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    i dont know how to reach u, but i hope the message reaches to the right person. Today i have came across an article in economic times [BSE brokers wary discount broking model among investors; lobbying with SEBI to fix a minimum brokerage], the url is posted below:

    I will be sending an email to SEBI regarding this, to please desist doing anything which hamper the interest of common investor & helps to increase the fat cheque of big brokerages though there is no increase in cost associated with executed order irrespective of quantum of money involve.

    Just like a movement wherein we all have participated against any attempt to hamper Net-Neutrality, please inform all the right minded people to email SEBI against any attempt by Brokerage Industry to regulate the minimum fee charge.

    Please frame some convincing logical response and post it somewhere just like a response for Net-Neutrality was provided at some some website and it helps a lot to common guys to just email that to SEBI.