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December 17, 2013

We are pretty active online, and keep hearing complaints on various online communities, blogs, chat rooms, and others on how exchanges and regulators don’t do enough for the retail trading community in India. Here is a chance to have your voice heard!

Zerodha is part of a consultative committee setup by the NSE to come up with suggestions on how to increase retail participation, trader friendly initiatives, new trading instruments, and more.

Make sure to give us your feedback, and also ask your friends who trade, irrespective of the brokerage they trade with. We will make sure it reaches the policy makers at NSE.

NSE is amongst the best exchanges in the world, we could be instrumental in making it better.

Take the poll

The poll is now closed. We appreciate your valuable feedback. We have collected and presented on your views to the NSE. Here’s to hoping for the best!

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  1. NAVED AHMED says:

    Nitin Sir,
    Your kite platform used to provide 5 watchlists at one time, which were increased to 7.
    But since the no. of sectors (different stocks belong to) is way bigger , the no. of watchlists
    currently being provided is still very less.
    So, it will be very helpful if you please increase it to 10.

    Yours Hopefully

  2. Frince says:

    I have huge suggestion and that is the need of everyone , the time for authorizing a gtt order is after 8am but many other stock apps have facility from 7am onwards so make the time for authorization from 7am or even before that, it will be a huge help for everyone.
    Thank You

  3. Kartik m says:

    Hi.. team

    This comment I am writing for one requirment in kite app
    In holdings page you can make one option like archived or hide option of shares , we are holding shares for long term and some are we are holding for short term that time it will help , this implementation is helps

    do the user-friendly, waiting for reply thanks

    Kartik m

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Kartik, do check out the tagging feature on Console. Using this you can tag and sort holdings according to your preferences. More on this here. We’re also bringing this to Kite 🙂

  4. Prasoon says:

    Dear zerodha team,
    You should provide drag and drop features like fyers. You should introduce this feature in kite web as well as in kite mobile app also. It is very very useful for intraday trading purpose. It reduces efforts and time of intraday traders. This makes intraday trading fast and easy. Through the drag and drop features, intraday traders can take positions in market quickly without missing the market movement.
    So, finally i want to conclude ; this feature is magical for intraday traders. i hope you will pay attention to this.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Prasoon, the trading from charts feature is available on ChartIQ charts on the Kite web. You can learn more about this here. We’ll explore the possibilities of making this available on the app 🙂

  5. Rahul Kumar says:

    Dear Nitin Sir,
    There are 7 watchlist included in kite app, but if could introduce feature so that sub partition under every watchlist can be created because it will help in categories a watchlist which will ease out the tracking and analysis of stocks

  6. Vipul Kavar says:

    Dear, Nithin Sir,

    I have been using zerodha for couple of years. I am noticing that zerodha is improving dashboard, features etc. So here i am suggesting a feature which is important for me.

    Please, Give a feature of Notes in Holding for holding Stock descriptions.

    So that we can Note-down Stoploss, Targets, Reason for buy, Holding time-period, Strategy Name etc.

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Vipul, do check out the tagging feature on Console. Using this you can easily tag your trades and investments according to your strategy, goals, etc, and also analyze the performance. We’re also working on bringing tags to Kite, we’ll keep you posted on it. More on tags here.

  7. hasina says:

    Dear Nithin Sir,

    I checked my profit and loss today, and to my surprise i have lost 30000 shares due to DHFL delisting,
    how can the exchange just delist and not provide the investors thier hard earned money, there is no nominal buy back even thought its been purchased by piramal they are supposed to indeminify the shareholders.

    even if you own delisted shares, you can still sell them on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) or on the Pink Sheets, which have more relaxed regulations and few listing requirements. how can this be facilitated.

    i have been with zerodha since the last couple of years and i have never had such bad news in diwali every as this time, as zerodha customer i would urge you to take this up with the SEBI and file a complaint against the company on behalf of the zerodha retail shareholders, i am sure there are many zerodha customers who have suffered huge losses due to the delisting.

    can you kindly help the zerodha retail family members, its not a small loss it is a huge 6lacs worth of shares.

    please request you to kindly do the needful to help in best interest of the zerodha customers, else i personally will loose faith in the entire system as this is not justified move, someone has to buy back the shares if the company has been bought over.
    i will have to wrap up my journey in stock trading as i cannot suffer such big losses any further.



  8. SRINIVAS says:

    Zerodha is worst customer service ever seen. Tried to reach couple of times but taking on average of 20 to 30 minutes to respond. when i asked about this they said due to pandemic employees working at home and may get delayed. Many people are working from home only, but how we are giving service. Also Just called now and in IVRS saying that currently closed and will open between 10am to 7 pm. what is this hell service. Markets will open at 9.15 and you guys are opened at 10am what is the use of it.
    Zerodha customer support is very very bad. Zerodha management has to think about this as quickly as possible or with immediate effect to respond.

  9. Kalyani says:

    In option trading our request is to create interface and application process like motilal oswal app (very much user friendly), as in motila oswal app we can see the volume strike prise and all selections in one single page.

  10. Raaj Khandheria says:

    I’m having a suggestion that will help people to watch thier watchlist easily by adding a feature of lowest price to highest price. Currently we have to arrange on our own and its time consuming.

  11. VIPUL SONAGARA says:

    hello sir,
    can tou plz add a percentage option in filter in portfolio slide in kite app….!!!!

  12. Kamath says:

    U completely agree to this notion.

  13. SANDEEP GOEL says:

    Dear Mr. Kamath
    First i want to Thank you for creating such a wonderful platform -Zerodha Kite with minimal brokerage .
    I have a suggestion to improve it further ……
    A common Investor holds shares either for Long Term Investment or for short Term or for jobbing purpose.
    At present all share in hand are shown under one column HOLDINGS .
    My suggestion is to make changes in software so that if an investor wants to hold shares for long term than he/she can tfr such shares to a different folder which may be termed as Long Term Holdings .
    And all such Long Term Shares wont be reflected in main Holdings List.
    It will help in managing his portfolio in better way .

    Thanks & Regards
    CA Sandeep Goel

  14. Rajesh says:

    I have a request for the PI. Can i have complete option chain for exclusively for Nifty and Banknifty in PI with live ticks and provision linking to Excel.

    Pls. help in this regard.


  15. Raghavendra Kamath says:

    I feel regret to inform that after indore, Bangalore is turning to become a den of stock advisory fake or whatever. Few years back fake companies in the sense sebi unrgistered adviseries were standing luring gullible traders. Now few or many working under those companies have started their ventures of luring retail traders by showing fake success stories. How these guys get numbers I dont know. Even myself had sent an email to Zerodha . On whom we have to doubt. Who are all involved in this ugly game of looting Innocent traders?

  16. Vimal says:

    I still not got my stocks which inpurchsaed last week. When i email marking the quaility team and roshan who is the sales manager, they are not responding and when i try to call
    Him he is disconnecting my calls. What kind of services is this? Do not delete my post i wil again post these comments.

    I need answer
    9986400567 is my number

  17. Yusuf says:

    Respected sirs
    On 25.10.17 1 lot of bank india future november series has only costed me 1.2 lakh indian rupees to take a position after i visited the zerodha margin calculator.
    With sufficient margins zerodha has allowed me to take 4 lots of futures and overnight the margin requirement has changed to 3.5 lakhs indian rupees for 1 lot.
    How a customer like me will know the margin requirements have tripled?
    At the time of purchase zerodha margin calculator has shown only 1.2 lakhs.
    I have purchased 4 lots as zerodha has allowed me to do it. If the margin requirement was 3.5 lakhs from the time of purchase I would have bought only one lot.
    Next day when i opened my account the overall margin has increased by 3.5 laks per lot and I was shocked to see I have to refill 8.5 lakhs to avoid square off.
    I have trying to call zerodha multiple times and ended up with no response.
    I am very disappointed that no calls (tried 100 times) are being attended and at the end of the day I am in huge huge loss due to auto square off of 3 lots.
    I request zerodha to pay my losses that has been incurred due to auto square off 3 lots the next day.
    From the morning 26.10.17 I was trying to call the zerodha customer service and no response there. Atleast I have tried more than 50 times to call and nobody picks up the phone.
    Please note the closing price of bankindia was 190.3 (26.10.17) and I have been squared off at a price of 194.6.
    On 27.10.17 bank india november future closed around 180 rupees.
    1. zerodha allowed me to purchase 4 lots each costing 1,2 lakhs and how can they increase margin to 3.5 lakhs per lot overnight?
    2. I should have been given the same pricing at the time zerodha allowed me to purchase.
    3. Sudden change of margin requirement by 3 times and auto square off has put me in huge losses. I also experienced huge stress due to this.
    4. No customer service was available as almost all the time the phone lines are not reachable.With 6 hrs of trading time, I have atleast tried 100 times.
    I have trusted zerodha a lot, but now this happens.
    I request a resolution on this subject please.
    I have also raised a ticket in zerodha support portal (ticket no: 145164) on 26.10.17 and waiting for a response.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Yusuf, there was huge news even on 25th which led to increase in margins. The margin requirements are decided by the exchange, check this post for more.

      • Yusuf says:

        I understand. I have tried to close positions which due to technical issue in the morning could not do it. No phone lines to zerodha reachable. Am i to blame here?
        End of the day auto squared off made me in 2.7 lakhs loss.

        1. Between exchange and zerodha many things happen, customers how they will know. End of the day when margins are increased it is transferred to customers, imagine if some one has invested heavily, he will go bankrupted and this is exactly what happened to me.

        2. Zerodha could have used the same margin to customers who has bought it in a lesser price and for new customers (new buyers/sellers) the new margin should be given. What is the use of checking F&O calculator before taking a position?

        How to trust future F&O trades if this is not solved? Remember 3 times increase here.

        Why zerodha and exchange are passing on the risk to customers at a faster rate than finding a solution here?

        I see there is a big gap here in the system updates.

        During these big news, either exchange or zerodha should stop taking orders. Then people like me will not go bankrupt.

        I am really disappointed with this.


  18. Rekha Mishra says:

    On 08-09-2017 I bought nrml bank nifty two lots at 70.50 . As per Zerodha brokerage calculatorF&O – Options
    BUY 70.5 QUANTITY 80 NSE Turnover 11493.6
    STT total3
    Total txn charge6.09
    SEBI charges0.02
    Total tax and charges 57.41
    whereas per back office P& L the brokerage is Rs. 80 taxes 123.81 why this anomaly in brokerage calculator and actual computation just for advertisement of low brokerage or something else please advice

    • Rekha, our brokerage is just Rs 20 per executed order. If you have used the call n trade option where our dealers have bought for you, there is Rs 20 extra. If you have done it on your own, only Rs 20. Also in brokerage calculator, stamp duty needs to be added separately as per state. Best to send account specific queries to [email protected]

  19. ronak says:

    Kite web is not working through out the day. Called to customer care and they gave unsatisfactory reply.
    Plz inform your customers if there is any system up gradation or rectification

  20. Kumar says:

    Hi nithin,

    Thanks for making
    brokerage Charges as low as nil charges for equity delivery trades.But demat Account annual maintenance charges is a laggard.I would like to ask, if there is any possibility to remove this charges or to make this charge refundable in adjacent years which would cheer small size investors.

    • No plans as of now Kumar. The business has to be able to earn to remain sustainable in the long run.

      • Anupam Sarkar says:

        Halloh, Sir,

        I only trade in Equity and that too from KITE Mobile App. I have gone through some problems recently in the ‘Position’ space such as incorrect display of profit and buy quantity. Moreover, there are also some cases where the Average of price of already held & T1 stock is showing incorrectly which is very misleading and may make Trader incurr some loss. Also, displaying the net Profit(deducting all applicable charges) would also help the traders make REAL PROFIT with ease.

        In this regard, I have two suggestions:
        1)to launch in the Tab ONLY to show the T1 Stocks. That means, there would be 3 spaces, viz.,
        i)DAY POSOTION
        ii)T1 POSITION / T1 HOLDING

        2)Showing the NET PROFIT, i.e, deducting all charges in all the three spaces.

        I have some quary:-
        1)If I change my position from/to MIS to/from CNC many times, Would it be charged? if yes, how much?
        2)How to invest in MF through KITE Mobile APP? Mine is mot showing anything. Do one need to register first for Mutual Fund separately?

        Looking for your prompt reply…

        With Regards,

  21. Manas Pal says:

    Dear Mr. Kamath,
    We have the following ENABLED PRODUCTS, i.e. BO, CO, CNC, MIS, NRML with our account. But, whilt executing an order, NRML mode is not showing anywhere.
    What will be the charges for NRML mode of trading? Is it T+5 day mode?
    Please help.
    Manas Pal

  22. Manas Pal says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin Kamath,
    Please provide us the details Trade report and Profit/Loss statement alongwith following details:
    1. Date wise Break-up of Each trade along with quatity and type of trade, e.g. Intra-day/Delivery. It will be better for understanding that format and easily identified.
    2. Profit/Loss statement for individual shares date-wise and type of trade-wise.
    3. We have not found some shares that we have bought in “Delivery” mode.
    Manas Pal

  23. saurabh says:

    My mother have trading+demat account in Zerodha.
    but she is not using it.
    Can I trade in her account in her name ?
    (I will later fill itr return in her name)

    Or this is illegal ?

  24. Raja Rajan says:

    Let the exchanges have a 16 digit unique client like a bvank account number and then allow clients with portability between the brokers,similar to mobile portability that would bring down wastage of time and valuable ressouces of clients…and reduce the duplication of trading account..

  25. Raja Rajan says:

    In this globalised market why are we open for trading currencies just from 9am to 5pm instead of 23 hours trading similar to all other currencies of the world trade???

    Classic example is the knee jerk reaction we saw during BREXIT could have have been reduced if the market was open for 23 hours???

    again NSE is the biggest culprit by not accepting to RBI’S earlier proposal just by vague excuse of cost escaslation…

  26. Raja Rajan says:

    Does Zerodha have any future plans of enrolling for US bouses membership to provide indian clients the taste of US dollar denominated highly liquid market??

    If internation as l brokerage houses can take the membership of NSE and BSE why not Zerodha opt for NYSE , CME and nasdaq membership???

  27. Raja Rajan says:

    This lousy exchange NSE using its dominant position and predatory practices influencing even the market regula sebi; the classic example is changing the charateristic feature of american options and making the underlying stock options as European option just to avoid introduction of physical delivery of FNO contracts…even after 14 years of FNO intoduction…

  28. Amit says:

    Sir, at zerodha everything is fntastic but the demat charges at the selling point is too high can u pls take sone measure to overcome this. so that it can benefit the small retail traders like us. And in turn it will increase the business of zerodha as well.

    • Amit, like I just replied to your email we charge a flat fee of Rs 14, out of this Rs 5 goes to NSDL. What is charged is only Rs 9. This is a flat fee and much lesser than market rates which also have a % component to it.

  29. Sukesh says:


    I usually compare the contract notes once in a while with the ledger details in Backoffice, just to be sure that all trades are being recorded fine and everything is in place.

    One challenge i am facing in this is that i have to download contract notes separately for each NSE-F&O, NSE-Equiry & BSE -Equity.

    Is there a way to download all my contract notes of a financial year in one single PDF irrespective of which segment or exchange i have traded in?


    • Sukesh, the new common contract notes combine all exchanges into one, one for everyday. You should be getting the new contract note format on your email from August 1st.

  30. Sibi says:

    HI Nithin,
    I usually trade on JaiPrakash Associates(JPASSOCIAT) in Equity-Intraday.
    Usually the MIS Multiplier is 9x.
    However, today(04-09-2014), I found that my orders were not getting executed and with the error: RMS Margin exceeds.
    I then went to zerodha equity margin calculator and found that the MIS multiplier has been changed to 3x.
    1.Why the change in multiplier?
    2.When will it be 9x again?
    3.Usually under what circumstances, does the multiplier for an equity change?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  31. RV0857 says:

    I am trader and opened an account by knowing the popularity of Zerodha through net. I personally put a request through your website and your executive invited me to your office in Jayadeva Hospital Road, Bangalore as I am Bangalorian for discussion and on the spot, I filled the application and finished the proceedings to open the account. So it is pretty clear that nobody referred me to Zerodha and I, myself, showed the interest. Through one of my friends, I came to know that my userid “RV0857” in which RV means referred vendor. So, somebody who has not actually referred me is getting benefits if I trade, so I stopped trading in Zerodha. But, I wanted to come back to Zerodha, so requesting you to investigate in this matter and see the bigger picture who is behind this. I believe, like me, there are so many as they do not know what RV means and simply doing the trading and somebody who did nothing getting referral money from other’s trading.

    • Will have this checked.

      One of the ways we are able to work at such low costs is through our associate program. Every client of ours can refer other people, when I say refer the other person need not have even spoken to you. We are the only brokers in India to give affiliate links, for example you can share this affiliate link on your FB page: , if any of your friends click on this link and visit our page and open an account with us we will map you as the person who referred him.

      Check our associate page:

  32. Madan says:

    brokers should not be allowed to trade using the prices punched by successful traders, otherwise it will damage the strategy of the successful trader. pls pass this to NSE. thanks..

  33. Karuna says:

    pls ask them to offer bracket order for overnight traders as well. thanks…

  34. shubham tyagi says:

    sir my name is shubham tyagi sir meine trading+demet account open karne ke liye apply kiya tha but sir kuchh din pahle prdeep sir and rajesh ji and prashant sir ka mail aata hei ki esme page no 7 par sign nahi hei or bank statement bhi nahi sir to meine page no 7 ki 4 copy sign sahit send kar di sath mei meine apna sbi ke 4 bank statement send kiye jisme se 2 bank se aatsted the and 2 self attested the sir meine uske sath hi apne pnb ki 3 years ke transaciton ki passbook ki self attested copy bhi send ki but sir ab unka phir mail aata hei ki aap bank statement send kar dijiye, sir problam ye nahi hei ki muje document dobara send karne padenge but sir problam ye hei ki mo bhi send karna hei ye muje ek baar mei bata de na ki baar baar, sir apse ek hi request hei ki mere form mei jo bhi kamhi ho aap use jald se jald shortout kara dijiye,j
    my email id [email protected]
    mobile no-8979426949

  35. profit says:

    I have a question in my mind for a long time…In case of a Big draw down like it happen on 5th october 2012 in which Nifty lost almost 1000 points in mins and returned back due to some technical glitch,will our position be squared off due to margin requirement(incase No stop loss is given)?

    • Sukesh says:

      Hi Nithin,

      This is an interesting question however has not been answered, can i request an answer for this please?


      • When the technical glitch happened, markets moved back in a few seconds, so no your positions wouldn’t be squared off. But if the market stays for a couple of minutes or more, yes, it could get squared off. But this ideally shouldn’t happen and exchange today has taken enough precautions against it repeating.

  36. Dilu says:

    Can retail traders participate in Govt of India 10 yr bond interest rate futures ?

  37. Ron says:

    You never told us what’s the deadline for poll. I had two very valuable feedback. Is there any way I can give that now?

  38. kp singh says:

    where is the link..?

  39. Ketan Lad says:


    • Hanan says:

      It seems to be working for us. What’s the issue you’re having?

    • U.K.AHER says:

      In Market Watch Window Average Trade Price is VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price). To avoid confusion between Normal Average Price and Volume Weighted Average Price, it will be better to show it as VWAP in Market Watch Window.

    • Chaitanya says:

      Hello Team,

      First of all Thank you zerodha who bring discount brokerage in Indian Market. your Application and Features are very good and up to mark. i would like share Few suggestion which are missing in application according to me.
      1) watch list 1 should be Nifty and Sensex indications like Nift50, niftybank, Sensex 50, Sensex
      2) list of company should be show in nify 50, sensex A category etc with live status.
      3) also trying to show top gainer, top loser, 52 week high and 52 week low.