Today’s technical issues – postmortem

February 27, 2019

Dear Traders,

We are extremely sorry about the issues that you faced today morning on our trading platforms. We have identified what caused today’s issue and hopefully should not repeat going forward. Let me explain what went down today.

At the market opening, especially between 9.14 to 9.20 we have an exceptional amount of activity in terms of logins and order placement. The connectivity between our trading platforms and the exchanges, the bridge, is managed by Thomson Reuters’ Omnesys, an exchange approved OMS (Order Management System) vendor. Thomson Reuters is the largest OMS vendors in India powering several dozen brokers. Almost all brokerages use OMS vendor to power their platforms, albeit at a much smaller scale – both in terms of orders and number of users.

Today at the market open, the OMS developed connectivity issues, which resulted in orders piling up. We witnessed several lakh orders piled up waiting to be pushed to the exchanges. This would’ve been indicated by the “validation pending” status you would have seen. This caused a snowball effect of customers placing more orders to make up for the hanging orders, increasing the pile up exponentially. The Thomson Reuters team tried to bring the pending order queue down, but it wouldn’t happen. Since the OMS is their proprietary system that is licensed out to stock brokers, our technology team does not have any control over the internals of the system. We were in constant touch with several of their teams trying to get a resolution.

This is not the first time such issues have happened, and over the years, we’ve built more and more layers of technology in-house to reduce the dependency on the OMS and other similar systems. In fact, as of today, over 90% of the activity load half a million of our concurrent clients produce every day is handled by our systems efficiently, but the rest of the 10% that still goes to the OMS sometimes acts as the weakest link. Thomson Reuters’ OMS, despite being one of the best in the industry, has struggled to cope with our growth.

Of course, this isn’t us avoiding taking responsibility for what happened today or other incidents in the past. We are your brokerage firm and we are responsible for the services delivered to you irrespective of what happens in the background. But we do not want you to cast doubts on the technology we’ve built, and the immense amount of effort and resources, we’ve invested to bring you the platforms you use every day.

The toughest decision to take as a business at our scale is to change or not. Because every change comes with a business continuity risk.  It is very easy to stop taking that risk and be happy with the product offering and wait for years to make small changes. But that is not how we have envisaged the business we are building for you. We want to be the best brokerage firm you can have, and we hope that you will excuse us when we slip-up, and be rest assured that the most important thing we are working on 24/7 is to avoid any downtime during trading hours.

Again, we are extremely sorry.


Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Shibin says:

    I have faced issues many times with Zerodha as below,
    there is mismatching the up and down trade movement and Amount is reflecting in positions.
    1.if the stock is getting up& Down then amount also must be change accordingly with accuracy. But there is a discrepancy found in data so that unable to exit at right time and got lose.. so please do the needfull solution
    2.find the app getting stuck randomly .
    during the above both issues my network was proper and LAP/Mob also in perfect condition.


  2. Shyamnandan upadhyay says:

    शेयर shell करने के बावजूद भी नहीं हुआ और शेयर ऋण आत्मक शो होने लगा और ऑटो स्क्वायर ऑफ चार्ज लग गया

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Shyamanandan, looks like you sold the shares using the Intraday (MIS) product type. Open intraday positions are auto squared-off if these are not closed before the cutoff time. We’ve explained this here.

      To sell shares from the holdings you need to use Longterm (CNC) product type. More on this here

  3. Vishnu Sankaran says:

    Initially when Zerodha was small, they used to admit when there was problems. Now they have grown using the retail users blood and flush, they dont admit anything. Today it was horrible. From morning till evening, the kite was buffering. Lost almost 7000 which I want to charge from Nithin Kammath with interest and court charges

  4. Basheer says:

    Lot of bugs in Kite, Eg: If I want to know how much brokerage and other charges taken only for the script Eg: BANKNIFTY18JAN27300CE for a week, it will show charges for all weeks for all scripts traded in that time interval , how can i see charges taken only for a particular script?

  5. Rajat says:

    For couple of days I’m facing this issue of “order pending validation” specially during the first five minutes of trading (9.15-9.20) and by the time the order gets executed it’s already too late, either the price has moved 1% up or down from the market order placed by me. This had led to a lot of unfavourable trades.
    Kindly resolve the issue.

  6. subhash gaikwad says:

    Who is responsible for my losses?
    I loss my all 1week profit and charges of service not explain properly

  7. Rajesh says:

    My maruti stock sold yesterday for 5044 but market price was 5300 how is that possible?

    • Matti says:

      If the stock was sold at 5044 that means there was a buyer available at that price. It isn’t possible for a trade to happen if there isn’t a counter-order at the price. If you want your trade to happen at a particular price, use limit orders instead of market orders.

  8. svhegde says:

    same problem occurs after 3 pm. Zerodha is giving good platform is appreciable. Since it had grown big it can afford toresolve problems and grow much bigger.
    as a customer we have to try other brokers and platform.

  9. RAM says:


  10. Nishant Rawat says:

    I have lost money due to your error. Whos gonna pay for the loss. I hope many more have lost money due to these silly issues. And one thing….The ONLY Zerodha is the one who gets such errors frequently.

  11. n suraj says:

    Dear Mr. Matti / Mr. Nithin,

    I have a different request to you. It’s regarding the brokerage charges. I do lot of trades intraday everyday for small profit per every trade. For traders like me, why don’t you please introduce a suitable brokerage plan (like Rs.5000 p.m for a maximum of 500 trades per month. Rs.5000/- can be the minimum that you would charge in this plan. Any additional trades can be charged on per trade basis). This can be offered in higher slabs (like Rs 9500 p.m for 1000 trades p.m). There need not be any intermediate numbers (like 700 trades p.m)for trades per month.

    This would enable traders like me to profit from trades. I spend 2000/- on brokerage and taxes for MTM profit of 4000/- which is very disappointing. Your brokerage plan does not suit my style of trading. I’m sure there would be many scalpers like me who execute many trades everyday.
    Please do something about this.


    • Matti says:

      Hey Suraj,pre-paid brokerage plans aren’t allowed.

      • n suraj says:

        Thanks for the response.

        You charge zero brokerage for equity. I prefer trading in index options, though i’m a small trader. Can you please reduce the brokerage to Rs.10 per trade for F&O instead of Rs.20?.

  12. Sujit says:

    Hi ,

    I am using Zerodha for more than 3 years .

    I was not unable to square off a position on 29th August(expiry day) as the order placed in the morning was stuck and then was unable to place any order for the whole day to square off my position and was getting a message mentioning that “Order cannot be placed to avoid physical settlement” . I raised a ticked within market hours .
    Now , looking into ,my account I can see that they have deducted the full amount for physical settlement and this
    was their reply

    “Your MIS order could not be squared off due to connectivity issues. As a result, your position will be carried forward to the next trading day (i.e. August 30th, 2019).
    We have put in place, the processes and infrastructure to ensure a seamless and stable trading experience for our customers. But it is important to know that all electronic trading systems either at the Exchange or at Zerodha’s offices are vulnerable to temporary disruptions, breakdowns or failures. These are part of the inherent risks that a trader has to bear.”

    This has also happened multiple times on high volatile days .
    My question is who will bear the losses and how my position will be carried forward to the next trading day (i.e. August 30th, 2019). .Have replied back to them .waiting for action on their part.

  13. thulasee says:

    Hi Zerodha team,

    Today is expiry day….I am unable to exit my trade….if not exited in time I will end up in auction where my trade will be exited at any available low price…..

    Do something>…….Earlier you mentioned the issue is fixed and now again I am seeing the same……

    • Matti says:

      Best call our support line on 080-40402020 or 080-33102020 to get your position squared off.

      • thulasee says:

        No need now…as the initial SL triggered…..instead of taking 100 + % on the trade I end up taking 50% profit that too because it allowed me once to modify my order at 10.40 AM…..


  14. rahul says:




  15. Vinay says:

    Team, it stil says validation pending.. from profit now i going under huge loss.. i donno what is happening with u guys.

    I cannot bear the loss. do something quickly.


  16. Suhas MANJUNATH says:


    Still unable to cancel the order .
    Kindly help me

    Thank you

  17. BHUPENDER says:

    Close my acount and refund my 500rs
    My phon no. 9802582000
    My petm no. 9416189291

  18. Haresh mhatre says:

    My stop loss was set on 895 but today 12 04 2019 @7.27pm suddenly broke but actually it was not reached and due to this my loss happened please issue my loss

  19. Parthy says:

    Dear Nitin & Team,

    Yes i was frustrated with constant connectivity issue but will stick with Zerodha.
    Even with having Sharekhan & 5 Paisa brokerage account, i am still sticking to Zerodha, bcoz of the constant improvements i see and u being the forerunner in discount brokerage.

    I appreciate recent changes in the order update and the error message updates. These issues will be forgotten soon. Keep improve. All the best.


  20. Renuka says:

    Today could only place orders and after that the page doesnt load .till now it doesnt load ,,so not able to do any trading

    • Billy says:

      Hey Renuka,

      We had a connectivity issue and clients logged into Kite web had issues placing orders. However, Kite mobile, Pi, call & trade were functional. The issue is now resolved.

  21. Sameer Prabhu says:

    Issues again today! First login issue and then order placing issue. When is Zerodha going to grow up and acknowledge their mistakes? By changing name it’s old wine in new bottle nothing else. Shame on Zerodha management who falsely claim to have superior service.

  22. Sameer Prabhu says:

    Today, I was not able to modify/cancel my already placed CNC order between 15:23 & 15:30. It gave me “Server Not Ready” error. Pathetic service by Zerodha!

  23. Parth says:

    Last 2 yrs i have seen zerodha down only at time of big moment in market happen, have u notice all the big moment like election, stricks, war problem, always zerodha play its role in making public loss, third class service provided by zerodha

  24. Vishalbabu says:

    Hi I have Kept script for 127 short , 1000 qty, but it executed at different lots with a avg price of 125,

    How its possible, without our knowledge, scripts run at different price,

    I am facing loss in this, how will i trust Zerodha?

    Appreciate quick intervention, I have mailed the screenshots,

  25. Sadashiva H S says:

    When I, lost an opportunity 2 years back for the same reason Validation pending and went on complaining to NSE for compensation my claim was rejected, stating the reason as I have signed in some where in the application while opening the account. The term used that time was Opprtunity to profit was lost.

    You have given a reply that time that only for baught position we are liable for the loss if any in case the same could not be sold.

    This time I was having a bought oposition get stuck in validation pending and cancelled later on and trading resumed. But still I placed the sell order 3 times at market rate but all the three time it get rejected saying the fund is insufficent.

    Why I should have fund when I have bought position?

    I have lost all confidence in your group as well as NSE’s transperency and justice to small investor.

    Its most unfortunate you become no.1 without any merit and definetely without an alternative facility to face this kind of situation without making your trusted investor loosing their investment.

    Stock market operations is matter of seconds and not even a minutes but you boast of your self as India’s biggest broker by taking one whole day without any result while our soldiers are fighting at the border.

    I can only say, I am ashamed of myself for having trusted you, even with my previous experience with you and intrducing some good clients to you.

  26. Vishal says:

    It is a normal order in CNC. Still, it is getting rejected and it gives the error “MIS / BO / CO orders aren’t allowed for this instrument. Try CNC or NRML product types.” Why is this happening? please help

  27. Krunal Patel says:

    Why you simply stop accepting orders of there are OMS connectivity issues??
    Since you have had this type of issues in the past, you must should have developed some kind of circuit breaker feature to avoid this.
    You need to constantly do health check for your external vendor components to avoid this.
    Why don’t you file a complaint with SEBI as well to put pressure on Thompson Reuters? It is ultimately causing a collateral damage for you and your clients. There is no point crying out loud without fighting for it.

  28. pavan says:

    Wy my previous comment is deleted no right to oppose ?

  29. pavan says:

    Well in this case I have to close my demat account along with my other five friends. Moreover I have to start exploring other ways to let other trader know that because of your negligence I had inoccoured a loss. This trade was certainly in profit if I was able to close my position on Time.

    So this is not a professional rectification from your side and I have to take actions if i have not been refunded.


  30. Arif Qureshi says:

    @TeamZerodha : Why wipro NSE. is showing -86 points i.e23% down today as it in not so in reality . Please fix this issue. It gives false alarm for buying.

  31. VASAVI says:


  32. kiran says:

    sir MTM profit and loss in intraday position ( recent profit and loss ) is not available on zerodha. so it is difficult to trade with zerodha as we can not see recent open position profit and loss seperately. in kite we can see only booked profit and loss and if we take trade in same script in such case recent profit and loss it does not show seperately it is not acceptable as a daytrader . as a trader can not guess or use other tool to see fresh profit and loss. in zerodha you show only average profit and loss. i just started using zerodha but unhappy as this feature is not available. please upgrade mtm profit and loss feature.

  33. Sanjay Kadam says:

    Yes Rathi ji we should gather together or form a group where we can alteast compaint about Zerodha’s platform. of we should ask Zerodha to pay our losses back. as everytime there is volatality Zerodha Sucks.

    It’s not good for Intraday Traders and If Zerodha is not responsible for the loss they we should make sure No new Trader Joins Zerodha. we should esclate this issues in social media or various youtube channels. and we should make sure that No Trader face such issue in future … by not having Zerodha account.

    • Sameer Prabhu says:

      Agree! Zerodha management is safely hiding behind IBT clauses which are mentioned in the a/c opening form. I can understand and accept if the connectivity/technical disruption is once in a blue moon. In 2018 itself there were 5-6 similar connectivity/technical issues. And this 2019 we already have a major one. Whole year is yet to pass by!

    • pavan says:

      I Agree with you , How can we initiate such campaigns my friend?

  34. Theepak Coimbatore Gopal says:

    I didn’t expect this from Zerodha. Initially my shares were in the profit and I want to sell it. But, I can’t. But, when the services came back, mine was in the loss. Atlast I sold it not to have more loss. I lost my 10 days profit in a single day. I expect it will not happen again. But, I don’t know what zerodha will do for the loss we got and which was not from the retail client side.

  35. tarak says:

    Zerodha is growing at the cost of trader’s blood. Yes.. harsh it may sound but is factually correct. Being in finance business, what should be the reliablity factor. Unfortunately, the SEBI/NSE simply does not look at the technical competence and failure data and re-issue or limit clientele of the brokerage house. Zerodha’s issues recur on the day of market volatility. May be this is the new way to feed traders to big guys.

    They said trading is all about method, mind and money management.. The list should include Broker management as well.

  36. Payal Rathi says:

    Hi Team,

    I would like to understand if we are paying you for equity broker services then why should I suffer loss because of your technical issues. The post mortem you have given doesn’t it mean that you might not have given penalty to Thomas Reuters due to such issue or is it that you are covering your fault “connectivity issue” under the name of them? If issue is from there side then Penalty should be liable to Thomas Reuters as your are dealing with customers money.

    Simply Sorry doesn’t bring back the lossed customers money, also it’s not simple that you move away explaining the post mortem of the issue but remember you are not the major suffer but we (customers/clients) are who had lost money (which even included your brokerage charges). I need refund of my money loss since this issue is something I am not responsible but you are as service provider are.

    I will urge everyone to collect their losses and let’s take action legally against it if not refunded.

  37. hemant baghel says:

    hello sir last time i was placed order in rate of 126 rupees order is not excutie in 27 feb this worng the option is 126 to 280 rupees some time this is not fair so please my money is back in my account these is not fair

  38. Naseef says:

    Hi Nitin,

    “over 90% of the activity load half a million of our concurrent clients produce every day is handled by our systems efficiently, but the rest of the 10% that still goes to the OMS sometimes acts as the weakest link”. If you are stating that the front-ends and associated components built by Zerodha handle 90% of the load and only 10% goes through OMS(which is supposed to be the backbone of a trading system), this is a cause for greater concern as it indicates a model which discards the power of platform, let alone leveraging it.

    “Thomson Reuters is the largest OMS vendors in India powering several dozen brokers”. It is puzzling how such a system is not capable of handling a small portion of the Zerodha load while powering some of the top brokerage houses in the country. Do you plan to replace this 10% also with a system built by Zerodha, and do you expect this new system to address the load that a tried and tested system in the market is not able to handle ? I would like to be optimistic about the most tech-savvy brokerage house in India, but you make me skeptical here.

  39. Vivek says:

    I had a validation request pending a few days ago & my order got sold twice. I managed to delete one request & one request got triggered. Fortunately I was short and market recovered so I managed to square off next day at no P&L. Else I would have undergone a loss. I did register a complaint with support desk but everything happed so fast I wasnt able to take a screen shot. Infact, on reading this article, i realised that “validation request pending” was the error I had got

  40. Anupam says:

    It very common case for zerodha. Several times occurred last few yrs. At the evening Nitin kamath;s apology mail comes every time. but it will again occurred after 2-3 months. In this case Mr. kamath tells that there team work hard for it 24×7 hrs to solve. This hard work will be fruitful when zerodha offer a hang free platform for 2-3 yrs. In every deep volatile market condition zerodha hang and restricts customer margin. most of the trader in zerodha aware of that situation.

  41. Umesh Verma says:

    Whatever be the reason , the customer has the losses . Its like you murder somebody than saying sorry which does not make any sense . I believe all the customer who has losses should file a case against Zerodha till they give us our money back .

  42. Dinesh more says:

    Zerodha stopped new orders that is ok..but stopped cover or sqauare off orders as well..which is wrong..also zerodha not able to close the intraday trades on closing time and that converted in normal trades due to which face huge losses..

  43. Shamshad says:

    This types of problem create much loss because we not buy -sell in right time,and I face this problem. Know one takes responsibility of our loss.

  44. Akshay Tandon says:

    I am placing an order in gold mini. It is a normal order in cnc. Still it is getting rejected and it gives the error “MIS / BO / CO orders aren’t allowed for this instrument. Try CNC or NRML product types.” Why is this happening? please help

  45. Akshay Tandon says:

    I am placing an order in gold mini. It is a normal order in cnc. Still it is getting rejected and it gives the error “MIS / BO / CO orders aren’t allowed for this instrument. Try CNC or NRML product types.” Why is this happening?

  46. HG says:

    As soon as Zerodha team were aware that customers came to know about their deletion of comments from servers, they stopped all negative commenters from directly commenting here. Instead they started approval system to stop negative comments, so they in turn don’t need to delete them. But customers already know that you are playing a very dirty games with all loyal customers

  47. GH says:

    Now Zerodha team started moderation and approval system for all negative commenters to save their as* from criticism

  48. Vivek says:

    “In fact, as of today, over 90% of the activity load half a million of our concurrent clients produce every day is handled by our systems efficiently, but the rest of the 10% that still goes to the OMS sometimes acts as the weakest link.”

    Why don’t you bring in the 10% in house?

  49. Ramakrishna says:

    Thinking to file a case with consumer forum , if the platform is not supporting they should have stopped trading for that … Shameless team … Thinking for their own benefits … Did all this for brokerage amount

  50. Vivek Kumar Gangwar says:

    I m very hopeless…just bcz of ua such a poor service not only I missed my profit yesterday but also lost my investment today. I have no words for u…..

    Ill never go for zerodha now nd recommend everybody not to chose zerodha

  51. siddu says:

    these days PI is hanging all the time,, really got pissed of… not happy with Customer care.. I think after reaching n0.1 place, they are not bothered about customers

  52. Sree says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Saying sorry is so simple, because you are not paying anything from your pocket to say sorry ..

    You know today i lost 14000 and finally ended with 5000 loss .. Means means Total 19000 Loss

    This is is not the 1st time, every month same problem especially when market is more volatile .. and these type of problems only ZERODHA is facing and other brokerage firms are not facing .. Means it seems something wrong with your end ..

    To keep my money safe , i think its better to look for some other brokers ..


    Mera A.c. open nahi ho raha hai sir ?
    Please call me 7000364122

  54. JKN says:

    Including my comment at Feb 28 12.30 pm there are 240 comments. If you see any decrease from here may be admin is deleting them.

    • Hardik Gandhi says:

      After your comment there is only 1 comment posted and there is total increase of 5 comments. Where are this comments? M t visible

      • JKN says:

        May be people have replied to the comments. At this moment there are 254 comments. If I go by my above logic then, this should be 255th comment. Thanks

  55. JKN says:

    Zerodha’s credibility as a broker for masses is coming into question every now and then. There is lot of speculation about if you guys are taking opposite positions against your customers, about your prop desk etc. Not sure what s the truth behind all these. But definitely my view is not the same as it used to be. With lot of changes in the FNO section by SEBI it’s already becoming difficult to trade and now these platform issues. You guys need to come clean on these allegations and make your platform robust. Nonetheless, I’m switching to a new broker very soon.

  56. Kumar says:


    Every other day *technical* issues with login/orders/reload etc. Why it’s happening often and only with you if most brokers use same OMS.

    This looks like deliberately for BTST/STBT gains and SL is hunted often in BO/CO.

    The real issue is it’s taken for granted that retail traders lose few thousands and won’t complain much.
    But thousands of retail traders loses equal to few millions every day. In other words easy money for selected few big *fishes*.

  57. Hardik Gandhi says:

    Don’t worry, I am recording each of your event of deleting negative comments from your side. I am reposting it for the same to record the event as proofs. You are being used as my bait.

  58. Hardik Gandhi says:

    How come the comments are only about 250+ when your customer base is strong…??? After 18hrs of releasing this article it could have collected many comments. If you might not have deleted comments, it would have crossed 500-600+ Stop deleting -ve comments…Have guts to face criticism also. Till yesterday midnight it was about 250+ and now decreased

  59. Manjunath says:

    What ever lame execuses will not return our profit/loss.The problem is with us for trusting too much in you.It is matter of time…… will understand the pain

  60. Trader10101010 says:

    best thing to keep alternate broker available at all times

    See interactive brokers they offer world class technology at same price

    • Sree says:

      What you will o if you have altenate account .. see mt case, i booked profit , but by order struck-up in pending verification and finally i came out with 5000 loss from 14000 Profit ..

  61. Amitabha says:

    Its not the first time this has happened… Then why the same explanation and 3rd party bashing again and again ??? Either do something to sort it out or stop saying Sorry. People are smart enough to get the point and take decisions !

  62. Yogesh says:

    Even if I decide to believe what you are saying is true, the frequency with which such things are happening with Zerodha is alarming in comparison with other brokerages. Why other brokerages, even with your own previous performance. If my memory serves me right, Zerodha faced such technical glitches around 4-5 times in whole 2018 and now when we are just in Feb in the current year, already Kite has faced issues 4 times.
    If you say you are the leading brokerage in India, you need to up your game and start behaving like one.
    For instance, your phone customer support team is pathetic and I think you also do not have sufficient phone lines to cope with your huge customer call flow. Try to understand that customers will not call you daily to chitchat, they will call only when there is such issue and at such times there is bound to be huge flow. If you cannot handle customer flow on problem days then what is the use of your phone support team.
    Also, when I send an email with some issue like yesterday’s issue, the first response will be some random thing which in no way addresses the query.
    I request you to educate your teams on proper resolutions, build more robust systems and respect customer’s money like your own. Else, soon you will be losing customers faster that you gained them.

    Here’s hoping that at least these comments will not go unnoticed.


  63. Prakhar says:

    My maruti ce 7000 buy at 60 cannot sell at 94 .
    My maruti put is automatic sell at rs 19 which goes to 97 .
    Many other orders too

    About 5000 of my profit goes to
    Loss of rs 900

  64. GHR says:

    Customers please notice the no. Of comments when you first see this page, and visit after some mins. the comments will be decreased…how come….??? Zerodha team is deleting negative comments from the server

    • Sameer Prabhu says:

      I totally agree. My comment has been deleted. Extreme unprofessional behavior by Zerodha management. Cheats!
      Last year similar issues happened few times and they come up with some lame excuse and nothing was done to overcome the issue. It’s the same lame excuse by Zerodha management/Nithin. Grow up!

      Zerodha/Nithin – there is no need to be proud about being no. 1 as a brokerage firm. You’ll are not capable of being on top spot. You do not even have courtesy to acknowledge your own mistakes and keep blaming 3rd party. Stop cheating your customers in the name of discount broking.

  65. Mahendrakumar Prajapati says:

    Again Zerodha is not working as there is no market watch updates working. It worked for 10 minutes and then stopped working. It’s really irritating during such up and market when we are finding our stocks to buy and sale.

  66. Biju says:

    Well, if it is too many orders that you are unable to handle, you had better not worry about it, as the rush will automatically come down when clients resort to other platforms. I personally could not realize the profit that simply kept dipping and I couldn’t but watch. Do something to get your act together or else you will eventually lose clientele.

  67. Sid says:

    I dont understand one thing – you say that the connectivity bridge is managed by OMS Omnesys, but later you say that only 10% of the orders goes thru OMS. This doesnt make sense. Please realise that you have a great responsibility to be open and clear about what happened, but there is no clarity in this report.

    Also, your broadcast messaging needs to be vastly improved. You sent almost no messages when the problems started, later you blocked orders and then re-opened them. Thereafter, again your system went down. You should have not jumped the gun till the network was 100% validated functioning. Also, you should have warned your customers to close their positions and wait till everything was A-OK before opening new positions. I am sorry, but you failed miserably on all fronts.

    I believe the CNBC raising the issue in the morning has forced you to come out with some sort of explanation. In the past you never gave any importance to these sorts of events, which happened on a smaller scale. It should have been a warning that something bigger could eventually go down, so did you take cognizance of that ?

  68. Sujit says:

    Hi Nitin,

    In your post you mentioned that 90% of orders Zerodha handles itself and rest 10% goes to OMS.
    So it looks like not every Zerodha trader suffered due to this
    How decision is made in terms of which order goes to OMS and which order Zerodha handles itself?
    Or is it based on trader login id, for all these X accounts order will be managed by OMS and rest of the Y accounts Zerodha itself manages order


  69. Bhargav says:

    HI Nithin,
    We are accepting your technology excuses, but you have to understand the pain and you have to give some benefits to clients for today losses.

    Anyway we have some other broking firm accounts to handle our losses , to get profits but no 1 broking firm make us feel bad yesterday.

    we know that people india best OMS provider in Thomson reuters , many brokers having a same backend they didnt face this issues(Goodwill & Waytowealth & Aliceblue) .tradelabs is your front end , same some brokers (Aliceblue ) have the same application.

    Then how the zerodha alone faced , we need a exact issues details and root cause for the same, then only we are able to accept it

  70. Selva says:

    My queries below:
    1. When did you last performed DR testing on your platform?
    2. Why there was no redundancy plan for this outage as this is not the first time?
    3. Why did you entirely stop taking orders instead of accepting limit orders
    4. What is the maximum capacity of OMS platform
    5. Why there was no alternate OMS platform to transfer the orders.
    6. Was this forecasted with past experiances?
    7. Have you noticed your platform slowing down when the market is volatile?
    8. How are you planning to reinstill your customers’ confidence
    9. There is a serious doubt in customers mind that this is deliberated attempt as retail investors mostly don’t take legal decisions.
    10. Why there was no effort taken to protect customers capital as soon as the outage is resolved.
    11. How far is it acceptable for the CEO to let the platform down for 3 hours? DR drill should have given you the ideal recovery time.
    12. How are you going to compensate the losses of the investors/traders?
    13. Why should we still rely on your platform?

  71. Narender Kumar says:

    There is something fishy. I have noticed a very peculiar problem with Zerodha that your stop loss gets executes way ahead of the stoploss price, While your target get execute exactly the at the price. It keeps eating your capital. Like if you put stop loss at 120.3 and target at 116.4 in a sell trade. The stoploss will execute around 123.4 or 120.5 But your target will be executed at 116.4. Why can’t target be executed more in clients favour. And sometimes your stop loss order gets executed after jumping the queue. Please all you just observe this. The above phenomenon is almost 100%. Low brokerage is costing more in terms of invisible loss.

    • Sameer Prabhu says:

      Never noticed about SL. But I’ve definitely noticed about issue with charts in kite and pi. At times the values are different in charts of pi and kite. There is a refresh issue with kite chart.

  72. Syed Khadeer Khadeer says:

    27 th Feb I lost minimum 20000 Profit amount. Don’t neglect next time Zerodha team Do the work very responsible Ok…

  73. Rajesh says:

    Lost good opportunity today. Never expected from Zerodha. I have suggested Zerodha to so many friends. Now my confident is loosing. I will think twice before suggesting you. Should do better to get confidence back

  74. Deep says:

    I lost the morning profits n due technical snag ended up with high positions…n Huge MTM loss at day end

  75. Raju says:

    Which costed me -15k.want to quit zerodha, let me know the formalities to close the account

  76. Guru says:

    Big profit missed it..they saying some technical issue …there is no alternative option and trade also not available …it cause huge loss..zerodh has to do something or alternat way

  77. Venkat says:

    Hi I think, same kind of platforms are available in market. Sas online and Alice Blue providing they don’t face this issues today.

    As I trader today my plan to book profits ,morning itself kite not logged in.

    But they not faced any issues, why Zerodha face this and taking long time to resolve it.

    Try to make more scalable for the servers

  78. Vikas Aggarwal says:

    Didn’t able to place my order in crude today morning . As expected a sharp hike in its price. And hence list the opportunity to earn some money. Later in the faces some loss. Also it happens many times that CO exits after 25 to 20 seconds and market changes by than. Pls look into.

  79. Abhilash says:

    One thing which I wanted to know is if the system on NEST platform and the dial-n-trade working fine at that time.
    Since I was not at home and hence could not test NEST.
    But I did call up dial n trade – where I was on hold for complete three minutes and then was told a big THANK YOU.
    Going by ur explanation of OMS being overloaded and that you still have evolved your own technology to handle the same, question is why was dial-n-trade not allowed?

  80. sarun says:

    This technical problem is not for the first time we are witnessing. I dont think it is need to say that this will not be good for zerodha and to the clients. Thanks to previous problems i have opened another demat A/c with another broker. You need to open your eyes before its too late. any way i dont get how the rest of the 10% that still goes to the OMS makes this glitch while 90 % of the trade is done in zerodha system. may be due to my ignorance.

  81. M Sreeram says:

    Due to this I’m on huge loss,
    While I was about to sell the stock it says “an Unexpected error kindly try again later”

    Due to this I lose more income

  82. Bee says:

    Don’t you think such snags are recurred quite often on your platform?Unheard of on any other platform!!And the volume of clients can’t be given as an excuse.and as you know there are rumors (tweets) casting aspersions on your integrity.pull up your socks ,or it may be too late .Ps.i personally lost huge opportunity ,thanx to this glitch and you blocking CO without notice.

  83. Sri says:

    How can one excuse you even after losing a good trade and the capital.? Pain is ours. Sorry is just a word which will not make any difference… lost is lost for us and you keep earning…

  84. Shri says:

    When is CO getting reactivated for commodity trading?

  85. M S MRUTHYUNJAYA says:

    Due to trouble in Order Management System at 11.22 to 11.52 hrs, I lost a possible profit of around Rs.6 to 7 Lakhs. Instead of booking profit of Rs 7.5 to 8.5 lakhs I could book only 1.5 Lakhs. Luckily it did not turned to loss. I hope, Zerodha will take care to prevent such crisis in future.

  86. Dr siddharth selva says:

    Extremely disappointed . It becomes your habit to say sorry and excuses. Don’t repeat this . I will sue notice and file a complaint at court and I will make you to come to kerala and explain about your inability .

  87. suresh says:

    Great time sharing sir . Actually in morning i tried to buy 1000 qty ce @ 60 evening it went to 10 Rs . Zerodha saved me thanks a lot

  88. Kaatu poochi says:

    Good good good

  89. Mano says:

    My case, original order placed and SL/Target orders pending validation. I was in profit but not able to book and later in the day trade closed in loss. I am suggesting to do margin / any other validation on whole order and place at once.

  90. Shriram says:

    That’s not a big issue, it can happen with all brokers. Thanks a lot for your good support

    • M Sreeram says:

      Hope you haven’t ordered anything,
      I just tried to sell my stock at very good price but I’m not able to do that only because of this Error.

      I’m on loss with 6k now.

  91. Arvind, Mumbai says:

    Hello Nithin / Zerodha Team,

    Nowadays such Technical Glitches are regularly happening @ Zerodha at Wrong Time and surprisingly it is taking huge time to repair even!

    In such critical situations, we as Retail Clients are totally helpless and we only have to bear the losses for it! If someone is having other broker’s account, he can switch to him atleast during such issue; but for others who are fully depending upon Zerodha and moreover if they have open positions at Zerodha, then they are totally lost! Please please try to imagine the Financial Pain at our end…

    Now it’s like, Technical Mistakes are happening recurrently but Zerodha Team is not learning from them and leaving the clients (especially retail clients) to suffer continuously. So, only regrets will not do now; please please make the necessary platform changes quickly to avoid it permanently and let us update about it, knowing the huge volumes. Otherwise, that day is not far when clients start moving to Other Brokers…


  92. Shiva says:

    lost ~4K

  93. Raman Jadhv says:

    No doubt you are no. 1 Discount broker… But mostly every volatility day you creats problems .. till now issue is same no CO. BO order available .. thank god last time when you created problem i opened an account with SAS online and very strange they are also joint with OMS vendor but there was no any issue.

  94. Akash says:

    Who is responsible for the loss occurred due to your poor service???
    It keeps happening with your platform very often.
    You have the same confession every time.
    You should now provide Compensation for the loss.

  95. Daipanya Shah says:

    Dear Nithin,

    The issue is more serious it has been hide behind technology failure explanation you published in the beginning.

    Repetition of such issue will directly cause loss of active trading members / retail business.

  96. Ganesh says:

    Dear Zerodha
    This is not first time happened with your system 😡
    When there were too many transactions happened at that time we observed the same.
    We are not using ur terminal free of cost .We are paying for this.
    Also make ur system robust such a way that it should handle maximum load.

  97. Anand says:

    It is good that today atleast you came up with few answers, but this is happening now a days more frequently with zerodha. In morning hours it is getting difficult to even login to kite. Many of other discounted brokers are approaching zerodha frustrated customers and many are moving. Hope you stabilize your platform in coming days.

  98. Arvind sharma says:

    Plz sir ab kafi prob ho rhi ap isme sudhar kijeh ni to apke client ka loss hoga or woh apki company ko chhod denge . Ok sir thanks

  99. waseem says:

    this is not a sufficient reason.. Pls don’t do this again..

  100. Ram Kiran says:

    Such a Pathetic service you are providng again n again in the competetive world . Some or other execuse you are giving every time. Who’s gonna bear the loss ? Its hard earned money. Tell me one reason why should i stick to this pathetic platform ?

  101. Chandra says:

    One thing issue with placing order, which I understand. However I was unable to understand helpline was not reachable. Does this mean even phone lines were dead.


    Due to this failure, I have lost my fund today…

  103. Harsh says:

    Why your system goes corrupt on high volatility days only …why it is you said sorry for each high volatility days…kamath

  104. Sam says:

    Technical snag exists in all platforms. Nothing is 100% perfect. But at the end of the day we’re the loosing money.

  105. shalom vaibhav samuel says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I understand you face such technical problem any time, but we are losing money with such incident. So i have one idea for you , why you not try to find any insurance for such type of problem, which cover losses. What you think about that idea?

  106. Mr Anand says:

    And wht about ur call & trade service ….ur custmer care team..
    It was s not worked that time….

    That not good

  107. Bindu Nagaraju says:

    Don’t try to cover up…. It’s not the first time happening in zerodha… It shows how responsible you are to your customers…. Who will take the responsibility for our losses …. This shows your incapabllity….. Very disappointed

  108. Jayprakash says:

    No ,no you are doing scam

  109. Raghavendra says:

    This is very unfortunate and has happened many time, If we try to contact call support, calls are not picked, So basically you sit quiet and keep looking at loosing your money, how can we cancel or exit the order, people loose huge when you trade in future & options, Until this is resolved i suggest zerodha should not support F&O and only stock… People cannot keep loosing huge amount of hard earned money because of platform issues.

  110. Devendra chahar says:

    Some one called he had other platforms…..I have also them but …
    Boss u have not get anywhere response and fee offer……like zerodha….
    So….Enjoy it….Be practical… don’t agressive…..

  111. Nithin Ravi says:

    Hello Nithin ,
    Zerodha in stock market parlance is in a downtrend , showing zero(dha) commitment to solve issues , countless sorry’s don’t help. Focus on “customer first” . Broking is not like other services , your intermittent issues can wipe out accounts , or you should ask serious Traders to move out.
    Its looks like for zerodha – Great power comes with zero(dha) responsibilities. I think its time to move to other broker.


  112. SK says:

    Mr Nithin Sir,
    I lost 7000 rs plus approx profit booking opportunity. As a small trader this is a big money for me. Coming to the RCA of todays trading issue, I could not understand if the issue is because of Thomson how Big brokerage firms like ICICI are managing or are they doing low volumes compared to Zerodha.?
    Appreciate your Good work ignoring bad days like today.Thanks

  113. Parag says:

    Everytime comming with new excuses do not bring the confidence back.

    How you would justify the call-n-trade support?
    it also been equally pathetic.

    Its over dude..

  114. Lokesh says:

    thanks for this update. My concern is another one :

    off late you have become such a big broker that you breach the 15% position limit on options esp. banknifty options.
    weeklies, monthlies.

    for someone who wants to place option strategies outside of 1% range, this is a big let down.

    not everyone wants to trade ITM or ATM options, we trade low delta.

    you may want to check on this issue with priority.

  115. Deepak says:

    We request you if Zerodha have any teachnical issue please inform us

  116. Rahul says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Technical glitches can happen.
    Question here is the frequency at which they are happening.

    If Thompson is supporting other brokers too, then they must have faced the same.
    More likely it seems Zerodha has not expanded the server capacity based on the number of clients they have.

    Is it sucess riding their minds and taking customers foregranted.
    Moreover rather then updating Kite functionality these people are more concerned with launching new products like sensibull, Streak, coin and others and for every utility one has to subscribe.

    Looks like bunch of guys playing around on the name of new start ups.

  117. babu says:

    today i have lost my money only b’coz of your technical glitches or issue or whatever you said,in the morning i was all in profit but ,when i started to exit the position,here comes surprise for me ,and all d green no’s turns into red by d time your issue resolved….thanks 2 u but ,i dont expect such surprises in near future…

  118. Niveditha says:

    Its disturbing….loss is huge…irrecoverable…in past three months, this is third time….
    Need to think alternate

  119. Faraz says:

    Why this technical problems happens only in Zerodha? Why not other brokerage experienced the same Thomson Reuters’ Omnesys problem today? No such difficulties experienced today in other brokerage firms. There is something seriously happening against Zerodha’s back, which you may not be aware of. Did you noticed one thing here, a lot of people have lost their earning today? Dont snatch our earning from retail traders and put the blame on someone else.

  120. Siva says:

    The usual Bla bla bla. Since this is not the first time. At least this time u r not playing the blame game.

    It’s time to consider closing the account.

  121. Kasht mar says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Some thoughts:

    Scalability? How whatsapp/facebook/google handle load?
    Fault tolerance ? If one OMS is down can you not route the traffic/orders to your own system(that handles 90% of load)?
    Testing/QA ? Have you never tested with this kind of load before(with mentioned OMS) ?
    Why dont you cancel all the orders in queue if it is stuck, or at least market orders, as till the time you will execute the order price would have changed.

    You are running a time sensitive platform where time is money, please accept the responsibility. We do not know any Thomson Reuter or anybody else. We deal with you directly. Who will pay for customer’s loss?

    This is a recurring issue. Earlier also we have faced issues in login and order placement.

    I #quitzerodha

  122. S S Subramanian says:

    This connectivity issue of Zerodha is going on for the last 3/4 months. You tom tom that you are the biggest broker in India. Please improve infrastructure instead of giving lame excuses. Today I lost more than 6000 by not able to place the order. You can show all the clauses in the agreement to avoid your liability. Dont give excuses. Improve your infrastructure.

  123. Dhananjay Javalkar says:

    basic common sense says that you should STOP the portal and cancel all orders that have not been sent for processing. Why was this not done. All these orders are positional – i am sure you know it. Instead of that zerodha let the orders process at the exchange. That is lack of common sense.

  124. shalesh Kendre says:

    I suppose we should complain against zerodha.. an fir would start the process.. they should be responsible for their shit and should bear the lossess..

  125. dhana says:

    In this modern world no one will believe if you say this is a connectivity issue, it’s purely OMS issue and such incidents happens to Zerodha only means what ? very poor maintenance.

  126. shalesh Kendre says:

    Fake comments.. you have trapped me at crucial moments of reversal and din’t allow me to sell positions.. it was real money that was lost and your apologies won’t bring that back..

  127. Miraz sarkar says:

    Its ok. Its not at all fault of zerodha. We all should understand that. But plz try to take some measures so that it will not happen in future.

  128. Smita says:

    Who will be responsible for our loss ???

    I lost 5k due to this…

    Previously also I have lost around 3-4 k for sure issues..

    If I lost money in such manner then what is meaning of discount brokerage.

    Kindly reply

  129. Sanket says:

    Please stop this recurring write-ups. Reimburse the people in terms of money. All your write-ups been about your own business care rather nothing to do with people who lost the money.

    People got nothing to do with apologies as it doesn’t take care the monetary value.

    First compensate then play the game of words.

    A big Thumb down.

  130. Dsekar says:

    I like to close the zerodha account. I never seen such type of issues in other brokers.
    Simply asking sorry is not give loss of money.
    I won’t recommend to zerodha to my any one.
    Good bye

  131. Jay says:

    I realize ur difficulty but what happens with the money I lost due to ur technical crap.
    Don’t delete this comment and let me know if u r compensating for ur mistake.

  132. Kavi says:

    I also faced issue ,my trade was struck and after 10 min they execute and price also below my avg price i square off at time and booked loss but we hope you make your infrastructure more batter, in new Era i expect lot with zerodha and its good you accept

  133. Akshay says:

    In such volatile market it’s like this all profit making trade become loss making . NO CALLS ARE going through . If you call yourself discount brokers number 1 then it should not be happened .

  134. sridhar raju guntur says:

    today i was unable to book profit due to the issue . it was several time i faced the issue if soo go on like this issues how can we place orders which in profits today of this issue i lossed 10k ….and after 2pm i was placed the same issue but unfortunatily i didnot covered 5k …. kindly just solve this further it not happen or else peoples may choose another

  135. Nikhil says:

    Zerodha is legally responsible for reimbursing financial losses caused by their systems. Your technical team cannot look into OMS but your legal team can definitely make them answerable. And in turn you can make good losses.

  136. Harinath says:

    How come other traditional brokerage firms with huge account base did not had issue and only zerodha had issues?
    I definitely suspect some thing fishy, this not the first time zerodha had issues at crucial times. You are loosing credibility day by day.

  137. Naveen says:


    It is not a fist time facing problems in zerodha, whenever profit booking that time we always facing problems.
    Login issue and technical problem & chart not displayed other wise your team blocked Bo co orders or volitality problem immediately asking more margin or securitys band…..and many more
    Today facing different issues…very good

    Why like this always we facing problems…

    Today I losing lot of money because of your fault.

    Thanks you…

  138. Siva G says:

    I loss many amount. When big profit take me at the time your website down worst experience

  139. Rohi says:

    Most and biggest lost better profit then fully lost i can’t sale ir buy….Feeling sad
    .Bad service

  140. Surajit Mahapatra says:

    I am working web page no issues seen but when I log in my android kite apps …since yesterday I unable to login! Popup shown user ID invalid.
    Note. Earlier I used same device.
    But I reinstall the app due to existing app was uninstalled somehow. Please respond with easiest solutions so that I will do smonthly. Thank You.

  141. Sandeep Dalvi says:

    But who is responsible for my loss????

  142. Mandha says:

    Mandha Here…Today i lost huge amount due to this technical issues…… kindly enhance the technical support and solve the problem at the earliest, please have a backup atleast ICICIDIRECT and other vendor does having backup plans…

  143. Prasanth Vishnumolakala says:

    Hello Sir,

    I understand some times we get technical issues. But at the same We can rule out the savings Zerodha has bringing to us. However, what happened today to me is horrible. My order was sent to exchange though I tried to cancel it before execution multiple times. And my position turned to Red. Fortunately by afternoon it turned green. However I could not place sell order. Finally I exited position with less profit.

    I am sorry for the people who lost good amount of money today because of the trading issues. What I think is zerodha should add the lost amount to each client as prepaid brokerage amount and should deduct amount form this Kitty for future trades.

    Hope you will consider this point

    • Prasanth Vishnumolakala says:

      Read as can not rule out

      • Alok says:

        Indeed, you’re doing a business! And for the failure of your system client should not bear the cost.

        However, as a courtesy Zerodha should not charge brokerage for today’s order be it profit or loss!

  144. Hardik Gandhi says:

    When it’s technical glitch, customers are always ready to co-operate you people bcos it happens sometimes. But at Zerodha technical glitches almost happens daily whether small or big. Evrytime customers will not understand such things when everyone faced losses. And not for sometime it almost today’s whole trading session where the issue existed and the customers faced order execution issues. If you weren’t capable of handling such last database of users, you should have controlled them or should have upgraded your systems which you might have not thought before you become No. 1 retail brokerage firm. And now coming to your OMS system, which as far as I understood was handled by a third-party vendor Thomson Reuters. And as you said your team doesn’t had access the internals of that system, so as fast as I understand technically Zerodha being such a huge customer based broker, the OMS should not be Platform-as-a-service(PaaS) and rather it should be Infrastructure-as-a-service(IaaS) or Private Cloud based services, so at least using IaaS, Zerodha could be in full control for that system which results in quick resolution of the issues faced in OMS. At such times if you are dependent on third party vendor to resolve for you it would never be a less downtime. And the losses would be high if you compare it with the expenses of upgrading your system as it’s a one time investment, which would be your asset only and not of customers. But at least with that customers would be satisfied with the services you will provide and which in turn gives you more customer base resulting in higher income and revenue. Think that wise once Mr. Nithin Kamath.

  145. Vikas Gupta says:

    Due to this error, I could not sell my open position despite trying many time. After some time the market started to fall and could not do anything just to see my open position bleed in dismay. This unexpected error from your side has prompted me to look at some other stable brokers.

  146. Pramod says:

    I was doing intraday. I bought and 2 mins later, when I kept order for sell, it didn’t take. I was on the positive side. 15 mins later I got
    the notification about the technical problem. By the time it got sorted out, my position came to negative side.
    Please do not repeat these kinda problems.

  147. Nilesh Patel says:

    Coz of this issue i have to end my day in loss. Take care for next time . You have to provide one free brokerage trading day .

  148. Rahul says:

    Zerodha is shit …kr delete ab

  149. bhavneet says:

    Lost 5k Today. All thanks to Zerodha.
    Bought YesBank in Bracket order today and The system went validation pending. By The time i knew That something wrong is going on with zerodha orders. I was already in Loss. I tried to exit my order on market. The system did not allow. Ultimately my position was in red where i couldnt even exit. Then i tried to buy Banknifty 27000 put option a number of times (on NRML order) when it reached at price of 80 but again the system did not allow. I am trading with Zerodha platform since 2014, but i think the time has come to change the broker now.

  150. Rajalingam says:

    Kamat, agreed you apologize,take responsibility all that is fine and is required from your end if you have to continue this business, but why can’t you proactive do this stress testing…? Why at the cost of ours you experiment these. Please note Everytime when there is such u expected volatility in market, Zerodha fails. Today I just lost the hope on Zerodha.. I have to be cautious when volatility expected…

  151. R.S.KHAN says:

    This is killing of peoples not technical issues

  152. Vishal says:

    Well, my lose increased due to your system failure I wanted to cancel my order couldn’t. I wanted to exit my position couldn’t. So will you compensate me for loss during that time? I am on the verge of closing my account with you as order execution is worst on your platform.

  153. Raza says:


    It’s nice that you’ve given an explanation, but I’m sorry to say that these technical problems of orders not going through and CO orders being blocked are increasing at an alarming rate.

    Customers come to you with the minimum expectation of getting their orders placed. As a discount brokerage, not much more is expected from you. But even if that is not getting fulfilled, then you have more than a reason to worry about your business sustainability. If as a brokerage you don’t have the capability to handle order volume, then it would be better to just be honest and don’t accept further new account requests until the system is made robust enough. Apologies alone cannot regain customer losses, and more importantly, their trust.

    Don’t get me wrong, the work you’ve done so far is commendable, but there is apparently a lot more that needs done. Hope you’ll work on it and bring these issues to their resolution in a prompt and timely manner.

    Best wishes going forward,

  154. Rahul says:

    Kr aur kr delete reply kya chutiyapa h BC yeh reply tu Delete krke dikha BC 5 customers abhi isi waqt kho doge BC

  155. Sameer Rajadhyaksha says:

    “””Thomson Reuters is the largest OMS vendors in India powering several dozen brokers. Almost all brokerages use OMS vendor to power their platforms, albeit at a much smaller scale – both in terms of orders and number of users.”””

    Curious to know ,

    Did Trading Platforms provided by brokers other than Zerodha faced the same problem…??

  156. Ashish Narang says:

    Please provide the same ui component in kite app as in kite web. Itbis very annoying to put numbers after decimal for price and also calculate no of lots and put quantity. A up down button asbinbkite web will be great. I hope you are getting what i say.

  157. sanjay bhosale says:

    Its not ok.
    we r paying for service.
    service should be accurate.
    Otherwise for saving thousands we r losing in lakhs.

  158. SUGANDH BHATIA says:

    Today is not the first time this has happened . Middle class who is looking for a quick buck gets punished because we generally go for intraday as huge amount of money is needed to be invested to get a decent return . Shame on you guys , I have no option but to trade with Zerodha as I can’t afford spending 500 more on some platform and waste this money . Pathetic excuses . Your money doesn’t get affected , don’t fear today you have made us cry , may God doesn’t show any mercy on Zerodha . Pathetic excuses as always and endless mistakes .

  159. Niraj says:

    This is a shameful thing, I faced many a times similar to such issues, We trade with our earned money and losing opportunity because of Zerodha….hurts a lot.

  160. Faraz says:

    For those who did not suffered losses, your technical issues may be of NO PROBLEM, but those who lost money today the shock is immense.

  161. Bhaveshkumar Prajapati says:

    You should have alternatives. Really worst experience and day. It make me feel like i should have alternative option to have another Application for trading..

  162. BHAVNEET says:

    Lost 5k Today. All thanks to Zerodha.
    Bought YesBank in Bracket order today and The system went validation pending. By The time i knew That something wrong is going on with zerodha orders. I was already in Loss. I tried to exit my order on market. The system did not allow. Ultimately my position was in red where i couldnt even exit. Then i tried to buy Banknifty 27000 put option a number of times (on NRML order) when it reached at price of 80 but again the system did not allow. I am trading with Zerodha platform since 2014, but i think the time has come to change the broker now.

    • Sree says:

      Yes .. I am also lost money .. thinking to change Broker.. This is not 1st Time .. What i observed is if market is more volatile ..zerodha is not working ..its time to choose new Broker

  163. Harish Singh says:

    Explanation accepted but…
    In this situation you should cancel all the order but you executed order too late and most people lose their capitals. Probably you are thinking about your brokerage but You know very well that market does not wait for anyone.
    Thanks Zerodha for explanation!

  164. Santanu says:

    When the business is growing at such a rapid pace, it becomes quintessential to have the finest tech in place. Having said that, I’d suggest to implement CDN solution to address such issues. I do see that you are currently being served from Cloudflare, but is it a best fit? Are there sufficient POPs in India to handle this traffic? If not, then do look for alternate solutions / providers who are veterans in this space… like Akamai….so that, such instances arent repeated in future

  165. Shiva says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    We understand the technical glitche but appreciate ur accountability in letting us know what really happend this morning. Accepted your apologies but this sorry will not recover our losses or missed profits. At least on a token of gratitude you can waive todays brokerage fèes for all the Zerodha’s customers. This will make Zerodha is a best customer oriented platform out of other brokerage firms in the market. Thanks.

  166. Kannan says:

    Nitin, Your apologies are appreciated, but it is not going to help people who missed exiting trades at profits/losses. As it is the limitations in trading banknifty options and not able to place market orders in stocks are bothering whole lot of traders, and now today’s fiasco has only added to the negative opinion about Zerodha. Perhaps, a gesture to wave off, if not for reimbursing the realized losses, brokerage charges could have proved a soothing move. And for God’s sake keep your hotline/call center available during such circumstances.

  167. Vijay Kumar Hansi says:

    Every day is not a trading day market gives much more opportunities to enter the trade. What is use of becoming NO1 BROKER IN INDIA, other broker will not facing technical issue but you only facing what?
    And this is not first time it happens every 15-20 day alternatively.
    I request you kindly solve this.

  168. Selva says:

    I don’t have any problem dude ’cause I didn’t have any plan of taking a trade today 😂😂

  169. Ganesh patil says:

    It’s ok i knows technical issues and one things Zerodha chart is number one in the world.
    Thanks ZERODHA

  170. Dara Singh says:

    Today’s really I Iost a big opportunity to make a good amount of money through BO/CO & F&O Order. Your system disturbed all the day, even orders types was also blocked due to which suffered intrday loss.
    I request plz don’t repeat this type of
    Miscommunication in future.

  171. Ashutosh Sharma says:

    Main thing was today was day when simultaneously all customer care numbers were not working for trades, it was like whole zerodha collapsed and no one can answer your queries.

    This problem with Thompson has happened earlier to especially on high volatility days. I think you should automatically cancel orders. Today I placed buy order and it executed 10 min later when price went high. I was unable to cancel order.

    Zerodha should automatically cancel all such pending orders when such problems arise.

    Thank you

  172. Avishek says:

    Appreciate the explanation and your courage in accepting the whole fiasco.

    But lesson learnt. Backup trading account is important. Lot of opportunities missed even for a beginner like me.

  173. Harish Awasthi says:

    It’s OK Nitin. But try to start Intraday trading in all stocks with 100%margin. I don’t know why brokers in India are not allowing Intraday trading in some stocks. But we expect more and better service from you.

  174. Sibalik Mukherjee says:

    Technical issues are understandable, but this has happened two days running. Hopefully, this is the end of it!

  175. Rajdeep says:

    Why multiple oms systems from different providers can not be installed ?
    My idea is if one oms fails then switch to other oms provider on real time


    Any how I lost RS 1000 due to this error in the morning and I am unable to recover the same

  177. Rahul says:

    A lot of improvement has to be done in your trading platform.
    Hope to see some improvements in coming days…

  178. Gulshan says:

    Due to technical issue, today I have lose money as unable to book lose..

    • sat says:

      it happens everyday to me..before 9.15am i clear all cookies..browser history…bu once market opens 9.15 am charts dnt get updated..then i close all charts some time i need to log out..which definately takes 2-3mnts…Dear Zerodha…is it happening only to me or do i have problem with internet service or is it your problem like overloaded clients n orders…And does it happen with corporate accounts too..And do all brokerage firms faces these issues as i have only zerodha account..Or do i have any problem with handling kite…?(i use kite only and consistent loser too)..Can u pls reply.

  179. lokesh joad says:

    I put a bracket order to buy one lot of grasim19febfut. The order executed but when i wanted to exit the trade. There was no order regarding this trade in my orderbook n was unable to exit . I was helplessly watching my monye go. Because of u i lost 10215/- . This is a very big loss for me as i m a small trader. Will u return my money back???? M very much angry at u Zerodha.

  180. Nitin Patil says:

    is ok brother
    Keep it
    Plz don’t again problem

  181. Lp says:

    It was bit inconvenience….. But zerodhas efforts are noticed… Please keep everyone informed,.. as some on rightly said in above post that technology is filled with glitch.. workaround is very important… Knowledge is wealth… Thanks for your efforts.. so far zerodhas has been better then rest.. that’s does not necessarily makes it best in my words but I can work with that.


  182. Anuj says:

    Mistakes happen even to the best. Such accidents are part of life…
    Owning up and taking ownership is what separates men from the boys because it demonstrates courage and intent.
    Good luck going forward – just learn from the mistakes and never repeat the same mistake twice…

  183. Nikhil says:

    Can you please also explain with statistics, as you are admitting this is not the first time it has happened, how many times before have you gathered data about losses suffered by clients and how much of it have been confirmed due to technical error ?

  184. Deepak Gaur says:

    The issues are frequent on your portal. Be it large volume or otherwise, however, opportunity lost is lost. I am one year old customer now. The working is not smooth on your portal since I have my account with other brokerages as well where I never faced any issue. It will be better if you look in to it & resolve completely.

  185. Raja Sekhar polamada says:

    Just Ur giving explanation.Then what about the money lost by the investors and traders.
    Because money matters…and money is more important than your explanation.
    And I am feeling so bad on Ur Zerodha team part…

  186. THAMPI MATHEW says:

    I lost money today on Hindalco. I was just 10 paisa behind my target. But when the price stated declining, I could not exit taking profit because of this glitch. Eventually my stop lost hit.
    I am sad

  187. Rajeev Ajmera says:

    I hv missed hug profit due to error on ur platform….

    many time i tried to call u but phone also not comnected to u….really shamful on ur service.

  188. Madhu says:

    Lost lot today.. it took nearly 10 minutes for my 1st order to get executed after I gave it ( by the time which the share price got reduced ). I couldn’t even close d orders when I needed. Got deeply irritated today.. Try not to let this happen again. Be efficient and responsible.

  189. Nikhil says:

    Zerodha is legally responsible for all or any losses suffered by clients. SEBI will need to review feasibility and soundness of Zerodha’s systems to assure if it is fit for trading and reliable.

  190. Smit says:

    Today was one of the most volatile day and VIX increased sharply. I know some people lost and some people because of the order system not being operational. I personally gained by my orders not going initially, but lost later as I was not able to close the position. At the end, the actual losses were more than the notional losses.

    This is not the first time we have faced issues with Zerodha. Couple of times this month there were login issues. Hopefully, with the new authentication system the login issue is a thing of past.

    As a compensation, today’s brokerage can be waived off as a gesture to be loyal and staying along with the journey of Zerodha.

  191. Pratik says:

    Just excuses and losses beared by your customers. We don’t want excuses we want a clean, bug free smooth platform.

  192. Nikhil says:

    Your comment and explanation is incorrect. The orders showed wrong messages and got rejected. Also, you are wrong in pointing out toughest decision. Toughest decision is are you going to sue OMS for financial losses. Or are you going to apply to SEBI for cancellation of OMS if it’s not reliable.

  193. Snehil says:

    Sorry never recovers lost money. I have made losses today.

  194. Suta.. says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am worried by seeing the failure of your system today that’s why I am writing here today.
    I think today I have faced one of the worst day for placing order in my zerodha history. Though I have benefited a bit because of the delay of order execution today…. but at the same time I was very worried and tried every possible way to execute my trade or take reverse position using alternate broker. I was unable to decide what to do at that moment.
    I must add you had a bad luck too as the problem happened in such an important day and it went through a very long time 10:35 to 12:15. The largest brokerage house of India can not afford to have blackout for 2 long trading hours. As you have rightly mentioned… this is not happening for the first time…. If i remember correctly your system failed many times (for smaller duration though) particularly during exceptional volatile days.
    I often say that you are one of the best in many aspects but you must have to be more careful otherwise if such things happen repeatedly then possibly the beginning of something unfortunate for you is not far away. Being one of your big fan I am criticizing you too. I think many people like me today was thinking twice thrice before placing another fno/intraday order. Its nice of you that you have elaborated the reason behind it.
    Hoping for the best solution from you.

  195. Pawan says:

    Dear Klamath,
    We face this issue every week. We know you have large client but the service matter most.

    Please improve ur service at earliest.


  196. Naveen says:

    Today I was in loss in start of the say.. Unexpectedly due to this issue I made profit… But i was afraid and frustrated if all the profit gets erased..finally booked handsome profit

  197. Rajesh says:

    I lost huge amount on your downtime. I felt very bad on zerodha.

  198. Arun v s says:

    If i somebody lose the money becuse of your probblem, then how you are going to resolve the matter. One day i lose the money money. But today somewhat i escaped.

  199. Dhanraj meena says:

    Today I lost many orders. So plz improve our trading platform nxt time do better…

  200. Satish says:

    Due to this technical problem, i make loss today

  201. Sunil stephen says:

    Now you confirmed that, retail traders are sitting ducks here. Next time when market going crash and hit circuits, orders will pile up, wiping entire capital of investors. Just think, ur infrastructure is incapable of handling a few extra orders due to sensitive news today morning. Hw about market crash? Zerodha reporting 150 cr. profit, why can’t invest in building robost systems? I remember early days of zerodha when there are only few hundred accounts and u told us that 90 percent of accounts have less than one lakh capital. Tipping point to zerodha to decide and invest in basic infrastructure than developing zillion add ons,

  202. Praveen K says:

    Will the Thomson OMS be replaced tomorrow?

  203. Nishant says:

    Facing similar issues at 6:45 pm too!

    Cover orders on commodity (crudeoilmini) futures is shown as validation pending. And then getting rejected with the message as “MIS / BO / CO orders aren’t allowed for this instrument. Try CNC or NRML product types.” All these days have faced no issue placing cover order on crudeoilmini. suddenly today this error is shown.

  204. Upendran says:

    I am sorry to say that as heard on cnbc and my experience only the retail investors had the problem. Further earlier times when such incidents happened you would get all the piled up orders cancelled at the backend and inform. But today people were made to lose money or opportunity in purpose by not following the earlier system which was not expected

  205. Harshvardhan says:

    You are the largest broker in india . This is not the first time where Zerodha’s platform had an issue. You are the best discount broker. I dont want to say but Zerodha has grown to such an astronomical scale that it is not capable to handle it.

  206. Ronin_sha says:

    It’s really good to read why things went wrong. Indeed, an unpleasant glitch with having money on the line but I have faith with Zerodha and you.

  207. Madan says:

    Mr Nitin,

    You people very well knew that the volumes will be higher and higher on daily basis and it is your team’s responsibility to ensure to no to get hit with the technical glitches during the trading hours and it tanamounts to huge loss to the clients with may not be replenishable.

    I you can’t handle such volumes, better reduce your client base or better upgrade your technical systems.

    Mere sorry message will not suffice to the loss of customers.

    And this is not the 1st or 2nd or 3rd time we are facing problems with ZERODHA … if the system is unable to execute the orders it is better to reject and should not send the same to exchange. Once the order is placed… Neither the same was executed and nor we are able to cancel the order…. After a long time when the price of the scrip is already dropped, the orders were executed and we faced huge losses in opportunity wise and while selling at best price…

    Hope you ensure non recurrence of this type of issues and further explanations.

  208. MillennialInvestor says:

    Fun fact: at peak load (market open, market close, important events like the budget), your systems consistently fail or slow down. Today was not new.

    You could blame the OMS, sure, but that comes off as strange because so many other brokers dealing with large institutional as well as retail investors have zero issues. This being about catering to a large client base is misleading. A vast majority of your clients are just retail/individual investors.

    There’s no chance in hell I’d ever touch your Streak/algo trading product given that this is quite clearly an *engineering* issue. It’s not just orders, even your login systems go for a toss every day. APIs throw gateway timeouts/Cloudflare errors.

  209. MAHESH KASHYAP says:

    It is a good postmortem that you have done with a vivid explanation. As the largest and most trusted brokerage firm, it becomes your moral duty to take responsibility for the client’s losses due to such problems. In the past too, I have faced huge losses, for which I have raised tickets. I was not compensated for my losses even once in the past.

    But this time, our patience has been tested to the core. We cannot bear any more losses because of no fault of ours.
    Just a sorry will not help us, as we have lost our valuable hard earned money. We need our losses to be compensated.

  210. Pushan says:

    Like orders were piling up your issues in past few weeks or months are too piling up and it’s not stopping. If you are serious than you should be rather more serious… 15-20 min downtime acceptable but not whole day of frustration. But 100 of 100 for providing unbeatable tranding platfrom

  211. Vikram says:

    Well, today was a lucky day for me since my order didn’t go thru or else I would’ve been in losses …

    Glad the systems are up and running now 👍

  212. Ram says:

    Even your offline support is very poor,

  213. Santosh Singh says:

    Hi Nitin, few week ago I felt the same and log in issue also but this time I got proper explanation from your side. I feel extremely happy if you will get out of this issue.

  214. Ramesh says:

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. But can you please tell me is there anyone looking at your twitter handle?? No response. Again frustrating.. Simple Apologies will never give the loss made to the customers.. As we are dealing with money here.. Hope you understand

  215. Venkat says:

    Hi Nithin,

    It’s time to wake up. Technical issues have become a norm at zerodha these days. I closed my brokerage account with the likes of HDFC securities and Sharekhan and moved to zerodha 5 years because of how robust your platform was, and how annoying other brokerages were.

    You had a bold vision to usher in a change, and have succeeded in that.

    Zerodha was a godsend for a retail investor like me at that time.

    But due to all this technical issues is zerodha becoming the very problem that it tried to fix in first place ?

    You did not have competition before. But you do have the likes of upstox and other fintech players out there now.

    It’s time to wake up !!

  216. Sudeep says:

    No problemo. It happens.

  217. Shridhar ambupe says:

    When profit booking time this problem happen again and again so please take care of it and do something on this matter
    one more question tomorrow same problem facing or not please reply

  218. MillennialInvestor says:

    To add to my previous comment, if your claims about OMS being the issue are true, appoint a reputed independent auditor to concur. That would set a new standard in terms of transparency, and would likely also help you in case of lawsuits.

  219. Surajsing says:

    Thanks for the explanation.
    And one thing I and my friends faced is that not after login , don’t show nifty and banknifty weekly expiry of any strike price.(28 Feb expiry)
    Please do clear that. Because the staff , from where I open account don’t have any explanation for that and they don’t even reply for any call n messages.
    Waiting for reply

  220. Tanmay says:

    Bas Kar pagle…ab rulaega kya

  221. Paras sharma says:

    Hello. Nice explanation you have given and I understand how hard you guys are working to improve the system but the fact is your sorry ain’t bringing up the loss which I have occurred due to error of your system. I am using Zerodha since spetmeber 2017 and have faced issues every now and then, lost money on 3 occasions due to your faulty systems but never complained. After today incident I felt cheated because none of your customer services were replying and neither was a word coming from you guys. As you are saying that you guys are working hard for the system we as a trader also working very hard to find an edge and trade that edge but what we get? Opportunities lost as well as money gone and worse part about that is you guys always issue a statement nothing more and nothing less. Be very sure you have become number 1 discount trader in India because of traders only and if you keep betraying them every now and then, you guys better know what i want to say here.
    Thank you for your hard work
    Try to trade your system on these failure days and think like a retail trade you will understand it better.
    Good luck 🙂

  222. Chandan says:

    Its OK
    I hope it should not be happen next time

  223. Niraj Kumar says:

    It’s ok.
    But I hope & pray that these Kind of issues Won’t crop again in next time…

  224. RITUKANT MAURYA says:

    It take much courage to accept mistakes. These things are part of life. We believe in Zerodha. All the best for future.

  225. Venkat says:

    Please try to understand our situation as well because we are not able sell/buy/cancel order due to glitches. Order executed randomly fraction of second everyone faced loss of money. So anyway is not our day. Thanks for your explanation and I am totally agreed.

  226. Sanjeev Gupta says:

    Hi Nitin , I do understand the technical glitch you explained on account of Thompson Reuters, however it’s looks like a pure capacity issue, which you need to manage inline with Zerodha’s growth. Similar capacity issues have been experienced in past as well ( few weeks back platform was not allowing logins ). Also would like to understand if Thompson Reuters is also accountable for the loss the traders have faced today. Wherever money transactions are involved systems , platforms & connectivityes have to have spare capacity to take care of such surge events as was today..

  227. Sudhakar says:

    Oh, I am now taking zerodha technical issue very seriously which is happening now and then. I see this as scalability issue. I started trading with my original broker. I will keep the trade open in zerodha with more extra care going forward.

  228. Dilip says:

    Scaling issues happens and it time to build your own bridge to connect with exchange and make it as service to other players. All the best.

  229. Ravi says:

    Mr. Nitin, i know you from rel money. atleast you take the responsibility, which other broker does. Risk is needed and it’s part of game. A real player will understand you. Though missed some opportunity, no issues it can be made upcoming days. Great response.

    Keep ahead.

  230. Swapnil Parab says:

    Today many traders along with me lost many opportunities.
    Not an issue. But plz try hard to avoid issues while trading hours especially while market opening

  231. Raveendar says:

    Mr. Nitin, i know you from rel money. atleast you take the responsibility, which other broker does. Risk is needed and it’s part of game. A real player will understand you. Though missed some opportunity, no issues it can be made upcoming days. Great response.

    Keep ahead.

  232. Syed Ahmed Taj says:

    Suddenly I’ve seen 2.88L in my funds instead of 499.28 rupees & to check, I ordered 1k shares of JSWSTEEL, but… 😂 . (I just want to see my little profit credited to my account which I booked initially. The position was not closed but there was no order pending in orderbook, that’s why I was unable to close the position. Currently it is showings loss, but I know I booked profit just few moments ago the errors happened). Please look into it. I think every customers should be treated the same. Thank you.

  233. Chemparithy says:

    Of course, while having a huge position in hand it’s not tolerable but we can’t do anything due to technical issues. Anyways kindly find the right solution to give 100% best.

  234. Girish ® Bhole says:

    We Can Understand What’s the Condition For buyer and seller Prefer at Times of Pre Open Market
    Our Zerodha Platform is much better i hope our System can Improve to the Next Time

  235. jitendra tanna says:

    There is also one thing you have to notice at ant time you block mis or Bo ,co . please give us your best. We come to you on your name brand.

  236. KA Paul says:

    shameless people.. why are you deleting comments..

  237. Kevin says:

    Sir,we completely understand the problem but you should have done some temporary arrangement or something if possible.

  238. Raj says:

    Will this happen tomorrow Again ?

    • Sardar Mohammed mahson says:

      Many time I face such problem, better we have Upstox along with zerodha..if one does not work we can work on other. This advice in public interest. Zerodha is my first platform, Upstox is second.. Any way, hope this will not happen again….

      • Dinesh more says:

        Is it useful?.
        Can u buy in zerodha and sell from upstox?.

        Zeroha stop square off otders as well..try to understand the problem first.

  239. Bharath says:

    It is better to built in house OMS rather depending on Thomson

  240. Abhijeet pathak says:

    We accept your apology, but the day has gone where many opportunities we missed., Please take care next time.

  241. Raveendra says:

    Agreed with the explanation that technology fails, but how can that compensate the ones who might have lost a big opportunity to book good profit (unfortunately I am one of those ) and eventually has to book losses . The sad part is that, the issue has recurred during the day, the initial phase was understandable, but the same issue cropping up again with in few minutes / hours is not acceptable.

    I hope and pray that these kind of issues won’t crop again in the future.

  242. Satheesh says:

    Huge profit missed in sunpharma please try to maintain zerodha …..

  243. Swanand says:

    First time I’ve faced the issue with Zerodha, since I started trading actively not long back. Though it was first time for me, it is really frustrating as hell lot of money is involved and nobody likes to lose money especially because of someone else’s mistake.
    I do have alternate account, but I’ll give Zerodha one more chance, but this will be absolutely last.

  244. Bipin says:

    Ok bro. Its ok. but try to avoid such stns again. We believe you, We support you. But we also have a limit. 🙂 🙂

  245. Swati nandanwar says:

    It’s. .ok
    Thanks. …nithin. kamath..ji

    Ap ne quickly issue….thik kiya 😊

  246. Harsha R says:

    Thank you for the explanation Nithin.
    I just have one question, would you consider changing the OMS vendor if there is a better alternative?
    Downtime during trading hours is loss of money which is very unsettling for investors, big or small.

  247. Deepak M says:

    Today I lost many orders. So plz improve our trading platform nxt time do better…

  248. Sandeep says:

    Dear zerodha team,
    As a technical person I can understand the pressure you people faced to resolve the issue. And greatest part is accepting your responsibility and assuring hassle free trade in future. I am happy to be a client of zerodha

    Thanking you

  249. Jay says:

    Hi Nithin

    Thanks for this. Timing of issue is still does not makes sense. I’m sure you have seen much high login/busy days in the past. Be it Reuters system or yours, what other actions you are taking to mitigate risks in such cases ? Its high time and issues continues to occur moreover you guys keep on denying that there are any issues, when complained on Twitter.

  250. Sir ji says:

    Nitin sir ji,
    Nazar lagi he, sub milke ye jal bicha rahe he..dekha nahi ja rahi he apki progress,, ye sacchai he, sambal jaiye, ye sab janbujke ho raha he apke sath,

    नीतिन सर् जी। …
    नज़र लगी है , सब मिलके ये जाल बिछा रहे है, देखा नही जा रहा इन लोगो से, आप सबसे आगे निकल गए वो सहन नही कर पा रहे है ये लोग, जानबूझ कर ये सब होता है समझ ने में भलाई है ,

  251. Rajesh Poojari says:

    Please work on remediation measures to avoid this kind of issues….

  252. Diwakar Chakraborty says:

    Being a C.A final student I understand the risk in the procedure of putting an order through third party vendor. Expert 100% in-house execution. We want nitin not to be sorry again going forward.

    • Parth says:

      Last 2 yrs i have seen zerodha down only at time of big moment in market happen, have u notice all the big moment like election, stricks, war problem, always zerodha play its role in making public loss, third class service provided by zerodha

  253. Anand singh says:

    Hi Sir,

    No worries. Kind of robust system zerodha providing is not a one day job. Its need lot of technical expertise and proper execution. Sometimes this kind of issues happens which are not in control. But it will not impace on my faith in zerodha.

  254. Ved says:

    Develop a new oms. Have it approved and suitable to zerodha volumes

  255. Rajan says:

    Its your kindness that you had explained the issue but sorry will not cover loss happened today.

  256. Abhy Sunny says:


  257. Devendra says:

    Your team tried to do best job they could do. It was tough day today for me also.

  258. Venu says:

    Whatever happens, happens but what matters to me is my lost money today.
    Hope you do well to rectify such issues.
    Good luck Sir.

  259. AJAY KUMAR ROUT says:

    Due to your technical problem I got benefit in early exit and gained.but in later due to this problem I can’t exit & faced some opportunity lost.
    It’s ok Thanks for your cooperation

  260. Vishwanath Mestri says:

    You are all traders first choice, and largest broker in the country right now… Please maintain the status don’t let our expectations down

  261. Dr Anand Patil says:

    Nice explanation about what happened today and how you tried to overcome the situation. Your all effort is appreciated thank you

  262. Akshay Kaduskar says:

    Hope this will help you to get importance of your role and the product you offer.
    Great power comes with great responsibility.

  263. Hemant kambli says:

    We have faith in you .
    Technology is bound to fail at any Time and place when most needed and is part of the game

  264. Rishabh Goyal says:

    it happens, no issue.
    The main focused thing is that it is not an intentional mistake.

  265. Murali Krishna says:

    Sir, we can understand the situation but please take steps to prevent these in future otherwise it would be night mare especially for fno traders in highly volatile conditions

  266. Nagesh says:

    It’s OK bro, don’t worry about small issues but try to give good service in future thanks bro…

  267. Anuj Verma says:

    No issue and thanks for update

  268. Anubhav says:

    *I am a die hard fan of Zerodha & it’s revolution products but basic platform need to be smooth.I myself missed a big profit opportunity today.*
    Also sir please give another feedback to zerodha team is please don’t block CO and BO orders on those important situations..These are the big opportunity I missed because they block CO orders .
    Let’s clients decide what he do with his money.I know it is a part of risk management but other brokers are allowing cover orders smoothly.. Please give my feedback to management.

  269. Vicky says:

    That’s how things work. Randomly.
    Without a predetermined notification.
    We’re always supportive towards a hardworking team of whole zerodha community.

  270. Anam Laskar says:

    Its ok.. rulaoge kya

  271. Imran malik says:

    Why don’t you provide bracket order in commodity? Such a big platform you have… It’s difficult trading in crude of not able to set up target…

    • Abhilash says:

      This is it. Not only provide BO so that if buying order is in automatically stop loss is also in place. Also introduce the trailing stop loss system which you had previously. There would no second order and thus provide additional bandwidth for you.

      Worst happening would be many of us would migrate to other ‘up’ coming discount broker. Need to be very careful.

      Today we all had enough. Next such bad experience could lead to mass exodus.

    • Dksharma says:

      मैंने infy 783.45पर खरीदा जो कि आज 1350 दिखाने लगाऔर profit 5-6हजार मैंने exit की कोशिश लेकिन फेल
      कोई भरोसा नही करेगा इस बात पर ये 1 pm
      what the hell is this जब मैने हाई देखा तो under 800 था

  272. Irshad khan says:

    Today I lost many orders. So plz nxt time do better

    • MJ says:

      Today is crude inventory…. we are unable to trade because of the technical issues… kindly enhance the technical support and solve the problem at the earliest.

    • Sk says:

      Nithin, I as a trader need to have alternate options and not depend solely on one knowing the risk involved . Thus, Though I have Zerodha account, I have ICICI direct too as a back up and to use other attractive features you don’t provide. When I was not able to place orders in Zerodha, immediately placed with icicidirect and was able to profit from that login.

    • Sudhakar says:

      He I day all capital gone.due to there poor service .when time of earning comes in market we can see zerodha will kill all retail traders morning I was in profit but that call became loss due to server problem but any way managed to over come that loss.but pain remain to us only..if it continues zerodha will loose there client. It will 10xfast we can not imagine the fast because now kotak is giving same brokerage..

    • Rahul says:

      It is indeed very disheartening to see your profits being turned to losses because u were not accepting orders
      This had happened three times in last few month’s
      Very poor technical team in resolving issues
      Its finance after all
      Money being lost

    • Shubhranshu says:

      The least Zerodha must do here is to refund all the brokerages collected back to the customers. In this case it seems Zerodha will pocket the brokerages even when the orders were not placed when it was intended to and messes up the trades done by the customer.
      Unless Zerodha also shares at least a token of loss/guilt by means of refunding the brokerages, all that you, Nithin, are writing is only symbolism with no substance.

    • Selva says:

      My queries below:
      1. When did you last performed DR testing on your platform?
      2. Why there was no redundancy plan for this outage as this is not the first time?
      3. Why did you entirely stop taking orders instead of accepting limit orders
      4. What is the maximum capacity of OMS platform
      5. Why there was no alternate OMS platform to transfer the orders.
      6. Was this forecasted with past experiances?
      7. Have you noticed your platform slowing down when the market is volatile?
      8. How are you planning to reinstill your customers’ confidence
      9. There is a serious doubt in customers mind that this is deliberated attempt as retail investors mostly don’t take legal decisions.
      10. Why there was no effort taken to protect customers capital as soon as the outage is resolved.
      11. How far is it acceptable for the CEO to let the platform down for 3 hours? DR drill should have given you the ideal recovery time.
      12. How are you going to compensate the losses of the investors/traders?
      13. Why should we still rely on your platform?

    • Tarun says:

      You seem to have a serious problem with you chart and pricing. If i do not cross check with other platform I will simply be making wrong calls initially I did

      See 1 day chart for bank nifty does it really have so much upper reck?

    • Dksharma says:

      मैंने infy 783.45पर खरीदा जो कि आज 1350 दिखाने लगाऔर profit 5-6हजार मैंने exit की कोशिश लेकिन फेल
      कोई भरोसा नही करेगा इस बात पर ये 1 pm

    • pk says:

      Hello ,

      Please resolve fast , we are facing issue in this.

    • kedar wadke says:

      Dear Traders,
      I don’t know why there is always problem lies in zerodha only. I don’t know whether its technical glitch from NSE or from Zerodha. I lost half of money I invested. In detail 20900 ce, in your chart (9:30, candle) shows low of 174.90. Then how come my trade executed at 155. Whereas on fyres for 20900 ce (9:30, candle) shows low of 280. I want my money back, which i lost because of you. My id is ZP3523.