Latest updates — June 2020

July 1, 2020

We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe in these tough times. While we have been working from home for over 100 days now, but have been hard at work to improve your experience with us. Here are a few of the latest updates we thought you should be aware of.

1. Mandatory TOTP to trade risky illiquid contracts

Because of an increase in online phishing frauds in India post the lockdown, we’ve now made it mandatory to have additional security for your account before you trade in any penny stocks or risky options contracts.

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2. Margins on the Kite order window

This feature has been a very popular demand from our customers for a long time now — the ability to see the margin required before taking a trade on the order window itself.

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3. Stock price on Kite holdings shows exchange with higher close price

Holdings on Kite uses the last traded price (LTP) to show the value of your investment. Until now we showed the LTP on NSE. But we had cases where our customers lost out on money by selling without seeing where the price was higher. This has now changed. We no longer have a “default exchange“, but use the exchange with the higher previous close to show you the investment value.

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4. Watchlist on Coin mobile

You can now easily track multiple mutual funds that you want to invest in by adding them to your watchlist on the Coin app.

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5. Uniform Stamp Duty

As per instructions from the Ministry of Finance, Stamp Duty will be charged uniformly irrespective of the state of residence effective from July 1st, 2020.

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6. What does it take to be a profitable trader?

Lessons from over 25 years of trading and interactions with thousands of traders.

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7. Introducing Finshots Markets

A weekly newsletter on the markets for all Zerodha customers that will be sent every Saturday. We hope you love this as much as we do. ♥ If you haven’t read the older issues, you can find them here.

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We hope you enjoy using all these new updates. As always, we will continue to work to make your trading and investing experience with us better.

Stay safe,

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  1. Parshottambhai sojitra says:

    Edelweiss sistem please on zerodha no1


    Here are just a feedback and which can be scripted easily in kite.
    1. when adding a script, it adds in the bottom, and we have to scroll down below to view. So when a script is added can you make it at the top
    2. absolute and percentage format should be added for the stocks added in kite as in pi. no need to options
    3. dark mode so important and many are posting for long time
    4. tab space between scripts added is too much . and option to add font.

  3. B Mahendra says:

    When will be the basket order option enabled ?

  4. Sanket Akre says:

    I am waiting for the features which is reverted.
    Yes, I am waiting Trade button on graph feature.
    When It will put again?

  5. Aayush Sarda says:

    When can we trade directly from Trading View? Does Zerodha have any plans for a collaboration with them?

    • Matti says:

      This won’t be possible under the current regulations as orders can only be placed from a broker’s platform while TradingView is a third-party platform.

  6. Dinesh says:

    I have been with Zerodha now for more than three years and the experience has been great not counting the amount I have saved on brokerages : ) I have a suggestion and I call it “The Yogi Way of Investing”.
    This has been necessitated because as a long time investor I have gone through a lot of heartburn when I see my holdings during these turbulent times. When the holdings are green I am elated and when its in the red I am down in the dumps. Knowing that I have not brought stocks but businesses. And if you are in business then as they ” Teji Mandi to chalti rahatee hai” So I want to split your two mode authentication in two steps.
    1. When I log in Kite with password I go to my Watchlist page. I have created them to buy them in equal proportion regularly. I enter on top an amount I will invest and below in the watchlist the number of shares of the equated amount will be displayed. When I hit the buy button I will go to second level of authentication.
    2. Here I enter my TPin and if I have sufficient funds then my trade gets executed or an add funds window opens which will indicate the funds required to complete the trade. I enter an amount greater that to avoid missing any purchase price variation during the period.
    3. Once my trade is completed I have the option to either go to the full suite of Kite or log out.
    This will keep a long term investor on track of his goals, keep him rooted to the very reason he had brought the stock in the first place.
    This kind of approach is used by an advisory but should be open to all DIY Investors. This method will keep serious investors away from all the noise and help him achieve his goals.
    Hope your team seriously brain storms my proposal and come up with a solution.

  7. Mahesh says:

    When will the trade from chart be updated or available?
    Pls make it fast

  8. SK GOLAM AHMED says:

    Need proper tips for long term investment stock


    CL Code BR5462 when bracket order will be enable ?

  10. ankit pachauri says:

    hey team,
    when we can expect, the trading from charts feature again?

    Thank you