Pie chart on Q for quick Overview

February 10, 2015


You would see a pie chart like below when logged into your Q. The chart gives you a quick overview of the value of your equity and commodity accounts with us.


Q pie chart for quick overview

The following should help in better understanding how to use this chart.

Equity Cash Balance

This shows the total cash present in your trading account. The cash which can be used to take any new positions.

Margin blocked – Futures and short options

This is the total margin (SPAN + exposure) blocked for all your futures and short options positions.

Holdings Value

The total value of all your demat/stock holdings as per the previous closing price.

Long options value

The total value of all your long options premium as per the previous closing price.

Free cash from short option premium

When you short/write options, the premium gets credited to your trading account on the next day. This premium is technically not yours unless it expires at zero.  So until expiry day, this option premium should be deducted from your equity cash balance to know your true cash balance.

Let me explain:

Assume your Equity cash balance is Rs 105,000 and you have shorted 100 Nifty calls a few days back and the previous closing price is Rs 50. This Rs 5000 (100 x 50), is the premium present in your account which if squared off at Rs 50 will be debited and given to the option buyer. Hence your true account balance is not Rs 1.05 lakhs, but Rs 1 lakh ( 105,000 – 5,000).

Free cash from short options is the money lying with you, but still doesn’t belong to you. Hence it is depicted by a light green piece on the pie chart sticking out to show that it doesn’t really belong to you.

Equity account value

The big number at the top shows the total value of your account if you were to liquidate/exit all your holdings and open positions at the previous closing price.

Equity account value = Cash balance – Free cash from short options premium + Holdings value + Long options value + Margin blocked for F&O

The chart works very similar with your commodity account as well. Since there is only futures trading, your commodity account value = Cash balance + Margin blocked for futures.

Note that updates on Q are currently not on a real-time basis. Q gets updated at the end of everyday after trade process (around 7 PM). So your pie chart will also get updated only then.

The idea behind the pie chart on Q is to intuitively give a quick overview of your account with us.

Hope this helps,

Happy Trading!

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Ankit Agrawal says:

    Not sure if this is the right thread and I am having trouble finding the right one as I am new to this. I am having trouble finding download links for Pi and Zerodah trader. and which one is better. I don’t see that on the official website anywhere? Are these products discontinued?

  2. ARPAN says:

    i just want to know that is there any option in kites where when we change the time frame in daily or weekly we direct get the continuous chart instead of opening the display tab and than mark it continues chart option, if not so please consider this as a feedback.


  3. Sridevi G says:

    I added some amount to my account and did intraday trading.made profit. Still my account value shows zero. Im not able withdraw. Whats the issue?

  4. Roopa says:

    Suddenly pledged stocks are not counted in total account value. This was not the case till last week. can you recheck and see if there is platform error ?

  5. Prashant Satpute says:

    Hi, Im new to Zerodha. I have gone through most of the comments but it is still not clear amount ‘withdraw able balance’. When My ‘Account Balance’ will convert into ‘Withdrawable balance’ as Its been more than T+2 days post my sell of stocks and still see nothing. Can you please assist?

  6. Krishnakant says:

    Hi. What about the UNREALISED loss/profit on option written ?
    Does it get settled on everyday basis or only upon squaring off ?
    I mean is it accounted in the equity account value on daily basis ?

  7. laxman bankar says:

    I have purchased shares but not showing anywhere positions or holdings.
    Kindly guide me
    plz sir guide me

    Laxman Bankar
    investor @zerodha

  8. Ram Niwas Mishra says:

    Hello sir,

    I am new here, currently i am very confused about my account, Please advise where we will found the total value, which i have add in my account till date.

    Thank you,
    Ramniwas Mishra.

  9. Arpan says:

    It was really good that MCX continuation chart has updated in PI, but for the changing of the time frame option is not showing there, on a daily chart we can get long term view but it would be great if in this continuation chart we could set time frame change for the intraday trading.

  10. Deepan says:

    I sell my stocks that I holding demat yesterday ,but i can’t see my funds reflecting in my funds panel and in Q..

    • Matti says:

      Hey Deepan. Once you sell stocks, the funds can only be withdrawn after 2 working days as delivery trades are settles on a T+2 basis.

  11. Arpan says:

    Hello Sir,

    I had refer some no. in Q-back office refer section, few of no`s they mentioned call back, after that there iis no any updation, just want to know shall i put more no. or not, because i have big client data with me, they just need to take the timely followup of them.


    • Matti says:

      Hey Arpan, sorry to hear that! Will have someone get in touch first thing tomorrow! Don’t let this put you off. I’ll make sure that this doesn’t happen in the future.

      • Arpan says:

        Hello Sir,
        I got a call from Zerodha and the executive told me that you have to put only those no. who know you and they should know that they will get a call from zerodha because we don`t call to unknown people. i told him might be few of them not interested now but they all somehow connected with market. so finally the conclusion was that – we only call to those who know you and they know they will get a call from zerodha.

        what i understood from whole conversation is – Zerodha dont take any initiative to approach new client untill you know them, and the whole company is running on this strategy.

        if a business runs like this then i dont think the company like Zerodha need to have big marketing team, client will do this himself. as i told you sir i have huge client base and i dont think it matters where did i get all clients. they know trading and they know everything about the market. so please tell me shall i put those no. in refer section or not.


        • Matti says:

          Arpan, would you appreciate getting calls from a business you have no idea about saying you’ve been referred by someone you don’t know? The idea with the referral programme is to let you introduce people you KNOW if they’re interested in opening an account. Cold calling people has never been the way we’ve done things.

  12. Vedant Marulkar says:

    My Q dashboard shows nothing, it’s my day 1 of trading. It just says Hi None. please help

  13. Arpan says:

    Hello sir,
    I use Pie and just want to tell you that when we open the chart first time through right click that time it shows time frame of 8 hours but after opening when we change to different time frame and again we move into 8 hour time frame that time it doesn`t show there, only 4 hours shows in the list, so for getting 8 hours chart again we have to open the chart and draw the studies there, so is there any option here to get 8 hours time frame option in a list of all time frames.

  14. Soham says:

    Dear Hi,
    Congrates for having good PI software app facility
    PI is downloaded in my desk top on last week , I was going to download in My Lap tap also
    How will the charges for PI will be deducted from my account.

    Also advice how to deactivate PI if feel more charges required

  15. DeepWater says:

    Hello Sir,

    How are the share allocated in the OFS (NTPC) displayed in Q -Zerodha.
    I dont see the NTPC shares credited and sold . I sold the NTPC shares on the very next day of the allotment.

    NTPC shares are not considered in the profit calculation and also not considered for 60 days challenge also.

    Please let me know where the profit NTPC is accounted.

    Waiting to see where is my profit accounted.


    • If you go to holdings page, click on discrepant quantity, you will be able to add NTPC OFS price. ONce done, it will get fixed.

      • DeepWater says:

        Thanks Nithin.

        What happens if a person doesn’t add in discrepancy..

        Does his profit is lost ??.. or unaccounted. ..


        • Venu says:

          Q is merely a reporting tool, values you add on Q have no bearing on the actual profits/losses.

          If you add the right values, then your reports show accurately.

          • DeepWater says:

            Thank you for the prompt reply..

            Say the person doesn’t add in discrepancy. The tool doesn’t know the actual balance since some profit is not accounted.

            Incase I want to withdraw all the money selling all the stock.. say I want to close account.. How will person know the correct amount or how will correct amount be transferred to bank from zerodha team. If Q reports wrong number..

            Do you have any other mechanisms to get correct balance ??


  16. Manu Murly says:

    I would request you to please improve the chart function on Pi. Charts on Kite is so much better and user-friendly. I use MT4 for charting and analysis and use Pi to place orders. I pay extra to MT4. If this is not possible I request you to please provide CO with Limit order option on Kite. If you can replicate the charts as it is on MT4 or even Trade Tiger, it will be very helpful.
    Another option I would love to see on Pi or Kite, is using horizontal lines for entry and stop loss, in which I can move the line (stop loss) when required.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Ashok says:

    Hi Mr. Nithin,
    Please help me with the process of withdrawing money from the app.

  18. Ashok says:

    I have invested 81000/- last week through Zerodha KITE app on my mobile. It was good till yesterday.
    But now it’s showing no holdings in the app.
    Please please help me out what happened and where my money is gone.

  19. Rishabh says:

    i want to know how much value will i get if i liquidate my account today. how to check that since i have open F&O positions in my account.

  20. Ananth says:

    How to download Pi? I have ZERODHA account and Back office password but i dont know how to download pi. i am not getting download option in back office..
    I am a new member to Zerodha …

  21. Viksit Arora says:

    Is there any issue with q.zerodha.com? I can see my Equity cash value as zero on home screen. Also, it says there is no open position in my account. I am trying calling support for quite sometime but it is always busy. Please help.

  22. Sudarshan Prasad says:

    My client id is SS0801. Facing 2 issues:

    1) While free cash is shown as 83K in q, in Kite on dashboard, the account value is shown as 0 and margin avaialble as -6 Lacs.
    2) Tax P&L for 2016-17 is not coming on Q. Have already written to support about this.

    • Venu says:

      1. Please check the dashboard now, we’ve made the updates.
      2. I was able to generate the P&L, have gotten someone from my team to email them to you.

      • Nilesh R Patkar says:

        Hi Venu,
        I am having similar problem.
        I see equity cash balance as (-) 18,60,868 in Q. In Kite the account value shows 1.81 L
        The figures in Q are
        Equity cash balance (₹-18,60,868.83)
        Collateral value ₹31,49,968.50
        Equity Balance ₹12,89,099.67

        Margin blocked ₹20,42,730.73
        Holdings value ₹2,97,079.35
        Pledged value ₹35,00,035.00

        I kite the figures are
        Margin Available 12.12 L
        Margin Used 21.19 L
        Account Value 1.81 L
        Holdings 1,93,077

        I had called support today and was told that I have to just see the Account Value i.e 1.81 L and can still trade to utilise that 1.81.
        Could you kindly explain the figures?

        • Venu says:

          Your ledger only has the element of cash values on it. The collateral value doesn’t form part of your ledger, which is whenever you take any position, the margins get debited from your ledger, leave your cash balance in negative. In reality, your collateral also is included while we allow you to take positions.

          Your equity cash balance after deducting all margins from cash balance is a negative of 18,60,868.83. Since you have collaterals worth 31 lacs, your Equity balance would become -1860868.83+3149968.50 = 1289099.67 as shown in the pie chart.

          For Kite:

          Margin Available is the sum of cash & collateral minus the margins used for positions taken. Account value is the value of your cash balance only.

          You will be able to take positions for amounts as mentioned under the ‘margin available’ column.

          Hope this helps.

          • Nilesh R Patkar says:

            Thanks, Venu.

            It certainly did help.

            That means, If I have got it right, I need to monitor the Account Value to determine if I need to add cash for M to M requirement.
            Secondly, since I have pledged Liquid Bees, I do not have to worry about the 50% cash rule.

            Are both the statements correct?

  23. karthik Konakandla says:


    Its always tough to view Reports(P&L, etc..) section in Q-backoffice. Report does not create fast and have been informed with wait for 15 minutes to create report but never displayed. Some times it creates only charges incurred during trades and never displayed with actual profit/loss made. It’s time to use technology in these basic things.

  24. Bhawesh says:

    Not able to get P&L data. Report is not working properly. In holding statement , system is showing ‘N/A’ average cost on some places.

  25. Nikhil says:

    Investment Rs 30,000
    Equity value is 29,200 then is it loss is Rs 800
    my PL shown in 60 days challenge is Rs 490 Loss
    Please help to understand this concepts

    • Venu says:

      You’ll have to add the free cash to the equity value to arrive at the total account value. The different between the amount you’ve transferred and the total account value will be your loss.

  26. Nikhil says:

    If i Have invested Rs 30,000 and
    my equity value is say Rs 29,000
    then it means I m At loss of Rs 1000?

  27. Akash SN says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,

    Good Day!

    In “Q” I am not able to complete Discrepant Holdings process in Portfolio Holding.
    I have following issue:
    1. Not able to adjust the average price for the stock which has been split
    2. Not able to adjust IPO allocated stock average price

    Look forward for your support.


  28. Om Prakash Verma says:

    pl make a provision for GTC ORDERS in Commodity section.
    This will help people like me……
    also it is available from most of the brokers and is allowed by MCX

    Please do the needful………A request ….Regards

  29. Aziz Khan says:


    Is there any possibility of integrating my Zerodha account with mt4 platform and place my trades using mt4. I find mt4 charting and trading platform very user friendly and flexible.

  30. Ram says:


    I’m new to Zerodha’s trading platform and I’m interested in performing automated SIP(systematic investment plan) for stocks. Here is what I want to do on Zerodha’s platform.

    Ex – On given day of a month, I want to invest(automated) a specific amount of money on to a particular stock (lets say INR 5000 on HDFC on every 12th of a month) – Is this possible and if yes, any help is appreciated.


  31. kalyani says:

    Is there any provision to transfer funds from cash account to commodity account instead of drawing funds and redepositing which will take time

  32. MONIKA says:

    from day 1 i am facing the problem with q.zerodha. dm2414
    holdings –
    funds –
    it shows just nothing , what on earth is this. the moment i call cust support ,it starts showing ,then from second day its the same .
    rectify it

  33. mayur says:

    Can i know what are the exact timings for funds updation in pi/kite??..Your website says till 8pm..but its 9 pm now and I squared off my position in afternoon and it is still showing in margin used..why doesnt that show in total account value???..Also i am unable to withdraw it..

  34. Deepanshu says:

    Dear sir,
    I am new to zerodha and want to know how many days does Q take to show stock holding value and holding? Today I bought shares but at the end of a day it is not showing holdings.

  35. dian says:

    Recently i could see that a particular holding of mine was not showing up in kite.zerodha .This is horrifying, what if i had to exit from that holding.It took more than few hours to get it resolved completely.

  36. Kumar says:

    The information provided at Q (the backoffice) is not really very helpful though it may look fancy to many people. As a trader, at the end of a trading day, all I really want to know is my NET P&L status in a simple and clear manner. I have following points for your attention:

    1. I can not find Contract Notes in the Backoffice.
    2. I do not see Actual Cost of the trades for the day included and shown accordingly in my Ledger.
    3. All Calculations and Pie Charts are not showing accurate numbers.
    4. I do not want to see margin/span entries etc. in my ledger. I just need plain numbers showing clear debit/credit enteries… i.e. how much deducted for what and how much credited for what..!
    5. Why one contract note issued for many trades done for the day. I would like to know cost and net P&L for each and every trade done without mixing them all in one single contract note.
    6. You must give a choice to your client either to use new backoffice (Q) software or any old traditional software for backoffice purpose.

    Do not over-use technology to make things complicated. Accounting is best left traditional and classical way as it has been.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      The purpose of Q is to give you better analysis of your trading where traditional backoffices’ fail. We believe it helps you understand yourself as a trader and make better informed decisions whilst trading.

      1. We are in the process of integrating the Contract notes onto Q. You shall soon be able to see them on Q. Till such time, we’d request you to view the contract notes by accessing: bo.zerodha.com, the login details remain same.

      2. You may check the cost of the trades either by accessing the P&L report or by checking the contract note. Please note that tradewise charges aren’t available because we don’t charge a percentage brokerage.

      3. Please let us know where you’ve found discrepancies. We’ll have them fixed/explained to you.

      4. Margin blocked provides information on how much is charged for the open positions you’ve carried forward. We believe its essential for a trader to know these margins and hence appear on the ledger. Also the debits and credits appear on ledger.

      5. Exchanges have made it mandatory to provide common contract note: http://www.nseindia.com/content/circulars/INSP26233.pdf which is why you’re getting these. Note that we also send you segment wise contract notes to your email id.

      6. You have access to both Q (q.zerodha.com) and bo.zerodha.com

      • Kumar says:

        It seems, there is no point in pointing out things for improvement because you people will do at the end of the day “what you believe” in doing or “what is your own notion” of what a trade r want. You really do not care about simple logics for making things simpler, clearer and easier.

        I would not want to waste my time any further in giving my feedback to you guys. Thanks, any way.

        • Venu Madhav says:

          When I said “We believe its essential for a trader to know these margins and hence appear on the ledger” I meant that this was done considering the feedback of our clients.

          • Nilesh R Patkar says:

            Hi Nithin & Venu

            In zerodha Q there is no option to see the ledger with Span & Exposure margins And without the margins.
            This option was available at bo.zerodha.com. Is it possible to have this option in Q as well?

  37. Parvish says:


    My Today Equity Balance Show Minus -1400 But I Have Short Position On One Future Contract So What Happen Next Day Morning ? Means Next Day Morning Auto Square Off Or Till Continue End Of The Day Pls Help Me

  38. Mehul Mishra says:

    Hi Nithin
    Sometimes i want to check the total of my holdings account without a specific stock .
    but then i have to paste it in excel to do the entire calculation.
    Maybe you can add a check box or something next to my holdings in Q so that i can just uncheck
    the stock and it will not be added to the total holdings value

  39. kamal says:

    Sorry to say this Nithin,

    you Q back office is really really bad , i never find correct figures of my holdings / balance ever , its time to time changing during off market too .

    Did you test you Q back office properly ?

    is there any way available to my holding and balance properly ?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Kamal,

      Would you be able to highlight the exact issues you’re facing? If you’re checking the holdings/balance during the time that we’re running the EOD processes, you may see the balances changing. Its best to check balances around 7:30 – 8:00 pm when both your holdings and funds are updated.

      If you’re still facing any issues, do send out an email to [email protected] with screenshots and we’ll have it fixed, if needed.

  40. VJ says:

    Hi Team,

    My account shows a incorrect figure with related a stock..It is asking me to enter the buy price.However i have bouth it through Zerodha itself.

    Could you please check. I have attached the screenprint.


  41. Aravind kumar says:

    My equity account value is showing wrong, and if i look into my holdings i am getting an data error.
    i can see my T1&T2 holdings but some problem with the pledged holdings. Please fix this ASAP.


  42. VJ says:

    Hi Team,

    I just saw an update in BO and wanted to give a feedback.

    You have introduced a breakup of stock for holding time.It is good move ,however i would be more happy if the Cost of the Stock price is also mentioned along with days.

    Secondly , days back i had asked if you have any plans to show the actual cost price of each share which is inclusive of brokerage,stt and other statutory fees. When can we expect to see this change ?


  43. Amit Gupta says:


    Can you please explain the difference between “equity balance” and “equity cash balance” .

    Both are shown in BO.


    • Equity cash balance is just the free cash, whereas equity balance includes all margins blocked for futures and options trades. If you are trading only equity, your equity and equity cash balance will be the same.

  44. gdamodharreddy says:

    Hi Mr.Nitin
    i am unable to find claris life sciences scrip to add in watch list
    can you tell me the scrip code of zerodha
    can you please give me the entire scrip code list to my email [email protected]
    it will help me in future

    Damodhar reddy.G

  45. Binu says:

    Hi Nitin,

    At the moment we get options of 1-min and 1 hour in the technical charts.

    When will you introduce 5-min, 15-min and 30-min ?

    Best regards,
    Binu Thankappan 0888 444 0198

  46. NITIN says:

    I frequently facing problem while opening PI as well as while loging to it.
    In 10 attemps only twice I able to open PI and Login and rest 8 attempts I
    face problems while opening and login to PI.

    Please give some solution at your earliest.

  47. damodhar reddy says:


    you must give complete updates on corporate action .. Bonus/split,dividend

  48. damodhar reddy says:

    Hi Mr. Nithin Kamath

    first i really appreciate zerodha .. its very good trading flat form with excellent Brokerage.
    But i would like to give few feed backs … on Q chart
    1. the holding stocks summary report should update trading price on live
    so that it will help us to look at our holding how much our value is moving up or down .based on that we can buy more units to balance ..
    2. when share values are going down … the value colum should show in two colors … green= Gain and red -Loss
    3. when we buy additional shares to balance ,, again they are showing as separate transaction in report .. i feel it should add to the old purchased shares and show the average ..
    4. Balance Margin should show in Z5 chart it self in some corner ,,rather we go back to the page and search to know the balance..
    5. please start mutual funds and Corporate Bonds Option ..it will be really helpful .so that customer doesnt need to look at some other demat and trading accounts in the market .

    Damodhar reddy.G
    Jakarta , indonesia

    • 1. Yes, it will start happening soon.
      2. Yes, noted.
      3. It will show separately only for 1 day(T1 holding), once the stock is delivered it gets added to your original holding.
      4. Didn’t get, Z5 chart?
      5. Yes very soon.

  49. Bhawna says:

    can we make block orders in Pi?

  50. Vj says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am new here. Just wanted to have a clear understanding what is Buy Avg Price in Q. Is it the per stock price excluding Brokerage ?If its is Excluding Brokerage price I think you are showing a wrong calculation of profit and loss of the holding . Even if you charge maximum 20 Rs as Brokerage ,there are charges like STT, Tran charge, Service tax Education cess, Higher Edu cess , SEBI charges and Stamp Duty which altogether more than 20.

    So don’t you feel there should be a need to include all these charges when you show the Avg Price ?I was using ICICI and finding it very handy to find my actual buy price which is Stock price+ inc of STT, Tran charge, Service tax Education cess, Higher Edu cess , SEBI charges and Stamp Duty.

    Please put your thoughts on this.


  51. Abdul says:

    I have the same issue with Q. I am not able to access Q from Singapore over last few days. Kindly fix asap.


  52. Vinod says:

    On a lighter note, Don’t do too much branding/advertisement with ZERO(dha) every where :D.


  53. Vinod says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Is there any issue with Q.ZERODHA.COM? I am unable to access from US from past couple of days. It is difficult to track the positions/transfer back money to bank account without this?

    Also, When we transfer shares from other broker to zerodha, buy value keep getting overwritten to zero in holdings statement. I tried updating many times. But by next day, it is zero again. This generates incorrect P&L statements and short/long term capital gain statements.

    Can you fix these issues?

  54. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    For the past 1 week, i observe accessing issue with q.zerodha.com, i tried all posisble ways through my desktop, mobile…and gives error.
    any maintenance work is going on?
    could you pls throw more light on this issue pls


    • It is working now, but yes some issues with our data center last few days.

      • Mary says:

        well, it’s not. I’ve no idea what is my positions. The Q doesn’t work nor I see the positions in the Pi as what price I’m long or short…..

        very difficult to find out how do I take profit or exit by taking loss.

        kinda of disappointed with these seemingly manageable issues that could have been easily resolved….in a discounted brokerage app availability need to be the most critical factor I guess

  55. I logged into Q today and there is a bug. All holdings are showing up twice and by portfolio value too was showing up as double. Screenshot’ed below

    I wish it was true!

    • Can someone acknowledge this bug or am I missing something?

      • Elegant, are you still seeing this? It was fixed immediately. Can you do a ctrl+refresh of your webpage.

        • Thanks Nithin for the reply. I’m sorry I could not check this until today. However, its even worse today, as I’m unable to see any of my positions, neither does filtering by Stock code work. :(. I did a Ctrl + Refresh, I tried clearing cookies, I tried a different browser and the incognito mode, nothing works. Screenshot’ed here.

          I agree data migrations happen, but wiping out the entire positions (on display) to make your data migration happen? Is this for real?

          I’m myself a lead developer with one of the giants in retail brokerage and if this were to happen at my firm, we would have been hit with a zillion lawsuits by now! I’m seriously at a loss of words to understand this. I think you need to sit down with your tech folks and haul them up. I’m sure its not the first time the tech group has messed with something.

          I totally understand things can go wrong in tech world, but these minor irritants can be troubling. I login, usually once a week and when I do not have my holdings info readily avail, the only chance I have for the week is lost. If you think from my shoes, you will get it.


          • Yes, no excuses for this. We are having issues at our data center, and this causing delay in uploading the holding files. You will be able to see the holdings in a little while from now. The issue should be sorted out in the next couple of days. Sorry about any inconvenience caused.

            • Thanks Nithin for the response. I appreciate you owning up and also for the responses late in the night.

              I’m able to see my holdings now.

            • Vj says:

              Hi Nitin,

              I do face this issue constantly . Some time one or the other holding will be missing. What is happening with Q ? I cant just rely on Q to see my holding . To be sure i have made a Moneycontrol account to track holding and a excel . I have already written to Anuba from your team who fixed the issue on 24th March. Now same problem with the stock i bought on 30th March .Do you say i should keep track of stocks in two to three places ?

              Client ID : RV1873


  56. sri says:

    Plz explain normal postion for two days process like i buy at 3054 and i want to hold it …ltp is 3040 at end day so m2m and next day opening price? in commodities….so like that give an example thanks

  57. Tanishq Capital says:

    P&L Statement with date wise Not working Properly

    any dates i chose its showing INVALID DATE

    Please chk and relove the issue at the earliest in Q.Zerodha

  58. mishrau says:

    NItin Ji,

    First of all i really appreciate that you are active answering all queries here ..thats great .

    I am a new user of Zerodha and mostly I prefer the web version which is really pathetic. As far as Z5 is concerned, that too is not very impressive as compared to the interfaces i have experienced in past .

    Issue with Z5:

    1. I can not use it in office as people notice it from very far. If there could be an option to change the background that would really help.

    2. To sell stocks in BTST mode there is no simple way ..it doesn’t show the profi/loss in same window .

    3. Even if i use the Z5 , it logs me off frequently which is very annoying .

    4. The initial login process is long …we have answer many questions etc… that could be avoided .

    I have been using icicidirect for last 10 years and never had any issue with any thing …their interface and user friendliness is awesome …I know the brokerage is less but i guess the trade off is to have less usable interface and other problems. I am still very skeptical about my my future relatioship with Zerodha . I hope there will be a better experience in future .


    • Mishrau, we are in the process of moving to our in house trading platforms similar to how Q/Quant is our in house reporting tools. The current ones are all vendor based products (built by Thomson Reuters/Omnesys). Pi our desktop platform is in beta, and we will soon have our web based trading platform Kite out. Here is a dummy screen from Kite: null

  59. TNDT0018 says:

    Hi nithin,
    This is Thiru, i have been using “NSE Mobile” app in my mobile, previously update order was working, but it is not working now. If one needs to alter their order he/she has to cancel that order first and then initiate new order for the altered price or quantity. Alter order is not working in NSE Mobile. Is this restricted in exchange itself or it is a bug in nse mobile app…? please do something to fix this issue.


  60. jamessoosai says:

    Is currency market trading on Saturday.

  61. Himanshu Patel says:

    Pi Access is not activated even after 3 days after placing request. Can you please activate the same. NEST is not working in my system.

  62. bipin says:

    today i check and it show holding but my buy avg price is showing wrong figure .

  63. bipin says:

    today i log in to Q and cant find holding value on pie chart and when i click on holding it say no holding ..why this happening sir.

  64. Muthu Raja says:


    Although this is not the place to point this out, but there have been a few bugs with the Z5 – HTML version of the site, for which I have been following up with the Zerodha support for over a month now.

    The issue has not been resolved yet and for the first time, I am receiving the standard answers which most other brokerages give.., “We have made the necessary changes at our end,” etc.,

    I am disappointed …

    The log out and one-click square off functionality has not been working for a long time now..

    • Muthu, will have someone check this. Z5 is a vendor product, built by Omnesys/Thomson Reuters.

      Btw, our in house web based trading tool Kite, is due for release in the next few weeks.

  65. Yes, I think this is a valuable educational resource for trading commodity.

  66. pankaj kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please add a predicatble option in Q.zerodha site so that we can calculate expected profit on expiry
    depending where nifty expires in FO sections.

  67. lemondew says:

    What i feel
    1) All margin trades – futures/ shorting options should be balanced against pledged stocks if there are any
    2) Cash margin to be used over and above 1) for margin and used only against long option positions, long stocks.

  68. lemondew says:

    Yeah for a now user it becomes very difficult to know
    1) what cash balance is available for purchasing stocks/options.
    2) What margin is available for margin trading – futures/shorting options

  69. lemondew says:

    Sorry. this does a poor job if you have pledges stocks,

    • Yep, tough job to include pledge stocks into this as the margin from the pledged stocks gets credited to your cash balance. But let me figure something out for that.

      • vipulkumar says:

        hello sir,
        please support your pi releted .every time calling but not support good.also your custmer support language problem.better advice hindi option also.semi algo not working .pls listen my problem and solved.i hope very shortly solved problem and co -operate .


        • Hanan says:

          Most of our executives are multilingual with proficiency in English, Kannada and Hindi. We’ll get someone to speak to you and help out with Pi.

  70. Susanta Bala says: