Why lower leverages, no BO/CO, during higher volatility?

March 13, 2020


Let us take the example of Monday, March 9, 2020. Crude oil futures on MCX opened down 30%. On Friday evening, the margin required to hold Crude Oil was 15%. So the clients who were long Crude futures had twice the losses of the margin required on Monday morning. The losses made have to be paid to the clearing corporations (exchanges) by the brokerage firm irrespective of the client having the required funds. Yes, brokerage firms might recover money from clients using legal means, but it could potentially take time and if brokerage firms aren’t well-capitalized, that means all other customers’ funds lying with the broker are at risk. Very similar to what has happened with Yes Bank — some large clients not returning the borrowed money has put the money of everyone else at risk. 

While the 30% fall in Crude was a black swan event of sorts, with high leverages, even smaller moves in the market can push brokerage firms to take risks which can be detrimental not just for the business but also for all customers trading with them. For example, imagine the leverage for trading Reliance intraday is 20 times, or 5% of the position is asked as margin on normal days. If the client loses more than 5% intraday, the broker’s own capital is at risk. No sensible broker can continue allowing trading Reliance with 20 times (5%), or 10 times (10%) or 5 times (20%) or even 3 times (33%) in volatile markets like now when the intraday stock price can move as much. This is the reason why we reduce leverages significantly and also block products like BO/CO which are designed to give higher leverages due to mandatory stoploss. Also as per our risk management policy, leverages can be changed dynamically during the trading day based on volatility, and it is very tough to inform in advance before changing this. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to also let you know that having a stoploss in the system doesn’t guarantee execution at the stoploss price. Say a stock moves from 100 to 90 instantly, and assume you had a stoploss at 95. When the stock drops, the stoploss gets triggered at 95, if you have a limit selling at say 95 itself, it becomes a pending order as the price is now at 90. If you have a market stoploss, it will get executed at 90 as that is the market price, losing much more than losing at 95. So yeah, while under normal market conditions these stoplosses work to limit loss, they do not necessarily guarantee the max loss in volatile times like now. Adding to this, BO/CO products add a lot more load on our Order Management Systems (OMS), as each order is potentially now multiple with Stoploss and Exits which have to be all tracked together by our Risk Management System (RMS). This is the reason why we don’t offer BO/CO even with reduced leverages when we expect high activity and volatility. Adding more servers or capacity does not scale BO/CO as they are complex financial products that are tough to offer when there is extreme volatility in the markets. Such products can potentially hurt the experience for the customers who don’t use BO/CO and also increase the risk for the business. 

You will always find brokers who compromise on risk for gaining business, but as you’ve known for a decade now, at Zerodha, we have always followed a conservative and healthy approach. With the events (defaulting brokers, banks, NBFCs) over the last couple years, we have seen what can happen to financial services firms who compromise on risk continuously in the long run.

I’d want to use this opportunity to reiterate that we are and always have been a zero-debt business. We are extremely conservative in terms of risk management. We are also very well capitalized — our own funds are normally more than 25% of client margins. 

These volatile markets are tough even for the most seasoned traders. It is important to reduce bet sizes & trade with as little as possible. The lesser the money on the line, the lesser the risk you take, and the lesser the fear you are likely to experience.

Here is a relevant Innerworth post: https://zerodha.com/varsity/chapter/fear-of-a-sudden-turn-of-events/

Trade Safe, 

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Robin says:

    Equity Leverage list not available on 3rd May 2024. Whats wrong? Why were we not informed?

  2. Dipendu says:

    Why there’s no 5x leverage in equity at this moment? I’m finding it difficult to place AMO

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Dipendu, leverage is availabe for intraday (MIS) trades in the equity segment. It also depends on stocks, you can check the list of stocks where leverage is available here.

  3. Arjun Bhakar says:

    I have been changed for auto square off and charged Rs. 59. I was also put a order for sell also. But my order was got cancelled by back and square of executed. Dt of transaction 20.07.2023. This is unethical. Please charge back.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Arjun, you’ve placed an MIS order i.e an intraday position.If intraday positions (MIS and CO) are not closed before the square off time, Zerodha will close those position and subsequently call and trade (auto square off) charge will be applied. Explained here.

  4. Priya Kumari says:


    Yesterday , on Thursday 15/12/22 I have done intraday trading in FO. I purchase nifty for which I have already created the sell price while ordering. It touched the sell price at 3.20 , for which it has automatically exited the position so even if I want to exit from my end it doesn’t reflect the sell option where by 3.30, the same order was being reflected as cancelled and shows loss.
    Can you please look into this? This has happened several times but I have been very lienent considering zerodha won’t do such things but these continuous deductions has broken my trust on Zerodha.

  5. Niravsingh Solanki says:

    Why i can’t do options their is so much of error to book an order when am doing options

  6. Mainpal says:

    Please ex plane net obligation in future trading margin . span margin& expose margin k saath net obligation (+) or(-) daily hota rahta h ye kya h?

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Manipal, the Net Obligation is the profit or loss from daily equity F&O trades or premium credited or debited for selling and buying options respectively. Explained in detail here.

  7. Akshay says:

    Hello sir…

    Today’s i buy tread with MIS,
    And as per time line auto mechanicly sell on 3:25.it’s shown in order,but not showing in portfolio.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Akshay, please create a ticket at support.zerodha.com so that our team can have this checked and assist.

  8. Ganesh Thite says:

    Intraday payment किती वेळानी जमा होते.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Ganesh, intraday profits will reflect in your Kite balance once settled in T+2 working days in the equity segment and T+1 day in the F&O segment. We’ve explained this here.

  9. J goffage says:

    If people are killing my witch your selfs ok. Thanx you.

  10. J goffage says:

    Sh$ that must be cheating a lot but not a darn thing I could do could I never go there I not nice to go around and big note your selfs over me ok so back off ok because I said over my marriage ok sh$ stick

  11. Murali M says:

    The intention of providing BO to traders is to safeguard their losses when market goes down/up as the case of the order maybe. When traders are expected to take risk for the price far below/above the SL, what is the need for blocking the facility of BO. Hope, BO facility is again extended to the traders to at least make some profit.

  12. Mame love says:

    myself with a few more information about your

  13. Sidharth solanki says:

    Sidharth solanki

  14. Ekta says:

    Zerodha should restart trailing stop loss order. It’s much better and safer way to trade. People like me will soon discontinue using zerodha if they don’t enable trail stop loss option as chances of loss are increasing and profit is decreasing in normal stop loss

  15. Deepak says:

    Sir india vix is below 16 now . Most of the other platforms providing Bracket orders but being the top trading platform why zerodha is not competent in starting BO orders . Sir it’s the only way to do intraday trading for most of the people who do job and don’t have much time to look at the screen continuously. If CO order is available why not BO ???? Sir this is my sincere request to you to pls activate BO orders.

  16. muzaif says:

    i made profit in intraday but the profit is not getting added in my funds

  17. sivanarendhar says:

    BO is not available for now, whereas Zerodha can introduce trailing stoploss mechanism, which is of much use to beginners like me.

  18. Makarand says:

    Nitin sir
    I want certain clarifications regarding confusion created due to SEBI circular on one side asking for Full margin requirements on one side for selling options of say bank nifty/nifty say around 1,70000 to 190000 & penalty will be charged if there is a short fall & on other side the Zerodha Margin Calculator is saying that you can get spread margin benefit which appears to be contradictory to SEBI Circular confusion is say for e.g. if somebody sold BANKNIFTYCE 35000 125 quantity( which requires a margin around Rs.9 Laks )or more only & Buys 225 Quantity of BANKNIFTYCE 36000 then the Zerodha Margin Calculator says Margin benefit of Rs.8,38230 /- & Margin requirement of Rs.97,177/- which as per my understanding is the margin required for this trade if somebody has a funds of Rs.1Lakhs in his trading account then he can build this spread position but what about penalty that will be charged? Or there will not be any penalty as long as position appears hedged?
    so please clarify whether Spread Margin does really exists even after SEBI Circular for Margin requirements and in penalty era?
    Thank you

  19. Joe says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    Communication is vital….now it’s like arbitrary from your end by denying BO and by not communicating by when it would be activated. Just taking the cover of volatility when all the brokers in the country are offering. It’s one year passed and still denying or not even communicating by when is injustice to your customers…. please restart it again or communicate it will never happen and not perpetually keep customer’s in limbo – Thanks

  20. Kamlesh Chaturvedi says:

    why my NSE MIS open order squarred of at BSE at higher rate without my knowledge, consent and giving me sufficient time. Please refund my money Rs 24000/- lossed by your fault.

  21. Chaudhary says:

    Please sir, BO block krnse hme target and stoploss lgane me bhut dikat samna krna pdta he isliye aap use unblock krdijiye

  22. Sindhuja says:

    Will BO available any time soon….its too bad..

  23. Joe says:


    Will the BO ever be activated ? or will it remain blocked citing volatility perpetually ? Pandemic is over…all other brokerages are offering BO but in spite holding on to Zerodha on wishful thinking that it might be activated shortly and somehow in expectation 1 year has passed…..so do let us know will this BO be ever available ? Thanks

  24. chethankumar says:

    Zerodha must be more sensible….

    During the last week of volatile market when Sensex reached 50,000 points, I traded a CO with JK tyre in the morning session and I earned a good amount of profit. Unfortunately, I lost 03 times of my margin invested on the same day in second half due to high volatility in the market( Sensex drops approx. 950points ) and when I tried to take the trade to minimize my loss at around 2.45 pm , ZERODHA blocked CO by that time stating market went highly volatile…
    My point is, why ZERODHA didn’t block the CO/BO for JK tyre during the day session itself…. ??? Who is responsible for the loss ///??

  25. Pradeep Kumar says:

    दोस्तो ब्रैकेट ऑर्डर रिटेल निवेशकों के लिए बहुत काम का है
    क्या कोई बता सकता है कि ब्रैकेट ऑर्डर इस समय किस ब्रोकर के पास उपलब्ध है ताकि जरोधा से हम उन ब्रोकर के पास शिफ्ट हो जाए
    कृपया मुझे उन ब्रोकरों के नाम बताए जो आज के समय ब्रैकेट ऑर्डर की सुविधा दे रहा हो
    Can anyone tell which broker bracket order is currently available with which broker so we can shift to those brokers

  26. vivek says:


  27. Naveed says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    When you are enabling the BO & CO.

  28. Sudip Kumar ghosh says:

    Trade interday on 30.12.2020
    Sail indiacem not to buy same day but now 4.1.21 till now not received any profit or loss statement zerodha.
    Not received and fund

  29. chirag parmar says:

    Hi Nitinji,

    I am Proud to be Zerodha Customer. I am a daily trader. I have few quarries.
    1. Bracket Orders are blocked due to Volatility, Cover Orders doesn’t have target orders and Cover Orders exits on market price only.
    So I am incurring losses in price fluctuations.
    Can it be possible that Cover Orders have Target Orders or Any Orders with Target Orders ?
    We are not big traders We are small trades with 5 or 10 RS fluctuations.
    I will wait for your valuable comments on this.

  30. Rahul says:

    So, if I understand this 9 month old post correctly, the reasons given by zerodha for blocking BO/CO orders even though other, better alternatives are clearly present, are:
    1. There was a black swan event, which justified the call to block bracket orders. While there might be more such events that justify blocking BO/CO, aren’t there significantly more occurrences of retail traders losing out because they couldn’t put an order as per their strategy?
    2. The second reason given seems to question the existence of stop loss itself. Sure if the price drops instantly from 100 to 90 with a sl at 95 the trader loses out more than he/she intended to.. but that is kind of understood. Moreover, SL is what prevents the losses from going even further. So to abolish BO/CO seems to encourage doing away with the practice of putting SL in trading, or certainly makes it less user friendly and more inconvenient.
    3. The complexity of enabling BO/CO on your platform is something that is internal issue and should ideally not be a reason that prevents the customer from using a functionality, a functionality that is crucial to almost any strategy that a retail trader would be following.

  31. Rahul Gupta says:

    yes please Enable BO Order Other wise loose customers…………

  32. Daniel James says:

    It’s been very long time with no BO in Zerodha. Is it possible to get to know approximate date or month in which BO will be enabled?
    PS: It doesn’t look like market is too volatile anymore.

  33. Vishal says:

    I see several requests for BO order re-initiation but all the requests are going to deaf ears with no response from Zerodha! BO & CO. Please unblock BO function. It’s most important function and it’s not working from last several month. Please update it

    • Ram says:

      Please enable BO at least for requested users…This is the reason I’m switching to other brokers…Zerodha is very good…please dont loose customers.

  34. Acha says:

    Its a shame that still BO are blocked. It was easy to trade with BO now you have to place a seperate SL order and if you miss to cancel it goes the wrong way. Zerodha really need to work on their RMS team they need to understand when to block BO and when not to. Really frustrated with no BO at zerodha

    • Bocha says:

      Truly said Acha… Its too long they haven’t enabled BO.I don’t know whats a problem for them to enable BO when CO is enabled.

  35. aniruddha says:

    planning to leave zerodha and go to other platform due to non availability of BO
    it is a necessary feature to protect profit or capital esp for working professionals

    and after so many comments..zerodha does not seem to listen to anyone

  36. Amit Jain says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    I agree with all the reasoning you have provided for blocking BO/ CO orders. However, none of them apply to Nifty / BNF Option buying as it has no leverage in NRML category. Can BO orders be activated there, with SL at market price (SL-M). Actually it’s getting worse to trade in option buying without BO orders in place. I , kind of miss them too much.


  37. Rajendra says:

    Leaving Zerodha due to non availability of Bracket order. I am an office going person and can’t trade with out BO.
    Thanks Zerodha team.

  38. Vishal says:

    I see several requests for BO order re-initiation but all the requests are going to deaf ears with no response from Zerodha!

  39. Sandeep says:

    Atleast allow bracket orders for MIS trades so that people can set target and SL during office hours. It is not possible to monitor positions continuosly if you are in office. Working people can analyse stocks after office hours and can take trade on next day if BO works.

  40. Vikash says:

    Your customers are shifting to paytm, so plz consider about allowing bracket orders

  41. Praveen says:

    BO orders are blocked for almost 6 months. What kinda RMS you have that it does not install the confidence in you to adjust to markets. We customers are losing money because your web based platform is slow in executing trades and we loose the entry or exit levels. Such a shame that all the hard work done is gone down the drain because of a system failing to match up. To save brokerage we are losing more money. Your platform is not built for full time traders..do your home work. Most of the users of this platform are young users who do this part time. BO is the need of the hour. If you cannot give just say not possible for another 6 months. Me and my friends and their friends will be happy to shift from Zerodha. Thanks for being a pain off late.

  42. Ansh sharma says:

    Sir ab toh BO de do. We are waiting for more than 6 months, Vix is below 20, every broker is happily giving BO. Please give BO or else will have to leave zerodha no choice left. Atleast give us a time frame.

  43. Vikash says:

    The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is planning to repeal the measures taken on March 20 to control volatility in market by this month end. The market regulator may discontinue this measure as the market volatility index has come down to 20, which is the normal point.

  44. Rajendra says:

    Awaiting for Response from Zerodha on BO. At least provide information on this. Even small firm like tradesamrt are allowing bracket order.

  45. Vikash says:

    We love zerodha platform and don’t want paytm to see in a challenging position so please allow bracket orders as early as possible

  46. Vikash says:

    Paytm Money launches stock broking with free delivery trades, intraday trades at Rs 10
    Varun Sridhar, CEO – Paytm Money said, “With the addition of equities, Paytm Money seeks to drive financial inclusion among investors by removing information gaps and facilitating stock penetration in the country.”

  47. Rajendra says:

    Nitin Sir,

    Please at least confirm whether we are going to get back this (BO) feature in near term or not so that we can decide our path forward. Please don’t keep us in dilemma…. Hope we will get response.

  48. abcdefg12blog says:

    While I understand where Zerodha is coming from, BO is very crucial for intraday traders and keeping it blocked even when VIX is below 20 is going to nothing but push retail traders away from Zerodha to other platforms — like it did me. While I’ve switched to other broker which is offering BO with 4x leverage zerodha provides, I’d still like to come back to Zerodha someday.
    Can we at least know when BO is expected to start again if not the criteria for blocking it? We as customers, deserve that much.

  49. DEEPAK says:

    Sir India VIX is below 20 . It’s high time you would unblock BO . Being in a job it’s the only suitable option to do intraday trading .

  50. Raghuveer Singh says:

    I see lots of requests made above that BO, CO are almost or often blocked by team zerodha, Is that true? Even no response! Please advise

  51. Vikash says:

    You are going to lose your customer base to samco, Alice blue, upstox. Now paytm money is also providing trading platform. So please provide bracket order service as early as possible. You are going to face tough competition from paytm

  52. Mona says:

    I believe Zerodha is not going to unblock BO CO hence must be think about other options.. will wait for couple of more days..

  53. Rajendra says:

    Please allow BO for Nifty 50. Its humble request.

  54. ACHAL AJIT PATIL says:

    Zerodha needs to provide info on what basis it blocks the BO order. BO should be allowed

  55. tushar dwivedi says:

    It would be better if Zerodha mentions these restrictions along with the stock/commodity charts. It’s frustrating at times, to prepare a strategy, doing all calculations, and after 10-15 minutes of work, when we finally try to place the orders, we get an error like “Short options positions are not allowed in Crudeoil due to volatility.”

    I am pretty sure that even before I try placing an order, Zerodha’s system knows the active restrictions on the given item, and it can easily be shown. Though a lot of data you might be dealing with, would be huge, this is something that can easily be cached within few MBs of data store, and displayed more pro-actively. So that, the moment I open a chart, I can see that what trades have been blocked for it, and can take actions accordingly. With current “lazy checks”, one has to spend decent amount of time, to make a strategy for each security, decide what they would need to buy/sell, and then they have to try it out, only to know that it was all in vain. For multi-legged strategies, it would be even worse, if one leg gets executed, and such error comes on the next order.

    This will really solve a lot of user problems, and anyways showing an information from cache, and not checking while processing an order, would also be much lighter for Zerodha’s backend systems. Maybe I am missing something here, but being a developer myself, this looks like a win-win being ignored.

    If this isn’t prioritised in your coming sprints, you guys need to ask some tough questions internally, to both your business and engineering decision makers.

    • ashish says:

      your system should use AI to check volatile stocks and block BO subsequently else you should reduce leverage on volatile stocks. I’m sure its possible. perhaps your IT guys arent upto speed!

  56. sandeep sethi says:

    At least allow BO for Nifty 50 stocks. India Vix is also low compared to previous month’s. Please rethink at least for Nifty 50 stocks.

  57. Leo Mohan says:

    No more leverages from Dec ?

  58. Anshuman says:

    Nithin sir
    Pls gibe us BO back, we used to feel confident using it because of inbuilt sl and tsl option, please sir it’s high time BO comes back.

  59. Krishna says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I appreciate your team’s effort to make sure the traders place more prudent bets during these highly volatile periods. However, it would be nice if you could share the details regarding when you would be able to allow us to trade using Bracket Order (BO). Eg: if India VIX is below 20 or any other parameter you use to measure the volatility.

    • Bhabani says:

      They will unblock it when vix will be below 5 or may be below 2. Am i right Nithin. Or may be they will never open it bcoz they damn care about us. Busy enjoying the fruit of their business. Kya bo co bak rahe ho vad me jao sab. O my god is this what zerodha saying ???

  60. vikash kumar bijarnia says:

    even upstox has allowed bracket order at least in stocks which are in f&o, so please allow bracket order for at least some stocks please please

  61. Samad baig says:

    Hai zerodah you still how many months to go unblocked bo and co in your broker

  62. Ap says:

    Hi every one , can any one tell, When will BO is start ?

  63. vitthal kharade says:

    hi sir ( bracket order ) lag nahi raha he

  64. Nandkishor Agre says:

    मेरे खाते में 1026 ₹ है । फिर भी ऑडर करते वक्त नो मार्जिन दिखाई देता है । मैंने कल रूपये ट्रांसफर किये हैं ।

  65. Jeevak says:

    We are the people who help Zerodha to reach at current milestone and become market leader but they are not showing any respect towards us.

    Zerodha should understand the power of retail customers and it is a time to remove them from there perch.

    Retail customer should start searching for other options and if not now then never.

    I have already started.

  66. rajesh singh says:

    No MIS, BO/CO during march type very high volatility is understandable but I had witness this issue so often it had new norms thus blindly choose to trade only in CNC instead of wasting precious time hoping from MIS to CNC .As a customer we should be understand logic of this: For Zerodha honeymoon period with customer is over as they are sitting on piles of cash which is getting fatter and fatter thanks to big bulls and these small tricks.However indirectly they are trying to hint the existing small ticket customer with small pocket, kindly move out to budding new age competitors with grace and accept this divorce or else the day is very near when you will be thrown out of market with no.penny in pocket where as I kept enjoying poker, basketball and guitar.

  67. Devendra says:

    for MIS 50 + gst other brokers are far better than Zerodha

  68. Santosh says:

    I think Zerodha is not interested in small retail intraday traders. We are habituated to Zerodha UI that we will keep earning zerodha brokerage with MIS orders. Zerodha is ready to launch trade from chart feature which will crash on first day again, instead start your existing features which are blocked like Bracket order.

    Coming to the vague logic that volatility is high. Can we also see where are you seeing this volatility.
    I see VIX cam back to sub 40 levels one month back and still hovering around 28 to 32 from past two weeks.

    Stop giving predefined answers of volatility high in daily bulletin.
    “Bracket orders have been blocked due to expected volatility for Equity, F&O, and CDS. It will be allowed once volatility subsides.”
    Now the brokers like Alice blue, Astha started providing BO. think about migration of customers.

  69. Amarnath Paswan says:

    Volatility is in control now. Zerodha please unblock BO/CO orders and revise leverage amount.

    You may lose clients to other brokers if you keep restricting orders.

  70. sankalp says:

    I shifted to samco broker last week and they are on par with zerodha… I’d say a step ahead in terms of ui, margin, application.

  71. RP says:

    Volatility is in control now. Zerodha please unblock BO/CO orders and revise leverage amount.

    You may lose clients to other brokers if you keep restricting orders.

  72. Amarnath Paswan says:

    Now , Everything is in perfect condition still get less leverages and BO/CO is blocked. I guess there is no issue of volatility. Zerodha should Unblock BO and Increase margin

  73. Samad baig says:

    Hai sir now banknifty,nifty is in high 20873 today now bracket order cover order is unblocked in zerodah or not

  74. Guru says:

    Shifted to Samco or Alice blue
    Both are good option

  75. Ankit says:

    I respect your work,UI , interface but main thing is margin your performance nowadays getting worse.. except you every broker gives higher margin compare to you and BO/CO is running good.
    If zerodha’s performance will bad in future then i move on to other broker like upstox or alice

  76. Ankit says:

    Now , Everything is in perfect condition still get less leverages and BO/CO is blocked. I guess there is no issue of volatility. Zerodha should Unblock BO and Increase margin

  77. Rakesh kumar panchal says:

    Zerodha is good plateform
    But they are not learn to app
    And client is no proper use

  78. Shubham bajpai says:

    What is the benifit of being market leader if u cry every nother day in the name of volatility and if it is necessary for saving my money then who is responsible when i lost my money due to your technical nonsence….

  79. Shubham bajpai says:

    First of all u hv increased brokerage from .01 to .03 and then u stopped giving higher leverages..higher brokerage not only increased your brokerage but also increased the overall tax ..second thing is,,it is understood if u blocked bo or co on extrme volatile day but in the name of volatility u increased the brokerage and stopped the higher leverage…i m not getting any benifit being a client of discount broker..one of the regular broker offered me the same brokerage as u with higher daily leverage with some other features..

  80. Es says:

    Due to blockage, I have explored other brokers and now I am happy with one new broker, though it costs additional 100 bucks for each trade, I have got 10times exposure. Thanks to Zerodha.

  81. Nithin says:

    Filling the complete order form for BO/CO and then realising that the products are blocked is a very bad experience. It would be better if the BO/CO radio buttons are disabled on the portal with a note if these products are blocked. Would save a lot of time for the traders.

    Also would be better to have a global notification on the portal saying these products are blocked.

  82. Vijay says:

    When would the MIS orders on crude oil trading start again??

    • Vijay says:

      Dear zerodha, reluctantly we are switching over to other brokerage houses… Plz, restart miss orders as soon as possible.

  83. Srikanth says:

    When will bracket order be introduced on crude oil, please confirm

  84. sanket says:

    Hi matti,

    At what vol level you guys are going open BO orders?

  85. sanket says:


  86. Anup says:

    When the restrictions will be normalized on BO and CO?

  87. Dinesh says:

    In CO when i place Stoploss it always hits more than what i mentioned, in oprtions if i place CO stoploss like 600 then it will exit at 590-580 more than two points extra loss, why it happens, but target also same wont give what we placed.
    Bogus application, really its falthu

  88. Amit says:

    Dear Matti

    Pls open bo co now with margin equal to mis or cnc. Without BO CO I am loosing money and cannot place 2 exit orders one for target and one for stoploss it become mess….both get it and I enter again into short position? I am not full time glued to screen…… if upstox samco 5 paisa can do why you cannot….. have to switch to other broker if not given such basic need for trading…… frustated….

  89. Amit says:

    So what about setting target ..that means we have to place 2 exit position one for target and one for stop loss. THEN what will happen if target is hit and then price come down and stop loss also hit….? How we are going to handle new unwanted short position made in the process?

    Is bo co order working now 8n equity? May 9th

  90. Rajj says:

    This is fraud lauda zerodha only losses pls remove al of ur money its total gambling lauda zerodha bulla zerodha.. Iwill stock market should crash and all this lauda offices should go deeply in debt..bulla ka bal hei zerodha pura gambling madarchuth bulla sale lauda sale log

  91. Arunkumar says:


    When will you release CO and BO? Already I have switch over to Alice blue three days back.
    Even though you are the no. 1 India, so that we continuously asking
    Pl. release or else response swiftly…


  92. Nipun says:

    Why can’t the BO be unlocked with 1X margin?

  93. Swapna says:

    Yes I certainly agree with u mahal@xmi . I have not traded in zerodha for nearly 3 months because their is no BO and also amount required to trade is also high in MIS.

  94. Mahalakshmi says:

    The volatility has gone down substantially since March. It is high time you give better margins. When others like SAMCO are allowing BO,CO why dont you restart otherwise it dosent make sense to continue with Zerodha.
    You need just around 4K with SAMCO to trade Banknifty MIS and you want nearly 45K.
    It makes no sense.

  95. Tukaram patil says:

    sir plese bo co order how time stort

  96. Hanuman says:

    Hey zerodha what happens about co,bo.why are you blocking BO.its time shift to other broker.i m not kidding.otherwise open your margin.now market react like side ways, not a volatile now’s days okzz.

    • Matti says:

      The market is indeed still very volatile. Take today, for example, where it closed 5.7% down!

      • SGK says:

        That’s like once in a blue moon now.
        It’s almost couple of months now. Please unblock BO/CO or this might affect your clientage.

  97. Karan says:

    The latest charges by zerodha are really demotivating like have to pay a good part from what so ever outcome from the trade. Zerodha is known for less charges from its retailers. I am a small traders , I am looking forward that zerodha will act and reduce the charges😊.

  98. Arunkumar says:

    Can any tell which broker allowing BO order now a days? It’s essential for SL order like buy above and sell below. please guide me.

  99. Sunil S says:

    Hi Mr Nithin
    BO are extremely useful, even without the extra leverage since it frees up my time & energy.
    Is it possible to arrange for BO in volatile times minus the leverage?
    Off course, I understand the risks & that the responsibility is mine.
    Best Regards

  100. Ram says:

    Will BO be allowed after 3rd May, once the lockdown ends…

    • Matti says:

      BO is blocked due to volatility, not the lockdown and will be enabled once our RMS team deems it fit to do so.

  101. Manoj says:

    However would you be able to atleast quantify the volatility. As in wats the range in which you are planning to enable the BO orders again?

  102. Kiran says:

    Please start CO as early as possible. It is impossible to trade with less money considering their is no CO for mcx plz sir I beg u,

  103. Hemanth says:

    Please start CO and BO as early as possible. It is impossible to trade with less money considering their is no CO and BO

  104. Vinod says:

    Please for god sake start BO as early as possible. It is impossible to trade with less money considering their is no BO

  105. Vinayak says:

    I was choose Zerodha for there high leverage and now Zerodha doing totally unexpected things. Now I,m changing my trading platform there are plenty of platform with active BO/CO order.. Zerodha you are losing your identity with block of CO/BO order….

  106. Deep says:

    So you allowing COs but not BOs!? Please explain what happens to a short CO trade,in case the scrip goes into Lower Circuit

    • Deep says:

      I mean, in case of BOs in such scenarios, target price gets adjusted to Lower Circuit (LC) price and the exit is possible before the scrip gets stuck in LC; however, in case of CO there is no target in place so will it not result in Short Delivery issue?

  107. Leo says:

    I understand the point of blocking the BO.However would you be able to atleast quantify the volatility. As in wats the range in which you are planning to enable the BO orders again?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Leo, this is a very subjective call that our RMS team takes. Giving you a definite threshold wouldn’t be possible.

  108. RAM says:

    1) Why CO alone is enabled and not BO?

    2)After entering a short with a SL in CO ,, If i want to exit the script at a particular price i have no option — i have only the option to exit at market price — where the buyers and sellers bid price 1 to 2 rs and in futures it is huge– is there a way to specify a particular price to exit in CO as the market price i loose easy 1000 to 1500 and i could not bid for a price at all

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ram, I’m afraid that’s not possible. You’ll have to exit using a market order or place regular orders instead of a CO.

  109. Hiren says:

    Why is CO allowed and not BO ?

    You want our stops to be hit but not the targets ? Do you want us to make money or not ?

  110. baba says:

    guys tell when will you give normal levrages…..

  111. Kalpesh Pande says:

    When will the margins be available like before? What is the criteria?

  112. Sunirban says:

    Is there any criteria based on which margins will be normal and BO and CO will be available again? Like India Vix <40 etc…

  113. Nirmal says:

    Need BO. Please.

  114. baba says:

    49000 or 50000 for one nifty fut lot at 9000 strike for a day small trader who does with very little investment..open bo orders and leverages you are providing are no use for small trader like me….please help us to trade..

  115. baba says:

    give leverage for small traders as they can also trade and earn some money for living

  116. Raj Kumar says:

    Sir co began in silver mcx

  117. Vineeth says:

    Guys just Google
    Is zerodha reliable?
    U will get quora answers, many users have nicely explained how zerodha cheats .

  118. Vinod suvarna says:

    Without bracket order I can’t trade because I am not sure of where to put stop loss. Also target gets activated in market price resulting in difference in market and limit order. I have lost 30000 today in TCS futures because their was no bracket order in system. With bracket order I have could have limited my loss .so please start Bo asap to enjoy the trading as before I used to enjoy.

  119. s.ali says:

    Zerodha is playing very safe for their own and have no concern for their intraday clients. when bo/co order comes with predetermine fix stop loss then how you could say broker funds are at the risk. you can fix the stop loss range to 2%, but kindly reduce bo/co order margin as earlier at least for nifty/bank nifty future. It make no sense 25% margin of normal margin for co order, which around rs 49000 for nifty.Please give more leverage on these instrument. Zerodha is at number one in discount brokerage list therefore its become more important for Zerodha show their responsibility in such volatile market rather than hiding in the shell for their safety.

  120. Subrat says:

    When you are planing to allow the BO for trading. Seems like the market is stabilized and not much volatile. Please allow.

    • S.G.Khan says:

      Yes.. It’s almost over a week now and there is no much of volatility seen in market. It’s time now to start BO’s ASAP. There may be a day when volatility increase suddenly but that’s OK.. Let us know when this would be made avaialable.

  121. Shyam says:

    Please enable BO and CO bases on daily basis depending on market status , dont directly block it, you can increase amount per lot by some percent in volatility. And make it normal when its stable.
    Lot of other broker also offers CO and BO in volatility alao. So if you want customers to stick with you you need to enable CO and BO.

  122. Suvankar Banik says:

    Can I place cover order in Crude Oil now?

  123. Arunkumar says:

    When will release BO and CO order? No need exposure. We will accept full margin like NRML.

  124. Chaitanya Iparkar says:

    What’s the current status? Can we place BO/C0??

  125. Rajan says:

    pls enable BO & CO asap… Foolish decision i ever seen in my Life….

  126. Kiran says:

    When co and bo are open for crude oil commodities blocked in future also sir ?

  127. prakul says:

    In past margins for index F&o was 3x…nowdays it is 2x.

    When margins will be normal?

  128. sankalp says:

    If you look at crudeoil and NG today, the movement has been minimal. But yet leverage ratios are increased, co orders are blocked. Even global contracts had limited movement last night. How did RMS conclude ‘volatility’ . You don’t need a pro to know that, common. I think whoever is taking a call on this is lethargic and has 0 knowledge about markets.

  129. Hiren says:

    Leverage may be reduced to zero, ask for full margin, but please dont take away BO/CO. How can you expect retail traders to beat algo/market movement in such fast moving market without the right tool ?

  130. Jeevak says:

    Unexpected behavior from Zerodha by blocking BO/CO orders.

  131. Rajjan says:

    Blocking BO/CO is unnecessary and it prevents taking trade faster during volatile time. this tool have inbuilt SL/Target which gives us more confidence while taking trade in Volatile market.
    Kindly reduce the leverage during volatile market but don’t disable these Intraday best way of trrading

  132. Mehdi says:

    I believe BO/CO aren’t only used for higher leverage but for inbuilt target & SL.
    The normal MIS is very much like CO/BO orders and can’t counter the sudden price crash.

    Please keep the BO/CO active during volatile market and adjust or reduce the leverage

  133. sibi harshan says:


    I seriously Do not understand Zerodha these days, Why a product like BO which is more efficient and safe than a CO is still blocked.

    Provided by NSE, that there are upper and lower circuits for each stock and we are well aware of the risk here.

    It Really creates a uncertainty in the system. will this happen again in the future ! i understand that u can play with the leverages but not by blocking the most sane products.

    I can never trade without a trailing SL, Now its a very hectic process of manually trailing the SL .

  134. King says:

    I only do intraday trading and square off before 3.15PM everyday.
    I need higher leverage for making any profits during high volatility times not only me any intraday trader will make profit only on volatile days. If you are giving only 1X or 2X leverage what kind of profit any one will do.
    The above post doesn’t give any answers for intraday traders who square off every day at 3.15 PM.
    I shifted from ICICI to ShareKhan and then shifted from ShareKhan to Zerodha due to leverage. After shifting Zerodha I felt very comfort and settled with this broker for years and also I recommended so many people to go for Zerodha due to this kind of customers of zerodha, its grown to top 1 broker in India.
    Now again time come to find another broker because its waste of my time if there is no leverage or 1X leverage.
    How one by one joined into Zerodha the same way time come to leave Zerodha one by one.
    Now Zerodha only worried about their business they are not interested on the interests of their customers.

    • sankalp says:

      you said it. The rms team doesn’t know what risk is., except for oil, remaining commodities are literally showing no movement. but as per rms, they are ‘highly volatile’. I have sent application to open with a new broker

    • Matti says:

      What happens if you are unable to square-off because of circuits or lack of liquidity? The risk in such instances lies with the broker.

  135. Lohith d b says:

    Why co and bo are restricted from trading at least give me reason sir

  136. Ashutosh says:

    Most of the responses from Zerodha indicate “BO & CO will be enabled once volatility decreases”. Could you please explain what the criteria to determine that volatility has subsided.

    • Matti says:

      Volatility is a clearly defined statistical value. It is normally in the 12-18 range at most, anything more than this is considered high volatility. IndiaVix, the volatility index for our markets is currently at 60!

  137. Senthil Kumar says:

    Finally, some breather from Zerodha, CO is enabled.

    Thanks Nitin & Team. Hope you would not not recall it.

  138. Surendra Kumar says:

    Sir my account open 28/0320 but trading not allowed.

  139. chandan borah says:

    Is it possible to buy CNC with a fixed stop loss . If yes , please explain how.
    Thanks &Regards,

  140. NAIJILKK says:


  141. ajay says:

    Well, even pornhub has made their premium subscription free worldwide . When is zerodha unblocking co ? 😀

    • Matti says:

      PornHub’s subscription doesn’t add risk due to volatility. 🙂 You’ll have to wait for volatility to subside before these products are re-enabled.

  142. Anil says:

    Is there any alternative for BO and CO. Lets say I have sold Banknifty 30000CE at 300rs. I need to exit if the premium reaches 400 or at a target price of 200. How achieve this without BO or CO.?? Can I put a SL order at 400 and another fresh buy order at 200?

  143. Chandan Borah says:

    During this volatility which is the best thing for Intraday trading that only we are not getting these days . Even after having good profit we are not being able to cover our profit and turning into big losses. Provide BO CO orders with 1:1 margin if you have any problem because after having capital we are unable to capitalise on the market swings…. Please do something. After all , all intrday traders wants volatility only.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Chandan, you can always place a limit exit order to book profits on your positions. As explained in the above post, BO and CO bring risks other than leverage to the table on volatile days.

    • Geetartha says:

      I guess you have rightly said.

  144. Vikas says:

    Unblock BO & CO

  145. Lohith d b says:

    When u people open co and bo forcommodity segment at least inform us …

  146. RAM says:

    stoploss in place bo/co should not be blocked that is the beauty of this product opportunity lost is also money lost, please enable bo/co as anyway the risk is taken by clients

  147. Taruna says:

    Zerodha platform is always face technical issues. Even several times in a day. I was not able to square of my position on 18, March. Next day bank nifty fall around 1500 points. Lost my hard earned money with out my fault. Their telephonic lines never never …connects. realised several tickets but they do not bother about the client losses. Can anybody suggest a broker with good trading platform.

  148. Govind says:

    It’s very disappointed nowadays trading with Zerodha. Blocking CO for MIS with even without leverage is very bad and unacceptable. What is the risk for you in CO execution? Also daily there is no Volatility. Gap up and gap down openings are not volatility. Moreover In volatile markets only one can get good profit. Then what for we are here with Zerodha.

  149. Guru says:

    Sir how about Fyers?Is it good?

  150. Vineeth says:

    So true zerodha is becoming worst now a days. Already in search of some other brokers, few options are
    1) Upstock
    3) Samco
    Good bye zerodha

  151. Dinesh says:

    It’s better to move out of zerodha! So frustrating to see everyday that BO/CO are blocked

  152. Lohith d b says:

    Bo and co are related to day trading and it will be squared off on the same day.the risk is related to clients. In bo co there is strict stoploss with proper margin..profit will be good for client in this volatility and loss would be within there fund because already there is strict stoploss…so why zerodha blocks bo co ….i cant understand.

  153. ramesh says:

    zerodha is these days focussed on closing down business of other brokers by taking stand against all kind of leverage ,bo,co……… gone are the days they used to focus on small retail trader needs…. the large no. of clients has changed zerodha , they might as well be a full service broker now…….its time for us small retailers to move to other discount brokers like upstox and fyers……hope zerodha wont shut them down with their influence with sebi..

  154. Izazul haque ansari says:

    Please unblock co in mcx today

  155. Senthil Kumar says:

    Gone are the days of peace full trading in kite application.

    These days, we are stuffed with too many constraints, exceptions and technical glitches.

    Wake up Zerodha, every day you are choking your loyal clients.

  156. Ramesh says:

    Is there anywhere VOLATILITY is mention in quantifiable terms like more than 30% as HIGH and above 50 or 70% as VERY HIGH, less than 15% as NORMAL. Perhaps this could be system controlled logic through Index VIX to enable or disable certain order types like Bo, CO etc..

  157. Sameer says:

    Stopping BO/CO orders is wise decision. It will opened as soon as market stabilized. My point is why don’t you publish day to day margin requirments on your web. Many other brokers publish margin report on daily basis.

  158. Vaibhav says:

    High leverage no mis no proper margin no exchange guidelines using thereown knowledge think them the number 1 ….u will fall sooner tha you rise ….in crude people lost money u took almost 2 hr to sqaure off it is also yourfault forgot that main thing is your margin it never be constant always increase and decrease and blocking co and bo is like firing the customer even upstox is 100 times better than you

  159. arpit tiwari says:

    I agree BO & CO is your decision , you can stop it completely ,but penalty of Rs 50 on intraday trades if client doesnot squareoff the position by 3:15, is a bit too much. I think you should find out the root cause why RMS cannot handle the load when bulk order gets placed after 3:15 and get it resolved.

  160. Izazul haque ansari says:

    I will have to go to another broker because co is blocked in MCX in zerodha

  161. vivek says:


    16MAY 2014 – SENSEX 25000.
    19MARCH 2020 – SENSEX 27000.


  162. Venkatreddy says:

    Bo and co are related to day trading and it will be squared off on the same day.the risk is related to clients. In bo co there is strict stoploss with proper margin..profit will be good for client in this volatility and loss would be within there fund because already there is strict stoploss…so why zerodha blocks bo co ….i cant understand.

  163. Deep says:

    That’s it…you guys suck..been more than a week with BOs blocked..to much micro management by Zerodha which is suffocating…they are succeeding just because of TINA…Moving to Upstox for now at least as they are allowing BOs.

  164. Raj Kumar says:

    Today open co and Bo orders

  165. Sahana says:

    Hi …I did a short sell today and was unable to buy even though I tried several times due to technical glitches neither it was auto squared off by zerodha …? Now it’s showing in my portal…looks like short delivery Please help

  166. vivekroy says:

    IN INTRADAY BO or CO or any order, we put number of qty(which dont mean about how much capital is used, as leverage change daily), So, i want that , please give option by giving price way.

    For example – BO for ZEEL – Qty (rs.5000), price(rs.165), sl(5%), target(20%), trailing(10%),…..

    please include this way too…..

  167. rahul says:

    hello nithin,
    i have received sms from VM-ZRODHA
    “we have noticed SMS messages with link to a page that looks like kite.
    we haven’t sent this . it is a scam. if you are logged in, reset your password immediately”

    What is this i have not logged to kite. i contact customer care, but there was nobody to reply

    kindly reply what is this

  168. Pkyadav says:

    Today my order in ZEEL not excuted. I made position on sell side on morning. I try to buy. Not excuted saying it is blocked. Shame on zerodha

  169. prashanth says:

    Not able to sell options at 3.20 to 3.30 today.. any reason…I want to sell my open option posiitons

  170. ramesh says:

    Its a shame zerodha has blocked bo/co completely , most other brokers have some sort of co/bo……..
    why is zerodha being too conservative….. we use bo/co so we dont have to sit in front of screen all day..

  171. Geetartha says:

    Can anyone help with my Issue..as the phone nos mentioned here customer care is not picking up their call..
    Well my Issue is that I am a Retail customer and am not able to place order of SBI EQ with my existing amount whereas in the 1st week March I was able to place orders with my amount whereas now that i am viewing margin calculatior it is showing that I can place orders upto 1100 shares but when I am placing the order a message is showing that I have insufficient funds..so can anyone help me with this

    • Hari says:

      That’s because the margin calculator is not getting updated by zerodha.But when you place the order you will know from the rejected order the required amount right so you have to calculate the value of single share yourself and then place the order.
      Hope this helps!

      • Geetartha Sankar Saikia says:

        Thank you Mr. Hari for your response and giving me the clarity .I guess its better I dont do day trading as of now as the market is quiet volatile and I am also new to day trading.

  172. Dark Lord says:

    Retail traders like me, who can’t afford to stay in front of the screen all day, often use bracket orders for intraday trading.
    Without bracket orders, we are unable to trade at all. Our inability to trade is costing us P&L opportunities and costing Zerodha brokerage commissions.

    Over the last 2-3 days, intraday volatility has reduced significantly.
    Zerodha should consider reintroducing bracket orders, starting with index F&O

  173. Lakshmi Prasad Nanduri says:

    I’am fine with blocking BO and CO, but I feel updating the status on a regular basis say every one or two hours is necessary and would help us a lot.,

  174. Deepak Agrawal says:

    Please open Co order in mcx at least today

  175. Deepak Agrawal says:

    Sir please today unblock co order. So that we can make some money. Co order place with stop loss and only for intraday. Why you are not allowing for that. You can increase the margin of nrml order but Co order with a Stop-loss put. Please

  176. Izazul haque ansari says:

    If co does not unblocked we will have to go another brokers

  177. sankalp says:

    There is no volatility in MCX….atleast not in last 2 days. Is RMS team keeping a pro-active tab on markets?

  178. Raj Kumar says:

    Pls unblocked mcx Bo and co orders

  179. Lohith d b says:

    Plz unblock co/bo for mcx at least

  180. Sudipto Majumdar says:

    I do automated trading through the API. I only trade CO on NFO with stoploss-market. My program also regularly updates the margin requirements of all instruments that the program is trading (roughly each hour).
    In this particular use case, it makes no sense to block CO. In high volatility days, raising the margin requirements would be automatically picked up by the program. Zerodha can restrict orders only to stoploss-market.

  181. Izazul haque ansari says:

    Please unblock co in mcx

  182. Adarsh says:

    Kindly update the margin calculator on real time basis sir. We have to keep putting multiple orders to find out the requirement only to find that it keeps getting rejected. Precious time is lost too.

  183. Milind says:

    I dont understand why BO/CO are blocked on volatile days. These type of orders come with a stoploss which i suppose cannot be placed higher than the funds in the account. How is brokerage funds in risk with that ?

  184. Ravi says:

    The reason sounded for the safer approach is understandable. At least, the BO can be made available in the cash segment with a check on volume being placed.. it can be used to hedge risk when taking a MIS position with the given volatility. People understand what they are getting into. I guess instead of having a blanket block on BO/CO, atleast in a certain segment it can be made open…

  185. Kumar says:

    If MIS margin is higher than usual, then please post that margin amount also in calculator.

  186. srivathsan says:

    Pls open CO for MCX sir,

    volatility for crude is there in any given day in a year as it is subjected to International prices,
    and past theses days we didn’t find any volatile movements in Crude.
    Its absurd to block CO orders for your clients in the name of volatility.

  187. sankalp says:

    1) what is the point in giving margins where there is no significant movement.
    2) bulletin board is not updated today on co/bo status. The last thing we ask is to atleast keep us updated on the status.

  188. Raj Kumar says:

    Bo and co order kab open hoga

  189. ramesh says:

    What is the margin required for 1 lot futures in MIS intraday ?? I cant find it in the calculator.

  190. Vikas says:

    Hate zerodha for Blocking BO & CO

  191. Raj Kumar says:

    Pls start co and Bo orders

  192. PARTHIBAN says:

    Blocking CO/BO during market opening time is acceptable due to the reason said in the post.. But, it can be unblocked once volatility subsides as the market is not on the high volatile entire day.

  193. Santhoshkumar G says:

    When CO for crude oil will be unblocked

  194. Harshal Patil says:

    Please update your margin charts for equity also


    please allow BO & CO as soon as possible

  196. rmenon says:

    But why is the margin calculator chart not updated? One has to place the order to find out what the margin requirement is.

    • Matti says:

      The margins change realtime during the day based on market conditions.

      • Senthil Kumar says:

        It’s a shame, that zerodha is unable to square off my open positions at EOD.

        Instead, they’ve converted the outstanding into delivery trades and asking me to sell tomorrow when market opens.

        Now, if the market opens in a negative, who will cover the loss??????


          I agree with you totally. The same thing happened with me yesterday. I have to bear a huge loss for not my fault & lost the hard earned trading profit of yesterday. In these days volatility is the characteristic of trading pattern and global market. while on some day Zerodha allows Co/BO orders and not on another day. I feel really frustrated. what a conservative approach! Clients looses the money & company busy in keeping themselves in safe heaven. OMG

  197. Raj Kumar says:

    Co and Bo order when open

    • Matti says:

      We’ll enable it whenever the volatility subsides.

      • Vishal says:

        Now its 16th APR to come
        When it will subsides from zerodha end..? Plse unlock the BO/Co order with high margin. I hope they are not waiting for 30,000 level of Banknifty or 12,000 of Nifty.

        • Samad baig says:

          Hai sir now banknifty,nifty is in high 20873 today now bracket order cover order is unblocked in zerodah or not

  198. Izazul haque ansari says:

    Please start co in mcx it is good for all time for me

  199. GULSHAN KUMAR says:

    Actually its a safe game for brokers whats players like zerodha, etc does at the time of volatility. But frankly speeking that if a RMS policy and system is robust and strong enough then leavearage can be given in such volatile market as well.. EAGLE EYE

    • Saurabh Khandwala says:

      Agree fully !

      Particularly for options contract, where your risks are fully covered by the margin money at the initiation of contract, fully. It does not make sense to compulsory square off the position daily !!

      Does FII has these restrictions ?

  200. Gaurav Bhardwaj says:

    Well it’s totally fine for full time traders to work without CO/BO orders..
    But for people who are not full time traders and cannot stick to screen all the time its very risky to get on ship without having stop loss in place.

    Most people understand slippage and would be fine even if they are thrown out of trade at 90 instead of 95, but if there is no SL on a trade then 90 can even become 70 or 50 or 30..

    On Volatile days Zerodha can keep leverage of CO/BO orders same as NRML but please let people have stop loss in place.

    • Matti says:

      The reason for blocking BO and CO order types is explained quite clearly in the post above. This has less to do with margins and more to do with what happens if the target and SL both get executed or rejected or cancelled due to any number of reasons.

    • Roy says:

      If it’s just a stoploss you want and not the leverage , you can always place a stop after a trade has been executed. It’s just an extra step compared to a CO

      • RDB says:

        What are the steps for this kindly tell me?

        • Matti says:

          Simply place an SL/SLM order at your stop-loss level after you’ve entered the position.

          • Naveen says:

            I also want a trailing stop loss which is currently not there in SL/SLM orders. Either give BO with 1X leaverage or provide trailing stop loss with SL/SLM.

          • Amit says:

            So what about setting target ..that means we have to place 2 exit position one for target and one for stop loss. THEN what will happen if target is hit and then price come down and stop loss also hit….? How we are going to handle new unwanted short position made in the process?

  201. kintu says:

    You can increase the margin requirement in this days but .. stopping bo and co orders is not good. like i miss placing orders on a big day when i tried to place order then system says bo co orders are not accepted.. while changing order type it fell to 100 pts.. in nf.. i missed a good day.. even though i had money in my account to hold positions overnight… i couldnt enter with bo order… also in this time . placing two order one for entry and one for exit also makes difficult to trade in fast market. Kindly look into the matter and allow BO CO Orders with increased margin requiremnts. or inform us 30min before opening the market by sms that today bo co is not allowed. so one can prepare for the different order type.. oppurtunity miss is a big loss if one is not trading frequently and when the oppurtunity arise we are not able to put the orders.. this happens many times with fast market. either terminal is hanged or you dont accept orders…

    • Matti says:

      The reason for blocking BO and CO order types is explained quite clearly in the post above.

      • Rajjan says:

        There is an ease doing intraday using BO/CO because it is having SL and Targets inbuilt.
        In example above, MIS trade with SL or without SL is also not going to help and it has to always close with Market order.

        Best is to let CO/BO available and reduce the increase the margin requirement.

      • Nishant says:

        limited margin is acceptable!
        but by blocking the co/bo is simply pushing us in the loss as we can keep our eye 24hrs on a screen.

        and placing buy and sell order at the same time, in exchange of stop loss, has lot of limitaions and this is surely not a solution it seems you dont care for the loss of customers.

    • sram says:

      Nowadays i do limit order to enter any position and watch for few candles and exit using market order. That will give a quick exit instead of adjusting SL. Preserving many mouse clicks.

  202. Girish says:

    The last few weeks have been extremely volatile, and it’s been unprecedented to see this kind of volatility (fear, panic) in the markets. All these won’t go away so fast either, given that there is so much uncertainty still.

    Completely understand your decision to block certain order types, during these times. Maybe, it’s better that one doesn’t trade during these times as much as during other periods of the year. Capital protection is good and when this phase is over, capital deployed in the right opportunities can yield good rewards as well. One needs to patiently wait it out.

    • Samad baig says:

      Hai sir now banknifty,nifty is in high 20873 today now bracket order cover order is unblocked in zerodah or not

  203. DarkWeb says:

    I actually hate zerodha for not giving me additional leverage & also blocking BO & CO in these extreme volatile days. But to be frank, I would’ve lost more than what I would’ve gained in these days.

    Actually, I’ve saved much my capital this month, which can be used in future, where I can make money.