Z5- Getting Started

March 19, 2013

Hello Traders,

We have introduced newer platforms since this post was published. This platform has been discontinued w.e.f. 11th June 2017. Check out this user manual for Kite and Kite explainer videos here.

In the following blog, we give you an overview of Z5 and help you to get started using the Z5 platform on web browser, mobile or tablets.


Please Log in to trade.zerodha.com from your mobile or web browser & follow the steps below:

1. Once logged into the browser, you will get a screen as below. Click on Z5 to launch the Z5 UI in a new window (Same process for mobile)

Zerodha Web login - Main Page

Zerodha Web login – Main Page

2. Once clicked on Z5 you will see the following Screen open in new window. Please refer to the image below for a fair understanding of the various tabs and know how to create market watch, add scripts, place basket order, spread order, open the trade book, order book, position book, holding & limits.



We will carry out a detail blog on each point in the overview pic soon. But do refer the following blogs for general policies while trading at Zerodha:

1. Margin Policies

2. Order Types – Please read the section on this blog which tells you about product types to use while trading Equity/F&O/Currency/Commodity. It varies for intraday trading and overnight positional trading


Happy Trading,

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  1. Kamal says:


    I want to know whether Z5 PLATFORM is capable of performing both for ANDROID MOBILE AND WEB DESKTOP VERSION.



  2. Rajesh says:

    I am not sure if this is the right forum to seek help. It has been 3-4 weeks since I had submitted my online account to Zerodha and after close to 50-75 calls, my account has finally got created only to realize that I do not see sections to trade in equity. Calling customer care has been difficult as they never get back and the team of Sales Manager (Option 1 when you dial in the Zerodha) and the one assigned hardly responds to make things easy. I am struggling to get started..is there anyway you can help me?

    • Rajesh, really sorry about the inconvenience. The last 1 month has been a little crazy for our account opening team with a new process and us starting our Depository/demat business. Your demat is opened, and will get mapped to your trading account in a bit. You should be able to trade from monday onwards.

  3. Milan says:

    Good Morning Nithin Bhai,
    i have some doubt about margin required for option writing.

    suppose i’m writing option of Nifty 8600 CE @ 2.80 ….. SEP 15 .. Qty : 200

    as per zerodha span calculator.

    SPAN margin
    Rs: 47,750
    Exposure margin
    Rs: 46,232
    Premium receivable ?
    Rs: 750
    Total margin ?
    Rs: 93,982

    suppose market moves against me and option value goes very higher … say

    from 2.80 to 280. still i need 200 * 280 = 56000 only margin.

    then why zerodha calc showing 93,982 ?

    and if my account does not have 93982, then can i write this option ?
    until i have margin required by current market, and if my margin is not enough then zerodha square-off my position.
    am i right ?


    • Venu Madhav says:

      When you write an option, theoretically you can make unlimited losses. Hence the margins that get blocked will not be always equal to the value of the premium. What if the premium went to 780 instead of 280? Then you’d need close to Rs.1.5 lacs to cover your positions. The margins shown on the Zerodha’s SPAN calculator is what is determined by the Exchanges.

      You cannot write the option if you do not have 93000 in your account and if at the time of writing these options you had these funds, wrote the options and later made losses (because of option prices increasing), your position is liable to be squared off.

      • Milan says:

        Thanks for Reply Venu.
        so it means ……. if price goes 480 from 2.80.
        470 * 200 = 94000.

        so i can hold it till option price is not greater than 470.

        when ever required margin is greater than or equal to my balance
        then only zerodha square off my position.
        am i right ?

        • Venu Madhav says:

          If the option price goes to 470, the margins required will also go up. You won’t be able to hold position till then. Always check the margin requirement using the SPAN calculator.

  4. Milan says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,
    i daily follow news channels and website for latest news on global market.

    In business channels, they used to say that today market fall with huge volume and FII sold xyz amount of equities today.

    i got the actual figures of FII activities after market closed in the evening around 6 to 7:30 in news channels.

    i always try to search different websites and channels for see current volume of buying and selling when market is open. but never get any accurate data.

    I’m in market nearly 6-8 Months.
    Sir, You are here for long time.

    please can you tell me …. how to find those FII/DII current data and Market Traded Volume of indices.

    and any particular website or channels or programs that which provides option trading tips ?
    what do you follow ? i mean and private firm tips or your own strategies ?


  5. Milan says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,
    i have some doubt about option writing …
    please can you clarify it ?

    1. Suppose i have write Option of,
    RELIANCE 900 CE AUG 2015 @ Rs. 45

    Before Expiry (let’s say AUG 25th) ….. I want to buy it at current market price ….. say Rs.20.
    but nobody is there to Sell This Option ….
    so what will happen ? …. i have to wait till expiry day to get cash settled ?

    Now Reliance stock price is 890 on expiry.
    2. Suppose i have write same Call option. and i’m not buying still it gets expire.
    then at 0.05 market price will be my buying price ??
    or it will be 0 ?

    3. on expiry day i’m not buying still end of the day. then it will be settled as auto buying ……
    so at last moment will be Option Price is 0.05 or the value that seller wants to sell ?
    suppose someone has place order at Rs.10. and no other seller is available.
    But market price is 0.10 of that option.
    so can i wait till end of day ?

    4. On Expiry day 3:20 Pm will be the final settled time or 3:30 for option buyer/seller ?

    Sorry for spelling and poor grammatically mistakes.
    i Hope you will get queries.


    • 1. Yes, if liquidity dries up, you have to place an order and hope it gets hit or wait till expiry.
      2. On the expiry day, you can place orders at 0.05 and hope it gets bought.
      3. If you don’t buy on expiry day, u can wait till end of day and all Reliance 900 CE will expire at 0.
      4. On expiry day, closing price of Reliance stock will be considered as reference. Closing price is weighted average price of the last 30 mins of trading (3 to 3.30pm)

  6. Vijay says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Two issues.
    1. the disclosed quantity is 10% of the total traded quantity when I place an order in Z5, I think I can modify only from the zerodha website and not from z5 tool. If I modify the quantity in the zerodha trade login website, the disclosed quantity is 25% and not 10%. Hence I can not modify an order keeping the 10% disclosed quantity as is. Please fix it.

    2. When I make changes to the lay out on my Z5 terminal, and click restore button or close and open it again, the layout switches back to the default view. I need to know how to save my custimized view in Z5.


  7. srikanth says:

    1) what kind of api’s are supporting by zerodha like PI,Java, or any other api were supported by zerodha please let me know this for the automatic treading

    2) is it is not offence to access the html code of your site from the browser . here i can write my own selenium scripts to buy and sell the shares from you are site instead of using the PI or any-other api
    because i am familiar with the selenium

    3) because why am i asking here is just know i am applied for account opening . without clarifying the above points

    please replay me as soon as possible

    • 1. API’s dotnet and Java. On pi we have something called Pi bridge using which you can fire orders from Amibroker.
      2. You can’t use your own scripts and fire orders directly to the exchange. Orders have to go through Pi or Kite (kite not yet), and hence through our execution management system (risk management system) also.

  8. mpatel says:

    I opened NRI account today, I can login to Pi. But I can not log in to trade.zeordha.com(Z5), it says incorrect password. what could be the reason? Client ID#RM2515

  9. Milan says:

    Hello nithin sir,
    i wanted to put some changes in mobile app as per my view.

    i never trade in commodity … so it should be permanent setting in app to Exchange is Lots or Weights.
    so can change whenever you want. but they should not ask at every login for exchange type you want to select as lots or weights.

    please do some needful for this extra step in login.

  10. Milan says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,
    any near term planning to solve session time-out problem in zerodha mobile app ?


  11. milan says:

    Hello nithin sir,
    i use zerodha mobile app only for trading. But i face one problem on daily use. After leave for 5-10 minutes session goes expire and send backs to login page… I usually watch market around every 15-20 minutes. But each time i have to login. Can you work on this ?

  12. Milan says:

    Good afternoon sir,
    suppose may is expiry now and i have add lot of scrip of May in early month. so now how to clear market ? i want to delete all scrip of market ..

  13. Milan says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,
    Hope doing fine ..!
    Zerodha Span Cal/Zerodha Brokerage Calc these two tools we need basically in every trade.
    those tools are now become basic need for Zerodha Traders like air & water.
    Thanks for creating such tools.

    But my request is that, if is it possible than create those tools for android apps. because when we try to put from Mobile app then we need to visit two different pages for span and another page for brokerage. so if both tool we will get in single app then it will be so easily to calculate p/L anytime/anywhere.


  14. Manoj says:

    My User Id : DM2206. I am new to trading and zerodha…Any one could you please kindly provide me any manual which will help in understanding the entire terminology..

    ex-: NRML,LIMIT,FUTSTK,SL-m e.t.c

    Thanks in Advance,


  15. milan says:

    Hi. Nithin sir,
    I have asked question to support staff. But they confused me more ,
    Suppose i have 75000/- rupees. I want to buy aluminium april 30. Lot size is 5. Span calculator showing i can buy 40. Means 8 lot to hold it overnight. So calculation is like 8 x 5 = 40. Am i right ? And brokerage calculator for Commodity here in quantity , i have to write total lots. 8 or total quantity 40 ? Please clarify my this doubt.

    • Milan,

      You can use Margin calculator or SPAN. 1 lot is 5MT of Aluminium. Margin required for 1 lot (NRML or overnight) is around 28000. So with Rs 75000 you can only buy 2 lots or 10MT. If you use product type as MIS (intraday), you can buy upto 5 lots as margin required is around Rs 14000 (50% of NRML).
      So your calculation of 40 is wrong.

      In the brokerage calculator, mention 1 for 1 lot and not 5. If you mention 5 it will show for 5 lots. So if you want to check costs for 8 lots, mention 8 and not 40 (8*5).


  16. Milan says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    please do not mind for this. your Z5 application is best among all the other trading platform. but i want to suggest that Z5 Background is too dark. it is very difficult to focus continue 10-15 minutes on screen.
    please use light color, that might be very easy to find stock in stock grid, and easy to catch current price and difference easily and from some distance from screen also we can see easily. please use some eye-catchy light color combination.

  17. Mehul Mishra says:

    Hi Nithin
    I see a few updates on the front page about Kite .
    Will it be out this month ?

  18. Milan says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Hope Doing well ….
    i’m asking to include facility in Z5. because sometime we trying place order and it will also allow to place order, then order book showing status as “Rejected”. When we find out the reason it will show “user not logged in”. if so it should be allow to place order and directly redirect to login page. because after finding reason after that we re-login and place new order. it will take our 2-3 minutes and price might be changed. so please check this bug and is there any button to check our login session is still alive or expired before placing order ???


  19. Abinash says:

    They just took the normal NOW software and made more complex and unusable. Its just feels and seems so useless and unusable.

  20. shankar says:

    any ETA on kite please. also the mobile platform of zerodha would it be revamped too the currecnt one is really not upto the mark

  21. Kiran says:

    I am first time of user of Z5, I logged into the site, got so confused with the interface, I placed few orders after figuring out my way through, finally my order got rejected because I choose product type as “NRML”
    Its really very confusing with lot of ACRONYMS around, I feel there should be detailed documentation for first time user how to get started. Just my 2 cents.

  22. rahul says:

    please provide windows mobile app for trading.othervise tell how to trade on windows phone i really needed it.

  23. Vivek says:

    Hi Nitin,

    As an end user, what can i expect from kite?
    1) A better user interface than trade.zerodha.com? Is kite too a Java based site? and too colourful like Z5?
    2) Will kite integrate data available via q.zerodha.com?

    Share some more info on what kite can offer to us. Also, any ETA for kite release?

    • What you see on trade.zerodha.com the java or Z5, are quite outdated actually. This was built by our tech vendors Omnesys/Reuters.
      Kite will be a true HTML5 platform, and an extension to what you see on Q/QUant, modern designs and completely clutter free. Also modern html5 charting. Kite might take 4 to 5 weeks more before a beta release.

  24. Rahul says:

    Now mobile android app is working fine on my mobile.just hoping that it continues this way. Thanks

  25. Madan says:

    Trading on Zerodha has become a NIGHTMARE. Once an issue is a an issue. But Zerodha seems to be full of issues. You guys are taking our investments on a ride with the pathetic service and support. Nothing seems to be working, neither your systems nor your telephones. My biggest doubt why do you do business when you can’t handle things.

    Being a financial systems service provider you don’t have any backup plan at all. Now this is what we can expect from an amateur service provider and differentiates between a professional service provider.

    • Copy pasting again, his has been a nightmare, but the upgrade was necessary for us. Our desktop platform ZT has become faster, even Z5 should do the same in the next day. We did a complete server migration, and unfortunately exchanges in India don’t let you run two instances simultaneously. So on Monday we had to plug out of one and plug into another, we got issues that we had never encountered in testing/mock environment.

  26. vinayak says:

    Have all the passwords been reset? I tried to login about 10min ago, couldn’t – says password expired but then doesn’t let me change the password.

    Tired with wife’s account – same thing.

  27. Madan says:

    Hi there,
    My concern is on behalf of 5 folks who have opened the accounts with Zerodha just a month back.
    The Z5 platform is sucking since last Thursday. I have created couple of tickets and there is no response or the support team just comes up with there templated questionnaire inspite of screenshots provided.

    My friends whom i have referred recently and have started trading with Zerodha are cursing me for such unreliable environment.

    It would be great if you could clarify and confirm when the system gonna be back so that we don’t loose our trades in between or let us know upfront so that we can switch to an alternate service provider who could provide quality service rather than cheap discount service.

    • Madan, sorry about this, there have been a few issues with Z5 for the last couple of days. We have done some fixes today and should be fine from tomorrow. We are also working on taking live our in house web based platform Kite, which is a lot more lighter .

      • vinayak says:

        Dear Nithin

        this is not a problem of last few days; the Z5 has a habit of logging out within 15 minutes. This is the only consistent behaviour for me for last several months. I complained and your people told me to move to Chrome – that didn’t change a thing because I was already using chrome !

        For me personally this is more of a nuisance that anything else – I’m not a day-trader and so the number of transactions is not that large nor does the 5-10min wasted in logout and login again hurt me much financially (except once when I tried to undo a trade I had done by mistake at 3:25PM and the thing logged out while I was typing transaction password !) But I can see how it would hurt a day trader.

  28. ram says:

    From last few days I’m seeing that Z5 web trader and mobile trader has become too slow and I’m not able to trade because of this leading to losses. Are you aware of this? Do you have problems regarding Server capacities?

  29. Madan says:

    I’d like to know in Z5(webversion) Can’t i directly place a buy order without adding a script to market watch ?

  30. Suraj Johny says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Could you please share some light on the ETA around Kite. By when can we expect Kite to be fully functional?

  31. sanjeev says:

    sir, i use trade xpress for trading on windows 7 64 bit with 2g internet ,your z5 is not working well on my computer,also there is problem with cover orders as i am unable to move stop loss beyond my entry price whenever stock moves in my favour.please allow us to trail our stop loss whenever the stock runs in our favour.

  32. Suraj Johny says:

    Took my first trade with Zerodha on Zerodha Z5. What a nightmare!!
    Got logged out and was asked to log back in 5 times . The feed had to be refreshed umpteen number of times.

  33. Rohit says:

    I have been using/trying to use Z5 since last 5 months. Sadly, I dont have have any other option since I am using a Mac. Here are the issues that I face on regular basis:

    1. The feed/data stops refreshing for no reason all of a sudden. So, you end up seeing stale market data. Has already cost me dearly. 🙁
    2. It logs out automatically.
    3. If you reorder the scrips in Market Watch and then place an order, the ordering of scrips is lost.
    4. The market data in the pop-up window for placing order also stops refreshing for no good reason.
    5. The size of all the mini-windows should be configurable(not just min/max) i.e. order book etc.

    I will be really surprised to know if someone has been using it for trading.
    So, I am thinking of giving up on it now and using virtual box. 🙁
    Had been using the basic version of the zerodha site till now which needs to be refreshed each time you want to get the market data.

    • Rohit, we are working on a new easy to use web version, but this might take sometime. But I am bouncing these issues with our vendor who manages the HTML5 version.

    • vinaynp24 says:

      Rohit, I also tried to use Z5 for some time. it is really very primitive application. Color is not pleasant and it cannot be configured. Finally i decided to strict to web version of zerodha trader. As you said the problem is we need to keep refreshing it. still in a process to find a solution for this. if you find any please let me know.

  34. proudfarmer says:

    Dear Nitin,

    The Z5 is not working on Nokia-window phones. I have a Nokia-Aasha mobile phone. It is not working there. It is getting stuck at the log-in page itself as in the place where we are to enter customer id the key board is not popping up. Thus we are not able to write the customer number to proceed further.


  35. mahesh says:

    hi, am using nowonline terminal on my windows 8 64 bit on my laptop , but in the last 2 days the ticker is not working properly, i believe nowonline terminal wont work with 64 bit? is it so? what is the alternative? just for this i cant chance my laptop or os….any other alternative, please clarify

  36. Suriyakumar Jayabal says:

    Hello Nitin/Hanan,
    I use the cover order facility in Trade Express.
    Trade Express is not allowing to modify my Stop Loss, almost last 2 weeks, I have hit the Stop Loss trigger numerous times than exiting the cover order.
    Trade Express is giving error “This product type cannot be modified”
    Hanan, thanks for your reply in other blog acknowledging that this happens in Trade Express and you will talk to tech team.
    But still it is not rectified.

    Another thing you mentioned that Cover Orders can be modified in Z5 and it is working fine.
    Also you mentioned (assume I am buying first), I cannot modify the Stop Loss value above my buying price.
    Why is this rule applied?
    I want to end up in profits, so I would like to move the Stop Loss trigger manually above my buy price, when market has sufficiently moved in my favorable direction, i.e.upside.

    Can I modify the Stop Loss price above my Buy price in Z5, or is it still lagging this option?

    In office I could not open Z5, due to its black background and all the fancy colors. People stare at my desktop, if I do that. Trade Express is compact and does not grab anyone’s attention. So I would like you to enable modifying CO in trade express itself.

    I am writing this after hitting almost 25 stop loss triggers in last 2 weeks. Even if price goes in favorable direction and I am not able to modify Stop Loss trigger into profit zone, so I wait hoping that price would still go higher so that I could Exit Cover Order with sufficient profit, and finally price comes does and hits the Stop Loss unfavorably ending up in losses. This is what happening to me.

    Even if modification is enabled in Trade Express and If I could not modify it above my buy price, it is not useful to me. Hope you understand!

    • Suriyakumar Jayabal says:

      Sorry about the confusion, whatever I have mentioned Trade Express is nothing but regular HTML window. Hanan has mentioned that modification works on Trade Express and Z5 both. But Java is blocked in office, so I could not open Trade Express.

      I am resorting only to the regular html for placing orders and squaring them off.

      Could the regular html be rectified and feature to modify price above entry price will be allowed?

    • Hanan says:

      The reason we tried to move away from TradeXpress and more towards Z5 was because of the heavy dependence on Java. Most office admins block Java feeds so the html5 version of Z5 should ideally work better. Since you’ve pointed out that you prefer TradeXpress, I’m gonna talk to our developers and see how we can have this resolved at the earliest.

      In the meantime, you can use an alternative to modify your Cover Orders: Just call our office on 080-40402020 and ask our dealers to modify it for you. This will not cost you anything additionally as you’ve placed the original order on your own.

      Also, the primary development is happening on ZT and now Pi, both of which need to be installed on your hard drive with Windows OS. The development on web is going to take a lot more time to give it an exe-like feel, but we’ll try and incorporate most features on Z5.

      The modification of Cover Orders above/below the entry price is restricted by design, because if you wish to modify above the entry price or trail your SL the developers want you to use Bracket Orders. Cover Orders were originally designed for quick entry at market price and one click exit or hit your SL. All of this needed to happen within fractions of a second and this was used mostly by jobbers. I’ve put in a word with our developers about this and we’ll followup with them.

  37. RB0668 says:

    i am using Z5 Html web base platform
    i want to know that in web base can we see exat overall net position
    for e.g some stock we have bought a week ago and some stock we have buy today

    so can we see the average Net position ?

    in Netwise position we can not see overall position



  38. pankajtiwari005 says:

    I am using Zerodha Z5 platform from nearly 2 weeks and to mys dismay, It logs out every 10 mins. More than once I was placing intra day sell order and during same time it logged out. For Intra day traders even 1 minute matters a lot and getting logged out every 10 mins causes lot of problems, Also amny times it hanges and connection gets lost for nearly 5-10 mins expecially when high volumes are traded. I would request if Zerodha team can look into this asap

  39. sauptik sinha says:

    I tried using Z5 platform , however the widgets are not working properly. When we expand the widget, there is no way to move towards the right of the widget which has some columns. So part of the information cannot be accessed. There is also stability issues with the platform as more often than not, the page becomes unresponsive, mostly when you click on exchange messages.

  40. dr says:

    hello there…

    In all software from other brokers, i can see “ACTION WATCH”…. but there is no ACTION WATCH in NEST…

    Can I be able to see ACTION WATCH in NEST ? ?

  41. Ayan says:

    Hi, I am new to Zerodha and have been mostly using the Z5 as we cannot install ZT in our office computers. One problem I faced quite a lot today is that I kept getting logged out quite frequently. It is not that the site had been inactive for a while (sometimes I got logged out just after placing a order) and the problem becomes more acute after 3 pm. I don’t know where the problem lies and also do hope it is a one off day, but also do expect Zerodha to look into it if this is a problem on their end.

    • vinayak says:

      I am getting the same problem. Z5 logs out on its own for an apparent reason.

      It is also inconsistent, sometime it doesn’t log out for almost an hour despite no activity while other times in has logged out in the middle of placing an order (between quotes and “confirm”)

  42. Thouseef says:

    Hi, I am a starter in Zerodha. In my desktop trading software i find only NFO and CDS segments are active. What about the other segments like NSE and BSE? Will they be active only when the markets are active?

  43. Vijayasimha says:

    Is bracket order facility available in Z5? if yes, how to access it.

  44. I would suggest to give the Users flexibility to increase or reduce font size of tickers in Z5. It will be better to make Widgets like Trade Book, Position book etc. scalable to show complete picture without pressing plus button.

  45. Anil says:

    When can we expect Zerodha window’s mobile app?

  46. vinay says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have started using Z5 terminal since a week. I have noticed that Square Off functionality works completely different compare to ZT and I feel sell and square off buttons works similar in Z5.

    In ZT on clicking Square Off button it raises the order automatically but in Z5 it opens the order form to fill the details. The quantity in the order form is not even picked from the existing position, it is defaulted to 1 lot of the instrument quantity and order type is set to Limit.

    My request is, could you please consider this and get it corrected?

    A quick fix would be to fill the order form with existing position quantity and set the order type to MARKET on clicking square of button. This would allow trader to square off the position in just 2 clicks.

    Thanks & Regards

  47. Mehul says:

    In the Z5 trader how is it that i cannot see the total value of my holdings ? Ie (Total Qty of shares * Price per share ) ? I have to manually copy the numbers in excel and multiply them and it is very annoying.

    • Mehul, what you are looking for is available on our new backoffice. https://bo2.zerodha.com/ and check under holdings.


      • Mehul says:

        Thanks Nithin
        The new back office looks great .
        Would it be possible to put commas in large numbers ? It makes it easier to read.
        Also I am not sure why the entire concept of a back office exists in the first place ?
        As a customer it is much more convenient for me to have a unified portal to access all the features What was the reasoning behind logging out and logging into another portal (back office ) to access more features ?.

        • Our trading platform presently is vendor based (built by omnesys) and they don’t offer an integrated trading & reporting system. But we are slowly, by building our own products, moving towards an integrated solution like what you have suggested.

          • Mehul says:

            I understand . That explains why the zerodha website looks so much more modern than the trading platforms and old backoffice . I am sure the new integrated system will be great.
            btw i think its awesome that you personally respond to queries.

  48. neha1 says:

    I would like to know of any portable device other than a laptop on which I can use the ZT and not ZT-5. I am more comfortable with ZT like anyone and would just like to know whether a tablet for instance-does it support ZT. If not, then please suggest me some thing else.
    Another question is why does a mobile or a tablet does not support ZT when all of them a laptop, a mobile and a tablet runs on windows 8 platform?

    • Hanan says:

      If you would like to use ZT on a portable device (touch screen), you have very few options. Most of these devices are expensive and should be running Windows 8.1 at least. HP, Asus and Dell have released tablets which easily double up as laptops, a popular one is this. You can also try this.

      The second option is cheaper, is definitely a tablet, and it can run ZT exe for you.

  49. noor says:

    sir when i click on z5 i dont get any aplication to run so i want to know how to install this application.

  50. archana says:

    can i trade with my Nokia E72-1

  51. vikas says:

    I applied for account open on 24th December. My trading account and demat account both opened now but still they are not linked, it’s 20 days. Please do it ASAP.

    • Hanan says:

      Vikas, we’ve just looked into this and have gotten an assurance from our account opening department that your demat account will be mapped within 24 hours and you can take stocks for delivery from tomorrow.

  52. soman says:

    I was planning to start an account with zerodha. But now I am rethinking because of the unavailability of the windows phone application. Windows phones are becoming more and more popular in the world. So why u guys are delaying on developing your app.? Do u have any plan to develop an app for windows phones ? Do I wait or go ahead with another brokers ?

    • Soman,

      Z5 will work well on your mobile, it is a html5 version which adapts to the mobile. A windows mobile app might take some time though. You could ask someone on our sales team help you try out the HTML5 on your mobile…

  53. hero64 says:

    how can i manually reset auto refresh time of Z5 as i am using 2g speed internet on laptop

  54. K saravanan says:

    zerodha, the chart needs some work from your end, I am not looking for some indicators but a basic candle stick chart with 3min, 5 min, 1/2 H, 1 H time frame.

    your chart mentions 1 min refresh but what time frame is it.


  55. DP0905 says:

    hello there
    please tell me on demat account opening form power of attorny pages

    there are 3 spaces for first /sole holder but i am told to put 4 signs.

    i have to resubmit , courier it again . tell me 4th signature box………………..

  56. dharmaraj says:

    nse now not working on my laptop. i have migrated my account for nsenow, i can be access it from mobile. but not able to open in my laptop. what to do?

    • Hanan says:

      You haven’t given us any specific information on what error message you see so we can’t really provide a solution here since the problem is vague. We’ll get someone from Zerodha to call you immediately and assist with this issue. You can rest assured that NOW will work on your laptop.

  57. dharmaraj says:

    i recently opened account with zerodha. iam very much frustrated after using zerodha mobile trader. i cant see my orders i placed. also not able to modify orders. the mobile trader is very slow and not simple.i have various accounts. i mostly using mobile for trading. so i kindly request you please develop a good mobile application for trading. please take a look on some mobile trading aaplications of some brokers like kotak mobile trader, geojit flipme, etc.

  58. Raghunath says:


    I am using Z5, but the problem is it doesn’t have chart with technical indicators, so it is useless to trade without knowing the depth of market. So my suggestion if you can add some basic technical indicators in Z5, so that the trade can be profitable.

    One more thing to add, now a days smart phone penetration is growing rapidly, i know that you have Zerodha mobile application but it has own limitations, just like not having some basic technical indicators, it is ok if you trade with lap or PC. but those who has limited access may be different reason, will not be helpful. So if you can develop or upgrade with some basic tech indicator.


    • Nithin Kamath says:


      We are working on this, give it a few more months we should be able to surprise you.


      • Rajendra Prasad says:

        Hi Nithin,

        Even i am also waiting for a solution like this. When can we expect a mobile app which can provide charts with indicators? Also, When is the new trading platform going to be launched from Zerodha? I hv been waiting for it 🙂

        Rajendra Prasad

  59. Sureshbabu says:


    I am using Zerodha Z5.
    I use product code and validity as EOS and CNC. I could not find my portfolio details anywhere on the next day.

    Then I tried IOC n CNC but the same result.
    Please help me where to find my portfolio list.

    • Hanan says:

      Suresh, on Z5 we have two ways for you to check your positions:
      1. We have a widget called Net Positions – This widget shows you all the open Futures & Options positions. It also shows you intraday positions in all segments along with MTM profits and losses.
      2. We have a widget called Holdings – This widget shows you all the equities that you hold in your account. This is where you’ll be able to see which stocks you own so that you can decide to hold them or sell them.

  60. dineshAI says:


    NSE’s NOW application also provide many good feature but it requires member ID and Customer ID. Can you help me what should i provide. What is member ID and what is Customer ID.

    Dinesh Kumar Sen

  61. Pratik_Phunguskar says:

    Can i use nse now software for trading.
    If yes, what will be my login details.

  62. Ankash says:

    Hi there,

    I have a BSNL Penta Tab Android version..The problem I face while logging on using Mobile version is “Error authenticating the password”..secondly, It deactivate’s my password on the Desktop version of Trading while trying to connect through Mobile version.. Is there anything am suppose to do.? I tried several times but not working from my end and frustrating with my password deactivation on Desktop version twice.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      YOu cannot login to your trading from 2 different interfaces at same time, it is an exchange regulation and hence you get logged off.

      If you are using the TAB,use the Z5 rather than mobile version, will work better.


    • Ankash says:

      Ya, I got rectified the problem. No, I did not log 2 trading interfaces at the same time.The problem was due to special Character in my password which creates problem in my Tab for logging..The problem was sorted out by your support team.. BTW, Thank you for help and suggestion.

  63. abhijit says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    I have downloaded the mobile app from the zerodha site.
    It asks for Mobile trading Id for logging in.
    I used My zerodha user Id but it didn’t Accept. Can you please provide me the Mobile trading ID.

    Registered mail ID – [email protected]
    Client id – DA1195

    Abhijit Thombre

  64. gejose says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am using Nokia Lumia 800 windows phone mobile. I have installed NSE Mobile application. I need Zerodha Membership Id
    for trading from my mobile. It will be helpful for me to trade from outside home.
    My User Id is RE0030 and my mail Id is [email protected]


  65. deependrasinha says:


    Do u people have any app for mcx trading on windows phone…..

    Does this Z5 works on IE on windows mobile…


  66. drsm says:

    hi team Zerodha,
    I have been using Nowonline app on my iphone and found it very useful compared to browser based Z5 which keeps hanging and login procedure is a pain especially relogin, when are you planning to release an Zerodha App for iphone,with autostored login credencials like Nowonline, which will be very useful for people who trade on mobile and dont have the time to sit in front of the laptop most the time,

  67. Anilkumarvg says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    How we can place a cover order through mobile trading platform?


    • Hanan says:

      Hi Anil… We’ve still not enabled Cover Orders on the mobile. This is a very recent addition to Zerodha’s features that are being offered to clients. We’ll enable CO on mobiles within the next few months. 🙂

  68. Pavan_Hegde1986 says:

    Dear Team,

    The new system seems like very very difficult. While trading we do not know whether we have to choose SL-M or SL-L.
    Please attach a pdf which explains about it. If we compare this with SHAREKHAN, then the tool what they use is really easy and not so much tedious. Really appreciate if you could attach a pdf and help the traders.

    Best Regards,
    Pavan Hegde

  69. divinetej says:

    Dear Team Zerodha,

    my user id is enabled for nse mobile trading. The support received from you is appreciable. All your team members are listening our problems n our requirements.all of them are attentive n responsive to our querries… Best of luck to grand success…tejas

  70. divinetej says:

    [email protected]
    My user id is DT0146

  71. divinetej says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have Nokia Lumia 720. i already installed NSE Mobile application. I need Zerodha Membership Id for trading from my mobile.

    from trade.zerodha.com it is very combursome process to place order and it also ask for java insallation.

    pls help to solve my prolem


    • Nithin Kamath says:


      We also have a mobile trading application, Zmobile on which you can trade all exchanges. Go to trade.zerodha.com/download

      You can download this and use your credentials to start trading.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      divinetejJun 26 2013, 9:45 am

      Mobile Trading is NOT available for your mobile.

      above message is displaying…
      zmobile might be not for windows 8 mobile platform..pls check n confirm

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Can you leave your client id or your registered email id, will get someone to call you back on this.

      • Trupati patil says:

        dear Zerodha team,
        The Z5 is not opening in my office. It shows error “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage .”
        If the site is blocked then the it shows “the site is blocked “.But this block message is not appearing. Rest all pop up from site are opening. Please suggest if any settings I need to change of Internet Explorer.

        • Hanan says:

          This is because your network administrator or your ISP has blocked Z5 from your office network. You can call your ISP or your admin and ask him to unblock ports 443 and 80 for Z5. Once that is done it should work. Alternatively, you can try accessing Z5 through a proxy service.

  72. Chris says:

    i have an android phone , and i tried logging into backoffice , i get an error saying Sorry. You need a browser that supports XDK. Please use IE
    but android dosent have IE,

    is there any other way to loggin to backoffice on an android , which other browser supports XDK,

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Chris, presently you will need an ie browser to login to backoffice. You could look at adding an ie tab to the chrome browser. You can google for how to do this.

      That said, we are in the process of having multibrowser integration for our backoffice.

      • shankar says:

        NOT ABLE TO LOGIN TO BO. IT SAYS “You need a browser that supports XDK” USE IE.
        Even I used IE11 (windows 10-64bit) after doing settings as per instn, it is NOT WORKING.

        • Shankar, q.zerodha.com has been available for a few years now. Everything that i son BO is on this.

          • Naveen says:

            Hi Nithin,

            I’m trying to withdraw from my referral wallet. It says I need to login into the old BO site to withdraw the amount.

            But on trying to open the BO link in IE, I get the following error
            “Sorry. You need a browser that supports XDK. Please use IE ”

            Can you help me out?

  73. Pavan_Hegde1986 says:

    Dear Team,

    Please tell me how to delete a scrip which has been added in Z5.

    Best Regards,

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Sorry Pavan,

      Had missed your query,

      All you have to do is right click on the scrip and say delete.


  74. Pavan_Hegde1986 says:

    Dear Team,

    A very good initiative. But the color combination seems to be bit clumsy.
    Having said that, please change the color of the order, if we have highlighted the order to cancel.
    As of now its very difficult to distinguish which order did we select to cancel or modify.

    Best Regards,

  75. Anilkumarvg says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    I have to face an error in my mobile trading,”Maximum device limit reached for this user.Delete profile to register a new device”,When i try mobile trading in another android mobile.Please give me a solution for trading in any android mobile with our client id for future.

    Regards Anil

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      For mobile trading, we have to pay license fees per device that you use. So we enable you for only 1 device at a time. If you want to start using on a different device, you will have to let us know and we can disable you on the previous device and then you can start using it on the new one.


  76. sureshkumar says:

    Hi Zerodha Team.
    I am using Z5 in Mozilla firefox browser in my laptop and I dont see auto refresh is happening.I need to refresh manully each time to see the latest LTP. Also i clicked on “C” button to view the chart and changed to 5 mins chart, its not changing.
    Please clarify.

  77. Anilkumarvg says:

    can i have to execute an order in commodity trading from mobile platform..?If yes pls reply that procedure,no, when we can?

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Presently MCX is still not enabled on Z5 so you cannot trade commodities on Z5. But you can download our mobile trading platform from download section on our webpage and trade commodities.

  78. VSKumar says:

    Hi Team,

    I am using an Android Mobile i.e Galaxy Grand…..I had Experience of Z5 Usage on it….its Quite Good….

    But i want to know What is NOW Mobile trading which is mentioned in Downloads link of Zerodha Site…

    1) Can you say how can we trade using NOW Platform which is provided by NSE…

    2) If NSE is providing this NOW how can i log in using ZERODHA ID…

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      NOW mobile trading can’t be used by clients who are using the ZT trading platform. For using the now mobile you will have to migrate to NOW trading platform, which is a much older outdated version of ZT and where you can trade only NSE and no other exchanges…

      • Prabhu says:


        I am using NSE mobile application/market data (nowonline.in) both on my Tab and mobile, since its inception, just for an additional and simultaneous data access on quotes and charts, and I am completely satisfied with its simple, flexible design, very fast and clear streaming quotes as well as Intraday Charts, which is much comfortable, with an exception that it is applicable only for trading with NSE.

        With my Trading account I have preferred dealing with only ‘NSE equity’, am I eligible to trade with NOW mobile ??, (as I have read in this blog about trading with the same using Zerodha member ID and password to login). If so please clarify!

        with regards,

        • yes, if you are using Nowonline for trading, you can use the NOW mobile platform with the same member ID and login credentials. If you are using Zerodha Trader or Z5 for trading, then you will need to request for disabling you on ZT and enabling on NOW to be able to trade on NOW mobile.

  79. ashish_v says:

    Is MCX enabled for z5? If not can you give approximate dates?

    • Hanan says:

      We’ve sent a request over to MCX to approve and enable Z5 which is the latest html5 version for trading. MCX is reviewing it for approval and will get back to us as soon as it’s ready for use. 🙂 Timelines are not under our control. Once exchange says yes, we just have to plug it in and it’s live instantly.

  80. omar says:

    my trading login was blocked .how can i unblock it.

  81. Sourav says:

    Can I use this in Android phone ?

  82. omar says:

    have an idea to buy micromax a89 .is it possible for mobile trading in this model

  83. Arshdeep says:


    I tried to look around but could not find how to put spread orders in Z5, could you please let us know how to do that?


    • Hanan says:

      Arshdeep, as of now we don’t have an option to place Spread Orders on Z5. You have to use the regular http://trade.zerodha.com window to place spread orders by using the links which are available on the homepage.
      Check out this screen shot…

  84. sarvesh says:

    dear sir
    i want to know if i buy/sell my options that are more than one in numbers say one is nifty option and other is stock option through basket order will it be considered one te.rade or multiple trade in case of brokerage .one more query i have why my zirodha trader not installing on my nokia e63 model .i get an error message certificate error kinly rectify it

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      If you buy using a basket order, the orders will be considered separately even though you place them at one time. So if you place 3 orders on basket and place it together, it will be considered 20 x 3= Rs 60.

      About your phone, can you shoot a complaint to [email protected] with your client id..

  85. lalagari says:

    i have started using Z5 software from one week onwards, the Z5 platform is not getting refreshed after 10 minutes, it is getting hanged automatically after 10 minutes, the time is not getting updated. it is working fine for only 10 min.

    and let me know how can i modify/cancel the order in orderbook. i am unable to find the option in order book.

    • rageshskutty says:

      Dear Nithin,

      How do you modify/ cancel an order using Z5, i did not find an provision for this in the screen. Its an inevitable option, kindly answer the question.

      Ragesh S Kutty

  86. Adarsh says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    When I attempted to use Z5 in J2ME supported mobile. It is prompted for updaet your browser to IE 9.0 or Latest Mozilla Firefox.
    It seems you haven’t allowed access Z5 to the default browser’s, which are already available in mobile phones.

  87. kk.trade says:

    Hi. I’m facing trouble with accessing Z5 on my Lumia. It says to upgrade the browser to IE9 or Chrome… Guess it’s not detecting that I’m using a phone. Could you please check on this.

    It’s really a delight to hear that you are already in talks about a windows phone app. Cool.

    I also wanted to ask you if there is a way to directly sign in to Z5. If I’m on my mobile, logging in through the default page is still a lot of zooming and scrolling around. Thanks in advance

  88. Adarsh says:

    Please suggest trading software / apps for java J2ME phone.


    • Nithin Kamath says:


      You don’t need any app, just got trade.zerodha.com on your mobile browser login and click on Z5 as show in the above blog. Your mobile is ready to trade ,that is the beauty about html5 platforms…

  89. Adarsh says:

    I find in all your trading softwares,that we are unable to place a stoploss.
    If trigger price keep higher than stoploss price then system not accept. If trigger price keep lower than stoploss price then system automatically executed scrip at market price.
    I also have words with Zerodha Representative reg this. However they are unable to resolve this matter.
    Could you please resolve this issue?



  90. krishnas says:

    mcx is not there?

  91. Siva says:

    The error msg I get is use ie9 or Firefox or chrome. These browsers and the ie9 is available ly fr laptop and not for phone

    • Hanan says:

      We hear you, Siva. We hear you. We’re in talks with our mobile platform developers to release a Windows Phone version of our trading platform. This will take a while for development and we thank you for your patience. You can rest assured that we want it as much as you do.

      About the error you get with the browser you use, we’ll report this also to our developers and you should be able to use Z5 on your phone browser very soon, maybe within the next couple of days. The mobile platform will take a while longer, but Z5 will work on Lumia very soon. 🙂

    • Siva says:

      Thank you for your response. Today I tried Z5 in safari browser its working fine but its not working in IE I am using IE 10 on laptop. its not working on my phone IE also its showing the same error that I already told you.

  92. Siva says:

    Hi zerodha one very big request to you please don’t forget the people using windows lumia phone. Nothing supports us not the mobile application not the web page trading and this zs also I am getting error when I tried logging in. Please help us also. Please provide mobile trading for windows lumia soon. I am using lumia 800. I have NSE NOW mobile app but zerodha will not allow me to use that as I am using neat trader on my laptop :(. Please provide some good mobile app for windows lumia soon soon soon.

  93. kinjhoh says:

    is there any short cut keys for Z5??

  94. kinjhoh says:

    very good appearance… I have a few queries about Z5.
    1. How to change the back ground colour?
    2. I don’t like to keep the order book and trade in the same home page. So is any option to use F3(order book) f12 (position book) like tradeexpress..depends on my requirement i can use the options.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Presently there are no short cut keys, the idea is to have everything available in the same dashboard. But you can add remove widgets by using the settings link on the right top of the Z5 page..


      • harideep says:

        How do i check my Derivative open positions, taken on a positional basis, and not intraday basis

        • Hanan says:

          This is easy. Just maximize the Positions widget by clicking on the plus symbol… Once the widget is maximized, you will see radio buttons for “netwise” and “daywise”. Choose netwise for overnight positions.

          Check out this screenshot below.

    • Himansu says:

      Because of trigger BO was not cancelled automatically. I have booked my loss. It’s not my faults rather than it’s your system fault. because of 1 BO and 1 MIS was executed after 3 pm I made a loss of =562.95 + brokegare+ tax. 4/12/2018 15:21 BUY HINDALCO 417 @233.35 MIS COMPLETE 4/12/2018 15:03 SELL HINDALCO 417 @232 BO COMPLETE I do not want to bear this loss because of your system fault. Please let me know if you have any further information required. Ticket number: #20180412279453