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January 11, 2016

We have stopped accepting fresh subscriptions to Open Trade w.e.f. 25th April, 2018. This platform will be shut-down soon. If you have an active subscription, please create a ticket here for a refund. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Over the last 5+ years, we have stayed away from providing any kind of advisory. One of the biggest reasons for us not giving tips is , as a brokerage there is a vested interest in making clients trade, which creates a conflict of interest. We, unlike most brokerages out there, did not want to give tips/advise just to generate revenue rather than for the value of it. Instead, we tried to educate and share knowledge as much as possible using Varsity, Zconnect, and Tradingqna. We introduced backtesting, expert advisors, and advanced charting through our trading platforms Kite and Pi. We built Quant to help analyze personal trading behavior, and more.

We also started the 60 day challenge to give an additional incentive to traders to stay profitable and not just to trade for the heck of it. It got us the desired results, but interacting with our 1 lakh clients, we knew there could be more that can be done to build a community of winning traders.

We observed that:

  • Most people don’t have the bandwidth or the background to spend hours trying to master trading the markets. What makes it even more difficult in India is that there is no practical introduction to trading and investing in schools or colleges making it tougher for people to comprehend the concepts.
  • People end up following tipsters paying thousands of rupees a month. Such tipsters come with no credibility, and there is no real data to prove whether their tips actually make money or not, and more importantly the nature of tips (buy above this, sell below this, etc) don’t teach you anything about how to invest or trade the markets.

That said, we also realized there is this small community of traders who are extremely talented and passionate. But, the biggest problem they face are:

  • Not enough trading capital. A client with Rs 1lk returns 10% in a month which is brilliant, but that is just Rs 10,000, which in today’s world, is  not enough to survive trading full time (more than 90% of our traders have less than Rs 1lk in their account). To earn more, he starts over trading taking bigger risks, and eventually ends up making a loss. Most of the times before blossoming into a great trader, the career ends.

Introducing, our answer that will hopefully be the solution to the above pain points. Here is how it works:

  • Clients of Zerodha who have a positive track record on their accounts (stars) with us may opt to register on Opentrade. We will select the best traders after careful scrutiny. Their identities will be kept anonymous, and they will all be called by unique star names – Sirius, Canopus, etc.
  • The stars will be tagged based on the nature of their trades – investor, arbitrageur, swing trader, etc.
  • The Quant reports of their trading activities at Zerodha will be made public on the platform.
  • All clients of Zerodha will now have an option to analyze these reports, and follow their favorite stars for a subscription fee that will be shared with the stars.
  • From the time you start following a star, you will get his/her realtime trade updates via Email and on the platform. You will also be able to track all open positions and holdings of the stars.
  • To ensure privacy, quantities on positions and trade updates will be normalized. Also, trade updates will be limited to only highly liquid contracts – top 500 stocks, and F&O on equity, currency and commodity.
  • You will be able to follow one or multiple stars of your choosing.

By putting up these talented stars on a pedestal, we give them an opportunity to earn an additional stream of revenue and stay focused and profitable in their trading activities. The more profitable this star stays, more number of paying followers he will add, ensuring that the star focuses on using his talent to carefully pick trading and investing opportunities.

As a subscriber, learning from and tracking star traders live should give you the leverage needed to push yourself to be a part of the winning community.

We are going live by end of Jan 2016, if you wish to get on the invite list visit

If you are a profitable trader with a good track record and like to be featured as a star, you can raise a query here

Please note: Support for Opentrade will be online-only and the Zerodha support team won’t be able to answer any queries on the phone.

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Jitendra pastaria says:

    Did you took permission from respective account holder before allowing other to follow them, today one of my know person call me and disclose about my account portfolio value, I was surprised because I never share any information with him. If I got any evidence this is leaked because of your mistake I will take serious action.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Jitendra, as a regulated entity, we adhere to strong security practices and do not share client information with any third parties. You can learn more about our privacy policies here

      We’ve also explained about the security practices we follow here

  2. Sandeep Yadav says:

    I had around 5000 in my open trade account. I didn’t follow any star from quite sometime. Now I got to know that it is shut down. Please suggest what happened to my money in open trade account.

  3. Utpal Raj says:

    Is there still anything like open trade?? Can I subscribe for any stars??
    Please reply.

  4. swati says:

    I have opentrade account and used facility for one month. In my account balance of Rs 5000 is there, I want to avail again opentrade facility, but I could not open the website as Kindly do needful

  5. Veera says:

    May I know the reason for stopping Opentrade subscription? I want to subscribe this service…

  6. GJ makwana says:

    Recently i bought 5 star for Rs 2500/- but as per talk, you do not send any mail, sms or alert about the trade of the concerned star….everytime i have to follow continuously for long time… if u send alert, then we can follow immediately…will u pl clarify ????? from GJ Makwana client IDZF 1396…thanks…

  7. nayan sharma says:

    how can one become a star in this platform ?????

  8. arun says:

    Hi, Is it permited be SEBI,as it indirectly leads to recommending trades by star trader for a they have to register themselves with SEBI, for advisory service. Thanks

    • Matti says:

      Hey Arun, none of the Opentrade ‘Stars’ recommend any trades. It’s just people sharing the trades they take with the public for educational purposes. As such, these trades are meant to be consumed for educational purposes and not to be construed as trade recommendations.

  9. mukesh says:

    i have an account with zerodha wanted to follow one of the star what is the charges

  10. Vijeesh Varghese says:

    hi nithin, now u should start trading classes either free of cost of for nominal charges. i am wandering in this without enough knowledge..even though i read training material, i now need real time training, or to understand from real time trading..intrest is ther but nothing really working out. planing to attend a training class but everything come in higher price..even i pay it by taking loan but dont know whether it is good or bad training

  11. vishnu patel says:


    Please add lower price band/Upper price bend data in particular stock in depth menu..

    So it will be more benefit for trader.

  12. sandeeb says:

    Hi Nitin- Opentrade is such a lovely innovation and an amazing idea. Thanks for giving us an access to the trading strategy of some of the stalwarts of intraday trading. The only issue i have is the lag in getting the alerts. I am also not getting any SMS alerts. Can anybody please look into it?

  13. Rahul says:

    Hey Zeroda, Loved it


    I recently joined Zerodha. Earlier i traded with ICICI- D from last 4Years .Now i am switched to Zerodha .thanks for giving intellectually ,beautiful& economically designed platform.Everything is fast here. Zerodha you are best.Thumbs Up.

    I recently joined Star program OPENTRADE .its worth it and i liked .Plz help ..Can u explain how to study and get benifits with this feature.

  14. Vishnu Thottumkara says:

    According to me, Zerodha is giving an excellent service to their clients in all possible way. I sincerely thanks to Mr. Nithin Kamath and team. The history of the world is that who ever kept an attitude of sincerely helping others while earning their revenue is grown above the sky and rest of all are perished. So again a big salute to Zerodha team

  15. bhavesh says:

    Is it a chargeable service or free….?
    If I subscribe this service then how to get notification of different levels

  16. bhagya says:

    Good evening Nitin sir,
    sir I am using pi, is it possible to add andrews pitchfork tool and its copy option (means after drawing the trend line / andrews pitchfork copy the same trend line and paste) option and ichimoku cloud in tools, triple ema options. I heard that these features are available on kite, pls introduce those tools in pi also.
    thx n regards

  17. Kartik Raghuram says:

    Hello Mr. Nithin, If im trading with a capital of 1Lac so is it recommended to follow a star whos also trading with that much ?

  18. Ravi says:

    Is it a chargeable service or free?
    If I subscribe this service then how to get notification of different levels.

  19. Akash says:

    Out of 5 Credits… can I use 1 Credit each for different different stars for continuous 5 months (total 5 different stars in 5 months)?

  20. Arjun says:

    There was a time stars had followers to the tune of 250. Now the highest number of followers a star has is around 75. The fall in number of users is not because of the failure of the idea of open trade but because of the tool not getting the attention it deserves from the people who run it.

    None of the stars’ stats are accurate. Stats aren’t updated. No update from Zerodha about when things will be fine. These are statements one could never associate with Zerodha since solutions to problems used to be swift. Hope this tool is revived and given the due attention that it deserves before it’s too late.

    • Arjun, the issue with opentrade is that it is kind of grey in terms of regulations set out there. We haven’t been able to get a full fledged approval for this. Hence we have been going easy on it. Let me try pushing this to regulators once again, if we dont’ get it, we will maybe just shut this down.

  21. Abhijeet Gurjar says:

    How much does a star gets paid per subscriber?

  22. Kajal Agarwal says:

    After Update my Star ARA is not visible in opentrade , I am earning 20% Returns per month.

    Also Request to update streak as all streak not updated from 31st oct

  23. Arjun says:

    As usual Zerodha is only replying to the questions they have answers for like above. What about those of us who have paid 2500 and bought 5 credits only by looking at old not updated data from opentrade ?

  24. KARTHIKEYAN says:

    I have account with zerodha.
    I’m interested trading in futures. For future segments how many times exposure will be given by zerodha? For example, if I’m having 3,00,000 in my zerodha account, how much exposure I can get for trading in future segments?

  25. Devvrat singh says:

    Want my money back..

    App is not getting updated..
    Subscribed to a star and after analysis got to know that data is not updated..90days and 180days profit are not what i saw before subscribing..

    Total waste..

  26. Nagaraja says:

    Hi Nithin and Team,

    Today I subscribed for this service.

    For one of open trade user query,

    Kajal Agarwal says:
    September 29, 2017 at 10:32 am
    Sir All stars Capital, Percentage Returns is Not Updated from 6 month’s.
    Zerodha should take is seriously to update the same.

    How I can trust .. this service? kindly clarify…….

  27. Rahul says:

    Hi Nithin and Team,

    I have submitted my query yesterday to get featured as a star trader on opentrade.
    Kindly assist me with the solution as early as possible.


  28. Shankar says:

    I would like to see an option, not only to get notification but also to execute the exact trade probaly with some varience.

    Say if my star bought a stock for Rs.100, I would like to buy the same stock anywhere within Rs.100.5 (i.e. Rs.100 + 0.5%) and quantity is determined by the amount I set aside (say Rs.10,000). In this example, I can buy 99 quantity with a limit price order of Rs.100.5.

    Would you be offer this feature with Kite/OpenTrade or do I need to leverage the API? If yes, is there an API to get the executed orders from OpenTrade too?

  29. Hrishi says:

    Very interesting initiative. It all makes sense. Signing up and thanks 🙂

  30. CA Arun Tiwari says:

    I m using open trade and subscribed to Leo, ARA and URSA Major , However after following them for more then one month and analyzing data for past one month what I found they are actually making losses, However their profit is showing same % as it was ,one month back. Even their 180 days profit and 90 days profit % is showing same.
    It is difficult to digest that when they are making losses how their profit % can remain same. I am afraid it is not done to misguide followers and Zerodha purposely giving false data. can you please check and verify if % of profit you are showing is correct?

    • Kajal Agarwal says:

      Sir All stars Capital, Percentage Returns is Not Updated from 6 month’s.

      Zerodha should take is seriously to update the same.

  31. Saurav says:

    I am getting tips and technical picks messages regarding zerodha . Is it now zerodha providing technical picks.?? Whatever i know zerodha always says it does not provide these type of messages.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Zerodha does not provide any advisory regarding trading of stocks, nor do we offer portfolio management services. Beware of unauthorized website/SMS/email for trading calls or portfolio management services in Zerodha’s name. If you find any suspicious message with our name, report it to [email protected]

  32. S S Inda says:

    Dear sir

    I am using Kite platform but if u can add some features like
    1. Add more scripts above 20 ( as it is max of 100) please max it
    2. in holdings (market depth not shown)
    3. Add Currency & commodity section depart from Equity

  33. Nirmal patel says:

    I want to open my demat account through using aadhar card online.. So in that is it required kyc registration for PAN card?

  34. PSR says:

    I am completely new to trading. Somehow I joined Zerodha. I look forward to be here in days to come.


  35. yeshwant says:

    Today i purchase 5 stars after 5pm – I want need help how to follow from tommarrow, I am new to this. I spoke to u r customer case . How to start with . i Purchase PAVO Star. How I should go abt it

  36. Kajal Agarwal says:

    One query for zerodha if any Star is doing hedging trade like buying 1 lot of future and 2 lots of options, but we will get updates of only positions and not qty so better start giving Qty also for better understanding.
    Hope Stars also do not mind and consider followers request.

  37. Kajal Agarwal says:



  38. yunus says:

    Dear Mr. Nitin,

    is their any option in Open trade that our trades get automatically executed as per our following stars?


  39. sanjay says:

    Dear Nithin ji,
    Are you having a option of Copy Trader option for long term trades like buying stocks for 1-2-3-5 years.If you can have a such a option where a client can buy stocks which are currently trading at low price and have potential to increase in value over 2-5 years, such an option will be valuable to clients who while working in their regular jobs can also trade in stocks and build their wealth instead of becoming a regular trader or short term trader.
    Hope you reply to my question or think about it and reply.

  40. Jeeshan Anwar says:

    What is payin and payout charges..
    Why am I being charged everyday this.

  41. Soumya says:

    Can you simply copy trades and execute them automatically? Is there a feature too?

  42. Kajal Agrawal says:

    I have subscribed STAR ARA , thanks Zerodha got benefited from that, but in opentrade ARA capital is not correct.

  43. Sanjay Kumar Singh says:

    Want to follow and buy only one star. How to do it?

  44. Bhavin Vora says:

    I subscribe to OPENTRADE but it is down today with Server Error(500).

    Any updates?

  45. Manjunath says:

    First of all I would like to thank the team doing awesome 🙂
    So far I have used several trading platforms but was always unhappy. There comes Zerodha, I said Good Bye to rest.

    I have few queries on OpenTrade

    If I would like to follow a star I will be interested in details like:
    1. Category (like intraday, short term, long term, all or mixed)
    2. In which category person is more profitable (percentage wise)
    3. Do I get an alert / notification in kite or opentrade account (when logged in, not expecting it when I am offline) if the star I am following does a buy/sell anytime?
    4. Does it show the number of shares bought/sold by the start and price at which is done?
    5. If I am not happy with a star I am following for any reason can I switch the star (one or all) within the period of 1 month (since I paid for it, I expect I should be allowed)
    6. Does a star trader gets an option to set say if he/she is going quite for a while so the followers are notified?
    7. To value our money, instead of monthly fee can it be considered as for 30 ‘trading days’. In a month there could be NSE/BSE several holidays. Also as a follower can I pause following if I decide to go quite for a while or taking a vacation? May be I can turn off only once per 30 days
    8. Can a star see his/her followers holdings / portfolio?

    • Bouncing this to our tech team.

    • Sree says:

      Hi Manjunath,

      You have posted very valid questions/expectations. I was expecting in similar sense and ended up paying. It is little bit disappointing to see that there is not a whole lot of information available 🙁

      You can see whether a STAR has bought/sold a particular stock (with date & time) and at what price without info about the quantity of stock traded by the him/her. You can’t easily connect the dots because there is too much pagination without proper filters available (Date/Stock etc.)!

      There should be some way to feel the STAR before having to spent the credit on him/her for whole month!

      Hope Zerodha considers the feedback and makes it a more joyful place.

  46. Sumit says:

    Hello Mr Nitin, Can we have something like GTC order in normal Equity trade??? Really miss this feature

  47. Kajal Agrawal says:

    Please update All Star capital,Return performance and delete the inactive stars.

    Thanks in Advance

  48. Satish says:

    I am glad ,you are bringing new initiatives into reality. I appreciate the creativity and hardwork
    However, I want you to concentrate on few issues in Kite and resolve them.I could neither update my order nor initiate an order few days back, which obviously is not at all good, you know how important each second for traders.
    Also i had faced issues during peak loads ex:During Trump win and Indian surgical strikes on pakistan
    You should get the load test done and solve these issues


  49. Radha Krishna Kavuluru says:

    Hi Nithin,

    This is regarding ATP in the Kite as it is currently only visible in charts but i think it should be available in the market depth too.It ll be helpful for the trade.Awaiting your response.

    Radha Krishna.

  50. Parth Vora says:

    I recently subscribed to few experts. I read somewhere that trades get automatically copied. But I see no trade is getting copied. I thought no manual intervention was needed and thus I subscribed this feature. Is it something I am missing here? Does Zerodha have this or not? If yes, is there a process to enable this “copy trade” feature?

    Thanks, all in advance for the help.

  51. Sumit says:

    I am not a star, however incase I become one can you share strategies to gain more followers please?

  52. Phani_Trader says:

    Hi Nithin,
    joined Zerodha in April’17. Hats off to you and your team for all the innovative initiatives. Very interesting to know the efforts being put into to bring retail traders (having seen dealers and big ticket guys make money in ways only they can afford to) on par with the “big fellas”

  53. Senthil says:

    I had recently subscribed for open trade. I opted to follow 5 stars by paying rupees 2500 for 1 month.
    Based on the information on the screen of the stars I had chosen to follow 5 stars. At this moment I was not given any detail of whether this star is doing a continuous trade or not day by day.
    After choosing a star I found that one the stars is not making any trade for the last few months. Had I been shown all the trade, this star is making, in the initial screen itself, I would not have followed this star. So my star choice went useless as far as my day trading is concerned.
    Even in my rest of the 4 stars, the portfolio details are not coming for 2 stars. I had posted email reporting this problem and awaiting for the clearance of the snag for the last 3 days.
    My sincere request to you to make the Open trade, a marvelous one like your other products, since your concept of open trade is truly beneficial to all concerned.

  54. Sumit says:

    I decide to follow a star, but the star decides to stop trading for some reason. Is he allowed to stop trading as per Zerodha terms at the time of becoming a star? Secondly, how long can a star continue to remain a star?

  55. sachin says:


    Why quant sync not working now?

  56. Kajal Agrawal says:

    Yes ,
    Nitin its good suggestion kindly try to implement.

  57. STAR ARA says:

    Kindly update capital,profit percentage,no. of active followers for all stars on daily basis.
    So that any person following star will not waste his Rs.500 for inactive STAR.

    Also Request to add comment section for very star so that they can do marketing and tell benefits of there strategy.


  58. Rajat says:


    1. I joined opentrade in 22/12/2016 and started following 3 stars since then. I also remember that I unchecked the auto renewal tickbox for following the stars. But to my surprise I am still following those 3 stars after two months without costing additional credits. I think there may be something wrong.

    2. After spending one credit to follow ERIDANUS today, I found that his last trade was on 25/01/2017 which was more than a month. I think if we can see the last placed trade date, people will not spend credits on inactive stars by mistake.

    3. Overview of various stars like ERIDANUS, CARINA, LYNX does not show any info. But overview of ANDROMEDA is showing Profitability, Contracts, Streaks all these details correctly.

    4. Is the Flashback feature removed from quant backoffice?

  59. P M Patel says:

    If I want to see most recent comment then ?
    I have to scroll from first line ” January 11, 2016 at 7:51 pm……. to….. scroll…. scroll…. scroll……. scroll…… scroll………. till… March 3, 2017 at 12:38 pm”
    Means I have to scroll through more than 14 months comments…… It will become more and more difficult as months are passing.
    It will be better idea if you can revers sequences of all comments by putting most recent comments on top instead of last.
    If there is any other logic behind it, please explain me.

    • hmm.. the logic initially was that if there is any query it will probably be already asked, when u r scrolling you will spot it. But I get the issue you are pointing at, let me see what we can do about it.

      • PR1743 says:

        Just put in a “scroll to the last post” those who want to scroll through can do so and for people just wanting to check the last few comments can do so easily

  60. Dinesh T says:


    New to opentrade, I need your advice which start to follow. I’m interested in interday stocks , futures, Index.
    Can somebody please advice me.

    I was worndring, can’t just one star for a month and try his calls. I see that there is no options for a month.

  61. Gitty says:

    Sir. Would like to know whether purchase of NCDs are supported in your kite platform..

  62. Amit says:

    Hi see that Live Feed is not displaying the data for the trades done today. Screen doesnt show today’s trade but I got the email stating today’s trades done by Star – Leo. Can you suggest why is that?

  63. Deepika says:


    I am following two stars ursa major and andromeda.I am not getting live trades for andromeda from feb 13 2017,but i can see holding positions…In overview (andromeda)showing profit and loss for feb13,feb14.

  64. madhav says:

    Hello Nitin Sir,

    plz provide your mail address i found mistake in kite , i alredy tell to your technical team but they are not able to solve my problem in kite.

  65. vikas Kumar says:

    Sir, just wanted to know that can a stock (equity) and the future of same script run in different direction??? for example if the stock price of a xyz script is increasing. can this happen that price of same xyz industry fututre contract price decrease at the sams time??

    • Futures = Spot + cost of carry, so sometimes it is possible that futures and spot don’t move hand in hand. As markets get closer to expiry, or if some big traders are taking positions in futures or when a stock has announced a dividend – times when futures and spot may not really go in sync.

  66. Mangesh says:

    Hi OT Team,

    Looks like the Overview chart for “Hydra” is not getting updated since 17th Jan?
    Anyone on it?
    The star has been trading daily, but not showing up on the chart.


  67. Raj says:

    How can we know whether the star is a intraday trader or a positional trader? Secondly, how can we know whether he trades in futures or equity? Please guide on these 2 questions as I want to know this before subscribing. thanks

  68. Niftystaradvise says:

    Wow…All Stars capital,profits updated and daily getting updated.

    Kudos to zerodha team.

  69. Anjan says:

    Nithin sir,
    Is back office issue over let me know i like to join opentrade Platform which is trouble free

  70. vikas mehra says:


    what happen to CASSIOPEIA star ? is he really lost such money? .

  71. Pritish says:

    This is the second complaint in a week. I am following Andromeda star. Did not receive any trades for Jan 19th and no trades are visible for Jan 19th in trade history. But if you look at Overview, Andromeda had a loss of INR 19,250 on Jan 19th. Again a server problem?

  72. Mangesh says:


    Was the mail server completely down today? Or is it really that no trades were executed by all the four stars I am following? I received no trade alerts today!

  73. shyamaa says:

    Are you not revealing the real %, because it is much less than what is displayed on the web?
    Are you worried that many stars will go into negative returns if updated?
    Don’t understand the reason for not fixing this for months.

    • Shyama, we are having small issues with our backoffice which is a vendor based product. We are all currently trying to move to our in house platform. Once done, there shouldn’t be any issues on opentrade in terms of profitability graphs. Hopefully should be sorted in 2 weeks. Until then we have done a quick fix, everything should be updated by tomorrow morning.

  74. shyamaa says:

    The profit % is not updated for months for any of the stars. Atleast declare so, so that gullible ppl wont get misguided. Why has zerodha stopped its initial enthu in maintaining this website. For any query, we are asked to send email. No email is needed. The problems are quite obvious. First thing, pls look into the updation of profit % for all starts. Also do mention at what frequency will it be updated ( weekly / monthy )

    (no response , reposting)

    • Shyamaa, are you referring to any particular star? Can you email me more details on [email protected], I will have this checked.

      • shyamaa says:


        The Avg Capital and % details of scorpius …remaining same for months…inspite of trades

        • Pdeep says:


          The same issue is with the stars Ursa Major, Lynx, Leo, and Carina. All other remaining stars’ stats are no exception as per my observation. The avg capital and profit has remained same for many months rendering the data as less useful and misleading new subscribers.

          The chart that displays in the Overview page also don’t update on changing the options in the drop-down.

          I hope to see these things fixed soon.

          • Mangesh says:

            I am awaiting a fix on this since I have observed this bug and brought to the notice (it’s been around three weeks now)

      • Mangesh says:

        I am awaiting a fix on this since I have observed this bug and brought to the notice (it’s been around three weeks now)

  75. rahul says:

    I’m following 2 stars as of now, but they do only or mostly intraday. Do you have any plan or listing who are doing BTST/CNC or positional buy/sell? I have added 5 credits but they will be wasted as I’m not in intraday, so for me opentrade is totally useless.
    Hope there will be lot of people awaiting for above feature (have checked few in tradingqna)

  76. Pranay says:

    Why is there a lot of difference in followers from one person to other? Example one person generating 200% return and other person generating 170% returns. The former has around 250 followers and the latter is having only around 50 followers.

    • Hitesh says:

      Hi Pranay,

      Ursa Major, Pegasus has been in opentrade from the past many months whereas others are being added every now and then. And I also heard old players like Ursa and Andromeda have been consistent return generators. Moreover, they have a good base. It is easy to generate 200% on 50k as compared to generating 200% on 5 lakh. I guess that is the reason they have a good brand.

      Zerodha must also add new stats like how many 60 day challenges these traders have won, their total trading experience with Zerodha, their basic strategies, etc. Please look into it.

  77. Chethan Rai says:


    How long it will take the payments made to reflect in the open trade account, to select my stars to follow?

    In spite of mail sent to support team , I am waiting since last 3 days to reflect my payment credit in the open trade.

    Hope some one resolve this.



  78. vittal says:

    Dear Team,

    Kindly make it minimum one credit for 500rs..its hard to take 5 credit at a time..for beginners its very difficult to buy 5 credit..please have look on this..i hope you will do something positive for us..

  79. Pritish says:

    I am following a star Andromeda. Yesterday, until market close, Andromeda was holding 3 positions, one of which was “Sold DHFL JAN FUT”. Today morning, before the market opened, I noticed that all three positions had disappeared. I also checked Live trades and Order history and nowhere does it show that the positions were exited. That means there was a clear flaw in Zerodha to not register position exit. I lost almost 15k due to this today. What is the point of paying for this service if I am not receiving the correct data?

    • Prithish, having this checked.

      • Pritish says:

        Received a call from Jawaad regarding this issue. He confirmed that there was an issue on Zerodha’s server due to which there is missing data. Zerodha’s initiatives are absolutely great but the execution is very slow and has flaws. This program should have been out of beta long back, as no matter how much we call it an “education platform”, it is actually used by star followers for making actual trades.

    • Mangesh says:

      Hi Pritish,

      Even I have noticed this quite a lot of times… Also, some of the Buy/Sell trades are not at all followed up by an Exit trade, instead there are counter trades.. This is actually confusing the follower as to whether the Star has exited the existing position only or whether he has additionally added to positions in the counter direction!

  80. Dheeraj says:

    Hi Team,

    Why do we need to buy a minimum of 5 stars, i.e. have to pay 2500/-?

    If it could be set to a minimum of 1 star, i.e. 500/-, it will help to check whether this strategy works for us or not & then we could buy many more stars

    Please give it a thought…



  81. Ajwan says:

    Great learning Initiative by Zerodha. Have been following Ursa Major from the past many months. I have achieved huge profits in the last 3-4 months which covered my two years of losses. Thank you for the platform Zerodha.

  82. Mangesh says:


    Is there anyone maintaining the website and looking after it?

  83. Rajat says:


    1. While opening the account in opentrade, it showed me a page to give permission. But did not specify any details on what it exactly requires. Can anyone explain what kind of permission it requires? How can one remove such permission? (if needed in future)

    2. Do I have to use all my credits within a time period?

  84. Mangesh says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,

    Ever since I have followed one of the stars at the very start of December 2016, the profit percentages haven’t been updated for that star, rather for any other stars I have been tracking. What is the frequency of the details being updated for the available stars?
    If it’s not being managed well, kindly requesting you to look into the same.


    • Mangesh says:

      Dear Zerodha Team,

      When can we expect an update on the issue? I have been now following 3 stars and the issue remains the same for all of them! I hope that there is someone supporting and maintaining this platform… We have paid for the credits, but if this is not being looked after, what’s the use?
      Also, the trade updates are not real time, sometimes getting delayed until we refresh the page.


      • Dheeraj says:

        Hello Zerodha Team,

        Kindly respond as such comments are refraining people like me to buy STAR credits…



      • Mangesh, can you email to [email protected] with the star details.

        • shyamaa says:

          The profit % is not updated for months for any of the stars. Atleast declare so, so that gullible ppl wont get misguided. Why has zerodha stopped its initial enthu in maintaining this website. For any query, we are asked to send email. No email is needed. The problems are quite obvious. First thing, pls look into the updation of profit % for all starts. Also do mention at what frequency will it be updated ( weekly / monthy )

          • Dheeraj says:

            Hi Nitin,

            Kindly iron-out such issues so that new users don’t think twice to purchase any of these services…

            Thanks much,


  85. Kasturi Ksheti says:

    Suppose I got a mesage that my star has bought a scrip . Following him can I execute my buy order here at or in the Pi or kite or Nest Trader .

  86. Kasturi Ksheti says:

    I am a small trader. I want to trade in Nifty Future and Option on intraday basis . So Pls suggest me an active star so that I shall not be regretted like Biku.

  87. Kasturi Ksheti says:

    Suppose i Bought five credit ,where can I see the activities of my oppted star ? Can I place my order in the same site? can I change my star in the middle when i so wish ? Shall my remaining credits be refunded if I not satisfied with the service ?

    • Venu says:

      There’s a tab called “My Stars” under which you’ll find all the stars you are following. Live trades will be displayed under ‘Orders placed by stars’ on real time. You can’t change your star and all payments are non refundable.

  88. Pritish says:

    Disappointed to see that not much effort is being put to improve such an amazing tool from zerodha.

    Do you guys track defects in a formal defect tracking system? One for you:

    HYDRA avg capital shows 43372 on ‘Publishers’ page but when you click on it and select ’90 days’, the avg capital becomes 79.34 lac. Select ‘180 days’ and it becomes 1.34 cr!! Go back to default selection and it shows 2.18 cr!!

    Whatever happened to 43372?! Not sure how to select a star to follow based on this kind of incorrect data.

  89. aries13 says:

    Idea sounded exciting so I bought a couple of credits.
    The star I followed does not seem to have any portfolio or trade since the last 10 days.
    Difficult to know who is active & who is inactive without spending your credits.

    Wish you would do some thing about this so people get value for there money.

  90. Biku says:

    I’m regretting my decision of buying credit worth 2500/- and following a ‘STAR’ on Open Trade . it doesn’t give much information, so i really can’t get it.

    message pops up when the “star’ sells a share or buy like:

    MOIL Bought 350

    TATASTEEL Sold 250

    . It really doesn’t helps much actually .

    I was hoping that i will get to know the followed “star’s” whole portfolio like how much shares bought or sold, how long it has been hold, like that . The identity of the client we followed i.e the STAR is remains hidden afterall.

    I still got 4 credits left and waiting for some improvements from zerodha.

  91. Jose Thomas says:

    Saw another star HYDRA holding positions NIFTY16DEC8500CE and NIFTY16DEC8700CE. Is there a Nifty call option expiring on 16th December. If not, what is this trade? As per my understanding the expiry date of Nifty options for this series is December 29th.

  92. Jose Thomas says:

    Correction. Portfolio not blank for BELLATRIX but that doesn’t help. He cannot do this trading with average capital rs 9594. Capital should include funds locked up in loss making scrips being held in portfolio. This is misleading. Rs 9594 I guess is the left over money.

  93. Jose Thomas says:

    Followed star BELLATRIX. Graph shows active trader since Jan but live trades Blank, trade history blank and portfolio blank. There should be a trade history if he was trading since Jan. Don’t rip off customers like this. Please refund my one credit. I shouldn’t be paying to see a blank screen.

  94. Madhukar says:

    Got a few questions after reading the questions above :
    1. Has the semi automate feature been built ?
    2. It would be even better if we can have a fully automated system. That is if the regulator permits and also could there be a work around to the regulator situation legally?

    It would be great if you could add in a ratio feature and/or an upper limit for the follower to replicate the trade with a single click. Let me explain :

    If the star executes a 1000 stocks trade and I want to do a 100 stock trade then I can mention a ratio of 10:1 . (Also taking Normalisation into consideration)
    Or an Upper limit would mean I say I would allocate 20000 to this star’s trade and the system buys as many shares as possible within that amount.

  95. Ankush says:

    Please clarify the following:
    1. is it auto trading?
    2. Do the trades also reflect take profit and SL applied or will i need to sit infront of the monitor 8 hours a day to track updates?

  96. Kumar says:

    Hi, I would like to know, if I follow a star trader would I be able to see the technical analysis and his way of analysing the charts? For instance say that a star trader is trading based upon Moving Averages, would I be able to see his/her chart and the MA value used by them?

  97. Deepak says:

    I have subscribed to opentrade. The time stamps with the date are mostly outside the trading hours. Can someone explain, why? Actual bought and sold transactions are shown outside the trading hours..

  98. swami says:

    Would like a feedback from the Mgmt, whether they are serious in continuing this or not. As I said before the status of return % is close to 2 months old.

  99. swami says:

    Guys , this is good work when it was started. Now it is not being maintained.
    The return % is not updated for 30+ days now. On what basis can new subscribers subscribe..

  100. Dhananjay Bhat says:

    Hats Off! Team Zerodha.. you are revolutionizing the way trades are done in India! This is what I call as true development through empowerment, which you have done.
    Thanks for everything!

  101. MADHU SP says:

    How can we check the returns we have made in percentage.

    It would be useful if you display the returns percentage in the account along with amount.

  102. Jegan says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am star trader in opentrade. My star name is ERIDANUS. Return value in the report seems to be very low.Return should be calculated based on the capital what I had when I trade particular position. It should be weighted average return or something equal to that. It seems like I made huge profit some months with less capital and recently I brought big capital. The return is calculated for the whole capital from Feb 1. Can you somebody arrange call back from zerodha on how they came to know this return?

    How often you used to update reports? Monthly once?

    Return calculation seems to be illogical. I have pledge 15L liquid bees (13.5L collateral margin) where my return is calculated based on total capital including 15L, but return from liquid bees is not considered.

    When I change the different time frame, the report is not changing.


  103. TNDS4023 says:

    Seems return percentage Not reconciled for PEGASUS after updated avg capital?

  104. Benny says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am currently following 2 stars. I have a suggestion for you in ‘Opentrade’ live feed window.
    Try to include the trade type (Normal, MIS, Cash) along with existing details.

    • Venu says:

      Currently our systems don’t track the product type on trades. We’ll take your suggestion and try to incorporate it in the future.

  105. pkumar says:

    if we opt for 5 stars ,can the trades of those stars can be viewed in mobile version of kite.zerodha also as i used to trade in the same plotform.
    please clarify…

  106. Gaurav says:

    I am following a star and able to open its flashback tab, but it is blank.

  107. SIVAJI says:

    please provide top 10 buying scripts n selling scripts in zerodha as a new feature.

  108. anuj says:

    how do one become a star trader??

  109. MN Karia says:

    It is more beneficial for beginners if there is 1 month trial for 3 star or like that. (i.e. 3 credit on signup).
    Seems, price quite high for small investors like me, smallcases seems more economic.

  110. MAS says:

    Will opentrade continue to work in the light of recent SEBI recommendations about not allowing brokers to send any buy/sell sms (as these will be treated as advertisements and needs to be preapproved by SEBI)?

    • Firstly we are not sending any recommendations, this is essentially like an education program. But I get your point, SEBI hasn’t put out any regulations yet, they are recommendations. We will take a call once the circular is put out.

  111. shivank garg says:

    I trade on mobile app KITE only and wanted to know after registration with a star will I get notification on kite app or only through Email??

  112. Anand says:

    Are selected stars using some software to pick the stock? how they identify stock for intraday trade?

  113. kumar says:

    I am new client just joined your team. I want to follow the stars and copy their trades automatically without logging into my a/c is it available with you, as of now ?

    • Trade automatically is not possible. The idea of the platform is to provide you a platform to learn from the stars and not really a copy trade platform.

      • Sanjay Arora says:

        Then the idea is incorrect. Learning from the trade will work only if reasons for entering & executing a trade are provided. Copying a trade is what 99.9% of users will be doing.

        Optimally, opentrade should provide trade copy configuration that maps trade execution/capital to follower and execute trade according to it automatically on zerodha.

        If such a thing is legally not viable, then semi-automation where the follower is required to finally confirm the automatically opened order window.

        Don’t kid yourself that this is a learning tool and thereby inject delays of manual order entry into it.

  114. Shree says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Would you be able to also add an option of “Copy Trades” from the star? This way the normal trader would just have to click on the Copy trades and boom… the trades are executed in his account too.. Just a suggestion..


  115. sourav says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am very new customer in zerodha.I dont have much idea about 60 days trading challenge.
    But I initiated it wrongly.It is showing challenge started.Is there any extra charge involved for this service if I failed.In that case how can I cancel it.
    Bcz first I need to familiar with the all the basic services.
    Client id: PS8304

    • Sourav, there are no extra charges. At the end of 60 days if you are profitable, the brokerage is refunded and you get a winning certificate. No charges for any of this.

      • sourav says:

        How u r going to judge whether its porfitable or not. Means is there any level for reaching these amount or percentange in that specific time horizon.
        And lastly I must tell that the service and charges you r provided is excellent.

        • Sourav, the client has to be trading with us to be a star. Once the person reaches out to us asking to be a star, we check the profitability before putting the star on the platform.

  116. Vasanth says:

    Pls clarify..
    1) if I follow a star can I get the immediate updates once he placed the order?

    2) If am well versed in ta and f&o, through stars trade orders with time I can easily able to find the stars strategy. Is it possible to do so as u mentioned open trade is an initiative for learning.

  117. Jegan says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I had won 60 challenge program 3 times continuously. I also received an email from Zerodha that my profile had been qualified to get published in opentrade. It has been 3 weeks now. I sent mails and made calls. I got a reply that they will get back to me once star name is assigned to me, but do not know how long it is going to take.

    Any idea how long it is going to take? How the money is given to star trader for each follower? will it be credited to trading capital as we get brokerage refund? Star would be given any details to see the list of followers?

    One more thing, I do not see 60 day challenge winner list in zerodha right now. Any update in the website? I do not receive certificate for my third challenge win.


  118. Deepika says:

    i am following some stars…can u explain the feature of automatically refollow?How it works?

  119. Kasturi Ksheti says:

    I want to know What is the monthly price to be paid for one star for one month. Whether i have to pay in advance or after the month. How can i get all these tips /advice ?

  120. Hemant Deshmukh says:

    I have bought 5 Credits. but it does not get reflevted in my Account by which i need to follow Stars.

  121. Bibin Frederick M E says:

    Hi Nithin

    I need to know the profit%.Is the updated % for Monthly or 90days or 180 days.
    I need a clarification.

    Bibin Frederick M E

  122. abhishek says:

    Is there “good to call” option available for long/short term holding?

  123. naanu says:

    Dear Nitin sir,

    Kindly look into mobile kite app.its not having auto rotating option.It means if i rotate my mobile while login to kite it wont rotate along with mobile..other mobile apps are having this option,but kite is not having pl solve this as soon as possible


  124. B R Subramani says:

    Dear Mr Nithin,

    Pleasure!! Great initiative and appreciate very much

    I have Purchased 5 Credits with the main objective of following some Stars and analyses their trading pattern and strategies so as to learn and improve / modify my trading pattern and strategies

    I have some initial observations and would like to share with you for your kind consideration and perusal

    1. Under Flash, it shows only the Chart and nothing more, I am not sure What is the function of the “FLASH” button

    2. I want to analyze the Trading data of the start and would like to import or download the data into Excel Work Sheet for my further analyses, but there is no provision to Import or Download, is it possible to provide this facility

    3. In Trade History, three period options are given such as From 01/02/2016, 90days and 180 Trading days, can you able to provide one more option to choose the date range of my choice, that is from 15/07/2016 to 22/07/2016 like that.

    4. Under Trade History, if I click to next page it is opening Overview Page instead of opening next page of Trade History . Can you please ask your Team to look into this and fix it.

    These are all my initial observations and will revert back to you in the coming days as I progress using Open Trade

    Thanks Heaps,

    Best Regards

    B R Subramani
    Client ID: DS 8618

  125. Ank says:

    If exiting the buy position is called: Sold exit complete
    Then what is Bought Exit Complete ???

    -Need more stars that do Equity delivery based trading
    -Intraday trading and following the star seems very lagging on the browser
    -Will require to know the Star’s holding and positions to be updated instantly (not end of the day)
    -Could you give us a choice to integrate opentrade in kite (Having two tabs open makes me slower to execute)
    -Bought credits through net banking but the payment failed and my payment is yet not reversed

  126. sunil says:

    In overview section of IRIS it shows a loss of 1,09,23,997(over 1 crore) on May 16, 2016. Is that correct or there is some mistake?

  127. nitin says:

    Overview of CORVUS showing profit of 75% with average capital 1.27 lac. But the profitability shows almost 13 crores of loss in a single day.

  128. Deblina says:

    How often does the STAR overview page get updated? Observed no changes since the past couple of days.

  129. Ank says:


    can you please explain the terms:



    • If the star has a short position, if he exits the position partially u get notification Bought – Exit partial, once he exits completely u get Bought – exit complete

      • Ank says:

        Ok Im new to this. Can you explain in layman terms what I should do if I am copying the Stars move:

        BOUGHT: Should I buy the share?



        SOLD: Should I sell the script?



        • When a star is buying for the first time, it says Bought, when exiting the buy position it would say Sold exit complete or sold exit partial based on how much was sold. Similarly opposite Short positions .

  130. naanu says:

    Dear Nitin Sir,

    Im ur new kite mobile app,there s no auto rotating provide that also..i hope u will do this..


  131. shyamaa says:

    Looks like no progress is happening on the proper updation of the profit %

  132. shyamaa says:

    More than the next version, the percentage % atleast needs to be corrected. It stays the same and sometimes goes back to older values. That is one important criteria for choosing the stars, it has to be fool proof

  133. Bharath says:


    When can we expect next version of OpenTrade?

  134. Girgit says:

    At the landing page (home page) of, under top performing stars, “SAGITTARIUS” appears alongwith two other stars, but on clicking Stars tab, SAGITTARIUS is not visible. This star is also not available for following after logging in. Why does this star appear on your home page when it is not available for following?

  135. Vipul says:

    Although this is naturally not new idea, but in INDIA, with indian market, it is new and best approach for new traders like mine. Yes, to take 5 credit directly without any prior test period is really never a cool idea and almost always new traders must be provided 1 credit free for one month and then only if he want to continue, charged after his approval.
    I strongly suggest to provide such service free or just for more brokerage per trade if traded through such star following and it should be directly executable with link where it might be showing trades/live trades (I didn’t seen as i don’t want to put Rs. 2500 just for trial !!!)
    So let trader enter first, charge them after they make profit. For long term and best results of you and trader’s profit.
    By following them should mean that our trades must be executed along with their with our parameters and then only it might be usable for dumbs like me to follow STAR !!! with paid fee.

  136. OneOfStar says:

    I think there is a bug in the way profit is calculated in one of the two scenarios 1) when options are sold first. 2) Stock futures are traded. Please look into this.

  137. Karthik says:

    I have subscribed for 5 credits. But i have followed 1 start for one month. Suddenly my credit shows 3 now and the same star is still continuing. But i dont want to follow the same star. Could you pls help me. What will be the issue.

    I did not use another credit but now only 3 credits are available.

  138. Niks says:

    Looks like nice initiative, but I’ll never know if it’s really nice, can’t afford.. But going by word of mouth, looks like a nice initiative. Good job..
    There might be many like me who can’t afford to follow the stars, after all following a star means following a star and definitely it shouldn’t be free.
    Also, I was wondering if there is a proviosn where we can get to follow, star or pre-star, with a good track record in trading and someone who is a star in making. By that way we can get multi-level stardom/proficiency, and probably every one below star level might come for free, in this way they might even work hard for the stardom/just next level…
    Or also you can roll out few free credits for one/couple good trade/s, or surprised gift, or simply give it to me, I’ll just stfu……
    Honestly if its only paid support, then Zerodha loses it core value, after all you attract customers by giving lowest brokerage not highest quality gyan


    • There has to be some incentive for stars to be on the platform right?

    • Star in the making says:

      Yes I fully agree with you.We can spend Lakhs in trading losses but we cannot afford Rs. 500 per month for following and learning from traders with proven track record.I am sure stars will be on the platform free because of love and affection.zerodha attracts customers with low cost so what should be the cost of following a star for one full month be in your view ? Will Rs 50 per month ok or you think 20 per month should be affordable. Instead of giving this amount to Zerodha we can give a begging bowl in the hands of stars and put our daily Rs 1 in that bowl. Or should Zerodha keep stars on their payroll and provide free service ?We cannot afford computers,data,electricity for trading and this burden of Rs 500 pm is just too much to bear.My account will go bankrupt with these heavy charges.

      If you come across some successful trader who lets us follow his trades for less than Rs 500 per month let me know,because I also
      want to be a star as I am star in the making.

  139. shyamaa says:

    The profit % is not updated frequently. It would be good to have it updated everyday at EOD to reflect the current active status.

  140. Chetan says:

    kudos!! to such an innovative idea but I am bit hesitant to spend 2500 Rs(5 credits) at one shot, specially after reading so many negative reviews.Why don’t you all traders to buy 1 credit for the first time or a trial to test it?

    I would be happy to take a risk if I can buy 1 credit, otherwise no use.

  141. Ramesh says:

    read today….something really innovative idea…never heard….never thought …congrats you and your team

  142. MS says:

    I have been facing issue with Pegasus trades since yesterday. Initially, I was not getting any email/notification/trade feed. Then I saw his/her few trades of buy/sell NF at 0 (zero) price 🙂
    Also, trades are missing as they do not sync up with the position shown next day. I have been sending emails about this as well.

  143. Yamini says:


    I am following ANDROMEDA star. Yesterday, I have bought few stock futures following the trades from ANDROMEDA. I have waited for exit call till end of the day but I did get any exit call from the star. Because of which I ended up in loss. Even after Market hours I could see a list of positions holding by this star But when I see today morning there were no positions in his portfolio. There are no exit calls shown for the positions yesterday or today. I was wondering if there is a problem with opentrade website? or Any other reason?

    Same issue is seen today also. Could you please look into these issues?

  144. kumaran says:

    nithin sir how to find the stars who are intraday trader and swing trader i cant see any tags will u pls xplain i have become member today by paying 2500

  145. Mahesh Patil says:

    Thank Nithin, that will be really great 🙂

  146. Mahesh Patil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Just like covestor or Kapil Dev’s ITL thingy … even we should have trader rankings for those who wish to be participate. Now with Zerodha crossing 100000 customer mark, it will truely help us as traders rank in public.


    • Venu says:

      If you’re trading at Zerodha, then we have a challenge called the 60 day challenge. If you participate and emerge as a winner, you can get listed here:
      If you’re willing, we could also interview you and put up your interview for others to read.

      • Mahesh Patil says:

        I have already won the zerodha challenge 8 times. 2 comm and 6 equity. I am not looking for my standalone accomplishment. If Traders who willing to get ranked openly, Zerodha should provide a platform for the same, The reason why i am giving this suggestion is because i would not like to open account with SAMCO just to get into their ITL ranking.

        Further it will also help Opentrade offering of Zerodha.

        • Ranking people based on different trading capital just based on % returns, hmm.. I don’t know. A person with Rs 25000 in the account has much higher odds of making 100% return vs a person with 10lks in the account. That doesn’t mean that the person with 25k is smarter or more skilled. So unless we start everyone at the same trading capital, a competition or a rank according to me is not really one.

          • Mahesh Patil says:

            Hi Nithin,

            Your Point taken on % returns cannot be a judging point to rank traders.

            My Pain area is: I am in the business of stock market education, so i dont want to manually keep flashing my Pnl screenshots from Q on daily basis on FB.. I would like my broker to host that for more authenticity.

            If Zerodha can create a platform like where profits and few of the important parameters or sabermetric can be displayed, it will be a whole new level of community of transparent traders which new traders can interact or/and follow and which can plug into opentrade.

            Here is an example of what i am looking for Zerodha to create as a user page:

            As a company i am pretty small, so at least for couple of years i need to wait to get such kind of website up and running.

            • Yep, u will get something from us soon.

              • ravi says:

                Hello Nithin,

                As of open trade introduction zerodha is good trading platform. After introduction of the opentrade, its became worst and and its misleading the traders.

                @traders, please do not follow stars..This is completely fake.

                • Opentrade is meant to be an education initiative, no compulsion to use it. There is no solicitation anywhere to trade, the idea is to see if you can learn from how a star trades. I will anyways get someone to call you back to find out what happened.

  147. Mana says:

    Star Traders are share their strategies or not ?? if yes then following them and pay is reasonable but if they dont share their strategies then its not usefull …

  148. Vikas says:

    Star Cassiopeia’s profitability report shows the star made 29 crores profit in a single day. Is is right or just an Error?

  149. Ashish says:

    Mr NITHIN,
    Is it possible to open an account with zerodha , give the trading access to a star trader and let him/her do the trading for us? Regards.

  150. Yogesh says:

    HI Nitin,

    If I am a STAR with Cap of 5 lacs and i made profit of 1 lacs in a month which means thats a drawdown ?
    and if I made 2 lacs profit and immediately withdraw 4 lacs will i stop appearing as STAR.

    • Drawdown is based on average capital over 90 trading days (not one day). If you made a profit of 1 lks, it doesn’t mean a drawdown, it will show as a profit. No if you withdraw, you will not stop appearing as star. We calculate P&L, and drawdown is only if you are making a trading loss or when negative return.

  151. Ashish says:

    Mr NITHIN,
    How much do highest earning star traders earn per follower? Regards.

  152. NMKRH says:

    Why VEGA is showing more then -200 % loss ? how can anyone lose more than 100 % ?

    • Say u have 1lk rs in your account, u keep transferring money and losing. The % loss shows based on the average capital, so it could be more than 100%. All stars with a drawdown of more than 50% will stop showing up.

  153. Yogesh says:


    Stars currently in drawdown reflects what. Whats does it mean.

    Yogesh A

  154. SumitPednekar says:

    Will you please make it possible to buy one credit at a time so that small trader can buy and follow their star.

    • We haven’t taken a decision on this yet.

      • Sumit says:

        1. Suppose I brought 5 credits, can I use this for 5 months with 5 different stars? or I have to follow 1 same star for 5 months or 5 different stars in 1 month.
        2. What if Star stopped trading for some reason?
        3. Is there any expiry for credit ?

        • Venu says:

          Yes, you can use it to follow 5 different stars for 5 different months. Remember not to auto subscribe to the star that you’re following. There’s no validity for credits as of now. Well there’s nothing that can be done if you’ve followed a star and he/she stops trading. Your credit gets used.

  155. Dinesh says:

    Only Star’s Profit % and there per day profit and loss doesn’t give us any sense how they trade so it will be helpful to follow a Star Trader if you unlock their Trade History. In that sense we will get to know how they trade before subscribing.

  156. Sandeep M says:

    Sagi has been removed from Stars. Not sure why, he/she looked consistent. Zerodha should share one page (from stars) about their strategies so that followers can relate and choose wisely.

  157. Vijay says:

    Zerodha, can you please share the strategies of stars. Guys, be careful about some of the stars who are inconsistent. For example, Phoenix and Pegasus who were showing superior returns came down to negative returns.

    • Monica says:

      Yes, I heard Ursa and Leo are consistent. I started following Ursa. Let’s hope he or she generates 4 digit returns. 😛

    • The returns calculation earlier was on a rolling 90 days period, so it was giving illusion of negative returns. We have changed it now, you can see returns from starting 1st Feb 2016, you can also see it for the last 90,180,365 days.

  158. Sumit says:

    Somehow i have subscribed to ursa major twice and lost two credits. Is this even possible? Please resolve this ASAP.

  159. Jatinder says:

    anyone else having problem with desktop notifiications after update on opentrade. I use chrome and haven’t been getting the notification since the update. Also, the live feed only gets updated after i refresh the page.
    tried deleting browsing history and clearing cache but it didn’t work.
    kindly help.

  160. Sandeep M says:

    Zerodha Employees or Anyone knowledgeable..

    First of all I appreciate that you (Zerodha) started showing stars in Drawdown, this will help everyone in expectation setting. Please continue with showing it in future as well.

    Question is PHOENIX is showing -94.91%. Does that mean he is left with only 5% of capital. There are 26 subscribers to this star. They may also respond for benefits of us (zerodha traders family.)

  161. Anil Bhargava says:

    How does Open Trade works? Can anyone let me know about that?

  162. Sandeep M says:

    Rajkumar… Since no one responded I am trying a response.

    Trader should not be skeptical of long only. Shorting is very much required to remain profitable, otherwise what is use of trading, one can invest and hold. So no star trader might fit your criteria I believe. Again 7-10% per month is a very good amount and only few (if any) might be able to generate that kind of income consistently. You might need to rethink what you are looking for.
    Sorry I could not point to any star trader. But you might have got the message.

  163. Raj Kumar says:

    No replies *waiting on from May 28: ANY reply would be appreciated please
    Hi friends, I would like to start following a new star. In the past followed few stars but they are doing shorting a lot, (in fact their profit weapon is shorting). Basically, I’m not a person comfortable in Shorting in any market. Can someone suggest Star who does not do Shorting please?Im happy with even 7 to 10% profit pm. Thank you for reading.

  164. Vamsi says:

    I need one clarification on Average Capital ( Website showing last 90 trading days average ) is the ” Total Account Value ” or the ” Exposure they have “.

    Please clarify as soon as possible. It will help us to plan the account for trading.

  165. Ashish says:

    How much do star traders earn per follower? Pls elaborate. Regards.

  166. Nitin says:

    I have followed 3 stars untill now. Andromeda, Ursa and Pegasus. Pega seems to be a risky guy. Had a lot of risks in his/her trades. Andromeda seems ok. Clear in his/her trades. Ursa is fine. He/She is consistent. But I think it would be great if we could get to know the strategies from the trader itself. Then only this would be an educational initiative nah?? I would love to know Ursa’s trading strategies because of his/her consistency.

  167. DM2841 says:

    nitin sir if u know strategy of star trader. plz share

  168. Rajkumar says:

    Hi friends, I would like to start following a new star. In the past followed few stars but they are doing shorting a lot, (in fact their profit weapon is shorting). Basically, I’m not a person comfortable in Shorting in any market. Can someone suggest Star who does not do Shorting please?Im happy with even 7 to 10% profit pm. Thank you for reading.

  169. Parth says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Zerodha has fantastic UI.As a new trader it cannot get simpler than this.

    I am interested in Following Star Trades and I have the following questions:

    1.I would be in my office working and will not get any time to track markets , so from what I understand I will get a email of what stars are buying or selling and based on that I can buy or sell.Will I come to know what are their targets and stop loss ? Further will i come to know whether its Long Term/Short Term/CNC/Day Trades etc?

    2.Do most of traders hold the stock for weeks / months or it is mostly intraday?

    3.Can we message those stars or understand why are they buying those specific stocks ?

    Keep up the good work…Thanks a lot

    • Rajkumar says:

      Understanding that you have pointed this quest to Nithin…But as a person who have used opentrade, I can try and answer your questions a bit. (may be I too did not explore whole of opentrade if my answers are wrong)..
      1.No such info will be there. You will only get an email stating this star has done a BUY/SELL trade or is he exiting BUY/SELL trade of a scrip/FO contract along with timestamp at a given price. You will not get qty, CNC, MIS,etc…Based on email which you receive, you need to make your own decision.

      2. Based on no. of trades per day you can easily say MANY of them are intraday traders and that too in FO. Very few of these Stars are BTST/positional traders. Ex; as of today, URSA MAJOR’s avg trade per day is 31. So he looks like surely a pure intraday player. Another star CEPHEUS’s avg. trade per day is 3. So he may be positional more than an intraday. (This is purely my observation and I may be wrong).

      3. No. We need to learn on our own.

    • 1. There are no targets or stoplosses, just live udpates of positions.
      2. Most traders are intraday
      3.No, they are all anonymous.

  170. Venkat says:

    Super idea by Zerodha. But please make sure to implement it well. You can do it by adding more metrics, showing the trading strategies of stars etc. I have been following Ursa and he’s been consistent. Just want to know his strategies to pursue trading on my own. Thank you.

  171. Adithya says:

    How to trade Bank Nifty weekly options in Kite? I cannot seem to find it.

  172. NMKRH says:

    I have been following a STAR and since he trades on some strategy with several buys and sells, i am unable to understand and its difficult to follow

    Is there any STAR in the group who trades directional and single open trade or all in one direction trades ? i guess that would be easy to follow. at least we would know if the STAR is bullish or bearish at any given moment.

  173. Bharath says:

    A very good initiative by Zerodha. I have been following URSA MAJOR and I have benefited a lot from his trades. I see a pattern. Zerodha – You are the best.

  174. Binu Joy says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Whenever Im trying to verify my ID in open trade it sends me to an error page.
    Will this be rectified soon ?

  175. KESHAVAIAH S says:

    Dear zerodha ..!!
    I’m a new user to zerodha !! and i already love the PI interface. this open trade idea is just awesome .. but i have one request, currently im a commodity trader . i unfortunately i dint find any body to fallow regarding MCX . or may be i don’t know where to find it.. Please educate me in this case. and mobile application for IOS support and PI mac support will really be encouraged. when can we find this.?


  176. mehzin says:

    suppose i want to follow STAR LEO ,SO that much amount i want in my account.
    pls reply me

  177. nagi reddy says:

    My client ID is RN0524 and i am following open trade.
    I appreciate zerodha management for their efforts towards open trade.
    Did PEGASUS trade yesterday (16/may/2016)? (NO trade feed for PEGASUS yesterday)
    His trade feed and open position are different. (i mailed it to [email protected] with screen shots)
    What is his current open position in NIFTY FUT ?

  178. Samir Palit says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Could you please explain the following two queries on opentrade star profile:
    1. What is average trade per day mentioned for each star? Is taking a position and exiting the same together constitutes one trade or is it each line item appearing in the trade feed?
    2. What is average capital mentioned for each star? Is it average capital per trade going by the definition of trade above ?
    Also another request: please direct me to any user guide on how to place bracket and cover order in Kite with screen shots – similar to the one available for Pi.

    • 1. Both buy and sell is considered as separate trades.
      2. Account balance + Stock holding value + any option buying position – any short option premium present, average of this over the last 90 days.

      Will put up a video soon explaining this. Have put up a small note here, check this.

  179. Babu says:

    Could someone please clarify this query?

    In Star “VIRGO”, we see in Contracts BankNifty Fut Volume shows as 95090901? Whats this? number of lots?

  180. Rashmi says:

    hi nithin do you hav any plan to start fix monthly brokerage charge many brokar giving it so wen you Wil start this

  181. Babu says:

    Could pls clarify this questions.

    Star “VIRGO”, Contracts list for BankNifty Fut Volume shows as 95090901? Whats this? number of lots?

  182. Samay Gupta says:

    Nithin , Please make it simple. Its very misleading. Some days before Pegagus was showing 320% profit and now only 217%. Its very scary.
    Request you to please make it like Mt4 history report . Mt4 is one of the best software in terms of MIS as it gives great gist at one page . i.e. equity curve along with DD is marvelous . Please don’t say impossible as i know you are fantastic guy and impossible is not in your dictionary.
    I will be happy to see return of any star since beginning along with risk taken. Otherwise with 2500 fees its too risky to take risks when whole algorithm not known of opentrade that how it works. Pl. make tutorial that will be helpful.

    • Samay, currently the % return shows for the last 90 trading days. So if the trader had a big profitable day on the 1st day, the next 90 days will not include that day. So it is like a rolling 90 days return. That said in the next two days, we will start showing profitability from a fixed day, and also for multiple time periods.

    • Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

      Have you seen the 11th May loss. That explains it

  183. nagi says:

    I didn’t get emails and desktop notifications from 9:15 to 11 AM today (11-may-16) and open trade platform was not live during that period.

  184. Sumit says:

    Please provide monthly quant statistics of stars. It will be much better than 90 days average.

  185. vikas says:


    on openrade login , there is msg.
    We’ve discontinued SMS alerts due to unreliable deliveries and issues with the SMS provider.

    so how you inform follow traders about star traders trade in realtime ?

  186. Ajay says:

    Why there is not a option to buy for 1 credit. Paying minimum for 5 is kind of compulsion to pay 2500/- !! You should return remaining unutilised credits for a simple reason as you are sharing some part to star but unutilised are not shared !! right ?
    What about this calculation : 2500×1000 (1% of 1 lac users) = you would be getting INR 25 lac for 5 months and if half of 1000 subscriber don’t want to continue after 1 month then 2000×500 = INR 10 lac . Means you will have 10 lac unutilised fund that you won’t pay. And I’m sure your target would be to atleast 50% of all users.

    • Ajay, atleast until now almost all credits are used once purchased. So no one is keeping any pending credits and no unutilized funds.

      • Ajay says:

        Thanks for clarification and ignoring other part of query. All credits being used since you haven’t given any option for 1 credit and made no-refund policy !!

        • Venu says:

          Signing up for Open trade is a voluntary decision. If you feel you can learn from it by spending Rs.2500/- you’re free to do so. The no-refund policy is quiet clear we hope. The 1 credit option isn’t available for now.

  187. Kuldeep jaiman says:

    Hi Nithin, wen i registered on open Trade it said you wil be invited once open Trade start but till now i havant got invitation

  188. aljo says:

    Hi Nithin,
    OpenTrade is a Smart initiative and I have started following stars.
    And It’s helping me to find trading opportunities.
    Below are my few recommendations to improve opentrade.
    1) Every morning the star status should be updated, like he has logged in and even a small update from him about the market. This helps followers to understand the star is trading today.
    2) Everyone should be able to see the previous trades of the star (1 week older), to have a better understanding about their trading style before subscribing the star.
    3) Develop a smart app for open trade to avoid the delay in emails even though its very small.

  189. Purshottam K says:


    Amazing Nithin. This is one of the finest ideas I have seen with Zerodha.

    Some suggestions/questions:

    1. Instead of Email/SMS, can the message be delivered in some form through the trading client as well? Say, in Kite, Trader, PI etc… It’s easier sometimes when you are away from mobile phones while trading to know there is a message. It would be better if the message itself can be in the form of a trade (using say, Kite API), so users can review and quickly enter the trade – instead of going through the process of Adding the scrip in the marketwatch and then adding the trade.

    2. All the alerts – timing is the key. especially in F&O. What would be the time lag for the message to be delivered. If it takes more than a few seconds for a day trader, the message may not be worth its effort.

    3. I understand that you are not revealing the quantity for traders’ security & privacy. It might be possible for someone to extrapolate using the alerts and the absolute trading details for each day on the open-trade site. Best option would be to reveal the quantity and super-protect the identity of the user.

    4. If someone mirrors the trades and achieves the same profit for say 6 months – will the user be allowed as a ‘star’? Won’t we have too many me-toos trying to extract fixed subscription model? Maybe, they will invest 0.1X of the star’s capital and still earn better with the revenue-sharing. Atleast, on this platform, you should exclude users who have used the star platform to increase their gains.

    5. What is one month? Calendar month – I hope.

    6. Can you also publish no of followers each ‘star’ has. It would also tell us how do people choose their stars and how is the strategy being followed. It would also be a good reference as to which stars are performing.

    7. If everyone on Zerodha follows one star and executes trades in exactly the same way, will that end up as a regulatory problem? Will SEBI or exchange construe it as manipulation of stock prices? We would like some assurance that this will not be a problem.

    8. Are the users allowed to share star tips? So-some users coming together and sharing the sms/emails but paying only for one follower/subscriber.

    9. Will the cost of following every star always remain the same or will a star have different credits required based on performance? Suggestion is to have all stars available at same cost. Else, this will become a platform for intense debates and manipulation.

    10. Could you also publish Month on Month performance for each star? Can we receive some comparison of star performances in say Excel so we can evaluate better?

    Sorry. I just read the post today and have not had the patience to read all the responses and comments. Some of these questions you may have already answered earlier.

    • 1. The intent is to not build a copy trade kind of platform. The idea is to figure out if the community can grow by learning. So don’t intend to take this the route where it is a 1 click to copy.
      2. Notifications are instant. SMS was getting delayed, hence we removed it.
      3. Hmmm.. not sure
      4. We speak to the stars (like an interview). I think the me-too’s wont be able to get on.
      5. Yep
      6. Yes, already published
      7. As I said earlier, we are not intending this to be an advisory platform or something where everyone copies one. The idea is to see if people can learn from the profitable ones.
      8. Not allowed. But I am guessing if people do, we won’t get to know.
      9. Yep, everyone at the same.
      10. We are adding more quant metrics soon. Excel might be tough, but you can see the trade plotted on the underlying chart (currently locked, but we will open it up soon with a delay for non-paid users).

  190. Sumit says:

    When can we except final version of opentrade?

  191. Karthik K says:

    I am joined to Zerodha family yesterday. Today i am referring the open trade forum. I felt prices are bit high for subscribing for the stars. As i am a very small trader with very less capital if any discounts given or stars are segregated separately for small traders with less price for credits (2 or 3 calls per day more than enough for me) that will be very useful. Hopefully with my capital the volume of investors are more than bigger capital investors i feel. It will increase the number of participants too in the portal. Second suggestion is need stars separately for delivery based traders as a secondary option instead of day trades.

    My third suggestion is, for all the star folks it is not showing the success rate percentage for the trades that they do. It will be useful to find the better star to subscribe i feel so.

  192. Samay Gupta says:

    Hmm. Looking at comments to choose about Pegasus. No satisfactory comments about notifications, trades, misses etc. My heart is broken i was thinking that after choosing pegasus i will also be able to make 320% return in 90 days.
    Very sad. Please help which star is good and has less chances of DD.

  193. Samay Gupta says:

    As an investor or trader or follower i need few things in expert and transparency.
    1. Starting point i.e. date
    2. Starting capital
    3. Return on capital invested (ofcourse average as ppl. deposit withdraw)
    4. Drawdown %
    5. Equity curve along with drawdown curve
    Main thing is risk reward. A trader with 320% return but 70-80% drawdown is considered very risky in camparison to a trader with 20% drawdown and 40% return. Chances of blow up of account is greater with highest DD guy.
    So kindly answer if i will get to see all above while subscribing any star.

  194. Samay Gupta says:

    How returns are calculated are these monthly return on capital employed. Can we have drawdown also on capital employed? Actually i will be happy to see drawdown and return on capital to check risk and reward with any provider.

  195. Yogesh says:

    Has Open Trade helped any one here ?? Is it really worth the money ?? Please give genuine feedback.

  196. Sourav says:

    Is Kite down? I am freaked out right now!

    • Venu says:

      Not really. Would request you to write to [email protected]

      • ToNitin says:

        A lot of traders using Zerodha are facing issues of not being able to place/modify/cancel their orders in real time. This kind of issues are rampant in ICICI, Sharekhan which retail traders believe to be in connivance with the big players. We don’t want Zerodha turning into that.
        Please look into it at the earliest.

  197. Sumit says:

    Can anybody tell me what is average monthly profit of our stars? For ex- with 50000 average capital and 140% gross profit for 90 days, how to calculate monthly profit assuming 20 trading days in a month?

    • It will not really be possible to deduce this that easily.

      • Sumit says:

        Can you give provide approximate value for above numbers for a period of 90 trading days or 4.5 months?

        And please can you discuss with stars to disclose position size, because in 1 rupee movement you can make 1k or 10k depending upon your position and risk appetite.

        And please post on how to use opentrade.

  198. Jatinder says:

    Hi Nithin
    It hasn’t been long but till now the experience has been good using opentrade and yes it does give you insights into the trading style of the stars. I’d like to know if the trading capital of the star is constant or they change it with every order?
    for eg: when the stop loss gets hit, does the star buy/sell again with same capital as in previous order or increases it proportionately or otherwise?

  199. Nutan says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Is there a provision for followers to chat with the stars?

  200. nagi reddy says:

    I have been following the open trade for last one month but i am not getting desktop notifications.
    I have sent an email regarding this problem to zerodha support on 11-Apr-2016 and i got the reply stating “we have informed to developers and will be solved soon”, but still i do not get desktop notifications.

    • Jawaad says:

      Hi Nagi,

      Seems like you have not enabled desktop notifications which is under Star settings. If it is enabled please provide me your Client I.D.So, that we can have a conversation on this.

  201. Yogesh says:

    Can any existing user give positive feedback of any star ??

  202. Sanjeev says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can I get your mail-id ? I would like to personally send some positive suggestions for the betterment of opentrade.


  203. Arnab says:

    zerodha should allow its existing customer to get at least 1 month trial or 1 free credit so that user will understand the full potential of this.

  204. Arjun says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Can you provide us sort/ filter option for traders?


  205. nitin says:

    Nithin Sir, i just started following Pegasus.
    1. Sir in profitability report it is showing profit on 13th april to 20 april but in flashback there is no trade between these dates…..means trade was positional ..pls clarify as it is very confusing .
    2 Also there was no live trade signal.. Just want to know whether he traded today or carry forwared previous position. Can you please explain in flashback chart through email if possible.

  206. Sumant Agarwal says:

    We have to purchase stars in Open Trade. Wouldn’t it have have been nicer if we could earn stars as well from our profitable streak or any other parameter for that judgement? The pricing keeps this wonderful platform restricted to a handful.

  207. riya says:

    hii nithin sir,


  208. Sanyog says:

    Hi Nithin,

    For betterment of followers, I would suggest you put an additional tab for the Stars – Briefing about the way they trade – Positional/Intraday, their strategy – Technicals/Fundamentals, Backtesting or Past performance of the trading strategy.

    • We will be opening up flashback until a few days back, and yeah we will add this. The issue is, most traders do everything, so classifying the based on these is a little tricky.

  209. MS says:

    As I did not get SMS yesterday, so I wrote to support and got following reply from them today:-

    Thank you for writing to Zerodha.
    We would like to inform you that SMS option has been removed from opentrade due to some technical reasons from today.
    Is it correct that SMS facility is being removed for all followers?

  210. Jatinder says:

    Hi Nithin
    I’ve just followed one of the stars. In live trades, for every trade there are two notifications at the same time
    and Exit Buy complete
    Similar for Sell trade
    Sell and Exit sell complete

    kindly help me figure out. thanks

    • Buy is when a fresh buy order is placed, Exit buy is when the person is exiting a buy position. If you are seeing this together, I am guessing the star is doing a stop and reverse strategy. At every exit, the star is not only exiting but also taking an opposite position.

  211. neha says:

    zerodha team please don’t delete the comment which are not in the favour of open trade.

    Thank you

  212. yogesh says:

    Please don’t waste your hard earn money on open trade. There are thousands of system for trading in the market then how can you find by looking at buy price and sell price which system(indicators,chart time frame,money management,position sizing,trader personality) those stars are using.

    • shreya says:

      can u pls explain in detail..

    • Sandeep M says:

      Guys, If you think 500 is too much for learning, then its best to leave market sooner than later. Sorry to be blunt, but we need to understand this is concept, you may use it or not. It might be beneficial for some. Neither those star traders, neither zerodha will earn much money from it. Cribbing is very easy but a extremely costly gesture for trading. Hope it helps rather than you all start blaming me. 🙂

      • raj says:

        Hi, I have doubt on opentade. Ex: Let us say I start following Usra Major from 25 Apr 2016 onwards. I would hence start getting his trading info (normalized of course). But how do I know is Usra Major exiting his current pos or entering fresh trade.
        Ex: Usra Major may Sell ICICI FUT on 25 Apr 13:00 but I may nit know is he selling his previously bought FUT order or is he entering fresh order. Please help!

    • Hey Yogesh, I guess you know that as an admin I can track all the IP’s being used? So changing the name and posting won’t help. You are not subscribed to opentrade, and there is no compulsion for you to do so, if you don’t like.

    • priyanka says:

      i am agree with you yogesh.

  213. raj says:

    Hi, I have doubt on opentade. Ex: Let us say I start following Usra Major from 25 Apr 2016 onwards. I would hence start getting his trading info (normalized of course). But how do I know is Usra Major exiting his current pos or entering fresh trade.
    Ex: Usra Major may Sell ICICI FUT on 25 Apr 13:00 but I may nit know is he selling his previously bought FUT order or is he entering fresh order. Please help!

  214. nitin says:

    Hello traders, can anyboby pls give me some idea about trading style of Andromeda like in which section he trades, whether intraday or positional, trades per day. It would be better if someone give little summary of his all trade of any one day let say 21st april ………want to buy credit and follow one to learn. pls reply soon.

  215. Yogesh says:

    Dear Nithin Kamath, I want to follow just one star for 1 month for trial. I donot want to buy 5 credits. Please give provision to buy one credit also as one time trial option to everyone.

    • We might introduce this in the future.

      • Dibyajyoti Mohapatra says:

        Hi Nithin,

        I also want the same. I should be able to buy 1 credit and follow one star and see how useful Opentrade is to me.

        I already mailed the same to support but they’re clueless if I can get a refund in case I don’t like the service. Please consider this. I don’t want free but 5 credits should not be mandatory to join.


  216. Souvik says:

    Zerodha and team – By mistake I followed the trader Taurus today. Could you please revert this? I don’t want to follow this star.

  217. Sumit says:

    As a learner i want to know how to get in and out of trade really fast For ex. like ursa major. What type of orders does one use?

  218. Yogesh says:

    Has anyone made money successfully by following a Star in Open Trade? If yes, then please advise others how did you do it.

  219. Nikheel says:

    Hi Nitin,
    i like the idea of OPENTRADE but i am commodity trader so i want to know whether commodity segment is also included in OPENTRADE.If not then any chances of it in future.

  220. Suraj says:


    • prashant says:

      @suraj, i think any kind of clarification about the opentrade is welcome .as der is obvious general lack of clarity among the participents. so stopping anybody from saying smething is not ur job.if der is nything which zerodha had noticed wrong abt blogs dey wud have promptly intervened. n u r most welcome to answer the queries abt opentrade urself .till tht time plz dont stop anybody.regards

  221. Pradeep SINGH says:

    Guys ,

    Would like to conclude what i understood from Open Trade -Most Important thing to Notice before Following a Star –

    Efficiency – % Returns should be more (shows star has capability to multiply the money which everyone wants)
    Consistency – Higher Ratio of average Winning streak/Average Loosing Streak ( eg for Pheonix its 2.94/1.93 =1.52 ,For Pegasus its -2.57/1.73=1.49) So the more this value is The more Reliable Star can be .

    Over all Combination of both Factors should help Everyone in Zerodha Choose the Stars and Learn how to BECOME a star because that’s the Primary Goal .


    Hope this Analysis will help Viewers


    • Arjun says:

      Streak doesn’t determine the quality of trader. Shorter profit streak may still outperform longer loss making streak. It all depends on how much more you make when you’re profitable and how much less you lose when you’re incurring loss.

      • Pradeep SINGH says:

        Good Point My Friend Arjun ,

        That’s Why I said .Consider Both Points with Equal importance .Efficiency of trader will Answer Your query.
        And Streak Ratio Just to check if the Guy has made all the Returns in One Lottery Bet of by making it day by day ,which will prove his Consistency and Reliability .


  222. Sandeep M says:

    Are we traders or Speculators? My two cents!!

    Some of observation about how people using open trade. It require a relook.
    Everyone must understand, any good trader in Zerodha or anywhere else will have a sizeable trading account size. Basic assumption is trader is earning for quite some time. If that is not the case there is no point following him. He might got lucky with some speculator bets which one should avoid at all.

    Lets say 20L+ is good trading capital. (I would expect successful trader earning for sometime will definitely have it). I personally feel a star trader, should have 50L+ portfolio.
    Now this trader will not put all his money on risk any time. Hence he will not be showing much profit in percentage terms, but probably the best star from whom we can learn.

    There are only few falling in category, which sadly are not favorite among followers. For example Leo, LYNX and SAGI. You see max followers are just 16 for one of them.
    Where as URSA Major have 71 followers, having capital of just 1.65L. Now trying to follow him and become millionaire is a no brainer. Likewise PEGA have 76 followers, capital of 13.28L.

    There is no holy grail, we can learn from stars but think rationally before you act on there trades. Give it sometime and do not start copying trades from world go.

  223. Arnab Adhikari says:

    I calculated all tax for last 10 days according to daily volume for Andromeda,Pegasus,Ursa. All are net loosers/marginal profit taker in most of days, although gross return show good profit. Real fact is NO great trader is here with us as star. Very sad.

    • Yogesh says:

      I did the same.Not sure about who is a great trader. For Pegasus the overview page shows he takes trades in stocks also however i have never seen it yet he trades only in Nifty future till date. Andromeda not sure if ever i can copy him as he buy/sell very quickly.

      I dont know how to use/interpret flashback graph. Dont know who to approach to help me understand and analyse these stars.

      • prashant says:

        yogesh i fell u shud read market wizards. NITHIN also once recommended tht book.i think momentum indicators n knowledge abt dem can help u out.

    • VVC says:

      I think it depends on the type of trader you want to me… I’ve been following Nova… He carries forward his positions and trades very little… in fact no trades for the past two days.. just carrying forward his positions… I’m happy with this initiative from Zerodha

    • We will have post charges returns by next week. These are all people who are making profits after charges, we wouldn’t have put them on it otherwise.

    • Pradeep SINGH says:

      Hi Arnab ,

      Since you are so Good in calculations .Why dont you better look at your numbers and analyse what mistake you have been doing rather than finding mistakes in Nos of others .
      All the Data is Verified and correct . % Returns are Returns on the Average Traded Capital and overall your positions may be in loss today because you carry forwarded the positions but tomorrow if it shows positive and you book it .that closes the trade which may not be visible in overview daily Bars but thats how it is calculated.
      Bars only talk about Good trades Bad trades . % returns shows if u are able to convert your bad trades to good by averaging or carry forwarding. Trade in market for 5-10 years regularly .u will understand how helpful it is when u cna follow someone and trade .Swiftly and btw those guys are putting much more money then you so they will be more thoughtfull about what they doing .

    • shreya says:

      Hello Mr Arnab, can u pls mail me any one day snapshot of Andromeda flashback on my [email protected] …. want to follow him…just want to know his style of trading before following…+ any suggestion from your side..

  224. prashant says:


    • Sandeep M says:

      Well Said Prashant.
      Just wanted to correct it further, It is SUM MINUS Game considering all charges for trades.

      Having said that, those who subscribed open trade to become millionaire are in fantasy world. Being SUM Minus game and competing with professional making money here is extremely difficult. Everything is against you. Only your learning, patience, discipline will come to your rescue.
      All this not to discourage but to remind one has to work hard for long term trading success.

      • Pradeep SINGH says:

        HI Sandeep ,

        Trading in this market is about the discpline you have .If you buy a strike of 100 rs in Nifty options just one Lot and sell it for 2 Rs You make 75-80 Rs net profit ,But the problem here is that You wont be satisfied with that and you want to Double and Tripple and their only Problem Arises. I have wont the 60 days challenge 5 times .Not to Brag but i lost is 3 times as well But idea is when I lost it did i learn and change myself rather then cribbing the whole world and Market and Zerodha for Mistakes and badluck. smart People win in this market and Open Trade gives an opportunity to follow some of them as per your choice looking at their data .What more you want ??

        Greed is what always screws people in this market …some more some more and Trend reverses .and you loose.
        I just wanted to share my feeling being a trader for 8-9 years and being in handsome profits all i did is change and Use the principle of compounding , make 2-3% every day you double your capital in 30-40 days .but all people conclude with trading is Double in this bet..they bet everyday thinking they ll win the Toss.

        Tkcr to all trader and Believe it or not Open Trade is the best tool to Duplicate the discipline and patience rather than copyin trades..Goodluck to all traders

  225. Siva says:

    Well said Arjun 🙂

    Best innovative tool has been given by Zerodha Team, but nobody know how to use it.

    Keeping moving Zerodha

  226. chandru mehta says:

    I agree with Arjun , this requires time to settle and i too believe Zerodha has honest intentions to help traders. They are open to suggestions . Moreover by blindly following is not going to help . The market is wiser than us.It will beat many a forecasts and calculations .Watch out for clues , it always gives them for us to grab.

  227. Arjun says:

    Reading the comments, its clear that people expect instant results. For the past couple of weeks, the market has been moving sideways and hence people would’ve experienced whipsaws thereby the panic claim for refunds.

    It is important to understand that on an average 60% of the trades taken are loss making at 40% of them are in profit. By not following a profitable trader for a few months at least, the chances of making profit is pretty low since one might get caught with the 60% of loss making trades and miss out the profit making trades.

    So, how do we blindly follow a star? You do not. Don’t put in more than 5-10% of your trading capital while following a star. Understand how he trades, build your confidence in the star, see if your risk appetite matches with that of the star. By the time you do these, you yourself would’ve learnt to be a disciplined trader.

    We all receive calls from so called experts or research houses who claim exorbitant return and also charge exorbitant fees. 99% of those are bogus firm who ensure that you lose your capital, leave alone claiming refund of fees. Do you think these experts/ research houses take these trades? There wouldn’t be a bigger fool if we thought they took these trades themselves.

    So here we have stars who risk their own money in taking trades. What they earn out of the followers would be peanuts in comparison with the profits that they’ve made. The trades taken by them are real as Zerodha provides us with their actual trade information. Can we get information much more transparent than this? The answer is hell no!

    Trading is not for everyone, its more about emotional balance than intelligence, which precisely is the reason most of us lose money and a very handful of them are profitable. So, here we have an opportunity to learn from experts in trading.

    Am I for or against Open Trade? I’m neither. Like how trading isn’t for everyone, neither is opentrade. It’s for those who have patience, have and are disciplined.

  228. vinod says:


    Thanks for the response.

    Your philosophy and tools on open trade are at odds with each other. If the philosophy behind open trade is to provide a learning environment and learn from the starts trading decisions, then past history (flashback should be sufficient). I think by providing realtime notifications like on SMS, email, desktop notifications etc, you are implicitly expecting the followers (rather learners in your view), to make trading decisions based on those inputs, with the present set of data its near impossible to make trading decisions realtime (as followers generally follow the stars). Either you should scale down the platform to provide true learning, focussed on improving future trading decisions or make it a platform to make direct trading decisions based on the stars trade signal, post that do I profit/make a loss on this is my prerogative. I think Zerodha has the onus to decide,to either make openlearn or opentrade and not both like Bisibele bath(I like bisibele bath:-)). Given your present conundrum, I would be happy to receive a refund for my remaining credits, which you have said is non-refundable upfront. I think there huge expectation to outcome mismatch with respect to opentrade as it is today. I hope you consider this favourably to improve the platform either ways.

  229. Naresh Jain says:

    See the Comments…looks like “Open Trade” is a big flop show…………….Where is Madan (Sixty Day Winner) …Is he there in Open Trade. Zerodha should publish the interview and charts of Star Trader.

    • We intend to keep opentrade anonymous. Historical Charts of star trader in terms of flashback will be available in open for everyone soon. Flop or not, only time will tell. WE haven’t yet launched it publicly.

  230. vinod says:

    Capricornus is equity only positional traders. I have subscribed to Capricornus yesterday… I have seen his portfolio position as of yesterday. Today morning I got a few live trade signals(buy and sell) on bunch of stocks with names and prices. But was totally clueless as to how much to Buy? What percentage, even based on weights is not available realtime? If i deploy the same average capital as him, without knowing the weights Capricornus trades in live trade, how I’m I expected to take positions?

    Also If i subscribe to his feed in the middle of month, when do I starting having the same positions as in his portfolio? Is it a rolling portfolio and I start buying stocks that the star buys, till some point in future when the portfolio of the start and my portfolio matches his, to achieve gains similar to the star. I think a lot more deeper thought needs to go into this open trade make it useful to people like me.

    • Vinod, the idea of opening up opentrade is to more learn from what profitable traders do, rather than look at trying to copy everything they do.

      • Yogesh says:

        I believe all who have paid Open trade have paid to earn and learn and not only to learn. Why someone have to compulsorily pay 2500 minimum to learn , why people are following stars without getting enough information about the stars .

        Just to learn. It appears to be gambling and loosing money in the name of learning. I request all who are reading this post to reply to this post and tell us if you are learning anything? Rather you have subscribed only to learn.

        • Yogesh, there is no compulsion to use this. Btw, what information do you need? Like I said earlier, every trader is doing both intraday and positional trades. So there is no point mentioning that. We don’t intend to share the exact quantities a star is trading, this is as per our agreement with the stars. Anything else that you need to see?

          • Yogesh says:

            HI Nitin,

            Many thanks for your response. Please do not take me wrong . I understand Open trade will evolve with time. However that was just my feedback at present .
            I hope i will learn something from open trade stars in future which I am not currently.
            Best of luck and thanks for the wonderful thought and initiative.

  231. Rajesh says:

    When is going to live opentrade.

    • It is live, but in beta currently.

      • Yogesh says:

        Nitin Sir,

        What is beta and when it will be in final upgraded version.
        Sir a small label describing the trader is intraday/positional trader as requested by many , please advise when are you planning to implement that.

        • Yogesh, every person is intraday/positional :), every positional trader seems to be making intraday trades and vice versa. So no point describing him that way. If there is any other way, let me know.

          • Babu K says:

            @Nithin Ji
            1) To separate both Intraday & positional trades. We can separate same star into two stars with diff labels ANDROMEDA – Intraday & ANDROMEDA – Positional.

            ANDROMEDA – Intraday, only Intraday trades can be updated .
            ANDROMEDA – Positional, only Positional trades can be updated.
            So subscribers can pay as per their wish & start following.

            2) Investment trades can be ruled out of Opentrade, so we can unlock Flashback. Unlocking Flashback would be like free trial & subscribers can know about Stars trading nature.

            3) Drop SMS alerts as its not reliable, Only Email and Desktop notification will be enough.

            These maybe weird suggestion but if implemented will solve mostly problems in Opentrade

            @Other reader, First have some patience. See a CEO is replying for your comments, so try to give suggestion. Don’t dump issues.

            • 1. Hmm.. don’t know if it is practical. We wont’ get to know when the star is trading if it is intraday or positional.
              2. We are planning something on this.
              3. yep, dropping SMS soon. Emails go on time, and everyone has internet on mobile now.

              Thanks 🙂

  232. Yogesh says:

    HI Nitin/venu,

    How to identify who are positional and who are intraday since all stars are showing trades taken per day.

  233. sasirammenon says:

    Traders must understand that, whenever you wish to follow a star,first of all check with his number of trades daily and his capital and his nature of trading.If it is matching with yours only can follow,ensuring that you will follow all trades of him.Otherwise perhaps you maybe following his bad trades only,not the good trades.And it will make you a Looser.Try to follow 1 star at a time,in a month,otherwise you will be in doll drum.One star wants to buy nifty ftr,and other star wants to sell nifty ftr.-net position will be nil on your trade book-all these confusions will end on loss.

  234. WhatsInAName says:


    Since you are active here mostly, I am posting my query here.
    Any plans to add the spread order feature in Kite anytime soon? Take a look at this month’s index movement – strategies involving options writing are going to make more profit this series due to premium decay. Now someone with low capital like me cannot write ITM options to execute such strategies. But if you allow spreads trading I can write ITM options with buying OTM options. Limited risk.


    PS. Spread orders for Nifty options do not work for me in Zerodha Trader.

    • Spread trading the way you think (for margin benefit) won’t work on Indian exchanges. Margin benefit kicks in only after taking all the positions. But I get your point, and it is on our list of things.

  235. Lakshmi Kanta panja says:

    Asking the same question for third time
    How soon can we expect some stars from the Commodity fraternity
    Expectation : Not expecting any response like the previous two occasions

  236. Yogesh says:

    When positional traders will be added. Soon? any eta

  237. Arnab Adhikari says:

    Profitability chart must be made of actual profitablity=net returns, after deduction of all tax,brokerage, etc.
    You are giving false info in the name of profitability to attract customers.

    • We are working on adding charges to it as well. The reason we are showing average number of trades per day is to give an idea on how much charges he might be incurring.

  238. Sasirammenon says:

    At free of cost, Or one month credit. And moreover their net profit % on daily basis have to be published. Most of the days gross profit will be positive and net profit will be negative after deduction of tax,brokerage, etc.

    • Yes, charges bit will come in by next week. Understand that opentrade is currently in beta. We are showing an average number of trades done every day, this should give an indication on how much brokerage + charges they might be paying.

  239. Sasirammenon says:

    Venu, A voluntary decision doesn’t allow you to loot money from traders,as it is, your promises are not being working out,due to many reasons like hickups in sms email gateway. Until everything is OK,you give permission to follow all zerodha traders to test their Star methods

    • RAHUL says:


    • Hey Sasi, the primary method to notify is notification within the platform and email. Both of them are working okay. SMS gateway, we have no control on. We might remove that SMS option. Loot money? there is no compulsion to be part of this platform. The objective of opentrade is to be an educational platform, let everyone know what profitable traders are doing.

  240. Sasirammenon says:

    Venu,if you are receiving money from clients for credits,you are liable to pay back the unutilised amount .otherwise you collect one month credit from clients to test the star.otherwise you are punishable for a pony scheme for cheating and misleading. Moreover your sms-email gateway is in trouble always as you agree.The huge loss will have to be suffered by followers

  241. ajit14 says:

    Other brokers are giving regular on trading screen free . 2)What r the charges for that ? 3) How does it works 4) Is it helpful to anyone if so u can trace it .

  242. Amarjeet Singh says:

    I don’t know why don’t you provide flashback before following stars. I would like to see flashbacks of some stars before I follow. This is quite logical for decision making in spending credits. I hope you will understand the huge need for this basic information information before deciding whom to follow. PLEASE CONSIDER…according to me it’s logical and a must.

    • Venu says:

      If flashback data is made available, then one needn’t follow anyone, you can take equity based decisions from Flashback which defeats the purpose of Open Trade.

  243. Amarjeet Singh says:

    I salute Zerodha!!!
    Please mark stars with Intraday Star, Swing Trader, or Positional Trader.
    It will have great value for me.

  244. RAHUL says:


  245. *RON* says:

    Really looking for some kind of timescale for GTC orders (even if it is approx.). Since more than 6 months now, whenever I ask for an update, I just get a standard response which says ‘We are working on it’.

    Secondly can you confirm that GTC will be available for F&O also?

    And lastly, can you confirm that GTC feature will be available on both Pi & Kite?

    • Venu says:

      There have been a few technical roadblocks moreso from the Vendor side to implement the GTC feature. Since there are dependencies, it would be difficult to commit a time frame. We’re doing our best to overcome these hurdles to be able to provide these features. We’ll keep you posted.

      • *RON* says:

        Ok. Thanks Venu, but that still doesn’t answer my second and third question.

        BTW, I was told that it is pending because you were awaiting Exchange approval. Is that not the case?

  246. small trader says:

    Also add the option for refund of not used credit. For those people who dont like this service.

    • Venu says:

      Signing up for Open trade is a voluntary decision, credits are non-refundable, so you would want to think before your subscribe.

  247. arjun says:

    please add the option of buying 1 credit in opentrade. so that if people like this service then they will continue and buy more credit.

  248. sachin says:

    In opentrade you only add list of intraday trader who is taking more number of trade so that people who join this service will also take more number of trade and genrate large amount of brokrage for you guys.This is not a win win situation as we know in stock market people can not survive by following other for long time.You have to make your own system that suits your personality.

    • Venu says:

      Signing up for Open trade is a voluntary decision, there are no compulsions. If you feel following someone can help you learn or better your odds of winning the markets, you’re free to do so, else you always have the option to build your own trading system.

  249. ram says:

    Can i get refund of 4 credit (i.e 2000rs) in open trade. i used 1 credit (i.e 500rs).

  250. Babu K says:


    When mutual fund platform will be integrated with Kite (same login for trading & mutual fund)

  251. Surendra Reddy says:


    Please help us with the details around weightage

    star Capital is = 1 Cr.
    follower Capital = 10 Lakhs.

    Can you please explain, as a follower of the above star, how to derive the quantities from star’s weightage values.


    • Average capital is to give you all indication of the account size on which the trading happens. % weightage indicates how much weightage is given to what position in his portfolio. So if someone has contract value of 5lks of nifty future and 5lks of Infy, it will show weightage to each as 50%. But note that this is not margin allocation %.

  252. lakshmi says:

    Sir, in next pi release please add woodies cci and andrews pitchfork indicator (apf) sir, it will be great help if u add this.
    Hope u will add these 2 indicators.

  253. Chandra Bhusan singh says:


  254. Chandra Bhusan singh says:

    This is possible or not ?

    When star execute order then execute automatically execute order subscribers account same trade.

    Selective script only not all

  255. Vinod Nambiar says:

    how long are the credits valid.. for eg.. if i just chose to follow 1 star everymonth .. is it possible

  256. lakshmi says:

    sir how to pay it will get deducted from our trading a/c or should we pay separately Rs.500/- to follow start trader.

  257. Yogesh says:

    Flashback tab is added however its not working its blank. When it will be functional.

  258. SJ0215 says:

    Please check the following:

    For Corvus today, it was relayed as follows>
    In the same scrip traded>
    EXIT Sell “Complete” was given 2 times consequently and after that Buy the same scrip…
    This is weird!

    How can he Exit same position “completely” 2 times?? that means partial should have been stated in the first Exit…
    You must do something about this guys and make this error-free and stable.

  259. nagi says:

    I am following PEGASUS, CORVUS and URSA MAJOR.
    Today (5-APR-16) I got SMS and emails only for the trades of URSA MAJOR and no SMS and emails for the trades of PEGASUS and CORVUS. Please look into this issue.

  260. SJ0215 says:

    How will we know if a Star is trading or not (ie- on Hioliday) on a given day?

    Maybe a “Welcome message” from the Star in the morning (after he logs-in) would be nice to indicate that he is trading, otherwise followers will keep on waiting & guessing for the whole day – even if the Star may be on a holiday 🙂 (esp. Intraday Star Traders)

    Moreover, a brief pre-opening and mid/after Market outlook from Zerodha or Star will be good for all those who have subscribed to Opentrade.

  261. Yogesh says:

    Hi Nitin / Venu

    1)Please include stars which are positional traders. All present stars in the list are intraday traders.
    2)When we expect to see the download to excel function for Trade feed.

  262. ANAND says:

    Can you show at least one year performance of these stars? It should be month wise.

  263. ANAND says:

    Out of 5 Credit, Can i follow 2 star (using 2 credit) for one month and remaining 3 credit in Next month.

  264. Girgit says:

    While trying to follow a star, follower is taken to login with zerodha account credentials and give undertaking to allow access to his account.
    Why is a follower asked to authorise you to –
    (1) access to his holdings/positions
    (2) Account balances and
    (3) place, modify and cancel orders

  265. Rajesh says:

    Showing gross returns without any expenses is very misleading & inflated. Actual Net returns may be very less or in negative after all expenses. Gross will always be very high with multiple trades within a day.

  266. sathish says:

    Profit percentages should be on profit after brokerage,charges and taxes .That will give real picture of profitability as the profit comes in the ledger is after all the charges.

  267. MS says:

    Is the profit based on average capital which includes free cash also? Or is it only based on required margin?
    If it includes free cash and So, if any star keeps any free cash in account for drawdown, his profit percentage will go down? To show more profit percentage, he will try to withdraw and keep bare minimum.

    • Average capital = free cash+holding value+ margin blocked. But I guess people will know that a star making lesser returns with a lot of capital is a better option than lower capital with higher returns.

      • MS says:

        That’s for people to judge but then we can not compare star returns fairly. As a trader, i may be more comfortable keeping extra cash in account for drawdown and might be making more returns on my margin compare to another trader who is making less returns on margin but showing more profit percentage if he does not keep extra money for drawdown. To make fair comparison, profit should be calculated based on margin only and should be clarified in your tutorial.

        Also, I agree that it should be net returns (as traders making more average number of traders might be making more gross returns but might be negative net returns or hardly positive returns). So, this is misleading.

        Please try to think from perspective of subscriber as your data is misleading (not helping us to objectively compare the stars).

  268. Tridib Saha says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Great initiative novices like me.. Just want a clarification, does the profit % given for stars take into account the brokerages, other charges and tax paid??

  269. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    You should also display the standard deviation of returns to given an indication of the volatility in the star’s performance

  270. Amey says:

    (Hope you take below positively with an open mind)
    The trade feed from stars isn’t satisfactory and practically un-followable and there is nothing to learn from the trades neither earn consistently..

    I am following 4 stars since 1 week…

    One star trades so so so fast and so heavily that before we take positions he is in-out… It is humanly impossible to take his trades… It seems like an Algo is trading!! Seems he may be using an algo thru’ Pi bridge or similar (I think)

    Other positional stars never book profits even if they be +100pts and exit at cost when stock comes back to entry… more surprisingly they keep “reversing their positions” frequently at entry levels and keep switching their stand in few 15-20 points (taking consistent losses)…

    Even if we assume positional trades (Not taking 100+ pts profit and exiting at cost and then keep on reversing positions just for mere 15-20 pts. that too with losses)… This doesn’t look to be humanly normal!

    The %profit/loss quant reports keep changing w/o any basis with very wide swings… eg- a star’s performance showed 36K profit for 23rd Mar till yesterday and now it’s showing 72K for 23rd itself!

    There is nothing to be learnt wrt knowledge/style and nothing to be gained in monetary terms..

    I think we ie- everyone in Zerodha (Mgt + Clients) must relook and regroup ourselves to make this wonderful idea workable, otherwise it will keep losing its sheen in the days to come!

    Looking forward…

    Best of Luck &

    • vishyvishy says:

      For this I guess zerodha should provide additional feature as “Followers Rating” … How much followers rate him out of 10 or out of 5… Also if possible followers should write his experience/review following a star somewhere … so will you add a opentrade forum for that in which only zerodha members can sign in and discuss all about opentrade and stars among themselves ?

      • Rating a star maybe, but not really a forum. Don’t want the stars to be bothered about all of this. The idea is to be able to run this initiative without any interference or distraction to the star.

  271. Muthukumar says:

    I have account with zerodha..can i pay through my friends credit card to buy stars?

  272. MS says:

    Regarding “avg number of trades”, is SAR calculated as 2 trades. Ideally, it should be calculated as 1 trade, as the star has to put in only 1 order (with double quantity). This will help subscriber to know if we need to put in less number of trades than suggested by the ‘avg number of trades’

  273. sarkar says:

    I am unable to see the average trades taken by a star per day. Pl tell where to look to see it.

  274. Chandra Bhusan singh says:

    How to calculate average capital (STARS)

    • It is basically total account value for everyday, and then an average for the last 90 days. Total account value or net liquidation value = current value of his holdings + free cash+ value of options+ all margin blocked – any short option premium.

  275. Ajit says:

    Pl. also show how many trades avg a star takes.. Am following Andromeda. He takes over 30 positions in a day!! No way to follow that!

  276. SJ0215 says:

    Does Pegasus trade thru’ Zerodha terminal?
    coz his avg trades shown are 13 per day…
    but as of now he hasnt ever traded > 2-3 trades… or is his feed not being relayed?
    Pls clarify..

    Also, it would be good if you describe the style (NOT strategy/system) but style or philosophy of star traders
    eg- he likes to trade Stock FnO intraday & is a scalper and keeps his trades for 2-10 mins… or .. he is a positional trader and takes his trades based upon so & so etc.. must be described with lil bit of his trading principles..

    Think on this pls!

  277. vishyvishy says:

    When can we expect for opentrade to start sharing MCX trades also??

  278. nagi says:

    Again no SMS/email for the trades of PEGASUS and URSA MAJOR on 31/3/16.

  279. Babu K says:


    Any referral link for opentrade 🙂

  280. naanu says:

    Dear nitin sir,

    Can you put total gross profit/loss for star traders? it will give more clearancy.for like year wise or from starting on wards..


  281. SJ0215 says:

    “EXIT” word is missing in some trades and “COMPLETE” is missing in some other… This is creating a lot of confusion!

    Please match/pair the Entry trades with Exits and you will find for yourself that there are many loose-ended open/clashing trades!

    Something like below may be thought of>
    Color the text as:
    – Fresh Long Entries in Green
    – Fresh Short entries in Red
    – EXIT Partial in yellow/light blue
    – EXIT Complete trades in dim black

    Whatever way you do it, but it needs to be stable and consistent for all trades w/o intermittent missing remarks etc.

  282. Yogesh says:

    Hi Nitin / Venu,

    There is an issue with Portfolio Tab in Evening it shows stars IS holding the portfolio and in Night it reflect star is NOT holding any portfolio

  283. Yogesh says:

    Hi Nitin / Venu

    1)Please include stars which are positional traders. All present stars in the list are intraday traders.
    2)When we expect to see the download to excel function for Trade feed.

  284. churchill says:

    Again no SMS/email from URSA’s trade today

  285. SJ0215 says:

    Now, there is problem with Ursa’s feed 🙁

  286. SJ0215 says:

    Now restored … Thnx!

  287. SJ0215 says:

    Again today no Email/SMS delivery from Andromeda…
    Pls do something urgently to restore this and pls make this stable!

  288. Lakshmi Kanta Panja says:

    How soon can we expect some stars from the Commodity fraternity

  289. SJ0215 says:

    Also, “EXIT” word is now not appearing in the Exit Trades… It is required so as to avoid confusion.

  290. SJ0215 says:

    Hi Nithin,

    The Email/SMS delivery are still extremely inconsistent… I ain’t rec’d any emails/SMS from Andromeda. Neither there are any desktop notifications rec’d from Andromeda…

    It is 3rd day now since the problem is persisting. Please look into this, at the earliest!

  291. vishyvishy says:

    If one wishes to filter like this —- Top Performer of the last seven days — his MIS orders are more than NRML orders — segment traded NSE equity… then how do you do that?? … Sorting and Filtering is Most important Feature we need.

  292. Yogesh says:

    Hi Nitin /venu

    Big request for you. Please include stars which are positional traders. All present stars in the list are intraday traders. I am not learning anything nor I want to learn anything from them. Please do something.

  293. Yogesh says:

    HI Nitin/Venu
    For Andromeda trade feed is from 23rd March and for Ursa Major trade feed from March 18. So does it mean Andromeda there were no trades from 18th to 22 March ?

  294. seabird says:

    …any best performing star for swing trading?

  295. seabird says:

    hello…can we expect margin funding this year…?

  296. SJ0215 says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Hope you are working on the sms/email issues… Addl issues below for yr considerations>

    1. We need to club a 1 trade (Entry till Exit) in one line/row on the dashboard with preferably the %profit/loss (maybe in a tabular form or entry/exit clubbed one below the other…

    2. Also, a unique “Trade No.” for each trade is desirable to track/monitor etc.

    3. Trades in a single day need to come on a single page and not in multiple pages… or with an option of trades per page (like we have in Flipkart etc.)

    4. MIS/NRML position is essential for carrying forward a trade, if star may do so and also, you need to check if auto-squared-off trades are also being relayed to followers or not..

    5. Desktop notification that is mentioned isn’t working in IE browser and also in Firefox…

    6. Positions under the portfolio tab and current open/actual positions in trade feed do not match and are inconsistent…

    Looking forward to your feedback and resolutions..

    warm regards..

  297. Yogesh says:

    Hi Nitin/Venu Sir,

    Can you please incorporate option of download to excel for trades in TRADE FEED. Its very difficult to analysis at the end of the day to study the trades taken by the STAR .

  298. churchill says:

    Lots of issues…multiple trade by a star but I received only one SMS. I did’t receive any SMS from the other star I am following but the dashboard suggest he has made some trade.

  299. DN0983 says:

    Hi Nitin/Venu,

    I have subscribed 3 stars. 1st and 2nd day I received SMS of one star and no SMS received from other two. But there were live trades by the stars whom I haven’t received SMS. This is 3rd day, no SMS received so far. But there were many live trades all the 3 stars. This is really disappointing and confusing whether to follow or not. Also, no info about whom to contact for resolving these issues. Please look into this.

    Hoping for accurate service from now onwards.

  300. naanu says:

    Dear Sir,

    What is the average profit streak? pl reply me sir,


  301. Yogesh says:

    HI Nitin/Venu

    Trade feed data is very confusing for 1 of the star we can see the position is open however in its portfolio tab there is nothing to show. Can someone please explain how is it possible

  302. Chandra Bhusan singh says:

    Plese add profit and loss trade accuracy in monthly based 🙂

  303. Yogesh says:

    HI Nitin/Venu
    For Andromeda trade feed is from 23rd March and for Ursa Major trade feed from March 18. So does it mean Andromeda there were no trades from 18th to 22 March ?

  304. Yogesh says:

    Hi Nitin/Venu,

    Can you please share the logic why 18th March is the chosen date why not from 1st Jan / Feb/ March 2016.

  305. Sumit says:

    Dear Nithin
    Why can’t you show position size? % weightage is really confusing, how would you determine position size from % weightage, please explain with an example? Thanks, great initiative though and as always zerodha rocks.

  306. JB says:

    In above query, please read>
    Cnc positions or NRML positions

  307. JB says:

    I have subscribed to 3 stars…

    Problem #1
    Although I was receiving sms/email notifications till 09:56 till today morning, suddenly the sms/email notifications have stopped from delivery… It’s very strenuous to keep watching the OT dashboard by refreshing the page continuously to ensure any new updates.. so as to not miss anything important (which I did) 🙁

    We need to have an “Auto-refresh” on the Dashboard page.
    Better would be- whenever a new update/trade is received it should automatically be updated without the need for refreshing the page.

    The positions taken by Ursa Major today were in EQ. It wasn’t clear whether he has taken this in MIS Margin or CnC so as to be carried forward to next day… It was clear only after the close of the market that it was a CnC postion as the position is still not closed… Same is applicable for other positions by Ursa Major and Andromeda in FnO

    Therefore, it should be clear if the star has taken a CnC or MIS position and also the conversion, if any…

    Kindly look into the above issues (esp. 1st problem) at the earliest please..

  308. MS says:

    I don’t think I am getting notification of Pegasus. Moreover, I do not think that the trader feed and position is being updated. You can cross-check with the trade entered by Pegasus and updates/notification sent/missing.

    • It should start updating from tomorrow.

      • MS says:

        I can see the change in position (buy) in opentrade but have not got any sms/email notification from Pegasys. Please look into it urgently.

        • Yes some issues with the SMS/Email gateway, we are having this fixed.

          • MS says:

            It worked yesterday and again no notification today of the long position carried over by Pegasus to next month contract at 3:27 pm. No sms, email and not even popup worked. I have already reported this to opentrade and support also. This product is still not stable. Great initiative but having implementation issues.
            Today, I also noticed that the number of subscribers suddenly doubled (after my refresh during the day) in just one minute.
            Also, the return of Pegasus was showing about 420+% returns yesterday and then today, it showed only about 320+%. Did he lose 100% in just one day (during the first day of new 90 day period) or was the calculation wrong earlier?

  309. NAANU says:

    is there any charges for following stars?if yes how much?


  310. NAANU says:

    one clarification wahts this longest streak profit ?

  311. nagi says:

    I have subscribed to PEGASUS, but I can’t see his/her trade feed

  312. Souvik says:

    First Live experience with Opentrade – I subscribed to 2 stars last week. Today was the first time I was to receive notifications of trades. Unfortunately, the experience till now is not very convincing.

    One star subscribed is a day trader and frequently enters and exit trades. First, there is absolutely no info on the usual timeframe of trades of the stars in the star profile page, so I ended up selecting a star whose trading style is very difficult to follow given the frequency of his trades and short timeframes. Something needs to be done about this. More info on trading style and a short anonymous bio of the stars focusing on trading style will help a lot.

    Second, to top this the sms and email updates functionality is broken. Its not sending notifications on time. I got the entry sms for the first trade on time but got the exit sms 25 mins after the trade was exited. The next entry message was 10 mins late. The exit message of this 2nd trade is yet to come while the trader is now on his 3rd trade :).

    I am sure these are early hiccups and the Zerodha team will improve the tool but a lot of caution is needed before the tool can be trusted.

  313. Sreejith says:

    Hi , I have taken 5 credits and started following one star. How can i view their trade in Pi terminal?

  314. Yogesh says:

    Hi Nitin /venu

    Thanks for your response. Please note as mentioned I am already following a STAR Pegasus but not able to that star trade history and trade details. Please advise where do I need to click on the link to see the historic trade details. Please advise urgently.

  315. Sudhansu says:

    Hi Nitin San
    I think the no. of followers subscribed to a stars should not be shown.It may discourage or pressurize the stars…I think u can understand it better.
    Further heads up to all stars for their supporttive attitude to help new traders.


  316. TNDS4023 says:

    seems PEGASUS,TAURUS,GRMINI’s contract s details are wrong (repeating itself), probably misleading.

    might be there Profit % also would differ.

  317. sathish says:

    I am unable to log in to Opentrade .On last step of trying to log into kite account it gives a message “invalid credentials ” though I am using my Zerodha ID and password which in normal course allows me to log into Pi as well as Kite.

    Earlier there were 21 stars.Now I see only 15 stars.What happened to the remaining stars ?When is it going live means when can we see the actual trades of the star one follows ?

    Zerodha needs to give more user friendly information for this wonderful idea to succeed.How about sharing a one page note on how to see the star information ,rules ,regulations,what more information can be shared and what cannot be shared.Good idea but packaged and marketed very poorly. Wake up Zerodha.

  318. Srabanti Ghosh says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin,
    Permissions required to activate opentrade are
    ‘Access holdings and positions portfolio; View your account balance and margins; Place, modify, and cancel orders’
    Why opentrade requires these permitions? And giving permission for “Place, modify, and cancel orders” to opentrade, does it missuse my account or place unauthorised orders in behalf of me?

  319. Arkendu says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin,
    You have already done great jobs through Zerodha.
    Thanks a lot for offering such wonderful services

    As being a existing client here I am suggesting to introduce “Demat Debit Charge Reduction Pack” which will allow equity positional/swing traders to reduce their expenses.
    Like, if a client pays X rupees upfront then he/she gets Y no of free debits.
    And your business model doesn’t encourage upfront charging then you can arrange for discount on bill amount of certain period.
    Say, if a client generates Z no of debit (Rs 15.46 of each) at end of the said period then 10% discount. Higher the bill amount higher the discount

    Hope you will assess the matter
    With Warm Regards,
    Arkendu Bikash Porel

  320. Yogesh says:

    if by mistake i have unfollow a star which i was following can i follow the same star again or i need to pay 1 credit again to do that

  321. Yogesh says:

    Hi Nitin/Venu,

    I have subscribed and following the star however i am unable to see the trade histor of that star how can i see the trade history. Where do i need to click to see the trade history. I need the trade history of the star .

    Please advise urgently .

    • You can see the trades only from the day you start following the star.

      • Yogesh says:

        Hi Nitin /venu

        Thanks for your response. Please note as mentioned I am already following a STAR but not able to that star trade history and trade details. Please advise where do I need to click on the link to see the historic trade details. Please advise urgently.

  322. MAHESH INANI says:

    Please any share the URL for opentrade .

  323. chandru mehta says:

    its a new start but not upto expectations . I hope it gets better over the time with stars trading in equities that are part of sensex / nifty 50 like Ril , SBI , HUL , Infy , L&T.

  324. Yogesh says:

    Hi Nitin /venu
    For example today is 1st jan and If I have taken 5 credits and following only 1 star then remaining 4 credit will be valid till what date and month. (April may june or it will remain valid for life time) Please clarify.

  325. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    Request you to re-check the quant reports of Pegasus – looks doubtful that with an avg portfolio size of 14 lakh, there are daily P&L swings of 10-15 lakh……

    • Balaji says:

      Hi Nithin,

      I bought a pack of 5 credits and only used 2, but now credits are reflecting as 0. How do we verify? Also when we choose the unfollow option does that particular credit go into freeze mode or will it continue till reaches its expiry period. Moreover can one single credit be switched among multiple stars till it expires.

  326. Surendra Reddy says:


    Can you please help to understand how this weight-age works.

    1. is the weight-age % is margin amount used for the each position / value of the total position?
    Margin for 1 lot NIFTY call option @ Rs. 10/- BUYING = 10 X 75 = Rs. 750/- (margin 750 = position value 750)
    Margin for 1 lot NIFTY call option @ Rs. 10/- SELLING = ~ Rs. 40,000/- (marging 40K != position value 750)

    2. if weight-age % is margin amount, is that % is of the total account capital OR is just used capital %?

    just for illustration purpose, I am trying to take details of the one of the star I am following:

    STAR Profile (Just changed the capital numbers )
    Avg Capital : 5 Crore


    STOCK SYMBOL Type Price Weightage
    NIFTY16MAR7500PE B 22.50 8.73%
    NIFTY16MAR7700CE B 70.77 9.15%
    NIFTY16MAR7800CE S 12.76 38.6%
    NIFTY16MAR7400PE S 7.33 10.42%
    NIFTY16MAR7600CE B 65.50 8.47%
    NIFTY16MAR7500CE B 95.20 24.62%

    >> As asked above, how this % works against capital?


    Avg Capital : 50 Lakhs

    >> As a follower, how one should take positions with 50L capital to follow the above star?

    How much capital is being used for the taken positions? what is the remaining money for future hedging purpose? because Star may have different strategy to get into hedging trade to protect his position. so that there will some reserved capital.

    alerts with below msg.
    EXited partial NIFTY16MAR7500PE
    how do follower understand, partial means.

    Final Request
    I would request you to be in the follower’s shoes and explain detailed approach, how follower can get follow star by using this data.

  327. Sreejith says:

    Hi, Is opentrade started? can i simply make payment and start following somebody now? how realtime trade will update me. please explain me

  328. vishyvishy says:

    This is strange that I can not post images on z connect to explain my point…Few Weeks back My Antivirus was saying z connect has some virus or Trojan and it was not opening at all ??… From then on z connect has become unattractive to read with bright white background … In addition how do we add images to our posts … This option is also missing…Please do something

  329. Yogesh says:

    Hi Nitin/venu

    If I am following 10 stars for 3 months and my past 90 days trade records are good. Although I am not taking exactly the same trades what stars I have chosen have taken. Later if I want to be a star can I be eligible to be a STAR

  330. vishyvishy says:

    Please have an optional but more user friendly tabulated sortable and filterable representation of stars like the image attached,,,


  331. Jayesh says:

    Hi Nithin,
    We need to know the type of trader one is >
    eg- Eq Swing trader, F&O Swing trades, Intraday trader, Short-term, Positional, Investment (as also mentioned in your original post above)

    Also, a few words describing the Style and Type of trades a Star takes along with average duration of his positions is required and can be included in his introduction along with his Favorites tab..

    Thanks & regards…

  332. shyamaa says:

    The 90 days is a random stat to show profit %. Am sure choosing profit % for 365 days (year) will give entirely different picture. Also this %, gives a head start to only few stars. The rest all will be ignored. We should ideally start measuring the profit % once the platform is live.

  333. Subair NA says:

    what if I want to follow only intraday traders, Is there any function to filter the stars with their nature of trading? Because I don’t want to follow somebody who trades one or twice in a week and take delivery for thousands of shares.

  334. Surendra Reddy says:

    Is there any issue to display normalized quantity in new trades and Positions.

    If there is no quantity, this will not help to decide how to manage the money for taking positions.

    Please clarify on this.


  335. vishyvishy says:

    I have tried to post a sample sortable star table link above.

  336. Surendra says:

    we are not seeing any new trades today. is that is expected OR there are no trades from these traders?

  337. Surendra says:

    In the positions, the follower should be able to see the quantity. If there is no quantity follower can not understand the ratio between the buy and sell for option hedging.

    It is of no use. if you dont want to reveal the actual quantity, you can normalize them in the ratio and show to the follower.

  338. LossMakingTrader says:

    For the trader named “Columba”, is there any bug in his profitability graphs? The chart and numbers look horrible for a profitable trader!

  339. LossMakingTrader says:

    I was checking the streaks of some traders. Their profitable streaks run in few crores and losing streaks in 90lacs!! If I had this much capital, I will put it in fixed deposit and set it to monthly interest withdrawal. 😀

    Great initiative guys. Still deciding which 2 stars to follow for the first month. It is clear I can’t take most trades due to capital restriction. But maybe I learn few tricks.

  340. ishan says:

    pls share the link here to open trade website

  341. Jayesh says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have subscribed to one star today… But, I think considering the long weekend holidays, Zerodha must consider the subscription start date, from 1st April or at the least from Monday, 28th March… as an early offer 😉

    Thanks for the excellent intiative!

    • Jayesh says:

      Hi Nithin,
      Seems my above message was overlooked… Please consider considering subscription start date as 01st April or atleast Monday, due to a long weekend and also to resolve any hiccups during the gestation period of the new launch…

    • MAHESH INANI says:

      Please share the info about how to subscribe to the stars and where we can see all the reports ,trades i am fellow client of zerodha

  342. *RON* says:

    What are the percentages? Per month, per annum or absolute percentage points of last 90 days?

    • Absolute percentage returns for the last 90 days. There are a few who are on this list with flat returns. But if they are on this list, it means that they have generally been positive during the trading period at Zerodha.

  343. Subair NA says:

    Its really an awesome tool for a beginner to stay profitable. Please make a tutorial video like the one which you made for kite and PI, It will be very helpful.

  344. Yogesh says:

    Hi venu / Nitin

    If for example I have 1 credit with me which will expire in 10 days . can I unfollow 1 Star and change to another star. Can I keep changing stars every day with available credit in my account

  345. Yogesh says:

    Hi All,

    Did anyone got an invite form open trade ?. Its already Live however now mail notification from Zerodha ?

  346. Ibrahim says:

    I am being asked to verify ID by logging in to Kite Account , on the Opentrade Site. I don’t have a Kite Account. I have Zerodha Account but never used Kite. What shall I do ?

  347. Souvik says:

    Great work Zerodha team!

    Going through the stars. Had a question though and a suggestion –
    1. The average profit/loss streak figures are way above the longest profit/loss streak figures. Are the average streak figures actually the total profit/loss figures for the period?
    2. Please show some more descriptive statistics on the trades on the star profile pages as that would help in selecting the stars according to their performance and trade type and duration – like avg profit/loss per trade, avg duration in days or mins in case of intraday, std dev etc.

  348. shyamaa says:

    Is it in only to some folks?

  349. Yogesh says:

    Whom to reachout ? Who to ask if i have any question regarding this ?

  350. Sibasis says:

    Dear Nithin, have you any plan for MCX also ? If yes then can we know the probable date ?

  351. Yogesh says:

    In your earlier post you have mentioned we can have access to Star’s Quant reports and we would be able to see the trade history (Date, entry/exit & stop loss of past trades). The date when the trade was taken and the date when profit and loss was booked. Please advise/guide how can we see that.

  352. shyamaa says:

    Is it LIVE already? asking user/passwd.

  353. vishyvishy says:

    How to search stars who trade only or mainly intra day? There should be some user-friendliness in the open trade interface… user should be facilitated to quickly filter out the star he wants to follow…user can only see the profitability but not the historical trades of star trader … I need to see stars history before I follow him

  354. vishyvishy says:

    How to search for the stars who mainly trade in MCX ?

  355. Shiva says:

    You long await is over opentrade site is live go check it out.

  356. Chandra Bhusan singh says:

    Thank u to everything zerodha

    Main 20 rs aapke alawa kisi ko nahi deta as a service charge:)

    Because you know itne paise main bahoot kuch milta hai only at zerodha

  357. Chandra Bhusan singh says:

    Zaldi milne wali khooshi zada din tak hoti nahi hai or late se milne wali khooshi zaldi jaati nahi hai 🙂

  358. vishyvishy says:

    …These “last minute” issues are becoming last hour , last day, last week, …last month issues….

  359. dadbhai says:

    I have opened account with zerodha last month
    I am new to market
    I am busy with my work, so I don’t have time to watch market and decide my trade
    I’m waiting for open trade group to start and follow successful trader
    Then I will start my trading
    Hope you start in April

  360. Yogesh says:

    Sir any revised ETA date when we expect to see the most awaited open trade Live date. In a day I check more than 1k times.I check my mail box as well hoping to receive invitation mail.every week we just hear 1 dreadful word hopefully next week some last minute issue. I hope you understand our impatience

  361. Souvik says:

    really looking forward to the launch and invite 🙂
    will past performance of the stars be provided to help us chose which stars to follow and subscribe?

  362. Surendra says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Are we still sticking to this weekend release plan? OR is there any change in the plan?

    Please update the thread.

  363. Mohammed Sajjad Ahmed says:

    Nithin Sir,

    Any developments on Opentrade ?

  364. shyamaa says:

    Hope it will be live by this weekend. More the delay, more the frustration of waiting. Pls dont wait to get everything 100% fixed before releasing. You can always fix / upgrade , add more things later.

  365. vishyvishy says:

    z-connect is changed … It is looking white white all over … too bright to read … please do something about it

  366. Learner says:

    I am happy that platform is starting soon. Looking forward to join and learn from the masters.

    Star traders are divided into equity,day trader,swing trader ,option trader but will they take same type of trades in their accounts.If I am following a swing trader star and if he takes a day trade or scalping trade then I will be taking that trade too as l won’t know that it is for short term and not for swing. How I will know that it is not a swing trade ?

    For initial few days please run interactive discussions on open trade in which stars also can participate under their star name so that star and followers both will have clear ideas information we get and expect. A star may not tell his system or interact once the project goes live and we will have to learn from the trades they take….

    In short happy days are coming for learners to be profitable.


  367. Dharani D says:

    Hi Nithin / Venu,

    Thanks for the Good News. Eagerly waiting to see the platform and its features.

    Just want to know if we get stars who will be option selling in your stars category list.

    I am sure this program is going to be successful and also Zerodha is going to attract significant amount of client base, only through this program. I wish all zerodha clients success in their trades using this platform.

    With Regards,

  368. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    Got a mail 2 days back from