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May 25, 2015


Introducing all of you to trading directly from the charts, for the first time in India.

Being one of the beta testers of Pi over the last 6 months, a feature that I really like is trading directly from the charts. Placing an order directly from the charts is intuitively much better than using a buy/sell order form. Whatever little test trades I placed, there were very few against the trend, and even if I did they were around support and resistances, that was clearly evident on the chart.

I’d suggest you to disable transaction passwords and order confirmations first from the User Settings, gives a better experience.

Disable Transaction password & Order confirmations


Disabling transaction password by unticking

Placing an order on the chart


Right click on chart to place order

  1. Right click anywhere above or below the current candle on the chart to see the “Buy Here” or “Sell Here” option.
  2. Make sure that you don’t right click over/just above the current candle, right click above/below after the current candle.
  3. Based on where you click, you would see a quick order window open up with the price. You cannot change this price. If you want to place at a different price click on  cancel, and right click again to initiate an order at a new price.
  4. Since you are clicking on the price at which you want to buy/sell, no market orders are allowed. If you place a buy order below the last traded price (LTP), it becomes a limit buy order, and if you place it above the LTP it becomes a stop loss market buy order with a trigger. As soon as the trigger is hit, a market buy order is sent. Do the opposite if you want to place a sell order.
  5. All orders which are limit may or may not be completely traded. All orders which are placed as SL-M (buying above LTP and/or selling below LTP) with a trigger are guaranteed execution (if the trigger is hit) as a market order is sent when the trigger is hit.

Modify & Cancel orders placed from the chart

  1. The best way to modify would be to cancel the order placed on chart using the order book (F3), and replace it once again from the chart. The reason for doing this is because if you directly modify the price using the order book, the line drawn on the chart will not move up or down to project the new price. (We are looking at having this move in our future releases).
  2. When the order is cancelled from the order book, the corresponding line on the chart disappears.
  3. Clicking on Clear all Orders that appears when you right click on the chart will remove all pending orders that were placed from the chart. (Remember only the ones placed from that particular chart, and not those placed on other charts or using F1/F2).



Order from charts

  1. A buy placed above the LTP (last traded price), so a buy SL-M order with trigger 8357.
  2. A sell order above the LTP, hence a limit order with price 8345.5.
  3. A buy order below the LTP, hence a limit order with price 8327.8
  4. A sell order below the LTP, hence a sell SL-M order with trigger 8309.5.
  5. You can cancel any of these orders on the order book by clicking on the cancel button so that the corresponding line disappears from the chart.

Example: Trading the Breakouts/Breakdowns


Trading Breakouts/breakdowns

The two blue lines on the chart are horizontal lines drawn to indicate my expected levels of support and resistance. Instead of having to go to the marketwatch, use buy and sell orders, I can very easily place a buy order just above the resistance line and sell order just below the support line, expecting a quick move if these lines are broken. Placing this right from the chart is not only convenient, but also intuitively helps to not go against the market trend.


Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Zaheeruddin says:

    HI sir
    I required offline Charting software for Technical Analysis..
    Any Zerodha Offline Charting software?

  2. sureshkumar says:

    Sureshkumar says:
    October 27, 2020 at 11:08 am
    Currency option scripts when added to the MW are not showing LTP in Zerodha Pi
    But futures are OK.
    Need Any specific adjustments ?
    Please help.

    Thanks and regards,
    Suresh kumar


  3. sureshkumar says:

    Currency option scripts when added to the MW are not showing LTP in Zerodha Pi
    But options are OK.
    Need Any specific adjustments ?
    Please help.

    Thanks and regards,
    Suresh kumar

  4. Subhash says:

    By when we can have EHLER FISHER TRANSFORM indicator for scanning stocks?

  5. JUSTIN says:

    I installed Pi software however, charts not displying..showing some error..

  6. Pradeep Sharma says:

    I have just downloaded the Zerodha Pi software. However the Chart menu is getting highlighted.

  7. Kaushik says:


    I want to overlay a 10 day moving average on volume but I can’t.
    I did it in kite but the same thing is not happening in pi.
    pls help me.

  8. A Banerjee says:

    How do I place a bracket order from the chart ? Is there any option?

  9. ninad padma says:

    I use to place an order from PI chart, It’s not working
    Getting error every time, the support team said it will be updated soon.
    What updates its required it was working on the PI before….??

  10. Sindhu RH says:

    Hello, This is a query about charts in Pi. Assume I have 2 stocks in Marketwatch. I open chart tab for stock 1. When I select stock 2 in MW, the already open chart tab is not updated from Stock 1 to Stock 2. Instead a new chart tab opens up for Stock 2. Is there no option when saving workspace or in user settings to update the existing chart tab when stocks selection changes in MW? The layout is hard to manage with multiple chart pop-ups and inconvenient for quick chart checks.

    • Matti says:

      Ah, I’m afraid this behaviour can’t be changed. A larger number of users prefer to be able to open multiple charts parallelly.

  11. Amit Pandey says:

    Any idea when will we have harmonic pattern capability in kite? This is a must have now

  12. Venkatesh Prasad says:

    Pi was a good application when launched, it has remained there unfortunately.
    Bracket Order – Kite has SL limit order feature missing here.
    Scanner – See Chartink has simple to use better scanner features
    Visit any forum – I have’nt heard any good word about your data- Chart data, I have also noticed this in comparison with NSE Charts and Sharekhan.
    Don’t ask for samples if you are serious get your tech team to do some real study.
    Good day


  13. sankar das says:

    sir I need stocks harmonic pattern scanner.

  14. ASP says:

    I trade using Hiken Aishi candle pattern Recently I noticed calculation of open of Next H.A. candle is not done according to Formula i.e. =(last candle H.A. open+last candle H.A. close)/2 but there is glitch it is calculating on PI charts as =(last candle H.A. open+last candle actual close)/2. Please rectify this error and release update. Thank you.

  15. Raja says:


    Neural network option is not available in pi. Is it removed?

  16. sanjay chaudhari says:

    Is there any progress on ZIGZAG indicator in pi?

  17. PS0037 says:

    Greetings of the day!
    Is there any way to generate live chart for Indices like Nifty, Nifty Bank (SPOT not FUTURES). Please help.


    • Matti says:

      Yeah, you can. Just add the spot scrip to the marketwatch and invoke a chart. In the series dropdown while adding scrips (the second one) select Indices to add the spot scrip.

  18. sahil says:

    Is it possible to trade from keyboard for fast order punching like your trade from chart feature

  19. SG says:

    Any thought?, on Line based trading on PI similar to Sharekhan Trade tiger, when SL, Target and entry price lines are placed on chart, double clicking any of it will show a pop up for Bracket order and on screen shows the RR ratio. Would ease up the trading drastically.

  20. Kaushik Banerjee says:

    Does Zerodha PI gives technical indicator alerts apart from price alerts? For example, I wish to get an alert on trading system if RSI on daily chart goes over 70 or Slow Stochastics on hourly chart goes above 80. More helpful if the alert is pushed to my email also.

  21. Praveen says:


    facing problem in chart opening,,,, popup with below mentioned massage
    “Unable to fetch historical chart data for (stock name) only live data will be there,,

  22. P Baroi says:

    Hi! any one
    I want to keep a stop loss of a script that I am currently trading. Now I want to Keep the SL live until I return from my holiday on the 6th oct
    How do I do it . Is there a possibility for such in Pi

  23. Naman says:

    What is the function of this shortcut key “Shift+E” ? Is it used for squaring off open position or for exiting unfilled order ?

    • Matti says:

      The exit order function works for bracket and cover orders. If you have a pending second leg order, that can be exit using Shift+E.

  24. SATYA says:




  25. SATYA says:


  26. Uday says:

    Hi… I use pi… Just wanted to know if I can buy or sell from the charts using a co or Bo… incase my margin amount is less

  27. Yuvraj Chaudhari says:

    Is it possible in trading with chart to execute order if candle close above or close below of line draw on chart

  28. sameer says:

    hi nithin,

    just wanted to check if you can provide alerts on price movements over a 2/5/10 day period for price movements of 5%/10% etc on a rolling basis. Since this is a liquidity driven market, companies can be identified based on sustained price moves. i am mostly offline and use Pi to check on price trend/direction. such alerts will be of immense use in identifying companies with a mix of technicals and fundamentals.


  29. Aditya says:

    Just wanted to check if there are any improvements planned to placing and managing order from the charts in the next update of Pi? And if yes, then by when can we expect to get the updated version?

    Few features that would make it really convenient to manage orders from charts:

    – Order modification by simply dragging the order line up/down on the map
    – Order Cancellation by clicking a small ‘X’ close button along with order line in graph itself
    – linking order price to any of the indicators (e.x. Magic Trend) so that it keeps modifying the order price automatically based on indicator value
    – Sound alerts accompanying change in orders
    – Also any possibility of creating CO/BO from charts

    • Sachin says:

      Some excellent suggestions given by Aditya. For ideas, you guys can consider implementing some of the options for order-management through charts shown here – Most importantly though, I hope you guys do your best to keep Pi stable & reliable in all market-conditions.

  30. Sachin says:

    Is there some setting that we can change whereby when trading from chart, we’d be able to bring up FULL order-window? I find that not being able to hide my quantity might be giving me some additional slippage. I know, I could perhaps use F1 but trading from chart would at least save me from having to locate & punch in the breakout-price.

    • Sachin says:

      Ok, so I managed to locate “NSE Disclosed Quantity %” in the Order Window in User Settings tab but even if I put “10” or “20” or whatever in that field, & put in an order & then look at Pending Orders, in the Disclosed Quantity field it always shows 0 instead of 10/20% of my pending orders quantity. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong? How do I set it so that it will, by default, disclose only 10% of my ordered quantity?

      • Akshay.A says:

        You can set the “Disclosed quantity %” but that will be applied only on the initial quantity, and not on the modified quantity.

        • Sachin says:

          But even NEW pending orders showed disclosed quantity as 0 even after I’d set the “NSE Disclosed Quantity %” to 10 or 20 within the User Settings. So, I’m not talking about modified orders.

          I know I can use F1 but if I could set the Disclosed Quantity to a fixed % then that would be very useful when trading from the charts, isn’t that the reason why that option was put in there? It would save that much more time to trade directly from charts, especially in the early hours, when one might want to have many pending orders to catch the big movers.

    • Akshay.A says:

      The quick order has been designed in a way to place the orders quickly from the chart window. If you want to check the full range of options you could use F1.

  31. Venkat says:

    When will my DP ID and Demat account be created? This is taking longer than expected. Can someone more responsible take this up and close it? Thanks

  32. Manoj says:

    Any new feature in the chart trader for the next release?

  33. Santhosh says:


    Please implement ichimoku in charts at the earliest. we are waiting from long time.

  34. mahendra says:

    i want line chart.please

  35. Ajax Titan says:

    I purchased some shares using Zerodha Pi. I found two problems:

    1) After placing order on Pi, I logged into my chrome browser Kite & Zerodha Pi automatically signed out. Is there any way to keep both applications logged in at the same time?

    2) After placing order in Pi, I was not able to see my P&L in a live way, as it is shown on Kite Website. (Note: On Kite website, when someone places an order we can see live changes in our profit & loss by going in positions tab in Kite). How to watch the open positions window in Zerodha Pi so that I can see live profit and loss?

  36. krunal bhadra says:


    How can I place orders through chart in Kite web application?

  37. shadab khan says:

    can I use kite web and pi both at the same time. if yes then how if no then why not.
    pi is quite good for charting and analysis but not as good for trading, while kite is good for trading but not as good for charting. so how can I use both at the same time for intraday trading.?

    • Venu says:

      No, you can’t. Logging into one will log you out of the other platform. This is an Exchange requirement to not allow simultaneous login.

  38. Jayachandran says:

    Is it possible to trade from chart in zerodha kite. Mostly i will be trading intraday at my office. At office we will use only kite. If there is option to trade directly from kite chart once the chart is pop out in seperate window it will be great,

  39. Kumar says:

    I am surprised that Daily charts have more chart data but 4 hour and 6 min charts do not have enough chart data. More chart data is required for 60 min and 4 hour to gauge the trend. Exchange should provide more chart data for said time frames.

  40. Kumar says:

    Very disappointed that Zerodha team is incapable of fixing the current problems in trading from the charts in a short span of time, Zerodha is an ok broker but not the best. Zerodha Pi is one of the worst designed platforms in the Indian market as it has too many imperfections compared to other charting platforms such as Trade Tiger or any other international platforms for that matter.

  41. Kumar says:

    I am sure that with some corrections made to Pi charting platform and by solving the bugs, Pi can become the best platform.

  42. satya says:


    Average traded price is available at Pi or not, if yes then please tell me

  43. Pritish says:

    Trading from within the chart is a great feature. However, extremely important is to have the ability to quickly move up or down the limit price while placing the order, which is missing when trading from within the charts. Not sure why such a simple feature is missing.

  44. Kumar says:

    Is there way to turn off the white squares that appear all the time when accidentally touching the indicators, during scrolling of the charts? The white squares really become bothersome as they hinder the scrolling of the charts.

    • Venu says:

      The white squares indicate selection of the indicator, allows you to edit color, delete the indicator. I’m afraid, it can’t be turned off.

      • Kumar says:

        In that case could you pls provide another option for scrolling the charts such as using mouse wheel which would be lot more easier as I dont have to scroll across using a cursor and accidentally click on the indicators on the screen. Program an option in the menu and give choice to clients to use cursor or mouse wheel for scrolling the charts. Zoom in/out is already there in the tool bar for zooming in and out of charts.

        • Kumar says:

          Pls provide a scroll bar at the bottom of the charts so it will be easy to scroll across the charts rather than using the cursor to scroll the charts as using a cursor to scroll the charts is cumbersome.

      • Kumar says:

        White squares do not appear in other trading platforms meaning it can be done. I dont know if you have noticed but when traders use 3-4 moving averages, draw support and resistance lines, while scrolling using a mouse cursor, indicators get selected often and show white squares which is a huge hindrance. Pls disable the white square and come up with a better selection method.

        • siva says:

          For example if one want to delete or edit single moving average from 3 or more it would be easy if it is highlighted with boxes to make sure the required one only is selected. In order to avoid getting accidentally selected any indicator for time being one can use keyboard side arrows to scroll across the charts.

          • Kumar says:

            Add Study in the right click menu and include the following sublist Add study, Remove study, modify study (include option for macd histogram show/hide), Hide/unhide study very simple. Selecting a particular indicator from the chart is redundant. Tools should be the only entities that can be selected. Size of your source box is really small to see anything properly such as the parameters high, low, close, open, etc. Pls remove the source box completely and go with the above. You know what you have to do, pls do it.

  45. Sam says:

    What is really disappointing about Zerodha Pi is that it was released haphazardly without making it into a complete robust platform. This is what hurts so much. As traders we had high hopes that Pi would be close to Trade Tiger but nope. I am surprised that you have given the job to Tradelabs, when you could given it to better company. Blame falls directly on CEO of Zerodha and not anyone else.

  46. Kumar says:

    I dont know if any one has noticed but when scrolling the charts with the mouse cursor, the mouse cursor stays fixed at one point making it difficult to scroll left and right. This is why using the wheel for scrolling is much better like in international platforms such as Metatrader 4, cTrader, etc

    • siva says:

      Will check on this.

      • Kumar says:

        Scrolling the charts in Zerodha Kite with a cursor is a breeze but in Pi its a problem. Pls compare the scrolling in Zerodha Kite with Zerodha and you will see the difference. Cursor gets stuck often at one point while scrolling in Zerodha Pi where as in Zerodha Kite it is very smooth.

  47. Kumar says:

    I think wheel of a mouse is much better suited to scrolling the charts than using it for zoom. Is there a way I can switch?

  48. Michael says:

    Kindly provide an option to enlarge the source box after clicking edit series for editing indicators. Source box is so small it is really difficult to see the list. Thank you.

  49. amar says:

    i m new to Pi , can you please help me . the charts dont have crosshair. when i scroll on charts/ candles. below indicators value need to be judged by eye. Is there facilty of crosshair in PI charts, if yes pls tell me how to enable it.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Amar,
      There is cross hair. Right click on the chart to popup a menu and check cross hair. Pls be aware that to modify any indicator you must uncheck cross hair again.

  50. Michael says:

    Vertical lines also do not replicate properly similar to trend lines on other time frames. As you mentioned earlier that you are working fixing trend lines. Kindly fix vertical lines too pls.

  51. Michael says:

    Thank you to all of you for working tirelessly and making every effort to address all of your client’s concern.

  52. Michael says:

    Hanan Could you pls look into the indicators problem in Zerodha Pi? Some of the most common indicators are missing pieces or parameters. MACD in Zerodha Kite is complete but MACD in Zerodha Pi is incomplete. Moving averages in Pi are missing additional paramaters like open, close, high, low, etc. Trend lines replication on other time frames is possible in Kite but not in Pi which is a huge drawback. There is no vertical line tool in Pi. Kindly look into these problems and rectify them immediately becoz as professional intraday traders, it is important for us to use proper complete indicators in our technical analysis to trade daily.. Thank you.

    • siva says:

      1. Can you let us know the missing details of MACD on pi.If you are looking for histogram one can add it separately and drag on to macd and even save as template.
      2. After selecting moving avg one can click on source to get high,low, open etc.
      3. Working on trend lines on Pi.
      4. Right click on any chart and can find vertical line option on Pi.

      • Michael says:

        Thanks for the reply. Yes I checked. I wish you would enable option to drag the source window to make it larger otherwise not much is visible. I prefer the osma histogram inside the macd indicator so it does not take up space in another indicator window as I also have to add Stochastics indicator.

        • Michael says:

          Right. Awesome. I just dragged MACD histogram on to MACD and it works. Thank you. I did not know this. Earlier I tried dragging MACD onto MACD histogram and it did not work properly.

  53. Ak says:

    please provide weekly, monthly and quarterly chart facility in zerodha pi. if already available then how we can see it?

  54. Aditya Thukral says:

    The live data feed is having discrepancies. When i change the time frame from lower to higher, the higher time frame shows wrong candlestick. Even at some instances, the fresh day’s low or high is not correct in the candlestick and it doesn’t get updated even on the next day.

    Please provide with the solution.

  55. Vaheeda says:

    I would like to learn trading through zerodha pi, will there be any course to learn about candle stick, chart and all. I am currently doing trading through kite only.

  56. Rajeev Ranjan says:

    What is the procedure for checking of circuit limit

  57. SANJIVAN DHASE says:

    How i can display one minute and 15 minute chart on same window .

  58. Manoj says:

    Could you please make the ‘trading from the chart’ feature like the one in ninjatrader so that I can see the current position P&L in chart itself and can modify the order by simply moving the arrow line in the chart.

  59. Sanjay Bhosale says:

    PI has many high end charting function but it doesn’t have basic line chart function which is simple and basic hygiene.

  60. Roshan says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I am a professional trader and want to use PI for trading, however apart from the incredible tools that PI already has I want to include few more tools(study) to fine tune my own methodology. Please let me know if there is way I can develop this for PI or for Kite. If yes what is exact point where I can start.

    I am a developer and think I can contribute developing that.


  61. Ajith Kumar says:

    Can i trade from an MT4 chart of mcx to trade on zerodha

  62. Chethan says:

    A year or more gone and still don’t have VWAP 🙁

  63. rsdhar says:

    Zerodha is my 6th broker. By far, Zerodha has the best software. My only complaint is that Pi is not available on Linux platform. Mr. Kamath, you have come so far, why not take that one little step and make Pi run natively on Linux

    • Venu says:

      Thank you for your words of appreciation 🙂
      Pi is a vendor product, Pi for Linux isn’t currently on their list of things to do. Nonetheless, I’ll pass on your feedback.

  64. N Raghvendra says:

    Do you have Fisher’s Transform & inverse fisher transform on reply urgently

  65. Sandip Dias says:

    Hi Nitin, I have just filled up the account opening form. Zerodha partner has said that the forms would reach Bangalore and my account would be activated within a week. I am all excited to use the BO and CO facility which gives leverage in intraday trading. The fact that Zerodha would by itself square off the transaction near the market’s end is a good thing as then we traders have assurance that if something goes wrong with our current or if some technical issue crops up, the system will close down the transaction. Also how does the 60 day challenge really works? Thanks.

  66. muniraj says:

    how to fast forward in pi not fast [past chart to present chart]

  67. Vishnu Murthy M N says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I am the big fan of Zerodha Pi software platform. As per my observation Hiken Ashi Smoothed indicator is missing from Zeordha Pi. Is there any way to get this indicator. Please explain


  68. Manmohan says:

    Thanks for kind reply. While improving the Pi’s charts further, kindly provide control on Y-axis scale also. When price is at day’s high , how to set sell order even higher when that higher level is not accessible in charts. Thanks

  69. Manmohan says:

    1. In Pi, when I want to zoom using mouse’s scroll, then there is no control which portion of the chart will be visible. So it bothers. Ideally Right drawing space and the latest candle should never disappear from visible part of the chart. Past candles only should move. This will be good for trading from chart ; Earlier I used ODIN Diet and it is so available there. Kindly look into this if team can make it possible in Pi.
    2. Also is it possible to have a chat window for live Technical support during Market hours? I live in Mumbai and have to dial Bangalore for such support .. There are no Toll-free numbers also,

  70. Manmohan says:

    Sir Thank you so much for being so much Customer friendly.Still I have one more request. Since long we are waiting for BO for trading from charts. When will that be possible.

  71. tryszu says:

    Hi, Nithin
    In a follow through to my comment/question above, the quick limit order could be useful if a cover option was introduced into the setup, do you think that is possible?

  72. rakesh says:

    i am new to zerodha and am not fully aware of the order placement in zerodha pi . i basically trade based on ORB system by taking the high and low of the first 15 minute candle . right now i am doing paper trade and i am bit confused about the order placement .

    suppose mcx crude opening 15 min high is 2650 and low is 2640 . i want to buy at 2655 and there is an option in PI to buy and sell at a particular price by right clicking on the chart . Suppose i buy using SL-M @ 2655 . if once my buy trade is triggered and price goes in my favour like it goes to 2700 ,

    1. does the original trigger price that is 2655 act as a stop loss for me now ?

    2 . is it possible to modify it from 2655 to 2680 ?

    3. if possible will the sell market order will be activated once price falls back to 2680 ?

    3. what will be my profit in this case.?

    Thank u..

    • 1. No it doesn’t. Your order is already executed, you will have to place a new stoploss.
      2. Once executed you can’t. But you can place a new one and modify it.
      3. yes, but like explained above.
      4. If you buy at 2655 and sell at 2700, profit is 4500

    • tryszu says:

      Since you are using SL-M, the trade will get executed at the market price and the trigger price you entered will act as a stop loss. You cannot have SL-M orders while trading from charts. So you have to decide on what type of order you want to use. However you can put two separate orders when trading from charts, one as a buy-trigger and the other as an SL.

  73. tryszu says:

    I was wondering if there was a way we could save time while making trades. Sometimes it so happens that the window opportunity lasts but a few secs and while trying to fill in the cover price and no. of shares, the opportunity is lost. So is there a way where we could have an order in a semi active state( all the values filled) and then we make the trade at the click of a button when the opportunity arrives. You see, the problem actually arises when we have to punch in multiple orders within the short time span. But if it could happen at the click of a button, that would ease the whole situation considerably.

  74. RamaKrishna says:

    Do we have tick charts in Pi.If not any plans to introduce them?

  75. Rahul says:

    The reality of chart trading is that the price doesnt always get reflected on the chart. For eg. if nifty fut is trading at 8718 (10:50a.m) and i put a buy order (SL-M) for 8730 chances are very high that the order gets executed when price reaches 8730 and the price 8730 is not reflected on the chart(1-minute) ..suppose the time is 11am when the buy order gets executed, 11am one minute bar may look like this:- O 8725 H 8729 L8723 C8726 and assume that it doesnt touch 8730 after that..what about such a situation?

  76. Balakrishna Kini says:

    Namaskaru Nithin Anna,

    Hats off to you and your team for developing such a company and technology that will help in increasing number of people trading in India.

    I wanted to ask, Line Chart is not available in PI? It would be very usefull.

  77. puneet says:

    how do i roll over a futures contract in pi. is there a special order that i have to place . or do i manually close one trade and open a new one.


  78. Prathvi.R says:

    When will be able to buy/sell off the Heiken Ashi chart on zerodha pi ?

  79. Mana says:

    in PI i save workspace with charts, when i load the workspace every time i have to zoom every charts again and again ,mouse scroll and zoom button works differently ,zoom works better but i have zoom it every time i open the chart please save the charts with zoom in workspace , also the chart limitation is 12, please increase that…

  80. ANANT says:

    I m new to zerodha. 20.6.16 14:44.57 I tranfered fund to Commodities by IMPS. Amount was deducted from my SB a/c soon but It is not showed in backoffice or in my commodities a/c yet.
    please help.

    • Venu says:

      IMPS requires you to follow these steps to get credit:

      Once transferred, take a screenshot of your bank statement which shows your account number and this transfer detail.
      Log into Q > Funds and mention the amount in the IMPS transfer proof upload box.
      Click on choose file and select the screenshot/image. Click on Save.

      Your funds will be updated for trading within 10 minutes from you uploading this proof during market hours. IMPS fund transfers during off market hours will be updated in a few hours.

  81. Mana says:

    it would be very nice if crosshair shows value and time in cross…

  82. Tushar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am trying to draw a trendline with the “Trendline” tool but it is not allowing to draw. From starting end i can plot but when i click on the tail of line to leave it and get plotted then it is not getting detached from the cursor.

    Please help.


    • Siva says:

      To draw a trend-line from point A to point B, select trend-line and then drag from Point A to B and double click at point B (end point) and it should work.

  83. RH1190 says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Pi software is awesome but there are a few issues too. I use renko charts. Kite gives a good graph for renko chart in any time frame whereas Pi doesnt, its doesnt work most of the time in many time intervals. It troublesome because both cannt be used at a time i.e., Pi and Kite. Pi is good for placing orders over graph. Can you please fix this? I want to open a dummy account for the sake of renko charts, thats the only solution for now I believe. Pi would be heavily helpful if it can draw renko properly.


  84. Murugesh says:

    Sir which is best expert advisor for nifty and banknifty to apply……….

  85. Murugesh says:

    Sir how to put automatic buy and sell signal with best return technical analysis in chart please reply…….

  86. Murugesh says:

    Sir i don’t know technical levels anything about charts i know only placing 1. how to use charts 2. Buy sell signals 3.technical levels 4. kind of charts 5. how to make profit from charts 6.what is break down and break up etc…. where can i get these things please reply ( [email protected])

  87. Javed says:

    Hey Nithin, When can we expect Supertrend in Pi?

    Keep it up, you are doing an awesome job.


  88. puneet says:

    hi, the margin calculator for currency is not working at the following address

    kindly update

  89. kamal kumar sharma says:

    Nitin Ji, is it possible to please cover orders from pi chart itself? as i am seeing it is only allowing normal and mis orders only. If it will be added in chart orders itself then we ca trade with proper sl with higher leverage.



  90. JOGINDER SINGH says:


    hats of to you for introducing trade from charts directly. i would like to recommend one feature if possible, would be very helpful for traders to quickly complete the trade. is it possible to edit target and sl orders on chart by simply dragging the horizontal lines as target and sl orders. no need to edit by right clicking and chage the order.

    best regards
    joginder singh

  91. RaniHosur says:

    Why don’t you introduce Bracket Order facility in Placing an Order on the Chart


  92. Mukund says:

    After the pre-open period and before 9:15, is there a way to show the open price on a new candle on the daily chart ?

    • Venu says:

      All daily charts will have only one candle. It wouldn’t be possible to include another candle on the daily chart.

      • Mukund says:

        Ok. But why does it wait till 9:15 to start drawing the daily candle. Once the open price has been decided it could show up immediately on the chart right ?

        • Venu says:

          Only Equity trades get executed in pre market session. As you know a chart gets formed when there’s a price point, assuming there’s only one trade or very few trades that occur in the pre-open session, then the resultant chart that forms considering these trades may not entirely be accurate and could affect technical analysis. It’s for this reason that we form the candle from 9.15 onwards when the markets open.

  93. puneet says:

    how do i find out to which index a particular stock belongs ?

  94. Anup says:

    Any training provided on PI software in Bangalore. If not, Can we have a default login Id and password for getting comfortable on using all the features offered

  95. yogesh sonkusare says:

    please update pi software nitin sir
    # we need tick by tick chart

  96. vishal salunkhe says:

    Hi nithin ,
    in pi ,there is no option calculator ( delta ,theta ,gamma )

  97. chandru mehta says:

    I am keen to test trading from the charts. I have 2 questions before i get into it.

    a) I buy a scrip from the charts @ 1000 hoping that it would go up .
    b) I place a sell order @ 1002 hoping it would reach that target at that particular point where i have placed the order from the charts.

    c) Is it possible for me to place a parallel sell order on the charts @ 998 with a hope that this is my stoploss.

    Is this possible? Will the system hold on or dispose of my order immediately thinking that i am squaring off the order.

  98. binu says:

    in chart trading there is only one ” clear all orders ” option is present,…..

    when a person put a sell & a stop loss order in chart and if he want to cancel only “sell” order and put another target ?

    so add “clear selected orders” too in that drop down box.

  99. DeepWater says:

    Can we have BO and CO on Chart Trading, Please have this feature . This would help everyone. It would be very difficult to trade without target and stop loss. Please have this feature


  100. Neeraj says:

    If I share a strategy , will zerodha help me to develop the code for automated trading as per that strategy?

  101. Krishan says:

    Team Zerodha,
    What a application(pi) have we developed which shows “EOD data is not available” every other morning(specially when we are in a critical trade). Can someone please find some time to look into this.

  102. gopal k. dhamija says:

    inactive user comes again and again… even specifying large time out amout i.e. 100000 etc… this problem m facing from about 8 month back in my laptop…still is the same

    i have tried uninstalling av, or exiting av, adding pi to exclusion.. etc

    your guys not able to solve any probs.

    on my other pc.. pi hangs a lot…

    in 30 days their was errors in your server, which can cost a trader like me… who trades with a very less margin…
    1. margin was not reflecting on terminal…. so i missed a trade that day…
    2. yesterday.. 5th your server got disconnected again… i just got saved luckily… from getting a big loss…
    on you support no.. no one even responded…

    you guys must need to do some serious steps in the above said errors…


    • What happened on 5th was out of our control, one of our leased lines went down (both primary and the backup), it was something we could have done nothing about. About your other issue on Pi, let me get our team to call you back.

  103. k l agarwal says:

    nithin sir, i have experienced a problem, that i made an quick order on pi chart and did not get any
    confirmation, at the same time i checked in order book whether it is pending, it was showing no pending, on this basis i put another order, it was filled, and after few minutes , my earlier order also filled, means double sale, my query……
    1. how to avoid it ?
    2. where we can see our pending order, if any, placed on pi chart quick order?

    • It is possible if there was an internet disconnection for a fraction of second when you sent the order. You wouldn’t have got the response. Best would be to refresh the orderbook, and place the second order only once you have response for the first. You can see all pending orders in order book F3.

  104. Krishan says:

    Zerodha Team,
    Is there any way to save chart template in pi. Say for example, i use MACD, EMA, HeikinAshi in my charts in 5 mins time frame, now if i set this as a template so that whenever i open any chart, by default this settings are predeployed in my chart ?

  105. Amit Nanda says:

    Can we have a column for Volatility value in Market Watch? It is very useful and needed for trading in Options segment. It would be similar to the value mentioned in:

  106. Navneet says:

    How to avoid/remove quick order confirmation box?

  107. Kashvi says:

    When i try to use ‘buy here’ or ‘sell here’ option after right clicking on heikin ashi chart, i get a message saying ” Chart trading can only be used with standard HLC or candle charts”.

    Please tell me how to fix this.
    Thanks in advance.

  108. Rajiv says:

    Issue with the charts on PI.
    a) Many times the price bars will change if you close and reopen the chart
    b) Many times Opening price on “Market watch” and Chart is different. Today’s (14-Dec) opening price for Nifty Spot and Dec Futures – there is a difference in Market watch and on chart
    c) While trading sometime PI hangs; need to close and restart.

    Is there a plan to fix these issues.

  109. vivek says:

    Can we save the chart in pi which is having trend-lines drawn on it. I want to continue on next day with chart from previous day with trend-lines as I have already drawn on the chart.

    Please see the attached image. I want to preserve such lines when I open chart on next day, as they will be in continuation.


  110. roysoma says:

    Nithin/ Zerodha team,

    I am a regular day trader using Pi as a platform. I come across situations where Pi can be of greater assistance. I also use Q regularly for managing my trade diary and a few improvements there can be time savers.
    My points are listed below, please let me know if any if them will be a part of future developments.

    My wishlist with Pi
    1. Break even point for trades in Admin positions for individual trades (including taxes and charges) or alternately MTM to deduct charges and taxes.
    2. User defined default order values (amount, stop loss, target, order type)
    3. Cash position to update automatically and show on Admin position screen
    4. Line chart for stocks – accessible from Admin position page
    5. Order build from line chart with default values
    6. Single click on scrip name for Market depth and double click for charts
    7. Charts to be made available in Pi during off market hours

    My wishlist for Q
    1. In trading P&L page – to see only trades executed on the day
    2. P&L to indicate charges for the trade as a column
    3. Net P&L for individual trade minus the charges
    4. Metrics like Annualized Net Return on Investments, Stats on profit trades/ Loss trades, Profit ratio
    5. Day wise profit/ loss table

    Appreciate if you can provide these inputs in the platforms.
    All the best.

    Soma R

  111. naidu says:

    very nice work.the best in last 15 years amoung the all. i need more in from chart trading, need market order,square of position.,quantity and change in price,the time frame and indicators required in chart, so easily we can change the time frame and chart indicator.
    i asked for trading your person said it is semi automated.if anything in process pl.confirm.
    previously i was traded in mt4, your pi is somewhat similar,require the above changes.

  112. Hello,

    I am not sure whether this is right place to put my suggestion.

    I have opened F&O trading account few days back. I have started trading in Kite and Trader site. Yesterday I was able to login Pi. The charting tool does not allow to plot Nifty index chart. I must select either index futures or options contract. I would like to analyze the index and then based on it make trade in F&O. I have suggestion – those who have not opened the Demat account should be able to see only Index for charting purpose. I am fine with blocking of stocks for technical analysis. Technical analysis of underlying index will make it complete for those who have not opened the Demat account.


    • Venu Madhav says:

      The systems are built in a way where the Index forms part of the underlying which is Equities. We’ll see what best we can do to address this.
      The quickest solution is, if you have an existing demat account, we could map it and enable Equities and you’d be able to see Indices

  113. Dip Patel says:

    Is it possible to use algo on Pi ??

  114. Dilip Sarode says:

    RD1232 here.
    I have installed Pi version
    What is the latest version of Pi now?

    • Go to Help, and check under about Pi. If you see, it is the latest version. If u don’t have it, click on check for updates.

      • sathish001 says:

        Hi Nithin,

        Do your team maintain the log of improvements & new features added for each version of pi. If available, can you add it in the download section. It will easy for us to know what are the improvements & new features added between the previous versions & new version of pi.

        • Venu Madhav says:

          If there’s any major upgrade/feature added/improvements, we intimate our clients by sending an email/updating Z-Connect. Minor changes/bug fixes are logged at our end. We’ll try to share these details with you in our future releases.

  115. sanket says:

    I am not seeing Darvis Box option in new version of Pi. Is it removed?

  116. Shobhit Gupta says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Great to know your passion for making trading easy for retail traders!

    I am currently using a different broker firm but I am really impressed by this blog. I was wondering is it possible to set fields like order quantity( in terms of amount or number of stocks), order type, exchange, stop-loss as a percentage of the market price or your order execution price, target price again as a percentage of market price or order execution price, etc as default values in PI ? And can I set different default values for different stocks ?

    Like suppose I want to put a bracket buy order to buy 300 stocks SBI, intraday, at market price with stoploss at 0.5% and target of 2% ? Can I set all these parameters as default somewhere so that I don’t need to enter all these things manually?

    Would really appreciate your explanation.


  117. senthil says:

    getting error while adding macd or macd hist. Please refer the screen shot. Please let me know how to solve this.

  118. sathish001 says:

    Does Pi supports line chart as one of the chart type? Line chart is very helpful in finding the trends for Intraday/short/Medium/Long term. If currently you don’t this feature in Pi, can you please help to add it in the near future? Thanks.

  119. Mani says:

    After muharat trading pi update, pi chart has stopped refreshing automatically. I use 1 min chart.

  120. kiranZerodha says:

    I am getting error when I click/try to use the “Create Scripted Alert” or “Apply Expert Advisors”. its giving me unhandled exception , Class not registered. Please find attached screenshot. I tried on two machines, but the same error.

  121. roysoma says:

    The trade from chart is an excellent day trading tool. Unfortunately there is no zero second chart (like in trade tiger) in Pi. Trade from zero second chart will be an excellent advantage. Can we hope to see this feature soon.

  122. Prakash kothari says:

    Is it not possible to launch a nifty or sensex chart through a market watch window for NFO traders how do not need a demat account.

    • No Prakash, you need to have some demat account mapped to your trading account to be able to view this. You can either open a demat with us or send a copy of client master of existing demat.

  123. RS7364 - BSRao says:

    Dear Venu Madhav,

    Yes. One person from your office called me at about 4:30pm and talked about it. After adjusting the screen resolution of my monitor (the problem faced by me) I could see the option Covert Positions in the Pi software. I sincerely expressing my regrets for writing here without checking properly.

    I Thank you the Team Zerodha

  124. RS7364 - BSRao says:

    Dear Venu Madhav,

    Thank for the quick reply.

    It is mentioned so in Pi’s help also but to my dismay I could not find it. I exited Pi and traded using Zerodha Trader.

    I am using the version v1.0.0.6. Both Square off options are visible. I am sorry to say but I request you to please verify it once.

  125. Philip K.F. says:

    I recently activated my trading account. My destop application is zerodha Pi. In this application NSE is working. when i choosing BSE and select for Acrysil India, Coral Lab i am not able to find the script name. Just i would like to know that my BSE trade is activated or not

  126. RS7364 - BSRao says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I could not find an option to convert PositIon (Intraday to Carry and vice-versa) of any traded items, which is available in Zerodha Trader.

  127. Prabsharan says:

    I could not find an option on the PI charts to change interval from within the chart itself. Every time I have to open a new chart for a different time interval. Could you please confirm if there is a way to change interval from the chart itself?

  128. Uma says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I’ve been using these features for a while and have some observations and enhancement requests, some may already be in the works so please bear with me.

    1) unchecking confirmation box in user settings isn’t affecting placing orders from quick order box although it works with right click buy and sell – would be great if it works. Quick order isn’t quick enough with confirmation box sometimes 🙂
    2) it would be ideal to be able to move the lines viz., stop loss order line and modify the order price while trading from chart, also quantity somehow….Pi is leaps and bounds ahead compared to other platforms anyways 🙂 these features could put it aside the likes of International platforms
    3) it would be wonderful if we could change colour of horizontal lines to reflect support and resistance instead of the default blue line
    4) would be wonderful to have some built in market scans and market watches of scrips based on indexes
    5) a feature to save workspace along with design of Windows like in trade racer…for example, if I put admin positions on the right side, charts and market watch on the left and alerts in the bottom portion of a screen, if I could save that design for use again, it’ll greatly save time as against having to do all that all over again.
    6) some way to have a tab/window for news alerts from open sources
    7) more flexibility and smooth zoom in, zoom out and moving charts on screen…more mouse gestures the better.
    8) a way to add text just like adding other drawing objects on charts

    I’m sure the team is working hard to make Pi the best it can be, just my few cents if you will.

    Great job overall and thanks for the Pi that it is today and what it holds for us in future.

  129. Rijas says:

    im using pi software . its awful software . i am able to give orders quite fast with out tedious typing . still i request some more updates.

    1. kindly make the trendline able to copy and paste.
    2. able to move the order from the chart itself

    thank you so much

  130. nikheel says:

    how to switch between 1 min,5min charts in the there any shortcut?

  131. ShreyaDR says:

    Trading from chart is cool! By reading the above comments i understood that Zerodha will introduce BO eventually for this feature too. However, i would like to know that how do i place the cover order straight from chart or other than that for the original buy/sell order placed. I mean if i bought @100 thru chart, which order i need to place to sell it @105 will SL @95?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      CO from charts isn’t available for now. You’d have to place the SL order and target order separately.

      • ShreyaDR says:

        You mean to say, I have to place 2 separate orders, 1)Limit order for target 2) SL or SL-M for Stop Loss, in case of long position and Vice versa for Short Position. And Have to cancel the other manually if one gets executed. Am i Right?

        if yes, then this whole exercise of trading from chart is not worth unless you are able to place BO .

        • Yep currently that is how trading from charts is. BO kind of thing on the chart will take time.

          • ShreyaDR says:

            One more Request. presently BO/CO are at market price. Can you make to Limit orders? i mean if any scrip is trading at 100. i may go long if it crosses 102 or i will short if it crosses below 98. if i places BO to do executes immediately at CMP, which i don’t want. I want to enter the trade only if any of the above two things happens, otherwise not. but that is not possible in BO/CO. pls make this update also.

  132. Lijoo says:

    Hello Sir,

    Is it possible to connect a tab (say mi4) to my computer while I trade to watch charts ?


    DL 0071

  133. Phani says:

    Any plans to include VWAP and Market Profile in PI Charts?

  134. Rishi says:

    Hi Nitin,

    1. Is it possible to do a OCO (One Cancels-the-other Order) ?
    Any other platform (algo) in which this can be done ?

    2. Can an SL-M cover order be placed now (instead of market) ?
    I remember there was a limitation of handling two SL-M orders


    — rishi

  135. Ganesh says:

    Hi ZT

    How to fix market indices on one place.

    • If you use alt+tab to toggle, the index box won’t stick. You can use the shortcut key Ctrl+M to quickly remove the index box before toggling. If you minimize the index box gets hidden.

  136. Vishal says:

    Can you add a feature to plot the VWAP in the chart?

  137. chandru says:

    ok well.. but pl pl consider adding raff regression channel ( linear regression channel ) . i can close down managing other software’s and peacefully concentrate on trading from zerodha charts.That is currently the only indicator that i use the software for.


  138. chandru says:

    Dear Nitin & Venu .

    I am posting a pic of Raff regression channel ie Linear regression channel . The plotting’s in intraday help understand the trend better while trading . Its a very useful indicator and i hope it gets incorporated in your upcoming update.

    When is the next major update happening cuz i am looking forward to see new features.

  139. chandru says:

    thanks venu…appreciate your timely response

  140. chandru says:

    Dear Nitin ,

    Is it possible to have a chart comparison between nse & any one stock online. Does Pi have a feature to plot lines for example Nifty + Reliance in the chart and compare it online intraday during market hours.

    Is this feasible. I have this feature in my other software but its cumbersome

    thanks / chandru

  141. Bomdila says:

    Hi Nitin, how to get the chart up and down? I can zoom in/out and scroll left/right but I can not do it up/down. I have tried to adjust chart on screen zooming in/out but I could not do it.

  142. chandru says:

    nitin ,
    yes i have the latest version , the template that i load has 4 psar’s + 2 Bollinger bands . It does not allow further additions.


  143. chandru says:

    Nitin ,

    When i try to add indicators to the chart it says maximum indicators added to chart ie 6 nos.. Are you planning to ease this limit to 8 or 10 indicators .

  144. Farhan says:

    How to login from a different USER on the same machine in Pi?

  145. amar says:

    When PI is started with amibroker it hangs & has high cpu usage .
    Please resolve issue

  146. NSE_Nifty says:

    Addition :

    7) Center line for MACD should be by default
    8) Line on 20 & 80 should be by default for Stochastic Oscillators
    9) Volume bars should be in two colors combination i.e. Red & Green

  147. NSE_Nifty says:

    PI is working very slow & lagging issue, what is the reason ? ( I am using lease line )

    Please sort out the issue at the earliest.

    Kindly reply on below issues :

    1) When can we expect other indicators, Donachain, Ichimoku, Supertrend ????
    2) Day separator should be by default only & why you not make it by default ????
    3) There is no weekly chart option on PI, can except at the earliest.
    4) kindly set order modify button on same chart.
    5) Drawing tools are not easy to use.
    6) No BO/CO option in kite? when can we expect ?

    You are very good for brokerage only, but you should develop your charting software i.e. PI.

    i shifted to zerodha from icicidirect.

    Kindly Revert.

  148. Harshvardhan says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Love the way you are helping trades by improving PI on every update. Just a few more things i wanted to get incorporated in PI. Please let me know if thats possible.
    1. Andrews pitchfork, schiff and modified schiff. I use market geometry to understand markets and these tools are the most important to me. there are also option to introduce more lines parellel to the current pitchfork. Please see and use the pitchfork there. i hope if that would be possible that would be of great help.
    2. Option of cloning a trend line. Otherwise the other trend line that we draw may or may not share the same angle with the previous one.
    3. Option to lock chart settings can be done through templates but what if we have done analysis and drawn lines and written numbers on the chart which we want to see during live market hours. We currently cannot save our drawn lines. Its important if we do analysis on the charts after market hours it should sustain for the next live market hours.
    4. Suppose if i draw a trend line on the lower zoom area and when i zoom the chart the same trend is not visible. So i have to keep it zoomed out and that makes me difficult to identify the candle patterns. Surely i can open another chart for the same thing but if those lines can be seen even when we zoom in then that would be of great help too!

    Hoping that would go through this post and do the needful. Have been struggling with this issue since long. Finally decided to post here.


  149. manoj says:

    I have one mt4 ea working in Renko chart. it makes profit.How can I convert into Pi. If I send it into your tech team would they do it?


  150. Manish Astral says:

    Please provide a facility for OCO ( One Cancles the Other ) type of order mainly for SL-M and Sell limit orders after a position is on. Right now BO orders does all that but it has a LIMIT entry order which is not good if someone wants to trade in the direction of the market. Even if the BO entry order can have an option for SL-M it would really be awesome. Kindly look into this, cause right now if somehow i forgot to cancel the other pending order ( the SL-M order for example ) then a new position gets initiated unintentionally. I can understand the problem with GTC orders as its the exchanges norms not to keep order pending overnight. But OCO type of orders are needed badly. And as always thanks a lot for providing this wonderful trading platform, or rather thanks for providing a full fledged trading environment. Keep up the good work.

  151. Ganesh says:

    Today i had placed SL for Banknifty future (buy in BO order) at Rs. 19100, when market come down SL should be hit to Rs.19100/-, however SL hit at Rs. 19095/- i.e. less by 5 points, may i know why this is happened & also this is not first time.

    • Ganesh, 19100 is your trigger price, that is the price at which SL gets activated. So if the best price after your order triggering is 19095, it will get hit at the price itself. Since bank nifty is illiquid, this might happen often. But u will not find it happening in a liquid contract like Nifty.

  152. krishna says:

    HI sir,

    The best way to modify would be to cancel the order placed on chart using the order book (F3), and replace it once again from the chart. The reason for doing this is because if you directly modify the price using the order book, the line drawn on the chart will not move up or down to project the new price. (We are looking at having this move in our future releases).

    it is good addition along with that if you can add this it would very convenient

    1)by simply moving the line and placing at a different place in the chart should change (modify ) the order in order window
    2)cancelling the order from the chart itself

    these two additions will make us directly trade from chart and reduce work in cancelling and modifying the orders


  153. danish zaidi says:

    dear sir,
    i am a zerodha user, pi has now become more power-packed. sir, i have a request please add FIBONACCI PROJECTIONS, in the tools.


  154. prasanna says:

    Hi sir , I am trading in mobile application…..which application I get trading charts……pi chart application is available? sir pls reply me sir…

  155. ndnaveen says:


    One suggestion for charts, If you can change Chart volume index bar colour into Red & Green which is at the bottom of chart window it will be very helpful, instead of only Blue colour volume bars in the present pi Version.

  156. Varun Jain says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Following your different Posts from last few months. I have always used Trader Z5 terminal to Place Order in Zerodha.

    Last week after Installing Pi, I was exploring the same and found quite Interesting.

    My concern is , is there any Post or reference where I can learn how to use different chart patterns, Indicators in my trading ?

    I am not able to get these technical indicators and its usage in my trading. Thus , my only use with Pi is just placing orders from desktop rather than utilizing its true potential.

    Help on this will be appreciated

  157. Sudheer says:

    Being farmer can i open trading and demat account at ZERODHA. However i want to trade in all segments i.e. Cash, Derivatives, commodities, currency.

    I don’t have any income proff.

  158. Meena says:

    When we can expect Supertrend indicator & donchian channel on PI.

    if have any indicator similar to Supertrend on PI then please let me know.

  159. DEVENDRA KUMAR says:


  160. DEVENDRA KUMAR says:


  161. devendra kumar says:

    can i know do pi offer tick chart for day traders like seen in sharekhan…… right from market opening to end of the market …..

  162. Krishan86 says:

    Hey Nithin,
    Is there any shortcut key to add a script in market watch ?

  163. shekhar says:

    sorry to say pi is slow i use 4mbps connection ,order punch always slow in execution
    ,, plus pi don’t have customize market-watch colors ,,,please upgrade

  164. Deepa Gopalakrishnan says:

    Nitin, is there a limitation in the number of scripts one can add in the Market Watch… or was this equally thoughtloff by your genius mind already (wink…..) and surpassed :).


  165. anil says:

    mountain chart not available in pi.
    1 hour chart not available in pi.

  166. Vijayakumar says:

    Hello Nithin,

    One question, with the help of new trading platform (Pi from charts), is it possible to place both Stop Loss and Target in a SL-M order (buy and sell), so once price gets triggered, automatically we have SL and target on hand. Also will the order get closed automatically when either one of these gets triggered ? Thanks in advance.

  167. Deepa Gopalakrishnan says:

    Hi Nitin,

    In a world where every one is complacent… I am glad you are top of things… and understanding what exactly a customer needs and doing your best…. I always feel innovation followed by good customer service is the key not just to flourish in business, but to survive the cut-throat competition.

    I would like to know if your Pi allows to import third party AFL into it and trade from there.

    Warm Regards

  168. Prashant Raghavan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Have one more suggestion to offer. Whenever I login to Z Connect, I have to load all the charts that I use repeatedly every time I start the program. Would it be possible for you to come up with some way where it would be possible to save the entire layout with whatever charts and other objects have been placed so that one wouldn’t have to repeatedly open all charts and other windows on login.


    Prashant Raghavan

    • Prashant Raghavan says:

      Sorry, I meant Pi and not Z Connect

      • Prashant, if you go to user settings (ctrl+P) and under marketwatch, there is an option “Save charts on exit”. Click on this button, the next time you login all the charts that you were checking will open up on login. But if you have all the charts opening during the login, the login will take longer.

        • mehtachandru says:

          i agree with prashant that it becomes tedious to load each chart especially in the morning . Thanks nitin for one great input . after reading this post i became aware that there is a save charts on exit .

          I did that and presto… It opens all the charts that you have saved but not the layout manner in which you had left it . maybe in future updates if possible.

          In the near future if its not possible to have the trend marks to be saved for future ref on the charts atleast see if you can allow locking / unlocking the horizontal & vertical lines on the charts . that would be useful for a day atleast .

          thanks again

  169. japjit says:

    pi will work with windows 10

  170. Paras says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I could not locate Fib Projection on charts ? Is it available or am not able to search it.


  171. Sukesh says:

    Hello Nithin,

    NEST used to have an option to generate alerts when a scrip breaches a particular price above or below the current value. The alert used to pop up on screen and also we used to get a Email alert for it (if we had opted for it).

    Is there any similar utility in Pi? Something which plays an alarm or a loud sound too when my scrip breaches a particular level so that i can come back to my system and execute my trade?


    • You can set the alert as an expert advisor. Say open Nifty chart, run an expert advisor ( code: Set A = 8500 Close>8500 ), when Nifty goes above 8500 the expert advisor will give a sound alert.

  172. vinay says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have noticed that, order placing (Buy or sell menu context list) from chart is enabled only when candle stick charts are Active, for others(Renko , Heikin Ashi) PI throws error. This limitation has taken out one of the major feature of PI which makes PI as most advanced trading platform in India as claimed. 🙂

    I have given some of the possible work around below in sequence of priority.
    1. Enabling the Buy and sell context option on charts as it is for Candle charts.
    2. Popup the order placing window on selection of Buy and Sell context option on chart as it comes in Watch list.
    3. Enable F1 or F2 option to popup order window for selected chart script. Lets assume my cursor is in nifty fut script in watch list, I am on Banknifty fut chart by clicking F1 or F2, the order window is still filled by Nifty Fut values. If order window picks the context from where the user is, this would allow users to just select the chart and place the order. No need of going to watch list.

    Please consider this request and get this done may be which ever can be done at the earliest.


  173. Naveen says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    I am facing following difficulties on Pi platform.

    1. I cant able to edit/move horizontal line while cross hair is enabled, every time i need to deselect cross hair to move lines.
    2. Can horizontal line option can be given on side bar just like trend line.
    3. Please provide provision to remove volume bar completely.
    4. Please provide line color option.

    • mehtachandru says:

      As a customer i too wish that Zerodha provides color options for horizontal lines and cross hair needs to be flexible to enable us to do other functions.

      we also need to have trend lines saved for future reference . I am paying for maintaining another software just because zerodha needs to update some features. I hope Nitin helps with these features in the coming updates.

      zerodha user chandru mehta

  174. Amit Nanda says:

    Some suggestions – Please evaluate the feasibility.

    1. When cross-hair is enabled and one is moving the mouse while holding the left button, the charts stop updating. It becomes difficult to trade 1 minute charts since the candles do not update for 2-3 minutes (if I keep the button pressed for 2-3 minutes).
    2. Can we have an option to keep the cross-hair enabled or disabled without having to keep the left mouse button pressed?
    3. Currently dragging / zooming the charts gets disabled when cross-hair is enabled. Can we look at enabling chart dragging / zooming while cross-hair is enabled?

    It may be functioning like this by design, however I believe that these points need to be worked upon.

  175. Amar says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Are developing ” Pi ” for other platforms like UBUNTU(Linux) , MacOSX ? If not at least consider developing for Ubuntu 64bit in parallel with current development, as there is no good trading platform for Linux community. Let us know ur thoughts on this.

  176. Sandip says:

    Is it possible to have options in EA like in Back testing….. Buy….Exit Buy….Sell….Exit Sell?
    As currently we cannot use it for OPTIONS if we want to just Buy Options and then Sell.
    As it is just Buy and Sell, it generates Sell(Short) Signals which I doesn’t want to go for.

  177. mehtachandru says:

    dear nitin ,

    hope sometime in your future updates you can provide us a opportunity to place stock resistance level markers which can remain in place for us to refer for our day trading. I am sharing a pic for your reference.

    i have use back test strategies its amazing and gives you a amazing insight of how we trade.

    in the case of psar i dont quite seem to agree with your back test strategy . i dont know why.

  178. Nutan says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Please try to enable weekly charts in the next update. It will be very helpful..Thanks.


  179. Ganesh says:

    Dear Team

    kindly Let me know, how to set stop loss while placing order in option trading & how to modify.

    There is something problem in PI, while trading in HPCL 740 PE. Pl. see below screen shot for further reference.

    While placing HPCL740PE order, order confirmation message being displayed as CE, why there is such error.

  180. Raghunath says:


    Pi is wonderful trading platform but i am facing some following difficulties. if you can incorporate these it would be very helpful.

    1) Can i set Bar chart as default, when i invoke any chart it can directly open in Bar Chart instead of Candle bar.

    2) is it possible to make short cut or icon for “text object” like others icon i.e. trend line, Fibonacci etc. in left side window.

    3) For elliott wave analysis it is very difficult or not user friendly for leveling of waves, so i request if it can be added elliott wave leveling feature in coming Pi version, please see attached snap for your reference.


  181. sathish says:

    Hi Nitin

    If possible can you add the following indicators :

    1. Donchian Channel
    2. VWAP

  182. rajesh says:

    sir your pi is beta version can you simplify the order placing with one line , as it is in forex mt4 , and the putting the stoploss also with one horizontal line and shifting should automatically take the order or stoploss level . thanking you

  183. Sudarshan says:


    • Not currently possible Sudarshan. You can’t currently build ur own indicators on Pi. You can have expert advisors to give you buy/sell signals.

      • Sudarshan says:

        Once we can write our own code and apply n overlay it no need of ami n meta like we can do in ami.
        Please include this feature i have a good hope if i can use this feature, 🙂
        PI is ePIc trading platform thanks a lot

  184. Honest krishna says:

    Can we have the option of trade execution of nifty options by placing buy on nifty chart.

  185. sathish says:


    good to have crosshair in PI now.

    If you could allow period change in the chart, from daily view to intraday view (also in intraday view, hourly view, 15 minutes view etc.,) in the same chart , it would be great. Normally we will draw higher timeframe support or resistance (recent ones) and then do intraday trading.

    • sathish says:

      Thank you for making the changes in bracket order window. Now it is very easy to do the data entry…!!!!

      • sathish says:

        Now not able to drag or move the trendline after the crosshair came into being in PI.

        • sathish says:

          sorry nitin,,

          just noticed one more thing. In zooming now only complete zoom out option is available in chart. Zoom selected area option not available.

          • IT Zerodha says:

            Enabling Cross hair disables following(can be used by unchecking cross hair):
            >Chart dragging
            >drawing dragging
            >zoom selected area

    • Period change from the same chart will take time.

      • Prashanth Goutham says:


        When was cross hair introduced, i see everyone is talking about it ? I am using the latest version i don’t have it. Can you please let me know ? Also i just tried to launch the charts at 4.30 Pm after market but when i launch the charts i says server not available try after some time or similar message.

  186. Lijoo says:

    Dear Nithin,

    What is Neural Network in Artificial Intelligence and how to use it In Pi.



  187. prashantrdx says:

    Hi Nithin,

    There is one error that I saw that alters the charts. I had put up 1 hour charts of a few Nifty options when I noticed that new candles were forming before the 1 hour period. This leads to charts being incorrectly drawn. To confirm, I even compared it to the Nifty Spot and Futures charts which were being correctly plotted. Request you to please correct this error.


    • Getting someone to call you back.

      • prashantrdx says:

        Hi Nithin,

        I did get a call from one Mr. Srinivas. I informed him about the issue and he even made the changes. However, there is one improvement that can still be made. The hourly candles should end and a new candle should form on whole hours (example: 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM). Instead, a new candle forms at 10:15 AM, the next candle forms at 11:15 AM and so on. It would be really great if the above gets corrected as all the other charting packages use the former system.

        Thanks for the other changes. They are working fine!


        • Prashant, let me explain you why there is no correction is required.
          The issue with starting at 9am is that market data starts only by 9.15am. So the 1st hour candle will actually be a 45 minute candle. So for the next 6 hours of trading, you are actually looking at a wrong 1 hour candle starting the day. Also the last candle of the day will again be only for 30 mins.
          In the way we are doing it, the last candle of the day will be 15 mins, and all the other candles will be 1 hour. This is the correct way to do this, all other charting platforms come designed to use whole numbers as starting of the hour. But in India we start 9.15, so I guess what we are doing is a better way to plot 1 hour candles.

          • Prashant Raghavan says:

            Hi Nithin,

            I agree with your point. However, it is not a question of the right way or the wrong way. It is an issue of habit. All major, In fact all charting softwares, the candles end at whole hours. So I guess many of us would have become habituated to this. Moreover, my systems have also been desinged keeping the traditional hourly chart in mind.

            Hence, I request you to please have a re look at this issue.


  188. HariKishan says:

    When can we get all the pi features in Kite ?? Its difficult to install Pi in firewall environments.

  189. Debasish says:

    Really liked the platform PI. Previously I used TradeTiger but this is something new , unique , innovative and stable. If the first release of PI can get itself so attractive I could only imagine how it would look like when it is matured. Meanwhile I had a query like if the quick limit order window can be altered to something like quick market order?

    • These are one click orders and markets are not given intentionally to avoid any fat fingers. But placing market is quite simple, increase or decrease the limit price on the quick order window, it will act as a market order itself.

  190. RAJIV says:

    Dear Nitin..

    i want to make Pi platform more unique..kindly make a order execution like that it have Entry Target SL..i mean Buy At,Sell AT, and SL all in single window. so it will be easy for a Trader


  191. prashantrdx says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Really liked the Pi Platform. Makes life really easy. I however would recommend you to add the following features for enhancing ease of use:

    a) Cross Hair and b) Candle Description on Mouse point (Should show OHLC for each candle)


  192. Prashanth Goutham says:

    Lack of CrossHair and a simple way to scroll the Candles in the bar is really proving to be a hindrance. Also there should be a greyed out line to seperate each day’s candles which is defacto in all charting applications. Kindly get these 3 features without which its very difficult to navigate the charts Best wishes.

  193. tauqir says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Are you planning to introduce Mutual Fund trading any time soon. 🙂


  194. Aditya Sharma says:

    Hi, I want to apply an indicator on Pi chart that forms vertical line at the start of each day and include its date too so that it becomes easier to analysis. I wasn’t able to find any such indicator in Pi neither did I find a place where I can place the mq4 file I obtained from google and was able to put in MT4. Could you help.
    Thank you.


  195. Veena says:


    Trying to use PI charts. Please add Know sure thing indicator.
    Also, its difficult to change the timeframe, from 5min to 15min or 60mins. The chart should also retain the lines or indicators plotted when changing the timeframe(like in TradeTiger).

    Thank you


  196. MANU SHARMA says:

    To download pi, we need to have 10,000 in our trading account. So say if I buy shares worth 50,000 for long term, then they goto demat account. So do I need to have extra 10,000 that always remain in my trading account?

  197. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    If I need to key in an order for 3 different accounts, is there a way where I can add these 3 accounts to my NEST or Pi rather than open 3 different instances of the software ?




    Dear nitin,
    today itself i planned to start my account on zerodha , contacted ,got mail(how to open,list of things ).
    but is there anybody to tell what functions are also available with opening apart from less brokerage , what other facility i can get .say for example –can it create a buy sell signal if i align indicators accordingly ,pivots, oscillators, etc .. hope you got me ,do you people provide software also (ami broker),if yes is there any cost , while trading in derivatives, i prefer equity scrip simultaneously , going through the post you asked client master report or any other document .
    so what i am trying to establish is i need information in toto , as i dont want to listen afterwards—sir we need this as your requirement is that . hope you undst

  200. Alex says:

    1. I want to use AFLs in Pi. Can I ?? Or can some one code the AFL into Pi chart ??
    2. Is there any future plans to provide RTD from Pi to excel as it is in Nest terminal ??

  201. Sukesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    All the stock brokers I have come across till now squares off all their client’s intraday open position at 3:20PM.

    This makes me logically assume that a huge number of market orders should be fired exactly at 3:20PM and as a result there should be a considerable upward or downward spike in the market exactly at 3:20PM however as far as I have seen it has never happened this way.

    Trading graphs have been quite smooth at 3:20PM mark on most of the days.

    Is this because retail participation in Indian capital markets is very low or is there some other reason for it?


    • Sukesh, square offs don’t really happen exact at 3.20pm, it could be a few minutes either ways. Also at around 3.20pm, market is probably the most liquid, so auto square offs shouldn’t affect the price at all.

  202. Ganesh says:

    Hi ZT team

    how to watch Nifty chart on Pi.


  203. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is there a way to enable Disclosed Quantity when putting in Futures or Options orders ?

    • Hanan says:

      Disclosed Quantity works only for CDS and EQ segments, doesn’t work for NFO as per exchange requirements. We presume this distinction exists because of the varied lot sizes on the NFO segment. Since CDS and EQ are in multiples of 1, mentioning disclosed quantity is easier.

      • Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

        So if one has a largish size order, how does one place the same without disclosing the entire size (and at the same time not splitting into multiple orders to avoid paying brokerage on all the orders)

  204. kamalmin says:

    Hello Sir,

    how to enable chart trading in PI, i’m able to place normal order in pi but dont know how to enable chart orders ,do i need to enable Pi bridge ?


  205. sathish says:

    Hi Nitin

    Good to see BO in PI.

    In Zerodha Trader, if we make BO entry, after we enter the quantity & price and press tab key, the cursor automatically moves to sqr off sell & stop loss sell boxes. This automatically saves a lot of time while making BO entry. Also if we make a dummy order entry in BO, by selecting the LTP and absolute etc., it is automatically appearing while making subsequent orders.

    The above features are not there in PI which makes the order entry process little tedious.

    Could you please enable the above features so that it would save lot of time while making order entry in PI

  206. Mahesh Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Wishlist on Tools

    1) We do not have a tool to draw harmonic patterns like Cypher, Bat, Gartley etc.. can this be added?
    2) We cannot modify the Fibonacci retracements… like i cannot have 786 or 886 which i need to check for harmonics
    3) We do not have a Fibonacci Extention tool… which is a must.

    I am using for my basic needs for now.

    I hope we can get this implemented soon

  207. Dasari Sairam says:

    I Am facing .net framework exception error

    unable to start PI software

    what i do

  208. Sukesh says:


    Whenever i login to Pi, it says “AVANT GRADE TRADING”.
    Just curious to know what does this mean?


  209. Indrneel Sircar says:

    Trading from charts – 2 major chart issues have come up in just a couple of hours using your Pi trading platform.
    1. For currency option strike prices that are of fractional value such as 64.25, 64.50, 64.75, etc. the chart window does not display any candle sticks, it shows volume at the the bottom panel.
    For the currency option strike prices which are whole figures such as 63, 64, 65, etc. the chart is displaying perfectly.
    2. The Create Scripted Alert does not have or allow to choose ‘NRML’ product type, though without this option trade is rejected by RMS for short selling Options.

    Both these issues have been repeatedly raised by me over phone from Delhi. But in spite of long duration of repeated telecons, unable to get the issues sorted.

    I think as many as 5 tickets have been raised. However, very conveniently 2 of the tickets have already been closed by your tech/ support dept. under the pretext that the chart display issue resolved, will be updated in the next version . Now, that means you expect me to hold on to my chart based trading till your next version for which no timeline has been suggested.

    On the second issue I am yet to be replied / the issue is yet to be resolved.

    Strangely, I am surprised. I was of the belief that you guys are the most tech-savy amongst the Indian Brokers (and, I have used quite a few since so many years). Pi promises to be good, but what I wonder is how come such simple trivial issued were overlooked what with such hardy endeavour by your tech team and after such a huge list of beta testers (I presume some 8000+) having cross-checked the same for so many months, if not year.

    Hopefully, you will excuse my comment and sort the issue out at the earliest. I am an old client of yours. Then I was drawn towards your co. for the brokerage and now I was attracted and excited to see your new Pi platform.

    Indrneel Sircar

    • Hi Indrneel,

      Yes both issues are fixed, but you will have to wait till the new release which is planned on 25th of this month. We are testing the new release as of now. It might sound odd, but no one had spotted both these issues earlier, and don’t know how we missed it too. Sorry about any inconvenience caused, we will try to get the new release out asap.

  210. sathish says:

    Hi Nitin

    any chance we can expect VWAP indicator in PI?

  211. Antriksh says:


    I recently opened my account with Zerodha. At the moment I’m only able to trade in futures and options as my demat account is yet to be activated. I’ve put more than Rs.10,000 in my trading account but I’m still not able to get access to Pi. What else do I need to do get the access?
    How much time does it usually take for the demat account to be activated? It’s been around 10 days.

  212. Senthil Kumar says:

    How to get continuous data for futures. instead of monthly wise, I need nifty-I, nifty-II, Nifty-III. Is it feasible in PI

  213. ds4205 says:

    hi nithin
    your brokerages are awesome with 0.1% for delivery and 0.01% and all
    but i feel bec of your demat charge of 14rs. zerodha is costly
    so see to it if you work on to reduce it little bit you will be great.
    like i have acc with both ventura and zerodha nithin
    in ventura they have 0.2% and 0.03% brokerage and demat charge is 10rs
    though the annual maintenance is same with 400rs for both of you.
    i came accross zerodha is costlier than ventura for penny traders like me sir

  214. Nutan says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Is it possible to super-impose one indicator on other in Pi.
    i want to impose bollinger bands on RSI. if it is possible let me know how it can be done. thanks.

  215. sathish says:

    Hi Nitin

    Good that BO has come in PI as expected by all.

    If you can add VWAP indicator in PI , it will be great

  216. Vinay says:

    Hey, can you enable cross-hairs with vertical & horizontal lines that move with the pointer and show the values of all indicators at the current point. I noticed it in my previous broker and some web based charts. It’s a small thing but for some reason, this white popup box showing all indicator values at a point rarely pops up in pi.

  217. rajiv says:

    sir why it is showing candle of 9:15-9:45 and 9:45-10:15 in 30MTF, it should be 9;30-10;00 and 10;00-10;30 so on right, is there any possible way to change or is it the flaw of your system?

  218. aditya says:

    will kite be available on android as an app?will the website be mobile friendly?
    good luck with the rollout.


  219. sriram0sharma says:

    Hi Nitin, Thanks for giving us this much good tool as Pi.

    Even i didn’t make any profit till now but will make it soon….. 🙂

    I want to know is this possible to automate buy/sell orders completely in Pi. Please suggest if it is there.


  220. Sukesh says:

    Waiting eagerly to place cover/bracket orders from chart, will it happen any time soon?


  221. Sukesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    One issue i am facing in Pi – i usually use historic charts to make analysis and backtest my strategy.
    I usually download the chart of say 20k candles and use the left arrow of my key board till i reach the desired data set in time.
    Now, if i do this during market hours, when the new candle is created in the chart (at the right most end), the entire chart contracts showing the entire data including the data which is not required and i can not do my analysis with this chart.

    Currently i am doing all my analysis in non market hours to avoid this problem – is there any fix you can suggest for this?


  222. Manoranjan S says:

    Hello Sir,

    Please allow your team to work on bracket order on chart.

    It is very essential. Chart trade with stop loss can’t imagine. I had a loss of around 2000 with just a single trade.

    I have stopped using chart since there is no control on the Stop Loss and Target price.
    I hope lot many traders are facing this problem. Please pitch in


  223. sreekanth says:

    Hi Nithin,
    This sreekanth here , can we expect meta trading through Zerodha ?

    • Metatrader has a constraint that it doesn’t fire orders outside its meta universe. One of the reasons we are finding it tough to build a bridge from Meta to pi.

  224. RA5201 says:

    Could you pls provide me with the access to PI …

  225. anil says:

    I want to know, do you provide historical chart in terminal?


  226. Harshit_Kumar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I would be a single person on this forum who feels that the much hyped PI is not offering anything as such which can be said that it’s ahead of the technology. I am a simple trader who uses basic functionality like sell and buy button after seeing the chart. I believe that trading is not a pure science and cannot be coded in an EA/algorithms, it requires a human brain to analyse the greed and fear factor behind a trade. If it was not the case then Bill Gates would have been the most successful trader who could have coded a software for him which would auto trade for him.

    I expect a system to help me in expediting my trading process by asking/filling minimum fields. But PI has no way where I can save my preferences! Every time I have to set it according to my preference first day in the morning, then while executing a trade, I have to fill the quantity along with price, which I think is a basic requirement in a trader terminal.

    Talking about chart, I am still to explore as what is great in the chart as I find traderscockpit chart more intuitive than PI. On hovering over chart I cannot see any details, Every time I have to click on the chart to know the details. Whatever time period you select it, you will see limited days information only (no older historical data). May be you might have loaded with tones of indicator but that is of no use to me (also I guess to a profitable trader) as I only use volume with candlestick.
    After using 2-3 months I am back on NEST trader where at least I get some basics what I need.

    May be I need to learn more to use it properly, but seriously speaking it should be a tool to let you help in your real trade not for playing with loads of worthless indicators and technical jargons/EA.

    Please don’t take it otherwise but it need to do lot more before you start calling it next generation trading terminal.


    Harshit Kumar

    • Yes, crosshair is still on our list of things to do. But there is quite a lot of historical data, and you can see the OHLC/Volume by left clicking your mouse and hovering over any candle. Will get someone to call and show how this works.

  227. japjit100 says:

    pi have automatic support an resistance like nestplus ?

  228. fazalpc says:

    Hi Nithin

    Please add Pivot Points Nithin. MAKE IT AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE,,MANY TRADERS ARE WAITING. “Thanks to the team behind this wonderful software.”

  229. DeepWater says:

    Could you place have bracket order on chart trading. This would a great milestone in the trading.
    Please develop a better Mobile App. Lot of my friend are hesitant just because Zerodha doesn’t have a Good Mobile APP. This shouldn’t be great for a guys who developed PI.


    • We are working on our mobile app. Kite web should be out soon, and after that the mobile.
      Bracket on chart trading is quite tricky.

      • Manoranjan S says:

        Hello Sir,

        Please allow your team to work on bracket order on chart.

        It is very essential. Chart trade with stop loss can’t imagine

  230. DD0285 says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can Pi be installed on Windows/Android tablets?

  231. RAJESH J says:

    Hallo Nithin How Can I Use ALGO Code ZIG ZAG Indicator on ZERODHA PI

    • You can code ZigZag as expert advisor if you have the logic. But to code it as an indicator, it has to be done at the backend by our team. We have a bunch of requests already, this is on our list.

  232. Venkat says:

    Dear nitin

    Serious and simple question.
    When is the realistic Eta on kite release


    • Venkat, unfortunately I don’t have an answer. A bunch of things got held up at the exchanges, we have made changes as per requirement, so hopefully soon.

  233. sreekanth says:

    Hi Nithin,
    How are you?……..
    Can we expect Metatrading platform through Zerodha

  234. Dharani says:

    Will pi be available for Mac OS in the future?

  235. tryszu says:

    Hi Nithin,
    With reference to trading from the charts is it possible to punch in an order that is triggered at the close of the bar and not when the trigger is reached at any random time?

  236. Naveen says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is there an option in Pi to add new tab with new list of favourites????? like in Nest trader….

    • Naveen, no option for multiple tabs as of now. But the workaround for now is that you can save a tab as a workspace. Every time you want to see another tab,load an already saved workspace.

  237. Balachandra Hegde says:

    Hi Nithin,
    As a VSA trader, I would like to see candle stick and volume at a time. I am finding difficulty in reading PI charts, because of the mouse pointer, Is there any option to change the mouse pointer (Arrow) to Cross Hair?


  238. Abhishek says:

    Nitin and team- Do we have support for line charts in Pi now (just like in Trader express/Web trading) or is it only candle sticks (and others). Would be great if you can add line charts – very fundamental. Thanks.

  239. Yugandhar says:

    Pi is superb we want same in app ! Present is not up to the mark !! Upgrade zerodha mobile app

  240. kulbir says:

    is automatic trade on pi with full margin on the amount of 5000 is possible

  241. Sudheer says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Trading on Pi platform has been a wonderful experience and kudos to you for adding various features incrementally.

    However, it will be a great convenience for a day trader to gain ability to add a dotted line, double line and also change the color of these line to mark the buy, sell and stop loss levels.

    You already added the price indicator for a horizontal line at the extreme right, which has been highly useful.


  242. raju says:

    dear nithin ji

    pi charts comming only 1 minute or also come 3 or 5 minutes ?

  243. Rathish says:

    Sir when can we expect the launch of kite trade?? Waiting eagerly…

  244. Ganesh says:

    Hi Nithin

    i never seen trading tool like PI, you have done good job please keep it up

    Waiting for kite 🙂

    But one little suggestion from my end :

    We almost 70% people trading from office ( work place) only, therefore request you to can you please put one panic button beside to minimize button. when panic button get clicked PI should be automatically minimized at tray.

    i know it’s not difficult to you, but’s it will very helpful to others.

    Best regards

    • Hmm.. 🙂 let me speak to the guys and see. Btw if you click start(windows button) + D, everything open on the screen minimizes.

    • CHOKS says:

      Hi Ganesh…
      For timebeing U can use RBTray..
      with this,When U click minimise button on Pi..It’ll automatically minimises to system Tray..
      This utility is free and available from rbtray[dot]sourceforge[dot]net.

  245. Lijoo says:

    My id is DL 0071 and would like to know when basket order will be availabe in Pi

  246. Sateesh Kumar says:

    Can you tell how to draw moving average for volume in Pi?

  247. Narayan says:

    still your Desktop application NEST 3.11.2 is not working properly
    and Mobile app is in Deep sleep, but Zerodha developed PI chart,

    Trading platform is only not working, how we can use PI chart ?
    I request you to focus on Basic and foremost thing, later can go for Advance Tech.

    • Narayan, Zerodha Pi is a trading application which can also do advanced charting (it is not only a charting app). So you can stop using NEST, and start using Pi completely for trading. We are working on a new mobile app.

  248. Pls an update on Kite rollout? Any more info avail from the last update that its stuck with the exchanges and regulatory approval?

  249. Rakesh Koshti says:

    Recently my trading a.c is open but i am not able to see the equity scrip in my market watch.

    • Rakesh, so your demat account must be yet to open. Once demat is open, then it will start showing up. Also if you are not opening a demat with us, make sure to send your client master report or any proof any other demat account that you might have to map to this trading account.

  250. RAJIV says:

    sir how to save indicators? do i need to apply daily or is there any way to save them

  251. vishyvishy says:

    I want to create my own chart indicator say super-trend indicator for example, how do I create that in PI?? Is there anyway to create custom indicators in PI?

    • Indicator has to be created in the backend, not possible to be done on the frontend directly. If you are okay with the indicator being public, we can do this if you have the code.

      • Swapnil Dhuri says:

        very happy customer so far Keep up the good work! can i see Super Trend indicator on PI in computer, i can see it in mobile?
        2.any plan to bring Valid Till Cancel feature in ZERODHA?

  252. Swarna.S says:

    Hi Nithin…great job..can we do OPTIONS trade using this ?

  253. Varun Sethi says:

    Dear Sir,
    Is it possible to draw tick interval based charts in Pi, like 10, 20 tick charts.

  254. S.MANOGARAN 9842263142 says:


  255. Calic says:

    I am copy pasting from traderji my own comment on PI.

    Still the data in PI charts are not upto the mark.For example in daily chart of 22/05/15 low in pi chart is 8415.5 wheras as per nse tame it is 8401.15.Likewise in smallertimeframes too most of the swing highs and lows differ from the actual value.If you dont fix this problem ASAP,pi is of no use for a chart trader

    • Calic, I have explained here on why charts might differ from one platform to another. Check this out.
      Currently we are plotting the daily charts by using all the 1 min candles we get during the day. We will very soon start using the NSE Bhavcopy for this, like most other platforms. So daily candles will start matching exactly, but intraday charts it is very tough to find any two platforms match exactly. Some chart platforms plot candles from 0 to 59 secs as 1 min, others use 1 to 60 secs, and many other things like this which might make the charts look differently other than the reasons mentioned on the link above. We have tried to match pi to esignal by as much as possible in terms of these rules. esignal is probably the best charting platform in India in terms of quality of data.

  256. Satish says:

    I would like to draw trend lines on a 15min chart and would like to see drawn lines on 5min. chart. Is it possible?

    • Kumar says:

      I also use trend lines extensively in trading. Different traders use different indicators such moving averages, support and resistance, trend lines, stochastics, RSI, etc. These are the basic features in all charting platforms all over the world. But I am very disappointed that these basic features are very much lacking in Zerodha Pi.

      • siva says:

        I believe you have not examined Pi well enough as all the features you mentioned are available on Pi as well as on our web based platform Please select on study to view various indicators and on tools to view drawings on any opened chart.

        • Kumar says:

          I did examine your study in Pi and tried all indicators. Your MACD crossover is incomplete. Your trend lines do not replicate on other time frames in other words incomplete.

          • siva says:

            You can use kite if you want to see saved trend-lines in other timeframes, also can you explain a little more about the missing point in MACD.

            • Kumar says:

              Compare MACD in your Kite web based platform and Pi stand alone platform. You will see the difference.
              Web based platforms are unreliable due to less features, low reliability factors due to high possibility of an internet crash, delayed data transmission due to slow internet/browser speed, etc. Stand alone platform is best suitable for professional traders due to increased flexibility, advanced technology, features and tools, a well-enhanced and reliable security system, very easy to use, offers an array of customization abilities and features, fully automated and backup system, and once installed, the software is quick and efficient. Your stand alone platform Pi is an unfinished product. You still have to work on it and fix many issues.

  257. Nirav says:

    How long before one can trade from charts from a 3rd party application with Zerodha ?

  258. Paras says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Do we have this feature of trading from charts in Kite (Mobile/web) versions?


  259. Sudesh says:

    Congratulations Nithin and team, hats off to you. You guys rock!!

  260. biju says:

    when automated trading will start

  261. Siva Kumar says:

    Dear Nithin Sir,

    Please add feature which will display Pivot Points on Intra Day Chart.

    Siva Kumar

  262. aditya garg says:

    From where I get he pi software?

  263. Chandrabhusan Singh says:

    Hi nithin sir
    is this posibale in chart order windo, can add in BO curently only MIS and NRML.

  264. Faruq Shaikh says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Initial it was possible into via candle sticks and few other charts …WOW .. not it is possible via Heikin Ashi Charts as well i have tried and it works ….amazing job …keep up the good job … YOU ARE TRULY AN SUPER STAR …..