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March 15, 2015


Adding stocks/indices to the Marketwatch

Use the dropdown to add any stock/contract you wish. To add an index on the marketwatch, select indices in the dropdown. Once the index is added, you can open the chart for the same.


Adding index, stocks, F&O using the dropdown

Note: Currently you can open only one marketwatch and add a maximum of 50 scrips. We’ve done this to provide better overall stability.


  • Order Book (F3): For all your pending and completed orders.
  • Trade Book (F8): For all trades executed.
  • Admin position (F11): To monitor all your open F&O positions, and intraday equity trades.
  • Stock Holding (Alt +F9): For all your demat holdings
  • Cash position ( Ctrl+Shift+V): To know how much cash you are utilizing

Admin Positions

One of the drawbacks of NEST was that your overnight positions would show the average price as the previous closing price. This required you to either login to Q or keep a tab on the actual Buy/Sell price.

On Pi, the Buy/Sell average price will show you the actual entry price. Also, the Total P&L column will show your actual P&L, whereas MTM will show the marked to market profit based on the previous closing price. The same applies to the Demat Holdings menu as well.

Also unlike NEST, the admin positions window is auto updated, you don’t have to click on get positions to see your latest positions.

Admin positions showing daily MTM, and Total P&L


In all the screens, you can move columns by clicking and dragging.

To add a space or line between two scrips on the marketwatch, click on the row and hit the space bar.

The last column on the marketwatch is for quick view charts to show the latest market trend of the scrips you are keeping an eye on.


Double click on the scrip to open the snapquote

Snapquote/marketdepth window can be initiated by double clicking on the scrip on the marketwatch or by using the shortcut key “F6”. The snapquote also shows you the net position and MTM.

Index watch

Shortcut key: Ctrl + M

To add/remove indices use the user settings window (Ctrl + P). By popular choice we have made the index watch as a floating box (if you are using alt+tab to move around) so you can track the markets even if you are using your browser. If you don’t want the floating box, you can either use the shortcut key (Ctrl + M) or minimize the Pi application.

Adding/removing indices on the market index box

Adding/removing indices on the market index box

Arranging your Screen Layout

The images below show how you can drag and drop the various tabs to arrange your trading screen. Here is a quick video as well.

Left click on the tab, and drag it wherever you want to place it.

Arrange the screens

You can popout any of the tabs by clicking on popout active window in the View menu as shown below. Once popped out, you can use the window in another screen if you are using a  multi-monitor setup. Closing the window will make it attach back to the main Pi screen.


Popout windows for multi monitor setup

Saving workspace

You can save the workspace with all the screens, so that you don’t have to initiate all of it on every login. You can use the shortcut key (Ctrl + W) or click on save workspace in the file menu. To know more on how to load and save workspaces, go through this video.

If you want the charts to be saved as well, you can do so by clicking on this tab shown below in the user settings window. Shortcut key for user settings is Ctrl +P.

Saving charts in workspace

Saving charts in workspace

Changing application style

Application style can be selected under “View” on the main toolbar.

Zerodha Theme





Happy Trading,

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  1. Chandrajit Das says:

    Sir where can get this terminal??

    • Shubham says:

      Hey Chandrajit, we stopped providing support for the Pi platform and phased it off altogether. Pi isn’t an in-house Zerodha platform, the features and software updates on Pi are dependent on a third-party vendor. More details here. Would recommend you use Kite which ha a lot of super cool features and is our in-house product, you can check out more on Kite here.

  2. Sivaranjeeni says:

    Can someone let me know how to switch between the symbols in TradingViewChart. I’m expecting a similar toggle on how we do in IN.TRADINGVIEW. Toggle charts of all the symbols in my wishlist/Market watch.

    Thanks in advance

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Sivaranjeeni, we’ve passed this on as feedback to the concerned team and will look into the possibilities of introducing this. Will keep you posted🙂

  3. Avadhut says:

    Pi will be available in near future?

  4. Sharad says:

    Hi I m a happy customer of Zerodha. Needless to say I like almost all the features offered by Kite. One improvement suggestion I have is:
    In the personal watch list, Can you provide a space (a new column ) to make our little notes like “Buy if comes below abc, sell if goes above xyz” etc against each scrip. Every weekend I do a study of each of my watched scrips and make such notes to set the tone for next week’s trading. If u provide this feature, I don’t have keep my notebook handy while trading. Thanks in advance

  5. Kapil says:

    Hi I am mac user and there is no Pi software and Virtual Box is not a good option so I prefer Kite for the stock trading. The problem I always face is less space for charts as ur wish list section is fixed. Could you please provide a feature for hiding or a flexible wish list . I know you have a pop up, full size chart view where you can see multiple views, max 8 but without wish list . I use three time frame charts for technical analysis for my favourite stocks and it’s very difficult without wish list.

    Also i would like to suggest following this two features:
    1) Auto save of your charts with drawings
    2) When you are navigating through the wish list and user has opened the chart then moving to next stock using down key should open the chart for that stock without pressing C key. It’s like user is in Chart mode.

    I hope these things make the kite more user friendly.

  6. Venkateswarlu Segu says:


  7. Anas says:


    How can i check daily MTM on Zerodha – (daily profit/ loss on each position)

  8. BhaavinAshar says:

    I made 3 market watch screens (for underlying stocks of all FnO stocks) as all FnO stocks do not fit into one market watch and saved it. but next time I load that workspace only “defaut mw” got loaded. Is this how it is designed?

    Please add a functionality to load all underlying of FnO stocks or allow the user to create and save more than one market watch screens.

  9. Amit Kumar says:

    PI trade book have some bugs. its time should be set in 24 HRS format, to make sure that, whenver someone try to look for TimeWise orders, he must able to see lastest orders. AFTER 1 PM, error occurs and orders shown in then end, instead of top, while arranged in Time sort order.

  10. Girish says:

    Hi Team,

    Thanks a lot for providing great tool like PI to us.
    I have one suggestion though.
    If you could add a feature to change scrip from Chart window it will help us a lot.
    Now if we have to look at chart of scrip then we must open one window for every scrip and at times it becomes very lethargic. And at the same time the way template are applied to existing chart window needs to be changes so that after application of template window will show same scrip with all indicators and will save our time.

    Thanks a lot for such a wonder tool.
    Happy Trading

  11. Yogesh says:

    Why the market watch that we create in Kite app is not available in Pi?

  12. Rajendra Joshi says:

    I am a user of zerodha-Pi. I tried to add newly listed scrips like Happiest Mimds & Route Mobile. But these do not appear in the dropdown from where we add stocks in watchlist. How to get such newly listed scrips on Pi watchlist?

  13. Khadija says:


    I am new to Pi and using the latest version (at least it says no update available). In my Market watch Workspace i am not able to see an option to add columns for the upper and lower circuit. Its getting difficult to keep switching to Kite to see the circuit everytime.

    • Matti says:

      Pi is not built or maintained by us. The team that did build Pi isn’t willing to make any updates anymore.

  14. Vickey says:

    How to order multiple different stocks through a single request? for example, I have 10 stocks in my watchlist and at certain time I want to buy 1 stock of each equity in watchlist. How can I do that?

  15. Vinod Pradhan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am unable to download zerodha nest trader on my laptop. i am presently using Phillip Captial and want to use both the application please send me a link to download nest trader or trading application.

    Vinod Pradhan

  16. OP VERMA says:

    Refer my inquiry above. I went through this entire thread and found answers to all my questions.
    Thanks anyway. Will come back if find some additional issues.

  17. OM PRAKASH VERMA says:

    Dear Nitin ,
    I am a senior citizen and still have fire to trade in stocks. I was quite content with KITE , but it has limitatations , particularly only 5 watches only with 50 stocks. So I downloaded Pi only last week ,thinking it might help.
    But I have encountered some problems with Pi too.:-
    1. I created 2 market watches but I do not see any option to save the watch, nor does it ask wether to save watches when I exit. I am still reading as many threads and guide lines to get my answers . I have taken a screen shot of what I have on Pi and would want to send it to you. It is not same and does not show options what you describe in your guide. Currently I would like to know :- How do I save the watch which I have created . 2. How many watches can Icreate; and how many stcks in each watch. Normally one would like to create watch as per sector , say Pharma , chemicals Cement , Metals so that you can access the stocks much faster. In a Khichadi watch system one tend to forget where have I listed my stock especially me being an old man. But I would but even younger lot would want well segregated watches ?

  18. Akshay says:


    Unable to add 52 week high/low column on market watch . Is it unavailable on pi?

    • Vivek says:


      We also have the same problem in PI Desktop Application

      Please guide me if you get the solution

      Thanks & Regards

  19. nkk7 says:


    not able to add bank nifty in market Indices.

    Also not able to add index under MW for charting
    pl. suggest


  20. Kavish Ranjan says:

    Hello Nitin Sir
    Please add drag and drop feature in PI as soon as possible.It’s a humble request to you.

  21. prasad says:

    how to draw pivot point on chart

  22. gopal says:

    i am new to zerodha. so in MARKET watch in Pi, %change in stock price is not displayed after trading hours or say eod %change is not displayed.
    is this issue with me or is it built in Pi software(if later is case then why)

  23. Kameswar says:

    I am unable to trade in MCX though required fee has been paid by me. Pl. advise.

  24. Ihit says:

    I have picked shares of the same company from the BSE and the NSE. Unfortunately, in the market watch section on the left of the screen (in KITE), my total holdings are visible in the ticker in which I first purchased OR have larger holdings. Is it possible to show in the market watch, my exact holdings in the NSE and the BSE, instead of having to visit backoffice to view them, so that i don’t sell the shares on the wrong exchange?

  25. Vijaya Shanker says:

    Nithin, Pls inform me how to create a watchlist with NSE 100 and Bse100.
    Thanks in advance.

  26. Kokila says:

    I am holding an account with you.
    I came to to know that we can automate the trading. Please let me know how to implement the following strategy using pi platform::
    If NIFTY moves above 10768, I would like to buy one lot of call option NIFTY18MAY11000CE
    if NIFTY moves below 10642, I would like to sell one lot of call option NIFTY18MAY11000CE

  27. dev ravaliya says:

    i cant see mcx’s futures in pi platform…..i can only nse bse cds options….and i hv account for atleast 5 month…..but i never added fund in commodity….. is it like that?

  28. Rama says:

    Hi zerodha…when vl you provide the service of highlighted colours for day high/low of scripts in MW in pi as well as kite web

    • Matti says:

      Hey Rama, the day’s open, high, low and close are shown on both the platforms. Not sure how changing the colour would add any value.

      • Rama says:

        Hi.. My point is when a script touch its day high, the high price column blinks in green, as well as when touches day low blinks in red.

        • Matti says:

          I don’t think that’s possible Rama. For that, the system needs to keep comparing each tick to the high/low. This is a rather heavy computation that doesn’t really add much value.

  29. YOGESH says:



  30. Karthik Rao says:

    hello zerodha team ,
    i would like to tell you that u guys are doig the great job,butin pi there are certain set backs
    1) i am not able to add more 50 script
    2) there need to be an event Tracker tab option which can help see the stocks which break certain parameter i.e break out of day high/low & 52 week H/L and moving average surpass and so on
    Please do add such important features in pi which will help traders alot
    Thank you

  31. Amit Parmar says:

    it is good to see founder himself replies about queries, great keep it up……… M also opening account ..

  32. Bhushan says:

    I want to use current active positions for a stock in my strategy. So how can I access active positions in my trading script?

  33. Harshad Mainkar says:

    How much net worth is required to trade Future & Options in Stocks ?

    • Matti says:

      Currently, there’s no minimum requirement as such. You just need a net worth certificate from a CA or a proof of income to trade F&O.

  34. mohan says:

    I need Days High/Low on my PI screen to be Highlited in different colours is it possible
    Pls guide me in doing so.

  35. Dhananjay says:

    Can we install PI on imac ? please send the exact details and steps to do so if possible

  36. Harshad Mainkar says:

    Hi, I have Equity Demat & Trading account. But, I can see only BSE & NSE in Pi and No NFO. Do I need to open Equity Derivative account to trade F&O or is it part of my Equity Trading account ?? so Lost ..Btw.. I am loving Zerodha You guys are doing great job Thank you 🙂

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Harshad, thank you. To trade Futures & Options or to trade Commodities, Exchanges ask us to ensure that the client has some other source of Income/Networth. Hence if you want to trade these segments, you will be required to give us an Income proof or Networth Certificate. It could be Form-16, IT acknowledgement copy, 6-month Bank statement, Stock Holding Statement, or the CA certifying your networth. This is a mandatory document for trading Derivatives today.

  37. Yogeeswar says:

    Various sectors should be included, the sectorial indices and the stocks constituting them along with Default MW. I find this is the only advantage missing in Pi which I had in TradeRacer from ICICIDirect.

  38. vibhor says:

    Why NFO, CDS and BFO options are not enabled in my Pi platform. There are only NSE and BSE options enabled.

    And what’s the use of NSE/NFO/BSE/…. and Normal Market Close/OddLotMarketClose/….. options present in the toolbar of Pi?

    • Venu says:

      Looks like you haven’t provided a copy of an Income proof that is required to activate the derivative segment which is why only the Equity segment is enabled for you. Please speak to your Sales manager who will help you with this.

      • vibhor says:


        And what’s the use of NSE/NFO/BSE/…. and Normal Market Close/OddLotMarketClose/….. options present in the toolbar of Pi?

  39. BIKRAM SINGH says:

    Sir, i am very new to pi plateform. I am using pi version V 1.0.06 ( 07.17.2017 ).My placed order / rejected order / executed order does not show in “connection and order status” windows ( control + shift + w ) (other information shows there) , just below the market watch along with “alerts and message windows”. My friends can see it there on their own pi but i have to go to “order book ” or trader book ” to see my rejected /executed order. It is worth painful in running market because it keeps me in dillema or dark that what happened to my order and also unfriendly especillay when my stoploss orders get triggered and i remain unaware till to watch “order book’ or “trade book”.
    Sir, time is the single most and vital factor in intraday trading. So you can easily understand that what kind of problem I am facing. As i could understand, it is matter of technical setting, because it is a very vital and common features given by all trading terminals.
    So please guide me to to settle it.
    Thanking you.

  40. Anshul says:

    Also, programming in PI for scripts /alerts seems like a pain since I do not know the predefined variables. For example , I am looking for a good alert for Opening Range breakouts for FNO stocks only. A guide / glossary with names of terms would be very helpful.

    • star says:

      Tradescript documentation is available at Tradescript help option under Help menu, also tradescript is just a basic language and doesn’t support any advanced queries, but if one is a coder they can look in to below kiteconnect API doc to customise according to their requirements.

  41. Anshul says:

    Also, Pi hangs at least once for me everyday. Waiting for few mins doesnt help and I need to force close and restart it. I think it hangs on waiting for chart retrieval / bugs / etc. I have a top of the end alienware laptop so no issues with hardware. I think you could solve the issues by through using separate threads for chart retrieval / computation etc .. Also have functionality to break whatever is being processed with a break command like CTRL +C or something. I usually need to also keep KITE open in the background for emergency trades when PI might hang.

    • star says:

      Can close pi software and open c:\zerodha\pi and find register_chart.bat file, right click on file and run as administrator. Currently we are not providing any shortcut or break command to stop the running process, will check this with our development team. Also for any technical help you can write to [email protected].

  42. Anshul says:

    Can I add all FNO stocks to marketwatch in PI?
    A feature to add stocks having marketcap in a particular range would be cool.
    Also in find a stock, having an option to only see EQ or NFO would help limit the number of entries seen.

    • siva says:

      You can add in different market watches manually as limit for one is 50. In find symbol under file menu one can select only eq or Fno as per their requirement. Adding a stock based on it’s market cap is not possible for now.

  43. Anshul says:

    Please add view chart, add scrip to MW and add(Opposite of Square off) options in Admin Position.
    Also, please add Open Interest as a Study for FNO.

  44. akd says:

    Hi! Nithinji,

    Unfortunately i found nothing like EOD Scanner in PI. I tried this way…….


    If there is any other method inside PI then requesting you to kindly elaborate or write a separate blog, if possible. Otherwise please add the “DAY” option in PI Scanner’s Periodicity. It”ll be a great help for your users.

    Wish to get a reply this time 🙂

    • algogeek says:

      Pi Scanner works only on live markets, it can not be used to scan EOD periodicity for now. we will forward it as feedback

  45. Amitava Ganguly says:

    Whether it is feasible to trade with candle stick live chart 5m/20 period EMA on screen with 4 layouts for 4stocks? at a time

  46. Sudipta says:

    Can you please tell me how to add currency index on market watch on kite?

  47. Rama says:

    I m using PI.. Is there any alert type in my market watch for stocks touching day high with green colour and stocks touching day low with red coulour …same facility in kite mob app also. .. Pls assist …

  48. akd says:

    PI is an excellent software but without any EOD screener or filter (Daily or longer time frame) !
    Does Zerodha only encourage Day traders, not investors or swing traders!!
    Requesting you to kindly incorporate this feature in PI.
    Correct if I’m wrong with my information & kindly explain how to do it.

    Thanks in advance:-)

    • The screener on Pi can be used on daily candles as well. Also have you checked Smallcase screeners?

      • akd says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        Unfortunately i found nothing like EOD Scanner in PI. I did like this way…….


        If there is any other method inside PI then requesting you to kindly elaborate. Otherwise please add the “DAY” option in PI Scanner’s Periodicity. It”ll be a great help for your users 🙂

  49. rajat says:

    i am not able to add future and option in the market watch. pls guide how to do it

  50. Birendra Hansda says:


    It’s really difficult to add stocks in the watch list as there are too many filters in PI.

    Ex- To add a scrip to the market watch, why does one need to select the class A,B,C etc .

    It’s just the scrip that should autopopulate the scrip symbol and then click on add.

    It’s the same for F&O. It would be great if we had the option to add all the strike prices for an option in market watch .

    It would be great if these issues are addressed.


  51. Vel says:

    I had installed Pi yesterday, but i can see only BSE,BFO in the market watch list. I’m not able to see other exchanges in the drop down. I have a Demat with Other DP and it is linked to Zerodha while account opening. Kindly do the needful.

  52. Prakash Tejwani says:

    Can we have Alert system in Pi, like we have in NEST Trader (Tools Menu -> Set Alert) ?

  53. Mana Das says:

    Add RENKO with ATR in PI and also in Kite…..

  54. Tadepalli says:

    Hi, Good morning. Started using Pi today. I am not able to create and save multiple market watch.On exit, they are not getting loaded. I am saving the work space and loading the same too. Appreciate some help

    • siva says:

      (ctrl+w) to create new market watch.
      go to view->user setting->market watch->tick on save layout on exit->apply->ok. This will make sure to save all your market watches on exit. Also logout only by going to file menu and select exit instead force closing the application, for more help you can write to [email protected].

  55. Hriday says:

    Hi, Is there any option to add Nifty top contracts (Stock Futures/ Stop Options etc) live directly in Pi?


      • debarati says:

        Can you please add the feature to easily add futures in PI? Standard predefined workspace would be great help. Like – Near future NIFTY 50; Far Future NIFTY 50; Farthest Future NIFTY50. I believe these would be easier to build. More complex features like – Near future TOP 50 traded-value; Far future TOP 50 traded value … etc. would be really great. Please consider this building this. It’s a huge pain to add futures one by one.

        We also need something better for option chain. Like right click on stock/futures and load all current expiry option chain.

  56. Mounish says:

    I am waiting for more scripts to embed in PI as today there almost 200 F&O scripts available.
    More opportunity should be opened. As there are huge development in internet almost everybody is carrying 2 MBPS internet, high end hardware etc.. So the old barrier of only 50 scripts in MW should be at least 200!

  57. Praveen says:

    I want to open multiple trading and demat accounts. And to maintain and trade those accounts I want to hire emplyoees for that.. . Is it possible? Give me some suggestion and Idea please

  58. Kiran Chengappa says:

    Once I login to Pi, I would love to have 5 market watches with however much scrips in each of them. Your limit is max 50 in each and I get to monitor 250 in total which is great. However the most frustrating part is, once I exit and login back to Pi, I can see only the default MW with the 50 scrips that I added. The remaining 4 don’t retain anything.
    I arrange scrips sector wise and really want to monitor different scrips across sectors. How annoying it is to login to Pi everyday and spend 1 hour or more to just add scrips to the 4 MWs.
    PLEASE PLEASE make the 4 extra MWs that I create to save everything on exit just like the default MW.

  59. Prakash Gupta says:

    Hello Team Zerodha,

    Please update pi with following features :-
    1. Pre-defined market watch for F&O scrips so that we don’t need to add so many scripts one by one.
    Allow adding list of scrips via a text file.
    2. Allow real time market watch link to excel

    Looking for the assistance
    Thank You

  60. Ramesh says:


    How to add the entire FnO scripts in Watch List


    How to make link to Excel for 200 FO scripts

    • star says:

      You can do that on pi.
      1) As only 50 scrips can be added to single market watch one has to first create 4 market watches with 50 scrips each.
      2) Open one excel and save it.
      3) Right click on market watch and choose link to excel option.
      4.) copy the required columns on linked excel and paste it on sheet1 of already saved excel and again save it.
      5) Repeat the same for other 3 market watches.
      This way one can view all 200 scrips in initially saved single excel. But try to add only few required columns.
      If you need any assistance on doing this you can write to [email protected].


        I have tried the same,
        However Pi is getting very unstable in that case. I have logged the case in Support@Zerodha. Please check the issue with screenshot in the mail dated 24th April 2017.

  62. vikas says:

    nithin sir,
    just applied for n commodity acconut,my query is
    1. may i square of my opened position buy/sell directly from chart
    2. for intraday why product as cnc not work


  63. PROBAL GHOSH says:

    Zerodha Pi is a great desktop software and better than Kite in many areas but Pi is not good for backtesting cause -The chart layout is rigid and can’t easily move around like Kite.
    -Intraday data limit is only 120 days which also include holidays!!
    -The measurement tool is not available so price, time and candle/bar range can’t be calculated automatically.

    So please pay attention to the Pi to improve it rather than on kite or make kite available with all Pi features.

  64. Mukesh Kumar says:

    I am a new Zerodha trader. I am using Zerodha Pi software. I have some queries :-
    1. How to create multiple market watches?
    2. I used to draw my study on charts, I have saved the chart on drive. When I exit the charts, my study symbols, horizontal, vertical lines etc removed from the charts.

    • siva says:

      1. File-> create market watch. After that go to view->user setting->market watch and select save layout on exit->Apply.
      2. Can you save chart to template and apply on same stock.

      • Mukesh Kumar says:

        Thank you very much Siva sir.

        I have a doubt in point number 2. Whether every chart is required to save in separate template or only in one template.

  65. samir says:

    Can you add some more widely famous analyzing tool like TTM Queeze in our PI ?? And also one more suggestion regarding adding feature of live trade. One can see how many and how big trade are taking places in any scripts. Which is really very useful to buy/sell decision. Screen need to improve.

  66. Ranjit says:


    Are you providing dealer terminals ??

  67. Rahul says:

    Hi Zerodha team,

    I am facing issue in market watch when i am login on desktop in any browser.

    Its just now showing any value.its working fine mobile kite app.

  68. Vijay says:

    Are you planning to launch PI for mac as well?
    I am not able to use it , as there is no version of PI is supported for MAC.

  69. Yogesh says:


    I wants to know, is there any option on Zerodha Kite to see multiple charts on single window, if yes, please guide me.

  70. abhradip says:

    Is it possible that we can select the chart type such as candle or heiken ashi permanently on pi be cause every time i open it is in candle format and have change it if i want another one.

    • Ah, not possible as of now.

      • Mahesh Goli says:

        It is possible.
        1. open your chart, change chart type to heikinashi + any indicators if you want to chart.
        2. Right click on chart and save the chart as template.
        3. In User settings -> chart settings change change the default template to the one you just saved.
        Next time onwards any time you open chart it will open in Heikin and with you indicators. No need to add every time.

  71. LifeWithPi says:

    While selecting BSE scrips we are supposed to select the Group also A, B, XT, XD etc. What is the use of doing so ? First we have to find out the group to which the scrip belongs by googling it then feeding the same in Pi & then proceed.

    Why cant the group get selected automatically ?

  72. Ramakant Ramji Gaund says:

    Dear Mr.Nitin Bhai,

    I have account with you i wanted to coding with Cash v/s futures strategies so please help how to do that.


  73. Jayachandran says:

    The stock screener option is very good. But do we have the stock screener for daily time frame. Are we planning to have it soon in near future

  74. Akash says:

    In pi software i can see all cds nfo nse bse bfo but where is mcx. After clicking the find the symbol i can see mcx but cannot click it. while opening my open i didnt open in all equity commodity and third one i dont remember is it cz of that but in kite i can see equity and commodity balance if i am not wrong this mcx comes under commidity. so why is it happening ?

  75. Himanshu says:

    Hello Nithin Sir, I am New to Zerodha ..I want to Place order for NSE DEC Future.. But I cant see,,,the option is Pi…I can do with kite …its there in kite,..but how to do in Pi ..

  76. Poonam says:

    Hi Nithin,

    What does Convert Position button do? Can we use it for position roll over to next expiry series? Thanks,

    • Venu says:

      Convert allows you to convert your position from Intraday/Overnight and vice versa. To roll over, you’ve to exit the current month’s position and take the same position in the next month’s contract.

  77. Arpan says:

    1. The order of scripts in market watch is changed every time I load a market watch or open Pi. I don’t keep scripts in ascending or descending order. Instead I keep them as per my requirement. Is there any solution for this?

    2. Another problem is : suppose I’ve bought an option CE/ PE. Now when I try to exit that option by using “SELL” order, it rejects the operation saying “RMS: Margin Exceeds ….”. And to close that trade, I have to go to order book and have to “EXIT” from there. I know it happens due to margin issues but I am just trying to close an open position and not taking a Short Sell position. And because of that delay, I loose some points in profit ( EXITing a trade from order book ).

    3. In Bracket Order, it changes given SL and Target after entering a trade. And then I have to modify them again to where I want to keep them.

    4. In Bracket Order, we have to keep a buying trigger below cmp but what if I want to enter a buy trade above cmp. For ex. a script is forming a range and I want to buy when it breaks out of that range so want to keep a limit above cmp. Is it possible in Bracket Orders? (opposite for Short Orders ).

    • 1. hmm.. shouldn’t happen, can you send this to [email protected] with your client ID
      2. IF you have already placed an exit order for the option position, you will not be able to place a second exit. This will be considered a fresh short position. No way around this.
      3. hmm.. didn’t get what you are asking for.
      4. Currently not possible to enter using triggers on BO

  78. AMIT KUMAR says:

    Please introduce %age change in open interest in NFO Watchlist.


  79. Bhalchandra Dattatraya Gijare says:

    In default market watch I am facing the problem. After opening the MW it becomes in active. I cannot mark script for snap quote ,buy or sell order ,cannot sort columns . In short in live telecasting I am unable to use the Default Market watch.

  80. Samir says:

    my account is activated 2 days back, i downloaded pi software,
    but in market watch drop down only NFO option is showing and no bse, nse or other indices.
    I filled the form for demat account in nse bse cash and FNO.
    Please, guide.

  81. apurva says:

    can i use pi platform at internet speed of 512kbps ,also can i short sell the equity in intraday trading .

  82. Raghavendra says:


    Instead of selecting scripts into Market Watch, I know BSE CODE for the scripts, I cant put them into a notepad and when I open the market watch all scripts as per the notepad should get listed/populated in the market watch.

    Is there any alternative for saving time for script selecting from index list in market watch?

    • Venu says:

      You can add scrips using the scrip code. Press Ctrl+F to open the ‘Symbol Search’ window. You can select the Exchange and enter the scrip codes to add them to the marketwatch.
      You can’t do it through notepad/file upload yet. Adding scrips to the MW is a one time activity.

      • Raghavendra says:

        As you told selecting scripts is one time task, but if several scripts
        BSE allows downloading scripts in excel sheet, so one can simply select scripts in excel sheet. Now instead of selecting scripts in market watch one should be able to upload scripts from a file.

      • Raghavendra says:

        If one is trading in NIFTY or SENSEX and in stocks then not much difficulty in selecting scripts, but when trading in Futures/Options, I wanted to observe rates of different slabs then selecting all into Market watch is time consuming, so a alternate required. In PI there is option of “LOAD WORKSPACE”. So one should be allowed to populate BSE CODES or INE numbers then load the workspace file into PI.

  83. Mikhail says:

    do you have a weekly chart on pi?


    Hi! There is a feature I want in pi and if it is possible do tell me.

    1) I want to open 1 min, 5 min and daily chart of a stock. Now suppose I want to see the same charts for a different stock, I need to open again these three windows individually for the different stock. What I want is whenever I select a stock to open its chart, its 1 min, 5 min and daily chart must be opened simultaneously in a pre defined layout.

    2) A robust stock screener. You have a stock screener but we need to add individual stocks to it and it is definetly not robust. I need a 1 min intraday live stock scanner for scanning gap ups. Software called Investar has this feature and its definetly robust there.

    • Venu says:

      1. We are working on providing you this feature. Should be up in the coming releases.
      2. This is not something that’s being looked at. We’ll take your feedback.

  85. UPENDRA BHANJA says:

    I started trading through Zerodha kite few days back. I am on the loser side for constantly losing money. Today I saw that the chart is delayed by five minute on the market watch so could not pick out the trend all the time. Is it so that I am being provided a five minute delayed chart on kite. please help and confirm.

    Regards .

  86. Bharat Thakkar says:

    hello…the verbal alert is a very irritating feature of pi..only a beep sound is necessary..just as it is in nest trader..any idea if you are introducing beep alerts?

  87. darshan says:

    hi, i have my nse ac in zeroda, i need to see mcx crudeoil chart in pi, how can i see it?

  88. Ashok Sharma says:

    If anybody don’t known about groups, mean which stock is related to which group then he will be 100 % irritate.
    so give a better solution of this bug.. Like Nest Trader.

  89. Ashok Sharma says:

    Dear Nithin

    Perhaps There in Zerodha Pi is not an option of watch the 2 or more watchlist at a time, always requirement of load the created wathclist again and again, it is so irritated option.. In all software have this option at this time available in market, Please fix it.
    and in chart .. there is MACD and MACD histogram is different option.. please combine them, then user can will have more space on screen to add another indicator.

  90. Rajeev Menon says:

    Dear sir,

    It will be very useful if we have a price alert for multiple scripts. Say the price of a scrip = then we get a popup alerting that the condition/alert set by the user has been met

  91. Venu says:

    ITC has issued bonus which is why the you see the difference.

    You can read more on Zerodha Circulars here:

  92. Summit says:

    Dear Sir,
    I had Developed an application to ease the life of traders but i need to integrate the real time data feed from bse and nse. Sir, Can u please guide me how can i get API.(Dont want to purchase the feed from NSE )

  93. C L Dhavade says:

    I am using pi latest version. Today after login market watch screen is blank. Script added yesterday are not visible. When I added fresh script it is not appearing on screen. Nifty/sensex meter is ok. Pl advise.

    CL Dhavade
    mo 96190 67666

  94. Milind says:

    How to get pre-market price of 9:08 am in excel from Pi platform for select stocks?

  95. Mukund says:

    Hi, is there a quick way to get to a particular scrip in market watch – like a search function ?

  96. Atul says:

    In the market watch, drop down their is no NSE cash option it is only showing NSE future. How can i watch the charts of cash segment ??

  97. Vishal says:

    how do i create groups in market watch as i don’t want all the scripts in one place

  98. Srikanth says:

    Please provide universal search for adding scripts instead of drop down menu it takes lot time switching between all segments.
    And also market watch is limited to only max 50 scripts.
    So add multiple market watch so that different segments can be added in different pages with names.
    As on nest plus we get tabs for market watch.
    Even on kite u have multiple tabs for market watch then y not u update samething on pi I don’t understand.

  99. shafiuddin says:

    How to get Nifty option chain in my ZERODHA PI screen? In Nest trader it comes bottom of the screen. Please advise.

  100. Latesh Narula says:

    I want to know how to screen , all the stock simultaneous for a particular strategy .. and if the strategy matches the suitable stock(s) then .. it gets filtered too ..

  101. Mana says:

    After Market Closing Values in Market Watch Like ” %Change ” and ” Net Change ” are shown as Zero ,but in Options and Futures Values shown, But in Stocks it becomes zero after Market Close , so its become difficult to know that what happens in the Stock,please keep this values after market close

  102. Tanmay says:

    How do I view option chain, it is very painstaking to keep on adding each individual strike both in PI and on web.

  103. Bobby says:

    Hello Zerodha,
    Sir there is no facility for saving screen layout, once we select multiple charts on screen by opening and dragging charts we are not able to save the same layout. Every time we login we have to repeat the same procedure. Kindly add some facility for saving screen layout or if there is already that facility kindly explain how to do it.


  104. Sathish says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am new to Zerodha.
    I have two questions,
    1. Is there any way we can list option chains of all strikes with option greeks in Pi or other tools. So that it will be easy to compare delta and easy to chose naked put to sell with lower deltas or applying Delta Neutral strategies.?
    2. To open position for option strategies which requires multiple legs, how do we place order of all legs of strategies at one stretch?


  105. Thilak says:

    Hi, Iam not able to login PI. It shows below error
    ‘Not able to login. Please restart again to continue’.
    I tried logout and login kite and pi. no luck
    i tried restart my machine. no luck.
    other question, do we need to login kite and Pi separately giving credential separately
    Please assist.

  106. Vipul says:

    Why not add “NSE Smallcap Index” in market watch of PI ?
    “Midcap Index” Value is not update at this time,Please fix it
    Please Reply…

  107. harshit says:

    this had been the 1st day of trading, a wonderful experience, but found a thing missing in ADMIN POSITION – MTM, % change column is not there, which must be for easy calculation and observation on the market

    • Venu says:

      Good to know 🙂 Are you talking about the % change in the contract/stock. It would already be showing on the Marketwatch. The MTM value is already calculated and shown on the Admin position window.

  108. John says:

    Hi – I was told two weeks back that BO/CO would be enabled in the Kite platform. But till now no news??

  109. Asha Modani says:

    In market watch of Pi software I do not find the option for nse FNO only nse bse and BFO is available hence I am not able to transect in call option of stocks. Please advise solution

  110. jay says:

    I have activated from the admin to add 200 scripts in pi but still i cant add more than 50 scripts in market watch. plz help!

  111. MITESH says:

    Please add super trend indicator to PI and a black theme if possible at the earliest. PI has impressed me heavily a little changes and more customization to the user are requiered for high resolution laptops

    • Venu says:

      Super Indicator is available on Kite. It’ll take a little while before it gets on to Pi.
      Black is already available, select ‘Zerodha Theme’

  112. MITESH says:

    I would like to suggest that as indian indices can be added to the index bar if could provide with realtime live futures of DOWJONES, FTSE and SGX NIFTY live it would be a great job

  113. A P Suresh Babu says:

    I use ‘trade.zerodha’ platform. On this, at 9.15am, there is no way to know that the market opened. Only when the ‘% change column’ starts changing, we come to know that the market is opened. Any other indicator available on this platform to know that the market is opened.

  114. sandesh jadhav says:

    sir , how i can knew gainer /loser and volume breaker from pi software.

  115. RH0408 says:

    Hi Nitin,

    The multiple tabs which we used to have in Zerodha Trader are missing in Pi. The problem is there is only one market watch but there is nothing like ‘Market Watch Group Settings’. It is creating some problem of juggling whole lot of scrips from one watch list to another.

  116. chetan says:

    when the chart window is popped out, we can’t place orders by pressing F1 or F2 on the pop out chart window. we have to navigate to the main window and place orders there. is there any way out of this? i prefer popout window coz i can make the chart smaller, the main default chart window is too big for me.

    • We will have a new release of Q soon.

      • chetan says:

        thanks Nithin. i have one more suggestion for the future release, is it possible to add feature to stretch the chart vertically and horizontally by draggin the mouse in the far right side price area and the bottom time area?

        • Venu says:

          This feature is already there in the current version. When the chart is open, go to View –> Popout Active window. The chart pops out and you can adjust it horizontally/vertically.

          • chetan says:

            i tried it now, its not working. suppose the lowest intraday price is 145, i can’t see 144 area unless the price goes there. there is no way to scroll vertically. sometimes i want to see lower prices to calculate measured moves or leg1 = leg2 moves.
            even for horizontally, we have to adjust using the arrow keys and then press end key to see the current candle.
            is it possible to adjust by dragging the mouse itself like in ninja trader?

            two more things, the grid colour is not saved. it should be changed every time. the second problem which is difficult to explain is addressed in the attached pictures. Basically the problem is that the bigger moving average like 200 EMA on intraday is occupying the whole screen. i am allowed to attach only 1 picture. i will attach another in the next comment.

          • chetan says:

            i’m attaching the 2nd picture to make it more clear regarding the bigger moving average occupying the whole screen, thus making the screen smaller for candles, this is odin btw.

  117. Rakesh Solanki says:

    I am Trading with Pi Platform, I am not able to Understand How the admin positions are calculated.
    Yesterday I was seen profit of Rs. 1100 on my Bear Call in Nifty and I Closed the trade but when I entered the trading data in my diary To my Surprise I knew that I have made loss of Rs. 1250. I totally depressed with this Admin Position Because It can confuse you a lot and Can Hurt any trader.

    Is there any solution to see actual Profit/loss in real time on position taken on some days before Or I will have to do it manually every time which is very disappointing and not reliable in volatile market.

    Please solve this query because it must be the problem of all traders, And after all it is the profit that is the aim of all trading activity if we are unable to find real time profit loss what is the meaning of online trading.

    All other system in the Pi is very good and I am satisfied with it.


    Rakesh Solanki

    • Venu says:

      There are 2 buy/sell average prices that show under the Admin position window on Pi
      a) Buy Avg Price
      b) Q – Buy Avg

      Buy Avg price will reflect the buy price as pvs close and Q – Buy Avg will show actual purchase price.

    • Check this image Rakesh×576.png , there are two columns – MTM and Q-total P&L. MTM shows all profit and losses based on yesterdays closing price. Q-total P&L shows it based on your actual traded price.

      • Rakesh Solanki says:

        Thanks For Your Early Reply.

        I have checked in and found good.

        But Still the BuyAvg and SellAvg Prices shows the same price as last close price which is already mentioned in admin position so there is no need to mention it again.
        It seems confusing with my original BuyAvg and SellAvg which is not mentioned at all.

        It is not a big problem but to mention if you can correct.

        Thanks For All benefit in Terms of Brokerage I Save.

  118. Srinivas says:

    Dear Nithin, Thank you very much for creating ZERODHA and running it so beautifully. My wife opened an account recently and it is very fast and transparent. Response from Zerodha team is very fast. Your model of Brokerage structure is the real motivation for small investors like us. Please keep it up. I have a few suggestions on extra features required on PI for a trader’s better reflexes while working on screen.
    1) For Stochastics oscillator & RSI oscillator, at present we can select only ‘close’ price. Please introduce Open, High and Low price selections also from the drop down menu (as in SMA selection).
    2) Please try to introduce two colors for a curve(eg, SMA curve), one color for upslope and one color for down slope.

  119. PRASANNA says:

    Hi Z TEam,

    please dont bother to answer this as Shiva called me and solved the query. thanks.

    I have never came across any brokerage house which is open to queries and so public about it.

    Keep it up. Will never leave you.

  120. PRASANNA says:

    Dear ZTEAM,

    Hi. I wish to bring to your notice that we save a particular workspace with charts and close it, When we open that particular workspace once again, it is supposed to open the charts saved within that workspace ( this was shown in the videos by your team on Youtube.) But in reality the charts screens though open do not show the charts. I have to open then using “Load the Charts from Screen”.

  121. samiran adhikari says:

    Is it compatible with windows 10? Many people like Amibroker indicators. Do you VWAP, in the chart section?

  122. anukul says:

    hi nitin,

    In my PI software, i can only see MCX, CDS, FNO but where is NSE, BSE .
    Please help me out.

    • Anukul, my guess is that either you haven’t opened demat with us, or else you haven’t got any other demat of yours mapped to the trading account. If no demat is mapped, you can’t see any equity orders placed.

  123. Prakash V says:

    Good job with Pi & Kite.. Really an awesome Trade Kit that you guys are providing.

    Is there any chance that you could give the Market Watch Scrip limit to Users preference, I understand that you have given the limit for 50 Scrips Max for Stability factor. Lets say I would like to add 200 Scrips in which I filter with relative to the % change. I wouldn’t wanna add 4 work space and then try to filter. Lets say I got a powerful processor and good internet, wont that be enough to make things run in normal manner even if I got 200 scrips ??

    My Suggestion : Just give Users the limiting number factor whether it be 20 or 500 , let users decide how many scrips to be placed depending upon their ability.

    • Prakash, we are working on giving multiple marketwatch on Pi. On a single marketwatch more than 50 won’t be possible. CLients with slower bandwidth will complain that their marketwatch is hanging, and along with this the more the scrips on a marketwatch more bandwidth gets utilized on our side as well.

      • Prakash V says:

        I do agree with your comment that it consumes bandwidth at both ends, which is why my suggestion is to enable a User Setting in Options at Pi to enter a random number for the maximum Number of scrips as per users requirement and connection style. Hence Clients , who do not wish to have more scrips can edit that part and those who prefers more scrips can also have an advantage.

        At present what I do is, I switch to Sharekhan TradeTiger platform just to analyze what I need, as they allow to have around 250 scrips at a time and then get into Pi to read the charting package and execute the trade, its more like double work.

        Its just my suggestion. I am sure your coders are powerful and wonderful guys, who can come up with some solution for this.


        • Sameer says:

          @ Prakash V & Nithin Kamath

          Even I do the same thing.. checking top 5 n bottom 5.. percent wise in share khan [ as I can load the entire month future series for that particular expiry] and then again checking in PI.. its like double work.. If zerodha allows multiple market watch windows & at least 150 to 200 scrips [ all the future scrips ] in a single market watch than no need to log into sharekhan trade tiger.. even anand rathis nest trader allows this than why can’t zerodha ??

  124. Viswanathan says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Does AMO, Pre and Post market orders work in PI?

    Also any update on the following points on Kite
    1) BSE Integration
    2) Adding the Market Watch functionality (currently there is a limit of adding only 20 scrips)


  125. Vipul says:

    Please add “NSE SmallCap Index” in Market Watch in Indices

    Please Reply and fix it very soon

  126. iTrade says:

    Does Zerodha has CUSTOM stock screener?
    I am using Kite but don’t find any such custom filter option to watch real time BSE/NSE market with any user defined filter criteria.


  127. Vipul says:

    How many time adding “Nifty SmallCap Index”, “NIFTY100 LIQ 15 Indx”, “NIFTY50 VALUE 20 Index”,“NIFTY GROWSECT 15 Index” in Market Watch in Indices ?

    Please Reply and fix it very soon

  128. Braejsh Kumar says:

    How to create more than one market watch?

  129. Vipul says:

    Please add “Nifty SmallCap Index” in Market Watch in Indices

    Please Reply and fix it

  130. vmsudhakar86 says:

    i have mt4,my template how do convert

  131. shivasrinivas says:

    Nithinji , is it possible to add live Open Interest changes for trading range stirke prices in pi , ie like
    OI long/short build or OI long/short unwind detailed option chain … Thanks a lot in advance .

  132. sunil says:

    I am using pi software from last 6 month, why india vix is removed from market indices? where i watch india vix in pi? pls ans me its very imp indicator for my trades.

  133. Shirish Khardekar says:


    I am using Pi. I did some activities of buying and selling. But am not able to short sell. e.g. when I right click on chart of Powergrid, I get Buy here, Sell here. I click on sell here for short selling, my order is rejected, saying Reasons : RMS : Rule : Check holdings for entity account DS4748 across exchange across sec…..
    Shirish Khardekar

  134. sukanta says:

    Thank you Nithin,

    You are just extraordinary entrepreneur…

    My new queries are

    1. how can i save the layout of the screen.every time you log in ,I need to do the positioning .
    if this is not included .

    2. When we put buy order or sell order through chart, cant we modify the price.

    3. when we put the order,by market watch screen, it will show in chart.

    • 1. Layout saving as such is not included.
      2. You will have to first cancel and then place another order. You can modify the order from the chart, but the line will not move on its own.
      3. No

  135. Sukanta says:

    1. How to add blank row in between two scripts in market watch screen. (like in Diet Odin)

    2. Nse cash scripts cant add.

    please help.


    • 1. left click on the row where you want the blank row. Hit on the space bar on your keyboard.
      2. My guess is your demat is not opened and mapped to your trading account. As soon as that happens, you can see the NSE cash as well.

  136. manish iyer says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I am using web base application kite.
    but i am not able to create watch list.
    but i was able to do using Z5.

    is the feature of watch list still exist in kite ??

    Manish iyer

  137. Manjunath Shimpi says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I am new to trading and using you Pi software to learn. I feel it difficult to learn about Pi as there many blogs. Is there a quick user guide to understand the platform?

  138. Robin says:

    Hi Nithin,
    1) Since Basket order is not available on pi, is it possible to place a BASKET order by logging in to ZT then log out…..and then log in to pi and continue trading ?
    2) The orders entered thru ZT can be accessed and modified thru pi….right?
    3) Basket order thru a chart is difficult…but can basket order be included as a normal feature in pi (not for placing orders thru charts)…..pls consider this in the next revision of pi.

  139. arya mishra says:

    I have a suggestion for zerodha pi.
    “when we are arranging tabs thats a good thing. But it will be good to have feature if we double click the tab it should maximize and again double clicking, it should restore back to original states.”

  140. Pradeep muthappa says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I have a few questions:
    1. Options calculator in Zerodha Trader doesn’t work, despite fixing all issues as explained in your website/msg board.
    2. When pricing options using B&S model for Nifty index, should i input the Nifty Underlying price or Nifty Current Month’s Future price.
    3. Can i hedge a stock by buying the futures of that stock instead of the underlying?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      1) Can you send a screenshot of what error msg to [email protected]? Would be easier to fix the issue, if any.
      2) You’d have to take the Spot/Underlying price
      3) If you’re long on some stock, you’d enter into a hedge by shorting (selling) its Futures.

  141. Saju says:

    Hi Nithin
    I have only trading account, may be because of this reason iam not getting nifty index and equity stocks in marketwatch of Pi. now i can trade only in futures and option, but that also very difficult to trade without nifty chart. pls give me a solution for this problem.
    Thank you.

  142. Ritesh says:

    Wondering if I can get the video of the webinar conducted today afternoon? I didn’t received any email from zerodha with the details, though yesterday a message was flashed on the ZT screen regarding this webinar.

    Further, reg Pi, Is it possible to create multiple market watch with different names? for e.g. three market watch’s and each having 12 to 16 scrips?

  143. Subramaniam says:

    How to place Basket orders in Pi?

  144. AB says:

    I trade nifty and bank nifty. but chart on PI is limited for 3 months hence not useful as ZT was, also in ZT “save as default templet” is missing, which was very much required,

  145. mk says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Just started using the PI platform. First experience is excellent!!! Haven’t spend much time yet with the tool though. Would like to recommend couple of additions for your considerations –
    1. Can we add ‘Column-Click-Sorting’ to Order & Trade Book grid as well like we have in Marketwatch?
    2. Excel based import for Orders in Order Book


  146. Anand says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    There should be provision to change the trigger price in cover order, more than entry price in long or less than entry price in short, when market is in our favour, trigger price will be lower than current market price but can be more than entry price. please make provision in pi

  147. J S says:

    Nice Products, Thank You.Team

  148. ashockkumar says:

    How about having more than one marketwatch in Pi as used to be in Zerodha Trader as its very difficult to see all the scrips i chose and has to scroll down or up

    • Ahsock, will take some more time. Until then you can use the workspaces workaround. Save different marketwach as different workspace. Whenever you want to change, load another workspace.

  149. Pushp says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Very weird restriction i see in PI and in fact in all your interface.
    I just have F&O account (No Cash Account). Hence I am unable to add any Cash scrip in my watch list. By the same logic I can not open historic chart of any scrip and perform technical analysis. Since Futures contracts are of only 1 month duration, I can at best see last one months chart history for current contract of the scrip (e.g. RELIANCE JUN 30 FUTURE). Even I can not backtest over horizon more than 1 month. Backtesting for short period of 1 month is useless exercise.

    Using rule based alert is impossible.

    Anyone trading in F&O would also generally follow the scrip in cash market and do just trade in F&O for various reasons. By not having access to cash price history, my utility of PI has just reduced to Zero.

    • pushp, send us an email of a proof of any demat account that you have (not just with Zerodha), we will map it to your trading and enable feeds for equity as well. This is as per exchange instruction.

  150. anil says:

    in pi software minimam 2 market watch side open

    and 100 scrips are open.

  151. RH0650 says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have recently opened an account with Zerodha. Just needed to clarify a few points before I start trading.

    Can stocks other than the 236 listed here ( also be traded using the MIS product? If yes, I understand there would no leverage provided on these. Also can we short sell any stock (236 and others) using the MIS product?

    Also, if I want to buy a stock and sell it the very next trading day, please confirm if this would be possible using the CNC option.

    Based on one of the conversations above, I understand that we can trade intraday using the CNC option with the charges levied applicable to an intraday transaction. So, the advantage of the MIS option is mainly to provide leverage on the 236 stocks listed here ( Is my understanding correct?

    Best regards,

    • 1. Yes you can trade using MIS on almost all the stocks without leverage. But all those stocks restricted by exchanges for trading intraday (BE and T2T segments) will not be allowed.
      2. Yes, if you want to buy and sell next day it has to be done using CNC.
      3. Yes, if you use MIS other than the leverage you also get the advantage to short stocks for intraday which you can’t using CNC. By Short I mean, when you sell first and buy back later to profit from any expected fall.

  152. Ganesh says:

    Hello Nithin

    I have been using PI since last couple of weeks it is working like charm, Appreciations for Zerodha.
    Please find below suggestion.

    Suggestion : Improvement in Admin Position

    Used margin should be displayed in Admin position next to the scripts.
    When can we expect kite ?

    Best Regards

  153. bipin says:

    when i use cnc y m2m is showing profit/loss and i get confuse if i do mis with same stock then it get confusing .is anything i can do to see real profit and loss of intraday trade

    • Bipin, For that particular day CNC will show on admin positions. From the next day onwards it will show in the holdings page. But all CNC(delivery and MIS(intraday) positions are shown separately.

      • bipin says:

        sir i have 5 shares of sbi at 288 and sold 5 shares at 297 cnc …today itself i buy 5 share cnc at 282 . now i get contact note with 77 rs profit and my holding at 288 rs …so even i do cnc did it convert to mis . i have some doubts can u clarify .

  154. shivasrinivas says:

    hi nithin,
    when i use shortcut like f8 for trade book or f3 for order book , instead of zerodha pages , its displaying volume increase , decrease or change to tabs in system ( ie other opened programs in lap).

    for bracket order brokerage is the same as 20 per order?


  155. Anand says:

    Hi Nithin,

    where is “position conversion” option not to be seen in any of the panels?


  156. snag1976 says:

    There is no option for getting price alert till now. can u tell us for how many days we have to wait for this?

    • There is an option of scripted alerts where you can set price alerts. Open the scripted alerts window, select the contract, and then set the alert.
      For example fore reliance
      Set A = 900

      Set A = 850

      Take this alert live, whenever this happens you get a beep sound, and also the alert gets logged in the generated alerts window. You can also do this using Expert advisors, check this post.

      • snag1976 says:

        yes, could we get a simple version of price alert, where we can directly from the market watch, need not select scrip and series, and only to insert 2-3 fields like in odin

      • Pallavi says:

        I think scripted alert opens a chart for every alert. If I shortlist 10-15 stocks at day start and set a price alert for all of them, will it keep all charts open.
        Just wanted to know what is the expected behaviour to achieve this objective

  157. ManishAstral says:

    I’m getting quite fond of Pi as its very neat and elegant. But there are some issues which i would like to mention, and i believe they have been also asked above.

    1. Add an extra column in Market Watch which shows the candle for the current day using the open, high, low and LTP prices for that day.

    2. Daily charts doesn’t work properly as it doesn’t allow zooming, panning, or scrolling on any sides, the number of candles doesn’t seem to affect it . Also using 8 interval hours chart crashed Pi randomly.

    3. Daily charts should also show the current trading prices instead of the price from the last trading day, and if possible get updated realtime.

    4. Add the ability to view Weekly, Monthly, Yearly charts.

    5. In Stochastics Indicator , there should be an option to change the OB and OS level and also the colors and thickness of the K and D line.

    6. Very important , add a crosshair and put all the values in one corner of that specific screen or frame. This helps a lot as the prices can be quickly viewed by moving the crosshair instead of holding down the mouse and then hovering it on each candles. Putting the values in one corner also makes it very neat.

    7. Add an option to put the volume right in the bottom of the price frame instead of showing it in a separate frame.

    8. Ability to create multiple market watch screens. Instead of only 1 thats available by default.

    9. Ability to highlight stocks manually in the market watch screen, by using colors, bolder fonts, or maybe even a sticky tooltip that just reads “IMP” or “HOT” etc.

    Apart from the above issues, Pi is already becoming an ideal tool to trade, and is very adorable. Thanks to Zerodha for their effort in giving this modern tool in the hands of the traders.

    • Manish, thanks for the kind words. We have just now released the latest version of Pi, do go ahead and update the latest patch. The issue with daily/hourly charts is fixed. All your other requests is already on our list of things to do.

  158. RK says:


    Some of the Lot size for nifty future stocks like Asian paints ,Hindunilvr,Lupin etc are showing wrongly in Pi as 500,500,250 instead of 250,250,125 and it is also reflected in order window, hence order size has to be entered each time. kindly check the error and update.


  159. Saranjit says:

    When will you introduce Basket orders (and AMO Basket orders) facility in Pi?

  160. Tushar Chaudhari says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I used PI for couple of weeks for MCX.
    I have following feedback for PI and Zerodha as well. Some of it has already been asked by many people across different Z-connect blogs. I am still repeating it.

    1. Zerodha is good for full time traders only who can access their terminals during daytime. For working professionals like me,facilities like bracket orders and cover orders are proved to be of no use since we cannt use them in the night/Ah. It is bare minimum facility if you want such type of traders to succeed. Otherwise, we may only become a long term investor with Zerodha account. I suggest it should be done at the earliest. It is as critical (probably more) as charting tool PI.

    2. If it is difficult for you immediately, I will suggest you to give ‘Order sets Order’ & ‘Order Cancel Order’ facility, which I feel will give more flexibility for a trader to use it and could be easier for you to give. Else, a facility to place trailing stop loss order, after taking the position will also be useful.

    3. Valid Till Date Order is also required to be given else, we will have to find unfilled orders daily and place them again on daily basis, if we are waiting for a scrip to come in our entry zone.

    4. PI – Daily chart is not working on MCX. If I open 8 Hours chart, then hardly, 2-3 candles appear on the chart. I cannt even zoom out to fit more candles on that screen. So, I cannt analyse a long time frame and I am forced to become a very short term trader for same.

    5. I read somewhere, PI can show upto 50000 candles, but, even if we open daily time frame, drawing 100 candles is denied by the software. We can progressively open more candles for smaller time frames. However, I found that whatever number of candles I am entering for smaller time frames, it only shows as 50 – 100 candles that fit on the screen and , zooming out or scrolling left/ right to see more candles doesn’t work.

    6. Need to provide more EOD charts, weekly & daily, at least.

    7. We should be given to edit/ define the cover order Stoploss range at the time of ordering itself. Also, trading from chart screen can also have an option to place cover order by click of a mouse.

    8. If MCX does not allow bracket orders in commodity, cover order with a flexibility to define the limit price will help eliminate the need of Bracket order upto some extent.

    Though, I appreciate the progress Zerodha has made in a short span of time, however, there is still a long mile to travel.

    Tushar Chaudhari

    • Hi Tushar,

      1. Very tricky to allow brackets after market. But we are working on having it on our new web platform Kite.
      2. This will take time, but we are working on it.
      3. Yep, u will have it on Kite soon.
      4. Don’t use the hourly charts, use the day option. We will have a new release by this weekend, daily charts issue should be fixed.
      5. If you are opening F&O charts, a particular future contract usually will have only between 2 to 3 months of data. If you open the underlying chart (top 200 stocks), we have historical data of upto 5 years. This list and the number of years will go up soon.
      6. Yep
      7. Cover order stoploss range has to be fixed, that is how product is approved by the exchange. Placing cover orders from the chart, is a technical issue.
      8. MCX hasn’t given approval for limits to be used on Cover order.

      • Tushar Chaudhari says:

        Dear Nitin,
        Thanks a lot for quick response.
        I am keenly awaiting the Kite and enhanced PI versions in that case.

  161. Murali says:

    I want stay connect with zerodha continuously, what to do

  162. Anirudhra says:


    I wish we have an option of having multiple market watch windowns in place & option to add more scrips.

    As of now, we keep different MW windows for different segments like Fut’s & Options with other brokers, that makes things easier to analyse.

    And, we deal with more than 75+ scrips inlcuding all the segments, when can we expect to add 50+ scrips?

  163. Chinmay Sarupria says:


    I am getting a problem in Pi. Please see the image.

    • IT Zerodha says:

      Its due to corrupt file,
      Please do the following:
      1>Navigate to C:\Zerodha\Pi
      2>delete nse_fo_contract.bin
      3>Relogin into Pi

  164. Chinmay Sarupria says:


    Yesterday I installed Pi but there is a issue, I can’t add NSE and BSE stocks. I only get 3 options in dropdown – NFO, MCX and CDS. I just can’t find a way to add NSE, BSE stocks. I have seen your video – Pi Overview. You get 6 options in dropdown but I’m getting only 3.

  165. Hushaam H.S. says:


    May kindly see the attached screenshot which itself is self-explanatory.

  166. Abhijit Roy says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I am using Zerodha Pi for options trading. I am just a beginner, so I need to ask this: how to use crosshairs on the intraday futures chart in Pi? Crosshairs would very helpful for entry and exit.

  167. vikas says:


    How can we export market watch list to excel ?

  168. Manik Mehtani says:

    Do you have a trading software for MAC users

  169. Fawz says:


    how can i save the layout of the screen.every time you log in ,you have to do the positioning .
    if this is not included . i have a suggetion to include it in the coming update


  170. Senthil says:

    Hello Nithin

    I have been using PI since last two days it is working like charm, Appreciations for Zerodha & Tradelab Team. Please find below suggestion.

    Suggestion : Improvement of Market Watch

    During trading hours whenever a script test low or high price it should indicate COLOR in low and high column of respective script. It will be good for trader to easily understand in market watch screen that which scripts are test low and high.


    • Thanks Senthil, we will have this in the next release.

      • abhay says:

        sir, i start using pi last two days, while i use to indiainfoline trade terminal for many years, being a trader i feel one feature i miss in your software is alert windows in market watch for new high and low during day for all stock in my watch list, being a movement player it one of most important feature for day trader, while u suggest u will change color during high low , but i feel it will not work. so better give small alert windows in market watch for new high low during day, u can get feedback for it from indiainfoline trader terminal

  171. maheshwar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Just wanted to bring to your notice, today I went long on Jindal Steel F&O for 1 lot but was shocked to see a negative of Rs.1,62,000.00 within minutes on MTM on admin position causing panic & almost a heart attack ;), not knowing what to do I squared off immediately & checked admin position again & the loss showed Rs.500.00…..must have been some sort of glitch, spoke to customer care & confirmed all was fine with my account. let me know if you need my id & i’ve also saved a screenshot of this in case you guys need.

  172. Senthil says:


    I installed PI, Kindly guide me how to add a blank row in market watch.


  173. Rohit says:


    How can i see all my open position(not admin positions) in PI. As of now I can only see them in the back office login. In admin position I can see the positions only for today’s price or based on today’s changes but not the price on which I bought 3 days back. Stock holding doesn’t show me anything.

    • Rohit, we typically run a day end process in the evenings, so your holdings may not be showing up. Give it a while, you will be able to see your holdings and your actual buy average price there.

  174. Ajay mittal says:

    hello team,
    when we modify orders , in order book Prices are changed , but update time doesn’t changed.

  175. Rajesh Rathod says:


    I how can view option chains in zerodha pi just like zerodha trader as it is very useful tool for option trading.

  176. NARSIMHA says:

    hi,actually i want to learn backtesting,alerts.ofcourse ther r blogs in z-connect&various websites but i couldnt learn,i had mailed this to karthik,he said he wil cover in T.STATEGIES but by then it will be too late as an a.trader i cant waste time,so i recqest u to tell someone&call to teach indetail,i strongly beleive the need will be fulfilled by only GREAT ZERODHA

  177. Shubhangi Pavtekar says:

    Hello Zerodha Team,

    Would like to highlight 2 more points for improvement, Adding multiple frame actually wont help in terms of operation. please find below image where all other buttons do not shuffle as per screen or resolution.

    IT become bit difficult to manage trade with congested screen since it do not auto adjust nor we have on screen modification functionality.

    Adding additional point for on chart trade from previous comment, Need pre-fix setting for Buy, Sell, Stop loss and exit over chart. i.e. user should get setting option to define Buy at market at Limit, Sell at Market or Limit, Exit at Market or Limit and Stop loss at Market or Limit. Logically it make no sense to provide these options when some one is executing trade at best practices and predefined targets.

    But these are more helpful when trading over 2 – 3 candles.. 🙂

    Thanks in Advance…

    • Yes Shubhangi, got your point. What I’d suggest though is, if you are using so many screens, just add another monitor to your computer/laptop. The user experience is great that way. On pi, you can popout charts and place it on one monitor, keep your order book etc in the other. This can never be achieved with a single monitor.

  178. Shubhangi Pavtekar says:

    Hello Zerodha Team,

    1 – I would like to know if you have any feature or option under Zerodha Pi to make better use of multiple screens? How it would be helpful.

    2 – I want to know if you could provide simple Selective options for Buy, Sell, Exit and Stop loss on Chart ? Since existing option do confuse many times during fast trading execution. It would be excellent (since it is already better than anything) if you could introduce editing order on chart (on the move) itself rather than editing separately through order book.

    3 – We want feature to auto save chart drawings, it should also include include order executed through Chart. many times we faced issue where we identify chart patterns, make drawings, execute order through chart based on drawings n sudden unexpected crash of Pi or hung force us to exit and everything get ipe out on next login.

  179. NARSIMHA says:

    sir yesterday i got sms to install new PI &delete old PI what is this,what r extras&till how much time u will be upgrading when will we hav COMPLETE,FULL PI where we can competate

    • Narsimha, Pi is complete already, but we are still calling it a beta because we intend to add a lot more than what is available currently. What has changed in the new version is basically the backend servers that support Pi, and a few small UI issues.

      • Ashish Gupta says:

        Hi Nitin,

        I am zerodha user and very much happy with Pi latest release.
        However, I want to make couple of suggestion from usability point of views.

        A> We are not seeing any pre defined market watch list in system.
        E.g: Market watch list of IT stock, or FMCG stock or Metal stock. I am asking this as while running scanner it will be very useful to run scanner on a sector specific stocks. As on today we have to select it manually to prepare our stock list.

        Can u please share ur thoughts on this,

        Ashish Gupta

        • Yes Ashish, as soon as we have multiple marketwatch, we will introduce this as well.

          • vikas jain says:

            Please add multiple market watch option so that we can categorize and save the files and reload easily. I have been using sharekhans trade tiger and the options available their are immense. Its possible to load all the stocks of a particular index, we can load all the futures and option contracts of a particular scrip with a click in a new window. Adding individual contracts and scrips is such a slow process. Please add a few more features which makes trading faster and easier.

          • Gaurav J Shirgaonkar says:

            Hi Nithin!
            There’s no market watch introduced in Pi yet??
            You posted your comment on April 6, 2015 and the latest version was introduced on 29th Feb 2016.

      • sandip says:

        Nithin Sir , Trade Like it’s 2020 . but with semi-automated trading, its 1990 only.
        Don’t mind, but all clients are fools/blind in india or maybe lacking knowledge.
        symphony(presto for automated trading).then why zerodha can’t offer automated trading with Pi ? only wasting time & money on Pi development since 1 year.why zerodha diverting clients with pi,Q,Kite etc … all this not even needed. we need automated trading, hope u understand it clearly. just do something about it. how many times i reminded you. you are not doing anything.i think all clients are busy sleeping with Pi only. when they will wake-up ?

        • Sandip, Can’t really comment on how someone is allowing fully automated trading for retail traders. If they are, they are being non compliant to exchange regulations. Pi has in built automation, but unfortunately we can’t as the regulators/exchange in India say that only dealer terminals/institutions can automate trades, and not retail. You can see more on it here.

          • sandip says:

            Actually, you are still a new broker. so you need the idea ? retails are not allowed. but broker/sub-broker is allowed. right. just map retails under broker/sub-broker account.Now from exchange bird-view: its the broker/sub-broker doing automated trading ,not the retail. is there any rule broken ? if you still can’t do it. contact me 🙂

            • Sandip, we are no more new 🙂 , we will be 5 years old this August. I know exactly how it works, what if the algo goes bad (which it very easily can), who is responsible? If it executed by our broker terminal, we will be responsible for it. So if someone loses, he can go to NSE/SEBI and lodge a complaint saying we lost money for him. It just doesn’t make sense to do that kind of business. Unless this risk is covered for us, we will not venture and do it this way. The only way for now we will let someone automate is if he has a dealer terminal in his name, which means he has to become an AP with us (this way, he is responsible for the performance of the algo).

        • dipesh says:

          Even Symphony Presto is not allowed at client level.. check your GK by getting in touch with Symphony people..they are developing auto-trading only for FII desk used by approved dealer by exchange.. you or me can not use it.. at client level if u want autotrading.. contact from pudduchery