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November 24, 2015


I have some great news for all you programmers out there who trade the markets. Pi bridge, which earlier had capability of only accepting orders via AmiBroker is now enabled for two-way communication (firing orders, and getting response in terms of order updates, positions, holdings, and more) not just for AmiBroker but from any programming languages such as C#, PERL, Python and more. The updated Pi bridge is now available for download on Q.

I suggest you to first go through this post that has details of the earlier release of Pi bridge (just for AmiBroker). The good news doesn’t end here, we have also partnered with  CDP India and TrueData (authorized data vendors – NSE, BSE) to provide you market data on to any platform (or programming language) of your choice – again for the first time in India. So you can get live market data not only on Amibroker, Ninjatrader , Metastock, but also on Python, C#, PERL, and more.

As an introductory offer, Zerodha clients get data at a discounted rate from CDP India and TrueData. Active Zerodha clients will be given preference over inactive ones. This is potentially upto Rs 9000 worth of live data that will be given no questions asked.

Here is the gist:

Pi Bridge

  1. Login to the Pi section on Q, and request access for Pi bridge.
  2. Once you get access, you can download the A) AmiBroker specific Pi Bridge and documentation or B) The generic version which can be used with any programming language using socket programming (including sample Python code and documentation).
  3. Pi bridge is built by our technology partners for Pi – Tradelab. Any programming queries on the above can be asked on this blogpost on their website.
  4. Below are few images that will help you setting up the bridge for Amibroker

Enable Pi bridge 2 way, Click on user settings (Ctrl+P)


The log that captures all request updates


The log with all request updates


Requesting positions within the AFL

Data feed

  1. If you have decided to use Amibroker, Ninja, Python or any other programming language to analyze and fire/manage your orders, you will need live market data to power it. As a brokerage we are allowed to give data only on our trading platform. If you already have access to market data, you will be able to access it on any programming language of your choice (until now data vendors used to provide only on Amibroker, Metastock etc).
  2. For Amibroker, along with giving access to market data, Neotrade has also built a dashboard to manage all orders fired, track cash and positions. This will make life quite easy for all those who want to use AFL to semi-automate your trades  through the bridge of their own to connect Ami to pi bridge along with a dashboard.
  3. All AFL queries can be asked on Tradingqna.

With the new Pi Bridge, you can now start using all those powerful money management AFL’s available like Scalein, Scaleout among others on Amibroker.


  1. Pi bridge will be useful only to those who understand programming. We will be able to support only those who have this background. Any queries regarding the bridge should be asked to Tradelab, and setting up data feed on Neotrade using the links provided above.
  2. Everything explained above is semi-automated, that means there will need to be a human intervention to place an order.
  3. Pi bridge will be free for the first one week, after which you will be charged Rs. 500 + taxes per month directly from the trader ledger on a pro-basis first week of every month. If you wish to unsubscribe, you can disable access from Q itself, as manual requests will not be entertained.
  4. Preference for the free trial of data feed from Neotrade will be given to our active clients. By active meaning any client who has been executing a few trades every quarter atleast.

Login to Q and start using the bridge now.



Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Suresh says:

    Has the PiBridge been discontinued? Is there any other way to fire orders from AmiBroker to zerodha platform????

  2. Ankit Raturi says:

    Has the PiBridge been discontinued? Is there any other way to fire orders from AmiBroker to zerodha platform????

  3. Belvendran Ranjan says:

    Is there any document how to used the bridge for excel. I need to place order from excel if buy or sell signal come from formula

  4. Frank Jarrett says:

    Can Pi Bridge or do you know of any other product that has a data bridge that can send real-time tick data FROM MT5 to NinjaTrader 8 so the data can be charted within NinjaTrader 8? Don’t need to transfer positions just data. Thank you!

  5. Vikash says:

    I just started using ninja trader 8, does this bridge work with it? and how about data feeding?

  6. Ashok Som says:

    sir, i didn’t get the Pi Bridge Subscribe option in “Q” console…….plz help me to get the Pi Bridge…….Thank You

  7. PARESH SHAH says:


    would like to know any connectivity there between meta trader ea to zerodha for commodity trading.

  8. Aniruddha Thakur says:

    Hi All,

    I have Zerodha a/c and would like to perform auto trading using MT4 signals, SO how can we connect to Zerodha to MT4 and execute the order?

  9. vijay says:

    sir my self vijay, sir i used nest trader from my account opening my access will be blocked in nest trader04/04/2020 and force me to use kite software. which facility availabe in nest trader that is not in kite software. please provide me my reset password.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Vijay, NEST is no longer available to any of our customers. If you want to resent your Kite password, simply click on “forgot password” on the Kite login page.

  10. Hrishikesh Kishor Deshmukh says:

    Hi, im not seeing any options for starting the trail of pi bridge or activation of pi bridge on Q. Your help is appreciated

  11. Manas says:

    Can I import metastock (customised) indicator in zerodha kite / Pi platform. If yes, what is the procedure. If no, in what way can I import that in zerodha??

  12. Rahulsinh says:

    Hello sir,

    How can I get Pi Bridge? I can’t find any option for that in backoffice (now console)

    • Matti says:

      You can create a ticket here. Someone will get in touch with you to activate Pi Bridge for you.

      • Rahulsinh says:

        Hello sir, I’ve raised the ticket on Zerodha support but they’re providing me link to this forum. I told them I reviewed this post but they’re not replying me. So please tell me what to do.

  13. shailendra says:

    pi bridge available for excel please share the link.

  14. Sumanth Koyilakonda says:

    is it possible to place trades from charts in in ninja trader using pi bridge?

  15. kunal kalra says:

    Is there any way shooting orders through excel file after Linking them together??? I am getting live prices in excel and made the formula for buying and selling scripts. But whenever the Buy/Sell signal arises I have to switch the program to place my order.

    Thanks for help.

    • dron bindra says:

      hi kunal kalra ji
      i am dron bindra from mumbai , I am not getting live prices in excel plz help me. i am using python also

  16. Robin says:

    Do I have to purchase the Amibroker professional version and the data feeds? Or can I download it for free and only have to pay for the data feed. is it possible?

  17. velmurugan says:

    Hi guys, My Ami Broker initial 7 days trial period is already disabled even without using. Anyway, I would like to use the service. but the Icon to start PI bridge is disabled in my kite -Q-Zerodha page. Please advise me how to reactivate.


  18. deepak says:

    I want to use amibroker for analysis I have 2 questions
    1- Does this charges 500 per month inclusive of all taxes ? if not then how much with tax per month ?
    2- Does this charge only allow using amibroker and data feed need to be purchased separately ?
    if live data feed is to be purchased separately then what are the charges of it ?

    • Matti says:

      Hi Deepak, 500 isn’t inclusive of taxes. GST @ 18% will be charged on this. Further, we’ll be discontinuing Pi-Bridge soon. We offer APIs to Kite, check out Kite Connect. This would serve the same requirement and comes with a live data feed.

  19. Pawan Kaushik says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I want to use Ninja Trader as Front End.
    1. Can use 5000 TICK CHART of Ninjatrader with Pi/Kite?
    2. Is there a separate charge for using above, how much?

    Waiting for your help.


  20. RItesh says:

    Can I use Pi bridge as a source of live feed for my website?

  21. Vinay kumar says:

    Si i am useing mt4 charting can i connect to pi auto tradeing mt4 to pi

  22. vishal says:


    Can you suggest me the way to get Kase peak oscillator, KaseCD and kase permission indicator in chart in live market?


    • Bhuvanesh says:

      Vishal, this indicator isn’t available on our platforms.

      • vishal says:

        @bhuvanesh.. Yes I checked its not on zerodha indicator list. Can you suggest how I can create these indicators? Is this require some paid charting sw and live data source? If any one has created and using these indicators then plz help.

  23. Ashwin says:

    when I click on start pi-bridge trial I dont get any response, it just goes back to top of the page i.e download pi which I have already done.

    • Matti says:

      Will have this checked Ashwin. In the meanwhile, can you write to social[at]zerodha.com? Will have this enabled for you manually.

  24. Manish Gupta says:

    Hello Sir,

    Do you offer any API to fire order from MT5 to my Zerodha account directly. Please reply asap.



  25. ram says:

    will this work on macOS?

  26. Raj421 says:

    Hi, Any future plan for connectivity of Ninja trader and PI ?

  27. Alwin Doss says:

    APIs to trade should also be available as REST APIs which will enable the developer to write his client in any language of his choice. Would this be provided any time in the future?

  28. Mahen says:

    Thanks Matti .. Is there a plan to introduce PI for Mac ?

  29. Mahen says:

    Hello SIr ,

    Am a mac user . is there a way to open PI in Mac ?

  30. Kaushal Singh says:

    Is it possible to trade using Metatrader or Amibroker using zerodha. Please guide?

  31. Sushant says:

    Not able to find PI bridge for excel.

  32. Rahul raj says:


  33. Sriram Ragunathan says:

    Hi Nithin, I have tried using Pi Bridge some 4 months back with the free trial and found that it doesnt suit my purpose and stopped using it and also enquired about how to close the Pi bridge to one of your executives and received no response. So I thought that shouldnt be a problem…

    Now I have got 590 deducted from my account towards Pi bridge…. Did I do anything wrong here…?? I have searched a lot that time itself on the same and got nothing related to it…. Please help me solve this issue…

    How am I supposed to unsubscribe it when there is no option for it…??


  34. Joffie Thampi says:

    Recently when I went through the Ledger, I noticed R.s 590 was deducted 2 times from my account –
    “Being Pi bridge charges for the month of November 2017” &
    “Being Pi bridge charges for the month of September 2017”

    I have not used PI Bridge and in the Q portal, PI Bridge still shows(as button in the page) as “Start PI Bridge trial” and I don’t see a button to discontinue the PI Bridge service.
    I just lost R.S 1180 for nothing. Why am I charged for PI Bridge and there is NO button to unsubscribe the same.

  35. Puneet says:


    I want to use Pi Bridge on Python. I am an expert in Python programming but I need the package and library info on how to give buy and sell signals the python functions and parameters to pass etc. Is there something where I can look to get started with Python?

  36. paparock says:

    if a person opens commodity trading acccount with you and trades do you charge for pi and pi bridge
    and if so tell your charges in detail

  37. Mohammadayyaz Mulla says:

    Hi Nitin
    Congratulation for a great architecture as trading platform you have put together , i got here while googling for Zerodha Trading APIs as i was wondering if i can write an app for buy or sale using zerdoha APIs .

    Second Question : Is it possible to get Nifity50 Commodity Live Feed in xml or excel , through zerodha which i want to process in java or python to implement my own strategy ?

  38. Joshua Samuel says:


    Is there any way i could link your live data feeds to metatrader 4 or 5 ?
    If one can, please guide me.
    Thanks in advance.


  39. Jack says:

    Just a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great style and design. “The price one pays for pursuing a profession, or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side.” by James Arthur Baldwin.


  40. soundar says:

    I am PI user.. I have strategy In excel sheet for Intraday Trading. I have back tested it is successful. I want to use this excel strategy for Auto trade using PI bridge. Is it possible? What is the steps involved for this? Any body from Zerodha can Help?

  41. Vikram says:

    Hi, I have the socket program ready which places the orders automatically using pi bridge and I am seeing them in “generated alerts” section in pi. Now how do u tell Pi application to convert these alerts to orders automatically. Is there any setting available in Pi which does this?
    Can I get some help on this or any contact with whom I can discuss with in Zerodha?

  42. Rajni Singh says:

    I have installed pi and thereafter the pi bridge. It gives msg that pi bridge installed successfully, but on opening the pi platform I cannot see the pi bridge red dot and neither the pi bridge tab in user settings.

  43. Subash says:

    Does PI bridge for Amibroker provide intraday data to Amibroker with backfill.

  44. vijender yadav says:



  45. Krishna says:

    Being Pi bridge charges for the month of August 2017 ₹590.00

    Is their a possibility to disable Pi bridge charges?

  46. saurabh says:

    When can we have a NINJATRADER BRIDGE for zerodha users.
    I enrolled to get kite connect and to Algoto app . That does not work. AlgoTo is error prone.

    Trader community and retail traders like me need a bridge between Ninjatrade 8 and Zerodha.
    Please let me know are there plan to give bridge to traders on subscription basis.

    • siva says:

      Pibridge to Ninjatrader is not possible for now but if you are coder you can try to connect using socket programming, the required documentation is available in our back-office Q, can select Pi menu and drag it down to see the required doc, for more info on this you can write to [email protected].

  47. Shakeel Hassan says:

    Sir, is there any software through which I can place CO and BO on zerodha pi or kite??(for algo trading via ninjatrader) Please let me know.

  48. Krishna says:


    Today i installed PI , Amibroker and Pi bridge . But unable to see pi broker in PI user settings.

    Please help.


  49. Ananda Krishnan says:

    Hi Nintin,
    Could you please enable the lot selection in KITE to be user selectable. Once a lot number is selected it should remain constant for that kite session or user changes that again manually. This would be really helpful.


  50. Manoj Kumar Sahu says:

    I use Zerodha kite for trading. How can I link and use mt4 for trading in Zerodha . Kindly guide.

  51. Aditya says:

    Can you please upload/provide the link/email to the Excel VBA PI bridge and Sample file.

  52. wriddhi pratim neogi says:

    Sir , is pi bridge can be link with metastock ? If yes please guide through the procedure .

  53. BKJ says:

    Unable to locate generic version of Pi bridge in Q. Any idea?

    • siva says:

      One can click on pi option in Q,upon which pi bridge trial option will show up, select that and one can see other programming languages documentation, download that and go through it to understand on using pi bridge for other programming languages.

  54. Rohit Awasthi says:

    What are charges for using https://kite.trade ? This is just stand-alone APIs (in PHP etc) means we can use it without PI also?

  55. KALAI says:

    I am beginner for stock market, i want to earn money by equity but i don’t know how to pick stock for this what are the essential things want to see before buying of shares ,kindly instruct me to gain these knowledge.

    Thank you

  56. Shawn says:

    Is there is any plan in near future to develop trading platform with tradingview?
    Is it possible to create custom trends in Kite?

  57. Rohit Awasthi says:

    Hello, in this link https://q.zerodha.com/pi/ I don’t see PI download/ Key and PI Bridge Installer link. What I see is a video and a button for “GET PI BETA ACCESS” also this button shows this error “Error while adding access, please contact support”.

    Till yesterday these links was showing and someone in support used AnyDesk software and probably clicked “CANCLE” on Pi Bridge 7 day trial subscription. Now HOW to get that 7 day trial of Pi Bridge and Also there isn’t Pi KEY showing on this url so how do I install PI on more then 1 computer??

  58. Saurav says:

    Can we fire Bracket Order/Cover Order using the Pi Bridge. Without that it is extremely difficult to use Pi Bridge for day trading. One can use Kite APIs, but programming overhead and cost is too high for a job which can be done extremely simply over Pi Bridge, especially for Amibroker users.

      • Saurav says:

        What is AH?

        • Typo, I mean no not possible.

          • Saurav says:

            I am sure there is a reason for not introducing it despite the fantastic use-case. Any plans to develop it in future, or should we look at KITE APIs for this. For Amibroker traders, writing an entire code base in Kite just to fire these orders, then calling this external code in Ambroker and on top of it, paying the high subscription cost of KITE is overkill. Plus many of us wouldnot dare looking at KITE APIs in the first place considering the programming knowledge required. In short, an overall winning and user friendly bridge and broker combination being held back by lack of bracket orders, atleast for a few of us.

  59. nagendra says:

    Hi sir,

    once amibroker places order using pi bridge, and we clicked the order then order is ready to be executed. in that scenario, is there any function to modify the order using amibroker ?

  60. selvam yadav says:

    its possible to connect zerodha pi to mt4 .

  61. prateek sharma says:


    I am a system trader and use Multicharts for analysis and strategy coding. Is there any provision to integrate multicharts with pi?


  62. Madhukar says:

    Hi Kamat sir
    i am not understand why zerodha charges for PI bridge for own client if they are already paying brokerage and advertising zerodhas service trust .

  63. Gopal says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Please tell me how to start autotrading using Python with Pi Bridge.
    Pls provide me the link if any tutorials exists.
    Is it possible to install the Pi Bridge with out Amibroker s/w?

    • If you are using python, suggest you to check : https://kite.trade/

      • Pavan says:

        I am in a dilemma. I like the interface and charts of PI and I prefer to use python. So
        1) Should I opt for PI bridge and use PI for charts ? Becos is it possible to logon to PI while using kite connect ?
        2) Any writeup/manual on the pros/cons of using kite connect over PI bridge?
        3) Can I watch or have access to market depth when using PI bridge/kiteconnect ?
        4) Instead of 5 bid-ask spreads, can I get 20 if I use PI Bridge/Kite connect ?
        On a slightly different note,
        5) Right now Zerodha provides margins for abt 325 stocks in the EQ segment. In one of your post’s you have said that as a discount brokerage firm it may not be possible for Zerodha to provide margin for all stocks in EQ segment. So instead of 3X, 10X, 11X margins, can you atleast provide a 1X margin (same as CNC multiplier) on the remaining of these stocks in EQ segment. That will solve my problem in taking a SHORT position on all stocks in EQ segment.
        Thank You.

        • 1 to 4, If you are using Python, suggest using Kite. There is quite a decent community activity around the Kite forum as well. Check this: https://kite.trade/. Currently no market depth to 20.

          5. The problem with most other stocks is that they can keep hitting circuits. Even with a 1X multiplier, it ain’t safe, because you short, it hits upper circuit, then it is a problem. But do send an email to [email protected] with a list of stocks that you want 1x multiple. If possible we can add them.

  64. Praveen says:

    Hi, is there a mac version of the pi-bridge?

  65. Gopal says:

    Please suggest me where can I find the detailed documentation on ‘Pi bridge’ using ‘Python’ programming language

  66. Madan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am an active trader on both Kite and Pi. Also I am a programmer and use amibroker with my trading strategies to assist me in my trades. I now wish to automate the trades fully. After carefully going through your blog and also contacting Zerodha support, I was advised that to register and pass a certain exam by NISM. After that I will be allowed for a certain monthly charge. But I’m still in doubt whether this all what is needed? Will I still need to get my strategy/strategies approved everytime I tweak/make them OR will I be free to implement any of them once I get approved?


    • Madan, suggest you to check out: https://kite.trade/

      • Madan says:

        Thanks for your reply Nithin! I checked the link. I think its a very nice initiative and added feature you have introduced. But currently it seems to be restricted to languages like python, etc. Is there any API / App which can integrate Amibroker triggered signals to Kite through this ‘Kite Connect.’

        The reason why I am saying that is that there might be a lot of Zerodha clients like me who have there own analysis charts / strategies running on Amibroker. In other words their own developed AFL’s. It would be nice to have a ‘Zerodha approved bridge’ app to connect Amibroker and Kite, just like you have Pi bridge for Amibroker -> Pi.

        I also bumped across some youtube videos posted by some individual programmers who claim to have developed their own versions of such trading plat forms / bridges for a fees. I don’t mind paying the fees. But these third party apps require Zerodha Client Id, Password, etc like sensitive information in order to obtain api_key + api_secret, and I’m not very comfortable sharing this information.

        Your thought on this would be highly appreciated.

        Thanks in advance!!

  67. SHASHI says:

    can I fire up orders from ninja traders to zerodha

  68. Raja says:


    1. In semi-automatic, if 10 signals are sent to Pi terminal and 4 are approved in “alerts” window, is there a way to remove (delete) rest 6 inactive orders from the alert window. This is because in the next hour when we get new signals in “alerts” window, we might get confused because of too many trades.

    2. Today for some reason, I’m not able to connect Amibroker and Pi using bridge even after so many restarts. Is there a way to know the reason? I tried checking log files too but in vain.


  69. Raja says:

    Hi, we are planning to develop a fully automated trading using Pi Bridge. I want to know 2 things before proceeding.

    1. Once the call entry is taken, obviously we have to place SL and TGT. So, do we need to have double margin? Because I know if it just one order (SL or TGT), we don’t need any extra margin as it is square off order. But what if we place both?

    2. Once the TGT is hit, what happens to SL?

    Thanks in advance.

  70. haribabu says:

    kindly remove all the references to Neotrade on this page since they closed down business. it will save time to many people.

  71. Ramkrishna Kulkarni says:


    i tried to install pi bridge but it was looking for amibroker. then i logged a support ticket #258817. after that i got call and executive told me that it only works with amibroker.

    so m i reading this blog incorrectly?

  72. V Loganathan says:

    Seasons greetings.
    Making a debut with Zerodha at 75. The version of Pi_ in my PC is – On clicking update it says ” Installed is the most recent version.” But some where I happen to read is the latest. Please clarify though even this version would be more than sufficient for my application. Regards

  73. Mohit_kakkar08 says:

    Hey Nitin!
    How can we add Ichimoku cloud indicator in Pi…. Don’t we have it in Pi like we have it in Kite??

  74. Sudhakar J says:

    Hi Trying Pi Bridge but it says it requires AMibroker, I have no plan tp use amibroker and planning write code using Pi Bridge and DataFeed and send order to PI, Is there a separate setup executable file for that?

  75. Srikanth says:

    Neotrade website is down, how to bridge to Amibroker now? I downloaded and installed the bridge and find the red status icon of bridge at the bottom of Pi. now I fire up Ami and nothing happens. is there some toll I need to download for Ami from Neo. please explain, I went through all the available online resource but couldn’t find any details on the specifics of bridging the two programs.

  76. Srikanth says:

    Any possibility for MetaTrader platform bridging?

  77. SAURAV GHAI says:

    Can we apply this coding in Zerodha PI & How?

    a = hhv(close, 200);

    b = ((a / close) – 1) * 100;

    filter = b < 1; // Near all time highs

  78. Sudhakar says:

    Hi Nitin,
    URL given below (Reference: Datafeed section item #2) does not work; could you please check and update the documentation? Thank you


    Regards, Sudhakar

  79. karuppasamy says:

    thankyou sir

  80. karuppasamy says:

    Sir , if i subscribe for pi and ninjatrader bridge zerodha directly feed intraday real time data to ninjatrader or i should contact global . thankyou

  81. Pradipta says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I am a great fan of Zerodha and using it since last 2 years almost. Now, it’s time to grow for me and trying to use external charting software for backtesting and scanning. I know Pi can do most of the elementary strategy and testing itself but wondering whether it has market replay button as well? If not, request you to suggest how can I do it by some other means ( using external software)?

    Need to use Market Replay to check few of my strategies after market hours ( both intraday & EOD data)
    Need to do backtest using codes
    Need to create a full automated system for trading

    All these are necessary for me to continue trading as I do work in a corporate 9-6 office also.


  82. Gautam Prajapati says:

    I jUST started pi bridge. But i am not able to connect through excel VBA nor any help files or sample codes are available..
    Can you please help or provide detailed document for pi bridge for VBA.
    I tried creatobject(“pibridge.Bridge”)
    But showing activex error…
    FYI i dont hv aamibroker.

    • Venu says:

      You can download the help file by clicking on this link

      • Gautam Prajapati says:

        Thanks for reply venu.
        But this is in python. I wat for Excel VBA..

        • Venu says:

          There’s a document called PiBridge_packet documentation_ which contains socket programming information which you can connect to any programming language which supports socket package. For VBA you can build using the Socket library available for VBA

  83. Prabhu says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,

    You have done excellent job by recommending the best data feed provider “neo Trade”, there feed performance and service quality are excellent.But unfortunately they have shutdown their business from 10th June 2016 (yesterday) and we got mail that we can continue getting the data feed from globaldatafeed, but issue is that the cost they charging for providing feed to 3rd party programming languages (my case its C#) is tooo high for retail traders,They charge 3065 for (fno feed) + API charger 5000…so monthly 8000 rupees just to get live data feed,wich i got for 2000 rupees with neo trade.
    Can you please point me to few other cost effective and quality vendor like neotrade.


  84. Vivek says:

    Where can I get this pi bridge from? After logging onto Q, all am able to see is the option to download pi bridge for amibroker.
    Screenshot: http://imgur.com/46NmRdo

  85. Vivek says:

    Nithin you said: If you have decided to use Amibroker, Ninja, Python or any other programming language to analyze and fire/manage your orders, you will need live market data to power it.

    But is it possible to not use any data feed if one so desires? For eg: if I have a system that says buy l&t futures at 12:00 noon, regardless of whatever the price happens to be at that time and sell it 5 mins later everyday.

    Of course the system I just described is stupid. But I just want to know if such a thing can be done without using any data feed at all.

  86. sandesh jadhav says:

    sir, please work on IPO subscription.

  87. Mohit Bn says:

    Hey nithin,
    I wanted to know if it is possible to update/change an order once it is placed and also can I cancel and order using pi bridge with python?

  88. Soumya Deep says:

    Hi Nithin, Venu or Karthick,
    I was looking for the actual formula used in Supertrend by Zerodha. Some supertrends follow ATR, some follow ATR and CCI, while others follow ATR, CCI and EMA (filter).
    1. Can anyone please let me know the tradescript code/python code for supertrend so that I can make use of EA/Pi bridge?
    2. When do we expect Supertrend to be in Pi?

  89. trade_then says:

    when orders are generated by pi-bridge and placed in Pi. only one order gets accepted rest are not seen in the order book. Say i have generated three orders only the first one if i click, submit, gets to the order window. rest appear nowhere. No matter how many times i go through the submit button. Why is it so? Is it a Pi issue or the bridge issue and please do something about Kite. Please let us place Stop-Loss orders where Target and Trigger price are the same. i.e trust the trader what he is doing. without that one cannot preempt the scenario. See i am on my knees begging for it.


  90. Tuhin Paul says:

    Hi nithin,
    can you tell me where I can find a programmer who will do the job of socket programming and automate my trading on my behalf?

    As I am not from the technical background, (but from the management background), I need someone to get my job done. Can you tell where can I find someone like that?

  91. vinod says:

    Pi- Bridge is also a Data feed for AmiBroker ? or Just for buy and Sell ordering .

  92. Dark Trader says:

    Thanks Nithin, I read at kite page, it’s really a wonderful job done by zerodha. I wish to execute orders from Ninjatrader chart manually. Providing an example code of NT7 tried at your end would be really helpful.

  93. Dark Trader says:

    I have a little knowledge in C, however I tried to write a few lines of codes to connect Pi-Bridge to Ninjatrader7 but I could not succeed. I requested to Zerodha & Tradelab both for a help but I have never got any positive response. They all say, yeh it’s possible and many clients are using it but when asked for a sample code for Ninjatrader, they just ignore the request.

  94. Gilari says:

    Does Zerodha permit the usage of ARTHACHITRA to put orders through chart trading facility of it.
    ARTHACHITRA can interact with NEST TRADER and NOW

  95. maarish says:

    I trade with zerodha and i use mt4 platform for analysis … can i connect my mt4 to nest and trigger the orders from mt4

  96. trade_then says:

    could the the C# code and documentation be mailed to me for Pibridge. since that is what they write on their site to ask the brokers. bridge has been enabled for me in trail version.


  97. trade_then says:

    Dear Fellows,
    Can the orders be updated/modified through Pibridge. Like changing the Stop loss, buying, selling prices etc.. Even if the final enter button has to be presses by hand mandatory. Using programming languages like c++, c#.


  98. Ganesh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    First of all thanks for making pi and pi bridge…they take trading to a whole new level for the restrictive Indian markets!
    I am using amibroker and pi bridge…but would like to update the pending orders from pi for use in my afl. I have read the pdf on 2-way communication. Just want to know if it works. And is it possible to get the ending order list by:

    x = brd.GetPendingOrders(); … in my afl??



    • algogeek says:

      Yes it is possible to get pending orders by using pi bridge function brd.GetPendingOrders(pOrderId)


      pOrderId = Pi Order ID from the PiBridge log file for pending orders

  99. Jayant says:

    Thank you Nithin for prompt response. Pi provides a great platform for backtesting and analysis and I’ve tinkered with quite a few Public EAs available.
    But my query is specific to using Level 2 data for backtesting within the Pi. I tried searching, but coulnd’t figure out if I can use Level 2 quotes information (e.g. Using difference between Total Buy Quantity (TBQ) and Total Sell Quantity(TSQ) as an input or calculating rate of change in market depth on bid side using best five bid quotes). My question: is the Level 2 data accessible to perform such tasks within Pi?

    Many Thanks!

  100. Jayant says:

    Hi Nithin/Venu,

    If I need to obtain Level 2 (up to five price levels) streaming data feed for strategy analysis purpose, do I still have to use Neotrade or the combination of Pi+NT (through Pi bridge) will suffice?

    Happy holidays!


  101. rajblr says:

    Could you update Simple Moving Average indicator to accept the candle position as parameter (Open/Close/High/Low) ?Currently i guess it is “Close” always

  102. Raja Moses says:

    Hi Mr. Nithin/Venu,

    Your concept of low brokerage coupled with huge customer base is working wonders for you, markets and trader like me. Your staff too is doing a good job. I am a very short term trader.

    When with another broker I had serious problem of clogging which lasted for at least couple of 5 minute bars and frustrated (for about 2 months) I tried your Kite, which is pretty good and fast. Then came the question of firing orders which being cumbersome with Kite made me explore other avenues at Zerodha.

    I am now convinced that Pi/Pi Bridge will do the job for cover order with the Amibroker codes that are available over the net. There is a DLL file for the process and several codes available @ tradingQNA.

    I am looking for your guidance to activate the “orders from Amibroker to Pi directly” without having to rattle programmers to do the job unless having serious difficulty.

    Please guide me with a systematic plan.

    Thanks and regards,

    • Venu says:

      Hi Raja,
      Our aim is to simplify things for the benefit of our clients. However some things can’t really be simplified. You’ll need to know AFL if you have to activate orders from AmiBroker to Pi. The only support available is through tradingqna.

      • Raja says:

        Thank you Mr. Venu for the prompt reply.

        I thought you might be having some documentation for getting Bridge started.

        I think the goal is achievable and if I had known that few in Zerodha would help me finish this task I could have started the process myself much earlier.

        Anyhow it is never too late to learn !

        Thanks once again,

        • Raja, you can get in touch with http://neotradeanalytics.com/, they have built a product for easy order firing from Amibroker to Pi using the bridge.

          • Raja says:

            Thank you Mr. Nithin for your reply and the care /concern towards the queries/blog. It is really appreciated.

            Your lead was very helpful.

            I have another query on the practical issue during placement of order in day-trade.

            It is possible to pre-define or autofill quantity based on the allocation of funds per trade in Pi and a Pre-defined Stop loss in percentage terms of Last traded price of a scrip? The idea is to save several seconds in very short term trades.

            I will be obliged if you can clear my doubts about this too.

            Thanking you,

            • Raja not possible for now. But whatever is the quantity you enter once, the same shows up the next time you want to place an order.

              • Raja says:

                Thank you Mr. Nithin for prompt reply.

                You already have a “ceiling” for Stop Loss in percentage terms and guess the same should be modifiable by us as say 1%. My question wasn’t clear may be.

                May be I being a bit too far fetched.

                Thank you once again.


  103. Suvradeep Baidya says:

    Hi Zerodha and team you are the blessing in my trading life I am a big fan of Pi its wonderful, I am eagerly waiting for Pi mobile version………

  104. RK says:

    Dear Nithin, Thank-you for the prompt reply.

    I am a new trader, and learning bit by bit at a very fast pace.
    One of the primary reason for joining Zerodha is you. Your prompt answering each and every query does make a lot of difference and add a lot of value to Zerodha as a platform.

    Thanks & Regards

  105. RK says:

    Dear Nithin,
    I am your new customer :), got my account got activated few days ago. I was using RKSV’s NEST till now.
    Must congratulate you and Zerodha team for its effort to built and develop pi, kite. Very please to see the design elements. Great work.

    Also want to ask, where should I send my feedback or questions pertaining pi,kite?


  106. Ishwar M. says:

    Hi Nithin and team,

    This is a great initiative. Thanks a lot for providing integration with NinjaTrader!

    One query regarding the data feed. I would like to backtest any strategy for atleast 5 years of intraday data to sufficiently prove it to myself. I tried out NeoTrade with your offer, but currently they provide only 2 months of historical data for intraday.

    Do you or anyone else reading this post know of any other data provider who provides 3+ years of INTRADAY data (not EOD data)? I am mainly interested in the Nifty futures historical data.

    Thanks in advance,

  107. Yogesh Jagtap says:

    Hi I am new user of Zerodha and I was recently opened a/c with zerodha. I want to use the PI software but the specification was given that it works on only windows platform not on Linux, I used Open Source ( Ubuntu ) for long time for using this I installed windows through virtual machine but Is any other way I can run PI software directly on Linux ? And one more thing when I logged in PI software it takes too much time to loading all contracts and trades ?

  108. Hitendra Patel says:

    Dear Sir,
    I trade on 3/12/2015 in bracket order. i have sell nifty at 7921.65 with stop loss 7936.90 and limit at 7917.05 . But Stop Loss and Limit both Buy and i have go in very loss so please check and do the needful.

    And call to customer care but it’s not support me, already open two Ticket in http://support.zerodha.com/tickets.php?id=644510 but still not received any revert from zerodha

    Hitendra Patel,

  109. Riken says:

    I am not a programmer and using third party software for technical analysis.

    I am very used to with it and it can be very helpful if I can put orders my software itself.

    Can i suggest my software vendor to prepare pi-bridge that can be easily used with the software?

  110. Mihir says:

    That’s great news. I just wish they had Equity feed as well, not just FNO.

  111. Dark Trader says:

    trying it on Amibroker Ver 6 but getting the following error :-
    Warning 503. Using OLE / CreateObject / CreateStaticObject is not multi-threading friendly.

    • CHOKS says:

      Hi DarkTrader..
      This is a warning raised by AmiBroker whenever we Use CreateObject Function in our AFL…
      This is to alert the user that COM objects are not MultiThreading friendly..
      What does that mean is whenever u create a COM Object and Call a Function…Amibroker will stop the execution of AFL code at that line and wait for the COM Object Function to finish and then continue executing the AFL code..
      Suppose if your COM Object Function takes 1minute to Execute then till that 1minute your chart will hang and freeze..
      But in Case of PiBridge….Its functions are executed in Milliseconds..and are Called only at the Signal
      U Won’t find or Notice any lag when calling PiBridge Functions like “PlaceOrder”
      So No Need to bother about that Warning…
      Go Ahead..

      • Dark Trader says:

        Thanks CHOKS. I am looking to manage all orders from chart like placing pending orders, canceling a particular order, modifying orders by dragging order line. I use NT7 for charting and if it is all possible from Ninjatrader chart through Pi-Bridge may help a lot. I don’t use Amibroker but I am trying it for managing orders only from chart. I tried Amibroker’s chart trader to place pending orders but it’s asking for broker. I use Pi chart trader to place pending orders but it’s still lacking orders modification by dragging ‘order line’. A screenshot of Amibroker chart trader which I tried is as


  112. Abhay Tewari says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have been trying to get in touch with Siva for so long regarding the complete automation process, procedure and documentation required. I have not get any satisfactory answer yet. I was redirected to this very blog post by Siva at the end.
    Have tried calling at least 5 times but could not get across to Siva.

    If its a long process these delays are only making it longer. Could you please help.


  113. Abhay Tewari says:

    I have requested Pi Bridge for Ninjatrader so many times. Have got no response yet

    Q only has bridge for amibroker only. How can I get Pi compatible to Ninjatrader?

    • The same bridge that you see for Amibroker works for Ninja trader as well. Since we don’t have a wrapper built for NT, you will have to use socket programming to fire orders and pull position details.

  114. Shubham says:

    Is there a way to backtest python scripts?

  115. MITALI says:

    Hi Nitin

    I have installed Pi and pi bridge but it is not showing in the Pi terminal at bottom right corner and also not activated.

    Please help.

  116. DJ9826 says:


  117. bipin says:

    sir can u add supertrend in pi next release plz..i see it in kite but i am addicted to pi so i like to trade on pi.
    this morning when i try kite on my android tablet everything was working fine in kite but when i try to place order kite stuck when i try to enter my transaction password.

  118. spasha says:

    i want some one to configure pi bridge from amibroker

  119. Abhay Tewari says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Is it possible to arrange some sample code for Ninjatrader user. If some sample is there then rest can be taken care off with some effort. But without any sample it gonna be really tough.

  120. Jahangir says:

    Support for different language is great.
    Should we expect for a support for java (code) language as well?
    If Yes, then when?
    If not, I will request you for Java support as well.

  121. M V Wadikar says:

    Mr. Nithin, ur team and service everything good but I request you to upgrade ur zerodha android apps, its very helpful for retail investor for making intra day trading.

    • Give us 3 to 4 more weeks, you will hopefully get the best android trading app in the country. 🙂

      • Shivakumar says:

        Waiting to see this happen.

        This was my major beef with zerodha. Kite did solve to an extent since it started to work on my tab. Good app or the website working on android phone would be awesome.

  122. GILARI says:

    Does this bridge work with NT7(free version)?

  123. Yogesh says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Thank you for such nice feature to connect external tools. It is very useful for analysis & decision making.
    I would like to know more details about PI bridge API for C# programming, Kindly help me to get understand & work on it.

  124. Shailey says:

    Is there any possible way to scan for oversold stocks with improving RSI in Pi?

  125. Bhashkar says:

    Plz provide toll free no call and trade service as oher broker.

  126. Abhay Tewari says:

    Could you provide documentation of Pi Bridge for Ninjatrader.

    I would details of code to be used to place orders from Ninjatrader and how would I be able to use existing Ninjatrader Position functions when I am using the Pi Bridge.

    2 way communication means when something trades in Pi I would be able to get its confirmation in Ninjatrader through Ninjatrader position functions?

    Kindly elaborate.

    • Abhay, why don’t you login to Q and check the sample code given along with the help documentation as mentioned in the post above. Yes, 2way means you can get back order/cash/position update back to Ninja trader. This will require you to have some experience in socket programming. For Amibroker we have a wrapper built.

  127. Mithoon says:

    Is there a way to manage(modify) pending orders automatically as well,at a predefined time by predefined ticks.

  128. Aditya Jain says:

    I am a member of zerodha trading. my account is ra6986. I have recently opened my account with you, the software Pi as well as Kite, both the softwares are good but lack in execution and not as helpful as other software. I am trading with zerodha but unfortunately I am using Trade Tiger for ananlysis. I really appreciate the fact that your group has given the best out of all discounted brokers but people who are somehow trade using analysis will have to seek help from the other software, although pi is equipped with everything a trader can asked for but if you see trade tiger, there are minor differences which can easily be overcome by your software. First of all the time interval selection, everytime one has to open a new window for a new time selection. the other thing is change of script while looking at the chart. Carmilla point pyra point, gann fan and arc, ichimoku are not available in Pi. Kindly consider the same and I am sure people will not be buying ambibroker or any other software. You can certainly charge a monthly fee for that as such, instead of paying other people, traders connected with zerodha will pay and zerodha group will be benefited with it. i am not criticizing, as a trader only requesting that since zerodha is already giving so much to their account holders why not one more step ahead to give something where they dont have to search google for trading platforms.

    • Aditya, next release of Pi will have the option to change time frames from one chart itself. It is already there on Kite. About indicators, there are hundreds (if not thousands), so adding everything won’t be practical. But slowly we are adding more, Kite just got Supertrend for example.

      • Aditya Jain says:

        As i said earlier i am not criticizing but carmila points, ichimoku, pyra points, gann arc are widely used indicators and very helpful in trading. in a way it will only help zerodha, becuase so much literature is available about stock trading and it has been seen that all good technical analysis people use the above mentioned parameters for trading. i also know there are thousands of indicators available in pi may be more then any software but the ones which are mostly used are unfortunately are not there. it will help the zerodha community as well as zerodha as a company.
        aditya jain

  129. Anil says:

    Please provide charts continues charts (Active contract) and more number of days , as you are giving only 60 days

    • We give almost 1 year of intraday data on equity/index. F&O, we don’t have continuous data, so we are able to show only for as long the contract has come into existence. We should have continuous data soon.

  130. Hari says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Way to go with the free trial…
    Would like to let you know we really love you and all things Zerodha..!!! 🙂
    Regards, Hari

  131. Rathina Kumar says:

    Can Pi Bridge is available for commodity

  132. Sumit says:

    Does Pi Bridge work with java currently? if yes then where can I find documentation for the same?

    • There is no Java wrapper built as a such. But you can use sockets to connect using any language. The documentation is available when you click on Pi section within Q. Explained in the post above.

  133. TNDS4023 says:

    I don’t have Amibroker but I wanted to backtest a very good strategy which I have only AFL programme , is it possible to use AFL with out ambibroker or is there any way to convert AFL to PI-Bridge understandable language. ( Its not a good idea to buy Amibroker just to backtest a strategy, so, you created a fantastic opportunity to backtest it…… pls help me)

  134. umaran says:

    Can we use excel sheet combined with VBA

  135. BINU says:

    this is a good move by zerodha,

    if I can trade. chart trading through Amibroker or Nijatrader not “automated”?

    bad news is Neotrade don’t have MCX data.


  136. Chandra says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is this fully automated?Means is it possible to write program to place order using c#. In the Disclaimer, it is mentioned as ‘Everything explained above is semi-automated, that means there will need to be a human intervention to place an order’.

    • Yes fully automated is possible, but requires a bunch of approvals including registering the person as an authorized person on the exchange. You can send an email to [email protected], he will speak to you about this.

      • Vikram says:

        Hi, I have the socket program ready which places the orders automatically using pi bridge and I am seeing them in “generated alerts” section in pi. Now how do u tell Pi application to convert these alerts to orders automatically. Is there any setting available in Pi which does this?

        Also please let me me know if the above contact you have mentioned is still valid? so that I contact to figure out more info on this.

  137. arun says:

    No metatrader. 🙁 is there any work around that I can use mt4 or mt5

    • Unfortunately there is an issue in the way MT is designed. They don’t let you fire orders from outside.

      • arun says:

        So can you suggest any free alternative? Custom development will take loads of time. Strategies can be built quickly, it is the nuances that would take time to build.

    • Santhosh Murali says:

      I see Pi Bridge is for automating the trade entry. Is there a way we can cnnect Ninja Trader’s “Chart Trader” with Zerodha using the bridge?

  138. Kushal says:

    How come c# will take roll in this. Is any platform is there where we can code in this lang.

  139. Ramesh says:

    Will it suppot JAVA ?

  140. Soumyadeep Ganguly says:

    does this mean I can fire cover/bracket order to pi from python scripts? Asking this as Nest didnt allow to fire cover order api.

  141. Rahul Singh says:


    This is trial is very helpful. I was planning to subscribe to GDF real time data for Amibroker but the timing for the trial was just perfect. Awesome! Will definitely subscribe once the trial period gets over.

    Rahul SK.

  142. Sandeep reddy says:

    The android version is very poor can’t we have fusion or svg charts with material design.

  143. Abhishek says:

    Hello sir
    Is there any video available on YouTube regarding piBrigade ?