Pre-market/Post-market/After-market Orders

November 27, 2012


1. Pre-market Orders:

NSE started the concept of pre-open session a few months back to minimize the volatility of securities during the market opening every day. Between 9:00 AM to 9:15 AM is when the pre-market session is conducted on NSE. During the pre-market session for the first 8 minutes (between 9:00 AM and 9:08 AM) orders are collected, modified or cancelled. You can place limit orders/market orders. After 9.08 AM to 9.15 AM no new orders can be placed, orders placed are matched and trades confirmed. So technically you can place orders only for the first 8 minutes and only on equity segment. More on Pre-market orders on this link.

2. Post-market Orders:

Similar to pre-market orders, post-market orders are allowed only for equity trading. The post-market session or closing session is open from 3:40 PM to 4:00 PM. During this session, people can place buy/sell orders in equity (delivery segment using the CNC product code) at the market price, but do note that even if you place a market order it will be placed on the exchange at the closing price. So for example, if the closing price of Reliance at 3:30 PM is Rs. 800, between 3:40 PM and 4:00 PM, you can place market orders to buy/sell Reliance at market price (will be taken at Rs. 800). Post-market session is not very active and you can look at the movement of stocks by opening the marketwatch window from 3:40 PM to 4:00 PM.

3. After-market Orders (AMO):

This facility is available on Zerodha for people who can’t actively track the markets from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM. You can place orders any time from 3:45 PM to 8:57 AM for NSE  & 3:45 to 8:59 AM for BSE (until just before the pre-opening session) for the equity segment and up to 9:10 AM for F&O. So you could plan your trades and place your orders before the market opens. After-market orders can be placed on all the exchange segments. Please note that if you place any after-market order between 9:15 AM and 3:45 PM, they will be rejected. AMO is allowed only between 3:45 PM and 8:59 AM for equity and up to 9:10 AM for F&O. For currency derivatives, AMO is allowed from 3.45 PM the previous day to 8:59 AM only.

After-market orders are also allowed for commodity trading. After-market orders for commodity can be placed anytime during the day, orders will be sent to the exchange at 9:00 AM (MCX opening). So if you place an after market order at 8:59 it will get sent today and if you place it at 9:01 AM it’ll get sent tomorrow.

To place an AMO, click on the Buy(B) or Sell(S) for the scrip, click on “More options” at the bottom of the order window and select “AMO”. You can look at the image below to understand better:

Placing an AMO

If you are looking at getting the best fill first thing in the morning, placing a market order at opening is a much better idea than using AMO. We typically have thousands of orders as AMO, which are sent together to the exchange at market opening and this might take a few seconds for the orders to be placed. AMO is a feature mainly for the investing community, who can’t get online during market hours.


Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Sundar says:

    I placed an AMO order for the stock at the rate of 20% upper circuit. Any guarantee for the stock it will definitely buy for me.?

  2. Vishal Raj says:

    Can I place a F&O market order between 9:08am-9:15am?

    • Shubham says:

      Hi Vishal, AMO orders in the F&O segment can be placed until 9:10 AM. Regular orders can be placed once the market open at 9:15 AM.

  3. Jhabar singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    Suppose, I want to order some shares in premarket sessions, then how can I order and what is the time period to execute my order. Also, how can I check that what orders are executed in market and on which rate. So that I can get confirmed that my order will be 100% executed. I hope you understand my point sir

  4. Manoj Rajput says:

    Dear Sir,
    Suppose, I want to order some shares in premarket sessions, then how can I order and what is the time period to execute my order. Also, how can I check that what orders are executed in market and on which rate. So that I can get confirmed that my order will be 100% executed. I hope you understand my point sir.

  5. Prashant Shukla says:


    Can I place intraday buy/sell order for a particular scrip at the pre-trading session? Like around 9:10 AM.


  6. Kamesh says:

    Hi, I have placed few AMO orders on the previous day for the next day but when I checked them just before the market opens, the orders were in cancelled status. Not sure what was the issue. Can anyone please tell me if you faced the similar issue and what could be the reason for cancel?

  7. Kaustubh Kadu says:

    What if market open gapup or gapdown then what will happen to AMO

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Kaustubh, it depends on the type of order you have placed. A market order will execute at the best available price in the market. While if you have placed a limit order, then it’ll only execute at the price specified or a better price. You can learn more on how the market and limit orders work here.

  8. Sharanya says:

    I have 2000Rs in my Zeroda kite wallet, I want to place a bid for 4 different stocks, each worth 2000rs, one of it gets executed on next day market hours right? which ever bid is less, that will get executed and stocks order gets placed. please clarify as I am new

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Sharanya, could you please create a ticket at and elaborate your query clearly? If you are placing an order for 4 different stocks you will have to maintain sufficient funds for its execution in your Kite wallet.

  9. Ramashankar Singh Kushwaha says:

    AMO order I could succeed.

  10. Jagadeesha NArve says:

    Yesterday I placed an AMO order for Buy- JSW steel 100 nos at limit of 760 Rs.
    Today when the market opened at 9.15 I found JSW steel was bought at 750 against 760.The stock completelty went down and I had serious loss. How it was purchased at 750.ANy body can tell?. What was the mistake

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Jagadeesha, could you please create a ticket at, so we can have this checked and clarified for you?

  11. Vignesh says:

    How Can a After market order can be repeated automatically daily?, because stocks trading in low volume, the order was cancelled by the Exchange in the End of Trading Session

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Vignesh, the order cannot be repeated automatically daily. You’ll have to manually place the orders again.

  12. Sudarshan says:

    Hi @nitin kamat the pre order link is unavailable, please update it thanks

  13. GRV says:

    Which order will execute first if I make an AMO order for sale between 5 PM and 8 AM on January 17, 2022, and another Regular order at 9:01 AM on January 18, 2022?

    • Shubham says:

      Hey, order execution depends on the price specified by you can market factors at the time. Using AMO or placing an order manually at 9 AM won’t make much difference.

  14. Alpesh Virpara says:

    can i place stop loss market(SLM) order on IPO between 9:45 to 10:00 AM on listing day to be executed after 10:00 AM?? or i must have been place after 10:00 AM??

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Alpesh, you will not be able to place Stoploss orders before trading starts at 10 AM. You can however place a GTT order anytime you wish to. You can learn more about GTT orders here.

  15. Marimuthu Murugan says:

    Please go through below mentioned details . I booked the order at 9.00.01 hrs, but the system shows the order booking time as 9.00.10hrs .

    Why the system showed the different time?

    Time Status Exch. time Exch. update Qty. Filled qty. Avg. price Price
    09:00:10 OPEN 09:00:10 09:00:10 825 0 0 13.3
    09:00:10 OPEN PENDING — — 825 0 0 13.3
    09:00:02 VALIDATION PENDING — — 825 0 0 13.3
    09:00:01 PUT ORDER REQ RECEIVED — — 825 0 0 13.3

    Please clarify.

    M Murugan

  16. parth says:

    not able to place amo order for selling after 3.45pm and getting error kindly place order after 5.00pm why?

  17. Akshay says:

    Can i take option trade (Bank Nifty/Nifty) order with AMO market in Zerodha Kite.

  18. prabhakaran says:

    Hello Team,

    I was trying top place bank nifty buy option call at market price, but my order is getting executed only after 2 to 3 seconds delay.. Why so due to which i am facing 30 to 50 points difference some times.

    which may end up in loss.

    let me know how to over come this?

  19. shakuntala says:

    i am unable to order silver on mcx…… account code IRY760……….i have also trfd rs 25,000/- to commodity account…… is showing commodity no active

  20. Mahaveer says:

    Can we place pre-order market order and post market order on Zerodha?

  21. Suryabhan Singh says:

    AMO order if placed to buy and the market open in gap down so will the order get executed.
    i still have not under stand if relaince closing is 1500 and have placed the Order AMO at the same price and the next day market drop with a gap opening of Rs 1490….will the order will get executed or canceled.

  22. Suraj says:


    If I place AMO at market order, at what price the order will get executed? Is it closing price of previous day or opening price of next day?

    Please reply @zerodha

  23. Khushboo says:


    I had a normal trading order open around 500 @ 480 3:29:02 PM on 29th June 2021, which was executed in the post market partially 119 @ 486.05.
    question is can normal trading hours open order be automatically executed in post market with a avg price?

  24. rajan says:

    hello sir…how to place a order buy above the high or sell below the low in pre market session… ???

  25. Santhosh says:


    Please clear below mentioned doubts.

    1. Can I sell My CNC purchase same day the next day, instead of waiting for DEMAT procedure.
    2. Please explain BTST or STBT transaction with ZERODHA.
    Thanks in advance.

  26. himanshu says:

    In between 9 to 9:08 there is movement in stock prices, but in Kite watch list i am not able to see that. please start this facility in kite and in app.

  27. Kaushik Roy says:

    My sell order has been triggered by GTT and it was rejected for authorization through CDSL. However, I have authorised later after market has closed. This happened today (29.04.21). So, how can I sell this now. Under Holding Tab, it is showing as triggered but it has not been executed yet. I am a new user. Please help me.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Kaushik, we send an alert as soon as the GTT is triggered and failed because of lack of CDSL auth so that you can place a fresh order during market hours. For now, you can place a fresh order and authorise the sale.

  28. Manish Gurnaney says:

    AMO or PreOpening which will get executed faster? like I am placing AMO order and next day at pre open some orders are placed. which will get higher priority?
    Manish R Gurnaney

  29. Shivam says:

    Hi, Can I place intraday SL M order (buy or sell) in AMO?

  30. yuvraj yadav says:

    how to place pre-market order @ zerodha .Kindly make a proper tutorial for youtube.

  31. Mamta says:

    I have placed a limit order for F&O, but the order got executed with any consideration to the Limit I provided.

  32. Mrj says:

    What about the charges of post market??

  33. sandeep Kadam says:

    Where i can see RS ( Relative Strength) Indicator. Not RSI just RS

  34. sandeep Kdam says:

    1) Where i can see my stop loss order?. Means where i an see the orders where i put the stop loss and the order where i did not put the stop loss.

  35. Naushad Ahmad says:

    Is there any extra charges AMO order?

  36. Ketan says:

    daily I have to use AMO order and I have to place place market limit and there enter my limit price but last many time trigger price above / below my limit price?
    please inform me why not place order at same price as I have put in my limit order.

    It’s not good for me due to order triggered above / below at my limit price.

  37. roy says:

    What time does Zerodha AMO for Coffee Day open on Saturday in NSE and BSE ?

  38. saheen says:

    Can we place more than one amo order for a stock? For example if stock price is 100 and i’m placing amo of 102 and another one for 105 just in case the first one doesn’t get executed.

  39. Sadik Sagar says:

    Future order place with AMO, but disabled the the stop loss field .. currently trances are in pending since not opened the market yet .. how can I set the stop loss for future trade while it’s allowed me to complete with leverage…

  40. SP says:

    Hey… I place an AMO for BALAXI yesterday. The shares were bought this morning at Rs.134.75. But guess what the shares never went to 134.75. How did you purchase the shares at a price that it did not go to?

  41. Sushil Takmoge says:

    How can I buy/sell shares at market opening price?

  42. Rahul says:

    I am trying to buy upper circuit share since one month from zerodha online account.but not even a single order is executed.I tried different timing and different qty but same result.
    Than someone suggested to try MARWADI broker Ltd they have good result for upper circuit shares.
    so place same order at same time with same quantity with Zerodha and Marwadi both.It was unbelievable that my Marwadi order is executed and Zerodha didn’t.
    Can you plz explain this? Looks like something fishy in zerodha.
    I have all the document proving this both transaction just in case if you need it.

    • Matti says:

      Rahul, if the share is in upper circuit, you getting execution is very unlikely. If someone is able to guarantee execution, that seems fishy. 🙂

  43. Rasik Mangla says:

    The last paragraph is pretty conflicting to what one finds on the internet, please clarify –
    For someone who is stuck with a share with lower circuit and wants to exit, what would be the best option

    1.) Placing a market order AMO at 3:45 pm. ( Popular opinion)
    2.) Placing a Limit order AMO at the lower circuit at 3:45 pm.
    3.) Just placing an AMO order anywhere between 3:45 pm to 8:57 am as time doesn’t matter.
    4.) Placing a Market order at 9:00 Am (ASAP) (As suggested by the above article)

  44. Harsh Rao says:

    I have a genuine query regarding placing an order. If I place an order in AMO and that does not gets executed and due to upper circuit remains in pending order list till closing hours. Meanwhile, during market hours, to increase the chances of getting stocks, I make a new order. Now the question is – will this new order be standing in last of order book of upper circuit price ?
    Because if this new order stands last in order book, then there are close to zero chances of my order to be executed.

  45. Sateesh Reddy says:

    Hello can i buy a share for MIS i.e intraday in AMO and sell it after the market opens at 9.15am -3.30pm.Please Clarify

  46. anil bedre says:

    when I want to buy shares that increasing-price value at 9 am or regular trading time, purchased shares are getting cancelled automatically. how to buy shares which are increasing their values ?

  47. rajan asher says:

    ht3716 kindly not i sold 25 shares of ambuja cement in nse today 10 @191 15 @ 192.95 nad squared up later on at 191.75 the square up by you is shown at bse instead of nse if you see my kit holding every thing is in nse i dont i dont under stand how this mistake has occured at your side you are requested to do the need ful

  48. Victor says:

    Hi, does zerodha allow users to save chart studies for each stock separately?

  49. Kanika says:

    I had placed an order at 15:19 hrs today but it didn’t get approved, however, the amount was deducted from my funds. I canceled the order and placed it again at 15:57 hrs. under post-market orders. I need to understand that if my order will be approved at the same rate I had placed the order or it will be approved at the price at the time of opening tomorrow. Please guide.

  50. Trilok says:

    Can we place AMO for Options buying/Selling.
    If yes for example if I place options AMO at 10000 & previous day close at 10000. Now what if market opens at 10100?
    Will it buy at 10100?

  51. praveen says:


    if i place pre open market order between 9 to 9:08 on prev close, After 9:15 when order confirmed will it place order on prev day close or current open market?

    for example xxx trader prev close is 100 rs, nd market opens at 104 rs, if i place pre market order at 100(prev close) for buy order, what price it will consider?

  52. Alexander says:

    Is there any problem if so many orders are placed in a day?

  53. Sudharsanbabu says:

    Can I use SL or Anything to sell the stock if it reaches certain profit , Eg I’m buying a share for 100 rs and can I instruct to sell it when it reached 120 rs

  54. Ankur Shrivastava says:

    More on Pre-market orders on this link.
    The link isn’t working. Please update

  55. arjun kumar says:

    If I AMO order place on market price. And it not exacute beacuse market volatility so high. Is it possible?

  56. Jay says:

    I placed a CNC AMO order at MRKT price at around 9 AM today in FRETAIL share(which is having UC). It got converted to LIMIT order at 9:07 AM, but still not got executed. Did I do anything wrong?

  57. Santosh Jadhav says:

    Why I have been charged brokerage for CNC Orders??? Can you please explain what does this mean “where you have partially squared off your CNC position before the end of the trading day”

  58. Prince Shah says:


    Suppose today, i have bought 10 stocks of Reliance @ 1000 Rs and i have put it on hold for tomorrow.
    But i want to set the limit of those 10 stocks to 1100 Rs for sell, after the stock market ends at 3.30pm.
    So can i set it with right click and sell under AMO option?. Or will it trigger and set a fresh new Sell of 10 stocks @ 1100 Rs ?

    • Matti says:

      You can place an AMO. If you want to hold it for more than one day, you can also place a GTT order. GTT orders are explained here.

      • Naveen says:

        If already set, will GTT trigger in AMO duration? or a dedicated AMO order needs to be placed for after-market timings?

  59. RelishThisPerk says:


    If I buy a share in post market sessions at around 3:45
    since only delivery orders are placed at the closing price, means I will for sure get the stock on T+2 day
    and hence Can I safely sell it on T1 & T2 day(before the actual delivery),
    knowing that it will never be short sold as it will only be a delivery order.

    Is my understanding correct , or dere is special preferences with few kind of direct members of the exchange or something similar.

    • Matti says:

      This is true. However, if the seller doesn’t deliver the shares for any reason, it could still be short delivered to you.

      • RelishThisPerk says:

        what will be the scenario when seller will not deliver, since it will not be a short but a delivery sale which is a long position ,
        if its not delivered due to NDSL not working or technical error, i don’t think it will go for auction in that case

        second scenario can be he sold me on 1 jan and i sold on jan 2 , but jan 3 was holiday and we both might have to settle the sale on same day after holiday on same date., which is the T2 date for me and the person who sold me one day before will be same

        but in that also i will get mine from him
        and and give that to the person whom i sold it to.
        as he sold me first i think first i will get from him and it will be credited
        and then mine will be debited

        • Matti says:

          T+2 is always 2 working days from date of sale/purchase. So in your example, first settlement happens on Jan 4 and the second on Jan 5. Also, technical error are something the exchange will not take into account. If you have sold a share you are expected to deliver it.

          • RelishThisPerk says:


            So that means
            if I buy a stock between 3:40-4PM
            it will be not be a short sale as short selling is not allowed during that period
            and since it will not be a short sale, it will be delivered for sure
            and since it will be delivered for sure, i can confidently sell that stock on the T1 or t2 day

            is my understanding correct ?

  60. Arjun says:

    If i place a AMO at Market price instead of limit, will it clear as soon as market opens ?

  61. Santhiratan says:

    thanks Matti for the helpful response. As per the SEBI Document, stock market does not accept Market orders for new ipo releases in premarket sessions. but in one of the tradingqna posts Nitin mentioned that we can place Market orders for this scenario. Is zerodha doing anything special in the matching process?


    Hi Matti, Thank you for your response. Can I place multiple market orders in smaller quantities at 9 AM pre-market time with few seconds in between orders?

  63. Santhiratan says:

    Did not get answer on Zerodha’s tradingqna, nobody is answering phone at 080-49132020. I am new to Trading and Zerodha. I am planning to buy few thousand SBI Card shares as an investment. I am looking to buy at PreOpen price or at the price of first few ticks on Mar-16. I know this is a large quantity, What options(type of order) do I need to choose through kite and When should I put in the order to satisfy my need? Since this is a big order, I dont want it to be rejected or partially filled. Is it safe to place the order through phone? The sales rep told me to place order online ratherthan through phone.

    • Matti says:

      The best bet is to place a market order on Kite at 9 AM on the 16th. If you aren’t sure of being able to place the order at exactly 9, you can place an AMO. However, either way, execution is entirely dependent on the availability of sellers on the market.

  64. Raju Patel says:

    Today I have entered After market order for 10500 PUT at price 30. Order placed successfully but when i checked status of it after market open around 9.30 my order got rejected. Due to which i suffered loss of 4500.

    Can you please confirm why my order get rejected on opening of market.

    • Matti says:

      Looking at the 10500 PE, I can see that your order was outside or circuit limits and that’s why it was rejected.

  65. Parveen says:

    Hi Team,

    I have placed AMO BUY on Thursday(20/02), but Friday is NSE holiday(21/02). So, do i need to cancel them or they will be approved on the next NSE open day likely on Monday(24/02). Please suggest.


  66. Virendra says:

    If I place an AMO order for an Option to buy at a value of 100 or less. And if in the opening 5 Min, the price is between 80-95, will Option be purchased for my order or not?

    Please inform me how to place an AMO order for any value and lesser than that value in case of buying, or any value and higher than that in case of selling.

    • Gaurav says:

      Hey Virendra,
      in the scenario you’ve provided, the order will go through as a market order as the price is higher than the current market price.
      You could use Stoploss order to buy higher, learn here how SL orders work.

  67. Rahul S. says:


    I want to exploit the Gap-up, if it happens, in Commodity futures Pre-open trading, i.e. before 9:00am

    I want to purchase the Commodity futures at previous days’ close & sell it later during Market hours.

    Is it possible to purchase at previous days’ close ? If yes, how ?

    I understand that Market order will be required in such a scenario.

    Please inform what would be the best tool for this type of situation – “Regular” order , “Cover order” or “After Market Order” ?

    Also, can I use MIS for more Leverage – or I have to do with NRML only ?

  68. Jayakumar says:

    i would like to cancel an amo order placed, for which i am getting an error, NEST gateway closed. Y am i getting the error, how to cancel it before the market opens, as tickets raised will be addressed only next day after market is open which is of no use.

  69. Anil Lokhande says:

    Can I place intraday minilots order in after market order ?

  70. B_Ratapara says:

    If stock is available in demat and goes on Upper Circuit then how can i put Stop loss order incase it go lower again
    Eg. Stock in demat at: 50
    20% UC now at :60 then how to place order at 58?

  71. shankar says:

    I have placed a few orders for which money was deducted. But I could not complete the execution. Fund balance still remains the same. If orders were not executed that means buying didn’t complete. then what happened to the money involved?

  72. Vipul Chaudhari says:

    Hello everyone,
    I want to know what would be the outcome of the following order cases;
    Let’s assume RELIANCE closes at 1200 at end of trading day today.
    Now in after market session I will place the following order;
    LAST DAY CLOSE – 1200
    ENTRY – 1202 (above close)
    TARGET – 1205
    STOP LOSS – 1197
    Now I want to know what happens in the following 4 cases on the next day open;

    Case 1 – Opens at 1206 (above target)
    Case 2 – Opens at 1203 (above entry and below target)
    Case 3 – Opens at 1201 (below entry)
    Case 4 – Opens at 1197 (below stop loss)
    I would like to know this if AMO order is placed before it gets triggered.

  73. Prasad Deshpande says:

    I placed AOM order for the selected trade last night. The order got rejected. What is the reason. Do you have any idea how much I have lost because of the cancellation of this order ? ZERODHA is sometimes very very confusing guys. What you explain in your KB and what happens in actual scenario is really very bad. I booked this lot on 4.90 that should get executed on market opening as per you have written in KB but guess what now the stock has touched 17 but by order got cancelled. God knows. Total loss. YOu are answerable

  74. DEBABRATA KAR says:

    why my order automatically cancel at 3:22 pm.?
    market timing is 9:15-3:50.

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Debabrta, we start our auto square-off process around 3.20 PM and all MIS orders are canceled in that time period. The reason being it takes time to cancel orders for all users.

  75. tushar mody says:


    During normal session 3.15 AM to 3.30 pm

    if we have sold off ALL shares of a company at a profit.

    Then….by…….3.30 pm the share prices have crashed….


    as we feel the share price can still go up next day.

    can we buy those shares in the post trading session from 3.40 pm to 4 pm.

    will it be considered as a fresh cash buying without affecting our earlier sell off during normal session.

    please clarify.

    Does Zerodha allow cash buy in post trading session from 3.40 pm to 4 pm ???

    thanking you

    Tushar Mody

  76. Mohan Raju says:


    Is there a way i can place order with more validity.


  77. Rakesh prajapat says:

    Sir please add a feature drag drop to modify a order and view of placed order in charts like fyers trading platform.
    It is very useful.

  78. naik says:

    The order placed in CNC is not executed till 3.30pm, will it continue tomorrow?

    • Matti says:

      No, you’ll have to place a fresh order for now. We’re working on creating order types that stay valid longer.

  79. UNNIKRISHNAN K says:

    Hi,If i placed AMO @ 200 for a stock that has been closed @ 198 during the day and in next day if in the pre market session if it jumps and opened at 210,whether my order @ 200 will get executed or not????

  80. Haresh Jambucha says:

    I placed Buy order for pre market session as market-regular order… And i did not get any qty.. After 9.08 this order was automatically converted into limit order… Please tell me why my order was converted?

    • Billy says:

      Hey Haresh Jambucha,

      This happens at the exchange level. Unmatched orders in the pre-open are carried over to the normal session. Market orders are carried over as limit orders at the opening price. If the opening price is not discovered, market orders will be carried over at the previous close price. Check out this presentation from NSE on Pre-open for more.

      • Brokenbull says:

        Pre openorders are only market orders?
        can we place multiple “Limit orders” of small quantities of single or different stocks ?
        basically if sgx nifty futures showing lower open, placing a low bid limit orders! (not market orders!)
        say my Limit orders placed between 9-9.08am nots get filled -will they be carried forward after 9.30am regular trading? or I have to cancel them to realease margin & place fresh orders ?

  81. Billy says:

    Hey Christ,

    Please refer to this Support article.

  82. Farman says:

    Do we get any ROI too?

  83. Anitesh Singh says:

    Hi.. Suppose I purchased 1 lot of SBIN Future for overnight position. Is there any way I can place my SL order today itself so that I don’t have to login tomorrow at 9:15am to put my SL? I mean is there any possible way to put my SL even in overnight position until my position is open?

    • Matti says:

      For now, you can place an SL AMO after markets close. This is valid for 1 day. Longer lived orders are on our list of things to do and will be available in the near future.

  84. Vinay Baviskar says:

    Hi NITIN,Can I place a intraday order in between 9:00 AM TO 9:15AM?
    Also can I also place bracket order for the same?
    Please reply back its urgent

  85. Maharaj says:

    I am providing an example. Suppose I placed an AMO-SL for BANKNIFTY 26500PE @ 110. When market opened, it was 33.7. Can I modify it to 34-35 ?

  86. Maharaj says:

    Nithin Sir, Suppose I have placed AMO & not execute as market opens. Can I modify the price ?

  87. Jo says:

    If I want to buy/sell equity at pre open market price. How can we buy or sell? ie can we put a buy /sell in between 9.10 AM and 9.14 AM

  88. avinash jain says:

    Can we place pre-market orders (between 9 to 9:08 am) for options in zerodha?

    I have seen that in angel broking app, we can place orders for options in pre-market (between 9 to 9:08 am)

    • Faisal says:

      F&O trading opens at 9.15 AM only. The pre-market session is conducted only for the Equity segment.
      You can place an AMO order till 9.10 AM and the orders will be fired to the exchange when F&O starts trading at 9.15 AM

  89. Santosh Vallury says:

    Can a F&O order be modified after market?

  90. Murali says:

    thankyou Zerodha team, many years wasted my valuable time and money with SK(blood sucker), recently i have adopted your trading system,it is very easy , friendly and economical. It motivate meH and change the openion about the sharemarket.

  91. Sudip Baidya says:

    I bought 101 Sanguine Media Ltd stocks at rs 1.6 a long time ago. Now the stock price is rs . 25. But now whenever I try to sell that stock it says ‘adapter is down’ all the time. Please solve the problem as soon as possible. My Client Id is SS2076.

  92. Piyush says:

    I want to place order which is not cancelled till executed or which is valid till ‘x’ days. Is this possible ?
    (Basically don’t want to place the order everyday)

  93. ramesh kumar verma says:

    i have placed an amo limit order on thursday but canceled when market open,today my fund balance shows 0 ,how

  94. Bhupendra says:




  95. Virat Chander says:

    Today I place amo tata motors at Rs 277 & order executed at 9.05am Rs 276. Is it possible

  96. Suman says:

    Is there a premarket for commodity, if so how do it work and what is procedure for it thank you

  97. Santhosh S says:

    The request for Good Till Cancelled (GTC) / Valid Till Cancelled (VTC) orders has been sticking out for about 6 years now. Not having this is a big handicap. As much as I like Zerodha for its simple interface and low trading fees (among other things) I am considering moving to other platforms that provide GTC/VTC.

    Why doesn’t Zerodha have it yet?

  98. A.K. Aggarwal says:


    Example :-

    Sell – Bank Nifty – Call (LTP = Rs.85) (Hold For the Day)

    Can I Place Stop Loss on Rs.95 in AMO for last day hold position, to avoid any big loss.

    Is it will work or not??? or is there any other way for the same.


    A.K. Aggarwal

  99. A.K. Aggarwal says:


    Example :-

    Sell – Bank Nifty – Call (LTP = Rs.85) (Hold For the Day)

    Can I Place Stop Loss on Rs.85 in AMO for last day hold position, to avoid any big loss.

    Is it will in any case or not???


    A.K. Aggarwal

    • A.K. Aggarwal says:



      Example :-

      Sell – Bank Nifty – Call (LTP = Rs.85) (Hold For the Day)

      Can I Place Stop Loss on Rs.95 in AMO for last day hold position, to avoid any big loss.

      Is it will or not??? or is there any other way for the same.


      A.K. Aggarwal

  100. Trilok Jain N says:

    So in this case it would sell when it touches 101.9 correct?

  101. Trilok says:

    In this case of example, if I select CNC-SL & wish to sell my shares at 102. What should I give in Price? and Trigger?
    My understanding is I should give 102 in Price. And 101 in Trigger Price, so that it would sell as soon as it reaches Trigger 101 & I would be gaining 1 rs profit ?

    Let me know on this please.

    • Matti says:

      If you want to sell at 102, it’s best to give a trigger of 101.90 and price of 102. So the stock would be sold within this range. If you wish to, you can also specify both trigger and price to be 102.

  102. Trilok says:


    For intraday or AMO, Suppose I have 1 share buyed at 100 Rs & current value of a share is 98.
    I’ll select CNC – LMT to Sell & put PRICE as 102. What will happen?
    Will it sell for 102 or 98. If it waits till it reaches 102, then it is similar to Trigger price is it?

    • Matti says:

      The limit order will stay in the system until the price reaches 102. Only then will it execute. The difference between Limit and SL orders is that limit orders are meant for ‘best-price’ execution. This means, if you try to sell below market price, the order would execute at the current market price as that would be a better sell price. SL orders are used to place stoplosses, so would only execute if the trigger is hit.

  103. Amit says:


    I am new….can u please help me in understanding in zerodha
    Reliance close at 1000 ,open at 1001 and I want to buy it
    Trigger 1002,Target 1010, Stoploss 999

    How can i set Trigger,Target and stoploss in AMO order.

    Amit Gupta

  104. Shubham says:

    Hi Team,

    I have question on CNC. Lets suppose reliance closed price is 800 at 3.30pm. I want to place order at 800 only to buy this share. How can i place it this order which time Morning or evening, what is the best time for this.

    Pl suggest


  105. […] Pre-market/Post-market/After-market Orders – Z-Connect by … […]

  106. TONGBRAM says:


  107. Varun says:

    How does stop loss amo orders work? Will it get placed in the pre market session as limit orders or will it be carried over to normal trading hours? Since prices don’t fluctuate in pre market session how does stop loss amo sell order work or get placed?
    Please help me understand this in both the cases given below
    A) when stop loss amo trigger price is below pre market equilibrium price.
    B) when stop loss amo trigger price is above pre market equilibrium price.
    Thank you.

    • Matti says:

      Orders for equity are placed in the pre-market session while those for F&O are placed at 9.15. The orders are just entered on the exchange orderbook and they wait to be triggered.

  108. vinod says:


  109. sowmya says:

    I am a novice and I tried intraday order by buying and selling just one stock of around 300-400 rupees within 5 minutes. I probably got less than 1 rupee profit. and then again I bought the same stock (quantity 2). I know it sounds risky and stupid perhaps. But how does this affect over all?

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Hey Sowmya, you end up paying more in charges. The right thing for you to do is to learn more about the markets before you start trading. You can start investing in mutual funds in the meanwhile on Coin. We run a couple of popular educational initiatives, you can check them out here.

  110. V. Venkateswara Rao says:

    Hello Nithin Kamath

    1. I would like know to if I can place buy orders at Rs 10, Rs 8 and Rs 6 assuming that previous day’s close price is Rs 12 and also I would like to place a stop loss order at Rs 4. I would like to know if this is possible using AMO orders. Similarly can I place AMO sell orders at different price levels and place a AMO stop loss order.
    2. Assuming that previous day’s close price is Rs 12, I would like to place two separate orders, one is CNC limit buy order at Rs 6 and another is MIS limit sell order at Rs 14 and a MIS stop loss order at Rs 16. I would like to know if this is possible.
    3. What happens if the opening price is less than AMO buy order or if opening price is greater than AMO sell order.
    4. Is it possible to know or calculate lower circuit or upper circuit and what happens if AMO order placed happens to be below the lower circuit or above the upper circuit.

    Thank you.

    • Bhuvanesh says:

      1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. If limit, the order will execute immediately
      4. Orders will be rejected if they are outside the circuit limits.

  111. Ranajit Pal says:

    There is no VTC(Valid Till Cancel) like thing in kite. An investor who wants to buy on dips a particular scrip. cann’t place such order. Please introduce it on ZERODHA platform

  112. AKSHITH KUMAR says:

    Sir I wanted to know can I place bracket in premarket session i.e between 9:00 to 9:08

  113. K Shasaidhara Sastry says:

    I wanted to trade with aayush on 5/6/18(Today). But it was not opened till 10.25 pm. The same case with water bae also. Why? Do all the companies will not start trade at the same time

  114. Manu says:

    I tried to place AMO for Bajaj Finance today. But order is rejected and reason state is ” admin stopped AMO”. Why…?

  115. Manash Paul says:

    I have not seen the feature of converting mis orders to CNC
    Kindly embed this feature as we are not able to convert MIS to CNC even if we have surplus funds. This is the biggest Glitch that I have encountered while trading on your mobile application for Android

  116. sandeep kumar says:

    AMO order can be placed in bracket order or not

  117. Ajay says:

    I had placed two AMO orders (BUY TCS @ 3510 & SELL TCS @ 3471.5) for 13 quantities. But when market opens next day both orders have been executed @ 3509.8. I am not able to understand, why my quoted price have not been executed.

  118. Santosh Hadawale says:

    hi, i want to trade or take long positions in options. however i work in a factory thus cant carry person computer along during market hours. we do not have access to pi on company laptop.
    Additionally, as i observed, not all options/ strikes of a stock are seen in kite. can u pls help me understand how i can trade in options by using kite alone. (note = i couldnt see all option strikes shown for a stock in market watch).

    shall appreciate your response by tomorrow


    i have placed the order in pre-market session @ 09.01 AM, however it dint get executed and waited for all day, By EOD was cancel, how can i sell i am stuck in Vakarangee,
    Please help.


  120. raju says:

    Is there any option like good for 30 days or 60 days to buy or sell with a target price?

  121. vinoth narayanan says:

    SIr, if I placed a one order on pre market session what price the order will placed?… For example If reliance closed on 800rs on 26/04/2018 , can i get my order for the same price on 27/04/2018 in pre-market session?…If not what is the possible way to do ???

    • Matti says:

      The pre-market session is where a price is discovered. You can place an order at any price and if there’s a counter order for the same price and quantity, it’ll be filled. Read more here.

  122. lesnar says:

    Can i place a market order (day validity) after pre-open market closes and before normal market opens (between 9:08AM and 9:15AM)

  123. Ravindra Kumar says:

    Hi How to buy and hold stock in zerodha for long term.I am not big fan of Intraday trading & hence i want to buy and hold for long term and sell as per my convenience.

  124. Varun Kini says:


    In the case i place an buy AMO (after market order) at the price of Rs 345 the
    previous evening and there is a gap up opening from Rs 280 to Rs 370.
    Is there a chance of my order being executed.
    Kindly clarify and thank you for the same.

  125. Umesh says:

    Can I place stoploss market order with OCO in pre-market session? Say closing price of SBI is 287. I want to buy it at market price only if it reaches 288, with target points of 2 Rs. and stoploss point of 1 rupee. Is this possible in premarket session? (9.00 to 9.08 a.m. I suppose)

  126. SiD says:

    What are the extra charges associated with pre, post and after market orders?

  127. Abhishek Jain says:

    I want to exit from a script as soon as possible.The last few days it is in lower circuit.
    Which one is the best option to execute on zerodha : AMO, Pre-Market Order or Regular-Market order?
    Please guide

  128. Rohit says:

    Can we place a BO or a limit order order once pre-open market is closed but before 9:15?

  129. Vadivel.A says:

    Sir Good Morning. How to exit(sell) a stock which is continuously locked lower circuit level ?

  130. Kiran Bhave says:

    Do you have Good till cancelled or Valid till cancelled type orders for investors?
    Its really a very good feature other brokerage houses such as ICICI Direct has.

    Its mainly useful for implementing auto profit booking for investors,
    once you do that, I’ll ask for stop loss orders for Investors 🙂

    Can you please consider this?

  131. abhishek yadav says:

    please provide notification tone in mobile for kite apps if order executed.

  132. ritesh agrawal says:

    I purchased a share today. How do I place a permanent stop loss and target order?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Ritesh. The exchange flushes all pending orders at the end of the day. You’ll have to place these orders each day for now. We’re working on building long-standing orders that will be valid for a longer period.

  133. ritesh agrawal says:

    if I place an order during pre-market order or buy as soon as the market opens. which will be faster?

  134. Vikash says:

    Can we convert MIS to CNC and CNC to MIS orders?

  135. Vikash says:

    Why there is no option to place future orders on equity? We have to place limit orders on daily basis and if the limit is not reached it cancels at the end of day. I want to place future order so that whenever it reaches that price it should automatically execute the order.

  136. Yuvraj says:

    Sir , I have following questions…
    1. Can I place MIS-CO-Market order in pre market session?
    2. Can I place MIS-AMO-SLM order in AMO market session?

  137. Narasimham says:

    Thanks Mr Matti for yur prompt reply.

  138. Narasimham says:

    Your Q&A terminals are very impressive & quite exhaustive and many thanks for your patience in giving awesome answers to n number of customers.However I also need a small valuable advice on these AMO’s and Pre-market orders session.
    AA)Yesterday(09/02/2018) I have shorted one futures stock on NRML basis and end up with a small loss as per the closing price shown at the end of the day but did not square off.But expecting a huge break-up of the price on this stock on the next trading day and to avoid this huge loss ,can I place SL-M buy order(AMO)or Pre-market order? Or any other better suggestion to prevent this huge loss followed by the expected break-up of price?
    BB)On the other way ,If such a huge break-down of the price occurs on this particular stock on the next trading day contrary to my expectation,ofcourse I will be benefitted with the presesent situation.But by placing the above mentioned SL-M buy order,will it by any chance triggers even in the case of break down also?
    Need your valuable advice at the earliest possible please

    • Matti says:

      Hey Narasimhan,
      A. You can only place and AMO order in this case as derivatives don’t trade pre-market. This SLM AMO order will act as a stoploss that would square off your position if there’s a move adverse to your view of the market.
      B. No, in such case, the order remains open and will wait for the price to rice to the trigger level to be executed.

  139. MD says:

    I placed 3 AMO sell orders (of stocks I already own) today morning around 8.30. Status was “AMO REQ RECEIVED”. Then at 9:00 am following message appears “Due to technical reasons your aftermarket orders (AMO) won’t be placed today. Please place your order once again after markets open.” Now after so many hours the order book still shows status “AMO REQ RECEIVED”. I cannot modify or cancel, nor are they auto cancelled. Also, it shows zero in my holdings, so I cannot even trade for those stocks, what to do now ?? How would they be cancelled? Also, the limit has exceeded for them now so I don’t want to sell for low prices.

  140. S SARKAR says:

    Pl. enable basket orders option at single click in Kite Platform also as available in NEST. Thanks.

  141. Niket says:

    I will get out of Zerodha….

  142. Niket says:

    Sir I am selling my shares in AMO in market order….
    It is automatically converted into Limit Order….
    Please help me to solve this problem…

  143. Niket says:

    Hello Nitin Sir…..
    I have to sell my shares…..
    I have applied in AMO but my shares are not sold on next morning….
    I am in urgent requirement in selling shares because it is continuously hotting lower circuit….
    Please help me to sell my shares….
    Its Urgent… Nitin Sir..

    • Matti says:

      If there are buyers available, your order would go through. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for a buyer. If the stock is hitting lower circuits, this means that the liquidity is quite low and so execution is not guaranteed.

  144. SURAJ says:

    Suppose I cancel my AMO order immediately on friday night, when will I get my money back ?
    After the market open on Monday ?

  145. Giri says:

    Is there an option to place orders and the order validity is till the user cancels it or executes itself after fulfilling.

    For example: I want to sell the share ABC when it reaches Rs100 currently its Rs45, to reach Rs100 it might take several months so I can place the order open now, executes itself at Rs100 after several months?

    • Matti says:

      Not as of now Giri, but we are working on this.

      • Giri says:

        I think that’s going to be a great feature if you ask me, which can hold good for buying and selling both.. And obviously I believe you let it know everybody when you have this feature/option 😉 ..
        Good Luck !!

  146. Manish says:

    Dear Team,

    is it possible to place After Market Order in MIS with SL or SL-M using Zerodha Kite APP?

  147. Ajay says:

    I am not able to place AMO. The error “the request not registered” appears. please advice

    • Srikant says:

      I too get this error sometimes, especially in the nights after 12. You will also notice that you cannot login into Pi with a “no response from server” error. Try after some time…

      • Matti says:

        We run a daily maintenance process on our servers post-midnight, at which time the platforms are inaccessible.

  148. Manoj Kumar says:


    Can I place AMO order for SME shares? There is no concept of Pre-market session for SME shares and market opens at 9:15am.

    If yes, how much time it will take actually to send order to Exchange; less than 30 seconds or more than 30 seconds?


  149. Yuvraj says:

    I am a beginner in the field of stock market, I have been through Zerodha varsity, but still there is a doubt, suppose a hypothetical situation where Nifty 50 Jan fut is closed today at 10641 and tomorrow it opens directly at 10700 so there is a difference of 59 points ( max profit 59*75 =4425) and I want to trade tomorrow with intraday approach . My question is ,if it is really possible to get this profit in a day then what type of order should I place and at what time? Thank you. Zerodha Rocks.

  150. Vaibhav Panchal says:

    i can’t get one thing when stock price is suddenly gets fall down ( i.e it comes 500–>490–>480–>450) At this time every body it trying to shell their shock then who are the buyer at this moment.

    same Reversly

    it stock price is suddnly getting up (i.e 450–>480–>500). When every body want to buy and a person who has already buyed they keep holding. so who are the seller at this time..

  151. paras says:

    Can you plz guide me…Since 6-8 month i have started with zerodha…if i place any order in amo…I’m not getting Exchange Order ID & time exactly at 9.00.00am. It take delivery on 9.00.32 or 9.00.48 seconds….Any i had never seen my number come first in buy or selling….of any of script…What to do…How will i get exchange order id & time exactly on pre-market timing 9.00.00am..

  152. Aadhar says:


    I purchased 30 quantities of idea at 105.05 on Thursday and sold them at 117.15 on Friday to book the profit. I repurchased the 50 quantity at a price of 115.20 on Friday. In my P&L section its showing a profit of only Rs.30 , profit on the 50 quantity . When the profit on the 30 quantity which i bought on Thursday will be reflected?


  153. Vaibhav Panchal says:

    What happen if I can’t squre off my future position on exipirty date ???
    As we trade on cnx nify futures of any particular month, can we trade on normal nifty 50 index

  154. Vaibhav Panchal says:

    Jay Bharat
    I have trading account in zerodha
    My question related to Pre Opening of market is
    1) Can we place post closing order between 3:40 to 4:00 pm in ZERODHA
    2) If I place AMO order at 8:00 pm.(For Example TATA Steel) I put After market order of CNC to buy at Price of Rs 835. Now Previous close price is 830 and next day at 9:15 am Opening price is Rs 840. So at opening of market will my order will execute ??
    3) Will it execute before 9:15 ??
    4) Is our After market order is automatically converted in to Pre open order at 9:00 am ?
    5) Or we have to put Pre open order only between 9:00 to 9:07 am ?
    6) Can i see my pre market executed order in my order book before 9:15 am ?
    7) All above case are for both CNC and MIS

  155. Manish Daga says:


    Have been trying from past few days to place an order in pre opening session but the order is not getting executed. Please guide as to how to place an order in pre opening session. Thanks in advance.

    • Matti says:

      In the pre-open session, there is no way to guarantee execution, you can only place a market or limit order and wait to see if it goes through.

  156. PARAS says:

    1. What is SEBI listing obligations & disclosure requirements….Means…????
    2. When a company get delisted from stock exchange…After Meeting of board of director done.
    3. How to prepare ourself by lossing our money from stock market…..Before delisting of any company.

  157. Ashwin Godse says:

    Dear Sir ,
    Kindly clarify whether I can place disclosed quantity in after market orders.

  158. Kushal Chambial says:

    i want to hold stocks for 1 or 2 years so how would i do purchase stocks..???

  159. hari krishna says:

    dear sir,
    my question is can we take leverage and trade in pre market and sell in post market.

  160. Shashank Aggarwal says:

    Hello Team,

    I wish to migrate to Zerodha from another DP.

    How can I do that. Is there a smooth way to that.

    Shashank Aggarwal

  161. SJVENKATESAN says:

    Hello sir,
    I am sjvenkatesan i need more than 5 page in market watch list kite.. its is possible .? Compare to other trading platform zerodha have limited market watch list page upto 5 , at the same time we can’t add market watch title on your given 1 to 5 pages. Kindly please add multiple page options. Its really very useful.

    SJ Venkatesan

  162. Debkrishna says:

    When will you guys enable After Market Stoploss order, now AMO can only be placed as a limit order, I am asking this for a very very long time

  163. Abudhar al Hassan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I had a query related to the Futures & Options segment. If I have an open position in commodity futures, I know I can place a SL order for the same but I want to know whether I can place a limit order as a target for the same open position? I am holding the position overnight. Probably for a few days even. Will the limit order be executed as a target order for the open position I have or will it open a fresh position?
    Would appreciate your help. Thanks.

    ~Abudhar al Hassan.

    • Matti says:

      You can place a Limit order. But if the target executes, make sure you cancel the stoploss order to prevent opening another position.

  164. sameer says:

    why don’t show the total cost of order in your equity order box? If I type the quantity, you do show “Stock price” x “quantity” in the blue header. But there is no value for that multiplication.

    • Matti says:

      We’ve tried to keep the platform as lean as possible. This is something that is quite a straight-forward calculation and was left out in the interest of speed. Will talk to the team and see if it’s possible to display.

  165. Rakesh Raushan says:

    i am new in trading, please suggest if i buy or sell one stock around 20 times in same day, then brokerage charge for total value of one share or charge one by one buy and sale value

    • Matti says:

      Rakesh, the brokerage is charged per order. So if you execute 5 buy orders and 5 sell orders, you’ll be charged for the ten orders, irrespective of whether this was for the same stock or different stocks.

  166. Punci says:

    How can my order can be first order in the market?..This I am asking ’cause few shares with very low volume & very high demand do executed on daily basis. However, though I am placing AMO order, It’s not get executed since I am not the first one to place an order. Is there any method in kite so that probability of my order to be first in the market increases.

  167. Meena Kumari Maheshwari says:


    I have query regarding pre-open market trading.

    At which price, I could place an order?
    If I place order during pre-open session, can I sell on same day(Intra-Day)?


    • Matti says:

      At what price you place an order in the pre-market session is your choice, really. You can only place Market or Limit orders though. Yes, you can place intraday exit orders for these positions.

  168. Mahesh says:

    At what price AMO sell order is processed.

    • Matti says:

      If you’ve placed a market order, it is executed at the best available price one the markets open. This need not be the open price you see on the market depth as there are a lot of orders that hit the exchange as soon as markets open. Whenever your order is queued in, it’ll execute at the price available then. For limit and SL orders, you define the price. If you’ve defined limit price below whatever the market opens at, it’ll execute at the market price.

  169. dilip kumar says:

    I want to know if i placed order in equity during PMO , order will be placed on that day limit or can i put a limit of buying and selling then place it

    • Matti says:

      Hey Dilip, you can place a limit order in the pre-market session. If your order is not filled in this session, it is automatically carried forward to the normal trading session.

  170. Akhil says:

    (i)What’s the DP charge showing
    in ledger?
    (ii)How DP charges calculated ?

  171. Himanshu says:

    Target: To get a buy into the pre-opening market at market price for a particular derivative

    Question: Which one is better? AMO placed at 1615 hrs. OR Placing the same order at 09:01 am?

    Kindly clarify..

    • Matti says:

      Derivatives aren’t traded in the pre-open session. An AMO placed after market would execute at 9:15. You’d have better chances with placing a market order at 9:15 though.

  172. prajjwal says:

    can i place mis order in pre open market order?

  173. paras says:

    how to pre-trace any company equity share are going to be suspended by sebi in bse or nse…

    • Zerodha Social says:

      There is no way to know in advance. You can keep track of the announcements on BSE and NSE circulars page.

      • paras says:

        what does quarterly board of meeting means….is related with BSE or NSE to stop the trading in stock exchange or any other idea….

  174. Vatandeep Chhokar says:

    Is leverage provided on AMO orders as well. Kindly guide.

  175. satish says:

    how can i buy using kite in pre market trade.

  176. satish says:

    which one is better AMO or pre market orders.

  177. robin says:

    Are there any options like GTD in sharekhan.( ie. can we place an order which is valid till a particular date?)

  178. RITUKANT MAURYA says:

    Can AMO order be cancelled during market hour.

  179. Dinesh Kannaa says:

    Can we a buy a stock of type regular after market hours without using AMO in kite?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Dinesh, the post-market session or closing session is open from 3:40 PM to 4:00 PM. During this session, you can place buy/sell orders in equity delivery segment using the CNC orders.



    • Zerodha Social says:

      Ravikant, at Zerodha we’ve always believed in educating traders and investors. You can check out our educational initiatives here.

  181. aakarsh says:

    what does the message adapter is down mean ?

  182. Debjyoti Roy says:

    How can I place pre-market order through Zerodha ?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Debjyoti, the pre-market session is open between 9:00 AM and 9:08 AM, you can place orders during that period.

  183. Debkrishna says:

    I tried to place a AMO stoploss order, but it got rejected and I got a message “cannot store amo orders.order type cannot be sl or sl-m”, last month you guys told that you are activating the amo sl or sl-m order but till now it is not available. Please activate it .

  184. kps charak says:

    Can I place buy/sell order for OPTIONS between 9 am and 9.05 am ? and can I modify/cancel the order before 9.08 am? when and how will I know wheather the order has got executed or not ?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Yes, you can place AMO orders. You can place, modify and cancel orders for F&O till 9.10 AM. All AMO orders will be sent to the exchange at 9.15 since there is no pre-market for F&O. You can keep track of your orders from your orderbook.

  185. magesh says:

    can we place AMO for currency futures

  186. deepak dawani says:

    Sir,If i placed buy order xyz share with order type CNC in AMO and suppose it gets executed at 9:16 can i take delivary of that stock ?or do i need to square off before 3:20?

  187. Valliappan says:

    I opened only trading ac. Can I see the nifty index open.high.loww.inthe MarketWatch
    Which indicator is best in renko chart and box size.

  188. Fahad MALIK says:

    How to calculate margin for AMO ?
    Not for futures.

    I want to buy suppose IDEA stock at 79 today after 4 PM, let say 1000 stock.
    Will my order get executed on 9:15 AM next day as i don’t have 79000 Funds in my account. Assume market opens next day at 79.

    I know if it opens at 80, my order will be in pending mode.
    Just a confusion about AMO margin.

  189. Nirmal patel says:

    If i order to buy NBCC share at that time its price is 210.30 so when the order will executed? And which price?

    • all orders are collected and matched at 9.07 am in premarket. If your limit price there is an offer it gets at that price, otherwise the order will continue to be open when the normal market opens.

  190. Nirmal patel says:

    Sir…I wont to open my demat account in ZERODHA.but i am 17 year old. I have my PAN CARD.but in pan card it show that i am minor.. Will i open demat account in zerodha? If not let me suggest when i will abale to open my account?

  191. Nirmal patel says:

    Sir.. In pre market which order that i will place? AMO or REGULAR

  192. R says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I want to know that, if i search any share in kite. Two option displayed, for example i search for reliance, it will show Reliance-Be and Reliance-Bl what is that??

  193. Nirmal patel says:

    Sir.. Can i buy equity share in pre open market session?

  194. Brijesh says:

    How i placed pre-market order for equity?

  195. Deepak says:

    i want to put a buy order at 9 am for a particular stock. at that time can i know at what price it will open.

  196. Punit says:

    I have tried to sell the stock at limit price of triveni engg at 88 rs in amo. The previous day closing price of triveni engg was 90 rs. So next day triveni engg opened with gap up opening around 93rs and still my order get executed even though I place sell limit order 88 rs. Kindly explain

  197. usha syamal says:

    Sir, I would like to know more about CNC trading 1. Is it possible to sell the stock on T+1 and after some time the stock price goes down so again purchase the same stock and same quantity to keep in the holding. is it possible to do the same thing for the stock which are in demat account that means after T+2. From where i will get more knowledge about this/ please guide me.

  198. Ashok says:

    Those pre market details are available in NSE india website. If the pre market data is bullish, does that mean the market will also be bullish?

    Thank you

  199. Fahad Malik says:

    Confused in AMO

    SBIN Currently at 279 in Kite left side market watch (Actually at 278.70 by NSE), 278.94 in Chart and many different reading in chart by different time frame.. Now i want to place AMO for buy as well as sell. Three different values

    Buy : 279.70
    SLM : 277.25
    Buy Exit at 280.70

    Sell : 277.20
    SLM: 279.80
    Sell Exit : 276.20

    How many orders will be executed(expect opening price will be between 278-279)

    1. If market goes to 281 uptrend, it will reach 277.70(Buy) then it will reach 277.80(SL for sell)…this means i gain 10 paise profit ?

    after market reverse

    2. What if market goes down and hit SL for buy which is at 277.25 or it will execute my sell order which is at 277.20

    I just want to book trade of previous day(OHLC) calculation on AMO. With stop loss of both the way, either uptrend or downtrend.

    How many AMO order i have to place ?

  200. Amit Mishra says:

    Which order is priority AMO or Pre Market which will get executed first? Is it like AMO will be executed only @9:15 or after as compared to Pre Market which gets executed @ 9:00 to 9:08 AM.

    • All AMO’s are placed at 9 am itself in the premarket. So when market opens, they have the highest priority. If you place a market order at open, it will have lower priority.

  201. Ajay says:

    Can AMO orders be cancelled?

  202. tejas kukadiya says:

    sir, please provide guidance regarding hoe to place short sell order.
    Your regards.

  203. Divesh says:

    Is AMO applicable to limit losses on outstanding FnO positions.
    If yes, what will be validity of such SL trigger order?

  204. Anshul says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Many other online trading platforms offer a concept of “Good till Cancel” order. In this case the order stays valid till the date mentioned by the investor. The date can be 365 days from today’s date and works for both buy & sell orders. The order is executed as soon as the price is hit.

    Is there any particular reason this is not present in Zerodha platform? Please include it, this is very useful for long term investors.

    • Venu says:

      Currently the Equity Exchanges don’t support GTC orders, brokers who are providing you this facility are using a very hacky way, something we aren’t comfortable doing. We’ll let you know once this facility is out.

  205. Debkrishna says:

    When you guys are enabling AMO SL order which is very useful, currently only AMO limit order can be placed . Can you give us any timeframe within which you are enabling this feature.

  206. Raj says:

    Is there any premarket or post market sessions for Nifty options? or for that matter any derivative instruments?

  207. RKC says:


    Can I get scrip-wise, date wise details of all my trade in excel which shows details of brokerage, STT, GST, Turnover tax etc. (scrip-wise, date-wise) for a particular period as I get from another brokers.

    Thanks and Regards

    Ravi Kumar Chona

  208. Arvind Anvekar says:

    Respected Sir,
    In Zerodha there is no Graph chart for 5hr duration …
    after 1hr it shows directly for 1day …??
    5hr graph is very vital … Please Provide the same at the earliest…
    Thank You

  209. Ravi says:

    I buy 3500 share of dwekar ind but now i can’t sell it my order is always pending there is only sell in this stock wt can i do trade phone no i want.

  210. Arvind says:

    Hello Sir,
    You have provided almost all types Orders, But the GTC Type Order whose validity will be till the expiry date, is not available with you, for the investor type, positional trader, this is a very convenient and helpful Order type, i have found this with every other broker i have experienced … Please consider this and please provide this at the
    earliest ..
    For positional traders GTC Stop Loss Orders is very vital, to protect your clients during Gap Up and Gap down Openings
    Sir On Realizing its importance , Zerodha does not look complete without it …
    Awaiting your positive Response
    Thank You for Your Support and Cooperation …

  211. Kiran says:


    I have a query on the way orders are squared off in MIS.
    In case the square-off order is not executed at the end of the trading session, how is it handled?
    For example, if a BUY MIS order was executed during the trading session, but the SELL order did not get executed at the end of the day, how are these shares handled?
    Does the user have to bear any additional charges?


    • Venu says:

      The onus of squaring off position vests entirely on you, as a broker we’re only facilitating squaring off of MIS orders. In the eventuality, the position could not be squared off for whatsoever reason, you’ll have to bear the costs that come along with it.

  212. ZQ0852 says:

    Hello sir,
    I have few doubts:
    1) What is the purpose of “disclosed quantity” option in buy/sell window??
    2) At what time the AMO are sent to market at 0900 or after 0915??
    3) Could you please elaborate actually what is cooked up between 0900 and 0915??
    4) What I understood is we can not place BO &CO premarket session, only place simple limit order will I get leverage for the same or not??
    From your point of view How can we make best use of pre-market session??

    SUGGESTION:-In kite it will be useful, if you provide an option to name the market watch instead of numbering them 1,2,3….etc


  213. Sachin says:

    Want to know about Validity in Order placement. Can we use VDT option while trading in Cash??

  214. Sandesh Dhole says:

    Please tell me, can I used AMO order to put stoploss in equity after 4 pm to 8.59 am.

  215. bopanna says:

    Does NSE have the historical data of Pre-open market sessions ?

  216. Rajat Saini says:

    Hello Nithin Sir, I was wondering why a concept of short selling in cash segment more than intraday is totally lacking in India..

    In USA, traders can short stock in cash segment by holding the short position for more than one day by borrowing equity shares from their brokers at some interest charges. Some US brokers who provide this are THINKORSWIM , ETRADE , INTERACTIVE BROKERS etc.

    Is it possible to bring this concept in India?
    That would be awesome if that can happen..

    please reply…

    • Rajat, for this concept to come through, we need to have a vibrant Stock lending and borrowing mechanism. This is not popular in India currently, but SEBI is trying. Check this.

      • Rajat Saini says:

        Thanx for your quick response, sir.
        I checked the link It says that only those stocks can be borrowed and lent which have futures and options. does it mean others stock can not be borrowed and lent?
        I have demat acc with Zerodha. How can I apply for SLB through zerodha?

  217. paras says:

    When suppose to expect the rupees refund process from exchange if any company stock has been suspended…

  218. Harsh Sharma says:

    If I may! Can you explain me about pre market order? Like if I buy a share b/w 9:00 to 9:08 and it was previously closed at for eg. 800 and opening price starts at 820 so will I book that profit? Or it will start at opening price and can I trade it in MIS or it will be traded in CNC

    • It is explained in detail on the post above. Check the video on AMO here. B/w 9 to 9.07, you can just place orders, no trades will happen. Order matching happens after that.

      • Vikas Sinha says:

        Sir as Harsh Sharma asked earlier my question is same ; that if I place bracket order in the pre market session with a limit price of 801 when a stock previously closed at 800 then if market opens at 820 then can I book that profit or not? if not then what will happen to my buy order. will it be cancelled or not?

        and also if I place a selling Bracket order at 780 during pre market session and market opens at 790 then what what will happen ? will my order be executed at the lower price of 780and I have to take loss of 10 rupees or if when price will reach to 780 then my order is executed? Please explain ..

        • In premarket brackets are not allowed. It will get rejected.

          • Vikas Sinha says:

            but if only limit order is allowed then can I place both stoploss limit order and buy or sell limit order simultaneously in pre market session? if yes then on the above situation i’e” if I place limit order in the pre market session with a limit price of 801 when a stock previously closed at 800 then if market opens at 820 then can I book that profit or not? if not then what will happen to my buy order. will it be cancelled or not?

            and also if I place a selling limit order at 780 during pre market session and market opens at 790 then what what will happen ? will my order be executed at the lower price of 780and I have to take loss of 10 rupees or if when price will reach to 780 then my order is executed? Please explain ..

            • Vikas, SL orders are not possible in premarket. Since exchanges don’t allow setting of triggers in premarket session.

              If you place a limit to sell at 780, the order gets collected and matching can happen at 780 itsef and execute after 9.07am. It won’t wait till 9.15 am for market to open for trade to be executed.

              • Vikas Sinha says:

                Sir one last question.. 🙁
                is margin order is allowed in pre-market session or not? and if place a limit buy order at 20 and market opens at 25 then what will happen to my order, will my order be cancelled ?

                and also “Thank you Sooo much ” for very quick response and clearing my doubts… which were stopping me to trade… Thank you again.. 🙂

  219. Abhijeet Gurjar says:

    when can i expect the gtc order to be available.
    That will be really helpful.

  220. Prashant says:

    How do I placed “stop market order” or “stop limit order ” for entry in KITE. e.g. if price is at 100 and i want my buy order to be executed as soon as any trade occurs at 101 not before that.

  221. Yogesh Tambe says:

    Can AMO orders placed in Basket ??

  222. Dheeraj Pande says:

    After placing order in AMO will it be available for preopning session.
    I want to place order exactly at 9:00 AM.

  223. Check this answer Preet. Bonus shares can take upto 2 weeks to be credited. Until the new stocks get credited, the P&L wont’ show right.

  224. raju says:

    Hi, if i buy a stock in F&O Normal Mode between 3:25 To 3:30 PM.. how can sell that on next day at open price . can i place AMO sell Market order, is it execute at open price once market opens.
    kindle advice

  225. Ajit says:

    I am new to trading and have recently open account in Zerodha. I have downloaded kite on mobile and also using kite web but i dont get any link for downloading Pi desktop version. Please help. My ID is ZI9562.

    Also please advise, in case of any problem in ordering to whom should i contact for quick resolution during market hours?

  226. tarun says:

    Today morning, I gave limit order to buy federal bank call option. Even though limit price was reached trade didn’t get executed. And after some time, call option price went up before my eyes. I was disappointed. Is it that AMO orders are first executed? Please let me know so that I can trade effectively.

  227. tarun says:

    Today morning, I gave limit order to buy federal bank call option. Even though limit price was reached trade didn’t get executed. And after some time, call option price went up before my eyes. I was disappointed. Is it that AMO orders are first executed? Please let me know so that I can trade effectively.

  228. V. Venkateswara Rao says:

    Hello Nithin Kamath

    What happens if AMO limit order (buy order) price is greater than opening market price? For example AMO limit order price is Rs 10 but as soon as the market opens the price is Rs 9 and in this case at what price the order will be valid.

    Thank you.

    • It will become like a market order.

      • Manish says:

        I think it will become Limit order, not market market order. Otherwise what is the use of giving option to select Market or Limit order to trader?

        • Venu says:

          Limit order is when you want to buy lower than market rate or sell higher than market rate.

          If you place a buy limit order at a price higher than market price, it’s as good as placing a market order. The trade will get executed immediately.

  229. Satya says:

    Any plan for supporting the placement of AMO orders in Kite Connect API ?

  230. Ankit saxena says:

    Sir i have added 1000 to my zerodha account and bought Idea shares as CNC AMO yesterday but today it is showing rejected with error “RMS:Margin Exceeds,Required:930.00, Available:0.00 for entity account-ZP7827 across exchange across segment across product” also showing 0 balance in kite and 989 balance in Why 11 rps got deducted and what did just happened?

  231. Aditya says:

    AMO before 9:00 am . SL-M order possible or not for buying as you have clearly mentioned above it is possible.
    “Instead of keeping a limit buy at 7670, you can place a SL-m buying order with trigger at 7670. So unless market opens above 7670, it won’t be bought.”

  232. Aditya says:

    ( In Equity Segment) . If I have strong feeling If the Stock Hind Petro touches 521 it will go higher . So If I wait for opening I cannot get execution . If I want to buy the stock in pre market at 521 at 9:00 am , I can use Normal- MIS – SLM- TRIGGER- 521. If price come to 521 It will be executed at 521 or higher .
    1. If it get executed it will be shown in executed orders or not ? If it is not executed it will remain in system we can cancel or modify only after market opening. Since no modification allowed after 9:07.
    2. Can we place SL-M for this order , and Can it will get executed in premarket , if there is too much volatility.
    3. If we can place SL-M for this order , it will be remain in system till it executed at market opening or I cancel it after market opening.

  233. hitesh says:

    yesterday i placed an after market buy order of abnuvo at 1645,now even though it opened at 1644.70 today, my order didn’t get executed. why?

  234. ZE5172 says:

    hi, there i have a query , that’s can in after market order can it be place in bracket order way and use leverage if its a stock mentioned in scrip for margin; also can we delete this order after the mkt open and share to be bought is seemingly at higher price wherein stock going down

  235. RAFI says:

    IF I Could not place order for BTST at market closing time. can i place this same order in AMO to get same closing price of share for BTST. ?
    what is last trading time to receive order in CNC for BTST… 3.19 pm or 3.29 pm? and morning selling time?

    Please reply soon.

  236. Aditya says:

    Is this Possible?
    1.If I want to buy Just Dial at 453 at market opening . In equity before 9 am & In Futures before 9:10 . Can I place AMO-MIS-SL , TRIGGER PRICE 453 , PRICE 454.
    2.Is this Correct . We can modify orders before 9:00 am and after 9:15 am ( When the market opens) but not in between once the order is placed.

  237. Aditya says:

    1. If I want to place limit order between 9:10 – 9:14 to get exact price . So it get executed at 9:15 , What order type I should use AMO or Normal Order with MIS product.
    2. If I want to place Stoploss for this order between 9:10-9:14 . What order type I should use AMO or Normal Order.

  238. Prakhar Mishra says:

    Do I need to cancel any open CNC order at the end of day or it will get cancelled automatically(if yes, is there any charge included ?)

  239. Abhishek Belwal says:


    I have a question about AMO.

    So, if i place an AMO today at some price to buy a stock, let’s say for Rs. 100, will it be valid for any price fluctuation during that day or will it expire if the stock doesn’t open at Rs.100.


  240. Vipul says:

    If I place AMO at 8 am for selling XYZ share at some target price and if the share price not reach to my target price. Can you tell me what happen in this case Q.1) AMO automatically cancelled at 9:15 am or it exist till market close 4 pm Q.2) If AMO exist for a day then can i Modify order after 9:15 am or later ?

  241. Prashanth DN says:

    Are pre-market orders (MIS, for example) valid only till 9.08AM or till 3.20AM (square-off time)?

  242. rahul seth says:

    Amo orders placed at 8 30am and pre market order placed at 9 am for the same stock..
    Sir plz clerify me.. Which order will be executed first..

  243. abhishek kumar sah says:

    index futures are eligible for pre-market orders?

  244. P Akash says:

    Hi , can u plz tell me why all my pre open orders in nifty options are getting rejected

  245. Chandrasekaran says:

    Can I place AMO for buying call option on Sunday ? Will be executed on Monday as soon as it opens ? Or can I place it at 9 AM on Monday ?

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Chandrasekaran, Since F&O orders can’t be placed during pre-market session, All F&O AMO orders will continue to be placed at 9:15 am as soon as the markets open.

  246. rahul seth says:

    Sir plz clearify me..
    Suppose i have strong feeling that price of this n this stock will rise up.. So shud i place a amo order or an normal order at @9 to get the shares at early as possible. .

  247. VIJAY KUMAR ARORA says:

    nitin ji,
    what is difference between normal margin and mis margin in fno equity

    • Akshay.A says:

      MIS margins are 40% of the NRML margins.
      Ex: If the NRML margin on a contract is Rs.50,000 in MIS you’ll only require Rs.20,000 to take that position.
      Check here for a more detailed explanation.

  248. VIJAY KUMAR ARORA says:

    hi, i am new entrant right today is my first day with ZERODHA.
    let me know if i places a AMO order and it`s not executed in pre market session , can i cancel it on day trading time ,yes or no

    vijay kumar arora dwarkA NEW DELHI

    • Akshay.A says:

      Such orders will get cancelled if the order hasn’t been executed.
      You would be able to check the status of such orders in the order book.

      • Prashanth DN says:

        As per what I’ve understood, AMO orders are sent to exchange at 9.15AM and are valid till 3.20PM so they won’t get canceled during pre-market duration. Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong.

  249. PK says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am a BTST trader in FnO. I buy during mkt hours and place AMO sell orders the same night and wait till next morning 9.08 AM to see if the underlying stock is showing strength and depending on that, I try to modify it. Since the last 3 sessions, some of my orders could be modified, some not. Could kindly clarify as none of the customer care guys could answer my question and I’m sure I’ll face this 2moro morning as well. They even said they ‘ll arrange a call back but never received any which is strange as per the high Zerodha standards.

    Please specify clear timings when I can amend these orders. If I’m not able to modify, should i change the AMO to regular order?

    This is very important. Kindly reply asap. Thanks.


    • Hi, all AMO orders can be modified only till 9.10 am. Am checking why our team didn’t inform.

      • PK says:

        Thanks Nithin for your quick reply. Huge fan of your company’s efforts and Pi! Through your system, you have turned retailers like me to become marketers of your products thru word of mouth.

      • VIJAY KUMAR ARORA says:

        please tell me, can we cancel orders like this in market time 9.15 to 3.30

  250. Sasi says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Consider if I want to buy the stock at Rs.100 at 10:30 AM and I want to sell the stock at 11:30 AM with the price at Rs.105. How it can be done? Please help.

  251. Radha Krishna Kavuluru says:

    Hi Nithin,

    On Zerodha Kite Platform the chart for the Stock or futures are displaying time on X-Axis as 14.15 @ 9.15AM in the morning.This is for the first time i am observing.Awaiting your response.

    Radha Krishna

  252. Vaibhav Vatkar says:

    The decision to limit AMOs only to limit orders & at pre-open timings seems just an excuse and an easy way out by zerodha towards their problems.
    Instead, a more pragmatic approach would have been firing AMO Limit orders in pre-open session and market orders when market opens.
    As always customer service, is always recused by zerodha.
    You still haven’t made GTC orders available. One of the discount broker has already made it available.
    Going by your approach towards AMO, seems just empty words towards GTC introduction.

    • Vaibhav, these are not things that can be deployed in a hurry. We are working on sending both market and SL orders for equity at 9.15, but this requires work/time. At the scale we are at, we can’t give a feature that can cause us issues. Exchanges don’t support GTC, it is a layer we have to build(all pending GTC/VTC at end of day has to be replaced next day morning as AMO. there is no way to keep the order on exchange system). There was a recent big arbitration case where the client has gone to SEBI saying he had placed a VTC order, market gapped down and his order wasn’t executed. He is claiming for the losses. The other guy is a % brokerage guy,he can probably take this risk, we charging 0 can’t.

  253. ankesh kumar says:

    I purchased 50share at market price using AMO, market price was 125 and than when market opened next day it cost me 129.80 even in whole day price never went above 125.5 how come i was charged much higher then price??

  254. jin says:

    everybody saying Today, 25-04-2017, is the last trading day for cairn India. now i have just found 33180 shares are in post market offers side. so tomorrow what will happen to these shares ?.
    thanks in advance.

    • siva says:

      Yes, as per the corporate action in this case it is undergoing scheme of arrangement which results in it’s suspension of trading from tomorrow(26th April) and all shareholders of cairn will receive an interim dividend of Rs 17.7 per share as approved by board of directors of vedanta along with 1 equity share of vedanta and 4 redeemable preference shares of face value of Rs 10 with a coupon of 7.5%. To note cairn is merged with vedanta.

  255. Ravi Podugu says:

    When we do intraday trading during pre market session, which order should we provide?

    Can we provide a bracket order? (limit or market order?)
    Can we provide a cover order? (limit or market order?)

  256. paras says:

    Hello sir,
    If any company is suspended from exchange due to some reason..Is there any possible way to get back of related company shares which borrowed earlier..

    • Venu says:

      Companies are suspended for different reasons, removing them from suspension is the prerogative of the regulators. If they are removed from suspension, they become trade-able again.

  257. SVA says:

    Hello Sir,

    As I fall into the category of – ( This facility is available on Zerodha for people who can’t actively track the markets from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM )

    I would like to request , to Place a BRACKET ORDER for next Day.

    If I am not mistaken Other Brokers do providing this Facility.


  258. paras says:

    hi, many times i place order with zerodha in amo previous day and when i saw in next day pre market open..the time reflect to me is 9.00.08 or 9.00.23 or 9.00.45…Why exactly you don’t trigger to nse/bse server at 9.00.00am…This make lots of difference and miscalculation…Other brokers i found the hit reflection in pre market order with proper timing…9.00.00…Can you guide or give me any suggestion…

    • Venu says:

      The orders are fired at 9am, the Exchanges have a limit on the number of orders they can process each second. They would be a few million requests and the orders get placed chronologically.

  259. Anushka says:

    Hello Sir,

    This is regards with equity which I want to purchase & its order book…I will appreciate your suggestion…There are certain shares where liquidity is very less and traded volume/value at frequency of two to three days time….

    The query is for eg. the closing price of a share is 109…There are two buy quantities Qty 200 @ Price 104 & other Qty 50 @ price 105…and one sell quantity 50 @ 120…

    a)How to ensure a buy and match the order in such a way that I get the delivery of shares in AMO/pre opening session or during market hours at price of Rs 109 or less?

    b)What to do for a good buy or match order if there is a huge price gap between the buy & sell orders as compared to the closing price or the last traded price?

    c)Why at times it happens that there are no/few sellers but the closing price moves upwards during the day ?

    • Venu says:

      A broker only provides an execution platform. The Order matching happens at the Exchange end. Only if the bid & ask match, it’ll result in a trade, otherwise, the orders remain pending in the system.

  260. bhupendra says:

    Hello Nitin
    I have set some AMO in past and they are sent to exchange in Premarket. But some of them got cancelled because script is not allowed in premarket. It would be better if zerodha sends only those orders in premarket which are allowed, and those not allowed can be sent at 9:15 AM

  261. Rohit T. S. Netravalkar says:

    I was just wondering if I can quote maximum price at which I want to buy an equity and still get a best deal using AMO when the trades are executed?
    Example say Stock X had last closing value of 100. I want to buy it at lowest possible price going upto 102. Can I setup the trade such that if the stock opens at 98, I get it at 98 not at 102 (maximum limit) at which i have placed the order?

  262. Sudip Kumar Saha says:

    Say, I’ve 100 Stocks of “Company Y” in my Demat Account. I’ve sold them as CnC and as usual they are showing in ” Open Position “.

    Now prices of the stocks have lowered further. Can I buy them back as CNC and sell them as CNC again to make it a intraday deal and book additional profit. For eg :

    1. 100 stocks of Company Y sold from my Demat account as CNC @ 255 and they are showing in Open Position
    2. Price of the stocks lowered to Rs. 250. In open position it’s showing Rs. 500 as Profit.
    3. Now I buy the stocks back again as CNC @ 250 to book the profit of Rs. 500.
    4. Now I sell the stocks again as CNC to make it a intraday trade @ 250 as I don’t want the delivery of the stock in my demat account.

    Is this possible ? Please. reply fast. Thanks.

  263. Santan chaurasiya says:

    Is any kind of analysis facilities are available at your platform that help me to buy stocks which give me profit?if yes than please give me details sir.

  264. Santan chaurasiya says:

    could i sold the stocks in ragular time 9:15 to 3:30pm which i bought in AMO??

  265. universal group says:

    how to carry today’s stop loss order tomorrow to prevent loss in gap down or gap up position ? ( in commodity normal trading )

  266. K. Sri Prasanna Reddy says:

    After recent changes in AMO, if the target is hit in MIS between 9:00 and 9:15 the trades gets executed and it
    shows in positions immediately. Limit order is better option for buy(long) and sell(short) positions if we know the
    expected price. Correct me if I am wrong.


  267. paras says:

    bse server and nse server what catch first pre order or amo orders..and at what time..

  268. paras says:

    Also let me know the zerodha amo timing plz

  269. paras says:

    If i know one of company share buying and selling price on daily basis. which is better timing amo or pre-market order…to participate first come first service…

  270. Shivam says:

    Typing mistake, i want my order to reach at the earliest in the morning.

  271. Shivam says:

    Hi sir, recently some changes have been done with AMO time and it is sent to exchange at 9 am. Now, if I want my order to reach the exchange then shall I place AMO or place an order at 9 am or 9.15 am. Also, is there any sequence followed in sending AMO to exchange?

  272. Yadhukar says:

    Hi Nithin,
    AMO feature helping us to place order after our office hours in the evening, but is is becoming tedious to enter same AMO if it is not triggered during trading time. Currently I am placing 6 to 8 AMO daily, but it will increases to 36 – 40 according to my portfolio. It will be helpful if AMO placed carry forward to next day if it does not get triggered.
    I have gone through this blog and for past one year many people asked same question, When we can expect the solution?


  273. Makesh Ramaswamy says:

    I have just started trading with Zerodha for the past one week. I find the software is quite simple, but definitely covers all the features, what is needed for a trading to be done. I got various doubts during this period, all of which have been sorted out to my satisfaction.

    I find your Support team is very good, they are able to answer. No doubt, always there will be some scope for Improvement, which I find Zerodha will look into.

  274. shashi says:

    Will i be able to get leverage on after market order?
    And is there a stop loss for after market order?

  275. Puneet says:

    Hi Nithin ,

    Please put Alert & Notes available in Kite. I really love Kite…only miss these 2 things.


  276. Raghu Prasad says:

    Hi ,

    How to place a Target Orders with the Trigger Price?

  277. Anand Prakash says:

    Is there any provision of getting extra margin (i.e. Bracket Order or MIS) while placing the order with AMO.
    Please help on priority..

  278. Vaheed Zaman says:

    Dear sir,
    I am a new user of zerodha as i got frustrated with some other share broking firm (I don’t want to mention the name).The thing i want to ask is,during the pre market session after 9.08 am can i place the order and will it be forwarded to exchange? My current broking agent allows me to do the same thing,but the order can’t be either modified or cancelled.I want to know,you also offer the same or not?.
    2nd thing i want to ask is,WIth my current broking agent,during the pre session before 9.08 i have got some of my orders got executed.Will the same be possible with your’s?

    • Vaheed, check the explanation and the link I have shared above. The mechanism is exactly the same with all brokers. Do read the NSE link I have shared in the first para of this blogpost.

      • Nitin Kabra says:

        I am trying to put AMO on zerodha but after placing the order , the message is “order placed”
        But soon after than the OrderBooks does not show any pending orders
        sometime it shows but goes away after a minute

        Also if if try to place more than one AMO order then Orderbook does removes all AMO orders

        Is this normal or issues with kites ? Without AMO , kite does not make any sense for me
        please help

        • Hmmm.. shouldn’t happen. Having this checked.

          • Nitin Kabra says:

            All the orders which did not show up in Order book did got submitted to exchange and some got executed.
            Since I could not see placed AMOs in orderbook actually I tried to place the same order again and this cause kites to issue multiple orders.
            This is annoying as not able to see order in Orderbook may lead use to place multiple orders by mistake

            • Nitin, I guess our team is trying to reach you. This shouldn’t happen, we can check it out.

              • Nitin Kabra says:

                ZERODHA Support is good. Thanks.
                However I tried to use Mobile App which did not showed the issue
                Then I switched to CHROME brownser which also is working fine

                However IE-11 still has this issue. It seems Clicking Orderbook link does not have any effect as the result are no submitted order shown in browser where has order is still queued in Banckend

                Since Mobile App and CHROME browser works for now I am happy trading @ ZERODHA but do fix issues with IE -11 at your end

                Nitin Kabra

  279. nitin says:

    what r the charges for amo orders does u charge whether the order excuted or not i mean does u charge for placing an amo order if yes what r the charges

  280. mohammad irfan says:

    Sir I have one query,if I want to buy any stock on exactly its opening price then should I place pre market order on market price before 9:08am ?

  281. Prateek says:

    Today i logged in at Pi and try to put AMO at 2:42 pm but just after click on OK in AMO screen, my order was rejected and reason shown their is “Admin stopped AMO”. (This was first time i tired to put AMO.)
    Kindly clarify as I am confuse why this is happen.
    Thank you.

  282. Vishnu Badarayana says:

    Sir is it possible to place intraday AMO orders for tomorrow like for example Buy if stock future price is greater than 100, target order 105 with corresponding SL and Sell if stock future is lesser than 90 , target order 85 with corresponding SL assuming that today close price was 95. All 6 orders will be treated as separate orders then what will be the margin requirements for such kind of AMO order for intraday. Is it possible in nifty stock futures in same scrip. Please clarify.

    Vishnu Badarayana

  283. PRAVIN MOKASHI says:

    Good Evening Nithin,
    I have been in the markets for over 2 decades & I must congratulate you for providing a good platform. I am just trying to test zherodha by making small trades.
    Is it possible to have Good Till Canceled orders in this system?

  284. samir says:

    thanks for the reply nitin. Then to get a best fill after the market open in first second. which order type is good to trade.please suggest.
    like if we have any news after the market close which order type is good ?

  285. samir says:

    i want to place a AMO order for usdinr as a market order not limit order to get the first price of the day.
    just want to know that i will get the first open price of the day?

  286. Vaman says:

    I’m not able to place AMO in Kite and not able to login between 1am to 3am to my account to place AMO. I tried to complain this by calling customer support but they dont understand and asked me to keeping trying. I really dont understand what is the issue.

  287. shikha gupta says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    I noticed 1 issue in Kite android platform, is that its not placing AMO orders to NSE on opening exactly at same time once the markets opens.

    Example- I placed a AMO for currency derivative before 9.00 AM today, but when I see in the order book it shows the time of 9.00.09 AM means there is a delay in sending the AMO to NSE by 9 seconds, it seems because of this my that order didn’t went thru and stands as open.

    Please see the attached screenshots where the order details is being showed in screenshot & in another it is showing the OHLC details of the USDINR derivative, as per the OHLC it goes below my bid price but my order didn’t got activated.

    I believe that because of this my order didn’t got executed.

    I faced this issue earlier also for equity F&O section….

    Kindly advice on this issue.

    I sent this mail to support team also…. please look into this…

    Shikha Gupta

  288. Jagat Bandhu Bered says:

    how we can place premarket orders and post market orders??

  289. Vaman says:

    I cant login at 12.30 am to 2am to place “AMO”. The error message is “MSG Error”, i dont understand what is wrong when you say AMO time is 4pm to 9:14am. And once around 3am i logged into to place AMO but application didnt display my holdings. This is something very weird and irritating.

    • Venu says:

      We run some processes between 1 – 3.30 am during which time you will not be able to access the system. Will check why the holdings weren’t showing. An AMO doesn’t validate the holdings, so you can still go ahead and place the order.

  290. Hameed Abdul Kader says:


    I placed an CNC AMO for SYNGENE with a stop loss. but it was squared off the same day. whats the problem with this?

  291. Amit Nigam says:

    Dear Sir,

    Two questions

    1. What happens during 3:30 to 3:40? Is there any activity during this period?
    2. Are orders in derivatives segment allowed in post market session i.e. from 3:40 to 4:00?


  292. Amit Nigam says:

    Dear sir,

    During what time can we place AMO after close of trading on Friday or after close of trading on a day before a trading holiday?

    Thank you

  293. Vishal Soni says:

    Do we have stop loss with AMO?
    Suppose I am bullish/bearish on some scrip and when it’s approaching some level I may want buy/sell it with stop loss. Do we have such feature!!

  294. Hariprasad says:

    I purchased shares in BSE, till yesterday it was showing BSE. But today it is showing NSE market. Often it happens in my kite account. Why it happens?

    • Hari, by default we show NSE prices for LTP on holdings page since liquidity is higher. Once in holdings, you can sell on NSE and BSE, based on your convenience. Which exchange you bought it from doesn’t matter.

  295. Jackson says:

    It says 3.30pm and my MIS orders getting cancelled and automatically executed by 3.21pm. Can you increase the time atleast for 5 minutes? Why it is so early when the actual time specified is 3.30pm?

  296. Ajay Bhatia says:

    Sir, I have bought during mkt hours 100 shares under CNC ! I wish to Sell the same on the same day in Post Market Session. Pi not allowing me to sell with the message : “No holding” What is the procedure to square off the trade the same day in Post Market session? Regards.

  297. Aakanksha says:

    Hi Nithin,
    As a person who can’t monitor the market actively between 0915-1530, I want to place order with my limits. But, if there’s no selling at my stated price limit, then the orders get automatically cancelled the moment market closes for the day. Why cant that order be valid till the execution is done at my stated price or till I myself cancel the order. So, in a nutshell, Zerodha has to provide a platform where the validity of the order should extend beyond the DAY, till the point the order is actually executed.
    Hope you will come up with some solution.

  298. sanket babar says:

    Hi, Can I place Intraday AMO. I meant to say, If I place AMO “BUY” on previous day let’s say @11 PM, will it be valid for next day’s Intraday..i.e Can I “SELL” that order in next day in between 9:15 to 3:30 Normal day session?

  299. Nizam says:

    Sorry. That link is working please ignore my earlier post.

    But, that link does not show the high and low prices for the pre market session. Also, those charts are not enlargeable and does not give any sense of anything. Some of them are straight and some of them are curved. If possible, can you please share some info on how to interpret them.

    Thank you.

    • How it works is

      Orders won’t be traded during 9.00 to 9.07 ie during order collection period thus no point of high or low. Order matching period starts immediately after completion of order collection period. Orders are matched at a single (equilibrium) price which will be open price.
      Also we can see the indicative open/equilibrium price and volume on market depth during order collection period, as the name suggests they are only indicative open and volume and are keep on changing based on demand and supply during collection period.

  300. Nizam says:

    Hi Nithin, Not sure whether I can post this question here. But I feel it is relevant. Sorry if it is not. Where can we find the charts for pre market session i.e the trading happened from 9AM to 9:07AM. Is there a way to find the high & low prices for that session for a given stock? I would like to know whether this is possible for NSE stocks. If possible then how? and where?


  301. gourav says:

    hello sir plz clarify my doubt
    I logged in kite at 8:50am and some stocks already show bid quantity means this no of quantity already placed in order
    then I place order 9 am my order is placed before or after this bid quantity ?

    • Venu says:

      Exchanges conduct pre market session for Equity segment that starts at 9 and goes on till 9.08. You can place Equity orders during such time, not before that. At 8:50, there will be no bid/ask showing

  302. manju says:

    Sir, I am new to this field Please clarify my doubt.
    1)If i purchased a particular company share on 21st november at 6:00 pm as CNC Product type In AMO, Then Closing price of that company share on 21st november is considered or next day opening price of that company share on 22nd november is considered??
    2) Can we do Buy/sell of GROUP B,XC,XD,XT company stock in AMO?

    Thank You

  303. Ravindra says:

    Hi, Good article, can bracket orders and cover orders be placed after market ? Thanks

  304. Chandrakant says:


    I have bought 50 shares 1 week ago and are currently in my holdings. If I place a CNC sell request using AMO with some limit for those shares, will it get sold from my holdings or will be considered as intraday trade and I have to buy them again the same day to book profit ?

  305. Atheeq says:

    I had placed a market order (CNC type) post market at 3:57 PM today, but “Order Book” is displaying “Order Type” as “L”, whereas i think it should have been displayed as “M”. Let me know if you want me to send a screen of this is a bug, or correct me. Thanks.

  306. Pramod says:

    Can we place am MIS order for equity in pre-market session and in AMO?

  307. Jaydev says:

    What is the validity of AMO? I am currently using and they provide VTC facility so the order can be place for very long time period. i.e. 15 days.
    Is this same with zerodha also?

  308. Thambidurai says:

    Sir, I’m a newbie to stock market. I’m facing problem on placing orders of penny stocks such as Birlacotsyn. Even if I place order previous day evening, the order doesn’t get executed and finally gets expired around 3:30. Is there any specific trick/shortcut to buy/sell penny stocks? Is it due to disclosed quantity, which I never entered for any stock while placing order?

  309. Harsh says:

    How to place a premarket order?

  310. Manowar says:


    I always want to buy/sell share in pre market session but find difficulties in placing order on exact time i.e 9:00:00 AM. So please let me know as how to get the exact time(live) of NSE/BSE with accuracy of milliseconds. Actually I want to match my clock time as per BSE/NSE time.

  311. amit agrawal says:

    suppose i place AMO order on 20th october at 5pm and trade not executed on 21st october , so i want to know when AMO order will cancel which i placed on 20th october ?

  312. Shailesh Parmar says:

    Can we place pre-market order for F&O segment i.e. from 9:00 AM to 9:08 AM as we can do it for equity ?

  313. SURESH says:

    Great work. Good and quick response

  314. Kaushik says:

    1) Can we place AMO MIS order with stoploss and target using kite?
    2) what is 1) price and 2) trigger in case of stoploss order?

  315. Anjali says:

    Pending CNC equity orders should get cancelled at 15.30Hrs and blocked margin should be released so that buy order could be placed in post-market session.
    I could not place buy order in post-market session as margin was not released.

    • Venu says:

      Will have this checked.

    • CS says:

      Anjali, you can only cancel BSE orders after 3.30; NSE orders get stuck dont know why. I too buy in the post closing session; what I do is use the Cancel All option in Order book at 3.29.55 that is 5 seconds before markets close.

  316. Vinay Mamgain says:

    Hi, Sir

    Can I place AMO sale order for any commodity in NRML ( Spouse I have one lot of Gold in buy) and I want to place AMO at 9.59 or before to sale the same when the market open.


    Vinay Mamgain

  317. dilip patel says:

    hi sir I want to know about short sell orders .what diffrace between orders like as a MARKET,LIMIT,sl,slm and bo,co,regular orders ..pls tell me …

  318. DP1423 says:

    Dear Kamath,

    Today when i try to put BANKNIFTY PUT Option of more than 250 lots in a single order , it is not allowing to place the order giving error message like” only maximum 2501 shares is allowed for my ID DP1423 across all segments) because of which i’m not able to put my orders quickly and lost the best rate for the BANKNIFTY06OCT19600PE at 50……Could you please let me know when i’m not able to put more than 250 lots at a time in single order itself what is the logic behind it for restricting it to 2501 shares in BANKNIFTY OPTION.


  319. tapan says:

    Hi, i have question regarding the pre order. Can we use this to short a stock even if we dont have that stock in our account for intraday purpose?

    please advice.

    thank you


  320. Anjali says:

    How to know the closing price of an equity in post-market session in Kite. C in market depth is closing price of previous day. Market watch and limit order window displays last traded price if no transaction is executed in the scrip in post-market session. No rate is displayed in Market depth if no bid exists. Order gets cancelled when I select order type as “market” in post-market session perhaps because it is placed at last traded price if no transaction is executed in the scrip in post-market session. Today’s closing price of an equity is not available in post-market session in kite.

      • Anjali says:

        I am waiting for a favour.

        • Venu says:

          In the post closing session you can only place market orders at the ATP (Average traded price) that is declared by the Exchange which will also be the closing price.
          So in all likeliness, the closing price in the normal market will be equal to the closing price in the Post closing session.

          • Anjali says:

            In post-market session “Market order” displays price as zero. It always gets cancelled. C in market depth is closing price of previous day. Market watch and limit order window in post-market session displays LTP (not ATP) of normal session. No rate is displayed in Market depth if no bid exists.
            Today’s ATP is not available in post-market session in kite.
            How to see ATP ?

  321. vienodh says:

    Hi nitin,

    Can i place the order and execution of AMO by 9am of the trading day instead of BTST in future trades.

  322. Anjali says:

    How to know the closing price in post-market session in Kite. Market watch displays last traded price if no transaction is executed in the scrip in post-market session. No rate is displayed in Marketdepth if no bid exists. I think Post-market Order as market order are placed at last traded price if no transaction is executed in the scrip in post-market session and hence cancelled.

    • IF you are looking at equity, closing price shows up as C in the market depth. For F&O only LTP will show. Yes post market order is allowed at only one price, the closing price.

      • Anjali says:

        Yes, I am looking at Equity. I raised query because C in market depth is closing price of previous day. Today’s closing price is not available. Kindly review.

  323. Bharat Thakkar says:

    Hi, I have 25-30 is it possible to uplaod a file for AMO for selling the scrips at any limit or stop loss price as against placing AMO for all scrips individually?

  324. […] the previous day itself. After market orders can be placed from between 6.30 pm to 9.15 am, click here to know more. Only CNC/NRML/MIS orders allowed as […]

  325. MILIND S UPASANI says:

    Hello , How can I place an order which is valid say for a month for a given price rather than getting expired in one session if that price has not reached ? I am a Zerodha Account holder , you can ask your rep to contact me if more details are required.

  326. Darshit says:

    Sir if i place AMO after 6:30 PM, Can i modify it between 9:08 am – 9:15 am the next day. Suppose on 22/09/2016 ASIANPAINT closed at 1189. On 22/09/2016 after 6:30 pm I placed order for buying ASIANPAINT at 1195, qty- 500. Now on 23/09/2016 at 9:08 am the opening price of ASIANPAINT comes at 1196, can I modify my AMO of 1195 to 1196 between 9:08 am to 9:15 am ? Thank you.

  327. sunita says:

    hello sir
    when we buy shares in cnc ,and after two days when we sell it . why it again shows in positions?
    suppose we buy it in 50 per share and sell it in 52 ,after selling it , if the share increases to 53 then in position it shows in loss with avg cost 52 in the same day . then actually what happenning either i had profit or loss? please answer me.or after that any process is there?

    • It shows in positions only for that particular day. It shows there just in case you decide to buy back again, in which case it will be an intraday trade. Any P&L shown after you sell CNC in positions doesn’t effect you at all.

  328. shikher says:

    I am new and I want to open my 1st account in Zerodha with zero knowledge of ‘share market’. I need training… like: How to trade?.. etc, but not in documented manner. Do you have any good trainer for me? Any support?

  329. Anand says:

    Hi team zerodha,
    As known to all, BSE has put weekly/quarterly/yearly filters on many scrips & some good quality cos have stuck in upper limit. In such upper limit, chances are high of matching in premarket session. So, it will be very helpful if all AMO orders hit exchange at 9:00:01, and if not executed, carry forward at 9:15 market opening automatically. Many brokers are offering this. Zerodha users can’t place order sharply at 9:00:01 and miss many opportunities where other software based systems win. On October 1st, many filters are going to change. Zerodha should speedup if they are working on this already.

  330. jaideep says:

    But BO gives upto 20 times leverage right?why cant AMO?

  331. Jaideep says:

    How much leverage will I get if I use AMO?the same as bracket order?

  332. Abheek says:

    Please ignore, I can see that now.

  333. GAURAV DWIVEDI says:

    Hi nitin,
    Can I put a market order at Friday and expect it to be executed by Sunday?

  334. Faz says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am new to trading and use Kite for last two weeks. I am unable to find some equities like WELSPUNIND ,PRABHAT DIARY in (Margin calculator). Last week also I tried to execute a BUY on a different Equity but it failed , I guess reason being it was not shown in MARGIN CALCULATOR. Is there any restrictions on some Equities in Zerodha . Please forgive if it is my ignorance.

  335. krish says:

    hi sir how to apply ipo in kite or zerodha i did n”t get in zerodha kite

  336. lokesh kataria says:

    Hello Sir,

    Can i place AMO in MIS or CNC

  337. Chethan says:

    Hi Nithin Kamath sir,
    I want to place a order in F&O during 9 to 9:08, which is pre open session, is it possible. Pls update me i am looking for broker who can give this facility..

  338. Anjali says:

    Pi should generate Alert if price is entered beyond a certain percentage of last traded price to prevent mistakes in order price. User Settings should facilitate selection of the percentage. Similarly an alert should be generated if the order value exceeds a pre-defined value to avoid inadvertent orders. User Settings should facilitate selection of the pre-defined value.

  339. Soumya Deep says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have seen this quite often that the open price mentioned in google finance or even in Zerodha Kite/Pi doesnt match with the open price at 9:15 AM or the open price of the first, 1 min candle. Do you have any idea why is it so?

    For eg, Today RCOM opened at 51.60 INR but we can clearly see that the open at 9:15 is 52.05 INR.

    Thanks in advance

  340. Debkrishna says:

    Can i place AMO between 9:08 AM to 9:15 AM .

  341. Muhammed Nihal says:

    From what I understand the current available leverage is 11x for MIS orders and 20.8x for BO.
    Is 11x leverage given for MIS orders without a Stop Loss? Will I get more leverage for MIS orders if Stop Loss is provided?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  342. Aman says:

    Can we place a single order which can automatically be placed daily till its execution for Equity & Options.

  343. Manowar says:

    Suppose LTP of a share yesterday was Rs. 10 and I expect the price will open at Rs. 10.15 on next day. If considering this case and I place two orders simultaneously during pre market session (buy @ Rs 10.05 and sell @ Rs 10.10). Please tell me if both orders will execute or not. will I get profit or not..?

  344. Anjali says:

    I have submitted application for Demat and equity trading account at Zerodha. With my existing broker Mangal Keshav, all my AMO go to Pre-market session at 9.00AM. Some are executed and remaining go to normal session at 9.15AM. May I request Zerodha to adopt the idea.

  345. jithu says:

    Sir, how much leverage will i get if i have 1 lakh in my trading account for intraday trading ?
    Is there any extra charges if i’m using leverage or is it same like normal trading ?
    I”m from kerala and zerodha is having an office in cochin.
    So is it possible to place my orders by calling to cochin office ?

  346. Yuvraj says:

    good info.

  347. Manish Wadhwani says:

    Hi ,
    how to place order after market in kite?

  348. Vikas says:


    On 2nd Aug 2016, HCL tech closes at 800 and on 3rd Aug morning(around 8AM) I come to realise that it will move up so I put MKT order at 9AM but it opens at 869 and my order get executed at this price and then it goes down for the rest of the day so, can any one tell me if there is a way to get profit out of this i.e. buy at “previous close” price and sell today at any price ??????????


  349. rahul says:

    Sir, If i buy XYZ company’s 200 Shares on monday evening at 7:00 PM, can i sell that XYZ company’s 200 shares on tuesday morning at 9:16 AM ????

    • Venu says:

      You can only trade during market hours – 9:15 am – 3:30 pm. You can’t buy shares at 7:00 pm. However if you’ve bought it during the day, you can sell it next day at 9.16 am. Such transactions are called BTST – Buy today, sell tomorrow transactions. There’s a risk though –

  350. Bharat Thakkar says:

    Sir, why we dont have “net position” in Pi.? It helps..Its there in NEST and really helps..Can you incorporate?..

  351. Aditya says:

    Hi….do we have GTC (good till cancel) option in Zerodha ?

  352. darshan says:

    hi, imagine… open price is 485, i have placed my amo order to sell at 484.50, and in the candle chart of the stock im seeing it from 484rs, will my order by executed ?? pls reply me

    • Raja Rajan says:

      Based on experience it was observed that AMO orders are sent into the trading system at 09;15:40 and by then the candle would have already captured the open price, Thus in your case the chance of your order getting executed is 50:50…

    • No guarantee. All AMO’s are fired to the exchange after market opening, so your order may or may not get executed if the 484 price is hit a fraction of second before your AMO reaches the exchange.

  353. Manowar says:

    I feel that there should be a digital clock at the top in KITE website to ease the customer to sell and buy at exact time. Every time we have to check current time in different website during premarket and closing market time.

  354. Manowar says:

    there is an overlapping time of Pre-market and After market order between 9:00AM to 9:15 AM. Can you please tell me if AMO orders get automatically opened during pre-market session and chances of executon in pre-market session…?/

  355. Arun says:

    If I place a buy Pre- Market Order (9:00am – 9:08am) of an scrip at market price then…
    Will it get executed at the current price exactly at sharp 9:15:00 am ( So I don’t face slippages)
    Will it take some seconds to get executed. (Which normally happens when I place a market order at 9:15am , it gets delayed by some seconds and I have to face slippages ?

  356. Sandip Marathe says:

    hello sir, Is there any way to get benefit of gap up or gap down we see in commodities..
    we generally see 20-30 points gap upnor gap down.
    Using nymex/comex cmp we can predict what price market is gonaa open.
    plz share if u have any method to get benefit of thus phenomenon

  357. Anshul says:

    Sir, I want to know how can we carry forward our orders to next day if it is not executed same day. it is very cumbersome to place same order everyday. is there any way otherwise??

  358. Sandip Marathe says:

    I want to ask clear my doubt about commodity AMOs. suppose markrt closed yest @3100.
    at nymex it went up.
    and if it seems to be jump directly at 3150 at 10:00 AM.
    suppose market opend @3115 and jumped to 3150.
    ie. open prize-3115, cmp 3150(@10.00 am). and low is 3115 i.e open prize.

    so in this case.
    1) If i hv placed buy AMO (SL type) @ 3120, will my order get executed?

    2) If i hv placed buy AMO (market order)
    at3150. will my order get executed and what prize?

    3) If i hv placed AMO( Limit order)@ buy @3120.
    will my order get execute and if yes at what prize??

    plzz answer.

    • Sandip, AMO doesn’t mean the order is placed on the exchanges before market open. All AMO orders placed by our clients is put in a basket and we send it to the exchange at market opening. AMO is as good as you placing an order after market opening. So,
      1. Can’t say, most likely no.
      2. Can’t say. It can be anywhere between 3115 to 3150.
      3. Can’t say. If you place a limit buy order higher than the current price, it as good as market buying order.

  359. Roshan says:

    If I trade after market hour.
    For ex -I want to buy f&O lupin in nse
    Current market prize is 1490
    So if I put a limit 1500
    And due to high volume next day market open at 1505. Will my order get execute @ 9:15 and if my predictions goes wrong and if lupin falls from 1490(current prize) as my limit I had put was 1505 will my order get execute.
    Ty in advance!

    • Venu says:

      Orders at the Exchange get executed on price,time priority. If your order to buy is the highest available bid, then it’ll get executed. If there are other bidders who’ve placed an order at the same price, the order will get traded in order of time priority. There’s no guarantee that placing an order at “x” price will guarantee execution.

  360. birendra saxena says:

    hi , i m birendra saxena .i m face truble, that dashboard,order,holdings,position ,found are not properiy shon why ?how i escap from it? second how i can get ipo of L&T on 11july on zerodha. i have satrted since 4th july 16

  361. Uday Konkankar says:

    Today, 9 Jul 2016 (Sat), I just logged on through PI and found that trading on some stocks like TCS, Infy, Sun Pharma etc was ON. I even managed to buy some tocks of TCS. How is this possible when there is no trading on Sat. When tried buying more, error msg “Adapter…” was displayed. I tried AMO, earlier but “Admin rejected….” error was displayed. Kindly clarify as I am confused why there is trading on Sat. Thank you.

    • Uday, there was mock trading conducted by exchanges today. None of those prices are real, it is done to test out all the systems. We participate on every mock with the exchange, hence you see the prices changing.

  362. Thilak says:

    Hi Team, can i sell future stock during pre-market time 09:00-09:08. i am not able to place the sell/buy order for furture during this time.

  363. naman says:

    hi, as i see the stock goes up by 1% or more less before we could enter in that after 9:15 . how could we enter in that.
    does the AMO do the trick and what price will i get the order executed if i place AMO. and if i place order at market price can i get price somewhere between the price after market opening and yesterday’s close.

    plz rply soon…will help me and some of my friends..

    • Naman, AMO or any other orders actually enter the exchange servers only after 9.15 am. So there is no way for anyone to get a price between yesterdays close and todays open.

  364. Khraw says:

    What does stop loss means in AMO buy order? Is it means to minimised lost as in cover order or price to enter the market?
    Please clarify on this as I am confused.


    • Venu says:

      You can use the SL order to place a SL for your existing position or as an entry order to buy above a certain price or short below a certain price.

  365. sachin says:

    HI sir today crudeoil mini open@3363…… next second it goes to 3400 ….. using amo it put buy at 3364…. the order is not taken……….. what is the reason?

  366. Madan says:

    Hi sir ,
    Can I put some nifty futures AMO orders Saturday and Sunday anytime ?

  367. sachin says:

    I am placing order through AMO for crude oil [commodity]
    opening flash;3194
    i am placing my order at 3211 on 9:59Am wheather the order taken or not.

  368. Ajay Bhatia says:

    Not yet ready to do it, but looking at some exciting set up for trading and need the clarification for the following:
    I wish to place AMO (After market orders) for 50 stocks to buy and place SL orders/bracket orders for another 50 stocks . Is there any easier way to do it through say some Excel sheet etc. or do we have a Software for it. Or suggest some simple way to do it. Thanks.

  369. Mahesh says:

    I want to place intraday buy order which should execute in pre-opening session . Could you please let me know the way to do that and which parameter i need to select to place the order successfully (i.e Order Type : Day,CO,BO,AMO etc and any other ).

  370. Robin Ramakrishna says:

    I am a zerodha account holder & trader. Can Stop Loss orders be placed as AMO (between 6.30 PM & 9.15 AM. Thx

  371. Jignesh Patel says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is there any way to place a order for a week or so period on time. until successfully.

    I don’t want to place the same order daily.


  372. chetan agrawal DC0160 says:

    if stop loss order not allowed in pre market session then it is possible that i place an order without stop loss in pre market session and after execution of order add stop loss in continuous session i.e. after 09:15 .

    please reply as soon as posible

  373. chetan agrawal DC0160 says:

    in pre market session, can i place an buy or sell order with SL – M

  374. chetan agrawal DC0160 says:

    In pre market session how it is possible –

    Buy on market price with SL-M. AND SL should be rs.5 down from execution price. For ex- if buy price 100 then SL -95. If buy price 103 then SL- 98.

    It is possible any how by bracket order, basket order, cover order, algo, pi or Any other way.

  375. Rajesh Khatkar says:

    when i give market order in pre market session that are executed after 4 second of market open, why many time i see my order are executed 9.15.04 am. and i got some different price

    • Venu says:

      Would help if you can send us an email with your client ID and the date on which the order got traded. The time stamps printed on the contract note are derived from the Exchange trade files, so it’s unlikely that it’ll be wrong.

  376. sujay says:

    can i place BO for executing nifty futures buy/sell in AMO>?????

  377. Sreekumar says:

    I can’t access system between 8.30 – 4.30pm. I want to enter in trade in premarket section. For this case which order need to give.?

  378. sukanta says:

    there are some key term in after market order section like disclosed qty,validity(day,ioc) and type(day,amo)..Please mention how the key term are works?

  379. Bidhan says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Would you pleased to clarify the problem the retail/small trader faced in pi trading platform.
    1. what is the criteria for using bracket order? bracket order are not activated in pi, I tried it.
    Why should I place round figure in bracket order (fraction like 100.45, 100.65 could not be placed but 100, 101 could be placed)?
    2. Why limit order can not be placed in cover order within predefined risk band. why there is only market order in cover order system. why there is no target orientation in cover order?
    3. how to calculate leverage limit for individual stock?
    Thanks & Regards,

  380. Mad says:

    Hi Nithin,

    When can i expect a T+5 Margin product in KITE????

    Would be great if you get this done ASAP, so that we you customers would get benifited

  381. gopesh garg says:

    why are you charging rs 20 for AMO whereas zero for delivery orders

  382. dhananjay says:

    iS THE MARKET OPEN TODAY – SAT??? My kite console is allowing me to trade. I sold one share of HDFC bank just to check and the transaction went through…..

  383. s s Dahale says:

    Hi , how to but equities / features at z nest platform in POST CLOSE- 20 minutes 9 between 03.40 to 4.00 O clock , simply by pressing F1 ?or Shift F1 ?

  384. Johnny says:

    Its 1:50 AM right now and I have rebooted my system, logged-out and logged-in of NOW Software and still not being able to place an AMO. This is the error.

    Lib Error:om_store_after_mrkt_orders Request to NEST Failed

  385. […] Pre-market/Post-market/After-market Orders | Z-Connect by … – Traders, 1. Pre-market Orders: NSE started the concept of pre-open session a few months back to minimize the volatility of securities during the market opening every day. […]

  386. Arpan says:

    Sir can I achieve following scenario using zerodha pi
    “You place a buy order for RIL with a limit price of Rs 250. If the current price is greater than your limit price, order will remain pending and will be executed as soon as the price falls to Rs. 250 or below. In case the actual price of RIL on the exchange was Rs 248, your order will be executed at the best price offered on the exchange, say Rs 249. Thus you may get an execution below your limit price but in no case will exceed the limit buy price.”
    — I want to know that if limit buy price is not matching with current market price but market price is lower than my Limit Buy Price is it will not be executed at exchange rate (Which may slightly differ but is lower than my limit price)?

  387. sanjay says:

    Hello Sir,
    Is it possible to place an order say on friday then can it be get executed on saturday?

  388. Santhosh says:


    I am following a stock and which is upper circuit from past two days. I am placing AMO at market price but still not able to buy that stock.
    What is the best way to buy these kind of stocks.
    1. AMO orders ? (How AMO orders will be executed)
    2. Pre-market orders between 9 AM to 9.07 AM ? (Whether to go for market price or limit ?)
    3. Market Open orders 9.15 AM ? (Market price orders or UC orders ?)

    Please clarify.

  389. Pravin says:


    If i buy a stock on 3:15 PM today (delivery) , is it possible to place an after hours order at 7:30 PM to sell the stock ?


  390. Ramesh says:

    For Equity Delivery is After Market Order is available on non working days for example on weekends ?

  391. Varun Jain says:


    When are we getting GTC ( Good till cancelled) or GTD ( Good till Date) in Cash, FNO Market NSE ? This is quite necessary in today’s times

  392. Amit Nanda says:

    I spoke to Zerodha customer care and also read the complete blog above regarding AMO. I am getting contradictory information from the article above and what was told to me by customer care; hence the question here.

    I have a position in Nifty Futures that I would like to square-off at the Open price (at 9:15:00 am) or as close to 9:15:00 as possible. There are 2 options:
    1. Place AMO as Market Order before the market opens
    2. Place a Market Order manually from Pi as soon as the market opens, that is, 9:15:00 am

    I was told by customer care that if I place AMO, the order would be executed exactly at Open price at 9:15:00 without any delay. However this is probably not true based on what is written above and the order would be queued up for execution in the next few seconds. There is a contradiction here. I guess what is mentioned above is correct (it would be queued up and it would take a few seconds to get executed as Market order for AMO orders).

    2 questions:
    1. Which of the above two options have greater probability to execute closer to 9:15:00 am?
    2. For AMO Market Orders, how much time in seconds (a rough range) does it typically take to get executed after 9:15:00 am?

    This is for Nifty Futures of near month, which are always very liquid.

    • 1. Place a market order at the open (not using AMO), greater probability of faster execution.
      2. AMO orders time is not fixed should happen fast. But worst case, it can take upto a minute or more. So if you are worried for the fastest execution, place a market at open.

      Will try to figure out whom u spoke to on our team.

      • Amit Nanda says:

        Great! This answers my queries. In fact, I just received a detailed response on the same lines from your team as well.

  393. Vijay says:

    Zerodha please add, global indices to the market watch list..
    This would be of great help.

  394. sandeep sharma says:

    Sir in pre-market session is there any extra brokerage charges for placing order as MIS product type ?

  395. uma says:

    Thank you, Today at around 7 AM Kite dash board shows Total account value 0, Free cash -5,51,945.29 and Margin used 5,51,168.04 but this appears to be wrong also, All the positions are closed yesterday itself and free cash should be positive and there appears to be some error in the number shown. It appears any error gets rectified before market opening but there would be problem in placing AMO.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      We run some beginning of day processes which is why you may not be seeing right values. Check Q to get an update of your funds & positions. When you are placing an AMO it doesn’t validate whether you have sufficient funds/securities. It only gets validated when the order is sent to the Exchange.

  396. uma says:

    Code is DU0347. I frequently come across this problem. During the morning hours Kite or Pie shows holding position as nil and account value as zero even though I hold positions. Today just now I logged into Kite and the value is shown as zero and position hold as nil. But I am holding long in Nifty Nov futures 675 numbers. Hence, there is hurdle in placing after market hour orders. Suppose if I place any order it gets rejected. Kindly rectify this.

  397. prashant patel says: