:


    normally on which date you all are processing the payout of PAYMENT to marketting partners

  217. kakadiyagautam7 says:

    hello sir,
    i have joint zerodha partner program , i will add lead than ,what will be the % commission will be given to me

  218. pritam says:

    dear sir, i am existing client, i have shop will u provide brochure or banner support for advertise.

  219. Mahesh Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I had raised a query recently, on how to withdraw from wallet as i am crossing 10000 mark, but i got this reply that the commissions via referall earned by me cannot be released because of a notification form regulator.

    My only Question is :

    Team Zerodha should have updated at least via the ZLM Partner channel that such circular has come in where commissions cannot be released.. why wasnt it done?

    Reply from Support.Zerodha
    “Recently we received a notification form regulator that commission can be shared only if a person registered as authorized person in the Exchange. We are discussing with exchange whether individual clients also need to register as authorized person with exchange. We are looking forward for a exchange confirmation. It may take another two weeks since exchange team is describing the set of rules or bylaws. Till that time we request your co-operation and we will revert to you at the earliest.”

  220. sourav says:

    Hi Nitin,

    How are you sharing payout through referral program for Mutual Fund?

  221. Rushabh Shah says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have referred one of my friend and he is trading daily but i can’t see any amount in my wallet.
    Can you please help on this?

  222. Huma says:

    Sometime ago I had referred a friend to open account which he did and his status shows in my back office.

    Please note he has opened both equity and commodity accounts and he is trading also. But I do not see any balance on my Wallet page.

    I have sent an email to india@zerodha regarding the same.

    Also I was interested in referral prog seriously, I had a few queries beyond what is provided on referral page.

    Thanks in advane

  223. srikanth says:

    i want take franchise with zerodha.what is the process..give me the link regarding

  224. partha sarath biswas says:

    My referral wallet do not update last one month, but my referral friend still trade now.what is the problem pls suggest me.

  225. Ram says:

    Please mentioned about the referral and payout program and conditions clearly in Zerodha site, this is causing confusion.

  226. pradeep says:

    how to be sub broker with zerodha in Delhi Region…??

  227. Himesh says:

    Sir ,I have one doubt . How to move from slab 20 to slab 30 ?

  228. Naresh Kumar says:

    Dear Zerodha
    my id is RN1979
    i was having some referred clients money in wallet but its became zero now , your 1st condition of getting my wallet amount after 10k is 100% unreasonable because you are taking your brokerage on daily basis and for referred system and you are putting condition of min. 10k every time to your sub-brokers.

    before withdrawal any amount we have to complete 1 time Registration with zerodha , what is your registration fees , why you people never clear /dont clear everything in starting.

    and biggest trouble is you have done my wallet balance Zero .​ then who will refer clients for you now 🙁
    its not good of you.

  229. KAIZER MD AMIN says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am an existing client of Zerodha. I have started writing a blog on finance and the stock market. I want to use the affiliate links to the different pages of Zerodha on my website. Is there any need to refer my visitors in Back-office again or the affiliate links (generated by Zerodha) will be sufficient to get the referral?


  230. SHIVAPRAKASH says:

    Dear Nithin
    I am from Udupi, presently associated with Reliance securities since 2006. We both met once or twice in Bangalore and Jaipur I think. Now If I take zerodha sub broker it there any scope to make good business, revenue ?
    Along with Reliance securities I was with ICICI but now I am no more with icici direct. what you suggest, First of all I am opening an account with Sourab Gandhi.
    what you suggest please reply…or whats app me to 9343322522

  231. Hanumantharaju Basappa says:

    I opened Zerodha account recently and I told my colleague to open Zerodha account. But he forgot to mention the referral code in the application. He already sent the documents through courier. Please let me know, will it be possible to add it now?

  232. Naveen Jain says:

    I have recommended many prospective traders to use Zerodha, as Zerodha has quite innovative Platforms as Pi and Kite. I have given my Zerodha ID and name to these prospects to add me in the introducer section in the Zerodha account opening form.

    Some of them have been mapped to my backoffice “Q’, but some are not. Now Zerodha sales team and support team asking to update on Q.

    Please help mapped all the clients who has used my ID in the introducer section of Zerodha account opening form.

  233. abinay dutt says:

    I have referred three persons who have got account opened successfully with in 60 days and two out of them have traded in the last two months. However there was no amount can be seen in my wallet.
    My id:PA3705
    Got to know from customer care that every month 15th that would refresh but last month it didnt get reflected and not even today.

  234. Shivam Kabra says:

    Hi Sir,
    I had referred zerodha to my friend but after i logged on to Q and mentioned the details of the referals, it said the client / Email id is already registered. Could you please map the referal to my id. Also let me know where can i send the details of the referal.


  235. Varun says:


    Myself digital marketing professional. associate program seems to be interesting. i have been doing couple of lead generation campaigns for various industries. can i generate leads through paid media for zerodha. will those leads are eligible for payout. or do we need to refer those who know us personally.

    please clarify


  236. krishna says:

    one of my friend reffered me to open zerodha account wt is the benefit for me using his refer code

  237. sudheer says:

    I have referred 3 people from the Q dashbaord refer page and none of them seems to have got any calls regarding account opening.Whom do i contact?

  238. Rakesh Mandal says:

    How can I get the report of earning from each individual referral client?

  239. vaibhav pavtekar says:

    I referred my wife’s (Shubhangi Pavtekar) DMAT account in beginning of opening account my ac on recommendation of one of sales person & one of my friends account (Jeya Dickson) using Zerodha.

    My wifes account was reflecting under my referral’s since more than year is disappeared now & her account is most active account among both of us.

    on other side my friends account is opened and he is happily trading since more than last 6 month with zerodha now but his reference is not updated under my account.

    This is disappointing!!

  240. NAGNATH MORE says:

    hi nithin sir
    I have referred 3 friends of mine. …so what will be my benefits..

  241. Ashok K Sharma says:

    Dear Nithin Ji
    My friend (Mr. Rohit Upadhyay Mobile no. 9314766007) asked me about zerodha and i told him all about zerodha as per my knowledge and gave contact no. of zerodha to know more detail ( I think it was my big mistake, because i told anything and gave contact no. to him without register his no. on Q-back office under my lead) Because he called in zerodha and now his no. showing already registered.
    Anyways > After then i downloaded Application form and filled up, that form is in my custody.
    So Nithin ji please tell me how to add Mr. Rohit upadhyay under lead of my client ID in this condition, I will post that app. form in next week.

  242. Sachin says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Do you have a sub-broker/associate programme as well?

  243. Ramya says:

    I already have an account with zerodha in my name. Now , i want to open another account in my one of my family member’s name. Is it possible to use the same mailid & mobile number which is alreday linked with my zerodha account with the new account?

  244. kumar soumyakanta dash says:

    hallo sir i reffered 5 customers from 18th sept bt still now no calls from your sales the time period is 60 days so try to call them as soon as possible.

  245. Sandeep says:

    Hi Nithin,

    could you please explain Roles and responsibilities of ZAP ( Zerodha associated program).
    What is the difference between referrals and ZAP.


  246. Rakesh Mandal says:

    If a person click my referral link and visit your site, but leave without registration, and come back latter directly without my link and open an account with Zerodha, will he/she be considered as my referral client? Within how many days or time the person must be open an account after leaving my link to be considered as my referral?

  247. Motilal says:

    SIR, i have union bank account . i want fund transfer by NEFT , zerodha account is which type of account saving or currunt account .

  248. Arjun r k says:

    I tried entering the referral details through the Q backoffice. But the referral link isnt working.
    i have reffered my partners through the CRM link given above and sent an email to ur customer support to make sure they are mapped to my account.
    I hope this will suffice.

    • Vinay says:

      The backoffice error was temporary now it is resolved. In future please enter the referral details in “Q”. Your referred partner details was captured correctly with your information once the account is opened it will be mapped to your account. You can verify the current status in Q back office in the below mentioned path.

      Referrals-> Refer-> Referral History

  249. Motilal says:

    Sir what is benefit to refer friend.

  250. George says:

    I would like to use your brokerage services for my PMS business model. Firstly is it possible ? Secondly can you give me a contact in your firm who I might talk to.


  251. SA says:

    How can i be a authorized marketing partner ?
    what is online marketing partner ID ?

  252. SHASHI says:


  253. Tanvi palav says:

    I have a Query. Since equity delivery is free/zero brokerage, will that trade be counted for brokerage commission in referral program? As in, if my referred client takes a delivery, will I still receive the 10% brokerage for the same trade.

  254. Ankit says:

    Hi I’m interested, pls let me know the process & also arrange a call today if possible.


  255. sachin says:

    Dear Nitin,
    Pls launch the option for investing in ipo/fpo

  256. Reddiah says:

    “*Referral payout requires you to complete a one time registration process with us.”

    What is that means can some one explain in detail.

    • There is a one time registration process with the exchange to receive payout If you can email [email protected] with contact details, he will get in touch and explain.

      • Sandeep says:

        Hi Nithin,

        Thanks for quick reply.

        could you elaborate point.2.
        I have directly referred three people through Q back office today morning. These names are displaying.
        I have given two names to zerodha representative but it is not showing under my account. Why?


  257. Sandeep says:

    Hello Sir,

    1. How can i enroll for a associate partnership program with zerodha ?.. any education or certification is mandatory?
    2. I have referred two of my friends through one of your zerodha representative. In this case, what would be the benefit for me ?
    3. I am using Kite mobile app, My suggestion is to add Nifty sector wise indexes which really helps a lot ( at the moment i wont see any index default loaded).
    4. I have many user friendly ideas for your app, please contact me . I am happy to share you my thoughts.

    Thanks in advance, 🙂

  258. R Kumar says:

    Did you increased minimum referral payout from Rs 2020 to Rs 10000?
    Its very bad. It shows that u don’t want to make a payout…

  259. Souvik Mukherjee says:

    What to be filled under Referral ID while referring someone from Q?

  260. Rebanta says:

    Hi Nitin,

    My Dad is running a shop of gift items and garments. Since lot of people keep coming so just thought if we can diaplay some posters or banners of Zerodha and introduce as business associates of zerodha to create awareness among them that may help in getting leads. We can try it out only if you donot have any objection.

  261. Harish says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have referred my brother to open an account with Zerodha.
    One of your sales guys (Ankith) asked for the reference client ID to be mentioned in the form and then this would be mapped automatically as a reference (same steps I had followed while opening my account).
    Now, at the time of form submission at your head office, I got to know that the referral should have been initiated from my back office.
    Please ensure you have a competent sales team who can give correct advise.

  262. Piyush says:

    I’ve referred 5 people till date. But in referral section in Q, only 3 appear. I tried using next option but it shows 3 only. Out of the last 2 referrals, 1 appears sometimes then again disappears, whereas, 1 hasn’t appeared ever till date. Please rectify.


  263. Arjun says:

    Minimum referral payout is ₹10,000.

    What is this?

  264. Pradip says:

    Are all the fields (Name,Email ID & Contact No) mandatory ?? What if someone does not have a e-mail ID ? I can share only Name & Contact No. Will that be sufficient ?

  265. Ankit says:

    *Referral payout requires you to complete a one time registration process with us.

    What does it mean ?
    Is there any further registration will be require while withdrawal?

  266. Prabhat says:

    I had referred a friend and he opened an account with zerodha
    I didnot refer him him through Q / Associate link but from Zerodha home page.

    Please help me mapping the referral to my ID

  267. Prabhat says:

    In Zerodha it is mentioned that minimum referral bonus is 10000 , what does that mean ?

    Will I get 10000 once he/she opens an account ?

    If a referee has opted for 60 day free challenge will I get the referral bonus even if he is successful in 60 day challenfge

  268. Prabu says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    We have opened an account with Zerodha before 3-4 weeks, received the ZPIN through mobile number. We were waiting for weeks to get the credentials in email. I was very eager to start trading and waited eagerly for 3 weeks and called up Zerodha support to know that mail ID was wrongly given in the form (Form was filled by Zerodha agent).

    It is very sad that Zerodha team never tried to check with customer whether all the information was received, being new to this trading we also have no idea of what to expect and when.

    After waiting enough we called the support team waited for 2 days to know the email ID was wrong and I have to pay a fine to correct my email. The Back office password was sent by email and asking me to login.

    Really…….I have the password and don’t know the user name or client ID, as you can understand I have taken time to write the comment that means I have tried searching all your websites like / / /z-connect to understand that I surely need a user name or client ID for login.

    Kindly requesting your quick action, ticket ID #811800

    Being a beginner looking to have step by step guidance.

    Please support

  269. Rohit Potturi says:

    Dear Sir I want to refer my friends while referring it is asking referral code, i don’t have any idea about this plz help me out..

  270. SACHIN says:

    I need to refer My wife to open the account but the email ID and mobile number are of mine only.So would I get referral benefits.Let me know .My ID is : PS3938.Or should I should I enter her mobile and email now and while filling form fill up the required mobile number and email ID.

  271. Isfakur says:

    Hi Nithin, if my referred friend invests in mutual funds, do I get 10% of your earnings if any??

  272. Jagrati says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I wanted to refer one of my friend but by mistake i entered his detail in online application but now when i tried through q office referral it shows duplicate id. what to do now. how do i link him through me?

  273. Dulal Saha says:



    I am from west Bengal.. there is a very good business opportunities. i want to become your associate or partner.
    I see your step to becomes associate in your blog. after that i called Mr. Kiran kumar for the details who is your employee, he told me to become an associate i have to invest in equity & commodity with at least 5000.
    it is mandatory for become an associate.

    It is an over telephonic conversation with kiran kumar.

    My query is that is it mandatory for become an associate to invest in commodity must..where as i have no interest with commodity.. i only want to invest in equity & want to become an associate.

  274. vipin says:

    am vipin here. NRI i have given application for account open in my father name who is resident indian. and will invest through his account

    in case of reference commison. can i ask my refered person to write my Client ID on his application for easy reference. or how is it possible to track details

    one more doubt. For NRI long term investment 12 months i read in zerodha there is no tax for equity. is that still valid resident indian have to pay 20 percent

  275. Manowar says:

    1. can it possible to place order exactly at 9:00:1 automatically just like AMO..?
    2. My last AMO got place exactly at 9:15:06 . Can you place order exactly at 9:15:01..?

    • All AMO’s are sent by us to the exchanges in the first 30 seconds of market opening at 9.15. Not possible to send it exactly at 9.15:01, best to place this order directly on market opening.

  276. vipin says:

    am NRI. have plan to open account with you , if we have zero brokerage for equity delivery same like resident individual it will be good option. iam 5 year equity trader with hedge equities. recently come to know about zerodha.
    i wish to know if there is option to sent application scanned copy to e.mail and make processing fast before receiving hard copy by courier.

  277. Ashwin says:

    I am a regular broker. I can open account & then refer my clients to you as friends. After generation of “10% of brokerage revenue “- How will I be able to redeem the earnings? i.e. to say (I) Will I get it in my Bank Account ? & (ii) if Yes, then How it will be defined as commission, brokerage etc?.

  278. vengatesh says:

    Hi sir ! This is vengatesh,i have interested to open zerodha sales center in coimbatore,it is an emerging area for traders in stocket market,i would like to be part of zerodha..can i know the procedure ?


    Dear sir / madam,
    Few days back I requested to become a Partner with zerodha . and i got the call from your representative Mr . Fahad khan and he explained some thing about partner ship program .he informed me that he will send the details through email , but till now i did not recive any mail regarding the details .please do need full help to me .i am very interested to work with Zerodha partnership program .

    Sathibabu kedasu

  280. Jatin S says:

    I have referred two people ( uttam Chand and Vimla Kumari ) which is linked to my account. Despite sending the form multiple times, account has not been opened and i was told today that form has been rejected. This is purely on account of inefficiencies of the Zerodha executive handling this process. What is the mechanism to report such an incident? The executive did not guide properly through the process and did not tell what was to be done. Also , when contacted, the executive is seldom available. Can someone please look into this and take appropriate action?

  281. rohit dsouza says:

    Referral amount for delivery based trades seems to be stopped because of zero brokerage scheme. So why will people refer then. Can you answer my question

    • Venu says:

      We share 10% of what we earn, if we don’t, there’s no sharing. Your friends who you refer, will stand to benefit by getting access to good trading technology at zero costs. Maybe they’ll venture into trading other segments which will yield some revenue to you. Maybe they’ll thank you for referring them to Zerodha. Not all benefits have to be monetary ?

  282. Narendra says:

    My doubt is if I refer a person,I will get 10% of his brokerage.But as you have made brokerage zero for investors(non traders) there is no use of refering investors to zerodha.

    I am planning to refer some people.Does it make any difference if I ask them to register themselves instead of referring them through my backoffice.Since all are mostly investors.

    • Venu says:

      We share 10% of what we earn, if we don’t, there’s no sharing. Your friends who you refer, will stand to benefit by getting access to good trading technology at zero costs. Maybe they’ll venture into trading other segments which will yield some revenue to you. Maybe they’ll thank you for referring them to Zerodha. Not all benefits have to be monetary 🙂

  283. Madhav says:

    Planning to open an A/c with you and like participate in “Zerodha Partner Program” if possible. My question is; whether becoming partner and referring somebody is the same or different. I have some more specific queries regarding opening account and transferring holding from some other brokers, etc. who is the best person to get all information?



  284. tushar says:

    sir my name is tushar from ahmednagar maharashtra i start new broking house zerodha asosiate plz help me zerodha is not now ahmednagar thanks

  285. RAJ says:

    I am an ex-Air Force person. Most of my AF friends are staying all over India. Can I refer them, if at all, its OK, how there accounts will be opened as you do not have the branches at all over India and how your representives will collect the documents.
    Please let me know, thanks and regards

  286. Yennam says:

    Hi sir,
    This is Yennam From Hyderabad , Having sales Team of 25-Momebers and we are running an advisory Firm.
    So if there is any Best Deal kindly Forward through mail.
    And our Executives will Attempt Daily around 4000-5000 Traders in all over india.
    My Monthly Fixed Expense is around 3.5 Lakhs. But i am not recovering that from Advisory Business. Planning to shut down my company.
    If there is any Good Opportunity Kindly revert to very fast on Given email id with Your Contact Details.
    I dont Take Much time for decision. will start immediately if u can Offer Best to me.


  287. D says:

    Dear sir, i am a zerodha client and i want to refer my own HUF account can i refer my own HUF account? can i refer my son’s HUF account?

  288. Srikanth says:

    Mr.Nithin Kamath

    Good Day

    I would like to know when,
    will be the referal wallet amount after claiming will be credited to my account.
    which account
    and process

    thank You

  289. Deepali Gupta says:

    I am trying to refer one of my friend and he has never been referred by someone else on zerodha but still the email id and phone number shows duplicate record.

  290. Anant says:

    1. If I refer, lets say Person A, who in turns refers Person B, would B also be mapped to my account ?
    2. What happens if the referred person deactivates his/her account before the wallet reaches 2020 ? Can it still be withdrawn ? What happens to that amount?

  291. virander tandon says:

    Have u any plan to open office in jammu.

  292. Suman jha says:

    Dear Nitin, I am a new client of Zerodha. I thank you for providing an easy way of on line trading .I am using Kite because I could not get downloaded Pi activated . I waant to know that if I refer Mr A and he opens a demote account and starts trading . What will my earning out of my reference . Will it be one time or till the account is operated ?

  293. Yogesh says:

    I have made 7 references in Zerodha partner program but I cannot find what commission I got?? And where can I find wallet in partner program.. ZLM

  294. Bharath says:


    Affiliate links are really helpful but has some additions.

    1) Opentrade we don’t see any open an account link so that client can leave their contact details. So in SIGN UP pls show 2 options like “Existing zerodha client” OR “Open an account at zerodha to access opentrade ”

    2) In Varsity at right corner blue color words “Open a zerodha account “. If someone uses my affiliate link & entered contact details here, those leads are not showing under me. Kindly check.

    3) Kite page also not an attractive landing page. Expecting attractive landing page with information about Kite

    4) Pi page should be updated

  295. Dipak kumar says:

    hello Sir! i was a sub broker in 2008 and i didnt knew so much of stock market. I had 600 customers at that time but due to market fall i lost my customers. Now again i want to start. i have come to know that you are paying money for account opening. so my first question is how much do you pay? because tradeplus people are clearing mentioning in their website that they pay Rs.2000/- for referring customers to tradeplus. So if i refer 5 customers monthly then how much i get ? please clarify the monthly earning. Are you paying for referring or sharing brokerage basis? This is very important question of mine.

  296. Harish says:

    Hi sir I wanted to start a sales branch in proddatur mandal,Kadapa district .its a good area for business I want to be part of zerodha please reply back to email regarding

  297. Arjun says:

    Hi Nithin,

    One more question. Who is the best person to talk to regarding the Kite API. I was in the process of developing a web app to manage my trades, however there does not seem to be an option to create a sandbox account for the purpose of testing. A few more questions. Should i just talk to tsiva regarding all this.



  298. Arjun says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I was going through this forum and i realized that Zerodha does not offer a dealer terminal for obvious reasons. However, what about if someone is using say Amibroker and wants to fire orders without first approving each order on Pi manually. I have worked with numerous brokers in the past and what i have understood is that if you want to fully automate your strategies (Amibroker) one would need to get a dealer terminal.

    Another question.

    Can one develop fully automated strategies using Kite API.

  299. Kaushal says:

    Sir, I want to know about the status showing with my referral names

    what does ” Call Back ” status indicate ?

    what does “Unpicked” status indicate ?

    what is the next status of “Call Back” if accepted or rejected ?

    I refer my visitors on my blog,all are random online referrals

  300. Dhiraj says:

    I have referred a friend. I entered my client ID while filling his account opening form. Is this enough for getting referral benefits because when I entered details of the same friend in Back office, it says the data already exists. Please explain.

  301. Mushtaq Ahmed B Sarwar says:

    Sir, I want to know can I trade on behIDalf of my friends using their IDs and password

    • Venu says:

      The trading ID’s and passwords are shared with the client on his/her registered email Id. It’s upto the client to share this at his own risk. When a Bank issues a debit card, the customer is supposed to keep the pin private. If he shares the pin with others and let’s them use his debit card, he’s doing it at his own risk.

  302. Laxmikant says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am interested in opening a HUF account with Zerodha and want to know once I open my account do I refer my individual account as a referral benefit? and open the new Individual account and get benefit of referral program

  303. R Kumar says:

    Dear Sir Can I Put my Zerodha referal link in my blog?
    And make some posts about Zerodha trading and its advantages and put the referal links in between?
    Is it allowed? Can I post my referal link in social media?
    Pls Advice?

  304. ameya patil says:

    wil i be able to get a master terminal where all my referred clients can be mapped under my terminal and i can trade for them..just like sub broker ship…please let me know as many clients want me to trae for them and trading with different accounts seperately is not possible…thanks in advance

  305. kapil sharma says:

    Hi sir ,
    I have partner id ZMPKAS From Zerodha and i am also receiving brokrage Money direct to my bank account. i add lead by crm. link but i just want to know where i can see My all client status that how much money that particular client Produce . I also check Bo.zerodha but unable to find out . so please help me for Know my status .’

    Thanks sir

  306. Gopi says:

    Hi NITHIN,




  307. Sunny Pathare says:

    Nithin sir, Sunny here. I have one question. Is it necessary to become online partner before opening office fully dedicated to zerodha? As one of your sales person told me to become online partner first and then he will help me for offline partner program. Please sir confirm this.

    • Sunny, we insist you being an online partner to ensure we both understand each other well. You get to know how our business model works, and we get to know your potential.

  308. Dharmesh says:

    10% commission which you offer for referring a client is on all segment, because equity delivery is free, my question is if my reference trades only on delivery, is there any commission to me ? 10% is in brokerage amount or brokerage+taxes?

  309. Avijit kumar ghosh says:

    Nitin , so nice to see that you are playing guitars 🙂 i am also a lead guitarist . Well , i have an account with SMC global and i want to shift to zerodha. Just let me know one thing , if you have any plan like rksv provides. I am talking about the unlimited trading plan. They are offering the same @ 3999 /month. As i trade only in FNO and with huge volume , so i have one more question. Do you have a good set up in kolkata ? I am a technical trainer and i dont need to rely on the broker house call , so it should be the best idea if i shift from sms global, right? Please let me know about any unlimted plan /60 days challenge type of thing ,if you still offer.

    • The 60 day challenge is on, and we don’t have any unlimited plans.Our trading platforms are quite popular compared to the competition. I think RKSV has stopped the monthly schemes. Nice to hear that you play lead guitar. 🙂

  310. SRK says:


    I have been referred by my friend, but unfortunately, (as I was out of station) I couldn’t complete the registration procedures, till date. It is going to be 60 days(on March 1st I guess) since he has referred. I am back to India and will send the filled up application soon.
    But I would like to ensure that my friend will be eligible for the referral bonuses/credits. Please advise what to do.
    You can check the status using my email id and phone number.
    And, one question: Salary slip for a single month is enough as proof of income?
    Thank you

  311. sat says:

    HELLO sir,

    Would you please clarify me exactly how many months bank statement needed for opening account in all 3 segment as per the exchange guidelines(equity ,f&o n commodity)..

    When I called Zerodha support regarding opening account to my friend, first, they said 6 months statement is needed ..when I told my friend does not have 6 months statement then they said “ok you send 1 month statement, no problm”. But yesterday my friend got a call from zerodha saying 6 months statement is compulsory…!!!

  312. Muzzafer says:

    I would like to set up one, i have the NISM Research Analyst and Equity derivative certifications and experience of stock market. How to proceed ahead?

  313. Muzzafer says:

    I want to know , is there any Franchise of Zerodha in J&k .

  314. Vijay says:

    Hello Nithin, I referred my friend Mr. Chandra Mohan to zerodha, his name was reflecting in the list of referrals for a while but however when he opened the account, He is no longer under my referred clients list and his trades are not fetching me earnings. Both himself and I have reported this multiple times to your customer care but nothing has changed. Could you please do the needful to add him to my list of referrals and make sure I do not miss the referral income from him? His client ID is DXXXXX.

  315. Mukul Dev says:

    Hello Sir,
    Can I generate An affiliate link using My Partner ID So that it can be send to my Friends to open an account,As affiliate link ask to enter client ID to generate link,is it possible to generate such link using the partner ID ?

  316. lawrence says:

    I see a problem in affiliate link. I placed Zerodha Home page link with my Client id in my blog. But unfortunately when user is redirected to zerodha home page and clicks on “open account” link , affiliate id from URL goes off and user will enroll himself directly whereby i lose referral mapping.

    Can this be taken care ?

  317. Kaushal Mehta says:

    I have zerodha terminal 3.11.2. I am trying to get the live rates from terminal to excel sheet. I have M.S office 2007.
    By looking the past comments, I have added NEST3 folder in the Trusted certificates (included subfolders).
    Clicked on “Link to Excel” All items and pasted in excel sheet. But its shows “N/A” in cells.
    AM i missing out anything?

    • Hanan says:

      Kaushal, what you’ve done up until now is right. Probably, you need to right click on Excel and ZT icons and choose “Run as Administrator.” Try this and let us know if you can see realtime quotes on Excel. If you still can’t see it, you need to call customer care on 08040402020

  318. Gopi says:

    Thanks for your Reply Nithin, Mr Manohar is taking care as a Relationship manager…

  319. Gopi says:

    Hi, Nithin Kamath,

    Hope for Opening Online Partnership Account will take more than 1.5 Months, Have Applied with all Required documents but don’t Know reason for delay …

    Today i felt, for Intraday you have charged more than the specified amount and in Equity too where no Brokerage Specified ….

    Gopi P

  320. Shreekant Birla says:

    Dear Sir

    Kindly advise on following :
    1) I had applied for your associate program & received a response that your sales person would called to discuss. However nobody has called far.

    2) I have given a lead today for Mr. Rajeev Gupta who will open his account with you soon.
    You need to make necessary sales support like sending forms etc by e mail to him
    & also a courtesy call.
    He was very much impressed when he saw my trades on ZT.
    ( Kindly note that this reference will be linked to a/c DS1259 which is my root account. I gave referral wrongly when logged in for client)

    3) I tried to make fund transfer request for referral commission on Q.
    It is stating there that please visit old back office.
    I logged in to old back office ( only on IE after downloading, which we do not use anymore. Everybody uses Google Chrome).
    After logging into old back office, fund transfer could not be done. I tried to give feed back, but failed to do it online, on the old site.
    Kindly look into the problem & resolve the same.
    In my opinion, it would be better, if you link the fund transfer to Q.
    I await your advise on how make commission fund transfer.

    With a copy of this mail I request Mr. Nitin to spend few minutes to look into the above matter please.

    With best regards,
    ShreeKant Birla

  321. cvenkatesh says:

    HI SIR



  322. RS7364 - BSRao says:

    Dear Nithin Kamath,

    I got an account created under my referral and that account was opened on 26-10-2015.

    Then onwards the new account has generated a brokerage of
    Rs. 920.00 through Equity trading and
    Rs. 3,934.11 through Commodity trading as on 24 Jan 2016

    Whereas my Wallet is showing Nill as on date

    I request you to rectify the problem and update the wallet.

    Srinivasa Rao

  323. Mukul Dev says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    My Client ID is DM2960
    I Referred a Client from My Backoffice The Account of Client has Open As i am attaching snapshot of my backoffice And He is trading from Past one week,But I am Not getting the referral benefit i intimate the same to support@zerodha But I got a ticket number only which is now Showing That the ticket is Closed.
    Referred Client ID is DD1874
    Please resolve My issue.
    Thank You.

  324. Ram says:


    Is there any link which I could post on a Website or Blog, in order to refer?
    Any way I could refer my facebook and Linkedin friends via any link or adv.?

    if no option available, is there any plan to provide this feature in coming days/months?

  325. abdulkarim shaik says:

    Sir I am abdulkarim.DA1553 mistake i entered his name and details in zerodha website and referred my friend damodar in q which says duplicate form and then I referred him by writing my ID : DA1553 ON HIS Kyc form…but to my surprise he’s not in my referral in my q
    my friend name damodar Kumar basana
    cliend I’d RD1367

  326. Gireesh says:

    Dear sir,
    i have referred my brother to open an account with Zerodha and he opened the same, but still now the status is saying that he is not interested, kindly check it….

  327. BALAJI says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Dear nithin,

    I referred a lead (TECHNOFUNDAS CONSULTING LLP). due to some documentation issues it got delayed & the account was opened after ur 60 days time frame. Will I be able to receive the referral benefits?
    At present I cant see any one attached to my referral account.

    • Balaji, if more than 60 days we remove the lead from our repository. So if it is opened after that it won’t be mapped. But if the forms had arrived before that and was pending with us, it can be mapped.

  328. Nilesh says:

    Hello Nithin,
    When I refer my friends and colleagues and I become the lead i.e. their account gets opened because of me, Will i be able to see all their positions on an on-going basis, to be able to continuously guide them?

    Also, it will help me tally the brokerage they are generating versus the 10% that I am getting.

    • No Nilesh, we can’t show any positions and all. You will have to be a registered authorized person with us on the exchange. But we as Zerodha don’t have this business model of allowing AP’s/sub-brokers to be able to view client positions. Most other brokerages will allow you though.

  329. Deepak Pawar says:

    I am existing New Sub Broker of LKP. I am Interested to work with ZERODHA as Sub Broker / Authorize person.I Have Plenty clients But 8 Active clients They give me Brokerage 25k. can you give me your sub broker-ship. Lkp appoints new
    sub- broker in my town so i am interested to join with you.

  330. sid says:

    among the 380 brokers in Indian one that very evident is, only zerodha has been acquiring fans while the rest 379 brokers are acquiring just clients. good job team ‘zerodha’ and nithin you rock..!!

    I keen at looking at what you have to offer as Sub broker/ online partners. Whom should i be reaching out to ?

  331. prashant says:

    I am existing Sub Broker with another company. I WISH TO join ZERODHA as Sub Broker / Authrise person. I have 50+ Active clients & my monthly gross brokerage is around 50K . Can i join Your zerodha as sub broker. ????

  332. Amar Singh says:

    Hi, I want to be a part of Zerodha partner scheme, even i have a account with you guys.
    Please let me know the procedure of the same.

  333. “Zerodha Associate Program” got this welcome email on a referral opening an account with you. Thanks.

    from q > referrals > refer – done.
    name -> email -> phone – entered done.

    referral history (has those names or referral individual).
    your salesteam was superfast to contact those referals – agreed by experience.
    (but no follow up within the 60-working-day referral history expiry peariod [a 12-day followup would be advisable]).

    now the catch:
    now i do not have a link (in referral history of q) to download the forms with my referral id/name entered in it, so that i can email my referral and help him/her to open an account (that’s my service).
    increases the facevalue.
    with the above i am sure they open the account with my referral id/name.
    i can get it in my email id, as your salesteam (staff) calls them the 1st time to verify.

    awaiting reply…

    Thank you.

    • Venu says:

      An account is mapped to you only if the lead has been entered by you through Q. So in your case, you can still take printouts of the forms, get them signed and sent across to us. The account will be mapped to you by virtue of you having referred them through Q.

      • basically if my referral go to zerodha home page and opens via online registration and same [emailid and cell no] as i refered in q is placed then automatically they will map to me. i have image too. (if i have understood correctly).
        but my above msg was actually for circumvent if what my referral goes directly to ur site and opens without my knowledge. i mean some other [email id or cell no] (i am blunt with this query, i dont know how simple i can put it).

        thus a link for documents in my referral history can help.

  334. […] remember to put a word out about us via our Associate Program if you are satisfied with our […]

  335. Lahu Kure says:

    At the time of downloading account opening form i had entered my friends details, when i try to enter details in Q for referal it says details already exists. My friend has not sent account opening form
    Yet how can i refer him now?

  336. subhash says:

    HI, zerodha
    my name is subhash. Recently i showed intrest to open account with you through and i get call from you and e-mail with instructions. In phone chating with your excutive, he told me, you just download the account opening form and signed on it and send it to us.(blank form except sings). Is it right to send blank form.

    • Venu says:

      Its mostly to avoid rejections and for faster account opening that we insist that not all the fields be filled. Nonetheless, you may fill in your Name (as per PAN) and other basic information like mobile number, email id and send us the forms along with necessary proofs.

  337. M Kithan says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I’m a Zerodha customer and would love to refer my friends through your referral program. But before I do that I would like to know, as mentioned is some of your replies above in regards to the “Partner program”. How is it different from the referral program. My ID is DM1984.


    M Kithan

  338. Merin says:

    Nithin bro, referred 20 clients after this awesome news. Happy to grow our client base. Hope our sales guys can turn them to zerodha clients!!

  339. Rohit says:

    With the waiver of brokerage fees for equity delivery, is this referral plan still in effect?

  340. vijay pandey says:

    If i have refered someone and he refers others then will i get some profit of others too……If it is not so then you should apply this….from direct referal 10% ……indirect —-1%….

  341. Huma says:

    Hi, I have an NRI friend who is interested to invest in shares and I would like to refer her.
    Can NRI’s invest like regular Indians or with restrictions or not at all?
    Please let me know if there is a link giving info on this topic….

    thanks in advance,


  342. Devendra says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    Does Zerodha offer Sub-brokership.
    or Dealer Terminal ?

    IF I get same or Dealer Terminal Can I get Bracket order enabled for MCX

    PL. Guide

  343. Harpreet Singh says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Please let me compliment you for all the technology improvements and enhancing our knowledge base to improve our trading ability. My problem is that I had referred a client and made sure my details are updated in the introductory forms as referral. I was aware of referral program but not really sure of the process since i never used it. I had raised a ticket #380966 on your support desk for to get this client id mapped as referral in my name but it seems the person on the support desk wants proof if i actually referred the client or not even though it is available in the client’s introductory form. Would really appreciate your help in this.
    Harpreet – RH0149

  344. SRIDHAR says:

    Hi Nithin,

    This is Sridhar,
    My Client ID: RS7866

    It is very nice to meet you
    I want to share some of my views about ZERODHA.
    The technology and the platform provided by you (Pi) is very attractive. One day it is going to dominate the entire young once. I was very much impressed about you and your business model the way you designed it. This is the right time to reach every individual person who is all interest about Indian equity market they are all to know about Zerodha. Equity market investment is the best way to invest for everyone because this was proved past few decades in our Indian equity market performances and more over Indian Market is an emerging market in our country youngsters population 356 million 10-24 year-olds, India has the world’s largest youth population despite having a smaller population than China, a latest UN report said today. India is set to become the youngest country by 2020. If they ready to contribute in Indian equity market we should consider in their situation what they expecting from anyone Brokerage has to do for them comfort and convenience. other than that Technology is improving day by day it gives us more exposure to learn and access everything in single devise so everybody can invest in equity market from the young stage and their contribute our nation growth. Past few months data shows our Indian Retail investor’s contributions increased predominantly in Indian equity market, it has to improve very much in future. So we have to ready to give such a good and friendly user technology, easy to approach any guidance further support if they need it. If we done it these things, we can capitalize all the young Indian investors, it will give us massive results in future.
    Nithin this is my humble request to you Put or add some more features into it like automatic signal generation for BUY and SELL based on the parameters what we set. It should come as an indication in any form in my market watch screen itself. I am a technical person using FT software for so long years. This feature is available in FT software. If you add this feature in your Pi, it will be an added advantage for your clients. Am very eager to promote about ZERODHA who are all in my contact network it will be going to rock very soon……
    That is all from now…we will meet again…..

    My Best wishes for you and Your Wonderful team…

  345. Krishna Rath says:

    Hello Zerodha,
    Just wanted to check if the client ID is the one with DKxxxx or MHDKxxxx. Cause to loginto Q, we have a different UserID, so which ID should we use

  346. Adhik says:


  347. RS5989 says:


    I have recommended Zerodha to my friend last week, but not thru referral link. I just noticed today about referral programme. How I can add him under my referrals?

  348. jay says:

    is there plugin for mt4 chart direct order can be placed?

  349. Udaykrishna says:

    I have an Demat account in axis direct Can I transfer to zerodha ,is it possible or no

  350. pravin Bharane says:

    Hii my I’d is RP 1371. I have referred 10 friends out of that 3 friends already opened account and remaining are in process my question is one of my referral friend is trading from last 20 days but still in my wallet it is showing zero rupees earning I raised the ticket twice regarding the same but didn’t get single reply very bad so please tell how much time it will take to update wallet

  351. VJ says:

    Hi Team,

    I was just referring a friend of mine, but while explaining him the brokerage calculator i found the brokerage is gone up to 40. Is it changed recently ?


  352. Sarvesh Ojha says:

    I have already referred one of my friend. I told him to mention while filling the form on referral page. He have opened the account. Almost 20days had passed. But i am not able to see him in my reffereal wallet.

    Please do let me know,
    1. If someone open account then will I be able to see him/her under my referral?
    2. Or I will only be able to see the amount brokerage i am getting?


  353. titus says:

    hi i referred my friend by calling zerodha through phone on may 15 and asked zerodha representative to fill it as my referral. now on Aug 20 he opened an account. now the sales manager telling me before 3 month opening only will come under referral. if it goes beyond 3 month it will come under zerodha. this haven’t mentioned anywhere in your articles.
    what should i do to make it as my referral.

  354. ST says:

    Hi Nithin,

    My ID is RS5212. I had referred two of my friends a week back.
    But they never received calls and executive marked the status for them as interested. How can one know if someone is interested without calling them.

    Is zerodha no more supporting associate referral program?Please look into the matter.


  355. Sathvik says:

    I am trying to refer my friend through that link.But I am getting this message ”
    301 Moved Permanently.
    Neither of my friends are getting this link to open account.

  356. Vishwa Jyothi says:

    Dear Nithin,

    I am interesred to refer ppl from my family and friends circle.
    But it will be easy if I get to know the minimum or basic documnets required to open an account to convey them.